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Poplar Springs: Best Massage Services & Best Spa Services

Palmer Smith: Best Local Artist

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Carousel Frozen Treats: Best Ice Cream & Best Nightspot

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Families4Fauquier In & Around Town - Joyce Najjar Pickleball Fauquier County’s Paddle Sport Arts & Entertainment - Aimée O’Grady

Small Town Warrenton Has a Large Heart for Music

Happy & Healthy - Dr. Robert Iadeluca

Entering High School - Preparing For Life Outside of School

Out & About Wildcat Mountain - John Hagarty Hiking Back To Long Forgotten Era

Meet & Greet - Danica Low Fauquier Excellence In Education Grows Iinto A Foundation Fauquier Health - Robin Earl

Calcium Scoring Test Assesses Heart Attack Risk

Abundance of Great Water A Community Asset - Rebekah Grier Warrenton Water Filtration Plant Supplies Town with Water

Best of Warrenton Results

Listing of Winners and Honorable Mentions For Each Category

Furry Friends - Outside The Box- Charlotte Wagner Eliminating Feline Toileting Issues

Discovered History - Warrenton Country School- John Toler Private Girl’s School - Part of the Community

At Vint Hill - Christine Craddock Green Maple Market Offers Wide Selection Food - All Rise For The Flatbread - Rebekah Grier A Recipe Using Fresh Ingredients

Let’s Talk Business - GWCC

The Famous Mulch Volcano and Member Spotlight Lachelle Yoder

Happy & Healthy - Michelle Kelley Life Experiences Are Never Wasted

Home & Garden - Debbie Eisele Native vs. Non-native: Why It Matters

What’s Up Warrenton

Schedule of Activities In & Around Warrenton

On the Cover: 2015 Best of Warrenton Winners Announced, see page 32 for the listing of winners and honorable mentions.


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The Tenth Annual Best of Warrenton Award Winners are presented here this month. Thank you to everyone who voted. Your diverse choices are a reflection of all we have to offer here in our hometown. Please take the time to discover some new local favorites for yourself and continue to explore our community. Thank you to the readers of The Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine for caring enough to vote. You’ll notice that this issue is even thicker than usual. Well, after 10 years of producing The Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine, we aren’t running out of intriguing topics. In fact, we are getting overwhelmed with them. Interim Editor Debbie Eisele has done a fantastic job of

pulling it all together in a cohesive format. I think you are really going to enjoy what we have for you. I love music. Always have. Live performances allow you to experience what a songwriter(s)/musician(s) feel with their music. Fortunately, there has been much more music available to enjoy right here in Warrenton. In one short stretch I saw over a dozen local performances at a restaurant, the park, open mic night, a children’s camp and a local bar. Aimee O’Grady delivers an outstanding overview of what music opportunities are here locally and profiles a handful of talented musicians.

This issue marks the beginning of our eleventh year of publishing The Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine. We are honored to be an important part of building our community by providing history, resources, fun and opportunities to you. Thank you to those that write, suggest, photograph, design, etc every month. We are most grateful to all the local (only) advertisers who allow us to deliver this to almost 12,000 homes every month FOR FREE! We would love it if you would thank them too next time you shop. And the winners are….

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Fauquier County’s Paddle Sport For All Ages & Levels By Joyce Najjar Several years ago, a local resident named Morris Wheat, introduced a game called Pickleball to Warrenton and subsequently became the Pickleball “Ambassador-at-Large” to Fauquier County. Morris singlehandedly recruited, cajoled and encouraged adults in this area to get out there on the tennis courts and hit a whiffle ball with the paddle. A number of these folks had been fervent tennis or racquetball players, but due to various physical reasons, found

that these games were a bit more demanding now that they were older. Enter Pickleball! Soon Morris had a mixture of dedicated men and women helping him spread the word. Many are still playing in Fauquier county and surrounding communities today. Wheat now spends just the summer in Warrenton, so the organizational work is currently handled by Bob & Joyce Najjar, Ralph Tapp and Keith Gardner all of Warrenton.

The group started locally around 2007 on the tennis courts at Auburn Middle school on Riley Road. Maurice and company had to get on their hands and knees to chalk lines for pickleball each time they gathered to play. Eventually two of the courts got painted with blue lines for pickleball. Now, thanks to the Fauquier Parks and Recreation Department, many devotees of the game also play on two indoor courts at the Vint Hill Community Center in the fall and winter.

Ralph Tapp, Morris Wheat, & Bob Najjar, Founders of the Auburn Pickleball group


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WHAT IS PICKLEBALL? A fun paddle sport created for all ages and skill levels, pickleball combines many elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong. The rules are simple and the game is easy for beginners to learn, but can develop into a quick, fast-paced, competitive game for experienced players. It’s played on a 44-by-20-foot court and is similar to both tennis and badminton, with a few differences. A properly lined pickleball court takes up about half the space of a tennis court. In addition to the polymer ball (sizes vary but the standard is similar to a tennis ball), playing equipment includes solid-surface paddles about the size of those used in racquetball and a 34” to 36” high net, slightly lower from that in tennis. Games are generally up to 11 points (win by two) with scoring only by the service team — all serves are lobbed in. Almost everyone can play the game after just a short time of hitting the ball back and forth across the net. However, it is also a sport where you can keep learning new strokes and increasingly sophisticated strategies for years on end. Why it works for the over-50 crowd? It requires less running and puts less stress on joints. There's mental work in calling, (per the rules), your score, your opponent's score and the rotation. And everyone talks about the atmosphere of camaraderie. Why's it great for families? The game requires just a short amount of

time to teach. Youngsters get a leg up on learning future racket sports. Older family members can have full involvement. The United States of America Pickleball Association (USAPA), currently estimates there are now over 400,000 players actively playing pickleball. HISTORY OF THE GAME Pickleball was invented in 1965 on Bainbridge Island, a short ferry ride from Seattle, WA. Three dads – Joel Pritchard, Bill Bell, and Barney McCallum -whose kids were bored with their usual summertime activities are credited with creating the game after they couldn’t find a shuttlecock to play badminton and used a wiffle ball instead. Pickleball has evolved from original hand-made equipment and simple rules into a popular sport throughout the US and Canada. Today the sport is played by people all across the U.S. and even in faraway places like Singapore and Kenya. The game is growing internationally as well with many European and Asian countries adding courts. As the sport

has grown in popularity it continues to be played in back yards, but it has also spawned many competitive tournaments across the country. In this state, Pickleball is included in the Virginia Senior Games. So, are you ready to play? There is a warning however. Once you get hooked on Pickleball you will probably find that it is so much fun that you will “waste” hours each week laughing, improving your game and getting into better physical and mental shape. If you’d like to give Pickleball a try or would like more information about the local game, email Bob at rnajjar@ comcast.net. You can also drop by Auburn Middle School, 7270 Riley Rd, Warrenton, VA on Mon & Wed evenings, from 6 – 8 p.m. and Saturday mornings, 8:30 – 10:30 a.m. (weather permitting) into the fall. No experience necessary, but some agility and eye/

hand coordination necessary. Wear comfortable clothing and sturdy court sneakers. Bring water. Equipment is available to use and portable facilities are at the site. After the first visit, a one-time fee of $10 for the season will be charged for those wishing to continue to play. MORE INFO: www.usapa.org virginiapickleball.org/what-is-pickleball and warrentonpickleball.blogspot.com

Article by Joyce Najjar, member of the Pickleball group at Auburn Middle School 10

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SEPT 26, 2015 10am - 4pm

Aiken Drive, VINT HILL, VIRGINIA (Between bludau drive and sigler Road)

A street festival benefiting Leadership Fauquier.

Food & Fashion Trucks • Retail & Craft Vendors Live Music & Entertainment • Children’s Activities and more! Contact us for more information or to become a vendor: info@vinthillfallfestival.com.



ARTS &Entertainment

SMALL TOWN WARRENTON Has a Large Heart for Music By Aimée O’Grady In 2005, Andy Budd, owner of Country Chevrolet, won the prize for a top sales competition: a Brazilian Rosewood Eric Clapton limited edition Martin guitar. This prize awakened his passion for music. Less than a decade later, Budd was recording his third album in Nashville, Tennessee. Today, he can be found at the dealership at the corner of Blackwell and Route 211 during the day, and playing guitar at area venues at night. While not every Warrentonian has such a story, a quick trip through town reveals a number of similar stories and residents that support their local musicians. For a small town, Warrenton has a large heart for the music industry, and area bands enjoy a loyal following. Warrenton guests and residents can listen to regularlyscheduled live music in any number of Warrenton's restaurants and bars, with other restaurants booking the occasional gig. Meanwhile, all summer long, venues throughout the region host live music. From Crockett Park in the east to Verdun Adventure Bound in the west, with the County

Fair, Warrenton Town Limits, and First Friday filling in the middle, the Warrenton community supports its local musicians. Adam Lynch and Jamie Sneed, Fauquier High School graduates and current owners of Hidden Julles Cafe, brought Stammering Blind band members back together after a three-year hiatus in March of 2014. Over the past 18 months, they have gained popularity, having played 67 gigs in the Warrenton region, as well as at venues in DC and Maryland. The band was named for lead member Sneed’s occasional stutter and their original guitarist’s blindness in one eye. Sneed, who is Stammering Blind’s lead vocalist, describes Warrenton residents as having a hunger for music. "People come out to the bars to hear bands, and in response to this, bars are booking bands a year in advance." In October 2012, the Silver Tones Swing Band premiered at the Warrenton Community Center honoring World War II Vets. “We had our first performance only two months after pulling the band

Jamie Sneed sings vocals at Molly’s Irish Pub. Photo Credit Paula Combs

together,” explains band front man Dave Shuma. Following this performance, the band was contacted by Fauquier Parks and Recreation to play for a Valentine’s Day Dance at the Marshall Community Center. Since then the Silver Tones have had the opportunity to play throughout Warrenton, as well as the region with

Silver Tones performance during a 2014 First Friday Main Street Warrenton 12

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2015 RAM




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2015 200


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McCory performs for childcare kids at C.M. Bradley Elementary School

performances at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, the Army Navy Country Club and at the Spanish Ballroom in Glen Echo for 500 dancers. The band rehearses weekly and just finished recording their first demo album to help promote themselves to new venues. With strong ties to the community, the band is happy to spread the joy of music through their performances. Wendy MartinShuma, band vocalist, is impressed with the diversity of the Warrenton culture, “For such a small town, we really have it all, from the Fauquier Community Band to the Piedmont Symphony Orchestra, there is

Maddi Sunshine performs at the inaugural Warrenton Town Limits at the WARF. 14

something for every musician at every level.” Michele Flores, another Fauquier High School graduate and current Loan Officer at George Mason Mortgage, LLC, considered returning to her hometown of Nashville to pursue a singing career. “Rather than risk my love of music if I didn’t succeed, I decided to stay in Warrenton to work and pursue music as a hobby,” she explains. When asked to describe the music scene in Warrenton, Flores is quick to say there is a lot heart in town. While she enjoys the paying gigs, Flores is also very willing to donate her time for local charities. One beneficiary of her vocal skills was Great Meadow Twilight Polo, where she was invited to sing the National Anthem a cappella. Flores has been on stage since the age of 10, when she performed "My Heart Will Go On". She often teams up with Ross D'Urso and regularly performs at Poplar Springs Inn and Spa with occasional gigs at Mojitos & Tapas. Ross D’Urso’s name is most commonly associated with his role as Commissioner of the Revenue for Fauquier County, so residents are sometimes surprised to see him with Flores at Poplar Springs. Music always had a big influence on D’Urso, who grew up during the 1960’s and began playing the guitar when he was only twelve years old. He finds that the music from the 60’s resonates with today’s younger generations, and he credits the Internet with helping him revive his passion. “I haven’t taken a lesson a day in my life, but thanks to YouTube, I can watch other musicians break songs down and learn to play and improve my abilities.” Five years ago, D’Urso had what he considers a musical renaissance. “I picked up my guitar, got together with a few friends and began showing up at open mic night at McMahons. Eventually, I began getting invited to play at local wineries and from there, venues began booking me by word of mouth.” Bob Grouge, Manager of Poplar Springs, has seen significant benefits from live music, “Our patrons love the addition of live music with dinner and our local talent seems to have a strong following so it’s a nice pairing.” Grouge explains that he enjoys seeing the community interact with the wide

variety of musical genres found in the area. He said they are able to provide something for everyone, “We are able to offer a lot of options for our patrons.” From D’Urso’s perspective, he sees local entrepreneurs taking a calculated risk by bringing local musicians into their restaurants to play live music for patrons. Seeing their positive results, other eateries are following suit. Debra Smyers, a Warrenton local and booking agent, feels that Warrenton is very supportive of new and original music, especially the area’s young artists. Smyers is so passionate about the arts that she has built her career advocating for arts education and helping local musicians pursue their career. Smyers says she “enjoys helping all artists pursue their passion.” Ida Stretch takes the stage at the Warrenton Town Limits festival in July.

When it comes to Warrenton’s support of music, she believes we have a good number of venue options to listen to live music that cater to all levels of music experience. Drum ‘n Strum, located on Main Street, offers a musical experience unlike any other in town with bands performing on their stage monthly. The small venue and affordable ticket prices provide an intimate setting for guests to experience music with musicians aging in range from as young as sixteen to well into middle age. According to D’Urso, “guests can hear Jiffy Lube-quality music right here in Warrenton.” The Drum ‘n Strum stage can also be seen at local events, such as last month’s Warrenton Town Warrenton Lifestyle


Limits festival, where five musicians, including Maddi Sunshine and Ida Stretch, performed to a crowd of nearly 5,000 people. Drum ‘n Strum also hosts open mic night on Thursdays beginning at 8:00 pm. Owner Tim Dingus’ commitment to giving young talent an opportunity is relentless. At the other end of Main Street, Allegro manages The Cellar Door, a coffee house and performance space that will re-open this fall for all the artists in the community. Coffee house fare will be available with a donation to the Allegro Community School of the Arts (a nonprofit organization). During a walk down Main Street on First Friday, one can meet any number of musicians, including oneman band, Peter McCory. While working in PR at Fauquier Hospital in the early 1990s, McCory combined what he considers to be the two best things in the world: children and music. He performed as a one-man band for four years part-time before taking it on full-time. McCory uses his talent not only to entertain but to educate children on the value of practice to sharpen skills. He hosts regular writing workshops where children ages 8-12 have the opportunity to songwrite, regardless of if they have ever played an instrument. His message is that of the value of hard work. “I realize that today’s children are used to immediate gratification, and this helps to remind them that to be good at something you need to practice, and dedicate time and effort.” In addition to one-on-one instruction offered through businesses such as Drum ‘n Strum, Allegro and individuals such as McCory, Warrenton offers a number of programs for children of all ages and all musical abilities to engage in the musical arts. The American Children of SCORE offers children the opportunity to marry instruments with singing during a 12week program. Based out of Warrenton, the program is available for children in third through sixth grade who have a passion for music. “Children who register with SCORE have the opportunity to learn about musical theatre, to collaborate with professional artists, and to perform,” explains Betsy Porter, General Manager. 16

WHERE TO LISTEN TO REGULARLY SCHEDULED LIVE MUSIC IN WARRENTON ALLEGRO COMMUNITY SCHOOL OF THE ARTS THE CELLAR DOOR 20 Main Street www.allegrocsa.org BLACK BEAR BISTRO 34 Main Street www.blackbearbistro.com CLAIRE’S AT THE DEPOT 65 S 3rd Street www.clairesrestaurant.com DRUM ‘N STRUM 102 Main Street www.drumnstrum.com MCMAHON’S IRISH PUB AND RESTAURANT 380 Broadview Ave www.mcmahonsirishpub.com MOJITOS Y TAPAS Warrenton Village Center, 251 Lee Highway #157 www.mojitosandtapas.com MOLLY’S IRISH PUB 36 Main Street www.mollysirishpub.com OLD BUST HEAD BREWERY 7134 Lineweaver Road www.oldbusthead.com POPLAR SPRINGS INN AND SPA 5025 Casanova Road www.poplarspringsinn.com

Michael Wilber enjoys some laughs during a recent performance at Molly’s Irish Pub. Photo Credit Paula Combs

MUSICALLY INCLINED OR INTERESTED? Warrenton offers a number of music education opportunities for students from toddlers through adults: ALLEGRO www.allegrocsa.org THE AMERICAN CHILDREN OF SCORE www.scoremusic.org CRESCENDO MUSIC, LLC www.crescendomusicllc.com DRUM ‘N STRUM www.drumnstrum.com

NORTHSIDE 29 5037 Lee Highway www.northside29.com

THE WINDMORE FOUNDATION www.windmorefoundation.org

SIBBY’S 11 S 2nd Street www.sibbysbbq.com

HELP SUPPORT MUSIC The Instruments for All program run by Gina Renfro-Smith out of the Warrenton United Methodist Church refurbishes unused instruments for Warrenton students interested in playing an instrument. Please contact RenfroSmith (music@warrentonumc.org) with questions about the program or to donate an instrument, all instruments welcome.

Aimée O’Grady is a Warrenton freelance writer whose family enjoys listening to and learning about music thanks to the events and teachers in the area.

Warrenton Lifestyle

INVERTER GENERATORS GENERATORS Another group that fosters the love of music and provides an experience not offered in school is The Windmore Foundation, which “fills a gap in the music GENERATORS community by offering a youth orchestra,” explains Smyers, Executive Director of the Foundation. Its mission is to promote the visual, literary, and performing arts through awareness, participation, and education. Based out of ™ GENERATORS POWERSMART SERIES POWER AT ALL LEVELS Culpeper, Windmore, serves five counties in the region INVERTERS including Fauquier. The Crossroads Youth Orchestra program TO YOUR NEEDS MODELS:FIT P3000 (030545), P2000 (030473) of the Windmore performs regularly at Taylor Middle School in Warrenton, as well as the State Theatre in Culpeper. Opportunities exist for even the youngest of Warrenton’s residents through Crescendo Music which offers early childhood music and movement classes. The POWER AT ALL LEVELS TO FIT YOUR NE Crescendo Music program implements a developmentally POWERSMART SERIES TECHNOLOGY appropriate early-childhood music curriculum method. POWER AT ALL LEVELS TO power FIT YOUR NE POWERSMART SERIES Inverter technology produces smoother When budding artists are ready to showcase their for sensitive electronics skills, Allegro has the opportunity for them with a talent Perfect for recreational activities & tailga Perfect forAT recreational activitiessuch such as camping POWER ALL LEVELS TO as FIT YOUR NE POWERSMART SERIES PERFECT FOR QUIET CAMPINGfeatures competition. The inaugural Sounds of Fauquier competition This inverter features computer-controlled technology that contin camping & tailgating. This inverter quietengine power that traditional & tailga Perfect for Consistent, recreational activities such as fuel camping and automatically adjusts speed to save and run quiet will be held at McMahon's Irish Pub in September. Be sure computer-controlled technology that continuously POWERSMART SERIES camping generators can’t match than a standard generator. This inverter features computer-controlled technology that contin to visit the Allegro website for details soon to be released. and automatically adjusts engine speed to save fuel & tailga Perfect for recreational activities as fuel camping and automatically adjusts engine speedsuch to save and run quiet DISPLAY LCD than STATSTATION Whether area residents are interested in getting out to and run quieter acomputer-controlled standard generator. than a standard generator. This inverter features technology that contin • Total power used HOME SERIES listen to some live music or feel the pull of music’s gravity, POWER AT• ALL LEVELS TO FIT YOUR NEEDS and automatically adjusts engine speed to save fuel and run quiet Total unit hours ATWarrenton ALL LEVELS FIT YOUR offers somethingTO for everyone at every age.NEEDS Just than aenough standard generator. power for most of your essential household ite • Maintenance reminders HOME SERIES POWERSMART With summer days still ahead, residents and guests can look Designed to beSERIES hardworking and reliable to help protect families USB PORT and possessions during power outage. Just enough power for amost most of your essential household ite ™ variety of live music performances from the forward to a Just enough power for ofsuch your Perfect for recreational activities asessential camping & tailgating. HOME SERIES MART SERIES Charge your portable electronics to Designed to be hardworking and reliable to help protect families This inverter features computer-controlled technology that continuously Bluemont Concert Series, to Old Bust Head Brewery, to household items. Designed to be hardworking and stay connected andautomatically possessions during amost power Just enough power for of outage. your essential household ite and adjusts engine speed to save fuel and run quieter tailgating. reliable or recreational such days as camping Twilight Polo,activities and when summer fade, the fall&season to to help protect families and possessions ELITE SERIES Designed be hardworking and PORT reliable to help protect families than a standard generator. PARALLEL CONNECTOR arrives with a number of harvest technology festivals featuring er features computer-controlled thatlocal continuously during a power outage. and more possessions during aadded power outage. Connect two units together for more poweralmost like norma For comforts and convenience, Model ELITE SERIES musicians, with holiday music specials not far behind! #030473 atically adjusts engine speed save fuel and run quieter POWER AT to ALL LEVELS TO FIT YOUR NEEDS HOME SERIES Designed with heavy-duty components and features for ™




LIGHT & PORTABLE long-lasting durability. They perform tirelesslyalmost aroundlike thenorma home For more comforts and added convenience, ™ ELITE SERIES Just enough power for most your essential household items. A H-beam handle onof top of each unit makes it or on the with farm. Designed heavy-duty components andprotect features for Designed to beeasy hardworking reliable help families for 2 peopleand to carry it. In to addition, the long-lasting durability. They perform tirelessly aroundlike thenorma home For more comforts comforts added convenience, and possessions duringand a power outage. For more and added convenience, telescoping handle available on the P3000 almost or on the with farm. Designed heavy-duty components and features for makes for easy, convenient maneuverability to

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Model The America washers and generators to Red Cross chapters across the United States to assist o be hardworking and reliable to help protect families OUR GENERATORS HAVE NEVER MATTERED MORE. or political an endorsem position. ¹ Model P3000 (030545) Only ² For full warranty details visit www.briggsandstratton.com Designed with heavy-duty components features fortrademarks owned#030473 farm. American Redand Cross name and emblem are registered by the American Red Cr in their disaster relief efforts. and a automatically adjusts engine speed to save Briggs fuel and run quieter ssions during power outage. & Stratton has partnered with the American Red Cross to donate pressure Model long-lasting durability. They perform tirelessly around the home

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August 2015





Dr. Robert B. Iadeluca Life has many “beginnings” starting with birth and moving onto such events as first job, marriage, first child, etc. A major beginning for many students this month is the start of high school. High school is the true start of adulthood. I should emphasize that it is merely the “start” because the brain does not arrive at what one can label maturity until approximately age 25. High school, however, presents the incoming student with unusual opportunities for which he may not have been prepared – opportunities to think critically, to meet new responsibilities and, in the process, get to truly know himself. A high schooler is at the age where he may be thinking, however vaguely, of his desired occupation. Electives give him an opportunity to choose subjects he believes may help him to move toward where he ultimately wants to go. Fortunately his freshman year does not lock him in. His wishes may change and other opportunities will open up but not having at least a 18

general idea at this time is like being Stephen Leacock’s mythical rider who “flung himself on his horse and rode off in all directions.” Middle school is designed to prepare students for high school. High School is primarily designed to prepare students for life outside of the school system – academic, vocational, or going directly into the workforce. In high school students prepare as much as possible for future career plans. In middle school time was spent teaching tools and processes such as note taking, writing processes and doing research. In high school it is assumed that students now have this knowledge and are able to put them to practice. High school teachers are less likely to tolerate mistakes, confusion, excuses (even “good” excuses) and immature behavior. Students who are more mature appreciate their being treated in this fashion. Although divided into four separate years, high school is an entity unto itself. Ordinarily one enters

while experiencing the critical period of adolescence but upon completion of high school is old enough to vote and serve in the military. It is not an exaggeration to say that one enters high school as a child and completes it as a young adult. Physical changes are immediately evident to someone who has not seen the student for a period of time. An appearance of mental and emotional growth becomes obvious after a brief conversation. In the process of studying more advanced science, language and math one gains knowledge of oneself. On the surface that statement seems ridiculous considering that each of us has been with ourselves since birth. Don’t we know ourselves? Unfortunately in many (if not most) cases we do not. It is common to see ourselves solely through the eyes of others without looking inside in a critical fashion. One learns to like oneself, to appreciate oneself. Rather than wanting to be like someone else (trying Warrenton Lifestyle

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to fit a round peg into a square hole), one recognizes one’s individuality. One learns to accept oneself for the human being he is. One learns to respect oneself as a good and decent person. People who respect themselves do not accept disrespect from others. Many students enter high school unsure of themselves. Some tend to exaggerate their problems and minimize their achievements. They pay more attention to their feelings than to their abilities. They listen to their friends rather than looking inside. While this uncertainty about themselves is taking place, simultaneously teachers are having expectations. Serious homework is being assigned, class participation is encouraged, immaturity is not tolerated. The maturity gap between 8th and 9th grade is much greater than, for example, from 6th to 8th. Students in middle school live more in the moment; they wear their hearts on their sleeves. They need more handholding. They are more connected to their childhood and feel that there is time to sort things out before adulthood. Moving to 9th grade makes a big difference in the life of an

adolescent. They gradually become aware of this and without realizing this on a conscious level become a bit more subdued. They have a deep need to be known and loved for who they are and to be taken seriously. For those intending to go to college, maturity is a leading factor in determining whether they can be successful. Aspiring scholars should plan out their high school curriculum to be as appealing as possible to college admission boards. Colleges look at student grades from Freshman level on. College work is much more difficult. High school students should master language composition, math, social sciences and history as soon as possible. They should undertake an intellectually challenging course containing a diverse arena of disciplines involving extracurricular activities while maintaining the highest grade point average possible. Extra curricular activities might include the school newspaper, yearbook, student politics, the music community and various volunteer programs. Even more so than the change from middle school to high school is

the freedom allowed the student in college. College is for adults and handholding has been left far behind. High school is where the student meets the specific goals because he wants to, not because his teacher assigned it. Much change takes place between the ages of 14 and 18. The serious student has learned to pass up immediate pleasure in favor of long term gain. He has learned to persevere – to sweat out a situation in spite of discouraging setbacks. Despite frustration, discomfort and defeat, he continues without complaint. He has become dependable and keeps his word while avoiding alibis. Once having made a decision, he stands by it. Perhaps more important among these signs of maturity is humility – being big enough to say “I was wrong” and, if right, not needing to say “I told you so.” Rather than look elsewhere for his success in high school, the student need only look in the mirror. To the question of his life, he is the answer. To the problems of his life, he is the solution.

Dr. Iadeluca holds a Ph.D. in Lifespan Developmental Psychology and has a practice in Clinical Psychology on Hospital Hill in Warrenton, Virginia.


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28 Blackwell Park Lane, Suite #104, Warrenton, VA 20186 • 540-341-0007 • dulaneylauerthomas.com




NATURAL AREA Hiking Back To Long Forgotten Era

By John Hagarty There’s a secret hiking jewel less than ten miles from Warrenton. Admittedly, it’s an open secret since The Nature Conservancy has owned the property since 1960. But on any given day the footpath is lightly used. A walk on peaceful Wildcat Mountain will lead you to believe you are in the wilds of West Virginia. If a quiet and beautiful outdoor experience resonates with you, this preserve will deliver. There are patches of ancient oak and hickory on the mountain but the land was mostly cleared for farms as early as the 18th century. Wellpreserved stone walls still crisscross the mountain marking the boundaries of former fields. Many of the mountain homesteads were abandoned after the Civil War but some farming and considerable logging continued into the 20th century. Today, the entire mountain is forested as nature reclaimed the land. The mountain received its name more than two centuries ago when wildcats freely 22

roamed the area. And no, don’t be concerned about jumping one today. They’ve long since left the area. So who do we thank for this unique gift? First, the Arundel family who donated the property to The Nature Conservancy. Nick Arundel, who passed away in 2011, was a legend in the Piedmont region. He was a journalist, philanthropist and conservationist. He donated the 655-acre Wildcat Mountain 55 years ago, making it the oldest TNC preserve in Virginia. The organization then created a three mile trail circumnavigating the mountain (2.9 to be persnickety). It’s open to the public seven days a week from dawn to dusk. And while a three mile walk may sound a bit on the light side of a good workout, don’t be surprised if it takes two hours to cover the distance. There is some decent elevation gain on the front end of the hike that offers a challenge. And a variety of small signs posted on trees provide hikers an opportunity to learn

about the forest they’re walking through. Think outdoor classroom on boots. Perhaps most interesting is an abandoned spring house and farm house built around 1900 by Enock Smith located mid-way on the circuit. Smith’s parents lived in a one room cabin built in 1830 that was located behind the farmhouse. Only the chimney remains today. TNC is a charitable environmental organization whose mission is to “conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends.” It was founded in 1951 and operates in all 50 states and 35 countries. It has over one million members and has protected more than 119,000,000 acres of land and 5,000 miles of rivers worldwide. Its 2014 assets totaled $6.18 billion. Fauquier County is fortunate to have land owned by the organization which in turn is made available to all citizens to enjoy. Warrenton Lifestyle

MOVE’EM OUT With your boots laced up, the hike itself officially begins a tenth of a mile from the parking lot. The website Hiking Upward (www.hikingupward. com) offers a succinct description of the walk: • From the parking lot walk up the gravel road for 120 yards to the point where the road comes to a T, turn right, following the trail signs and shortly pass a chain gate. Begin the steepest section of the hike as the trail makes several switchbacks for 0.4 miles climbing 400 feet in elevation before reaching a stone wall and intersection of the main loop. • Turn left following the trail signs as it descends the ridge for 0.6 miles then turns right and follows one of the many small fire roads. • The fire road will veer left uphill, then pass around a small rise before reaching a split in the road in 0.3 miles. Stay left downhill and cross a steam. Climb 50 yards to the next intersection where the loop trail turns right. Turn right continuing to follow the loop trail on a dirt road believed to be the one of the oldest roads in Virginia.

• In another 0.1 miles arrive at the spring house, a replica built in the early 1960’s, with the original spring box just uphill. The Smith house further up the rise, was constructed in the 1900 by Enoch Smith, and remained occupied for most of the early 20th Century. • Turn right at the yellow blazed Wildcat Mountain loop trail as it crosses over the earth embankment of a small pond. In 0.2 miles from the pond arrive at a stone wall and the fire road intersection on the right. Remain straight following the trail signs for 0.5 miles where the trail turns right off the fire road. Follow the trail signs now downhill before arriving back at the beginning of the loop in another 0.3 miles.

OFF TO THE TRAILHEAD A good spot to launch your trip to Wildcat Mountain Natural Area is Fauquier High School. • Proceed west on Old Waterloo Road for 3.5 miles. • Old Waterloo Road turns left but continue on the same road that now becomes Wilson Road. Go 2.5 miles and take a right on Carters Run Road. • Drive 3.1 miles and take a right onto graveled England Mountain Road. • Proceed 0.1 of a mile to parking lot on right. • Walk 0.1 mile up hill to trailhead on the right. • Enjoy your walk!

• Turn left downhill at the end of the stone wall, retracing the route 0.4 miles back to the parking area. There are several side trails that lead to adjacent private properties. Hikers should stay on the yellow blazed trails to avoid getting lost. For a full description of the hike with map and photos visit www.hikingupward.com and search Wildcat Mountain.

John Hagarty is a member of Boots ‘n Beer, a drinking club with a hiking problem. The men only club regularly sponsored hikes throughout the Piedmont region. Each hike concludes with rehydration stop at a local pub. Visit bootsnbeer.com to become a member.

John Hagarty, Boots ‘n Beer member

August 2015 enjoying the hike

Old structures located on the property offer an insight into history 23




Since the mid 1980’s education has changed quite a bit. The way it is funded, its content and delivery have evolved. Community support, government campaigns and nonprofit groups have helped expand and enrich public education and its programs. One local philanthropic organization whose mission has always been to support education at the county level, has changed quite a bit too. Fauquier Excellence in Education which originated in 1985 to support a county struggling with teacher retention and efforts to pay teacher competitive salaries. Recently obtaining its 501c3 nonprofit status, Fauquier remains dedicated to raising awareness of educator and education needs in Fauquier, and to its fundraising efforts which support education initiatives. It will remain focused on enhancing education in Fauquier County, and looks to the community to provide insight into what is lacking in our schools. Ideas on ways the group can use locally raised funds to infuse sustenance back into the County are of large interest. Every August for the last three decades, Fauquier Excellence in Education (FEIE) has hosted a new teacher dinner in late summer to provide an advanced thank you and warm welcome for newly hired Fauquier County Public School (FCPS) teachers. 24

In addition, the charitable organization has awarded teacher grants annually since 1985 to hand-selected teacher recipients for enrichment opportunities (training, continuing education, etc.). One of this year’s eight teacher grant recipients is Karla Kolb, the Art teacher at M.M. Pierce Elementary School. Mrs. Kolb was awarded the grant to attend an Educator Forum at Savannah College in Savannah, Georgia, this summer. FEIE awarded a total of $10,000 this year across recipients, which also include FCPS teachers Stacey Babish, Joan Bacot, Vivian Bowles, David Kuzma, Kelly Kwolek, Pamela Smith and Sonya Wilson. In addition to these lofty achievements, FEIE has formed a new Board within the last year and is expanding its reach. Longtime departing FEIE Board members included Wayne Eastman, Doug Larson, and Meg Sheritz. New FEIE Board members include Wes Kennedy, Mia Grabner, Melanie Burch, Leon Williams, Pat Woodward, Tim Sargeant, Dr. Jennifer Woodside, Doug Marshall, Joan Roach, Pat Barr and Dr. Michael Amster – who represent the fresh, passionate, renewed approach that Acting Board Chairman, Wes Kennedy says will permeate this non-profit in the years to come. “It feels like a new organization. We’re stretching

goals and reaching for the stars,” says Mr. Kennedy. “We want to continue the annual teacher grants and new teacher welcome event that we have historically provided, as well as build on that to do more for the students and programs.” This year, FEIE helped support FCPS Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) summer camps by providing funds for FCPS to purchase robotic equipment for students to use for hands-on learning experiences. The Foundation plans to do more for these STEM programs in the coming years. FEIE lists funding for additional field trips throughout the public school system in Fauquier County as a top goal in future years, as well as offering other educational and mentoring experiences outside of the classroom. As an example, FEIE recently shared this on its Facebook page: “In 2014, Alice Pleasants, the Library Media Specialist at Kettle Run, was a (FEIE) grant recipient. Herself and Mrs. Jurand spent a year planning and

Warrenton Lifestyle

“Manners never go out of style” Fauquier County Chapter

2015-2016 Registration Now Open Junior Cotillion for Grades 5th-9th Monthly Classes begin in October and end in April. Classes held at Highland School for Grades 5th and 6th. Classes and Balls to be held at The Dominion Valley Country Club in Haymarket, Virginia for grades 7th-9th.


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220 Culpeper Street (corner of Culpeper Street and 29 Business) Appointments Monday thru Thursday, 8am - 5pm Friday, 8am - 4pm 25

organizing a trip of a lifetime for 20 fortunate students to spend 2-1/2 weeks in Germany this June. They visited Dachau, Neuschwanstein Castle, and Zugspitze. They visited Switzerland and France on their journey abroad. Prepared with presentations about their life in the U.S., our students educated students in Germany. Immersed in the culture, our students gained an appreciation of life in Europe because our teacher's stepped outside the box and were willing to take the risks that change lives.” According to Mr. Kennedy, FEIE has “big dreams of growing donations to support the County schools at large,” and hopes to operate this non-profit as a county-wide PTO of sorts, where parents, students, faculty and the School Board can all work together with enhanced funding to meet collaborative goals. “We want to enrich and expand the educational opportunities provided in our public schools. There is more to be delivered than the Fauquier County can supply with its structural and financial limitations,” says Mr. Kennedy. The new Board meets regularly and has the support of Dr. David Jeck, FCPS Superintendent and Sheryl Wolfe, Chair of the FCPS School Board. They attend the FEIE Board meetings as non-voting Board members. FEIE also works closely with Fauquier County Public Schools

“The Foundation is a dedicated group of

individuals making a

difference. We think Fauquier is a great place and we want to make it better.”

administrative staff and Fauquier County Department of Human Resources for insight into new teacher hires and communication on teacher needs throughout the year. Sheryl Wolfe says, “The Foundation provides enrichment opportunities for teachers and students that are otherwise not possible within budget constraints.” The organization has confidence in the support recently provided by County residents. In May’s Give Local Piedmont giving challenge to raise money for local nonprofits communitywide for local non-profits, Fauquier Excellence in Education placed 10th among 138 organizations vying for local donations, with a total sum of $8,000 collected through this single fundraising effort. Like most nonprofits, this foundation is solely funded by donations and fundraising. As the father of two young children, ages four and nine, Mr. Kennedy says, “The Fauquier Excellence in Education Foundation wants to give every student the best chance forward in life. Our thinking is – how can we do that?” He cites that there are approximately 11,000 children in FCPS schools and the Foundation wants to reach as many as it can. “The Foundation is a dedicated group of individuals making a difference. We think Fauquier is a great place and we want to make it better.” He adds, “Work is work. Life is life. Children are our future.” For more information on the foundation, visit: www.fauquiereie.org.

Each year, the Foundation sponsors the “New Teacher Dinner” to welcome new teachers and recognize outstanding educators who have received Excellence in Education Fellowship Awards, given annually by the Foundation. Acting Chairman, Wes Kennedy says, “This special event is unique to our area, and is an opportunity for business and community leaders to offer support and express appreciation to teachers for the critical role they play in preparing students for responsible citizenship and the world of work.” This year, the 32nd annual dinner will be held on Monday, August 10, at Fauquier Springs Country Club, beginning at 5:30pm with a social hour followed by dinner and recognition of new teachers and award recipients. The Foundation shares that its Board sincerely hopes new teachers can attend this special event to meet and be welcomed to the Fauquier community. The cost to attend is $50, which includes dinner and sponsorship of one new teacher. If you cannot attend but would like to sponsor a teacher, the cost is $25 per teacher. Additionally, contributions of any amount are most appreciated. Door prizes are accepted and appreciated as well; please contact Sheryl Wolfe at swolfe@fcps1.org to arrange delivery, or to participate in any way.

The Fauquier Excellence in Education Foundation is a 501(c)3 that was formed to create, enrich and expand educational opportunities for Fauquier County Public Schools. It is seeking help and support from community members in our county.

Danica Low is a regular contributing columnist for Lifestyle Magazines and a local marketing professional. For fourteen years, she has worked in private and public sector public relations, administrative and non-profit work. Her real enjoyment is encouraging and connecting with others. Crafting a story to bring light to a journey brings her joy. 26

Warrenton Lifestyle

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WHO SHOULD GET SCREENED? Because the test does involve a modest amount of radiation exposure, the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology do not recommend the test for everyone, just for those at risk. Consult with your physician to determine if you are a candidate, based on a combination of risk factors: • Family history of heart disease • High cholesterol • High blood pressure • Smoking • Lack of physical activity • Males older than age 45 or females older than age 55 • Diabetes • Overweight • Postmenopausal women If you are at risk, the heart scan provides the data your doctor needs to treat you appropriately. Early detection is the key to preventing future problems. Physician’s Order Required The cost for the test is $99, and it must be paid at the time of the exam. Once you have a doctor’s order, call 540-316-5800 to schedule your test.

The calcium scoring test is non-invasive and requires no preparation.

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ABUNDANCE OF GREAT WATER A COMMUNITY ASSET Warrenton Water Filtration Plant Supplies the Town with 1.4 million gallons of water daily

By Rebekah Grier The water you’re drinking right now was only 24 hours ago pulled from its natural habitat. Every day, the Warrenton Water Filtration Plant located at the north end of town off of Blackwell Road produces almost 1.5 million gallons of safe, drinkable water for the town’s residents and businesses with a future capacity of almost 3 million gallons a day.* The first water treatment plant in Warrenton was built in 1927 – pre World War II. It was located near the crossroads of Academy Hill and Cedar Run and although it could only produce half a million gallons per day, it stayed in operation for 56 years. The old plant was closed in 1983 when the current facility, with a capacity of producing 2 million gallons of water per day, came online. Since opening, the current Filtration plant has had several upgrades, two within the 30

last decade that improved filtration quality, digital monitoring, equipment efficiency, and output quantity. The old facility itself was not demolished until only 3 years ago. While the Filtration Plant utilizes more pumps (energy) and less gravity than the Wastewater Treatment Plant featured in the June issue, it is still considered a gravity filtration system. The highly regulated and monitored process of coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration and chlorination purifies the raw water taken from either the Warrenton or Airlie Reservoirs before being distributed through town. Ninety-five percent of the town’s drinking water flows through the Filtration Plant. The Warrenton Reservoir, a storage capacity of 124 million gallons, is the primary town supplier. Even though the Airlie Reservoir has a much larger

Glenn Coppage Warrenton Lifestyle

storage capacity, it is only utilized when the Warrenton Reservoir is depleted. When the Filtration Plant closes during the evening hours, two water storage tanks, totaling 2 million gallons of storage, are what supply the evening demand. The standards for town water regulation are very strict, much more so than even the regulation standards for bottled water – which, as the recent recalls of over a dozen bottled water labels prove, can be easily contaminated. The Water Filtration Plant performs ten monthly bacteria tests at community test points throughout town in addition to one random community check per day. No crop farming is allowed within a certain radius of either of the reservoirs due to fertilizers, pesticides or erosion from plowing risking contamination of the water supply. Glenn Coppage, Superintendent of the Water Filtration Plant, said, “I would feel much safer drinking water from the Town of Warrenton than somewhere else.” And unlike our June visit to the Wastewater Treatment Plant, Director of Public Works and Utilities, Bo Tucker, was able to find a cup for sampling this finished product. “If it smells okay, looks okay, and tastes okay, it’s okay,” Both Coppage and Tucker affirmed somewhat humorously. Warrenton residents can be rest assured that their water is being well looked-after. Superintendent Coppage has the highest licensure by the state of Virginia as a Class 1 water treatment operator among other specialized degrees and certificates. The son of a master plumber, he started his career in water at a tender age and joined the Filtration Plant as a young man. He has now worked for the Town of Warrenton for just shy of 30 years, devoting the majority of his life to making sure Warrenton drinks only the best. When asked about the overall quality of the water in light of so many health concerns and contamination possibilities, Tucker highlighted the strict EPA standards and, with the help of Coppage, quoted the opening scene of The Waterboy and the humorous first words of Bobby Boucher, “Now that’s what I call high-quality H20.” *Source: Town of Warrenton Water Supply Plan WR&A September 2010 August 2015

Director of Public Works and Utilities, Bo Tucker, sampling the finished product 31

Warrenton businesses offer wonderful options for our community. This year, you have voiced your opinions. With over 4,200 ballots cast here are the winners and those awarded honorable mention(s). Celebrate, shop and be sure to vote again next year for organizations that provide our town with an amazing lifestyle.


Best All-Around Restaurant | Claire’s at the Depot

Clearly one of the most exciting categories for readers, the 2015 prize goes to Claire’s at the Depot for Best All-Around Restaurant. Claire’s was also awarded Best Business Lunch, Best Caterer, Best Outdoor Seating, Best Place For Cocktails, Best Spot For Saturday Night Date and Best Wait Staff. The restaurant features an upscale environment and local cuisine with a southern influence. Claire’s at the Depot is located on 65 South Third Street. HONORABLE MENTION: BLACK BEAR BISTRO, CAFE TORINO, CHICK FIL A, LONGHORN STEAKHOUSE

Best Asian Food | Faang Thai Restaurant & Bar Faang Thai is a multi-year winner in this category. The exotic spices and flavors found in their food delights Warrentonians. From crispy spring roll appetizers to Wild Pork, your palates will have an adventure that delights the taste buds. Faang Thai Restaurant & Bar also offers an extensive bar featuring mixed drinks to wines and unusual beer. HONORABLE MENTION: CHINA JADE, MANDARIN BUFFET, OSAKA JAPANESE STEAKHOUSE


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Best Bakery/Desserts | Red Truck Bakery With their tasty delights, Red Truck Bakery, has captured your votes for the Best Bakery/Desserts. From Key Lime Pies, cookies to chocolate croissants, offer yourself a treat. With sandwiches and soups also on the menu, plan a lunch with a tasty dessert from the multitude of choices.. HONORABLE MENTION: CAFÉ TORINO, CAROUSEL


Best Breakfast Place | Frost Diner Taking the prize for several years now, Frost Diner continues to provide satisfaction to the hungry diners. Located in the heart of Warrenton, it is in a prime location to serve breakfast 24 hours a day. Select from the wide variety of breakfast options, such as eggs, hotcakes, corned beef hash or biscuits and gravy. No matter what, you will be granted a home-style meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. HONORABLE MENTION: IHOP, NORTHSIDE 29 RESTAURANT, RED TRUCK BAKERY


Best Casual/Family Restaurant | El Agave This year, the race for first was tight. Affordable prices, authentic, fresh Mexican food and a comfortable family-friendly environment is what El Agave is all about. That is why voters have once again selected El Agave as the top pick for Best Casual/Family Restaurant in 2015. With a variety of offerings from queso and fresh salsa to enchiladas and burritos to tacos and salad, there is something to appeal to everyone in the family. HONORABLE MENTION: CHICK-FIL-A, NORTHSIDE 29 RESTAURANT, LONGHORN STEAKHOUSE

Best Caterer | Claire’s Catering Specializing in personalized service, Claire’s can assist Warrentonians with all their special events. Claire’s will create fabulous food to suit all your event needs from an array of hros d’oeuvres, salads, delicious platters to custom options. HONORABLE MENTION: CAFÉ TORINO, LEGENDS CATERING, RED HOT & BLUE

Best Coffee | Starbucks Located near Osaka in the Oak Springs Plaza, Starbucks was the clear winner this year for Best Coffee. Open daily, they serve coffee, cappuccino, espresso, tea and cold drinks to please. Breakfast sandwiches, pastries, salads and cold sandwiches are also available. HONORABLE MENTION: DUNKIN’ DONUTS, RED TRUCK BAKERY, STARBUCKS (NEAR IHOP)

Best Grocery Store | Harris Teeter Harris Teeter once again claims the title of Best Grocery Store of 2015. Featuring farmer’s fresh foods, wine, fish and even a pharmacy, Harris Teeter’s offers shoppers an amazing array of choices. They even offer Internet shopping with pick up that is convenient and fast. Located in the NorthRock Shopping Center, Harris Teeter is convenient to all who live in Warrenton. HONORABLE MENTION: FOOD LION, GIANT, SAFEWAY


Warrenton Lifestyle

Best Ice Cream | Carousel Frozen Treats Warrenton clearly loves this ice cream destination. Carousel has been awarded the Best Ice Cream prize again this year. You can now enjoy hot dogs, corn dogs and french fries along with your frozen treats. With countless options such as Hawaiian ice, sundaes, milkshakes and more, your taste buds will be thanking you no matter what you select. HONORABLE MENTION: COLDSTONE CREAMERY, EFFEE’S ICE CREAM, SWEET FROG

Best Mexican/Latin Food | EL AGAVE Located in the Warrenton Village Shopping Center, El Agave has claimed the title again this year for Best Mexican/ Latin Food. Owned and operated by the Villasenor Family, this local favorite is open for lunch and dinner and serves fresh authentic Mexican food. El Agave also was awarded Best Casual/Family Restaurant this year. HONORABLE MENTION: CHIPOTLE, EL TORO, MOJITOS & TAPAS

Best Outdoor Seating | Claire’s at the Depot


Best Pizza | The Brick The Brick has claimed the title again this year for Best Pizza. With options such as the Tricolore and custom creations your palate will delight in any of the pizzas served from their brick oven. This is a place to enjoy with friends and family in a friendly, casual setting. Try anyone of their special pizzas, they are loaded with flavor. HONORABLE MENTION: JOE & VINNIE’S PIZZA, LEDO’S PIZZA, SPITONY’S

August 2015



Best Salad | Panera Located on West Lee Highway, Panera offers a variety of salads that Warrentonians truly enjoy. You have declared them your top pick for Best Salad in Town. Try their salad or one of their other tasty dishes ranging from soups, sandwiches and more. Don’t forget to add a pastry or cookie for dessert. It’s no wonder their convenience and comfortable seating indoors and outdoors is a favorite. HONORABLE MENTION: CHICK-FIL-A, CLAIRE’S AT THE DEPOT, RUBY TUESDAY


Best Take-Out | Chick-Fil-A This year readers have agreed once more that Chick-Fil-A offers the best take-out. Located next to Walgreens, they are open Monday through Saturday and offer friendly service in a kid friendly atmosphere. Try something from their breakfast menu or enjoy their other offerings for lunch or dinner. They truly are a positive supporter of our community offering fundraisers and other special events for all residents to enjoy. HONORABLE MENTION: CHINA JADE, CHIPOTLE, FAANG THAI RESTAURANT & BAR


Best Annual Event | Warrenton Christmas Parade/Gumdrop Square Every year residents and visitors to Warrenton flock to Main Street to enjoy the annual Christmas Parade and Gumdrop Square. Obviously, this is a beloved tradition, as you voted The Christmas Parade the Best Annual Event award in 2015. Every year, The Parade and Gumdrop Square creates a festive holiday atmosphere for families to enjoy. From the young to the young at heart, Christmas joy is spread with this incredible celebration. HONORABLE MENTION: FAUQUIER COUNTY FAIR, SPRING GOLD CUP RACES, WARRENTON SPRING FESTIVAL

Best Place for Girls Night Out | Claire’s At The Depot In this highly competitive category, the 2015 Best Place for Girls Nights Out is awarded to Claire’s At The Depot. HONORABLE MENTION: BARREL OAK, MOJITOS AND TAPAS, OLD BUST HEAD BREWERY

Best Local Entertainer/Band | Elizabeth Lawrence Band The fantastic vocals and music from this band are truly favored by our readers. Once again, Elizabeth Lawrence and her rockin’ band have claimed the top spot for Best Local Entertainer/Band. Her mix of of soulful blues, rugged rock and inspired ballads are incredible to listen, dance or tap your feet to. HONORABLE MENTION: ANDRE FOX, PIEDMONT SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA, SILVER TONES SWING BAND 36

Warrenton Lifestyle


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©2010 InterContinental Hotels Group. All rights reserved. Most hotels are independently owned and/or operated. ©2010 InterContinental Hotels Group. All rights reserved. Most hotels are independently owned and/or operated. TM is a registered trademark of Six Continents Hotels, Inc. STAy yOu.Inc. Hotels, STAy yOu.TM is a registered trademark of Six Continents

Best Local Winery | Barrel Oak Winery The Best Local Winery of 2015 is awarded to Barrel Oak. This multi-year winner is owned by Brian and Sharon Roeder and offers an amazing location for wine tasting and enjoying the beautiful scenery our region offers. This is a place to go for a special occasions, with friends or with your entire family - including your dog. They are conveniently located off I-66 in Delaplane. HONORABLE MENTION: MOLON LAVE VINEYARDS, NAKED MOUNTAIN, PEARMUND CELLARS

Best Nightspot | Carousel Frozen Treats This contest was tightest one of the 2015 Best of Warrenton competition! Ultimately there is only one winner and this year you have selected Carousel Frozen Treats. With ample outdoor seating and family atmosphere, young and adult can have an enjoyable evening out for dinner and dessert or just dessert. Visiting with friends and family is fun - you can even make a wish by tossing a penny into their fountain! Tasty treats range from soft serve ice cream to tasty milkshakes and fries! Their in Town location is ideal for many to walk, run or ride bikes to on a beautiful evening. HONORABLE MENTION: CLAIRE’S AT THE DEPOT, MCMAHON’S IRISH PUB, MOLLY’S IRISH PUB

Best Place for a Reception | Airlie Center Whether your wedding celebration is located in the Pavilion, in the Main House, outside, or in one of the other buildings on the scenic grounds, Airlie Center is the place to be. Readers have awarded Airlie the Best Place for a Reception in 2015. Situated on over 1,000 acres, this eco-friendly conference center offers intimate spaces for small weddings or events to accommodations for large scale weddings or events. Overnight accommodations and ability to host parties, receptions, special celebrations or just a night out are just a few of the reasons Airlie was selected by you as the best place for a reception. HONORABLE MENTION: FAUQUIER SPRINGS


Best Saturday Night Date Spot | Claire’s at the Depot Readers have chosen Claire’s at the Depot as Best Saturday Night Date Spot. Delicious fare, an atmosphere perfect for a romantic meal,and excellent staff and seating options inside and out all make it the perfect location for a date. HONORABLE MENTION: CAROUSEL FROZEN TREATS, POPLAR SPRINGS INN & SPA, THE NEW BRIDGE


Best Charitable Organization | Fauquier SPCA In this highly competitive category, the Best Charitable Organization has truly gone to the animals. Fauquier SPCA was declared the winner by you in this competitive race. Located on Rogues Road, the Fauquier SPCA is a place filled with caring individuals that want to find good homes for many cats, dogs and other animals. Mary Tarr, the Executive Director, has established a great team and a wonderful support system. Help for the animals is always needed. HONORABLE MENTION: FAUQUIER FREE CLINIC, HABITAT FOR HUMANITY, BOYS & GIRLS CLUB


Warrenton Lifestyle

Best Local Artist | Palmer Smith Throughout the year Palmer Smith will be seen out and about Warrenton, painting beautiful landscape scenes,events and the architecture within our community. Readers have voted him the Best Local Artist for 2015. His oil paintings are displayed in many business locations throughout Warrenton and are for sale in many local stores. HONORABLE MENTION: BECKY PARRISH, NANCY BRITTLE, PATTY RICE

Best Local Photographer | Ciao Bella Photography Readers have agreed, Ciao Bella Photography is the Best Local Photographer for 2015. Dan and Mona McLinden capture all your precious moments to cherish for a life time. Ciao Bella provides complete wedding services, events packages, HS senior portraits, family portraits, team and action shots and much more! HONORABLE MENTION: EDWARD PAYNE, STEPHANIE MESSICK PHOTOGRAPHY, SUNNY REYNOLDS


Best Antique Store | Fox Den Antiques The 2015 Best Antique Store award goes to Fox Den Antiques. They have been offering Warretonians and visitors a unique shopping experience since the 1980s. Specialty pieces, collectibles and dealers’ antiques of all types are available to purchase and admire. Located in The Waterloo Station Shopping Center, they offer shopping for all 7 days a week and even have individual shopping experiences by appointment. HONORABLE MENTION: THE EMPTY NEST, TREASURE BOX, WHITE ELEPHANT

Best Electronics Store | McClanahan Camera McClanahan Camera has been a staple in this community for over 40 years and has been awarded the 2015 Best Electronic Store in Warrenton. Pooch and Brigid McClanahan founded the business and Cindy, their daughter, continues managing the business. With offerings ranging from cameras, digital retouching, to instructional classes, they truly are the place to go according to readers. Peruse their wide selection of cameras and accessories. You will be sure to find what you need. Convenience is not only in the products offered, but in their location, across from the Exxon on Lee Highway. HONORABLE MENTION: GAMESTOP, RADIO SHACK, VERIZON WIRELESS

August 2015


Best Florist | Designs by Teresa Readers have awarded the 2015 Best Florist category to Designs by Teresa. Located in Old Town, Teresa offers exquisite flower arrangements and an exclusive line of fountains and garden ware. Home décor items, custom silk flower arrangements, statues, and even gift baskets are available.The store is open Monday thru Saturday. HONORABLE MENTION: HARRIS TEETER, VILLAGE FLOWERS, WARRENTON FLORIST

Best Furniture Store | Rankin’s Furniture Readers have spoken, and Rankin’s Furniture takes home Best Furniture of Warrenton 2015. No matter the room you need to furnish, they offer only the best quality furniture. Having over 40 years of experience serving Warrenton and surrounding areas, they are the place to find what you need. Shoppers will find not only home furnishings, but a wide range of accessories to decorate their entire home. They are located in The Waterloo Station Shopping Center. HONORABLE MENTION: RESTORE - FAUQUIER HABITAT FOR HUMANITY, SHELF LIFE, WHITE ELEPHANT

Best Unique Gift Store | Latitudes Fair Trade Store Readers have selected Latitudes as the Best Unique Gift Store in 2015. This popular shopping destination is located on Main Street and is a component of the Fair Trade Federation which helps developing countries around the world. From hand-crafted bags, baskets, jewelry and clothing, you are sure to find the perfect gift, even if the gift is for yourself! Latitudes supports farmers and artisans in underprivileged countries through the practice of fair trade and are open 7 days a week for shoppers. HONORABLE MENTION: BANNER’S HALLMARK, G. WHILLIKERS, TOWN DUCK

Best Home Improvement Store | Rankin’s True Value Hardware Rankin’s True Value Hardware is a multi-year winner of the Best Home Improvement Store. Rankin’s offers exceptional customer service and a wide variety of supplies, ranging from lawn and gardening supplies to painting, electrical and plumbing needs, household appliances, fasteners, hand and power tools, ladders and much more. This family owned business is located in the Warrenton Village Center and is open 7 days a week. HONORABLE MENTION: GILLIAM’S BUILDING SUPPLY, RESTORE - FAUQUIER HABITAT FOR HUMANITY, SHELF LIFE


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August 2015

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Best Jewelry Store | Hartman Jewelers Since 1994, Hartman’s has been providing Warrenton finest selection of jewelry ranging from sterling silver to rare colorful gems in various price ranges. Unique items and excellent service has readers selecting them as the 2015 winner in the Best Jewelry Store category for 2015. Located on Main Street, they offer not only exquisite jewelry, but repair, engraving and even free jewelry cleaning! They are open every day except Sunday. HONORABLE MENTION: CARTER AND SPENCE, LATITUDES, WARRENTON JEWELERS

Best New Business | Old Bust Head Brewing Company This new brewery has claimed the heart and “spirit” of readers. As the winner of the 2015 Best New Business, Old Bust Head Brewing Company is located at 7134 Lineweaver Road. They offer exceptional craft beer and a passion for our community and environment. Beer enthusiasts may enjoy a selection ranging from stouts to a variety of ales to compliment whatever their taste buds are craving. Old Busthead even sells barware and gifts, apparel and gift certificates. Private tastings and tours of the facility are also available by special arrangement. HONORABLE MENTION: THE BEANSTALK CHILDREN’S BOUTIQUE, DUNKIN DONUTS, THE NEW BRIDGE

Best Pharmacy | CVS Pharmacy (Blackwell Road) Readers have given the prize of the 2015 Best Pharmacy to CVS Pharmacy right off of Blackwell Road. With their friendly, professional staff, you can obtain the assistance you require 24/7. CVS also offers convenient services such as an onsite Minute Clinic that can assist you with medical needs. HONORABLE MENTION:


Best Place to Buy Wine | Galloping Grape And the winner is Galloping Grape. Located on Shirley Avenue, across from the Warrenton Horse Show Grounds, Galloping Grape offers a variety of wines to choose from. From white, red, blush, sparkling and more, wine lovers will love all the options. The store also offers wine accessories, such as stoppers, wine glasses, wine racks and more. HONORABLE MENTION: HARRIS TEETER, THE GRAPEVINE, TOWN DUCK


Warrenton Lifestyle

Best Women’s Clothes | Peebles Located at 251 W. Lee Highway in The Warrenton Village shopping center. Shoppers can delight in all the options available for every season and every occasion. Peebles is conveniently open 7 days a week. HONORABLE MENTION: CHRISTINE FOX, DO YOU…DÉJÀ VU, SEARS


Best Accounting Firm | Scheulen, Patchett & Edwards, P.C. Repeatedly recognized by readers for several years, Scheulen, Patchett & Edwards, P.C. has been voted the Best Accounting Firm for 2015. With decades of experience in providing advice to businesses and individuals, they take the stress out of tax returns and financial statements. What began in 1983 as a small office, the firm has developed into a firm that offers some of the best accounting, taxation, estate planning and consulting services. Their office is located on Alexandria Pike next to the DMV. HONORABLE MENTION: H&R BLOCK, PBMARES, LLP., UPDEGROVE, COMBS, MCDANIEL & WILSON, P.L.C

Best Auto Dealership | Country Chevrolet Clearly, Warrenton residence agree, that Country Chevrolet is the favored auto dealer in our community. They offer a wide selection for any car/ truck enthusiast - ranging from Silverados to Corvettes to ecofriendly and technology vehicle options. Country Chevrolet offers reliable, sturdy and technology options for all. Owner Andy Budd has developed a customer service team that excels in personalized services in all their departments. HONORABLE MENTION: JIM HARRIS BUICK PONTIAC GMC, SHEEHY FORD, WARRENTON TOYOTA/SCION

Best Auto Repair Center | Joe’s Service Center Warrenton readers have selected Joe’s Service Center as the winner for the 2015 Best Auto Repair Center. Joe’s offers complete service ranging from oil changes to brakes, electrical, emissions, and collision. Additionally, Joe’s Service Center offers services on all types of vehicles. If your car or truck is need of assistance, you can find Joe’s Service Center on Sullivan Street. HONORABLE MENTION: CHICK’S SERVICES INC, COUNTRY CHEVROLET, WARRENTON AUTO SERVICE

Best Bank | The Fauquier Bank For a decade, The Fauquier Bank has been voted number one in this category. You recognize their services that include banking and financial, investment services, deposits and insurance management and online banking as the best. With several locations throughout Warrenton, Fauquier and Prince William, they provide convenience and excellence. President Randy Ferrell leads this winning team. The main branch is located off Main Street at 10 Courthouse Square. HONORABLE MENTION: BB&T, OAK VIEW NATIONAL BANK, WELLS FARGO

Best Barber Shop | Lee’s Barber Shop (Main Street) In this close race, Lee’s Barber Shop pulled ahead to claim the Best Barber Shop in Warrenton. For men’s grooming, this business remains the spot to keep hair looking good for men and boys in the area. HONORABLE MENTION: HAIR CUTTERY, LEE CHRISTNERS (5TH STREET), PR@PARTNERS, SIGGI’S SPORTS BARBER SHOP

August 2015


Best Chiropractor Firm | Advantage Health Advantage Health offers chiropractors to diagnose and treat common spinal misalignments that can occur from lifestyle or injuries causing pain, discomfort and degenerative conditions. Located on Oak Springs Drive, Advantage Health may be able to treat back pain, sciatica, neck pain, sports injuries and more. HONORABLE MENTION: FAUQUIER CHIROPRACTIC, WARRENTON CHIROPRACTIC CENTER, VIRGINIA SPORTS CHIROPRACTIC

Best Computer Service/ System Repairs | Dok Klaus Computer Care In 2015, Dok Klaus Computer Care has claimed the prize as the Best Computer Service/System Repairs in Warrenton. Their business model focuses on solutions for virus removal, data recovery and features both home and business networks. Their office is located behind the Red Truck Bakery on Ashby Street. HONORABLE MENTION: COMVERGENCE, F1 COMPUTER SOLUTIONS, SITEWHIRKS INC

Best Contractor/Handyman | Appleton Campbell According to you, the favorite Contractor/Handyman is Appleton Campbell. This multi-year winner can assist you with all your HVAC/Plumbing/Electrical needs. Don’t fret, Appleton Campbell has been in business since 1976, so you know you know you can rely on them to make your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. HONORABLE MENTION: HUBBIES R US, J.D. EICHER BUILDER, TLC SERVICES

Best Dance Studio | Ballet Academy of Warrenton The community loves dancing for all ages, as demonstrated by the votes received. Offering classes in toddler movement, hiphop, ballroom for adults, acrobatics and classical ballet, Ballet Academy of Warrenton has won the claim to the Best Dance Studio once again this year. Director Linda Voepel leads the dance programs which are available for toddlers through adults. HONORABLE MENTION: EXCELL DANCE COMPANY, FOR A DANCER, WARRENTON GYMNASTICS

Best Day Care Center/Preschool | St. James Episcopal School According to readers’ input, St. James Episcopal School, known for their professional, caring staff, has won again this year. From preschool to fifth grade, students are enriched with programs that focus on reading, math, science, history, art/music, religious education, foreign language and after-school programs. Located on Culpeper Street, they offer not only convenience, but a solid educational foundation. HONORABLE MENTION: JACK AND JILL SCHOOL, WARRENTON BAPTIST TINY TOTS, WARRENTON UNITED METHODIST PRESCHOOL

Best Dental Office | The Office of Sentz, Griffin, and Tudor, DDS Dental care options ranging from preventative, prosthetic to restorative services, Sentz, Griffin, and Tudor, DDS can help you perfect your smile. They are awarded the prize of Best Dental office for 2015. The professional staff at this Old Town dental office will assist you with more than routine exams and cleanings. Stop by and see why they are voted Warrenton’s favorite. HONORABLE MENTION: DR. ROBERT FLIKEID, DDS & ASSOCIATES, WOODSIDE & SENTZ DDS, DRS. YUNG & JELINEK, DDS


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August 2015


Best Dog Groomer | Hound ‘N Hair When your canine needs a professional groomer, readers have indicated Hound ‘N Hair is the favorite place to go. From nail clipping to to quick touch-ups to full-service grooming, Hound ‘N Hair owner Bob DiNunzio and his professional team offer up the doggie styles perfect for your best friend. HONORABLE MENTION: GAILA GROOMING, GEORJEAN’S GROOMER, PAWS AWHILE

Best Dry Cleaners | Warrenton Center Dry Cleaners This year, Warrenton has selected Warrenton Center Dry Cleaners as the winner in this category. Offering more than pressed shirts, they offer our community excellent cleaning services of silks, leather, fine rugs, alterations and garment preservation services. HONORABLE MENTION: ACCLAIM CLEANERS, ASAP CLEANERS, COUNTRY CLEANERS

Best Financial Advisor/Investment Firm | Wells Fargo In this incredibly tight race, Wells Fargo was ultimately selected by readers as the Best Financial Advisor/Investment Firm for 2015. Located on Broadview Avenue, their location offers convenience as well as a professional team to assist you with personal or business services. Experience and their dedication to help individuals and business meet their financial needs by developing investment plans around long-term goals. The financial advisors will even assist you in selecting individual investments as well as develop a retirement plan that suits your requirements. HONORABLE MENTION: BB&T SCOTT & STRINGFELLOW, EDWARD JONES INVESTMENTS - TOM TUCKER, FAUQUIER BANK WEALTH MANAGEMENT

Best Fitness Center | Old Town Athletic Club Readers have selected OTAC as the winner in the Best Fitness Center category again this year. Mike & Kim Foresten opened Old Town Athletic Club in 1996 and services focus on personal well-being. The fitness center offers top of the line equipment, variety of group exercises, personal trainers, and Parisi Speed School for young athletes.. We also can’t fail to mention their Parisi Speed School for performance enhancement for young athletes! Located off Walker Drive, it is easily accessible by foot, bike or car. HONORABLE MENTION: FAUQUIER HEALTH WELLNESS CENTER, GOLD’S GYM, WARRENTON AQUATIC AND RECREATION FACILITY (WARF)

Best Hair Salon | Salon Emage Owner Melanee Montalvo and her staff have done it again, claiming the title of Best Hair Salon. This year, readers have again recognized Salon Emage for their ability to serve all your beauty needs such as hair, nails, massage and spa services. Located on Lee Street, their setting is not only convenient, but relaxing. HONORABLE MENTION: HAIR CUTTERY, PR@PARTNERS, THE SECRET GARDEN SALON


Warrenton Lifestyle

Best Holistic Services | The Natural Marketplace Owned by Shelly Ross, The Natural Marketplace is the resource for well-being and health. Voted again as the Best Holistic Services in Warrenton, Warrentonians can find products ranging from organic foods, smoothies, freshly prepared meals to essential oils in The Natural Marketplace. Stop by their location at the corner of Diagonal and Waterloo Streets to see why they are voted number one this year. HONORABLE MENTION: BELLA VITA SKINCARE & SPA, LOOKING GLASS NATURAL HEALTH, WHITE FLOWER YOGA & WELLNESS

Best Hotel/Lodging | Holiday Inn Express Once again, Warrentonians have selected Holiday Inn Express as the Best Hotel for 2015. This locally owned and operated hotel is managed by Milan Patnaik and offers guests excellent customer service. With 85 well appointed and beautiful rooms, high speed Internet, an outdoor pool, and laundry service, overnight stays are always completed in comfort! The hotel is located on Holiday Court, off of Walker Drive. HONORABLE MENTION: AIRLIE, HAMPTON INN, POPLAR SPRINGS

Best Insurance Agent/Firm | Carr & Hyde Insurance For several years, readers have selected Carr & Hyde Insurance as the Best of. This year is no exception. Located on Culpeper Street in Old Town, they provide customers with personal, commercial, life and health insurance. Since 1966, their professional experienced staff has been assisting the community with various insurance coverage. HONORABLE MENTION:


Best Law Firm | Law Office of Marie Washington, PLC 2015 is very similar to 2014, this race was close. However, readers ultimately selected a winner. The of Best Law Firm for 2015 winner goes to the Law Office of Marie Washington, PLC. Her legal expertise and community involvement are just some of the reasons clients seek her services. HONORABLE MENTION: GULICK, CARSON & THORPE; HOWARD, MORRISON, ROSS & WHELAN, PLLC; WALKER JONES, PC

August 2015


Best Massage Services | Poplar Springs Inn & Spa This year the 2015 Best Massage Services goes to Poplar Springs Inn & Spa. Harmony and equilibrium define Poplar Springs Spa. Choose from Poplar Springs Signature, Deep Therapeutic, Hot Stone Body, Warm Bamboo, Couples, Prenatal, Champissage (Indian Head Massage), Shirodhara, Aromatherapy, or Cancer Care Massages. With so many offerings, readers will be sure to find the perfect option. After your massage enjoy the saltwater pool, hot tub and sauna. HONORABLE MENTION: BLUE RIDGE ORTHOPAEDIC &


Best Nursery/Gardening | Meadows Farms Offering Warrenton residents a wide variety of flowers, shrubs, trees, landscape supplies and much more for gardening needs, it is no wonder that Meadows Farms is the winner this year of the Best Nursery/Gardening award. The helpful staff can answer your questions on gardening and help you select what is appropriate for your landscape. HONORABLE MENTION:


Best Pediatric Office | Piedmont Pediatrics This year, Piedmont Pediatrics is again awarded the Best Pediatric Office award. All physicians are board-certified and are members of the American Academy of Pediatrics and offer patients years of experience. Nurse practitioners, phlebotomist, licensed nurses and staff are all committed to providing your child with excellent healthcare. HONORABLE MENTION: CHILD HEALTH ASSOCIATES, PIEDMONT FAMILY PRACTICE, WARRENTON PEDIATRICS

Best Physical Therapy | Blue Ridge Orthopaedic & Spine Center Blue Ridge Orthopaedic and Spine Center is well known in Town and your votes have awarded them the winning position in this category this year. Their practice features a Spine Center, joint replacement, sports medicine, pain management, physical therapy, shoulder care as well as a Foot and Ankle Center. Their knowledgeable team is there to assist patients every step of the way and are conveniently located at 52 West Shirley Avenue. HONORABLE MENTION: BLASER PHYSICAL THERAPY, FAUQUIER HEALTH, VIRGINIA SPORTS CHIROPRACTIC

Best Physician Office | Piedmont Family Practice This year, Best Physician Office is awarded to Piedmont Family Practice. Board certified physicians and nurse practitioners incorporate family practice, internal and emergency medicine as well as pediatrics care into their practice. Warrenton residents are also offered sports medicine, geriatrics, female health, dermatology and Family Docs On Call as additional services with this family practice, located at 493 Blackwell Road. HONORABLE MENTION: BLUE RIDGE ORTHOPEDIC AND SPINE CENTER, DOMINION INTERNAL MEDICINE, FAUQUIER FAMILY PRACTICE, PIEDMONT INTERNAL MEDICINE


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We get to know you so well, it’s only fair that you get to know us, too.

Dr. Wesley Hodgson, OB/GYN • Completed residency at Bethesda Naval Hospital

• Served in the US Navy for eight years

At Fauquier Health, our Planetree approach to care means we get to know the person behind every set of symptoms. So it seems only right that we let you get

• Avid kayaker and outdoor enthusiast

to know the person behind every lab coat, stethoscope and clipboard.

Fauquier Health OB-GYN

Dr. Sumiya Majeed, OB/GYN

253 Veterans Drive, Suite 210 • Warrenton, VA 20186 • 540-316-5930

•Internship and residency at Southern Illinios University School of Medicine


Planetree Designated Patient-Centered Care.

• Was awarded Resident of the Year

• Fluent in English, Medical Spanish, Hindi and Urdu



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Come see us in our 67 West Lee Street, Unit 102 Warrenton, VA 20186


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251 West Lee Hwy, Suite 153, Warrenton, VA • TEL 540-3 251 West Lee Hwy, Suite 153, Warrenton, VA • TEL 540-349-3141

251 West Lee Hwy, Suite 153, Warrenton, VA • TEL 540-349-3141


251 West Lee Hwy, Suite 153, Warrenton, VA • T

251 West Lee Hwy, Suite 153, Warrenton, VA • TEL 540-349-3141

Best Plumber | Appleton Campbell As a multi-year winner, Appleton Campbell has been serving our community since 1976. Readers have chosen Appleton Campbell as the Best of for their dedication to customer service and helping homeowners and businesses alike with any heating, plumbing and air conditioning needs. Offices are located on East Franklin Street. HONORABLE MENTION: FOLEY PLUMBING, MRC PLUMBING AND HEATING, TLC SERVICES

Best Real Estate Office | Long & Foster Realtors Long & Foster Realtors has been voted the winner in this category again this year. Specializing in residential, new home, farms, land and commercial properties, they are able to help clients in the region buy/sell their properties. The offices are located on Blackwell Road and can provide you with all the related services necessary for a smooth and successful real estate transaction. HONORABLE MENTION: CENTURY 21 NEW MILLENNIUM, RE/MAX, WEICHERT REALTORS

Best Spa Services | Poplar Springs For the second year in a row, Poplar Springs Inn & Spa has been awarded the top spot for Best Spa Services. Close to Town, located off of Rogues Road, they offer a 170 acres of beauty and a full service spa where you are sure to be pampered. Spa guests can enjoy overnight accommodations or just a day to relax. Poplar offers massages, facials, waxing and much more. All spa clients have access to the sauna and salt water pool and can enjoy a meal poolside or in the Manor House Restaurant. HONORABLE MENTION: BELLA VITA SKINCARE & SPAS, PR@PARTNERS, SALON EMAGE

Best Veterinarian Office | Piedmont Pets In one of the tightest races, Piedmont Pets Veterinary Care has been selected by you for the 10th year in a row. Dr. Lutz and her staff offer a wide variety of services for all your pets’ needs. Conveniently open 6 days a week (closed Sunday) their office affords clients flexibility with their scheduling. HONORABLE MENTION: ANIMAL MEDICAL CENTER, NEW BALTIMORE ANIMAL HOSPITAL, VILLAGE VETERINARY CLINIC

Best Wait Staff | Claire’s at the Depot The wonderful staff at Claire’s as pulled it off again. For the third straight year, Claire’s has been voted to have The Best Wait Staff. Fine service, delicious food, fine wines and delicious sweets set the stage for a wonderful outing. Welcoming, accommodating when you enter, you will soon find out why they have held this honor previously. HONORABLE MENTION: CHICK-FIL-A, EL AGAVE, FAUQUIER SPRINGS COUNTRY CLUB, GREAT HARVEST BREAD CO.

! l l a o t s n o i t Congratula This year’s balloting has proven, once again, that Warrenton has so much to offer all who live here. Congratulations to the winners and those with honorable mention. We are pleased that our Town has so many businesses and services we love and that help make our community a place where living and working is prosperous for all involved. 50

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Say Good-Bye to Back Pain

Michelle Kelley

Life Couching/Counseling 703.505.2413 • GirlsStandStrong.com

Helping Teen Girls and Women to thrive through life's pressures and transitions. •Confidence • Healthy Relationships • Anxiety

Is Your Back Ready?

Don’t let the aches and pains slow you down. Services we provide for a healthier you include chiropractic care, nutrition and rehabilitation therapy.

Let’s Talk Phone sessions available Dr. Thomas Nicolai

Warrenton Professional Center 493 Blackwell Rd., Suite 350 540-347-5900 • www.fauquierchiropractic.com

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August 2015




the Box

ues s s I g n i t e l i o T e n i l Eliminating Fe By Charlotte Wagner


rination and defecation outside of the litter box is one of the major reasons owners relinquish pet cats to a shelter or rescue. Poor bathroom etiquette within the home can be hard to live with: the smell, the constant cleaning, ruined furniture, and the cost of replacing soiled items. Although feline elimination issues are not uncommon; your cat’s unfavorable habits may be indicating a serious underlying medical or behavioral problem. Here are some considerations when trying to find the right remedy:

Location Preference

Some felines are finicky when it comes to the location of their litter box. Cats that mess in a specific location or on a preferable substrate outside of the pan most likely have an issue with placement. Try putting the litter box away from high traffic areas and attempt different places within the home to see if there is a difference. In extreme cases where urination or defecation has been painful, some cats will associate aversion with the litter box. Placing a new container in an novel location with a different litter can significantly help in changing the behavior. Ask yourself: is the box conveniently located? Is it private? Is it close to feeding and water areas? Cats will avoid soiling where they eat and drink, while others will omit the litter box if it is not easily accessible. Ideally have one accessible litter box on each floor of a multi-level house.

Substrate Preference

Cats can have individual preferences as to the type, size, and condition of litter within the box. There are many varieties on the market, making it hard to sometimes choose the right litter. The use of fragrant substrates may be pleasing to humans, but unattractive to


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Warrenton, Virginia...

Where the beauty of the countryside welcomes each new day, and its proximity to the Washington, DC area opens up a wealth of opportunities. Call us today and then go explore...

The possibilities are endless!

540-347-2250 www.warrentonva.com

Long & Foster Warrenton Office 492 Blackwell Road Warrenton, VA 20186 www.longandfoster.com 800.523.8846

350 Waterloo Street, Warrenton, Virginia 540-341-8888

Waxing Available!

come, enjoy, relax

• Full Service Nail Spa • Waxing • Walk-Ins Welcome • Paraffin Therapy • Highest Standard of Hygiene • OPI Polish Gift Certificates Available for Any Occasion

100% Sanitized Equipment BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL


August 2015


1. Our business is Import Car Service. 2. One-stop for all import mechanical & body shop repairs. 3. All work approved by you in advance. 4. Locally owned & operated. 5. Service by appointment Emergency when necessary. 6. Same day service on most repairs. 7. Free loaner cars available. 8. Free ride home/to work. 9. 12 months/12,000 mile limited warranty. 10. Comfortable waiting room with WiFi. 11. All technicians are A.S.E. & BOSCH certified. 12. Factory diagnostic equipment. 13. Credit cards accepted. 14. Virginia’s first BOSCH Authorized Service Center. 15. Authorized BOSCH warranty. 16. $100,000 parts inventory on hand. 17. 24 hr./7 day a week towing. 18. Night drop off & after hours pickup. 19. We never object to a second opinion. 20. Virginia Safety Inspection Station. 21. Employee honesty commitment. 22. We advise each customer using our Free courtesy inspection. 23. We never high pressure you, just explain your options. 24. Servicing import cars for over 50 years. 25. New car warranty service approved. 26. Service advisors not paid on commission. 27. 36 months/36k warranty on many parts. 28. Active in the community we serve. 29. We use O.E.M. replacement parts. 30. A service facility you can trust.

SPECIALIZING IN VEHICLES FROM AROUND THE WORLD 317 E. Shirley Avenue, Warrenton, VA 540-347-1334 • 800-895-3232 Bosch Authorized Service

24 Hr. Towing 540-347-1427 www.waterloomotors.com for appointments email: service@waterloomotors.com


use of liners complicates maneuverability of the box and creates avoidance, whereas for others the size is most often too small. To see if your cat likes one type over another, try setting two litter boxes of different construction by one another and monitor your cat’s selection.

Stress Induced Problems

Various lifestyle changes can dramatically impact your cat’s toileting habits. A recent move, the addition of another pet, change in family dynamic, and variation in routine can all contribute to stress. Tension can also exist if feral cats are in your neighborhood causing territorial rivalry. In multi-pet households stress can be induced through bully behavior and other cats may block access to the litter box. Ensure enough boxes are available in a multi-cat household: one for each cat in the home plus one more.

Spraying Behavior

Many house soiling complaints are related to spraying or urine marking. This is not commonly a cause for elimination issues outside of the litter box and is most often associated with sexual behavior. Tomcats are generally the main culprits and will target vertical surfaces to spread their scent. Further reasons for spraying include learned aversion, territorial disputes, and anxiety.

Medial Problems

some of our feline friends. Daily cleaning and maintenance will ensure your cat will continue to use the box successfully; they usually don’t want to use a pan filled with days worth of urine and feces. Also consider litter depth when maintaining your pan as cats naturally like to bury and hide their excretions. This is not possible when too shallow.

Box Preference

In some cases the size, construction, or shape of the litter box is unappealing to the cat. Some adapt well to enclosed dome shapes, whereas others prefer open containers. If your cat is eliminating on a variety of surfaces away from the litter box, it may have a preference for style. For some cats the

When faced with inconsistent litter box use, the first step is to consult your veterinarian. There are multiple illnesses prevalent in cats that can lead to inappropriate elimination behaviors. Ruling out any underlying health causes will help with constructing a successful behavior modification plan. Some of the more common conditions include: urinary tract infections, feline lower urinary tract disease, crystals in the urine, bladder stones, inflammation of the bowels, kidney disease, diabetes, and thyroid issues. In some cases serious blockages in the digestive tract may cause discomfort and abnormal toileting habits.

Behavior Resolution

Consult with a certified animal behaviorist or veterinary behaviorist to discuss modification and treatment options. In mild cases where occasional incidents occur, good household management, change in litter box care, and adapting to cat preferences can go a long way. In more extreme cases where medical conditions have been ruled out and management has been unsuccessful, pharmaceutical support may be required alongside behavior modification.

Charlotte Wagner is a certified animal trainer and behavior consultant. She successfully completed her BS with honors from the University of Essex in England furthering her passion in training and behavior. She advocates that prevention, management, redirection, and training of alternate responses is key to training success. Charlotte currently owns and operates Duskland Training and Behavior in Warrenton and can be regularly seen at conformation dog shows, agility events, rally obedience trials, therapy visits, and community gatherings with one or more of her precious pets


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• Enhance your Home, Office or Business • Custom Aquarium installations • Marine & Freshwater environments • Professional servicing SPECIAL OFFERS ON NEW INSTALLATIONS CALL NOW FOR DETAILS


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Whether you’re moving in to your first home or moving up to something bigger, you can rely on Doug Salzman, George Mason Mortgage, LLC. We can help you navigate through the mortgage process, and provide the financing that best suits your needs. We provide a full range of financing options · Competitive rates · Expert service · Fast response Fixed-Rate Mortgages Adjustable-Rate Mortgages FHA, VA, Conventional Special Programs VHDA, FHA Plus, UDSA 100% 203k Renovation Lending Programs for every need

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Warrenton Country School, 1915-1950 Private girl’s school was very much a part of the community by John Toler

The main building at the WCS was originally the clubhouse for Warrenton’ first country club. Library of Congress.

Leaving town on Culpeper Street Extended, you quickly come upon Station A of the Warrenton Training Center, a U.S. Government facility. Passing by on the Springs Road, you may notice that behind the high chain link fence bearing the signs, “U.S. Property, No Trespassing” are some fine stone walls and several buildings that appear distinctively non-military. Before the U.S. Government acquired it almost 64 years ago, the property was the Warrenton Country School, a girls’ school started in 1915 by New Orleans native Mlle.

MLLE. LEA M. BOULIGNY, photographed in the 1940s. 56

(Mademoiselle) Lea Marie Bouligny (1865-1954), a prominent educator who worked hard and invested much to create something very special. Mlle. Bouligny had already compiled an impressive resume before coming to Warrenton in the early 1900s. She was educated at Miss Meta Huger’s School in New Orleans, where she studied under professors that taught at Tulane University. Her major area of study was French. Mlle. Bouligny taught French at the Buffalo Seminary in Buffalo, N.Y., from 1890 to 1895, and was the principal of the Chevy Chase, Md. French and English School from 18951905. She became familiar with Warrenton in the early 1900s, when her sister, Jeanne B. Crosby (1862-1934) and her husband, Oscar Terry Crosby, MRS. EDNA R. FITCH, the founder of the assistant principal, 1926-1949 Potomac Electric

and Power Co. in Washington, D.C., moved to their home at View Tree, on the high ground west of town. From 1905 to 1914, Mlle. Bouligny traveled extensively, and began plans to create a new girls’ school in Warrenton. French would be the spoken language at the school most of the time, including during class. Athletics and equestrian training were also to be part of the curriculum. In 1907, Mlle. Bouligny bought a 13.14-acre tract off the Springs Road from William H. Gaines, who had acquired the property in a land swap with Mrs. Mary Astley Cooper in 1904. At the time, a country club, complete with a clubhouse and tennis courts, was in operation there. Mlle. Bouligny leased the facilities to the country club, and built a cottage for herself west of the main building. “Your Old Timer played against Lee Evans and Mary Nelson (now Mrs. Lowell Decker),” wrote M. Louise Evans, recalling an event that took place at the country club in 1909. The account was re-published in the Feb. 10, 1949 edition of The Warrenton Lifestyle

Wine Finds,

Cigars & Surprises

Warrenton’s best source for great wine, premium cigars and craft brews 389 W. Shirley Avenue, Warrenton, VA 20186 • (540) 349-4443 www.Facebook.com/TheGrapevineWarrenton

August 2015


Fauquier Democrat. “That was a big afternoon… some of the guests were in Warrenton for the summer from nearby Washington and Baltimore, who also excelled at the game.” After starting classes at the school, Mlle. Bouligny bought other adjacent properties when they came up for sale, including .84 and 4.81-acre tracts purchased from W. M. Beacom in 1918, and 2.44 acres at the intersection of the Springs Road and Shipmadilly Lane, which she bought from W. M. Martin in 1923. In order to provide more space for horseback riding and field events, in 1929 Mlle. Bouligny bought 100 acres from William H. Weber on the east side of the Springs Road, about a mile from the school. Although Warrenton already had the Fauquier Female Institute on Lee Street (founded 1858) and the Stuyvesant School for boys on Winchester Street (founded 1912), the community welcomed another private school. An important part of Mlle. Bouligny’s philosophy for the school was to be engaged with the community, and when possible, become an integral part of it. BUILDING THE WCS By the mid-1920s, most of the school buildings were finished, including additional classrooms and the gymnasium, the art building, infirmary, the teachers’ cottage and the seniors’ cottage. Outbuildings and other facilities included a nursery and greenhouse, some smaller gardens, skating rink, formal gardens and an outdoor theater with stage, and a riding rink.

Warrenton native and Architectural Historian Cheryl Hanback Shepherd has compiled the most complete record of the buildings at the WCS. This information is found in the survey she completed for the Department of Historic Resources while working on the Springs Valley Rural Historic District Project. One of the reasons for this excellent account is that Mrs. Shepherd’s greatgrandfather, William F. Hanback, and her grandfather, W. J. Hanback, were the master craftsmen who built most of the structures at the WCS. “The eleven buildings display characteristics of the Tudor Revival, Colonial Revival, Craftsman and French Eclectic styles,” she notes. “The principal school buildings feature English basements, defined in grapevine joined stone, pebble-dash stuccoed walls, overhanging roofs and massive exterior chimneys.” Mrs. Shepherd describes the main building as “…a one-and-one-half story, four bay wide building of stone and pebble-dash stucco, applied over hollow tile, under a hip roof varied by dominate hipped wall dormers with paired windows.” While some construction documents related to the main building have been lost, Mrs. Shepherd has company records showing that between 1926 and 1928, the Hanbacks built the additions to the main building; the gymnasium with classrooms and attached dormitories; the art building, stable, laundry, the pergola, garage; and two frame staff residences. In May 1926, Mlle. Bouligny sold the 2.44-acre tract she had purchased

from W. M. Martin to T. Lindsey Fitch (1872-1950), a gas and electrical engineer, and his wife, Edna Marie Rhodes Fitch (1893-1968), who had served with the Red Cross in France during World War I. A niece of Mlle. Bouligny, Mrs. Fitch was the assistant principal and a teacher at the Warrenton Country School from 1926 to 1949. William F. and W. J. Hanback also built the 1-½ story, Tudor Revival-style house on the site for Mr. and Mrs. Fitch. Between 1930 and 1935, the grounds of the school were designed and implemented by Bradford Williams of Boston, the long-term administrator of the American Society of Landscape Architects. Planned enrollment at the WCS was originally 40 boarding students, plus a number of day students from nearby communities. While the original plan allowed for girls as young as third grade, in later years the student body consisted of the senior and junior classes, and the “lower school” made up of sophomores and freshmen. In order to create a spirit of competition, the students were divided into two teams designated by the school colors. In the case of the WCS, the Green and Purple teams competed for academic standings, sports and individual awards. The school uniform was a calf-length lavender skirt and jacket, topped by an ankle-length purple cape. The school yearbook, prepared by the senior class, was called Le Capuchon. EQUESTRIENNES ALL From the earliest days of the school, Mlle. Bouligny encouraged her students to become skilled in horseback riding. While some boarding students already arrived with equestrian skills, others got their first introduction to horse sports at the WCS. As one might expect, some of the day students from Aerial photo of the Warrenton Country School taken in the 1930s shows the major buildings then in use. In the foreground is Mrs. Fitch’s house; behind, from left, the main building; gardens; gymnasium complex with classrooms and dormitories; art building, infirmary and teachers’ cottage at the rear; and the senior cottage at the front. Courtesy of Mrs. Gina Timberlake.


Warrenton Lifestyle

“horse country” had their own horses and were active equestriennes, and helped the others learn to ride, and love the sport. The equestrian culture at the WCS took on many forms, including horse shows, where they often competed against each other, or the boys from Stuyvesant School. Other times the WCS students competed in classes at the Warrenton and Upperville horse shows. For advanced riders, participation in local hunt meets was also permitted, and as a result, occasionally the school hosted hunt breakfasts for the Warrenton Hunt. This usually took place at Thanksgiving, following the early morning hunt meet and church service. “This Old Timer recalls several hunt breakfasts at the Warrenton Country School when the late Miss Bouligny conducted her successful girls’ school there,” wrote M. Louise Evans in the Nov. 23, 1961 edition of the Democrat. “Parents who came for the holiday attended the meet and the breakfast that followed.” For those who preferred a family dinner with their loved one, ‘…turkey and all the trimmings were on the menu, and what a spread there was.” In April 1941, the students of the WCS held a horse show to benefit the British War Relief effort, which drew 72 entries in 13 classes, ten of which were open to outside exhibitors. An entry fee of $1.50 was charged for each horse in each class, and the admission charge of $.25 per person were donated to the British War Relief fund. Manly W. Carter, MFH, and Crompton Smith did the judging. In May 1944, another horse show was held benefiting the American Red Cross, which netted $125. CULTURE, SPORTS AND SOCIAL LIFE Drama and theatrics were also part of the WCS culture, with a number of

The rooms inside the main building were comfortable and well appointed, as one might expect at an exclusive private school. Library of Congress.

play productions scheduled each school year. Open to the public, the plays were often held to benefit a specific charity, and over the years included “Old Lady 31,” “Antic Spring,” and the traditional senior class production of “Enchanted April” at the end of the school term. The May Day Festival was a very special event at the WCS, featuring a May Queen and her court, a pageant performed by the students, and a Maypole dance. As recorded in the May 11, 1930 edition of the Democrat, “Local girls who took part as soldiers of the Queen’s Guard were Misses Barbara Bartenstein, Betsy Charrington, Aileen Harris, Isabella Hilleary, Mary Selden Kennedy, Gertrude Robertson, Blanche O’Connell, Jane Wilbur and Josephine Winmill. The Maypole dance followed with eight couples, Miss Margaret Middleton as accompanist.” Activities were scheduled almost monthly, and included trips to University of Virginia football games in Charlottesville; art galleries, museums and plays in Washington, D.C.; and concerts and dances hosted by nearby boys’ schools, including Woodberry Forest near Orange, and Massanutten Military Academy at Woodstock.

WCS students were regular invitees to Stuyvesant School’s Homecoming dances, held in November at the Warren Green Hotel, as well as their Christmas Play and Valentine’s Day Dance. Each April for many years, a large group of WCS girls attended the Virginia Gold Cup Races. WCS students competed with other girls’ schools, facing off in basketball and soccer games with teams from Holton-Arms School in Bethesda, Md., Foxcroft School at Middleburg, St. Margaret’s School at Tappahannock, and Oldfields School, Glencoe, Md. Each December, the WCS hoopsters played the girls’ varsity basketball team at Warrenton High School. The Warrenton Country School attracted students from many states, as well as a few foreign countries. Adding to the international flavor, in 1930 the school had eleven teachers in residence, including four from France and one from Switzerland. In Part 2, to be published in September, a local graduate shares her experiences at the Warrenton Country School. The final years of the school are recalled, along with the unique acquisition of both the WCS and View Tree by the U.S. Government.

Author John Toler is a writer and historian and has served Fauquier County for over 50 years, including 4 decades with the Fauquier-Times Democrat. He has written and lectured about many legendary characters in Fauquier County’s history. Toler is the co-author of 250 Years in Fauquier County: A Virginia Story, and author of Warrenton, Virginia: A History of 200 Years. August 2015




Green Maple Market Offers Wide Selection Of Organic and Healthy Food Options By Christine Craddock

While Haymarket may not be currently found on a list of healthiest places in the DC area, it may not be far from the future. The availability of restaurants and markets offering healthier options for food, including organic, non-gmo, and chemical free produce and meats seems to be growing rapidly. Adding to the list is Katherine Fuerst Holster who officially opened Green Maple Market for business on May 15th in Vint Hill. “We believe that what is good for the earth is good for our bodies too” is the mantra Holster uses to run her market. With the goal of making “farm fresh, healthy, wholesome, local foods easily accessible to our community and surrounding area,” Holster accomplishes this by purchasing from local farmers who raise animals in a way that is all natural, free-range


and pasture raised without added hormones or antibiotics. Holster believes deeply that “we all have a responsibility to be good stewards of the land we’ve inherited and to protect it for future generations.” Also, by purchasing from our local farmers, we are supporting those who use “earthfriendly, sustainable farming practices” to protect land that is used for food production. Holster eventually hopes that by supporting farmers, more and more young people will turn to this profession and serve to bring it back into popularity for future generations. But Green Maple Market is not Holster’s first venture in owning a farm market. During her tenure at Virginia Tech, she offered fresh organic produce at a small farmer’s market underneath a maple tree. The Maple Tree Market,

Katherine Fuerst Holster, Owner

as it was named, served to give her a first experience in providing a service she felt passionate about to the community. Years later, Holster opened Countryside Farm Market in Amissville when her children were little but went back to the workforce for the security of a full-time job. However, her passion and desire to own a fresh market did not fade as the years went by. When she learned that her grandfather, who died a month before she was born, had opened a grocery shop in 1937 when he came to America named “Green Tree Market,” she was touched by this shared interest. Green Maple Market was so named in honor of her grandfather’s and her own dreams coming to pass. “I didn’t choose Vint Hill; Vint Hill chose me,” says Holster about the decision to locate the market

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Dr. Priyanka P. Patel Dr. Michael P. Gowen

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• Comprehensive Eye Care • Eyewear • Contact Lenses • Diagnosis and Management of Eye Diseases Convenient late hours and Saturday hours for commuters and families! Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays 9-6 Wednesdays 10-7 l Saturdays 9-3

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CLUB Town of Warrenton Parks & Rec Department Warrenton Aquatic & Recreation Facility 800 Waterloo Road Warrenton, VA 20186 540.349.2520

We’re experts in our field... So kids can be experts in theirs. Oakley’s expertise is playing. Ours is keeping patients like her healthy and happy, so they can focus on what’s most important.

Warrenton Pediatrics

Dr. Michael Amster, MD, FAAP Dr. Cheryl Kemerer, MD, FAAP

28 Blackwell Park Lane, Suite 103, Warrenton, VA 20186 | 540.349.3225 | warrentonpediatrics.com

August 2015


in an area that is thriving as a new destination spot for both locals and travelers. Ed Moore, Vint Hill President and Julie Broaddus, who owns Old Bust Head Brewing Company with her husband, had already envisioned the building where the market now stands serving this purpose so the conversations flowed immediately. The market contributes to Vint Hill’s ‘buy fresh, buy local’ theme and is located in an area where Holster says “consumers are starved for healthier food choices.” Holster envisions an expansion

of the market for the future but for now, her focus is on “bringing the best products to market” that she is able to find for her customers. Green Maple Market is located at 7172 Lineweaver Road in Vint Hill, between Old Bust Head Brewing Company and Vint Hill Wine Craft. For more information, go to greenmaplemarket.com or call 540-272-7700. Also, visit Green Maple Market on Facebook at www.facebook. com/greenmaplemarket to see new products offered and other exciting news.

Products offered for sale: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


Organic and conventional fruits and vegetables Pastured, hormone and antibiotic free, beef, chickens, turkey, pork Free Range eggs Local honey Local fresh roasted coffee beans Dairy-milk, cheese, butter, ice cream Fresh baked goods Chutneys Jams Herbs and Spices Potted Plants Peanuts Custom teas Syrups Olive Oils Pumpkins in the fall Christmas trees after Thanksgiving

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Helping Prevent Bathroom Falls

The Overhead Grab Bar provides a safe secure hand hold from above. Each Overhead Grab Bar is custom built and installed to fit you and your bathroom. Available for Bath Tubs and Shower Stalls. Fabrication, welding and repair of indoor and outdoor wrought iron railing available.

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Love the Peace of Mind with our professionally trained, carefully screened caregivers, who are bonded, insured and licensed. Alzheimer’s/Dementia Specialists experienced in caring for those with Parkinson’s, Cancer, COPD, Celebrating Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes and more. of

13 YEARS caring

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All Rise For The Flatbread

By Rebekah Grier I can’t remember the first time I had a flatbread. It was probably somewhere like a T.G.I. Fridays when I was in my late teens and honestly not that spectacular. And now I can’t help thinking about flatbread without hearing comedian Iliza Shlesinger’s nasally valley-girl voice in my head, “You wanna flatbread? It’s like a thin crust pizza but annoying.” How wrong she is! Despite Iliza’s opinion of flatbread, flatbreads are one of my new obsessions. You can top it with absolutely whatever you want. It’s basically a blank carb canvas awaiting your broad strokes of culinary genius. And if you like making your own dough (like me) but are impatient for all the time it takes for pizza dough 64

to rise (also like me), just make a flatbread! Some flatbread dough recipes give a small amount of rise time, and some don’t have any at all – I think either option works well. My recent obsession with flatbread started a couple weeks ago when my hubby was away for a few days. Almost as soon as Seth was out of the door, I rushed to the grocery store and bought my fill of asparagus, one of my favorite vegetables even if he despises those little green stalks. Wanting to try a new recipe instead of my typical baking method, I went to Pinterest and had an epiphany. I could enjoy my vegetables AND trick my brain into thinking I was eating pizza all while consuming fewer calories. WIN.

Eating that first homemade asparagus flatbread while bingewatching BBC murder mysteries on Netflix was so delicious. Not having to share any of it was even better. A week or two later I did make a flatbread the two of us could share. It had bacon so Seth would eat it and I snuck in a bit of kale for extra nutrition. Having made an extra batch of dough, however, led me to do some experimenting. I came back to the asparagus because it was so yummy, but get creative and try a mixture of your own toppings. You almost can’t go wrong. I am now brainstorming dessert flatbreads. Calories will not be counted. (Recipe follows:) Warrenton Lifestyle

Residential Design - Build New Homes Remodels & Addition Cosmetic Enhancements/Upgrades Patios & Decks Licensed Class A Contractor ASID Interior Designer Building Lots Available 400 Rosedale Court Suite 100 Warrenton, VA 20186 P. 540.428.3050 F. 540.428.3052 southstar-construction.com


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DUSKLAND DOGS Warrenton, VA 540-551-0736 DusklandDogs.com

The house is situated on a knoll overlooking a large pond with a dock and fenced pastures. 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, custom kitchen with granite, baths with ceramic tile, wood floors, Sun Room, enclosed porch, patio, front and side porches. Other amenities include a pool, stable, run-in sheds, machine shed, garage and dog kennel. Offered for $924,900



flatbread Caramelized Onion, Asparagus and Roasted Eggplant Flatbread Makes 1 flatbread (serves 2) INGREDIENTS: The Dough (makes 4 flatbreads): 1 package or 2 ¼ teaspoons active dry yeast 1 ½ cups warm water 1 teaspoon salt 3 ½ to 4 cups flour The Toppings: 1 bunch of asparagus, about 2 cups, trimmed and cut into thirds 1 medium eggplant, about 2 cups, sliced into thin rounds ½ a large sweet onion, sliced 1 cup mozzarella (grated or if using fresh, sliced into rounds) ½ cup Parmesan 1 tablespoon fresh basil, chopped (pesto would also work) Olive oil Salt and pepper to taste







Make the dough. In a large bowl, combine the water, yeast, salt and olive oil. Let stand until bubbles begin to form (about 5 minutes). Gradually add in flour, mixing with one hand, until dough has formed (start with 3 ½ cups of flour, add more if dough is too wet). Knead dough on floured surface until no longer sticky, adding more flour if needed (about 5 to 10 minutes). Place the dough ball into a fresh bowl and coat with oil, about 1 tablespoon. Cover with plastic wrap and let rise (about 35 – 45 minutes) while prepping other ingredients. When the dough is finished rising, punch down and divide into four portions (bag and freeze the other 3 if not using immediately). Preheat oven to 375°. Toss eggplant lightly with olive oil, about 1 tablespoon. Arrange evenly on a baking sheet and salt lightly. Roast in the oven for about 20 minutes or until eggplant is nicely browned. While the eggplant is roasting, heat 2

tablespoons of olive oil in skillet. Toss in onions and sprinkle with salt. Mix to coat with oil and cook on medium for about 5 minutes – the onions should start to soften and become golden brown. (Tip: Don’t stir too often) 6. Add the asparagus to the onions and cook for another 5 to 7 minutes or until the onions have finished caramelizing and the asparagus is bright green and tender. Remove from heat. 7. If eggplant is done roasting. Remove from oven and turn temperature up to 450°. Set eggplant aside. 8. Returning to your floured surface, use one portion of the flatbread dough and roll out with a rolling pin until it is about 13” by 7”. Place on lightly greased baking sheet. 9. Now, layer the toppings! Drizzle dough with a bit of olive oil, add basil or smear with pesto. Continue in order of: mozzarella, eggplant, onions and asparagus, Parmesan. 10. Bake at 450° for about 10 minutes. Lower to 400 and bake for another 5 to 10 minutes or until crust is golden brown. Enjoy!

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THE FAMOUS MULCH VOLCANO Is This Method Beneficial Or For Looks?

I’m sure that everyone has seen a mulch volcano. Drive through any parking lot in town and you’re sure to spot them! A neatly planned and prepared row of trees with their base completely covered by an excessive amount of mulch. The mulch is mounded so high that it takes on the appearance of a volcano. Is there a beneficial reason or is it just for looks? Mulch volcano is strictly for looks and is most definitely not beneficial but actually harmful to our trees. This type of mulching is created when a homeowner or landscaper with great intentions uses improper mulch practices. We all have done it. Too much of a good thing is not always the best. Homeowners love mulch and its aesthetic value to our property. It makes our yards look neatly outlined and cleanly separates planting beds



from grass. Let’s face it, a property outlined with mulch looks manicured and cared for. Don’t get me wrong, mulching with the correct amount is a good thing and has many benefits. The “amount” is a major factor and truly determines if your mulch application is going to help or harm your plants.

LET’S TALK ABOUT THE RIGHT AMOUNT A correct depth of mulch should be about 2-3” in initial applications. Each year you can re-apply a thin layer in order to maintain the 2-3” depth. Basically, you are trying to replenish the mulch to its original depth while creating a new fresh look.

BENEFITS OF MULCH Among many other benefits, decomposing mulch adds organic matter to soil, it reduces evaporation and stabilizes moisture content. Mulch also prevents soil compaction, provides weed control and erosion. Aside from the direct health benefits that a mulch ring can provide, it also prevents lawn mowers from damaging the trunk of the tree.

APPLYING TOO MUCH MULCH IS BAD NEWS A mulch volcano retains moisture against the bark of a tree. The moisture penetrates the bark and disrupts the flow of nutrients. This disruption compromises the food supply to the leaves and in turn creates root dieback. After that it’s just a downward spiral of decline for the tree. When a tree is stressed, it’s an open invitation




Warrenton Lifestyle

for insects, disease and fungus. Root rot is inevitable and can lead to unpredictable whole tree failure. Have you ever seen a tree you thought fell for no reason? It fell over with no roots attached and looked like a cork pulled from a wine bottle? That tree probably had root rot and improper mulching is known to be a primary cause. Lack of water seeping through to the soil surface is another moisture issue created by thickly layered mulch. The amount of water needed for adequate moisture to the feeding roots is insufficient. Naturally this causes the roots to grow upwards for the water. This results in roots encircling the buried trunk which have a girdling effect. Irreversible damage to the living part of the tree, just under the bark, comes next . The trees future is very grim at this point. Think of the loss of investment! As a homeowner, we purchase properties not only for the beautiful home but for the desired landscape and trees. We invest in our properties frequently with new plants and trees. Don’t let all your hard work be wasted by improper mulching. Remember less is more! HOW TO CORRECT THE PROBLEM Panic is not necessary once you realize that your trees have been suffering, but immediate action is required! For a basic Root Collar Excavation I use a small shovel, trowel and a mini tiller (looks like a small pick axe with 3 prongs on one side). Carefully, pull the mulch away from the trunk, keeping in mind that it’s very easy to damage the buried parts of the trunk with the hand tools. Any mulch that is touching the trunk can be washed away with a garden hose. The goal is to expose the portion of the tree that widens as it goes into the soil, known as the Root Flare. If you feel that your trees aren’t mulched correctly and unsure about how to handle it, consult a Certified Arborist. Article By: Sam Cooper, Certified Arborist Owner of Oak Grove Tree Experts Warrenton, VA sam@oakgrovetree.com www.Oakgrovetree.com 540.937.2500 August 2015

GWCC Member Spotlight Allegro Community School of the Arts Lachelle Yoder, Administrator 20 Main Street | Warrenton, Virginia 540-349-5088 Lachelle@AllegroCSA.org www.AllegroCSA.org

COMPANY BACKGROUND: When and why did you decide to start your own company? I am a co-founder of Allegro Community School of the Arts. We had all been teaching music privately and decided to bring everything together. We started as a Kindermusik facility (early childhood). It quickly became clear to us that we should make early childhood just part of who we were instead of only who we were. When we expanded back to private lessons we knew our primary focus was education. How does your business serve the Warrenton community? We are a non-profit community arts school on Main Street. We offer music, theatre and arts education to all in our community, regardless of circumstances. We recently expanded our program to include the Allegro Music Academy for the Blind which will include instruction in Braille Music. Our desire is to partner with those in our community who see the value of arts and wish to invest in our children through scholarships and sponsorships. BUSINESS EXPERIENCE: Share one of the greatest moments you’ve experienced in your business. Wow! Pick one! When a mom hears her child sing in public for the first time and the tears roll. When a student works hard and plays the piece - no matter how hard - for the first time flawlessly. The joy on their face as they dance for joy at their accomplishment. Seeing a breakthrough when a concept is finally grasped. Have you had an experience with your business that you wish you could redo differently? I think 20/20 vision is too convenient. Actions and results can always be second guessed. We all learn from missteps and mistakes. Being present every day teaches us life lessons.

What are the top 3 business tips you can offer other business owners/professionals? 1. A strong social media presence is vital in our global market. And by social media, I mean creating our business culture online and running it just as we run our brick & mortar business. 2. Do your homework but don't over think an idea. 3. Be part of the community. Not just surface networking, but a visible, active member that makes a difference. What do you see yourself doing in 5 - 10 years from now? It's hard for me to think a week out sometimes! However, I can see Allegro on their own dedicated arts campus, involved in a thriving arts community. How long have you been involved with GWCC? 1 year What is the primary benefit of being a GWCC member? There are so many resources in our community. GWCC offers great opportunities to network and get to know others. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? On a cool farm in order to grow our own food. And I want a really cool, old house with a back staircase from the kitchen to the upstairs. If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why? Time Travel. I want to go visit the 7 Wonders of the World and meet really cool people. If you could be famous, what would you want to be known for? Genuine Compassion. What is your favorite food? Pizza. 69



Life Experiences are Never Wasted By Michelle Kelley

We have all had challenging and difficult life experiences; some more than others – or so we think. Of course, we are all very familiar with our own struggles whether they are difficult relationships, self-doubt, anxiety, depression or fill in the blank. Have you ever taken time to look at, think about and examine your life experiences from a different perspective? My guess is that you are too close to them to really see them clearly… and more importantly, to learn and grow from your experience. Your life experiences are likely to be not what you think they are.


LEARNING THROUGHOUT A LIFETIME There are different kinds of learning we do in a lifetime. There is ‘surface learning’ such as knowing when to hold boundaries in a toxic relationship or when to stop drinking. Also, there is a ‘deeper learning’ such as figuring out why you continue to repeat patterns in your life. These may be patterns of behavior (addiction, toxic relationships) or patterns of thought (negative or angry thinking). Emotions get lodged in us just as patterns of behaviors do and they too become habits.

BECOMING AWARE OF YOUR HABITS A habit gets its power when a person remains unconscious about it. So if you want to change a habit, allow yourself to become super self-aware of what you are doing or what you are thinking. See if you can push the pause button in your brain and ask yourself “Why?” Why are you yelling at your kids, biting your nails, abusing alcohol or fixating on an upsetting event? I find that this small act is very helpful in changing or letting go of a habit. Of course, I am talking about negative habits. There are also many positive habits but that’s not normally what comes to mind when we think of a habit. For example, I have created a habit of drinking lots of water throughout the day and starting my day with quiet time. Another positive habit might be telling your children or spouse you love them before going to bed each night.

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Speaker’s Program Free Camp Dance with Marshall and Company and callers Tom and Lesley Mack Town Tours · Field Hospital · Displays Children’s Corner and history related activities For information: email pauladrdr@aol.com or call 540.341.7019 · Event registration can be downloaded at www.mosbyplayers.com



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EXPERIENCES TEACH US Our life experiences do not exist to annoy us and hurt us – though we all will go through the stage of believing the opposite. It’s normal. A significant life experience (one that triggers a strong emotional response) always has something to teach us about ourselves. Being quiet and contemplative can allow you to look deeper for meaning and understanding – to look at the situation from a different perspective. This is an essential part of your being, your learning and your growing. As a culture I believe we lack in putting the emphasis on going deeper into our thoughts, our mind and our life experiences. Instead, many people create more busyness and distractions, especially after experiencing deep hurt or pain. I certainly understand this behavior but know it will only lead to more pain, confusion and disillusionment. It’s time to learn how to turn on the light inside your mind and really pay attention. Be curious about yourself and the way you think or your patterns or behaviors. Curiosity, without judgment, and a desire to change and grow will lead you to a more peaceful place – within yourself. Besides, isn’t everything else is out of your control?

THE HELPING PROFESSIONS: A PROCESS OF SELF-EXPLORATION Many people I encounter want to know how counseling works and this is a great question. Mostly counseling provides a person with a non-judgmental, emotionally safe place to explore: · Their life experiences · Their hurts, disappointments and frustrating relationships · Their habits of behavior (addictions) and habits of thought (anxiety and depression) · Their joy (we can learn a lot from positive life experiences too.) Counseling is a process of selfexploration which can bring to light insights, change and ultimately more happiness. We all want this! It always saddens me that so many people still view professional counseling in such a negative way. Of course, I know this reaction to be fear-based and a lack of understanding. We all have counselors in our life whether paid or not: friend, clergy or family member. Our growing community of Warrenton is filled with wonderful, kind and skilled counselors, life coaches, therapists (massage, physical), financial advisors (yes, this is a helping profession), doctors and

business coaches. They all want to help you in some way. The helping profession is all around you. Take advantage of an opportunity you have to learn and grow and change. It’s a worthwhile endeavor. What do you have to lose – maybe some fear and self-doubt? If you are having trouble letting go of a past hurt or trauma, or experiencing difficulty embracing change and a new future, please reach out for some guidance and support. My profession is a growing one and that trend will only continue as more and more people embrace the realization that this life is an opportunity to use any and all experiences in a positive way and pull something good out of it. Wishing you well on your journey. You are on one whether you realize it or not. RECOMMENDED READINGS: · Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life by Richard Rohr · Tattered and Mended: The Art of Healing the Wounded Soul by Cynthia Ruchti

Michelle Kelley is a licensed counselor, confidence coach and relationship expert. Her counseling practice is located in downtown Warrenton, VA. Through in-person and phone counseling, she works closely with her clients to identify limiting beliefs, develop mindfulness and create a plan for positive change. “I teach girls and women how to live with integrity, authenticity and self-awareness.“ Please visit www.GirlsStandStrong.com or call 703.505.2413 for more information.


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NATIVE VS. NON-NATIVE Why knowing what plant species you are purchasing matters By Debbie Eisele, Virginia Certified Horticulturist Have you ever read the plant labels while perusing the selection at a garden center and thought about how to pronounce some of the names? Crazy botanical names stump even the best of us. However, they play an important role in identifying which plant(s) you are selecting. Serious and hobby gardeners love to beautify their outdoor space. Learning how to identify key differences on a plant label is critical - it could literally change our local landscape. Did you know that some species of plants are native and some are not? There are important delineations that homeowners and business should be aware of that can assist in creating a pleasing environment, and assist with native habitat and health of the local ecosystem. Virginia has been coping with invasive plant issues in a variety of places: forests, wetlands and even backyards. By knowing what species you have planted, you can assist the combat of invasive plants. Both the US Department of Agriculture and The Commonwealth have lists of

invasive species that is available to the public and are as follows; http:// www.dcr.virginia.gov/natural_heritage/ invsppdflist.shtml http://www. invasivespeciesinfo.gov/ According to the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) website (www.dcr. virginia.gov), “Invasive plants are species intentionally or accidentally introduced by human activity into a region in which they did not evolve and cause harm to natural resources, economic activity or humans.” Plants identified on the DCR list have several things in common. First, alien plants will grow very quickly. Second, they are able to spread not only in the area they are growing, but can be dispersed by seeds. Third, these plants will out-compete native plants and cause the native habitat to suffer. Lastly, the plants on this list are very difficult to control in terms of time and money. Eradicating these plants is a difficult task and since they pose such a risk to the native habitat, they must be removed. DCR offers a printable pdf file for the public at www.dcr.

Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation Provides The Following Details On Invasiveness Ranks: (www.dcr. virginia.gov)

HIGH Species poses a significant threat to native species, natural communities or the economy.

INVASIVENESS RANKS (I-ranks) reflect the level of threat to forests and other natural communities and native species. I-ranks used on the list are high, medium and low.


MEDIUM Species poses a moderate threat to native species, natural communities or the economy. LOW Species poses a low threat to native species, natural communities or the economy.

viginia.gov and the document specifies the various threat level of all plants as high, medium or low. Once you review the list (which does list both the botanical and common names), you may be surprised. Many of the plants on this list are readily available at retail locations throughout the state and country and are still being planted in the landscape all around the region. If you are in the market for new plants, consult the invasive list and consider eliminating plants that appear in the document from your wish list. Determine what non-invasive alien or native plants may be alternative options. Following the motto “plant the right plant in the right location” will truly assist. This motto is very popular amongst the gardeners and industry professionals. According to the Virginia Nursery & Landscape Association (VNLA), businesses and individuals can help with invasive plant control by instituting a conservation landscape. “A conservation landscape institutes a management plan for the removal of existing invasive plants and the Invasiveness rank increases for species that: • Alter natural processes, such as water flow or soil chemistry. • Invade undisturbed natural areas. • Cause substantial impacts on rare or vulnerable native species or natural areas. • Are found widely distributed and generally abundant where present. • Disperse readily to new places. • Require significant resources to manage and control. Warrenton Lifestyle


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prevention of future nonnative plant invasions,” VNLA stated in a recent article (The 8 Essential Elements of Conservation Landscaping). Back to the plant name, it is important to know that some plants have the same first name in their botanical “name”, it is best to identify with the second name listed. The second name will be the tell tale sign if a plant is native or alien. Common names for plants are used with both native and non-native plants, so it is important to recognize the difference. An example of this is Pachysandra. The japanese cultivar is Pachysandra terminalis and the native plant species is Pachysandra procumbens. If you only considered the first portion of the botanical name when deciding what to purchase, you may be selecting an alien instead a native plant. So what is an alien plant? Quite simply, they are grown in an area that is not their native habitat. Invasive species are alien. The VNLA said, “Wind, water flow, birds and other wildlife, movement of soil, and other factors can spread invasive plants to natural areas, causing significant ecological harm. Invasive plants can alter fire frequencies, soil chemistry and erosion rates.” Native plants are ones that have been known to grow in the region for a significantly long period (hundreds of years or more). They provide a benefit to the nature by providing a home and source of food for wildlife to exist, such as insects which are food to most songbirds. Have you ever purchased something you loved and it has gone crazy in your landscape beds and you have had to keep removing it? Invasive plants can do that and sometimes so can a native one. Some native plants can become aggressive, but they are not invasive and that is an important difference. Invasive plants can spread not only throughout your landscape, but to other areas and be a detriment to local habitat. Typically, native plants will spread in conditions they prefer. For example, if a plant prefers a certain soil type, the moisture levels, and also the amount of sunlight a location offers; they will not stray beyond the parameters that are healthy for them. In some instances, an aggressive native plant is ideal for mass planting. Some states, such as California, 76

are launching campaigns and are partnering with plant growers. Businesses are voluntarily eliminating the sales of invasive plants over a period of time. The California campaign is known as PlantRight and even has the support of big box stores that have agreed to stop selling the plants on the list. Virginia is an amazingly biodiverse state. Because we are located on the edge of the southern and northern climates our region offers an environment that is suitable for significant number of plant and wildlife species. Loss of habitat and food sources are factoring in the decline of not only the number of bird species, but insects our region supports. This

is important because birds feed on the insects, which feed on the native plants. If there is not enough plants for the insects to eat, the numbers will decline. This means that the food options for our aviary friends decline. There is a big correlation. If you are concerned about the local landscape and its effect on the ecosystem, you can learn to identify plants that may negatively impact our native vegetation. If all businesses and homeowners conduct research prior to planting, the battle over invasive plants will become easier. Our region is full of beauty we all enjoy, let’s help its future by providing sustainable vegetation for future generations to enjoy.

PLANTS COMMONLY SOLD THAT ARE ON THE INVASIVE LIST Note: This list is not comprehensive, please view the invasive plant listing available on www.dcr.virginia.gov/natural_heritage/invsppdflist.shtml COMMON NAME




Pachysandra terminalis

Norway Maple

Acer platanoides

Bradford or Callery Pear Trees

Pyrus calleryana

Barberry (Japanese)

Berberis thunbergii

Butterfly Bush

Buddleia davidii

Pachysandra procumbens (Native species) Acer saccharum (Sugar Maple) or Acer rubrum (Red Maple) Cornus florida (Native Dogwood) Physocarpus opulifolius (Ninebark) Agastache foeniculum (Giant Hyssop, Anis Hyssop)



Heavenly Bamboo

Nandina domestica

Chinese Silver Grass

Miscanthus sinensis

Japanese Wisteria

Wisteria floribunda

Burning Bush

Euonymous atlas

For the plants above, there are too many alternative options to list. Know your site location such as soil type and if it is a dry or wet location, how much sun exposure it receives and how large you wish a plant to grow. Then research and find the one that appeals to you. For more information on natives or non-invasive alien plants, consult with the Extension Office or professional in the landscape industry. Other local & online sources are as follows: Virginia Cooperative Extension Office (24 Pelham Street, Warrenton) www.weedcenter.org (Center for Invasive Plant Management) www.mdinvasivesp.org (Maryland Invasive Species Council) www.maipc.org (Mid-Atlantic Invasive Plant Council) Warrenton Lifestyle

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SATURDAY, AUGUST 1 - 5TH ANNUAL WYATT FLORY MEMORIAL CAR SHOW AT 4:00 PM Highland School, Warrenton Come bring the family out to the 5th annual Wyatt Flory Memorial Car Show at Highland School in Warrenton. The event is in honor of Wyatt, who was killed in a tragic car accident in April 2010. In his memory, his friends and family are raising funds for Heifer International, a non-profit organization. General Admission for the event will be $5 for adults, $3 for children and Highland Students. No entry fee for cars but donations are always welcome.

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