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April 2011



& Garden

by Debbie Eisele, Master Gardener

Image by Eric R. Day, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Bugwood.org

If you are an avid gardener like me, March came and went giving you a glimpse of things to come. Green sprouts popping through the soil, buds on the trees, and blooms on the forsythia and witch hazel brightened the landscape. What an intoxicating sight to see after the dull gray skies of winter! Now, it’s April and you are out in your garden with your dirty hands and enjoying your yard. Then, you look closely at your shrubs or perennials. You may find yourself asking, “What is wrong with my plants?” Don’t worry, you are not alone. Every year, specifically March through May, the Master Gardeners Help Desk receives numerous phone calls pertaining to diagnosing plant problems. There are a myriad of items that can cause problems for your plants such as disease, winter damage and insects. The main issues we (Master Gardeners) come across this time of year are insect questions. There are insects of all types – the “good” guys and the “bad” guys that we will see in our gardens from now through the fall. However, this time of year (April-May) you can be on the look-out for some very pesky creatures that may cause havoc on your plants. This makes them the “bad” guys. If your gardens contain conifers (pine, cedar, spruce, fir, yews, junipers and cypress among others), maples, sycamores or boxelders, you need to be watchful for bagworms. These annoying insects can be found hanging from the branches of trees and shrubs. The “bag” they hang in is the most common sight gardeners will observe. What happens are the eggs of these caterpillars form “bags” all around themselves? This is how they overwinter. Generally, they will hatch in late May. April is the crucial time to spot these invaders and destroy them. The best method is to handpick the “bags” off the branches or snip them off with a pair of pruners slightly lower than where they hang and then destroy them. If branches are too high or if you prefer, insecticides may be applied in June as they hatch. Timing is important. If you spray too late, you will miss the hatching time frame. Just remember, every April to inspect your branches for evidence of bagworms. If you keep up with them, then you can minimize their damage. As always, I will say this about using insecticides, you will help eliminate the “bad” guys, but there is a chance you will eliminate the “good” guys as well. So, please keep that in mind. Insects Continued on page 8 Image by John A. Weidhaas

Caterpillars are voracious feeders. When large numbers occur together, they can completely strip the leaves from a tree. Several colonies of the eastern tent caterpillar helped themselves to this wild cherry. Their silk tents can be seen in the branch fork.


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Insects Continued from page 6

Another common insect in this area is the Eastern Tent Caterpillar. Typically in April you will be able to see egg masses on the twigs of many fruit trees. Cherry trees are extremely susceptible. To help you identify the caterpillar, look for masses that are black and shiny. These masses are usually located on the branch of a tree (a smaller one) and are approximately the size of your thumbnail or smaller. This is the tell-tale sign for these insects. There are options in removing these pests from your trees. You may hand-pick the eggs and destroy them or you can treat with an insecticide as soon as the leaves on the trees emerge. If you have missed the egg masses, you can identify this caterpillar by the “tents” they create in the crux of branches in the May time-frame. Since these creatures hide in their tents at night, pull tents from the tree at night or spray any insecticide during the day as they are out eating your foliage. Ensure you spray the emerging leaves and twigs.

Tent Caterpillars

Image by John A. Weidhaas

Boxwood Leafminer (after hatching, the maggots feed within the leaves, causing unsightly blisters to appear.)

Boxwood Mites

Image by John A. Weidhaas

Image by John A. Weidhaas

The Boxwood Leafminer, as the name suggests, generally attacks boxwoods. Adult leafminers are present now through early May. If your boxwood has blisters or discoloring of the leaves, it generally indicates an infestation of the leafminers. You need to kill the adult leafminer with insecticides, but you can also use a systemic insecticide to control the larvae that emerge in June. Another ‘bad’ guy that can cause problems for the boxwood is the Boxwood Mite. This creature is a type of spider mite and can be diagnosed fairly easily. Inspect the leaves of your shrubs. Mites will overwinter on the undersides of the leaves as eggs. These eggs will hatch in April or May. Once they hatch and become active, you will find that the leaves on your shrubs may appear dotted with a white, yellow or grayish coloring to them. This is indicative of mite feeding damage. To control the mites, you’ll need to treat your boxwoods in early May with miticide or horticultural oil. I have faced many of these challenges in my garden as many of you do. Be aware, there are more spring insects than the ones I’ve Insects Continued on page 10


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April 2011


Insects Continued from page 8

mentioned. These “bad” guys are present now through May. Then, of course, you will have to keep on the look-out for the next set of “bad” guys or “good” guys in your garden come summer. Since there is such an extensive list of insects and various diseases that affect plants this time of year, you may consider contacting our Help Desk for more information. Plus, we can provide you with specific insecticides and other control options for your gardens. Remember the Virginia Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Volunteers serve as an educational resource for the community. Here is how the volunteers may help you: • Horticulture Help Desk at the Fauquier County Extension Office For free information on insect problems, plant diseases or general questions, call the help desk 540-3417950 ext 219#. Master Gardeners are available Monday-Friday from 9am – noon. Walk-ins are welcome. You can find the VCE Fauquier Office at 24 Pelham Street in Warrenton.

• Booth at the Warrenton Farmers Market Master Gardeners share free information with visitors to the booth on different themes each Saturday morning throughout the summer. Stop by the booth with questions or to learn something new about the vegetables, flowers, trees, insects, and soil in your garden. • “Green” Grass Lawn Care Program Learn more about how and when to fertilize your lawn, or how to have the healthiest turf and reduce nutrient run off in to our waterways. MG Volunteers will come and take a soil sample, measure the area of your turf, identify your turf grasses and give customized recommendations on lime and fertilization rates and times. The fee for this program is $20. More information on this program can be received by contacting at tohlwile@ vt.edu or the Horticulture Help Desk at the number above.

Enjoy your spring and don’t forget, watch out for those insects! For more information on the “good” guys you can find in your garden, give us a call we’ll be glad to talk about them with you!

Debbie Eisele VCE Master Gardener Volunteer

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April 2011


Communication & Relationships

Why I Can’t Say Anything Without Being This is the third in a series of articles about relationship communication – how it works, why it doesn’t, and how to make it work in our relationships. Thank you for your feedback on my last article. Keep those e-mails and comments coming!

by Philip Mulford

Dear Philip,

and outh m y husb m y m n pe o When ever I t seems he rrect” me. I o “c to in ometimes jumps hing I sa y. S yt er ev h it w happen disagrees ng, “It didn’t yi sa by e m r my he’ ll interrupt just takes o ve e h es im et that way.” Som shes m y sentences for me. r fini way I’ve conversation o ult with the fa s nd fi e h akes me Sometimes d of it. He m re ti o o o so ything within said it. I am able sa ying an rt fo om nc u e g him if feel m m yself avoidin nd fi I t. o ry on a his earsh g so I can car in er th ga l ia c tions.” What we’re in a so ut his “contribu o h it w n o ti sa tention, he conver ing it to his at br I en h W ? ing. He can I do al out of noth de g bi a g in ak and sa ys I’m m an ything by it n ea m t n’ es do. He’s a tells me he do el the way I fe t n’ ld u o sh but this that I an y respects, m so in an m getting wonderful n us and it’s ee tw be ge ed e is driving a w How can I mak e. liv to ay w no worse. This is him stop? Kendra

Dear Kendra: Thank you for your e-mail. You have described something we all do to each other from time to time, but in some relationships, like the one you describe, it’s an all too frequent experience that doesn’t wear well. In a previous article I discussed the impact of telling each other what to do, so I won’t spend time here on that issue. First, I’m going to talk about why we feel the need to “correct” each other. It’s not right, but we all do it to some extent. We hear someone telling a story or offering someone information and we listen with a judgmental ear to decide whether the story/information is “correct” or not. If we deem it “incorrect” we feel an urge, a seemingly uncontrollable urge in some cases, to “correct” it. Where does that urge come from? Here’s what I think drives that urge. We each have a general sense of “the way things work” in the world. That sense comes from a variety of influences - our own experiences, the way we were raised, our genetic makeup, where we grew up, who our friends are, what we do for a living, our education, our political persuasions, our religious beliefs, to name a few. Call it our own “perspective” or “point of view.” For the most part, we each think that the way we see things is the way things are. That sense gives each of us a degree of comfort as we go about our daily lives. That sense gets disrupted when we hear someone say something or behave in a manner that is inconsistent with our own “point of view.” It challenges us personally. It can be very unsettling. One day a while back, as I was sitting outdoors early in the morning preparing my notes for a presentation I was to give later that day on communication, an elderly man came out and sat down near me. We exchanged, “Good Mornings,” and I Interruptions Continued on page 14


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Interruptions Continued from page 12

then went back to my thoughts. Where we sat overlooked a marina; it was an entirely peaceful morning. Not long after the man sat down two mallard ducks appeared. They both wore the distinctive fluorescent green plumage of the male mallard on their heads. Well, the old gentleman observed them for a bit and then said, “Looks like they’re looking for their nest.” I found myself speaking, before even consciously thinking, “I don’t think so. They’re both male.” The old man responded, “Yeah, I guess you’re right; the one is bigger than the other.” How’s that for a non sequitur? I was about to tell him they were carbon copies in all respects, that they could be twins, and anyway their green heads were the give away, when it hit me; he had his point of view and I had mine. Mine wasn’t going to change his without an argument and maybe wouldn’t change it even with one. It occurred to me that I could, if I chose, allow his point of view to exist while leaving room for my own. How? By simply acknowledging his. And so I responded, “So you think the one is bigger than the other?” “Yep, I do believe so,” he said. He soon advised me that they were probably looking for their “chicks.” That just about got me. I so wanted to inform him, for his own good, that baby ducks aren’t called “chicks,” but I held back. A moment later he was off. We exchange pleasantries as I smiled to myself about the gift of insight into the way we communicate that he’d just given me. I considered what had driven me to contradict him without even thinking? If I hadn’t been reflecting on the very nature of communication at the time, I probably would have continued to take him on – he was so wrong! He obviously needed help. Or did he? I so wanted to help the old man. Was I worried that he might embarrass himself in front of someone? Or was I afraid that he might be right? If he were right, that’d make me wrong! All my years of believing green headed ducks were male would be a lie. I would be so embarrassed. Who could I ever admit that to? My sense of duckdom couldn’t accept 14

that possibility. Not that ducks are a big factor in my view of the world, but it’s the little things, you know, that can really get to you. But what if we could all step back and give each other room to call ducklings “chicks?” Room to share our differing views of the world without argument? How would that work? On that particular morning, it resulted in unexpected insight and shared pleasantries. I could have become exasperated with his lack of mallard awareness. I was this close to straightening him out. But instead of challenging him further, we shared the morning peacefully. If we all weren’t so challenged by apparent contradictions and were able to be reflective, might we ask, “Why is that person’s point of view

different from mine?” Maybe we’d learn something new. Instead we often respond, without thinking, both outwardly by interruption or in our minds with thoughts like “He doesn’t have a clue,” as if the other person’s point of view is a threat to our own, to our very selves. If we could accept the differences we see and hear when interacting with each other simply as expressions of the other person’s point of view - knowing that we each have unique points of view - then maybe we wouldn’t feel so challenged by our differences. If we made room for our differences as normal and expected, then maybe we could listen and observe without the unsettled feelings that so often arise when we witness a different way of doing things. In certain relationships that’s exactly what we do – at school for example, or on the job when being trained. In those cases we tend to be open to different ways of doing things. But too often in our personal lives we

adopt “our” way and it becomes “the” way. We consider our “point of view” to be the “Truth.” Then if someone expresses a different point of view it can mean only one of two things; either we’re wrong or the other is wrong. But we’ve been taught there’s only one “Truth,” right? And nobody likes being wrong, especially about our own, self-determined “Truths.” With respect to our spouses the urge to correct is often pretty powerful. Acting on that urge, however, can be destructive to our relationships, as Kendra has so well described. I believe if we knew how destructive such behavior were to our relationships, we would behave differently. The difficulty is that when we’re in our “corrective” mode, we don’t realize the damage we’re doing. In fact, we think we’re being helpful. It’s so “obvious” to the “corrector” that all parties benefit by receiving the “correct” information. And after all, our “correction” is well-intentioned. That’s not an excuse for the interrupter’s behavior; just something to be aware of. It certainly doesn’t mean Kendra has to accept her husband’s frequent interruptions as wellintentioned and move on, but for those in relationships where this kind of behavior is infrequent, that may be the best response. As I’ve said, we’re all guilty of it from time to time. I imagine we can all recall times when we have played the role of “corrector.” (If you can’t think of a past experience, watch yourself over the next few days.) But instead of interrupting and correcting each other, we can listen to each other so we can understand the other’s point of view, especially when it’s different from our own. There’s absolutely no reason why anyone should share your unique point of view. It’s yours and you are unique. But so is everyone else, including your spouse. If the message we give each other is, “I’ll let you speak as long as I agree,” then why speak? Why listen? As my friend Joe so eloquently said, “If we both think the same thing, one of us isn’t necessary.” Slowly but Interruptions Continued on page 17

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Interruptions Continued from page 14

surely our relationships, our marriages, that once thrived on our curiosity with each other’s differences will become stagnant and suffocating because we won’t allow each other to think, feel, live, and grow unless it fits our own perspective. One of us may become unnecessary. So what can be done for the interrupter? Perhaps a different mindset would help. The interrupter is only expressing the interrupter’s point of view. It does not have to change yours, unless you choose. If the interrupter insists on interrupting, you can yield and then acknowledge the interrupter’s version by repeating it to him. Then ask if he’d be willing to hear your point of view. You can also ask the interrupter if he likes being interrupted. The answer and the resulting awareness of the unacceptable behavior can be very powerful. (But be prepared, you might get a smart aleck response like, “I don’t mind being interrupted if I’m wrong!” to which you can answer, “Well, I don’t like being interrupted. When you interrupt me it makes me feel like you don’t care about me.”) And remember, he’s likely interrupting because he’s afraid his point of view, being different from yours, is wrong. So it may help to suggest when interrupted that you know he has a different point of view, but that you’d like to finish your thoughts before hearing his. Interrupter, you’re not wrong in your point of view, but neither is the one you interrupted. Your two truths, and the truths of all those we come in contact with, can co-exist peacefully and simultaneously. Your different point of view is not wrong; it’s just yours. Agreement is a funny thing. Don’t let it get in the way of your relationship. So stop with the interruptions. Allow your spouse to speak freely. Listen to his or her point of view. It’s not a threat to yours. You may be surprised at what you don’t know about your spouse, but most importantly, eliminating the habit of interrupting will do wonders for your marriage.

Once a practicing attorney, Philip founded Mulford Mediation in 1990 and has mediated professionally for over 20 years. With offices in Fairfax and Warrenton, VA, Philip specializes in marriage, divorce, and family business mediation and communication. Philip may be reached at pmulford@ mulfordmediation.com or at 540-341-4615. For more information about Mulford Mediation, please visit www.mulfordmediation. com. In addition, Philip and his wife, Lisa, are the creators and co-hosts of a weekly radio talk show called Communication360 where the topic is relationship communication. The show, with over 170,000 listeners per month, is available on the air at WWPR 1490 AM in Sarasota-Bradenton-Tampa and on the internet at www. webtalkradio.net. All shows are archived and can be listened to on demand or downloaded. For more information about Communication360, please visit www.C360today.com. April 2011

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Fauquier History

Re-connecting with ‘The Old Country Club’ By John T. Toler

The article in the February edition of The Warrenton Lifestyle about “Wyndham,” the former country club located at the north entrance to Warrenton, struck a chord with Warrenton resident Warren C. Garman. To reiterate, the main house at Wyndham was built early in the 20th century as a private residence. In 1919, the property was bought by a local investment group and developed as a country club, complete with golf course, polo field, tennis courts and a restaurant. The country club had good times and bad, and finally closed in 1939. Born at Fauquier Springs in 1923, Warren Garman grew up in the Warrenton area. He served as an infantryman in the U.S. Army in Italy during World War II, completing his tour of duty as a staff sergeant and earning the Bronze Star medal. In October 1945, Mr. and Mrs. Bolling Lynn Robertson purchased Wyndham from Dr. George H. Davis, and started a full renovation of the main house. Warren’s father, Warren “Jim” Garman was hired to replace all of the plumbing in the main house, and while working on the project lived with his wife in the guesthouse at Wyndham. Young Warren returned home from Europe in November 1945, and the following January moved in with his parents at Wyndham. He recalls that the house was “pretty torn up” while the work was being done, with the interior gutted and scaffolding set up against the exterior walls. He remembers the barn and other outbuildings on the property, and the golfing green “…down the hill between the house and the road,” he said. While living at Wyndham, Mr. Garman became friends with the late Archie Myers, who owned a farm near the old country club. He gave Mr. Garman a set of golf clubs and a golfing umbrella that he had used while playing at the club. For several months he helped his father with the plumbing project, learning on the job. When the plumbing work was done, he was hired by Lewis Sublett, the master carpenter who was also working on Wyndham at the time. He learned this trade as well, and worked for Sublett on-and-off for eight years. Along the way, he learned bricklaying and other construction skills. During the Korean War, the U.S. Army recalled Mr. Garman to active duty, this time serving for a year with the Army Corps of Engineers at Ft. Belvoir. He completed his second tour as a sergeant first class.

Above: Back home in January 1946, Warren Garman worked on the main house at Wyndham for his father, “Jim” Garman and Lewis Sublett, learning plumbing and carpentry skills at the beginning of his contracting career. Right: Warren Garman still has the golf clubs and a golfing umbrella given to him by a friend who played golf at the old country club. On the wall him are his WWII and Korean War sergeant’s stripes, CIB and Bronze Star medal. 18

Back in Warrenton for good, he got married in 1952, and in 1954 he finished building the brick house on Elm Street where he still lives today. For several years he worked for the W. J. Hanback Construction Co. Over the years, Mr. Garman watched as changes came to Wyndham -- from being a private residence to working farm, being basically abandoned -- and finally becoming an investment property, and developed into a residential community and commercial center. Now retired, he spends his time working in wood, building and restoring furniture, which fills his house. While the time he spent living and working at Wyndham after returning from the war is only a memory, it is a good one.

Warrenton Lifestyle

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Fauquier Worships

Warrenton Baptist


church, grand in manner with a brilliant steeple sits quietly at the far eastern end of Main Street. Solemn in its brick appearance, glimpses of modest color reflect off of the stained glass windows neatly outlined in clean white trim at the Warrenton Baptist Church (WBC). This house of God offers the community love for one another through ministries, missions, bible study, and worship, while celebrating and encouraging the diversity among its congregation. Abounding in ministries, the WBC presents their congregation with a variety to participate in. Two ministries (Bread and Greeter) are intended to help welcome first time visitors with a gracious smile, inviting handshake and a homemade loaf of bread at Sunday services. The powerful Prayer Ministry is organized by frequency. Sunday Prayer Group meets the first Sunday of the month to pray for special requests. Weekly Prayer Chain is started through a weekly Tuesday phone call with a list of prayer requests. The Emergency Prayer Chain is used when there is an emergency within the church or the community that needs immediate attention. Gender, status, age and culture variance within the church aided in the creation of ministries focused on these differences. The Women’s Ministry strengthens the fellowship among the women of WBC while encouraging personal spiritual growth through Bible studies, prayer groups, ministry outreach, and retreats. The Single’s Ministry has a Monthly Night Out, outings, and support groups for its single members in addition to bible studies that aid in spiritual growth

This is the seventh in a series of articles about local churches and houses of worship. The purpose is to introduce you to the distinct features of each congregation, their philosophy and atmosphere. We believe that churches, temples, synagogues, etc are some of our best community centers. As you read about them each month we hope you will find one that interests you and your family. This month, we take a look at Warrenton Baptist Church.


Warrenton Lifestyle

Church’s Reach Extends Near and Far and fellowship. Recreational activities, mission projects, retreats, and social events help teach lessons in service through the gospel in the Youth Ministry, with the guidance of Associate Pastor Doug Harris. Sojourners Ministry is intended for the 55 plus crowd who did not want formal organization and regularly scheduled programs. This ministry was created by enthusiastic elders with prayer groups, out-oftown trips, cruises, theatre shows, weekly prayer groups, luncheons and many other events that are open and obligation free. Friendly Friday Folks is a ladies senior group that meets weekly with a dish or dessert in hand to enjoy a program, bible quiz and a hymn history. They offer two Sunday services in Spanish by pastors Jose Emilio Tobar and Boris Lopez, for those speaking the language within their congregation, called the Spanish Language Ministry. Energy flows through this church by way of music. With the leadership of Bob April 2011

Crute, the Minister of Music melodies are used to influence their services, programs, and activities, with the usage of choirs, a contemporary band, handbell choir and a brass ensemble. Blessed with so many talented musical groups within the church they have to be scheduled monthly in order to perform. Preschool, Children’s, Youth, Sanctuary, and DayJoy Choirs each provide music education with worship at its heart. The CrossRoads Band rocks at the contemporary service on Sunday by providing leadership and drama for the modern service. The band is a harmonious mixture of teens and adults with two guitarists, violinist, drummer, and a keyboardist. The Adult Handbell Choir presents music regularly in worship and for the community they also participate in regional and state festivals. The Brass Ensemble plays one Sunday out of the month by accompanying hymns and music for the traditional service. WBC is involved with community

missions as well as extending past the Fauquier County line and touching the lives internationally. A community partnership with Habitat for Humanity has reduced substandard housing in our community, provided over 30 new homes for those needing assistance, and a service outlet for WBC’s congregation. With 21 years of experience working with youth, Associate Pastor Harris created a program to enlighten middle and high school teens about the importance of service within the Youth Ministry. Mission opportunities begin in the early teens by working in camps that fix up houses, roadways and other projects within a community. “Young people are working hard, doing something for someone else, in a fairly comfortable environment,” Senior Pastor Lawson said about the early teens mission projects. The elder teens are participating in similar missions but placed in an environment that isn’t as comforting as being in a camp. In places like inner 21

city Philadelphia, Alaska, and Mississippi the teens are conducting bible studies or repair work on homes but their particular setting is much more rugged. “It’s more of a challenge both physically and emotionally because they are put in an unfamiliar atmosphere,” Senior Pastor Lawson stated. Adding, “These missions bond the teens together in their experiences as well as stretching their faith and growth in the lord.” Four times a year Special Mission Offerings are collected with all funds going directly to the selected cause. The offerings include collections for foreign missions, home missions, state missions, and giving for use in disasters overseas including ongoing feeding projects through their foreign missionaries. They have serviced Canada, Israel, and Haiti. The WBC has been working with Friends of Ft. Liberte in Haiti for over 20 years supporting individual orphans, construction work and medical needs. Over the years they have sent 200-300 people to complete mission work there. Together they have helped build a sustainable farm, orphanage and they currently maintain a clinic partnership with five other churches to provide care for the people in Ft. Liberte. They assist nurses, doctors, physician’s assistants while down there and see anywhere from 150-200 people a day. “It has more effect on the people who go by far, than the help we give to the people of Haiti,” Senior Pastor Jay Lawson said. WBC created the first Christian Preschool and Extended Daycare in Fauquier County in 1984, Tiny Tots Care Center. 22

Beginning with a staff of 2 and a class of 13 children, now 27 years later Tiny Tots is at capacity with 100 children (plus a waiting list) and 30 people on staff. Tiny Tots provides a safe, loving, and positive learning environment through the Spirit of Christ. Tiny Tots also participates in mission work through community service projects as well as supporting a young man in Haiti. Their efforts have allowed him to attend school and continue his formal education meanwhile teaching the Tiny Tot’s children the importance of helping others. Three worship services are held each Sunday as well as two opportunities for bible study with Sunday School at Warrenton Baptist Church. The first service begins at 8:00am and is a traditional service that celebrates worship by incorporating heritage of palms, hymns, and spiritual songs that is lead by the Sanctuary Choir with more traditional instruments such as the pipe organ, hand bells, wind and stringed instruments and a piano with a biblically based message. Meet new members and old alike at the Coffee Fellowship at 9:00am, an informal setting with pleasant aromas coffee, juice and tasty doughnuts. A contemporary service follows at 9:30am offers an upbeat time of worship with music from The CrossRoads Band, praise songs with the same biblical message with a PowerPoint presentation. Another traditional service is available at 11:00am for those who prefer to sleep in. Bible Study with Sunday School is at 9:30am and 11:00. The nursery is available for the 9:30am service and the 11:00am service. WBC is located at 123 Main Street in old town. For more information please contact the church by phone at (540) 347-3509, by email office@warrentonbaptistchurch.org, or visit their website at www.warrentonbaptistchurch.org.

Warrenton Lifestyle

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Creating a Habitat for Hummingbirds Hummingbirds are the smallest birds, ranging from 3 – 5 inches in size. They can remain in mid air with their wings going 12 – 90 times per second. They can also fly backwards, the only birds that can do this. Hummingbirds, especially the young, require shade as well as sun. There are a number of plants that thrive here in Fauquier County that can be planted in the spring of the year to get your habitat started. Some perennials that make great hummingbird gardens include Cardinal Flower, Bee Balm, Salvia and Foxglove. Shrubs that can be included in the garden are Forsythia, Lilacs, Weigelas, Butterfly Bushes and Clethra. At Lee Highway

Nursery we are carrying pink and yellow Forsythias, repeat blooming “Boomerang” Lilacs, the beautiful “French Lace” Weigela and “My Monet” Weigela. These are all new introductions and remain dwarf on an overall basis as to require less maintenance. Less work means more time to relax and enjoy your hummingbird habitat. Hummingbirds are attracted to color, not fragrance, and their favorite color is red. They love the native Trumpet Vine, Clematis, Crossvine and the ever blooming Honeysuckles. Unlike the invasive nonnative honeysuckle, these varieties of honeysuckle are easy to maintain and bloom spring through frost. Some varieties at LHN include “Berries Jubilee,”

“Mandarin (Beautiful)”, “Winchester,” “Goldflame,” and “Dropmore Scarlet”. There are also a lot of annuals that are just as beneficial to the garden habitat. Too numerous to list all, here are a few examples: Pentas, Petunias and the everblooming Lantanas (very good for hot weather—Last summer when the temperature reached 100 degrees, the Lantanas in my garden bloomed and bloomed and I didn’t water them, the hotter it got the better they bloomed. Remarkable!) The hummingbirds need a constant source of water—bird or butterfly baths work well. Remember to keep them filled with fresh water. They prefer to use Willow trees and shrubs, leaves, spider webs, moss and lichen for their nests.

Their nests are so tiny, half the size of a walnut, that you could see one and not even know it, maybe even thinking it was a cocoon of some sort. One thing to remember is that hummingbirds feed 3 to 5 times per hour (consuming 12 times their body weight per day) to provide them with enough energy to live. Once they have chosen your garden they will be totally reliant on it for their source of food. It’s important during times of non-blooming to provide them with supplemental feeders. Place the feeders 30 feet apart in your garden and enjoy your hummingbird habitat.

Lee Highway Nursery, LLC 7159 Burke Lane •Warrenton, VA 20186 24

Warrenton Lifestyle

Fauquier Boys and Girls Club Awareness Month April 1st - 30th, 2011

Our Expert Staff is here to assist you with all your gardening and landscaping needs

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“Boys & Girls Clubs of Fauquier play an integral role in helping many of our community’s children develop into responsible, confident citizens.” - Kim Forsten, Old Town Athletic Club Owner Sponsored by: Galloping Grape, Iron Bridge Wine Company, Molly’s Irish Pub, McMahon’s Irish Pub and Old Town Athletic Club.

Learn how our sponsor businesses are participating and how you can show your support at: www.bgcfauquier.org.


SURGERY l PHYSICAL THERAPY l PAIN MANAGEMENT l IN OFFICE SURGERY Christopher J. Brown, M.D. l James R. Ramser, Jr., M.D. l Jeffrey J. Wise, M.D. Ralph B. Garretson III, M.D., M.S. l Charles N. Seal, M.D. l Robert T. Smith, Jr., M.D., MPH INTERVENTIONAL PAIN MEDICINE David Kim, M.D. l Daniel S. Heller, M.D.

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Solving the Puzzle, One Piece at a T ime


am just an ordinary high school student, one with a mission – a mission to raise awareness and money for Autism. Beginning with my high school, expanding into the community, and hopefully I plan to distribute the information needed further understand what this disorder truly means. Inspiration came seamlessly from my Mom, who works with autistic children daily. I quickly became interested and wanted to become involved when I realized what interesting and unbelievable individuals they were. With my senior research project approaching, I decided to research autistic children and the types of classrooms that fit their daily needs. I realized quickly that people do not know enough about these kids and how much potential they have. I knew I needed to get further involved; I needed to help make a difference.

As I made connections and began to feel confident with the willingness of the community to help, I expanded my efforts. I knew I wanted to raise money and spread awareness, but I wanted to reach further than my high school As a community we can come together raise funds for those who are unable to do it themselves. We can let families that are affected by this disorder know that we care and are making an effort to find answers. In April it is my mission to inform those who haven’t been exposed to information on autism. I want this month to be a month where a change is made and help is provided. All it takes is $1 to say that you helped in the fight towards finding answers. Look for buildings with blue lights and people selling and wearing blue ribbons. If someone hands you a brochure, read it. You will simply be amazed at what there is to learn about this growing epidemic.

I became a member of Autism Speaks (AS) and This is not my attempt to change the world, but for me to approached them with my make a difference and let my voice be heard. I hope to one drive to help. With the help of day say “I did it, I helped solve the puzzle.” an AS representative I created a fundraiser for my school for the month of April. Blank puzzle pieces will be on sale for $1, I am Karly Succop. This is my mission. Please help me in each to be decorated creatively. Once completed they will solving this puzzle, help me spread awareness, and help those be displayed in the main lobby of Fauquier High School to families know they aren’t fighting alone. There are plenty of keep people mindful that April is Autism Awareness Month ways to get involved like, how to get a community fundraiser and every dollar counts. In addition to the puzzle pieces, started, the sale and display of puzzle pieces, sell or pass out blue awareness ribbons and temporary blue hair extensions blue ribbons to wear or even pass out printed information to will be available to help raise money. Raising money is my keep people informed. Please email me at kmsuccop@gmail. way of showing that I care and want others to realize that by com for more fundraising ideas or how to get connected with contributing to Autism Speaks will aid us in getting one step a great cause. closer to answering the mystery of autism.


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Fauquier History

In the Line of Duty Recalling the tragic death of Inspector W. Neville Hatcher By John T. Toler Displayed in the C. W. Woodson Jr. Memorial Gallery at the State Police Academy in Richmond are the portraits and photographs of the 51 members of the Virginia State Police who lost their lives in the line of duty. The first person to be so honored was Inspector W. Neville Hatcher, a Fauquier County native who died after a confrontation with a violent criminal on a country road in Culpeper County during the summer of 1928. Neville Hatcher was born in 1902, the son of F. G. and Ethel James Hatcher of The Plains. His father was the proprietor of the Tourist Inn and Hatcher Coal Co. in the village. Neville grew up in Fauquier County, attending school and working several different jobs. In the 1920s, he drove racecars for the late Tom Frost.

submitted for the 20 new positions. Among this group was Neville Hatcher, who was hired by the division on June 18, 1928. As sworn officers, the inspectors were charged with enforcing all state laws, not just traffic regulations.

village of Alanthus.

The Tragic Confrontation

According to records collected over the years by long-time Department of Motor Vehicles employee G. Watson James Jr. and provided by retired Virginia State Police Sgt. John Rowles, the stage was set for a tragic confrontation.

During the summer of 1927, Henry Shepherd, 27, a known “bootlegger” from Culpeper, shot and killed Ada Carter of Jeffersonton. Shepherd left the state immediately after the shooting, and had not been seen in the area since the incident. However, in August 1928, law enforcement agencies were alerted that Shepherd had returned to Culpeper County, and had been seen around the

On Wednesday, Aug. 15, 1928, Inspector Hatcher – who knew Shepherd by sight and had a warrant for his arrest for murder – was on patrol in the Alanthus area with fellow officer P.L. Thornton. They had learned about a gathering that afternoon where Shepherd might appear at the Mount Zion Church, and set up a highway checkpoint on the road where it crossed Muddy Creek, near the church.

By early 1923, Virginia’s highway system had begun to show the effects of the growing number of automobiles registered and driven in the state, and the Division of Motor Vehicles was established to enforce the new traffic laws passed by the General Assembly. The enforcement arm of the division was its corps of inspectors, which until 1928 numbered only about 15 men for the entire state. Legislation passed early that year added 20 more inspectors, who were given law enforcement training and taught how to operate the motorcycles that were originally issued. Annual salary was $1,200, and over 500 applications were 28

Only this photo of Neville Hatcher in a racecar bore likeness. It was later used in the painting of his portrait. Courtesy of Sgt. John Rowles, VSP (ret.) Warrenton Lifestyle

Above: Division of Motor Vehicles shoulder patch and 1920’s DMV Inspector’s badge. Right: Mrs. Ethel Hatcher, mother of Neville Hatcher, views the first tribute to her son, painted by Walter Whitehead in 1944. Courtesy of Sgt. John Rowles, VSP (ret.) A vehicle with New York license plates approached the checkpoint, and the officers ordered the driver to stop. Hatcher, at the rear of the car when it stopped, recognized Shepherd, sitting in the middle of the front seat. Gun in hand, Shepherd bolted out of the passenger’s side door and ran toward the back of the vehicle, where he was confronted by Hatcher. Shepherd shot Hatcher multiple times before sprinting into the nearby woods. Inspector Thornton immediately set to work to save his fellow officer, placing him in his car and speeding to Culpeper, where local doctors treated him for serious abdominal wounds. While the doctors worked on him, Hatcher gave a statement to Culpeper Commonwealth’s Attorney Roger Bickers, describing the incident in detail. Although he had remained lucid throughout the ordeal, his condition was such that he was transported to the University of Virginia Hospital in Charlottesville for further treatment. In the meantime, Culpeper County Sheriff J.J. Nash assembled a posse of over 100 men and searched for Shepherd in the woods and fields around the crime scene. Bloodhounds and their handlers from the state farm near Richmond were called, arriving at the scene of the shooting at about 8:30 p.m. But Shepherd was not found. April 2011

Conflicting Reports, and Misinformation In the days immediately after the shooting, newspapers across the state picked up the story, filling in additional details as the investigation continued. Unfortunately, some of the reporting dramatized the event, and even contradicted the facts supplied by witnesses. According to a report published in the Culpeper Star and picked up in The Fauquier Democrat a day after the Hatcher was shot: “Shepherd had returned to his former home at Jeffersonton in order to attend this association meeting (at Mount Zion Church), and was driving his automobile at Muddy Run bridge about a mile from the church, when he and Inspector Hatcher met on the road. “Hatcher recognized Shepherd, and stopping his car, informed him that he was under arrest for the murder of Ada Carter. Shepherd is said to have immediately opened fire upon Hatcher on hearing this, shattering one arm, one of the bullets grazing his chest, one entering the stomach, and one lower in the abdomen. “Hatcher fired on Shepherd, and believes he wounded him, but is not certain. Shepherd then made his escape into the woods… Hatcher was brought to Culpeper, and rushed to the hospital at

The Piedmont, where Drs. Humphries, Chelf and Marshall dressed his wounds. “The authorities in Warrenton and young Hatcher’s parents were notified, and (Warrenton) Mayor (Thomas) Frank and the town sergeant arrived in Culpeper after three o’clock, with Mr. and Mrs. Hatcher, parents of the wounded man, getting into Culpeper soon afterwards. Hatcher was taken to University Hospital in Charlottesville, where his condition is said to be critical. Deputy Motor Vehicle Commissioner P.L. Thornton, who was at a home less than a mile from the bridge, heard the shots and was soon on the scene, and took charge of the search for Shepherd, who had vanished into the woods. “Parties of men were quickly gotten together to search this body of woods, which is of considerable extent, and phone calls were sent out to all motorcycle policemen within a large radius to repair at once to this place to assist in patrolling the roads.” As the news came in, two quite different accounts were published in The Washington Post. According to the first story, published Aug. 20, 1928: “Hatcher heard that Shepherd, accused of murder a year ago, was at his father’s house in Brandy. He found Shepherd seated in an automobile in front of the Hatcher continued on Page 30 29

Hatcher continued from Page 29

house. Hatcher arrested him, and the prisoner grabbed the policeman’s pistol, shooting him five times. Hatcher fell into a ditch, and Shepherd escaped.” A second account published in the Post on Aug. 28 was markedly different, and more like the story published earlier in the Culpeper Star. “Hatcher was shot in an attempt to apprehend Shepherd, who was wanted on a year-old charge of shooting and killing a young colored woman from the vicinity of Culpeper. Seeing the man in a passing automobile, Hatcher jumped on the running board and ordered him to halt. Shepherd is said to have drawn his gun and fired four shots into the officer, then fleeing.”

mug shots on the front page. He was described as a “light-skinned colored man, about five feet, eight inches in height and wearing a Charlie Chaplin moustache. He was dressed in a brown suit of clothes and a gray cap.” The newspaper also advised that Shepherd “…has the reputation of a ‘bootlegger’ and will undoubtedly be found with persons of like character; goes around armed, and police advise caution in approaching him.” The community rallied around the wounded officer’s family, and in less than a week, a reward fund for the apprehension of Shepherd – dead or

of the Motor Vehicle Commission and State traffic officers were present at the services,” according to the Loudoun Times-Mirror. A massive manhunt by state and local authorities was launched after a taxicab driver reported that he had taken a man matching Shepherd’s description to an address in Arlington. According to an article published in late August in The Washington Post, “Arlington County police immediately visited all known areas (he might frequent), but were without a clew (sic) early today.” After exhausting leads in Arlington, investigators moved their

The report published Aug. 23 in the Leesburg Loudoun Times-Mirror added more details – and added to the controversy. The reporter claimed to have spoken to the officer with Hatcher, and stuck with the earlier Post story that Shepherd had wrestled Hatcher’s gun away from him, “…and shot Hatcher three times.” In more recent times, “The Officer Down Memorial Page” on the Internet maintains that Inspector Hatcher was killed by his own weapon, while the Virginia State Police Memorial Gallery Web page simply states, “Inspector Hatcher succumbed to injuries received while attempting to arrest a murder suspect in Culpeper County.” Regardless, the fact remains that even though the young officer knew full well that he was facing a dangerous killer, he did not hesitate to discharge his sworn duty.

Community outrage, continuing manhunt Local response to the shooting was fierce, and immediate. On Aug. 25, 1928, as Hatcher lay in the hospital fighting for his life, The Fauquier Democrat published Shepherd’s 30

Mug shots of Henry Shepherd were published in the Democrat following the shooting of Inspector Neville Hatcher. alive – had reached $1,100. Major contributors included Culpeper County ($125), the State of Virginia ($125), The Fauquier Democrat ($250), Fauquier County ($200), and Fauquier County police officers ($125). In addition, several private citizens contributed, in amounts of $25 to $50. The desire to bring Shepherd to justice intensified even more when news of Hatcher’s death on Aug. 28, 1928 reached Warrenton. His body was brought home, and following a funeral service in The Plains, Hatcher was interred in Middleburg. “Members

search to Southwest Washington, D.C. “Twelve Virginia State policemen have been assigned to track Shepherd, and it is understood that several of this group have taken up headquarters in Washington, while investigating the clew (sic) furnished by a taxi driver,” according to the Post. The hunt for Shepherd continued in the Northern Virginia area and in Washington, D.C. into the fall. A possible break came in October when a man was seen in the Front Royal area Hatcher continued on Page 32 Warrenton Lifestyle

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Join Us for a Pre-K through Grade Twelve Open House Event On Sunday afternoon May the 1st at two o’clock Highland Center for the Arts Five Ninety-Seven Broadview Avenue

R.S.V.P. to: 540-878-2741

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Hatcher continued from Page 30

INSPECTOR W. NEVILLE HATCHER Courtesy of Virginia State Police Mug shots of Henry Shepherd were published in the Democrat following the shooting of Inspector Neville Hatcher. matching his description. An armed posse of 200 men spent the entire day searching a thickly wooded area near the Southern Railway depot, but to no avail. Over the next several months, there were other tips and sightings. But somehow, Shepherd made it out of the state, as he had after the murder of Ada Carter. The case went unresolved, but was never forgotten. “It took 11 years for Shepherd to be apprehended,” said Sgt. Rowles. “He was finally captured in New York in 1939 by members of the Virginia State Police’s ‘Little FBI,” and returned to Virginia.” Shepherd was tried for Inspector Hatcher’s murder and sentenced to 30 years in prison by Judge Alex T. Browning. Among the clippings in G. Watson Jones’ collection is an unidentified photo of a criminal being escorted by two officers, perhaps to trial, which was published Aug. 4, 1939, in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Sgt. Rowles believes the prisoner in the photo was Henry Shepherd.

Remembering the Fallen On March 14, 1942, the Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles was divided into the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Department of State Police. In the fall of 1943, the Virginia State Police assumed highway patrol duties, and the Department of Motor Vehicles Enforcement Division assumed investigative responsibilities. A year later, Superintendent of State Police Col. C. W. Woodson Jr. and DMV’s G. Watson James Jr. decided that collecting and displaying the portraits of the sworn members of the State Police who lost their lives in the line of duty would be a fitting memorial. Although there was no funding and 32

the country was in the midst of World War II, several artists volunteered their talents to provide the portraits. Once several of the portraits were completed, they were hung in the State Police Administrative Headquarters Building. However, when State Police representatives contacted the Hatcher family in The Plains, no photograph of Neville Hatcher could be found. As a result, artist Walter Whitehead painted a sentimental rendering of Hatcher’s service cap lying on top of his gun belt, under a plaque reading in Latin, “Although his image is not with us, his memory will live forever.” In 1961, Tom Frost – by then a member of the Virginia House of Delegates – found a photograph of Neville Hatcher taken during his racing days. The photograph was given to Gertrude Russi, an artist from Petersburg, who created Hatcher’s portrait from the photo. On Aug. 14, 1962 – almost 34 years to the day after he was shot – Gov. Albertis S. Harrison unveiled Inspector Hatcher’s portrait at a ceremony held in the Old Senate chamber of the Capitol. In his remarks, the Governor stated, “Inspector Hatcher died in order that you and I might live in a law-abiding community.” Family members present at the ceremony included Neville Hatcher’s brother Dowell Hatcher, his sister Kathryn Bentley, and his niece, Susan Bentley, all residents of Virginia Beach. Representing the Commonwealth of Virginia were Col. Woodson, Attorney General Robert Y. Button, and DMV Commissioner Chester H. Land. Local officials attending included former Fauquier County Sheriff Stanley Woolf,

current Sheriff Sam Hall, former Warrenton Mayor Thomas E. Frank, Center District Supervisor James F. Austin, attorney Upton Richards, and insurance broker Henry Baxley. It was noted at the time that convicted murderer Henry Shepherd, by then 62, was still in the state penitentiary, serving out his sentence. In 1989, the portrait collection – which had tragically grown in size – was moved to the State Police Academy. In a part of the building designated “The Col. C. W. Woodson Jr. Memorial Gallery,” Inspector Neville Hatcher’s portrait hangs there today, along with those of the other heroes who followed him. As written on the gallery entrance, “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” – John 15:13. Author John Toler is a writer and historian and has served Fauquier County for over 50 years, including 4 decades with the Fauquier-Times Democrat. He has written and lectured about many legendary characters in Fauquier County’s history. Toler is the co-author of 250 Years in Fauquier County: A Virginia Story, and author of Warrenton, Virginia: A History of 200 Years Warrenton Lifestyle

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Warrenton Middle School presents “Beauty and The Beast” Come and enjoy the delightful sounds of the annual “Celebrate Spring” concert of the Warrenton Chorale. The Warrenton Chorale has been entertaining the local residents since 1953. We are accompanied by extraordinary talents of a keyboardist and a variety of local musicians. Celebrate the arrival of spring with powerful music and soaring voices. Every year we add an exciting flair by creating different themes using creative musical arrangements for our “Celebrate Spring” concerts. A flavor of some of our past performances include: “Jazz, with Thom Cats”; “Gospel & Spiritual Music”, “Patriotic - A Salute to the U.S.A”; “A Musical Romance (Broadway Show Tunes)”. Please plan on joining us, for a concert that is sure to launch you into the mood for the spring season.

Friday, April 8, 2011 @ 7:00 p.m. Saturday, April 9, 2011 @ 7:00 p.m.

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Community Happenings

April brings us showers of fun family activities. We hope that your family will have a chance to enjoy some of the great events coming up this month. Here we have included a few events that we find of great interest to families and our community.

ng in May flowers. gi in br e ar s er ow April sh and summer bulbs ng ri sp ng lli se w no We are and family programs t ea gr g in br lp to he age munity. Each pack m co r ou to es ti activi y of ere is a wide variet th d an 0 .0 $6 st is ju ailable may view all the av u Yo s. em it ly ve lo us your site. Please email eb w r ou on s em it family pport bringing fun orders and help su y while making it un m m co r ou events to l at the same time. your yard beautifu

t to suppor d e it v in re Families a arent Advocates For of P ril the efforts E) on Ap G A P ( n io cat for Gifted Edu do’s Pizza e L t a m p -8 sed 9th from 5 od purcha o F . t h ig n e o family gam g the day with als in r u AGE anytime d mention P e s a le P . E G benefit PA your order. g in c la p n whe

F4F is ex cited to h with King s Dominio ave partenered n discount opportunit to offer special ies to fa our comm milies in unity. Ord er your pa online th rk tickets rough Kin gs Domin avoid thos ion and e long line s at the pa visit our rk. Please link w w w .families4fa discount-t uquier/ icke Kings Dom ts.html and click o n the inion logo for instruc ordering yo tions on ur tickets t oday!

Allegro Community Outreach lo Family cated in Vin t Hill will be hosting th eir monthly s tory and craft time on April 27th at 1 0:30am. The theme th is month is “ Rainy Day Fun.” This e vent is free for children under the ag e of five. The 4th An nual Fun Fo r All Day fe an Easter Eg aturing g Hunt with a picnic in will take pla the park ce on April 2 3rd from 10 Tickets are am-Noon. now on sale at G. Whilli Toddlin’ Tim kers and e for just $5 . Sto your ticket a nd help supp p by and purchase ort the Clau Fun For All P de Moore layground.

Families 4 Fauquier is your link to family resources in Fauquier County and beyond. F4F is committed to strengthening and enriching the lives of children and families that live right here in our own community. For additional information about joining our membership program, receiving our monthly community newsletter or any of the events listed above please visit our website at www.families4fauquier.com or email us at info@families4fauquier.com. 36

Warrenton Lifestyle

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Fauquier Health Fauquier Hospital Offers Two New Tests for Acid Reflux Gastroenterologist Darren Baroni, M.D., describes a new procedure offered at Fauquier Hospital as “the next generation of testing” for people who have gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). He explains, “Most people who are diagnosed with acid reflux are given some medication and they get relief. But there are a few who don’t respond to medication, and we need to find out if they have very severe acid reflux or if it’s something else. The answer to that question will determine how we treat the problem.” Fauquier Hospital is the only hospital in the region to offer these two advanced tests for acid reflux symptoms: 24-hour esophageal pH-impedance monitoring and esophageal manometry. Esophageal pH-Impedance Monitoring This test measures and records the pH in your esophagus in order to determine whether you have GERD. Esophageal reflux is a condition in which stomach acid bubbles back up from the stomach and moves into the esophagus.

This happens when a valve at the base of the esophagus doesn’t work as it should. Frequent reflux can cause permanent damage to the esophagus. The impedance testing also measures how often stomach contents reflux into the lower esophagus. Even if the pH of the fluid is normal, other substances like bile and gastric enzymes can be detected. These substances can be just as damaging as acid, and before impedance testing was available, they weren’t able to be detected. Esophageal Manometry This test tells your doctor if your esophagus is able to move food to your stomach normally and, once it reaches the stomach, whether it backs up into the esophagus again. The manometry test is commonly given to people who have: • difficulty swallowing • pain when swallowing • heartburn • chest pain

Dr. Darren Baroni, gastroenterologist Dr. Baroni says, “It may be that the esophagus is registering no pressure, or that pressure is happening all at the same time, instead of in a wave. What we see will tell us what kind of treatment may be necessary. At Fauquier Hospital, we have high-resolution manometry that allows us to see — in real time and in great detail — how the esophagus is working.”

Fauquier Among the Top 10 Virginia Hospitals for Gastrointestinal Care in ’11 Fauquier Hospital has received an exemplary 5-Star rating for the quality of its gastrointestinal procedures and surgeries for the fourth year in a row (2008–2011) from HealthGrades, a leading independent health care ratings organization. Fauquier Hospital also achieved a 5-Star rating in the treatment of pancreatitis for the second year in a row (2010–2011). The recognition is based on the 13th annual HealthGrades Hospital Quality in America study, which analyzes patient outcomes at virtually all of the nation’s hospitals. Fauquier Hospital also achieved other notable HealthGrades recognitions and awards, including being ranked 10th in Virginia for gastrointestinal services and 5th in Virginia for gastrointestinal surgery in 2011. In addition to a superb patient care staff, Fauquier Hospital is fortunate to have talented and dedicated physicians to provide first-class medical care for its patients.

Physicians specializing in gastroenterology include: Paul Arnold, M.D. Felice Banson, M.D. Darren Baroni, M.D. Scott Choi, M.D. Edward Kim, M.D. Jin Park, M.D. Nina Phatak, M.D. Douglas Price, M.D. Jonathan Shurberg, M.D.

General surgeons who perform gastrointestinal surgery are: Joseph Brown, M.D. Cynthia Dougherty, M.D. Joseph Farr, M.D. Kenneth Henson, M.D. G. Benjamin Wampler, M.D. John Williams, M.D.

A full calendar of events for Fauquier Health can be found at www.fauquierhealth.org 38

Warrenton Lifestyle

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ter Stree s e h c n i 71 W treet & 2 S g n i K A 20186 V 111 , n o t n e Warr





Native Acquaintance, is an editorial story inspired by Fauquier locals near and far who came together to combine their unique industry talents. This story showcases many designs from Warrenton’s local boutiques, merged together to create a high fashion looks.

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Stephanie Messick, Photographer, graduated from Liberty High School in 2007. After growing up in Fauquier County on a dairy farm her entire life, she left to attend James Madison University graduating this May with a BFA degree in Graphic Design. In her spare time, she enjoys photographing various themes and subjects, including portraits in fashion, wedding, and lifestyle and plans to continue her career after she graduates.

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Former Fauquier Students’ Fashion Pictorial

Vintage Coral Silk Gown, TIMMIE JANE, for sale inquires 540-687-3211. Silver Curb Chain Necklace, $875, HORSE COUNTRY SADDLERY.

Katelynn Tilley, Producer/Key Stylist. Upon graduating from Fauquier High School in 2007, Katelynn moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the Entertainment Industry. In between castings for film and television, Katelynn earned a degree in Merchandise Marketing from L.A.’s Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Katelynn found her niche working on and off the red carpet styling celebrities, producing fashion shows, and high fashion editorials. Hau Ly, Assistant to Stylist, since graduating from Fauquier High School in 2008 and has relocated to New York City and currently attending a prestige fashion school in pursuit of a degree in fashion design. In between courses, Hau works as an intern with Derek Loves Shopping, PR Company. Francesca M., Key Hair and Makeup, graduated from Fauquier High School in 2006 and worked as a Hair Designer and currently key Makeup Artist at PR@Partners. She will be relocating to San Francisco, California in mid march to continue her career in hair design. Brittny Stives, Assistant to Hair and Makeup, fills in the position of Fran at PR@Partners as the Key Makeup Artist.

Clockwise: Rerge Silk Blouse, TIMMIE JANE. Grey Full Seat Breech, $99.95, HORSE COUNTRY SADDLERY. Black Mongolian Lamb Vest, $895, HAUTE HIPPIE. Bear Fur Bremen Coat with Mink Collar, TIMMIE JANE, for sale inquires 540687-3211. Sweetheart Dress from the Dessy Collection by Dessy Group, A FORMAL AFFAIR, for sale inquires 540-347-5126. Tan Dinwiddie Deerskin Gloves, $95, HORSE COUNTRY SADDLERY, for sale inquires 800-882-HUNT.

Clothing compliments of A Formal Affair Bridal and Formalwear Boutique on 251 West Lee Hwy in Warrenton, 540-347-5126, specializes in bridal and formalwear for those special occasions. Clothing compliments of Horse Country Saddlery on 60 Alexandria Pike in Warrenton, 540-347-3141, specializes in the most comprehensive array of fine foxhunting attire and equipment in the world.

Key Hair & Makeup FRANCESCA M. PR@Partners • Assistant to Hair & Makeup BRITTNY STIVES PR@Partners April 2011


y t i n u m m o s g C n i n e p Hap LOCAL MARINES IN NEED march 15 - april 30

“America’s Battalion” is a Marine Infantry Battalion fighting in Southern Afghanistan. The Marines with 2/8 are living and fighting in extremely primitive surroundings, and are in place for the Taliban’s Spring Offensive. Over 375 packages were sent to the men of 2/8 last deployment and they were so grateful. Our silent heroes need and appreciate your support. CURRENT NEEDS: Long White Tube Socks Snacks of Any Kind (No Chocolate Cotton Boxers as it will melt) Cans of Ravioli or Canned Meat to Sugar-Free Powdered Drink Mix Supplement MRE’s (like Crystal Lite and Propel) Power Bars or Granola Bars Medicated Foot Powder Baby Wipes Eye drops (Natural Tears) AA Batteries (Used for their Head Soap, Deodorant, Tooth Brushes, Lamps and Optics) Disposable Razors

Drop locations at Chick-fil-A, Giant Food and Gold’s Gym *Drop box at Giant Food will be there from April 1 through April 30.

For more information on how you can help contact Lisa Weber at marinemomweber@gmail.com.

Let’s Celebrate!

April 23, 2011 - 10am to Noon - $5

The Claude Moore Fun For All Playground’s 4th Annual Fun For All Day featuring an Easter Egg Hunt with a picnic in the park!

Egg Hunt Times: 10:15 Age 1-2 11:00 Age 3-4 11:45 Age 5-up Golden Egg Prizes Face Painting Crafts Snow Cones Chick-fil-a Cow

Tickets are just $5 and go on sale March 23rd at G. Whillikers, Toddlin’ Time and Chick-fil-a at the WARF. Please note that during 10am and Noon the playground will be closed for playing until after all the egg hunts have been completed. Food will be available for purchase. Contact: Rachelpierce@comcast.net with any questions.


Hoofin’ It for the Homeless

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fauquier Family Shelter Services is holding a 4 mile walk at Airlie Conference Center to raise money for the homeless of our community. After the walk, there will be food, entertainment, games, face painting and music. 100% of the money raised will go directly to serve the needs of homeless families in our area. Mark your calendars and plan to join us for an opportunity to get some exercise, have some family time and enjoy the beauty of Airlie while raising funds to help those less fortunate in our community. For more information please visit, www.fauquierfamilyshelter.org.


Saturday, May 7, 2011 5K Run/Walk begins @ 8:00 am @ Fauquier High School rain or shine

Check–in begins at 7 AM at the Fauquier High School Track

Race Day Registration Additional information contact: ffpmoreinfo@yahoo.com

Register online at Active.com http://www.active.com/5K-race/warrenton-va/ defeet-abuse-5K-2011 OR visit the Calendar page of our website www.fauquierfaithpartners.com for the link to registration OR call 540-219-4367

Celebrate Mother’s Day with us A Brunch to Benefit Fauquier Family Shelter All proceeds will benefit homeless families in our community

May 8, 2011

Airlie Conference Center Four Seatings: 11 am, 11:45 am, 12:30 pm, 1:15 pm Adults $45 • Youth (7-12) $20 Children (6 & Under) Free Please Call 540-341-0900 to reserve your tickets or visit our website: www.fauquierfamilyshelter.org Warrenton Lifestyle

Just Listed! Trunk Show April 29 & 30 10am-4pm

A nice rambler on a 1+ acre cul-de-sac lot in Quail Ridge. The home offers 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, a full unfinished basement with a rough-in for a 3rd full bath, a bright sunroom, brick fireplace, cathedral ceilings, wood floors, deck, patio, shed & paved drive. $317,950

Gloria J. Beahm, CRS, GRI Kristie Beahm Pancione Long & Foster 492 Blackwell Road Warrenton, Va. 20186 540-341-3525 direct line 1-800-523-8846 toll free www.thebeahmteam.com


Gloria.beahm@ longandfoster.com Kristie.pancione@ longandfoster.com

framecraft ine frames

47 South Third • Warrenton, Virginia 540.347.3868 • OPEN MON -SAT 10-5 www.christinefox.com follow us on facebook

We can frame anything! Come find out what we can do for you!

ine arts

Old Town Warrenton • 64 Main Street • Warrenton (540) 341-0001 • www.framecraftofva.com

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April 2011




the World

Journalist Eyewitness to Egypt’s Revolution When I decided to spend a semester studying abroad at the American University in Cairo in 2008, it was no surprise that I became close friends with some of my classmates. But I could not have predicted that less than three years later I would see two of them on the cover of TIME Magazine under the headline, “The Generation Changing the World” – and I certainly never expected to experience the Egyptian Revolution side by side with them. But I did. I was there on January 25, the first day of the uprising. I walked three miles through Cairo and into Tahrir Square with over two thousand Egyptians. As night fell, tens of thousands gathered. Everywhere were people I knew: friends, activists, politicians. Amir, a lawyer who founded the human rights movement in Egypt in the 1970s, was there. Thirty years after being arrested in Tahrir Square for participating in a student demonstration Amir was once more in the square, this time watching tens of thousands of young people, the age of his children, demanding their rights. It was an emotional moment. I was there on January 28, when prodemocracy demonstrators battled Egypt’s

hated Central Security Forces for the right to demonstrate. From a fourthstory window I watched the clashes in Abdel Moneim Riyad Square, behind the Egyptian Museum. Police shot tear gas at demonstrators. The people kicked it away, threw it back, or tried to put it out. Police threw stones. Demonstrators threw them back. Police shot rubber bullets at demonstrators. Demonstrators set police vans on fire. I was there as dusk fell, when suddenly everything changed: police vans were on the October 6 Bridge, leaving Cairo. On television, Al-Jazeera showed military tanks moving into the city. In the streets, cheers blended with cries of “God is great!” as an indescribable euphoria filled the air. Smoke billowed up nearby from the headquarters of the ruling National Democratic Party as I made my way into Tahrir Square with the masses. My friends and I, arm-in-arm, were driven out again moments later by plumes of tear gas – but that didn’t matter. The first battle had been won, and I, a 22-year-old American journalist from Warrenton, Virginia, was there to bear witness. As a journalist based in Cairo I’ve been to a dozen or more demonstrations over

the past year. On the morning of January 25, I was expecting the usual: a few hundred demonstrators inside a police cordon three men deep in some out-ofthe-way location where passerby look the other way. By 11 a.m. it was clear this demonstration was different. The socio-economic background of the demonstrators was different: these weren’t underpaid laborers or career activists but men and women of all ages, mostly from a middle-class background. The reaction of the police was different: hundreds stood by with riot gear, but they allowed the demonstration to move. Instead of tens or hundreds demonstrating, there were thousands, then tens of thousands, then millions demonstrating in cities across Egypt. From that moment Egypt was irrevocably changed. The wall of fear which had silenced Egyptians for decades was shattered. Egyptians were no longer afraid of their government; no longer afraid to voice their opinions loudly, critically, and publicly. No one, least of all the Egyptians, expected that peaceful protests and perseverance could topple the third longest ruler in Egyptian history. But they did, and in less than three weeks. Egypt continued on page 46

Photo above: A young Egyptian man waves the Egyptian flag from the top of a stoplight in Tahrir Square on February 1, 2011. 44

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fighting for political freedom and human rights in her country, told me on January 29. The day before, all police and security withdrew from the streets of Cairo. It was the regime’s attempt to make Egyptians choose between freedom and security. It didn’t work. By the evening of January 29, Egyptians had organized themselves into ‘popular committees’ which set up road blocks, checkpoints, and patrolled the streets in shifts day and night – all without the use of internet or mobile phones, which had been blocked by the government.

Egyptians pray moments after occupying Tahrir Square for the first time on January 25, 2011. Egypt continued from page 44

On Friday, February 11, 2011, after only eighteen days of demonstrations, the first step in the Egyptian Revolution was complete: Hosni Mubarak resigned as President of Egypt. It was a post he held for nearly thirty years. Throughout the course of the revolution I watched an incredible transition take place in the streets of Egypt. The apathy which had stagnated the Egyptian people for decades disappeared before my eyes.

For the first time in their lives Egyptians felt as though their streets, their cities, and their country belonged to them. “Raise up your head, you are Egyptian!” became the new chant. Nearly half the Egyptian population is under the age of thirty, meaning they have never known a president other than Hosni Mubarak. Now, for the very first time, Egyptians believe they have the power to change their future. “If I want Egypt to change, I have to start with myself,” my friend Mostafa told me one evening in February. Mostafa is a 26-year-old middle class Egyptian who taught himself English and has a full-time job at an outsourcing company in Cairo. “I have to make myself a better citizen first.” Many young Egyptians feel the same way and have taken it upon themselves to initiate change on Egypt’s streets. Groups have organized to pick up litter, repaint road and curb markings, and repair damage done by government-hired thugs during the revolution.

Sallie with friend Noor Ayman, one of the faces on TIME Magazine’s cover, in Tahrir Square on February 1, 2011. (photo by Nour Kamel 46

The newfound sense of pride and community among Egyptians may be the single most important result of the Egyptian Revolution. “If the revolution ends here, I will be satisfied,” Gameela, a woman who has spent twenty years

Gameela had tears in her eyes as she thanked the young men manning the checkpoints in her neighborhood for the first time. Her two sons, aged 19 and 20, spent their nights with the other young men patrolling the streets, returning home only to sleep for a few hours before attending the day’s demonstrations. One of them later found his face on the cover of TIME magazine along with six other Egyptian young people as part of the generation changing the world. Egyptians have no illusions. Achieving a representative government will be a long and difficult struggle. But Egyptians are just as stubborn as they are patient, and whether taxi driver or lawyer, Christian or Muslim, liberal or socialist or Islamist, Egyptians are committed to the long haul. Since Mubarak’s resignation in February, I have watched a vibrant political culture begin to take root in Egypt. Friends who once shushed me and looked around uneasily when I mentioned the name Hosni Mubarak are now critically discussing what must happen next in meetings, cafes, and on the streets. They are reading about transitional periods in other parts of the world. They are searching for ways to mobilize and educate the poorest citizens, those who have traditionally sold their votes for a meal or a nominal sum of money. The Egyptian Revolution may well be the turning point of my generation, the generation changing the world, and I am lucky enough to have a front-row seat.

Sallie Cheatwood Pisch is Managing Editor of Bikya Masr, an English-language news website based in Cairo, Egypt (http://bikyamasr.com). She can be reached at spisch@bikyamasr.com. Warrenton Lifestyle


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Experience Matters Dr. Iadeluca’s Uncommon Path to Clinical Psychology by Dr. Robert B. Iadeluca To the best of my knowledge I am the only Clinical Psychologist in the Commonwealth of Virginia who does not have a degree in Clinical Psychology. It is common practice for a person aiming at this field to study for that specific degree. Lest any reader, however, become concerned that I am practicing outside the scope of my credentials, I hasten to add that I am legitimately licensed as such by the State Board of Psychology.

Headquarters Company fighting Nazis in Europe, I developed the traits and skills of administration and responsibility that stood me in good stead. While still overseas after the armistice I assumed the responsibility of creating and conducting a regimental school. Thanks to a grateful nation, which gave me

a recession and not having the required three-year tenure in the state governmental position, I was summarily “bumped” and joined the ranks of the unemployed. For years I had on my desk a placard that says: “It’s me against the World which I consider a fairly even match.” With this philosophy in mind, I decided, rather than continue looking for a job, to enlist as a full time student in a Doctoral program. This I did at the age of 52.

“Life is what happens to you while you are making other plans.”

How then the apparent discrepancy? And why, after intense examination of my credentials by the Board, did they grant me that coveted license? Their conclusion was that “my experience over the years helped me to develop a special rapport with my patients and a unique ability to employ the caring, compassion, and communication so very necessary to meet the patients’ needs.” What had the Board evaluated? What were my life’s experiences that they found highly relevant to clinical work? After graduating high school in the midst of the Great Depression and spending the first six months of my workaday life in a luncheonette earning $7 a week, I ultimately ended up with Batten, Barton, Durstine & Osborn (BBDO), at that time the largest advertising agency in the world. This introduced me to the rigors of research and the psychological aspects of persuasion. Later as First Sergeant of an Infantry 48

At the age of 59 I graduated in cap and gown from Syracuse University with my Ph.D. in Lifespan —John Lennon Developmental Psychology, not, may I point out, in Clinical and millions of other GIs free tuition toward Psychology. This discipline, as the name a Baccalaureate, I spent my academic hours implies, centers on the gradual psychological studying toward a Bachelors in Psychology. development of the human being from On campus I created an advertising agency conception to the day of death. Along with modeled after BBDO. My off-hours were my doctorate I received a Certification in devoted to my volunteer activities as a Gerontology. Scoutmaster and to my later becoming The Ph.D. is a research degree and I was a career Scout Executive. After thirteen hired at the age of 60 by the U.S. Army years of organizing Scout troops, training Research Institute for Behavioral Sciences Scoutmasters, and directing Scout camps, I (ARI) as a Research Psychologist, coming became Director of Public Relations for all to the Washington, D.C. area in 1980. After five councils in New York City, Changing to examining Army families and other areas of the field of formal education, I was appointed Army life, I retired after nine years, looking Asst. Director of Public Relations for the forward to a quiet life of reading and writing. New York State Department of Education. However, boredom set in. At this point the unexpected aspects of life moved in. The year 1972 handed us

Experience Continued on page 50

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While examining military families, the common problem of substance abuse had become apparent. I had been regularly asked to teach at Bethesda Naval Hospital where I helped men and women of all ranks in all four services as they progressed through recovery. My interest in this field continued after my retirement and upon contacting the Blue Ridge Hospital (University of Virginia) I was accepted at the age of 70 as an intern in their inpatient addiction unit. A 16-month supervised internship was added on to my nine-year residency with ARI and I received a state certification in substance abuse. I was now eligible to see patients under state auspices in the field of substance abuse and saw no reason why I shouldn’t study toward receiving a license to treat patients with other psychological disorders. I passed both the written exam and the oral exam and received my license in August 1972 as a Clinical Psychologist. In the field of behavior and brain research, change occurs at a rapid pace. Constant updating is imperative following my licensing I obtained two Diplomates, one in Clinical Hypnotherapy and the other in Psychopharmacology. Just a few of the ensuing seminars I attended over the years were Street Drugs, Sexual Abuse, Suicide Intervention, Brain Injuries, Eating Disorders and Genetics and Psychology, The benefits of life’s experiences became obvious. My twenty years in the Scouting profession plus my Assistantship at Syracuse University where for five years I guided and served residents of a condominium for the elderly prepared me to work with both ends of the age spectrum. My combat experience helps me to cope with people who are undergoing traumatic stress. My communication experience on both individual and group level aids me as I conduct therapy. I submit that the Board of Psychology left a much broader message than its narrower decision that I was eligible to receive a license. In considering my life’s experiences – my occupations, my military experience, my volunteer service, my community activities -- it was stating to all who would listen that while formal education is important, informal education over a lifetime helps to determine one’s qualification for almost any career. John Lennon’s favorite quote was: “Life is what happens to you while you are making other plans.” In the early part of my life I had no idea that I would be a Clinical Psychologist much less highly qualified to be one. I am grateful for my early experiences, which, unbeknownst to me, were the bricks upon which my current life was built -- exactly as my Lifespan Developmental Psychology professor taught me would take place.

Dr. Robert Iadeluca holds a doctorate in Life-span Developmental Psychology and a state license in Clinical Psychology. He is also a volunteer with Hospice of the Rapidan. Warrenton Lifestyle







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photo by Roger Foley

The Warrenton Garden Club and the Garden Club of Virginia present the 78th Annual House and Garden Tour. The tour consists of five exquisite properties located in Fauquier County, each open for Historic Garden Week for the first time boasting their own unique style, essence and design.

Running Cedar Rooted in the vernacular, this contemporary house resides comfortably in a clearing within a forest above the Rappahannock River. A stunning combination of natural materials and glass creates an openness and oneness with nature that is both exciting and restful. A fieldstone-walled belvedere with views to the Rappahannock leads to the main entrance, besides a fountain that gently echoes the river below. Inside the house, a massive 54

stonewall supporting the cantilevered staircase appears to be continuation of the stonewall outside. Space flows freely around this wall/chimney, but one is drawn toward the garden in the rear where an allĂŠe of hawthorn underplanted with hellebore terminates in a striking blue urn. Beyond is the forest again. Native plantings abound, linking the gardens to the forest. A perennial border offers rich color year-round, and myriad daffodils brighten the hillside in

spring. The guesthouse is separated from the main residence by an open courtyard which functions as an outside room. The central fountain gently recalls the river nearby, and pots generously filled with plants link it to the garden beyond. Space appears to flow outside in and inside out in a seamless weave, uniting architecture with nature. Open for the first time in Historic Garden Week by Mr. Richard Arentz. Garden Week Continued on page 56

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                        

       

   

   


Garden Week Continued from page 54

Orlean House Although the house is at the edge of the village of Orlean, its stone entrance opens to a beautifully landscaped park suggesting a gracious country estate. A gently curving drive leads to the forecourt of the late 18thearly19th century stone and clapboard house that gave its name to the village of Orlean. The original section now contains the dining room with a superb mural of local scenes in the American naïve style. Across the center hall is the drawing room with one of six fireplaces in the house. Alcoves with shelves were places on either side of the fireplace in the 19th century, and tiles of the fireplace surround were added in the 1940s. The current owners collect paintings by Les Petites MaÎtres (largely 19th century French) and interesting objects from their numerous travels. Noted landscape architect Richard Arentz designed the gardens that are entered from the terrace off the breakfast room. To the left is the woodland garden bursting with spring bulbs; to the right is the swimming pool backed by a rocky hillside filled with jonquils. Outbuildings consist of several barns, servants’ quarters now used as a guest cottage, and a tennis court with viewing stand and pergola covered with oriental wisteria. Open for the first time for Historic Garden Week by Mr. John Krumholtz and Mr. Kevin DiLallo, owners. photo by Richard Arentz

Cabin Branch Farm American boxwood forms an arch leading to the Doriccolumned front portico of this frame house, built in 1819 and enhanced by subsequent owners. Box also flanks the home, with a vestige of the old carriage drive and ornamental gateway to the left. The interior retains many of the original features of the house, but has been renovated for a more casual country life. The original staircase in the entry hall was replayed by a light-filled stair hall to the rear, and a large kitchen opens directly into an informal sitting room. The original stone

fireplaces and pine entertaining space contains a sauna and pool table with three large doors opening to the pool terrace and gardens. Perennial beds surround the house and beyond the old carriage gate is Pond Alley, a swale bordered by dogwood underplanted with daffodils. Through the boxwood at the back is the stone guesthouse converted from original carriage house. Barns and a riding ring attest to the country interests of the current owners. Opened for the first time for Historic Garden Week by Mr. and Mrs. Scott Macleod. Garden Week Continued on page 58


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Garden Week Continued from page 54

Rock Ford

Native plants are the focus of the gardens, designed by Richard Arentz. Franklinea, halesia, Magnolia virginiana and native azaleas are happily settling into their new home. American box line the entrance court, and box from the hold house on the site ring the oval lawn in the rear. Large oak trees recently underplanted with dogwood and redbud also link the past with the present. Open for the first time for Historic Garden Week by Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Akre.


Internationally known interior designer Barry Dixon has created a comfortable yet sophisticated ambience throughout.

photo by Roger Foley

This “new-old� house sits on a hillside with views of the Blue Ridge and Little Cobbler Mountain as the centerpiece. Architect Russell Versaci used old brick for the main structure and stone from a neighboring farm to create a house that is both traditional and contemporary. Doric columns in the entry hall with faux stone paper and the historic yellow paper and ebony stone mantel in the drawing room pay homage to the 19th century Greek Revival. The sunroom overlooking the terrace, the efficient kitchen, breezeway and potting room opening onto the kitchen garden offer comfortable living.

A French chateau appears as if by magic in the Virginia countryside, with warm, honey-colored stucco walls, gently arched French doors and soft grey shutters beneath a steeply pitched metal roof. Designed by noted architect Jack Arnold, it rests comfortably on a hillside with a panoramic view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. A low stonewalled garden occupies the entrance courtyard. The entry hall opens directly onto a garden in the rear with swimming pool on axis and a spectacular view of Little Cobbler Mountain, beyond the five-acre pond with the valley below. A large drawing room-dining room with chateau-inspired fireplaces and open-beam ceilings dominates one side of the house.

Every room on the main floor opens onto a garden. The quiet space framed by crape myrtle trees and the open porch with fireplace are ideal for relaxing and enjoying the sunset, while a small walled garden off of the master suite offers privacy and warmth from the morning sun. The guesthouse-garage sits at right angles to the main house. Open beams beneath the steeply pitched ceiling in the barsitting area upstairs recall a French hunting lodge. Open for the first time for Historic Garden Week by Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Himelfarb.

The tour begins on April 20 and will be open from 10am to 6pm and finishes on April 21 from 10am to 5pm. Tickets are $30 may be purchased on tour day at any of the homes open for the tour and at the tour headquarters at The Orlean Market. Advanced tickets may be purchased for $25 at The Town Duck and Christine Fox. Box Lunches will be available from 10am to 2pm at The Orlean Market to enjoy there or carry out; advanced reservations are required by Wednesday, April 13. For more information please visit www.vagardenweek.org 58

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Visit Us At: 147 W LEE HWY, WARRENTON, VA 540-347-3200

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John Connolly Long and Foster Real Estate Mobile 540-222-9093

www.johnconnollyrealestate.com email: jcconnolly@mris.com April 2011

For all your transportation needs, call anytime. Medical Transportation Provider

(540) 351-0580

CHINA All You Can Eat Buffet Open Every Day from 11 am-3 pm - $6.50

(540) 351-0581

We will cater your parties FREE DELIVERY

Minimum Order $15.00 within 5 Mile Radius (Over 5 Miles Delivery Charge May be Applied)

Business & Delivery Hours Monday - Thursday 11:00 am - 10:00 pm Friday - Saturday 11:00 am - 11:00 pm Sunday 12:00 noon - 10 pm 2 FREE Egg Rolls with any meal over $10.00

589 Frost Avenue, Warrenton, VA 20186 (Warrenton Towne Center)



Claire’s at

An elegant restaurant complimented with historical accents, Claire’s at the Depot creates a memorable dining experience by combining southern grace, seasoned staff and expressive dishes. The building itself is deeply rooted with Warrenton history, originally built in the 1850’s as a train station known as the Warrenton Junction, which was used frequently during the Civil War. The Southern Railway revamped the station in 1908 from wood to stately brick. Within a few decades, passenger and freight service stopped servicing Warrenton. In the late 1970’s, the Warrenton Junction was repurposed into a restaurant known as The Depot. After extensive renovations in 2004 that highlight the buildings original character, it became Claire’s at the Depot. The beautiful brick building features a covered front porch with ornate hammerbeam roof, majestic windows, and inviting doors. An airy and open reception area paired with a full service bar greets guests. An intimate dining room, decorated simply with a focus on large rustic fireplace is located to the left of the restaurant offering privacy. Tables hug both sides of the now enclosed platform that make the second dining room. This dining area also has a fireplace and an original wood window where passengers once purchased tickets. Enclosing this room are tall sets of French doors that gaze out on to the patio and garden that boast an old rail line with an aged red 62

caboose that accentuates the essence of Claire’s. With an ever-evolving menu, Claire’s presents locally inspired seasonal American cuisine with a hint of southern influence. Their menu is full of satisfying dishes - even options for those who are vegan and gluten conscience. Crisp button downs, power ties, suit jackets, blazers and pumps fill the restaurant during work week lunches. It is an ideal location for lunches with clients or a quiet and romantic meal. Claire’s Famous She Crab Soup is rightfully featured on all the menus, but for Lunch try pairing it with their Grilled Cheese Sandwich made on hearty whole wheat bread with cheddar and gruyere. Their hand-battered Cornmeal Crusted Fried Chesapeake Oysters are fresh and served with Bloody Mary dipping sauce. The Organic Baby Green Salad is vibrant topped with Maytag blue cheese, Warrenton Lifestyle

the Depot

dates, spicy pecans and drizzled with a maple balsamic dressing. Anna’s Fabulous Quiche is beautiful, tall and thick; the ingredients change every other day, it’s served with a baby green salad. The

dinner menu is indulgent with Appetizers like Yellowfin Ahi Tuna Wontons, a rare ahi tuna on crispy wontons with pickled ginger, spicy soy dipping sauce and wasabi and the luscious Lobster Mac and Cheese. Blackened Sea Scallops are a featured Entrée, wild caught, andouille and crab cream sauce, smoked gouda, stone-ground grits, with sautéed spinach. Their 12oz Grilled Delmonico Steak is a favorite, grilled certified angus, house steak sauce,

tobacco onions paired with roasted garlic asiago mashed potatoes and a vegetable. The Curried Vegetables is colorful with cauliflower, sugar snaps, carrots, garbanzo beans, coconut curry sauce, basmati rice and is quaintly garnished with peanuts, raisins, coconut, mango chutney, raita, and puri. Apple Crisp and Flourless Chocolate Cake will undoubtedly please any dessert lover. Their signature item is the Crème Brulee. Enjoy a delightful Brunch on Sundays, start with a coffee and a Basket of Cranberry-Orange Scones. The Omelet of the Day is always inventive and served with herbed hash browns and fresh fruit. Claire’s at the Depot is located at 65 South Third Street. They are open six days a week serving Lunch Tuesday through Friday 11:30am-2:30pm, Dinner Tuesday through Thursday 5:30pm-8:30pm and Friday 5:30pm-9:30pm, and Brunch Sunday 10:30am-2:00pm. Reservations are strongly recommended. For more information please call (540)3511616, visit their website at www.clairesrestaurant.com, or their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/clairesatthedepot.

How We Do It The restaurants that appear in this section are chosen by Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine (WLM) food critics. We visit the establishments anonymously and pay for our own meals and drinks. Listings are chosen at the discretion of the editors. WLM does not accept compensation for listing events or venues.

April 2011


Old Town CafĂŠ


Now Brea Serving 7 a.m kfast fro m .-1 0 a.m .

In the Heart of Old Town Warrenton

• Mediteranean Salads • Breakfast • Coffees • Subs • Wraps • Sandwiches Eat in or Carry Out Open Monday - Friday 9 am - 4 pm 70 Main Street, Suite 22


ter Let us Ca t! ven e xt e n your






Bone-in Half Ham 8 lbs or more

Expires 4/25/11 (must present coupon at time of purchase)

Waterloo Cafe

(Next to Fire Station)


The Best Mexican Food Specialties You’ve Ever Tasted!


Buy 1 Dinner at Regular Price-Get the 2nd Dinner of equal or lesser value FREE Offer Good With This Coupon Through 04/30/11. Limit One Coupon Per Customer or Family. Not Good With Any Other Coupon or Offers. Valid for Dine-In or Carryout. Good For All Dinners On Our Regular Menu Up To $7.00

4 Hard Shell Tacos & Drink $3.99 Offer Good With This Coupon Through 04/30/11. Limit One Coupon Per Customer or Family. Not Good With Any Other Coupon or Offers.

Spring into Tropical Smoothie and get a low fat Caribbean Breeze Papaya Smoothie

251 West Lee Hwy., Warrenton, VA Phone: 540-428-0044 • Fax: 540-428-0043


540 349-2330

147 W. Shirley Ave., Warrenton

Don’t be fooled into fast food!

Heat-And-Serve Side Dishes Garlic Mashed Potatoes Potatoes Au Gratin Sweet Potato Souffle Broccoli Rice Casserole Cinnamon Apples Green Bean Casserole Macaroni & Cheese *Cornbread Dressing *Turkey Gravy

Try a fresh, healthy alternative with Tropical Smoothie CafĂŠ

Chipolte Chicken Club Flatbread


* seasonally available

Now booking for Graduation Party catering

00 3 OFF Boneless Half Ham $

Expires 4/25/11 (must present coupon at time of purchase)

Hours: Mon. - Fri. 7-9, Sat. 8-9, Sun. 9-7

Catering Available!

251 W. Lee Hwy., Ste 679 Warrenton


Chicken, bacon, pepperjack cheese, romaine lettuce, tomato & chipolte mayo

2 OFF any Paradise Combo $ 00

wrap, sandwich or salad with smoothie & a side Exp. 4/30/2011


$ 00

Low Fat Smoothie Exp. 4/30/2011

Advertise your restaurant in inin Advertise your restaurant Advertise your restaurant “local� restaurant guide. our“local� “local� restaurant guide. Crab Ragoon ourour restaurant guide. FREE

with order over $20.00 with coupon


Shrimp Toasts Cantonese Szechuan Hunan Cuisine

with order over $20.00 with coupon

352 Waterloo Station, Waterloo St.

540-349-8118 or 8119

HOURS Mon-Fri: 10:30-9, Sat 12-9, Sunday: Closed


Reach 30,000 Reach 30,000 Reach 30,000 Ravenous Readers Ravenous Readers Ravenous Readers Every Month Every Month Every Month www.warrentonlifestyle.com • (540) 347-4466 www.warrentonlifestyle.com • (540) 347-4466

cindymcbride@piedmontpress.com cindymcbride@piedmontpress.com www.warrentonlifestyle.com • (540) 347-4466 cindymcbride@piedmontpress.com

Warrenton Lifestyle

A Taste of Warrenton The Best in Dining & Entertainment The Warrenton Lifestyle dining guide provides information on Warrenton area restaurants and nightspots. The brief comments are not intended as reviews but merely as characterizations. We made every effort to get accurate information but recommend that you call ahead to verify hours and reservation needs. Listings include Best of Warrenton award winners as well as advertisers and40/0/20/0 non-advertisers. Please contact us if you 81/100/36/38 47/68/85/60 41/24/73/2 60/90/0/0 believe any information provided is inaccurate. Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar

(540) 341-2044 • 105 W Lee Highway M-Thu: 11am-11pm, F-Sat: 11pm-12am Sun: 11am-10pm Full-service friendly, affordable restaurant chain. Offers salad bar, lunch combos, and Carside-To-Go service. Comfortable atmosphere for all ages. Open for lunch and dinner. Full bar. Casual dress. www.applebees.com

Black Bear Bistro

(540) 428-1005 • 32/34 Main Street Sun - Thu: 11 am - 9 pm; Fri - Sat 11 am - 10 pm Restaurant offering local beers and wines, soups and salads, appetizers, and entrees. A wide variety of American food with a twist. Try the muffaletta sandwich! Also features Sweeney’s Cellar, located one floor below. www.blackbearbistro.com

Broadview Lanes

(540) 878-5383 • 272 Broadview Avenue M - Thu 8:30am - 10pm; Fri - Sat 8:30am - 2am; Sun 11am - 10pm The grill at the local bowling alley provides a great grill at great prices for any meal including breakfast. Sandwiches, subs, burgers and hotdogs along with side dishes from onion rings to chicken tenders. Children’s menu. Beer and wine available.

Burger King

(540) 347-3199 • 34 Broadview Avenue Locally owned and operated Burger King. Home of the Whopper. Have campaign to promote a more healthy lifestyle of eating to kids. Kid’s play area available. Casual dress. www.bk.com

tetrad Café Torino


China Restaurant

(540) 347-2713 • 388 Waterloo illustrator color palette(540) 351-0580 • 589 Frost Street Avenue M 7am - 4pm; Tue - Wed 7am M - Thu 11am - 10pm; - 5pm; Fri - Sat 11am - 11pm; Sun Noon Thu - Fri 7am - 9pm; Sat 9am - 10pm - 9pm Authentic Chinese cuisine. All you Restaurant offering authentic Italian can eat buffet Saturday 11am to 3pm, pasta, seafood, appetizers, and Sunday noon to 3pm. Dine in, carry desserts. Breakfast served in the out, or free delivery available ($15 morning. Lunch offers sandwiches, minimum and within 5 mile radius). pasta, and more. Dinner usually www.chinarestaurantva.com requires reservation and is only available Thursday thru Saturday. Claire’s at the Depot Dine-in or takeout. Casual dress. (540) 351-1616 • 65 S. Third http://cafetorinoandbakery.com Street Lunch: Tues - Fri 11:30am Carousel Frozen Treats 2:30pm; Dinner: Tues - Thu (540) 351-0004 • 346 Waterloo 5:30pm - 9pm, Street Fri - Sat 5:30pm - 10pm; Hours vary. Open early spring to Brunch: Sun 10:30am - 2pm late fall. Casual yet elegant restaurant offering Soft-serve, milkshakes, and more locally inspired seasonal American www.carouselfrozentreats.com cuisine. The service is as first rate as the food. Open for lunch and dinner Chick-fil-a and brunch on Sundays. Extensive (540) 347-9791 • 256 W Lee wine list available. Hwy www.clairesrestaurant.com All Chicken products are prepared by hand, as are all the salads and fruit cups. Cold Stone Creamery Where else can you get chicken for (540) 349-0300 • 183 W. Lee breakfast, lunch and dinner? Highway http://www.chick-fil-a.com/warrenton Sun - Thu Noon - 9:30pm; Fri - Sat Noon - 10pm China Jade Offers unique, custom ice cream (540) 349-1382 • 275 W. Lee creations, smoothies, cakes and Highway shakes. Ice cream is prepared on M - Thu 11:30am - 10pm; frozen granite stone. Fun, family Fri 11:30am - 11pm; Sat 12 noon environment. Cakes and ice cream by the pint or gallon can be purchased to - 11pm; Sun 12 noon - 10pm bring home. Authentic Chinese, Thai, Fusion, and Seafood cuisine. Offer lunch www.coldstonecreamery.com buffet everyday. Feature China Jade specialties and Kid’s menu (includes Country Cookin’ chicken wings and grilled cheese). (540) 349-9120 • 623 Frost Casual dress. Avenue Sun - Thu - 7am - 9pm; Fri - Sat - 7am - 10pm Hearty portions, made-to-order entrees, variety of sides and desserts. Serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All-you-can-eat salad, vegetable, bread, soup, and dessert bar available for $4.99. www.countrycookin.com


(540) 347-0401 • 7323 Comfort Inn Dr. 24 hours a day Serving breakfast 24 hours a day. Burgers, sandwiches and soup also available. Free Wi-Fi. www.dennys.com/en

Domino’s Pizza

(540) 347-0001 • 81 W Lee Highway Sun-Thu 11am-12am Fri-Sat 11am-1am Pizza delivery or pick up. Online ordering available. Now offering pasta bread bowls and hot sandwiches. www.dominos.com

El Agave

(540) 351-0011 • 251 W. Lee Highway Authentic Mexican restaurant offering a variety of delicacies for lunch, dinner, and dessert. Menu has specials for lunch and dinner combinations including fajitas, enchiladas, and burritos. Children’s menu available. Full bar. Casual dress. Dine-in or takeout. www.el-agave.com

Faang Thai Restaurant & Bar

(540) 341-8800 • 251 W. Lee Hwy, #177 Sun - Thu 11am - 10pm; Fri - Sat 11:30am - 11pm Authentic Thai cuisine. Open for lunch and dinner. Full bar with an emphasis on California wines. Happy hour with $2 drafts and selected appetizers M–F 5-7pm. Sunday 50% off wine by the bottle. Delivery available. Casual dress.

To update your listing please email: hollyt@piedmontpress.com (Holly Tedeschi)

A Taste of Warrenton

April 2011


Fauquier Springs Country Club Grille Room

(540) 347-4205 • 9236 Tournament Dr. Tues - Wed 11am - 8pm; Thu - Fri 11am - 9pm; Sat 7am - 9pm; Sun 7am - 8pm Fauquier Springs Country Club’s Grille Room is an exclusive restaurant for its members and their guests. The Grille Room is open Tuesday thru Sunday and offers a variety of dishes to suit everyone’s taste. Lunch & dinner weekdays with breakfast available on weekends. www.fauquiersprings.com

Five Guy’s Restaurant

(540) 878-2066 • 6441 Lee Highway M - Sun 11am - 10pm Burgers, hot dogs, and French fries. Uses fresh, never frozen, ground beef. www.fiveguys.com

Foster’s Grille

(540) 349-5776 • 20 Broadview Avenue Sun - Thu 11am - 9pm; Fri - Sat 11am - 10pm Burgers, French fries, hot dogs, grilled chicken sandwiches, milkshakes, wings, and salads. Daily specials. Patio seating available. www.fostersgrille.com

live music Friday, April 1 McMahon’s Irish Pub, James Rex 9pm Molly’s Irish Pub, Gold Top County Ramblers 9pm Saturday, April 2 McMahon’s Irish Pub, Pete Baker 9pm Molly’s Irish Pub, The Whiskey Rebellion 9pm Sunday, April 3 McMahon’s Irish Pub, Traditional Irish Music 5pm Wednesday, April 6 Molly’s Irish Pub, Open Mic with Steve Hagedorn 8:30pm Thursday, April 7 McMahon’s Irish Pub, Steve and Friends 9pm Mojitos and Tapas, The Electeds Duo 6pm Friday, April 8 McMahon’s Irish Pub, Robbie Lemon 9pm Molly’s Irish Pub, Harley, Steve and The Shadow Puppets 9pm Saturday, April 9 McMahon’s Irish Pub, John Taglieri 9pm Molly’s Irish Pub, The Elizabeth Lawrence Band 9pm Sunday, April 10 McMahon’s Irish Pub, Traditional Irish Music 5pm Wednesday, April 13 Molly’s Irish Pub, Open Mic with Steve Hagedorn 8:30pm Thursday, April 14 McMahon’s Irish Pub, Steve and Friends 9pm Mojitos and Tapas, David & Damon 7pm

Friday, April 15 McMahon’s Irish Pub, Live Music 9pm Molly’s Irish Pub, The Blue James Band 9pm Saturday, April 16 McMahon’s Irish Pub, Brian Weber 9pm Molly’s Irish Pub, Magick Kat 9pm Sunday, April 17 McMahon’s Irish Pub, Traditional Irish Music 5pm Wednesday, April 20 Molly’s Irish Pub, Open Mic with Steve Hagedorn 8:30pm Thursday, April 21 McMahon’s Irish Pub, Steve and Friends 9pm Friday, April 22 Molly’s Irish Pub, Shane Gamble 9pm Saturday, April 23 McMahon’s Irish Pub, Brian Franke 9pm Molly’s Irish Pub, Steve, Claire and The Picnic Bears 9pm Sunday, April 24 McMahon’s Irish Pub, Traditional Irish Music 5pm Wednesday, April 27 Molly’s Irish Pub, Open Mic with Steve Hagedorn 8:30pm Thursday, April 28 McMahon’s Irish Pub, Steve and Friends 9pm Mojitos and Tapas, Fiery Run 7pm Friday, April 29 McMahon’s Irish Pub, Jon Fritz 9pm Molly’s Irish Pub, Brother Bill 9pm Saturday, April 30 McMahon’s Irish Pub, Tommy Gann 9pm Molly’s Irish Pub, Ginger Funk All-Stars 9pm

www.facebook.com/warrentonlifestyle Friend us on Facebook and check out our ‘On the Town’ tab for more happenings in Warrenton.



(540) 347-1999 •73 Main Street M - Fri 8am - 3pm; Sat 8am 2pm Small, one-man operation offering gourmet coffee, breakfast, and a variety of deli sandwiches, salads, subs, and pitas for take out. Daily specials. Recommended to call orders in.

Frost Diner

(540) 347-3047 • 55 Broadview Avenue 24-hour old fashioned diner serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts. Casual dress.

Great Harvest Bread Co.

(540) 878-5200 • 108 Main Street Loaves of bread handcrafted using wholegrain wheat grown on family farms and ground daily in the bakery. www.warrentonbread.com

Honeybaked Ham Company

(540) 428-0044 • 251 W Lee Highway Deli offering sandwiches, soups, and more. Customers will enjoy a variety of sandwiches and soups.

IHOP Restaurant

(540) 428-1820 • 6445 Lee Highway M–Sun 6am - 10pm Specializes in breakfast. Sandwiches, salads, burgers, chicken also avail. for lunch and dinner. www.ihop.com

Iron Bridge Wine Co.

(540) 349-9339 • 29 Main Street Lunch: M - Sat 11am-2pm; Dinner: M - Sat 5pm - 9pm; Sun 12pm - 5pm Cozy wine restaurant featuring a wide variety of world and local Virginia wines. Open for lunch, brunch, dinner, happy hour, and late night. Offers seasonal, healthy, small plate entrees and nightly specials to accompany wine selection. Seating available in the main dining area, historic stone cellar, balcony level or outdoor patio (weather permitting) Catering and private parties available. Casual dress. www.ironbridgewines.com

Iron City Hot Dog Shop

251 W. Lee Highway Hot dog joint with Pittsburgh Steeler décor offering customers a friendly and competitive atmosphere.

Jerry’s Subs and Pizza

(540) 349-4900 • 177 W. Lee Highway Sat - Thu 10:30am - 9:30pm; Fri - Sat 10:20am - 10pm; Sun 11am - 9pm Specialty cheese steaks, overstuffed subs, and pizza. Catering available. Offering combos, salads and ice cream. Lunch special’s menu good60/90/0/0 all day. Delivery service available. www.jerrysusa.com

Jimmies Market Cafe/Kidwell Caterers/Madison Tea Room

(540) 347-1942 • 22 Main Street Sun - Sat 9am - 5pm Fri Open til 8pm for supper Restaurant offering sandwiches, subs, and other daily specials. Also sell wine. Catering available. The Madison Tea Room is also available for time away from a hectic day. Casual dress.

Joe & Vinnie’s

(540) 347-0022 • 385 Shirley Highway M - Thu 11am - 10pm; Fri - Sat 11am - 11pm; Sun Noon - 10pm Family owned pizzeria, open for 21 years. Offers pizza, subs, pastas, and seafood. Daily lunch specials. Pizza available by the slice. www.joeandvinniespizza.net

KFC/Long John Silver

(540) 347-3900 • 200 Broadview Ave. M - Thu 10am - 11pm; Fri - Sun 10am - 12am KFC specializes in Original Recipe and Extra Crispy fried chicken and homestyle sides. Long John Silver’s is a quick service seafood restaurant. Located in the same building to provide diners with a wider variety of choices. www.kfc.com

LongHorn Steakhouse

505 Fletcher Drive • (540) 3410392 Sun – Thurs 11am to 10pm; Fri – Sat 11am to 11pm LongHorn Steakhouse prides itself on its exotic Western style entrees and appetizers (like their LongHorn Shrimp & Lobster Dip). The restaurant is proud to serve hand-cut, handseasoned steaks, thick burgers, fresh salads, and an appealing cast of seafood. Casual dress. www.longhornsteakhouse.com

Mandarin Buffet & Sushi

(540) 341-1962 • 514 Fletcher Drive Authentic Chinese restaurant offering a large buffet selection of sushi, soups, and meats.

Warrenton Lifestyle


(540) 347-7888 • 351 Broadview Ave. 24 HR Fast food chain known for Big Mac and McNuggets. Dollar menu. Now serving McCafé beverages. Kids play area available. www.mcdonalds.com

81/100/36/38 McMahon’s Irish47/68/85/60 Pub & Restaurant

Osaka Japanese Steakhouse

(540) 349-5050 • 139 W. Lee Highway M-Sat 11:30am - 10pm; Sun 11:30am - 9pm Japanese steakhouse serving Hibachi style chicken, steak, shrimp, fish and sushi. Sushi available for take out. Fun, family environment.



Outback Steakhouse

(540) 349-0457 • 6419 Lee (540) 347-7200 • 380 Broadview Highway Ave. tetrad 2 M - Fri 4pm - 10pm; Sat 2pm M-Fri illustrator 11am - 2am; Fri - Sat palette color 11pm; 11am - 2am; Sun 2pm - 9pm Sun 11am - 2am Australian steakhouse. Also offers a Family owned, traditional Irish variety of chicken, ribs, seafood, and pub. Relaxed environment offering pasta dishes. Carry out available. traditional Irish favorites. Open for Lunch and Dinner 7 Days a week. Irish www.outback.com Music Seisuin and Dinner Special on Sundays. Free Wi-Fi. Private dining Panera Bread room available. Full bar area with (540) 341-4362 • 251 W. Lee happy hour specials and appetizer Highway menu. Valet Parking Friday and M-Sat 6:30am - 9pm; Sun Saturday Evenings. Outdoor Patio. 7:30am - 8pm Live entertainment. Casual dress. Offers breakfast sandwiches, pastries, www.mcmahonsirishpub.com and bagels. Lunch/dinner items include soups, salads, and sandwiches. Great Mojitos & Tapas bread selection. Gourmet coffee and (540) 349-8833 • 251 W. Lee tea also available. Dine in or carry out. Hwy #157 Free Wi-Fi. Catering available. M-Thu: 11am-9pm, F-Sat: 11amwww.panerabread.com 10pm, Sun: 12pm-9pm The only true Cuban/Spanish Papa John’s Pizza restaurant in the state of Virginia. (540) 349-7172 • 322 W. Lee Authentic Cuban staples, Spanish Highway tapas and a wide variety of mojitos. Pizza delivery or pick up. Online Family owned, smoke-free. Open for ordering available. Wings, breadsticks, lunch and dinner. Known for their and dessert also available. Daily signature Cuban sandwich and seafood specials and features. Paella. Happy Hour, Ladies Nights and www.papajohns.com Special Events. Full bar. Casual dress. www.mojitosandtapas.com Pizza Hut

Molly’s Irish Pub

(540) 349-5300 • 36 Main Street M - Sat 11am - 2am; Sun 11am - 2pm Family owned, traditional Irish pub. Open for lunch and dinner. Laid back, fun environment. Traditional Irish fare and lots of sandwiches available. Sunday brunch from 11am – 2pm. Full bar. Live entertainment four nights a week. www.mollysirishpub.com

The Natural Marketplace

(540)349-4111 • 5 Diagonal Street M – F 9 am to 5 pm; Sat 9 am to 4 pm Organic Deli offering traditional sandwiches, soups, salads and desserts. Choices also include vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free selections. All organic fruit and fresh vegetable juices. Take-out and catering available.

April 2011

(540) 347-5444 • 95 Broadview Avenue Pizza delivery, dine-in or pick up. Online ordering available. Choose from pizza, tuscani pasta, wings, rolls, p’zone pizzas, and more. www.pizzahut.com

Red, Hot & Blue

(540) 349-7100 • 360 Broadview Avenue Sun-Thu 11am - 9pm; Fri-Sat 11am - 10pm Southern Grill and Barbeque restaurant. Offers dine-in, take out, and catering. Large menu with options for ribs, sandwiches, salads, platters, and southern entrées. Casual dress. www.redhotandblue.com

Renee’s Gourmet To Go

(540) 347-2935 • 15 S. Third Street M - Fri 10am - 3pm Gourmet sandwiches, soups, salads and sweets. Open for lunch only. Limited patio seating or grab-andgo options available. Soups are the specialty at Renee’s – each day there are two news soups. She-crab soup available every Friday. Catering and business lunches available.

Ruby Tuesday

(540) 341-4912 • 74 Blackwell Park Lane American chain restaurant serving your favorite hamburgers, pastas, steaks, ribs and more. Also have salad bar and RubyTueGo available. Casual dress. www.rubytuesday.com


(540) 349-0950 • 41 W. Lee Highway #53, 102 Broadview Ave, 45 Main St. Suite A Restaurant offering subs and pizza. Home of the $5 footlong. Food is prepared after you order, and everything is prepared fresh daily. Available for dine-in or takeout. www.subway.com

(540) 341-4206 • 316 W. Lee Highway Open late for fourthmeal cravings. Now offering frutista freeze drinks and fiesta taco salads. Also offer fresco menu (low fat). www.tacobell.com

Tippy’s Taco House

(540) 349-2330 • 147 W. Shirley Avenue Sun. - Thu., Sat. 11 am - 9pm; Fri. 11am - 10pm Mexican restaurant offering different quality specials everyday. Menu offers tacos, burritos, quesadillas, desserts and more. Dine-in or take-out. Casual dress. www.tippystacohouse.com

Top’s China Restaurant

(540) 349-2828 • 185 W. Lee Highway Asian restaurant serving authentic Chinese food. Daily specials and combos available. Dine-in or take-out.

Tropical Smoothie Café

(540) 428-1818 • 251 W. Lee Hwy #679 Café offering bistro sandwiches, wraps, gourmet salads, soups, and smoothies. Meals served with either chips or fruit. Also offer pick-two combination. Catering and kid’s menu available. Casual dress. www.tropicalsmoothiecafe.com

Check out our 3rd location in Marshall 253-5084


Buy 1 Dinner & Get The 2nd Dinner 1/2 Price


(540) 349-7171 • 251 W. Lee Highway Pizza, sub, sandwich, and Italian entrée restaurant. Available for pickup and delivery. Offer both hot and toasted and cold subs. Gourmet pizzas and calzones also available. www.pizzarama.com

With Coupon - Expires 04/30/11 one coupon per table

Tuesday Lunch Special $4.10 all lunches

Red Truck Bakery

(540) 347-2224 • 22 Waterloo Street Bakery located in Old Town Warrenton next to the Old Jail Museum. Serving fresh pies, quiches, breads, cakes, and coffees daily. Online ordering available. www.redtruckbakery.com

Taco Bell

11am - 2:30 pm

Gift Certificates Available

251 W Lee Hwy - The Warrenton Center

540-351-0011 elagave.com


We Deliver ! We Deliver ! We Deliver !





tetrad 2 illustrator color palette


177 W. Lee Highway (In Safeway Shopping Center)


Free Cheesesteak

Buy Any Regular Cheesesteak, Get a Regular Philly Cheesesteak FREE Valid only at Jerry’s of Warrenton. Not valid with other coupons, discounts or promotions. Not valid with prepaid credit card orders. Expires: 04/30/11

Vocelli Pizza

(540) 349-5031 • 484 Blackwell Road Sun. - Thu. 11am - 10pm; Fri. - Sat. 11 am - 11pm. Classic Italian Pizza. Also offer antipasti, panini, stromboli, and salads. Check for lunch and combo specials. www.vocellipizza.com

Waterloo Café

(540) 349-8118 • 352 Waterloo Street Asian food available for dine-in, takeout, or delivery. Wide range of dishes available to order. Dishes served with a side of white rice. Casual dress.

4.99 Medium Cheese Pizza $

Valid only at Jerry’s of Warrenton. Not valid with other coupons, discounts or promotions. Not valid with prepaid credit card orders. Expires: 04/30/11


(540) 347-5528 • 281 Broadview Avenue Fast food chain offering hamburgers, salads, and chicken nuggets. Also offer baked potatoes and chili as sides. Frosty’s available as desert. Casual dress. www.wendys.com

Free Pizza

Buy Any Large Pizza, Get a Large Cheese Pizza FREE

Not Valid on Mondays after 3pm. Valid only at Jerry’s of Warrenton. Not valid with other coupons, discounts or promotions. Not valid with prepaid credit card orders. Expires: 04/30/11

The Wing Fanatic

540-878-5458 • 7373 Comfort Inn Drive Mon-Wed: 3pm-12am; Thu-Fri: 3pm-2am; Sat & Sun: 11am-2am Restaurant & Bar sporting over 40 TVs for your ultimate sports and entertainment experience. The Wing Fanatic features take out and some catering and includes outdoor seating. Wings feature 34 sauces to choose from. Menu also features burgers, wraps, kid’s menu and more. Locally owned and operated. Casual attire.

Order Online jerrysusa.com



Small Pizza & Regular Coke

(Combo #1: Small Pizza & Reg. Coke) When ordering online please order $5 LUNCH COMBO#1 Not Valid on Mondays after 3pm. Valid only at Jerry’s of Warrenton. Not valid with other coupons, discounts or promotions. Not valid with prepaid credit card orders. Expires: 04/30/11

Yen Cheng

(540) 347-4355 • 294 W. Lee Highway M - Sat 11am - 10pm; Sun 12 noon - 10pm. First Chinese Restaurant in Warrenton. Wide range of appetizers, soups, and meats. Offer chef specialties and daily combos. Also offer a healthy food section and thai food options. www.yencheng.com

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Is it so wrong to love a bank?

Is it

bankatunion.com Main Street

37 East Main Street Warrenton, VA 540.349.3900


216 Broadview Avenue Warrenton, VA 540.341.3634

Customer Service Center 800.990.4828


Member FDIC

11/10/2010 7:47:46 AM

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It’s a Chamilia Party!!


Warrenton Jewelers Thursday, May 5 10am-6pm Friday, May 6 10am-6pm

Party Day Specials

Hours: Mon.-Fri. 10-6, Sat. 10-5


145 W. Lee Hwy., Next to Sears

Buy 3 beads, get one bead free* Buy 3 beads, get a plain bracelet free. Buy 5 beads, get a snap bracelet free. *Free bead will be of equal or lesser value

www.shelflifefurnishings.com 52 Main Street South Wales Storage Sleigh Bed


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Dunivan Service

Over 20 years of experience

Sales • Service • Installation

• Air Conditioning • Heat Pumps • Gas Conversion • All Makes & Models

• Special Air Cleaners • Humidifiers • Licensed & Insured • Residential & Commercial

Family Owned & Operated Deal Directly With Owner We Do The Job Right The First Time Fast, Reliable, Prompt CALL FOR AN ESTIMATE TODAY! FREE ESTIMATES ON NEW EQUIPMENT


540-349-1874 WARRENTON, VA

“We Come Highly Recommended” Very Competitive Rates

$ 30 R FO YS 30 DA

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30 day membership per person. Customer will receive 30 days of membership for $30. Limit one one in the past are not 30 day membership is a one time only offer, those who have purchased with any other offers or specials. valid Not ID. and eligible for this offer. Must present this coupon NOT include Specialty Group Membership includes use of facility and Group Fitness classes. Does Fitness classes or swim lessons. Offer expires April 30, 2011

Spring Aquatics!

Swim, R un

, Play... at the W


It’s not too late to register for Spring 2011 Aquatics classes. Offerings include Parent & Child classes (ages 6 mts. - 3.5 years), Preschool classes (ages 3.5 - 5 years), Level classes (ages 6 - 16 years), Adult classes, Summer Prep, Lifeguard Cert, WSI Cert and much more! All ages and ability levels!

Competition Pool Leisure Pool Fitness Room Water Slide Therapeutic Spa Fitness Classes Water Aerobics

Childcare Swim Lessons Memberships Day Passes Multi-Visit Passes Group Fitness Passes

(540)349-2520 800 Waterloo Road, Warrenton www.warrentonva.gov

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Amy Griffin’s What’s New Warrenton Column will return next month. Amy Griffin is the owner of inFauquier.com, a comprehensive online directory of consumer businesses located in Fauquier County. Maps to all the businesses can be found at inFauquier.com and check out the What’s New page for more business happenings in the entire county. You can reach her at (540)347-4922 or amy@inFauquier.com with your questions or any tidbits you hear about local business. 70

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