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In this issue… Living a Healthier Lifestyle It’s Not Always About Money Main Street Grill …and MORE!

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August 2006


The Best of the Best BEST OF

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Hill, 4248 Bludau Drive, Warrenton, Virginia 20187, 540-3476894 – The L shaped family pool is 25 meters long with a water depth ranging from 2-6 feet. A separate children’s pool is available for kids up to 42 inches in height. The children’s pool has a maximum depth of 2 foot. Locker rooms, showers, a family changing room, and concession vending are available. Operating hours will be: 11 a.m. - 7 p.m., 7 days a week except when Fauquier County Public Schools are in session, then 2 p.m. - 7 p.m. weekdays. The pools close for the season Labor Day. For more information visit the county web page at http://www.fauquiercounty.gov/government/departments/parksrec



That’s what we’re calling the winners of the 2006 Best of Warrenton Readers’ Poll sponsored by The Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine and Piedmont Press & Graphics. Winners will be announced at a special event later this month at Legends event center where they will receive their awards. A listing of all winners will appear in our September issue. Here’s some of the winners that are non-businesses: • Place to Watch People - Main Street • Best Public Building – The Old Courthouse • Best Place to Take Visiting Friends and Family - Main Street • Prettiest Street - Culpeper Street • Best Place to Take Your Mom - Main Street There were 77 businesses/individuals winning the other 91 categories. That’s quite a diversity of winners with a mixture of large, small, new and established organizations winning. Some of the voting was very close, coming down to the last day of balloting. Others were not a contest. There were pleasant surprises among winners as several independent, owner-operated establishments took on larger chains or franchises. The best part, though, is that all of them are Warrentonians. They contribute to our community, provide goods and services and offer jobs to our residents. The purpose of the poll was to expose as many Warrenton businesses, people, places and groups to the community and get all of you to think about what you love about Warrenton. By the response, we think this was very successful.


It is with sincere regrets that we bid farewell to one of Warrenton’s best meeting places, The Earthly Paradise. When Janis Finch started EP a dozen years ago, there was one other coffee house on Main Street and no others in town. It was a big hit with the locals and I thoroughly enjoyed heading up there once or twice a day, not just for the great coffee but because the conversation in the place was always terrific. You could count on a friendly face being there. The closing of EP leaves a giant void on Main Street. Sue Feeley has retired, but Jimmie’s Market survives and is in great hands as Georgia takes the reins. Sue is a tough person for many people and scared the heck out of others but I found her to be quite engaging once I realized that her bark was worse than her bite. A woman of strong opinions, Sue allowed me to disagree with her without taking it personally. She provided a great service to Warrenton, getting us to question many things that we take for granted and publicly doing what the rest of us do more privately – gossiping. The Town and County government are all sleeping better believing she is not going to be holding them as accountable as she has been, but I wouldn’t bet on it. This month’s issue has Amy Petty exposing us to skin issues, Andreas Keller showing us why he rides a white horse and Mike Tedeschi finding a dining gem on Main Street. –Tony Warrenton Lifestyle

It’s a fine line between respecting your teen’s privacy and doing your job as a parent. How far should you go? As far as you have to. Because teenagers today have a minefield of risky behaviors to navigate —

drugs, drinking, tobacco, sex — with powerful influences like peer pressure and mixed messages from pop culture, and new technologies such as the internet. Fortunately, there’s one influence in your teenager’s life that trumps them all. You. So take action. Let them know just where you stand on risk-taking and its consequences. And spell things out, because it’s the contract both you and your teen will be living by. Set clear rules with your teen for safety and guidance. That’s right, getting them to agree to the rules and understand the consequences gives them more responsibility and every teen wants that. And yes, do keep close tabs on your teens. Know where they are and who they’re with. Cell phones make it easier than ever to just “check in.” It’s not saying you don’t trust your teen, it’s saying you care. Get on the internet, too. Familiarize yourself with the kind of content they might be exposed to. Above all else, one of the most powerful things you can do for your teenager is to set a good example when it comes to drug, tobacco and alcohol use. Respect them, be honest with them, be clear with them and they’ll do the same. Everyone wins.

Signed, Cobb Community Collaborative— Drug Free Communities Support Program, Community Health/Preventive Medicine— Morehouse School of Medicine,The Council on Alcohol & Drugs, Cox Communications, Inc., DeKalb Prevention Alliance, Inc., Division of Neuroscience— Yerkes Research Center of Emory University, Georgia Council on Substance Abuse, Georgia PTA, Georgia SADD, Leadership to Keep Children Alcohol Free, and National Families in Action. Office of National Drug Control Policy

August 2006

For more tips and support on parenting your teen, call 1-800-788-2800 or visit www.theantidrug.com


Living A Healthier Lifestyle Don’t Forget the Sunscreen by Amy Petty Remember the good old days? You know, the summer days when you’d slather on that magical potion of baby oil and iodine while lying on some type of reflective towel? Good times. Of course, now we know better. And while we might not be going to these extremes to get a tan, as a nation we’re still seeking out some rays for that “healthy glow.” Dr. Lawrence Finkel, a Warrenton dermatologist, cautions against playing the odds with sun exposure. “People just aren’t being as careful as they need to be. We need to put on sunscreen every morning just as routinely as we brush our teeth. And people really


need to get the message that there is no safe tan.” Indeed, statistics show that people aren’t being as careful. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), “Skin cancer is the most prevalent of all types of cancers. It

is estimated that more than one million Americans develop skin cancer every year. Fair-skinned people who sunburn easily are at a particularly high risk for developing skin cancer. Other less important factors include repeated medical and industrial x-ray exposure, scarring from diseases or burns, occupational exposure to compounds such as coal tar and arsenic, and family history.” The three types of skin cancer are: 1. Basal Cell Carcinoma - the most common skin cancer. Statistics rate this as 95% curable. 2. Squamous Cell Carcinoma More than 250,000 cases are diagnosed See Healthy on Page 8

Warrenton Lifestyle

August 2006


Healthy cont’d from Page 6

every year in the US of this cancer that presents as a tumor on the outer layer of the skin. It is also highly curable. 3. Malignant Melanoma Completely curable if detected early, this type of skin cancer may be fatal if it is not treated before it spreads. Almost 8,000 people in the US died last year from melanoma.

Basal Cell Carcinoma Basically, protecting our skin from the sun is something we all know we should do, no matter the level of melanin in our skin; however, it is easy to shrug it off if we think we won’t be outside long or if we already have


some color. Dr. Finkel has some harsh reminders for those of us who think we’re invincible to the damage the sun can inflict, “I diagnose skin cancer every day in my practice. Some people may be more genetically prone to it, some just have bad luck. But it can all be traced back to sun exposure.” Both Dr. Finkel and Dr. Lisa Sherman, also a Warrenton dermatologist, have extensive information on skin cancers on their websites. While the wait for an appointment can occasionally seem inconvenient, practices typically work to get possible skin cancers seen as quickly as possible. In the meantime, make sure to wear sunscreen daily even in the dead of winter, try to avoid being in the sun between 10 am and 4 pm, and wear a hat - especially if you have thinning hair. Now that we’re all appropriately scared about too much sun exposure, hopefully the only diagnosis you’ll ever receive related to sun damage is premature aging. For purely cosmetic fixes, dermatology has made incredible

advances over the years that can fix almost every wrinkle and brown spot that ails you. All you need is time and money. Both Dr. Sherman’s practice and Dr. Finkel’s practice are well equipped to handle these procedures, previously thought to be only for the rich and famous in Hollywood. See, you CAN have something in common with Nicole Kidman! Take a look at this partial list of the non-surgical fixes available for your sun damaged skin. Many of these treatments can be done on your lunch hour with your co-workers none the wiser. Botox: By far the most popular product with more than a million users, Botox Cosmetic is given by injection to reduce the appearance of frown lines and lines between the eyebrows. The effects of Botox can expect to last three to four months. Restylane: A cosmetic filler that returns volume to areas of the skin with facial wrinkles and folds, such as

Warrenton Lifestyle

around the mouth and in between the eyebrows. It is made of non-animalbased hyaluronic acid, a substance that already exists in the human body, according to the manufacturer, Medicis Aesthetics. The effects of Restylane usually last between six and nine months. Chemical Peel: Basically, this procedure helps to regenerate your skin so it is smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin. The new skin is also temporarily more sensitive to the sun. A similar procedure called a silk peel is available which is more gentle due to the lack of particles used. Patients usually start with a series of four peels, then switch to a maintenance routine. Collagen: Another filler for frown lines and lines between the eyebrows. Very safe for use, collagen lasts between three and four months. Laser Treatment: Using the light from a specialized laser, dermatologists and aestheticians can reduce the visible brown spots on your face and hands, in addition to reducing fine lines around

your eyes. Causes little if any downtime. Pulse Light Therapy: Another light treatment used to reduce fine lines and brown spots, it also is a treatment that causes little if any downtime. Radiesse: A new filler on the market that can help with the lines around the mouth and nose. The advantage? It can last between 12 and 18 months. Whether it’s an unintentional sunburn or too much time tanning, skin damage and skin cancers are the price we pay. Fortunately, if caught early, most skin cancers can be treated successfully. Advances in skin treatments can help us get rid of the cosmetic damage. Make sure to be smart in the sun, and teach your children to take the same precautions. For more information about services offered by Dr. Finkel, visit his website at http://www.finkelderm.net Dr. Lisa Sherman’s website is http://

Botox Cosmetic www.warrentondermatology.com and has information about her practice and services they offer. For a complete review of skin cancer and sun protection, visit www. aad.org for the American Academy of Dermatology. Have a suggestion for a future column on making a healthier Warrenton? Email your ideas to amytpetty@adelphia.net. Amy Petty has lived in the Warrenton area for the past seven years. She is the Marketing Director for the Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites.

Nova Medical Group “Even though the children prefer summer vacation, August is the time to prepare for going back-toschool. When you are thinking about the new clothes and supplies don’t forget the physicals and any immunizations that need to be updated. This is true for all those heading off to college as well!” Toni Kilyk, MD Board Certified Family Medicine with 9 years service.

Now Accepting New Patients! Nova Medical Group combines conventional and complementary medicine to minimize the need for multiple doctors. Affiliated, Nova Urgent Care provides urgent medical care services on a walk in basis for non-life threatening conditions, acute illness, and minor injuries with minimal wait times.

528 Waterloo Road - Warrenton, Virginia 20186 Medical Group 540.347.7611 Mon. to Thu. 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Urgent Care 540.347.0400

Fri. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m

www.novamedgroup.com August 2006

Sat. 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. “Nova Cares for You.”


It’s Not Always About Money! Reaching Out to a Citizen in Need by Andreas A. Keller “You got to love this girl!” said Carrie, our mortgage processor, after we listened to the voice mail: “Hi Andreas, I am sitting in my bathtub enjoying a long and hot bubble bath. After three years, I had my first hot bath in my home yesterday. Actually, I had three bubble baths and may start to shrink, but it feels so good. I just wanted to say thank you!” The call for help came about six months ago: “Andreas, can you help a lovely lady with refinancing her mortgage? She needs some cash for home repair. She has not had hot water for the last three years, she has bad credit, she lives

on Social Security and a small annuity, and she cannot find anyone to help her.” Thus began a wonderful journey

of reaching out to a citizen in need and demonstrating that it is not always about money.

We’ve got it all covered at:

When Molly came to meet me for her first mortgage consultation two things became obvious very quickly: Making this mortgage would challenge all my skills, and Molly was indeed a lovely lady, one who had been burdened with a life in pain as a consequence of a terrible accident many years ago. As I got to know Molly, I learned her secret that helped her live with pain: Spreading humor! She never complained, instead choosing to tell jokes, speak optimistically, and praise everyone’s good qualities. Needless to say, everybody in our office soon became very fond of Molly. Many sub-prime lenders passed on my loan request on Molly’s behalf and even my most aggressive lender cited policy issues for not making the loan. A dual strategy of cleaning up her credit issues and fixing the house had the highest potential for getting results. However, dealing with the credit issues proved tougher than expected, and home repair without money can be trickier than wrestling with an alligator. For these reasons, I needed the help and generosity of our business community. I asked Chris Sweet of Homes by Sweet, LLC to appraise Molly’s home, and Frank Barnes from New Creations Renovations, Inc. to provide a very detailed repair estimate. I explained to them that the client did not have any money to pay them; so at best they would be doing a good deed, and at worst they would waste some of their time. But I impressed upon them that without their help, I would not be able to get Molly a loan. After completion of the appraisal and estimate, Molly and I discovered that, at a minimum, her home needed a new hot water heater and an entirely See Reaching Out on Page 12


Warrenton Lifestyle

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August 2006


Reaching Out cont’d from Page 10

new kitchen floor, which had rotted through from years of water leaking into it. Armed with the facts and keeping the creditors at bay, it was time to present the lender with a revised loan structure that would not fall outside its lending policies. When the terms and conditions came back, the only surprise was the request for a roof inspection.

Hope was rising, but so were interest rates! We needed to hurry the process, lest Molly could no longer afford the loan because of higher interest rates. I put in a call to Jared Dean of Superior Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. and within the hour, the division manager of Superior’s Rhino Roofing System, Fred Brown, was climbing onto the roof of Molly’s home. Before the day was over, the lender had a copy of the roofer’s certificate and Molly had her roof leak fixed courtesy of Fred Barnes of Rhino Roofing. With a new mortgage and some cash in hand, creditors were being paid off and materials were being purchased. New Creations Renovations sent a three-man crew but soon discovered that there were further necessary repairs. Plumbing issues needed to be corrected, and electric wires needed to be replaced. Rick Delage, owner of New Creations Renovations, contacted L.J. 12

Foley Plumbing And Heating, Inc. and Moore and Foley, Inc., both of which donated services and materials with specialized work provided at cost. PTB Flooring of Gainesville provided and installed new kitchen flooring. I paid an unexpected visit to Molly’s home during this round of repair work. I guess old habits die hard! As a commercial banker, I used to make site visits all the time in order to check on the bank’s investments. Such visits are not as routine in the mortgage world, and so the workers at Molly’s home were surprised to see me. Unfortunately, I was equally surprised to discover that Molly’s kitchen cabinets had mold. What were we going to do with mold in the kitchen and very little money left? A phone call to Maggie Johnston of Home Aid Northern Virginia and Specialty Councils Manager of the Northern Virginia Building Industry Association solved the problem. Maggie Johnston contacted Paul Scrivner, Vice President and Field Supervisor of New Creations Renovations, to find out whom they used for cabinets. Then they called Rita and Tom McSorley of Mastercraft Design, Inc., who graciously donated a new set of cabinets and countertops. Now, after three years of living without hot water, Molly can take a bath again in her own home. She also has a new kitchen, a roof that is no longer leaking, and a clean backyard – most of it courtesy of our generous business community. Molly warmly thanks all the people who helped her. To me she said: “You fell from the sky!” – At last, I know why I have a broken wing! Rick Delage, Frank Barnes and Paul Scrivner of New Creations Renovations can best be reached at www. newcreationsrenovations.com or Tel. 540364-7374.

Chris Sweet of Homes by Sweet LLC can be reached at www.homesbysweet.com or Tel. 540-439-4259. Fred Barnes of Superior Rhino Roofing Systems and Jared Dean of Superior Heating & Air Conditioning can be reached at www.onehourair.com or Tel. 888-333-8888. L.J. Foley Plumbing and Heating, Inc. can be reached at 540-347-2500. Moore & Foley, Inc. can also be reached at 540347-2500. PTB Flooring of Gainesville can be reached at 703-926-5360. Mastercraft Design, Inc., located in Warrenton and Manassas can be reached at 703-9699542.

Andreas A. Keller is a Senior Loan Officer with Warrenton-based MidAtlantic Mortgage Corporation and can be reached at his cell phone 703-3467262 or his office phone 540-347-9522 and via email: aakeller@mac.com. Meet him at his personal website. www. MortgageMomentsOnline.com. Warrenton Lifestyle


Cost $5 pp RSVP to Kelley 349-0196 Warrenton Moose Lodge 3 p.m. Bring bag lunch for Yourself Sat., Aug. 19 Flying Circus “Hot Air Balloon Day” In Bealeton, VA Sat., Aug. 26 Anniversary Picnic RSVP to Kelley 349-0196 Rady Park 3 p.m. Bring Side Dish. Come and meet new co-leaders, Virginia & Carol of Singles Group Sat., Sept. 9 “City of Fredericksburg” Cost $45 pp Dinner & Dance Cruise You must reserve your own ticket at VA Cruises (804) 453-2628 by Aug. 26 We will carpool from WUMC at 5 p.m. Sat., Sept. 23 National Zoo Day Trip RSVP to Carol 347-1513 Meet at WUMC to leave at 10 a.m. Dr. Mike presents a Free Evening Seminar Series on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. August 16: Behavior and Discipline Sept. 20: Attention Deficit Issues October 18: Sleep Habits Please call the office to register. 540-349-3225

Warrenton Pediatrics, LLC


559 Frost Avenue Suite 101 Warrenton, VA

August 2006

In the Cannon Professional Center (near Food Lion and Gold’s Gym)


Main Street Grill A Hidden Gem Among Warrenton’s Finest by Michael P. Tedeschi It’s always tough to satisfy the office lunch crowd or an entire family when it comes to dining out. One finicky eater wants a hearty steak, another desires a healthy big salad, and many of us crave an ethnic dish. There are also the times where you may want to enjoy a business lunch with a client and you’re not sure where to take them. Well, we have someplace to recommend trying out. The Main Street Grill, conveniently located appropriately enough on Main

Street between Rhodes and Village Flowers, is a quaint restaurant offering a wide variety of traditional foods including club sandwiches, subs, soups, salads, and something that we love in our family: Mexican food. That’s right. Steaks, salads, sandwiches and traditional Mexican fare all on one menu to please everyone in your group at very reasonable prices. Run by Tony, Sr. and Tony, Jr., as they refer to themselves, Main Street Grill has been serving Warrenton under their guidance since October of last year. Tony Rodriguez, Sr., born in El Salvador, uses his own recipes to create dishes that give it that “made-in-house” flair. With both of their combined 30 years plus experience coming from the Sterling and Herndon area in the restaurant business, it is pretty straightforward to see why Main Street Grill is such a delectable place to eat. The atmosphere of Main Street Grill is comfy and quiet, and the smokefree restaurant air is an amenity well received. There is plenty of seating so tables are usually available. A friendly aura of Orioles memorabilia and pictures of still art hang from the walls

of the dimly lit restaurant. The food is very good and comes laid out on a promisingly displayed dish. The price is to everyone’s liking also. Most dinner entrees that are on the menu are under $14 and lunch runs about half of that. Appetizers include chili, soups, and other savory warmeruppers including the exceptional tortilla soup. Entrees range from club sandwiches and burgers served with fries and coleslaw, to steaks cooked to your liking, to Mexican foods that range from enchiladas, fajitas, tacos, chiles rellenos, and much more. Expect to see even more traditional, fresh Mexican See Main Street Grill on Page 16

The Warrenton/Fauquier Salvation Army

Thrift Store

26 S. Third Street • Warrenton, VA 20186



Donations needed to help fund our community service programs for Fauquier County. PHONE THRIFT STORE 540-341-8385 COMMUNITY ASSISTANCE 540-341-3396 New Hours starting August 14th Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Warrenton Lifestyle

A Great Reason to Shop Warrenton First: Reason #1.

Property Tax Offset: Our businesses pay County, Town, local sales, personal property and business license taxes without putting a burden on public services and schools. $1 in business taxes collected in Fauquier County is $1 less that has to be raised in property taxes.

August 2006


Main Street Grill cont’d from Page 14

foods in the future. If there is enough room left, a humble mixture of desserts is available. Our staff at Warrenton Lifestyle and our family loves Mexican food. Each of us has our favorites among the other local restaurants that serve this style including El Agave, Tippy’s Taco, and Taco Bell. But we all agree that the Mexican food served at the Main Street Grill is superb. The dishes are authentic, the food is fresh, the presentation for something as simple as a taco is impressive and the taste is magnificent. We also enjoy the prompt service. The bar is set up nicely with a television appropriately tuned into sports and another to the Food Channel,

with plenty of types of beer and alcohol available behind it. Happy Hour is every weekday from 3:30 pm until 8:00

pm. Food is served much faster than in other restaurants, dished hot, and looks

wonderful. “I like to encourage my staff to serve people as their friends, not just as customers,” Tony, Jr. said. “It’s not like any other chain restaurant where they say ‘Hi, my name is so and so.’ We want to treat the customers as our friends.” All in all, Main Street Grill is a convenient and affordable restaurant for anyone. With their quick service, varieties of food, and enjoyable ambiance, Main Street Grill is a hidden gem among Warrenton’s finest. Restaurants with the local feel like this has are hard to find these days. So, if you are ever in a pickle on where you should eat that day for lunch or dinner, try the Main Street Grill and introduce yourself to Tony Jr. and Tony Sr.

Boys and Girls of Fauquier BOYS & GIRLS CLUBS

Club 3rd Annual Car and Motorcycle Show Saturday, August 5th 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Car Show held at the Warrenton Horse Show Grounds 60 East Shirley Ave. For more information please contact Jon Gregory 540-349-8890 * Trophies for #1 Car & Motorcycle * #1 Classic Car Prize * #1 Motorcycle Prize *#1 Hot Rod * #1 Race Car * #1 Rat Bikes * 50/50 Raffle * Music * Food and Drinks * Door Prizes * Dash Plaques * Vendors * Longest Distance Award * Car Entry $10 * Spectator $5 * * Car Show Sponsor $175 * Vendors $100 * THIS AD SPONSORED BY PIEDMONT PRESS & GRAPHICS 16

Warrenton Lifestyle

August 2006


In e r e h W ? n o t n e Warr


Where in Warrenton was this photo taken? We will occasionally publish a portion of a photo of some person, place or thing uniquely Warrenton. Those that correctly identify the photo will be put into a drawing with the winner receiving a check for $25.00. Send your best guess by the 15th of this month to our fax number at (540) 347-0917 or email to WarrentonLifestyle@ piedmontpress.com or send via postal mail to: Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine, c/o Piedmont Press & Graphics, 404 Belle Air Lane, Warrenton, VA 20186.

Last month’s winner

Karen Riley for correctly identifying the roofline of the building located at 9 Culpeper Street.

The Fauquier Community Theatre is celebrating its 27th year of great performances and exciting plays. The website offers detailed information about the theatre (including its history), directions to get to the theatre which includes a map and written directions, and a list of upcoming plays and musicals. The theatre’s website also features links to join as a member of the FCT, view current members, purchase tickets online, and buy tickets to later shows in advance. The website also features information to help get involved with the theatre, whether it is by donation, volunteer work, or even being in the plays as actors, singers, or technical support. They even include information for the next auditions. If you’re interested in learning more about the Fauquier Community Theatre or wish to purchase tickets online, visit http:// www.fctstage.org or contact them at info@fctstage.org.

Your Ad Here would reach 30,000 Warrenton consumers at their homes & businesses. Call Mitchell today to get in the September issue at 540.347.4466


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6 BB&T 7 Christine Fox 8 Galloping Grape 9 Hartman Jewelers 10 Re/Max (Robin Law & Loni Colvin) 11 Superior Heating & Air 12 Toll Brothers 13. Mid-Atlantic Mortgage/Andreas Keller Piedmont Press & Graphics/ Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine August 2006



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$615 A/C Trade In!* Trade in your old air conditioner for $615 off a new system. Air Conditioner need not be in running condition! Call now for a free Home Analysis and receive $615 off your new “Keep me Cool” system! * Offer valid only with purchase. Cannot be combined with other offers.

CALL NOW 540.349.8030 or 888.333.8888 www.onehourair.com


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