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FATHER’S DAY CAR SHOW Photo by Sunny Reynolds



Hospice of the Rapidan is now

Together, we’re the largest, oldest, and most trusted community-based nonprofit hospice organization serving central and northern Virginia. With more than 67 years of combined experience, we are committed to building upon the superb reputation and skilled compassionate care for which we’ve always been known. Furthermore, your care will always remain local, personal, and individual. While our name has changed, the important things haven’t— not the great people, care, or service you have come to expect. We truly appreciate the incredibly warm welcome we have already received and it is with loving and open arms that we welcome you - our new neighbors, patients, families, physicians, nurse practitioners, and hospitals - into the Hospice of the Piedmont family.

675 Peter Jefferson Parkway, Suite 300 | Charlottesville, VA 22911 434-817-6900 | 1-800-975-5501 | www.hopva.org

Sharing the Journey for 35 Years

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No month of the calendar seems to pack 2013 more outdoor entertainment than June. The weather is perfect. School is over so the kids are aching to celebrate their sabbatical. While there are too many events to list, I have a few favorites to offer. First Friday, June 5th, on Main Street offers a chance to get out and see some neighbors while walking historic old town without the cars. Music, crafts, food and, of course, many of our local merchants will remain open. While it is a pet-friendly event, please clean up after them. Old Town again is in the spotlight the next day on June 6th with the Fifth Street Wine Festival taking place at Fifth and Main. Local wine tasting and live music hosted by the merchants of the Fifth Street Coalition. Sunday, June 21st, is Father’s Day, an obvious favorite of mine being a dad of four terrific children and I’ll be celebrating a birthday to boot. There is nothing better than to hang out with my family and take a visit to downtown to see the Father’s Day Car Show (see cover photo) sponsored by the Greater Warrenton Chamber of Commerce on Main Street followed by some ice cream. On Saturday evenings of June 12th and 26th, families, neighbors and visitors will gather for the Bluemont Outdoor Concert Series in Warrenton on Culpeper Street. Enjoy jazz, bluegrass, Celtic music, rock, rhythm and blues, zydeco, African dance, folk music and more. Many families bring picnics to enjoy during the show. June is also the month we launch our Tenth Annual Best of Warrenton Awards. Often copied now but never equaled, the Best of Warrenton Awards represents pure citizen voting for only local businesses. With the focus on small business, you won’t find many categories for big box stores to compete. Just like the advertisers in our publication, no outside organizations are eligible. Only local. All the time. Every year. I have spent my business career in Warrenton promoting and assisting some of the finest people, services and shops you will find anywhere. We, at Warrenton Lifestyle and Piedmont Press, are proud of our local businesses and delighted that we found a way for you, the community, to honor and showcase a large majority of them. Look at the enclosed listings, go online and complete your choices through our website at warrentonlifestyle.com. There is a pull down menu for almost each category to simplify your choices and make our tabulation process more automated. And, for the tenth year, you could win our big $300 cash prize just for entering! Vote for your favorites and then pick up a sport, attend a festival, grab some clubs for a golf tournament, explore our parks, visit the local wineries, go for a swim, dine al fresco, take a walk, ride a bike trail. Get out! June is the best. Enjoy.

On the Cover:

The Father’s Day Car Show, put on by the Greater Warrenton Chamber of Commerce, has become a much loved tradition in Warrenton. Photo by Sunny Reynolds

Tony Tedeschi, Publisher 4

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Jim Harris

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XENOPHOBIA by Dr. Robert Iadeluca


ll my life I have owned pets, both dogs and cats. Although I have seen many cases of one animal having a “disagreement” with the other, to my knowledge and belief it was never because the other animal was of a different color or shape or a different breed. It was a personal argument based on their personalities. Humans, however, of a supposed higher level of intelligence often find themselves hating or distrusting or fearing or disliking others for no other reason except that they are different Differences come in many forms. A common expression meaning a difference in social class is being “from the other side of the tracks.” The implication is that “those folks” do not have the same values and live differently, this despite the fact that we know no one there individually. Automatically we separate them from us. To us they are strangers. The term “xenophobia” emanates from the Greek word “stranger” – in other words, fear of strangers. Specifically – an unreasoned fear. We even change names to emphasize that something is different. My father, a combat veteran of World War I, told me that sauerkraut, found to be delicious by many Americans, began to be called Liberty Cabbage. Not only had Germans become our


enemies but also the name of one of our favorite foods. I am a Yankees fan and at appropriate times wear my cap with the familiar NY insignia. Some years ago I had the opportunity along with a New Hampshire friend to attend a game between the Yankees and its rival the Boston Red Sox, this to take place in Boston. I had planned to wear my Yankees cap to express

my allegiance but she strongly urged that I not do so. Finding it hard to accept her reasoning, I nevertheless followed her guidance. The game had hardly started before a large number of those present, especially after they had downed a few beers, began shouting in unprintable words exactly what they thought of the New York Warrenton Lifestyle

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team. The fact that both teams were comprised of highly skilled players became irrelevant. According to the latest Gallup poll only 15% of both Republican and Democrat citizens approve of the actions of Congress. The yearly approval averages have not exceeded 20% in the last five years. The stalemate continues. Very simply, the we-versus-them mentality had taken over. Decisions as to how to label a person or a group often come from stereotypes we have created. Occasionally a person not knowing my age might be surprised at hearing that I am 94 years old. If they say “you don’t look 94,” I ask them what “94” looks like. They are often baffled by my question or sometimes acknowledge a stereotype in their mind of someone who is frail. They hold a mental picture of young vs old forgetting that someone can be bald or have grey hair at age 40 and someone 80 years old can have a huge shock of black hair. As children we are taught to be wary of something unusual, to distrust those who are different. Early on we alienate ourselves from people and cultures that are different. A sad moment in our nation’s history was our mass internment in 1942 of 120,000 American people of Japanese ancestry. Similarly there is a tendency these days to believe that all

Arabs are terrorists. Japanese (even those who are American citizens) look different from those of European ancestry. Arabs speak differently. We detect differences easier than similarity. At Haller Park in Kenya where Mzee, a 130-year old tortoise tends to Owen an orphaned baby hippo a man remarked: “If two very different creatures get along like this, then why cannot the Iraquis and the British, Americans, Palestinians and the Israelis not get on?” Returning to the definition of xenophobia, is it possible that we hate them because we fear them or envy them? Is it based on our desire to think highly of ourselves? Does being different risk being the minority? Religious belief is meant to bring peace, happiness, love. Anyone who is following the news is acutely aware of the attitudes particular institutionalized religions are taking toward other faiths – attitudes which in many cases have been leading to harming innocent individuals. Attitudes which have become a wethem mentality. Scientific research on the brain has helped us to understand what determines the gender of a person prior to his or her birth. People who appear to be 100% male or female may be different from what we perceive. What is our attitude toward gays and lesbians? This fear of the unknown again leads us into an usthem mentality. Undocumented immigrants, primarily Hispanic, have been over the past decade or more pouring into the United States. We tend to associate European faces to socalled American images. But over the past two decades or so the faces have been changing, moving toward what has been called the “browning”

of America. Allied to this facechange has been not only a decrease in the use of the English language but a culture shock on the part of those families here for a century or more who follow the dictum of “this is the way we do it.” This leads to the threat of losing both one’s own identity and imagined superiority and remaining the majority. What to do? How can we find this ideal of peaceful connection that humans too often find elusive? Back to the animals who apparently have the answer. For years I had a dog and a cat who learned how to be best friends when they were a puppy and a kitten. To us they were as different as a dog and cat can be, but not to them. Openness is present in many species, including homo sapiens, for a short time after birth. Education at an early age is the answer. Using our wisdom (sapiens means wise), if we become conscious of our biases (our imagined inadequacy), we can take steps to combat them. We can think more highly of ourselves, absorb the way others differ – skin color, race, gender, sexuality, nationality, religion, color of one’s hair, language, or some kind of deformity, political ideology, or age -- and work on creating America as a melting pot of cultures. It is our choice.

Dr. Iadeluca holds a Ph.D. in Lifespan Developmental Psychology and has a practice in Clinical Psychology on Hospital Hill in Warrenton, Virginia.


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ARTS &Literature

Main Street’s An Underground Treasure Trove With Stories Untold by Danica Low


erhaps, Warrenton’s best kept secret has been in business for nearly fifteen years. Nestled at the foot of Main Street, across from the Red Truck Bakery and underneath the John Barton Payne building, lies a cozy little book store. Warrenton residents know it as the “Book Cellar” and, now, as the only book store currently in Warrenton, others know it as a Town staple, and an invaluable resource, but others may not know of it at all. The nonprofit’s mission is to contribute funds to Fauquier County’s three public libraries, and its proceeds support the libraries’ programs year-round, and


help to hire summer library help. Denise Johnson, the Book Cellar’s volunteer coordinator and a Library Board member, and Deborah Heckman, a regular Book Cellar volunteer and Board member, are a few of the dedicated workers that are at the Book Cellar every weekend. They offered us an inside and intimate look at what this unique book haven has to offer its patrons. The Book Cellar is operated by a team of approximately 20 dedicated volunteers, who carry a lot of weight in the success of the operation. “Every volunteer is invaluable, the impact each one of them make is great,”

says Mrs. Johnson. She emphasizes that more dedicated volunteers are needed to run the store on Fridays and Saturdays from 10am to 5pm. “Every volunteer brings their own personality, passion and energy to the store…we love to have new faces join us…the more, the merrier.” She speaks fondly of a long-time volunteer who recently passed away. “Don Hayes worked here every single Saturday for many years. Some customers came just to see him. He really made an impact here and we’re feeling his loss.” For those interested in volunteering, a shift is three and a half hours on a Friday or a Saturday, Warrenton Lifestyle

Board member, Denise Johnson, and dedicated volunteer Deborah Heckman work the Book Cellar on a busy Friday afternoon.

or both. As an added perk, volunteers are credited $1 to their account for in-store purchases, and are provided with “water and cookies during their shift,” adds Mrs. Johnson. Mrs. Heckman’s dedication is clear, as she speaks about opening and closing the store, preparing shelves with new finds, and vacuums after a busy retail weekend. What does she want the community to know? “We have the cheapest prices in town! Many books are $1 and sometimes we offer BOGO (buy one, get one free) sales.” Patrons who intend to make a purchase should bring cash or check, as the store does not process credit or debit crds. And Mrs. Johnson adds, “Most surprising to our customers is the vast assortment of collectibles and autographed copies of unique and priceless treasures that we have here.” The store is organized in sections, or genre, of reading materials and seeks to be user friendly, with a wheelchair/ handicap accessible entrance on the rear side of the building, and wide aisles for all to navigate. A children’s section boasts shelves and shelves of classics such as The Diary of Anne Frank and Peter Pan. An entire floor to ceiling shelf with supporting baskets full of homeschooling resources and curriculum is included in the cellar’s children’s section. VHS and DVD movies, as well as music CDs and towers of audio books complete the selection. A very large section which draws in a regular following of collectors and historians is the section devoted to military books and resources. There are often collectibles found in this section and in other genres that are displayed throughout the store and above the main information desk and are for sale. They can range in price from approximately $3 to $100, depending on the item. The Book Cellar often distributes information on specials and sales to attract and reward customers for their interest, and folks can sign up for these notices at the cellar. Mrs. Johnson hints at a collectible and autograph sale coming up this fall and says that details may be followed

Above: Volunteer Deborah Heckman restocks shelves with donated books. Right: Fauquier resident, Annalea Hall of Marshall, browses the Book Cellar’s children’s section.


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Robert B. Iadeluca, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist

“My primary concern is the Happiness and Health of my Patients.” • Adolescent, Adult and Geriatric • Substance Abuse • Eating Disorders • Panic Attacks • Depression • Relationship Issues • Problems at School • Insomnia • Anxiety • Schizophrenia • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Member American Psychological Association • Located at 436 Hospital Drive in Warrenton

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on its Facebook page: (www.facebook. com/TheBookCellar). Interestingly, some of the Book Cellar’s collectible items will be handled by Amazon and sold online. Mrs. Johnson explains that even though the cellar “undersells everybody,” its prices are so low, and there are so many amazing finds to be found at the cellar, they still do not have the space to display all the books they receive. Amazon is an avenue to bring in additional income for the library, as it helps to keep overflow moving. Nearly 1,500 square feet of building space, provided by Fauquier County Library, is home to more than 40,000 (estimated) books. The cellar continues to look for more storage space to be donated, and expresses extreme gratitude to Nicholas Kalis, a local property manager and real estate investor, who has contributed several local storage units, at no cost, to house an overflow of books, albums and other materials. “We can’t yet make room for these other materials because of current space limitations,” Mrs. Johnson shares. Although donations often come in faster than they can

The homeschool supply section offers an amazing selection

be placed on shelves, and there are obvious space issues, the Book Cellar directors emphasize that they are thankful to incur no overhead costs and are dedicated to remain in their current building. The Book Cellar is able to provide approximately $25,000-$30,000 annually to support the Fauquier Public Library’s programs throughout the Bealeton, Warrenton and Marshall

library branch locations. Its Board members and volunteers include local business owners, previous library workers, former teachers and everyday Fauquier residents. “Book readers share a certain passion that they can all relate to. We want to help keep book readers passionate for a long time,” said Mrs. Johnson.

Danica Low is a regular contributing columnist for Lifestyle Magazines and a local marketing professional. For fourteen years, she has worked in private and public sector public relations, administrative and non-profit work. Her real enjoyment is encouraging and connecting with others. Crafting a story to bring light to a journey brings her joy. 14

Warrenton Lifestyle

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Fauquier Health Therapists Make a BIG and LOUD Difference for Parkinson’s Patients


he symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are commonly thought of as physical tremors and perhaps a halting or shaky speech pattern, but Parkinson’s symptoms include the deterioration of many functions throughout the body. Linda Wise, physical and occupational therapist for Fauquier Health Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, describes the progression of the disease: “Everything gets smaller. In a Parkinson’s patient, movements get rigid and more restricted, they take smaller steps, the voice gets softer and they often disengage from friends and family as their world shrinks.” Keeping Their Voice In an effort to enlarge the world of Parkinson’s patients and help them stay connected, the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment Program was created in 1983. LSVT LOUD is a protocol to help speech therapists increase vocal quality and loudness for patients with Parkinson’s disease. The focus is to train using amplitude activities for increasing vocal loudness. Patients are trained not to yell or scream but rather to use improved loudness so that over the course of treatment, they are able to maintain a louder level for their voice. A more recent development, LSVT BIG was developed on the same principles – encouraging patients to use large amplitude movements to carry over into functional daily activities. Both LSVT BIG and LOUD programs provide four treatment sessions a week for four weeks, for a total of 16 sessions. Certified in LSVT LOUD and BIG, Wise, Elena Dwyer, physical therapist and Maddy Lawyer, speech therapist, evaluate each patient’s capabilities at the first visit. Dwyer said, “One of the first things we do is make a list of functions that the


patient finds difficult – walking, standing up from a sitting position, getting in and out of a car, buttoning a shirt or writing a check. Everyone’s list is a little different, depending on where they are with their symptoms.” Wise added, “Because their movements are getting progressively smaller, we teach them to exaggerate every movement – to make everything BIG. They don’t just stand up – they stand up and throw their arms open wide, saying loudly, ‘I am here!’” Patients work on exercises they can apply to their everyday lives. “We have them for hour-long sessions. They work hard while they are here, then they go home and repeat the exercises between visits. If they want to maintain the progress they achieve in their four weeks with us, they need to do these exercises every day for the rest of their lives,” says Wise. Making Strides The therapists have seen real improvement with their patients. Dwyer said, “One of our patients likes to go bowling. When he came to us, he thought he was going to have to give it up, but at the end of his therapy, he was bowling in the 200s again. “It’s hard work, and some patients are reluctant to try, but we show them before and after videos of other patients (from the LSVT Global webpage) and it gives them hope. They’ll watch a patient who is speaking very quietly, in a barely audible monotone, with no expression on their face. After therapy, that same patient is engaged and speaking clearly and loudly, their face animated and happy. We take video of all our patients, when they are starting with us and when they are finished. They are amazed to see their own progress.” Another of Wise’s patients, Laura Cline, had loved to quilt, but she gave it up because she couldn’t thread a

The tremors of Parkinson’s disease forced Laura Cline to give up quilting, her passion. After finishing four weeks of LSVT BIG and LOUD therapy, she is back at her sewing machine, happily crafting new designs. needle anymore. “After 10 sessions, she could control her tremors well enough to thread a needle.” Delighted at being able to quilting, Laura completes her LSVT exercises at home with enthusiasm. “I could not believe what a difference I saw in just four weeks. I got my life back.” The Fauquier Health therapists agree that it is gratifying to be able to have such a profound impact on the lives of those with Parkinson’s symptoms. Wise said, “It’s wonderful to see the look on the family’s faces as their loved ones begin to engage again and the light comes back into their eyes.” Warrenton Lifestyle




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After his stroke, speech therapy gave John his voice back. And the chance to make an unforgettable toast. Fauquier Health Home Care Services allows you to recover and receive care in the environment most comfortable to you – your own home. From skilled nursing care for wounds and medication administration to rehabilitation services like physical, occupational and speech therapy, we know there’s no place like home. For your home care needs, call 540-316-2700 or visit fauquierhealth.org/services-homecare Physician referral required.

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Fauquier Free Clinic Dentistry New facility offers medical, dental and mental health “Under One Roof”

by Danica Low


wenty-two years after the Fauquier Free Clinic first opened, it has re-opened in a dramatically larger and more functional space. It brings together advanced medical equipment, volunteer and paid staff, and medical, dental and mental health services under one roof. An oral surgeon, orthopedic surgeon, dental hygienists, physician’s assistant, mental health workers, neurologist, and multiple Board Certified primary care and dental specialists currently volunteer at the clinic. It remains here in Warrenton, and is located off of Blackwell Road at 35 Rock Pointe Lane. What began as a small volunteer community of several local doctors and dentists who met every Thursday evening in a health clinic on Shirley Ave., has expanded to include a small permanent staff and week-day hours. In addition, this facility includes a state-of-the-art dental clinic for adults and children whose families financially qualify for the free services. Part of the beauty of this system for local clinicians is the fact that Virginia provides malpractice insurance coverage for all in-state registered physicians and dentists The Executive Director of the Fauquier Free Clinic, Rob Marino


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State-of-art equipment is available to sterilize all dental equipment. who provide volunteer healthcare in free clinics. In doing so, Virginia creates an advantageous opportunity for localities to take care of their own and help those in need. Many medical professionals volunteer their time at the Fauquier Free Clinic, and should be commended for their philanthropic efforts. The Executive Director of the Fauquier Free Clinic, Rob Marino, is clear about its mission. “We want to see as many patients as we can. We are for the uninsured. We want to get people in here who need help. We’re all about helping people stay in their community and be healthy.” The new clinic unites the medical, dental and mental health services for low-income families. It opened in its new, permanent establishment in April of this year, and is bigger and unrecognizably different than the building it had been operating out of since 1993. The current building was

here and that we offer these services.” Perhaps the most impressive feature of this new establishment is the dental clinic, complete with the most advanced dental equipment, imaging machines, and hygiene bay area; two spacious waiting rooms to accommodate children with books and toys; four patient operatory rooms; an advanced mercury trapping wastewater system; and a conference room for volunteers. Among the visionaries who helped plan, design and select equipment for the new dental facility are the highly reputable Dr. Jason Woodside and Dr. Jennifer Woodside, who each own separate dental practices in Warrenton. Dr. Jennifer Woodside specializes in pediatric dentistry at Woodside Pediatric Dentistry off of Walker Drive. She and her husband worked with Mr. Marino by providing expertise and advice on everything from equipment, to purchases for the new clinic, to basic practice standards to put in place as the new dental facility was established. Volunteer Dr. Jennifer Woodside, “Many children in Fauquier County lost their dental home last year when the health department closed their program. This beautiful new facility is ready to give that back to our underserved youth.” Her husband, Dr. Jason Woodside, sits on the clinic’s Board of Directors. What would the executive director of the Fauquier Free Clinic like the community to know? “There are many people in the area who have nowhere else to turn for help. Some people have the idea that we are no longer needed. That is incorrect. What’s happening here is Panoramic X-ray services are provided on site.

Maria, a Bealeton resident, recently brought her adult daughter and four grandchildren to the newly renovated dental clinic. She had only rave reviews to share about her experience. “Dr. Johnson saw my family a long time ago in Culpeper, and we were so happy to see him again here in Warrenton. I remembered him right away. He is a good person and a very good dentist. He has helped my family so much.” purchased by Fauquier Health Foundation and is leased to the Fauquier Free Clinic for $1 annually. The clinic is responsible for raising $1.5 million to cover the renovation and conversion costs as well as adding new expanded hours and days. This is a goal nearly reached. The Fauquier Free Clinic has raised $1.2 million and will complete the campaign once another $300,000 has been raised. Mr. Marino feels hopeful that this could happen soon. Many local organizations, practitioners and other passionate supporters have contributed to the Fauquier Free Clinic “Under One Roof” campaign. The campaign was designed to bring the medical, dental and mental health facilities together into a larger space designed to service more patients, with the benefit of advanced medical equipment. Mr. Marino says, “We’ve focused on expanding dental and mental health services because these are so critically needed in this community. We want everyone to know that we are 20

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STAy yOu.™ ©2010 InterContinental Hotels Group. All rights reserved. Most hotels are independently owned and/or operated. STAy yOu.TM is a registered trademark of Six Continents Hotels, Inc.

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©2010 InterContinental Hotels Group. All rights reserved. Most hotels are independently owned and/or operated. STAy yOu.TM is a registered trademark of Six Continents Hotels, Inc.

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amazing. The community has first rate medical, dental and mental health care now. We’re going to be here for a long time.” What is most impressive about this facility for its patients and staff? Mr. Marino explains that the process is made simple for its patients. X-rays, blood tests, and other needs are arranged through the generosity of Fauquier Hospital, and one full-time Fauquier Free Clinic staffer works diligently to complete applications for free medicine for each patient. What is not donated, the Fauquier Free Clinic will pay for, if the patient is financially approved. “If we cannot get prescriptions that way (donated from the manufacturer), then we pay the bill,” said Mr. Marino. Patients must meet three criteria to be financially approved: 1) live in Fauquier or Rappahannock Counties, 2) must be uninsured or be a child with Medicaid seeing a dentist, and 3) household income must be lower than 1.5 times the national poverty level.

Friendly staff is ready to greet patients when they arrive. Community and professional volunteers are always welcome, More than just doctors and nurses are needed to help out. Please contact the clinic if you are interested in helping.

The medical, dental and mental health facility is also open 9 AM - 5 PM, Monday through Thursday. Patients are taken by appointment, which can be made by calling the receptionist staff during weekday hours at (540) 347-0394. Thursday evening walk-in patients are welcome, but only a certain number of patients can be taken in one evening, and calling ahead to pre-register between 12:301PM is advised. 22

The lengthy list of donors includes many local Warrenton and Fauquier businesses, physicians, non-profit foundations, and generous families who support the Fauquier Free Clinic’s mission. If you are interested in contributing to the Fauquier Free Clinic please contact Mr. Marino at (540) 347-0394. Warrenton Lifestyle

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Brenda Rich



Voted 2013 Business Person of the Year by the Fauquier County Chamber of Commerce.

85 Garrett Street Warrenton, VA 540-349-1221

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J.C. Caballero, M.D. | Audrey Ludwig Bunch, PA-C

June 2015



28 Blackwell Park Lane, Suite 302, Warrenton, Virginia



Beat the Heat During the Dog Days of Summer As the temperature climbs so does your dog’s risk for sunburn, heat exhaustion, and dehydration. Although we humans are more likely to involve our pets in activities during the summer, it is important to observe, limit, and moderate exposure to minimize risk. Here are some fun ideas and tips to considering for you and your four legged friend to have a safe summer: FROZEN KONG Hollow rubber Kong Toys stuffed with your dog’s favorite snack are a great way to keep your canine entertained, but even better - the frozen Kong! These toys can be filled with a variety of wet ingredients including pumpkin, cheese, tuna, yogurt, bananas, peanut butter, canned dog food, etc. and frozen for prolonged fun! PUPSICLE Creating an interactive ice cube for your dog will help bust boredom and assist in keeping it cool this summer. Take a small bucket, and add some water or broth, a mixture of treats, chews, tennis ball, or any other toys your dog loves and freeze the whole thing. Once frozen flip the bucket over on your porch or in your yard for hours of entertainment as your dog bites at the ice to remove his favorite items. Alternatively freeze an ice cube tray with some broth and cookie pieces for in the kitchen or crate. PLAY POOL Kiddie play pools have been a summer hit with kids throughout the years and is becoming a seasonal favorite for our canine friends as well. Start your unfamiliar dog out by feeding it lots of high value treats in an empty pool first in order to gain confidence. Next add a few of his favorite toys and a couple inches of water while continuing to feed yummy cookies. After a few repetitions your dog will be excited to jump in the pool and gladly seek it out to cool down. Make sure to look for a hard plastic type pool for your pet, as soft inflatables tend to easily become punctured by claws. FROZEN BANDANNAS In order to help moderate external body temperature during the hot summer months simply purchase a few bandannas, soak them in water, wring them out once, and place them in the freezer. After a few hours take one out and place it on your dog as a way to help keep cool on walks or when outside. 24

Warrenton Lifestyle

and body healthy ep your child’s mind


for school and spor


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school physical toda


• Dennis M. Rustom, M.D., F.A.A.P. • Diana Chalmeta, M.D. • Joshua A. Jakum, M.D., F.A.A.P. • Katherine A. Bovee, M.D., F.A.A.P. • Deborah A. Hayes, F.N.P.C • Susan M. Stoltzman, C.P.N.P. • Joyce Apted, C.P.N.P.



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The Ventlock Tailgate Lock allows more ventilation into your car than just leaving windows open. It works by fixing the rear door or tailgate in a semi-open position and combined with a front window open just an inch or two, it allows free flowing air just where the dogs need it most - on their nose at the back of the vehicle.

TRAVELING IN CARS Heat stroke is particularly prevalent in dogs traveling in cars. Ensure to take extra precautions and limit trips on hot days in order to minimize risk. Park cars with sun screens in the shade so temperatures can be kept as low as possible. Leaving windows down a couple of inches does not allow enough air flow so consider investing in a vent lock (http:// leerburg.com/1332.htm) while opening the windows to increase ventilation. Make sure your pet has plenty of fresh or iced water to help thermo-regulate and either supervise your pet or check on it often. OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES Whether you are playing fetch in the yard, hiking in the mountains, or visiting a local festival, ensure your dog is comfortable throughout the activity. Provide plenty of fresh water, take breaks, find shade to rest, and pace yourself. Dogs naturally pant in order to help regulate their body temperature, however if you notice an increase of heart rate, elevated body temperature (above 103 degrees F), changes in mental status, dehydration, shock,

or unconsciousness, your dog is likely suffering from hyperthermia and requires emergency medical treatment. An additional concern with prolonged sun exposure is your dog’s risk of sunburn. This is especially common in dogs with white coats light pigment, and those who have been had their hair shaved for the summer. FLEAS AND TICKS Warm weather brings all critters out - including parasites such as fleas, ticks, and mites. Ensure to have your dog on a preventative in order to minimize infestation and serious illnesses such as Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Ehrlichiosis, and Anaplasmosis. Products include topical drops that are applied monthly, oral pills, and collars; consult your veterinarian as to which method is best for your pet. Whether you are planning on a family vacation, are taking your dog out to explore our beautiful region, or enjoying your backyard this summer, ensure you are cautious of hazards and considerate of your pets needs in hot weather. Use a variety of toys, tools, and precautions to keep it cool.

Charlotte Wagner is a certified animal trainer and behavior consultant. She successfully completed her BS with honors from the University of Essex in England furthering her passion in training and behavior. She advocates that prevention, management, redirection, and training of alternate responses is key to training success. Charlotte currently owns and operates Duskland Training and Behavior in Warrenton and can be regularly seen at conformation dog shows, agility events, rally obedience trials, therapy visits, and community gatherings with one or more of her precious pets


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Please submit resumes to Sissy Thorpe, Council Director PO Box 245, Warrenton, VA 20188, or via email to sissy.thorpe@girlsontherun.org

June 2015


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251 West Lee Hwy, Suite 153, Warrenton, VA • TEL 540-3 251 West Lee Hwy, Suite 153, Warrenton, VA • TEL 540-349-3141

251 West Lee Hwy, Suite 153, Warrenton, VA • TEL 540-349-3141


251 West Lee Hwy, Suite 153, Warrenton, VA • TE

251 West Lee Hwy, Suite 153, Warrenton, VA • TEL 540-349-3141


k c o l n U o t y e K Finding the d l i h C s d e e N l a i c a Spe Part 1 in a two-part series about the importance of integrating individuals with special needs into our community. Part II will profile local resources for families with a special needs individual.

by Aimee O’Grady


ast month, I had the opportunity to sit down with Casey McCorkindale, whose name was made known by his mother’s best-selling novels about her family’s relocation to the Virginia countryside. I was eager to meet this young man who inspired his mother to begin Casey’s Place, a housing complex for special needs individuals (see sidebar). We met at Panera during the lunchtime rush hour. After I had waited a few minutes watching diners come and go, a tall man wearing a Scholes Manchester United jersey approached me and gave me a warm hug. To say that Casey is passionate about soccer is a gross understatement. Casey lives soccer. When he isn’t playing soccer he watches videos of his favorite players to study their footwork, reads books like Alex Ferguson’s autobiography to learn more about the sport, and plays online games as both the player and the computer to enhance his strategic plays. His friends refer to him as Messi, a reference to Lionel Messi, the Argentinian professional soccer player. Casey is also autistic. He was diagnosed with highfunctioning autism when he was 12-years-old. Soccer gives him an identity other than being the young man with autism. He is known as Casey, the aspiring professional soccer player. For his family, soccer provides them the relief and joy of seeing their child excel at something about which he is passionate. According to his mother, “Every parent wants to see their child connect with other children. For the parent of a special needs child, that is more challenging. Watching Casey connect with other kids on the field was a huge moment for us.” A passion for soccer runs in Casey’s family. His paternal great grandfather, Duncan Tate, played for the Glasgow Rangers in Scotland. Although Casey’s father played American football, Casey eventually gave soccer a chance while at Taylor Middle School. He soon realized it was a perfect fit for him. Considered old at the age of 13 to take up soccer, Casey willingly accepted advice to help him photos by Mark Trible


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succeed at the sport. Some of the best advice he received was from a fellow teammate who asked him, “Do you dance?” When he answered yes, his teammate told him to dance with the ball. Casey has been dancing with the ball ever since. According to Casey, “Soccer makes me feel mature and grown up.” Soccer not only fills Casey’s free time, it also gives him the opportunity to be part of a team and develop friendships with his team members. Soccer provides him the environment to socially interact with peers while engaged in a common activity. This was made evident when, during our interview, Chad Guthrie walked into Panera and stopped by to say hello. Casey had once worked at Panera, and Chad was his

Casey’s Place Casey’s mother, Susan McCorkindale, is busy developing a business plan for a housing complex for special needs individuals. Following some superior models from housing developments in the west, McCorkindale is in the process of fine-tuning her design. “Casey’s Place will be an apartment complex within our region for special needs individuals who require minimal support,” explains McCorkindale, “The complex with have relationships with local businesses to help residents secure employment and become better integrated into the community.” For additional information about Casey’s Place, please visit: http://www.caseysplaceva.org. 30

manager. Casey and Chad quickly began ribbing each other, since they favor opposing soccer teams. Casey and his family moved to Upperville from New Jersey in 2005 to a large cow farm owned by his late father’s brother. He graduated from Fauquier High School in 2011, then enrolled in Lord Fairfax Community College. He now rents an apartment in Warrenton and works at the local Safeway. These are huge milestones for a man whose doctors were frank with his parents when delivering his autism diagnosis. “We were told that Casey would never drive or live on his own. We couldn’t believe it. Then, I watched him pull into the DMV after his driving test. I knew, I just knew by the way he turned that he had passed his test. He proved them wrong, he proved them all wrong.” Casey keeps proving them wrong. This past March, Casey tried out for the DC United Youth 23 Team. While he didn’t make the team, he did make the coaching staff. As a member of the coaching staff, Casey has the opportunity to attend trainings, as well as some matches. This summer he is planning to try out for Manchester United. When asked why he prefers that team, he said, “I want to play on a team with good chemistry, good attitude, and a team that wins.” Casey is a strategic thinker. He enjoys setting up plays and describes his plays as being compared to “catching a cheetah in flip flops.” He is eager to put these plays into action as a coach. In addition, Casey marrying his passion for soccer with his autism, by penning a movie script about an autistic soccer player. Casey is a man who is out and about in Warrenton. The fact that he has autism is of no great concern to him. When asked about it, the conversation gradually veered off in another direction. Casey’s only point to make about autism is that “having autism doesn’t mean you are weird. It just means you learn differently. Your brain works a little differently.” Casey’s brain may work differently, but without question his brain works in an enviable manner. He is a man as dedicated to his job as he is to his sport. Casey throws himself into everything he does and feels that everyone deserves a chance. We left our meeting much as we began it, with a hug. And with Casey discussing his plans to make a soccer video to send to Manchester United with high hopes of being invited to try out. Aimée O’Grady is a freelance writer who lives in Warrenton with her husband and three children. Dr. Dennis Rustom, a pediatrician with Piedmont Pediatrics who specializes in autism and ADHD, encourages all parents to help their children, at an early age, to identify a creative outlet, whether it is a sport, musical instrument, dance or art, “Finding a creative activity that a special needs child excels at helps stimulate the brain in a way that is difficult to quantify. Children have something to focus their attention on and change their identity from being the special needs child, to the soccer or piano player.” Dr. Rustom would like for all parents to use the resources within our community that will help “unlock” their child. Enrolling special needs children in extracurricular activities gives them a sense of belonging and fitting in with other children with like interests. Warrenton Lifestyle

We’re experts in our field... So kids can be experts in theirs. Oakley’s expertise is playing. Ours is keeping patients like her healthy and happy, so they can focus on what’s most important.

Warrenton Pediatrics

Dr. Michael Amster, MD, FAAP Dr. Cheryl Kemerer, MD, FAAP

28 Blackwell Park Lane, Suite 103, Warrenton, VA 20186 | 540.349.3225 | warrentonpediatrics.com

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aquariums20187@gmail.com Serving Fauquier County homes and businesses since 1992. June 2015




Handling the freight: Warrenton’s Railway Express office Local rail transit business witnessed many changes over the years

by John T. Toler


uring the last years that the Warrenton Branch line was in active service, much of the freight was handled by the Warrenton office of Railway Express, operated by Fauquier natives H. T. “Harry” Dowell, and later by his son, H. T. “Tommy” Dowell Jr. Born in Midland in 1895, Harry moved to Washington, D.C. when he was 12 years old, and as a young man went to work for Southern Express. Back then, shipping businesses were operated as subsidiaries of the railroad lines. During World War I, President Woodrow Wilson nationalized the U.S. rail system. Harry wanted to enlist in the military, but was

stuck in his job for the duration. After the war, he worked in Atlanta and later in Jacksonville, where he was promoted to traveling auditor. The job entailed traveling across his district from station to station – including the depot in Warrenton – checking shipping documents and auditing accounts. In October 1925, Harry was sent to the Southern Express office in Warrenton to handle some inquiries, and ended up staying on for a while as a relief agent. It was during this time that he met his future wife, Miss Ruth Martin, who worked in Warrenton as the chief telephone operator.

In October 1925, Harry T. Dowell Sr. (right), then a relief agent for Southern Express, worked at the Warrenton depot with a deliveryman known as ‘Ambush.’ Later, Mr. Dowell permanently took over the Warrenton office, which became part of the Railway Express Company. 32

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The Warrenton Railway Express office and other businesses operated by the Dowell family used this building on South Third Street for many years. It was later sold to the Town of Warrenton, and used as their Public Works maintenance facility. The site is now a municipal parking lot. Harry Dowell, Railway Express Agent

From 1925 until 1928, Harry suffered from pleurisy, a lung disease that caused him to be hospitalized for long periods of time. When he recovered, he returned to Warrenton to serve as the permanent agent for Southern Express. In June 1930, Harry and Ruth were married. Shortly afterward, Southern Express (by then renamed Southeastern Express) merged with the Railway Express Co., and Harry assumed that franchise. The following year, he bought the old Matthews Livery Stable on South Third Street from John Coons, and moved the Railway Express office to one of the front rooms on the street level. On the other side of the building, he opened an auto parts store, offering a full line of car and truck parts and accessories, tires and batteries. He also sold motor oil 34

and gasoline. In the cavernous rear of the building, he operated an auto repair and storage facility. In addition to Railway Express services, Harry handled direct freight shipments over the Southern Railway lines, including building materials, cars and trucks destined for local dealers, bulk feeds and coal. In 1935, their son and future Railway Express agent “Tommy” Dowell was born. About that time, Harry acquired a lot between South Third and South Fourth streets, where he built a large coal storage yard. Once completed, the yard had nine bins that could hold 50 tons of coal each, and a “stoker bin” that held 100 tons. Coal was delivered by hopper car to the Warrenton rail yard, where it was unloaded by hand into Harry’s trucks, which carried the coal “up the hill” to the coal yard, where it was unloaded – again by hand. “Two men would work side-by-side,

with one man shoveling right-handed, the other left-handed,” Tommy recalled. “It was backbreaking work, sometimes 10 hours a day. But the men would develop a rhythm, maybe with a song in their heads, and just keep shoveling. I think they were paid $1 an hour back then.” Sometimes, if a rail car delivery was going to a single large customer, it went directly from Harry’s trucks to the customer’s home or business. Tommy remembers such orders going to the Hickman Chevrolet dealership on Lee Street (“They had a very low ceiling in their coal bin in the basement,” he remembers); also Ashland Farm west of Warrenton, the home of the Carharts at the time, and Prospect Hill near Orlean, the home of Col. and Mrs. William Doeller. “They burned anthracite coal at Prospect Hill,” said Tommy. “It was more expensive, but it burned cleaner.” In addition to the sale of coal, the various other enterprises that Harry started up near the Warrenton Branch flourished, largely because of the related services he could offer. One example cited by Tommy was the storage and shipping of vintage automobiles. “For many years, we stored a Stutz Bearcat inside the garage,” he noted. “Later, when the family in California wanted the car, we delivered it to them by rail.” From the 1920s until the beginning of World War II, the Warrenton rail yard and the express office were very busy, as many of the products sold by Warrenton merchants came by rail. Tommy remembers the shipments of clothing and shoes delivered to Lerner Bros. Department Store on Main Street, and Ullman’s on Lee Street. At the time, Railway Express – which could only handle domestic shipping – had an arrangement with American Express to provide international shipping. In addition, Railway Express offices sold American Express traveler’s checks.

Daily Rail Service Ends

However, with the end of WWII, things began to change. The new demographics brought on by the mass mobilization and the growth of the trucking industry hurt the railroads and related businesses, like Railway Express. “During 1943-44, we were handling about 130 carloads of coal a year,” said Tommy. “By the 1950s, it was down to 50 carloads a year, and by the 1960s, no one was handling coal.” The combination of the labor strikes at the mines that made coal deliveries uncertain, and aggressive marketing by the fuel oil industry hastened the demise. DISCOVERED HISTORY CONT’D PAGE 38

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Warrenton native H. T. ‘Tommy’ Dowell Jr. recently visited the old Warrenton depot, where his father’s Railway Express office was located until 1931, when it was moved to South Third Street. The depot is now Clair’s at the Depot, a popular restaurant. Despite protests by Warrenton merchants and elected officials, daily train service on the Warrenton Branch ended in 1949. Undaunted by this development, Harry petitioned the State Corporation Commission for permission to use his trucks to meet the trains running on the main line that passed through Calverton twice-a-day. At issue was the condition of Meetze Road, which at the time was a gravel road subject to rapid deterioration when used by large trucks. Represented by local attorney Wallace N. Tiffany Sr. – who had to work with Richmond and Washington attorneys on the case – permission was finally granted. In spite of the extra trouble and expense caused by the daily Warrenton-to-Calverton round trips, the Warrenton Railway Express office made a profit. In 1959, Harry sold off the auto parts business and retired, and turned the Railway Express operation over to Tommy, who had recently returned to Warrenton after serving as an officer in the U.S. Army.

Years of Change

Having grown up in the business, Tommy was prepared to take over. Seeking to diversify, he started a bottled gas service, providing tanks of oxygen, acetylene, nitrous oxide and therapy 38

gases for the community. But for the express business, there would be some surprises, disappointments and new opportunities. One steady customer was C&P Telephone Co., which used Railway Express to ship all of the pay phone coin boxes from around the region to their accounting facility in Richmond. “The smaller express offices didn’t like to handle or store the coin boxes, which were put in special suitcases and sealed for shipment,” said Tommy. “We would often deliver ten or 12 of these suitcases a day to Calverton, and put them on the train going south.” For a brief time in the early 1960s, the Warrenton Railway Express office was the shipping point for exotic animals being handled by the Rider Animal Co., an international operation headquartered on the North Wales property. Most of the time, the animals were shipped directly from the port of entry to their final destination, often in Canada. But other times, the Warrenton office ended up with animals whose shipping had been misdirected, or delivered to other offices that wouldn’t accept them. Eventually, these animals made their way to the Rider Animal Co. facility at North Wales, traveling by train to Calverton, where Railway Express trucks picked them up. Tommy recalls that among those hapless animal refugees were several huge turtles, some of which had been in transit for six months, according to shipping documents. Other shipments included a number of Rhesus monkeys, and several apes. “At that time, we were only permitted by the SCC to make deliveries within the corporate limits of Warrenton,” he recalled. “But no one else would handle the animals, so we did it.” Once, a flying squirrel got loose in the office, causing chaos until it could be captured. The larger animals could be dangerous, even when still in a crate. “One day, I was filling out paperwork near a crate of monkeys, and one grabbed the pencil out of my hand, and ate it,” remembered Tommy. “They were very quick.” Another time, he received notice that an elephant stored in the cargo hold of an airplane had died in transit, and the local freight office wanted to ship the remains to Warrenton. “I told them not to ship it,” he recalled. “Just to go ahead and bury it there.” Problem solved. The shipping of human remains through the Warrenton office, while very rare, was much more complicated. “Then paperwork involved was incredible,” Tommy remembers. There was one incident where a Warrenton resident had passed away while in the Caribbean. His body was brought to Miami, where it was checked by the medical examiner and placed on a northbound train. “Bodies are not shipped in caskets, but in a special, sealed container,” he explained. “It arrived in Calverton, but we didn’t load it on our truck to bring back to Warrenton. Moser Funeral Home was in charge of the arrangements, and they met the train with a hearse.”

Top Secret cargo

During the Vietnam War, Vint Hill Farms Station near Warrenton was the repair and maintenance facility for the U. S. Army’s emerging high technology equipment, including cryptographic machines and the early computer systems used in warfare. Coming or going, it was all marked “Classified, Secret or Above.” During this time, Tommy worked closely with Jim Pulchine Sr., the transportation officer at Vint Hill. They would work out the shipping arrangements, with small shipments coming in or going out from Calverton. The larger shipments involved bringing special “end-loader” rail cars to Warrenton, where Army quarter-ton tactical vehicles hauling trailers would be driven up on the loading dock and into the rail cars, which would then be sealed for transport. “Usually, we would have to arrange with the Pennsylvania Railroad or New York Central to get us the end loaders, which were primarily used to haul racehorses to-and-from places like Saratoga,” Warrenton Lifestyle

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Tommy remembers. “Of course, they had to be cleaned first, so there were always added expenses involved.” There were different levels of security involved, depending on the cargo, and Tommy never knew for sure what was being picked up or delivered for the Army. “A lot of what came in at Calverton appeared to be scrap, battle-damaged equipment. But we understood that it could not be evaluated until the technicians at Vint Hill could go over it. Then they would either junk it or repair it.” Once, when soldiers from Vint Hill were cross-loading a shipment on 3rd Street from a Railway Express truck to an Army truck, they dropped a box off the tailgate, damaging the contents. When Mr. Pulchine complained bitterly, Tommy was taken aback until he explained that just this one load, including what fell off the truck, was worth over $5 million. As the war intensified, Tommy increased the runs to Calverton from once a day to twice a day: in the morning to meet the southbound train, and in the afternoon to connect with the northbound train. Not all of the shipments originating at Vint Hill involved classified equipment. When the Warrenton office handled

explosives, they had to be sent south to Charleston, S.C., since there were too many restrictions on explosives sent north. One unusual explosive shipment handled by the Warrenton office was a pyrotechnic device (fireworks) developed by Vint Hill for President Lyndon B. Johnson for presentation to Ethiopia’s Haile Selassi on the Fourth of July. As Tommy recalls, the rocket’s burst was designed to appear as a large American flag, high in the air. Citing the restrictions on explosives shipments, Tommy tried to convince Mr. Pulchine to have Vint Hill personnel to transport the device to McGuire Air Force Base in an Army vehicle. From there, it could be flown to Ethiopia. But he declined, and the rocket was sent to Charleston by train. Tommy later learned that once it reached Ethiopia and was launched for the emperor, it performed perfectly. “The Vint Hill shipments were what kept us operating,” Tommy recalled. “Railway Express faced new competition from businesses like UPS, and the railroads were having trouble competing with trucking. Railway Express briefly got into the trucking business, but then that effort failed.”

Most Railway Express deliveries in Warrenton were carried on Ford F-4 trucks, similar to this vehicle. Usually, a canvas tarp was spread over the cargo area. Heavier loads, including coal, were hauled on the agency’s larger Ford F-6 trucks.

The Final Years in Business

As the Vietnam War was winding down, shipments to and from Vint Hill were fewer and fewer each month. Added to that were problems that plagued the railroads after the 1968 riots in Washington, D.C. “Railroad security after the riots was almost non-existent. Once, we delivered a carton of new shoes to Ted Portnoy at Lerner Bros. When he opened it, he realized that someone had gone through his shipment.” Tommy recalled. “They had replaced a pair of new shoes in a box with a pair of old, worn-out shoes. Ted was not amused.” By then, the layout of the Warrenton Car Storage building was obsolete as an auto repair facility, and too large for the bottled gas business. In 1970, Tommy moved the Railway Express office and bottled gas service one door down Third Street to the building his father had bought from Dan Wood several years earlier, and discussed selling the much larger old car storage building with local real estate broker Ian Montgomery. Mr. Montgomery had a few ideas, the first being to offer the building to the Town of Warrenton for a maintenance shop. “I was already renting the parking lot next to the building and the old coal yard to the town for their equipment,” Tommy recalled. Town Manager Ed Brower liked the idea and took it up with the Town Council, who approved the purchase. The town used the car storage building and adjoining property for several years. When the C&P Telephone Company moved their shop from Falmouth Street to New Baltimore, the town acquired that property, and moved their maintenance facility there. No longer in use, the old car storage building was torn down, and the site paved over for a parking lot. Tommy Dowell briefly continued in the bottled gas business in the building on S. Third Street, but soon closed the business to pursue other interests. After renting the building to a number of different tenants over the years, he sold the property to the Town of Warrenton. It is currently used as the Partnership for Warrenton office.

Author John Toler is a writer and historian and has served Fauquier County for over 50 years, including 4 decades with the Fauquier-Times Democrat. He has written and lectured about many legendary characters in Fauquier County’s history. Toler is the co-author of 250 Years in Fauquier County: A Virginia Story, and author of Warrenton, Virginia: A History of 200 Years. 40

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ecently, members of the community conducted the Valor Awards Dinner, which recognizes law enforcement officers, firefighters and other first responders. Many who attended were afforded the opportunity to hear actual stories of how these amazing public servants help our community throughout each year. Every year, local law enforcement officers, dispatchers and security personnel may become involved in situations pertaining to those in crisis. This means that depression, mental health issues or substance abuse has been an issue that has negatively impacted a person and created a situation that may be dangerous to themselves or others around them. Between July 2014 and September 2014, law enforcement officers addressed this very important issue with 438 citizens, in a five county area. Approximately 71 of these cases were hospitalized either in Fauquier County Hospital or UVA Culpeper County Hospital. In Warrenton alone, 25 separate instances occurred in which individuals were assisted in 2014 and 4 already in 2015. Officials in our

Louis Battle, Chief of Police Warrenton Police Department


Adding to Law Enforcement’s Toolbelt Town Police Receive Crisis Intervention Training by Debbie Eisele

Morning roll call for Warrenton Police Department area have taken the opportunity to initiate a training program that is designed to help officers, dispatchers and security personnel understand how to react to the challenges these types of situations may present. Through his desire to truly help citizens, Warrenton Chief Louis Battle became involved with Crisis Intervention Training program (CIT). CIT is an intensive 40 hour training session designed specifically to teach officers strategies and methods on how to cope with tough situations involving individuals in crisis. The training is designed to help those in need with the local community by avoiding an escalation in a situation that could turn violent. The training “provides officers with another tool in their toolbelt,” Chief Battle of Warrenton Police Department said as he shared the information on the CIT. The primary goal of this comprehensive training is “to give the officers the strategy and ability to communicate with individuals in crisis and with mental health issues. The communication allows them de-escalate a situation Warrenton Lifestyle

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and obtain voluntary compliance. This allows officers to individually participate in the assistance of people requiring help for their substance abuse or mental health treatment. Instead of processing individuals into the criminal justice system, they are placed in programs that can truly assist them with their specific needs and get them the help that so many of them require to get well.” CIT was initially started in this region through the Rapidan Rappahannock Crisis Intervention Team - comprised of regional members from Fauquier, Culpeper, Rappahannock, Madison and Orange Counties. Chief Battle has been an avid supporter of this program and instrumental in CIT gaining traction within the Town and County. Currently, the CIT Steering Committee includes Brian Duncan, Executive Director Rappahannock Rapidan; Chief Lou Battle, Town of Warrenton; Sallie Morgan, Mental Health Association; Eric Fling & Mike Spory, Department of Corrections; Tom Pavelko and Katie Heritage, Fauquier County; Robert Weigle, National Alliance on Mental Illness. The Steering Committee has secured funding for a CIT Coordinator for the Rapidan Rappahannock Region for fiscal year 2016. Members of the Committee are hoping to have a candidate hired and in place by July 2015. This CIT Coordinator will help strengthen the relationships between the necessary training and local professionals who can assist those with substance abuse or mental health problems. According to Brian Duncan, “the group is reaching out to local hospitals, such as the UVA Culpeper Hospital, to discuss the potential of securing dropoff locations for individuals in crisis (known as an Assessment Center). These locations will have appropriate staff in place to medically assist those in need. We are hoping to designate a dropoff location as soon as possible.” Recently, this team was involved with submitting a grant application in the hopes of securing the

necessary funds for the creation of an Assessment Center. Currently, in Fauquier County and surrounding areas, many officers as well as dispatchers are in the process of completing or have completed this program. As of May, all law enforcement officers in the Town of Warrenton have successfully completed this intensive training. The Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office has four deputies and four dispatchers certified and plans to continue enrolling individuals. Sheriff Fox has set a goal to have all dispatchers trained by the end of the year and eventually have all sworn personnel trained in CIT. The Town and County law enforcement officers are committed to assisting those in need and welcome the opportunity to work with others in the medical professions in order to obtain the care and assistance for individuals with addiction, mental health, or depression issues. As Chief Battle explained, “The purpose of this training is to assist law enforcement officers in creating a calmer atmosphere, where a potentially violent one may exist, and in essence strives to protect all involved including the affected individual, others in the community near the situation and also law enforcement officers.”

Crisis Intervention Training is an important aspect of law enforcement. Implementing this program indicates the positive impact that public servants wish to have in the community. “This is a valuable training program that will enable officers, dispatchers and security officers at local colleges and hospitals to handle very difficult situations in a way that serves not only to protect citizens, but to help those in need,” said Brian Duncan, Executive Director for Rappahannock Rapidan. The local CIT works in conjunction with the Virginia Crisis Intervention Team (VACIT) Coalition, which is a collaborative group. According to VACIT’s website, their mission is “to promote and support the effective development and implementation of CIT programs in Virginia in order to improve the criminal justie and mental health systems and to help prevent inappropriate incarceration of individuals with mental illness.” The members of this organization will work with local members to “share ideas and resources all for the betterment of the citizens of the Commonwealth.” To learn more about the VACIT Coalition, please visit their website http://www.vacitcoalition.org/ programs.

Students conducting role playing exercises during a recent CIT session. Photo Credit Sargeant Southard.

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Mid-Atlantic Home Health is a licensed Medicare and Medicaid certified home health agency. We provide: Skilled Nursing Care Rehabilitation Services Personal Care Aide Commercial insurance, private pay and workman’s compensation insurance are accepted. Complimentary evaluation by a registered nurse is offered to determine the appropriate level of care for every patient. Each case is provided with a customized plan care and supervision. June 2015




An All-Local Summer Meal With “Fresh From The Farm” Ingredients

by Rebekah Grier

Summer is finally here! When I think of summer I always remember the activities my family enjoyed together – usually involving food of some sort. My mom’s go-to meal in the summer was always chicken and a mixed salad. It was quick and easy and could feed six hungry people. Sometimes the chicken was grilled, sometimes it was baked, and the salad toppings usually reflected whatever we had left in the veggie drawer of our refrigerator, but it was always delicious. This summer, I wanted to create a local take on this family favorite. Highlighting a few of Warrenton’s passionate and hard-working farmers, I reinvented my mom’s go-to summer meal using fresh, in-season ingredients grown right here in our area. I visited the Saturday morning Warrenton Farmers’ Market and also had the opportunity to take a tour of Whiffletree Farm to purchase my main ingredients.


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The Search I started my search knowing that I wanted to make some version of chicken and salad, but didn’t have a lot of direction until I saw what was in season. Visiting the farmers market, I was overwhelmed by all the green! Herbs covered multiple tables in several booths and young tomato plants abounded. There were all kinds of lettuces – spinach, arugula, kale, and collards. I knew I needed a green for my salad, so I decided on the lovely and hardy kale. Kale would provide more substance to my salad, but still have that light summer feel – and provide a lot of nutrition. For my salad toppings, typical additions such as cucumber and tomatoes aren’t quite in season yet, so I went outside my comfort zone. I chose…beets! After seeing those and some bright green onions nearby, I

knew it would be a good combination of earthiness and acidity – and I could bring out some sweetness from the beets once I roasted them. Seeing the vibrant strawberries, I just couldn’t leave the Farmer’s Market without them. They became my salad dressing, providing the last bit of sweetness I would need to have the perfect summer salad. I was able to purchase my kale, beets and strawberries from Joaquin at Gonzales Produce and my green onions from Regina at St. Anthony’s Farm, the longest participant in the Warrenton Farmers’ Market. In my hunt for meat, I heard of Whiffletree Farm and contacted owner and farmer Jesse Straight who graciously invited me out for a tour. After seeing all the happy, pastureraised chickens and hearing about the humane and sustainable ways they’re raised, I knew this was a good place to

buy some poultry. And let’s just say I capped off my search with what else, but…bacon. The Season The end of spring and beginning of summer is a great transitional time for a lot of produce. Greens, especially lettuces like I saw at the Farmer’s Market, are on the tail end of peak season and may only be available for another few weeks. Melody Powers, of Powers Farm and Brewery just north of Warrenton, said that the next coming weeks can expect to see carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. For more information on what’s in season, I recommend visiting the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer services online to find a calendar of fruit and vegetable availability – or you can always chat with one of your local farmers.

The Farmers

I met many passionate, intelligent and lovely people in my search for this summer meal, not all of whom I could purchase ingredients from. I loved talking with and learning from the people growing my food, it was an enlightening and invigorating experience! Here are the farmers who helped make this project possible:

Gonzales Produce GonzalesProduce@gmail.com and 804.296.4910 St. Anthony’s Farm 540.937.5797


Whiffletree Farm WhiffletreeFarmVA.com JesseStraight@gmail.com Powers Farm and Brewery PowersFarmBrewery.com PowersFarmBrewery@gmail.com Warrenton Lifestyle

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The Recipe Bacon Wrapped Chicken with a Kale and Beet salad and Strawberry Balsamic Vinaigrette. Serves 2 (with some leftovers)

Ingredients: For the chicken… 2 chicken breasts 10 strips of bacon salt and pepper to taste For the vinaigrette… 9 – 10 medium sized strawberries, green tops removed 1 tbsp. balsamic vinegar 3 tbsps. olive oil 2 tsps. Honey pinch of salt For the salad… 1 ½ - 2 bunches of kale, de-stemmed 1-2 tsp. olive oil 1 tsp. salt 4 beets 2-3 green onions, trimmed and chopped feta cheese crumbles (or any salty, tangy cheese) leftover strawberries, quartered


1. Preheat oven to 375°. Season your chicken with salt and pepper. If you choose to use uncured bacon like I did, you may need more salt; if using cured bacon, go easier on the seasoning. 2. Arrange 5 slices of bacon on your cutting board or table. I overlapped mine a little bit so they wouldn’t slide around as much. Place one chicken breast, top side down, in the middle of the bacon. Wrap the bacon strips tightly around the breast, being careful to avoid tearing. Repeat with the other breast. Place chicken breasts, seams side down, in baking dish. Cover loosely with foil and bake for 35 to 40 minutes. If bacon is not crispy at the end of baking, broil on low for a few minutes, keeping an eye on it. 3. Wash beets and cut off stems 1 inch from the bulb. Drizzle with a little bit of olive oil and wrap individually in foil. Place on a shallow baking sheet and put in the oven with the chicken.

4. While your chicken and beets are cooking, de-stem and shred kale into bite size pieces. Drizzle with olive oil and salt and massage leaves until tender. This helps to soften the leaves and bring out a milder flavor. Set aside. 5. For the vinaigrette, combine all ingredients in a food processor or blender and process until smooth. 6. When the chicken is done, allow it to rest for a few minutes while you tackle the beets. Allow beets to cool for a few minutes. Cut off remaining stems and use a spoon to peel off outer skin (if the skin doesn’t slide off, put back in the oven for a few minutes). Quarter, then chop into bite-sized pieces. 7. When the beets are done, assemble all your salad ingredients and drizzle with vinaigrette. 8. Serve, eat and enjoy.

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Welcomes Executive Director Deanna Hammer by George Rowand photo by Sunny Reynolds



eanna Hammer – recently named the new executive director of the Greater Warrenton Chamber of Commerce – brings a wealth of experience to that position. A Fauquier County resident for the past 22 years, Hammer is excited that her skill set and the job requirements match up so well. “I have an event planning background, Hammer stated. After college, I started my career in the hotel industry and worked my way up ultimately to national sales. I am a sales person by training. That’s what I really like to do, sales and marketing. I was a small business owner, and I heard about this opportunity,” she continued, “and I thought, ‘You know, I think I’ll throw my name into the hat.’ It just seemed like a really good fit, and it all came together.” On the job since the middle of April, Hammer laughs easily at her on-the-job-training so far, “I have days where I feel that my hair’s on fire, but it seems that every other day is not a hair-onfire kind of day, she explained. I have appointments, I am busy, I’m not sitting around twiddling my thumbs, but I am in control.” Her aim. Hammer had seen the benefits of what an organization like the GWCC

can do for a business person a long time ago. “Years ago, I was working in Kansas City, and I got married and wanted to slow down and not be traveling all the time, so when my husband got transferred here, through the beauty of networking, I had a client who was a friend who opened a door for me. I became the convention director for a national association. And when I was running a small business here in Fauquier, I used the Chamber to network a lot. I have seen first hand what networking opportunities can do for a business person.” Hammer said that her main focus is on the members and their businesses. “You wear a lot of hats in this job,” she related, “but this is a membership-based organization, so that has to be a primary goal. My personal focus is membership. Really that is the goal of this organization to advocate and be there for the members and help them grow their business. That’s always going to be near and dear to my heart. It’s a roll-up-your-sleeve kind of job, and I am really looking forward to getting my teeth into it. Deanna Hammer can be reached through www. warrentonchamber.org and at (540) 216-3854. Warrenton Lifestyle

19t h

w Sho

l Father’s Day C a u n ar An

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Don’t Let A Bad Connection Shock You

by George Rowand

photo by Sunny Reynolds


ld Town Warrenton likely will be packed again this year on Father’s Day, June 21, when the Father’s Day Car Show swings into high gear. Hosted by the Greater Warrenton Chamber of Commerce, the show traditionally attracts hundreds of cars and thousands of spectators. The show is expected to fill Main Street and some of the adjoining side streets with cars, trucks and motorcycles that are old and new, standard issue, kit cars and those that have been tricked out to the max. “We’re limiting the show to 225 vehicles this year,” said Deanna Hammer, executive director of the GWCC, “so we recommend that people register their cars ahead of time because once we hit 225, we’re closed.” Participants can register at the Greater Warrenton Chamber’s website, www.warrentonchamber.org. “We have a lot of participants who return every year for the show, and we’re lining up sponsors and vendors right now,” Hammer added. The vehicles are judged and more than 70 trophies are awarded in a wide variety of categories. The show is free and open to the public. In the event of rain, the show will be held the following Sunday. This will be Old Town’s 19th Father’s Day show. The GWCC has been the primary organizer for the past three years. Food will be available at various vendor sites on Main Street. “There will be burgers, Pepe Zito’s Italian sausages and pizzas available,” said Brian Roeder, co-chairman for the event. We’ll have a DJ, who will be new, and Country Chevrolet, the presenting sponsor, is going to bring a whole bunch of cars, and Cecil’s Tractors, an event sponsor, is going to bring a whole bunch of equipment. The Union Bank and Triune Shooting Sports are also sponsors, and we still have room for additional sponsors.” Roeder said that non-profit organizations that are chamber members will be encouraged to set up tables in the square between The Fauquier Bank and the John Barton Payne Building. “We’ve also invited all the businesses up and down Main Street to bring out their stock and set up on the sidewalk. We’re very much trying to make this a community event. It brings in thousands and thousands of folks,” he said.


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Warrenton, VA • minorelectric@aol.com

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Hit the jackpot The Car Show also kicks off the third annual GWCC car raffle. The winning raffle ticket will be pulled at a GWCC event in the fall. “This year, the car is a 2015 Dodge Challenger,” Hammer stated. Safford of Warrenton has donated the car, and the raffle tickets cost $20 each. The car will be parked on Main Street during the Car Show. June 2015



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I think that I cannot preserve my health and spirits unless I spend four hours a day at least … sauntering through the woods and over the hills and fields, absolutely free from all worldly engagements. Henry David Thoreau in WALKING 54


by Andreas A. Keller

othing refreshes mind and soul faster and better than a walk in the woods. Such ancient wisdom, often submerged in our busy lives, perks up with a walk through the State Arboretum of Virginia. You’ll saunter through acres upon acres of native trees and shrubs with wild flowers along easy pathways. Established in 1927 the Arboretum is part of the Blandy Experimental Farm, a 700-acre research center for the University of Virginia. It is an outdoor museum in the northern part

of the Shenandoah Valley that offers up the beauty of rolling meadowland and mountain vistas with perennial gardens surrounding the historic Quarters buildings which were built in the 1830’s, and expanded in the 1940’s. Today, they house a small gift shop, a lab and library, a dormitory and kitchen for students who work the experimental farm. On the Virginia Native Plant Trail you can see the plants that greeted European settlers in the 1600s. The greatest variety is along the surfaced Warrenton Lifestyle

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June 2015


awe and stillness. The spectacular Gingko Grove is one of the largest collections of Gingko trees outside the tree’s native China. With its ceaseless beauty and dating back to prehistoric times the Gingko tree has a very special attraction for many romantics. The leaf of the tree inspired the German Poet Wolfgang von Goethe in 1815 to penn this mysterious love poem

State Arboretum at Blandy Experimental Farm path which leads midway to a shady seating area where you can take in the peaceful beauty of your surroundings and allow your mind to drift. Of special interest is The Herb Garden with its olfactory stimulation and the many explanations for the different uses of herbs, be it culinary, medicinal, cosmetic or for household, Flora along the Native Plant Trail


industrial or landscape purposes. Close to the Herb Garden is the picnic grove which is ideal for a family outing. Walk along the Conifer Trail where you are surrounded by 1300 conifer trees and shrubs from across North America and around the globe. Many of these trees are majestic and in their shade the wanderer feels an

Gingo Biloba This leaf from a tree in the East, Has been given to my garden. It reveals a certain secret, Which pleases me and thoughtful people. Is it a living being, Which has separated in itself? Or are these two, who chose To be recognized as one? Answering this kind of question, Haven’t I found the proper meaning, Don’t you feel in my songs, That I’m one and double?

Curious souls can read more in the Kindle Edition “Goethe and the Ginkgo: A Tree and a Poem”. In this beautiful little book you can learn about the botanical and medical lore of this species, including the use of its nut as an aphrodisiac and anti-aging serum. For whatever reason - anti-aging serum or aphrodisiac - members of Boots ’n Beer were equally attracted to the Gingko Trees and posed proudly for a group photo after walking a five mile loop before going belly-up for a cool beer or two. Blandy’s Walking Trails on 700 acres are a wonderful opportunity to connect with nature over gently rolling landscapes either in a leisurely stroll or a brisk walk or as an aerobic exercise. With over 200 different species of birds you may find many bird watchers along the trails. There are four marked trails which all start and end at the main parking area. Those trails are the Oak Trail Warrenton Lifestyle

(3/4 mile), the Pine Trail (1 mile), the Willow Trail (1 1/2 miles) and the Maple Trail (2 miles). The entire park is dog friendly. The Virginia State Arboretum is a place not to be missed, open 365 days a year from dusk to dawn, it is one of Virginia’s gems with free admission. With comfortable walking shoes, a hat, a bottle of water and the camera in your pocket, venture out for a relaxing afternoon with your family and friends. Going to the Arboretum takes you through the scenic Virginia horse country before arriving at 400 Blandy Farm Lane in Boyce, VA 22620.

Blandy Experimental Farm hiking trails

This suggestion for a family walk is provided by Andreas A. Keller, Charter Member of Boots ’n Beer. You can learn more about Boots ’n Beer by exploring its website www.bootsnbeer.com.

Boots ‘N Beer group rests in grove of Gingko trees

June 2015




An adult ratsnake. Photo Copyright John White - Virginia Herpetological Society.

‘EEEEK!’ or‘Cool’? Slithering Discoveries In and Around the Area

You are either on one side Sthesenakes. of the fence or the other about creatures. One side of the

fence hates them and displays this by standing still in shock - trembling upon site, or screaming as if there is a major catastrophe occurring (personally, I know several individuals that fall on this side). The other side of the fence thinks they are “cool” - and usually inch a little closer to see them and maybe even touch


by Debbie Eisele

them (yes, that would be me)! Oh, I do realize that there are a few of you out there who are in between the two stances. Our area is filled with natural beauty and many of us spend significant time outside enjoying what nature has to offer - hiking, biking, walking, running, camping, fishing, gardening and more. We are all educated on how to protect ourselves from bear and other wildlife, so why

not arm yourself with facts about snakes. Did you know that snakes like to eat rodents (voles, mice, rats). Don’t be surprised if you see Northern Black Racers or Eastern Ratsnake (some refer to them as black snakes) lurking in barns, sheds or other landscaped areas. These reptiles also like to dine on insects and will patrol gardens and landscape beds in search of their next meal. Yes, snakes also need to hide Warrenton Lifestyle

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June 2015


from their own predators, they are not just the hunters! Animals such as skunks, raccoons, opossums and some birds - like hawks - will dine on these scaly reptiles. Though snakes may startle some people, they really are important to the food chain and overall health of the local ecosystem. What you need to know: Don’t be alarmed if you see a snake. Be able to identify exactly which snakes are venomous and potentially dangerous to humans and know those that are harmless. Understanding how to identify a snake is a good starting point because sometimes people will mistake a juvenile Eastern Ratsnake or juvenile Northern Black Racer for a Copperhead. When these reptiles are young, they exhibit similar markings to a Copperhead (see photos so you can study the difference). Being able to differentiate the two snakes is important. The rattlesnake is typically seen in upper elevations such as the northern part of Fauquier County and is not prevalent throughout the region. They still may be seen occasionally in other parts of the county. Copperheads, however, are located throughout the entire region. “Although venomous snakes occasionally may pose a risk to one’s personal health and safety, the vast majority of species do not present an imminent danger or threat to us. Yet they have suffered significant losses — primarily due to people’s lack of familiarity with and unfounded fear of them.” (Source: https://pubs.ext. edu) Although infrequent, snake bites do occur and it is important to know what to do. Seek medical attention as soon as possible, regardless if the snake was poisonous or not. If possible, identify to medical personnel the type of snake that bit you as this may affect your treatment. If you should be located in a remote area and cannot immediately seek medical assistance, understand what type of treatment you can self-administer. The U.S. National Library of 60

POP quiz... How many poisonous snakes live in Fauquier County? Answer: TWO. Yes two (2) not three (3). They are the Eastern Copperhead and the Timber Rattlesnake. Many people think eastern cottonmouths - also known as water moccasins- live in this area, but they do not. These poisonous water lovers are located south of the James Top: Timber Rattlesnake. Photo River, and are not in this region. Copyright John White - Virginia We do have water snakes, but they Herpetological Society. Bottom: Eastern are NOT poisonous yet can exhibit Copperhead. Photo Copyright John aggressive behavior and are often White - Virginia Herpetological Society. confused with the water moccasin.

Juvenile Eastern RATSNAKE • Normal sized eyes • Diagonal dark eye stripe present • Wide dark dorsal blotches spaced two to three scales apart • Pattern remains intact • In defensive posture, head flattens to appear larger

Juvenile Northern BLACK RACER • Very large sized eyes • Diagonal dark eye stripe absent • Narrow dark dorsal blotches spaced one scale apart • Pattern fades completely as it approaches the posterior • In defensive posture, head shape remains fairly constant

Top: Juvenile Eastern Ratsnake. Photo Copyright John White - Virginia Herpetological Society. Bottom: Juvenile Northern Black Racer. Photo Copyright John White - Virginia Herpetological Society. These two juvenile snakes are often mistaken for the Eastern Copperhead. Warrenton Lifestyle



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The Northern Black Racer (Black Snake) Smooth Scales Photo Copyright John White Virginia Herpetological Society.

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Dangerous & Harmless Snakes According to NWTactical Blog, people may use the following clues in identification:

Head Shape

Eye Shape

Venomous: Elliptical Nonvenomous: Round

Other Traits

Venomous (left): Triangular (due to venom glands) Nonvenomous (right): Rounded

(Illustration from NWTactical Blog)

Medicine and the National Institutes of Health have a website service with information on treating snake bites (http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ ency/article/000031.htm#First%20 Aid). There are many books or guides available that will identify the snakes around this area. Pick one up that you like. You can also check with Fauquier County’s 62

Color for a Copperhead: Coppery Brown to a bright orange, juveniles have a yellow tail. Rattlesnake: Button-like rattle at end of tail (copycats do not have this distinctive trait). Virginia Cooperative Education Office, located at 24 Pelham Street, to see if they have any information available (540-341-7950, press #1). Remember, they have a Master Gardener Help Desk there to assist you Monday through Friday and Saturdays (location at the farmer’s market). You may also visit http:// www.virginiaherpetologicalsociety. com/ for more information and

SNAKES in Your Yard

By removing the ability for a snake to seek cover to hunt or from being hunted, you reduce the chances of snakes appearing where you don’t want them. Remove any: • Tall weeds or very weedy areas • Piles of trash or brush • Keep the grass mowed in areas your children or pets play in For full listing of helpful tips, visit Virginia Tech’s website https://pubs.ext.vt.edu or contact the Fauquier County Master Gardener help desk 540-3417950 then press #1

photos of all the snakes that live in our state. This site has maps associated with the photos to note which ones are in our area. Our county is a wonderful area to explore the outdoors. Don’t let the fear of the slithering creatures keep you from enjoying our beautiful scenery. Remember these reptiles play an important role. Use any sightings as opportunities to educate and experience science in action with family and friends. Warrenton Lifestyle

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and implement a personalized investment strategy for each of his clients. solutions offered byours, SunTrust Services, will Because his goal, just like is to help Investment you shine.

help him develop and implement a personalized investment strategy for each of his clients. Because his goal, just like ours, is to help you shine. Investment and Insurance Products: Are not FDIC or any other Government Agency Insured • Are not Bank Guaranteed • May Lose Value Securities, insurance (including annuities) and other investment products and services are offered by SunTrust Investment Services, Inc., an SEC registered investment adviser and broker-dealer, member FINRA, SIPC, and a licensed insurance agency. SunTrust Bank, Member FDIC. ©2015 SunTrust Banks, Inc. SunTrust and How can we help you shine? are federally registered service marks of SunTrust Banks, Inc.

Investment and Insurance Products: Are not FDIC or any other Government Agency Insured • Are not Bank Guaranteed • May Lose Value

Securities, insurance (including annuities) and other investment products and services are offered by SunTrust Investment Services, Inc., an SEC registered investment adviser and broker-dealer, member FINRA, SIPC, and a licensed insurance agency. SunTrust Bank, Member FDIC. ©2015 SunTrust Banks, Inc. SunTrust and How can we help you shine? are federally registered service marks of SunTrust Banks, Inc.

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Securities, insurance (including annuities) and other investment products and services are offered by SunTrust Investment Services, Inc., an SEC registered investment adviser and broker-dealer, member FINRA, SIPC, and a licensed insurance agency. SunTrust Bank, Member FDIC. ©2015 SunTrust Banks, Inc. SunTrust and How can we help you shine? are federally registered service marks of SunTrust Banks, Inc.

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WASTE NOT Inner Worki n

ment Plant t a e g s o f t h e Tr By Rebekah Grier

If you’ve ever driven down 211 near the WARF, you’ve probably noticed the large silver and white domes rising out of the ground to the right of the recreation facility. If you didn’t know what they were, you may have thought spaceships landed in Warrenton or possibly that it was some newfangled way of harvesting solar energy. You would be wrong (sorry to burst your bubble about the spaceships). These domes, and the whole system of additional buildings and machines behind them, are the Town of Warrenton’s Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant. Originally built in 1958, this plant is responsible for cleaning the approximately 2.5 million gallons of wastewater that the 4,850 Warrenton residential and commercial customers produce daily. While the water that leaves the plant is cleaner than even the Great Run Stream that it joins upon its exit, Bo Tucker, Public Works and Utilities Director, conveniently did not have a cup to give a taste-test during the tour. Surprisingly, a large portion of the treatment process is driven solely by gravity. The reason behind this, besides saving energy, is to simplify the process and “reduce the moving parts,” Tucker said. Before wastewater even reaches the plant, it exits homes and buildings to follow a specially laid out system of pipes that take advantage of the town’s varying elevations. These higher elevations allow wastewater to move purely from the pull of gravity. In areas where this is not possible, a pump station is installed at a strategic location to pump the wastewater back up into a position where it can again be pulled along by gravity. When the wastewater reaches the plant, it goes through 64

approximately half of the treatment process before a pump is ever used. Multiple other steps afterward in the treatment process also use gravity continue the task. The 22 to 23-step process includes multiple methods for removing sludge, reducing nitrogen and phosphorous, reoxygenate the water and putting it through an ultraviolet light antiseptic process. When asked if the staff has dance parties in the ultraviolet (black light) room, Plant Superintendent Allen Chichester, chuckling, said “No, they do not.” After the sludge is fully extracted and pressed dry, it is stored in large bays where it is then taken by a subcontractor three times a year and used as a fertilizer. Between 2,700 – 3,600 tons is produced every year. If you happen by in the summer, you may see tomato plants growing on the sludge piles. Tucker described that because tomato seeds are nearly indestructible, they survive both the digestive and treatment processes only to begin growing in the piles of dried sludge. The fruit does not have time to mature, however, and is not eaten. The sci-fi silver and white domes that most people notice about the wastewater facility were not always part of the plant. They were added in the early 2000’s to help reduce odor after plans to build the WARF and nearby shopping plaza got underway. The odors used to be so bad that Fauquier High School even had a “frown meter” for how bad it smelled on particular days. Nowadays, the smell is not nearly as terrible, and some staff members, like Allen Chichester and Jeff Iannarelli, enjoy the work so much he’s stuck around for 30 years. Bo Tucker, quoting an old professor, summed it up, “It might sound like crap to you, but it’s my bread and butter.” Warrenton Lifestyle

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Congratulations to our firsttofifth Congratulations ourgrade first graduates fifth gradeatgradu Saint James’ School! School! SaintEpiscopal James’ Episcopal

Congratulations to our first fifthtograde graduates at Warrenton at Congratulations our first fifth grade Saint James’ Episcopal School, 73 Culpeper Street, graduates Saint James’ School, 73now Culpeper Street, Warren Preschool through GradeEpiscopal 5 --Summer enrolling Congratulations to our firstcamps grade graduates atenroll Saint James’ Episcopal School! Preschool through Grade 5 fifth ---School! Summer camps now Saint James’ Episcopal 540-347-3855 www.saintjamesepiscopalschool.org Building Lots Available Licensed Class A Contractor ASID Interior Designer

540-347-3855 www.saintjamesepiscopalschool.or Saint James’ Episcopal 73 Culpeper Street, Warrenton Saint James’ Episcopal SaintSchool, James’Congratulations Episcopal School, Culpeper Street, Warrenton to73our first fifth gradeSchool! graduates at Preschool through Grade 5 --Summer camps now enrolling Saint James’ Episcopal School, 73 camps Culpepernow Street, Warrenton 400 Rosedale Court Suite 100 Warrenton, VA 20186 Preschool through Grade 5 --- Summer enrolling www.saintjamesepiscopalschool.org Preschool through Grade 5 --Summer camps now enrolling Saint James’ Episcopal School! P. 540.428.3050 F. 540.428.3052 540-347-3855 540-347-3855 www.saintjamesepiscopalschool.org southstar-construction.com

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The sport of polo has been gaining momentum in Fauquier County for the past decade. Having been played in Asia for over 2,000 years, it only made its way to the United States in the late 19th century. Today, Fauquier County showcases activities for spectators, enthusiasts, and philanthropists with an impressive regional following and several of its strongest supporters live here in Warrenton.


Ten years ago, Debbie and Alan Nash moved their polo operation from Potomac, Maryland to Warrenton, Virginia. “We were impressed with the number of polo clubs and fields in Fauquier,” she explains. Since then, Debbie has shared her passion for polo by devoting her time to a number of equine committees, including Great Meadows, the Warrenton Hunt, and several charities, all the while playing the sport year-round all over the world. As a young girl of six in England, Debbie rode her first horse and quickly advanced to show jumping. “Although I began riding horses when I was a young girl, I did not begin playing polo until I began my career.” she says. Years later, as a sales and marketing executive for a British company she was reassigned to Maryland. Before agreeing to move stateside “I had to ensure there was a polo club where I was heading.” she remembers. It was on a polo field in Maryland that Debbie and Alan first met. Together, Debbie and Alan have played polo throughout the United States


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Debbie Nash (third from left) on Los Tigres plays against Guarisco Gallery at the 2014 Ride to Thrive Polo Classic. Photo Credit Sandra Vannoy.

Photo Credit Robert Banner

and South America, as well as Jamaica, Spain, England, South Africa, Italy, and even Dubai. Amir Pirasteh grew up on the other side of the English Channel from Debbie in Brussels, Belgium, where he developed an unbridled passion for horses. He came to the United States after immigrating to Canada during the Iranian Revolution, after he was unable to renew his Iranian passport. He left Canada for the United States in order to earn his undergraduate degree and ultimately earned a law degree from Yale University. “Although I was moving around a lot, polo remained a constant in my life during this time,” he explains. After a brief stay in Colorado, Amir and his family settled in Warrenton because they enjoyed its small-town feel, beautiful scenery, and equestrian community. “Before we even began to build a house on our Warrenton property, I set out to build an arena hoping to invite local polo players to compete with me in matches.” Once the outdoor arena was complete, Amir built an indoor arena so that he could enjoy polo year-round.


He eventually opened Natania Farm and Polo Club. At his polo club, Amir focuses on competitive junior (middle and high school) and college polo year round. Through his club, Amir is able to introduce an increasing number of people to the sport. “The community of polo players is incredibly small,” Amir explains. “There are only 3,500 polo players registered with the US Polo Association and perhaps a total of 20,000 in the entire United States.” Amir hopes to host small tournaments for neighboring collegiate schools such as Georgetown, Virginia Tech, and Washington and Lee. These tournaments will be free for spectators to enjoy. Amir credits Great Meadows for promoting equestrian sports in the area through their Twilight Polo matches. The Great Meadows Polo Club is managed by professional polo player John Gobin, who accepted a job offer managing the club ten years ago and has never looked back. After nearly two decades of traveling internationally for the sport and living out of hotels, he welcomed the opportunity to set down roots while

Although a relatively young sport for our region, polo has been played for over 2,000 years of recorded history. According to the Museum of Polo, the sport’s origins are “in the inspirational relationship between humans and horses.” Based on written accounts, polo is believed to have originated in Asia. Polo arrived in England as recently as 1869, having been brought to the country from India as a result of military activity. James Gordon Bennett, the founder, editor, and publisher of the New York Herald, is credited with bringing polo from England to the United States. It wasn’t until the 1920s that polo players became American heroes. Polo thrived during the Great Depression, with matches played throughout the United States. In the 1980’s, women became a significant percentage of players and found work as instructors, team managers, club manager and pony trainers. 68

Photo Credit Robert Banner continuing his involvement with the sport he has come to love. As a young man of fifteen, John took a job at a local stable in Massachusetts where he worked around the farm caring for horses and cleaning stalls. He considers himself very lucky, “I didn’t grow up around horses, I just happened to get a job at a stable.” It was there that he was first taught how to play polo. The sport came easily and quickly for him. Just two years later, John was invited to stay at the ranch of a professional Argentinian player in order to improve his polo-playing skills. For three years, he did just that. Today, John uses the Great Meadows facility to promote the sport to local families. “It’s the best way for me to enjoy polo. There is no traveling and it is much gentler on my body.” On Saturdays throughout the summer, guests can watch arena polo matches, enjoy halftime entertainment in the stadium, and then finish up the night dancing in the pavilion with friends and family in a safe environment. Great Meadows also operates a Polo Club for enthusiasts. Students in the club compete in the 6:00 pm show on Saturday nights, and guests can watch the professionals play at 7:00 and 8:00 pm. On Sundays from June through September, Great Meadows also hosts Polo on the Grass, which is a free event. Warrenton Lifestyle


Great Meadows rents its facility for fundraisers to raise money for a number of local and national charities. A little further east, at the Seager family estate of Chetwood Park, three family members enjoy polo and rent the property to raise both awareness for the sport and money for local charities, such as the Northern VA Therapeutic Riding Program. Dr. Stephen, Dr. Adair, and Fiona Seager are all polo players who enjoy the sport.

Therapeutic Riding Program because I think it is a great cause. It is amazing to see what riding can do for people and a polo match helps to better connect people with the cause.”


The appeal of the sport is a few things for Debbie. First and foremost, Debbie loves the social aspect of polo. She has met a number of wonderful people through the sport, and today Photo Credit Robert Banner

FAUQUIER COUNTY POLO ACTIVITIES Great Meadows Twilight Polo 5089 Old Tavern Road, The Plains, VA www.greatmeadowpoloclub.com Saturday, May 9 through September 19 with different themes every week Natania Farm and Polo Club 8270 March Wales Road, Warrenton, VA www.nataniapolo.com Competitive junior and college polo lessons Ride to Thrive Polo Classic Hosted by the Seagers Chetwood Park, The Plains, VA www.nvtrp.org/polo September 19, 2015 benefitting the Northern Virginia Therapeutic Riding Program

Adair’s earliest memory of polo is of his father playing in Houston, Texas in the 1970s. “I was fortunate to have grown up around horses and want my children to have the same experience,” he explains. Adair’s upbringing gave him a greater appreciation for animals and he wants his children to have the same. Having played the sport in college, he is still close with his teammates and “cherishes the memories he made with his friends.” Adair feels that polo is a wonderful way for people to spend the afternoon in the country supporting worthy causes. As far as Adair is concerned Fauquier County is a perfect county for polo, “The lush grass here is ideal for grazing and hay for keeping larger groups of horses. In the 90s there was only 1 tournament-quality field, now there are probably 6.” Adair’s wife, Fauquier Health Anesthesiologist Dr. Caitlin Seager, is a proud polo supporter. While not a player herself, she supports her husband’s passion and donates her free time to support local charities. “I joined the committee for the Northern VA June 2015

she is a member of Fauquier Chamber of Commerce so that she can remain connected to local entrepreneurs. Beyond that, Debbie enjoys the thrill, “I enjoy the adrenaline rush of racing up and down a polo field at 30 mph on the back of a 15-hand (60-inch) horse while wielding a polo mallet.” The sport requires good hand-eye coordination, good balance, and of course, experience and good horsemanship. For Amir, the sport’s appeal lies in its unique make-up. He explains that he grew up riding horses and playing soccer and tennis. “When you combine these three sports, you end up with polo,” he says. He also enjoyed the fact that anyone can play polo, “The horse is the great equalizer in polo. With the right horse, a small rider can play against a larger opponent.” Polo is also a sport that, at the junior level, is co-ed enabling men and women to play on the same team. Debbie credits the sport and perhaps its social component with helping her maintain her health over the years. She believes polo helps keep her mind alert and fit. She has also enjoyed watching

the polo community grow over the years, “playing with beginners helps bring people into the sport and grow our community of players.” Meanwhile, Amir credits polo for helping him live his dream. The Natania farm helps him achieve his goal of promoting polo while also rehabilitating horses and giving many racehorses a second career as polo ponies. John has enjoyed watching the community’s children grow up over the years as he runs into familiar faces each summer. When out and about in Warrenton, he often overhears conversations about Twilight Polo, which has become an important social event in the community. The sport of polo brings people together in our region. Whether your aspire to become a professional player, sponsor a professional player, watch the sport live with friends, or help raise funds for a worthy cause by attending a match, polo offers something for everyone. This summer, pack a cooler for Twilight Polo, explore the sport with a lesson, or attend a fundraiser to help raise funds and learn something about this popular sport.

Aimée O’Grady is a Warrenton freelance writer who enjoys our regional equine activities with her family. 69

We wish to congratulate our 2015 Fauquier County Graduates and Happy Fathers Day to All the Dads! Stop by our station at First Friday, June 5th on Main Street in Warrenton from 6-8pm.

Please stop by Fire House Subs on June 17th anytime between 10:30 am - 8 pm for Spirit Day. F4F will be given 20% of the sales when you let them know you are supporting us. This is a great way for us to raise money to help continue to do great things in our community. Those interested in making a card and an ornament for all of our local fire personnel should stop by between 6-8pm. Follow our event for updates at: https://www.facebook.com/ events/1437304886564469/

There are still a few more days to get involved and join our Fauquier County Relay for Life Team. June 6th at 6 pm Kettle Run High School. To join TEAM Families4Fauquier please visit our team at: relay. acsevents.org

On June 23rd at 5 pm we will be touring the Town of Warrenton Police Department. This will include a short safety talk, tour of the facility and a police car. Children of all ages are welcome to register for our tour. RSVP are requested at Families4fauquier@gmail.com. Event details: https:// www.facebook.com/events/833074270061043/ We are actively recycling in our community. When you recycle with us you are also helping us to raise money to support our community events and projects. You can contribute by donating your old electronic to us - from recycling such as smart phones, cell phones, inkjet cartridges and ipods. Recycling can be dropped off at our official drop off location Edward Jones, The Office of Matthew Fusaro, 147 Alexandria Pike, Ste 100, Warrenton.

Community Event hosted by the Warrenton Parks & Recreation & sponsored by Middleburg Bank and Puroclean. Free Family Movies in The Park: June 12th Frozen June 26th Sponge Bob 8:45pm at Eva Walker Park

We are lucky to have a unique opportunity to fund raise by selling discounted tickets to the upcoming Ice Cream Race - a 5K obstacle race designed for all ages and abilities. The race is on Saturday, June 27, 2015 - Bull Run Regional Park Special Events Center. We are offering the cheapest ticket price of $30. Tickets must be purchased from us to qualify for the discount. Order your tickets today and save big, have a blast and help us raise money for our projects right here in our community! We will earn $5 for every ticket will sell. It’s a sweet deal for everyone! To learn more about this race please visit: www.theicecreamrace.com Look ahead: Warrenton Town Limits A Hometown Celebration July 3rd 4pm-dusk Located at the WARF and surrounding sports fields. Free Family Fun with vendors, music, games, swimming, fireworks and more! Vendors and nonprofits supporting the Town Of Warrenton are encouraged to register to participate. www.WarrentonTownLimits.com

Join our mailing list or become a Charter Member and get involved today! Families 4 Fauquier is your link to family resources in Fauquier County and beyond. F4F is committed to strengthening and enriching the lives of children and families that live right here in our own community. For additional information about joining our membership program, receiving our monthly community newsletter or any of the events listed above please visit our website at www.families4fauquier.com or email us at info@families4fauquier.com.

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