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tanytionnw.caorm re®/nton.com/ stoalyid inawyaIrnsrn e H E x p r e s s arW renn to 410 Holiday Court, W reanrto ,V An20186 www.hiexpress.com/WarrentonVA 41504H 0-o3li4d1a-y34C6o1urt, Warrenton, VA 20186 www.hiexpress.com/WarrentonVA nn 54h0o-l3id4a1y-i3 4e6x1press.com/ ayaiyniw arerx ep ntro // hosltid nn ens.sc.ocm om stayinwarrenton.com/

©2010 InterContinental Hotels Group. All rights reserved. Most hotels are independently owned and/or operated. ©2010 InterContinental Hotels Group. All rights reserved. Most hotels are independently owned and/or operated. STAy yOU.TM is a registered trademark of Six Continents Hotels, Inc. STAy yOU.TM is a registered trademark of Six Continents Hotels, Inc.

©2010 InterContinental Hotels Group. All rights reserved. Most hotels are independently owned and/or operated. ©2010 InterContinental Hotels Group. All rights reserved. Most hotels are independently owned and/or operated. STAy yOU.TM is a registered trademark of Six Continents Hotels, Inc. STAy yOU.TM is a registered trademark of Six Continents Hotels, Inc.

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l a i c e P S R E M M U



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August 31, 2012.

August 31, 2012.

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Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine Begins Eighth Year This issue marks the beginning of our eighth year of publishing The Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine. We believe we have become an important part of building our community by providing history, resources and ideas from various sections of our region. Our advertisers love our market penetration and affordability and their ROI has helped fuel success locally.



Thank you to all the writers, photographers and readers who contribute their ‘slice of life’ each month. In addition, almost every one of our 20 person crew here at Piedmont Press & Graphics seems to be involved in our publications’ production. From ad sales to layout, design to editing, supplies to printing, binding to mailing and distribution to accounting, it takes a lot of talented people to bring you this magazine each month. Our chief mission at The Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine is to give greater exposure to our businesses and organizations to the people that live here, over half of whom are commuters, without promoting their competition from other tax bases. This month, we are pleased to present the winners in the seventh annual Best of Warrenton Awards. Almost 5,000 of you took the time to complete a ballot online to select this year’s favorites. Your responses are as

diverse as they are plentiful and we applaud the time you took to call out your favorites. People will debate the winners until next year. We’ve always considered that as ‘good’ because it means we have choices here in greater Warrenton, varying as much as our opinions. Less than half of the organizations or people that I chose on my ballot actually won. Some of mine didn’t even make the runners up list. Yet, the winners tell the community a lot about what we like and what may still be missing here. National chains, family stores, new shops and long-time landmarks were all winners again. A dozen ‘New-Winners’ were crowned this year. And, the Best All-Around Restaurant category received votes for a record 65 different restaurants, all located in Fauquier County. In no categories were the winners anywhere near unanimous. No one received over 50% of the votes. There were tightly contested races that came down to the final day. While some were great surprises, in our opinion, there were no real disappointments. So, whether you agree or disagree with the voting public, please take the time to discover some new local favorites for yourself. Let’s continue to explore our community together. We consider the Best Of list as just a “slice” of the thousands of wonderful businesses, places, and people we have to offer.

Thank you to the readers of The Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine for caring enough to vote. And the winners are….

Tony Tedeschi Publisher


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Looking Back

Clubhouse after renovation of stables, circa 1965

Fauquier’s Own Mineral Water Resort Site of a Civil War Skirmish by Jennifer Scheulen and Mark Smith

Just seven miles southwest of the Town of Warrenton, along the Rappahannock River, is the site of one of the grandest resorts that defined the old Virginia Southern tradition--Fauquier Springs. This August, the Springs marks the 150th anniversary of the defining event from its role in the Civil War. Before the War Between the States, Fauquier White Sulphur Springs was the most celebrated mineral water resort in the country. In the late 1700’s, Captain Hancock Lee built a lodge near the sulphur water spring on the Rappahannock River. The location of the Springs was fortunate, as it was just a one-day stage coach ride from Washington, D.C., making it accessible to the entire Atlantic seaboard which was already served by railroads. Southern plantation owners would spend a month or two each summer with their families at “The Springs.” The fame of the sulphur waters and their miraculous healing properties for all sorts of ailments spread and people began to flock to the Springs. In the 1830’s, Lee’s son and a business partner purchased additional land totaling 3,000 acres and built a grand hotel, a semicircle of 16 cottages, a spring house and a variety of other buildings, walks and fountains to accommodate the growing number of visitors. The grand hotel, known as the Pavilion,

stood four stories high with majestic columns, a large dining room that would seat 400 guests and a 4,000 square foot ballroom that would host the finest orchestras in the country. Horse racing, medieval-style jousting tournaments, fox hunting, bowling, billiards, cards, and fancy dress balls were all provided for the entertainment of guests, including many celebrities of the time including Chief Justice John Marshall and Presidents James Monroe, James Madison and Martin Van Buren. To escape a cholera outbreak in Richmond in 1849, the Virginia Legislature moved their entire operations to the Springs. Chief Justice Roger B. Taney spent the summer of 1856 at the Springs--the same year he authored the famous Dred Scott Decision which became a catalyst for the Civil War. The Fauquier White Sulphur Springs resort was located directly in the center of the greatest concentration of fighting during the War Between the States. On July 21, 1861, Union Commander Brigadier General Irvin McDowell and his Army of Northeast Virginia moved against General Beauregard’s Confederate Army of the Potomac, beginning the Battle of First Manassas just 30 miles northeast of Fauquier Springs. During this first major battle, Colonel Thomas J. Jackson earned his famous nickname “Stonewall” as he inspired his Confederate brigade to withstand a strong, but inexperienced, Union attack. skirmish continued on page 10


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August 2012

10/3/11 6:09 PM


skirmish continued from page 8

Bridge construction at the Springs over the Rappahannock River, 1862

Stonewall Jackson led the Valley Campaign against Major General Nathaniel Banks’ Union forces in Winchester, Front Royal and Strasburg. Meanwhile, Confederate General Joseph Johnston resisted the advance of General McClellan’s Union forces as they made their way up to Richmond from the southeast. General Robert E. Lee replaced an injured Johnston and led his Army of Northern Virginia to many victories during the war.

Taking advantage of McClellan’s pause in his offensive advance to Richmond, Lee turned his attention to John Pope’s Union Army of Virginia in 1862. Lee divided his troops, immobilizing McClellan while sending Major General James Longstreet to reinforce Jackson’s Confederate forces along the Rappahannock River near Fauquier Springs. Lee arrived at Gordonsville on August 15, hoping to defeat Pope by cutting bridges along the river and then attacking before McClellan’s Ruins of The Pavilion, the grand hotel of the Fauquier White Sulphur Springs resort, army could arrive to reinforce it. To foil Pope, Lee needed to destroyed by fire in 1862 be able to cross the river even though he was cutting bridges. To that end, Confederates built several bridges themselves, including a key crossing at Fauquier Springs. Unfortunately, this bridge created a strategic target and there was a series of skirmishes. On the afternoon of August 25, 1862, while the Springs was occupied by Confederate troops, a shell struck the main Pavilion hotel at the Springs, which burst into flames and burned to the ground. In the days that followed, Jackson’s and Longstreet’s wings of Lee’s army marched and reunited at the First Bull Run battlefield in Manassas, leading to the Second Battle of Manassas on August 28, which became the decisive battle of the Northern Virginia Campaign.

Fauquier White Sulphur Springs Hotel, circa 1881

Cadets of Bethel Academy when it was housed in the Pavilion in the 1890s

The Springs lay in ruins throughout the remainder of the War and during reconstruction after the end of the War in April, 1865. In 1877, before becoming Governor of Virginia, Fitzhugh Lee, along with several other prominent businessmen and former soldiers, sought a charter to reincorporate the Springs and restore it to prominence as a grand resort with miraculous healing springs. On April 4, 1877, a charter was granted to form a jointstock company to purchase the Springs property and draft plans for a summer resort and sanitarium for the invalid. The plan called for a grand hotel with 100 rooms and modern improvements, as well as a 200 acre park and building lots. By the fall of 1878, the construction was under way. Architect John Hoffman designed an all brick hotel in the Scots baronial style with high ceilings, wide hallways and airy chambers to optimize ventilation. Modern features included gas, elevators, electric bells and indoor plumbing using sulphur water from the wells. Unlike the Pavilion hotel, the new structure was built along the Rappahannock River with the Blue Ridge Mountains as a backdrop. Cottages still standing from before the war were renovated and new cottages were built to form a semi-circle facing the hotel. By 1885, the new hotel and park were in full use. Roadways and exotic gardens were constructed to allow guests to ride through the park and enjoy the waters and scenery. The resort became a popular location for wedding receptions and was featured in the 1894-1895 edition of “Where to Stop—A Guide to the Best Hotels in the World.” However, the demand for construction of new cottages on the building lots was not

skirmish continued on page 12


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skirmish continued from page 10

Present Fauquier Springs Country Club clubhouse

materializing as the investors had hoped, and by 1896, the appeal of the healing springs and the prosperity of the resort was waning. In September 1896, the company leased the entire property to the Bethel Military Academy for use by the cadets as housing and classrooms in order to try to increase enrollment. After only two years, the academy left the property and it once again returned to a resort. However, on November 14, 1901, a mysterious fire broke out in the top of the hotel and consumed the entire building. The property remained abandoned until the 1920’s when Bobby Winmill, a prominent stockbroker and social leader, purchased it. The Springs remained with the Winmill family until it was acquired in 1943 by the son of Walter Chrysler, the automotive entrepreneur. Walter Chrysler, Jr. envisioned a “sporting club” on the property and employed returning WWII soldiers for the renovation of several buildings including the Garden Cottage and the Bell Cottage. Colonial Williamsburg architect Washington Reed was brought in to improve the 1830’s “Warrenton House” for modern dining, and to oversee the redevelopment of the stables and carriage house to accommodate Chrysler’s many dances and parties. It was during this time that the new “pagoda” was erected over the springs. The Springs entered a new era in March of 1953 when the 228 acre estate with ten buildings was purchased by William Doeller. Doeller imagined the idyllic setting of the Springs as a golf course and country club. He divided the property to separate the existing residential structures from the grounds. In 1957, the golf course, designed and built by Reuben Hines, was opened on 223 acres. During construction, many Civil War relics were uncovered and donated to the museum at the Manassas Battlefield Park. The century-old stables and carriage house were converted into the clubhouse, the Monroe Cottage served as the Pro Shop, and the Warrenton House offered food service. Doeller sold the Springs to Brooke Vickery and the newly formed Fauquier Springs Country Club Corporation in October of 1965. Membership in the private club continued to grow,

Present Fauquier Springs Country Club gazebo, built in 2010

and a swimming pool and tennis courts were added. In April of 1971, the club was sold to the Sulphur Springs Investment Corporation, which was formed by existing members of the club. The clubhouse continued to expand, including the addition of modern baths, locker rooms, a kitchen and dining room, a ballroom and a grill. On May 15, 1990, tragedy struck the Springs a third time as a mysterious fire destroyed the clubhouse. The Pro Shop was spared and the golf course, swimming pool and tennis courts remained open as plans began immediately for the reconstruction of the clubhouse. A large ballroom, additional banquet facilities, two kitchens, a private dining room and a grand staircase were all designed to create the “country elegance” that had become synonymous with Fauquier Springs. The Warrenton House and the cottage that served as President Monroe’s summer home still stand near the property and look the same today as they likely did in the resort’s heyday. The original Springs source is marked by a foundation where a gazebo stood until it was destroyed by storms in 2009. Still visible is a portion of the “Grand Allee”, the original brick walkway on which guests took healing waters from the Old Gazebo site up the hill to the Pavilion Hotel. A new Gazebo, which remains the logo of the club, was rebuilt closer to the clubhouse in 2010, standing prominently on a hill as a symbol of pride, resilience and history. On Saturday, August 25, 2012, Fauquier Springs Country Club will mark the 150th anniversary of the Civil War skirmish that resulted in the Pavilion hotel burning to the ground at the Fauquier White Sulphur Springs resort. From its early days as a healing spa, vacation spot for presidents, and resort for Southern aristocrats, to its current status as a private country club, Fauquier Springs is proud of its central role in Fauquier social life.

Fauquier White Sulphur Springs. Painting by Edward Beyer, 1858 12

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Fauquier Health Ahead of the Curve Fauquier Hospital Leads the Way by Providing Critical Screenings for Newborns Eight out of every 1,000 newborns have some form of congenital heart disease, making it the most common birth defect. If the condition is not detected before the baby leaves the hospital, critical congenital heart defects (CCHD) can result in sudden death or require emergency surgery in the first few days and weeks after birth. Understanding the importance of early detection, Fauquier Hospital instituted a new screening for CCHD last November. Virginia Gov. McDonnell recently issued an executive order directing the Virginia Department of Health to develop a plan for implementing statewide newborn screening for CCHD in hospitals. Fauquier Hospital provides a perfect example for other medical facilities. Amy Powers, RN in Fauquier Hospital’s Family Birthing Center, has been involved in the project from the beginning, reviewing the research and working with experts at Children’s Hospital in Washington, D.C. to

All babies born at Fauquier Hospital’s Family Birthing Center are screened for congenital heart defects after the first 24 hours.


bring the screenings to Fauquier. She said, “We saw that other states were requiring the screening, and when we looked at the research, it was overwhelming. With support from our administration, clinical staff and pediatricians, we decided to go ahead and make it part of our standard of care.” The Fauquier Hospital’s Family Birthing Center screened 442 infants between November, 2011 and May, 2012. Powers said that the key to the program’s success is an ultra-sensitive pulse oximeter that substantially reduces false positive readings; the pulse oximeters cost about $3,000 each. “Because the Massimo Pulse Oximeter we use provides very accurate readings, pediatric cardiologists are called in only when necessary, easing the process for pediatricians, heart specialists and the hospital,” she said. The non-invasive test is administered at the same time as regular newborn hearing screenings, takes 30 seconds to do, and has become a seamless part of Fauquier Hospital’s routine. The pulse oximeter is placed on the baby’s right hand and on one other extremity. It measures the amount of oxygen in the baby’s blood. If infants do not pass with a healthy percentage the first time, they are given the test again an hour later and if necessary, an hour after that. If a child fails the screening three times, the pediatrician is contacted and usually, a pediatric cardiologist is consulted. So far, eighteen babies have had to be rescreened once and one a third time, but all have passed within the required time.

OB/GYN Wesley Hodgson, M.D., says that the new screening Fauquier Hospital has put in place will detect heart defects in babies that don’t present any symptoms.

Dr. Wesley Hodgson, OB/GYN with Fauquier Health OB/GYN, says that congenital heart disease is discovered prenatally, through ultrasound, only 23 percent of the time. “Parents think these kinds of birth defects can always be detected through ultrasound, but even though ultrasound technology has come a long way, CCHD is usually found after the baby is born. “It’s a very common birth defect. Examination of a newborn by a pediatrician reveals the problem about 50 percent of the time, when the child has other symptoms. The screening that the hospital began doing in November will help us to find the defect in babies that present no other symptoms.”

Warrenton Lifestyle




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Fauquier Worships

Warrenton Assembly of God


The Assemblies of God was born out of the Azusa Street revival at the turn of the Twentieth Century. It was during this time that many people were blessed with the Pentecostal experience of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit as mentioned in Acts 2:1-4. This gift is available to any believer and empowers the person to become a witness for the LORD Jesus Christ. This is the eighteenth in a series of articles about local churches and houses of worship. The purpose is to introduce you to the distinct features of each congregation, their philosophy and atmosphere. We believe that churches, temples, synagogues, etc are some of our best community centers. As you read about them each month we hope you will find one that interests you and your family. This month, we take a look at Warrenton Assembly of God. 16

The Bible is foundational to everything they believe, preach, teach and practice. Though heaven and earth will pass away God’s word will live forever. The unchanging instrument of the Holy Spirit and our infallible guide, God’s word is the authority for their faith and practice. They believe Jesus… God who became man is the Redeemer of lost humanity the Savior of the world. He gave his life to redeem mankind from sin. Only through Him do they have peace with God. They believe Jesus rose from the dead, and whoever believes in Him can have everlasting life. He is presently preparing a place for us and He has promised to come again for us so they can be with Him for eternity.

They depend on God’s power because our mission depends on miracles. They know that just preaching and publishing the message are not enough. Hearts must be opened, lives must be changed and church must be established. God Himself can only accomplish this. The Holy Spirit imparts gifts and abilities to God’s messengers and the same Holy Spirit who inspired God’s written Word, illuminates its truths to the minds of hearers and opens their hearts to respond to its message. They rely on the Holy Spirit to give life to the message they preach and to cause growth from the seed they sow. The Spirit convinces of sin, brings assurance of sins forgiven, imparts peace that passes understanding and guides us into all truth. assembly of god continued on page 18

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O S Skilled Nursing Rehabilitation • In-patient recovery process to facilitate the transition between hospital and home • Plan of care focused on pre-hospitalization levels of independence and functionality • Patient education prior to the return home Long Term Care • Provide comprehensive nursing care to individuals that require continuous assistance • Specialized AND secured care unit for individuals with Alzheimer’s and Dementia • Supervision and assistance with activities of daily living

Monthly Caregiver Support Group meets the 4th Wednesday of each month from 3:30 pm-5:00 pm. Please contact Debora Smoot, BSW, Director of Social Services for information. This support group is free and open to the public!

614 Hastings Lane, Warrenton, VA 20186 • 540.347.4770 Facebook.com/oakspringsofwarrenton

August 2012


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Their mission, through the power of the Holy Spirit, is to seek and save those who are lost, teach them to obey God’s Word, equip the Saints for service, build loving and accountable relationships and worship God through the LORD Jesus Christ.

Pastor Hurley R. Shortt and his wife Bonnie

This statement recognizes all three persons of the Godhead. The mission of the church is fivefold namely, evangelism, discipleship, ministry, fellowship and worship. Everything the church seeks to do is accomplished through one of these purposes. First, the church is evangelical in that it accomplishes one of the purposes for existence through evangelism. Jesus Christ came to this world to “seek and save those who are lost (Luke 19:10), and forgive people of their sins (Matthew 1:21).” Jesus is God’s answer for mankind’s sin. This purpose is accomplished through personal and corporate evangelism by reaching out to others and through the efforts of missions, both foreign and at home. Secondly, discipleship is accomplished through preaching and teaching the Word of God. “Without faith it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6)” and “faith comes by hearing by the Word of God (Romans 10:17).” Every born-again believer has a spiritual gift with which to accomplish ministry. At this church, every person is encouraged to become involved is some type of ministry and use their gifts to build-up the body of Christ. The church is a fellowship (Acts 2:42) and as such, each person is encouraged to build loving and accountable relationships with fellow believers. This is accomplished through various church activities. Church picnics, fellowship dinners, workdays, mission trips are all designed to promote fellowship. As believers, they all are admonished to worship God. This is accomplished through public worship services and encouraged through private daily devotions and quiet time. Each Sunday the church meets for worship and participants are encouraged to sing and praise God for who He is and the blessings that He provides. The members seek to fulfill the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19, by 18

Easter Sunrise Service

Praise & Worship Team

providing the main worship service on each Sunday morning starting at 10:45 am. A mixture of traditional and contemporary praise singing is presented and everyone is encouraged to worship the LORD. The Prayer Partner Team, led by Lynn Vinson is available to pray for those who have needs. The Holy Spirit provides the Gifts of the Spirit as He directs. People are healed and miracles are experienced as the Holy Spirit provides the Gift. Pastor Hurley R. Shortt usually presents a sermon from a selected passage of scripture from the Bible. At the conclusion of the service, an altar time is provided for those who desire to make a dedication of salvation in the LORD Jesus Christ. The ordinance of Holy Communion is usually held on the first Sunday of each month and is open to all born-again believers. Water baptism by immersion is provided for those who receive salvation and desire to follow the LORD to fulfill all righteousness. The church participates in various community activities. Pastor Hurley serves as a Volunteer Chaplain at Fauquier Hospital. Following a funeral, a meal is usually provided for the family experiencing the death of a loved one.

They participate in providing Backpacks to schoolchildren in Fauquier County. The church presents a community Sunrise Service at Bright View cemetery each Easter Sunday morning. Mission trips have been conducted in Haiti, Ghana and the Sioux Indian Reservation in North Dakota. The Church Prayer Partners are intercessors that have a heart for prayer and people. They have a coordinator with nine Prayer Partners. This volunteer group covers the pastors and their spouses in prayer every day. Each Sunday service they administer prayer for any one in need. Two prayer events are scheduled during the year, a Prayer Partner Breakfast in the spring and a fall day away retreat. The church believes and practices the scripture that says, “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.” James 5:16 In February 2012 children’s Pastor Debbie Gillispie along with her husband, John, partnered with lead Pastor, Dr. Hurley Shortt, and the leadership team of Warrenton Assembly to launch a children’s ministry, now known as KidsKonnection.

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Just Got your PLUMBER’S BILL? GULICK, CARSON AND THORPE, P.C. Robin C. Gulick • T. Huntley Thorpe III Karen E. Hedrick


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Comprehensive Risk Assessments

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Electronic Security Services

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August 2012

1-855-OCHAPEL (1-855-624-2735) P.O. Box 611, Warrenton, VA 20188 dennis@chapelarms.com DCJS ID # 11-7325


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Water Baptismal

Mega Sports Camp

Prayer Partner Ministry

KidsKonnection utilizes relevant, age appropriate methods to meet the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of children of all ages. Currently KidsKonnection meetings are held on Sunday mornings at 10:45 am. The mission of KidsKonnection is three fold. 1. Connect

kids to Christ by incorporating sound Biblical doctrine into each weekly service, and providing opportunities for children to relate personally to Jesus Christ through prayer and worship. 2. Connect kids to the Church by

encouraging participation in weekly services, providing opportunities to use the gifts given by the Holy Spirit in a safe, nurturing environment as they seek to fulfill the role in the Church that God has designed for each member. 3. Connect kids to Community through

raising awareness of the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of diverse people groups. Monthly Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge services encourage children to provide financial and prayer support for Christian missionaries around the world and in their own neighborhood. 20

KidsKonnection has a vision to continually grow as children share with their friends and family the love of Christ experienced in their own lives. The first children’s outreach was conducted the last week in June. Mega Sports Camp 2012 took place in the evening hours on the church property. Kids enjoyed basketball, soccer, or kickball & side walk chalk each night for six consecutive days. The sports coaches shared their knowledge and encouraged participants to improve in their respective sport while huddle coaches shared true inspirational stories of athletes that have overcome difficulties. Teamwork, perseverance, sacrifice, respect and strategy were principals demonstrated by the volunteer staff of Warrenton Assembly throughout the week. The week concluded with Mega Sports Olympics. This fun filled evening included an obstacle course race, awards, music, and food.

Future 2012 plans for KidsKonnection include a fall back to school bash, Thanksgiving community service project, Christmas production and the launch of boys and girls weekly clubs. For more information please visit our website at http://warrentonag.wordpress.com or Contact pastor Debbie at warrentonag@ gmail.com for more information. Warrenton Assembly of God church is located on the corner of East Shirley Avenue and Cleveland Street, about two blocks west of Wal-Mart in the town of Warrenton, Virginia. It is part of a larger group of churches affiliated with the Potomac District Council of the Assemblies of God.The church is very friendly and open to all who desire to develop a close relationship with the LORD Jesus Christ. Welcome!

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The Best 2012

Warrenton award winners

You voted. You said these are the best of the best – your absolute favorites. You decided that these businesses deserved recognition for their hard work, service and dedication to our community. A quarter million individual choices were made on well over 4,500 ballots submitted! The businesses receiving honorable mentions received a large percentage of the votes and are listed in alphabetical order. Check out the winners and those awarded with honors make plans to celebrate with your favorites, try out the ones your peers have chosen, and plan on voting next year for those deserving people and organizations that didn’t make the list this year.

Congratulations! BEST FOOD Best All-Around Restaurant

Best Asian Food

Claire’s at the Depot

Faang Thai Restaurant & Bar

Winning for the seventh consecutive year, Claire’s at the Depot takes home Best All-Around Restaurant for 2012. Over 50 restaurants received votes this year making it one of the most popular categories. While the look may be different in the last year at Claire’s (those extensive renovations are great!), the same locally and southern influenced cuisine still stands above the rest according to you, the voter. Claire’s will be hanging up three additional awards this year, they were voted Best Business Lunch, Best Fine-Dining for their exquisite food and historic establishment as well as Best Caterer for providing their clients and guests not only with impressive service, hors d’oeuvres, and platters, but also help with invitations, rentals and locations. Claire’s at the Depot is located on 65 South Third Street. Honorable Mention: Black Bear Bistro/Sweeney’s Cellar, Iron Bridge Wine Company, LongHorn Steakhouse

Best Asian Food for 2012 goes to Faang Thai Restaurant and Bar for the fifth consecutive year. Opening in 2007, Faang offers customers exquisite Thai food using the finest ingredients, creating custom dishes, and offering a wide variety of choices. The kitchen boasts over 20 years of experience in dining, and the bar features California wines among other liquors. Make sure to check out their unique dishes with varying spicy heat levels. Their recommended spicy dish is Chili Basil and the Lifestyle recommended Drunken Noodles (you might need to go American spicy though). Faang provides take out services and located on West Lee Highway near the Verizon Wireless store. Honorable Mention: China Jade, Mandarin Buffet, Osaka Japanese Steakhouse

Best Business Lunch Claire’s at the Depot

Honorable Mention: Black Bear Bistro, Iron Bridge Wine Company, Panera

Best Bakery/Desserts Red Truck Bakery

For three consecutive years, Red Truck Bakery takes the award for Best Bakery/Desserts. The bakery offers a plethora of goodies and sweets as well as sandwiches, soups, breads and an iconic red truck to welcome you. Red Truck is located at 22 Waterloo Street. Honorable Mention: Café Torino, Carousel Frozen Treats, Great Harvest Bread Company 22

Warrenton Lifestyle

Warrenton - Fauquier Heritage Day Saturday, September 22, 2012 Free Admission! Rain or Shine! In Old Town Warrenton 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

10:00 Parade, Tours, Period Entertainment and Music, Information Tables, Displays, Museums and more!

Buckland Farm - 3:00 - 6:00 pm Black Horse Cavalry Demonstration, Living Historians, House Tours, Entertainment and Lectures by acclaimed historians and authors Robert Trout and Lt. Col. (Ret.), Joe McKinney!

Special features:

Photo by Paula Johnson

Warrenton Caboose Open 8:00 -9:30 Lecture Services - The Eve of Fredericksburg The Federal Army in and around Warrenton, Fall 1862

Supported by the Town of Warrenton and Fauquier County For information email pauladrdr@aol.com or call Paula Johnson at 540.341.7019


t Pa

Paver ng

August 2012


i ap


Town of Warrenton Parks & Recreation Department


(540)349-2520 • 800 Waterloo Road, Warrenton www.warrentonva.gov (WARF is listed under Parks & Rec tab)



Valid for one Fall 2012 swim lesson. Limit one coupon per customer. Not valid for private lessons, High School Prep, WARF Swim Club, Water Group Fitness classes or certification courses. Not valid for late registrations.



$5 off

One Fall 2012 Aquatics Class



WARF Swim Club: A non-competitive swim club for kids ages 6-12. Membership is not required to join. Fall session starts Sept 8. High School Prep: Swimmers ages 13-18 with past swim team experience can prepare for the upcoming high school swim season. Work on strokes, turns, endurance, mechanics, times and more!







Classes are available for all ages (6 months and up) and all ability levels.




Wa l k w a y s





Anyone can register. Fees do not vary based on residency.



Weekday, weekend, morning, afternoon and evening options are available. Classes held year round.

30 Main Street, Suite 234 • Warrenton, VA 20186 (540) 341-0212 • (866) 294-4665 Fax (540) 341-8477 www.CleansingWater.com



Serving the Piedmont region for over 14 years


NrfS Owa LESatSthe



I just need some help.


Swim, Run, Play at the WARF!

SHAMROCK STONESCAPES LLC. “The Timeless Beauty of Stone” Owner: Michael Foy Tel. #: 540-316-8382 www.shamrockstonescapes.com shamrockstonescapes@comcast.net I.C.P.I. Certified

Licensed and Insured

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Best Casual/Family Restaurant El Agave

Honorable Mention: Chick-fil-A, Foster’s Grille, LongHorn Steakhouse

Best Catering

Best Breakfast Place Frost Diner

For the third consecutive year and now the proud owner of five Best Breakfast Place awards (2007, 2008, 2010, 2011 and now 2012), Frost Diner was voted as the 2012 Best Breakfast Place. The historic silver diner, located on Broadview Ave, offers the best in American home-style cooking for your grumbling stomach in the morning. They have hot coffee, rich hot chocolate, fresh eggs, stacks of hot cakes, and much more to satisfy any hungry patron. We recommend the corn beef hash and eggs. Frost Diner also serves lunch, dinner, and way late dinner (Best Late Night Food 2006) considering they are open 24 hours. Don’t forget about their daily specials - they are scrumptious and ever-changing. Honorable Mention: IHOP, Panera, Red Truck Bakery

Claire’s Catering

Honorable Mention: Café Torino, Legends Catering, Red, Hot and Blue

Best Coffee Starbucks

Starbucks takes the Best Coffee award for the seventh year in a row. Warrenton boasts four locations – one on West Lee Highway, one in Safeway, one in Harris Teeter and another on Route 29 next to Outback Steakhouse. With so many locations in town, Warrentonian java junkies are sure to get their fix. Honorable Mention: Great Harvest Bread Company, Panera, Red Truck Bakery

Best Place for a Cocktail The Iron Bridge Wine Company

Best Place for a Cocktail goes to The Iron Bridge Wine Company for the third year running taking a quarter of the votes. Its three floors and rooftop set an ambiance of sophistication and fun. Grab a seat and try a flight, a glass, share a bottle, order a cocktail, or grab a beer they’ll surely have something to quench your thirst. Iron Bridge is currently holding its position as Saturday Night Date Spot since 2009 making it ideal for any occasion. Their bartenders and servers are knowledgeable and will surely fix you up right spirits. Iron Bridge is located on Main Street at First Street. Check their website for information on Virginia wine tastings. Honorable Mention: McMahon’s Irish Pub, Mojitos and Tapas, Molly’s Irish Pub

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Walker Jones,PC ATTORNEYS AT LAW CARTER HALL 31 Winchester Street Warrenton, VA 20186

Howard P. Walker, Retired - H. Ben Jones Jr., Retired

www.walkerjoneslaw.com PH. (540)347.9223 FX. (540)349.1715 Serving Fauquier County Since 1978

Seated (L to R): Catherine M. Bowers, Powell L. Duggan, Robert deT. Lawrence, IV, Julia S. Savage Standing (L to R): Hanna Lee Rodriguez; Jonathan P. Lienhard; John Randolph Parks, Mark F. Hyson, Allison Crouch Coppage, Susan F. Pierce






Best Fine-Dining Restaurant

Best Mexican/Latin Food

Honorable Mention: The Iron Bridge Wine Company, LongHorn Steakhouse, Osaka Japanese Steakhouse

For the fourth consecutive year, El Agave is our winner of this year’s Best Mexican/Latin Food award and paired up with the award for Best Casual/Family Restaurant adds to its greatness. El Agave offers Warrentonians an authentic Mexican atmosphere serving a full assortment of combination dinners, freshly made salsa, steak and chicken dishes, appetizers, a variety of flavorful margaritas and xango’s (a rich cheesecake-like dessert, slightly tangy, rolled in flaky a pastry tortilla). Honorable Mention: Chipotle, Mojitos & Tapas, Rancho El Paso

Claire’s at the Depot

Best Grocery Store Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter is Best Grocery Store in Warrenton for the third year in a row (2010, 2011 and now 2012). Harris Teeter has over 180 stores in over 8 states. On location, Harris Teeter features a pharmacy, wine center, farmers’ fresh meats/foods and fisherman markets. We can’t forget about our local Pepe Zito sausage either! Harris Teeter is located in the North Rock Shopping Center off W. Lee Highway. Honorable Mention: Giant, The Natural Marketplace, Safeway

El Agave

Best Outdoor Seating Carousel Frozen Treats

Best Ice Cream

Honorable Mention: Claire’s at the Depot, The Iron Bridge Wine Company, Panera

For seven consecutive years, Carousel wins the award for the best ice cream in Warrenton capturing 45% of all votes cast. Owners Dennis Bachetti and Carl Norskog have created a playful atmosphere to serve ice cream with all the modern toppings in a somewhat nostalgic setting. There is a reason why there are long lines on weekend nights (don’t worry, they move fast). Don’t forget they offer hot dogs, French fries, Waterloo’s (milkshake and sundae combo) fantastic corn dogs every Wednesday, and won the award for Best Outdoor Seating three years running. Carousel is located in Waterloo Station. You may even still find our very own team member, Dan Fortunato, making you a delicious sundae. Honorable Mention: Coldstone Creamery, Effie’s Ice Cream, Moo Thru

Best Pizza

Carousel Frozen Treats


Traditionally a competitive category and this year is no different - for the first time Spitony’s is recognized with the Best Pizza for 2012. Since 1975, hand tossed pizzas and family fun has been served at Spitony’s. They have tasty pizzas, stuffed subs and fresh salads. It is certainly worth the drive with the family to savor the flavors and enjoy the afternoon together. Honorable Mention: Joe & Vinnie’s Pizza, Ledo’s Pizza, Papa John’s

Best Lunch Place Panera

Honorable Mention: Café Torino, Chick-fil-A, Chipotle

Best Meal under $10 Chick-Fil-A

Chick-Fil-A is our winner for Best Meal under $10 – an award they’ve held on to since 2008. The franchise operates like a small, family-owned business with all of its employees adding personal warmth to their service. Chick-Fil-A has managed to make a positive impact on the community as they brought with them their irresistible chicken sandwich, chicken nuggets, waffle fries and the chain’s award winning drive-thru service. Chick-Fil-A, winner of the Best Take Out award for this year as well, is located on West Lee Highway in between Walgreens and BB&T. Honorable Mention: Five Guys, Chipotle, El Agave


Best Salad Panera

Located on West Lee Highway in between near Pizzarama, Panera has been a Warrenton favorite for many categories in the past and again this year! Panera was selected for the Best Salad again for 2012 as well as taking Best Lunch Place and Best Sandwich. Their menu ranges from hot and specialty sandwiches to soups, salads, breakfast items, iced drinks and desserts – a perfect place for a half and half best sandwich and soup combo at lunch! Honorable Mention: Claire’s at the Depot, Outback Steakhouse, Ruby Tuesday Warrenton Lifestyle

t a e r g ! a r t e a m h W sum Affinity


11494 James Madison St. Remington, VA 22734 (540)439-9038 1-877-506-TREE (8733)


Be treated by an ear, nose, throat and “you” specialist. Dr. Jairo Torres, Otolaryngologist Whether you’re suffering from an ear infection, chronic snoring or a more severe condition, like hearing loss, you can count on Dr. Torres to give you compassionate, expert care. A board-certified otolaryngologist, Dr. Torres will tailor your treatment to meet your specific needs. He’ll listen to your concerns. And he’ll consult you and your family in all the important medical decisions. You see, Dr. Torres understands that before you can treat the ear, nose and throat, you have to get to know the whole person.

Call 540-316-5990 to schedule an appointment www.fauquierhealth.org

August 2012


Best Sandwich

Best Steak


Outback Steakhouse

Honorable Mention: Chick-fil-A, Great Harvest Bread Company, Subway

Winning for the seventh consecutive time, Outback Steakhouse takes the 2012 award for Best Steak. With its strong Australian theme and Creole influenced foods, its become a favorite of Warrentonians since the day it opened. Their steaks are hand trimmed, expertly seasoned, seared, and cooked to order to satisfy for your craving for cow. Patrons rave not only about Outback’s steaks but also its famous Bloomin’ Onion appetizer, racks of ribs, Chocolate Thunder from Down Under and their Wallaby Darned. Outback is located on Lee Highway near Rick Hunt Ford. Honorable Mention: Claire’s at the Depot, The Iron Bridge Wine Company, Longhorn Steakhouse

Best Take-Out Chick-Fil-A

Honorable Mention: Chipotle, Faang Thai Restaurant & Bar, Outback Steakhouse


Old Town Warrenton Spring Festival Winning the award for the sixth time in seven years, the Old Town Warrenton Spring Festival is The Warrenton Lifestyle’s 2012 winner for Best Annual Event. Hosted every year on the third Saturday in May on Main Street, the festival offers an abundance of knick-knacks and hand-crafted items for sale, food to eat, and events to enjoy including music, small shows, or rides for the kids. The Spring Festival is operated by the Fauquier County Chamber of Commerce. Honorable Mention: Fauquier County Fair, Virginia Gold Cup, Warrenton Christmas Parade and Gumdrop Square

Best Local Winery Barrel Oak Winery

Best Local Entertainer/Band Shields Brothers Band

First time winner in this category, the Shields Brothers Band rocked the voting to earn the 2012 award for Best Local Entertainer/Band. They were seen on season 2 of NBC’s The Voice as they were ‘punching America in the face with rock n’ roll. This close rock harmony duo has been jamming in Warrenton for years and their likes on Facebook prove it with close to 5,000. For more information on concerts, events, or their newly signed record deal please visit their website at http://shieldsbrothers.com. Honorable Mention: Andre Fox, The Elizabeth Lawrence Band, Piedmont Symphony Orchestra 28

Holding on to its title for the third year, Barrel Oak Winery takes home Best Local Winery for 2012. Located off of Grove Lane in Delaplane, owners Sharon and Brian Roeder have created a wonderful place that offers idyllic views, tasteful wines, and a beautiful sunset patio. They are dog enthusiasts and child friendly, so round up the entire family and head out to enjoy a glass of wine and drink in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Honorable Mention: Marterella Winery & Vineyard, Naked Mountain Vineyard & Winery, Pearmund Cellars

Best Nightspot Molly’s Irish Pub

This award was decided by 21 votes, but Molly’s Irish Pub will keep its title for the seventh year in a row. This quirky Irish pub offers a friendly atmosphere, excellent food and great staff. Come in to watch the big game, sit with friends, share a meal with the family or rock out to the live tunes on Friday and Saturday nights. Located on the corner of Main and Second Street in Old Town. Honorable Mention: Carousel Frozen Treats, The Iron Bridge Wine Company, McMahon’s Irish Pub Warrenton Lifestyle

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Robin’s Nest Antiques • Collectibles Consignments


GallopinG GrapE

“Equine and Wine” Western, English, Dressage Saddles & Tack 700 Wines & 100 Beers KEGS & Cigars Accepting Consignments Daily Free Wine & Beer Tastings Every Thursday 5-7 2011

Voted best place to buy wine two years in a row! Conveniently across from the Warrenton Horse Show Grounds! 143 East Shirley Avenue, Warrenton


August 2012

Dealer Space Available 8371 W. Main Street • Marshall, VA 20115 540-364-2944 Open Mon.-Sat. 10-5 robinsnestantiquesandcollectibles.com 29

Best Place to Have a Reception

Best Saturday Night Date Spot

For its sixth year Fauquier Springs Country Club wins Best Place to Have a Reception. A fabulous place to host an event, the club offers a Grand Ballroom in the Clubhouse that can accommodate 50 to 300 people for any function including weddings, group meetings and parties. In addition to the Clubhouse, they have a lush golf course, Olympic pool, tennis courts, gazebo and tasty food served daily in the Grill Room. Honorable Mention: Airlie Center, Inn at Kelly’s Ford, Poplar Springs

Honorable Mention: Carousel Frozen Treats, Claire’s at the Depot, Polo at Great Meadow

Fauquier Springs Country Club

The Iron Bridge Wine Company

BEST MISCELLANEOUS Best Local Area School Fauquier High School

The oldest high school in Fauquier County (and undergoing some major additions that you may have noticed) and currently overseen by Principal Roger Sites, Fauquier High School (FHS) opened its doors to secondary school students in 1963. As a fully accredited high school, FHS lives by its motto to “provide instruction which will enable students to live productively in society.” In 2006 and 2008 thru 2012, the readers of the Warrenton Lifestyle voted FHS for Best Local School. Honorable Mention: Highland School, Kettle Run High School, Liberty High School

Best Photographer Jessica Tapscott

For the first time in six years we have a new photographer, Jessica Tapscott takes Best Photographer for 2012. This self-taught photographer has a knack for capturing unique heartfelt images of babies, children and families. ‘Relax. Have Fun. Be Real, Be Alive’ her motto, can be felt in all of her photos. Check out her work on her website at www.jessicatapscott.com. Honorable Mention: Ciao Bella, Kristen Gardner, Sunny Reynolds

Favorite Local Charity Organization Fauquier SPCA

Voted the winner for the third year in a row, the Fauquier SPCA is Warrenton’s Favorite Local Charity Organization. The SPCA provides animals in need with temporary relief and support while working diligently to find these animals loving homes. Their Spay and Neuter Clinic provides affordable services to pet owners including vaccinations, microchips and of course spay/neutering. The community recognizes their hard work and passion. For more information on how you can help donate or if you are interested in adopting, contact the SPCA at (540) 788-9000 or visit them online at www.fauquierspca.com. Honorable Mention: Fauquier Family Shelter, Fauquier Food Bank, Warrenton Volunteer Firefighters

Best Place to Work

Favorite Teacher

Fauquier Health System/Fauquier Hospital

Sue Wilt is about to begin her 21st year as a special education teacher. It’s a passion of hers that she gained in elementary school knowing how she wanted to change the world for the better in her own way. Her favorite part of teaching is the love she gets when children realize their own strengths and their confidence grows as a result. Congratulations and thank you to Sue Wilt, your 2012 Favorite Teacher from the readers of the Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine! Honorable Mention: Joyce D’Urso, Lisa Miller, Bria Burch

For the sixth year in a row, the Fauquier Health System has been voted Best Place to Work by its peers. In 1925, Fauquier Hospital started with just 20 beds. Today, with over 1,100 employees and over 86 beds to accommodate, the Planetree affiliated hospital’s goal is to maximize personal care and welcome family members. That means the Hospital staff pays attention to the little things as well as the big ones. Don’t forget about the Bistro restaurant located in the Hospital. Honorable Mention: Carousel Frozen Treats, Fauquier County Public School System, Blue Ridge Orthopaedic and Spine Center

Sue Wilt - C. Hunter Ritchie Elementary


Warrenton Lifestyle

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BALLET ACADEMY WARRENTON NO TBallet NECompany RRAWOF FO YMcon ED AC A TELLDancers AB Home of The Warrenton and Faldas Fuego Flamenco

Home of TheofWarrenton Ballet Company Dancers cnaD ocnem alF ACADEMY ogeCompany uand F noFaldas c sadand lacon FFaldas dnFuego a ynaWARRENTON pFlamenco moFuego C tellaB notnerraWDancers ehT fo emoH Home ThesreWarrenton Ballet con Flamenco BALLET OF Performing in London during the 2012 Summer Olympics! Home of TheinW arrenton con lamenco Performing London the Summer !in sciLondon pmyduring lOBallet rem mCompany u2012 S 210the 2 eand h2012 t gFnald irOlympics! uSummer dasno dnoFuego LOlympics! ni gnFim rofreP D ancers Performing during Ages 2-Adult •a Limited Class •vIndividual Attention Performing London during 2012 Olympics! about tuobin wonk ot Everything de en uothe ySizes gyou nihtyneed reSummer E to know on our April 1 Syllabus AgesClassical 2-Adult Individual Attention 1 lirpABallet e• tisLimited bew•summer rRussian uo no Class sdance marMethod gorprograms pSizes ecna•d•Vaganova re mm uswebsite Ages 2 - Adult • Limited Class Sizes • Individual Attention

Classical • •Russian Method • Vaganova Syllabus Classical Russian Method • Vaganova Syllabus Creative Movement tneyear m evoBallet M evBallet itaerC Creative Movement SUMMER DANCE Our new school begins ECNA D REMMUS August 27 PROGRAMS eNew cnaDSchool ot noYear itcuyear dortnI Our new school Our

August 27 27 EARLY ENROLLMENT begins AGES BIRD 2 – begins ADULT pAugust oH-piH • paT

Enroll at Ballet Academy

E N–R5:30 OLL – AT BAL L E T JULY 18 9 &-11 7:00 JUNE AUGUST 23 ecnaDEMY nais: p.m. enyloP ACAD JULY 10 & 12 – 4:00 – 5:30 August 11 •10am - 12 p.m. Noon AUGUST 11, 10 Check our August website for • 4:30 7:30pm sevis13ne& tn16 Ienrollment & spao-.hm s.k–ro12 W tellaB www.ballet-academy.com n• o10am o23 n - 1pm August session the week of25 July

AUGUST 410 Rosedale Court, p Warrenton, o13 hs&16, kroW4VA s:30 cit–ab7o:30 rcA p.m. 540-347-4011 www.ballet-academy.com www.ballet-academy.com AUGUST 25, 10 a . m . – 1 p . m . Linda Voelpel, M.S., ecnaDirector D hsirI • ocnemalF 410 Rosedale Court, Warrenton 35 Years Teaching Experience www. ba lle t-

410 Rosedale Court, Warrenton ecnmy.com aD moorllaB 540-347-4011 acade 540-347-4011

SMAtoRDance GORP Introduction to Movement Dance Introduction Creative Creative Movement

Introduction to Dance

TLUto DA 2 SEGA Introduction Dance Tap • Introduction Hip-Hop to–Ballet Introduction to Ballet

Introduction to Ballet Polynesian 3Ballet 2 Dance TS•Ballet UModern GUA - 81 ENUJ Classical Classical • Modern Classical Ballet • Modern Broadway Jazz Ballet Workshops Intensives m ocBroadway .&ym eJazz dacJazz a-tellab.www Broadway Tap • Hip-Hop • Acrobatics Acrobatics AV•Workshop ,Hip-Hop notner•raAcrobatics W•,tAcrobatics ruoC eladesoR 014 Tap •Tap Hip-Hop Flamenco • Irish • Ballroom 1104-743-045 Flamenco •roIrish •,.SBallroom Flamenco • Irish tcM.S., eDance riDDirector .M ,lepleoV adniL Linda Voelpel, FlamencoM.S. • Irish • Ballroom Linda 35 YearsVoelpel, Teaching ecneireExperience pxEDirector gnihcaeT sraeY 53 35 Ballroom Dance Years Teaching Experience Linda Voelpel, M.S., Director 35 Years Teaching Experience

410 Rosedale Court, Warrenton Thank You! To our Sponsors for Helping Make Our London Performances Possible: 540-347-4011 THANK YOU!PLUS To Our Sponsors Our London Performances Possible: DIAMOND GOLDFor Helping MakeSILVER PATRON

YOU! To OurUS Sponsors For Helping MakeChris Our London Performances Possible: DIAMOND GOLD SILVER PATRON Mr. & Mrs.THANK T.PLUS Eugene Smith Coast Guard Greenland 68 Mane DIAMOND PLUS GOLD SILVER PATRON & Sandy LaPage Mr. & Mrs. T. Eugene SmithBill & Cat Schwetke US Coast GuardRichard Chris Greenland 68 Mane Mr. & Mrs. T. Eugene Smith US Coast Guard Chris Greenland 68 Mane Cork ‘n Richard Fork Wine & Shop BillBill & &Cat Schwetke Sandy LaPage Cat Schwetke Richard & Sandy LaPage Tom Cork & Mihaela Wadlow FRIEND FRIEND ‘n Fork Cork ‘n Fork WineWine Shop Shop FRIEND Blue Ridge Speech & Hearing Clinic Ann Kerr • Heather’s Dancewear Boutique Tom & Mihaela Wadlow Ann Kerr • Village Flowers Tom & Mihaela Wadlow Ann Kerr • Heather’s Dancewear Boutique Mango Tree Inn/Key West • Village Flowers Blue Ridge Speech & Hearing Clinic Mango Tree Inn/Key Mango Tree Inn/Key WestWest • Village Flowers • Dance Shoppe of Centreville Blue • Ilene Ridge Tognini Speech & Hearing Clinic Dance Shoppe of Centreville Dance Shoppe of Centreville Katherine Rosemond, Warrenton Insurance Ilene TogniniLPC • •Allstate Katherine Rosemond, LPC & Financial Services Ilene Tognini • Katherine Rosemond, LPC Allstate Warrrenton Insurance & Financial Services Allstate Warrrenton Insurance & Financial Services August 2012


Best Artist Nancy Brittle

For the first time we’ve separated Artist from Photographers to recognize the creative masterpieces of our favorite locals. Nancy Brittle takes the first award for Best Artist, her paintings are breathtaking featuring seascapes, figures, landscapes, still life and animals. She has exhibited her art in numerous galleries in Virginia and along the east coast and has taken home equally as many awards. Please visit her website to admire her work at www.nancybrittle.com. Honorable Mention: Becky Parrish, Patty Rice, Palmer Smith Georgia and Ruth at the Remington Festival by Nancy Brittle

BEST RETAIL Best Antique Store

Best Cell Phone Store

Collecting almost half of the votes in this category, Fox Den Antiques takes the Best Antique Store for 2012. Fox Den Antiques has been voted the Best Antique Store in Warrenton since 2007. They provide Warrenton with the largest variety of antiques and highly sought-after collectibles from their numerous merchants. They have great pieces perfect for any décor. Check out their Showroom. Fox Den Antiques is located on West Shirley Avenue near China Jade. Honorable Mention: Salvation Army, Shelf Life, White Elephant

This year just about 50% of the votes went to Verizon Wireless, which makes them the Best Cell Phone Store for 2012. Taking the award five times now, this store keeps Warrenton communicating through calls, texts, posts, and more. Verizon provides plans and devices for families wanting to keep in touch and businesses that are driven by networks. Verizon Wireless is located next to Faang Thai Restaurant & Bar. Honorable Mention: Sprint, Walmart, Wireless Jungle AT&T

Fox Den Antiques

Best Appliance Store Home Depot

The Best Appliance Store for the second year in a row goes to Home Depot. This store dedicated to the improvement of your home, they carry a wide variety brands and have experts that can help you made informed decisions on any product. Go head and start making those DIY upgrades. This year Home Depot takes two more awards with Best Hardware/Home Improvement Store and Best Paint Store. Honorable Mention: Rankin’s True Value Hardware, Sears, Tolson’s Appliance Center

Best Electronics Store Walmart

Honorable Mention: McClanahan Camera, Radio Shack, Staples


Verizon Wireless

Best Furniture Shop Rankin’s Furniture

Warrenton’s favorite for the seventh year in a row, Rankin’s Furniture takes home Best Furniture Shop. Their fine home furnishings would outfit any living space for any style. They carry home furnishings like accessories, mirrors, chairs, lamps, sofas and more that will keep your place looking great! Rankin’s Furniture is located in the Waterloo Station Shopping Center. Honorable Mention: Fox Den Antiques, Shelf Life, White Elephant

Best Gift Shop/Specialty Store Banner’s Hallmark

Warrenton is a gift-giving community that has style and grace when selecting presents, so it’s no surprise that 20 stores competed in this category. Taking home the award this year is Banner’s Hallmark, their shop houses cards for any occasion, candies, balloons and thousands of thoughtful gift items. They are located next to Tractor Supply in the Oak Springs Plaza. Honorable Mention: G. Willikers, Latitudes Fair Trade Store, Town Duck Warrenton Lifestyle

Best Flower Shop Designs by Teresa

Perfectly sitting on the corner of Alexandria Pike and Main Street, Designs by Teresa has exquisite window displays that help make Warrenton a beautiful place. They take the award for Best Flower Shop for the seventh year in a row. Their shop is delightfully filled with flowers, plants, arrangements, gift baskets, and specialty items. Their creativity, experience, and customer service are just as bright as the arrangements they make. Honorable Mention: A Budding Affair, Village Flowers, Warrenton Florist

Best Hardware Home Improvement Store Home Depot

Honorable Mention: Gilliam’s, Rankin’s Hardware, Tractor Supply Company

Best Men’s Clothes Peebles

Keeping the men here dapper, Peebles Department Store provides Warrentonians the latest in cosmetics, shoes, and, for the seventh year in a row, is Warrenton’s choice for Best Men’s Clothes. The company has been around for over 100 years, providing experience and expertise in addition to their fashionable items. They have clothes for all ages from toddlers to teenagers to seniors and casual to formal. Honorable Mention: Blue Ridge Mountain Sports, Sears, Tractor Supply

Best Pharmacy CVS Pharmacy

Best Jewelry Store Hartman Jewelers

For seven straight years Hartman Jewelers has been voted the best jeweler in Warrenton. Since 1994, Hartman’s has been working to bling-out our residents and brighten Main Street with this stunning displays. They take pride in their unique, quality jewelry, handpicked pieces in sterling silver to rare colorful gems in various price ranges. They are able to provide customers with one-of-a-kind pieces, jewelry repair, engraving, free jewelry cleaning and more. They are located on Main Street near Jimmie’s Market. Honorable Mention: Carter and Spence, Felton Jewelers, Warrenton Jewelers

Best Women’s Clothes Peebles

Honorable Mention: Christine Fox, Do You…Déjà vu, Fashion Bug

Taking the award again for Best Pharmacy is CVS. Five times in seven years CVS has held the title for being the best place to fill your prescription. Their super helpful and knowledgeable staff is there to help answer your questions and promote better health outcomes with their service. CVS has two locations: one on Blackwell Road across from Sheetz and one in the Huntsman Town Center by Bloom. Honorable Mention: Giant, Harris Teeter, Walgreens

Best Paint Store Home Depot

Honorable Mention: Rankin’s Hardware, Sherwin-Williams, The Paint Shop

Best Place to Buy Wine Galloping Grape

The Best Place to Buy Wine for 2012 goes to repeat winner Galloping Grape. Traditionally this category always has great competition and this year was no different. This three-time winner has over 700 different varieties of wine to choose from; anyone should be able to find something that will appease their tastes. They have great wine accessories including glasses, stoppers, napkins and more! The Galloping Grape also hosts free wine tastings every Thursday from 5 pm to 7 pm. The Galloping Grape is located at 143 East Shirley Avenue across from the Warrenton Horse Show Grounds. Honorable Mention: Harris Teeter, Iron Bridge Wine Company, The Town Duck

Best New Business Sweet Frog

Owned by James and Beth Reid (and recently opened on May 30th of this year in the North Rock Shopping Center), Sweet Frog has brought its “empower the customer” approach to Warrenton. Letting you decide what type of frozen yogurt you want, as much as you want, and what you want on it, Sweet Frog gives the customer the chance to handle everything. They even offer dairy and gluten free items for everyone. Gift cards and t-shirts are also available. Honorable Mention: Horse Country Cakes, Olympia Sports, Wawa

BEST SERVICES Best Accounting Firm

Best Auto Repair Center

Seven times now, Scheulen, Patchett & Edwards, P.C. has been voted the Best Accounting Firm in Warrenton in consecutive years. Who really wants to work on their financial statements and tax forms? They are stressful and can be confusing, so it’s great to have professionals who will happily do it for you. Beginning in Warrenton in 1983 as a small, three-person office, the firm has grown to provide Warrenton with some of the very best in accounting, taxation, estate planning, and consulting services. The office of Scheulen, Patchett & Edwards is located on Alexandria Pike next to the DMV. Honorable Mention: H&R Block, Old Town Tax Professionals, PBGH LLC

Best Auto Repair Center is always a competitive category because we need our vehicles in tip-top condition. Over 30 shops were mentioned this year but Joe’s Service Center takes the award again for 2012. Since 1979, they’ve been handling customers’ needs for all of their general car repair requests. Because of their hard work and dedication, they have been awarded with their seventh consecutive win for Best Auto Repair Center. Operated by President Joe Grimsley, Joe’s Service Center is located at 116 Sullivan Street around the corner from Pizza Hut. Honorable Mention: Chick’s Services Inc, Warrenton Foreign Auto, Warrenton Tire and Auto

Scheulen, Patchett & Edwards, P.C.

Joe’s Service Center

Best Bank/Financial Institution The Fauquier Bank

The Fauquier Bank has been voted Best Bank/Financial Institution for the seventh year in a row. The bank, which specializes in banking and financial, investment services, deposits and insurance management as well as online banking, has locations throughout the Warrenton, Fauquier, and Western Prince William Areas. The main office location is at 10 Courthouse Square off of Main Street with branches all around the County. President Randy Ferrell leads the Fauquier Bank. 34

Warrenton Lifestyle

DAWN’S DESIGNER LISTING Congrats to all the Best of Warrenton, for the best in class listing service call! I get results! My average days on market are under 36!

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All this adds up to SOLD!!! August 2012


Best Auto Dealership Country Chevrolet

Seven times in a row Country Chevrolet has been voted Best Auto Dealership. They’ve been serving the Warrenton community for over 30 years and just recently got a snazzy makeover! Not just in business for the sale of new and used cars, Country Chevrolet provides a GM Certified Service Department, Parts Department, and Body Shop. Country Chevrolet is owned by energetic businessman, philanthropist and rising musician Andy Budd and is located on Lee Highway at Blackwell Road across from Sheetz. Honorable Mention: Jim Harris Buick Pontiac GMC, Sheehy Auto Ford, Warrenton Toyota/Scion

Best Barber Shop Lee’s Barber Shop

Lee’s Barber Shop holds its title as the Best Barber Shop for 2012. Their first win came last year in 2011 in a category with tough competition. Located on 44 Main Street next to the Berkley Gallery, Lee’s provides a traditional barbershop atmosphere equipped with the barber pole, friendly staff and excellent service. This place is usually busy so stop in or call ahead to make an appointment - so you can continue to look sharp. Honorable Mention: Hair Cuttery, Salon Emage, Siggi’s Sports Barber Shop

Best Bartender

Jessica Tapscott – Claire’s at the Depot Best Bartender is always a fun but important category – we have great restaurants and bars with awesome bartenders who know our names and our drinks. Over 1,300 votes were received for over 30 bartenders in 2012. With their reopening Claire’s has attracted a thirsty after-five crowd that is delightfully served by bartender Jessica Tapscott. Jessica welcomes you to the bar with a nice smile and a drink of your choice. Come visit her for a great beer, glass of wine or a strong cocktail. She’d be happy to serve you! Honorable Mention: Barry McMahon - McMahon’s Irish Pub, Casey Ward – Molly’s Irish Pub, Mara LaRue – Outback Steakhouse

Best Chiropractor

Dr. Douglas B. Smith at Advantage Health Chiropractic For seven years, Dr. Doug Smith has been voted Warrenton’s Best Chiropractor! Alleviating those pesky pains in the neck and back, his healing hands have done wonders on Warrentonians. Dr. Smith practices at Advantage Health Chiropractic located at 225 Oak Springs Drive, Suite 101. Honorable Mention: Dr. Thomas Nicolai, Dr. Michael O’Daniel, Joseph Skinner, DC

Best Computer Service/ System Repairs Dok Klaus Computer Care

His quirky advertisements draw our attention but his excellent service drew your votes! Winning for the sixth consecutive year taking almost 50% of the votes, Dok Klaus takes home Best Computer Service/System Repairs. Dok Klaus offers solutions to your computer woes from virus removal, data recovery and more. They also feature home and business networks and custom built PCs and notebooks. Visit them on Ashby Street right behind the Red Truck Bakery. Honorable Mention: F1 Computer Solutions, Site Whirks, Staples

Best Contractor/Handyman J & D Handyman Services

You can’t miss their red and yellow trucks, located at 5 Broadview Avenue across from Carousel, J & D Handyman has been voted for the third consecutive year for Best Contractor/ Handyman. J & D has been providing the community with quality work since 1989. J & D offers services from kitchen and bath to appliances to windows and more. Make sure to ask about their current specials going on. Honorable Mention: Home Sweet Home Improvements, Hubbies R Us, TLC Services

Best Customer Service Old Town Athletic Club

Honorable Mention: Blue Ridge Orthopaedic and Spine Center, Chick-fil-A, Salon Emage 36

Warrenton Lifestyle

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540-347-2700 / Metro: 703-366-1600 / 800-638-3798 / fauquierbank.com * Other institutions may impose a fee for the use of their ATMs. The Fauquier Bank will rebate up to four such fees each statement cycle. See a Schedule of Fees for other charges that may apply.

Proudly serving Warrenton for 6 years

Loving Care When You’re not there MiD-DaY WaLKS & viSitS vaCation/hoLiDaY SPeCiaL neeDS Kelly Parrish - owner BONDED • INSURED • LICENSED

540-272-9546 www.furryfriendsva.com

PIEDMONT PEDIATRICS IS PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE PIEDMONT PLEASED TOANNOUNCE ANNOUNCE IEDMONT EDIATRICSISISB PLEASED TO DRP. EDIATRICS KPATHERINE OVEE TO OUR PRACTICE IN JULY. THE ADDITIONP OF .K TOOUR OUR PRACTICE J.ULY. THE ADDITION OF D R.ATHERINE KATHERINEBBOVEE OVEE TO PRACTICE IN JIN ULY THE ADDITION OFRD “Dr. Bovee's positive attitude, constant thirst for knowledge, and attention to detail were very “Dr. Bovee's positive attitude,constant constant thirst for andand attention to detail verywere very “Dr. Bovee's positive attitude, thirst forknowledge, knowledge, attention to were detail muchmuch appreciated bybyour and most importantly patients and families”. appreciated ourstaff, staff, and our our patients and families”. much appreciated by our staff, andmost mostimportantly importantly our patients and families”. "Dr."Dr. Bovee is isvery polite, and moral standards." Bovee verycalm, calm, focused, focused, polite, and hashas highhigh moral standards." "Dr. Bovee is very calm, focused, polite, and has high moral standards." is extremely conscientious andprofessional professional withinterpersonal skill skill described simply simply as very as personable "She is"She extremely conscientious and withinterpersonal described very personable "Shewith is extremely and professional withinterpersonal skill ashervery personable — described Quotes fromsimply her colleagues with people all ages, cultures, and socioeconomic socioeconomic backgrounds." — Quotes from colleagues people ofconscientious allof ages, cultures, and backgrounds." with people of all ages, cultures, and socioeconomic backgrounds." — Quotes from her colleagues Dennis M. Rustom, M.D., F.A.A.P. Diana Chalmeta, M.D. Dennis M. Rustom,M.D., M.D., F.A.A.P. Diana Chalmeta, M.D. Maria E. Juanpere, M.S., F.A.A.P. Joshua A. Jakum, M.D., F.A.A.P. Dennis M. Rustom, M.D., F.A.A.P. Diana Chalmeta, M.D. Maria E. Juanpere, M.D., M.S., F.A.A.P. Joshua A. Jakum, M.D., F.A.A.P. Debbie Hayes, NPC, Susan Stoltzman, NPC Maria E. Juanpere, M.D., M.S., F.A.A.P. Joshua A. Jakum, M.D., F.A.A.P. Debbie Hayes, NPC, Susan Stoltzman, NPC Debbie Hayes, NPC, Susan Stoltzman, NPC Our Vision: “To be the premier pediatric practice in Virginia, nurturing the growth and development of its Our Vision: August 2012 Our Vision: children, ensuring their success as healthy, happy and productive adults in tomorrow’s society”. “To be the premier pediatric practice in Virginia, nurturing the growth and development of its


Best Dance Studio

Best Dental Office

Ballet Academy of Warrenton

The Office of Sentz, Griffin, and Tudor, DDS

The Ballet Academy gracefully takes home the award for the 2012 Best Dance Studio. Under the direction of Linda Voelpel, with her experience and passion for ballet, The Ballet Academy has become a world-class studio. They will be performing this year at the 2012 London Olympics and have previously performed at the Orange Bowl, the Kennedy Center and the National Cherry Blossom Festival. Their programs shape beautiful dancers through structure and repetition. The Ballet Academy of Warrenton is located at 410 Rosedale Court. Honorable Mention: Excell Dance Company, For A Dancer Inc, Lasley Center for the Performing Arts

A repeat winner in 2012, this Main Street office has served Warrenton for decades. Once again, Dr. Sentz beat out one of his other practices. Warrenton’s dental community is one of the most talented you will find anywhere. We are confident that any of these offices would serve you well. Sentz, Griffin and Tudor is located next to Dr. Sentz’ Berkeley Gallery. Honorable Mention: The Office of Dr. Robert Flikeid DDS, The Office of Woodside & Sentz DDS, Drs. Yung & Jelinek DDS

Best Day Care Center/Preschool Warrenton Baptist Tiny Tots

Warrenton Baptist Tiny Tots provides stimulation at each child’s development level, education in learning social skills, and help to build up self-esteem. Their programs for Early Preschool, Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten and school for up to 11 years of age has helped them regain the title of Best Day Care Center/Preschool for 2012, making it their fourth award in this category. Tiny Tots is located at 123 Main Street. This is their third award. Honorable Mention: Jack and Jill School, St. James Episcopal Preschool, Warrenton United Methodist Preschool

Best Doctor

Dr. Steven von Elten – Piedmont Family Practice Six is sweet, Dr. Steven von Elten of Piedmont Primary Care has been again for Best Doctor. Receiving the award since 2007, Warrentonians have consistently voted him as their favorite. Dr. von Elten went to Medical College at the University of Virginia and completed his residency in Blackstone, Virginia. He has been practicing medicine for over two decades in Warrenton in both the Family Practice and Emergency Medicine fields. Piedmont Family Practice is located on Blackwell Road. Honorable Mention: Dr. Lorraine Chun, Dr. Jae Lee, Dr. Kevin McCarty

Best Financial Advisor Wells Fargo

Repeat winner Wells Fargo will take the award for Best Financial Advisor for 2012. We work hard for our money and it can be even harder to maintain, track and invest it so we look to professionals for help. Wells Fargo has the experience and service that has helped them earn this award again. We have a lot of great resources in Warrenton, all of the homorable mentions were only a few votes away from claiming the title. Honorable Mention: Edward Jones Investments - Tom Tucker, Fauquier Bank Wealth Management, Scott & Stringfellow

Best Dog Groomer

Best Dry Cleaners


Warrenton Center Dry Cleaners

PetCo is the leader of the pack again this year, taking home the award for Best Dog Groomer. Warrentonians love their four legged children, and having them look their best is important making this category close each year. The honorable mentions all received respectable votes in the double-digit percentage. PetCo is located in the Warrenton Center and part of the large store that sells animals and products for pets from lizards to parakeets to dogs and cats. Honorable Mention: Gaila Grooming, Georjean’s, Hound ‘N Hair

Holding their title as Best Dry Cleaners for the second year is Warrenton Center Dry Cleaners. Let’s face it with so many things going on in life it’s hard to stay on top of our laundry needs, thankfully Warrenton Center Dry Cleaners is there to help us when we get behind on loads or have a annoying stain we can’t get out. They are located next to Mojitos and Tapas. Honorable Mention: Acclaim Cleaners, Country Cleaners, Waterloo Cleaners

e s u o H Open

Moving out of town? The Stay in the loop.

-3pm & 1 m o r f h t 9 1 t s Augu August 20th from 6-8pm Classes Begi n August 27

Subscription information Living & Shopping in Wonderful Warrenton, VA available online at www.warrentonlifestyle.com or call (540) 347–4466 The

92 Main Street, Suite 002 •Warrenton, VA 20186


www.foradancerinc.com • foradancerinc@comcast.net

Best Massage/Spa Services Poplar Springs - The Inn Spa

Everyone seeks relaxation so indulge yourself with the kneading hands at Poplar Springs – The Inn Spa. They are this years winner for Best Massage/Spa Services. This tranquil refuge has all of the amenities that are sure to help you unwind. Visit Poplar Springs in Casanova off of Rogues Road. Honorable Mention: Blue Ridge Orthopaedic and Spine Center, Fauquier Life Center, Salon Emage

Best Pediatrician

Best Health Club

For the sixth year in a row, Dr. Joshua Jakum of Piedmont Pediatrics has been voted Best Pediatrician in Warrenton. A graduate of Emory University, Dr. Jakum has been practicing medicine for over 11 years now. Piedmont Pediatrics is located on Blackwell Road. Honorable Mention: Dr. Diana Chalmeta – Piedmont Pediatrics, Dr. Margaret N. Jeffries-Honeycutt – Child Health Associates, Dr. Dennis Rustom – Piedmont Pediatrics

Since 1996, Mike and Kim Forsten have been working to improve the health and physical condition of our residents. Once again the award for Best Health Club goes to Old Town Athletic Club. Their facility features exercising and acrobics with an array of fitness and cardio machines, yoga and Pilates classes, professional personal trainers and a nojoke weight room. We would also like to congratulate OTAC on winning Best Customer Service for the first time this year. OTAC is located on Walker Drive in the same building as the dentistry office of Woodside and Sentz. Honorable Mention: Fauquier Health Life Center, Gold’s Gym, Warrenton Aquatic and Recreation Facility (WARF)

Old Town Athletic Club

Dr. Joshua Jakum – Piedmont Pediatrics

Best Insurance Firm Carr & Hyde Insurance

Accepting their fifth Best Of award is Carr & Hyde Inc., for Best Insurance Firm for 2012. Since 1966, they’ve been providing customers with quality insurance coverage from personal (home, auto) to commercial (business, bonds) to life and health. Their customer service is excellent drop by to see them at 27 Culpeper Street. Honorable Mention: Allstate Insurance, State Farm, USAA

Best Law Firm

Law Office of Marie Washington, PLC

Best Hotel/Lodging Holiday Inn Express

With 85 beautiful rooms, high speed internet, fitness center, outdoor pool and laundry service it’s easy to see how the Holiday Inn Express takes home their seventh award for Best Hotel/Lodging. The Holiday Inn Express exceeds guests’ expectations with the services that they offer. The Holiday Inn is located on Holiday Court off of Walker Drive. Honorable Mention: Black Horse Inn, Comfort Inn, Hampton Inn

The Law Office of Marie Washington, PLC has defended its category and won for best law firm. Coming on strong as a new business last year, Marie has helped carry her business into an outstanding and successful venture. Her years of high profile law practice have propelled her to the forefront of the legal community. Honorable Mention: Gulick, Carson & Thorpe; Howard, Morrison, Ross & Whelan, PLLC; Walker Jones, PC

Best Nursery/Gardening Meadows Farms

Meadows Farms, located just outside of Warrenton on Route 29, was one of the biggest winners this year with the Best Nursey/Gardening award, outdistancing the competition by a large margin once again. Offering wide variety of supplies, plants, fertilizer, tools, and more for your everyday gardening needs, the people at Meadows Farms can help with answering your questions about gardening, planting, and the like. You can also shop online at their website. Honorable Mention: Buckland Farm Market, Home Depot, Lee Highway Nursery 40

Warrenton Lifestyle

We Care...as if you were our own family

From left to right: Renee Haynesworth, MD., F.A.A.P., Margaret N. Honeycutt, MD., F.A.A.P. and Candace Simpson, CPNP

CHILD HEALTH ASSOCIATES, LTD Excellent Pediatrics Since 1976

45 N. Hill Dr., Suite 202, Warrenton, VA 20186 • 540-347-0180


August 2012



Best Veterinarian

Dr. Elaine Lutz, DVM – Piedmont Pets Dr. Lutz has been a Warrenton favorite for seven years in a row. Her knowledge and passion for our furry friends is evident in the care she provides them. Combined with the help of her staff she has been keeping our pets healthy and active for years. Dr. Lutz owns Piedmont Pets, located at 122 W Shirley Avenue. Honorable Mention: Dr. Christopher Bailey – New Baltimore Animal Hospital, Dr. Susanne Cliver – Village Veterinary Clinic, Dr. John Rethman – Animal Medical Center

Best Plumber Appleton Campbell

Since 1976, Appleton Campbell has been serving the Warrenton community for all heating, plumbing, and air conditioning needs. This is Appleton Campbell’s fifth consecutive Best of Warrenton award for Best Plumber. Appleton Campbell is located on East Franklin Street in Warrenton. Honorable Mention: Foley Plumbing, MRC Plumbing and Heating, TLC Services

Best Real Estate Office Long & Foster Realtors

Long & Foster Realtors, winners of the award every year except 2007, have won the award for Best Real Estate Office for 2012. Long and Foster has taken pride in their ability to help families in buying and selling of their homes. The Warrenton Long & Foster team located on Blackwell Road. Honorable Mention: Century 21 New Millennium, RE/MAX, Weichert Realtors

Best Hair Salon Salon Emage

Warrenton is full of good looking people and our hair salons deserve credit for their great work. With over 20 salons receiving votes this years winner received 20% of them. Salon Emage is once again the winner for Best Hair Salon. They work hard to keep you looking good through hair, nail, massage and spa services. Visit Salon Emage on Lee Street. Honorable Mention: Hair Cuttery, PR@Partners, The Secret Garden

Best Wait Staff

Best Physical Therapy

Blue Ridge Orthopaedic & Spine Center Winning for the second year in a row, Blue Ridge Orthopaedic and Spine Center was voted for Best Physical Therapy in 2012. Their passion for excellence and success success is driven by patient satisfaction, which is obtained through the highest quality care using advanced practices, and individualized treatment plans. They have a highly qualified and knowledgeable team that is able to aid you through the recovery process. Blue Ridge Orthopaedic & Spine Center is located at 52 West Shirley Avenue. Honorable Mention: Blaser Physical Therapy, Fauquier Hospital

Claire’s at the Depot

This is always a feisty category, with so many businesses receiving votes for their excellent service. This year’s winner reclaims the title of Best Wait Staff. Claire’s at the Depot edges the competition this year by only 2%. Pair their tasty dishes, fine wines, sweet desserts with super friendly staff and you’ve got a perfect meal. Their staff is always welcoming, accommodating and know the menu like their home phone number. If you haven’t been before stop in or call a reserve a spot to enjoy a satisfying meal served by the ‘best’ wait staff. Honorable Mention: Iron Bridge Wine Company, LongHorn Steakhouse, Outback Steakhouse

Congratulations to all of our winners and the hundreds and hundreds of local businesses and people that are featured throughout this year’s balloting. We certainly do have it here in Warrenton! 42

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3 Building G

step to a lean body ood Habits

It’s natural to set goals for one’s self, to aspire to make positive changes that will enhance one’s health and wellbeing. Whether the goals are lofty or simple, they are the “outcome” of a process. If you think about it, it is a process that involves developing good habits, which over the years pave the way for you to achieve your personal goals. These good habits empower you to be successful, productive, and confident. And amazingly, most of the time you are performing these habits on autopilot. I call it “habitual autopilot,” and it’s a very good thing. Let me explain…. Think back to when you first started living independently. It took time and effort to learn how to manage life outside the comforts of home with mom and dad. You had to work hard to develop the good habits needed to be successful living on your own. But as time went on, the behaviors that felt like hard work became habits, and you eventually incorporated them into your daily routine. When you stop and think about it, getting ready for your busy day is quite a process. Amazingly, most of the 44

time you are not thinking about all the planning and preparing it takes to make your day run smoothly. It means you’ve incorporated a whole lot of helpful habits that come naturally, and help to ensure your day is a success. As you’ve added new responsibilities and activities to your life, each has required incorporating more new habits. Developing new and helpful habits is never easy in the beginning. No doubt, you’ve made mistakes, and made adjustments, but eventually new behaviors have become good habits. Slowly but surely, what once felt new and awkward, is now done on habitual autopilot. You just do it, and you do it really well! Do you ever wonder why it is we sometimes can make huge changes to meet our health and fitness goals, and other times we get stuck? Ever wonder why sometimes we get bogged down in the process struggling to establish the good habits needed to achieve our goals? And we all struggle to break from the not-so-productive habits that interfere with meeting our health and fitness goals. So how do we make the shift to good habits, and to the habitual autopilot that helps us meet our goals?

First things first…identify your motivation. Make sure you have a compelling reason to achieve your goal. Make it personal for YOU, and strong enough to support you through the process. Once you identify your motivation for change, the second part of the process is two simple steps toward achieving habitual autopilot: ● The new habit has to be easy

enough to embrace, and

● The habit has to advance your goal/


Warrenton Lifestyle

Here are a couple of specific suggestions: ● Tweak your environment-this is about

making the right behaviors easier and the wrong behaviors a little bit harder. Example: Stock your kitchen with foods that are aligned with your goal. Remember your kitchen makeover in Step One to a Lean Body? ● Preload your decisions-make your

decisions in advance and prep for success. Example: Instead of committing to “going to they gym” four times per week, it might be easier to preload this outcome by packing your gym clothes in your car the night before (you are setting yourself up for success) or offering to pick up a co-worker or friend on the way (now you have not only made a commitment to yourself but to someone else as well!) ● Be prepared to fail. Just as mentioned

above, habits are developed over time and tweaked along the way through our failures. It is critical to understand that failure is a natural part of the change process. Change is rarely a straight line from beginning to end. When you embark on a new process, you start out with great hope and optimism. As you start to implement your process, your plan will likely get detoured a bit and you will likely feel discouraged. Remember it can be hard to develop new habits. ● Stay the course, build momentum,

Serving Warrenton dogs and owners since 1999

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believe in yourself and build the confidence you need to leave behind the old and not-so-good habits. Before you know it, you will have built many new good habits as you work toward your health and fitness goals. And you’ll find yourself doing them on habitual autopilot! *Reference: Chip Heath and Dan Heath: Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard (2010) Kim Forsten owns and operates Old Town Athletic Club, Parisi Speed School and Warrenton Pilates. She has been a certified personal trainer, master group fitness trainer, master step instructor and certified nutritionist since 2000. Her specialty certifications include Pilates, senior fitness, pre/post natal exercise, Body Training Systems, and Zumba, to name a few. Kim maintains business affiliations with IDEA, IHRSA, NFBA and served as a Board Member of the Fauquier Hospital from 2002-2008. Old Town Athletic Club has received “Best Health Club in Warrenton” recognition for six consecutive years, and has been recognized regionally for its outstanding group fitness programming.

August 2012

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It is hard to believe that in a few short weeks our Fauquier County children will be heading back to school for the 2012-2013 school year.Fauquier4Families wishes all of the children in our community a successful start to another new school year! The Flying Circus Hot Air Balloon Festival August 18-19th Early morning 7-9am and evening 6-8pm Fun for the whole family! Check out their website for event details. www.flyingcircusairshow.com/balloon.html

Free family movies each Friday evening at the Gainesville Wegman’s. Rollerworks Bealeton Roller Skating Wednesdays from 1-4pm

Keep Fauquier Competitive believes in inspiring, enabling, and empowering students to meet high academic standards, and continue to excel in sports, the arts, music and other extra-curricular activities. Follow them on facebook or email them at: keepfauquiercompetitive@comcast.net

F4F is currently working on setting up a babysitting directory for families in the Fauquier Community to find good, quality babysitters in our area. If you would be interested in being added to our directory listing please email us with all your details (times available and fees) in a word document so that our families may contact you directly. Email us at:info@families4fauquier.com Follow us on facebook and get involved today!

Join our mailing list or become a Charter Member and get involved today!

Families 4 Fauquier is your link to family resources in Fauquier County and beyond. F4F is committed to strengthening and enriching the lives of children and families that live right here in our own community. For additional information about joining our membership program, receiving our monthly community newsletter or any of the events listed above please visit our website at www.families4fauquier.com or email us at info@families4fauquier.com. We now offer monthly advertising, website sponsorships and community event sponsors. If your organization has an interest in helping to support our community projects, events and programs please contact us today because together we can make a difference in little ways that can add up big! 46

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fauquier history

The National Championship

Country Music Contest

Part 1: Warrenton Jaycees’ fundraiser gains national attention by John T. Toler For three decades, the local Jaycees put Warrenton “on the map” with their National Championship Country Music Contest. During its lifespan (1951-1981) the event provided music fans with something unique and special, while creating an opportunity for the young men in the organization to put into practice lessons in leadership and organization central to the Jaycee mission. In addition to raising money for the Jaycee’s Christmas Toy Workshop and other charitable projects, the event brought musical talent to Warrenton for an intense two-day competition. Almost from the start, talent scouts watched the competitions, and a number of significant careers in country music had their start in Warrenton.

Remarkably, the National Championship Country Music Contest (NCCMC) was nearly as old as the Warrenton Chapter of the Jaycees, which received its charter in early May 1951. The list of 30 charter members reads like a “Who’s Who” of Warrenton of the day: Luther Lee Allison, Dr. Bob Anderson, Walter Arrington, Clint Burdette, Wallace Brown, Dave Crandall, Johnny Crupper, John Cutting, Leo Carrico, Ray Davis, Henry Decker, Daniel Desmond, Bill Elgin, Thad Fletcher, Gene Garrett, Maston Harris, Johnny Johnson, Dr. Jim Hodgkin, Arthur Kelly, George Kyle, Wilbur Moffett, D. Harcourt Lees, Charles Moser, Harvey Pearson, Wallace Sanders, Earl Straw, Fred Wilson, Rev. J. Richard Winter and Dr. Gelfer Kronfeld. The first president was Tony Walker. Sponsored by the Alexandria Jaycees, the Warrenton Chapter received their charter from David White of Richmond, president of the Virginia Jaycees. “The primary purpose of the Jaycees is civic improvement by constructive action,” said Mr. White. “The secondary purpose is the training of young men in community responsibilities.” Charter member Harvey Pearson recalls that the local chapter remained relatively small in the early years, with an emphasis on the quality of the membership. The process of retiring members at age 36 (as “Exhausted Roosters”) was strictly observed. The members of the new chapter quickly started working on their first fundraiser, and by mid-July came up with a plan to hold a “Hill Billy Music Festival,” at the Warrenton Horse Show Grounds on the weekend of Aug. 4-5, 1951.

This is the logo used by the Jaycees throughout the NCCMC.


the event, “… arranging the financing and serving in an advisory capacity, as well as providing assistance as needed,” according to contemporary newspaper reports. The Jaycees were responsible making all of the arrangements for the event, as well as publicity, refreshment sales, preparation of the event site, scheduling presentations, ticket sales and other details. Profits were to be split 50-50, and would represent the first income for the Warrenton Jaycees chapter. Committee chairman for the event was Johnny Crupper, a salesman at Tom Frost Ford-Mercury in Warrenton. “The first thing Johnny did was to call on Connie B. Gay of ‘Radio Ranch,’ Arlington station WARL-AM,” wrote Tony Walker in the November 1951 edition of The New Dominion, a publication of the national Jaycee organization. “The next thing anyone knew, the project had developed from a local square dance event into a national country music event.” Mr. Gay served as the master of ceremonies, and his contacts and experience proved central to the success of the premier event. It is remembered that it was Mr. Gay who strongly recommended that the name be changed from the “Hill Billy Music Festival” to the “National Championship Country Music Contest.” For his involvement, any profits would be divided equally between Mr. Gay, the Jaycees, and the AGW. “Surprise special attractions” arranged by Mr. Gay were promoted, along with “…competitions for local bands and instrumentalists – banjo pickers, guitarists and vocalists – and opportunities to win prize money totaling more than $1,000,” according to the Jaycees. The competitions

The Association for Greater Warrenton, headed by James F. Austin, co-sponsored country music continued on page 50

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ebeohP ro


ekiM rof ks A

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Fauquier’s Free State Ramblers were a popular group that competed in the NCCMC for many years. In 1953, they took place in the FiveString Band category. From left, Morrison Green, Moffett Ashby, John Ashby, Bill Robinson and Marshall Ashby. Photo by C. Irvin Garrett for The Fauquier Democrat.

country music continued from page 48

were open to everyone, and no entry fee was charged. Prizes were awarded based on “popular applause,” and the decisions of a panel of judges headed by James R. Denny of Nashville, of the “Grand Ole Opry” radio show. Preparing the Warrenton Horse Show Grounds for the contest, Jaycees built a bandstand in the middle of the show ring, and devised a seating plan. Working with Mr. Gay and his administrative assistant, Miss Jane Trimmer, they came up with the order of competition categories and schedule of announcements. Members of the Warrenton Volunteer Fire Company assisted with parking and refreshments, and it was decided that each Jaycee would be given a specific task or responsibility, which he would handle throughout the contest. With everything in place, Mr. Gay promoted the festival on WARL-AM up until the weekend of the event, and on Saturday morning of the contest weekend, broadcast the “Town and Country Show” from the Tom Frost dealership. By all accounts, the first NCCMC was a huge success, with 8,000 spectators and musicians coming from as far as Cheyenne, Wyoming to participate. Local groups did well, with Fauquier County’s Free State Ramblers tying with the Georgia Boys of Washington, D.C. for first place in the musical group category. The square dance team assembled by Vincent Jacobs of Warrenton made it to the 50

In the early years, Square Dance competitions were an important part of the National Championship Country Music Contest. The ‘Swing Your Partners’ square dancers from Washington, D.C., participated in the 1953 contest. Photo by C. Irvin Garrett for The Fauquier Democrat.

finals, but ultimately lost to the semi-pro Saints and Spinners of Rockville, Md. The reputation of the NCCMS immediately began to spread, attracting the interest of country music fans and performers up-anddown the east coast. In 1952, the Jaycees were presented with an interesting problem. Johnny Wise, of Washington, D.C. asked if he could bring his horse, named “Bob White,” to compete. When told there would be no animal acts, Mr. Wise replied that Bob White played the guitar. Finding nothing in the rules prohibiting animal musicians, the committee allowed Mr. Wise and his horse to enter. They performed for an amused crowd, with “Bob White” plucking the strings of a guitar with his teeth, but man-and-horse did not place among the finalists. The 1953 NCCMC was particularly notable for the fact that the Free State Ramblers took first place in the Five-String Band category, and attendance reached 10,000 fans and performers for the first time. Harvey Pearson was the president of the Warrenton-Fauquier Jaycees in 1954, and by then, Connie B. Gay had arranged for Jimmy Dean and his Texas Wildcats to appear at the contest – a real draw. A young singer from Winchester named Patsy Cline competed in the vocal category that year, winning first place and later joining Mr. Gay on the Town and Country Show. After putting on successful contests for three years, the Jaycees knew what it took to get ready. Mr. Pearson recalls an incident that showed how everyone worked together to get the job done.

“It was Friday night about 2 a.m. and a man pulled into the Horse Show Grounds. “He said he was performing the next day but couldn’t get a room, and asked if he could park his car and sleep there,” said Mr. Pearson. “Knowing how long I was going to be tied up over the contest weekend, my wife Dorcas had gone to visit friends. So I told him he could stay at my place, which he did. “It turned out that that my houseguest was Hoyt “Slim” Morrison, of Ednor, Md., who went on to win first place the male vocal category,” Mr. Pearson recalled. “Unfortunately, he was later killed in an auto accident.” Contest Continues to Grow To encourage participation in the NCCMC, members of the Warrenton-Fauquier Jaycees went “on the road” to encourage other Jaycee chapters to enter contestants from their communities, which they offered to pre-screen. Mr. Pearson remembers heading south with Wallace Brown to judge the talent assembled by the Lynchburg Jaycees. “Of course, we knew nothing about country music,” he said. “Winning performers were given a brown, one-gallon ‘moonshine jug’ which allowed them to compete in the contest without having to go through the audition process.” The 1955 NCCMC was held Aug. 7-8, and saw attendance at the NCCMC at 8,500

country music continued on page 52

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In June 1955, the Jaycees entered this float in the Warrenton Firemen’s Parade. It was later hauled to Atlanta and displayed at the Jaycees’ national conference. Those identified include Jaycee Frost Jeffries, with beard and shotgun at left; Mrs. ‘Tim’ Timberlake, standing in center; and Foley Butler, far right, who was not a Jaycee but an outstanding musician. Courtesy of Duane Thompson.

country music continued from page 50

fans and contestants, down from the year before due to rain on both days. “At least we broke Fauquier’s drought with the downpour,” according to one optimistic Jaycee. Again, Connie B. Gay again brought Jimmy Dean and the Texas Wildcats to perform, and Sally Starr – a popular television hostess who had a children’s show on WFIL-TV in Philadelphia – promoted the event on her show. Miss Starr also chartered a bus to bring fans from Philadelphia to Warrenton and back for the contest.

Country music promoter Connie B. Gay was instrumental in making the National Championship Country Music Contest truly ‘national.’ Rountree (1911-1999) was the first (and only female) moderator of the popular Meet the Press public Affairs program, and later publisher of Know the Facts magazine.

On the local scene, Rev. J. Richard Winter and several Fauquier County dancers and musicians visited television station WTTG (Channel 5) in Washington, D.C., on Friday afternoon, Aug. 6, to talk about the contest. “…and Jimmy Dean was there!” recalled Rev. Winter recently. As in prior years, on Saturday morning Connie B. Gay hosted a three-hour radio program from Tom Frost’s dealership.

Participants at the 1955 contest ranged in age from vocalist Gary Baker, 5, of Washington, D.C., to fiddler Emil “Pop” Larson, 70, of Fargo, N.D. Kenny Cummings, 13, of Whitehall, Md., was one to the contestants “discovered” by the Jaycees after winning the local competition in Annapolis, Md. He would later be signed to appear on a country music show that was broadcast by 40 television stations.

Other outreach efforts included hosting 20 Washington, D.C. and Virginia newspaper columnists and writers on Saturday night at Martha Rountree’s estate north of Warrenton. It is remembered that Miss

Also present at the 1955 contest were Col. Joseph Goetz, who was in charge of forming talent tours for U.S. troops overseas, and Hope Miller, talent scout for Ted Mack’s Amateur Hour.

Among the popular musicians performing at the NCCMC during the 1950s and 1960s were (from left) Marvin Carroll, Jimmy Dean and Roy Clark. Courtesy of Duane Thompson. After seven years at the Warrenton Horse Show Grounds, it was determined that the National Championship Country Music Contest had grown to the point that it needed to be held outside of town. The contest moved into a new era when it was held for the first time at Lake Whippoorwill, off Route 605 north of Warrenton, in August 1958. Part 2, to be published in September, deals with the years at Lake Whippoorwill, the many people involved, and the final year of the contest.

Author John Toler is a writer and historian and has served Fauquier County for over 50 years, including 4 decades with the Fauquier-Times Democrat. He has written and lectured about many legendary characters in Fauquier County’s history. Toler is the co-author of 250 Years in Fauquier County: A Virginia Story, and author of Warrenton, Virginia: A History of 200 Years.


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First Friday Rock Concert Here’s a short quiz: The Piedmont Symphony: a. Is an enduring, creative outlet for musicians and the community b. Is the premier orchestral ensemble of the Greater Piedmont region c. Rocks Old Town Warrenton is: a. A well-preserved and vibrant 200-year old historic site b. An exciting place where dozens of events take place each year c. A lively exuberant Mecca of unique shops and fine dining. The correct answer to both questions is (d) All of the Above. And on Friday August 3, the Piedmont Symphony Orchestra (PSO), in collaboration with the Partnership for Warrenton Foundation, will show you why, presenting an outdoor version of its soldout rock symphony concerts. And best of all, it’s free. “We are very excited about the tremendous draw for Old Town Warrenton that this concert promises to deliver,” said Jennifer Heyns, Executive Director of the Partnership for Warrenton. Glenn Quader, PSO’s conductor, began his career as a bass guitarist, playing with rock groups all over the world. Eventually, realizing he couldn’t continue both travelling

and pursuing a career as a conductor, he reluctantly gave it up. But rock remained as his first love, hovering in the back of his mind, and two years ago he decided to give it a voice and presented Warrenton with an entirely innovative “Rock-Symphony” concert, Nights in White Satin. The concert sold out, playing to a stomping cheering standing room only audience. This past June he repeated the venture in a performance called Floating World, with the same success. On Friday, August 3, as a special gift to the community, the PSO will present a combination of the two performances at 7:00 PM on The Fauquier Bank’s Plaza. Dedicated to promoting and preserving Old Town Warrenton, the Partnership for

Warrenton organizes special events on the first Friday night of each month from May through October. During these events, Main Street is closed to traffic while shops remain open late with open houses and specials. There are music, artists, entertainment and activities for the entire family. Main Street bustles with shoppers, diners and fun. Each month offers something different for all ages. Now the Partnership has joined forces with the PSO in what is anticipated to become an annual event. The program will include selections by The Beatles, Elton John, David Bowie, Prince, Chicago, and a lot more. Internationally and nationally famous musicians, like two-time Grammy winner guitarist David Cabrera, drummer Sammy Sosa, vocalist Kaila Parker, Vincent Parrish, Lyle Muncy, Jackson MacInnis, Ben Stivers, and former PSO president and Warrenton native Tom Tucker, will star. “This is going to be huge,” said Tucker. “Nothing this big has ever hit the Town of Warrenton.” The PSO is grateful to the Fauquier Bank for their continuing support and help with this event. For more information, call Jennifer Heyns of the Partnership for Warrenton at 540-349-8606, or visit the PSO website: www. PiedmontSymphony.org.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream By William Shakespeare Directed By Hannah Malinowski Sponsored By a grant from Piedmont Community Foundation August 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12 Friday and Saturday 8 PM, Sunday 2 PM Tickets available online with reserved seats: www.FCTstage.org or by calling 540-349-8760. Tickets are Seniors & Students $12, Adults $14

4 of which were with FCT. Hannah has gathered quite a group of talented 16-23 year olds to walk this journey with her. Most of the cast is between the ages of 21-23 and as Hannah says, “It is awesome to be directing this age group, even though they are older than me, they are very respectful.” Hannah is focusing her studies at Mason on Theater Education with a bent towards Ancient Greece and Shakespearean Works, so the opportunity that FCT has afforded her in the direction of this play, really is quite special.

Hannah Malinowski a twenty year old student at George Mason University is directing her first full length production. Hannah, elated to direct a Shakespeare play, has directed 5 One Act plays,

Holly Tupper (18), an FCT veteran, says that this cast quickly bonded from the first day of rehearsals and she is delighted to act in her favorite Shakespeare play. Also glad to be back on stage


after a year off from acting is Dana Robeson. Dana, an actress since the age of 5 says, “I’ve been in the FCT audience and what a great experience to be on the FCT stage especially alongside my brother, Nolan, who is living his first acting experience. I’m so glad to be able to rehearse our lines together at home in addition to rehearsals.” Fauquier Community Theatre has joined the social media! By joining FCT's Business Page you won't miss anything happening at the theatre. And most importantly, you can share FCT and your love of theater with all of you "friends"! Like FCT Today! www.facebook.com/FCTStage Warrenton Lifestyle

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I markeT my business through a variety of cost-effective InITIaTIves. In the Greater Warrenton Chamber of Commerce, we understand the importance of keeping your business in the spotlight. That’s why we’ve developed a number of costeffective member marketing programs, ranging from door prize recognition to Champion Level sponsorship benefits. Learn more about our membership and marketing opportunities at WarrentonChamber.org

251 W. Lee Highway, Building 726 WarrentonChamber.org 540.229.8915 Pictured above: Local Realtor/GWCC member Adrienne Stone wins a door prize provided by Great Harvest Bread Company.

Helping small businesses succeed.

(Photo by Ashley Davis of Happy Heart Photography, LLC)

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Northern Virginia



Return To Fauquier County

Fauquier County is again playing host to the Northern Virginia Senior Olympics this September. Fauquier will be the site for two of the 30th annual NVSO’s athletic events. The County is hosting the 10 and 20k cycling time trial bike races, as well as the volleyball competition, with the cycling time trials being held at the Northern Fauquier Community Park in Marshall on September 16th, and the Volleyball competition on September 22nd, at Kettle Run High School in Nokesville, Fauquier County. The NVSO is a competition for senior citizens, 50 years old and above. There are 26 competitive events ranging from track and field, swimming, golf, and tennis to indoor table game competitions in scrabble, cribbage, and Mexican Train dominoes. It’s sponsored by the Counties of Arlington, Fairfax, Fauquier, Loudoun, and Prince William as well as the cities of Alexandria, Fairfax and Falls Church. All contestants must reside in one of these jurisdictions in order to participate. The entry fee is 12 dollars and athletes may enter as many events as they wish on the single fee.


This is the second year that Fauquier County has held a cycle race for the Northern Virginia Senior Olympics. In 2011, the inaugural race was held at Vint Hill. This year, due to the popularity of the 10k cycle race, a 20k event was added. Melissa Nester with Fauquier County Parks and Recreation and NVSO Committee, is the event coordinator for this year’s cycling and volleyball venues. Former 1997 Virginia Commonwealth Games cycling champion, Chuck Williams is the Fauquier NVSO committee chair for the two cycle races. Williams, Nester and a local volunteer staff of about 15 people are working to make the 2012 races a success. Clayton Lescalleet of the Parks and Recreation Board noted, “The Department is excited to be able to make these contests available to Fauquier County residents. While the focus of the program is to promote a healthy lifestyle, which is a primary goal of the Department, the events also offer great opportunities to make new friends. We especially encourage Fauquier residents to take advantage of two wonderful opportunities hosted by Fauquier

County and held in the County - volleyball and bicycling.” Last year’s NVSO 10k bike race at Vint Hill hosted about 40 male and female contestants in the 50 to 80 year old age categories. Both Nester and Williams say they are optimistic about seeing the entries for both cycle racing and volleyball to at least double over 2011. The 2012 Northern Virginia Senior Olympics begins a two week run on September 15th with opening ceremonies at the Thomas Jefferson Community Center in Arlington. The opening ceremonies will include the NVSO torch lighting. Following the opening ceremonies, the two week event kicks off with running competitions. On Sunday, September 16th the NVSO bike races will be held in Marshall. Registrations for the NVSO are being taken now, either on-line at www.NVSO.org or by picking up a registration form at any Fauquier County Parks and Recreation Community Center or by calling 703-2283300. The registration deadline is September 1st. For a complete listing of events, locations and times visit the NVSO website at www.nvso.org.

Warrenton Lifestyle

Emergency Department

It can steady a child’s wobbly handlebars. Capture

a woman’s heart. And repair just about anything.

But if you only looked at the hand,

you’d miss all that. At Fauquier Health, we know a key part of healing is understanding you as a person -- your family, your lifestyle, your work. That’s why we’re Virginia’s only hospital with the Planetree designation for patient-centered care. Planetree Designated Patient-Centered Care.


August 2012


Check out our 4th location in Bealeton 439-7029

Dinner Special

Buy 1 Dinner & Get The 2nd Dinner 1/2 Price

With Coupon - Expires 7/31/12

one coupon per table on regular prices only

Tuesday Lunch Special $4.10 all lunches 11am - 2:30 pm

Gift Certificates Available

251 W Lee Hwy - The Warrenton Center 2011

540-351-0011 elagave.com

Where did you dine today?



NEW MENU! 540-349-8118

352 Waterloo Street • Warrenton, VA 20186 Dine In • Delivery • Take Out

Molly’s Lunch Specials Every Monday through Thursday 11:30-3pm

A Bacon, Lettuce, & Tomato Sandwich with mayonnaise

HISTORIC OLD TOWN WARRENTON A Traditional Irish Pub & Family Restaurant Open Daily at 11:30am Voted


Warrenton’s oldest and most beloved Irish Pub

36C Main Street Historic Old Town Warrenton, VA 540-349-5300 www.mollysirishpub.com


1/2 Cold Corned Beef Sandwich served with our house mustard 1/2 Turkey Sandwich with lettuce, tomato & mayonnaise (Choice of Bread: White, Wheat, or Rye)

Served with: A bowl of our creamy Potato Leek, our Soup of The Day OR Our house Salad made of mixed greens, shredded carrots, tomato, purple onion & croutons Choice of Dressing: Balsamic Vinaigrette, Blue Cheese, Honey Mustard, Ranch or Thousand Island

Try our homemade lemonade $1.95 Join us on facebook www.facebook.com/mollysirishpub

Warrenton Lifestyle

The Warrenton Lifestyle dining guide provides information on Warrenton area restaurants and nightspots. The brief comments are not intended as reviews but merely as characterizations. We made every effort to get accurate information but recommend that you call ahead to verify hours and reservation needs. Listings include Best of Warrenton award winners as well as advertisers and non-advertisers. Please contact us if you believe any information provided is inaccurate.

Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar

(540) 341-2044 • 105 W Lee Hwy M-Thu: 11am-11pm, F-Sat: 11pm12am Sun: 11am-10pm Full-service friendly, affordable restaurant chain. Offers salad bar, lunch combos, and Carside-To-Go service. Comfortable atmosphere for all ages. Open for lunch and dinner. Full bar. Casual dress. www.applebees.com

Black Bear Bistro

(540) 428-1005 • 32/34 Main St. Sun - Thu: 11 am - 9 pm; Fri - Sat 11 am - 10 pm Restaurant offering local beers and wines, soups and salads, appetizers, and entrees. A wide variety of American food with a twist. Try the muffaletta sandwich! Also features Sweeney’s Cellar, located one floor below. www.blackbearbistro.com

Broadview Lanes

(540) 878-5383 272 Broadview Ave. M - Thu 8:30am - 10pm; Fri - Sat 8:30am - 2am; Sun 11am - 10pm The grill at the local bowling alley provides a great grill at great prices for any meal including breakfast. Sandwiches, subs, burgers and hotdogs along with side dishes from onion rings to chicken tenders. Children’s menu. Beer and wine available.

Burger King

(540) 347-3199 34 Broadview Ave. Locally owned and operated Burger King. Home of the Whopper. Have campaign to promote a more healthy lifestyle of eating to kids. Kid’s play area available. Casual dress. www.bk.com

Café Torino

(540) 347-2713 388 Waterloo St M 7am-4pm; Tue-W 7am-5pm; Thu-Fri 7am-9pm; Sat 9am - 9pm Restaurant offering authentic Italian pasta, seafood, appetizers, and desserts. Breakfast served in the morning. Lunch offers sandwiches, pasta, and more. Dinner usually requires reservation and is only available Thursday thru Saturday. Dine-in or takeout. Casual dress. http://cafetorinoandbakery.com

Carousel Frozen Treats

(540) 351-0004 346 Waterloo St. Hours vary. Open early spring to late fall. Soft-serve, milkshakes, and more www.carouselfrozentreats.com


(540) 347-9791 • 256 W Lee Hwy All Chicken products are prepared by hand, as are all the salads and fruit cups. Where else can you get chicken for breakfast, lunch and dinner? http://www.chick-fil-a.com/ warrenton

China Jade

(540) 349-1382 • 275 W. Lee Hwy M - Thu 11:30am - 10pm; Fri 11:30am - 11pm; Sat Noon 11pm; Sun Noon - 10pm Authentic Chinese, Thai, Fusion, and Seafood cuisine. Offer lunch buffet everyday. Feature China Jade specialties and Kid’s menu (includes chicken wings and grilled cheese). Casual dress.

China Restaurant

(540) 351-0580 589 Frost Ave. M - Thu 11am - 10pm; Fri - Sat 11am - 11pm; Sun 12-10pm Authentic Chinese cuisine. All you can eat buffet Saturday 11am to 3pm, Sunday noon to 3pm. Dine in, carry out, or free delivery available ($15 minimum and within 5 mile radius). www.chinarestaurantva.com

Claire’s at the Depot

(540) 351-1616 • 65 S. Third St Lunch: Tue-Fri 11:30am - 2:30pm; Dinner: Tue-Thu 5pm - 9pm, Fri-Sat 5pm - 10pm; Brunch: Sun 10:30am - 2pm Casual yet elegant restaurant offering locally inspired seasonal American cuisine. The service is as first rate as the food. Open for lunch and dinner and brunch on Sundays. Broad wine list and craft beers available. www.clairesrestaurant.com

Cold Stone Creamery

(540) 349-0300 183 W. Lee Hwy. Sun - Thu Noon - 9:30pm; Fri - Sat Noon - 10pm Offers unique, custom ice cream creations, smoothies, cakes and shakes. Ice cream is prepared on frozen granite stone. Fun, family environment. Cakes and ice cream by the pint or gallon can be purchased to bring home. www.coldstonecreamery.com

Country Cookin’

(540) 349-9120 • 623 Frost Ave Sun - Thu - 7am - 9pm; Fri - Sat - 7am - 10pm Hearty portions, made-to-order entrees, variety of sides and desserts. Serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All-you-can-eat salad, vegetable, bread, soup, and dessert bar available for $5.59. www.countrycookin.com


(540) 347-0401 7323 Comfort Inn Dr. • 24 hrs Serving breakfast 24 hours a day. Burgers, sandwiches and soup also available. Free Wi-Fi. www.dennys.com/en

Domino’s Pizza

(540) 347-0001 • 81 W Lee Hwy. Sun-Thu 11am-12am Fri-Sat 11am1am Pizza delivery or pick up. Online ordering available. Now offering pasta bread bowls and hot sandwiches. www.dominos.com

El Agave

estaurant Guide

A Taste of Warrenton The Best in Dining & Entertainment

(540) 351-0011 • 251 W. Lee Hwy Authentic Mexican restaurant offering a variety of delicacies for lunch, dinner, and dessert. Menu has specials for lunch and dinner combinations including fajitas, enchiladas, and burritos. Children’s menu available. Full bar. Casual dress. Dine-in or take-out. www.el-agave.com

El Paso

(540) 341-0126 86 Broadview Ave Mon-Sun 11am -10pm Authentic Mexican restaurant offering a variety of dishes for lunch and dinner. Menu has lunch specials and traditional entrees like chimichangas, burritos, and quesadillas. Children’s menu available. Full bar. Casual dress. Dine-in or take-out.

Faang Thai Restaurant & Bar

(540) 341-8800 251 W. Lee Hwy, #177 Sun - Thu 11am - 10pm; Fri - Sat 11:30am - 11pm Authentic Thai cuisine. Open for lunch and dinner. Full bar with an emphasis on California wines. Happy hour with $2 drafts and selected appetizers M–F 5-7pm. Sunday 50% off wine by the bottle. Delivery available. Casual dress.

Fauquier Springs Country Club Grille Room

(540) 347-4205 9236 Tournament Dr. Tues - Wed 11am - 8pm; Thu - Fri 11am - 9pm; Sat 7am - 9pm; Sun 7am - 8pm Fauquier Springs Country Club’s Grille Room is an exclusive restaurant for its members and their guests. The Grille Room is open Tuesday thru Sunday and offers a variety of dishes to suit everyone’s taste. Lunch & dinner weekdays with breakfast available on weekends. www.fauquiersprings.com

To update your listing please email: krysta@piedmontpress.com (Krysta Norman)

Five Guy’s Restaurant

(540) 878-2066 • 6441 Lee Hwy M - Sun 11am - 10pm Burgers, hot dogs, and French fries. Uses fresh, never frozen, ground beef. www.fiveguys.com

Foster’s Grille

(540) 349-5776 • 20 Broadview Ave Sun - Thu 11am - 9pm; Fri - Sat 11am - 10pm Burgers, French fries, hot dogs, grilled chicken sandwiches, milkshakes, wings, and salads. Daily specials. Patio seating available. www.fostersgrille.com


(540) 428-1999 •73 Main Street M - Fri 8am - 3pm; Sat 8am - 2pm Small, one-man operation offering gourmet coffee, breakfast, and a variety of deli sandwiches, salads, subs, and pitas for take out. Daily specials. Recommended to call orders in.

Frost Diner

(540) 347-3047 • 55 Broadview Ave 24-hour old fashioned diner serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts. Casual dress.

Great Harvest Bread Co.

(540) 878-5200 • 108 Main Street Loaves of bread handcrafted using wholegrain wheat grown on family farms and ground daily in the bakery. www.warrentonbread.com

Jerry’s Subs and Pizza

(540) 349-4900 • 177 W. Lee Hwy Sat-Thu 10:30am-9:30pm; Fri-Sat 10:20am-10pm; Sun 11am-9pm Specialty cheese steaks, overstuffed subs, and pizza. Catering available. Offering combos, salads and ice cream. Lunch special’s menu good all day. Delivery service available. www.jerrysusa.com

Jimmies Market Cafe/Kidwell Caterers/Madison Tea Room

(540) 347-1942 • 22 Main Street Sun - Sat 9am - 5pm Fri Open til 8pm for supper Restaurant offering sandwiches, subs, and other daily specials. Also sell wine. Catering available. The Madison Tea Room is also available for time away from a hectic day. Casual dress.

Joe & Vinnie’s

(540) 347-0022 • 385 Shirley Hwy M-Thu 11am - 10pm; Fri-Sat 11am - 11pm; Sun Noon-10pm Family owned pizzeria, open for 21 years. Offers pizza, subs, pastas, and seafood. Daily lunch specials. Pizza available by the slice. www.joeandvinniespizza.net

KFC/Long John Silver

(540) 428-0044 • 251 W Lee Hwy Deli offering sandwiches, soups, and more. Customers will enjoy a variety of sandwiches and soups.

(540) 347-3900 • 200 Broadview Ave. M - Thu 10am - 11pm; Fri - Sun 10am - 12am KFC specializes in Original Recipe and Extra Crispy fried chicken and homestyle sides. Long John Silver’s is a quick service seafood restaurant. Located in the same building to provide diners with a wider variety of choices. www.kfc.com

IHOP Restaurant

LongHorn Steakhouse

Honeybaked Ham Company

(540) 428-1820 • 6445 Lee Hwy M–Sun 6am - 10pm Specializes in breakfast. Sandwiches, salads, burgers, chicken also avail. for lunch and dinner. www.ihop.com

Iron Bridge Wine Co.

(540) 349-9339 • 29 Main Street Lunch: M - Sat 11am-2pm; Dinner: M-Sat 5pm-9pm; Sun 12pm-5pm Cozy wine restaurant featuring a wide variety of world and local Virginia wines. Open for lunch, brunch, dinner, happy hour, and late night. Offers seasonal, healthy, small plate entrees and nightly specials to accompany wine selection. Seating available in the main dining area, historic stone cellar, balcony level or outdoor patio (weather permitting) Catering and private parties available. Casual dress. www.ironbridgewines.com


505 Fletcher Dr • (540) 341-0392 Sun – Thurs 11am to 10pm; Fri – Sat 11am to 11pm LongHorn Steakhouse prides itself on its exotic Western style entrees and appetizers (like their LongHorn Shrimp & Lobster Dip). The restaurant is proud to serve hand-cut, handseasoned steaks, thick burgers, fresh salads, and an appealing cast of seafood. Casual dress. www.longhornsteakhouse.com

Mandarin Buffet & Sushi

(540) 341-1962 • 514 Fletcher Dr Authentic Chinese restaurant offering a large buffet selection of sushi, soups, and meats.

Main St. Grill & Mexican Food

(540) 351-0550 • 79 Main Street • M 11am - 9pm; Tue - Thu 11am - 9:30pm; •Fri-Sat 11am-10:30pm; Sun 11am9pm Attached to Rhodes Drug Store. Offers appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches, larger entrees as well as traditional Mexican favorites. Specials change daily. Full bar. Casual dress.


Outback Steakhouse

McMahon’s Irish Pub & Restaurant

Panera Bread

(540) 347-7888 351 Broadview Ave. 24 HR Fast food chain known for Big Mac and McNuggets. Dollar menu. Now serving McCafé beverages. Kids play area available. www.mcdonalds.com

(540) 347-7200 • 380 Broadview Ave. M-Fri 11am - 2am; Fri-Sat 11am - 2am; Sun 11am-2am Family owned, traditional Irish pub. Relaxed environment offering traditional Irish favorites. Open for Lunch and Dinner 7 Days a week. Irish Music Seisuin and Dinner Special on Sundays. Free Wi-Fi. Private dining room available. Full bar area with happy hour specials and appetizer menu. Valet Parking Friday and Saturday Evenings. Outdoor Patio. Live entertainment. Casual dress. www.mcmahonsirishpub.com

Mojitos & Tapas

(540) 349-8833 251 W. Lee Hwy #157 M-Thu: 11am-9pm, F-Sat: 11am-10pm, Sun: 12pm-9pm The only true Cuban/Spanish restaurant in the state of Virginia. Authentic Cuban staples, Spanish tapas and a wide variety of mojitos. Family owned, smoke-free. Open for lunch and dinner. Known for their signature Cuban sandwich and seafood Paella. Happy Hour, Ladies Nights and Special Events. Full bar. Casual dress. www.mojitosandtapas.com

Molly’s Irish Pub

(540) 349-5300 • 36 Main Street M-Sat 11am - 2am; Sun 11am-2pm Family owned, traditional Irish pub. Open for lunch and dinner. Laid back, fun environment. Traditional Irish fare and lots of sandwiches available. Sunday brunch from 11am – 2pm. Full bar. Live entertainment four nights a week. www.mollysirishpub.com

The Natural Marketplace

(540)349-4111 • 5 Diagonal Street M–F 9am to 5 pm; Sat 9am-4pm Organic Deli offering traditional sandwiches, soups, salads and desserts. Choices also include vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free selections. All organic fruit and fresh vegetable juices. Take-out and catering available.

Osaka Japanese Steakhouse

(540) 349-5050 • 139 W. Lee Hwy M-Sat 11:30am - 10pm; Sun 11:30am - 9pm Japanese steakhouse serving Hibachi style chicken, steak, shrimp, fish and sushi. Sushi available for take out. Fun, family environment.

(540) 349-0457 • 6419 Lee Hwy M - Fri 4pm - 10pm; Sat 2pm - 11pm; Sun 2pm - 9pm Australian steakhouse. Also offers a variety of chicken, ribs, seafood, and pasta dishes. Carry out available. www.outback.com (540) 341-4362 • 251 W. Lee Hwy M-Sat 6:30am - 9pm; Sun 7:30am - 8pm Offers breakfast sandwiches, pastries, and bagels. Lunch/dinner items include soups, salads, and sandwiches. Great bread selection. Gourmet coffee and tea also available. Dine in or carry out. Free Wi-Fi. Catering available. ww.panerabread.com

Papa John’s Pizza

(540) 349-7172 • 322 W. Lee Hwy Pizza delivery or pick up. Online ordering available. Wings, breadsticks, and dessert also available. Daily specials and features. www.papajohns.com

Pizza Hut

(540) 347-5444 • 95 Broadview Ave Pizza delivery, dine-in or pick up. Online ordering available. Choose from pizza, tuscani pasta, wings, rolls, p’zone pizzas, and more. www.pizzahut.com


(540) 349-7171 • 251 W. Lee Hwy Pizza, sub, sandwich, and Italian entrée restaurant. Available for pickup and delivery. Offer both hot and toasted and cold subs. Gourmet pizzas and calzones also available. www.pizzarama.com

Red Truck Bakery

(540) 347-2224 • 22 Waterloo St Bakery located in Old Town Warrenton next to the Old Jail Museum. Serving fresh pies, quiches, breads, cakes, and coffees daily. Online ordering available. www.redtruckbakery.com

Red, Hot & Blue

(540) 349-7100 • 360 Broadview Ave Sun-Thu 11am - 9pm; Fri-Sat 11am - 10pm Southern Grill and Barbeque restaurant. Offers dine-in, take out, and catering. Large menu with options for ribs, sandwiches, salads, platters, and southern entrées. Casual dress. www.redhotandblue.com

Renee’s Gourmet To Go

(540) 347-2935 • 15 S. Third St. M - Fri 10am - 3pm Gourmet sandwiches, soups, salads and sweets. Open for lunch only. Limited patio seating or grab-andgo options available. Soups are the specialty at Renee’s – each day there are two news soups. She-crab soup available every Friday. Catering and business lunches available.

Warrenton Lifestyle

July 2012

(540) 341-4912 74 Blackwell Park Lane American chain restaurant serving your favorite hamburgers, pastas, steaks, ribs and more. Also have salad bar and RubyTueGo available. Casual dress. www.rubytuesday.com


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(540) 349-0950 41 W. Lee Highway #53 102 Broadview Ave Restaurant offering subs and pizza. Home of the $5 footlong. Food is prepared after you order, and everything is prepared fresh daily. Available for dine-in or takeout. www.subway.com

Sweet Frog (540)359-6401 488 Fletcher Dr Sun-Th 7am-1am; Fri&Sat 7am-3am A self serve frozen yogurt shop, serving all natural frozen yogurt with a toppings bar that is full of sweet treats to customize your creation. www.sweetfrogyogurt.com

Taco Bell

(540) 341-4206 316 W. Lee Hwy Open late for fourthmeal cravings. Now offering frutista freeze drinks and fiesta taco salads. Also offer fresco menu (low fat). www.tacobell.com

everyday. Menu offers tacos, burritos, quesadillas, desserts and more. Dine-in or take-out. Casual dress. www.tippystacohouse.com

Top’s China Restaurant

(540) 349-2828 185 W. Lee Hwy Asian restaurant serving authentic Chinese food. Daily specials and combos available. Dine-in or take-out.

Tropical Smoothie Café

(540) 428-1818 251 W. Lee Hwy #679 Café offering bistro sandwiches, wraps, gourmet salads, soups, and smoothies. Meals served with either chips or fruit. Also offer pick-two combination. Catering and kid’s menu available. Casual dress. www.tropicalsmoothiecafe.com

Twisted Sister Seafood

(540) 347-3663 6806 James Madison Hwy Offering classic seafood dishes like fried oysters, crab cake sandwiches, salads, shrimp, scallops and fish with plenty of homemade recipes.

Vocelli Pizza

estaurant Guide

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Ruby Tuesday

(540) 349-5031 484 Blackwell Rd Sun. - Thu. 11am - 10pm; Fri. - Sat. 11 am - 11pm. Classic Italian Pizza. Also offer antipasti, panini, stromboli, and salads. Check for lunch and combo specials. www.vocellipizza.com

Thursday, August 2 Mojitos & Tapas, The Electeds 7pm Friday, August 3 McMahon’s Irish Pub, James Stevens 9pm Saturday, August 4 Waterloo Café McMahon’s Irish Pub, 80’s Night with Cover Up 9pm Tippy’s Taco House (540) 349-8118 Thursday, August 9 (540) 349-2330 352 Waterloo St Mojitos & Tapas, John Paul 7pm 147 W. Shirley Ave Asian food available for dineFriday, August 10 Sun. - Thu., Sat. 11 am - 9pm; in, take-out, or delivery. Wide McMahon’s Irish Pub, Willem Dicke 9pm Fri. 11am - 10pm range of dishes available to Saturday, August 11 Mexican restaurant offering order. Dishes served with a McMahon’s Irish Pub, Rock Doc’s 9pm different quality specials side of white rice. Casual dress. Friday, August 17 Mojitos & Tapas, Andre Fox 9pm Wendy’s Saturday, August 18 (540) 347-5528 McMahon’s Irish Pub, Pete Baker 9pm 281 Broadview Ave Friday, August 24 Fast food chain offering hamburgers, salads, and chicken nuggets. Also offer baked potatoes and chili as sides. Frosty’s available as McMahon’s Irish Pub, Brian Franke 9pm desert. Casual dress. Mojitos & Tapas, Hall Vote 9pm www.wendys.com Saturday, August 25 McMahon’s Irish Pub, Tommy Rothman 9pm Yen Cheng Thursday, August 30 (540) 347-4355 • 294 W. Lee Hwy Mojitos & Tapas, David Davol 7pm M - Sat 11am - 10pm; Sun 12 noon - 10pm Join the conversation! Friday, August 31 First Chinese Restaurant in Warrenton. Wide range of appetizers, McMahon’s Irish Pub, Tommy Gann 9pm soups, and meats. Offer chef specialties and daily combos. Also

www.facebook.com/ warrentonlifestyle Like us on Facebook and check out our ‘On the Town’ tab for more happenings in Warrenton.

August 2012

offer a healthy food section and thai food options. www.yencheng.com


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Back in my newspaper editing days, when land development boomed, we used to have lively debates about everything, including “Fauquier’s biggest industry.” A prominent local lady liked to remind me that, in her view, agriculture held that position I disagreed. Yes, it occupies more land than any other local industry, I would say. But, by no other measure would farming rank No. 1, I argued. It contributes mightily to making Fauquier wonderful, but agriculture doesn’t rank first in annual sales or employment. Well, then, what does? she would ask. “Real estate,” I’d respond. “The building, selling, financing and insuring of homes.” That may remain the case — or it may not. But, reflecting on 29 years here and the changes during that time, something else rises to top-of-mind status. Medicine, health care, whatever we call it, has exploded in size here as it has across the nation. With 1,200 on its payroll, “the hospital” or Fauquier Health — with all its affiliates — ranks as the county’s largest non-government employer. With salaries and other expenditures, Fauquier Health pumps about $150 million annually into the economy. But, it doesn’t stop there. Medical practices have boomed. The Blue Ridge Orthopaedic & Spine Center in Warrenton, for example, has a huge building and a staff that goes well beyond surgeons to include physical therapists, technologists, nurses and other support staff. It has its own operating suites and diagnostic equipment. Other practices have grown quite large, as well. The community has more specialists. Add dentists, eye doctors, audiologists, physical therapists, nursing homes, home health suppliers, pharmacies and the health-care industry in Fauquier must account for at least a quarter-billion dollars annually. As the cost of care — or at least health insurance — continues to rise faster than just about anything else, we wonder what the future will hold. Can the local hospital, one of only six independents left in Virginia, remain that way in an environment that encourages “economy of scale?” What effect will the 2014 opening of a new hospital on Fauquier’s doorstep, at Haymarket, have? Does the industry have room to grow here, providing more well-paying jobs, which we so desperately need? What role will the local campus of Lord Fairfax Community College play in training skilled workers for a rapidly-changing health-care system, where technology and communication grow increasingly important? The answers to those questions will have great bearing on our community in the next five years and beyond, I predict. A few news items: • Liz and Jesse Straight have moved their organic agricultural operation to historic Whiffletree Farm, about 2-1/2 miles west of Warrenton on Springs Road. The Straights this year plan to raise, process and sell 6,000 chickens, 50 pigs, 13 steers and 450 turkeys — more than doubling their annual output. And, despite a devotion to the simple life, they’ve launched a website: www. whiffletreefarmva.com. • Fauquier native Dean A. Honeycutt has joined Saratoga Title & Escrow in Warrenton as vice president of operations. Headquartered at 550 Broadview Avenue, Saratoga has operated 13 years in Warrenton. • Most respondents to a recent survey told the board of supervisors that the new economic development director should be a county employee, not an independent contractor. The supervisors pledged to move ahead with filling the position, vacant since the county’s first economic development director, Talmage Reeves, resigned in March. “Lou” Emerson edits FauquierNow.com. You may send him business news at: LKE@ FauquierNow.com or call him at 540-270-1845. Warrenton Lifestyle

I do it for results. When the scale hit 262 pounds, I knew I had to make some major life changes. I made health and fitness my top priorities, lost 90 pounds, and gained my confidence back. ~ Dawn M.

Join Free! Call 540-349-2791, visit our website at: www.OTACFitness.com, or simply drop by the club to get started today! 361 Walker Drive, Warrenton, VA, 20186 Ask about our Warrior Training program. • No initiation fee. First month due at time of signing. Based on 12-month membership agreement. Offer expires August 31, 2012.

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