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are proud to bring Welcome to Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine. We ication has to offer to you the exciting opportunities our new publ August 2005 edition. the business community beginning with the things in Warrenton Warrenton Lifestyle is about all of the good a free publication that – especially you! We are pleased to offer you ed and owned. is Warrenton written, produced, printed, mail We are doing this for several reasons: no publication focused 1) Warrenton is a growing community that has want introduce or solely on it, its businesses and people. We e, to our wonderful reintroduce our residents, recent and long-tim . merchants and professionals that serve the area renton is the best War in 2) Shopping the businesses that already exist needed area jobs. way to keep our local taxes low and provide more , we all win! When Warrentonians shop our local businesses sense of community 3) We want to contribute to maintaining the yed, especially now and fellowship that Warrenton has always enjo when the area is growing rapidly. and we encourage We’d like this to be your local publication of fun, positive and feedback, suggestions and contributions se contact me directly educational articles and/or photographs. Plea com or at the address with your comments at tony@piedmontpress. listed below. -TT 404 Belle Air Lane • Warrenton, VA 20186 540.347.4466

August 2005

Hot Summer Events in Old Town BLUEMONT CONCERTS SUMMER SERIES – Saturdays on the lawn of the Old Shadowlawn, one block south from the Warren Green site in Old Town. Admission: $ 5 per person, $ 1 for children under 6. • August 6 - Susan Greenbaum • August 13 - Trout Fishing in America • August 20 - Hotel X OLD TOWN MERCHANTS SIDEWALK SALE – Saturday, August 20, rain date is Saturday, August 27. Shoppers know that this is ‘bargain’ day, so arrive early. EVENING UNDER THE STARS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 17. The EUS Committee is at work planning another fabulous event. Would you like to be involved in the planning and organizing? Contact the Partnership at the number below. Anne-Marie Walsh Partnership for Warrenton phone: 540-349-8606 web: http://historicwarrenton.org


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Each month we’d like to hear from you, our readers, about your favorite places, merchants or things in Warrenton. We’ll publish the results next month. 1. What is your favorite place outside of your home to read in Warrenton? 2. What is your favorite hair salon in Warrenton? 3. What is your favorite late night place to eat in Warrenton? Send your favorites to our fax number at (540)347-0917 or email to WarrentonLifestyle@piedmontpress.com or send via mail to: Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine, c/o Piedmont Press & Graphics, 404 Belle Air Lane, Warrenton, VA 20186. Must be received by the 15th of this issue month to be considered.

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Warrenton Lifestyle

My Town… A

by Lily Rose

llow me to introduce my town: Whether driving along the picturesque route of Meetze Road or ambling down Main Street, embracing Warrenton’s breadth is an experience worth indulging. Singular impressions are set aside as we breathe in Warrenton’s air objectively and absorb its collective splendor. Alongside the comfort in which the mounting age of Historic Warrenton bestows, a modest renaissance emerges. In its purest sense, Warrenton cannot be defined through its growth and change. The variety of commerce that spreads across this town provides an attractive balance of the historical and the contemporary. Situated at the heart of Fauquier County, Warrenton can be found by taking route 29 South departing from Manassas, 211 East from Winchester, 17 South leaving The Plains, or 17 North leaving Bealeton. Between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m., Monday through Friday, there are few limitations on time well spent in a town which has something for everyone. Entering the town from 29, a series of new and already popular restaurants surface, and a little further on the right, the first of three convenient major shopping centers appear. Heading straight in either direction of route 17, Old Town Warrenton can be located. The venue contains most of Warrenton’s privately owned and local businesses, as well as scattered familiar corporate ones. At the stoplight coming from 211, to the right, the county hospital sits atop its hill and to the left, the town’s public high school. Both buildings are fine examples of the on going refurbishment of the town, with Fauquier Hospital’s recent expansion and Fauquier High’s latest additions. Along with its assortment of shops and restaurants, schools, gyms, and places of interest,

August 2005

Warrenton is also home to nature parks and pathways. The Warrenton Branch Greenway, once a railroad, now serves as a paved path utilized by the public for exercise and leisure. Warrenton, a town constructed with essentials for diverse living and convenience for the populace, built historic grounds for itself and is still creating history. A walk through Old Town’s cemetery can spark thoughts of the Civil War, while a jog along the Greenway not only represents one of the forms of transportation responsible for the town’s development, but also presents Warrenton’s residents with memories of more recent personal experiences. As Warrenton continues to expand, with the arrival of new inhabitants, new history will continue to pave these historic

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streets that mark the boundaries of our town. Lily Rose is Copy Production Manager of The Falconer newspaper at Fauquier High school, where she will be a senior this fall. As a patron of art and music, she looks forward to pursuing her interests in college. This will be Lily’s 16th year as a resident of Warrenton.

View of the Caboose at one entrance to the Greenway Trail.

• Environmental Cleaning Products • Nutritional Education & Books • Carry-Out Soups, Sandwiches, Salads, Smoothies & Juices • Gifts and Exercise Products • Specialty Kitchen Appliances • Therapeutic Massage



Warrenton Lifestyle

Smiling Singles

The Warrenton United Methodist Smiling Singles summer events include a Saturday, August 13th Summer Pool Party from 4 to 8 pm at the Warrenton Moose Lodge. It is $3 per person. Please bring a dish to share. Event will be cancelled in case of rain. We will also be holding an Anniversary Picnic on Saturday, August 27th from 4 to 7 pm at Rady Park Pavilion. There is a playground, walking trail, volleyball and softball. Please bring a dish to share.

Keep Warrentonians in Warrenton… advertise your local business today. 540.347.4466 R.B. Seem

Business Banker

Branch Banking & Trust Co. of Virginia 21 Main Street Warrenton, VA 20186 (540) 349-3418 Fax (540) 349-3407 rseem@BBandT.com

After all, it’s attention to detail that separates the merely good from the truly great.


or sixteen years, Legends Catering, located in Warrenton, Virginia, has been creating culinary memories for clients throughout Northern Virginia. From the main course to dessert, our chefs offer creative, masterful cuisine to compliment any event.

67 West Lee Street Old Town Warrenton

August 2005


egends also offers two magical venues to host your event. . . For elegant ambiance in a private dining setting, there’s the Legends Executive Club. For serene lakeside dining, Legends Pavilion Lakeside features the open-air tranquility of the rural Piedmont on a picturesque 50-acre lake.

Weddings & Rehearsal Dinners ~ Birthday Parties ~ Bridal Showers Cocktail Receptions ~ Baby Showers ~ Business Events Anniversaries ~ Picnics ~ Tail-Gates 7

Mortgage Moments Risky and Exotic Mortgages by Andreas A. Keller escribing mortgages as risky and exotic gives our industry a new twist on the American Dream. Newspaper headlines like “Greenspan Wary of Risky Mortgages” put an amused smile on the faces of experienced mortgage lenders, because mortgages are neither risky nor exotic. Mortgages are financial instruments to help you buy a home. It is the mortgage industry’s job to provide consumers with the best tools to help them enjoy homeownership. Since the early 1990s, the mortgage industry has excelled in financial innovation, and today, it offers several hundred different loan programs providing the full financing spectrum from singlewide homes in trailer parks to multi-million dollar mansions in gated communities.



Interest-only loans are often described as risky. They require lower monthly mortgage payments, because the repayment of the principal portion is delayed for three, five, or even ten years, after which time the loan fully amortizes and the interest rate begins to fluctuate. Once the interest-only period ends, the new monthly payment could rise 20 to 30 percent, possibly putting a strain on the borrower’s finances. If the only way to obtain homeownership is through 100 percent financing with an interest-only loan, and the purchaser lives from paycheck to paycheck, we must identify the danger inherent in such a situation: The borrower is pursuing a high-risk financial strategy based on the expectation that home prices will continue to rise and that terms and conditions of future refinancing are going to be as easy as

they are today. Both assumptions are speculative, and a valid exit strategy does not appear to be in place. During the last five years, home prices have doubled. Less noticed, however, is the fact that incomes have stayed stagnant. Despite those diverging curves, the housing market remains hot and shows little signs of cooling off. How is this possible? Containing the economic damage from the last stock market crash, the Federal Reserve Bank adopted an easy monetary policy that drove shortterm interest rates down. The Fed rate reached ‘emergency levels’ of one percent, which was the lowest level in close to 50 years, and the Government relaxed its fiscal policy through tax breaks and refunds. Both stimulants made for a shallow and short recession. As the economy continued to exhibit

Warrenton Lifestyle

problems, monetary policy remained easy for close to three and a half years, which meant that borrowing money became easy because interest rates were low or negative. Such liquidity demands investment, and the housing industry and the mortgage industry were the perfect investment vehicles. Thus, housing prices started to inflate. At the same time, globalization began to show its costs: The loss of manufacturing jobs to Asia, followed by the loss of jobs in the service industry is leading to stagnant or declining wages. With home prices climbing out of reach for many borrowers, the ever innovative mortgage industry moved specialty products, such as InterestOnly Loans, Adjustable Rate Mortgages, and Cashflow Loans, from the specialty section to the core of its product offerings. Over time, the mortgage industry also relaxed its lending standards to accommodate borrowers who would otherwise not qualify for homeownership and introduced subprime loans into the mainstream.

August 2005

Thus, there was no magic! There is simply a world awash in easy money, coupled with a global cost reduction program, which resulted in asset inflation and a contained consumer price index. For approximately one year now, the Federal Reserve has attempted to soak up the excess liquidity. Although shortterm interest rates have increased, longterm interest rates have not followed. The headline “Greenspan wary of Risky Mortgages” may get the point across faster. The mortgage industry is one gigantic brokerage house. Brokers and lenders originate loans and sell them off to investors. The risks associated with the mortgages transfer to the investors, which consist of entities such as mutual funds, pension funds, insurance companies, private investors and even foreign governments. They all read the news headlines too, and they hear the warnings loud and clear. Two things are likely to happen: They will either demand higher interest rates for “risky” mortgages to compensate for

anticipated losses, or they will tighten investment policies for the purchase of mortgage backed securities. What investors demand, the mortgage industry delivers! Since investors have already started to become more demanding, it might be a good time to review all of those adjustable-rate loans and interestonly loans to evaluate if they are still the right financial fit.

Andreas A. Keller is a Senior Loan Officer with Mid-Atlantic Mortgage Corporation in Warrenton, Virginia, and can be reached at his cell phone 703 346 7262. His email address is: aakeller@mac.com.


W ired Warrenton The Warrenton Volunteer Fire Department has been serving our area since 1924. Their website is worth a peek; it is well designed and easy to navigate. It features a photo gallery that displays everything from recent fires and accident scenes to antique fire trucks and historical pictures. Every child loves fire trucks and Warrenton has some great ones. See their arsenal on the Apparatus page. For those of you feeling more compelled, you can make a donation online, purchase your own Warrenton Volunteer Fire Company patch and sign up to become a member of Company 1.


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Best Kept Secrets

Little Known Gem of a Park W

Call Mitchell or Tony today to get in the September issue at 540.347.4466 10

arrenton is full of great little locations and barely known facts that we will reveal to you each month. Our first “Best Kept Secret� is Academy Hill Park located on Academy Hill Road in Warrenton between Horner Street and Walker Drive. From Old Town, turn North on Sixth St. Sixth becomes Academy Hill Road at High Street, stay to the right go down the hill and park is on the right. The park has a baseball field and plenty of flat, open, grassy areas perfect for soccer, football, and Frisbee. You can sit in the picnic area and use the barbeque while enjoying a hilltop view of the land east of Warrenton. Warrenton Lifestyle

540.347.4466 Rate Card Warrenton Lifestyle will be published monthly beginning with the August 2005 issue. The magazine will provide highlights on Warrenton businesses and people along with vital facts and fun-filled tidbits. Our goal is to accentuate the positive of the area we live in while creating awareness for all residents, old and new. Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine will be full-color, 8 ½ x 11 publication with over 9,000 printed and delivered monthly. It is free to all addresses in 20186 and some of 20187 and 20188 zip codes. Advertising will be limited to businesses in the immediate Warrenton trade area. The only ads yours will compete with are with those from merchants that are from your tax base. Our vision is to keep our residents shopping at home. o of insertions per year: N Full page Two-thirds page Half page Third page Sixth page Business Card

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? n o t n e r r a W here In


From time to time we may publish a portion of a photo of some person, place or thing uniquely Warrenton. Those that correctly identify the photo will be put into a drawing with the winner receiving a check for $25.00. Send your best guess by the 15th of the month of this issue to our magazine. You can enter via fax, via email or by standard USPS mail. One entry per household or business. Please include your name, address, and phone number so we can confirm your winnings and send you payment. Our fax number for the contest is (540) 347-0917 or email to WarrentonLifestyle@piedmontpress.com or send via mail to: Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine, c/o Piedmont Press & Graphics, 404 Belle Air Lane, Warrenton, VA 20186.

1st Friday August Everyone is invited to a Community Service Fair Friday, August 5th from 6 to 8 pm. Come to Main Street, Old Town Warrenton to learn about local volunteer groups, the caring services they provide, and how to become a volunteer! Sponsored by Warrenton’s Main Street businesses and The Partnership for Warrenton. 540-349-8606.


Warrenton Lifestyle

Map of Warrenton HEALTH & BEAUTY

1 Fauquier Hospital 2 Dr. Robert B. Iadeluca, Ph.D. 3 Therapeutic Skincare 4 Natural Marketplace 5 Dr. Finkel


9 8


4 6







6 Legends Catering


7 Taylor Pressley Insurance 8 Piedmont Press & Graphics 9 Andreas Keller 10 Nextel



11 Academy Hill Park





August 2005


Heard On The Grapevine by Gary Amato elcome to Warrenton’s wine “expert” corner where we present information for both novices and other aficionados. Do you have what it takes to be a wine expert? Sounds technical and quite impressive….but, really, it’s not. A relative of the word “experience,” it’s not hard to see that being an expert entails having a mastery of wines that, presumably, comes from having related experiences… in this case, tasting wines. Presumably we, at the Grapevine, are indeed experts because we have had many wonderful wine-tasting/gourmeteating experiences and we are ready to share them with you. While you’re busy becoming experts in what you do, somebody has to sip all that wine on our walls. And somebody has to show up at those grand wine tastings, many of them boasting hundreds of wines from all over the world. This is where you learn the true value of the wine bucket/spittoon. A mere tasting of 100 wines equals 4 bottles! No thank you, we


need to very much understand the notes we are making about all the great wines we’re sampling. How else can we tell you what to drink that weekend with your rosemary squab or barbeque ribs? I know. It’s not all work. We like it too. This is the second critical ingredient for becoming a wine expert. People refer to it as having a passion for your business. We’re definitely guilty of that as well and we’re very lucky that Warrenton has allowed us a venue to display that passion. In fact, it doesn’t get much better than giving you nice wines and hearing you tell us, later, that you really enjoyed them. Great! That’s what we’re all about. We derive great pleasure when you’re delighted with one of our recommendations. We do want you back… again and again. Now - about the wine industry here in Virginia. With over 95 wineries at last count, the area is just exploding

with lively whites and reds for your pleasure. Many of the local wineries have learned which grapes to plant, and where best to plant them. Through careful attention to details, they are now beginning to produce some pretty delightful offerings. Pearmund’s Ameritage, a soft bordeaux-blend, and Barboursville’s Barbera Reserve, are two of our favorites and they can be purchased at reasonable prices. Remember when California was producing so-so wines? Watch out for the local stuff. I encourage you to do “blind” tastings of Virginia wines with your naysayer friends. The wines have come a long way and are continuing to evolve. Welcome to Warrenton – a town of much expertise and many experts.

Gary Amato, and his wife Cathy, have been serving your wine and gourmet interests from the Grapevine Wine/Gourmet for the last seven plus years. Stop by anytime for some “expert” and friendly advice or just to share your experiences. The Grapevine is located in Warrenton’s shopping center at the junction of Rt 29 Business and 211 across Joe Jacoby Jeep/Eagle. 14

Warrenton Lifestyle

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We’ve Got It! – Warrenton


We’ve Got It!

ornings like today inspire us to celebrate the wonderful community we live in. The sun shining warmly upon those of us beginning our day, fresh coffee smells emanating from stores and homes in and around Town and the smiling faces of Warrentonians greeting you everywhere.

Warrenton is such a diverse, closely knit place. While there is a dramatic change here with the recent additions of new homes and businesses, it is just the next evolution of an area with tremendous history and culture. Historic Italianate homes and brand new subdivisions, commuters and alldayers, 100 year old family businesses and modern food franchises, Old Town and the bypasses, gorgeous open spaces and well-maintained city streets, seventh generation descendants and recent fleers of the city all make Warrenton the place we call home. Our publication is here to celebrate all things good about Warrenton. There is so much to be proud of and much 16

to enjoy. You rarely have to leave here to get anything you need. We enjoy discovering new features of our area every day and we want to share them with all of you, our neighbors. We are here to bring Warrenton to Warrentonians, old and new. It is time to rediscover the hidden gems we have here such as the personal attention you can only get from our small shops to the wide selection of items we have available from our new stores. Warrenton has great walking/running roads, paths and places. We have some of the best people-watching spots, and quiet, shady locations to enjoy a good book or chat with a friend.

there is little need to seek professional advice out of the area anymore. We’ve got it in Warrenton!

Please, experience Warrenton everyday. Continue to explore your community and contribute to its future successes. You’ll be glad you did.

We have a marvelous variety of food, entertainment, sports, schools, volunteer organizations, business professionals, shops, houses of worship, and people. There is truly something for everyone here. Our area is chock full of experts in every field. We will introduce you to some of them every month. We believe Warrenton Lifestyle