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Annual Father’s Day Car Show June 18th

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June 2006

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My Favorite Month June is my favorite month and this year’s brings another event filled calendar. The Upperville Colt & Horse Show, the oldest horse show in America, takes place June 5th – 11th and features many local horse show competitors as well as those from around the US and abroad. The grounds are spectacular and the weather is usually perfect. I recommend a blanket and a picnic to enjoy the day. This June marks twelve years that Holly and I have been a couple and I plan on celebrating our first date with her at one of our favorite restaurants. Father’s Day is an obvious favorite of mine being the dad of four terrific kids. There’s nothing better than to hang out with my family and take a visit downtown to see the Car Show on Main Street followed by some ice cream. The Bluemont Concert Series begins June 17th. If you have never attended one of these outdoor events, this is the season to start. On warm Saturday summer evenings, families, neighbors and friends gather for world-class jazz, bluegrass,

Celtic music, rock, zydeco, folk music and African dance. Many people bring picnics to enjoy during the show. Tickets are sold on site on Culpeper Street the night of the events. For more information log onto www.bluemont.org. June 21st is summer solstice and I’ll turn another year older and it’s usually celebrated on vacation somewhere. Unfortunately, this year I’m stuck home because of summer school but will find some time for several days of fun in the sun in the weeks to follow. We’ve launched our website for the magazine. Please visit us at www.warrentonlifestyle.com . Also, please come by our office if you would like to get one of the free I Warrenton Lifestyle decals. This month’s issue is one we’re very proud of. Amy Petty’s continuing series on a healthier Warrenton focuses on yoga, healthy for your mind, body and soul. Next, Lily Rose reflects on her years growing up in Warrenton as she joins the graduating class of 2006 and embarks on her journey to college. Michael Tedeschi

has a feature story on Warrenton as a Community for Peace. The biggest news is our first Best of Warrenton survey. We’re so proud of our local businesses that we thought it only fitting that we find a way for the community to honor a large majority of them. Warrenton is chock full of great places, people, services and shops. Pull out the enclosed ballot, fill it out, fold and tape it closed and throw it in a mailbox. We are paying the postage! And, yes, I’ve been told I look like Taylor Hicks. Thank you for the congratulatory calls but I can’t sing a lick. —TT

Annual Father’s Day Car Show June 18, show opens at 10 a.m.

Owners of antique, classic and special interest cars and motorcycles display their cherished vehicles on Father’s Day for the community to enjoy. Participant information: Registration forms are available from the Partnership for Warrenton Foundation at (540) 3498606 or download from their website: www.historicwarrenton.org Extend your visit with a tour of the historic Old Jail Museum, explore our wonderful shops and fine restaurants. Contact us at 540-349-8606 for a copy of the Old Town Shopping and Dining Directory. June 2006

Living A Healthier Lifestyle Yoga for health, healing and harmony by Amy Petty Oprah. Madonna. Sting. Gwyneth. What do they all have in common? Sure, they don’t really need to use their last names, and they’re probably not losing any sleep over their retirement plans. But in this case, we’re talking about yoga. And while they’re the ones we see in the magazines carrying their yoga mats to and from class, there are many people right here in Warrenton

who have found that yoga is the key not only to their physical well being, but their mental well being as well. So what is yoga, exactly? According to Yoga Journal magazine’s website, “The word yoga, from the Sanskrit word yuj, means to yoke or bind and is often interpreted as ‘union’ or a method of discipline.” Estimated to have begun more than 2,000 years ago, a 2005 survey by the same publication counts 16.5 million Americans who practice yoga, an increase of 43 percent since 2002. Sandesh Studio, founded by Catherine Goodrum and Gray Carr Pieja, opened its doors in the fall of 2005 in an effort to bring a wide variety of yoga classes to the Warrenton community. Though they both discovered yoga at about the same time, the Sandesh Studio Directors found they reacted differently after

their first yoga class. Says Catherine, “I knew in my first class that I wanted to teach yoga. After years of running, aerobics and cycling, I really felt that I found a part of my life that had been missing.” Gray Carr found her appreciation for yoga fully developed during her second pregnancy. After health problems plagued her first pregnancy, her doctor suggested doing more yoga. The suggestion worked. Today both women have impressive resumes after extensive training, certifications, and study with a several highly qualified instructors. See Healthy on Page 8

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Celebrating 10 Years in Practice

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540.341.1922 Day & Evening Hours to Fit Your Schedule 40 North Hill Drive, Warrenton

www.blaserphysicaltherapy.com June 2006

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(A complete listing is available on their website listed at the end of the article.) Catherine and Gray Carr say that yoga tends to spill over into other areas of life. A self-professed type A personality, Catherine says she has found she is calmer and more balanced since she began practicing and teaching yoga. “It tones people from the inside out,” says Catherine. Adds Gray Carr, “Another side benefit of yoga is people really begin to honor their time and their bodies.” Petra Mercier works at the Natural Marketplace and strives to live a healthy life. She finds that yoga is an important component. “I’m a busy person with a busy schedule, but I definitely make time for my yoga practice. It keeps balance in my life. It’s the only time I have for myself where I’m not distracted. I’m stretched, I feel good, almost as if I’ve had a massage. What I like about Sandesh is that it is like a yoga boutique instead of a big gym. It’s personal, more involved, and I prefer that type of atmosphere.” At Sandesh, the goal is to work with students to refocus energy, channel breathing, all while sculpting the body. Students are amazed at their improved posture, as well as their increased strength and muscle tone. Another

great advantage to yoga is that it is invigorating at every skill level. After a spinal injury several years ago, 41-year-old Scott Carlson was told by his surgeon that in order to avoid surgery, he needed to strengthen his back. He started yoga classes two years ago and loved it right from the start. Not a fan of working out in gyms, Scott found that yoga not only strengthened his back, but turned out to be a great way to lose

weight, get fit, and get limber. To debunk a common myth, Scott says, “Most people around here, for whatever reason, think yoga is for women. I think a lot of guys are missing out on a great form of exercise. There’s nothing better that you can do for your body.” Another Sandesh student, Barbara Cross, 63, has suffered with tendonitis

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for years. With sore hips and kinks in her back, massage therapy alone wasn’t helping. But yoga has changed all that. Says Barbara, “After two classes at Sandesh my back was better. One of the classes I take is the Yin class which focuses on stretching, and my flexibility has increased tremendously. I’m amazed at my improvement.” She now takes three classes weekly, and her massage therapist daughter is more than pleased with her progress. Gray Carr says what separates Sandesh from other yoga studios is the variety of classes and versatility in membership. “We wanted to have types of yoga for everybody, and to offer fitness yoga. We offer all levels, which is exactly as it sounds, accommodating to beginners or more advanced students. It’s so beautiful for newer students to be in a class with more advanced students because they can see what they can achieve over time.” Currently sharing space with the Ballet Academy off of Walker Drive, Sandesh offers two studios for classes and dropins are welcome. Fauquier Hospital has offered yoga classes for several years, but recently really stepped up their offerings to better meet the needs of the community. Lorraine Riche, Director of the hospital’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department, says that it’s a conscious effort to help people improve their health. “The hospital really wanted to take the lead in ensuring that members of the community have ways to achieve and maintain health. Expanding our yoga program is just one way we’re accomplishing that. Yvonne Herbst, formerly the director of the New Life Yoga Center in Warrenton, is doing a wonderful job of creating programs to reach people at all levels of fitness.” Yvonne is a Yoga Alliance Registered Warrenton Lifestyle

Yoga Teacher who became interested in yoga because of the way it consistently helped her feel better in body, mind and spirit. According to her website, she found that her yoga practice helped her reduce aches and pains associated with “mother’s back” when her children were younger. Yvonne began teaching in Warrenton in 1999 after completing her teacher training at Health Advantage Yoga Center in Herndon, Virginia. Yoga classes can also be found in Warrenton’s health clubs. Chestnut Forks offers two classes weekly (one taught by Sandesh’s Gray Carr Pieja). Gold’s Gym also offers two classes weekly, while Old Town Athletic Club

holds “Cyntergy” classes which are a mix of yoga and pilates. No matter where you decide to take yoga classes, yoga devotees agree that long term health, both mental and physical, are your rewards. Take a chance on something different. Madonna might have made a bad decision or two, but can Oprah be wrong?

Sandesh Studio is located at 410 Rosedale Court in Warrenton. For more information, visit www.sandeshstudio.com or call Studio Directors Gray Carr Pieja and Catherine Goodrum at 540/878-2020.

Fauquier Hospital offers information on its yoga classes at www.fauquierhospital. org or by calling 540/349-0588. For more information on Old Town Athletic Club, visit www.otacfitness.com or call 540/349-2791. To contact Chestnut Forks, go to www. chestnutforks.com or call 540/347-0823. Call Gold’s Gym for class information at 540/428-2009 or visit www.goldsgym.com and enter Warrenton for the location. Have a suggestion for a future column on making a healthier Warrenton? Email your ideas to amytpetty@adelphia.net. Amy Petty has lived in the Warrenton area for the past seven years. She is the Marketing Director for the Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites.

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June 2006

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The Best of Warrenton BALLOT Vote for Your Favorites… Win Fabulous Prizes!!!

Nova Medical Group “Most everyone, including healthcare providers, looks forward to summer because it traditionally means less illness. BUT, summer is not without its health hazards. Trauma, or injuries, are almost twice as likely to occur on those leisurely summer days as in any other season of the year. What can you do to prevent injuries? Wear your seat belt when in any vehicle. • Wear a helmet when biking • Never swim in water not approved for swimming • Never dive head-first into unfamiliar or shallow waters • Wear a flotation device on any watercraft or boat • Carry a simple first aid kit when you are camping or traveling on vacation that contains bandages, antiseptic and items to clean cuts and scrapes • Make sure you have had a tetanus vaccination within the last 10 years • Properly remove ticks as soon as you see them on your skin • Develop a mind-set of safety and use proper protective equipment for all sports -- Most importantly, have a safe relaxing and wonderful summer.”

Lawrence Whitehurst, MD

Board Certified Family Practitioner with 30 years service.

Now Accepting New Patients!

Nova Medical Group combines conventional and complementary medicine to minimize the need for multiple doctors. Affiliated, Nova Urgent Care provides urgent medical care services on a walk in basis for non-life threatening conditions, acute illness, and minor injuries with minimal wait times.

528 Waterloo Road - Warrenton, Virginia 20186 Medical Group 540.347.7611 Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Urgent Care 540.347.0400 Saturday 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

www.novamedgroup.com 10

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Robert B. Iadeluca, Ph.D.

Another Great Reason to Shop Warrenton First: Reason #9.

This is a sampling of the quilt being raffled to raise money for Relay for Life. If you are interested in purchasing a raffle ticket for a chance to win this beautiful quilt please contact: Mary Burnett - 540-347-8693 Joan & Tom Jackson - 540-347-0361

June 2006

Saves You Money: Besides the contribution to your local tax base, shopping locally means you’re not putting all of those extra miles on your vehicle. With the cost of car ownership running at least $.30 per mile, one saved trip to Fairfax can lighten your financial burden by $15.00 or more 11

Looking Back… Looking Forward Leaving Warrenton for the Big City each stage—the application process, by Lily Rose One would imagine that a small-town “Congratulations! I am very pleased to the wait, the decision process, and the girl’s biggest qualms would derive from inform you that you have been accepted much-celebrated graduation—the ulti- the overwhelming prospects cast by the mate task is adjustment. The difficul- towering skyscrapers of the city. But, for admission…” Autumn weeks were spent contem- ties, I have thus realized, do not lie in actually, my uncertainties pertain to the plating and scrutinizing the endless the New York City location, but in the domestic comforts that I must soon part opportunities and practical possibilities; small rural vicinity of Warrenton. with, rather than with the unfamiliar with the cold drafts of winter urban landscapes that I will blowing in, out went the college shortly face. applications; and a new year What are the chances, even introduced new meaning to the if I did get to know the entire word ‘anticipation’. Greenwich Village commuApril 1, 2006: a letter nity, that I would happen upon addressed to me. My name and a familiar face while walking the date are the only visible down Broadway? Even after contents of the paper, folded attending Fauquier High over to stimulate an adrenaline School for all these years, rush and fit neatly into its enveI still cannot identify more lope. than half of the 400 members “…We very much look forward of my senior class, much less to welcoming you at NYU!” a quarter of the students who Every college-bound child occupy the hallways. Neveris told by his or her parents, theless, of those with whom Commencing their friendship when they met in sixth teachers, or whomever, to grade, ‘06 graduates Christine D’Auria (left) and Lily Rose I am acquainted, I already expect change when making the know that their absence will (right) will continue their cherished camaraderie although transition from home life into be noticed while I begin a new they will be attending separate schools in the fall, college life. For me, it seems educational routine. Washington and Jefferson in Pennsylvania, and that nothing is more black and New York University respectively. During the majority of the white in comparison of the two next four years of my life I will I, the blossom counting the days, and grow unaccustomed to driving a car. I lifestyles. There are no falsities in stating that Manhattan will be very different more than ready to burst into full bloom, am genuinely looking forward to this from Warrenton. After progressing from am becoming slightly apprehensive. adjustment. Since I am an environ-


Warrenton Lifestyle

mentalist, it has always been a personal goal to become less dependent on cars, and I truly believe that the daily exercise of walking to and from classes and around the city will defer the inevitable “freshman fifteen.” At the same time, I can still remember the agony every license-determined teenager endures. The day I was eligible, I tested for my permit at the DMV and drove 15 on a 35 mph speed limit back road. Then, the exhausting mornings of parallel parking in judgment for Behind the Wheel, observations in the back seat, and the driving test itself—which of course I failed the first time. On a recent visit to NYC, I encountered a local girl my age and she asked if I had a driver’s license. I said yes and asked her if she had ever

driven a car. She said no. This summer I plan to make the most of driving before I abandon it for the better part of four years. Since I have begun driving, I have gotten to know well the routes of Warrenton. As the mileage increases, I summon vivid recollections of rushing to church with the family, taking a scenic route to pick up my brothers from sports practices, and driving around with friends in search of the ideal restaurant to suit our cravings. The roads that I frequent possess minute yet detailed memories, the kind I will have to remake as I familiarize myself with the city streets of New York. Of all that I am departing from, the most impossible adjustment, will

be living without my family. I dread the idea of missing family dinner, my brothers’ sports games, and the growth of my siblings. In my house alone are countless memorable experiences that began with my first cognition. I envision that my most expensive bills will appear in the form of train tickets home. Yet I will adjust. The list of things to do for the summer goes as follows for those who are proceeding to college: Confirm housing, finish payments, register for classes, move into dormitory, and expect and prepare for inexorable change. The prospects are infinite. Lily Rose will be graduating from Fauquier High School this month and will attend New York University in the Fall.

christine fox

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June 2006

47 South Third Warrenton, Virginia 540-347-3868 www.christinefox.com MON -SAT 10-5 or by Appt.


A Community of Peace World Peace Begins in Warrenton they would want to see in peace in them- and Girls Clubs. To this day, the quilt by Michael P. Tedeschi On September 10, 2002, a mayoral selves and around the community. We has reached almost a ½ mile long! The proclamation by Mayor Fitch and a don’t tell them what to think. We ask quilt’s purpose is to show the children’s presentation was made to the Town of the question, ‘How can we create peace “feelings of peace” inside themselves, and some quilts have specific meanings Warrenton declaring it the first Commu- in ourselves and our communities?” Later this year, the Children’s Cloth to them. On July 4, 2004, students from nity of Peace in the country. Today there are eight Communities of Peace in the of Many Colors will be presented in Warrenton traveled to Chautauqua United States stretching from Virginia front of the Capitol building in Wash- Institution and participated in the Cloth of Many Colors event. A lot to New York. of this has been made possible by The Community of Peace’s “Peace is a daily, a weekly, a monthly process, the Community of Peace. purpose is to interact with the The Communities of Peace in people of a community to discuss gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old Warrenton have helped start the the inner peace in themselves and establishment of the Emissaries how they may help create peaceful barriers, quietly building new structures.” Peace program. Children from environments in the commu— John F. Kennedy of Highland School created quilts to nity. The group comes together send to children in Afghanistan in informal gatherings to discuss in 2003. The sessions lasted once these matters in a peaceful enviington, D.C., along with a unity walk. a week for 12 weeks. The message that ronment. Gerry Eitner, the founder and a major The Children’s Cloth of Many Colors the students portrayed to Afghanistan influence in the Communities of Peace is a quilt made by students from public See Peace on Page 16 program, thought of the idea to create schools, private schools, home schools, this at a congressional meeting at the church groups, and Boys Capitol. “It was an emerging thing. They asked if they thought something like this would work. Most thought it wouldn’t. We wanted to focus on the positives of it, though. We wanted to make it work.” She also wanted to advocate that the organization is not an anti-war group. Cloth of Many Colors “We would just like to ask people what

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Peace, cont’d from pg. 14

was “Freedom.” In turn, the Afghanistan students sent back a quilt of their own with the message of “Peace” embedded into it. The schools continued to exchange letters and gifts with one another. The newest project that the Communities of Peace is discussing is placing a Peace Pole in Warrenton. The Peace Pole is created to serve as an area for people to see and find or express the inner peace in them. The Communities of Peace want to use the Peace Pole as a model to other communities. They want the idea of it to spread so that other communities adopt it. Currently, there are Peace Poles in Manassas, the Pentagon, and at St. George’s Cathedral in Jerusalem. “The Peace Pole is something I am very proud of,” Gerry Eitner said. “It all started for me at the dedication of one at the Pentagon in 2000. I would very much like to put one in Warrenton somewhere.” Along with the Peace Pole, ideas about possibly having a Peace Garden were brought up. The Communities of Peace program, part of the National Heritage Foundation, is now opening a retreat center in Warrenton. In addition, a Warrenton Communities of Peace

non-profit organization has been established and accepted for charitable status. Recently, the Communities of Peace foundation received a generous gift of $27,000. The Communities of Peace program is viewable on the Internet. On the website, they show current events that are going on, resources, programs, and other projects. Also, they give a detailed history of the Communities of Peace, the communities themselves, and other information. Visit them on the web at http://www.communitiesofpeace.org. If you are interested in attending any of the meetings or have any questions about the Communities of Peace program, please contact Debbie or Chris Eberly at 540-349-9135, or Gerry Eitner at 540-341-2859. The next meeting is Thursday, June 22 from 7 - 9 p.m at St. James Episcopal Church. If you wish to make a charitable contribution to the Communities of Peace, their address is: Warrenton Community of Peace Foundation P.O. Box 3154 Warrenton, VA 20188 Michael Tedeschi will return to Virginia Tech in the Fall to continue working on his marketing major.

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ton Warresntyle Life


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In e r e h W renton? War

Where in Warrenton was this photo taken? We will occasionally publish a portion of a photo of some person, place or thing uniquely Warrenton. Those that correctly identify the photo will be put into a drawing with the winner receiving a check for $25.00. Send your best guess by the 15th of this month to our fax number at (540) 347-0917 or email to WarrentonLifestyle@ piedmontpress.com or send via postal mail to: Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine, c/o Piedmont Press & Graphics, 404 Belle Air Lane, Warrenton, VA 20186.

Last month’s winner

Susan Kip for correctly identifying the wrought iron fence at the Warrenton Presbyterian Church on Main St.

June 2006


Make Every Day Independence Day! Remembering our cherished freedoms and independence should be done every day, but it is but once a year that we really celebrate them! The Partnership For Warrenton Foundation is proud to bring to you the sixteenth annual Warrenton 4th of July Parade. Highlights of the parade include numerous musical performances, antique fire trucks, dancers, theater troupes, color guards, Uncle Sam and more! Our Master of Ceremonies is none other than Mr. Tim O’Kane as “1776” John Adams! Don’t miss Warrenton’s very own Elizabeth Lawrence singing our National Anthem at the court house steps! The highlight of the parade is the “Kids Parade.” Children meet at the corner of 5th and Main to decorate their bikes, trikes, wagons or ‘anything that rolls’ and proceed down our Main Street to the spectators delight. Free Ice Cream donated by the Warrenton Mom’s Club will be provided for the children. Pets are welcome! July 4th, 2006 • 10:00 am Historic Old Town Warrenton • Main Street

For information please contact Laurie Enright, Chairman, Warrenton 4th of July Parade at 540-349-5300. www.historicwarrenton.org


http://www.fauquierhistory.com For many of us Fauquier residents, our knowledge of the history of Fauquier County only dates back to when we were young and what happened thereafter. We may recognize a name here or an event there that is stored in the back of our brains, but many of the most important events go unappreciated. The Fauquier Historical Society, a group of over 300 members, provides guides and programs to inform the County and its visitors about Fauquier County and the history that encompasses it on its website.

The society features a walking tour throughout the historic district of Warrenton that starts in the society’s home – The Old Jail Museum. Information about the Mosby House, the Old Courthouse, and the Warren Green Hotel is also accessible. Check them out online to see old newsletters and for more information and events.

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