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2010 Contributing Writers: Tim Burch Robin Earl Kim Forsten Amy Gable Amy Griffin Dr. Robert B. Iadeluca

Susan McCorkindale Krysta Norman Peter Quinn George Rowand Anita Sherman Tom Tucker

There is a lot of activity in Warrenton this April and our publication is an indicator of all that action. Local businesses are working harder than ever to bring you the best Warrenton has to offer. Take a long, leisurely look inside and you will see what I mean. We finally are bringing you a column I have envisioned about for many months profiling several women I originally dubbed Phenomenal Fauquier Females. Anne Hall was partially right. She said there are probably 5,000 other women in the County like her. While I agree we could have chosen dozens of others to profile, there is only one Anne Hall. The concept for the article started with her, a woman that I have admired for over 20 years. We should all try to be more like her. Everything she does is done with enthusiasm and class. Laurie Enright is a single mom, business owner, and a warrior who has championed numerous causes in the past several years along with sister, Kitty. They use their business as a means of doing good in Warrenton and around the world. Laurie is an enigma. She has been on the fronts in places like Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan and recently delivered supplies to Haiti. Yet, her face does not tell this story. Her eyes are soft, her Irish smile wide. Laurie loves to discuss how we can next make a difference. Jill Vogel is a dynamo. I do not know how she does it but Jill can switch from being a senator to a business owner, super mom and good friend in an instant. Or, somehow, do all of the above simultaneously. Jill can make you laugh and has a great sense of humor. However, when she is in front of an audience talking about pressing issues, you can tell she has done her homework and comes prepared with her ‘game’ face on. Linda Reid has a heart as big as anyone’s does. She is patient, determined. Linda has worked with several other volunteers to bring us to the verge of having the area’s first boundless playground, a facility accessible to children of all abilities. Faced with the daunting task of raising $300,000 to construct the project, Linda has never wavered as her committee has secured some 70% of the needed funds. I first spoke with Samantha Casey to determine if there was a story about her going from Highland School student to Miss Virginia and maybe the next Miss USA. However, after meeting her, I became aware that was not the important story. This young woman has a great head on her shoulders and is already serving worldwide causes. She uses her stage to get her message out about saving exploited children, preventing breast cancer or keeping students safe. An exceptional student, Samantha shows leadership qualities usually not honed by people twice her age. There is a commonality among these women. These women are leaders in our community that balance all aspects of their life in a remarkable fashion. Each possesses a wide smile that will warm a room instantly. We have something to learn from each of them about how we live and how we serve. Their stories are inspirational. Best, Tony Tedeschi, Publisher


Warrenton Lifestyle



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Writer’s Note Anita L. Sherman

Inspired to write


hen Tony asked me to write an article for his Warrenton Lifestyle magazine, I was pleased. While the majority of my time is vested in putting out a weekly newspaper for Times Community, I enjoy occasional forays into freelancing.

I was intrigued with Tony’s idea of spotlighting several women who he has observed making a difference in the community. He thought their stories would be worth sharing. What landed in my lap has been more than a neat writing gig. It has been a gift. Talking with all of these women energized and inspired me. The process itself was revealing. I have a daughter a few years older than Samantha Casey. Many of today’s young women are so together, focused and fun. They embrace life with gusto. They give me hope that the next generation is going to be just fine. Jill Vogel debunks the notion that we have to limit ourselves in any way. She moves in a world where she can make things happen. It’s empowering. It’s a high. Certainly she is fortunate to have access and the means to forge new waters but we are all better for her commitment and the path she has chosen. Our middle son recently enlisted in the US Army. He is at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. When I met Laurie Enright we had an immediate connection. Her eyes teared as I spoke of my son. She’s been there. She’s seen it. She knows the harm that can befall young soldiers. She knows about service to your country and what that has meant for her and anyone who chooses the military. She’s also a hard working businesswoman. The success of Molly’s has not come easily and the economy hasn’t helped. I like her. I admire her tenacity and optimism. While not close friends, I have known Linda Reid for years. Our children have gone to the same schools. We’ve bumped into each other at school events or on sports fields. Sharing some time with her was tinged with a bit of sadness as our children are now young adults with all the challenges of growing up. Have we done all we can to help prepare them? Will they be able to survive? Seeing Linda rekindled those long ago days of school committee meetings, massive cupcake baking and shuffling kids to practices—all good and all in other chapters of our lives. As the oldest of the group, Anne Hall exemplifies what aging gracefully should be all about. There are no ends...just a series of new beginnings. The word ‘retirement’ isn’t in her dictionary. In her 70s, Anne works out regularly, loves traveling and relishes deep-water fishing. She supports all that is good about Fauquier County. She makes you feel proud to be a part of this community. She’s high on life. In each encounter, I came away refreshed and invigorated. Briefly connecting and linking their lives with mine has already made a difference for me. 6

Warrenton Lifestyle

April 2010


Healthy Happenings

Farmer Girls Get It Fresh by George Rowand Innovations in any field involve someone taking an idea, tweaking it and coming up with something that is better, faster, easier or cheaper for the consumer. Take farmers markets, for example. For consumers, finding good, locally grown, locally raised food sometimes can be problematic. For farmers, finding customers for their good, locally grown, locally raised food sometimes can be a chore. Farmers markets often fill the bill, but customers usually cannot be certain what goods will be at what farmers market, while farmers are not certain if the goods that they carry to market will find customers on that day. Enter Farmer Girls, LLC, the brainchild of Deanna Child and Deborah Williamson of Fauquier County. Like many businesses that have introduced the power of the Internet to their business model, Child and Williamson have taken the idea of a farmers market to the next level. “The extension office had been working almost a year and a half to figure out how to help local farmers,” Child related. “I raise pigs and chickens on our farm in Orlean. I sell eggs, broilers and all pork products. Deborah and I started talking, and the next thing we knew, we were on our way. We are the organizers of Farmer Girls, LLC, and we started in August.” Now Farmer Girls runs a service that connects local farmers with local customers via the Internet. “We have a variety of farms that supply goods for us, from those that are certified organic to organic that’s not certified to food that is grown locally,” Child said.

The Idea People who have a desire to eat locally produced food often offer the same reasons: they are tired of buying food that has been grown who-knows-where, under conditions that are unknown, picked before it’s ripe and shipped across the country, or a hemisphere, to a nearby store. They often say that they want to help local farmers stay in business. There’s a lot to like in that formula. Farmer Girls, LLC allows a customer to go online, select what they need, and pick it up at one central location. “Customers shop online from Sunday through Wednesday morning,” Child said. “Then the food is delivered on Thursday. Customers can pick up the food here at Vint Hill on Thursday afternoon, and we deliver to the Marshall IGA, the Lee Highway Nursery in Warrenton, and to Burke. And we’re thinking about deliveries to Washington DC.” Fresh Food Continued on page 10 8

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Fresh Food Continued from page 8

Beef, bison, goat, pork, poultry and rabbit are “It was a strong start,” Williamson, who raises lavender on her family farm, just a few types of meats that are available for said. “We thought that we had better perspective – a farmer’s perspective – to ordering. make it work. We’ve been gaining customers every month, and everybody is extremely happy with the quality of the food.” The list of what is offered is extensive, and the pickup is simple. “Every customer has a basket with a list of what they have ordered, and when farmers come in, they go around and put their products in the baskets,” Williamson explained. “We have 150 customers. We have a bigger variety of food than most farmers markets. We have cheese, all kinds of meat including beef, pork, chicken, bison, and turkey, and we have a lot of prepared things here. Our sausage maker buys the meat from one of our farmers. We have honey, vegetables, nuts, fruit, locally roasted coffees, herbal teas, baked goods like sweet rolls, bread, buns, cookies and cupcakes. The meat comes frozen and stays right in the basket, and all the meat is USDA approved.” The building at Vint Hill was humming a couple of weeks ago when the interview took place. Farmers and food producers were coming and going, putting items into baskets, filling paid orders, and then leaving, bare minutes of their time consumed. Carrie England, from Winchester, was among the producers that showed up that morning. “I have a business called ‘Fresh Flours,’” England explained. “I do soups from scratch and use all local and organic ingredients, and I do baked goods with local flour from Loudoun County.” Reaching into her satchel, she continued, “Today I have a roasted tomato basil soup, almond shortbread with cherries, and I do a ginger molasses cookie. And my chocolate zucchini bread sells out immediately.” England said that her business supports local farmers as well. “I go to orchards and pick my own fruit,” she stated. “That’s why my food is seasonal.” Dave Cybulski is a driver for Virginia Green Grocer in Warrenton, and he had a full load of goods for Farmer Girls. “Even though it’s winter, we still have greenhouses on the premises that are producing, and we also have organic eggs,” Cybulski said. “We have 80 Rhode Island Reds. They are good for eggs and for the meat, but we use them just for the eggs. Everything is certified organic. We have 16 Jersey cows that produce some wonderful milk.” Farmers of all ages bring their goods to the Farmer Girls. Items placed into baskets at Vint Hill that Thursday included bok choy, eggs, pasta sauce, lentil soup, ground beef, cheese, arugula, Swiss chard, steak, ravioli, celery, bacon, sausage and blueberry coffee cake. “It’s like a big general store,” Williamson said. “I’m so proud. Everything looks so beautiful, and everybody’s so ecstatic when they come to pick things up.” Farmers markets represent a good idea, connecting local farmers with local consumers. Farmer Girls, LLC took the idea, tweaked it and came up with an online farmers market that features a greater variety of food items and more convenience for the customer, along with the possibility of lower costs, and thus higher profits, and a reduction in time spent selling the produce for local farmers. It’s an innovative idea, and it’s working. The website for Farmer Girls, LLC is farmergirls.net. Customers pay a membership fee of $25 for six months or $40 for a year to purchase goods from Farmer Girls. Farmers interested in participating in the program should contact Depending on the time of year, a healthy Deanna Child at 703-868-6510 or deanna@farmergirls.net. Customers should variety of fruits and vegetables make their contact Deborah Williamson at 540-272-7839 or deborah@farmergirls.net. way from the farms to you. 10

Warrenton Lifestyle

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Old Town Happenings


hile Warrenton has been cleaning up from the winter storms, the Partnership for Warrenton Foundation has been cleaning up on awards. Congratulations, Partnership, for garnering three prestigious awards from the Virginia Main Street Program. The Partnership was presented the awards by the Virginia Main Street Center at their 25th Anniversary Milestone Achievement Awards in Lynchburg. The awards are for Volunteerism, Private Investment, and Building Improvement. The Volunteerism award is for the contribution of over 40,000 hours of volunteer time since 1989. The value of the actual 42,631 hours logged is estimated at a market value of $852,092. Amy Gable, executive director of the Partnership, remarked, “There is no way the Partnership could exist without the wonderful volunteers it has enjoyed through the years. They are the main stay of the Main Street Program.” There are some impressive statistics from the Partnership’s 2009 Main Street program. Totals from the Program Funding for Main Street (five year leveraging) show the ratio of budget to all investments is $16.35 to 1, the ratio of budget to private investment $12.62 to 1 and the ratio of budget to public investment is $3.73 to 1. The economic impact on Old Town is why the Partnership received the Private Investment award for creating the climate for more than $30 million in private investments. Old Town Warrenton’s private investments to date are well above that with a total of $32,518,854.

The Building Improvement award is a new award from the Virginia Main Street Center and the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The Partnership received this award because of outstanding stewardship of historic preservation and fostering more than 500 downtown building improvements by private investors. Old Town Warrenton has had 650 rehabilitation projects with an average investment of $50,029. The Partnership for Warrenton is the first recipient of this award and is considered the Commonwealth’s leader in downtown historic preservation. All of this adds up to Warrenton’s Main Street Program, under the auspice of the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development, being herald as the leading Main Street program in volunteerism, private investments and building improvements. The Partnership would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all of the volunteers, investors, merchants, businesses, employees of Old Town, for all of your time, expense and energy you put into Old Town and the community. This month, we have our Spring Sidewalk Sale to look forward to, on Saturday, April 17. Come to Old Town to enjoy shopping, sales and special offers from all your favorite Old Town shops! The rain date will be April 24th. Don’t forget First Fridays will begin in May and continue through October. If you are interested in volunteering for the Partnership for Warrenton in the office or for our events, please contact us at 540-349-8606. The Partnership for Warrenton is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering the economic and aesthetic development of Old Town Warrenton through a comprehensive process of economic revitalization that seeks to protect, enhance and promote its architectural and historical heritage.

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FH LIFE Center Lifestyle Ad 4/C 1 April 2010



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Jerry and Dennis Bowers and the Shortcut High School Bus are on a mission to collect school supplies for underprivileged children around the world. Shortcut High Inc. has teamed up with Operation International Children (OIC). OIC is a program established to bring desperately needed school supplies to the children of war-torn regions served by American troops. Founded by actor Gary Sinise Forrest Gump, Apollo 13) and author Laura Hillenbrand (Seabiscuit: An American Legend) OIC promotes the collection and contribution of both supply and monetary donations. 100% of all contributions to OIC are used solely for the project. With the help of the United States Armed Forces, OIC’s contributions are distributed to children throughout Iraq, Afghanistan and other nations. The goal of Operation International Children is to improve the quality of education for children by ensuring their access to the basic tools of learning, and to foster goodwill between American troops and local citizens while promoting the peace process. Shortcut High Inc. is a non-profit organization composed of a 1949 Ford custom low rider school bus and a couple of retired, volunteer Fauquier County residents. Restoration took five years and the bus was featured on Monster Garage. You may have sighted the bus cruising around Warrenton. The bus and crew recently attended the Battlefield High School’s Rock to Recovery Car Show, The Flying Circus Wings 14

& Wheels Car Show, Joe Gibb’s Youth for Tomorrow Country Fair, and the American Legion Post 72 Car and Truck Show. At the end of October the first local fundraiser took place at Fauquier County’s Greenville Elementary School and there are currently fundraisers by the Junior National Honor Society of Auburn Middle School and Sunday school classes of Our Savior Lutheran Church. Shortcut High welcomes support from schools, corporate organizations, church groups, scout troops and private individuals to help them promote Operation International Children. Listed on their website www.shortcuthigh.com under the tab “Helping Soldiers Help Children” is a list of the basic school supplies needed for the kits. Small stuffed animals and small sports supplies (Frisbees, soccer balls, footballs and jump ropes) are also welcome. If scheduling allows the bus will make an appearance at the kick-off and/or closure of a school supply drive. For additional information on OIC see www.operationinternationalchildren.com. Help them build peace in the world by making a difference in the life of a child! It is the children of the universe that are the real hope for peace in the future. The bus is headed to Kansas City, Missouri at end of April and dropping off a busload of supplies and goodwill. For more information please contact them at shortcuthighbus@yahoo.com. Warrenton Lifestyle


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April 2010


Fauquier Health Villa at Suffield Meadows Hosts New Lecture Series The Villa at Suffield Meadows, a new assisted living facility on U.S. 29 north of Warrenton, is accepting reservations for occupancy later this year. The two-story building will have the welcoming feel of a Virginia colonial estate. Architectural touches include water features, soothing natural colors and other special finishes.

Special Features

The Villa will include: • Fifty-six assisted-living apartments, ranging from studio apartments to two-bedroom apartments, with kitchenettes • Neighborhood-style layout with common areas that encourage socialization • Specialized memory support neighborhood designed for residents with memory impairment or dementia • A formal dining room • A bistro for casual dining • Beauty salon • Movie theater • Wellness center • Library equipped with computers • Shared walking trails with the over-55 development of Suffield Meadows

Lecture Series

In anticipation of the grand opening, The Villa will sponsor a seminar series designed to address issues affecting the 65 and older population and their loved ones. All seminars will take place from 7 to 8 p.m. at the Suffield Meadows fitness center. Reservations will be taken at the information center, 540-316-3800. Tuesday, April 20 Veterans’ Benefits Available for Assisted Living Tuesday, May 18 Unraveling the Mystery of Long-Term Care Insurance Tuesday, June 15 Smart Moves: Assisted Living’s Eligible Tax Deduction Tuesday, July 20 The Legal Rights of Senior Citizens: How to Make Elder Law Work for You The Villa at Suffield Meadows

Fauquier Health April Calendar of Events Monday, April 5 Your Childbirth Experience Where: Fauquier Hospital Family Birthing Center When: 7 to 9 p.m. Details: 4 sessions; April 5, 12, 19, 26 Cost: $120 • Register: 540-316-3588

MS Support Group Where: Fauquier Hospital Sycamore rooms When: 1 to 3 p.m. Register: 800-344-4867 Tuesday, April 13 Breastfeeding Made Simple Where: Fauquier Hospital Family Birthing Center When: 7 to 9 p.m. Cost: $25 • Register: 540-316-3588

Medicare and Medicaid Benefits Counseling Where: Fauquier Hospital Chestnut room When: 1 to 3 p.m. Details: Free Register: 540-316-3588

Saturday, April 17 Your Childbirth Experience Where: Fauquier Hospital Family Birthing Center When: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. April 17 and 18 Wednesday, April 14 Details: Weekend class Family Autism Fair Where: Fauquier Hospital Sycamore rooms Cost: $120 Register: 540-316-3588 When: 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday, April 8 Note: Resource booths open at 6 p.m. Diabetes Support Group Tuesday, April 20 Cost: Free • Register: 540-316-3588 Where: Fauquier Health LIFE Center New Mom’s Support Group When: 6 to 7 p.m. Where: Fauquier Hospital Family Birthing Details: “Maximizing Your Insulin Pump Blood Pressure Screening Center for Exercise” with Rick Philbin, M. Ed. Where: Fauquier Hospital main lobby When: 11a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Register: 540-316-2652 When: noon to 2 p.m. • Details: Free Details: Free Saturday, April 10 Thursday, April 15 Thursday, April 22 First Aid/Adult/Infant & Child CPR/AED Baby Care Essentials American Red Cross Blood Drive Where: Fauquier Hospital Sycamore rooms Where: Fauquier Hospital Where: Fauquier Hospital Sycamore rooms Family Birthing Center When: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. When: 10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. When: 6:30 to 9 p.m. • Cost: $25 Cost: $65 • Register: 540-316-3588 Tuesday, April 6 New Mom’s Support Group Where: Fauquier Hospital Family Birthing Center When: 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Details: Free


Medication Collection

On April 24, from 9 a.m. to noon, Fauquier Health will collect unwanted medication and sharps (needles) and dispose of them safely. Prescription medicine, over-thecounter medications and vitamins may be included. Bring mediations in original containers with the name of the medicine visible and personal information crossed out. Individuals only please; this collection is not meant for businesses or doctors’ offices. The collection will be held at the Medical Office Building on the Fauquier Hospital campus; call 316-3588 for more information. Saturday, April 24 Babysitter Training Where: Fauquier Hospital Sycamore rooms When: 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Cost: $40 Register: 540-316-3588 Unwanted Medications and Sharps Collection Day Where: Medical Office Building, Fauquier Health, 253 Veterans Drive, Warrenton When: 9 a.m. to noon

Warrenton Lifestyle

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April 2010

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For those of us who live here, we know that Fauquier County is a cool community. After a while, you’ll start seeing the same faces show up at the banks, grocery stores or when you stop for gas. It is a comforting familiarity and one that speaks volumes about the place we call home. Featured this month in Warrenton Lifestyle are the faces of a few women who add to the soul and heart of this county. They vary in age and occupation. They represent a small scene on a much larger stage. As Anne Hall commented, “Five? There are probably 5,000.” Selected by the publisher for their ability to make a difference in the lives of others, their stories are worth sharing. They are inspiring. Cuddle up on a couch, take a break from your tasks, and enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of wine. Meet a pageant princess, politician, pilot and pub owner, playground promoter and property queen. They are phenomenal women.

Anita L. Sherman has worked nearly 10 years for Times Community papers. Currently she is the managing editor of the Culpeper Times. An award winning writer, she enjoys freelancing and has contributed to The Piedmont Virginian and Flavor Magazine. Originally from Oregon, Anita lives in Warrenton with her husband, Donald. They have three children - Sophia, Douglas and Alexander. 18

Fabulous Anne Hall Anne Hall deals in matchmaking. For over three decades, she has found success in the high stress arena of buying and selling homes. “It’s very satisfying to find just the right home for a family’s needs,” said Hall who orchestrates her pairings from a cheery office at the new Long and Foster building located on Blackwell Road. Hall excels at her craft. She knows that the idea of the perfect home coupled with affordability can be a harsh reality check. “It’s really important for the buyer to be pre-qualified before we start our search,” said Hall, “and to have a clear understanding of what that mortgage payment will be and if they are comfortable paying it, that way neither of us is disappointed.” Hall, who has been happily married for over 50 years, values what makes relationships work ― being happy in your home is a key factor. Hall takes great pride in putting together winning combinations between prospective buyers and their places of sanctuary. Hall tells her clients. “If you can see yourself in the house, then it’s the home for you.” Hall laughs as she recalls her shortest sale. “This couple looked at one house, loved it and have been there for 30 years.” With another sale it took three years. “They were friends and in no hurry and fine to work with,” said Hall whose business has been built through repeat customers and referrals. While some real estate agents may come and go, Hall shines as a stalwart in Fauquier County. The walls of her office are filled with accolades testifying to her credentials – Realtor of the Year, Salesperson of the Year, Code of Ethics Award, Life Member of Million Dollar Club Hall’s career didn’t start in real estate. After graduating from college, Hall taught sixth grade in Richmond. “You’re not going to believe this, but in those days, if you got pregnant while teaching in the public schools you had three months to resign,” reminisced Hall. Leaving the classroom coincided with the start of her family and a career change. A friend suggested that she try real estate because of her outgoing personality. “I didn’t want to be a total flop,” said Hall who has never looked back. Hall is a believer in and advocate for all things Fauquier County. “We have a

Warrenton Lifestyle

by Anita L. Sherman

Fauquier Females

Five women leaders that balance busy lives while serving our community and beyond

lot to offer and there are plenty of good people who live here,” said Hall who is crystal clear about what it takes to foster strong communities. Hall stressed that the two most important areas that speak to the wealth of a community are education and health care. To that end, along with juggling multiple listings and raising a family, Hall has been a major force on the volunteer scene. Starting as a pink lady 25 years ago with Fauquier Hospital, Hall now sits on all three of their boards as well as others where she has an impact whether it’s senior issues, the Free Clinic, Lord Fairfax Community College, Highland School, Rotary, or any number of fundraisers including support for the Society for

the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Hall also served two terms on the 7th District Committee of the Virginia State Bar. Currently, she serves on the vestry at St. James Episcopal Church. Religious in other ways, Hall enjoys her long walks and doesn’t miss her sessions with Susan at the Old Town Athletic Club. “Susan is keeping me alive,” laughs Hall, “I never know what new form of torture she will have for me but I love those Pilates.” Mounted on Hall’s wall is another testimony to her tenacity. Neon shades of blue streak his back and the his eyes are a steely black on this deep water Pacific wahoo that Hall caught while vacationing in Cabo San Lucas. Hall’s eyes twinkle. “I love deep water fishing,”

smiled Hall, “he was a fighter and if I caught him, I wanted him mounted.” She looks at the fish and remembers other seas. “Our son, John Nelson Hall, lives and works in London. In 2008, for our 50th wedding anniversary, we spent eight days with his family sailing the British Isles on a catamaran. It was absolute heaven.” Still on her “to do traveling” list is the General Bradley tour in Normandy. “That’s a big place that I would like to see.” One thing not on Hall’s agenda and not mandated by her profession is retirement. “Never,” she said. “I absolutely love what I’m doing, it keeps me sane and I will keep doing it until someone tells me that I’ve gone senile.”

Anne C. Hall Age: 74 Family: Husband - John Daughter - Charlotte Anne Son - John Nelson daughter-in-law - Donna and two wonderful grandchildren – Savannah and Stewart Work: Associate Broker, Long and Foster Realtors, SRES, CRS, GRI Education: Mary Washington College with BA degree in Sociology Websites: annetalksrealestate.com www.lfccfoundation.org

April 2010


Linda Reid

Above: Linda with daughter Teylor. Below right: Linda and Teylor checking out the site of the future Fun For All Playground located on the grounds of the Warrenton Aquatic Recreation Facility.

Linda Reid is an advocate. For the past 14 years, she has devoted the majority of her time to the welfare of her daughter, Teylor, who was diagnosed with autism at an early age, is visually impaired and suffers from a seizure disorder. Coping with Teylor’s challenges catapulted Reid on a volunteer path through the years where she has served with numerous PTO groups but more specifically on county special education committees and as a member of the disability board. Reid happily admits to being a “coach’s wife.” Her husband, John, is active in Fauquier Youth Football and the Babe Ruth baseball program. “I’m always there as support,” said Reid who was instrumental helping with the Special Olympics events held in the past. A tennis player herself, she, along with another parent of a special needs child, John Schlenker, put together a tennis program under the umbrella of the county’s parks and recreation division.

Reid sees in her daughter the same aspirations that any 17-year-old would have – a desire for independence and a desire to do what her friends are doing – going to school and being part of her community. “She’s a young lady, I’d like for her to have the fullest life possible,” said Reid who is proud of the baby steps taken to give Teylor a taste of the world outside of her disabilities. Teylor has a small, parttime job at Country Cookin’ where she assists with table preparations. She also enjoys watering the plants at a nursery on Lee Highway. “Becky Campbell is so good allowing Teylor to help,” said Reid who has home schooled Teylor for the past two years. Teylor loves music and singing. Attending a regular play isn’t practical as she is visually impaired. However, as a family, several times a year, they will get dressed up, enjoy a dinner out and head

Linda K. Reid Age: 46 Family: Husband John, a Sr. VP at George Mason Mortgage in Winchester Son Conrad, 19, a student at Lord Fairfax Community College, Daughter Teylor, 17, home schooled Home: Warrenton Work: Stay-at-home mom since 1996. Previously, an office manager at a Chantilly banking and securities systems company Education: James W. Robinson High School in Fairfax, attended Northern Virginia Community College Website: www.funforallplayground.com


Warrenton Lifestyle

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April 2010


to the Kennedy Center for a musical. to help build awareness and funds for the project that is “Yes, our 19-year-old son, Conrad, enjoys this too,” said close to breaking ground. Estimated to cost $300,000, Reid. “We recently went to see Rockepella at George nearly $210,000 has been raised so far. Mason University, which Teylor really enjoyed.” “I was thrilled when the town improved the play In 2000, Reid ran for Town Council against the area at Eva Walker Park,” said Reid, “but it needed incumbent Sam Tarr. She lost by 10 votes. Her platform to be accessible.” focused on tax breaks for small businesses. Planned construction for the 100 sq. ft. play space places the Fun for All Playground near the WARF “It seemed like Main Street was becoming nothing but (Warrenton Aquatics and Recreation Facility). If needed lawyers and accountant offices. The mom and pop shops were closing and moving to another county,” said Reid. funds fill the coffers, Reid is optimistic that all children “I also wanted to make the town more accessible with could be playing there by the fall. the addition of a few handicap parking spaces.” Reid will risk the consequences of a walk in town with Teylor. “I can tell, and she can tell, when a seizure is Reid’s failed bid for town about to happen,” said council turned out to be Reid. Cell phones, a parked a godsend. That same car nearby, supportive summer, Reid’s mother was family and friends and a diagnosed with pancreatic strong back have mother cancer. Reid dedicated and daughter soon safe and herself to her mother’s care. comfortable. Now, cancer free, at Reid’s love and 80-years-young, Reid’s compassion for Teylor mother will often help with reach beyond her advocacy Teylor. for her daughter. Her heart Accessibility and extends to others with advocacy prompted Reid to disabilities and advocating collaborate with Schlenker for improvements in their on their most ambitious lives. It is a daunting and project, the Claude Moore often exhausting effort but Fun for All Playground. Reid remains an optimist. Mayor George Fitch and the Happily married for Town of Warrenton embrace 26 years, Reid takes the boundless playground pleasure in life’s simple that will be constructed offerings — a lunch out with all children in mind with friends, walks with — incorporating innovative Teylor and family dinners equipment to encourage or beach trips. those with disabilities to join in the fun. Family, faith, a few Linda volunteering here with Brianna at the Special good friends and a nice “When we had one of our Needs Tennis Program at Chestnut Forks. cup of hot tea keep Reid initial demonstrations, we happy and whole. “I enjoy had kids from the schools them most.” come out. Sitting in a wheelchair in mulch prompted a quick response — ‘hey, “In my unwavering endeavor to help those who may you can’t move in this.’ have a differing ability, especially for our daughter, you “They got it,” smiled Reid who spoke enthusiastically first have to communicate, then you can collaborate, about the creative ramp system, rubberized surface and followed by educate and finally advocate. Awareness is many bright colors that will encourage parallel play the first step towards acceptance,” said Reid who has between children with disabilities and children with no reservations in letting the community know about none. Parents and grandparents will find the playground Teylor’s autism and seizures. an inviting space as well. “I have no qualms about them and we feel the more people who really know Teylor, the more hands there are “It’s for everybody,” said Reid. For the third year, a Fun for All Day is planned in April to catch her if she falls.” 22

Warrenton Lifestyle

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Samantha Casey Samantha Casey’s blond hair, porcelain complexion, and dazzling blue eyes scream model material. She is statuesque, svelte, and sophisticated. Casey’s youth and energy are bolstered by a bold and beautiful style. She wears a crown like it was always meant to be there. Capturing the Miss Virginia title in November, 21-year-old Casey prepares for a grander stage. In May, she competes in Las Vegas for the Miss USA 2010 title. Casey’s head turning good looks and winning smile make her a standout in any crowd. For a girl in her early twenties, she also has plenty of smarts and business savvy. She intends to capitalize on both as she walks the pageant path at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. “I never considered myself a big pageant person,” said Casey shortly after winning the Miss Virginia title. But her road to that success came from her high school years. A stellar student at Highland School, Casey made time for volunteer work. She was active in Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD). She also spent time keeping herself in super shape for her bid for the Miss Teen Virginia title. Starting in her sophomore year, Casey, at 17, took home that crown as a senior. Continuing with her education, Casey joined the ranks of the student body at William and Mary, her longtime favorite school. Majoring in business and marketing, Casey faced a tough decision in her senior year. With just a few classes left to graduate, she opted to step back into the spotlight. Putting books on the back burner for now, she faces bright lights, body toning and being on 24/7 for the remaining weeks. 24

Casey prides herself on being a planner. “I’m very focused right now but it’s different, there is so much up in the air.” At William and Mary, Casey is a top student carrying a 3.7 GPA. She is active as a leader with the student chamber of commerce and has been admitted to several honor societies. It was in college that she learned of a cause that she now champions. “A friend of mine told me about it and when I looked into it, I was on board, said Casey of the international organization that has as its mission the end of child sex slavery and exploitation - LOVE146. Named after a young Asian girl, only identified by the number she held on a piece of cardboard, a team comprised of committed doctors, psychologists and other caregivers work tirelessly to help thousands of young children - like 146 - who are victimized globally and end up in prostitution, pornography or sex tourism. As a choice for her celebratory cause, Casey did not shy from tackling a touchy subject. One of the motivating factors behind Casey’s decision to go for the Miss USA pageant crown now was the opportunity to have international attention. “I’m really hoping to make it to the top five, if that happens, I’ll be in front of an audience of 60 million or more and I’ll be in a position to talk about this organization. That would make me very happy,” said Casey who is learning as much as she can about their ongoing work and needs. Working as a volunteer with Hospice of the Rapidan, Casey caught the eye of Tammy Barboza who had worked with that board as Director

(photo by Adam Goings)

Samantha Evelyn Casey Age: 21 Family: Parents John and Laura Casey, brother Michael and faithful lab Nikki Home: Jeffersonton Work: Miss Virginia USA 2010 Education: Senior at the College of William and Mary, Highland School in Warrenton Websites: MISS VIRGINIA USA 2010 (http://www.missvirginiausa.com) Love146 (http://www.love146.org) Tune in Sunday, May 16, on NBC at 7 p.m. to watch the Miss USA 2010 pageant live in Las Vegas at the Performing Arts Theatre at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

of Development. Now with Virginia Living Television, Barboza has approached Casey about being a spokesperson for a leukemia association. “She’s very charismatic and a good speaker,” said Barboza. Sponsored by Gold’s Gym in Warrenton, Casey’s slim frame is kept sculpted and strong by regular workouts and a diet not always to her liking. “I get grouchy when I can’t eat what I want,” giggled Casey who leans toward Warrenton Lifestyle

                  

        

 

  

       

    

                                              

              

 

 

 



      




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spinach salads rather than spinach Alfredo pizzas. But, she loves pizza and, for now, isn’t looking to be a model anytime soon. Hovering between a size 4 or 2, Casey lets out a laugh. “Oh, I’d be too fat...you have to be a 0.” The son of a politician, Casey’s boyfriend Brett lives in Seattle. “He’s used to moving in high social circles and he’s taught me a lot,” said Casey of their long distance relationship. Casey confidently asserts that, “there are no skeletons in my closet.” Casey is not about to jeopardize her glamorous persona, advocacy for her cause and public profile. There’s too much at stake.

Casey smiles. “I’d like to elevate the image nationwide of pageants and I’d like a chance to talk about LOVE146.” Entering the scene, sponsor Donald Trump has spiced up the Miss USA pageant in recent years capturing ratings from the Miss America contest. At last year’s event, it came to a showdown between Miss North Carolina, Kristine Dalton, and Miss California Carrie Prejean. Asked by openly gay blogger Perez Hilton, one of the judges, about her stance on gay marriage, Prejean replied that while people were entitled to their choices she believed that “a marriage should be between a man and a woman.” While praised for her honest answer, Prejean took runner-up losing to Dalton - many convinced that it was due to her answer. Trump made headlines over the final outcome so perhaps prettiness and politics are mixing it up in pageants these days. Either way, Casey is pumped. “This is the perfect time to do this.” Her parents, manager, boyfriend, professors, fellow classmates and countless friends and supporters agree. It’s prime time for Samantha.

Jill Vogel Jill Vogel hurries out of her car perfectly coiffed in a stylish suit and high heels. She has breakfasted with her boys, has an hour or so at her office on North Hill Drive and then she’s back in the car for the two-hour drive to Richmond to attend General Assembly. Vogel is on track for her day - as a wife, mother, managing partner of HoltzmanVogel, PLLC, and state senator for the 27th District. “Care for some coffee,” she asks as she deftly maneuvers the hallways of her law firm that specializes in charity and non-profit organizations, election law and ethics. Framed photographs and certificates adorn the walls of her office displaying her Republican roots and credentials as an attorney. She’s most proud of one. “We’ve been named the best law firm in the area by the Washingtonian magazine for three straight years in a row,” beams the attractive brunette who multi-tasks effortlessly as she sends non-urgent cell phone calls to voice mail or intuitively takes others. Vogel’s nationally recognized status as an attorney coupled with her keen interest in 26

Saskia Paulussen Photography

Despite her busy schedule Jill still finds time to take care of her three growing boys at home in Upperville.

Warrenton Lifestyle

A GenerAl ContrACtinG CorporAtion

DeDiCAteD to QuAlity

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Service Work 50 S. Fourth Street

Brian Bunt Lifestyle Ad 4.C 7.621 April 2010


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domestic policy prompted her to run for the state senate. “I felt that I could have an impact, that I could make a difference, that I could be a voice in public policy,” said Vogel. In 2007, she campaigned often with a child on her hip going door-to-door to win votes. Vogel won the election that sent her to Richmond as a state senator representing the 27th District that includes Frederick, Fauquier, Clarke, parts of Loudoun and the City of Winchester. Her work in the General Assembly mirrors her practice. She serves on the Senate’s Committee on Rehab and Social Services, the Committee on General Laws and the Privileges and Elections Committee.

many do not know all that she does. “At school, I’m the boy’s mom or the person on that committee,” laughs Vogel, “they don’t realize I’m a state senator.” Navigating in the professional ring, she is known for her legal prowess or her work serving on the Boards of the Virginia Outdoors Foundation or Massanutten Military Academy or the Board of Directors for the Belle Grove Plantation. Vogel is comfortable in her skin whether she’s a professional fashionista in her workplace or Richmond or donning sweat clothes for a trip to Subway or the grocery store. In all roles, she is sincere. “We are a true citizen legislature,” voiced Vogel of her role in Richmond.

three young boys – ages six, four and one – are the highlight of her life. Vogel is crazy about them. Times have changed. Virginia legislators used to be an all-male club. In its early history, there was no ladies room in Richmond. Vogel has further distinguished herself by being the first woman in the Virginia legislature to have a baby. Politically, Vogel defines herself as right of center. She knows how to run a business, a family and hopes to influence Virginia government in a positive and effective way. She’d like to see more done on the front end of issues - she can justify spending for health care initiatives which tackle problems early on before

(photo by Maryann Horchow, GAB IT department)

Jill Holztman Vogel

“I couldn’t do what I do if the legislature met year round,” said Vogel, “this works because of the flexibility I have as a business owner and the schedule in Richmond.” Vogel’s enthusiasm for her work in the General Assembly, her pride for the law firm she helps run and her role as wife and mother paint a picture of super woman personified. Vogel’s engagement in each of her many spheres has her running a good race. She has raised the skill of multitasking to a new level and does so with confidence, an easy smile, gracious manner and tremendous heart. She moves in so many arenas that 28

Age: 39 Family: Husband Alex, sons Will (6), Jack (4), and Thomas “Tas” (1); stepchildren Peyton (11) Alex (9) Home: Upperville Work: Warrenton, Washington, D.C. - Managing Partner, Holtzman Vogel law, state senator Education: BA – College of William and Mary, Williamsburg VA; JD - DePaul School of Law, Chicago IL Website: www.senatorjillvogel.com

“I love it because there are people there representing every walk of life and work and they all come from a unique perspective and they all have something to offer.” Vogel’s professional, political and personal reins pull her in many directions. She takes all three of her jobs very seriously. She’s an artist at prioritizing and can quickly make decisions about who in her life will get top billing for any moment in her long and full day. She’s most relaxed when she can slide into her role as a mother of five. The oldest two are stepchildren who spend most of their time in California. Her

they escalate into costly solutions. Vogel is a native Virginian. Born and raised in the Shenandoah Valley, she lives in Upperville with her husband, Alex, also an attorney, three boys, two dogs, two birds and one lizard. “Oh, I am very fortunate...I am blessed with my family and work,” said Vogel. “I don’t have anyone that lives in but I do have help...I couldn’t do it otherwise.” Vogel scans the office for her briefcase, makes sure she has her cell phone and cheerily says goodbye to the girl at the front desk. She’s off doing what she does so well navigating the logistics of her many worlds and being a key player in all. Warrenton Lifestyle

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Laurie Enright has logged over 500 combat flying hours. Her call sign is “Slider.” Her combat deployments have included Kuwait, Bosnia, and Kosovo, two tours in Afghanistan, four tours in Iraq as well as numerous humanitarian relief and contingency operations. Most recently, Enright was in Haiti. Enright is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air National Guard where she has served for 24 years. As a member of the 193rd Special Operations Squadron, she flies C-130J aircraft as a Weapons Systems Officer. She is Chief of Weapons and Tactics and she also serves as a flight instructor. To say that Enright reaches for the stars is an understatement. She is right up there with them but she blushes easily when talking about her service. For her, it is a way of life that she


cherishes and one that comes naturally to her. “I was raised by parents who taught us about service and how everyone can make a difference in our world, no matter how small. My father was a police officer and my mother a librarian. They were both always volunteering and giving even though we didn’t have much to give,” said Enright. From a young age, Enright knew that she wanted to fly. Being a member of the military for her was right for all the right reasons. At 17, she enlisted in the Arizona Air National Guard. She received her undergraduate degree from Arizona State University. Enright sees the world from a vantage point that most of us will never experience. But, for many, her familiar face is well grounded on Main Street in Old Town Warrenton. While wearing wings as a pilot, Enright is perhaps best known in Fauquier County donning an apron and scurrying between tables and kitchen at Molly’s Irish Pub that she coowns with her sister, Kitty. The plot to hatch the pub was the brainstorm of three women on a plane coming home from a trip to Ireland. Laurie, her daughter Molly, and sister Kitty conceived the idea that many argued would not make it in Old Town. “We risked a lot,” said Enright “Kitty had worked for 11 years as a vice-president for airline sales. She and I are very close; we are tightly knit as a family...why not start a business together.” “When we opened Molly’s Irish Pub in 2001 we knew that in addition to it being a business and our livelihood, that we would make it a community gathering place with values based on giving back whenever we could,” said Enright who admitted that there is no end to good causes. “The Pub has been a venue for people who want to be involved and who want to give, we simply offer the opportunity.

Warrenton Lifestyle

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Laurie Jane Enright Age: 42 Family: Daughter - Molly Home: Warrenton Work: Co-Owner - Molly’s Irish Pub and Lieutenant Colonel Air National Guard Education: Undergraduate from Arizona State University, Graduate Studies at Georgetown University, Graduate USAF Air Command and Staff College Website: www.mollysirishpub.com/

Laurie at the starting line of this year’s 5K Run/Walk which raised $20,000 to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. (photo by Jeff Crites) We have had fundraisers all year, every year, from 5Ks, food drives, clothing drives, and Toys for Tots.” “What we realize is that if a little independent 80 seat pub in Warrenton can achieve so much for those less fortunate, imagine what all of the businesses could do,” smiled Enright. Volunteering at a base hospital while on a tour in Afghanistan gave Enright a firsthand look at the physical and emotional suffering endured by the injured men and women serving. “We all need to give back to them,” said Enright, “they are doing so much.” With that in mind, Molly’s 5-K Run and Walk to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project was held in March. (At press time, the event raised over $20,000.) The Enright sisters manage a staff of 14. Molly’s is open 7 days a week serving lunch and dinner. Live music several days a week keeps the place hopping. 32

Enright is grateful. “We love it, this is our home and we’re so fortunate that our patrons continue to support us.” Being a single mother, business owner and military officer, Enright constantly juggles roles and responsibilities. “It’s a balancing act, never forgetting my priorities and always remembering those who have made it possible for me,” said Enright. “Without the love and sacrifice of my sister I simply could not do what I do. Every time I’ve deployed Kitty becomes a second mother to Molly, she manages everything in my absence. For those of us in the military we cannot give enough credit to those family and friends who stay behind and take care of it all so we can do our job on behalf of our country.” Molly has her mother’s heart. The hardest part about deploying for Enright is leaving her daughter. They have missed many holidays and special

occasions. Nevertheless, despite personal challenges, Enright embraces her many roles with grace. “I do not consider myself extraordinary I only consider myself extra fortunate. I have been blessed with a loving family, friends, a successful business and most important a daughter who gives me all the joy and love one could ever imagine.”

Anita L. Sherman has worked nearly 10 years for Times Community papers. Currently she is the managing editor of the Culpeper Times. An award winning writer, she enjoys freelancing and has contributed to The Piedmont Virginian and Flavor Magazine. Originally from Oregon, Anita lives in Warrenton with her husband, Donald. They have three children - Sophia, Douglas and Alexander. Warrenton Lifestyle

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Looking gLass naturaL HeaLtH Alice K. Maher CHHC AADP Holistic Health Counselor 58 Winchester Street, Suite #301 Warrenton, VA 20186 540-222-5228 LookingGlassNH@cs.com www.LookingGlass NaturalHealth.com Facebook.com/LGNaturalHealth

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Saturday, May 1, 2010; 10:30 a.m. Presented By: Grace Keenan M.D., Nova Medical Group and Christie Romberg Pharm.D, Hormone Consultant, The Plains Pharmacy Seminar will be held at:

Nova Medical & Urgent Care Center 528 Waterloo Road - Warrenton, VA

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“Hoofin’ It For The Homeless” is scheduled for Saturday, April 24, 2010 at Airlie Conference Center. This event raises money for the homeless population in our community. Registration begins at 8:00 A.M. Walk begins at 9:00 A.M.

Please call 540-341-0900 or visit www.fauquierfamilyshelter.org to sign up today!

Last year, Hoofin’ It raised $10,000 by walkers and sponsors. We had over 75 participants. This year, we hope to increase participation, awareness, and money raised to help these families even more! With your help we can make it happen! It is a great way to get involved in the community and raise money for a GREAT cause! Any group of people (family, friends, co-workers, etc.) get together and collect donations (sponsorship envelopes are provided). On April 24th you come to Airlie for the walkathon. The walk is approx. 4 miles long. After the walk we have food, entertainment, games for the kids, face painting and music. It truly is a great day.

100% of money raised from “Hoofin It” will go directly to serve the needs of our homeless families at the local shelter in Warrenton! 36

Warrenton Lifestyle


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Medication Review Proves Valuable Tool for Seniors

By: Margaret Rowe, PharmD, Director of Pharmacy, Fauquier Health.

When she was hired by Aging Together in 2005 Kathi Walker didn’t anticipate just how quickly her new found knowledge of aging issues would become personally so important. “A few years ago my mother, age 73, started showing signs of change in her physical and mental abilities. Mom was an independent woman in relatively good health. She’d been married for more than 50 years, raised three children, received her GED and gone on to college. In between raising children she worked, enjoyed traveling, volunteered at Church, and was an avid reader.”

Approximately 90% of the elderly in the United States take medications, and almost 1 in 3 older adults take at least 5 medications. The more medications taken by an individual, the more likely they are to cause drug reactions or side effects. This is particularly true in the elderly, who may be more sensitive to drug effects. More medications to keep track of also means increased likelihood of mistakes in taking doses correctly. People 65 years of age or older are two and a half times more likely to visit the emergency room due to an adverse drug reaction than are younger people.

As a young adult, Kathi’s mother suffered from depression that she and her doctors were able to manage with proper medication. As an older adult she was diagnosed with diabetes and high cholesterol, requiring additional medications. Shortly thereafter, depressive symptoms seemed to reemerge. But she wasn’t sure where the new symptoms were coming from.

Kathi’s mom scheduled an appointment with her doctor and also made arrangements for a medications review. She discovered that some of the medications she was taking were older and no longer considered appropriate for someone her age. She was taken off some medications while others were either replaced or had dosage changes.

While advances in medical treatment, including medication therapy, have increased both the quality of life and longevity in the elderly, the benefits may be offset by other concerns.

38 38

Situations like this are frequently experienced by older adults. But unlike Kathi’s mother, many do not think to include periodic reviews of medications Medication Continued on page 40

W Warrenton arrenton L Lifestyle ifestyle

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Medication Continued from page 40

as a part of their ongoing healthcare. Take time with your physician to review prescribed drugs, vitamins, and herbal supplements. A drug taken in your 30’s and 40’s may not have the same affect when you are in your 70’s or 80’s. as lifestyles change, individuals gain or lose weight, or people build up a resistance to a particular drug or supplement. Age alone is not the only factor that puts a person at risk for an adverse drug reaction. People with multiple medical conditions require ongoing treatment with a number of drugs. In the world of pharmacy, it is a well-know fact that the more drugs a person takes, the more likely they are to experience

The best ways to assure you get the most benefits possible from your medications are to be well informed and to keep your doctors well informed. Below are a few tips on protecting you or your loved one from a medication error: • Carry a list of all medications you take. This should include all prescription drugs, nonprescription medications, vitamins and herbal nutritional supplements. Share this list with your healthcare providers, including your pharmacist(s). • Tell your healthcare provider how and when you actually take your medication, especially if this is different from the originally prescribed directions. • Your medication list should also include medicines you cannot take because of allergies or other reactions, as well as allergies such as peanuts, latex or shellfish. • If you have questions about your medicine, ask to speak to the pharmacist. • Ask the names of medications you are receiving during your hospital or clinic visit. • Request any written information about your medications. • If you don’t understand something about your medications, ask your physician, nurse or pharmacist. Be especially alert to unexpected changes, such as the appearance of your medication. • Enlist a family member or friend as your care partner to be your advocate and help you understand the information you are receiving.

a drug-drug interaction. Additionally, people with multiple medical conditions often see specialists in addition to their regular physician. Not all of the physicians who see a person are fully knowledgeable about the other medications the patient is taking when prescribing new drugs. A physician may inadvertently prescribe a drug that is not appropriate for that individual. Some people use more than one pharmacy, perhaps to save money on high prescription medication costs. This practice may seem penny-wise but does not allow a pharmacist to assure a full medication review as new or existing prescriptions are filled, compounding the possibility of medication interactions. One local pharmacist shared the story of a 76 year old man who used various pharmacies in the community. He also had his son help him get medications on-line. When this man was prescribed a medication for depression, it was not apparent from his records that he also received anti-seizure medicine from an on-line Canadian pharmacy. His seizures began increasing until his daughter called the doctor to review his entire medication list and the interaction between the seizure and depression medications was discovered. Pharmacists are a tremendous resource in assessing safe 40

• Upon discharge from the hospital or emergency room, make sure you are provided with an updated list, noting any changes to your medication regimen. • Always provide your newest medication list to your physician when you have your next office visit.

medication usage. Brown bag reviews, named to reflect putting all your medications in one brown bag for your pharmacist to assess, are a great way to assure that your medications are causing you any unknown interactions or side-effects. Many local pharmacies will schedule brown bag reviews for groups or individuals. Aging Together’s Health and Wellness Committee will help schedule a brown bag session for an older adult community group. Sandy Harris, pharmacist at Culpeper Regional Hospital, has conducted many brown bag sessions for older adults in the area. One of her concerns is the potential interaction of Vitamin K and the blood Medication Continued on page 42 Warrenton Lifestyle


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This affordable 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in Midland is complimented with a 2.55 acre private lot with one car attached garage and a 24x38 detached garage with carport and circular driveway. Get cozy in the glass enclosed porch off of the family room that features a wood burning fireplace with mantel. Newly updated kitchen with black appliances. New hardwood floors.

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Business Seminar Slated Thursday April 15 Marketing on a Shoestring is the third installment of our seminar series Accelerating Your Business Out of a Recession. Lead by local business gurus Jamie Gorman and Scot Small, the program will be held at the Warrenton Visitor Center from 8:00 am until 9:30 am. Only $10 for members, $20 for non-members, cash or check at the door.

Great Harvest Bakery Ribbon Cutting Friday, April 16!

Mark your calendar. Details available at www.warrentonchamber.org

Member Luncheon April 30 from 11:30am to 1:30pm

Join us for our next Luncheon on Friday, April 30, 2010 11:30 - 1:30 PM at the Warrenton Presbyterian Church Social Hall. Guests are welcome! Lunch will be $20 payable at the door, by cash or check. Please RSVP to Whitney Edwards at 540-229-8915 or whitney@warrentonchamber.org. Warrenton Presbyterian Church is located at 91 Main Street in Warrenton.

Join the Greater Warrenton Chamber of Commerce Today!

540-229-8915 • www.warrentonchamber.org Greater Warrenton Chamber of Commerce

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Medication Continued from page 42

thinning medication Coumadin. She always reminds seniors to watch the amount of Vitamin K in over the counter vitamins if they are taking this medication. Sandy reminds everyone that it is important to include over the counter and herbal remedies also in your brown bag review. People are living longer, scientists are constantly identifying new treatments, and our knowledge of the process of aging is developing as well. There are a variety of resources that can be accessed to identify medications that may pose concerns for older adults. One of many examples, the “Beers List,” provides 42

guidelines about medications that should rarely be used by seniors. The Beers List is not used by all physicians, but at the very least serve as an example of growing need for all of us to ask for regular review of our medications to determine their usefulness and risk as we age and change. Kathi’s mother continues her regime of daily prescribed drugs and herbal supplements. She schedules routine doctor visits to monitor her health and carries an updated medications list in her wallet.. As her condition changes, one of the first things she makes sure to do is ask for a review of her medications. This has proven to be a valuable assessment

for all involved - patient, family, doctor, and pharmacist. She experiences fewer side effects from medication interactions and feels better overall. Aging Together is a community partnership working now to assure that all citizens have the services and supports they need as they grow older. Join the Fauquier Care Senior Network of Aging Together the 3rd Thursday of every month, 1 pm, Fauquier Hospital to help us make an impact in Fauquier County. Contact Vicki Vance at 351-1063 or Vvance@ agingtogether.org Warrenton Lifestyle

Dunivan Service

Over 20 years of experience

Sales • Service • Installation

• Air Conditioning • Heat Pumps • Gas Conversion • All Makes & Models • Special Air Cleaners • Humidifiers • Licensed & Insured • Residential & Commercial

receive $1500 tax credit

when you purchase a 15 seer heat pump and/or gas heating and cooling system. Exp. 12/31/10



540-349-1874 WARRENTON, VA

Family Owned & Operated Deal Directly With Owner We Do The Job Right The First Time Fast, Reliable, Prompt “We Come Highly Recommended” Very Competitive Rates

FAUQUIER SPRINGS COUNTRY CLUB A Club Rich in Tradition and History, Where Families Come Together

The Springs Club is now offering, for a limited time, a

Special Trial Membership! For more information about our Trial Membership or to schedule a tour of the facilities, feel free to contact Ashley Samoranski at 540.347.4205 or office@fauquiersprings.com.

Golf•Tennis•Pool•Activities•Dining Fauquier Springs is dedicated to providing a variety of offerings for the entire family

9236 Tournament Drive Warrenton, VA 20186 www.fauquiersprings.com April 2010



& the Arts

Evolution of The Piedmont Symphony Orchestra Rock Music With Full Orchestra Evolution – The Season

The Performances

Thus, “Evolution” became the title of the 2009/10 season. As the PSO Board of Directors met early in 2009, Quader again raised the bar: “To attract a younger audience that will want to return and see our classical performances, the Orchestra must consider performing contemporary music.” An epic musical project was born and dubbed “Nights in White Satin – A Rock Symphony Orchestra Performance.”

The performances will be held at Highland Center for the Arts located at 597 Broadview Avenue in Warrenton, VA. Shows are Saturday, 10 April at 8PM and Sunday 11 April at 3 PM (doors open ½ hour before the show). Tickets are $20/Adults, $15/Seniors 60+ and $5/Students. PSO recommends purchasing tickets in advance at www. piedmontsymphony.org as we expect these concerts to sell out. If you have questions, please call (540) 270-3168 and leave a voice mail. If you would like to make a donation, you may do so online or mail a check to PO Box 509, Warrenton VA 20188.

The Rock Band

Hanna Rodriguez (left) and Laural Gravatte (right) concentrate on their violin parts in Kashmir by Led Zeppelin

The Vision “You have to make the orchestra exciting to today’s audience. Our culture’s way of being entertained is different than it was 50 years ago. Piedmont Symphony must consider this as it evolves.” Music Director, Glenn Quader, laid out his vision for the Piedmont Symphony five years ago and he has since made good on his plans. As the orchestra has grown in size and professional scope, it has presented three world premiers, three U. S. premiers and it has incorporated multimedia into its performances. On the technical side, the PSO has built an innovative website including video podcasts, and introduced the first microsite designed specifically for mobile devices. PSO has received national recognition for these aspects of its marketing efforts. 44

The full PSO will surround a rock band as it plays songs by the Moody Blues, Chicago, the Beatles, and other hits by Led Zeppelin and Kansas. Performing with the Orchestra will be Russ Hasty (vocals/drums) and Ken Hasty (vocals/ guitars), formerly of the Canaveral Band, a popular touring act in the late 80s. Russ and Ken also toured with Kansas from 1994 to 1998 as musical support technicians and backup musicians. Jack Macinnis, who is currently Director of the Performance Theatre and Operations Engineering at Sirius XM Satellite Radio, will be on electric and acoustic guitars. Thomas Tucker (bass/sax/guitar/vocals) has performed and recorded with many regional musicians. Regular PSO member Brian Jones will handle piano for the group and Lyle Muncy, wellknown locally, will be singing lead on many of the songs. PSO Music Director Glenn Quader will also play bass and PSO Assistant Conductor Paul Kim will tackle rock violin. Russ Hasty may have summed up the band’s excitement saying, “I am so stoked to do this. After all the cool things my brother and I have done, getting a chance to do this music with a full orchestra of the quality of Piedmont Symphony is awesome. I can’t wait!”

This concert is generously sponsored by the folks at Country Chevrolet. (photos by Karl Pittelkau)

PSO Music Director Glenn Quader playing electric bass while conducting the orchestra

Warrenton Lifestyle

OOO Prrriii Creativity. Quality. Professionalism

The Professional Receivable Management Company Complete A/R Management and Collection Services Commercial / Retail / Healthcare / Banking Commercial and Retail Billing Services Large Scale Hospital and Medical Group Clean-up Projects / Retail Clean-up Projects Litigation Management / Debtor Location Services

Custom Design & Installation of

Since 1993, United Recovery Service has generated more than $35,000,000 for its clients!

Professional Plans - Patios & Walkways Decorative & Retaining Walls - Decks Pergolas & Arbors - Accent Lighting Water Features, Ponds & Fountains Beautiful Gardens & Plantings

◆ Correspond Today! 800-229-3994 info@e-urs.com P.O. Box 3471 Warrenton, VA 20188-8071

Landscape LLC






Beh i n d On Yo u r Mo rtg ag e? F ac i n g F o rec l o su re? A Sh o rt Sal e may b e yo u r an swer. L o n g & F o ster ®c an h el p . For homeowners who may not be able to keep mortgage payments current, there may be alternatives to help avoid bankruptcy or foreclosure. This is call a Short Sale.

When Long & Foster Sales Associates enrolls the seller in the exclusive short sale program, a Platinum Group Services counselor assists the seller in the process every step of the way.

In a Short Sale transaction, a lender agrees to accept less than the amount owed on a mortgage. This process can be stressful and time-consuming.

What are the benefits of a short sale with Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc./Platinum Services Group? • May be faster and less expensive than a foreclosure for both the lender and the homeowner. • Could help prevent a homeowner from foreclosure or bankruptcy. • A Short Sale may be less damaging to the homeowner's personal credit.

Introducing Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc./Platinum Group Services This team was created to help homeowners who may be facing this scenario. Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc./Platinum Group Services is a short sale processing company that is specially trained to work exclusively with Long & Foster Sales Associates and lenders to help homeowners navigate the complex world of Short Sale. They have an efficient and streamlined process to help make the short sale transaction less stressful for the seller.

If you think this may be your answer, you will want to work with the best trained team in real estate—and get access to the exclusive Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc./Platinum Group Services. Contact a Long & Foster Sales Associate today. 00598IBN©FLS10

540/347-2250 •

April 2010

492 Blackwell Rd., Warrenton, VA 20186 •



CeleBrATe MoTher’S DAY wITh uS

A Brunch to Benefit Fauquier Family Shelter All proceeds will benefit homeless families in our community Cold Selections:  Local Tomato and Organic Garden Arugula Salad with White Balsamic Reduction, Fresh Cracked Pepper and Local Goat Cheese Quenelles  Airlie Organic Garden Greens with Roasted Vegetables -Trio of Homemade Dressings and Croutons  Broccoli and VA Ham Salad with Honey Roasted Peanuts and Bourbon Soaked Cherries  Grilled Spring Vegetable Display accented with a Dried Local Chili Pepper Coulis, Balsamic Reduction and Shaved Local Parmesan  Seasonal Sliced Fruit Display with Fresh and Dried Fruits  Fresh Baked Breakfast Breads and Pastries Hot Selections:  Oatmeal-Cranberry Pancake Bars served with Warm Vermont Maple Syrup and Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream  Roasted Fennel, Leek and Potato Frittata with Ricotta, Garden Herbs and a Blend of Local Derby Cheeses  Applewood Smoked Bacon and Grilled Local Beef Kielbasa Sausage  Caraway accented Red Skin Breakfast potatoes with Caramelized Onions and Organic Garden Herbs  Seasonal Vegetable Medley with a blend of Airlie Organic Garden Herbs  Oven Roasted Wild Alaskan Halibut accented with Roasted Local Tomatoes, served in a Spring Asparagus Cream Action Stations:  Local Free Range Egg & Omelette Station Fried, Poached and Scrambled Local Eggs made to Order accompanied by a selection of Seasonal Omelette Options  Crepe Station - Country Ham and Local Emmanthaler Crepes, Strawberry and Dark Chocolate Crepes, Orange and Milk Chocolate Crepes  Carving Station Slow Roasted Local Pork and Local All Natural Beef Pot Roast accompanied by boiled Fingerlings Potatoes with Matignon, Silver Dollar Rolls and Sauces Dessert Station:  Blackberry Cobbler served with a Vanilla Bean Chantilly Cream, Dark Chocolate-Apricot ‘Sacher’ Cake, Miniature Fresh Fruit Tartlettes, Lemon and White Chocolate Torte accented with Almonds

underwritten and presented by the Airlie Foundation

70 MAIN STREET, 4th FLOOR Warrenton, Virginia 20186

The Workplace provides community employers with job vacancy advertising free of charge and assistance with matching candidates to your job opportunities. Please Mail a flyer or Call today to list your job openings!


Taking place at Beautiful Airlie Center

The Workplace 70 Main St, 4th Floor Warrenton, VA 20186

Four seatings 11 am, 11:45 am, 12:30 pm, 1:15 pm Ticket Information Adults $45 Youth (7-12) $20 Children (6 & under) Free Please call 540-341-0900 to reserve your tickets or visit our website www.fauquierfamilyshelter.org There will be no ticket sales after May 3rd.

Hours: Monday - Friday 10:00 am – 3:00 pm 540-341-3350 email: theworkplace1@verizon.net

May 9, 2010



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1 2 3 4 Into Health 5 6 7 8

Sign up for the WARF’s Spring into Health program and receive 8 weeks (16 classes, 2x/week) of small group (3-5 people) personal training at a fraction of the cost of personal training! Get the 1-on-1 attention you need to help you reach your goals! Participants will also receive 3 complimentary Healthy For Life classroom sessions to learn about nutrition and healthy living. Each training session will be 50 minutes in length and will include 40-45 minutes of cardio and weight training followed by cool down and stretch. Trainers will accommodate sessions for different fitness levels with high and low impact options.


TO A BETTER YOU! APRIL 19 - JUNE 12 Member Cost: $400 Non-Member Cost: $495


Healthy for Life classes!

Register for Spring Into Health and receive, at no additional cost, 3 Healthy for Life classroom sessions!

800 Waterloo Road, Warrenton (540) 349-2520 www.warrentonva.gov

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. . . dreaming of warm summer days on the beach? Rent this Myrtle Beach second row condo for your next vacation.

Call for details: (703) 763-1678. Charming, newly renovated one bedroom condo (sleeps 4) in popular Shore Drive area near Restaurant Row, several golf courses, and the longest fishing pier on the east coast. A three minute walk will put you on the beach!

April 2010

You Enjoy The Fish We take care of the details • Enhance your Home, Office or Business • Custom Aquarium installations • Marine & Freshwater environments • Professional servicing SPECIAL OFFERS ON NEW INSTALLATIONS CALL NOW FOR DETAILS

540-272-7752 aquariums20187@gmail.com Serving Fauquier County homes and businesses for 17 years. 47


& Fitness

So You Want to Get in Shape? Focus on the Journey, Not the Destination by Kim Forsten

How many times have you jumped into an exercise or weight loss program full-steam ahead only to find within a few weeks you are burned out, discouraged and sometimes even a few pounds heavier than before you began?

You are not alone.

The truth: there are no permanent quick-fix secrets.

Healthy living is a lifelong journey- not a 5, 10 or 100 pound weight loss destination. Getting in shape for life requires planning, setting realistic goals and expectations and taking it one day at a time, one step at a time.

Popular culture has brought us up to believe there are Let’s create a plan that’s right for you! quick-fix secrets to getting in shape and “having the First, take a little time to sit down and answer the life and body you have always wanted.” following questions thoughtfully and honestly: • Are you physically ready to begin exercising? Have you spoken to your doctor? • Envision how your life would be different one year from now if you were to become physically active. Where would you be? How would you feel? What would you look like? • Why do you want a healthier and more active lifestyle? For change to be successful, it has to be aligned with your core values. Be honest here. Why is this change important to you? What is your primary reason for becoming more physically active? • How will you personally benefit from becoming physically active? How will your family benefit from this change? List at least four benefits to help you stay focused. • What obstacles and challenges will you face when beginning your fitness program? How will you overcome them? Be specific. • What people, resources and systems can you rely on for support? • Make a list of the types of physical activities you enjoy or can envision yourself trying. Need ideas? Visit www.otacfitness.com/fitnessplanner. Next, don’t hesitate – get started today! Use the six-week fitness planner on the adjacent page. Commit to making the small suggested changes each week as part of your personal wellness plan.

You will soon find fitness becoming a regular, pleasurable and gratifying part of your life; and you will be amazed at how great you will feel. Kim Forsten owns and operates Old Town Athletic Club, Parisi Speed School and Warrenton Pilates. Ms. Forsten has been a certified personal trainer, master group fitness trainer, master step instructor and certified nutritionist since 2000. Her specialty certifications include pilates, senior fitness, pre/ post natal exercise, Body Training Systems, and Zumba, to name a few. Old Town Athletic Club has received the Best of Warrenton for health clubs the last four consecutive years, and has been recognized regionally for its outstanding group fitness programming. www.otacfitness.com.


Warrenton Lifestyle

6 Week Wellness Journal Use the tips, tools & journal below to kick-start your 6-week fitness plan. 30 - MINUTE FITNESS IDEAS: Ride an indoor or outdoor bike, practice yoga or pilates, take a nature hike, play with your children or dog, 20 crunches, 10 push ups & 20 squats (repeated 3 times), take a dance class (or dance alone at home!), lift weights, go swimming, participate in a sports activity, take a 30-minute brisk walk or two 15-minute walks.

Weeks 1 & 2: Commit to the following three lifestyle activities. Commit to exercising 2 times weekly during weeks one and two for 30 minutes. Chart your progress below. Drink 8 oz of water before a meal and another 8 oz with your meal. Take the stairs instead of riding elevators or escalators. Compare 2 different types of yogurt. Choose the one that has fewer calories and fewer grams of sugar.

Dates: __________________ Starting Weight: __________________ Type of Exercise Minutes Exercised

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Total -

— Kim Forsten

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Week 2 *BMI:______

Total -

Weeks 3 & 4: Commit to the following three lifestyle activities. Commit to exercising 3 times weekly during weeks three and four for 30 minutes. Chart your progress below. Stick to a 3 oz cooked portion of meat - that is the size of a deck of cards. When eating out, eat only half of your meal, take the rest home for lunch the next day! Go into the bank, cleaners, pharmacy, etc. rather than sitting at the drive-thru window.

Dates: __________________ Starting Weight: __________________ Type of Exercise Minutes Exercised

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Week 4 *BMI:______


Week 3 *BMI:______

Dates: __________________ Starting Weight: __________________ Type of Exercise Minutes Exercised

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Total -

Total -

Weeks 5 & 6: Commit to the following three lifestyle activities. Commit to exercising 4 times weekly during weeks five and six for 30 minutes. Chart your progress below. Add up the amount of fiber you have in your diet - how many grams? Try to reach 35 grams every day! Wash your car by hand instead of going through the automatic car wash. Get up and walk around every 30 minutes or so (rather than sitting for long periods of time).

Dates: __________________ Starting Weight: __________________ Type of Exercise Minutes Exercised

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Total -

Week 6 *BMI:______


Week 5 *BMI:______

Dates: __________________ Starting Weight: __________________ Type of Exercise Minutes Exercised

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Total -

*BMI stands for Body Mass Index. BMI is used to compare weight and height to indicate whether a person is overweight, underweight or at a healthy weight for his or her height. Visit www.otacfitness.com/fitnessplanner to calculate your BMI today. April 2010


“The path to healthy living is paved one stone at a time.”

Dates: __________________ Starting Weight: __________________ Type of Exercise Minutes Exercised


Week 1 *BMI:______

r u o Y

O ne S Ource One SOurce

One SOurce I t e m s We Pr int & S e r v ice s We Prov id e Advertising Flyers Announcements Annual Reports Black & White Copies Booklets Brochures Bulletins Campaigns Carbonless Forms Catalogs Collating Color Copies Computer Forms Copies Copies Copies Design Services

Die Cutting Digital Prints Direct Mail Packages Directories Door-Knob Hangers Drilling Embossing Engineering Copies Envelopes Flyers Foil Stamping Folders Folding Fulfillment GBC Binding

Internet-based Ordering Invitations Labels - sheet or rolls Lamination Letterheads Logo Creation Mail List Management Mailing Services Manuals Maps Medical Forms Memo/Note Pads Newsletters Pop-Up Displays Postcards

Poster Printing Presskits Raffle Tickets Rolodex Cards Saddle Stitching Sticky Pads Stationery Packages Tabbing Thermography Training Typesetting Variable Data Printing Wide Format Printing …and much more!

540.347.4466  www.piedmontpress.com 404 Belle Air Lane  Warrenton, VA 50

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and SELF-SERVICE PET WASH Welcomes Laurel to our shop

Full-Service Grooming Available

Professional Grooming Walk-in Nail Trim & Ear Cleaning Call for appointment

Laurel and Ashley “Little One” gets his new spring style.

Bath Your Own Dog Hydro-Surge Deep Cleaning Supplies Provided, Air Blowers


367 West Shirley Ave., Warrenton

Spring Special

$10 OFF full groom

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connect. heal. shine.

www.transcendentwomen.com Mission: To Empower & Enrich the lives of Women through Transformative Programs & Offerings that Nurture the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Yoga, Meditation, Homeopathy, Holistic Health & Nutrition Counseling, Thai/Balinese/Pre-Natal Massage, Yoga & Wellness Retreats, Corporate Wellness

Expires 4/30/10

32 Waterloo Street, Suite 100 & 109 in the John Marshall Building (next to Red Truck Bakery) Studio: 540.341.3609


LAWN & LANDSCAPING, INC. For your complete lawn care service

It’s time to get your lawn ready for spring fertilize, seed, apply nutrients* and spray for weeds. Call early to schedule your lawn

540/219-9816 or 540/347-7240 *per soil test recommendations Regular lawn maintenance, i.e., mowing and weedeating, spring and fall lawn clean up, mulching and weeding of beds, planting and pruning services are also available.

Airport s s e r p x ETransportation noitatrops ylemiT narT tropri A

ebeohP ro

Ginger will be performing at the CMA Festival at the BB Kings Blues Club HMG Showcase on June 10, 2010, in Nashville, TN. See her “Upcoming Shows” for more details

ekiM rof ks A

moc.loa@ 8846-743-045 naVsserp Ask for Mike or Phoebe xE ylemiT :l iamE

540-347-6488 Email: TimelyExpressVan@aol.com April 2010


Mental Health


Who among us is perfect? Who among us does not find his vision impaired, or his legs less than sturdy, or his hairline gradually receding? Who can say that his memory is completely accurate, his ability to understand acute, and his power of logic beyond reproach? Who among us is not disabled in one form or another? Is it not so that we are all mere fractions of what we would like to be or ought to be? Folklore tells us that “practice makes perfect” yet we know within us that neither we ourselves, nor anything we do can ever be perfect. We struggle through each day, sometimes trying to our utmost sometimes not doing our best – but subconsciously realizing that everyone of us is disabled. As we do so, we try to hide our disabilities from others. We feel guilty that we are not all we pretend to be. We smile and act as though we were doing exactly what we had intended to. Being disabled, then is a universal condition. It is common to all of us and varies only in that each of us has different disabilities and to different degrees. At the same time, no matter to what extent the disability exists, the fact remains that most of us are born with brains of great potential. Of the ten billion or so cells in the brain, some of them – many of them – are available to be stimulated and used. There are those among us who try to hide their disabilities, but find it more difficult to do because their so-called “disabilities” are too conspicuous. If one leg is shorter than the other, it is hard to hid the fact that one is limping. If one’s

DISABILITY? by Dr. Robert B. Iadeluca

eyes aren’t functioning, it’s hard to walk along the street and pretend no help is needed. If a person’s brain injury causes him to shake constantly or to speak with a slur, or to have trouble reading, he can’t smile the same smooth smile and act as if he was doing exactly what he would like to do. His lack of perfection is more obvious so we label him different. Our advanced age of technology, however, has made us ask, “What is a whole person?” If your appendix has been removed, are you still a whole person? If one of your kidneys has been removed or

Who among us is capable of learning without help from others, without a pat on the back, without that wavering ray of hope?


Disability Continued on page 54

Warrenton Lifestyle


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From the Perfect Gift to Just the Right Wine...

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Sherry’s Style Color * Cuts * Perms * Waxing

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(Regular priced merchandise only.)

Get Fit.

Modeled by Jen “Princess Genevieve” The Kingdom of Azuria visit www.KingdomofAzuria.com




Hours: M-W 9 am - 7 pm T-F 9 am - 5 pm Sat. 9 - 2 pm

HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 9-8 Sun. 11-6

• State-of-the-art computerized pressure technology • Receive your FREE personalized {fit print analysis within minutes • Measures and identifies pressure points in your feet • GUARANTEES the best fit possible

Off 605 Dumfries Rd. Marigold Lane, Warrenton, VA sherrys.style@comcast.net

Fleur de Lis Flair It’s about time! Fleur de Lis Flair event planners free individuals from the time required to plan a special event by managing all the details for them, including venue negotiations, florist, photographer, caterer, and musicians.

Business Services

Payroll, Bookkeeping, Tax and Advice

Our specialties include:

 Nonprofit/


    

77 W. Lee Highway (Beside Dominos)

347-7517 Culpeper


15135 Montanus Dr.

Bealeton Shopping Center



April 2010

Corporate Events Golf Tournaments Weddings Anniversaries Birthday Parties Farm/Vineyard Functions and more!

Contact us today for a quote: Aimée O’Grady 703.785.1532 aimee@fleurdelisflair.com Kelly Harris 703.862.9959 kelly@fleurdelisflair.com

www.fleurdelisflair.com 53

Disability Continued from page 52

your heart replaced with another one, are you still a complete individual with capabilities? What if you lose the use of one lung? Or come back from combat without arms or legs? Don’t you still have the same childhood memories and perhaps the same hopes and wishes? You are you, disability and all. The wonder of nature is that you are never without any ability at all. Regardless of disabilities, obvious or not, there is within each of us the power to think and to do. The person without any brain cells is dead. The person with living brain cells is capable of doing something, and the goal is merely to find each person’s limits. Almost never do we push ourselves to our limits. Furthermore, not only do we take it easy on ourselves, but we often commit the crime of blocking others from reaching their limits. We block them in many ways – putting them out of our sight and away from our aid; depriving them of opportunities to do things; speaking to them bluntly or acting as if they are utterly helpless; giving them a job far beyond their limits, there forcing them to fail and perhaps to give u hope. Who among us is capable of learning without help from others, without a pat on the back, without that wavering ray of hope? Most of us who feel that in some small way we have succeeded can point to a parent or a teacher or a friend who gave us that extra boost. Do you consider yourself a “self made” person? Pause, if you will, and re-examine your life. Do you really mean that you have never received any important help of any sort? From anyone? At any time in your life? The likelihood is that none of us has succeeded on his own. Putting it simply, we are all disabled. What has happened, then, is that various people in our lives have urged us – by patting us on the back, either high up or low down – to use our brain potential just a little bit more. Some of us tend to emphasize our disabilities.

“Musical notes all sound the same to me.” “It’s no use – I can’t even draw a straight line.” “You want me to multiply that”? I cant even add a column of figures.” “Science was always a mystery to me.” Despite our disabilities, though, someone saw that we were whole persons, that we had billions of brain cells not being used. To our never ending surprise, we are able to tote up grocery lists, pick out a popular tune, draw a fairly decent sign and catch the general plan of orbiting a human being around the moon. We are all teachers. We are all able to urge forward others who are disabled. We can do it through empathy. We can to some degree put ourselves in another person’s shoes. We dislike admitting it openly, but within us we know that there is not much difference between having wobbly legs and being without legs – between having poor vision and no vision at all – between a bad memory and a terrible memory. Everyone we meet has some sort of ability and some sort of desire to learn, so everyone we meet is a potential student whom we can help, regardless of his apparent disability. Everyone has disabilities, and everyone also has great potential. Everyone has the desire to advance. Everyone has unlimited informational resources available to him. Everyone has a brain just waiting to be stimulated. Everyone can be educated and perform – even to a greater extent – day after day until the last moment of his life. So, what is your disability? And what are you doing about it?

Dr. Iadeluca holds a doctorate in Lifespan Developmental Psychology and a state license in Clinical Psychology. He is also a volunteer with Hospice of the Rapidan.


Warrenton Lifestyle

Warrenton Jewelers is ready for Spring! ❖ Come and see our large new bridal collection, new CHAMILIA beads and new sterling silver jewelry. ❖ Mark your calendars now.... May 1st is our REMOUNT SHOW! Over 600 mountings to choose from. All work done “While You Wait” 341-8840 Call today for information Or drop by on event day..... 145 W. Lee Hwy., Next to Sears No Appointment Necessary. www.warrentonjewelers.com

Jim Driver, Master Goldsmith

❖ We also have gifts for Easter, 1st Communion and Confirmation. Come choose from our selection Or browse our gift catalog. Don’t forget, Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Come place your order for your Mother’s Ring today!

Loving Care When You’re not there MiD-DaY WaLKS & viSitS vaCation/hoLiDaY SPeCiaL neeDS Kelly Parrish - owner BONDED • INSURED • LICENSED


Home Movies, Photos, Slides, and Video Tapes Transferred to DVD Any 3 rooms or areas cleaned

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Mass Deployments Operating System Updates Onsite & Remote Assistance Available Hardware/Memory Upgrades Preventive Maintenance Laptops/Desktops/Servers PC Toubleshooting General Computer Assistance Internet Connection Issues Computer Repair/Support Printer Installation System Restorations Computer Training Virus/Spyware/Junk Removal Business Services Performance Tune-up LAN & Wireless Networking Data Transfers Hosted E-mail System Backup Website Design Data Recovery Website Hosting (starting @ $5.95/mo)


support@htd.net • http://www.htd.net April 2010



Warrenton Lifestyle

A Taste of Warrenton The Best in Dining & Entertainment The Warrenton Lifestyle dining guide provides information on Warrenton area restaurants and nightspots. The brief comments are not intended as reviews but merely as characterizations. We made every effort to get accurate information but recommend that you call ahead to verify hours and reservation needs. Listings include Best of Warrenton award winners as well as advertisers and40/0/20/0 non-advertisers. Please contact us if you 81/100/36/38 47/68/85/60 41/24/73/2 60/90/0/0 believe any information provided is inaccurate. Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar

(540) 341-2044 • 105 W Lee Highway M-Thu: 11am-11pm, F-Sat: 11pm-12am Sun: 11am-10pm Full-service friendly, affordable restaurant chain. Offers salad bar, lunch combos, and Carside-To-Go service. Comfortable atmosphere for all ages. Open for lunch and dinner. Full bar. Casual dress. www.applebees.com

Bartleby’s Café

(540) 318-5735 • 70 Main Street M-Sat 8am-6pm; Sun 8am-2pm Quiet coffeeshop located on Main Street. Also offer catering services and take-out. Free Wifi and outdoor seating available. Casual dress.

Ben & Mary’s Steakhouse

(540) 347-4100 • 6806 James Madison Hwy M - Thu 11am - 9pm; Fri - Sat 11am - 10pm; Sun 11am - 8pm Steakhouse providing specializing in filet mignon, prime rib, and chops. Full bar with extensive wine list, variety of beers, and cocktails. Banquet facilities for up to 70 people available. Catering available.

Black Bear Bistro

(540) 428-1005 • 32/34 Main Street Sun - Thu: 11 am - 9 pm; Fri - Sat 11 am - 10 pm Restaurant offering local beers and wines, soups and salads, appetizers, and entrees. A wide variety of American food with a twist. Try the muffaletta sandwich! Also features Sweeney’s Cellar, located one floor below. www.blackbearbistro.com

Broadview Lanes

(540) 878-5383 • 272 Broadview Avenue M - Thu 8:30am - 10pm; Fri - Sat 8:30am - 2am; Sun 11am - 10pm The grill at the local bowling alley provides a great grill at great prices for any meal including breakfast. Sandwiches, subs, burgers and hotdogs along with side dishes from onion rings to chicken tenders. Children’s menu. Beer and wine available.

tetrad 2 Burger King illustrator color palette

(540) 347-3199 • 34 Broadview Avenue Locally owned and operated Burger King. Home of the Whopper. Have campaign to promote a more healthy lifestyle of eating to kids. Kid’s play area available. Casual dress. www.bk.com

Café Torino

(540) 347-2713 • 388 Waterloo Street M 7am - 4pm; Tue - Wed 7am - 5pm; Thu - Fri 7am - 9pm; Sat 9am - 9pm Restaurant offering authentic Italian pasta, seafood, appetizers, and desserts. Breakfast served in the morning. Lunch offers sandwiches, pasta, and more. Dinner usually requires reservation and is only available Thursday thru Saturday. Dine-in or takeout. Casual dress.

Carousel Frozen Treats

(540) 351-0004 • 346 Waterloo Street Hours vary. Open early spring to late fall. Soft-serve, milkshakes, and more www.carouselfrozentreats.com


(540) 347-9791 • 256 W Lee Hwy All Chicken products are prepared by hand, as are all the salads and fruit cups. Where else can you get chicken for breakfast, lunch and dinner? http://www.chick-fil-a.com/warrenton

China Jade

(540) 349-1382 • 275 W. Lee Highway M - Thu 11:30am - 10pm; Fri 11:30am - 11pm; Sat 12 noon - 11pm; Sun 12 noon - 10pm Authentic Chinese, Thai, Fusion, and Seafood cuisine. Offer lunch buffet everyday. Feature China Jade specialties and Kid’s menu (includes chicken wings and grilled cheese). Casual dress.

China Restaurant

(540) 351-0580 • 589 Frost Avenue M - Thu 11am - 10pm; Fri - Sat 11am - 11pm; Sun Noon - 10pm Authentic Chinese cuisine. All you can eat buffet Saturday 11am to 3pm, Sunday noon to 3pm. Dine in, carry out, or free delivery available ($15 minimum and within 5 mile radius). www.chinarestaurantva.com

Claire’s at the Depot

(540) 351-1616 • 65 S. Third Street Lunch: Tues - Fri 11:30am - 2:30pm; Dinner: Tues - Thu 5:30pm - 9pm, Fri - Sat 5:30pm - 10pm; Brunch: Sun 10:30am - 2pm Casual yet elegant restaurant offering many dishes including Mediterranean, Southwestern and Southern Caribbean. The service is as first rate as the food. Open for lunch and dinner and brunch on Sundays. Extensive wine list available. www.clairesrestaurant.com

Jimmies Market Cafe/Kidwell Caterers/Madison Tea Room

(540) 347-1942 • 22 Main Street Sun - Sat 9am - 5pm Restaurant offering sandwiches, subs, and other daily specials. Also sell wine. Catering available. The Madison Tea Room is also available for time away from a hectic day. Casual dress.

Cold Stone Creamery

(540) 349-0300 • 183 W. Lee Highway Sun - Thu Noon - 9:30pm; Fri - Sat Noon - 10pm Offers unique, custom ice cream creations, smoothies, cakes and shakes. Ice cream is prepared on frozen granite stone. Fun, family environment. Cakes and ice cream by the pint or gallon can be purchased to bring home. www.coldstonecreamery.com

Country Cookin’

(540) 349-9120 • 623 Frost Avenue Sun - Thu - 7am - 9pm; Fri - Sat - 7am - 10pm Hearty portions, made-to-order entrees, variety of sides and desserts. Serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All-you-can-eat salad, vegetable, bread, soup, and dessert bar available for $4.99. www.countrycookin.com


(540) 347-0401 • 7323 Comfort Inn Dr. 24 hours a day Serving breakfast 24 hours a day. Burgers, sandwiches and soup also available. Free Wi-Fi. www.dennys.com/en

To update your listing please email: hollyt@piedmontpress.com (Holly Tedeschi)

A Taste of Warrenton

April 2010


Domino’s Pizza

Five Guy’s Restaurant

Honeybaked Ham Company

(540) 347-0001 • 81 W Lee Highway Sun-Thu 11am-12am Fri-Sat 11am-1am Pizza delivery or pick up. Online ordering available. Now offering pasta bread bowls and hot sandwiches. www.dominos.com

(540) 878-2066 • 6441 Lee Highway M - Sun 11am - 10pm Burgers, hot dogs, and French fries. Uses fresh, never frozen, ground beef. www.fiveguys.com

(540) 428-0044 • 251 W Lee Highway Deli offering sandwiches, soups, and more. Customers will enjoy a variety of sandwiches and soups.

El Agave

Foster’s Grille

(540) 349-5776 • 20 Broadview Avenue Sun - Thu 11am - 9pm; Fri - Sat 11am - 10pm Burgers, French fries, hot dogs, grilled chicken sandwiches, milkshakes, wings, and salads. Daily specials. Patio seating available. www.fostersgrille.com

(540) 428-1820 • 6445 Lee Highway M–Sun 6am - 10pm 60/90/0/0 Specializes in breakfast. Sandwiches, salads, burgers, chicken also available for lunch and dinner. www.ihop.com

(540) 351-0011 • 251 W. Lee Highway Authentic Mexican restaurant offering a variety of delicacies for lunch, dinner, and desert. Menu has specials for lunch and dinner combinations including fajitas, enchiladas, and burritos. Children’s menu available. Full bar. Casual dress. Dine-in or take-out. www.el-agave.com

Faang Thai Restaurant & Bar

(540) 341-8800 • 251 W. Lee Hwy, #177 Sun - Thu 11am - 10pm; Fri - Sat 11:30am - 11pm Authentic Thai cuisine. Open for lunch and dinner. Full bar with an emphasis on California wines. Happy hour with $2 drafts and selected appetizers Mday – Friday 5-7pm. Sunday 50% off wine by the bottle. Delivery available. Casual dress.

Fauquier Springs Country Club Grille Room

(540) 347-4205 9236 Tournament Drive Tues - Wed 11am - 8pm; Thu - Fri 11am - 9pm; Sat 7am - 9pm; Sun 7am - 8pm Fauquier Springs Country Club’s Grille Room is an exclusive restaurant for its members and their guests. The Grille Room is open Tuesday thru Sunday and offers a variety of dishes to suit everyone’s taste. Lunch & dinner weekdays with breakfast available on weekends. www.fauquiersprings.com


(540) 347-1999 •73 Main Street M - Fri 8am - 3pm; Sat 8am - 2pm Small, one-man operation offering gourmet coffee, breakfast, and a variety of deli sandwiches, salads, subs, and pitas for take out. Daily specials. Recommended to call orders in.

Frost Diner

(540) 347-3047 • 55 Broadview Avenue 24-hour old fashioned diner serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts. Casual dress.

Granpa Groovey’s

(540) 347-5757 • 573 Frost Avenue M closed; Tue - Wed 11:30am - 10pm; Thu - Sun 11:30 - 1am Specializing in seafood and American fare. Tuesday and Thursday seafood specials. Everyday all you can eat seafood for $39.95. Full bar. Live entertainment Thursday through Saturday.

Great Harvest Bread Co.

(540) 878-5200 • 108 Main Street Loaves of bread handcrafted using wholegrain wheat grown on family farms and ground daily in the bakery. www.warrentonbread.com

IHOP Restaurant

Iron Bridge Wine Co.

(540) 349-9339 • 29 Main Street Lunch: M - Sat 11am-2pm; Dinner: M - Sat 5pm - 9pm; Sun 12pm - 5pm Cozy wine restaurant featuring a wide variety of world and local Virginia wines. Open for lunch, brunch, dinner, happy hour, and late night. Offers seasonal, healthy, small plate entrees and nightly specials to accompany wine selection. Seating available in the main dining area, historic stone cellar, balcony level or outdoor patio (weather permitting) Catering and private parties available. Casual dress. www.ironbridgewines.com

Iron City Hot Dog Shop

251 W. Lee Highway Hot dog joint with Pittsburgh Steeler décor offering customers a friendly and competitive atmosphere.

Jerry’s Subs and Pizza

(540) 349-4900 • 177 W. Lee Highway Sat - Thu 10:30am - 9:30pm; Fri - Sat 10:20am - 10pm; Sun 11am - 9pm Offers specialty cheese steaks, overstuffed subs, and pizza. Catering available. Hershey’s ice cream. www.jerrysusa.com


Buy 1 Dinner & Get The 2nd Dinner 1/2 Price With Coupon - Expires 4/30/10 one coupon per table

Tuesday Lunch Special $4.10 all lunches

Open 7 days a week Mon.-Thur.: 11:00am - 9:30pm Fri.-Sat.: 11:00am - 10:30pm Sunday: 11:30am - 9:30pm

The Ultimate Asian Buffet

10% Off

with any purchase over $15

Coupon must be presented before ordering. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Expires 4/30/10

11am - 2:30 pm

Gift Certificates Available

251 W Lee Hwy - The Warrenton Center

540-351-0011 58

514 Fletcher Dr., Warrenton, VA

(Northrock Shopping Center, Next to Harris Teeter)

540.341.1962 • 540.341.1963 Warrenton Lifestyle

Joe & Vinnie’s

(540) 347-0022 • 385 Shirley Highway M - Thu 11am - 10pm; Fri - Sat 11am - 11pm; Sun Noon - 10pm Family owned pizzeria, open for 21 years. Offers pizza, subs, pastas, and seafood. Daily lunch specials. Pizza available by the slice. www.joeandvinniespizza.net



Kentucky Fried Chicken/ Long John Silver


2 • 200 Broadview Ave. (540)tetrad 347-3900 M - Thu 10am - 11pm; Fri - Sun 10am - 12am illustrator color palette

KFC specializes in Original Recipe and Extra Crispy fried chicken and home-style sides. Long John Silver’s is a quick service seafood restaurant. Located in the same building to provide diners with a wider variety of choices. www.kfc.com

Ledo Pizza

(540) 341-8580 504 Fletcher Drive Authentic Italian pizza and cuisine offering appetizers, combos, salads, subs, pizzas and more. Catering available. Lunch special from 11 am to 4 pm Monday thru Friday. www.ledopizza.com

Main St. Grill & Mexican Food

(540) 351-0550 • 79 Main Street M 11am - 9pm; Tue - Thu 11am - 9:30pm; Fri-Sat 11am-10:30pm; Sun 11am-9pm Attached to Rhodes Drug Store. Offers appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches, larger entrees as well as traditional Mexican favorites. Specials change daily. Full bar. Casual dress.

Molly’s Irish Pub

Mandarin Buffet & Sushi

(540) 341-1962 • 514 Fletcher Drive Authentic Chinese restaurant offering a large buffet selection of sushi, soups, and meats.


(540) 347-7888 • 351 Broadview Ave. 24 HR Fast food chain known for Big Mac and 40/0/20/0 McNuggets. Dollar menu. Now serving McCafé beverages. Kids play area available. www.mcdonalds.com

McMahon’s Irish Pub & Restaurant

(540) 347-7200 • 380 Broadview Ave. M-Thu 3pm - 2am; Fri - Sat 11am - 2am; Sun 11am - 2am Family owned, traditional Irish pub. Relaxed environment offering traditional Irish favorites. Brunch from 11am – 3pm and roast beef dinner with Irish musicians on Sundays. Free Wi-Fi. Private dining room available. Full bar area with happy hour specials and appetizer menu. Live entertainment. Casual dress. www.mcmahonsirishpub.com

Mojitos & Tapas

(540) 349-8833 • 251 W. Lee Hwy #157 M-Thu: 11am-9pm, F-Sat: 11am-10pm, Sun: 12pm-9pm The only true Cuban/Spanish restaurant in the state of Virginia. Authentic Cuban staples, Spanish tapas and a wide variety of mojitos. Family owned, smoke-free. Open for lunch and dinner. Known for their signature Cuban sandwich and seafood Paella. Happy Hour, Ladies Nights and Special Events. Full bar. Casual dress. www.mojitosandtapas.com

(540) 349-5300 • 36 Main Street M - Sat 11am - 2am; Sun 11am - 2pm Family owned, traditional Irish pub. Open for lunch and dinner. Laid back, fun environment. Traditional Irish fare and lots of sandwiches available. Sunday brunch from 11am – 2pm. Full bar. Live entertainment four nights a week. www.mollysirishpub.com

Osaka Japanese Steakhouse

(540) 349-5050 • 139 W. Lee Highway M-Sat 11:30am - 10pm; Sun 11:30am - 9pm Japanese steakhouse serving Hibachi style chicken, steak, shrimp, fish and sushi. Sushi available for take out. Fun, family environment.

Outback Steakhouse

(540) 349-0457 • 6419 Lee Highway M - Fri 4pm - 10pm; Sat 2pm - 11pm; Sun 2pm - 9pm Australian steakhouse. Also offers a variety of chicken, ribs, seafood, and pasta dishes. Carry out available. www.outback.com

Panera Bread

(540) 341-4362 • 251 W. Lee Highway M-Sat 6:30am - 9pm; Sun 7:30am - 8pm Offers breakfast sandwiches, pastries, and bagels. Lunch/dinner items include soups, salads, and sandwiches. Great bread selection. Gourmet coffee and tea also available. Dine in or carry out. Free Wi-Fi. Catering available. www.panerabread.com

To update your listing please email: hollyt@piedmontpress.com (Holly Tedeschi)

A Taste of Warrenton Expires 4/30/10

Expires 4/30/10




Garlic Mashed Potatoes Potatoes Au Gratin Sweet Potato Souffle THE HONEYBAKED MINI HAM (3-5.5 lbs.) Broccoli Rice Casserole Cinnamon Apples THE HONEYBAKED BONELESS WHOLE HAM (6-9 lbs.) Green Bean Casserole 40/0/20/0 HALF HAM (3-5 lbs.) Macaroni & Cheese 47/68/85/60THE HONEYBAKED 41/24/73/2BONELESS *Cornbread Dressing *Turkey Gravy THE HONEYBAKED TURKEY BREAST (2.75-3 lbs.)




tetrad 2 HONEYBAKED BY THE SLICE HoneyBaked Ham, HoneyBaked Turkey Breast illustrator color palette or HoneyBaked Boneless Ham


April 2010

Heat-And-Serve Side Dishes


Carry Out Special LARGE PIZZA with up to 4 toppings 12 WINGS & 2 LITER SODA

251 West Lee Hwy., Warrenton, VA Phone: 540-428-0044 • Fax: 540-428-0043

* seasonally available

Happy Mothers Day

7HoneyBaked Off

$ 00

Bone -In Half Ham

with coupon

99 19 HoneyBaked


Turkey Breast Expires 5/09/10


Papa John’s Pizza

(540) 349-7172 • 322 W. Lee Highway Pizza delivery or pick up. Online ordering available. Wings, breadsticks, and dessert also available. Daily specials and features. www.papajohns.com

Pizza Hut

(540) 347-5444 • 95 Broadview Avenue Pizza delivery, dine-in or pick up. Online ordering available. Choose from pizza, tuscani pasta, wings, rolls, p’zone pizzas, and more. www.pizzahut.com


(540) 349-7171 • 251 W. Lee Highway Pizza, sub, sandwich, and Italian entrée restaurant. Available for pickup and delivery. Offer both hot and toasted and cold subs. Gourmet pizzas and calzones also available. www.pizzarama.com

Quiznos Subs

(540) 428-3803 • 6437 Lee Highway Sun 11am - 8pm; M - Sat 10am - 9pm Sub shop offering hot and cold menu selections. Also offer new longer, slimmer Torpedo sub and sammies served on flatbread. Salad and soup sides available. Tray and box lunch catering available. Dine-in or take-out. www.quiznos.com

Red Truck Bakery

(540) 347-2224 • 22 Waterloo Street Bakery located in Old Town Warrenton next to the Old Jail Museum. Serving fresh pies, quiches, breads, cakes, and coffees daily. Online ordering available. www.redtruckbakery.com

Red, Hot & Blue


(540) 349-7100 • 360 Broadview Avenue Sun-Thu 11am - 9pm; Fri-Sat 11am 10pm Southern Grill and Barbeque restaurant. Offers dine-in, take out, and catering. Large menu with options for ribs, sandwiches, salads, platters, and southern entrées. Casual dress. www.redhotandblue.com

(540) 349-0950 • 41 W. Lee Highway #53, 102 Broadview Ave, 45 Main St. Suite A Restaurant offering subs and pizza. Home of the $5 footlong. Food is prepared after you order, and everything is prepared fresh daily. Available for dine-in or takeout. www.subway.com 60/90/0/0

Renee’s Gourmet To Go

Taco Bell

(540) 347-2935 • 15 S. Third Street M - Fri 10am - 3pm Gourmet sandwiches, soups, salads and sweets. Open for lunch only. Limited patio seating or grab-and-go options available. Soups are the specialty at Renee’s – each day there are two news soups. She-crab soup available every Friday. Catering and business lunches available.

Ruby Tuesday

(540) 341-4912 • 74 Blackwell Park Lane American chain restaurant serving your favorite hamburgers, pastas, steaks, ribs and more. Also have salad bar and RubyTueGo available. Casual dress. www.rubytuesday.com

Smokie Joe’s Café

(540) 341-4206 • 316 W. Lee Highway Open late for fourthmeal cravings. Now offering frutista freeze drinks and fiesta taco salads. Also offer fresco menu (low fat). www.tacobell.com

Tadpole Café

(540) 341-2800 • 251 W. Lee Highway Sun. - Sat. 11am - 9pm European cuisine featuring sandwiches for lunch and special entrees for dinner including Chicken and Brie on croissant and Pork Scaloppini with Lemon Butter. Open seven days a week. Casual dress. www.tadpolecafe.net

Tippy’s Taco House

(540) 341-2826 • 11 S. Second Street M - Tues 11am - 3pm; Wed - Sat 11am - 9pm; Sun 11am - 7pm Café offering made to order salads, platters, and sandwiches. Known for their famous wood smoked BBQ ribs. Lunch delivery available for orders over $15. Live entertainment at night. Catering available.

(540) 349-2330 • 147 W. Shirley Avenue Sun. - Thu., Sat. 11 am - 9pm; Fri. 11am - 10pm Mexican restaurant offering different quality specials everyday. Menu offers tacos, burritos, quesadillas, desserts and more. Dine-in or take-out. Casual dress. www.tippystaco.com

Check in at www.facebook.com/warrentonlifestyle and tell us about your great experiences at Warrenton’s Restaurants!



“Home of tHe best cuban sandwicH nortH of Havana”

(540) 349-8833

WEEkDAy LUNch SpEciALS fRom 11A.m.-3p.m.

Cannot be used for Weekday Lunch Specials, Tapa Tuesdays or combined with any other offer. Dine-in Only. Expires 04/30/10



5 $ 5 $ 5 47/68/85/60 $

All You Can Eat Buffet - Open Every Day from 11 am-3 pm - $6.50

(540) 351-0580


251 W. Lee Hwy, Warrenton, Virginia 20186





(540) 351-0581

We will cater your parties.



Minimum Order $15.00 within 5 Mile Radius EACH - ALL DAY (Over 5 Miles Delivery Charge May be Applied) HOUSE WINE BY THE GLASS 40/0/20/0 41/24/73/2





tetrad 2 HAPPY HOUR SPECIALS illustrator color palette FROM 4-7 PM WEEKDAYS

LIVE MUSIC featuring




Business & Delivery Hours Monday - Thursday 11:00 am - 10:00 pm Friday - Saturday 11:00 am - 11:00 pm Sunday 12:00 noon - 10 pm

Check out our website for the different items on the buffet. 589 Frost Avenue, Warrenton, VA 20186 (Warrenton Towne Center) chinarestaurantva.com

Warrenton Lifestyle

Top’s China Restaurant

Vocelli Pizza

(540) 349-2828 • 185 W. Lee Highway Asian restaurant serving authentic Chinese food. Daily specials and combos available. Dine-in or take-out.

Tropical Smoothie Café

(540) 428-1818 • 251 W. Lee Hwy #679 bistro sandwiches, wraps, 47/68/85/60 41/24/73/2 gourmet salads, soups, and smoothies. Meals served with either chips or fruit. Also offer pick-two combination. Catering and kid’s menu tetrad available. Casual 2dress. www.tropicalsmoothiecafe.com illustrator color palette

Café offering 81/100/36/38

(540) 347-5528 • 281 Broadview Avenue Fast food chain offering hamburgers, salads, and chicken nuggets. Also offer baked potatoes and chili as sides. Frosty’s available as desert. Casual dress. www.wendys.com

Waterloo Café

(540) 347-4355 • 294 W. Lee Highway M - Sat 11am - 10pm; Sun 12 noon - 10pm. First Chinese Restaurant in Warrenton. Wide range of appetizers, soups, and meats. Offer chef specialties and daily combos. Also offer a healthy food section and thai food options. www.yencheng.com

Yen Cheng


(540) 349-8118 • 352 Waterloo Street Asian food available for dine-in, take-out, or delivery. Wide range of dishes available to order. Dishes served with a side of white rice. Casual dress.


Spring into Tropical Smoothie

for our new exotic toasted wraps

Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7-9; Sat. 8-9; Sun. 9-7


(540) 349-5031 • 484 Blackwell Road Sun. - Thu. 11am - 10pm; Fri. - Sat. 11 am - 11pm. Classic Italian Pizza. Also offer antipasti, panini, stromboli, and salads. Check for lunch and combo specials. www.vocellipizza.com

ine r Onl Orde susa.com .jerry www

Sesame Chicken Thai Chicken Jamaican Jerk

177 W. Lee Highway, Warrenton (In Safeway Shopping Center)


Delivery Service Starting Soon!








Regular Smoothie Paradise Combo

251 W. Lee Hwy. Ste 679, Warrenton

Expires 4/30/2010



99 For A Limited Time. At Participating Locations. Offer Not Valid With Other Discounts, Promotions or Coupons.

Catering Available

Monday Nite Special


LaRge Pizza Reach 30,000 Ravenous Readers Every Month Advertise your restaurant in our “local” restaurant guide. www.warrentonlifestyle.com (540) 347-4466 cindymcbride@WarrentonLifestyle.com April 2010


After 3PM

177 W. Lee Highway, Warrenton

“New” Xtreme Ch

(In Safeway Shopping Center)



Nite Special We caterMonday all events. LArge 99 • Church Events After (Fried Jalapenos, Double Am 3 PM pizzA • School Events NeW Phillips Crab salad or sub 2.00 OFF • Birthday Parties 6.99 1.00 OFF 4.99 ANY LARGE


Join eCLub Jerry at www


pUrCHAse OF 10.00 Or mOre



2 FOR 10 $

2 - SMALL PHILLY CHEESESTEAKS 2 - REGuLAR fRIES 2 - REGuLAR DRINKS Limit one coupon per customer. Valid only at

Jerry’s of Warrenton. Not valid with other offers. Hurry! Not valid with prepaid credit card orders. Expires 4/30/10

75¢ Off 1.501.50OFF OFF

pUrCHAse OF 5.00 Or mOre



Limit one coupon per customer. Valid only at Jerry’s of Warrenton. Not valid with other offers. Hurry! Not valid with prepaid credit card orders. Expires 4/30/10


3.00 4.99

Limit one coupon per customer. Valid only at Jerry’s of Warrenton. Not valid with other offers. Hurry! Not valid with prepaid credit card orders.Expires 4/30/10


Limit one coupon per customer. Valid only at Jerry’s of Warrenton. Not valid with other offers. Hurry! Expires: 5/31/07

SA $4.0VE 0

Toppings extra. Valid only at Jerry’s of Warrenton. Not valid with other coupons or promotions. Hurry! Not valid with prepaid credit card orders. Expires 4/30/10

1.00 1.00OFF OFF Or

Valid only at Jerry’s of Warrenton. Not Valid only at Jerry’s of valid with other coupons, Warrenton. Not promotions valid with other coupons, promotions or or featured sub combo. Hurry! Not featured sub combo. Hurry! Expires: 5/31/07 valid with prepaid credit card orders. Expires 4/30/10



meDiU pizzA

Toppings extra. Valid only at Jer of Warrenton. Not valid with other coupons or promotions. Hurry! Expires: 5/31/07

ANY 12”


LArge pizzA


smALL pizzA regULAr DriN

Toppings extra. Valid only at Jer of Warrenton. Not valid with other coupons or promotions. Hurry! Expires: 5/31/07

SA $4.0VE 0


Toppings extra. Valid only at Jerry’s of Warrenton. Not valid with other coupons or promotions. Hurry! Not valid with prepaid credit card orders. Expires 4/30/10



Sales & Installation

Free Estimates 540-347-8507 254 Broadview Ave.

(Bowling Alley Shopping Center)

Warrenton Need Your Carpet Repaired? Call us We Will RepaiR aNd RestRetCh YouR CaRpet.


Jud A. Fischel, P.C. Attorneys At Law

Jud A. Fischel C. Patrick Tench M. Alexandra Hazel • Criminal Law • Personal Injury • Civil Litigation • Wills & Estates • Family Law/Divorce • Equine Matters • Landlord/Tenant Issues


24 Ashby Street Warrenton, VA 20186

What’s New



Spring is here, Easter is just around the corner and we are all ready to get outside after the snowy winter we had this year. It is time to clean up or just get out and explore our wonderful county. We have a new business to help with the cleaning up part, Executive Auto Detailing is ready to do a full detail on your car and get it ready for spring. The detail includes a wash, wax, buffing and carpet cleaning. They are running a spring special of $75 for cars and $85 for trucks and mini vans, and you can bring it to them or they will come to your home or work. How is that for convenience? Call Justin Ulrich at 540-272-5820 to make your appointment now. When your car is clean and you are ready to explore, you might want to start with the new Iron Tree Tea Garden in Marshall. You can get anything from a pot of tea to high tea with scones, savories and sweets. Or try the featured sandwich, soup du jour or a special dessert; they even have a menu for the kids. The Master Tea Gardener is Sherry and they open Thursday through Saturday at 11:30 am, with the last seating at 3:00 pm. The tea garden currently accepts cash or checks only. If you want to do something special for the little girls in your life, try the Pampered Princess Day Spa on Culpeper Street in Old Town. They offer manicures, pedicures, chocolate facials, shimmering make-up and hair up-dos for girls ages five to fifteen, with snacks, if you wish. They also have a party room for up to six children and can add pizza, drinks, cupcakes and gift bags to the party. If you are looking for something a little more outdoors for the whole family, Buckland Farm Market is now open for the season from 9 am until 7 pm Monday through Saturday and 9 am to 6 pm on Sundays. So stop by and pick up some fresh produce, fresh baked items or a jar of your favorite jam. And for ice cream, hot dogs and french fries, Carousel Frozen Treats is now open for the season also. Sure makes a tasty outing on one of these warm spring afternoons. Watch for the grand opening of the new Great Harvest Bread Company on Main Street, April 16th. The space is shaping up beautifully and they will be selling their whole grain breads soon. Last month I mentioned that Bartleby’s Café appeared to be closed, but that was only temporary and everything is back into full swing. So, the next time you are walking down Main Street and need something good to eat, stop in for coffee or a sandwich, you won’t be sorry. I also put in last month’s column that a Lone Star Steak House was coming near the Harris Teeter, but I need to correct that, it is a LongHorn Steak House that is being built there. So, get out and try something new, Warrenton and Fauquier County have a lot to offer.

Amy Griffin is the owner of inFauquier.com, a comprehensive online directory of consumer businesses located in Fauquier County. Maps to all the businesses can be found at inFauquier.com and check out the What’s New page for more business happenings in the entire county. You can reach her at (540)347-4922 or amy@ inFauquier.com with your questions or any tidbits you hear about local business. 62

Warrenton Lifestyle



The Original Since 1989



Locally owned and operated since 1989

YOUR TRUSTED HOME IMPROVEMENT SPECIALIST Quality Workmanship - Custom work is our specialty • Licensed & Insured • Free Estimates

• References available • Member of Chamber of Commerce

5336 Rixeyville Road Rixeyville, VA 22737 www.janddhandyman.com • All General Home Repairs • Custom Built Homes • Bathroom Renovations • Basement Water Proofing • Screened Porches & Custom Decks • Door & Window Installation • Concrete, Brick/Flagstone Patios

• Class “A” License VA #2705116554A

Office: 540-439-4859 • • • • • • •

Interior & Exterior Painting Custom Landscape & Walls Privacy & Board Fences Re-Roofing & Tear Ofs Custom Bookcases Excavating Bobcat Work Excavation

• • • • • •

5 Broadview Ave. Warrenton, VA 20186 handyman1989@comcast.net

Electrical Seamless Gutters Plumbing Pressure Washing Tile Flooring Back Splashes

• • • • • •

Kitchen Remodel Carpentry Trim Work Basement Finishing Media Rooms Web Bars


Interior Painting Buy 2 rooms at regular cost $ get 1 half bath for



SPECIAL Gutter Cleaning $ 19500

ON STAFF • Plumber • Roofer • Electrician • Drywall Repair Man • Master Carpenter

Quality Doesn’t Cost, It Pays... April 2010

“Because the Handyman Can”


A division of Piedmont Press & Graphics 404 Belle Air Lane • Warrenton, Virginia 20186 540-347-4466 • www.warrentonlifestyle.com


(540)-428-2376 18 Ashby Street Warrenton, VA, 20186

now of fering classe s!

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