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February 2010

Living & Shopping in Wonderful Warrenton, VA

In this issue… Restaurant Guide for Warrenton! Managing Chronic Pain Zero-Cost Fitness Tips

Jackie Hitchcock of Mojitos and Tapas

Fresta Valley Christian School Profile …AND MORE!

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Warrenton Lifestyle

12/14/09 4:06

BE THE ONE WHO RECOGNIZES THE SIGNS. BE THE ONE WHO PLAYS IT SAFE. BE THE ONE WHO RUSHES TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM. BE THE ONE WHO’S STILL THERE FOR HIS FAMILY. Often times, the difference between life and death comes down to the decisions you make in an emergency. Should you ignore that sudden pain or seek help immediately? At Fauquier Hospital, we believe that you should always consult an expert. Which is why we’re here. Our state-of-the-art emergency department is staffed by specialists in emergency medicine who will diagnose your condition quickly and accurately, and then get you the treatment you need. And while you’re under our care, we’ll keep you and your family informed every step of the way. So when every minute counts, go to the hospital that’s right around the corner. The Emergency Department at Fauquier Hospital

February 2010

www.fauquierhospital.org 3

From the Publisher

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c/o Piedmont Press & Graphics 404 Belle Air Lane • Warrenton,Virginia 20186 540.347.4466 Ph • 540.347.9335 Fx www.warrentonlifestyle.com Cover Image: Jackie Hitchcock of Mojitos and Tapas featuring Cuban Roast Pork with saffron rice and sweet plantain, Grilled Calamari with walnuts & fresh spinach and the Hummus Plate with sundried tomatoes and pita bread.

2010 Contributing Writers: Tim Burch Robin Earl Kim Forsten Amy Gable Amy Griffin Dr. Robert B. Iadeluca Susan McCorkindale 4

Holly and I began putting this issue together during a recent vacation in the Caribbean with a few friends. We talked about everything, from religion to politics, music to children, and work to vacations. All of us are local, active people in the Warrenton community and with each conversation, the list of things that I wanted to feature someday in The Warrenton Lifestyle kept growing. I could not write down ideas fast enough. It goes to show that we live in a dynamic place. We are not just a bedroom community for those with jobs in the city to come home to at night and mill around on the weekends. There is so much happening on a daily basis and most of this activity centers around a myriad of group functions. As my friend, Mark Smith likes to say, everyone here is looking for a “third place.” Mark introduced me to the work of Ray Oldenburg. Oldenburg is credited with coining the term “third place” in his book The Great Good Place. A third place is somewhere outside the first two spaces in your life: work and home— Ray Oldenburg believes that bars, coffee shops, general stores, and other third places are central to developing a vital community. Some call such places “social condensers” – places where community is developed, cohesion is retained, and a sense of identity is created. Oldenburg lists the following eight characteristics of third places: 1. They are located on “neutral” ground. 2. They are “levelers” where rank and status do not matter. 3. Conversation is a main activity. 4. They are easy to access and accommodating. 5. They have a core group of influential regulars. 6. They have a low profile instead of being showy. 7. The mood is playful. 8. They feel like a home away from home. My traveling companions and I started naming places in Warrenton that function as third places. In the midst of compiling this list, I realized that there is a third place for everyone here. Some of ours include breakfast meetings at church, volunteer group functions, a favorite store, business networking meetings, our favorite restaurants, a community park, the country club, a coffee shop, Lord Fairfax Community College library, a social club and the gymnasium/health club. Third places keep the cohesion in a community. They spawn our fun and our drive to create change when needed. If you do not have a third place yet, keep looking. There is always something within these pages for everyone. For starters, try one of the 60 Warrenton dining establishments featured in our new restaurant guide. With thanks, Tony Tedeschi, Publisher Warrenton Lifestyle

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Fauquier Health Breast Cancer Doctors Embrace Multidisciplinary Approach

Dr. John Williams, Dr. Joseph Brown and Dr. Cynthia Dougherty confer with other breast cancer specialists at the Cancer Center at Lake Manassas.

Recent technological advances in medicine meant that electronic medical records, X-rays and prescription information are all available instantly for seamless communication. But the doctors who work with breast cancer patients at the Cancer Center at Lake Manassas have taken information sharing a step further. Oncologists, radiologists and surgeons gather in the same room once a month to discuss treatments for their mutual breast cancer patients. Technology is invaluable, but this is a thoroughly human approach. Doctors confer with doctors – face to face -about the physical and emotional needs of their patients. The group of a dozen or so physicians – including medical director of the Cancer Center, radiation oncologist

Sanjeev Aggarwal, M.D. -- has been gathering for about a year, sharing new techniques and comparing notes on their patients’ surgical, chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Opening the group’s January meeting, breast surgeon John Williams, M.D., described a new approach he had used during a recent surgery. Using a marker on poster board, he drew a picture of the surgery that used elements of breast reduction surgery to remove a cancer and, at the same time, leave the breasts looking intact and of equal size. “Breast cancer is very complex,” said Dr. Williams. “Particularly when I use a new technique, I need to know how my surgery is going to affect a patient’s radiation or chemotherapy treatment. That’s why we make this effort to talk to one another. The more reconstruction you do at the time of the initial surgery, the more difficult it can make radiation treatments. I took some special steps in this surgery to make Dr. Aggarwal’s job easier.” Dr Aggarwal said, “These meetings are very important for us, especially when we alter the treatment slightly from what we’ve done before.” Breast surgeon Cynthia Dougherty, M.D., said, “Our jobs are very specialized, and don’t overlap very much. But many of our patients see at least three different specialists throughout the course of their treatment. It’s important

Fundraiser at Iron Bridge an International Affair

The Fauquier Health Foundation, in partnership with the Cherry Blossom Breast Cancer Foundation, will host a wine tasting at the Iron Bridge Wine Company in Warrenton on Sunday, February 21, from 4 to 7 p.m. The fundraiser will feature a culinary trip around the world, with food and wine pairings from all over the globe. Two outspoken advocates for breast cancer patients are heading up the evening. Jim Atkins, member of the Board of Directors of Fauquier Health Foundation and founding member of the Cherry Blossom Breast Cancer Foundation, and John William, M.D. breast cancer surgeon, have been instrumental in raising awareness and funds to provide a patient navigator for the Cancer Center at Lake Manassas. The position will serve all cancer patients, helping them to work through the health care process as they battle their disease. Guests will be asked to contribute $125 per person for the evening of exotic food, drink and good company. For tickets or more information, contact the Fauquier Health Foundation at 540-316-2614. 6

that we communicate.” Throughout the discussions during the January multidisciplinary meeting, the physicians introduced new research and talked about the latest studies. But time after time, they returned to each patient and her specific situation. General surgeon Joe Brown, M.D. explained, “Every patient is different. Treatment depends on how big the tumor is, where the tumor is, and how the patient is feeling about surgery. A 70-year-old woman may want to have mastectomies of both breasts to have a better chance of eradicating the cancer. A younger woman may want to approach the same situation with a breast preserving surgery.” Dr. Dougherty agreed, “I don’t make treatment decisions for my patients. I give them all the information. It is up to them. A lot of women ask me, ‘What would you do?’ I’ll tell them, but the decision is theirs.” “It’s helpful for us to know how patients feel before we see them. In addition to these meetings, we all communicate all the time by phone about specific patients.” Jey Maran, M.D. medical oncologist, said, “The medical data on breast cancer is very clear, the treatments very established, so we don’t usually disagree on treatment, but we are learning from each other to be comprehensive, and to consider each case from all perspectives.”

Cancer Center at Lake Manassas Location: 7901 Lake Manassas Drive, Gainesville Phone: 703-753-4045 Website: www.cancercenterlm.org The Cancer Center at Lake Manassas is a partnership between Fauquier Health and Prince William Hospital. Warrenton Lifestyle

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Fauquier Health Physicians Participating in Multidisciplinary Approach to Breast Cancer Sanjeev Aggarwal, M.D. Radiation Oncologist Cancer Center at Lake Manassas, 703-753-4045

Joseph Brown, M.D. General Surgeon Northern Virginia Surgical Specialists, 540-347-2805

David Allison, M.D., P.C, Plastic Surgery 703-754-8228

Cynthia Dougherty, M.D. Breast Surgeon Northern Virginia Surgical Specialists, 540-347-2805

Lynn Samuel, M.D. Pathologist Fauquier Health, 540-316-5604

8/7/09 9:00:36 AM

John Williams, M.D. Breast Surgeon Northern Virginia Surgical Specialists, 540-347-2805

Benjamin Wampler, M.D. General Surgeon Northern Virginia Surgical Specialists, 540-347-2805

Fauquier Health System February Calendar of Events Monday, February 1 Your Childbirth Experience Where: Fauquier Hospital Family Birthing Center When: 7 to 9 p.m. Details: 4 sessions; February 1, 8, 15, 22 Cost: $120 Register: 540-316-3588 Tuesday, February 2 New Mom’s Support Group Where: Fauquier Hospital Family Birthing Center When: 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Cost: Free Wednesday, February 3 Physician Lecture Where: Fauquier Hospital Sycamore rooms When: 7 p.m. Details: “Cholesterol: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” with Steven von Elten, M.D. Register: 540-316-3588

Saturday, February 6 Heart Health Fair Where: Buchanan Hall, Upperville When: 9 a.m. to noon Details: Free health, screenings (cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose and BMI); healthy cooking demonstrations; Zumba and exercise band demos: head and neck massages Your Childbirth Experience Where: Fauquier Hospital Family Birthing Center When: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Details: Weekend class Cost: $120 Register: 540-316-3588 Saturday, February 13 First Aid/Adult/Infant & Child CPR/AED Where: Fauquier Hospital Sycamore rooms When: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Cost: $65 Register: 540-316-3588

MS Support Group Where: Fauquier Hospital Sycamore rooms When: 1 to 3 p.m. Register: 800-344-4867 Tuesday, February 16 Baby Care Essentials Where: Fauquier Hospital Family Birthing Center When: 6:30 to 9 p.m. Cost: $25 Register: 540-316-3588 New Mom’s Support Group Where: Fauquier Hospital Family Birthing Center When: 11a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Cost: Free Tuesday, February 23 Breast Feeding Where: Fauquier Hospital Family Birthing Center When: 7 to 9 p.m. Cost: $25 Register: 540-316-3588 American Red Cross Blood Drive Where: Sycamore rooms When: 10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

February 2010



On Education

Fresta Valley Christian School: Providing an Affordable Quality Education from a Christian Perspective

This month, Fresta Valley Christian School is featured as the fifth in a series of guest columns from local educators. The purpose is to introduce the public to the distinct features of each school and describe their curriculum, philosophy and atmosphere. We believe that parents know what system will work best for each individual child. Future columns will bring you Classical, Home School, etc.


Our History

In the summer of 1977, the term “home-schooling” took on a whole new meaning: Donna Buckley and her husband, Robert, began Fresta Valley Christian School in the basement of their home. Of the six students enrolled, three of them were the Buckley’s own children. “For us, bringing up a child in the nurture and admonition of the Lord is a command,” Donna stated. “We couldn’t do anything more important.” After moving to Fauquier County in 1975, the Buckley’s had continued to shuttle their children to a Christian school in Fairfax. Their burden to give their six children a Christian education and the long distance travel soon resulted in the inception of Fresta Valley. By the end of the first year the small school had grown to 28 students. Space

had quickly become a problem, but as the founders knew, no problem was too hard for God to resolve. The St. James Episcopal Church in Warrenton graciously agreed to let Fresta move into their building. In 1982 we were able to build our first building on the 25 acre campus. In 1987, the need for additional space was met with the construction of the high school wing. The sports court was added in 1992, the preschool wing completed in 1996, and the lobby was enclosed in 2002. Our current enrollment is 235. At this time, we are raising $2 million to build a multi-purpose building that will house our gymnasium, kitchen, and extra classrooms for our high school science, orchestra, and computer labs. Fresta Valley Continued on page 10 Warrenton Lifestyle


Thai Boxing Our positive attitude, “Yes, I Can!” “generates positive energy, which ultimately affects our students. ”

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Fresta Valley Continued from page 8

Our Programs

Our mission is to provide to all children a quality education from a Christian perspective. With this mission in mind, we provide a very challenging education from pre-school through twelfth grade. Our school is a member of ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) and MACSA (Mid-Atlantic Christian Schools Association). Our sports teams are involved in the VACA (Virginia Association of Christian Athletes) and VMSC (Valley

Middle Schools Conference). We offer a three or five day schedule for our preschool. When these three and four year old students finish our preschool program they are ready to move on to the demands of a kindergarten class. Along with all of the typical academic classes they receive daily, our pre-school students are offered foreign language, music classes, attend educational as well recreational field trips, and enjoy the opportunity to join with the elementary classes for special chapels. Fresta’s elementary program includes kindergarten through sixth grade. In-

struction is traditional, using the ABEKA curriculum. The subjects include reading/phonics, math, science, history, English/Literature, cursive writing, health, music, art, Bible, computers, chapel, music/choir, orchestra, Spanish, and PE. We also offer a missions program whereby each student is able to minister to others. Our fifth and sixth grade students may participate on our middle school sports teams. The academic program for middle and high school students is designed to Fresta Valley Continued on page 12

Fresta Valley offers a variety of extracurricular opportunities for students in addition to traditional classroom subjects.


Warrenton Lifestyle

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Fresta Valley Continued from page 10 prepare them to enter the college of their choice while granting flexibility for those who may be pursuing other career options. Fresta Valley offers a full range of courses for our students to pursue either Basic or Advanced Diplomas. We also offer a variety of extra-curricular activities for our students, allowing us to educate the whole child. These activities include: athletics, robotics, orchestra, speech and debate through the NFL (National Forensics League), guitar club, missions programs, Bible quiz, drama, music/choir, and praise/worship team.

What makes Fresta special?

When this question was asked to alumni Matt Patti his response was: “What makes Fresta special to me is the life lessons that I have learned through the relationships that I have had with teachers and friends. Fresta is like a big family!” With a student to faculty ratio of 15:1 our students receive individualized attention from their teachers. Our teachers know each student personally and seek to mentor them in the Christian faith as well as to challenge them academically. It is our goal to integrate faith and life with the academics in every class. Fresta Valley would love to have the opportunity to meet you and introduce you to our wonderful campus. We have scheduled two Open Houses for your convenience: January 30th and March 27th. We also schedule a picnic during the summer for any interested families. Please check out our website for details: www.frestavalley.org.

What is Christian Education? If I learn my ABC’s, can read 600 words per minute, and can write with perfect penmanship, but have not been shown how to communicate with the Designer of all languages ….I HAVE NOT BEEN EDUCATED. If I can deliver an eloquent speech and persuade you with my stunning logic, but have not been instructed in God’s wisdom …. I HAVE NOT BEEN EDUCATED. If I have memorized addition facts, multiplication tables, and chemical formulas, but have never been disciplined to hide God’s Word in my heart …. I HAVE NOT BEEN EDUCATED. If I can explain the law of gravity and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, but have never been instructed in the unchangeable laws of the One Who orders our universe …. I HAVE NOT BEEN EDUCATED. If I can classify animals by their family, genus and species, and can write a lengthy scientific paper that wins an award, but have not been introduced to the Maker’s purpose for all creation …. I HAVE NOT BEEN EDUCATED. If I can recite the Gettysburg Address and the Preamble to the Constitution, but have not been informed of the hand of God in the history of our country …. I HAVE NOT BEEN EDUCATED. If I can identify a Picasso, describe the style of da Vinci, and even paint a portrait that earns an A+, but have not learned that all harmony and beauty comes from a relationship with God …. I HAVE NOT BEEN EDUCATED.

However, if one day I see the world as God sees it, and come to know Him, Whom to know is life eternal, and glorify God by fulfilling His purpose for me …. THEN, I HAVE BEEN EDUCATED!


Warrenton Lifestyle

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Belated Happy New Year!

Old Town Happenings


ur column was off last month as we were in the middle of Christmas and Gum Drop Square during last month’s deadline. Here’s a recap of the Christmas season… Just when you thought people would be too busy to volunteer, the door swung open to the John Barton Payne building, and construction began on Gum Drop Square. The Trustees loaded and unloaded everything from trees to decorations to Santa’s chair. Frank Gable and Jerry Wood are now experts at putting the buildings in place for Santa’s Secret Shoppe. Then, along came Salon Emage to wrap part of the necessary 5,000 gifts for the shop. Not to be out done were Stevi Dorsey, Polly and Frank Gable, Ron and Elizabeth Scullin, Steve and Pam Wagner and their daughter’s Cadette Girl Scout Troop 921, Cindy Negley, Julie Nelson, Jannelle Mullins, Jill Pawlak, Mark and Gail Vignoe, Mike Daugherty, Kevin Lee and Huntley Thorpe. There were also many ‘jolly’ volunteers who included Mike Reeves, The Honorable H. Dudley Payne, John Curtis, Bill Chipman, Rob Flikeid, Whit Robinson, Scott Hook, John Wangler, Malcolm Alls and all the Elves. There were a lot of familiar faces, undaunted by the work load that helped put it all together. There was a new attraction of the Shoppe windows as Dharma and Leopold’s donated a private collection of handmade, miniature hats and the Red Truck Bakery who brought a Palmer Smith print and red truck. Fauquier Health did the best hospital window yet.

1000 a year $

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www.warrentonlifestyle.com 14

The Fauquier Bank, The Alls’ Family, Red Truck Bakery, Fauquier Health, Maizey Lewis, Wilma Norris, The Warrenton Horse Show Association, Piccadilly, Dorsey Signs and Designs and Framecraft made everything possible through their sponsorships. Head Start brought over 160 children to view the wonderland and select presents for their loved ones. We thank all the Fauquier Library volunteers who helped make their experience wonderful and all the donors who make this possible. The Christmas Season in Old Town was bustling. GumDrop Square and the Main Street happenings would not be as successful without all of the merchants, volunteers, community organizations, churches and schools who offer so much of their time to present programs on Main Street on Friday nights. And a special thank you to Heritage Presbyterian Church and their outstanding volunteers who every year works so hard on the beautiful Live Nativity for our Christmas celebration. The Partnership for Warrenton Foundation wishes you all a very happy New Year and a healthy and prosperous 2010. The Partnership for Warrenton is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering the economic and aesthetic development of Old Town Warrenton through a comprehensive process of economic revitalization that seeks to protect, enhance, and promote its architectural and historical heritage. For more information on the Partnership or if you are interested in volunteering this year, please contact us at 540-349-8606 or www.partnerhsipforwarrenton.org.

Top 10 Reasons to Think Locally F irst: Reason #5. Community Support: Fauquier County businesses generously support organizations and events that are vital to our community, such as The Free Clinic, The Fauquier Family Shelter, etc. And the more our businesses grow the more we donate. Warrenton Lifestyle

urity y c e S e a r Fre r Drivew ny a e Y One itoring O With A chased Mon rt System stem Pur Ale rity Sy Secu New

Dr. Chun Lifestyle February 2010 Ad 4/C 7.625x1



12/8/09 1:38:37 PM



A Day Break for Family Caregivers W

For Frank & June Fuerst life changed rapidly once June was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. Adult day care gave Frank a needed break to recharge his batteries.

arrenton resident Frank Fuerst’s life changed dramatically the day his 50-year-old wife, June, received a diagnosis of early on-set Alzheimer’s disease. At that moment his life priorities were completely overturned and he became a devoted caregiver for June for the next 17 years. Even three years after June’s death, Frank still cannot talk about his experience without tears, but he knows he is far from being alone. 80% of the care provided to adults who are physically frail or who have dementia is provided by spouses, adult children and other family members. With the number of elderly in this region expected to double by 2020, the need for services to support these families is growing rapidly as well. “The one service that was a real life-saver for us was adult day care,” says Fuerst. “Day care enabled me to continue working and, more importantly, to keep my beloved June at home with me. The activities and the social interaction at the Day Care Center were stimulating for her, and I was able to ‘recharge my batteries’ which affected not just my energy level but all of my emotions.” Another Warrenton resident whose husband attended the Warrenton Adult Day Healthcare Program for several years concurs. Given her family history, she’d always thought she’d be the one to get Alzheimer’s disease, not her husband. When he seemed to lose his sense of time and place, she says it broke her heart to hear him wander around the house saying “Something’s wrong with me; someone needs to tell me what’s wrong.” When he started going to the Warrenton Adult Day Care Center, she thought the point was to get some respite for herself, but the interesting thing was that thanks to the day care program her husband actually started

by Sallie Morgan, Aging Together Project Director 16

Day Break continued on page 18 Warrenton Lifestyle

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can help individuals maintain or even Larry credits Senior Advocate Day Break continued from page 16 to change. “At the center they did so improve their ability to function, and Michael Soule of the Rappahannock much to keep his mind active, things I an avenue for caregivers to network Rapidan Community Services Board just didn’t have the time to do. But most with each other. Families often seek a and Area Agency on Aging as a of all, I think it was good for him just to combination all of these services to help lifesaver in navigating the system of aging services in the county. Soule and spend time in a different environment, meet their needs. Larry Stillwell moved down to Advocates in the surrounding counties interacting with other people. At the Warrenton a few years ago to help his help answer questions and connect older Center he began to reach out and help others, bringing them cups of coffee or aging parents after his mother developed folks and their families to the services putting an arm around their shoulders Alzheimer’s. His father was stretched to they need, both those provided by the the point of exhaustion with cooking, RRCSB/AAA itself and those offered when they were having a bad day.” The Rappahannock Rapidan cleaning and keeping an eye on his wife. by other providers in the community. Community Services Board and Area He worried that she’d leave the water on These services may be transportation Agency on Aging currently operates the or leave the front door open, so he was services, adult day care, In-Home services, prescription drug only adult day care centers programs, food services, in the region (the Warrenton opportunities, case Adult Day Healthcare Center ith the number of elderly in this volunteer management, home repair, and the DayBreak Center region expected to double by money management, benefit in Culpeper). The programs serve adults over age 18 who 2020, the need for services to support programs and emergency services are physically frail or who For information about have dementia, and have a these families is growing rapidly as well. community supports for combined daily capacity to family caregivers, contact the support 32 individuals. Other supports for family caregivers never able to relax. And he was isolated Rappahannock Rapidan Community in the area include caregiver training because he couldn’t leave home without Services Board and Area Agency on offered periodically by the Aging her, and it was hard work to take her Aging at 540-825-3100 or the Warrenton Together Partnership in Fauquier, a with him. “Adult Day Care made a big Adult Day Healthcare Center at 540formal support group offered to families difference for both of them,” says Stillwell. 347-2797. through the Warrenton Adult Day Mother was able to socialize and become Aging Together is a community Healthcare Center, and in-home care involved with other people, and she got offered by a number of providers in a lot of care and therapeutic activities at partnership working to build connections the area. Adult Day Healthcare differs the Warrenton Center. My father had to support older people in Fauquier County from in-home care in that it offers an time to just relax at home or to get out and the surrounding counties. For more opportunity to get out of the house and do errands, and he and I both got a information contact Vicki Vance at 540and to be with others, which is just as chance to share our experiences at the 341-1063 or online at www.agingtogether. essential to individuals with dementia Center’s family caregiver support group. org. Join the Fauquier Senior Care as to persons who need help because I just hope that everyone who needs this Network, the local Aging Together team, of physical limitations. Day Healthcare kind of service knows that we have it at their monthly meetings the third Tuesday of each month, 1 pm at Fauquier Hospital. also provides structured activities which here in this community.”


The Adult Day Care Center offers participants the time and place to improve and maintain some abilities that their diseases may have taken from them. One example of stimulating the minds of the elderly is playing bingo.


Warrenton Lifestyle

B rrrr ... ace Yourself ! • Invisalign Premier Provider – A clear alternative to braces • Orthodontics for Children and Adults • No Referral Necessary • Flexible Payment Plans Available

361 Walker Drive, Suite 201 Warrenton, VA 20186 540-349-1331

(Upper level of The Old Town Athletic Club)



CHIROPRACTIC Dr. Douglas B. Smith, BS, DC

Why Live with Pain? It’s Time to Get Back to Health!

We are dedicated to providing you with fast and effective relief from...




February 2010

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225 Oak Springs Dr, Ste 101, Warrenton, VA REFERRALS NOT REQUIRED 2006

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✹ Fatigue ✹ Pain Down Legs ✹ Stiffness ✹ Numbness



✹ Low Back Pain ✹ Headaches ✹ Shoulder Pain ✹ Arthritis ✹ Dizziness





51st Annual Running

Casanova Point-To-Point

“First Race of the Season” Buckland Farm • Warrenton, Virginia

Patron and Subscriber Parking Available call (540) 788-3940

General Information: (540) 788-4806 • (540) 788-4116 • Directions (Tape) (540) 788-9800


Warrenton Lifestyle

Photograph by: Pat Morris-Evans

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Demetrius Maoury Lifestyle Ad 4.1 1

7/20/09 5:19:57 PM

The Warr

enton Lif estyle off ers you, the adver tiser: U.S. MAIL D

Now mailing monthly to 10,979 businesses and homes including recently added Snow Hill

✓ 100% EL Warrenton area plus 2 IVERY to the gre ater 5 the region. newsstand o u tl e ts a ro ✓ Low ad und vertising ra tes per hou as $.02 per sehold reac home! hed, as low ✓ The on ly publicati on targete population d to the W that is 100 arrenton % owned, produced a written, pri nd mailed n right here can be ass in Warrento ted, ured that n . y You o ur advertis invested ri ght back in ing dollars your own c are base. ommunity and tax ✓ EXCLU SIVE: Be cause you is importa r business nt to us, w ’ success e do not s from outs olicit adve ide the W rtising arrenton tr ade area.

540.347.4466 www.warrentonlifestyle.com February 2010




Press & GraPhics

404 Belle Air Lane • Warrenton, VA 20186 phone 540.347.4466 • fax 540.347.9335 www.piedmontpress.com

Digital Color Envelope Press Makes a



To make your mail really stand out, Piedmont Press & Graphics has added an Illumina digital envelope press, giving us the ability to print envelopes up to 13” x 15” in full color, on demand. The team at PP&G likes the versatility of the new solution. It has the ability to run a lot of different types of jobs, including labels, cards, and of course envelopes. The Illumina complements our other digital devices, offset presses and mailing equipment.

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Two Local Print Superstars Join Our Team Shar Russell Is New Production Manager Shar Russell joined PP&G in December as our production manager. Shar brings a wealth of printing experience, previously working in print sales, customer service and production management. Her organizational skills and attention to detail bring greater confidence to our talented print team. Shar was most recently employed by GRC for 7 years. Shar and her family 22 live in Bealeton.

Jessyca Marshall Brings Additional Talent to Digital Print Center Team We are pleased to announce the addition of Jessyca Marshall to our digital print center team. We have known Jessyca for several years and are excited to see her dynamic personality and art skills paired with Beth Wilson’s “can-do” attitude and Tyson Poston’s versatility in our digital print center. It’s even better than we imagined. Jessyca and her family live in Warrenton. Warrenton Lifestyle

A Taste of Warrenton The Best in Dining & Entertainment The Warrenton Lifestyle dining guide provides information on Warrenton area restaurants and nightspots. The brief comments are not intended as reviews but merely as characterizations. We made every effort to get accurate information but recommend that you call ahead to verify hours and reservation needs. Listings include Best of Warrenton award winners as well as advertisers and40/0/20/0 non-advertisers. Please contact us if you 81/100/36/38 47/68/85/60 41/24/73/2 60/90/0/0 believe any information provided is inaccurate. Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar

(540) 341-2044 • 105 W Lee Highway M-Thu: 11am-11pm, F-Sat: 11pm-12am Sun: 11am-10pm Full-service friendly, affordable restaurant chain. Offers salad bar, lunch combos, and Carside-To-Go service. Comfortable atmosphere for all ages. Open for lunch and dinner. Full bar. Casual dress. www.applebees.com

Bartleby’s Café

(540) 318-5735 • 70 Main Street M-Sat 8am-6pm; Sun 8am-2pm Quiet coffeeshop located on Main Street. Also offer catering services and take-out. Free Wifi and outdoor seating available. Casual dress.

Ben & Mary’s Steakhouse

(540) 347-4100 • 6806 James Madison Hwy M - Thu 11am - 9pm; Fri - Sat 11am - 10pm; Sun 11am - 8pm Steakhouse providing specializing in filet mignon, prime rib, and chops. Full bar with extensive wine list, variety of beers, and cocktails. Banquet facilities for up to 70 people available. Catering available.

Black Bear Bistro

(540) 428-1005 • 32/34 Main Street Sun - Thu: 11 am - 10 pm; Fri - Sat 11 am - 11 pm; closed Wed. Restaurant offering local beers and wines, soups and salads, appetizers, and entrees. A wide variety of American food with a twist. Try the muffaletta sandwich! Also features Sweeney’s Cellar, located one floor below. www.blackbearbistro.com/

Broadview Lanes

(540) 878-5383 • 272 Broadview Avenue M - Thu 8:30am - 10pm; Fri - Sat 8:30am - 2am; Sun 11am - 10pm The grill at the local bowling alley provides a great grill at great prices for any meal including breakfast. Sandwiches, subs, burgers and hotdogs along with side dishes from onion rings to chicken tenders. Children’s menu. Beer and wine available.

tetrad 2 Burger King illustrator color palette

(540) 347-3199 • 34 Broadview Avenue Locally owned and operated Burger King. Home of the Whopper. Have campaign to promote a more healthy lifestyle of eating to kids. Kid’s play area available. Casual dress. www.bk.com

Café Torino

(540) 347-2713 • 388 Waterloo Street M 7am - 4pm; Tue - Wed 7am - 5pm; Thu - Fri 7am - 9pm; Sat 9am - 9pm Restaurant offering authentic Italian pasta, seafood, appetizers, and desserts. Breakfast served in the morning. Lunch offers sandwiches, pasta, and more. Dinner usually requires reservation and is only available Thursday thru Saturday. Dine-in or takeout. Casual dress.

Carousel Frozen Treats

(540) 351-0004 • 346 Waterloo Street Hours vary. Open early spring to late fall. Soft-serve, milkshakes, shaved ice, sundaes, and specialties like the Waterloo this charming, family (and dog) friendly stand is an ice cream lovers dream. A Warrenton landmark with a quirky, fun and inviting atmosphere. Hot dogs and French fries also available. www.carouselfrozentreats.com/

China Jade

(540) 349-1382 • 275 W. Lee Highway M - Thu 11:30am - 10pm; Fri 11:30am - 11pm; Sat 12 noon - 11pm; Sun 12 noon - 10pm Authentic Chinese, Thai, Fusion, and Seafood cuisine. Offer lunch buffet everyday. Feature China Jade specialties and Kid’s menu (includes chicken wings and grilled cheese). Casual dress.

China Restaurant

(540) 351-0580 • 589 Frost Avenue M - Thu 11am - 10pm; Fri - Sat 11am - 11pm; Sun Noon - 10pm Authentic Chinese cuisine. All you can eat buffet Saturday 11am to 3pm, Sunday noon to 3pm. Dine in, carry out, or free delivery available ($15 minimum and within 5 mile radius). www.chinarestaurantva.com/

Claire’s at the Depot

(540) 351-1616 • 65 S. Third Street Lunch: Tues - Fri 11:30am - 2:30pm; Dinner: Tues - Thu 5:30pm - 9pm, Fri - Sat 5:30pm - 10pm; Brunch: Sun 10:30am - 2pm Casual yet elegant restaurant offering many dishes including Mediterranean, Southwestern and Southern Caribbean. The service is as first rate as the food. Open for lunch and dinner and brunch on Sundays. Extensive wine list available. www.clairesrestaurant.com/

Jimmies Market Cafe/Kidwell Caterers/Madison Tea Room

(540) 347-1942 • 22 Main Street Sun - Sat 9am - 5pm Restaurant offering sandwiches, subs, and other daily specials. Also sell wine. Catering available. The Madison Tea Room is also available for time away from a hectic day. Casual dress.

Cold Stone Creamery

(540) 349-0300 • 183 W. Lee Highway Sun - Thu Noon - 9:30pm; Fri - Sat Noon - 10pm Offers unique, custom ice cream creations, smoothies, cakes and shakes. Ice cream is prepared on frozen granite stone. Fun, family environment. Cakes and ice cream by the pint or gallon can be purchased to bring home. www.coldstonecreamery.com/

Country Cookin’

(540) 349-9120 • 623 Frost Avenue Sun - Thu - 7am - 9pm; Fri - Sat - 7am - 10pm Hearty portions, made-to-order entrees, variety of sides and desserts. Serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All-you-can-eat salad, vegetable, bread, soup, and dessert bar available for $4.99. www.countrycookin.com/


(540) 347-0401 • 7323 Comfort Inn Dr. 24 hours a day Serving breakfast 24 hours a day. Burgers, sandwiches and soup also available. Free Wi-Fi. www.dennys.com/en/

To update your listing please email: hollyt@piedmontpress.com (Holly Tedeschi)

A Taste of Warrenton

February 2010


Domino’s Pizza

Frost Diner

Kentucky Fried Chicken/

Fauquier Springs Country Club Grille Room

Iron Bridge Wine Co.

Mandarin Buffet & Sushi

Long John Silver (540) 347-0001 • 81 W Lee Highway (540) 347-3047 • 55 Broadview Avenue 24-hour old fashioned diner serving breakfast, (540) 347-3900 • 200 Broadview Ave. Sun-Thu 11am-12am Fri-Sat 11am-1am Pizza delivery or pick up. Online ordering lunch, dinner and desserts. Casual dress. M - Thu 10am - 11pm; Fri - Sun 10am - 12am available. Now offering pasta bread bowls and KFC specializes in Original Recipe and Extra Granpa Groovey’s hot sandwiches. Crispy fried chicken and home-style sides. 347-5757 • 573 Frost Avenue Long John Silver’s is a quick service seafood www.dominos.com 81/100/36/38 (540) 40/0/20/0 47/68/85/60 41/24/73/2 60/90/0/0 restaurant. Located in the same building to M closed; Tue - Wed 11:30am - 10pm; provide diners with a wider variety of choices. El Agave Thu - Sun 11:30 - 1am www.kfc.com (540) 351-0011 • 251 W. Lee Highway tetrad Specializing in seafood and American fare. 2 Authentic Mexican restaurant offering a Tuesday and Thursday seafood specials. illustrator palette variety of delicacies for lunch, dinner, and Everydaycolor all you can eat seafood for $39.95. Ledo Pizza desert. Menu has specials for lunch and dinner Full bar. Live entertainment Thursday through (540) 341-8580 combinations including fajitas, enchiladas, and Saturday. 504 Fletcher Drive burritos. Children’s menu available. Full bar. Authentic Italian pizza and cuisine offering Casual dress. Dine-in or take-out. Honeybaked Ham Company appetizers, combos, salads, subs, pizzas and www.el-agave.com/ more. Catering available. Lunch special from 11 (540) 428-0044 • 251 W Lee Highway am to 4 pm Monday thru Friday. Deli offering sandwiches, soups, and more. Faang Thai Restaurant & Bar Customers will enjoy a variety of sandwiches www.ledopizza.com and soups. (540) 341-8800 • 251 W. Lee Hwy, #177 Main St. Grill & Mexican Food Sun - Thu 11am - 10pm; IHOP Restaurant (540) 351-0550 • 79 Main Street Fri - Sat 11:30am - 11pm (540) 428-1820 • 6445 Lee Highway Authentic Thai cuisine. Open for lunch and M 11am - 9pm; Tue - Thu 11am - 9:30pm; M–Sun 6am - 10pm dinner. Full bar with an emphasis on California Fri-Sat 11am-10:30pm; Sun 11am-9pm Specializes in breakfast. Sandwiches, salads, wines. Happy hour with $2 drafts and selected Attached to Rhodes Drug Store. Offers burgers, chicken also available for lunch and appetizers Mday – Friday 5-7pm. Sunday 50% appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches, larger off wine by the bottle. Delivery available. dinner. entrees as well as traditional Mexican favorites. Casual dress. www.ihop.com Specials change daily. Full bar. Casual dress.

(540) 347-4205 9236 Tournament Drive Tues - Wed 11am - 8pm; Thu - Fri 11am - 9pm; Sat 7am - 9pm; Sun 7am - 8pm Fauquier Springs Country Club’s Grille Room is an exclusive restaurant for its members and their guests. The Grille Room is open Tuesday thru Sunday and offers a variety of dishes to suit everyone’s taste. Lunch & dinner weekdays with breakfast available on weekends. www.fauquiersprings.com

Five Guy’s Restaurant

(540) 878-2066 • 6441 Lee Highway M - Sun 11am - 10pm Burgers, hot dogs, and French fries. Uses fresh, never frozen, ground beef. www.fiveguys.com

Foster’s Grille

(540) 349-5776 • 20 Broadview Avenue Sun - Thu 11am - 9pm; Fri - Sat 11am - 10pm Burgers, French fries, hot dogs, grilled chicken sandwiches, milkshakes, wings, and salads. Daily specials. Patio seating available. www.fostersgrille.com/


(540) 347-1999 •73 Main Street M - Fri 8am - 3pm; Sat 8am - 2pm Small, one-man operation offering gourmet coffee, breakfast, and a variety of deli sandwiches, salads, subs, and pitas for take out. Daily specials. Recommended to call orders in.


(540) 349-9339 • 29 Main Street Lunch: M - Sat 11am-2pm; Dinner: M - Sat 5pm - 9pm; Sun 12pm - 5pm Cozy wine restaurant featuring a wide variety of world and local Virginia wines. Open for lunch, brunch, dinner, happy hour, and late night. Offers seasonal, healthy, small plate entrees and nightly specials to accompany wine selection. Seating available in the main dining area, historic stone cellar, balcony level or outdoor patio (weather permitting) Catering and private parties available. Casual dress. www.ironbridgewines.com/

Iron City Hot Dog Shop

251 W. Lee Highway Hot dog joint with Pittsburgh Steeler décor offering customers a friendly and competitive atmosphere.

Jerry’s Subs and Pizza

(540) 349-4900 • 177 W. Lee Highway Sat - Thu 10:30am - 9:30pm; Fri - Sat 10:20am - 10pm; Sun 11am - 9pm Offers specialty cheese steaks, overstuffed subs, and pizza. Catering available. Hershey’s ice cream. www.jerrysusa.com/

Joe & Vinnie’s

(540) 347-0022 • 385 Shirley Highway M - Thu 11am - 10pm; Fri - Sat 11am - 11pm; Sun Noon - 10pm Family owned pizzeria, open for 21 years. Offers pizza, subs, pastas, and seafood. Daily lunch specials. Pizza available by the slice. www.joeandvinniespizza.net/

(540) 341-1962 • 514 Fletcher Drive Authentic Chinese restaurant offering a large buffet selection of sushi, soups, and meats.


(540) 347-7888 • 351 Broadview Ave. 24 HR Fast food chain known for Big Mac and McNuggets. Dollar menu. Now serving McCafé beverages. Kids play area available. www.mcdonalds.com

McMahon’s Irish Pub & Restaurant

(540) 347-7200 • 380 Broadview Ave. M-Thu 3pm - 2am; Fri - Sat 11am - 2am; Sun 11am - 2am Family owned, traditional Irish pub. Relaxed environment offering traditional Irish favorites. Brunch from 11am – 3pm and roast beef dinner with Irish musicians on Sundays. Free Wi-Fi. Private dining room available. Full bar area with happy hour specials and appetizer menu. Live entertainment. Casual dress. www.mcmahonsirishpub.com

Mojitos & Tapas

(540) 349-8833 • 251 W. Lee Hwy #157 M-Thu: 11am-9pm, F-Sat: 11am-10pm, Sun: 12pm-9pm The only true Cuban/Spanish restaurant in the state of Virginia. Authentic Cuban staples, Spanish tapas and a wide variety of mojitos. Family owned, smoke-free. Open for lunch and dinner. Known for their signature Cuban sandwich and seafood Paella. Happy Hour, Ladies Nights and Special Events. Full bar. Casual dress. www.mojitosandtapas.com

Warrenton Lifestyle


With the extension of the 1st time Homebuyer Tax Credit And the addition of the “Move Up” Tax Credit

My Listings are Selling.

DON’T MISS THE SPRING MARKET! CALL TODAY to schedule an appointment for a FREE Competitive Market Analysis of Your Home.


Gloria J. Beahm, CRS, GRI Kristie Beahm Pancione Long & Foster 492 Blackwell Road Warrenton, Va. 20186 540-341-3525 direct line 1-800-523-8846 toll free www.thebeahmteam.com

47 South Third • Warrenton • 540-347-3868 www.christinefox.com • MON -SAT 10-5


For ALL Your Remodeling Needs



Gloria.beahm@longandfoster.com Kristie.pancione@longandfoster.com


Licensed • Insured • Bonded

86 W. Shirley Avenue • Warrenton, VA 20186 February 2010


Kitchens & Bathrooms Walk-in Tubs Cabinets & Countertops Tile & Flooring Windows & Siding Basements & Decks Roofing (all types)


Visit our Showroom. We carry samples of cabinets, countertop surfaces, tile and flooring.


Molly’s Irish Pub

Red Truck Bakery

Papa John’s Pizza

Smokie Joe’s Café

Tadpole Café

(540) 349-5300 • 36 Main Street (540) 347-2224 • 22 Waterloo Street (540) 341-2800 • 251 W. Lee Highway Bakery located in Old Town Warrenton next M - Sat 11am - 2am; Sun 11am - 2pm Sun. - Sat. 11am - 9pm to the Old Jail Museum. Serving fresh pies, Family owned, traditional Irish pub. Open for European cuisine featuring sandwiches for quiches, breads, cakes, and coffees daily. Online lunch and dinner. Laid back, fun environment. lunch and special entrees for dinner including Traditional Irish fare and lots of sandwiches ordering available. Chicken and Brie on croissant and Pork available. Sunday brunch from 11am 81/100/36/38 – 2pm. Full www.redtruckbakery.com 40/0/20/0 Scaloppini with Lemon Butter. Open seven 47/68/85/60 41/24/73/2 60/90/0/0 bar. Live entertainment four nights a week. days a week. Casual dress. Red, Hot & Blue www.mollysirishpub.com www.tadpolecafe.net 349-7100 • 360 Broadview Avenue tetrad(540) 2 Osaka Japanese Steakhouse Tippy’s Taco House Sun-Thu 11am - 9pm; Fri-Sat 11am illustrator color palette (540) 349-5050 • 139 W. Lee Highway (540) 349-2330 • 147 W. Shirley Avenue 10pm M-Sat 11:30am - 10pm; Sun 11:30am - 9pm Southern Grill and Barbeque restaurant. Sun. - Thu., Sat. 11 am - 9pm; Japanese steakhouse serving Hibachi style Offers dine-in, take out, and catering. Large Fri. 11am - 10pm chicken, steak, shrimp, fish and sushi. Sushi menu with options for ribs, sandwiches, salads, Mexican restaurant offering different quality available for take out. Fun, family environment. platters, and southern entrées. Casual dress. specials everyday. Menu offers tacos, burritos, www.redhotandblue.com quesadillas, desserts and more. Dine-in or Outback Steakhouse take-out. Casual dress. (540) 349-0457 • 6419 Lee Highway Renee’s Gourmet To Go www.tippystaco.com M - Fri 4pm - 10pm; Sat 2pm - 11pm; (540) 347-2935 • 15 S. Third Street Top’s China Restaurant Sun 2pm - 9pm M - Fri 10am - 3pm (540) 349-2828 • 185 W. Lee Highway Australian steakhouse. Also offers a variety of Gourmet sandwiches, soups, salads and sweets. Asian restaurant serving authentic Chinese chicken, ribs, seafood, and pasta dishes. Carry Open for lunch only. Limited patio seating or food. Daily specials and combos available. out available. grab-and-go options available. Soups are the Dine-in or take-out. specialty at Renee’s – each day there are two www.outback.com news soups. She-crab soup available every Friday. Catering and business lunches available. Tropical Smoothie Café Panera Bread (540) 428-1818 • 251 W. Lee Hwy #679 (540) 341-4362 • 251 W. Lee Highway Ruby Tuesday Café offering bistro sandwiches, wraps, M-Sat 6:30am - 9pm; Sun 7:30am - 8pm (540) 341-4912 • 74 Blackwell Park Lane gourmet salads, soups, and smoothies. Meals Offers breakfast sandwiches, pastries, and bagels. Lunch/dinner items include soups, American chain restaurant serving your served with either chips or fruit. Also offer favorite hamburgers, pastas, steaks, ribs and pick-two combination. Catering and kid’s menu salads, and sandwiches. Great bread selection. more. Also have salad bar and RubyTueGo available. Casual dress. Gourmet coffee and tea also available. Dine in available. Casual dress. www.tropicalsmoothiecafe.com or carry out. Free Wi-Fi. Catering available. www.rubytuesday.com www.panerabread.com (540) 349-7172 • 322 W. Lee Highway Pizza delivery or pick up. Online ordering available. Wings, breadsticks, and dessert also available. Daily specials and features. www.papajohns.com

Pizza Hut

(540) 347-5444 • 95 Broadview Avenue Pizza delivery, dine-in or pick up. Online ordering available. Choose from pizza, tuscani pasta, wings, rolls, p’zone pizzas, and more. www.pizzahut.com


(540) 349-7171 • 251 W. Lee Highway Pizza, sub, sandwich, and Italian entrée restaurant. Available for pickup and delivery. Offer both hot and toasted and cold subs. Gourmet pizzas and calzones also available. www.pizzarama.com/

Quiznos Subs

(540) 428-3803 • 6437 Lee Highway Sun 11am - 8pm; M - Sat 10am - 9pm Sub shop offering hot and cold menu selections. Also offer new longer, slimmer Torpedo sub and sammies served on flatbread. Salad and soup sides available. Tray and box lunch catering available. Dine-in or take-out. www.quiznos.com


(540) 341-2826 • 11 S. Second Street M - Tues 11am - 3pm; Wed - Sat 11am - 9pm; Sun 11am - 7pm Café offering made to order salads, platters, and sandwiches. Known for their famous wood smoked BBQ ribs. Lunch delivery available for orders over $15. Live entertainment at night. Catering available.


(540) 349-0950 • 41 W. Lee Highway #53, 102 Broadview Ave, 45 Main St. Suite A Restaurant offering subs and pizza. Home of the $5 footlong. Food is prepared after you order, and everything is prepared fresh daily. Available for dine-in or takeout. www.subway.com

Taco Bell

(540) 341-4206 • 316 W. Lee Highway Open late for fourthmeal cravings. Now offering frutista freeze drinks and fiesta taco salads. Also offer fresco menu (low fat). www.tacobell.com

Vocelli Pizza

(540) 349-5031 • 484 Blackwell Road Sun. - Thu. 11am - 10pm; Fri. - Sat. 11 am - 11pm. Classic Italian Pizza. Also offer antipasti, panini, stromboli, and salads. Check for lunch and combo specials. www.vocellipizza.com

Waterloo Café

(540) 349-8118 • 352 Waterloo Street Asian food available for dine-in, take-out, or delivery. Wide range of dishes available to order. Dishes served with a side of white rice. Casual dress.


(540) 347-5528 • 281 Broadview Avenue Fast food chain offering hamburgers, salads, and chicken nuggets. Also offer baked potatoes and chili as sides. Frosty’s available as desert. Casual dress. www.wendys.com

Yen Cheng

(540) 347-4355 • 294 W. Lee Highway M - Sat 11am - 10pm; Sun 12 noon - 10pm. First Chinese Restaurant in Warrenton. Wide range of appetizers, soups, and meats. Offer chef specialties and daily combos. Also offer a healthy food section and thai food options. www.yencheng.com

Warrenton Lifestyle

Warrenton Pediatrics is proud to welcome

Dr. Alex Eisen, D.O., FAAP to our practice

Come see us in our spacious new office! 28 Blackwell Park Lane, Suite 103 540.349.3225 www.warrentonpediatrics.com Dr. Mike


Blackwell Massage Therapy


This Year Give Your Valentine A Gift They’ll Remember Services Offered: z Swedish Massage z Deep Tissue z Hot Stone Massage z Sports Massage z Hot Oil Wraps By Appointment Only 32 Waterloo Street, Suite 210 Old Town Warrenton Gift Certificates Available

Katherine Blackwell Massage Therapist



WEEkDAy LUNch SpEciALS fRom 11A.m.-3p.m.

R E S TA U R A N T A N D B A R “Home of tHe best cuban sandwicH nortH of Havana”

(540) 349-8833


5 $ 5 $ 5 $

Dr. Alex

AINTS ARE NOT BORN THEY ARE NURTURED Please call for a tour. Accepting applications for 2010.



251 W. Lee Hwy, Warrenton, Virginia 20186

opEN oN VALENTiNE’S DAy All Day!

Dr. Alex joins Dr. Michael Amster, M.D., FAAP, in providing the highest quality of care for infants, children, and adolescents.




Thursday, February 4th, 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and Saturday, February 6th, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 Noon










February 2010

Academics  Religion  Tradition  Technology

ST. JOHN THE EVANGELIST CATHOLIC SCHOOL Pre K through 8th Grade 111 King Street, Warrenton, VA

Ed Hoffman, Principal (540) 347-2458 l www.sjesva.org Ms. Julie Copeland, Preschool Director (540) 347-5341


Ranked in the Top 1% Leading The Way In Listings and Sales


ReMa D E x Cong HELP ratula Robin tes Law IES FAMIL

26 Years Experience An Outstanding Realtor

Outstanding Results









Robin Law


www.robinlawrealtor.com Call “Robin” or her assistant “Nancy”

Check out GWCC Around Town!

Upcoming Events 2nd Networking Group Forming

Open Networking Mixer

Are Senior Citizens a substantial portion of your client base? The Greater Warrenton Chamber is seeking those interested for a Senior Service Networking Group. The goal of the group will be to learn how to better service the senior sector of the population and meet other businesses who service the same client base. The group will meet monthly and will have both a networking and educational component to the meetings. If you are interested please contact Sarah Atkins at 540-364-2359; sarah.atkins@edwardjones.com or Les Nichols at 540-3479191; lnichols@warrentonchamber.org. The initial business networking group is meeting Wednesdays at various locations around town. Two other groups are being discussed. If you have interest in joining another group and/or suggestions for times, types or locations, please contact Les Nichols at 540-347-9191; lnichols@ warrentonchamber.org.

Join us on Wednesday, February 10, from 5:00PM to 7:00PM the Greater Warrenton Chamber of Commerce will host another open networking mixer at Mojitos & Tapas located at 251 W Lee Hwy Suite # 157 in Warrenton. Call 540-349-8833 if you want to make dinner reservations for after the event. This is great opportunity to discuss what’s new with you business and find out what is going on with other businesses. Bring a prospective member and network with other business people. We welcome guests!

First Membership Luncheon Meet the Board Members and Committee Chairs of the Greater Warrenton Chamber of Commerce at our Member Luncheon from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM on Friday, February 26, 2010 at the Warrenton Presbyterian Church. A very special guest speaker has been invited. The Warrenton Presbyterian Church is located at 91 Main St. in Warrenton.

First Business Seminar Slated “Accelerating Your Business Out of the Recession” is the topic for Thursday, February 18th from 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. at the Warrenton Visitors Center. The program will be lead by local businessmen Mark Smith and John Stewart. Call 540-229-8915 or visit the website for more information.

Join the Greater Warrenton Chamber of Commerce Today! 540-229-8915 • www.warrentonchamber.org Greater Warrenton Chamber of Commerce 28

Join us on facebook: facebook.com/WarrentonChamber

twitter.com/warrentoncoc Warrenton Lifestyle

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The Builder

References Referrals & Question:

Vance W. from Old Town Warrenton asks,

“I am having a plumbing issue at my home, which contractor do you recommend for service work?”

Answer: Tim Burch Jr., CR - President, Burch Builders Group, Old Town Warrenton, VA. - Past President/ Chairman, National Association of the Remodeling Industry, Metro DC

Vance, Over the past couple months we have received many questions from the reader’s of The Warrenton Lifestyle magazine. The most common threaded questions come from homeowners just like you asking for some help in choosing trade contractors for service work. One of the privileges of being a hometown builder is that you get to meet and work with all the contractors in the area. I receive calls from family and friends at all hours of the day and night (usually frantic ones) needing contacts for a leak here, a trade contractor referral there. In builder circles we call ourselves, “House Doctors”, always on call! Over the years we have assembled what I think is the best support team of alliance contractors a builder could hope for. So in the spirit of the New Year I am opening up our rolodex and listing a few contractors and venders (right here in Fauquier County), that help make our projects great ones. Here we go: Surveys and Wall Checks: Dodd and Associates, 540-428-2900 Grading and Driveway Projects: Stuart Stanley Inc., 540-428-6860 Plans and Permit Copying: Piedmont Press and Graphics, 540-347-4466 Plumbing Service: A Master Plumbing, 540-937-7131, MRC Plumbing, 540-347-3013 HVAC Service: AWEST Heating and Cooling, 540-349-2565 Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry: Mastercraft Design Inc., 540-351-0708 Heritage Custom Cabinetry, 540) 349-9959 Unique/ One of a kind Furnishings: Shelf Life Furnishings, 540-349-7706

Ask the Builder/ Designer is a bi-monthly feature. Please submit your home owner questions to info@warrentonlifestyle.com or info@burchbuildersgroup.com and stay tuned for answers in next month’s publication. 30

This list by no means represents your only choice. There are many great builders (JD Eicher, B&L, Thorsen, etc.), service contractors, vendors and retailers in Warrenton to choose from. If you have a builder or contractor that you normally work with, ask him or her for a referral. The local Chamber of Commerce is another great resource for contractor information. The advantage of living in such a great community as Warrenton and its surrounding areas is that folks are typically honest and hard working. My advice to you and every other homeowner is; when you have problem or project that needs to be completed at your home, stay local! Warrenton Lifestyle

Heaven Sent, LLC In-home Senior Care

Alzheimer’s/Dementia Respite Care Transportation Garden Care

Heaven Sent Provides:

Providing that special care and care management for those with all forms of Dementia. Giving time, freedom, and peace of mind to the primary caregiver. To Doctor appointments, shopping, or drives to enjoy the scenery. Keep up your garden with your favorite flowers and plants.

Light Cooking—Light Housekeeping—Laundry—Medication Reminders—Errands–-and much more

CALL 877-349-7772 NOW and Receive A FREE Vial of Life • A FREE Consultation and Needs Assessment • AND A FREE Report “What Everyone Needs to Know When Planning for Eldercare” All with the friendliest, most trustworthy Caregivers, who are bonded, insured and licensed.

All in the comfort of your own home!

Family Vision Care A Privately Owned Office Dedicated to Your Eye Care Needs

Serving Fauquier County since 1979

As Bob Dylan sang

“The Times They Are A-Changin” I have been busier than I have been in the past two years and our current market is picking up steam. Virginia MRIS Median Price Dec 07 - $355,000 Dec 08 - $299,900 Dec 09 - $334,900 Fauquier & Culpeper MRIS Median Price Dec 07 - 359,000 Dec 08 - $300,000 Dec 09 - $329,000 Fauquier & Culpeper MRIS Months Supply of Inventory Dec 07 - 26.6 mo. Dec 08 - 13.3 mo. Dec 09 - 6.9 mo.

· · · · ·

Comprehensive Eye Exams Laser Vision Comanagement Large Selection of Frames Contact Lenses Fitted Treatment of Ocular Diseases





With over Five Million in Sales in Production in 2009 and experience in the best and worst of the local real estate markets, give me a call when looking to buy or sell.


(540) 341-1077

HOURS 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM


Evenings & Saturdays by Appointment

540-347-0555 528 Waterloo Road • Warrenton www.warrentoneyes.com February 2010

Michelle Perkins, GRI, ABR, CDPE

Graduate of the Realtor’s Institute Accredited Buyer’s Agent Certified Distressed Property Expert


403 Holiday Ct. Warrenton, VA


Mental Health

Managing Chronic Pain With the Power of the Brain by Dr. Robert B. Iadeluca It hurts. It hurts terribly. It hurts when standing or when sitting. It hurts during a restless night’s sleep, and perhaps most aggravating of all, the pain has been there for months, if not years. I see the pain etched on their faces as they enter my office. They are here for a blessed balm and have entered with the anticipation that I can do something to relieve their unrelenting distress. Described by the American Academy of Pain Management as a silent epidemic, chronic pain affects more than 60 million Americans, approximately 25% of the population. The American Chronic Pain Association sees it as a public health crisis. Almost 60% of adults 65 and older with pain have had it for one year or more. Pain is subjective. Unlike other illnesses, it cannot be detected by any known device. It requires the physician to ask the patient to use the familiar 1 to 10 ratio, indicating the severity of the pain. Chronic pain can disrupt and damage one’s life. Sinking slowly on to my couch, they tell me how they used to work out in the gym, go skiing, or simply leave home for work and now find themselves a shadow of their former physical selves, hibernating at home and, due to pain, lacking even the motivation or strength to involve themselves in household chores. Chronic pain affects not only the sufferer but also families and friends, employers and coworkers and sometimes the entire community. Do not confuse chronic pain with acute pain. We twist an ankle, cut a finger, or perhaps even undergo a minor operation. Pain accompanies the injury. Then the body rushes in to heal itself and a reasonable time later what we label acute pain gradually subsides and disappears. Chronic pain does not disappear. It may be the result of an

earlier illness or accident. The person may have long since recovered from the injury but the pain endures even after any causal conditions have been remedied. The pain may have an ongoing cause such as sprained back, cancer, an ear infection or arthritis. What is called nociceptive pain such as bone pain can result from disease or tissue damage outside the nervous system. Neuropathic pain such as neuralgia results from damage to the nervous system. This is more serious than nociceptive pain and is less responsive to analgesic drugs. How can it be that some pain continues long after the cause has disappeared? Not all pain that persists turns into chronic pain. Different people experience pain very differently. Genes account for up to 60% of the variance. As pain moves from the acute phase to the chronic stage, not only tissue damage and injury but also thoughts and emotions influence the ongoing pain signals even though the tissue damage finally disappears. The pain is real. All pain is real and physically experienced. However, pain is affected by a variety of emotional factors in addition to tissue damage. These factors might be anger, anxiety, hopelessness, helplessness, frustration, depression, or stress. Or, conversely, they might be a positive attitude -- feelings of reassurance, or determinedly taking control of one’s life. A person’s

How can it be that some pain continues long after the cause has disappeared?


Chronic Pain Continued on page 34 Warrenton Lifestyle

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540-349-2520 ¡ 800 Waterloo Road, Warrenton www.warrentonva.gov (under Parks & Rec) www.shelflifefurnishings.com 52 Main Street


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February 2010

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Chronic Pain Continued from page 32 mental state can dramatically affect pain perception in both a positive and negative manner. A stable childhood, for example, might be a favorable indicator. On the other hand, depressed people may find their pain increasing. Forty to fifty percent of all chronic pain patients experience some form of depression. Anxiety is often prevalent while experiencing pain, i.e. the fear of experiencing additional harm. Interpreting pain as unbearable is likely to increase the experience of pain. The effect of a mood is powerful. On a lower level of awareness, the patient mentally filters his perception. People seeing their situation in a negative manner tend to pick out a single negative detail and dwell on it exclusively until they perceive their whole situation as negative. No matter where in the body pain is felt, it is tied to an intricate brain function. Pain messages flow along the peripheral nerves to the spinal cord and proceed to the brain. In the spinal cord, there are “nerve gates” that can either block or permit nerve impulses to enter the brain. These gates are simultaneously influenced by instructions coming down from the brain. What determines such instructions? In addition to reasoning within the brain, emotions are also processed. Feelings such as those described above have meanings attached to them. The brain either chooses to pay close attention to the pain signal or ignores it altogether. People will often feel no pain during or after a severe trauma such as a traffic accident or an athletic contest. Soldiers wounded in battle complain of much less pain than civilians with similar injuries do. In war, a wound is attached to a positive connotation. 34

Deep within the brain lays the Nucleus Accumbens, a small but extremely important organ. This hidden ally is the “pleasure center” which processes rewards and starts the flow of endorphins, the brain’s equivalent of morphine. There is a strong correlation between reward and the alleviation of chronic pain. Not only receiving a reward but just anticipating a reward -- for example looking forward to a meal -- releases endorphins and alleviates pain. Receiving a placebo (sugar pill) is a promise of a forthcoming reward (healing) and leads to pain suppression. As a Clinical Psychologist specializing in pain management, I help the patient to “reframe” his perception of pain. My responsibility is to help the patient to interpret his situation in a more positive manner. A person’s outlook on his future can strongly influence how much pain impinges on his life. I start with a complete evaluation of the entire person ending up with a global biopsychosocial diagnosis. I ask questions that are intended to stimulate the patient’s hope that change is possible. As I sit across from the patient, I agree with him that the pain is not just “in the head” -- that while the power of the mind cannot be denied, that his body, nevertheless, is physically reacting to his feelings and thoughts. I describe “nerve gates.” I share common events that make it easier to understand the mind-body connection. For example, the football player, distracted by the

play, who does not feel the pain until later. We talk about the person hurt in an auto accident who truthfully tells the Emergency Medical Technician that he is feeling no pain. We discuss the infantryman, wounded in battle, who crawls out to save his buddy, while meanwhile feeling no distress of his own. The brain, in those cases, is focusing on winning the game or calling the family or saving a buddy’s life. The secret is focused intensity. Under hypnosis, a woman giving birth can find herself concentrating solely on the pleasures of lying on a warm beach while her body is simultaneously bringing a new child into the world. The brain can selectively block out sensations it perceives as non-threatening. While a patient suffering from pain may come to see me first, ordinarily medication prescribed by a physician is the first approach. This not being successful, orthopedic physicians may suggest electrical stimulation, a procedure whereby the stimulation overrides the sensation of pain. Surgery may or may not be recommended and the physician may suggest that the sufferer of chronic pain come to see me. Chronic pain cannot be cured but it can be managed. As the patient begins to realize the power of the mind over the body, he begins to recognize his own internal strength. Struggling to arise from my couch as he leaves, he now understands. Under my guidance, he will begin to use this power to help alleviate his current suffering.

Dr. Iadeluca holds a doctorate in Life-span Developmental Psychology and a state license in Clinical Psychology. He is also a volunteer with Hospice of the Rapidan. Warrenton Lifestyle

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Family Owned & Operated Licensed • Bonded • Insured


Toll Free: 866-347-3013

Proudly Serving Loudoun, Fauquier, Prince William & Culpeper Counties February 2010

LArge pizzA

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& Fitness

Zero-Cost Fitness Tips for Lean Times The holidays often leave us with wonderful memories… and a few extra pounds. To help you kick-off a healthy new year, Kim Forsten of Old Town Athletic Club in Warrenton offers her top fitness tips that can easily be incorporated into your daily routine--without breaking the budget. • Start a journal of foods and exercise. You’ll be surprised what you eat! • Get support from family and friends for your healthy lifestyle efforts • Walk for 30 minutes a day at a good speed • Spend time physically playing with the kids, grandchildren or your dog • Run up and down steps a few times a day. Get your heart rate up • Park and walk. Find a parking space as far away as possible and walk • Eat smaller portions (think salad plate) instead of filling a dinner plate • Cut down on sodas, lattes, sugar. Don’t buy these items for your home • Eat and drink slowly and in moderation • Bring your own healthy lunch to work each day • Fill up on salad and veggies • Drink water before dining out • Start a meal with a non-creamy soup such as a bouillon or broth • If you’re traveling, take along healthy snacks you’ve already prepared • Work out at with a friend; a work-out buddy can be a great inspiration

Now you’re on the road to a healthy new lifestyle and truly happy new year! Kim Forsten owns and operates Old Town Athletic Club, Parisi Speed School and Warrenton Pilates. Ms. Forsten has been a certified personal trainer, master group fitness trainer, master step instructor and certified nutritionist since 2000. Her specialty certifications include pilates, senior fitness, pre/ post natal exercise, Body Training Systems, and Zumba, to name a few. Old Town Athletic Club has received the Best of Warrenton for health clubs the last four consecutive years, and has been recognized regionally for its outstanding group fitness programming. YOUR health and fitness is Kim Forsten’s number one goal. Contact her at (540) 349-2791 or visit her on the web at www.otacfitness.com 36

Warrenton Lifestyle

Nova Medical Group Nova offers individualized bio-identical hormone replacement, tailored to meet the needs of select men and women seeking to restore hormone balance. This customized approach provides an alternative option to synthetic hormones and has helped countless patients frustrated by traditional therapies and medical conditions including hot flashes, insomnia, decreased libido, and other problems resulting from hormone imbalances. Interested in learning more about Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)? Call today and register for a FREE HRT consultation with Diane Fenlason, F.N.P. during the month of February.

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TAX PREPARATION - $125.00 NER return consisting of Form 1040 and Schedules A, DIN SHOPS Y B(basic & D, and includes electronic filing of both federal and L K H R Virginia returns. There may be a reasonable, additional WO MONT charge for more complicated situations such as rental real D estate or self-employment income) HEL 540-347-2125 or 800-790-4043 greg@gregbodoh.com 13 Culpeper Street Warrenton, VA Find us on the Warrenton website: warrentonva.gov

February 2010

Old Town Warrenton ~ Main Street at Third 64 Main Street • Warrenton, Virginia 20186 (540) 341-0001 • www.framecraftofva.com 37


Back in October of 2009 The Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine ran a page for the Light Up the Clinic 5K Walk/Run held by the Warrenton Presbyterian Church. The Church was raising money Haiti for Clinique Esperance et Vie in Terrier Rouge, Haiti to receive solar panels for use in sterilizing medical instruments; the use of microscopes, computers, lab and surgical equipment; for the operation of water pumps, lights and air coolers and much more. The money was raised and the solar panels have been installed. Last month missionaries from the Warrenton Presbyterian Church headed down to Haiti to work in the Clinic and while there the catastrophic earthquake hit. While the village they were in felt the quake, at over 70 miles north of Port-au-Prince, no immediate damage occurred. Many of the Terrier Rouge villagers had family in Port Au Prince that were injured or killed. The village had sent it’s first group of graduates to Port-au-Prince for University, sadly they were all killed in the earthquake. The night of the earthquake, Father J.M. Bruno, their host from the village and Pastor of Bethlehem Ministry asked the members of the Warrenton church if it was okay to use donations that were initially for food distribution in Terrier Rouge, for food distribution to Terrier Rouge Solar panels are up and running at the Clinique Esperance et Vie in family and friends in Port au Prince. He asked because, Terrier Rouge, Haiti. Missionaries from Warrenton were there in normally, donations given to the clinic and the ministry are directed toward specific uses. These were not normal mid-January during the catastrophic earthquake. conditions and of course, the Warrenton church agreed. Many people are leaving Port-au-Prince and are heading to the villages for food, water, medicine and to be with family. So, while the capital city still needs much attention we shouldn’t forget about the outlying areas who are being flooded with those seeking help. Before the earthquake most residents were fortunate to get even one meal a day, if that. Now that same food is going to be spread out to even more people. Below is an excerpt from a letter sent from Father Bruno in Haiti. The full letter can be read at http://www.bethlehemministry. org/ along with other messages of his experiences with the victims of the earthquake. We have listed other organizations below who are dedicated to helping those who have been affected by the earthquake and there are many more worthy organizations, too many to list here. Dear friends, First of all I want to praise the Lord who has allowed me to make the trip to Port-au-Prince and be back to Terrier Rouge. Thank you to all of you for your prayers and generosity. Thank you for accompanying the people of Haiti in their moment of trial. We urgently need your continued help. I left Terrier Rouge on Sunday 17th at 5.00 am with a truck loaded with food for 250 families affected by the earthquake and 10 young volunteers. After eight hours on the road we arrived at the Capital of Haiti. Immediately we started our relief work by visiting the most affected areas. I could not believe what I saw. The City where I grew up does not exist any longer. The Holy Trinity Cathedral, the Church attended by my family, the temple which witnessed my ordinations was completely destroyed. My primary and high school where I had my education was leveled. Most of the government buildings including the National Palace either were severely damaged or do not exist

www.redcross.org www.bethlehemministry.org/ www.unicefusa.org 38

any longer. One cannot describe the scene. One has to be there. TV coverage shows only part of the devastated Port-au-Prince. Everywhere in Port-au-Prince people live in the streets or they use any park or space they can find. They sleep under the stars. Their temporary shelters are made of sheets some of them have recovered from the ruins. Praise the Lord it is not raining. Tears came down as I was walking between the bodies of the dead who were still laying on the pedestrian walk way waiting to be picked up by the truck to be buried in a common grave. The needs are countless. I felt since the moment of the tragedy that I had to intervene in a way or other to bring my support to fellow citizen. Families are leaving the Capital and are moving the country. I am helping also in this area. On our way back the truck was loaded with people from Terrier Rouge we brought to their families. –Bruno+

http://umc.org/haiti https://hopeforhaitinow.org clintonbushhaitifund.org Warrenton Lifestyle

itopia Home h c r A Thoughtful Additions & Interiors

Affordable House Ideas


ncreasing the value and enjoyment of your home is a priority. We work closely with you to create conceptual Room,

Addition Plans and Great Interiors that support how you really live. We are a problem solver and fresh-ideas source.

This is Universal Design You Enjoy The Fish We take care of the details • • • •

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never charging by the hour.

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540-272-7752 www.catfishlogic.com • contact@catfishlogic.com Serving Fauquier County homes and businesses for 17 years.

• Additions • Universal Design For Aging In Place • Color Consulting • Great Interiors • Staging For Resale Value/One Day To A Better Room • Heirloom-Quality Furniture

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Dunivan Service

Over 20 years of experience

Sales • Service • Installation

• Heat Pumps • Air Conditioning • Gas Conversion • All Makes & Models • Special Air Cleaners • Humidifiers • Licensed & Insurred • Residential & Commercial


$1500 tax credit

when you purchase a 15 seer heat pump and/or gas heating and cooling system. Exp. 12/31/10



540-349-1874 WARRENTON, VA

February 2010

Family Owned & Operated Deal Directly With Owner We Do The Job Right The First Time Fast, Reliable, Prompt “We Come Highly Recommended” Very Competitive Rates 39

Le your t us cate r n Call f ext Fie or de tails sta

Reference Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine for a 15% discount on any hourly rate

Computer Consulting Hourly Rate $80/hr


support@htd.net • http://www.htd.net

The Young Lawyers’ Conference of the Virginia State Bar presents:

Immigration Conference “Don’t Get ICED by ICE*”

*Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Find out what businesses, employees, divorce, criminal and corporate attorneys need to know to avoid getting ICED!!

February 19, 2010

10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Lunch Included) Holiday Inn Express • 410 Holiday Court • Warrenton For Questions/Registration Information Contact Marie Washington, Law office of Mark B. Williams 12 Culpeper St., Warrenton VA 20186 (540) 347-6595 • mwashlegal@verizon.net

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Mass Deployments Operating System Updates Onsite & Remote Assistance Available Hardware/Memory Upgrades Preventive Maintenance Laptops/Desktops/Servers PC Toubleshooting General Computer Assistance Internet Connection Issues Computer Repair/Support Printer Installation System Restorations Computer Training Virus/Spyware/Junk Removal Business Services Performance Tune-up LAN & Wireless Networking Data Transfers Hosted E-mail System Backup Website Design Data Recovery Website Hosting (starting @ $5.95/mo)

Remington Lions Club Saturday, February 13 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM $5 admission Music by The Backyard Blues Band Food and Beverages for sale All proceeds to benefit the Music Programs of Liberty High School Questons or additional info at woesterling@FCPS1.ORG The Remington Lions Club is located on SR 29 at the SR 28 intersection. Warrenton Lifestyle


LAWN & LANDSCAPING, INC. For your complete lawn care service

Loving Care When You’re not there MiD-DaY WaLKS & viSitS vaCation/hoLiDaY SPeCiaL neeDS Kelly Parrish - owner BONDED • INSURED • LICENSED


It’s time to get your lawn ready for spring fertilize, seed, apply nutrients* and spray for weeds. Call early to schedule your lawn

540/219-9816 or 540/347-7240 *per soil test recommendations Regular lawn maintenance, i.e., mowing and weedeating, spring and fall lawn clean up, mulching and weeding of beds, planting and pruning services are also available.


will be open for pick up and lert We A e delivery on Sunday, February 14 n i alent

{fit print

from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Order early


Unique Gifts Delivery Service Fresh Flowers & Plants

10% OFF (Regular priced merchandise only.)

Upstairs you’ll find the Area’s largest selection of Teddy Bears Voted Best Florist 4 Years in a Row

Get Fit. EXPERIENCE 7 Main Street • Warrenton, Virginia 347-4762 • www.designsbyteresa.com

Visit Us At: 147 W LEE HWY, WARRENTON, VA 540-347-3200 Expires 2/28/10

Valid only at this location. Regularly priced items. One coupon per purchase. Not valid on previous purchases or gift certificates. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Not valid on LE, Nike® Jordan or Shox. See store for details. ©2008 TAF

{fit print

HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 9-8 Sun. 11-6

• State-of-the-art computerized pressure technology • Receive your FREE personalized {fit print analysis within minutes • Measures and identifies pressure points in your feet • GUARANTEES the best fit possible

Cruizen Cab Company, LLC 540-439-4280 540-439-4280

Serving Fauquier, Culpeper and Surrounding Counties

Licensed & Insured

For all your transportation needs, call anytime. Medical Transportation Provider February 2010


Fauquier Chiropractic Dr. Charles Nicolai of Fauquier Chiropractic is quickly recovering from his riding accident and back in his office.

His brother, Dr. Tom Nicolai, has recently joined the practice. Fauquier Chiropractic is currently taking new patients.

Fauquier Chiropractic

127 E. Shirley Avenue in Warrenton across from the Warrenton Horse Show grounds.

Phone 540-347-5900


Take Your Meal From Ordinary to Extraordinary - Cooking Techniques Warrenton author Joe David and Cooking School Chef Jill Prescott will join together at the annual Virginia Wine Showcase to acquaint visitors with a few techniques for turning an ordinary meal into something extraordinary (www.vawineshowcase.org). David, who is the author of Gourmet Getaways, will provide some background to the lively informational cooking class, which Former PBS Chef Prescott will provide. Guests will have the opportunity to sample the food, take home the recipe, and enjoy a tasting of a suitable Virginia Wine that will go with the food. Joe David will be available to autograph copies of his book Gourmet Getaways, a collection of cooking schools, chefs, and romantic U.S. getaways near your home. Joe David is the author of five books and numerous magazine and newspaper articles. www.gourmetgetaways.us According to David, “Noteworthy success in the kitchen is never achieved by adding a secret ingredient to a meal. It only occurs after years of studying and reproducing subtle and even mysterious flavors learned from time-honored cooking traditions passed on from generation to generation. To Chef Jill Prescott,” he adds significantly, “this means cooking the French way by learning essential techniques.” Annual Virginia Wine Showcase Saturday, Feb. 6th & Sunday, Feb. 7th Dulles Expo Center

Lego Mania is coming to Warrenton! Wonder what 30,000+ legos looks like? Come see and play with them! Warrenton Community Center February 27, 2010 • 3 - 5 pm Free event open to the public Sponsored by: Families 4 Fauquier For additional information please visit our website at www.families4fauquier.com or email us at info@families4fauquier.com 42

Warrenton Lifestyle

Jud A. Fischel, P.C.


Come Celebrate Bob Marley’s birthday with us on Saturday, February 6. We will have delicious specials!

Attorneys At Law

Jud A. Fischel C. Patrick Tench M. Alexandra Hazel • Criminal Law • Personal Injury • Civil Litigation • Wills & Estates • Family Law/Divorce • Equine Matters • Landlord/Tenant Issues



heart health + antioxidants




IN THESE SMOOTHIES symbol denotes calorie count acai berry boostTM when made with splendaTM health nutTM These smoothies are sweetened with SPLENDA No TM Calorie Sweetener to reduce overall calorie count. very berry green tea Smoothies sweetened with SPLENDA No Calorie blue lagoonTM Sweetener may still contain sugar. SPLENDA ®




No calorie Sweetener & the SPLENDA® logo are trademarks of McNeil Nutritionals, LLC.

24 Ashby Street Warrenton, VA 20186


Buy 1 Dinner & Get The 2nd Dinner 1/2 Price

251 W Lee Hwy - The Warrenton Center


Buy 1 Smoothie


1/2 OFF

Get second Exp. 2-28-10

Frame your alentine Digital Photo Frames

Print in our store and frame your Valentine to make a picture perfect gift

Tuesday Lunch Special $4.10 all lunches Gift Certificates Available

251 W. Lee Hwy. Ste 679, Warrenton Hours: Mon.-Sat. 9-9; Sunday 10-6

With Coupon - Expires 2/28/10

11am - 2:30 pm

vitamin c + fiber

Large Selection of Frames and Mats Create photo albums, collages, and enlargements right at our in store kiosk or online.

Framed Enlargements

From Cameras to Printing

306 Lee HigHway -- warrenton -- 540 347 2533

Business Services

Payroll, Bookkeeping, Tax and Advice Warrenton

77 W. Lee Highway (Beside Dominos)

347-7517 Culpeper


15135 Montanus Dr.

Bealeton Shopping Center



February 2010




Love your public Safety Day Chick-fil-A of Warrenton will be hosting a “Love your public Safety Day” community event on Feb. 27th from 1:00 to 3pm honoring three local departments: Town of Warrenton Police Department, Fauquier County Sheriff’s Department and the Fire and Rescue Company. Selected nominees will be given a hand-embellished, framed painting donated by local police artist John Kiernan for going above and beyond the call of duty. See examples of the paintings at www. kiernanart.com. We invite the community to join us in our appreciation for their dedication to public service. Kids can enjoy a visit from the cow, “Touch the Truck” from Fire & Rescue Department as well as a child car seat safety check. We will also be raffling off a car seat as well. Save the date and join us Saturday Feb. 27th from 1-3pm at Chick-fil-A Warrenton. Painting by John Kiernan

We’ll Promote Your Local Business


in our March 1st Shop Local Pack

Get the details today on our website!

www.whitelephant.com 44

Nelson Earns Certified Retirement Plans Specialist DesignationSM Brett Nelson, CFP®, has earned the Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist DesignationSM (CRPS®). CRPS® designees can provide employers with an understanding of how to establish an efficient retirement plan and ensure regular compliance with plan rules, can design an optimal plan for business owners and employees, and provide advice on issues such as qualified plans, the eligibility and deductibility of IRA contributions, profit sharing plans, stock bonus plans, 401(k) plans, distribution planning, and much more. A CRPS® designee can also help explain the details of establishing investment policy and objectives as well as the termination of a plan. “Managing a retirement plan for a small business can be a daunting responsibility,” says Nelson. “Turning to a strategic partner who has the skills to design, implement and administer retirement plans can help put things in perspective,” explains Nelson. Brett Nelson, CFP®, owns and operates Nelson Financial Partners, LLC with his wife, Julie Nelson, CPA. Together, they make available a diverse offering of financial planning, including investment management, retirement planning, estate planning, risk management and insurance, and tax planning and preparation. Nelson Financial Partners, LLC, is located at 77B West Lee Street, Warrenton, VA 20186, and can be reached by phone (540-341-8459), email (brett.nelson@ingfp.com) or online (www.nelsonfinancialpartners.com). Warrenton Lifestyle


White Flower Wellness Center Now Open


Save 15% on any body therapy with this ad expires 2/28/10

Wills, Trusts, Living Trusts, Estates, Probate, Powers of Attorney, Medical Directives, Elder Law and Family Law. Law Office of

connect. heal. shine.


• • • • • •

yoga & meditation thai massage holistic health & nutrition counseling mind-body-spirit wellness programs destination yoga/spa retreats corporate wellness

32 Waterloo Street, Suite 100

Studio: 540.341.3609

Cell: 540.878.7209

MICHAEL A. MAYS Warrenton, VA. 540-351-0211 Va. Bar 1975

Prompt, Reliable Service. Reasonable Rates.

CHINA tion a s t r s o re rt Transp p x Airport y E o (540) 351-0580 (540) 351-0581 l Airp e m Chinese We will cater your parties. TiTransportation New Year All You Can Eat Buffet - Open Every Day from 11 am-3 pm - $6.50

February 14 Year of the Tiger

Minimum Order $15.00 within 5 Mile Radius

r Pho ike o


88 4 6 347x 0 4 5 540-347-6488 elyE M k for for AsAsk

(Over 5 Miles Delivery Charge May be Applied)

Business & Delivery Hours Monday - Thursday 11:00 am - 10:00 pm Mike or Phoebeaol.com Friday - Saturday 11:00 am - 11:00 pm n@ sVa s e Sunday 12:00 noon - 10 pm r p

im il: T a Email: TimelyExpressVan@aol.com m E

Capture her heart with one of ours

Check out our website for the different items on the buffet.

589 Frost Avenue, Warrenton, VA 20186 (Warrenton Towne Center) chinarestaurantva.com

MOPS & BUCKETS r s fo rice ning! p New ar clea l regu

Weekly • Bi-Weekly Residential • Commercial VA Class A License #2705116554A

We Do Windows

In addition to cleaning your home or office Ask about our new Bridal Collection and Chamilia Charms 145 W. Lee Hwy., Next to Sears www.warrentonjewelers.com

540-439-4859 after hours: 540-439-3967 www.janddhandyman.com We accept: A J&D Handyman Service Company

341-8840 February 2010


What’s New


251 West Lee Hwy., Warrenton, VA Phone: 540-428-0044 • Fax: 540-428-0043


Heat-And-Serve Side Dishes

Garlic Mashed Potatoes THE HONEYBAKED HALF HAM (7-10 lbs.) Potatoes Au Gratin THE HONEYBAKED MINI HAM (3-5.5 lbs.) Sweet Potato Souffle THE HONEYBAKED BONELESS WHOLE HAM (6-9 lbs.) Broccoli Rice Casserole THE HONEYBAKED BONELESS HALF HAM (3-5 lbs.) Cinnamon Apples Green Bean Casserole THE HONEYBAKED TURKEY BREAST (2.75-3 lbs.) Macaroni & Cheese HONEYBAKED BY THE SLICE *Cornbread Dressing HoneyBaked Ham, HoneyBaked Turkey Breast or *Turkey Gravy HoneyBaked Boneless Ham * seasonally available THE ULTIMATE BBQ PORK ROAST Try Our Valentine Dinner For 2 BBQ BABY BACK RIBS




1 lb. of HoneyBaked Ham Slices or Turkey Slices 1 large side or 2 small sides 1 bag dinner rolls

Expires 2/28/10

Expires 2/14/10




Fleur de Lis Flair It’s about time! Fleur de Lis Flair event planners free individuals from the time required to plan a special event by managing all the details for them, including venue negotiations, florist, photographer, caterer, and musicians. Our specialties include:

 Nonprofit/     

Corporate Events Golf Tournaments Weddings Anniversaries Birthday Parties Farm/Vineyard Functions and more!

Contact us today for a quote: Aimée O’Grady 703.785.1532 aimee@fleurdelisflair.com Kelly Harris 703.862.9959 kelly@fleurdelisflair.com


Look good for your Sweetheart on Valentine’s Day with a new style.


At a time when we ready for spring cleaning and make the project lists, we have a couple of businesses that can help us with those projects: Fred Brown has opened Rescue Roofing to take care of your roof, gutters, windows and siding. They will do a roof inspection for you, if you are not sure what it might need. We also have a new office in town for J&D Handyman, they have moved into the building where Brown’s Wood Stuff recently closed, and I certainly cannot list all the things that they can help you with, because the list would be extremely long. One new business opened in Marshall and I mention it because I believe it is the only one of its kind in the County. Marshall Midwifery and Birth Center has opened on Main Street in Marshall and has already started delivering babies. This is a great option in this area for mothers. Napoleon’s Restaurant is currently closed for maintenance and I am trying to get further information as to what their future plans are. Watch the What’s New page on inFauquier. com and I will post new information as I get it. The same holds true for Cottage Antiques, which must vacate their current space because the building was sold to the Salvation Army. Cottage Antiques currently has a sign in the front window of a spot on Main Street, which seems to indicate that that is where they will be moving to, but I do not have confirmation of that at this time. Jimmie’s Market and The Madison Tea Room have reopened after an ownership change and some remodeling of the space. They still serve up some great sandwiches and desserts. The Natural Market Place has made a few changes; they are now open on Sundays from 11am to 4pm (including the deli portion of the store) and they are also carrying a new, more budget conscious line of products from Field Day. This new line will help your budget and tastes delicious. Lastly, we are seeing signs of the new Great Harvest Bread Company store on Main Street coming to life and hopefully they will be open soon.









Thank You For Voting Us The Best Barber Shop In Town 4 Years In A Row


Don’t forget all the great places we have in town that can help you with your Super Bowl party. I know we don’t have any local teams in it, but we all love it anyway. A good reason to gather friends and family to spend some time together.


Amy Griffin is the owner of inFauquier.com, a comprehensive online directory of consumer businesses located in Fauquier County. Maps to all the businesses can be found at inFauquier.com and check out the What’s New page for more business happenings in the entire county. You can reach her at (540)347-4922 or amy@inFauquier.com with your questions or any tidbits you hear about local business. Warrenton Lifestyle

EXCELLENT OFFICE SPACE AVAILABLE Close to Town Center, Shops, Banks & Restaurants 3,450 sq ft. High Ceiling Warehouse Space With Loading Dock

410 Belle Air Lane - Warrenton, Virginia Outstanding Mixed Use Facility Available Office/Warehouse Space Mixed Use 6,100 sq. ft. Marquee End Location in Thriving Business Park High Visibility from Rt. 29 High Ceilings - Windows providing Ample Natural Light Main Level Showroom with Office & Mezzanine Offices 2 Handicap accessible restrooms Large Kitchen Area High Ceiling Warehouse Raised Pull Thru Loading Dock Generous Parking Allowance with Ample Overflow Signage Available

10 Rock Pointe Ln., Warrenton, Virginia February 2010

Buying, Selling or Renting your property, Call ARMI today!47

A division of Piedmont Press & Graphics 404 Belle Air Lane • Warrenton, Virginia 20186 540-347-4466 • www.warrentonlifestyle.com


OUR HEATING/COOLING SYSTEM DESIGNERS HAVE 75+ YEARS COMBINED EXPERIENCE Heat Pumps Gas Furnaces Boilers Radiant Geothermal Air Conditioners

Call for your FREE ESTIMATE Best Plumber by the readers of The Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine

Appleton Campbell

VA Class A Licensed & Insured

We DoIt All! Plumbing, Heating & Air Serving Our Community SINCE1976


( 540) 347-0765 WARRENTON ( 540) 825-6332 CULPEPER ( 703) 754-3301 GAINESVILLE