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540-347-6595 www.markbwilliams.com Cover Image : The 109 acre Germantown Lake at Crockett Park, photo by Karl Pittelkau, Whitepost Photography. www.whitepostphotograpy.com

Contributing Writers : Jennifer Heyns is a resident of Delaplane, where she enjoys country life with her husband, two young sons, two dogs and her mother-in-law. She has been published in many local, regional and national publications and is currently working on her first book. Amy Griffin is the owner of inFauquier.com, the most comprehensive online directory of consumer businesses located in Fauquier County. Maps to all the businesses can be found at inFauquier.com and check out the What’s New page for more business happenings in the entire county. You can reach her at (540)347-4922 or amy@inFauquier.com with your questions or any tidbits you hear about local business. Amy Gable is the Director of The Partnership for Warrenton. The Partnership is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering the economic and aesthetic development of Old Town Warrenton through a comprehensive process of economic revitalization that seeks to protect, enhance and promote its architectural and historical heritage.

August 2008

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Hail To The Chief:

Lonely At The Top No More By Jennifer Heyns


hen Connie Novak joined the Town of Warrenton Police Department in October 2005, she expected to ease into her new role as Deputy Chief, aided by the existing Chief of Police and top officers. What she found, however, was quite a different scenario. Novak explains, “My first day on the job I became the acting Chief of Police as the former Chief had just stepped down. On top of that the top two ranking officers (my sergeant and captain) were retiring shortly after I came on board.” Not only was Novak new to the Warrenton area and her acquired job title, she was on her own as far as learning the ropes as Warrenton’s Deputy Chief and acting Chief – truly an initiation by fire. Luckily she was able to convince one of the retiring officers to stay on as a civilian, helping her tremendously and providing a valuable link to the community and to her new staff. Today, after nearly three years as Warrenton’s Chief of Police, Novak is secure, comfortable and happy in her position, living out the goals she set for herself back in high school. “By high school I knew I wanted to get into the law or communications. By my second year in college I started taking law enforcement courses, and I knew right then and there that ‘this is it’.” Before leaving college, Novak started interviewing for officer positions, keeping her eyes on Fairfax County. Granted the location of her choosing, Novak began her career as a police officer in Fairfax County immediately following her 1979 college graduation and enjoyed a lengthy stay there, moving steadily up the ranks. Her officer status was soon promoted to patrol officer, then sergeant and second lieutenant. She also served as the department’s public 6

information officer, which afforded her the opportunity to be the department’s spokesperson for three years. Most people think a police officer’s job consists primarily of handing out traffic tickets or reading Miranda rights, but Novak experienced much more than that while in Fairfax County. She trained for and performed the role of crime scene investigator (will there be a C.S.I. Warrenton coming soon to satellite TV?) as well as worked in the child services unit. She retired from the Fairfax County Police Department in 1999. “I would probably still be there today if I hadn’t felt a strong need to spend more time with my children,” she admits. Novak was then married to another Fairfax County police officer and neither seemed to be home very much. The realization set in when she became conscious of the fact that her children, Ronnie, who is now 18-years old, and Crystal, now 14, had 11 different live-in nannies in nine years. Novak took a job as a safety specialist for the Loudoun County school system. Although it was a dream job as far as the schedule went, allowing her evenings, weekends and summers with her children, she was bored with being confined in a high school all day long and felt that every day was the same. She longed for the variety and excitement that she had come to know and love as an officer. “I missed being in public all the time and having no two days the same,” she explains. “But I wasn’t actively looking for something else when the Deputy Chief position opened up in Fauquier County.” A friend called and told her about the Warrenton job opening and convinced her to apply. Although she possessed the qualifications the job required, she was skeptical that they would hire a woman for such a position – maybe she should have worried more

about what would happen if they DID give her the job. Although she may have gotten off to a rocky start, Novak quickly stepped into her new leadership position as acting Chief in Warrenton and immediately set out to enlarge the police department staff. She is especially proud of the cooperative relationship she has cultivated with other departments in the town. “I have renewed relations with the Town, with the Fire Department and other police agencies so that we work more closely together,” she says. Over the past three years, Novak has streamlined the police department so that the responsibilities are doled out more evenly among the staff members. She’s also made training and education a priority among her staff, noting that she never turns down a staff member’s request for training. She listens carefully to the needs and wants of the community and swiftly determined that traffic was the main concern of the people she’d sworn to protect. As a response to that concern, Novak has dedicated one officer to handle nothing but traffic matters and notes that it seems to have made a positive impact on keeping traffic incidents to a minimum. The Town of Warrenton’s Police Department has grown to include 26 members under Novak’s reign, but she is committed to making it better still. Her current plans include the

See Chief page 8 Warrenton Lifestyle

Find us on the Warrenton website: warrentonva.gov

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August 2008


Chief cont’d from page 6

immediate hiring of two additional sworn officers and having a permanent bicycle squad. “It’s great for public relations to have officers on bicycles,” Novak says. “It’s so much easier for community members to approach an officer on a bicycle than one in a squad car.” She also plans to bring the department more up to date with the latest equipment. Although she is aware that it will take a large amount of funding, she’d like to have computers installed in all of the department’s 16 vehicles. “It makes checking plates and creating reports so much easier for the officers and it reduces the number of hours the officer has to spend at the office typing the reports by hand.” She hopes within the next two years to purchase a second motorcycle cruiser to help ensure the safety of the single officer currently using this method of patrol. “It’s always better with two officers together,” she explains. According to Novak, other necessary changes are the addition of another civilian position to aide with the department’s accreditation and the handling of evidence and property, one additional detective and a few more investigators. Though her accomplishments are evident in the smooth manner her department operates and the happy and safe feelings shared by the Warrenton community, Novak still finds her job challenging, naming fighting drug as her chief ordeal. “It’s hard to get ahead of,” she says. “It’s very frustrating.” Although her perception is that the department is doing a great job in making today’s youth aware of the problem and successfully dissuading them from entering a life of drug use, she feels that the older generations who have already started down that path are destined to persist. “You can arrest people for possession but you’re really not even making a dent in the drug process,” Novak says. Ideally Novak would like to eradicate the existence of drugs in the community, but notes that her time and the Town’s money is making a much more positive impact by 8

Warrenton Lifestyle

educating parents and children about the lasting effects of drugs. Also, she wants to raise awareness of the increased danger that today’s drugs have over those popular a decade or two ago. Despite the headaches this particular topic gives the Warrenton police department, Novak loves the work she is doing and cites the individuals who make up her community as the reason. “I’ve been very well-accepted here and it’s nice to help people,” says Novak. “I especially like being able to help direct the choices people make and watch it change their lives.” In addition to alleviating traffic woes, working to clean up crime, and helping to make Warrenton a place where people feel safe and comfortable, Novak and her team enjoy being able to offer protection at public events and hosting community services. Every Wednesday at the police station, officers perform child safety seat checks. According to Novak, the amount of knowledge needed to be able to provide this service is astounding. She notes that it takes a full week of training for officers to learn the ins and outs of the various types of car seats available on the market today, combined with the myriad vehicle restraint systems. Anyone is welcome to stop by the station to have a trained officer verify that child safety seats are properly installed. Additionally, the police department offers security for the summertime Bluemont Concert Series to ensure everyone can feel safe while they enjoy the entertainment. Concerts take place at 7:30 p.m. Saturday evenings through the end of August at the Old Shadowlawn in Warrenton. The overall level of safety and order in the Town of Warrenton is a positive one that Chief Novak is very pleased to be a part of and she has her mind set on making this a continued success.

47 South Third Street, Warrenton, Virginia 540.347.3868 MON -SAT 10-5 or by Appt.

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August 2008

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Historic Old Town Warrenton Happenings By Amy Gable Where does the summer go? It seems like yesterday we were all at An Evening Under the Stars dancing the night away. Well, it’s that time again. Saturday, September 20th is the 19th Annual An Evening Under the Stars, so get a group of friends together and join us for the social event of the fall! An Evening Under the Stars is a fundraiser for the Partnership for Warrenton Foundation which makes possible, along with the various event sponsors, GumDrop Square and Christmas in Old Town, the Annual Father’s Day Car Show, the 4th of July Children and Pets Parade and new this year, First Fridays. The proceeds also assist in streetscape projects such as streetlamp restoration, furthering the brick sidewalks, the flags for the lampposts, the planning of the future pocket park and other beautification projects in Old Town Warrenton. Main Street will be closed for An Evening Under the Stars, the largest cocktail party in Fauquier. Beginning at 8pm, guests will arrive at Main Street, welcomed by landscaped entrances donated by Showcase Gardens. Music from the Daryl Davis Band will start the party while partygoers sample signature dishes from the area’s top restaurants and caterers. There will be some new surprise additions this year. Don’t forget the Silent Auction Under the Tent – it promises to be a wonderful shopping experience. It’s never too early to do your Christmas shopping. Don’t forget – all donations to the Partnership for Warrenton are tax deductible. For those of you who have always wanted to attend, but never have, here is your chance! Tickets are now on sale and available at a number of locations: The Town Duck, Chip Shot, Iron Bridge Wine Company, A Formal Affair and the Partnership office. Tickets are $40 per person in advance, $50 per person after September 15th. You may also purchase a reserved table with eight tickets for $400. Please note the ticket locations are cash or check only. The Partnership office and website is able to take major credit cards. All the excitement and buzz about An Evening Under the Stars and we still have 3 more First Fridays this summer! Celebrate 1st Fr!days and the HeART of Warrenton August 1st, September 5th and October 3rd. First Fridays are from 6-9pm, shops will be open late, Farmer’s Market will be on Main Street and more. August will bring “Oldies Night� with Ron Lacasse. In September, along with the Farmer’s Market and live band, the Mosby Players, an 1860’s interpretive group will join us on Main Street. October will host the band “Bipolar Bill�. For further information regarding any of our events, please contact the Partnership office at 540-349-8606 or e-mail us at amy@partnershipforwarrenton.org. The Partnership for Warrenton is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering the economic and aesthetic development of Old Town Warrenton through a comprehensive process of economic revitalization that seeks to protect, enhance and promote its architectural and historical heritage. August 2008

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There Is A New Reality Show In Town By Andreas A. Keller


ecessions are a normal part of the business cycle. They come and go. As many of us now realize, the 2008 recession has arrived, but when will it depart? A quick glance at the average of all business cycles offers a clue as to the duration of the business cycle expansions and contractions. BUSINESS CYCLE BUSINESSIN CYCLE DURATION MONTHS DURATION IN MONTHS

AVERAGE OF ALL CYCLES 1854 - 2001 (32 cycles) 1854 - 1919 (16 cycles) 1919 - 1945 (6 cycles) 1945 - 2001 (10 cycles) 2001 - 2008 (1 cycle)


EXPANSION TROUGH TO PEAK 38 27 35 57 72 est.

Source: National Bureau of Economic Research

Looking at averages provides us with a framework by which to judge where we are and where the road ahead may take us. The averages reveal that contractions have been shortening and expansions have been lengthening. A more detailed picture emerges from the post-World War II recessions: START OF RECESSION Feb. 1945 Nov. 1948 July 1953 Aug. 1957 April 1960 Dec. 1969 Nov . 1973 Jan. 1980 July 1981 July 1990

DURATION IN MONTHS 9 11 10 9 10 11 16 6 1 9

END OF RECESSION Oct. 1945 Sept. 1948 April 1954 April 1958 Jan. 1961 Oct. 1970 Feb. 1975 June 1980 Oct. 1982 March 1991

the result of asset and credit bubble busts: the real estate bubble of the 1980s led to the Savings and Loan banking crisis, and the dot-com bubble of the 1990s resulted in the stock market crash of 2001. In both situations, credit dried up and recessions followed. WHERE ARE WE TODAY? Today’s economic situation is characterized by the following dynamic forces: 1. America is de-leveraging. The housing and credit boom of the last seven years is unwinding at an accelerating pace. Housing values continue to fall, defaults are increasing on car loans and credit cards, and commercial real estate sales are weakening. 2. The financial system is shaky. With the ongoing credit destruction, large segments of our banking system have taken extraordinary losses. Over 250 mortgage lenders have gone out of business in the last 18 months. Many financial institutions, including Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, are undercapitalized and are getting help from the Federal Reserve and the Government. With about $1.3 trillion in capital supporting our financial system and the latest estimate for credit losses put at around $1.6 trillion dollars, we are faced with a systemic banking crisis. While financial institutions are rebuilding their damaged balance sheets, credit is restrictive or unavailable and rising interest rates are slowing economic growth.

Oil Shock I Oil Shock II

Real Estate Bust March 2001 9 Nov. 2001 Tech Bust 2008 ? ?? Oil Shock III Real Estate Bust Credit Bust Average Duration of Recessions 10 to 11 Months

Real Estate Bust Credit Bust

Based on average numbers alone, one could expect the 2008 recession to reach its nadir around the end of the year 2008 or the first quarter of 2009, at which point the economy ought to be moving upwards again. While this notion is comforting, the reality may be different because, unlike in past recessions, today we are living in a more complex and globally interconnected world. The two longest recessions since World War II, each of which lasted 16 months, shared dominant driving forces: inflation and oil shocks. The two most recent recessions were 12

See Reality Show page 14 Warrenton Lifestyle





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Reality Show cont’d from page 12 3. Energy costs are rising. With oil prices breaking record highs, the resulting inflation is akin to a hidden tax. This hidden tax is a major factor in the changing nature of household spending patterns, which in turn is putting pressure on corporate profit margins, resulting in job losses and declining stock markets. Our dependence on foreign oil has led to the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind. 4. Global competition restrains wage increases. With the export of manufacturing and servicing jobs, China and India are now holding down prices and wages in the US and European economies. China, which acts as the world’s manufacturing shop, and India, which is the world’s back office, are experiencing a gradually increasing standard of living, while the US and Europe are experiencing a gradually declining standard of living. As a consequence of this shift, China and India are beginning to export at higher prices and we are now importing inflation. 5. The US Dollar is depreciating. The continued weakening of the US Dollar, which has depreciated approximately 40 percent since the beginning of the millennium, is causing substantial losses to foreign investors who invested their savings in US Treasury bonds and who carry about half of our federal debt. To minimize their investment losses, central banks around the world, along with private 14

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investors, will seek alternative investment vehicles to the US Dollar unless the US pays higher interest rates to compensate them for these losses. However, if the US increases interest rates, the US economy will slow down further, and if the US lowers interest rates, all of these unwanted US Dollars will return to the US, causing large bouts of inflation. Many of these unleashed forces have their roots in decades-old policies. The confluence of their consequences is setting the scene for the perfect storm. For example, if we take a look at the rise in energy costs, which today affects everybody’s pocketbook, we need to remember that oil is, and always has been, priced in US Dollars. As the value of the US Dollar declines, it requires more Dollars to buy a barrel of oil. Thus, the question to ask is why the US Dollar is falling. This question is best answered by the explanation given by Professor Ben Bernanke, today’s Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank, who said in 2002: “Like gold, U.S. Dollars have value only to the extent that they are strictly limited in supply. But the U.S. Government has a technology, called a printing press (or, today, its electronic equivalent) that allows it to produce as many U.S. Dollars as it wishes at essentially no cost. By increasing the number of U.S. Dollars in circulation, or even by credibly threatening to do so, the U.S. Government can also reduce the value of a Dollar in terms of goods and services, which is equivalent to raising the prices in Dollars of those goods and services.” Warrenton Lifestyle

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Today’s recession differs from the last recessions insofar as the real estate bust and the subsequent credit bust are both overshadowed by the transformational oil shock. With inflation rising, wages falling, and credit restricted, a deeper and longer than average recession appears likely. The possibility also exists that the current recession could transform into a shallow, chronic recession. Indeed, a chronic recession may already be a forgone conclusion given the excessive public and private debt that exists.

Our federal debt, driven by war spending and unfunded liabilities for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and US Government pensions, continues to rise at an alarming rate. Different think tanks have set forth varying estimates of our current levels of debt, but even the lowest of these estimates is unmanageable for the largest economy in the world with a Gross National Product of about $12 trillion.


Total Federal Debt (including estimated unfunded liabilities

60 50

$54 tril.

$70 tril.

$60 tril.

40 30 20 10 0




See Reality Show page 16 August 2008


Reality Show cont’d from page 15 As we move through what is likely to become the longest recession since World War II, accelerating inflation eventually will burn itself out and we will likely have to battle deflation. Meanwhile, the US is still the economic engine of the world, and with the financial exhaustion of the US consumer, export-driven economies around the world will follow us into recession. The stock markets around the world have been signaling a global recession for quite some time. The Dow Jones Index has entered bear territory. China’s stock market index has declined by about 40 percent. India, Japan and Europe’s respective stock markets have also been falling since October 2007. However, as in any recession, different people and different regions will be affected in different ways.


Our economy does not need to continue on the path of chronic recession, but how can we turn the recession around? November 4, 2008, may present a first opportunity to bring about change. As a nation we have arrived at a crossroad: either we can continue on the path of spending or we can begin to save and invest. As the world is becoming increasingly more reluctant to underwrite US debt and is beginning to divest itself of the US Dollar, our culture of debt will necessarily have to give

way to a culture of saving and investing. In order to catch up with the rest of the world, we will need to switch from defense spending to investing in infrastructure and green technologies, rebuild a modern manufacturing base which will create new jobs, and improve our education system. Sweeping changes are underway in the financial system without which a modern economy would not be able to grow. A better and stronger banking system will emerge over the next several years. Our export industry is rapidly growing stronger and foreign investments attracted by deeply discounted values will bring new jobs to our country, which has one of the world’s fastest growing populations and is expected to reach 430 million people by 2050. At the same time, our place in the world will become less dominant as we move from a unipolar world to a multipolar world. No other nation in the world has the ability to face a challenge and overcome difficulties as does America. We have always been the envy of the world for our ability to change. The changes ahead, albeit difficult and long overdue, will bring new opportunities. Lifestyle changes are already visible: SUVs are being traded in for smaller and more efficient cars, and alternative energy is being taken seriously. Condos in the city are now more popular than mansions in the suburbs, and telecommuting, job-sharing, and four-day work weeks will slowly become the norm. In times such as these, where lifestyle changes have become a necessity, American ingenuity and creativity will be un-leashed, because necessity is the mother of all inventions.

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The Best of the Best. That is what we call the winners of the third annual Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine’s Best of Warrenton Awards as chosen by thousands of our readers. A few months ago we urged our readers to tell us what they felt were the best of our great Warrenton area businesses, people, places and organizations in 90 categories. The citizens responded well, both online and in writing, and the winners are personally being told in advance this year of their great fortune. One of our missions with The Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine is to continually celebrate all of the terrific things we have in Warrenton. Another is to give greater exposure of our businesses and organizations to the people that live here, over half of whom are commuters, without promoting their competition from other tax bases. We also think it is important to continually revisit our community because changes occur on a daily basis. We feel there are so many positive features of Warrenton that we will never run out of material. This year we included 90 categories, up from last year’s 78, based on recommendations from you, our readers. We also eliminated categories where less than 10% of the ballots had responses. We will continue to streamline this process each year. Submitted ballots were up incredibly over previous years. The stacks of faxes and mailed ballots kept intern Chad Barbaris busy for several weeks manually inputting the results into a database. This year the results page is more extensive because Mike Tedeschi wrote a brief background on most of the winners. Also, we decided to continue to publish runners-up that received a significant percentage of the votes. They represent the many more wonderful businesses and people that did not finish first but are obviously well-loved. The list of winners is as varied as Warrenton itself. National chains, mom and pop businesses, new stores and long-time landmarks were all winners. For example, 37 different restaurants received votes in the Best All-Around Restaurant category. So consider the Best Of list as just a “slice” of the thousands of wonderful businesses, places, and people we have to offer. People will debate the winners. The most important thing is that local residents have an opinion and passion about our great Town and region. We believe most competition makes

for better business and better choices for our residents. In no categories were the winners anywhere near unanimous, although there were some large margins of victory. In others, there were tightly contested races that came down to the final days, with one category ending up in a dead heat. There were some great surprises, but in our opinion, no real disappointments. So, agree with the people who voted or not, but we urge you to take the time to find out your own favorites for next year. It could be someplace you haven’t even heard of until today. Thank you to our team at Piedmont Press & Graphics and especially to you, the readers of The Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine for caring enough to vote. And now to the winners, part 1…



Part 1 of a 2 Part Series


FOOD Best All-Around Restaurant Claire’s at the Depot

It’s remarkable when the best keeps getting better, and nothing seems to be stopping Claire’s restaurant. Claire’s at the Depot has not only been voted Best AllAround Restaurant in Warrenton three years running now, but the restaurant has also been voted the winner of two new categories: Best Fine Dining and Best Place for a Business Lunch. Claire’s menu features delectable appetizers and an array of hearty dishes, not to mention an extensive wine list. To add to the impressive résumé, Claire’s has been voted the Best Caterer in Warrenton for 2008, providing their clients and guests not only with impressive service, hors d’oeuvres, and platters, but also help with invitations, rentals, and locations. Honorable Mention: Applebee’s Café Torino Crescendo Iron Bridge Outback Ruby Tuesday’s

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Best Catering Claire’s at the Depot Caterer Honorable Mention: Kidwell Caterers Legends Catering

Best Fine-Dining Restaurant Claire’s at the Depot Honorable Mention Crescendo Iron Bridge Napoleon’s

Best Business Lunch Claire’s at the Depot Honorable Mention Applebee’s Crescendo Iron Bridge Napoleon’s Panera

August 2008

“Nova Cares for You.”

Best Asian Food – Faang

Faang Thai Restaurant & Bar is this year’s winner for Best Asian Food. Opened in 2007, Faang offers customers the very best in Thai food using the finest ingredients, creating custom dishes, and offering a wide variety of choices. The kitchen boasts over 20 years of experience in dining, and the bar features California wines among other liquors. Make sure to check out their exquisite list of foods at spicy, not so spicy, and extra spicy heat levels. Faang is located on West Lee Highway near the Verizon Wireless store. Honorable Mention: China Jade Osaka Top’s China Waterloo Café


Best Ethnic Cuisine – Faang Restaurant Honorable Mention: El Agave Mojitos and Tapas Osaka

Best Bakery/Desserts Mom’s Apple Pie, Café Torino

For the first time in the three years of the Best of Warrenton awards, we have a tie. Not many would complain that the tie involves desserts either. Your winners for the 2008 Best Bakery/ Desserts are Café Torino and Mom’s Apple Pie. Café Torino, an elegant and fun Italian restaurant located in Waterloo Station, is owned and operated by husband and wife Andrea and Amber Ferraro. Known also for their tasty Italian dishes, Café Torino features tasty bakery goods ranging from cookies to cannolis and cakes. Mom’s Apple Pie’s trademark goodies range from pies to cookies to bread. Made fresh daily, the pies are cooked from the best ingredients right in house. Mom’s Apple Pie is located on the corner of Waterloo and Ashby Streets across from The Fauquier Bank. Honorable Mention: Carousel Panera

Best Meal under $10 – Chick-Fil-A

That’s how a business should make an appearance in its first year! Chick-Fil-A came out of the gates ready to roll, taking with them not just one or two, but three awards for this year’s Best of Warrenton competition. The franchise operates like a small, family-owned business with all of its employees adding a personal warmth to their service. Warrentonians have voted Chick-Fil-A the Best Meal for under $10, Best New Store and Best Meal in a Hurry. Opened on March 20th of this year, it obviously did not take them long to make a positive impact on the community as they brought with them the chain’s award winning drive-thru service. The new ChickFil-A restaurant is located on West Lee Highway sandwiched (!) in between Walgreens and BB&T. Honorable Mention: Bistro on the Hill El Agave Frost Diner Jimmie’s Market Panera Tropical Smoothie Café


Best Meal in a Hurry Chick-Fil-A Honorable Mention: McDonald’s Subway Wendy’s

Best Breakfast Place Frost Diner

Not many places in the town of Warrenton can provide you with the satisfaction of filling your late night hunger needs. And by late night, I mean wee hours of the morning (they won Best Late Night Food in 2006). Frost Diner is this year’s winner for Best Breakfast Place. The historic silver diner features great American home-style cooking. It’s not limited to just breakfast though, as they serve your All-American burgers and fries as well as a number of other items. Check out their daily specials and enjoy the juke box on the table while you are waiting for your food. Frost Diner is located on Broadview Avenue across from Burger King. Honorable Mention Denny’s IHOP Panera

Best Casual/Family Restaurant Applebee’s

Applebee’s Bar & Grill is an American restaurant chain with almost 2,000 stores across the world. Applebee’s, currently the world’s largest casual dining chain, features wholesome burgers, salads, pasta dishes, and other filling meals. Applebee’s is located on West Lee Highway next to Friendly’s. Honorable Mention: Country Cookin El Agave Foster’s Grille Friendly’s Outback Ruby Tuesday’s

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August 2008


Best Coffee – Starbucks

You can’t have over 15,000 stores in over 44 countries if the service you provide isn’t up to standards. Starbucks Coffee, founded in Seattle, Washington in 1971, is rapidly expanding across the globe, providing customers with great coffee quickly. The ripples of this have obviously been felt in Warrenton with four Starbucks stores – one on West Lee Highway, one in Safeway, one in Giant and the other on Route 29 next to Quizno’s. Honorable Mention: Black Wolf Gusto de Vita

Best Deli Food – Jimmie’s Market

Located on Main Street, Jimmie’s Market has been providing customers with the very best in gourmet foods ranging from Italian to Cajun to French. After receiving the award for Best Deli Food in 2007 and serving Warrenton for over 67 years, there was no reason to see why Jimmie’s Market wouldn’t be able to maintain their success. Owner/Manager Georgia Deardoff doesn’t limit Jimmie’s Market to deli foods, as they carry many imported and local wines and beers, and a variety of salads. Visit their exquisite tea room as well. Honorable Mention: Fred’s Deli Giant Safeway

Best Grocery Store – Safeway

Safeway is once again being rewarded for their superior service in the supermarket industry. After receiving the Best of Warrenton award for 2007 for Best Grocery Store and finishing in the competition for Best Deli Food, Safeway is presented with the 2008 Best of Warrenton award for Best Grocery Store again. Long-time residents are very loyal to the store where many of the employees have been serving them for decades. After undergoing its remodeling years ago (including its 115-foot wine aisle), Safeway has kept pace, competing successfully with other supermarket chains. Honorable Mention: Bloom Giant 22

Best Healthy Food Natural Marketplace

Describing the shop as a “unique health market,” The Natural Marketplace has won the award for Best Healthy Food for the second year in a row. In business for over 17 years, The Natural Marketplace features organic groceries (including allergy-free foods) and cosmetics, vitamins, books, holistic therapies and education. They also have a take-out deli and juice bar. The Natural Marketplace is located on Diagonal Street across from Napoleon’s Restaurant. Honorable Mention: Tropical Smoothie Café Panera Subway

Best Ice Cream – Carousel

The only thing competing with the variety of choices available at Carousel Frozen Treats is the number of ways people spelled “Carousel” on their ballots (24!). For the third consecutive year, Carousel wins the award for the best ice cream in Warrenton. Owners Dennis Bachetti and Carl Norskog have created a festive atmosphere to serve ice cream with all the modern toppings in a somewhat nostalgic setting. There is a reason why there are long lines on weekend nights (they move fast) – people are willing to wait for the reward at the end of the rainbow. Don’t forget they offer hot dogs, French fries, and, according to the Publisher, “the best corn dogs on the planet!” Honorable Mention: Cold Stone Creamery Effie’s Friendly’s

Best Lunch Place – Panera

Panera, which opened in 2004 and is located on West Lee Highway in between Borders and Pizzarama, has won numerous awards from The Warrenton Lifestyle over the last two years, and it isn’t any different this year. For the third year in a row, Panera has won Best Salad, and for the second year in a row, Best Sandwich. This year, they also won Best Lunch Place. In 2006, they also managed to win Best Place to Eat When You’re Alone, Best Quick Lunch, and Best Healthy Lunch. Their menu ranges from hot and regular sandwiches, soups, salads, breakfast foods, iced drinks and desserts. Honorable Mention: Café Torino Jimmie’s Market Tropical Smoothie Café

Warrenton Lifestyle


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Best Salad – Panera Honorable Mention: Applebee’s Red Hot and Blue Renee’s Gourmet to Go Ruby Tuesday’s

Best Sandwich – Panera Honorable Mention: Café Torino Jimmie’s Market Renee’s Gourmet to Go Tropical Smoothie Café

Best Mexican/Latin Food – El Agave

El Agave has previously won the award for Best Ethnic Cuisine (2006, 2007), and with the addition of a new category this year comes the addition of another award for El Agave. Winner of this year’s Best Mexican/ Latin Food award, El Agave offers Warrentonians an authentic Mexican atmosphere serving a full assortment of combination dinners, steak and chicken dishes, appetizers, and a variety of margaritas. Owned by the Villasenor family, El Agave is located next to Blockbuster on West Lee Highway. Honorable Mention: Main Street Grille Mojitos and Tapas Tippy’s Taco

Best Pizza – Pizza Hut

With the number of quality pizza chains around Warrenton, it’s tough to come out as the best. Pizza Hut has been able to do it once again winning Best Pizza for the third year in a row. A recent remodeling job has made Pizza Hut a nicer, more appealing restaurant for dine-in, and their drivethru service has made getting pizza even quicker. Pizza Hut is located on Broadview Avenue. Honorable Mention: Domino’s Joe and Vinnie’s Pizza Papa John’s Pizzarama Vocelli’s


Best Steak – Outback

With its strong Australian theme and Creole influenced foods, Outback Steakhouse has become a favorite of Warrentonians since the day it opened. Patrons rave not only about Outback’s steaks but also its famous Bloomin’ Onion appetizer and racks of ribs. Honorable Mention: Ben & Mary’s Crescendo

Best Take-Out – Waterloo Cafe

For the third year in a row, Waterloo Café has been voted the Best Take-Out in Warrenton. Waterloo Café is located on Waterloo Street in the Waterloo shopping center (near Carousel). If you’re in the mood for General Tso’s, Sesame Chicken, or their local favorite cabbage salad, be sure to stop by. Alan, David and the rest of the crew make Waterloo Café a friendly place to dine or take-out for lunch and dinner. They even deliver. Honorable Mention: Applebee’s Outback Red Hot and Blue

Best Wings – The Wing Fanatic Best Place to Watch Sports The Wing Fanatic

The Wing Fanatic, locally owned and operated here in Warrenton, bases itself on three things: wings, sports, and fun. Co-owner Jessica Pagonis uses 3 F’s to describe The Wing Fanatic philosophy: fun, family, and food. Enjoy the best wings in town and over 40 plasma TV’s – an obvious assistance in their winning the Best Place to Watch Sports in Warrenton. At night, The Wing Fanatic becomes a busy gathering place for social adults. The Wing Fanatic is located on Route 29 next to the Comfort Inn. Honorable Mention: Domino’s Foster’s Grille

Warrenton Lifestyle

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August 2008


Honorable Mention Brown’s Wood Stuff This ‘N That White Elephant

Best Shopping Best Antique Store Fox Den Antiques

For the third year in a row, Fox Den Antiques has been voted the Best Antique Store in Warrenton, and it isn’t difficult to see why. They arguably provide Warrenton with the largest variety of antiques and collectibles from their numerous merchants. Go visit their recently expanded showroom. Fox Den Antiques is located on West Shirley Avenue near China Jade.

Best Appliance Store Tolson’s Appliance Center

Since 1964, Tolson’s Appliance Center has been professionally servicing Warrenton’s appliance needs in a quick and efficient manner. They display appliances from entry-level to luxury in their 4,000 square foot showroom. Don’t forget, Tolson’s Appliance Center also features delivery and installation. Tolson’s Appliance Center is located behind the On the Run Exxon next to A Sophisticut, Inc. Honorable Mention Home Depot Rankins Sears

Best Cell Phone Store Verizon Wireless

Don’t forget we have Sunday Brunch from 11-3. Check with us about our always changing lunch and dinner specials. Family Owned & Operated

79 Main Street - Old Town Warrenton

The Verizon Wireless store came to Warrenton ready to become a successful business by launching an impressive looking store. Even though their shop has been around less than a year, it has had a big enough positive impact on our readership to be named the 2008 winner of the Best Cell Phone Store. Honorable Mention Rob-Rit Communications/Sprint Wireless Jungle


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Best Electronics Store Radio Shack

RadioShack is back on top, reclaiming the title it earned in 2006 – Best Electronics Store. After finishing Airport Transportation runner-up to Sears last year, RadioShack is Warrenton’s favorite again in providing electronic goods to customers. RadioShack provides the most advanced in needs ranging from MP3’s, televisions, GPS, cameras, and more. Their staff is knowledgeable and ready with solutions. Honorable Mention Ask for Mike or Phoebe Sears Wal-Mart

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Warrenton Lifestyle

Best Flower Shop Designs by Teresa

Your 2006, 2007, and now 2008 winner for best Flower Shop goes to Designs by Teresa. With a repertoire of products available including fresh flowers, plants, specialized floral arrangements, floral designs, and gift baskets, Designs by Teresa anchors the corner of Alexandria Pike and Main Street. Owner/operator Teresa Bowles knows how to get it done right with over 20 years in the business. Don’t forget to check out her daughter’s store upstairs at Tina’s Bear Loft. Honorable Mention A Budding Affair C&S Flowers Village Flowers



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Best Furniture Shop Rankin’s Furniture

Best Gift Shop – The Town Duck

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August 2008



Supplying Warrentonians for over 25 years, The Town Duck offers an assortment of the very best in wines, cheeses, specialty foods, and a plethora of items from their gift shop. This year, The Town Duck has won the award for Best Gift Shop. Owned and operated by Annette Johnson, the store takes pride in its customer service and offering the customer what it wants. Another successful venture from The Town Duck is their gift baskets as they will sometimes do over 60 in a day. The Town Duck won Best Place to Find the Perfect Gift in 2006 and Best Gift/Home Décor and Best Specialty Store in 2007. Honorable Mention Piccadilly Ltd. Ribbons/Hallmark

very Deli ble! la Avai


Rankin’s Furniture can hang its 2008 award for Best Furniture next to its awards from 2006 and 2007. Owned by Jim Rankin, Rankin’s Furniture has been a staple of Warrenton for decades. If you’re in the need for tables or chairs or other home decorations, Rankin’s Furniture is located in the Waterloo Station shopping center. Others may come and go but Jim Rankin and his crew remain a cornerstone of Warrenton. Honorable Mention Brown’s Wood Stuff Shelf Life

Thank you for voting us best 2 years in a row


Best Hardware/Home Improvement Store Rankin’s Hardware

Owned by son Alvin Rankin, Rankin’s Hardware, like its counterpart, has been a fixture of Warrenton for decades. For the third consecutive year, Rankin’s True Value Hardware has been voted Best Hardware Store. Located in the Warrenton Shopping Center by Tadpole CafÊ, Rankin’s Hardware is a favorite of Warrentonians for all their basic and difficult hardware needs. Ask them about anything from gardening to keys to outdoor tools. Honorable Mention Home Depot Gilliam Lumber Co

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Best Jewelry Store – Hartman Jewelers

Hartman Jewelers has been voted the best jeweler in Warrenton for the third straight year. Owned and operated by David and Darcy Hartman, Hartman Jewelers takes pride in their unique, quality oriented jewelry. As a recent recipient of the 2007 Best of Warrenton Customer Service Award (they have a client list of over 5,000), Hartman Jewelers is happy to provide their customers with one-of-a-kind pieces (especially those from their Hearts on Fire collection), jewelry repair, engraving services, free jewelry cleaning, and more. Opened in 1994, Hartman Jewelers moved to their new location on Main Street across from BB&T last year and the store is one of Warrenton’s most stunning. Honorable Mention Carter and Spence Marta von Dettingen

Best Men’s Clothes – Peebles

Peebles Department Store provides Warrentonians the latest in cosmetics, women’s clothing, shoes, and, for the third year in a row, is Warrenton’s choice for men’s clothing. The company has been around for over 100 years, providing experience and expertise to stay ahead of the pack. They have clothes for all ages from toddlers to teenagers to seniors and casual to formal. Honorable Mention A Formal Affair Sears

Best New Business – Chick-Fil-A Honorable Mention Blue Ridge Mountain Sports Iron Bridge Restaurant Let’s Dish Tropical Smoothie CafÊ

Best Paint Store – The Paint Shop

Warrenton’s favorite place for their paint needs is still the same as it was in 2006 and 2007. What could possibly help set them apart from the competition of Sherwin Williams and Home Depot? It’s their people. Owner Jim Timberlake leads a group of friendly experts with over 60 years of combined experience at The Paint Shop. Recently celebrating over 30 years of business, The Paint Shop provides customers with superior work in paints, window treatments, wall coverings, and coatings, along with that local touch and feeling Warrentonians expect.

Warrenton Lifestyle

Honorable Mention Home Depot Sherwin Williams

Best Pharmacy – Walgreens

Walgreens Pharmacy has been voted the Best Pharmacy for the second time in three years. Walgreens advantage, as they see it, is that they are a 24-hour pharmacy to take care of customers and their needs whenever they may need it. Walgreens, opened less than three years here in Warrenton, is located on the corner of West Lee Highway and Winchester Street. Honorable Mention CVS Giant Rite Aid Safeway

that has to do with how much they have given Cyndy and the store. “I have met so many wonderful people here over my 12 years, and they have been loyal to my many moves,” she said. Honorable Mention Framecraft Joan of Art

Best Place for Wine Iron Bridge Restaurant and Wine Company

Opening just over a year ago, the Iron Bridge Restaurant and Wine Company has been a beautiful new addition to Main Street’s magic. With their new rooftop dining and wine from small vineyards all around the world, the Iron Bridge Restaurant is a lovely place to spend a lunch or an evening.

ce nSALE! a h PRE-OPENING C Last New Location Opens in August

Best Picture Framing Framing by Cyndy

Apparently Cyndy knows framing and knows it well (even if her store is much more than that). For the third year in a row, Warrentonians have voted Framing by Cyndy the best place for picture framing. Run by owner Cyndy Burnett since 1997, Framing by Cyndy gives customers the best in satisfaction and results with quality materials, and a lot of

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August 2008


Classic.... Yet Elegant

They feature over 300 different bottles and over 30 wines are featured daily by the glass. You will enjoy the assortment of food varieties to complement the wine selections. Congratulations to the Iron Bridge Restaurant and Wine Company for being this year’s winner for Best Wine. Honorable Mention Grapevine Galloping Grape The Town Duck

Best Place for Shoes – Peebles Honorable Mention Athlete’s Foot Payless


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Best Specialty Store – A Formal Affair

A Formal Affair, located on West Lee Highway behind Faang Restaurant, is this year’s winner for Best Specialty Store and Best Customer Service. Owned by Debbie Richards, A Formal Affair specializes in bridal, prom, formal, or other social occasions to give the very best in the services you require. They feature tuxedos by Ecko, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and more, not to mention dresses from Dave & Johnny and Tiffany Designs. Let them take care of you for your next formal event. Honorable Mention Galloping Grape Kelly Ann’s Quilting The Town Duck

Best Thrift Store – White Elephant

With another new category comes another new winner. This year’s recipient of the 2008 Best of Warrenton award for thrift store (keeping the motto “one person’s trash is another’s treasure” intact) goes to The White Elephant. Opened in 1990, The White Elephant has supplied Warrentonians with beautiful doohickeys, forgotten antiques, and a dazzling store display to fill that empty niche in your home. Honorable Mention Fauquier Hospital Thrift Shop Salvation Army

Best Women’s Clothes – Christine Fox

Proprietor Christine Fox and her staff know the women of Warrenton and know how to dress them. Designer dresses and accessories are matched to each woman’s taste and events. Men enjoy buying their wives gifts at Christine Fox’s because she takes the guess work out of choosing the right dress or outfit (something most men admit they hate doing), making them look like heroes when they walk in the door. Honorable Mention Peebles Fashion Bug

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Warrenton Lifestyle

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SHE 1258/4-07 Fauquier

The right equipment lets you focus on more important issues. At Roberts Home Medical

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Give the gift of food Know a Mother to be? Have her baby shower at Tana’s Kitchen and give her the gift of meals already prepared! Or Do you know a child who loves to cook? Have their

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The Filigree Drawer Chest

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Piedmont Press was formed in 1988 to meet the needs of the growing local printing market in the Warrenton and surrounding Piedmont areas. Since its inception, Piedmont Press has become an award-winning publishing company and a sophisticated print house that gives its customers a better opportunity to communicate, prosper and build their businesses inside their community.

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The Fauquier Health System Immunizations – not just for children anymore hen it comes to immunizations, Recommended adult vaccinations


most people think of babies and young children. But immunizations are an important part of preventive medicine for all ages. Many diseases have been controlled or are now obsolete because of active immunization programs. According to Dr. Tam Ly, an infectious disease specialist with Fauquier Health Physician Services, “As we age, our immunity to some childhood vaccinations and diseases wane, thereby making us more susceptible to reinfection with these organisms. One way to prevent this is to preemptively vaccinate ourselves and ‘boost’ our immunity.� Dr. Ly explains that, “Some vaccines are weakened live viruses and hence individuals with a poor immune system should not receive these. Consult with your physician to determine which vaccines are indicated for you.�


include the following: • Flu vaccine – Get this one annually. • Pneumococcal vaccine to prevent pneumococcal pneumonia – Should be taken once or twice by those over 65 years of age or those who have an underlying condition impairing the immune system. • Shingles vaccine, otherwise known as the zoster vaccine (zostavax) – This one-time vaccination is now indicated for all those age 60 and older, if medical conditions allow. • HPV (Gardasil), a very effective vaccine against cervical cancer – Recommended to females 9-26 years of age. A complete series consists of three doses. • MMR booster, protecting against measles, mumps and rubella – This is a one-time vaccination for all those born during or after 1957.

For ALL Your Remodeling Needs


Choose Blackwood for ALL your remodeling needs. We will provide you with master craftsmen, quality materials and a new professional look. We offer a variety of Countertop Surfaces, Cabinets, Tile and Flooring. For your bath, you can choose standard or custom showers, spa tubs, walk-in tubs, frameless showers and ADA bathrooms, whichever your needs. We’ll help you design your project and provide you with an accurate cost estimate.

Store Hours: M - F: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. R Saturday - 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. OU M T I O 7 3HIRLEY !VENUE s 7ARRENTON 6! 6IS WRO O WWW BLACKWOODKITCHENANDBATH COM 3H 36

Dr. Tam Ly is certified in internal medicine and in infectious diseases. She recommends that adults consider getting certain “boosters� to their immunizations.

• Tetanus booster – Every 10 years is recommended, but a one-time vaccination of Tdap should be substituted for the regular tetanus booster. Tdap includes tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis vaccinations all in one formulation. • Varicella vaccine or “chicken poxâ€? vaccine is recommended to all adults who have no immunity to varicella. This is a two-shot series. • Hepatitis A & B – For the select population who are at increased risk (i.e., patients with chronic liver disease). Hepatitis A is a two-shot series and Hepatitis B is a three-shot series. • “Meningitisâ€? vaccine, otherwise known as meningococcal vaccine – Indicated for those with an increased risk of contracting this bacterial infection, including college students living in dormitories, microbiologists and travelers to endemic areas. Dr. Ly can provide further expertise on adult immunizations. Board certified in internal medicine and in infectious diseases, she specializes in all manifestations of infectious disease – Lyme disease, tuberculosis, HIV, MRSA – any and all infections of the body. Dr. Ly also has extensive experience in helping her patients prepare for traveling abroad safely. Her office is located in the new Fauquier Health Medical Center on Hospital Hill. The phone number there is (540) 316-5940. Warrenton Lifestyle

   

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ramecra t f f ine frames

              


ine arts




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What’s New In Warrenton While many of us are thinking about vacations and the start of a new school year, a few things are still happening around town. Lew and Maggie Shadle have opened a great new place, the Cornerstone Café & Bistro. They are located in the Warrenton Village Shopping Center, where JP’s Bar and Grill used to be. They serve a Continental European cuisine with many Italian dishes and a fabulous wine list that includes many unusual wines. They have also made sure that it is a very family friendly environment, with a great children’s menu. They are open for lunch and dinner daily and brunch on Sundays. Fine food at a good value and something for everyone! Another new business is Nelson Financial Partners, LLC that has been opened by the husband and wife team of Brett and Julie Nelson. Brett is a licensed

investment advisor representative and he provides financial planning services including banking at ING Direct, investments and insurance. Brett brings education, fun and comfort to the financial planning process. Julie can handle all your bookkeeping needs and more. The owners of The Bead Shoppe in Old Town have decided to retire and closed the store when the lease ran out on July 31st. Other businesses that have closed are Friedman’s Jewelers, after they finished their close out sale, and The Big Apple Deli at Vint Hill. There will be a new face on Main Street when Klein’s Embroidery moves in to their new location on August 1st. Welcome to Old Town! Buckland Farm Market is still

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Frank Ramey Financial Services Representative 31 South Second St., Ste. 202 Warrenton, VA 20186 540-347-4799 frameyi@metlife.com

ADF#1631.05 © 2006 MetLife, Inc. Coverage is offered by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (“MetLife”), New York, NY. Like most long-term care insurance policies, MetLife policies contain certain exclusions, limitations, elimination periods, reductions of benefits and terms for keeping them in force. Premium rates can only be raised on a class-wide basis. For complete costs and details, contact a MetLife Representative/ Insurance Agent/Producer. Depending on state availability, coverage may be offered by the following MetLife policies: LTC2-VAL, LTC2-IDEAL, LTC2-PREM, LTC2-FAC and may be followed by the state's 2-letter abbreviation; "ML" for Multi-Life ; "P" for Partnership policies. L06067PUC(exp1008)MLIC-LD 0511-9422 PEANUTS © United Feature Syndicate, Inc.


waiting for the installation of their entrance road across from Riley Road and the completion of their new building before they can open and get reacquainted with all their old friends that have been waiting so patiently. Since things are a little slow in Warrenton, I am going to give you a couple of tidbits from around the county. Generations Florist, which has long been a fixture in Bealeton, has moved to a new location and Susan Kemper is inviting everyone to come see her new digs in the Carl Faller Real Estate building on Route 28 near the intersection with Route 17. The new space is as warm and inviting as Susan is. The Plains also has a new business, Nick and Molly Forlano have opened Forlano’s Market on Main Street and are offering a daily lunch menu, take home dinner specials, homemade bread, wine tastings, cooking classes and catering. Check it out and try something new close to home. Amy Griffin is the owner of inFauquier.com, the most comprehensive online directory of consumer businesses located in Fauquier County. Maps to all the businesses can be found at inFauquier. com and check out the What’s New page for more business happenings in the entire county. You can reach her at (540)3474922 or amy@inFauquier.com with your questions or any tidbits you hear about local business.

Correction: In the July article “Aging Together in Fauquier County” the Fauquier Senior Care Network meeting time was incorrect. The next meeting is September 9 at 1:00 at the Fauquier County Department of Social Services. Please call 540351-1063 with questions. Warrenton Lifestyle

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