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Whether you’re single or not this February 14, it’s still a great month to think about and be thankful for the loving relationships in your life. I was reminded recently of a long-time neighbor from when I was growing up and how much she means to me and my family. In so many ways she has become part of our family, as close as any blood relation. When I was about 10-years-old, Ms. Kathy moved in across the street from my family. A tiny older woman, love and joy just overflow from her. She used to own a sweet Dalmatian named Molly who was the inspiration for my several-year beg to my parents to buy me a Dalmatian (whom I planned to creatively name Pepper). Ms. Kathy is a fascinating lady with famous friends in the the political and NASCAR worlds. Before converting to DVDs, she used to own a severalhundred-strong collection of VHS movies that we would borrow from all the time. She decorates her yard for every holiday like it’s her favorite. Sometimes she would even decorate our yard and always puts a Happy Birthday sign with balloons for each of our birthdays. Ms. Kathy would make us soup when we were sick, and sometimes even when we were not. On occasion she’d call my mom from Costco and see if we needed anything. She is the undisputed matriarch of her large family and yet she always has a large hug, kiss on the cheek, and a classically southern, “How are you, Honey?” whenever she sees us. Valentine’s Day reminds me of when Ms. Kathy would bring us kids candy and chocolate baskets. Followed soon after by Easter candy baskets and then Christmas popcorn. She adopted us. And we adopted her. Ms. Kathy just became part of our family who happened to live across the street in another house. We did life together, through the good times and the hard. When Ms. Kathy had hip-replacement surgery, my mom helped her during recovery. And when my dad had a near-fatal injury, Ms. Kathy made sure that we were more than just fed, we were stuffed. So when I think of love this month, I think of all the people who have blessed me by sharing their life, care, and affection. They deserve so much more than chocolate and flowers. Happy Valentine’s Day, Ms. Kathy, I love you! Rebekah Grier Managing Editor




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Winners Allison Juarez and Mary Soliday get new looks!








How Tae Kwon Do benefits children by Grandmaster Kun Hwa Lee Movie picks from your local library by Fran Burke-Urr How to redirect your feline’s natural instinct by Charlotte Wagner

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by Michelle Kelley


And the Importance of Gut Health by Dr. Kimberly Pham



The Shenandoah River State Park by Andreas A. Keller


by Sunny Reynolds


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The importance of knowing early heart attack symptoms


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Can I have some wataw? by Corinna Hedderick






Glass lantern slides featuring the Warrenton Country School are donated to the Smithsonian by Rebekah Grier Meet elite police dog Zar by Chris Primi


The Piedmont Symphony Orchestra by Stacia Stribling, PhD


The Bartensteins made history in war and peace by John Toler


by Steve Oviatt

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Secrets of the Gardens By Rebekah Grier

Glass lantern slides featuring the Warrenton Country School are donated to the Smithsonian


ate last summer, as she was organizing the 14 large boxes of archived material for the Warrenton Garden Club (WGC), Dr. Aileen Laing, the club historian, found more than dust and cobwebs. She found a local treasure. A treasure that has recently found a new home in the vaults of the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. Dr. Laing found a collection of 19 color processed glass lantern slides. A retired art history professor, Dr. Laing had a good idea of what the slides were, but not what to do with them. Due to their small size, it was difficult to identify where and what the photo slides were illustrating. After bringing them to a club meeting, it was agreed to have the images made into prints to better see the photos. Club member Michele Mitchell took the slides to McClanahan Camera and Sound. THE DISCOVERY What emerged from these 19 beautifully-preserved slides were the vibrant gardens and grounds of the old Warrenton Country School off of Springs Road, now the Warrenton Training Center. Interestingly, four of the slides feature a young female student, probably between 12 and 17 years old, seeming to pose in candid postures in different locations around the school grounds. Most notably, one photo shows the young woman wearing the school uniform of a hooded cape pulled over her head while she sits in a hunched position, clearly emulating the school’s logo, Le Capuchon. In French, the word capuchon means cap or hood and has roots in the Mardi Gras


{ FEBRUARY 2016 |



celebrations of the Cajun areas of southwestern Louisiana which were themselves rooted in early french rural costumery. Mlle. Bouligny, a francophile New Orleans native, would have most likely been familiar with the history behind this garment. After having the slides made into prints, Dr. Laing and another member of the WGC, both of whom attended the Warrenton Country School, were able to definitively identify the school based on architecture shown in the photographs. After having the slides made into prints, club president Ellen Soyars began to conduct research into glass lantern slides. Coincidentally during that same time, Warrenton Lifestyle magazine published John Toler’s two part history series of the Warrenton Country School in the August and September 2015 issues (available online at warrentonlifestyle.com). A NEW HOME A few weeks after the slides were found, Ellen Soyars happened to sit next to Cynthia Rubin, chairman of the Garden Club of America’s national Garden History and Design Committee, while at a meeting of the GCA in Virginia Beach. Coincidentally, Soyars mentioned the slides to Rubin who happened to be the GCA member in charge of recovering glass lantern slides from garden clubs across America. Rubin urged Soyars to consider donating the small collection to the Smithsonian’s Archives of American Gardens, where an extensive collection of

The age of the slides is also somewhat unique for the Smithsonian collection. “This was a piece of the puzzle that had been missing from the scope of the lantern slide collection. They might date from the 30’s or 40’s,” Connolly said. “That’s certainly a time period we’re interested in documenting. Between the wars there are gaps in the collection. The 3,500 lantern slides in the GCA collection are a wonderful documentation of early 20th century gardens, and then we have many starting in the 60’s and 70’s, but for any number of reasons there’s not a lot of documentation for the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. We’re a little bit light in that time period, but there are pockets of documentation out there, this being one of them. So it’s a wonderful addition in that regard.” Before being stored in a cool storage vault, the slides all underwent a minimal cleaning process where they were dusted with a soft brush and placed in custom acid-free paper sleeves. In the future, the entire collection will be digitized and uploaded to the Smithsonian’s online catalog. Due to the light sensitive color process of the images, they will not be displayed.

Above: An images from the WGC glass lantern slide collection highlight the flora and fauna of the Warrenton Country School. Bottom right: A slide held up to the light shows the young female student stooping to examine the gardens beds.

3,500 garden slides are housed. After revealing this news to the Warrenton Garden Club, the club voted to donate the collection to the Smithsonian. On November 2, 2015, a member of the Warrenton Garden Club hand-delivered the 19 glass lantern slides to Museum Specialist Joyce Connolly at the Smithsonian’s Archives of American Gardens. “We’re just so happy to have them handdelivered here. It was a real thoughtful effort on the club’s part there,” Connolly said. “These are sort of joining their counterparts in the GCA collection.” Connolly confirmed that the slides have been well preserved. “I would say they’re in good condition. The glass is not fractured - that’s probably the biggest problem with lantern slides. They’re so fragile they can fracture and that interferes with the image. But these were well taken care of. Sometimes with the color photographic process, the colors might fade or dull over time. The quality of the images themselves look really good. It’s a wonderful find. A month ago we didn’t know anything about these, and all of a sudden they’re in the collection here.” When asked why the Smithsonian was interested in accepting this collection of glass lantern slides, Connolly provided several reasons. “There are 19 slides, which is a great number to have,” she explained. “Sometimes we only get one or two for a garden. It’s tantalizing, but it doesn’t tell you a whole lot about a garden. With the accumulation of images, and they’re in relatively good shape, it’s wonderful that they were kept together as they were by the club. We’re really appreciative of that. The fact that they were taken care of for so many years by the club is such a great thing.” In addition to the number of slides, the small collection joins only one other slide from our region. A black and white hand-tinted slide of the Airlie sundial.

GLASS LANTERN SLIDES Glass lantern slides have an interesting history and process. Popular from the late 19th century through the First World War, the use of glass lantern slides dropped off in the 1930’s and 40’s as overhead and slide projectors took their place. Connolly described glass lantern slides as the “historic equivalent of PowerPoint presentations today.” Both Connolly and David Haberstich, Photography Curator at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, say that lantern slides were commonly used for formal educational purposes. Also, garden clubs seemed to have had a strong affinity for using glass lantern slides. “I think there’s a long tradition of showing slides of gardens, both color and black and white, at garden club meetings,” Haberstich said. A glass lantern slide can be created using any photo negative that is the same size as the slide. The University of South Florida Libraries described the lantern slide creation process like this: “The vast majority of these commercial lantern slides were blackand-white positive images, created with the wet collodion or a dry gelatine process. Slide lantern photographers made either “contact” or “reduction” prints. Contact prints were made by placing a negative over a piece of light-sensitive lantern glass and then developing the image by exposure under controlled light. For a reduction print, the photographer affixed the negative to a window with a clear view, and photographed the illuminated negative directly onto the light-sensitive lantern glass with a camera. After the completion of the photographic process, slide makers often affixed a paper border to the lantern glass, covered it with a clear piece of protective glass, and then bound the glass ‘sandwich’ together

{ FEBRUARY 2016 |




with tape.” While the majority of glass lantern slides are black and white or black and white with hand-tinted color, the Warrenton Garden Club slides are actually color processed. This means that a color process was used when taking the photograph and represent the true-to-life colors as they were when the photos were taken. Although natural color processed images on glass were produced as early as 1907, Haberstich believes that color processed images were fairly unusual. WHEN AND WHY? Several mysteries surround the 19 glass lantern slides found by the Warrenton Garden Club. When were they taken? For what purpose? By whom? Who is the student? Although none of these questions can be definitively answered, extensive research has yielded some fascinating speculation. The Warrenton Country School’s Mlle. Bouligny was an avid gardener and an early member of the Warrenton Garden Club. In 1930 she hired Bradford Williams of Boston, a landscape architect, to design and implement gardens for the school grounds. They were completed in 1935. Due to the prominent and finished-looking gardens on the slide images, it would seem that the photos were taken after the garden designs had been completed. Mlle. Bouligny was so proud of the gardens that they were invited to be shown during Historic Garden Week during the years 1935, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1941 and 1947. Due to the Second World War, Historic Garden Week was canceled from 1942 to 1945. Despite the popularity of glass lantern slides dropping off in the 30’s and 40’s, the photos seem to have been taken and made into slides between 1935 and 1950 when the school closed. Because the slides are specifically glass lantern slides (historically popular with garden clubs) and in fact found in the WGC archives, it would appear that the slides were either created for or given to the WGC at some point. Because of Mlle. Bouligny’s involvement with the WGC, this is a strong possibility. Dr. Laing believes that the photos could have been taken in conjunction with Historic Garden Week. Hope Porter, a graduate of the school from 1942, speculates that the photos could have been taken for some type of advertisement purposes for the school. The photos could have also been taken in conjunction with the Country’s School’s own student garden club - this theory would satisfy both the garden club and educational relevance of the slides. THE PHOTOGRAPHER Although the photos could have been taken by anyone, amateur or professional, with almost any camera, Haberstich explained that it “would be unusual for the average amateur to make lantern slides. In the 30’s and 40’s, they were commercially


{ FEBRUARY 2016 |



produced. A lot sold to schools, all levels, including universities. But it would be fairly unusual for even an advanced amateur photographer to make his or her own glass lantern slides. I don’t see very many slides of families and personal material for projection. Projection of slides at home, for home use, was mostly the prepacked educational slides you could buy.” In the hunt for a possible photographer associated with the school, six available yearbooks from the Country School yield two possibilities. The Fauquier County Public Library in Warrenton has yearbooks for the years 1944, 1948, and 1949 and Warrenton resident Greg Harris owns years 1941, 1942, and 1943. For the years ‘41, ‘42, and ‘43, the yearbooks list a Hessler of Washington as the official photographer for Le Capuchon (also the title of the yearbook). Research shows a Hessler Studios in Washington was last operated by a Leo G. Hessler, Jr. who died at age 62 in 1987. The studio, however, was a family business and an older relative could have been the Hessler of Washington referred to in the yearbook. Considering that Leo Hessler, Jr. would have only been 15 in the year 1940, this is a strong possibility. No photographer was listed in 1944. A second photographer of note was the local D. E. Saunders listed in yearbooks 1944, 1948 and 1949. While Saunders passed away in 2003, his wife Margie still lives in Warrenton and confirmed that she remembers her husband going to the school to take photos. She is convinced, however, that in the 30’s and 40’s he did not make any of his photos into glass lantern slides. A third, very fascinating speculation is that the photos were taken and made into glass lantern slides by none other than Frances Benjamin Johnston. Johnston is noted as being one of the first famous female photographers and photojournalists. Johnston also happened to specialize in creating glass lantern slides and photographing gardens and architecture. She also traveled the U.S. giving lectures to garden clubs. There is also confirmed evidence that she photographed the school grounds on two separate occasions. A photographic print taken by Johnston, dated 1927, features the front porch entrance of Mlle. Bouligny’s house. Additionally, a 14-slide collection in the Library of Congress, dated between 1930 and 1939, shows the interior, exterior, and grounds of the Warrenton Country School. Although all 15 of these slides are in black and white, Johnston did do extensive work in color processed images. Due to the dating of these slides, it appears that Johnston remained in contact with Mlle. Bouligny from at least the late ‘20s through the early ‘30s. Interestingly, Johnston also bought a house in Mlle. Bouligny’s home city of New Orleans in 1945.





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WHO IS THE STUDENT? As to the identity of the young woman, the mystery is just as complex. Not knowing what year the photos were taken and not having a complete yearbook collection makes trying to identify her from another photograph nearly impossible. The slides themselves

also do not show her complete face, although she does appear to have dark blonde hair, light-colored eyes, and a narrow face. Family members of the late Stuart Mosby Blackwell Cooper, a 1949 graduate, think it could be her. Hope Porter firmly believes it is not Cooper. Porter also discussed her conviction that

if the school had had the photos taken for any purpose, the student would most likely have been a boarder, and not a day student (which Cooper was). From the yearbooks available, we have made some speculations as to other students the young woman could be (see below). Enjoy making your own guesses! â?–

If you have more information on when these slides were taken, by whom, or who the young woman is, we would love to know! Please email Rebekah at editor@piedmontpress.com.

Betty Feagin (shown age 16) was a 1942 graduate from Houston, TX. She started at the Warrenton Country School as a Sophomore and was President of the Student Council and Assistant Editor of Le Capuchon. She as voted Best Personality and Most Generous by the Senior Class.


{ FEBRUARY 2016 |

Dorothy May Nickening (shown age 18) was a 1943 graduate from Bronxville, NY. She started at the Warrenton Country School as a Senior and was a member of the Student Council as well as the Gardening Club.



Anne Spencer Brugh (shown age 17) was a 1944 graduate from St. James, MD. She started at the Warrenton Country School in 1939 and was a in both the Dramatic and Gardening Clubs as well as on the Honor Roll an basketball team.

Florence Kay (shown age 20) was a 1941 graduate from Charleston, WV. She started at the Warrenton Country School as a Freshman and was a member of Student Council. She was voted Most Domestic, Quietest, Perfect Lady, Neatest, and Most Common Sense by the Senior Class.

Vivien Healey (shown age 17) was a 1942 graduate from New York, NY. She started at the Warrenton Country School as a Junior and was Editor-in-Chief of Le Capuchon as well as a member of Student Council. She was voted Best Looking by the Senior Class.

Nancy Katherine Ryon (shown age 17) was a 1948 graduate from Clarks Summit, PA. She started at the Warrenton Country School in 1945 and was a in both the Dramatic and Gardening Clubs. She was voted Lovliest Hands, Prettiest Eyes, and Lovliest Smile by the Senior Class.

Stuart Mosby Blackwell (Cooper) (shown age 18) was a 1949 graduate from Warrenton. She started at the Warrenton Country School in 1944 and was part of the Dramatic and Riding Clubs as well as soccer, basketball, and volleyball teams.

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APART by Chris Primi

Fauquier County elite police dog Zar is put through his paces to keep our town safe.


hen I first met Zar, a Belgian Malinois, on a recent fall day, he seemed like a regular dog. However, I learned from his handler, Corporal Chad Brubaker of the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO), that Zar is anything but! Zar is part of the FCSO’s elite group of seven canines, which consists of five patrol dogs, one bomb dog, and one bloodhound. These plucky pooches live with their handlers and reside in their own “homes” on the property. As working dogs, they cannot live in the handler’s home because they are specifically trained to enter structures for law enforcement purposes. Entering a home or building for any other reason would therefore be confusing to the dog and counterproductive to the task. But its detached accommodations are nothing to sniff (or bark) at. Zar’s deluxe doghouse, for example, comes equipped with heat and air conditioning! Zar was born “Cezar” in the Netherlands on April 10, 2009


{ FEBRUARY 2016 |



to a specialized breeder. At thirteen months of age, he traveled overseas directly to his new home with Chad and had his name abbreviated to Zar for ease of commands. Zar’s regular exercise routine is to accompany Chad on a six-mile run three times per week. He also goes to an obstacle training center in Warrenton every month. To prevent injuries and wear on joints, caution is used to not overexert Zar. Zar receives biannual checkups from his veterinarian and is fed Southern States All Natural food. His favorite chew toys are a runner ball and cloth tug. Even Chad has a hard time separating these items from Zar. As for technological gear, K-9 cars come equipped with special temperature gauges, set to 87 degrees. When the interior temperature reaches this level, the car will honk twice. And should the temperature continue to rise to 91 degrees, the horn will emit a specific and continuous tone while the fan and windows are automatically activated. In addition, Chad has a pocket clicker to open the car door if necessary. Being a

SWAT-certified canine, Zar wears a fitted bulletproof vest while assisting Chad on the job. As with most vests, Zar’s was donated by the Warrenton Kennel Club. And in the event that Zar is wounded in the line of duty, Chad is equipped with a special First Aid kit and stretcher for injuries such as bullet wounds, broken bones, and burns. About the only piece of equipment Zar lacks is a gas mask, as dogs do not have the same tear ducts as humans and are therefore immune to fumes. As Chad is trained in animal CPR, he is also able to administer rescue breaths to Zar. Interestingly, these breaths are inserted through the nose while the dog’s mouth is held closed. Tempting as it is to pet these beautiful animals, it is strongly advised that you never approach a K-9 dog, as they are socialized to interact only with their trainer and with perpetrators. If other law enforcement agents come to assist Chad, even they have to wear a “bite sleeve,” which is carried in all K-9 vehicles to minimize the risk of being bitten. Incidentally, it is a myth that police dogs attack at the throat. In fact, they will bite anywhere on the body as necessary to subdue an offender. Moreover, these

City in 1907 and used trained dogs on routine patrols. By 1970, eighty police departments across the country were using dogs as part of their patrol force. Major cities such as Washington D.C., Chicago, St. Louis, Philadelphia, and Miami were including education in Canine Behavior and Training. Today, police dogs are used in many important and complex capacities: • Sentry dogs and attack dogs are used to locate and subdue suspects and to provide security for sensitive or controlled areas. • Search and rescue dogs (SAR) are used to locate suspects or find missing people or objects. Bloodhounds are frequently used for this function. • Detection dogs or bomb-sniffing dogs are used to detect illicit substances such as drugs or explosives, which may be carried on a person in their effects. In many countries, beagles are used in airports to sniff luggage for items that are not permitted. Due to their friendly nature and appearance, this breed does not make most passengers anxious. • Arson dogs are trained to pick up on traces of accelerants at sites of suspicious fires.

Zar’s handler Corporal Chad Brubaker of the FCSO takes Zar to an obstacle training center at least once a month. The training grounds include mock walls, fences, holes in walls, cars, even a box where a human can hide. Zar also accompanies Brubaker on a six-mile run three times a week as part of his normal exercise routine.

dogs are never allowed treats. This is to prevent anyone from attempting to poison them. Not just a handsome face, Zar exemplifies the utility and versatility of service dogs, which have a rich and remarkable history. Dogs have been working alongside mankind since they were first domesticated from the grey wolf lineage as far back as 15,000 years. The first recorded use of dogs performing police work was in St. Malo, France in the early 14th century, when they were used to guard dock installations. But it was not until 1888 when the modern police dog took on a more formal role. It was at that time when the London Metropolitan Police Force first used two bloodhounds to track suspects by scent as part of the infamous Jack the Ripper investigation. In the United States, the American Police Agency was formed in New York

• Cadaver dogs are trained in detecting the odor of decomposing bodies. Dogs’ noses are so sensitive that they are even capable of detecting bodies that are under running water. The Belgian Malinois is often compared to the German Shepherd with regard to serviceability, though the former has a more adaptable nature, enabling it to adjust to many different environments and lifestyles. As such, it can live in smaller living spaces as long as it is properly exercised. Some claim that the Malinois is also more alert and quicker to respond. German shepherds are still used as war dogs by the American military, but the lighter and more energetic Malinois is considered better for the tandem parachute jumping and rappelling operations often undertaken by Navy SEAL teams. In fact, a K-9 Malinois was a key member of the SEAL’s famous raid on Osama Bin

{ FEBRUARY 2016 |




Top left: Brubaker and Zar at home. Top right: Trailor donated by resident Cathy John in memory of her husband Gary John. Right: A donated car serves to help Zar practice finding narcotics. Left: Zar’s Netherlands passport.

Laden’s compound. Like their human counterparts, SEAL dogs are rigorously trained, vastly skilled, highly motivated special ops experts, and adept at performing extraordinary military missions by sea, air, and land (hence the acronym). These dogs carry out a wide range of specialized duties for the military teams to which they are attached. With a sense of smell forty times greater than that of a human, the dogs are thoroughly and carefully trained to detect explosive material and hostile or hiding humans. They are twice as fast as a fit human, so anyone trying to escape is not likely to outrun them. Equipped with video cameras, the dogs also enter certain danger zones first, allowing their handlers to see what’s ahead before humans follow. Playing a significant role in this breed’s versatility, endurance, and success is the handler, whose relationship with this amazing animal is one of mutual love and loyalty. Fully invested in the dog’s training, the handler works around the clock, sacrificing personal time and putting aside daily activities so that service goals are met. To become a member of the K-9 unit, Chad had to put in many years of experience on foot patrol. Rules and regulations had to become instinctive so that he could concentrate on the highly specialized skills that the K-9 unit demands. Partners at work and companions at home, the human-animal bond is so strong that Zar will remain with Chad upon retirement.


{ FEBRUARY 2016 |



And this bond would not have been possible without Sheriff Charlie Ray Fox, Jr. whom Chad thanks for starting and supporting the FCSO K-9 unit for over twelve years. Already appreciative of Fauquier County for its dog-friendly culture, I feel especially privileged to have met Chad and Zar and to have learned about the impressive feats of this dynamic team. While the Belgian Malinois is magnificent in its own right, it takes a dutiful handler and a rare individual to bring out the best in this breed. If you would like to donate to the FCSO, please contact their office at 540-422-8600 or 78 West Lee Street, Warrenton, Virginia 20186. ❖

Warrenton resident Chris Primi is a freelance writer and photographer. He is a member of the National Press Photographers Association and experienced in wedding, fashion, interior, landscape, nature, and aerial photography. He is also a licensed pilot and aviation enthusiast.

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wo hard working, family-oriented, and beautiful women, Allison Juarez and Mary Soliday were chosen as the winners of our makeover giveaway to make a complete change to their image. The entries for this makeover were moving, however, “There was something special about these two ladies that stuck in my mind, they both wanted it and needed it, but had great attitudes about why they deserved a makeover,” said James Cornwell, Creative Director at Iva Bella Salon. The entire makeover, including hair color, hair cut, and makeup from the team at Iva Bella, clothing style from Sandra Packwood, owner of DéjàVu, and documentation of the entire process from Ciao Bella Photography, took seven hours to complete. To hear Juarez and Soliday say it, “This is an experience of a lifetime,” they both agreed. After completing the hair, makeup, and styling part of the makeover, everyone moved over to the Inn at Vint Hill, where Ciao Bella worked their magic setting the scene for the photo shoot in the historical Inn. Mary Soliday went so far as to tell us, “I can’t believe I won this, I feel like a celebrity, especially in these sparkly heels.” Allison Juarez was over the moon, “This has brought out my inner Lucille Ball, I’ve always felt like a red-head on the inside, but was just plain on the outside.” With tears of joy at the end of the makeover Juarez said, “This is an experience I will never forget.” As you can only imagine, it was a fun, emotional, and educational day for everyone involved! ❖

Many thanks to our makeover giveaway partners: Iva Bella Salon, DéjàVu, and Ciao Bella Photography. And a huge thanks to our fantastic winners, Mary Soliday and Allison Juarez, you are beautiful inside and out!


{ FEBRUARY 2016 |

CREDITS: Hair: Iva Bella Salon, Warrenton, VA. Jessica Star, Christine Riddle, Erin McDonald, Patti Koglin. Makeup: Iva Bella Beauty, Warrenton, VA. Megan Wince. Shoot assistant: Sarah Whatley. Wardrobe and styling: Sandra Packwood of Déjà vu, Warrenton, VA. Photography: Ciao Bella Photography. Location: The Inn at Vint Hill, Warrenton, VA. CLOTHING CREDITS: Mary, Hot Mom on the Go: Old Navy black stretch denim. Gucci, blue cotton button down. Spenser Jeremy salt and pepper jacket with leather belt. Vintage rhinestone earrings. Madden leather ankel boots with black zipper. Mary, Red Carpet: Aiden Maddox blue sequin gown. Unlisted, silver sparkly pumps. Vintage rhinestone earrings Clutch, private collection. Allison, Hot Mom on the Go: J.Jill, Cashmere sweater dress. Calvin Klein camel knit cardigan Nine West suede high heel boots. Peruvian Connection silk and wool Pashmina scarf. Two wooden bead necklaces. Allison, Red Carpet: Bill Levkoff black long sleeve gown with silver inserts. Anne Klein black and white pumps. Vintage Sasha metallic clutch. Rhinestone earrings. Ross & Simons crystal ring.



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ALLISON JUAREZ 37 years old Mother of two boys Thrift store and vintage junkie

“I am so grateful to have experienced this makeover. The transformation was beyond my expectations. Everything from the makeup, hair, clothes, photography were amazing, and so much fun. I had a ball and felt like I was in New York City! Now my style matches my inner self and I no longer feel like a tired mom — but an empowered and energetic woman!”


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How soon should I book my trip and should I take travel insurance?

COMMUNITY Biotrek travel group in the Galapagos Islands (left). Reynolds at Machu Pitcchu (right) and in Patagonia (center) with her tour guide. Photo credit: Sunny Reynolds.

Book as early as possible. This allows you to get many extras and less expensive air cost. I encourage this and can even set up payment plans for our travelers (interest free) - plus, we offer some discounts. Always take out some level of travel insurance. This protects you if your travel plans have to change due to: a pre-trip injury, unexpected family emergencies or illnesses, and work related issues. How do you choose the itineraries?

wanderlust by Sunny Reynolds


didn’t see the ocean until I was 28 years old. And in my heart at that time an excitement grew for adventure. Since then I have traveled to every continent and explored many different cultures and landscapes. As I began to discover other ways of life and living, I felt strongly that they must be shared - so Biotrek Adventure Travels was born from my passion for the travel experience…and for making the world’s wonders accessible to all. Because I’ve traveled so often, people often ask me my advice on the best travel practices. Here are just a few to help answer any travel questions you may have!

How do you pick your dates for trips and how many people? Mostly around the weather, and we do attempt to stay on one side or the other of the high travel seasons. You don’t, for instance, want to go to India during the monsoons or to Patagonia in July, which is their winter. Extreme weather conditions never make anyone happy. We only offer small group travel, which means groups are never more than 10 people (with the exception of the Galapagos where we charter a 12 passenger sailing catamaran!)


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How should I pack? Lightly! Mix and match, and follow our packing list suggestions. The most important item, next to underwear, is good shoes. Never bring a new pair of shoes on a trip. What airlines do you use? I use a consolidator to pick the best itinerary at the best possible price. I do prefer some airlines to others mostly because of service. I don’t encourage long layovers, but on returns you typically need enough time to clear customs on connecting flights. Booking early is always most important. How difficult is security? There has been progress in the security process. Always arrive early since there may be long lines for no apparent reason. There is Global Entry (have to apply and visit closest office) and TSA pre-register (also must apply). Most large US airports have kiosks available at customs that work very well. You never know what to expect at foreign security, so patience and knowing what you legally can carry on is always helpful.



We fill our itineraries with exciting events, but feel strongly about NOT moving every night. With our small groups (never over 10 people) the days can be flexible and accommodating. Besides the typical attractions, we do know all the ‘hidden’ jewels that shouldn’t be missed, the best boutique hotels and the finest authentic restaurants in every country where we travel. Why? Because we’ve been there! We have great relations with our in-country operators who work with us to provide an unparalleled travel adventure! What photography equipment do I need? My world travel experiences and background in professional photography are a major plus for finding the best and most dramatic vistas and entrancing people to photograph. Today, you don’t need the most professional equipment on the market to take a great shot. A zoom lens solves most travel challenges. Anywhere there is wildlife you will need a telephoto lens, and for landscapes and seascapes you will need a wide angle. But traveling light has major advantages. And at the end of the day, good lighting is always the answer to the best photographs - and I can help with that! ❖ Sunny Reynolds is the Director of Biotrek Adventure Travels and has been a Greater Warrenton Chamber of Commerce board member for six years. You can visit her at 81 Main Street for all your travel needs or call or email her at 540-349-0040 and sunny@biotrekadventuretravels. com. Or book your adventure online at biotrekadventuretravels.com. Bon voyage!


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THE BARTENSTEIN FAMILY of Fauquier Part 2: The Bartensteins made history in war and peace by John T. Toler Part 1, published in January, recalled Ferdinand Bartenstein’s immigration to the U.S. from Germany in 1837; his son Reinhardt, who rode with Mosby; and grandson Thomas Engel Bartenstein, a long-time Clerk of the Court. Part 2 continues with three more descendants of Reinhardt Bartenstein who remained in Fauquier County.


illiam G. “Billy” Bartenstein (1890-1972), son of Reinhardt and his wife Sallie Ball Klipstein, went to work at the Fauquier National Bank in 1910 as a “runner,” or messenger. A former cadet at Bethel Military Academy, he enlisted in the 2nd Virginia National Guard, the “Warrenton Rifles,” in 1908. He was elected 2nd lieutenant in 1915. Billy’s banking career was interrupted in 1916 when the Warrenton Rifles was federalized and sent to the Mexican border, and again during World War I, when his unit was deployed to France as part of Co. C, 116th Infantry. By then, he had been promoted to the rank of captain, and assigned as a battalion liaison officer. He was in the trenches during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive, which lasted from September to November of 1918. During the fighting, the troops were subjected to heavy machine gun and artillery fire and gas attacks by the Germans. The 3,700-man regiment suffered approximately 250 killed and 1,000 wounded.


{ FEBRUARY 2016 |

Lt. Billy Bartenstein (center), flanked by his brother Cpl. Joseph H. Bartenstein (left) and Lt. Daniel Wood (right), while serving in the Warrenton Rifles before World War I.

Returning to Warrenton in 1919, Billy resumed his job at the Fauquier National Bank, where he would work until 1960, retiring as assistant cashier and head teller. He also served as Warrenton Town Recorder for several years. In 1932, Billy married the former Mildred Nannell Brown (1905-1994), a graduate of Randolph-Macon Women’s College. Mrs. Bartenstein taught English at the Warrenton Country School, the



old Warrenton High School on Waterloo Street, and finally at Fauquier High School, retiring in 1975. She was regarded as a top teacher and was affectionately known as “Mrs. B” for generations of students. In 1922, the Warrenton Town Council appointed Billy to head the informal fire company that served the town. Two years later, he was instrumental in the founding of the new Warrenton Volunteer Fire

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Company, and in 1926 was elected the group’s first fire chief, a position he held until 1948. Billy was a member of the Warrenton Rotary Club, and the first commander of John D. Sudduth Post 72, American Legion. He continued the family tradition in the Warrenton Presbyterian Church, serving as an elder for several years. As war clouds were gathering in early 1941, states were authorized to establish local military companies made up of men who were either too young or too old to serve in the regular Armed Forces, but wanted to do their part to protect the homeland. Billy was commissioned as a captain in the 11th Battalion of the Virginia

Sallie. He attended public schools in Warrenton, and worked in the Clerk of the Court’s office for 18 months after graduating from Warrenton High School. Laurence entered VMI in 1919, and after a year, he returned home and worked briefly in the Clerk’s office. He then entered the University of Virginia, where he earned his undergraduate degree and then his law degree under a special oneyear program. He was admitted to the bar in July 1925, and entered private practice in Warrenton shortly afterward. In October 1926, he formed a brief partnership with Nelson Fell, which ended when Mr. Fell died two months later. From then on, Laurence was the

The Warrenton Volunteer Fire Company was established in 1924, with Billy Bartenstein appointed the first fire chief. Posing with one of the first pieces of fire apparatus acquired by the company are (in cab, from left): Chief Bartenstein, George Woodzell, Tom Frost and Chris Butler. Front row on truck: Chester Maxheimer, Unk., C. Irvin Garrett, Allwyn Ash, Unk., Laurence Bartenstein, Thomas Coflin, Unk., Pres Ruffner. Back row: Hugh Harris Sr., Clifton Hurst, Lee Risdon, Unk. Courtesy of Warrenton Volunteer Fire Co.

Protective Force, and served as the adjutant to the battalion commander, Col. Frank Wray. Billy and Mildred Bartenstein lived on Locust Street in the Bartenstein Subdivision, near other family members who built homes there. They had two children, William G. Jr., who later lived in South Carolina, and Nannell Bartenstein Edmunds, a resident of Maryland. After a 50-year career at the Fauquier National Bank, Billy retired in 1960 as assistant cashier and head teller.

sole attorney in his practice, and a member of the Fauquier Bar Association and the Virginia Bar Association. Laurence was the secretary of the Fauquier County Electoral Board, president of the Warrenton Rotary Club, and a member of the Warrenton Chamber of Commerce. Following family tradition, he served as a deacon and secretary of the Warrenton Presbyterian Church. In October 1929, Laurence married Geneva Garber “Chris” Criste (19061949). They had two children: a son who died at birth in February 1933, and a daughter, Linda Garber Bartenstein, born in 1934. Laurence Bartenstein had a very

successful law practice. Testimony to this fact can be found in county legal records, including the 1914-1969 county indices of deed grantors/grantees, where his name appears so often that “Bartenstein” earned its own section heading. In March 1941, Company 111 of the 11th Battalion, Virginia Protective Force (the “Warrenton Rifles”) was organized, and Laurence joined, first serving as the supply sergeant. As the veteran officers originally appointed to lead the company were recalled to active duty, Laurence moved quickly up the ranks. He was commissioned 2nd lieutenant in May 1942, 1st lieutenant in June, and captain and company commander in July. He


Born in 1900, Laurence R. Bartenstein was the youngest son of Reinhardt and


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Top: Members of Co. 111, under the command of Capt. Laurence R. Bartenstein (far left) render honors at the Warrenton Cemetery during the 1946 Memorial Day observance. Bottom left: FRED BARTENSTEIN SR., orchardist, engineer and surveyor. Bottom right: The family of Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Bartenstein Sr., during a visit to Erin, Fred Bartenstein’s home on West Shirley Avenue, during Easter 1956. Children, from left: John Stevenson (Steve), Susan and Robert Jr. (Bobby.) Little brother Curtis would be born the following year.

would serve in that role until the unit was disbanded in 1947. Laurence Bartenstein died on January 16, 1948, at the age of 47. His older sister, Blanche Bartenstein (b. 1880), died the same day, and wife “Chris” died on Nov. 3, 1949. Frederick Bartenstein was appointed the guardian for their 15-year-old daughter Linda, who lived with her aunts in Warrenton after her mother’s death. Linda graduated from Warrenton High School in 1951, and attended Longwood College, earning a business degree. She married Forrest Glenn Frazier in 1954. The Fraziers had four children, including son Glenn Frazier, who lives in the house where he grew up on Locust Street, Warrenton. Widowed in 1996 and retiring in 1999, Linda now lives in Blacksburg. FREDERICK BARTENSTEIN, SURVEYOR AND ORCHARDIST

Fred Bartenstein’s first job, at age 14, was helping to plat the Town of Warrenton. He also worked as a “switch boy,” or operator for Warrenton’s first telephone company. Fred finished high school, and in 1908 earned an engineering degree from Washington and Lee University. He played semi-professional baseball in Memphis, and worked in the oil fields around Bakersfield, Calif. while waiting for a job as a civil engineer to open up. He


{ FEBRUARY 2016 |

returned to Warrenton following the death of his father, and although he was offered the job in California, he never went back. At home in Fauquier County, Fred got into the apple and peach orchard business, operating Bartenstein Orchards Inc. on Wildcat Mountain in partnership with Truman Vance. In October 1916, Fred and the former Anna Robertson Curtis (1890-1982) were married, and moved into the new home he had built on Wildcat Mountain. Fred and Anna Bartenstein had four children. Fred Jr. (b. 1917) now lives in New Jersey, and Mary Hampton Bartenstein Faulkner (1919-2008), a longtime resident of Fredericksburg. Robert Mason (1921-2003) and John Hume “Jack” Bartenstein (b. 1925) remained in Warrenton. There were 12 specific orchards on the property, which included a large packing shed, four tenant houses, a barn, machine



shed, and machine work house. In 1937, Bartenstein Orchards Inc. packed 2,300 barrels of Winesap apples, which had the advantage of being stored and shipped to markets in Europe without refrigeration. But the combination of the Great Depression and the Smoot-Hawley Bill, which put steep tariffs on apple exports, doomed the orchard business. When Bartenstein Orchards Inc. was sold at auction in October 1939, it was noted in The Fauquier Democrat that the property consisted of 1,035 acres, “… planted with 8,000 apple trees about 20 years old, 500 apple trees three years old, and 300 peach trees.” The property was bought by Melvin Chambers of Midland for a mere $10,000. In 1939, Fred established his land surveying business, and became the county surveyor ten years later. He moved to Erin, the c. 1835 white clapboard house at 60 West Shirley Avenue (site of present-day Blue Ridge Orthopaedics), and had his office in a building next to his home. For several years he was associated with Blackwell Engineering Company in Warrenton, working as their superintendent of construction. Like his brothers Billy and Laurence, Fred served in the Virginia Protective Force during World War II. Based on his engineering knowledge, he later served as chairman of the Warrenton Planning Commission. Fred continued his surveying practice and duties as county surveyor until suffering a brief illness and dying on Nov. 4, 1970. His funeral service at the Warrenton Presbyterian Church was conducted by the Rev. J. Richard Winter

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and his son-in-law, the Rev. Thomas G. Faulkner. BOB BARTENSTEIN, CIVIL ENGINEER

Fred and Anna Bartenstein’s second son, Robert M. Bartenstein, was born on Wildcat Mountain. He graduated from Warrenton High School and spent a year on his father’s survey team before entering Virginia Military Institute, where he earned a BS degree in civil engineering in 1943. During World War II, Bob served as a military intelligence officer in the Army Air Corps. It was while he was stationed at Maxwell Field in Montgomery, Ala. that he met his future wife, Miss Frances Susan Stevenson. Bob and Frances were married in 1946 and came back to Warrenton, where Bob first worked for Blackwell Engineering Co. By 1950, they had two children – Robert Jr. (b. 1947) and Frances Susan (b. 1949) – and Bob decided it was time to open his own engineering company, R. M. Bartenstein & Associates. The Bartensteins purchased the 90acre property northwest of Warrenton that was once the site of the Bethel Military Academy, and renovated the only surviving structure – the former bachelor officers’ quarters – to serve as their home. Small, decrepit and outdated, making the house habitable was a major task. In the meantime, sons John Stevenson, known as “Steve” (b. 1953) and Curtis Howard (b. 1957) were born. In 1960, North Rock on Winchester Street was purchased by North Rock Inc., a development company headed by Bob Bartenstein, and the family lived in the main house. Bob retired in 1974, but remained active in professional engineering societies. They sold North Rock in 1978, and moved to a new home on Winchester Street. R.M. Bartenstein & Associates was involved in several landmark local projects. These included the 1958-60 annexation survey for the Town of Warrenton under a contract awarded to Wiley & Wilson Inc., which added 1,740 acres to the town limits, and Bob’s service on the Redistricting Commission that redrew Fauquier County’s five magisterial districts. Three of Bob and Frances’s children and their families still live in the area: Susan Bartenstein Necci and her husband Jim live in Amissville and have two sons, Andrew


{ FEBRUARY 2016 |

and Mason; Curtis Bartenstein and his wife Violet also live in Amissville, and have two daughters, Bridgette and Kristy. Steve Bartenstein lives in Warrenton, and has son Clint, who lives in Las Vegas, and daughter Katelyn Bartenstein Stern, who lives in Warrenton. JACK, THE REAL ESTATE EXPERT

Youngest son John H. “Jack” Bartenstein also graduated from Warrenton High School, and attended Virginia Polytechnic Institute for one year before his studies were interrupted by World War II. He served in the U.S. Army Signal Corps and fought in the epic Battle of the Bulge, and was present at the liberation of Nazi death camps as the war in Europe ended. Following his discharge, Jack returned home and earned his BS degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Virginia. Soon afterward, he joined R. M. Bartenstein & Associates. In November 1952, Jack and the former Elizabeth “Lib” Dietz, a Warrenton teacher, were married. They lived in the family home on Locust Street while Steinwald, their home west of Warrenton was being built. They had four children, Margaret “Meg” (b. 1954), Laurence “Larry” (b. 1956), John H. Jr. (b. 1959) and Edward “Ted” (b. 1961). After R.M. Bartenstein & Associates closed, Jack worked as a consultant. For years, he was in demand for his expertise in interpreting legal documents related to real estate, and was often called upon by attorneys to give his expert opinions on difficult cases. One of his long-term clients was Upperville philanthropist Paul Mellon. He later worked for the Mellon estate until retiring on Jan. 1, 2016, at age 90. Ten years ago, Jim and Susan Bartenstein Necci hosted a family reunion at their home near Amissville, with 108 family members from across the U.S. in attendance. The line started by German immigrant Ferdinand Bartenstein and his wife, nee’ Elizabeth C. F. Gordon, continues to grow. While the continuing story of the Bartenstein family in Warrenton is unique in many ways, it provides many examples of the attributes that made our communities strong and our nation great: patriotism, a tradition of public service, a strong work ethic, appreciation of the value of education, and a vision for the future. ❖



John H. ‘Jack’ Bartenstein, photographed in 2010 with his daughter-in-law, Teresa (Mrs. Edward ‘Ted’ Bartenstein), at the marriage of his grandson Patrick. Courtesy of Teresa Bartenstein.

John Toler is an author and historian who has served Fauquier County for over 50 years, including four decades with the FauquierTimes Democrat. Toler is the co-author of 250 Years in Fauquier County: A Virginia Story, and author of Warrenton, Virginia: A History of 200 Years.

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Follow us o Facebo n ok @ fam ilies4fa u and ge quier t involve d today !


Please join us for a conversation heart social at Earth Glaze & Fire on Sunday, February 7th from 2-4pm. Great time to meet us and join in on the fun! RSVPs requested. The fee is only $6 for materials.

e invite those interested in being on our Easter Egg Round Up Committee to please attend on our meeting on February 3rd at 6pm. This is a great way to help and get involved in all the fun! Please email us for our meeting location. Our annual Easter Egg Round Up egg filling community event will be on February 21 from 1-4. Please email us for location details. We are in need of plastic eggs, small prizes, raffle items and candy donations. Easter Egg Round Up tickets will go on sale March 1. Roller Works Family Skating Center will be taking donations on Friday and Saturday skate sessions in February and March for our Easter Egg Round Up. If you donate Easter eggs or candy you will receive $1 off your admission price. On February 14 at 11am, children in the community will visit The Oaks Apartments to deliver cards and crafts made for local area senior citizens. Please join our event and stay up to date on all the delivery details at facebook.com/events/1675178919424841/ And finally, we are now accepting Summer Camp submissions for our website! â?–

F4F members volunteered and participated in Wreaths Across America December 12th at Arlington National Cemetery laying wreath for those that have served in the military and their families.

On January 11th we made cards and crafts for our local Senior citizens


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4-6 year olds

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Tradition Lives On



arents know how important traditions are for their children. New Year traditions help people make resolutions and take steps toward improving their lives. Religious traditions help children understand and remember important components of their faith. But tradition does more than commemorate special occasions and religious events. Tradition is the


{ FEBRUARY 2016 |

glue that helps children understand and value their place in society. Parents can create strong bonds with their children by establishing unique family traditions that their children will cherish for their entire lives, not only during holidays, but throughout the year. Likewise, tradition is the foundation for training in martial arts. Its origins are rooted in traditions that span more than



4,000 years. While the martial arts at first emphasized fighting and self-defense, eventually a focus on an individual’s character became part of the training. For many hundreds of years, martial arts has emphasized individual achievement, rigorous standards, discipline, strength of character, respect toward others, and self-control as the building blocks of growth and maturity. In recent years, some who teach the martial arts have begun to emphasize “martial sport,” focusing on competitive sparring. Its popularity is such that Tae Kwon Do became a full medal Olympic sport in 2000. However, with its emphasis on winning matches, this competitive version turns away from martial arts’ basic origins. Although some recognizable foundational traits may be found in competitive martial arts, those pertaining to individual character are substantially diluted since the focus is on competition rather than the deeper self-realization that is taught


220 Culpeper Street (corner of Culpeper St. and 29 Business) Appointments Monday - Thursday: 8am - 5pm, Friday: 8am - 4pm

Quality Integrity Compassion DENTISTRY FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY COMPREHENSIVE CARE FOR CHILDREN & ADULTS • Teeth Cleaning • Whitening • Crowns & Bridges • Cosmetic Dentistry • Dental Implants • Dentures

A little about Dr. Zopp

Dr. Robert C. Flikeid


Dr. Zopp is a Fauquier High School graduate and has been with us for over two years now. He lives in Fauquier County with his wife and two sons. Dr. Zopp values his time spent volunteering at the Fauquier Free Clinic, Mission of Mercy dental projects and dental mission trips to Jamaica.

From left to right: Dr. William H. Allison, Dr. Michael G. Koemer, Dr. Bryan T. Zopp



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in the traditional forms. In today’s society, the need for selfdefense is, unfortunately, all too real. Learning it requires an attitude of respect and seriousness toward both the training and the teacher. Tae Kwon Do is not merely for sport or play, but is intended for use as self-defense and a path towards building individual character. To be effective in real life emergencies, those who hope to practice Tae Kwon Do must remain calm, disciplined, and extremely focused. Fortunately, there are still instructors who teach the martial arts in the traditional way, emphasizing the philosophical ideas that are at the heart of martial arts’ origins. Traditional teaching methods remind the student that sometimes life doesn’t give second chances. In a highly stressful situation, such as a physical attack, a single mistake may result in serious injury or death. Stress levels during a life or death emergency will be higher than they would be for nearly any other situation. Traditional methods teach martial arts students the ability to function under such high stress levels while remaining calm and focused. They do this through the learning and repetition of long established forms and movements. These same methods instill discipline, patience, and confidence. After diligent training, students begin to realize that if they have the confidence to handle themselves in life or death situations, they will naturally have the discipline to conduct themselves appropriately in the other activities of their daily lives. Traditional martial arts training imbues children with confidence in themselves. The steady training helps them become fitter, stronger, and gives them greater coordination and agility. Over time, the skills, strength, and resilience obtained through study of traditional martial arts gives children the discipline and resolve to face challenges and overcome them. Martial sport teaches how to overcome an opponent in a regulated sparring match. Traditional methods teach self-defense, self-recognition, and self-improvement. Participation in traditional martial arts training is more than a sport, it is a way of life steeped in ancient tradition. ❖


{ FEBRUARY 2016 |


Tae Kwon Do teaches more than selfdefense. It allows for building individual character, respecting tradition, and managing high levels of stress. All photos courtesy of World Martial Arts Center in Warrenton.

Grandmaster Kun Hwa Lee is a 9th Degree Black Belt from Korea and has been teaching martial arts internationally for over 40 years. Grandmaster Lee’s life since childhood has been dedicated to and centered around embracing, teaching, and incorporating the spirit of martial arts into each and every student. He owns and operates World Martial Arts Center in Warrenton.



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the local


Knowing Early Heart Attack Symptoms Can Save a Life


n October of 2014, Beth Potter, Manager of Clinical Nutrition at Fauquier Hospital, went to work but wasn’t feeling well. She felt hot, flushed, sweaty, and had a general feeling of something being “off.” Ana Perez, a cook in the hospital’s Bistro, had recently read about the signs and symptoms of Early Heart Attack (EHAC) and recognized that Potter could be in the early stages of a heart attack — myocardial infarction (MI). Perez noticed that her friend was pale and had clammy hands. She was very concerned and convinced Potter to go to the Emergency Department. Potter had been experiencing an MI and early treatment most certainly saved further damage to her heart — and may have even saved her life. This is a story with a happy ending, but not all recollections of early heart attack warnings turn out so well. Signs and symptoms of a heart attack can vary widely among individuals. Too often, the warning signs are ignored because the victim doesn’t take them seriously. Statistics tell us that: • Heart disease causes approximately one in four deaths in the United States. • About 50% of sudden cardiac deaths occur outside of a hospital. This suggests that many people don’t act on early warning signs. • Survey results show that only 27% of respondents were aware of all major symptoms and knew to call 911. Early signs and symptoms can begin


{ FEBRUARY 2016 |

hours or days before a heart attack. Victims may or may not experience any or all of these symptoms. Mild chest symptoms are common, such as pressure, burning, aching or tightness. These symptoms may come and go until finally becoming constant and severe. The most common symptoms include: • Nausea • Pain that travels down one or both arms • Jaw pain • Fatigue • Anxiety • Chest pressure, squeezing or discomfort • Back pain • Shortness of breath • Feeling of fullness • Indigestion • Sleep issues, like bouts of insomnia or trouble either getting or staying asleep • Women’s symptoms may be different or less noticeable. In addition to the common symptoms, women may also experience abdominal pain or heartburn in addition to clammy skin or dizziness. If you have one or more of these symptoms, get these symptoms checked out immediately at Fauquier Hospital’s Emergency Department or your closest emergency department. Raymond D. Bahr, MD, FACC, president emeritus of the Society of


Fauquier Hospital is an accredited Chest Pain Center, certified by the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care.

Cardiovascular Patient Care, has a message to the community: “I want to emphasize that it is very important for you to understand when something is going wrong or when something happening within your body feels unusual to you, act quickly. A major blockage does not occur instantly. Instead, a vessel clogs over time. It is during this period of time that you have to be sensitive to subtle changes in your body. These changes are the early signs and symptoms of a heart attack. Prevention is a key word in medicine, and prevention of a heart attack is possible when you act quickly during the time that symptoms are minimal. About half of all heart attacks are preventable in that there are telltale signs that a heart attack is on its way. Patients may not go to the emergency room because they felt their pain wasn’t severe enough to seek help; they may have felt just chest pressure, chest fullness, chest ache, chest burning, or other atypical symptoms. We should learn from these patients that heart attacks have beginnings, and early intervention can actually prevent heart attacks from taking place.” ❖

Resources Fauquier Health hosts a free EHAC education course on its website: fauquierhealth.org/Heart. It’s an interactive course that operates through Facebook, but if you are not on Facebook, there is an option for that as well. Dr. Michael Jenks, chairman of Fauquier Hospital’s Emergency Department, discusses signs and symptoms of a heart attack in a video available online: youtube.com/watch?v=_VcLphSCAFM&feature=youtu.be. Learn more at the education page of the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care: scpc.org/advocacy/community.aspx.


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The WARF is now taking registrations for private and group swim lessons for all ages and abilities!

• In-patient recovery process to facilitate the transition between hospital and home • All three therapy disciplines offered: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy

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close to




AT THE MOVIES by Fran Burke-Urr


here used to be a “date night” show on TBS called “Dinner and a Movie.” Hosted by a guy and a gal, they prepared a meal and bantered back and forth between the movie segments. In a real life situation resembling the movies they hosted, however, the two didn’t get along very well. As a matter of fact, the network sent them to therapy and eventually the female host left. Later, however, they became friends. In film and literary tradition, the essence of romance seems to involve misunderstandings, bad timing, personality clashes, deception, and interference from other interested persons. Accordingly, either hilarity or disaster ensues before the happy ending or tragic fate. Shakespeare knew this well. So did the Bronte sisters, Jane Austen, and Margaret Mitchell. This is why their stories are timeless and make great films. If your Valentine’s Day plans include dinner and a movie, consider skipping the lines at the theater. Instead, give one of the 100 Greatest Love Stories of All Time, as ranked by the American Film Institute (AFI), a try. Here are seven of my personal favorites that have stood up well against the test of time. Each is available at your local Fauquier County Public Library location.


{ FEBRUARY 2016 |



New Voyager is a bittersweet tale of transformation. Bette Davis plays Charlotte Vale, an ugly duckling-turnedswan. Therapy helps her get out from under her wealthy mother’s control and constant humiliation. Claude Raines is the helpful doctor whose sanitarium she goes to to recover from a nervous breakdown. Afterwards, on a cruise, Charlotte meets a married man, played by Paul Henreid. They fall in love and much too soon she has to go back home to face her mother. In a powerful scene, Charlotte finally stands up to her mother, with a tragic result. But the story’s only half over. If you like this, you might enjoy reading In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner, or The Charm School by Susan Wiggs.


THE AWFUL TRUTH (1937) The Awful Truth remains one of the top screwball comedies. Here, Irene Dunne and Carey Grant are getting a divorce and they both want custody of their dog, Mr. Smith. The scene involving the hat and the dog, when Dunne’s new suitor, Ralph Bellamy comes a calling is a classic, as is Irene’s performance as Grant’s “sister” which wrecks his suitability in the eyes of his new amour’s stuffy parents. Don’t look for much logic. The whole story is a light comedic confection. If you like this, you might enjoy reading contemporary authors Marian Chesney, Georgette Heyer or Susan Elizabeth Phillips.


This first comedic pairing of Doris Day and Rock Hudson centers on the inconvenience of a shared telephone party line. An interior decorator (Day) and a smooth-talking songwriter (Hudson) only know each other through annoying phone call interruptions, yet find themselves attracted to each other without knowing who the other person is in real life. The solid secondary performances by Tony Randall as Day’s smitten decorating client and Thelma Ritter as her maid with a crush who listens in on Hudson’s phone calls, help to make this a frothy fifties farce. If you like this, you might enjoy reading The Thing About Jane Spring by Sharon Krum or books by Donna Kauffman.




ANNIE HALL (1977) Woody Allen plays Alvy Singer, a stand-up comedian in NYC who meets Annie Hall (Diane Keaton), a shy Midwestern beauty and aspiring singer. Allen creatively explores the nature of romantic relationships through childhood memories, previous relationships, family, cultural and religious differences and the fears and neuroses for which he is well-known. Christopher Walken’s cameo as Annie’s brother is priceless. Any books about death or cats would make good follow-up reads.

Winter Special

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FAUQUIER CHIROPRACTIC Warrenton Professional Center 493 Blackwell Rd., Suite 350 540-347-5900 www.fauquierchiropractic.com


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IN LOVE (1998) #52 THE GRADUATE #50 SHAKESPEARE Stellar performances by Gwyneth Paltrow, Joseph Fiennes, Judi Dench, (1967)

Mike Nichols won Best Director for this movie about youthful angst. It masterfully conveys alienation, disillusionment, and trying to fit in the post-college world. Simon and Garfunkel’s soundtrack almost becomes another character in the film. At his homecoming party, recent graduate Benjamin (Dustin Hoffman) is just trying to get through to the next day when Mrs. Robinson (Anne Bancroft) asks him to take her home. Ben finds himself drifting into an affair with the older woman. Later, he meets her beautiful offlimits daughter, Elaine. He finally decides what he wants in life. Is it too late? If you like this, you might enjoy reading The Mysteries of Pittsburgh by Michael Chabon, or The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath.

Colin Firth, and others in this brilliant original screenplay by Tom Stoppard and Marc Norman all contribute to this masterpiece of comedy, drama and romance. The plot loosely centers on the imaginary background of how Shakespeare was inspired to write Romeo and Juliet. If you like this, you might enjoy reading The Players: a Novel of Young Shakespeare by Stephanie Cowell, Mistress Shakespeare by Karen Harper and the humorous wordplay works by Ian Doescher blending Shakespearean language with the Star Wars stories.



Henry Fonda and Katherine Hepburn portray an elderly married couple. Norman, the “old poop,” is still Ethel‘s “knight in shining armor.” When adult daughter Chelsea (Jane Fonda) comes to visit at their lakefront vacation home in New England, old wounds and resentments surface. It is a poignant exploration of marriage, aging, and family dysfunctions, letting go of the past and hanging on when the going gets tough. If you like this, you might enjoy reading A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon and Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout.

The list, literally, goes on and on, and many other delightful movies could be recommended in addition. But if you can’t watch them all, perhaps they can be the basis for a lively discussion during your Valentine’s dinner date! ❖ Fran Burke-Urr is the Manager of Collection Services for the Fauquier County Public Library. She has been married for over 31 years, applying wisdom gained from these and other films. She has been with the FCPLS for over 25 years.

Covenant Christian y Combining the best of private, public, and



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the great


How to prepare for a


by Andreas A. Keller


Sunday afternoon hike in winter is not necessarily everyone’s choice of entertainment. Yet, done right, it can be exhilarating and offer lifelong memories for the entire family. It all starts with a simple planning process. Where do we want to go for a hike? What’s the weather forecast and how do we dress appropriately? How are the trail conditions? How long do we expect to be on the trail? What should we take with us in a backpack? Let’s sit around the kitchen table and do some planning for a wintery hike. The Shenandoah River State Park, located on 350 Daughter of Stars Drive in Bentonville, VA, about eight miles south of Front Royal, would be an ideal place to start. This well-appointed park of 1,600 acres along the South Fork of the Shenandoah River State Park has 5.2 miles bordering the shoreline and 17 trails stretching over 24 miles, so there are many trails of any length to choose from. Who in your family wants to map out a trail and then play leader of the pack? You can find trail maps online at dcr.virginia.gov/state-parks/ and have fun choosing your own route.


{ FEBRUARY 2016 |



Mid-Atlantic Home Health Serving Fauquier County and surrounding areas since 1985

Mid-Atlantic Home Health is a licensed Medicare and Medicaid certified home health agency. We provide: Skilled Nursing Care Rehabilitation Services Personal Care Aide Commercial insurance, private pay and workman’s compensation insurance are accepted. Complimentary evaluation by a registered nurse is offered to determine the appropriate level of care for every patient. Each case is provided with a customized plan care and supervision.

540-347-4774 or 800-989-0055 183-1 Keith Street, Warrenton, VA 20186

A Circle of People You Can


Marshall Consulting Group

Certified Public Accountants

douglas marshall

Accounting Services Strategic CEO Services Tax Planning & Prep Financial Projections Budgeting Analysis Bookkeeping Financial Statements Estate & Trust Tax Prep Business Consulting Estate Planning ... and more!

Managing Principal

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Vivian Sheaffer



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Ike Broaddus of Old Bust Head (left) demonstrates the art of layeringwhile Pablo Teodoro III of Great Harvest Warrenton (middle left) and Bert van Gils, Esq. (middle right) sport the Sherpa Earflap hat and the Thrift Knit Beanie, respectively.

There’s no need for concern about getting lost, trail signage and trail blazing is excellent. With every trail clearly marked and measured, your ten-yearold could plan a family hike and guide everyone safely back to the trailhead with a great sense of achievement and pride. How does one prepare for a hike in wintery weather? First, dress warmly and in layers. Hikers have a saying: “There is no bad weather, just wrong equipment.” Boots ’n Beer members, being experienced hikers, have learned the art of layering and protecting themselves against cold, wind, rain and snow. For a winter hike, a pair of hiking shoes with a gripping sole is a must to avoid slipping on snow-covered trails. They will also keep your feet more dry and more warm than sneakers or running shoes. For those who want to go on an extended hike and want to avoid, or at least minimize, getting a blister, it is recommended that you wear two pairs of socks — a thin polyester pair of socks layered over with a cushioned pair of hiking socks. With your feet warm and protected, walking or running the trails

becomes more fun. What about to eat? Any kind of power bar will do. Alternatively, packing simple lunch bags will work just fine. There’s always the peanut butter sandwich, an apple, Snickers bar and bottle of hot tea for each hiker. Hydration is important, even in winter. Find a backpack or empty a school bag and stash it all in, and you are about ready to take the family for an outing they will always remember. The Shenandoah River State Park is open all year long, seven days a week, from 8 a.m. to dusk and has an entrance fee of $5.00 per car on weekends and $7.00 on prime season weekends and holidays. Beyond the trails this wellmaintained state park offers a picnic area and tent and trailer camping in designated areas. Reservations are necessary. Your pooch is also allowed but must be on a leash at all times. Also, if you’ve never taken your children on an overnight camping trip, the Shenandoah River State Park is the perfect place to start a new adventure in 2016. It is safe, clean, and close to civilization if you need to escape the cold. Happy Trails! ❖

Andreas A. Keller is a passionate hiker and avid backpacker. He is a Charter Member of the hiking club Boots ’n Beer and can be reached via email at aakeller@mac.com. For those who need encouragement to incorporate hiking into their lifestyles, please go to www.bootsnbeer.com and sign up for our free monthly hiking clinic.


{ FEBRUARY 2016 |



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147 Alexandria Pike Suite 102 Warrenton, VA 540-216-7900 Hair by St ylist Lori Nicholson | Photographer: Janna Coppage

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close to


In order to redirect your cat, provide plenty of appropriate scratching surfaces such as scratch pads, cat trees, and special cardboards.

Scratching, Claw ing


how to redirect your feline’s natural instinct


cratching is a natural behavior cats exhibit, often much to their owners dismay. Whether you have a baby kitten clinging to your couch, or an adult cat using your new drapes to climb to the ceiling — all cats use their claws. Some use this behavior to mark the boundaries of their territory, to shed dead tissue of the nail, or to simply stretch and flex. Surfaces most likely used are coarse or textured. Scratching, climbing, clawing is your cat’s natural instinct! The best remedy is to redirect your feline onto more appropriate items while managing your household!


{ FEBRUARY 2016 |

by Charlotte Wagner

surface preference

Before extinguishing the behavior, consider the type of surface your cat prefers to scratch. Is it dense wool carpet, or the finer suede of your sofa? Identifying a pattern in preference will help determine the type of toys that will naturally attract your cat. Does your cat prefer vertical or horizontal surfaces?

location preference

Does your cat prefer items out of sight? Has it learned to hide in order to safely scratch? Scolding and punishment will often suppress the behavior around the owner, but without an outlet, your



cat may still be scratching in your absence. See if there is a specific area of your house — is there more or less traffic? Are sleeping quarters more commonly targeted?

increase mental stimulation

Cats also benefit from interactive play, activity, and environmental enrichment/ mental stimulation. Providing fooddispensing toys, playing chase with a lure, and giving your cat interactive motion toys will provide entertainment and an appropriate outlet for excess energy. The result is reduced scratching behavior due to boredom.



organic produce & groceries -

Vitamins, Herbs & Nutritional Counseling -

Head Head-to-Toe hair & body care

• Massage • Reflexology • Ion Foot Bath • Blood Microscopy • Ear Candling • Reiki • Chakra Therapy • Thermography

Medical/Office -Lease or Sale -2k to 30k SqFt -Great Traffic -Excess Parking -High Traffic -Rt. 29/17/15 Visibility New Construction in Old Town Warrenton! -ETD March/April -4BR/ 2.5 BA Home -Full Basement -Two Car Garage -Owner/Agent Tyler Ross Broker-Owner Warrenton, Virginia



Warrenton, VA 20186 Homes · Farms · Land ·Commercial Properties · And More


If you are thinking about moving, Call for a Market Study.

Protect your loved ones, prepare your estate planning documents

Gloria J. Beahm CRS, GRI, SFR, ABR

Kristie Beahm Pancione For All Your Real Estate Needs





492 Blackwell Road | Warrenton, Va. 20186 540-341-3525 direct | 1-800-523-8846 toll free www.thebeahmteam.com Gloria.beahm@longandfoster.com Kristie.pancione@longandfoster.com



{ FEBRUARY 2016 |





trimmed on a regular basis. Make sure to keep claws short — clipped just below the quick, in order to minimize any damage done to furniture and household items. If you feel uncomfortable restraining or trimming your cat, ask your veterinarian or catfriendly groomer to help. Nail caps made of soft plastic can be purchased at most pet retailers. These covers slip over your cat’s existing nail to provide a dull buffer between the nail and any surface it meets. Your cat must be fairly tolerant in disposition, however, for these caps to be a successful tool. Most cats will tear them off or find other ways to remove them.

Various deterrents and management tools are available to keep claws off of household items. Double-sided sticky tape specifically designed to be safe for furniture can be purchased in the cat section of your pet retailer. It is an aversive surface for when your cat makes contact, thus teaching avoidance behavior. This is a great option to use on sofas, ottomans, bed sides, and drapes. Spray canisters that are motion triggered can also be placed in “nogo” areas to prevent scratching. As the cat passes the device, it will emit a citronella spray. The cat will then associate the scent and sound with a given location. The success of handheld spray bottles is hit-or-miss depending on the timing and the disposition of the cat. Some owners have success interrupting clawing by spritzing their cat with a bit of water, whereas others cause avoidance issues as the cat begins to associate the owner (not the behavior) with the aversive.

claw removal

De-clawing is a surgical procedure that involves removing the cat’s claws from (most commonly) the front paws. A lot of controversy surrounds this topic including those who claim it prevents destructive clawing, and those opposing the procedure as a health and welfare concern. Professional organizations are increasingly insisting that the procedure is unnecessary and advocate that proper mental

nail care

The first course of action is to ensure your cat has his or her nails

stimulation, interruption of unwanted behaviors, and redirection is key to stopping household clawing problems. From a management standpoint, a major concern with de-clawed cats is the lack of defense should a threatening situation occur, which is why a de-clawed cat should only be kept indoors. From a behavioral view, lack of claws prevents the natural execution of instinctive behavior and can be considered an issue.


Browse your local pet store or online resource for objects to redirect your feline’s behavior. Take preference for surface and location of your new items into consideration when placing them in your home. Cat trees, vertical carpet mats, and cardboard scratching pads are good to use for this exercise. When you see your cat clawing the sofa, simply interrupt and place the cat on the desired object instead. The cat will soon learn that his own area and clawing items are safe, and that other household items are off-limits. If need be, manage your cat in a few rooms while training with the new objects before expanding free range to the whole home. ❖

Ask your vet for help or teach your cat to accept toe nail trims in order to minimize damage when scratching.


{ FEBRUARY 2016 |



Charlotte Wagner is a certified animal trainer and behavior consultant. She advocates that prevention, management, redirection, and training of alternate responses is key to training success. Charlotte currently owns and operates Duskland Training and Behavior in Warrenton and can be regularly seen at conformation dog shows, agility events, rally obedience trials, therapy visits, and community gatherings with one or more of her precious pets. www.dusklanddogs.com



HOW WELL WOULD HE/SHE SAY YOU COMMUNICATE? Also coming up in February: Core Value Parenting Workshop

Join our Couples’ Intimacy Workshop Saturday Feb 13, 10 am- 2 pm Come for fun, insightful activities to improve your relationship! Games, Contests, Lunch, and lots of good information! Only $250 Register today

Saturday, Feb. 27 10am-4 pm $240/ind or $290/couple

Call 540-347-3797 to register for either workshop

Marianne Clyde, LMFT is the author of Amazon bestseller, Peaceful Parenting: 10 Essential Principles. The therapists at the Marianne Clyde Center offer individual, family and group counseling at 20 Ashby St, Warrenton. Visit marianneclyde.com and mommy-zen.com to see a full listing of opportunities.

What’s The Last What’s The Last Thing Thing On On Your Your Mind Mind When When You Come Home To Unwind? You Come Home To o Unwind?


“We W “We We Guarantee Guarantee Your Satisfaction. Your Satisfaction. It’s It’s about about our our customer customer Every Every Time!” Time!” Barbara Barbara A. A. Best, Best, Owner Owner

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the local




Warrenton CAN I HAVE SOME WATAW? by Corinna Hedderick


am a tea drinking, sarcastic talking, heavily awkward Brit, so I match the stereotypes pretty well. I’m a new arrival currently attempting to adjust to life here one day at a time and would like to share with you my struggles and conquests in the lovely town of Warrenton. But please, first let me invite you all on a journey to the place where I was born. I’d like you to imagine walking down a cute cobblestone road with little shops on either side — a bakery, a butcher, a corner shop. The smell of fresh bread is wafting through the air and a young man greets you with a very polite, very well mannered, “good morning.” Now picture fields in the distance with sheep grazing and the small ruin of a castle on top a hill. The grass is green and luscious, the air is cool. Sounds heavenly. What I’ve just described is nothing like where I’m from. When I’m asked where I’m from in the UK, I like to stick with, “Oh, just a village about 30 miles north of London…” Why don’t I go into specifics, you ask? Because I’m from Luton, which is unlikely to mean much to you, but to


{ FEBRUARY 2016 |

the majority of the UK populace, Luton is not a destination anyone would describe as “nice,” “great,” “fun,” or even “okay.” Luton is well-known partly for its airport, but mainly for its share of awards over the years. Yes, my town is famous! Or rather, infamous. “Worst Town in Britain,” “Worst place to Live,” and not forgetting my personal favorite, “Worst police force in the whole of the UK.” The gray, dismal town of Luton, where rats have been accepted as citizens and derelict buildings are part of the scenery. My hometown sends shudders down spines and creates looks of disgust. I was lucky enough to have escaped by studying for my university degree in Wales and then getting a job in London soon after. So why here? London is awesome, right? Why Warrenton? Apologies to sound cliché, but my heart brought me here and I couldn’t be happier living with my husband in Warrenton. Despite this, it hasn’t been a smooth ride or an easy adjustment. Although the British and Americans literally speak the same language, in practice, we really DON’T speak the same language. This



has led to all kinds of embarrassing situations in shops, airports, bars, and cafés. Let me delve deeper into this language barrier by telling you about a common occurrence for me. As you have probably noticed from listening to the British talk, we have an issue with pronouncing our “R’s.” I mean, they are pretty much non-existent. We pronounce them like “Aw” as in “Aww, that’s a cute puppy.” But I digress. I am embarrassed to ask for a glass of water in any dining establishment because I am often met with a long awkward pause in which the server is processing what I am saying. Sometimes they say “sorry?” and I have to repeat it. This “R” issue can be a bit of a brick wall, so if you’re a waiter/waitress if you hear someone ask for “wataw,” smile politely and bring a nice, cold glass of water. Please and thank you. There is also another annoyance surrounding my voice. It’s memorable. Now, I’m not an egotistic maniac or anything, but I do love the fact my accent gets me noticed and people are interested to talk to me. However, even things that sound great can have their consequences.



ea er, H lth



s It’



Located in the heart of Old Town Warrenton

m at t e r!

this holiday season. What would you do with more confidence?




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en ?

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t now, w h

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u Yo

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L r e i

hi ns


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Michelle Kelley Licensed Counselor

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Since 1990, Mulford Mediation has helped divorcing couples create separation agreements, business owners resolve disputes, and families plan their futures all while avoiding court. For the past 25 years Philip Mulford has specialized in divorce, family and business mediation. As one of the first mediators in the region, he is considered a pioneer in the field. Mulford has also been an active volunteer in the community serving on and consulting area boards of directors and most recently moderating the local candidate forums for the Fauquier County school board, board of supervisors and sheriff.

WARRENTON | FAIRFAX | MANASSAS mulfordmediation.com | 540.341.4615 { FEBRUARY 2016 |




Let me explain. Like anyone moving to a new area, I have been introduced to lots of new people, which is great. Now I’m not terrible with names, but meeting a lot of new people over a short period of time is difficult. What makes it even more difficult is when they remember me in the grocery store and I have no idea who they are. Of course they remember me, I’m the one with the accent, the one who sticks out like a sore thumb, the one who can’t pronounce her “r’s” properly. OF COURSE THEY’RE GOING TO REMEMBER MY NAME. “Hey Corinna,” they say while I stare blankly, then squint and say, “Heyyyy….you.” Then I laugh a laugh I never really hear come out my mouth because it isn’t a real laugh, it’s a distraction. I’m left thinking to myself how cool I am, as cool as a bloody cucumber. The list of these uncomfortable, cringe-worthy situations goes on and on. But although I feel awkward and idiotic sometimes, I also have amazing moments happen to me all the time. For one, I am constantly blown away by the friendliness of everyone here. People are so hospitable, so talkative, and will often go out of their way to help you if you are struggling with anything. Strangers actually compliment you here, too, without wanting anything in return or trying to sell you something. I’m flattered by the women in the 7/11 who thought my shoes were cool and quirky. Thanks gals, you made me day. I am also in love with all the little shops in Old Town and have probably blown most of my spending money over the years visiting Warrenton. Latitudes in particular is one of my favorite places to go. I can spend hours just looking at all the pretty little things and then wishing I had unlimited funds to buy everything in there. Luckily, the only awkward moment I’ve had in Latitudes is trying to count my pennies out slowly and carefully in front of one of the employees. Yes, I’m still terrible with the money despite the vast amount of times I have been to the U.S., I try and stick with my credit card as much as possible to avoid these types of situations. Also, tax confuses me so much, the UK tax is already on the labelled price so you can prepare yourself before the checkout and then smugly give over the EXACT amount if you wish. There’s none of that fun here, unless you are a Math Wizard, in which case I envy you. Can I also take this opportunity to thank the restaurants around here for the portion sizes? I am in love with that moment when my food is placed down in front of me and the thoughts that


{ FEBRUARY 2016 |



run through my mind, “This can’t be a starter, this must be a main, this can’t be mine, I hope it is mine.” The realisation finally sinks in, “Oh, it is mine, my day has been made!” And to top it off, “Oh, a delicious pickle on the side I wasn’t expecting either, life is good.” Yes, I won’t lie to you, ladies and gents, the restaurants ‘round these parts are far more generous than where I’m from. In the UK, ice is rationed (roughly 2-3 cubes per cup) and portions are significantly smaller (in the majority of places). I’m not saying the food’s not tasty, though, because it most definitely is and there’s nothing like a good pub lunch down at your local. Just don’t expect a giant plate of grub if you ever go to the UK. Next to stuffing my face with food, my other favorite thing to do is swim (other end of the spectrum I know), but those calories aren’t just going to burn off without some form of exercise. I first went to the WARF a few years ago and since then I have coined the phrase, “swimming pool nirvana.” I have never in my whole life been to a pool so clean, so perfect…so beautiful. I really don’t think this is an over-dramatization either. I’m greeted there with such a warm welcome that it makes me feel like a celebrity. And THEN I get to swim in a massive 25 yard by 25 meter pool without being hassled by other swimmers as there are plenty of lanes. And THEN, and here’s the most exciting bit, I get to unwind in the jacuzzi. So yes, definitely not over-dramatizing, it really is swimming pool nirvana. Well, until I can afford my own swimming pool. Maybe one day. Here’s hoping! As you can tell, I am really immersing myself in all that is new, different, and exciting in Fauquier County and am seriously loving every moment. The beautiful farmland and green foliage puts me at ease along with the welcoming people. Before I go, just one word of advice: If you ever meet me or any other Brits, please don’t ask us, “What’s up?” We won’t understand. We might pretend we do, but we won’t. ❖

Adventurer by profession, freelance writer, and all round go-getter, Corinna Hedderick is a 23-year-old British woman who has recently moved to the U.S. She loves finding the humour in everyday things and writing about them to share with the world.


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The Mystery of

Conf idence By Michelle Kelley


omen and girls need more confidence! We’re not born with it. We wonder why others have it and we do not. We don’t want to talk about it. We don’t know how to talk about it. We don’t understand it. We need it and without it we are at a disadvantage.

What is Confidence?

When I was in high school, I would look at the “other girls” – you know, the popular ones, the ones guys would ask out – and wonder where they got their confidence. They appeared to have a perfect life, to have everything figured out and to have been born confident.


{ FEBRUARY 2016 |

High school was rough for me. Not something I would want to relive. Since then I have been on a journey to find my own confidence. I’m not exactly sure when it happened. Maybe it was when I graduated from college or graduate school. Maybe it was when I went through my divorce or bought my home. Maybe it was when I started my business. Maybe it was when I learned about boundaries, found my voice and realized “No” is a complete sentence. Confidence is a bit of a mystery. It’s elusive. It may always seem to be on the horizon or that it’s just something others have. The truth is that we are not born with confidence – no one is. We create



it. It is something that is nurtured, that we work on and build throughout a lifetime. We tend to think that confidence is feeling-based. This is true. It is a feeling, but it also comes from a winning combination of action and rightthinking. Think back to when you were learning how to ride a bicycle. After you learned, your confidence was sky-high because you did it! You set a goal and mastered it even though it wasn’t a conscious process. You likely had a big smile on your face. You were full of yourself and rightly so. That’s confidence. It’s often situation-specific.

“Above all, we must be

Thinking vs. Doing


Authenticity breeds


Here’s the good news: If you have a spark of confidence in any area of your life, it can transfer to other areas.

Confidence for Healthy Relationships

The most important area to feel confident in is within relationships. Without confidence, a girl cannot stand up for herself or speak up for herself. Without confidence a woman cannot ask for a raise at work or ask for change in a valued relationship. Without confidence, a girl or woman is held back from reaching her personal and professional potential and will likely suffer in silence – with a smile on her face. If you ask her how she is doing, she will probably reply “fine.” It is possible to be confident in all of your relationships, even the difficult and challenging ones. Confidence within a relationship is defined by your ability to understand all parts of a relationship, be able to use your voice appropriately, and lastly, to take necessary action.

Confidence Destroyers

• Negative messages about our capabilities, talents, intellect or appearance – from others or ourselves • Anxiety: Women worry more than men. It’s been passed down from generation to generation. • Abusive / toxic relationships • Media messages about how we should look or what we should be doing. The problem with us females is that we think we have to be good at everything, both personally and professionally. Girls get this message at a young age. Remember those popular girls at school?

If confidence is what you want for your daughter, then ask yourself “Do I feel confident? Do I have healthy self-esteem?” If not, please don’t feel ashamed or guilty. I would rather you be honest with yourself and commit to starting the journey to increased confidence. An authentic motherdaughter relationship is much more likely to help your daughter than pretending you’re confident when you’re not. In order to dig out of a hole, we have to build a ladder – a ladder of our strengths and accomplishments. Above all, we must be authentic. Authenticity breeds confidence.

Building Confidence

1. Recognize that the spark of confidence is inside of you. Yes, it’s there! 2. Name it. “I feel confident when I_____.” No matter how small or trivial you think it is. Seriously, if you are good at keeping calm, baking cheesecake or running a company, own it. 3. Define yourself by your strengths, not your perceived weaknesses. 4. Develop positive self-talk. Stop focusing so much on what you don’t do well or don’t like about yourself. Females engage in destructive selftalk more frequently than males. You can change your self-talk once you are aware of it. 5. Seek out supportive people and spend more time with them.

Take a look at an area of your life where you do not feel confident and ask yourself, “Why don’t I feel confident here?” You will need to decide if you have a thinking problem or a doing problem. For example, if you don’t feel confident with public speaking, ask yourself if you need to be good at this. You would be surprised how many women knock down their own confidence/self-esteem because public speaking is not their strength – when it doesn’t need to be. This would be a thinking problem. However, if you need to be a better public speaker for work (or if you desire this) then you have a doing problem. The solution is to take action – get a speaking coach, join Toastmasters International. This is a learned skill. Your confidence journey should be acknowledged (without shame), shared and cultivated with yourself first and trusted-others next. This process requires vulnerability, so you don’t want to trust this process with just anyone. Learn to choose wisely, think wisely, and seek out others who can help. Embrace change. Embrace imperfection. Embrace yourself just the way you are. You are good enough. Remember, confidence will wax and wane throughout your lifetime, depending on your life circumstances and even your mood. Learn to chart your confidence and notice patterns. It’s not as much of a mystery as you might think. You can learn to unlock the door to a stronger confidence, and you will definitely feel happier and be a role model for others. Building your confidence is a gift you give to yourself and those that you love. ❖ Recommended Reading: Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

Michelle Kelley is the owner of Girls Stand Strong, a counseling practice specializing in empowering girls and women. Please visit GirlsStandStrong.com or call 703.505.2413 for more information.

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work of


The Piedmont Symphony Orchestra marries a rock ensemble, and it’s beautiful


by Stacia Stribling, PhD

ilence falls across the stage as the concertmaster signals to the oboist for a tuning note. She plays an “A” and the rest of the woodwinds gradually chime in followed by the strings. Soon the concert hall is reverberating with the glorious sounds of a perfectly tuned 60 piece orchestra. The conductor steps up to the podium with his baton electric bass in hand… It’s just another Tuesday night rehearsal for Warrenton’s own Piedmont Symphony Orchestra. Under the leadership of Maestro Glenn Quader, the orchestra is halfway into its 20th anniversary season with two sold-out performances already in the books. For the upcoming concert, “The Beatles and Friends,” Quader has traded in his conducting baton for his electric bass reviving the fan favorite PSO Rock Concert. The idea for a collaboration between symphonic orchestra and rock ensemble was hatched 20 years ago. Quader was in Florida at the time playing in a rock band, and preparing to set off to pursue a conducting career. Years later, in his fifth year as conductor of the PSO, he reconnected with former band mate, Kenny Hasty. Hasty had recently relocated to Northern Virginia from Nashville where he ran a recording studio. What was once a mere brainstorm quickly became a reality. At the time, Tom Tucker chaired the PSO Board of Directors and supported this opportunity to introduce something “outside of


{ FEBRUARY 2016 |



Elizabeth Lawrence (top) is one of the featured vocalists in the PSO Rock Concert in Warrenton in February.

the box” to the community. The risk has certainly paid off. This is the third rock concert for the PSO. Returning to the stage to join Quader in the rock ensemble are Russ Hasty, Kenny Hasty, Sammy Sosa, and Tom Tucker. This year vocalists Elizabeth Lawrence and Robb Foster join them for classics by The Beatles, Chicago, Fleetwood Mac, Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, and more. Watching them rehearse is like witnessing the reunion of the coolest family you have ever known. There is a strong sense of commitment to each other and plenty of laughter. All of the musicians’ paths have crossed at some point in time be it as high school peers, band mates, or onetime gig collaborators. Their collaborative efforts, in some cases, have been quite elaborate. For example Quader and the Hasty brothers toured together extensively and produced numerous studio recordings of their own material that they shopped to labels. They have also worked with several Grammy-winning artists over the years. All of the band members understand the nuances of harmony and rhythm and support each other to create a sound that honors the artists’ compositions and yet adds their own unique interpretations.

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The Beatles and Friends - PSO Rock Orchestra PSO performs hits by the Beatles, Chicago, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, and MORE…

With Special Guests: Elizabeth Lawrence and Robb Foster on Vocals! TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE FOR SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 13th at 7PM SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 14th 3PM Show is SOLD OUT!

FOR TICKETS: www.piedmontsymphony.org Performances held at Highland Center for the Arts, Warrenton

The Wise Foundation

These Concerts are Generously Sponsored by:

The Margaret Spilman Bowden Foundation

{ FEBRUARY 2016 |




Above: Robb Foster (middle) playing with one of his bands, Radio Redline, in summer 2015 with guitarist Charlie Higgs (right) and bassist Jeff Trinidad (left). Right, from left to right: Grammy Winner David Cabrera playing guitar with PSO Music Director Glenn Quader on bass and Vincent Parrish on guitar in a previous PSO Rock Concert.

The talent among the group is astounding. The combined years of classical training, studio production, and touring have prepared this group to deliver a world-class show right here in Fauquier County. Most importantly, it is evident that they are having a lot of fun in the process. While new to the Highland stage, Elizabeth and Robb are well known performers throughout the Northern Virginia region. A native of Fauquier County, Elizabeth began singing in church as a child and at age 16 got her first paid gig. She has been singing ever since. For the past 11 years she has been performing with the Elizabeth Lawrence Band. Billed as a blues and rock group, they perform covers and original music across the D.C./Maryland/Virginia area. Elizabeth enjoys the opportunity to play at local venues and to give back to the community that has supported her over the years. In fact, you can catch her band in some of your favorite Warrenton night spots including Molly’s Irish Pub and McMahon’s as well as this summer in the Verdun Summer Concert Series. This is Elizabeth’s first opportunity to play with an orchestra, and she is excited about the opportunity. For her as a singer, it is “so cool to have that much full sound behind you.” Growing up in a musical household, Robb Foster began singing in high school where he met drummer, Sammy Sosa. He has classical vocal training and ventured into composition in college. He is currently working with several rock bands: Full Mesh, Radio Redline, and Switched at Birth, which just released an album titled, “Arctic Luau.” In addition to writing music, Robb also writes poetry and recently published a book titled, Lyrics and Poems from the Shenandoah. Never having had the opportunity to sing with a full orchestra, Robb is excited about his collaboration with the PSO. He is eager to be part of a “musical community coming together to do what we love.” Orchestra members are equally thrilled to create a powerful musical experience and to venture into the world of rock. Quader’s goal “in bringing these two worlds together is so that PSO players can see how different it is working with a rock ensemble. It’s so much more about feel, groove and vibe of a given tune, style or crowd. That is certainly not exclusive to Rock music, and I hope it permeates into their approach


{ FEBRUARY 2016 |



to our symphonic music…It’s all about capturing the essence of those elements in real time with a real audience.” This approach has certainly had an impact on the PSO musicians. As one member of the wind section shared, “It is so different from what we typically do. I love the challenge.” And challenge is what the PSO is all about. The versatility of this musical ensemble is quite impressive. After tackling classic rock, they will brave the intricate Stravinsky Firebird Suite at their upcoming April 17th performance. This concert will also feature the annual Young Artist Competition and Visual Art Contest. On May 15, PSO heads to Tinsel Town to perform some of the best loved tunes from Broadway and Hollywood Blockbusters. To round out this anniversary season, an additional concert is slated for June 26 at the Hylton Performing Arts Center in Manassas where patrons will hear Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. Tickets are going fast, so be sure to go to piedmontsymphony.org to get yours today! If rock is what you want, the February 14 performance, generously sponsored by Country Chevrolet (which has sponsored 14 PSO concerts to date!) is already sold out. But don’t fret! (Pun intended) Thanks to the generosity of the Airlie Center, the PSO is now offering an additional performance on Saturday, February 13. If you have not yet found that perfect gift for your significant other this Valentine’s Day, tickets to the show could be it. In the meantime, back to rehearsal. ❖

Stacia Stribling is an Assistant Professor in George Mason University's College of Education and Human Development. She had been a flutist with the Piedmont Symphony Orchestra since its debut in 1996 and currently serves as a member of the PSO Board of Directors.



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Business & Delivery Hours Monday - Saturday 11:00 am - 10:00 pm Sunday 12:00 noon - 9 pm


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The Pros of Probiotics & Good Gut Health By Kimberly Pham, PharmD


ave you ever heard the saying, “Listen to your gut?” It’s probably for a good reason. Research increasingly supports the idea that good gut health goes beyond simple digestion. In fact, gut health may be the centerpiece of our entire overall health. GUT BASICS

The human gastrointestinal tract (or “gut”) is a complex ecosystem that contains more than 100 trillion bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Some of these microbes are pathogenic (“bad”) bacteria. However, the majority of these bacteria are beneficial (“good”) bacteria, known as probiotics. There are about 160 species of probiotics in the human digestive tract. Each performs a variety of important functions, starting with digestion. The Lactobacillus species, for example, produces the enzymes that help us digest and use carbohydrates. It also assists in the absorption of B vitamins and vitamin K, and breaks down bile salts, which are used in the digestion of fats. The Bifidobacterium species helps in the digestion of lactose (found in dairy products) and indigestible carbohydrates such as fiber. It also produces fatty acids that help in calcium, magnesium, and zinc absorption in the colon. BEYOND DIGESTIVE HEALTH

Probiotics also play a huge role in our immune health. Our immune system is our body’s defense against infectious organisms and other invaders. Gut health is highly correlated to immune health because the gastrointestinal tract contains 60-70% of our body’s lymphoid tissue. Lymphoid tissue is found throughout


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the body in areas like our lymph nodes and spleen, and it directs our body’s response to infection. Probiotics stimulate the body’s immune response by boosting its disease-fighting activities. This includes increasing the number of lymphocytes (the small white blood cells that defend the body against disease), enhancing B cell and T cell activity (which work together to identify and kill the foreign antigens), and stimulating antibody production. Probiotics also protect the vital balance of good and bad bacteria in our body by limiting the growth of bad bacteria. One of the ways they do this is by producing substances like lactic acid and other by-products that create an environment unfriendly to bad bacteria. They also crowd out the bad bacteria and prevent them from anchoring in the gut lining and causing inflammation or other immune responses. CAUSES OF POOR GUT HEALTH

Good gut health is characterized by high levels of good bacteria. However,

several factors can cause the population of healthy bacteria to be diminished. A diet high in processed foods, stress, and even drinking chlorinated water can reduce or prevent the good bacteria from growing in our body. Additionally, antibiotics can have a negative impact on gut health. Antibiotics work by killing the microorganisms that make us sick. However, in addition to wiping out the bad bacteria, they also kill the good bacteria, allowing overgrowth of bad intestinal pathogens, including Clostridium difficile, Clostridium perfringens type A, Candida albicans, and Staphylococcus aureus. This can lead to severe infections or trigger antibioticassociated diarrhea. Studies show that it may take as long as three months for the good bacteria levels to fully recover after a single course of antibiotics, and it may take even longer for the gut to restore its normal functioning. An imbalanced system creates both short-term and long-term concerns. Poor gut health can prevent nutrient

A GUIDE TO GOOD GUT HEALTH Fortunately, much of gut health is within our control, and changes in our diet can have a major impact. Reduce/Remove Offending Foods Good gut health starts with the food we eat. Eating whole, unprocessed foods, along with cultured or fermented foods supplies the body with good bacteria. Conversely, a diet high in sugars (natural and processed), fermentable carbohydrates (including those found in most dairy products, breads, cereals, pastas, and beans), and stressors like caffeine, alcohol, processed foods and bad fats can irritate the gut and cause inflammation. These items should be reduced or removed entirely from the diet.

Repair a Damaged Gut

Restore (and Maintain) Good Bacteria Levels

Long-term gut issues can cause damage to the digestive tract, so it’s important to repair the damage by supplying the body with substances that can heal the gut and seal any potential gaps. L-Glutamine is an amino acid naturally produced in the body. It helps to heal the lining of the intestines and improve the integrity of the gut. Omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, and antioxidants also promote cell growth and repair. The addition of a digestive enzyme also may decrease the stress on the gut by helping to break down certain foods.

Many probiotics, including the beneficial Lactobacillus species, are transient. This means they do not normally live in the intestinal tract. Instead, they grow there only when regularly consumed. Research has shown that vegetarians generally have high amounts of lactobacilli in their gut. A daily probiotic supplement can help restore and maintain healthy probiotic levels. Probiotics and antibiotics should be taken at least 2-4 hours apart to reduce the chance of the antibiotic killing the probiotic organisms.

absorption and create nutritional deficiencies. Poor gut health also can cause symptoms such as indigestion, bloating or gas, diarrhea, constipation, and even skin allergies. Women can see additional signs of a bacteria imbalance in their genital tract, which can manifest as chronic yeast infections. Poor gut health can have a number of other long-term effects as well. Chronic inflammation resulting from poor food choices or long-term use of certain pain relievers (such as Aleve®, Motrin®, or Naprosyn®) or antibiotics can damage the gastrointestinal tract. Left untreated, gut damage can eventually create gaps in the gut lining and jeopardize the protective barrier between the digestive system and the rest of the body. This allows potentially dangerous toxins to escape into the body, triggering a largescale inflammatory response and leading to new allergies, food sensitivities, skin conditions, and even autoimmune disorders. One relatively new concept in the area of gut health is the idea of prebiotics. These substances, found in certain plant foods like artichokes, bananas, chicory root, garlic, leeks, and raw onions, essentially serve as food for the probiotics. Recent research has shown these substances can be particularly helpful in boosting levels of Bifidobacterium, which are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the gut barrier. Remember, good health starts in your gut. Talk to your healthcare provider about the benefits of probiotics. Our pharmacists also can recommend the best formulation to support your gut based on your age, health conditions, previous antibiotic use, and other factors. Call or stop by the pharmacy to speak with our pharmacists. ❖

Kimberly Pham, PharmD, is the lead clinical pharmacist for WeCare Pharmacy, a compounding pharmacy and wellness center located in Warrenton. In addition to directing the pharmacy’s personalized hormone replacement therapy program, Dr. Pham also serves as a nutrition/wellness coach and a medication therapy management specialist.

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ADDRESS: 7961 Gainsford Court Bristow, VA 20136

MurLarkey Distillery

PHONE: 571-284-7961 or 571-284-7982 HOURS: Mon - Sat | 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Sun | 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. WEBSITE: www.murlarkey.com

by Steve Oviatt


he newest addition to the local spirits scene is MurLarkey Distillery just off Wellington Road, just down the street from Jiffy Lube Live. The dream of Michael Larkin, of Clark’s Sports Bar in Manassas, and cousin Thomas Murray, this new distillery opened its doors last month with the introduction of four new spirits that received rave reviews in early preview events. The surprising smoothness of these spirits should appeal to anyone who has had trouble drinking whiskeys in the past. Divine Clarity is a soft, fruity vodka that only needs ice for a smooth drinking experience. This vodka will

more than hold its own against any big name brand. Justice is an Irish corn whiskey that makes a wonderful base for any cocktail with its smooth taste and herbal nose. Adding lemon peels to Justice results in Clemoncy, soft and lemony on its own with just ice or mixed with Sprite or lemonade and iced tea to give this traditional drink an added zest. Cincerity is Justice with added cinnamon. Duplicating a Hot Shot, Cincerity is a great base for a number of mixed drinks, like a Manhattan, or on its own with ice. MurLarkey is a family operation,

including Michael’s brother, James Larkin, their cousin Thomas Murray, and close friend Ian Purcell. The business name MurLarkey actually found its genesis in the combination of the last names Murray and Larkin. MurLarkey’s goal is to concentrate on producing limited amounts of high quality whiskeys and spirits. Future offerings in production include bitters and gin. Initial plans for events include teaming with nearby Jiffy Lube Live and other upscale bars to provide VIP events before concerts. Meanwhile, you can tour the distillery Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 11 a.m., 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. or by appointment.

Steve Oviatt is Past President of the Haymarket Gainesville Business Association. He runs his own consulting business in addition to working with a number of local and international wineries. Steve acknowledges his daughter taught him everything he knows about wine. He lives in Catharpin with his wife, Nancy.


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