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July 2006

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Ahhh! The Fourth of July Ahhhh! The Fourth of July. The lazy days of summer are here with nothing better to do than relax, barbeque with the family, hang out with friends and take a vacation. Don’t worry, the grass can wait one more week. Two great birthdays happen on the Fourth of July. The first is our Country’s with the signing of the Declaration of Independence. On Abraham Lincoln’s inaugural journey to Washington, he stopped in Philadelphia at the site where the Declaration of Independence had been signed. In his speech at Independence Hall, Lincoln discusses how the Declaration of Independence incorporates his egalitarian ideals. “…I have never had a feeling politically that did not spring from the sentiments embodied in the Declaration of Independence. I have often pondered over the dangers which were incurred by the men who assembled here, and framed and adopted that Declaration of Independence…which gave liberty, not alone to the people of this country, but, I hope, to the world, for all future time….” So strong were Lincoln’s feelings for the Declaration of Independence that he once called it the father of all moral principle in men. The Constitution of the United States may be our law, but the Declaration of Independence is truly our heart and soul. The second great birthday is my father’s. John Tedeschi was born in New York on the 4th of July in 1933. The son of Sicilian immigrants, he ended up living the American dream. John’s father, my grandfather, died when he was 12 years old. His mother was in a sanatorium with tuberculosis so that left my dad to be raised alone in Brooklyn by his grandmother, Louise Capone, another Sicilian immigrant, who spoke no English. The two of them struggled to survive with my father leaving school to work full-time, never even graduating from junior high. He joined the Navy at 17 as a printing trainee. But, by the time his tour had ended, he had never even seen one of the Navy’s printing presses. Undaunted, my father’s career took him through several jobs including stints as a janitor in a carbon paper factory, as a letterpress apprentice and finally into a union job as a hot type composer and letterpress operator. After my parents married, my father was having a tough time finding employment in offset printing, which was taking over letterpress printing and making those jobs scarce. With a family of four to feed, he left New York for California with $100 in his pocket, money borrowed from family and friends. California was booming and my dad worked a night job July 2006

while teaching himself offset printing in the garage of the apartment building we lived in during the day. In 1964, he began Tedco Printing Company and built it into a multi-million dollar printing operation founded on the basic principles of hard-work, honesty and reliability. His shop was always neat and clean and literally built by the sweat of his brow. John Tedeschi loved living the American dream and what he relished most about it was that through his persistence and determination he was able to provide for his family what his ancestors were never able to provide for theirs. It was the promise that this country has always held for those that come here.

Thank God for July and its memorable holiday. I’m going to catch up on some reading and take an extra nap this weekend while visiting the in-laws. During the month I plan on enjoying a few baseball games, taking a vacation, bringing the little ones to the County Fair and get that workout going. Everything else can wait until August. — Tony Tedeschi

Living A Healthier Lifestyle Kick, Punch, Dance and Sweat by Amy Petty

Cindy Siler will celebrate her 25th year as a Jazzercise franchise owner For you good people who exercise this October. But don’t let the silver regularly (and for the rest of us who anniversary fool you. Neither Cindy nor promise we’re going to start very soon) Jazzercise are showing their age. Started it’s common knowledge that the same in 1969 by Judy Shepherd Missett, old routine can become, well, routine. a former dance instructor, Jazzercise So it’s not a combines bad idea to “I absolutely love it. I work in the school components check out of jazz dance, the options system, so I make sure to get in three classes r e s i s t a n c e available a week during the school year. But this t r a i n i n g , around town Pilates, to shake the summer I’m bumping it up to four or five.” yoga and cobwebs off kickboxing. — Sandy Sigmon your usual Though the time spent name may on the treadmill or elliptical machine. sound retro, there’s nothing old about Take some time to learn more about Jazzercise. In fact, Cindy says that every Jazzercise and kickboxing this month. 10 weeks, the folks at Jazzercise send They might be just the thing to get updated exercises - enough for two full your fitness program in gear. classes. Using music from the current

Jazzercise Instructor Cindy Siler pop and jazz charts, participants are encouraged to go at their own pace, increasing their activity level as their stamina increases. Sandy Sigmon has been a devoted Jazzerciser for the past six years. She finds the music and exercise fun, and has really enjoyed the group dynamic. “I absolutely love it. I work in the school system, so I make sure to get in three classes a week during the school year. But this summer I’m bumping it up to four or five.” On Monday morning, 15 women pile in the Jazzercise building for the 9:30 class. A comforting familiarity seems to be shared between them, pleasantries and laughs are easily exchanged. But that all changes when Cindy gets on the stage to start the workout. Starting off with some cool warmup music from Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen, then easing into salsa and hip hop, the class comes to life. With the tag line, “It’s all about fun. (And fitting into your jeans.),” Jazzercise definitely practices what it preaches. See Healthy on Page 8

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Nova Medical Group “Those hot summer day are here once again and the area pools are open. Water safety is very important for adults and children of all ages and swimming ability. Remember, children should always swim with an adult supervising, have water safety equipment available, apply sunscreen multiple times throughout the day and if you are visiting a beach, be aware of the tide warnings. Enjoy the summer, however if you need us we will help get you back to enjoying it quickly”

Barbara Kimmer-Lynch, FNP Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with 10 years service.

Now Accepting New Patients! Nova Urgent Care provides urgent medical care services on a walk in basis for non-life threatening conditions, acute illness, and minor injuries with minimal wait times.

528 Waterloo Road - Warrenton, Virginia 20186 Medical Group 540.347.7611 Mon. to Thu. 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Urgent Care 540.347.0400

Fri. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m

Sat. 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.



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Healthy cont’d from Page 6

Located off of Broadview Avenue near Garrett Street, Jazzercise offers several class times to meet their clients’ busy schedules. At a cost of $32 per month, participants can attend as many classes as they like. They even offer child care during classes for $1 per child.

Grand Master Kun Hwa Lee’s Korean accent might make him a little hard to understand, but there’s no misunderstanding his dedication to Grand Master his craft, marKun Hwa Lee tial arts and kickboxing. With credentials that seemingly go on forever, he is a firm believer in physical fitness and the positive effects that accompany a healthy lifestyle. And he doesn’t sugar coat his thoughts on it either. “Beginners come in and get so excited, they want to be fit very quickly. They get so excited, push too much, and do too much too soon. But they have to have commitment and discipline. Through patience, they will build up their energy,” says Master Lee.

After teaching in Korea, Greece and Italy, Grand Master Lee now owns and operates the aptly named World Martial Arts Center, located on Broadview Avenue. Though martial arts classes are the bulk of their offerings, their kickboxing classes have a devoted following due to its intense workout. Mary Pat Warter, principal at Claud Thompson Elementary School in Marshall, is one of the kickboxing instructors at the center. Trained by Master Lee himself, Mary Pat began kickboxing classes several years ago with

going. She says, “I had been active my entire life, so for me it was about getting back to being in shape. My endurance is better, way better, and my arms are much stronger. Kickboxing has helped increase my flexibility and muscle tone, too. But it’s more than just conditioning, I really felt empowered. It’s “I had been active my entire life, so for me it was about exercise that getting back to being in shape. My endurance is better, way also teaches selfbetter, and my arms are much stronger. Kickboxing has defense and gives helped increase my flexibility and muscle tone, too. But you confidence.” The class it’s more than just conditioning, I really felt empowered. focuses on lots It’s exercise that also teaches self-defense and gives you of stretching at the beginning confidence.” and end of class — Mary Pat Warter to help prevent injury. Mary her daughter. Though her daughter Pat says that beginners should set only lasted three weeks, Mary Pat kept personal goals, “Everyone has to start somewhere. If you can only jump rope 30 seconds the first week, make your goal for next week 45 seconds. Work Your Ad Here up to it. I used to think I would never able to perform at an instructor level. would reach be I thought my punches would never be 30,000 Warrenton that fast. But, if you stick it out, you can accomplish what you need to. Like consumers at their anything, if you want to get better, you homes & businesses. have to show up and practice.” Chris Moorhead started taking kickboxing classes back in 2000. After a high school career in football, his activity level dropped off dramatically. Call Mitchell Over the next few years, Chris noticed how out of shape he had gotten. Says today to get in the Chris, “I needed to do something to August issue at keep fit for the rest of my life. Bowling 540.347.4466 and golf weren’t the answers for me.” Warrenton Lifestyle

He started kickboxing and martial arts, which increased cardiovascular fitness dramatically. Now, this freelance photographer is also an instructor at the Center. Classes at the World Martial Arts

Center currently are on special for $285 for four months of lessons, which includes the gloves, jump rope, hand wraps, etc. necessary for the class. Other facilities in Warrenton also offer kickboxing classes. Chestnut Forks Athletic Club has kickboxing classes available to their members. The price is $195 for three months and includes coordinating equipment. Karate Sports Academy cardio boxing two classes on Tues. and Thurs. nights $10 per one class, per month $38, $90 for three months. Old Town Athletic Club offers the 45 - 60 minute class Cardio Box. According to their website, it is “an

These awesome auto decals are available FREE at our office. They are a great way to show your support of the Warrenton lifestyle. Stop by today to pick up yours. 404 Belle Air Lane, Warrenton, VA The Call 540.347.4466 or see our website: www.warrentonlifestyle.com for directions.

I rentolne

r Waifesty L

July 2006

m co le. sty life n o nt arre www.w

athletic based cardiovascular workout with high repetitions on the bag.” The OTAC classes are included in monthly membership fees. Gold’s Gym offers one class weekly. For more information on Jazzercise, visit www.jazzercise.com or call 800FIT-IS-IT. The Jazzercise Studio is located at 367 West Shirley Avenue, Suite B, in Warrenton. Their local number is 349-4055. To sign up for cardio kickboxing classes, use the following contact information: Chestnut Forks Athletic Club: 540/347-7693 Old Town Athletic Club: 540/349-2791 World Martial Arts Center: 540/347-7266 Karate Academy: 347-4973 Have a suggestion for a future column on making a healthier Warrenton? Email your ideas to amytpetty@adelphia.net. Amy Petty has lived in the Warrenton area for the past seven years. She is the Marketing Director for the Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites.

Fauquier’s Fabulous Fair Largest ever opens Thursday, July 13th With the warm and sunny weather now upon us, Fauquier County residents are starting to look at their calendars to see when they can expect the county fair. Beginning July 13, the 56th annual Fauquier County Fair will commence with new attractions, singing and, of course, the same standards that have made the fair special every year. The fair is a memorable event in Fauquier County and the surrounding area as approximately 18,000 people attended over the 4 day period last year. The fair is run by a group of dedicated volunteers working for a non-profit organization here in the county. Six years ago, the fair moved from its old location behind the Fauquier Livestock Exchange to the new location on Old Auburn Road. Before the re-location, there were much less events at the fair. But since the move, the fair has become a booming affair for

Rides the people of Warrenton and Fauquier County. Because the town of Warrenton is growing quite steadily, the fair has been expanding just as quickly. When the fair first moved to the new location, only about 400 people were in attendance during the weekend. This year they are expecting about 15,000 to 20,000 people from all over to join the celebration. And what can those in attendance expect this year from the fair? They can

56th Annual FAUQUIER

One of the Best County Fairs In Virginia!


July 13-16 Located on Old Auburn Rd, Warrenton, VA

Admission Fee: Thursday and Sunday$5 per person Friday & Saturday$5 under 16, $10 for adults (16 & older) Rides Extra

look forward to a lot. This year’s fair is going to be the biggest that the county has ever held. People can assume to enjoy everything that a traditional county fair has to offer, plus a whole lot more. They will be able to see everything from livestock to nationally known music artists, participate in fun and games for children such as laser tag and an obstacle course, and the ever popular Lawn Mower race on Friday night will return. The Fauquier County Fair opens its gates to the public on Thursday, July 13 and runs through the weekend. Warrentonians can expect to see the traditional fair rides along with great food and vendors selling their goods. Special events are scheduled every day throughout the entire weekend. All of the new events that will be taking place this year will be pleasing to the eye. Visitors will be witness to the first ever duck races. Races will be held every day and locals will be able to participate by holding the ducks before the start of the race. Children, young and old, will be excited to know that a mobile laser tag arena will be on site. The arena itself is a little more than 1,700 square feet where children will have to defend their home base as well as attack their opponents. AgriCadabra will be doing magic shows that will educate children on the importance of agriculture. Eudora Farms will showcase exotic animals from all over the world. Animals will include zebras and camels. One of the biggest events to take place will be the battle of the bands. There are actually two battle of the bands See Fair on Page 13

Music 10

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Fair cont’d from Page 10

Dinner contests going on Thursday night - one for bluegrass and another for country music. The winner of each contest will be opening for the big musical events of the weekend. The country winner will open up Friday night for country music star Rhett Akins, and the bluegrass winner will open for bluegrass legend Sammy Kershaw that Saturday night. There will be daily contests in every possible area of the fair. Everything from livestock and farm produce displays to traditionally prepared country food and homemade crafts will be judged. Personal artwork including photography will be on display and judged as well. Also, for those food lovers out there, a pie eating contest and Hershey’s Bake

July 2006

Off contest will be featured this year. Starting at 5 p.m. on Saturday night, the annual Blue Ribbon Dinner will take place. This is a dinner that is served to those who purchase a ticket for the event. The meal is locally produced with all of the meat and vegetables grown right here in Fauquier County. This years dinner will be dedicated in the loving memory of Boots Ritchie. So come out to the fair and bring the whole family. It’s sure to be one of the big events of the summer for Warrenton and the rest of Fauquier County. For more information on the fair and events throughout the weekend, please contact Brenda Rich at 540-270-1659, Tammy Roop at 540-270-9409, or Gregg

Camel Rides Butler at 540-439-2868. During the fair week, the fairgrounds can be reached at 540-351-6086. Send them an e-mail if necessary at info@FauquierFair.org. You can also visit the Fair website at www. fauquierfair.org. FAIR HOURS The hours vary every day for the fair though, so pay attention. On Thursday the 13th, the fair opens at noon and closes at 10 p.m. On Friday the 14th, the fair is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday’s hours are from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Finally, the fair is open on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.



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Last month’s winner

Nancy Marx for correctly identifying the Linotype machine outside the Fauquier Times-Democrat office on Culpeper Street.


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Gators Baseball Grows on Fauquier Community and Players Help One Another by Kara Beebe The sport of baseball is a significant part of our culture; it is as American as hot dogs and apple pie. Its mass appeal made Cal Ripken, Babe Ruth, and Sammy Sosa household names, drawing in fans of all ages and backgrounds throughout the 20th century and beyond. Baseball is a way of life, and this passion drives its success and enjoyment. It is a sport that means so many things to so many people, and for these baseball lovers, nothing beats the excitement of experiencing the game up close and personal. Thanks to the efforts of Cecil Campbell and Steve Athey, residents and baseball fans in Fauquier County have been given this great opportunity. Campbell and Athey wanted to give Fauquier County a chance to experience a high level of competitive baseball. They were able to accomplish this goal when they founded the Fauquier Gators. The team became

a product of Warrenton Fauquier Community Baseball, Inc. (WFCB), a foundation formed by Campbell and Athey in 2000 to improve the quality of baseball for the community and college athletes in the area. As members of the Clark Griffith Collegiate Baseball League (CGBL), the Fauquier Gators have allowed the community to observe some of the most skilled college players from across the nation in highly competitive play. Founded in 1945, The Clark Griffith League serves as one of the top college-level, wooden-bat summer leagues in the nation. The League consists of five teams who play a 40 game schedule in the months of June and July in the Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia area. Recruiting and planning for each Fauquier Gators summer season begins in early fall, all in preparation for the arrival of the players in late May. This

We’ve got it all covered at:

Matt Steele planning ensures an ideal mix of talent in order for each player to have the most rewarding learning experience possible. The Gator’s coaching staff consists of Head Coach Paul Koch, who is also the head coach at Fauquier High School, and assistant coaches Mike Ranson, a pitching coach at Wingate University, Duncan Cockerille, pitching coach at Fauquier High School, and Ted Currle, Liberty High School’s head coach. Their mix of knowledge and experience allows each player to have a great deal of individualized and specialized instruction. The result is a successful season for the team and fans to enjoy equally. The Gators and the CGBL provide a unique opportunity for both the athletes and the communities in which they play. Players in the league are given the chance to live in a new place for the summer and experience new teammates, coaches, and competition. These talented young men are recruited from all over the country and placed with host families for the duration of the summer. These host family situations allow for a great amount of interaction between the baseball players and Fauquier County. The use of wooden bats is one of the greatest advantages of playing in the league. In their regular season play in college, players use only metal bats. Adapting to wooden bats in the summer season allows batters to get the feel of wooden bats, also giving See Gators on Page 16

July 2006


Gators cont’d from Page 15

influential role in the success of WFCB pitchers the opportunity to throw and the Fauquier Gators, to which he against them. The use of wooden bats donated much of his time and money. makes the league more appealing to In his memory, the Fauquier High players with dreams of advancing their School baseball field was renamed the game, ultimately attracting professional “Steve Athey Memorial Field.” WFCB scouts to their fields. also awards Many Clark Griffith two annual veterans have gone scholarships to on to have very graduating high successful careers school baseball in both college and players in Steve’s beyond. name. The Gators have T h r o u g h thrived in promoting the continued the values of WFCB support of Athey’s in Fauquier County. family, Cecil With every year Campbell, and that passes, the the community, foundation, the WFCB and the Gators, and the Fauquier Gators community evolves. have continued to WFCB has made grow and flourish. great strides towards Fundraising is Josh Campbell the improvement of enabled through baseball in Fauquier County. A new a biannual raffle, conducted by WFCB, batting cage, mower, irrigation and private donations, and also through drainage system, turf upkeep program, The Steve Athey Memorial Golf and a halo around home plate were Tournament. The tournament, to be donations made by WFCB in order held at Evergreen Country Club on to improve the Fauquier High School baseball field, which is the home field of the Fauquier Gators. This joint project between the Fauquier High School boosters and WFCB has enabled the Fauquier Gators, as well as the Fauquier High School Falcons, to play on one of the best maintained fields in the area. Three Fauquier residents play for the Gators this year. Josh Campbell, who attends Shenandoah University, plays outfield. Matt Steele, a graduate of the 2004 Fauquier High School class and currently enrolled at Bridgewater College, plays second base. John Sinclair, a sophomore at Bridgewater College next year, pitches. In an effort to continuously improve baseball in the area, WFCB started the Fauquier Gators Baseball Summer Camp in 2004. This week long daycamp, offered for three weeks every summer, allows boys and girls in the area to come together and learn the skills of baseball from the Fauquier Gators coaches and players. In February of 2005, WFCB and Fauquier Gators cofounder Steve Athey died suddenly. His death was a great loss to the community, WFCB, and the Fauquier Gators. Athey had a very 16

July 17th, will raise money for WFCB and the Fauquier Gators. For more information about WFCB, the Fauquier Gators, the Fauquier Gators Summer Camp, and to learn how you can help, go to www.fauquiergators.org.


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Herndon Braves Fairfax Nationals Vienna Senators Vienna Senators Herndon Braves DC Grays Fairfax Nationals Herndon Braves Fairfax Nationals DC Grays Vienna Senators Vienna Senators Herndon Braves DC Grays Fairfax Nationals DC Grays Fairfax Nationals DC Grays Herndon Braves Vienna Senators

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Reader Photo http://www.townofwarrenton.com Once in awhile while we are driving along our regular Town of Warrenton roads, we pass a police car with the red and blue lights flashing and the horn blaring. Aren’t you sometimes curious to know where they are heading off too? Well, now you can know. The Town of Warrenton’s website has a Police Department Crime Report

that is updated frequently. The page logs the number of incidents and gives brief descriptions of what took place and where. It also gives brief descriptions of accidents that occurred, where they took place and the estimated damage in the accident. There is plenty of other information on the website also that is viewable as well.

Photo taken by Katelynn Lieb

Another Great Reason to Shop Warrenton First: Reason #10.

Peace of Mind: Shopping locally reduces stress and aggravation. You don’t have to “schedule” a trip to go shopping in Warrenton like you would if you were heading towards D.C. You have the option of being spontaneous. You also get the added piece of mind in knowing that you’ve contributed to your community by helping our local, tax-paying businesses, kept the environment cleaner, added more time to your life for your family and friends, and probably saved some money in the process. 18

Go to: http://www.townofwarrenton.com Click on “Government” and on the next page click “Police.” Under Contact Information, click the Daily Crime Report button.

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