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Your heart is in the right place. Enhanced care close to home and close to your heart. Our experienced cardiologists are supported by a extensive team of ER, ICU and critical care staff. The addition of an onsite interventional cath lab and expanded cardiac rehabilitation services means we’re better prepared to provide fast, life-saving, comprehensive cardiac care than ever before. Visit HeartHealthToday.org/Fauquier to take our free heart health assessment.

Learn & Discover at Grō A Natural Education Space

Summer Camps Preschool

Spend the summer exploring, investigating and interacting with the world  Hands-on activities built around weekly themes  Discover the wonders of plants, animals and nature  Indoor and outdoor settings 

James S. Long Park

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Registration is Underway...Don’t Miss Out! Lil Explorers ages 3-5 & Jr Explorers ages 6-8

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THIS JUST IN! He’s shipping off to Boston. Please join us in congratulating Cameron Thistle on his acceptance to Berkeley College of Music!

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Happy New Year Haymarket friends! Nineteen years ago, we rang in the new millennium wondering if our computers would function, if the Internet would go down, and if the stock market would crash when the ball dropped at midnight. When we awakened (ok, I awakened. I can’t stay up past 9 p.m.), we found that all was right with our world. What a relief. What a wonderful discovery! As we embark on this new year, we invite you to make more wonderful discoveries and experience the gems of our beloved, historic community. Take your budding ballerina to a class at Jubeck Dance and watch as Miss April leaps and spins her way into both your souls. Stir your spiritual side with a visit to Chabad of Greater Gainesville and Manassas and, if you’re in the market for some spirited discussion, register for its upcoming Crime and Consequence class. As Rabbi Perlstein says, “If you lock your door at night, then this is something that could be of interest to you.” With the new year upon us, it’s the perfect time to explore Haymarket with new eyes. Pay a visit to our cherished museum, recently revitalized as The ARTS at Haymarket Museum. Breathe in the art and meet the artisans. You can’t help but feel a tug of desire to get in touch with your own creativity – and that’s where Kerry Molina comes in. Your Best Local Artist of 2018 believes or, more accurately, knows that you are creative and via her new column she’s going to spend the next 12 months helping you rediscover your passion for sketch pads and paint, crayons and collages.

There’s so much to discover here and just beyond our borders. Challenge yourself not to get fit but to have fun and pay a visit to Vertical Rock Climbing in Manassas. You don’t have to scale the wall and touch the touch the top the first time or any time. I never have. But I can tell you that the byproduct of even the briefest climb is better health, if only from laughing at yourself. When we set out to create this issue, we committed ourselves not to filling it with resolutions to make on the first and break on the fifth, but to pack it chock full of new places to experience, new activities to try and new people to discover. And there is no one worthier of discovery than Haymarket’s own Cameron Thistle. That he is exceedingly talented is undeniable. But it is his humility and kindness, and his gratitude to his family and the community for its support that makes this young man exceptional. When contributor Frannie Barnes spoke with him, he was waiting on pins and needles for word on his application to Boston’s renowned Berkeley College of Music. He needn’t have worried. He’s in – and he’s off – on a brand-new adventure. Congratulations Cam, and best wishes to all of you for a year filled with wonderful discoveries about yourself and our community. We are blessed to live in an incredible place. If you make any resolution at all, I hope it’s simply to experience more of it.


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14 06 New Year, New Inspirations Meet April Jubeck of Lyrique Dance

New Year, New Discoveries Step into The ARTS at Haymarket Museum

08 New Year, New Discoveries Haymarket’s Cameron Thistle is Going Places BY FRANNIE BARNES

12 New Year, New Approaches

The Low Down on Rotator Cuff Tears


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New Year, New Thrills





At Vertical Rock, The Only Way Is Up BY ROBIN EARL

New Year, New Solutions Cords, Chargers, and Shredders, Oh My!

20 New Year, New Awakenings

Concierge Healthcare

Gainesville Rabbi Encourages Education Through Jewish Lens





Design 101





26 HGBA Member Meet & Greet

New Year, New Revelations Yes, You Are Creative BY KERRY MOLINA

34 New Year, New Entertaining Ideas Secrets from a Party Planner BY TERRY KAYE

36 New Year, New Wines The Only Resolution to Make This Year Is… BY MARK LUNA

38 News from InsideNOVA

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N E W Y E A R , N E W Inspirations

Inspired by her grandmother, April Jubeck opens

Lyrique Dance



he’s danced with Disney, taught with the Rockettes, and high-kicked her way down Fifth Avenue in the Macy’s Christmas Day parade. Now April Jubeck is here in Haymarket helping the next generation of dancers fulfill their dreams. Jubeck’s passion for dance began with her grandmother, affectionately known as Miss Pauline to the hundreds of students she’s taught for more than 50 years at the Pauline Baker Rodgers School of Dance in Altoona, Pennsylvania. “She is a role model and a bright light,” says Jubeck, “and she can make you happy just by talking to her.” After spending her teen years teaching dance alongside her grandmother, Jubeck made a bold decision to pursue her dream of dancing at Disney World. Determined to succeed, she made plans to move there no matter how many times she had to audition. But she shouldn’t have worried. She was quickly offered a position in the entertainment department. “It was truly a magical experience,” she says, “something that was natural for me and my love of dancing.” It felt so right that Jubeck worked at Disney seasonally for five years. But the dancer in her craved more. While spending her summers at Disney, Jubeck moved to New York City to pursue another dream - dancing with the Rockettes. She secured an internship at the worldrenowned Broadway Dance Center and was selected to assist the Rockettes in teaching classes at Radio City Music Hall. Jubeck then auditioned for Universal’s holiday season. Competing against hundreds


{ JANUARY 2019 |

of other dancers, she stood out and landed a spot as a high-kick dancer in the Macy’s Christmas Day parade. This was the part that she’d always pictured herself in, her dream role, and she did it. After her exciting, whirlwind travels, Jubeck returned home to pursue a degree in elementary education and get married. Shortly thereafter, she followed her husband’s dream, ending up in Northern Virginia with her little family of 1-year-old tiny dancer Caralyn and a boy on the way. About a year and a half into her new life, Jubeck decided to pursue another dream - to bring her wonderful childhood experiences to aspiring dancers in our community. She knew if she could teach one class, she would be able to grow the business. Her first three classes filled up quickly and in just nine months over 100 dancers have become part of the Lyrique Dance family. Why Lyrique Dance and not, say, Jubeck Dance? Lyrique is French for lyrical, Jubeck’s favorite style of dance. But dancers can also take classes in ballet, jazz, tap, acro, and hip hop. In addition, Lyrique offers classes for all levels of dancers. From those new to the art of walking to those still new to the art of driving (students top out at age 18). Jubeck’s enthusiasm and patience for both teaching and dance is immediately apparent as she welcomes each little ballerina to class. Parents even comment on her sweet and



patient personality and the smiles on their kids’ faces when they’re dancing with her. In addition, Jubeck brings a high level of technique, passion, and something more to her students. Just like her grandmother’s students, Jubeck’s little dancers say “Thank you Miss April” at the end of class and are taught songs that only Miss Pauline’s dancers know. Honey is a Bunny is one of Jubeck’s favorites as it holds fond memories of the kids she taught at her grandmother’s studio. Now Lyrique’s younger students are reciting the same words. As cute as the little dancers are, it’s the older students who provide a unique opportunity for Jubeck. She can dance right along with them as they dive into technique and more difficult choreography. Whether students desire to dance professionally (and they do -- five Lyrique dance company members will travel to New York City this year to train with the Rockettes), or dance simply because they love it, Jubeck will be dancing beside them, both literally and figuratively. When asked what most inspires her about teaching dance, Jubeck explains that dance allows children to express themselves creatively. When they watch themselves in the mirror, they discover how their movements convey emotions. Jubeck’s desire is to create a family environment where children feel safe to grow their love of dance and become empowered in the process. If the 2018 Best of Haymarket/Gainesville contest is a measure of this, she has already succeeded. Lyrique was chosen as Best Dance Studio its very first year in the category. “It all comes back to my grandma,” Jubeck says. “She taught me to love dance and my role now is to spread that love.” To learn more or to register for classes, go to www.lyriquedance.com. ❖


Gleanings from the Bible

Ruth 2:2

Invite You to a Bible Seminar & Luncheon at Stonewall Golf Club at Lake Manassas 15601 Turtle Point Drive, Gainesville, Virginia 20155 On Saturday, February 2nd, at 1 pm

Free Study Bible & Lunch Buffet Seminar Topic:

The Assurance, Security, and Joy of Salvation RSVP with the number of attendees to info@fromhouse2house.org

Maintaining the Joy of Salvation: God’s Light versus Satan’s Accusation The Bible says much concerning the assurance and security of our salvation (John 1:12-13; 6:37; Rom. 10:9-13; Heb. 13:5; 1 John 3:14; 5:10, 13). However, Christians may lose the joy of their salvation and even question their salvation due to the ongoing problem of sin. The Bible teaches us that sin committed after salvation does not negate the believer’s eternal salvation but does present a barrier to fellowship with God and gives ground for Satan’s accusations. To overcome this dilemma, the Bible promises forgiveness of the believer’s sins and cleansing of all unrighteousness if the believer confesses his sins (1 John 1:9). This forgiveness and cleansing are based upon God’s faithfulness and righteousness and are accomplished by the effectiveness and power of the blood of Jesus His Son. Accordingly, confession ushers the believer into the enjoyment of God’s presence and restores his fellowship with God (vv. 7-10). Yet, believers may still experience Satan’s accusations even after confessing their sins. Nothing cripples a Christian spiritually more than accusation. In Revelation 12:10 Satan is referred to as “the accuser of our brothers.” A Christian under accusation finds it hard to fellowship with others and even harder to pray. Satan may even trick you into thinking that his accusations are God’s speaking. How can you distinguish between God’s true enlightening in your conscience and Satan’s accusation? Sometimes it is difficult, but there are three ways: First, God’s light supplies you, whereas Satan’s accusation drains you. When God speaks concerning your sins, you may feel very exposed and wounded. Nevertheless, you are also supplied and encouraged to draw close to God and apply the precious blood of Christ. Satan’s accusations, on the other hand, are totally negative. The more you listen, the harder it is to pray. You feel empty and discouraged. Second, God’s speaking is always specific, whereas Satan’s condemnation is quite often (though not always) general. Sometimes you may be tricked into thinking that you are just tired, or that you

have had a rough day. Other times, you may just have a general impression that you are not right with God. But when you search your conscience, you find no specific sin that would cause you to be separated from God. Or you may wake up with a general feeling of depression or uneasiness toward God. All these general feelings of condemnation that have no apparent source in sin are of Satan and should be rejected. When God speaks, He is specific and positive. But when Satan speaks, he is often general and negative. Third, any uneasy feeling that remains after you confess and claim the blood is of Satan. There is never a need to confess and claim the blood again for the same sin. God’s demand is at once satisfied by the blood. But Satan is never satisfied. He would like to see you confess again and again. Satan’s accusations are like a dripping faucet that will not let you rest. But God’s speaking is different. When you confess and claim the cleansing of the blood, God is instantly satisfied. Any further voice is Satan’s. If you confess your sin and claim the precious blood, yet some uneasiness continues to tug at you within, you should stop praying immediately. Do not confess anymore. Rather, turn to the source of the accusation and say something like this: “Satan, I have confessed my sin to God. He has forgiven me, and the blood of Jesus Christ has cleansed me from my sin. The uneasiness that I sense now is not from God; it is from you, and I reject it! Satan, now you must look at the blood of Christ. That blood answers every one of your accusations.” Try speaking to Satan in this way. When you use the blood in this way, Satan is defeated—and he knows it. By the power of the precious blood of Christ, you may enjoy a conscience free from the stain of guilt. Because of this, you can come boldly to God (Heb. 10:22). “They overcame him [the accuser] because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony” (Rev. 12:11).

N E W Y E A R , N E W Discoveries



f you ask a teenager to name their favorite musician, you wouldn’t be surprised to hear them say Cardi B, or Post Malone, or Drake. But if you ask Haymarket local Cameron Thistle, an exceptionally talented 17-year-old musician intent on attending the Berklee College of Music – and graduating high school a year early in order to do so – he’ll extoll the praises of Stevie Wonder and school you on the singer’s talent. It’s not the answer you’d expect from a teenager but then, Thistle is anything but an average teenager. Cameron or Cam, as his friends call him, began his music career at the age of four, inspired by his father, who played a variety of instruments. He took drum lessons for awhile, but soon stopped and pursued his own regimen of practicing every day, listening to music, and playing along by, as he says, “feeling [his] way through it.” For 10 years he progressed in this manner, ultimately picking up the bass guitar and teaching himself how to play it. Why? Because he thought it would be fun and that, “one instrument wasn’t enough.”

It was also during this time that Cam discovered performing. In kindergarten, he played and sang Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer” with his older brother Devin at the Buckland Elementary School talent show. The duo was a hit, and they performed together each year after that, until Devin went to middle school. During his own middle school years, Cam sang in the chorus. He still does. These days he sings in the Battlefield High School choir. He has perfect pitch – a rare gift for a singer. But his vocal talent isn’t his only contribution to the group. Says Douglas Burney, Battlefield’s choir director, “Cameron is incredibly talented. He practices, studies and works hard. However, that's only a small part of who I see him to be. Cameron is a wonderful young man who goes out of his way to make others in the program feel welcome. He serves on the choir council for this very reason. He's kind and encouraging to everyone, and that is where he's made the biggest impact. He's very humble, and because of his natural gifts, his great work ethic, and his humility, Cameron is going to make a huge impact not only in the music world but

also in his future community.” In addition to his love of performing, Cam has a talent for songwriting. Shy by nature, he finds that he can truly express himself through writing lyrics. It’s a process he describes as “uncomfortable” but, much like how he plays instruments, when he finds he’s hit a stumbling block, he feels his way through it, and that’s when the magic happens. Many Haymarket locals are familiar with Cam and Devin, as they’ve performed in various northern Virginia venues as The Thistle Brothers. They have quite a following and have been missed in recent months. At present, Devin is studying at the Berklee School of Music and Cam is focused on his upcoming audition to the prestigious academy. He is so determined to move forward with his music, that he is working hard to finish high school a year early. When we sat down to talk, he was reviewing his assignments and recent test grades with his mom, detailing very seriously his rigorous academic strategy. His plan? Get accepted to Berklee, reunite with Devin, and continue writing and playing together. Ever humble, Cam attributes much of his musical growth

{ JANUARY 2019 |




“Ego isn’t part of Cam’s narrative, it’s just not there. That’s impressive.” and readiness for the rigors of Berklee to Contemporary Music Center (CMC) in Haymarket. “I can’t even put into words how incredible everyone at CMC has been to me and everything they have done for me and my family,” said Cam. “Rock camps, open mics, lessons, and the amazing people like Menzie Pittman and Jerry Hammack, have helped me come so far and become the person I am, both personally and musically.” The feeling is mutual. Menzie Pittman has been working with Cam for years and as of late, spending hours with him helping him prepare for his Berklee audition. “Cam is gifted,” says Pittman. “And while many kids are


{ JANUARY 2019 |


gifted, the difference is that Cam recognizes his gifts, and acts in accordance with them. Where some might be satisfied achieving something others would see as remarkable, he is always trying to enhance what he does and is driven to get the best out of his abilities. Ego isn’t part of Cam’s narrative, it’s just not there. That’s impressive.” But back to Cam’s favorite musician, a guy who’s also pretty impressive. It’s surprising to hear that Stevie Wonder is Cam’s favorite, but when he explains why, it becomes abundantly clear. Wonder’s career began with soul music and over the years he honed his talents in pop, funk, jazz, and R&B by feeling his way through each


genre and mastering it. It’s the “feeling his way through it” that resonates with Cam. Recently, Cam performed Wonder’s “As” at an open mic night. To play a song from 1976 to an audience of teenagers who’ve most likely never heard it before takes confidence, but it was his rearrangement of the music and words, to sing both the chorus and the background singers’ refrain, that was remarkable. “Cam is up for a challenge,” adds Pittman. “I like to throw as many as I can at him just to watch him problem solve in real time. It’s inspiring.” Cameron Thistle is indeed inspiring. He’s also humble, kind, extraordinarily gifted, and going places. Stay tuned.

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12/7/18 2:00 PM

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N E W Y E A R , N E W Approaches

Concierge Healthcare:

Jenna Siracuse, DPT is the founder of On Pointe Wellness and Rehab PLLC, a concierge Physical Therapy practice serving Gainesville and surrounding areas. She treats a variety of orthopedic conditions for active individuals, with a specialization in performing arts and dance medicine. She takes a unique approach to therapy with highly personalized sessions, wellness workshops and her health and wellness blog. You can find out more information at www.onpointewellness.com or follow along on Instagram @onpointewellness.

A New Way to Better Physical Therapy Outcomes

Left: Siracuse works with her client, Christina Franco, a dancer with Manassas Ballet Theatre, to reduce Franco’s hip pain and prepare for her performance in The Nutcracker.



hysical therapy is one of the most common and effective types of conservative treatment for movement dysfunction and pain. Many of you have likely had to attend physical therapy at some point, or at least know someone who has. If this is the case, then you


{ JANUARY 2019 |

already know it takes time to rehab injuries, which means clearing your schedule and dishing out money in co-pays. I think we can all agree that time and money are precious commodities and when they’re on the table, we expect to receive nothing but the best care in return. Unfortunately, this is becoming more and more difficult to find in our healthcare system.



It’s no secret that this is a tough time for healthcare. Insurance companies are raising premiums, yet lowering reimbursement rates. You may have noticed that at any given time, your physical therapist is treating multiple patients at once. I can assure you this is not their preference or how our profession was meant to be, but unfortunately it is often necessary to stay in business. We

are slowly moving in the wrong direction, causing providers to burn out and patients to not get the quality care they deserve. So what if I told you that higher quality care is within reach? We can get back to what healthcare is supposed to be, where the patient and provider are both set up for success. It is called concierge healthcare, or cash-based services, and it’s reinventing

the patient experience. Simply put, cash-based physical therapy means that your therapist is an out-ofnetwork provider and does not accept insurance. Instead, the patient pays out of pocket for services. You might be asking yourself, “Why in the world would I pay out of pocket for a service my insurance company would normally cover?” Following are a few good reasons: Personalized, one-on-one attention. Cash-based physical therapists are able to provide one-on-one treatment sessions and the attention is focused solely on your needs. Sessions are typically around 60 minutes, as opposed to shorter sessions seen in the traditional insurance-based model. Having this one-on-one time is invaluable for both the patient and physical therapist. It means more time to gather a medical history, movement assessment, and carefully select treatments and exercises based on your individual needs. Saving time and money in the long term. In the traditional insurance-based model you may be prescribed treatment up to 3x per week, but with cashbased PT this is rarely the case. Patients are typically seen less frequently because each session is longer and more focused. Cash-based services aim to provide quality over quantity, which can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Ability to treat the person as a whole. In cash-based physical therapy insurance companies do not dictate what can and cannot be done. This means your therapist can spend more

time evaluating the body as a whole rather than just the “injured” area. This holistic approach helps to uncover the root cause of your limitations and work toward getting you back to 100%. The end result is a healthier, happier patient with less chance of re-injury in the future. There are no visit limits and your insurance company does not get to decide if you get better or not. Maybe you’ve already been through a course of physical therapy but ran out of visits covered by insurance. Hope is not lost. In cash-based PT your therapist is able to continue your treatment until goals have been fully met and you’re ready to be done. Empowering you to take control of your wellness. You’ve made the decision to invest in your health, now it’s time to put in the work. When you’re paying your hard earned money for something, you’re much more likely to stick with the plan. You are completely in control of your wellness, but your PT will be there to guide you and give you the tools you need to succeed. Choosing a cash-based physical therapy practice means you’ll truly receive a high quality of care. Each cash-based practice is a little different and costs may vary, so do your homework when looking for the right therapist. Although this route is not for everyone, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of concierge healthcare so you can weigh your options and select the path that’s right for you. Remember, your healthcare is the most important investment you can make. ❖

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VISIT InsideNoVaTix.com { JANUARY 2019 |




N E W Y E A R , N E W Discoveries

A Beloved Building Gets a Makeover



s you drive down John Marshall Highway through the town of Haymarket, you can’t help but see the dichotomy of old and new. A bustling growing community with pieces of rich history sprinkled throughout. Old homes mixed in and around new homes; the historic school building revitalized to include a dance school, offices, commercial kitchens and an exercise studio next to a historic home moved onsite that serves ice cream. You see historic Winterham restored to its architectural glory now pulsing to the heartbeat of its rock school. And standing alone is the unmistakably tiny white building with the green pitched roof next to the shiny red train caboose – The Haymarket Museum. Originally built in the 1800’s, this historic building has lived many lives. It was a one room public schoolhouse, where children from Haymarket and surrounding towns gathered to learn. In the early 1900’s it became the Haymarket Town Hall and remained so until 2002, when an electrical fire destroyed part of


{ JANUARY 2019 |



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Group practice, Lifetime Family Medicine now offers our patients accessibility through the MyPrivia app! MyPrivia connects you with a provider whenever you want, wherever you are. Schedule a virtual visit so you can focus on feeling better 14535 John Marshall Highway, Suite 105 from the comfort of your own home Gainesville, VA 20155 Phone: (703) 754-0425 â—? Fax: (703) 754-2888 instead of a waiting room. Manage your prescriptions, view test results, directly www.LTFM.net message your healthcare provider or pay Office Hours your bills! MyPrivia offers convenience Monday thru Friday: 9:00am-6:00pm and personalized care, delivering your Saturday: 9:00am-12:30pm healthcare your way! Download the app on your smart phone to get started today! The only carpet to feature All Pet Protection and Warranty covering All Pets, All Accidents, All the Time.

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For more information visit: http://www.ltfm.net/patient-resources/virtual-visits/

{ JANUARY 2019 |




the interior. Town Hall was relocated, and the town repaired the building, doing its best to keep the integrity of its history intact. It was then that the building became The Haymarket Museum. In it, visitors could view photos of the town through the years and artifacts found during the construction of new communities and roads. However, the museum was run by volunteers, and could only open when they could help, therefore, it had limited viewing hours. In 2018 the Town reinvented the building once again. When Town Planner and Zone Administrator Emily Lockhart joined the Town of Haymarket, she saw the opportunity to transform the museum, keep its historic integrity and bring the community together. Emily’s background is in urban and regional planning and she completed her masters’ thesis on the impact and benefits of bringing arts into communities. She immediately saw the opportunity the museum presented and felt it would be the perfect setting for a rotating art gallery featuring local artists. In October, the museum reopened as The ARTS at the Haymarket Museum. Still run on a volunteer basis, it’s now managed by the artist whose work is featured and open a minimum of six hours a week. Each artist has a four to six-week exhibit. In addition to displaying their work, featured artists can offer workshops and special


{ JANUARY 2019 |



events, host discussions, and create other opportunities to share their art with the community. Said Lockhart, “Bringing the arts into the Haymarket community means so much more than just a fun new hangout or gallery; it truly becomes an avenue for our community to express themselves, come together to share common interests, and learn new skills. I am excited that our hometown now offers a new, up and coming art space for residents and local businesses. I look forward to all of the events and exhibits coming in the new year and encourage everyone to come visit.” The Town of Haymarket serves a large part of Western Prince William County and is excited to offer a small town feel to a larger demographic. The area is full of shops and schools that cater to the arts and The ARTS at the Haymarket Museum is a natural fit. It is also a wonderful addition to the many community-based parades, concerts and events the Town hosts each year. Mixed-media artist and owner of Yellow Brick Road Studio Kerry Molina was the first artist to exhibit at the museum. She hosted a reception to kick off the new space and welcomed many residents on Haymarket Day. At present, The ARTS at the Haymarket Museum is hosting a group of artists who offer displays and workshops in photography, knitting, sewing, embroidery and jewelry. In the spring, it hopes to feature younger artists from local schools to highlight their talents. “The ARTS at the Haymarket Museum is a wonderful opportunity for the town to showcase its local talent while giving life to one of the community’s most cherished historic buildings,” said, David Leake, mayor of the Town of Haymarket. “The museum has served many purposes since its construction in 1883 and we are proud to invite our growing arts community to utilize and enjoy it in its new incarnation.” For more information on The ARTS at the Haymarket Museum, visit TheTownOfHaymaket.org or find it on Facebook at @haymarketmuseum. ❖

Left: Town Planner and Zone Administrator Emily Lockhart. Above: Exhibitors at the ARTS at the Haymarket Museum, from left to right, Elisabeth Bryson Beth Anderson, Suzi Burns, Andrea Chapman, and Catherine Hart.



Dermatology Medical • Surgical • Pediatric • Cosmetic

Lawrence J. Finkel M.D. New Year, New Treatments BOARD CERTIFIED DERMATOLOGIST Fauquier County’s Most Experienced Dermatologist! Dermaplaning plus SkinCeuticals Micropeel for Sensitive 540.347.2020 SkinMedSpa with add-on Eye – Perk for only $125 (reg $155) 360 540.347.SKIN Purchase a Cwww.finkelderm.net E Ferulic Antioxidant Serum and get a FREE SkinCeuticals Cleanser (limited quantities available) 360 CHURCH STREET • WARRENTON

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Disclaimer: By participating, you consent to receive text messages sent by an automatic telephone dialing system Consent to these terms is not a condition of purchase

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N E W Y E A R , N E W Thrills


n a recent visit to Vertical Rock Climbing and Fitness in Manassas, the atmosphere could best be described as “controlled energy.” A view from the front desk reveals dozens of climbers slowly spidering their way up the walls — huge floor-to-ceiling climbing structures that dominate the warehouse-sized building. Coaches offer light instruction to teams of junior climbers as they take turns reaching for the next climbing hold. Several folks equipped with harnesses tentatively pick their way upward, secured by cable to a belaying partner on the floor. Elite athletes move vertically — and then horizontally — along a route of impossible-looking climbing holds. Every now and then, one misses a hand- or a foot-hold. Suddenly, they are swinging 30 feet up by their harness. There is an intensity here. Each climber is engaged in an individual struggle with gravity. But the sounds of excited conversation and shouts of


encouragement show that no one is really battling alone. Ian Colton, who owns Vertical Rock with his wife Lindsey, has worked hard to build a feeling of community. He calls the gym a “living room,” where people meet, share their passion and get healthy. “We have had people meet here and end up getting married. Others we lose because they come in here, overweight, maybe depressed, and rock climbing opens up what they think they can do. They change their thinking, change their lifestyle and move to Colorado!” Colton is certain that there is a rock climbing adventure waiting for anyone willing to try. How does someone start rock climbing? “Just walk through the door. We can handle whatever you want to do, climbing or fitness related. We have everything you need,” Colton said. He said that the “Learn the Ropes” class is a good place to start, or “Try an open climb. You get three climbs for $20, and an instructor is with you the whole

ABOVE: Vertical Rock Climbing and Fitness in Manassas offers rock climbing and fitness options for all — from beginners to elite athletes.


{ JANUARY 2019 |



time. There is always someone here to help you get started.” Colton points to the bouldering area, home to “The Cave” and “The Arch.” A dozen or so climbers are practicing bouldering — a rope-free, lower-altitude option. The floor around the foot of these structures is heavily padded; falls are inevitable, but lower impact. “Bouldering is where a lot of folks choose to begin” he said. “You don’t need anything but a pair of shoes and a chalk bag. You don’t need a partner, but after a few minutes in the bouldering area, you are bound to start making friends.” Colton said, “Most people need encouragement to try the first time. We offer a ton of kids’ classes, teams and summer camps. We offer merit badge programs, birthday parties and overnight lock-ins. Parents bring their kids in and watch them climb. Before long, they want to try too. It’s very individual. It’s all about how you want to challenge yourself.” Director of Operations Rachel Nystrom said, “A woman in her 50s came in looking to fulfill a bucket list challenge. She tried an open climb and made

it to the top all three times. She was really happy and took information on climbing and fitness classes.” Nystorm smiled as someone who has seen this scenario hundreds of times, “We expect to see her again.” Vertical Rock has been open for eight years and employs about 30 people. Colton said, “Most of our staff started climbing here. Their biggest driver is passion. They will talk for hours about carabiners and what kind of climbing shoes they like and why. They come here on their days off to climb. They get to know our customers and they give back with their passion.” For those who prefer an outdoor adventure, Vertical Rock hosts rock climbing trips. Local excursions include visits to Great Falls National Park in McLean or Old Rag Mountain in Shenandoah National Park. Colton arranges multi-day trips out west or up north, and also leads groups that are interested in ice climbing. Colton believes everyone should try rock climbing. “No matter how high you go or how hard, you can find your own challenge. And the byproduct is fitness.” ❖

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP, LEFT: Tara Delaney belays as her climber ascends the wall. Photo by Matthew Rakola. Justin Bridge makes another attempt after a lead climbing fall. A “fall” in this case means the climber falls a few feet, caught by the rope anchored to the wall. Makalea Kirkland warms up with an easy climb. Instructor Bri Black supervises as two new climbers double check their belay system before they begin to climb.

VERTICAL ROCK CLIMBING AND FITNESS CENTER WHERE: 100225 Nokesville Road, Manassas WHEN: Monday and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Tuesday to

Friday, 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.; Sunday, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. GET IN TOUCH: 1-855-VA-CLIMB; info@climb-va.com LEARN MORE: www.climb-va.com

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N E W Y E A R , N E W Aw a k e n i n g s

Gainesville Rabbi Encourages Education Through Jewish Lens STORY BY JENNIFER GOLDMAN PHOTOS BY KARA THORPE


fter a brief visit to Gainesville three years ago for a Menorah lighting, Rabbi Shmuel “Shmuly” Perlstein and his wife decided to make it their home. It wasn’t a decision based only on a fondness for the community, but also because there was an overwhelming response to having a Jewish celebration in the immediate area. Rabbi Perlstein is part of the Chabad Lubavitch movement. Chabad places an emphasis on building a relationship with G-d (in the Jewish religion, the ‘o’ is typically omitted out of respect) through education and, while the movement is actually more than 250 years old, the religious organization was formed in the 1940s as a way to bring a message of love and community to Jews


{ JANUARY 2019 |



following World War II. Rabbi Perlstein, born the seventh of eight children, grew up in the Chabad community in Chicago. His parents were both educators and most of his siblings are following in their footsteps, as is Rabbi Perlstein. “I was raised that you teach what you know,” said Rabbi Perlstein, “If all you know is Aleph, you teach Aleph.” While Chabad centers, and other Jewish communities, have been located mostly in and around Fairfax County, Perlstein has seen an immediate interest in the events and activities he’s been offering through his center, Chabad of Greater Gainesville and Manassas. “Most Jews’ religious education stopped after Sunday school as a child,” he said, “but that’s just the tip of Jewish education.” Rabbi Perlstein is passionate about bringing opportunities of

Jewish education and community to places where it’s been lacking; and Gainesville was a perfect fit. “Personally, it means so much to see the impact it has on the community,” said Rabbi Perlstein. “Our goal is to help individual Jews connect to G-d and their community, as each is capable.” In addition to the satisfaction his job brings him from a religious standpoint, Rabbi Perlstein noted that he also enjoys the challenges it presents and likened it to being an entrepreneur. “As a Rabbi, you get to be everything: a counselor, a graphic designer at times, even an accountant.” There are Chabad Lubavitch centers all over the United States, but each one is operated and funded separately. Rabbi Perlstein’s Gainesville center was started with seed money and his goal is for it to become selfsufficient as soon as possible. “We will be increasing activities and services as we see interest and need grow, ” he explained. Such gradual growth is important to him because he doesn’t want the center to become a financial burden to the community.

“Most Jews’ religious education stopped after Sunday school as a child, but that’s just the tip of Jewish education.” He is encouraged by the level of interest in the center already, noting that it has reached approximately 200 families in the immediate area. While the Chabad of Greater Gainesville and Manassas does not have its own brick and mortar location, it has been fortunate

LEFT: Rabbi Perlstein leads a children’s Hebrew School class in Gainesville.

enough to be able to use the former Virginia Oaks Golf Club for many of its activities. This past October the organization began monthly Shabbat services in addition to its 6-week Jewish Learning Institute (JLI) course Wrestling with Faith. Rabbi Perlstein, while realizing that the majority of people who take the JLI courses are Jews, believes that the lessons taught in the “unique, high-caliber, engaging and informative adult classes” can apply to anyone wanting a greater relationship with G-d or understanding of religion. The next course, which begins the first week in February, is called Crime and Consequence. Also a 6-week class, Crime and Consequence is a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Accredited course and discusses the current status of the American legal system and the need for reform. “If you lock your door at night,” began Rabbi Perlstein, “then this is something that could be of interest to you.” While the lessons from these courses are universal, said Rabbi Perlstein, they are addressed through a Jewish lens. Although the Chabad of Greater Gainesville and Manassas is less than two years old, Rabbi Perlstein is encouraged by the number of activities and participants the center has enjoyed thus far. His personal goal has always been to provide awareness, education and an engaged gathering place for Jews, and seeing the center become a reality is bringing him much fulfillment and hope for continued growth. ❖ CHABAD OF GREATER GAINESVILLE AND MANASSAS Where: Virginia Oaks Golf Club, 7950 Virginia Oaks Dr., Gainesville Get in touch: 571.445.0342 / Rabbi@ChabadGainesville.com Learn more: ChabadGainesville.com

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local EXPERT

THE EXPERT: Yaron Linett HIS EXPERTISE: Interior Design Yaron Linett is the principal designer of Formal Traditional, a full-service design firm located in Warrenton. To submit your interior design questions, drop him a note at yaron@formaltraditional.com or visit www.formaltraditional.com.


Great fixes you can make fast BY YARON LINETT “What are some improvements I can implement now?” “What is the best color for my room?” Interior designers deal with these and many other questions every day. For the purposes of this article, we’re tackling the first one. “What are some improvements I can implement now…”


Bed skirts typically come in both pleated and tailored varieties. If you have an exposed frame, they can be attached with Velcro on the underside. PRO TIP

DISAPPEARING KEYS Or wallets, cell phones, etc. An easy solution is to place a pretty bowl or tray by the door. Then when you come in, your wallet, keys, and glasses can go right there. This works for daily medications, too. After you take your dose, flip the container upside down to remind you that you took it already. When you return home for the day, flip it back to prepare for the next day. Leave your keys on top of anything you need to take with you. If you have to take your keys off that bill or package it’s much harder to forget to take it, too.


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If your dining room chairs are “slip seats,” you can freshen them up in an evening. How to tell: If the fabric is pulled to the bottom of a separate piece of wood and stapled (as opposed to sewn with a “boxing strip”) then you likely have a slip seat. Materials:

There are ways to add storage without interrupting the feel of a room. In a bedroom try under bed storage. Long, low containers with wheels make pulling them out easy and you can utilize the entire under bed area. If they show, simply hide them with a bed skirt. In a living room consider a storage ottoman.



• Three quarters of a yard of 54” wide upholstery fabric per pair of chairs • Dust cover fabric • Heavy duty staple remover • Metal staple gun • Scissors Instructions:

A BETTER NIGHT’S REST Replacing a mattress is expensive, so if you that’s not an option try these tips for better sleep. • Upgrade your pillow: If you prefer a soft pillow, try one with down and feathers. For a firmer pillow, look for one made with sculpted memory foam. • Change your sheets: Those with high thread counts often retain heat. Look for sheets made with natural fiber and a thread count of 400 or below. If you must go with synthetic sheets, try Tencel. • Keep the room dark: Inside mount window treatments like roman shades and blinds have light leaks. Consider blackout lined window treatments and install them with four inches overlapping the outside of the window. • Have water handy: Place a carafe of water and a glass by the bedside. Proper hydration is important to combating insomnia and if you do wake up, not having to get up makes it easier to return to sleep. Down and feather pillows and inserts are now available in both cruelty free and hypoallergenic options.




1. Remove the staples and take off the old fabric. 2. Place the seat cushion on the new fabric. 3. Pull the fabric taught and tack down the center of each side with the staple gun. 4. Continue pulling the fabric taught and tacking it down working your way around the sides of the seat. 5. At the corners, fold the fabric as if you’re

wrapping a present and tack it down. 6. Cut off the extra fabric. 7. Using the staple gun, attach the dust cover fabric to the underside of the seat. 8. Flip it over and you’re four screws away from a brandnew seat!

Don’t have a fancy staple remover? A pair of pliers and a screwdriver with the tip wrapped in athletic tape will suffice. The tape protects the wood from being badly gouged if you slip. PRO TIP

TOGETHER: A BETTER WAY TO FIGHT CANCER For over 40 years, Virginia Cancer Specialists has been dedicated to the fight against cancer and diseases of the blood. Our highly skilled physicians offer a consultative approach to care, by using the most up-to-date therapies and treatment options available, in a convenient, community-based setting. Our integrated treatment approach provides access to expanded services, including medical oncology and hematology, radiation therapy, orthopedic oncology, genetic counseling, palliative medicine and research. We offer a new state-of-the-art research clinic dedicated exclusively to Phase I clinical trials. Our physicians treat all cancer types, with subspecialists in areas such as Breast, Gastrointestinal, Lung, Genitourinary, Sarcoma, and Hematologic Malignancies, to name a few.

Mitul Gandhi, M.D.

Alisan Kula, M.D.

Jey Maran, M.D.

Robert Marsh, M.D.

Congratulations to our Gainesville Medical Oncologists recognized as 2018 Northern Virginia Magazine’s Top Doctors! Finding and treating cancer at an early stage can save lives Please call (571) 325-0411 or visit VirginiaCancerSpecialists.com\Gainesville 7901 Lake Manassas Drive Gainesville, VA 20155

Geoffrey Moorer, M.D. Muhammad Siddiqui, M.D. (Palliative Care)

2280 Opitz Blvd., Suite 300 Woodbridge, VA 22191


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N E W Y E A R , N E W Solutions

Tech decorating

Cords, chargers and shredders! Oh my! BY BRIDGETT WILSON


ou’ve all seen it: the charge cords dangling from kitchen countertops. The home office overrun with electronics equipment. The family room with cords, well, everywhere. So, how do you have beautiful rooms that incorporate technology? As a professional decorator and home stager, I have solutions.


Take that Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Want to make it look good on your kitchen countertop? Make a vignette around it. Vignettes, which are small groupings of objects, have the dual ability to feature pretty décor pieces and disguise everyday things like technology, all at the same time. How to implement this? In my kitchen, I plugged our Alexa into an outlet at the


{ JANUARY 2019 |

About the Author: Bridgett Wilson, of the eponymous Bridgett Wilson Designs, specializes in small-scale decorating projects, home staging, and paint color consultations throughout northern Virginia. A mom to two grown daughters, she lives in Gainesville with her husband and their very fun Belgian shepherd. You can find her at bwilsondesigns.com.

end of the counter. Then, I carefully rolled the excess Alexa cord and placed it behind a decorative, raw-edge, cutting board that rests on the counter and leans against the backsplash. Add a piece of art and a cute bowl, and voilá. You have a nice-looking vignette with your technology incorporated into it.


For cell phone chargers in kitchens, I first recommend a little planning. Choose a dedicated, out-of-the-cooking-space location and upgrade the current outlet to an electrical outlet with USB. It’s under $30. Now, you’re ready for, you guessed it: a vignette. Add a tray, a small lamp, and a real (or faux) plant by your new outlet, and you have a pretty charging station. The tray corrals the electronics and the vignette elevates the look. In family rooms, I like to analyze how people live. For example, in my house my husband has a favorite chair. He loves his chair and always sits there. This lets me plan



a personalized electronics station for him. Right next to his chair there’s a dedicated power strip for his laptop, cell phone, and e-reader cords. They are all rolled up in a decorative box with a lid. The box has wide handle openings built in, so cords come out through these spaces as needed, and the lid stays on. This eliminates piles of charging cords from plain view, while keeping everything handy. My other tip is: extra-long charger cords. Buy one the color of your favorite chair or side table (depending on where you want to put it) and watch it melt into the space with some careful placement behind furniture legs. Mine matches my sofa. We just had house guests, and they didn’t even realize my charger was in the room.


Moving to the office, it’s a great idea to cut down on some of the visible electronics that, when you think about it, don’t really need to be visible. My solution is baskets. For example, take a tall, fairly large, wicker basket with a lid (open handle spaces woven into the sides work best). Place your shredder inside it and loop the cord out through the handle opening. Pop the lid back on the basket and you have visually eliminated the shredder, while still keeping it handy. The key to all these suggestions: tuck those cords. Then sit back and admire your beautiful rooms. ❖

20 Rock Pointe Lane • Warrenton, VA 20186 540.347.9900 • www.piedmontpediatrics.com


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and up

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Discreet Mediation Services for the Settlement of Family Law Disputes A contested divorce can cost tens of thousands of dollars, but mediation almost always resolves contested issues at a fraction of the cost. Paul Morrison’s track record of successful settlements through mediation has not only resulted in significant savings to our mediation clients, but has spared them the emotional stress of trial and the litigation process. With over 30 years of experience dealing with divorce and family law disputes, Paul gets to the heart of the matter quickly and efficiently. Most cases resolve in less than eight hours. Call and ask for Sharon Wiggins, our Mediation Coordinator, and let us help you solve your problems!

Paul Morrison D I V O R C E M E D I AT I O N

540-347-1000 { JANUARY 2019 |





Bond Cavazos


When and why did you decide to join this company? A few years ago, I purchased our home in Haymarket from The Bill Denny Group, and it was around this time last year that Bill asked me if I’d ever considered going into real estate. Right then, I knew it wasn’t just an opportunity but a gift to learn from someone I trust.

How does your business serve the local community? Whether it’s downsizing or moving to the countryside, I love helping families find their dream home. I love supporting them throughout the process, answering questions, calming worries, and being their advocate.

clients. We’re all always on our phones, but we need to be there when they need us. Be honest – I don’t have the answer to every problem, but I can find someone who does and who will help.

Are you from this area? I grew up in Gaithersburg, Maryland. My Dad is a retired Navy Captain, so we spent my youth traveling the world. My husband’s career brought us back to the area and we found Haymarket after one of our daughter’s horseback riding lessons in Aldie.

What is your favorite season and why? When the snow falls, and it covers the branches and

rooftops, it’s like living in a Christmas movie. We go sledding at a friend’s or snuggle up at home by the fireplace. It’s pretty wonderful.

What are some hobbies you enjoy? I love to cook and bake. When my family has a day off together, we visit local towns to explore and get a bite to eat. And if there’s an antique store nearby, we’ll definitely stop in!

What is your favorite restaurant? My husband and I have quite a few favorites including Girasole, The Front Porch, Northside 29, Claire’s at the Depot, It’s About Thyme, and Hector’s.

Are you involved with any nonprofits? I serve on the Architectural Review Board and the Town Council for the Town of Haymarket. I’m also a member of Soroptimist International of Manassas, and the Legg Calves Perthes foundation, a local nonprofit launched by a friend.

What was your first job? My first job was in high school as a beach attendant in Pensacola, Florida. We had to put the cushions on the loungers and adjust the umbrellas towards the wind. We spent the rest of the day sunbathing and swimming. It was a dream summer job! ❖

Please share one of the greatest moments you’ve experienced in your current profession. When the settlement of a home has passed, and my client has no obligation to contact me anymore and they call to invite me to their home, I know I’ve accomplished something wonderful.

Tell us about your experience with the HGBA. The HGBA is a wonderful resource that supports the community through fundraising, marketing local businesses and engaging members through networking events.

What top three business tips can you offer other professionals? Be your genuine self – There are so many realtors and it can be intimidating. Focus on being yourself and don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. Be dependable – I try to respond as quickly as possible to my

Baking time is family time for Bond, her daughter Colette, and husband Aaron. Photo by E. Losinio Photography

The Haymarket Gainesville Business Association was established in 1990 and is the premier association supporting business and community involvement in the Haymarket-Gainesville area. They offer a forum for information sharing and contribute to community projects that positively impact businesses and residents. Want to learn more? Visit www.HGBA.biz


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Discover the the Power Power of of Rehabilitation Rehabilitation Discover the Power of Discover Rehabilitation At Gainesville Gainesville Health Health & & Rehab Rehab Center, Center, our our experienced, experienced, At

At Gainesville Health & Rehab Center, our experienced, QUALITY • RELIABILITY • SERVICE At Gainesville Health & Rehab Center, ourtherapists experienced, caring and caring therapists and healthcare healthcare professionals professionals realize realize caring therapists and healthcare professionals realize caring therapists and healthcare professionals realize their knowledge, knowledge, creativity, and and technology technology have have one one their creativity, their knowledge, creativity, and technology have one their knowledge, creativity, and technology have one purpose—to get our patients back to their lives purpose—to get our patients back to their lives as as purpose—to get our patients back to their lives as purpose—to get our patients back to their lives as as quickly and completely completely as possible. possible. quickly and Lifestyle quickly and completely as possible. $125as possible. quickly and completely E! VALU Gainesville Health & Rehab Center. We’re changingof lives. Gainesville Health & Rehab Center. We’re changing lives. Gainesville Health & Rehab Center. We’re changing lives. WITH ANY FENCE JOB OF 150 FEET OR MORE 571.248.6100 571.248.6100


Not valid with any other offer or prior purchase.

571.248.6100 gainesville-rehab.com 703.940.0784 7501 Heritage Village Plz BEITZELLFENCE.com Gainesville, Virginia 20155






H AY M A R K E T / G A I N E S V I L L E

571.248.6100 gainesville-rehab.com gainesville-rehab.com gainesville-rehab.com 7501 Heritage Heritage Village Village Plz Plz 7501 7501 Heritage Village Plz Gainesville, Virginia Virginia 20155 20155 Gainesville, Gainesville, Virginia 20155

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The Low Down on Rotator Cuff Tears When to see your orthopedic specialist



hat’s one thing a baseball player and a window cleaner have in common? Both are at increased risk of a rotator cuff tear while on the job due to continuous movement of the shoulder joint. Shoulders are the most mobile joints in the human body and allow a wide range of movement. They are powered by a group of 17 muscles, including deltoids, but rotator cuffs – the four tendons surrounding the ball and socket joint of a shoulder – play an important role in our shoulders’ fine movements and functionality. Tears to the rotator cuff can occur either due to an acute injury or long term wear and tear. Kevin Peltier, MD, surgical services director at Haymarket Medical Center, a Novant Health UVA Health System facility, helps us understand the difference between the two types of tears and when to see a doctor. Acute Tears Acute tears occur when people with otherwise “normal” shoulders have an injury, most commonly caused by reaching


{ JANUARY 2019 |

out and grabbing onto something to stop a fall. However, everyday movements such as shoveling snow or picking up a box that is slightly too heavy can also cause acute tears. Sports or jobs requiring a lot of overhead movement and use of the shoulder muscles and tendons can put people at higher risk. “Acute rotator cuff tears often cause immense pain and prompt people to seek a physician’s evaluation right away, which is good because these types of tears should be evaluated and treated early,” says Dr. Peltier. “About 80-95 percent of people in this category will end up needing surgery to repair their tears, so the earlier it is seen and treated, the better.” Dr. Peltier added that the recovery process for rotator cuff surgery is a lengthy one, often taking up to nine months for shoulders to regain full functionality. Chronic Tears The more common type of rotator cuff tear is chronic tears, which happen over time due to wear and tear on the tendons. Much like car engines over years of use require tuneups, physicians frequently see patients with rotator cuff pain as they age.



“Some studies show that by age 80, 50 percent of people will experience some sort of rotator cuff injury. With chronic tears, we see patients whose shoulder pain gradually increases until they decide it’s time to have it evaluated,” says Dr. Peltier. “Fortunately, many of these are partial tears that do not require surgery, but can be managed and treated in other ways.” Treatment for chronic rotator cuff tears can include physical therapy, cortisone injections to relieve pain and inflammation, and/or small lifestyle changes that put less impact on the shoulder joint. The only way to fully heal a torn rotator cuff is through surgery, Dr. Peltier advises, but it is often possible to forgo surgery and instead manage pain. Plenty of people live with normal shoulder function even with partial tears. When To See Your Doctor “When you hear popping or crackling noises in your shoulder or other joints, it isn’t necessarily an indication that there is a tear,” says Dr. Peltier. “Noises and discomfort can also be caused by bursitis or inflammation. In any case, it’s good to pay a visit to your doctor if you’re concerned.” If it turns out the discomfort is caused by a tear in your rotator cuff, your physician will work with you to determine the best treatment plan to get you back to full functionality. “Every person that has a rotator cuff problem will need individualized treatment based on their expectations, the size of the tear, individual limitations and pain levels. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment,” says Dr. Peltier. Novant Health UVA Health System has a specialized team of orthopedic and sports medicine providers to diagnose and treat shoulder injuries, in addition to other joint injuries. On occasion, these providers also offer their time to help educate the community. Dr. Peltier will present an orthopedic lecture on shoulder pain and treatment options on Wednesday, May 15 from 6:30-8:30 pm at Haymarket Medical Center in Community Rooms A and B. To learn more please visit: novanthealthuva.org/services/orthopedics-sports-medicine.aspx. To schedule an appointment with an orthopedic expert, please use the “Find a Provider” page. ❖



Pastor Carlisle has a story. Now we want to hear yours.

9300 W. Courthouse Rd., Ste. 204, Manassas, VA 20110 (703) 884-1107 • (703) 530-7022 www.northvalaw.com


You’re the focus of Haymarket Lifestyle, and we’re willing to bet you have a story to tell. We’re also willing to bet you know others who have stories to tell, too. Don’t be modest. Piedmont Lifestyle Publications has been celebrating people like Pastor Carlisle and other members of this community since 2005. Now it’s your turn. To take it, drop us a note at editor@piedmontpub.com.


the H A Y M A R K E T L I F E S T Y L E


To read Pastor Carlisle’s story, visit piedmontlifestyle.com/history/faith-forgiveness-anddetermination-at-mount-pleasant-baptist-church


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Daily Specials Daily Specials Prime NightsTuTu&&ThTh Prime RibRib Nights Private BookingsAvailable Available Private Bookings Happy Hour Specials Happy Hour Specials Breakfast Sun Breakfast SatSat & &Sun Locally Raised BeefBurgers Burgers Locally Raised Beef

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THE EXPERT: Kerry Molina HER EXPERTISE: Art An artist, writer, teacher, and tutor, as well as the owner of Yellow Brick Road Studio and Enrichment Workshops, Molina was voted Lifestyle’s 2018 Best Local Artist. She holds a BA in Art History from Ithaca College and an MA in Museum Studies from The George Washington University. She resides in Gainesville with her husband, two children, and two cats.



“I can’t draw a stick figure.” Nope, you’re not the only one who says this. Not by a long shot. In fact, as someone who has been teaching art classes and workshops for a while now, I can tell you that almost everyone I work with says this or something like it. But guess what? It doesn't matter. What matters is getting you back in touch with your creativity, and that's what I'm going to help you do all the new year long via this new column. Honest to goodness, it’s my mission, dare I say my goal in life, to remind (convince?) everyone that we are born with creativity inside us. Sadly, we lose touch with it for a variety of reasons, but we can get back in touch with it. Don’t think of creativity as something you either have or don’t have. Don’t think of creativity as only the ability to paint realistic landscapes or compose and play symphonies.


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R eve l a t i o n s


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“As we age, there are fewer opportunities to play and practice creativity. In order to keep this garden growing, we need to tend it.” Think of it as open-mindedness, trying new things and solving problems in new ways. I believe that humans are born with imagination. As children, we explore it through open-ended toys and activities that are presented to us—Play Doh, LEGOS, crayons, blocks, cars, dolls, drums—the list is long! But as we age, sometimes there are fewer opportunities to play and practice creativity. In order to keep this garden growing, we need to tend it. Throughout our school years, we are taught that there is a right and wrong way to do things. Words need to be spelled a certain way. Two plus two always equals four. There are fewer crayons to be found and not a lot of time afforded in busy schedules and curricula for open-ended thinking. As teens, conformity creeps in as we want to fit in with the crowd. Even society teaches us that careers in the arts are not wise pursuits as they don’t pay well. The imagination is batted out of us from many different angles. So, dear adults, don’t be so hard on yourselves. Don’t keep telling yourself


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that you are not creative and putting that negative self-talk out there in the Universe. You only get back what you put out. And, y’all know our kids are listening. We don’t want to raise yet another generation of people who let go of their imaginations. You can get it back. Think about creativity as a vehicle of self-expression. Exercise the muscle in whatever ways feel interesting to you. Perhaps broaden your definition. Your creativity can be in the way you cook a meal or the way you put an outfit together. Pull up some singers or songs you aren’t familiar with and take a listen. Browse a thrift shop. You don’t have to have to master the guitar, but you can take a lesson. You aren’t Michelangelo, but you can sure as heck buy a sketch pad and some colored pencils. And hey, what’s wrong with stick figures anyway!? Have fun with it. Draw a whole stick figure party! I’ll be back next month and every month with simple projects aimed at helping you get those creative juices flowing again. Cheers to a new year in which we get our crayons back! ❖

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wrong. When your pet scratches, it is irritating his/her sensitive skin. This can lead to infection with itchy and painful sores. Lifestyle



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N E W Y E A R , N E W Entertaining Ideas

Secrets from a Party Planner: Tips for a stress-free soirée


Terry Kaye is the owner of Terry Kaye Events, an established, full-service event design, styling and planning boutique specializing in weddings, social occasions, and corporate affairs. Terry resides in Warrenton with her husband and three sons. For more information, visit TerryKayeEvents.com or contact Terry directly at info@terrykayeevents.com.


Select your theme and stick with it to ensure everything ties together in a professional and unified way. PRO TIP


arty planning and stress seem to go hand and hand these days. Blogs, Instagram, and Pinterest all add to the pressure to host over-the-top fetes that not only break the budget but can sadly also break your party-planning spirit. It shouldn’t be stressful or intimidating. I have put together some of my favorite tips and tricks which, when put into action, can make it possible to create and host a memorable affair with ease.

Create a checklist and stick to it. A checklist is a critical tool for stress-free event planning. Not only does it keep you on task, it tends to keep you on budget (which certainly reduces my stress level). My checklist typically begins one month prior to the event date. This allows me plenty of time to plan, shop and prep; it also builds in a buffer for any unexpected hiccups along the way. I rely so much on my checklist that I created a template that I personalize for each event. In addition to

Create a theme. The theme or inspiration behind your event will impact every aspect of your party. It will determine the date, time, menu, décor - even your attire.


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This is the key to a cohesive event. For me, the theme is usually what drives my inspiration to host an event. Inspiration can come from anywhere: nature, food, people, patterns, colors, magazines, Pinterest and trends. Sometimes the person you are celebrating is inspiration enough, and the theme revolves around that person!


keeping my timeline on track, I also find it very therapeutic to check things off of my list. Make two copies of your checklist so you have one at home and one in your purse/on your phone. You never know when you’ll need to reference it. PRO TIP

Design your menu and prep, prep, prep. Menu planning can be daunting and super stressful, especially if you don’t know your way around a kitchen. Clients often confess that they want to host a party but are afraid to cook for their guests. Don’t ever let the fear of cooking stop you from entertaining. There are so many convenient catering options available to us that you don’t have to shy away from being the host just because you don’t feel your strength is in the kitchen. In fact, if cooking is not your thing, you can easily cater your entire party through your local grocery store or by going the potluck route and asking guests to bring their favorite dish to share. I have also learned along the way that not everything has to be homemade. Focus on what you enjoy and collaborate with someone who loves to cook or cater. If cooking is one of your strengths, then relish spoiling your guests with your home-cooked dishes and baked confections. Just remember to add meal prep to your checklist so nothing is overlooked or forgotten. I would also recommend that you select a menu that allows you to pre-bake, pre-chop, and prepare all ingredients prior to your party. The last thing you want is to be stuck

in the kitchen while your guests are in another room enjoying your event. When taking on the daunting task of cooking and baking, always have a few backup items on hand in case something goes awry - better to be safe than sorry! PRO TIP

Dressing for dinner. If you’re anything like me, picking out the right outfit can take hours. I try on half my closest, think I’ve found the right combination, until a couple of hours later when I go back and settle on my go-to black party dress. To avoid changing my mind or getting sucked back into my closet, I select what I’m wearing the night before and lay everything out. On the day of the event, I typically dress one hour prior to guests arriving to help mentally transition from “planner” to “hostess.” Always wear an apron prior to your guests arriving. The last thing you need is a last minute wardrobe change. PRO TIP

Be present; you are the host. Transitioning from planner to party hostess can be a difficult task but it’s an important one. For the past month, you’ve planned and prepped; now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Shift your focus from your checklist to your guest list. Hospitality should give you as much joy as it gives your guests so take a deep breath, relax, connect and enjoy your party. Turn on your favorite music, light a candle and enjoy a glass of wine or flavored seltzer prior to your guests arriving; it’s a great way to enjoy the calm before the storm and ease into the switch from “planner” to “hostess.” PRO TIP

{ JANUARY 2019 |

Leave the mess. Dinner is over - now what? Most would assume that the planner in me would suggest that it’s time to clean up but that’s not the case anymore. I have learned that it’s important to be present as a host/hostess and not disappear into the abyss of dirty dishes. Your guests are there to see you, so be a gracious host and stay present. The clean-up can wait. If the idea of leaving a dirty table drives you crazy, clear the table and stack the dishes in the sink filled with soapy water. They can soak overnight and will make for easy work in the morning. ❖ PRO TIP




local EXPERT


Mark Luna is a Portfolio Rep for Roanoke Valley Wine Company. He has a Level 3 Advanced Certification from the Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) and is a member of the prestigious Wine Scholar Guild, where he’s finishing his Italian Wine Scholar post-nominal accreditation. Through and beyond his work for RVWC, Mark writes, teaches and guest-speaks about wine in a variety of both industry and privately held events. He lives in Nokesville with his family. For events, Mark can be reached at info@winespique.com.

N E W Y E A R , N E W Wines

If you make just one resolution, let it be this: Try new wines! BY MARK LUNA


nd just like that, 2019 is upon us. I have no doubt, and certainly plenty of hope, that it will be filled with just as many unexpected, great wine experiences as its predecessor. Now, if you’re like me, you’re in absolute disbelief that not only has another year has come and gone, but we’re nearly two full decades into the not-so-new millennium. Truth be told, this is my sixth new year that ends in the number 9, and the only real comfort that gives me is that the word nine rhymes with wine. I’ll take what I can get. Of course, no new year worth getting ready for starts without its long, thought out punch-list of resolutions, most of which were probably on last year’s agenda, to motivate and excite us for at least half of the first month, until the post-holiday routines of our pre-holiday lives settle back into their rightful place, keeping us on the winding, yet focused road of just getting through the week. But this is where a new wine can truly make any day of the year seem like New Year’s Day. And at the very least, trying a new wine keeps your curiosity alive and your senses on call, hopefully giving you that oneof-a-kind feeling that no matter what time of year it is, there’s always a new beginning. So, to kick off this new (and final) teenage year of the century, I’ve chosen some wines that are of old grapes, but


{ JANUARY 2019 |



perhaps brand new to the nascent wine lover. They’re unique and untypical in both name and profile, simultaneously historical and hip in all the right ways. Godello is a 19th century, white-wine grape that hails from the province of Galicia, in northwest Spain. Within Galicia is a small appellation called Valdeorras (Valley of Gold, in Latin), where godello shines brightest. Adding to its allure is the fact that beyond Galicia, one would be hard-pressed to find this varietal growing with any significance, minus a few tiny parcels in northern Portugal, where the grape is called gouveio. In Galacia, however, godello is a rock star… and it’s going on tour. If there’s one bottle that epitomizes godello, it’s Bodegas Avancia Godello 2016. Spanish wine importer/legend Jorge Ordonez was the first broker to introduce godello into the United States; and for many years, he was the only merchant offering a wine made from this outstanding grape. There are many other producers now, but no real rivals. A small estate, Bodegas Avancia is both organically and dry farmed, and the Godello 2016 reflects this completely. Handcrafted from a century old vineyard, with low-yielding vines that grow on a steep, arduous slope. Its color is a gorgeous feint gold, with floral and yellow fruit aromatics. One the palate, this wine envelops you with

both marked acidity and roundness. There’s some oak aging here, though the grape can be produced without it, giving you a richer, fuller mouthfeel. Still, Bodegas Godello 2016 is fresh, lively and very exciting to drink, either by itself or with an array of foods such as soft cheeses, assorted greens and virtually any seafood you want. A great winter white wine priced around $32, it’s an experience you won’t soon forget. Last April, I wrote about a great Cabernet Sauvignon from the family owned and operated winery Kiona, in the Red Mountain AVA of Washington State. This month, we visit them again, but this time featuring another wine of theirs, made from one of the coolest varietals around, Lemberger. Lemberger is a red-wine grape with origins in the Franconia region of today’s Germany; in fact, on the global wine stage, it’s most commonly referred to as Blaufränkisch, meaning "blue wine of Franconia." The more common name in American viticulture, lemberger, arose in Germany because during the 19th century, the wine was imported from Lemberg, a location in Lower Styria (now a part of Slovenia, then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire). It’s widely believed that the grape's history extends back to the middle ages, though first documentation of it was not until 1862. Kiona Vineyards and Winery produced the first commercial bottling of lemberger in the United States, in 1980. Thirty-nine years later, their Kiona Estate Red Mountain Lemberger 2016 is the consummate example of a great winery giving a Below: Since 1896, truly unique varietal the Marenco family not only a chance has been making to succeed, but a beautiful, terroir driven wines. place to call home.

The original plot of lemberger was a mere 1.8 acres. Today, it stands at 13.1 acres, a testament to the Kiona’s commitment and lemberger’s will. A ‘typical’ lemberger doesn’t really exist, as it can be produced in two very different styles: the first, a cooler climate, Pinot Noir-esque wine, lighter and more finessed in style and approach; and second, a strong, full-bodied wine that can drink like a California big zinfandel. What’s common to both is a bluish-red color and a subtle spicy characteristic, both aromatically and on the palate. Kiona Estate Lemberger 2016 is indeed the latter style, as the Red Mountain heat doesn’t hold back. As a result, all the markings are there for a strong red wine, with dark fruit flavors such as black cherry, blackberry and red currant splashing all over the place, and that unmistakable note of spice. It’s not overtly tannic, but can be an ageworthy wine, though you’ll want to drink it now…besides, doesn’t the new year almost require it? Priced at a ridiculous $15, give or take, it’s also a steal. For quite a long time, my favorite wines have been - and still are - from Piemonte, Italy. Gorgeous grapes from timeless, stunning villages are what these wines are all about; and with ancient varietal names such as nebbiolo, barbera and dolcetto for red wine, and arneis, cortese and erbaluce for whites, you can virtually taste the history in every sip. One such grape of Piemontese uniqueness is brachetto, a red wine varietal

Left: Kiona whose home is in Vineyards the village of Acqui Red Mountain Terme. Brachetto Lemberger. Right: tends to produce light At work in the bodied, highly aromatic Kiona vineyards, located in the Red wines with distinctive Mountain AVA of notes of strawberries, Washington State. raspberries and roses. In the DOCG region of Brachetto d'Acqui, the grape is used to produce a slightly sweet sparkling wine, akin to Lambrusco, and is sometimes referred to as the red Moscato d'Asti, one of Italy’s greatest dessert wines. My bottle of choice is Marenco Pineto Brachetto d’Acqui 2017. Since 1896, the Marenco family has been making beautiful, terroir driven wines. Giuseppe Marenco brought a modern approach to Marenco’s winemaking in the 1950s, expanding both their grape growing and wine producing efforts. Today, Giuseppe’s three daughters run the family business, presiding over 160 acres of vineyards, carrying on the family tradition and their father’s dream. Marenco Pineto Brachetto d’Acqui 2017 is a beautiful wine. It greets you with a light ruby color, somewhere between a red and rosé wine, and then surrounds your senses with candied red fruits and hints of orange peel. The effervescence is soft and foamy, as the fruit flavors ride a creamy mousse. It’s a very balanced, low-alcohol wine that can be thoroughly enjoyed before and after dinner. It’s perfect in its simplicity, but completely true to itself. It’s also as delicious as it gets. Priced around $20, it’s an excellent choice for the brand-new year. Check your local wine stores, not grocery stores, for the wines presented here; you can also reach me at info@winespique.com with any questions. Happy New Year and Happy Vino’ing! ❖

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Bow WOW! Gainesville Dogtopia is franchise of the year Dogtopia, a dog daycare, boarding, and spa franchise, named Suzanne Dukes and Brian Fitzpatrick, of Manassas and Gainesville, Franchisee of the Year at the company’s recent conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.“Owning a Dogtopia has been such a rewarding experience and a great opportunity to better our community and beyond through initiatives with the Dogtopia Foundation,” Dukes said. During the conference, attendees networked with fellow franchisees and vendors, attended leadership seminars, and participated in fundraisers for the Dogtopia Foundation. More than $70,000 was raised over the course of the conference for service dogs for veterans, youth literacy programs, and employment initiatives for adults with autism.

Want some extra z’s? .................................... Take the bus! Launched last month, OmniRide’s new express bus service provides residents of western Prince William County a direct connection to the Rosslyn/Ballston corridor. The new Haymarket to Rosslyn/ Ballston Express bus operates weekdays and serves four stops along Heathcote Boulevard, North Fairfax Drive, Clarendon Boulevard, and Wilson Boulevard. “Instead of stressing out about the commute or paying tolls to arrive at work on time, riders can relax and read or get a few extra minutes of sleep, knowing they’ll have a reliable trip,” said Prince William County Supervisor Ruth Anderson, who serves as chair of PRTC. Even better? Riding the new express bus is free through February 15 and all OmniRide buses that travel I-66 are offering half-fares while the express lanes are under construction. For more information, visit: prtctransit.org.


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That Patriot, Battlefield, and Stonewall Jackson high schools are overcrowded is an understatement, so it’s heartening to hear that construction on the county’s 13th high school is set to start late this month or early next. Located east of Limestone Drive and south of Progress Court and scheduled to open in fall 2021, the new school will include a 334,885-squarefoot building, a stadium and sports fields, and will accommodate 2,557

students, instead of the standard capacity 2,100 students. This will prevent it from being at capacity when it opens, said David Beavers, the division’s supervisor of planning and financial service. “I think the opportunity to expand the school will allow us to provide overcrowding relief without running out of space,” Beavers said. “We worked with architects and came up with adjustments to the prototype to allow for additional classrooms.” According to school

division data, as of September 30 Patriot High had 2,678 students, Battlefield High had 3,006 students, and Stonewall Jackson High had 2,475 students. Each is at maximum capacity with Patriot at 130.5 percent, Battlefield at 146.4 percent, Stonewall at 102.7 percent. Clearly, the school system’s plans to construct a 14th high school (set to open in 2024) and a 15th high school (set to open in 2027) can’t come to fruition fast enough.


Did you know?

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I'm so glad we called M.E. Flow! Fast Response!  Their service technicians are so nice! 



Orientation meeting with the director, tour the school, meet the teachers, & view registration screen shots!

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DAY! CALL TO meflow.com

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FREE EMERGENCY EXAM Includes Necessary X-Rays and Screening for New Patients.

CARING DENTISTRY 3D Imaging for Precise Implant Placement Implants

Root Canals Veneers Crowns

Amazing Oral Surgeon & Endodontist on Staff

Not to be combined with any other offer. New patients only. Valued at $118 Expires in 30 days


Digital X-Rays with Less Radiation

Dr. Jason Kiangsoontra, DDS nte, DMD • los Apo r a C . r S • D ort, DD Davenp e n i l a F Dr. , DDS • y Chehade Dr. Theo Batistas, DDS • Dr. Ton

TMJ Treatment



7521 Virginia Oaks Drive, Ste 230, Gainesville, VA 20155 | Across From CVS on Rt. 29

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Haymarket Lifestyle Magazine January 2019  

Haymarket Lifestyle Magazine January 2019  

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