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ozzie winner of haymarket’s cutest pet contest!




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any thanks to all of you who entered your adorable pets in our first-ever Cutest Pet Contest, to Piedmont Pets Veterinary Care for sponsoring it, and to all of you who voted. Frankly, I don’t know how you decided; I wanted to put them all on the pages of this issue. My thanks also to the local pet experts who lent their expertise to our pages this month. From information on behavior modification to interior design tips pets and pet owners can live with and more, you’ll find thoughtprovoking and darn good advice in our Special Pets Section. Moving beyond the four-legged family members we love, you’ll discover a delicious recipe for Chicken Pot Pie and Biscuits – warm, winter comfort food if ever there was any – from contributor Laura Sears, and Mark Luna’s picks for the wines you really must try this month. (Pour yourself a glass and repeat after me, “Spring is coming! Spring is coming!) Contributor Kerry Molina is back too, this time with a feature on art journaling that’s so compelling, you might just race out and get the mix media paper pad and other supplies she suggests… like I did. Finally, if you’ve ever Googled some weird bump on your leg or rash on your arm, you’ll want to check out “A Doctor’s Dos and Don’ts for Googling Your Symptoms.” It’ll save you from scaring yourself silly.

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15 06 Food & Beverage Winter Comfort Food: Chicken Pot Pie & Biscuits BY LAURA SEARS


10 Health & Fitness A Doctor’s Dos and Don’ts for Googling Your Symptoms BY SUSAN TULINO, NOVANT HEALTH UVA HEALTH SYSTEM






Living with Pets


Psychiatric medication for pets? You bet


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Saying Goodbye Euthanasia for a beloved pet BY CHARLOTTE HARVEY

26 Wag & Woof

Get Creative with Kerry Molina

18 Living with Dogs and Cats


Sneak Art into Your Life with An Art Journal

What to know when combining felines and canines in your household

To pet, or not to pet, a dog you’ve just met





Wine A Star is Borne! BY MARK LUNA

36 HGBA Member Meet & Greet The Van Gils Law Firm

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LB’s Good Spoon presents

Chicken Pot Pie with Cheddar Biscuits local expert




Laura Sears

INGREDIENTS Chicken Pot Pie: 3 tablespoons unsalted butter 2 lbs chicken thighs, cut into 1 inch cubes 1 onion, diced 2 cups carrot, diced 1 cup celery, diced 1½ cup parsnip, peeled and diced 1 teaspoon dried herbes de provence 8 ounces sliced mushrooms 1/4 cup flour 3½ cups of chicken stock 9 ounces of frozen peas Biscuits: 2 cups flour 2 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon baking soda ½ teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon pepper 1 cup grated cheddar cheese 1/4 cup grated Parmesan 6 tablespoons cold unsalted butter, cut into ½ inch pieces 11/4 cups buttermilk DIRECTIONS Preheat oven to 400. Chicken Pot Pie 1. Melt the butter in a large dutch oven and season the chicken with 1 teaspoon salt and 1/4 teaspoon pepper. Working in two batches cook it about 2-3 minutes per side then remove onto


{ FEBRUARY 2019 |


Easy, familyfriendly meals

Haymarket resident Laura Sears has been blogging at LB’s Good Spoon since 2008. There she dishes up her love of food, family, and more. Pay her a visit at blog. lbsgoodspoon.com

a plate. Add your vegetables to the empty pot, onion through parsnip, along with the herbs and season with salt and pepper to taste. Cook for about 10 minutes, until vegetables are tender. Add mushrooms and cook, uncovered, about 5 more minutes.



lthough we may want to usher in the winter months during the holidays, we all know true winter in Virginia happens now. I’m anticipating a snowstorm in the next couple months, right as I’m itching to buy tulips and think spring. Warmer months will have to wait, and this recipe is sure to help you feel ok that they eventually will arrive. Having been raised in the Midwest I love a good cozy meal. Now as a mom to three little boys, I also love a good one pot wonder. There’s a few more things I love about this recipe. You can batch cook the filling and freeze it giving you a delicious dinner on nights when you’re otherwise tight on time. If you don’t eat meat, it’s easy to opt for sweet potatoes in this dish making it a great vegetarian option as well. You’ll learn that I love to not only stock my freezer, but prefer meals like this that are nourishing for the whole family. We don’t cook separate meals for our boys, so when a dinner like this hits the table I know they can’t argue with these cheesy biscuits atop loads of vegetables. Everyone is happy. I’ve made this recipe a few different ways, and I’m sharing my version with chicken thighs here. If you’d prefer to use store bought cooked rotisserie chicken, use about 4 cups. If you want to make this vegetarian, replace the chicken with about four cups of diced and peeled sweet potatoes. If you’d like to make this ahead of time, make the filling and freeze it in a 9x13 dish. Remove it the night before you want to serve it to allow enough time to thaw in your refrigerator. While the oven is heating you’ll have time to make the biscuits!

2. Add flour and stir for 2 minutes. Next, add stock and scrape up brown bits. Bring to a boil, then simmer for about 3-5 minutes to let the sauce get thick, stirring often. Stir in the chicken, peas, and more salt and pepper to taste. Pour the filling into a 9x13 casserole dish.

Cheddar Biscuits 1. Whisk flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt and pepper. Add cheese and toss to coat. Cut in the butter with a pastry cutter, and then add the buttermilk, stirring just until dough forms. Drop the biscuits into 12 mounds on top of the filling. 2. Bake about 30-35 minutes until golden and bubbly. Enjoy!


Gleanings from the Bible

Ruth 2:2

Life & Building The Bible, from beginning to end, is a story of “life and building.” In the opening pages of the Bible, we see the tree of life, which is available for man to receive, and the river of water of life which contains materials for building—gold, bdellium, and onyx stone (Gen. 2:9-12). The matter of building is present throughout the Old Testament. In Exodus God gained a group of people and erected His tabernacle (ch. 40). In 2 Samuel David established God’s kingdom for God to reign (chs. 6—7). In 1 Kings, Solomon built the holy temple and the holy city. When the building of the temple was finished, God’s glory was manifested in the temple (8:11). Furthermore, God’s authority was in place, and His will was carried out. Even the work of the enemy was focused on damaging the building, destroying the walls around Jerusalem, burning the temple, and carrying God’s people into exile at Babylon (2 Kings 25:8-21). After seventy years of captivity, some of the children of Israel returned from Babylon to Jerusalem to rebuild the holy temple and the holy city (Jer. 25:11; Ezra 1:1-6; 6:13-15; Neh. 6:15-16). When Nehemiah was rebuilding the holy city, the enemies around the city rallied their strength to destroy the building (2:19; 4:18; 6:1-9). This shows that God’s building is the center of His work in the Old Testament. In the New Testament the Gospel of John particularly stresses the issue of life and building. Chapter 1 of John’s Gospel is an introduction to the Lord as life, and chapter 2 shows that the Lord Jesus changes death into life for the building up of God’s house: “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up” (v. 19). The Lord Jesus was speaking of the temple of His body (v. 21), meaning that He would build up God’s dwelling place, His temple, in resurrection. The temple of God that the Lord spoke of is a spiritual temple; it is the Lord Himself and all those who have received God’s life and who have been made alive in His resurrection. Hence, the central thought of the Gospel of John (as well as the Epistles of John and Revelation) is that God has come to be man’s life so that He can build those who receive Him and enjoy Him into His eternal habitation (John 10:10; 14:2: 14:23). Also, in the New Testament Gospels the Lord prophesied in Matthew 16:18, “I also say to you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.” Life and building are the central work that God is doing in the universe. He wants to enter into us to be our life and to build us up as His eternal dwelling place. Paul also stresses life and building in his Epistles. In 1 Corinthians 3:9, the apostle writes, “We are God’s fellow workers; you are God’s cultivated land, God’s building.” The cultivated land is the believers, in whose hearts the seed of life is planted and grows with the growth of God; this is altogether a matter of life (Matt. 13:24; Mark 4:4; 1 Cor. 3:6). God’s building is also the believers, who are built together into the dwelling place of God; this is a matter of building (Eph. 2:22). Paul continues this thought by writing, “If anyone builds upon the foundation gold, silver, precious stones, wood, grass, stubble” (v. 12). Here gold, silver, and precious stones signify the various experiences of Christ in the virtues and attributes of the Triune God that are constituted into the believers. It is with these that the apostles and all spiritual believers build the church on the unique foundation of Christ. Gold signifies the divine nature of the Father with all His

attributes; silver signifies the redeeming Christ with all the virtues and attributes of His person and work; and precious stones signifies the transforming work of the Spirit with all its attributes for God’s building. Accordingly, the riches of the Triune God are dispensed into the believers as life through regeneration and by the growth in life the believers are renewed and transformed into precious stones for God’s building (1 Cor.3:18; Rom. 12:2; Eph. 4:23; Titus 3:5). The apostle Peter also stresses this central thought when he wrote, “You yourselves also, as living stones, are being built up as a spiritual house into a holy priesthood to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ” (1 Pet. 2:5). By describing the believers as living stones who are being built up as a spiritual house, Peter eloquently crystalized the central thought of the Bible--life and building. The seeds of life and building that were planted in Genesis and that grew and developed in both the Old and New Testaments are ultimately harvested in the book of Revelation. In the concluding pages of the Bible and of the book of Revelation, we see again the tree of life and the river of water of life (22:1-2), signifying the processed and consummated Triune God within a built-up city, the New Jerusalem. The New Jerusalem is a city of pure gold (21:18) with gates of pearls and foundations of twelve precious stones. John told us that Revelation is a book of signs (1:1). The city being of pure gold signifies that the city is constituted with God the Father’s divine nature as the element from which the city is produced; the pearls signify God the Son’s redeeming death and life-imparting resurrection through which entrance to the city is granted (21:21); and the wall and foundations of precious stones signify God the Spirit’s work of transforming the redeemed and regenerated believers into precious stones for the building of God’s eternal habitation. In the garden in Genesis these materials merely existed, whereas in the city of the New Jerusalem they are built up together into a city for the fulfillment of God’s eternal purpose, which is to have a corporate expression. God’s work of life and building throughout the ages will consummate not in a material, lifeless city but in the greatest and final sign, the New Jerusalem, which is a living composition of all the redeemed, regenerated, transformed, and glorified people of God throughout all generations! Accordingly, every believer has been predestined to be a stone, and our destiny is to be living stones built up as the spiritual house of God! With this vision, every believer must personally open to the Lord in prayer to give the life-giving Spirit the permission to do His transforming work in them and to ask to be builtup with others corporately into God’s building (c.f. Eph. 3:14-21). “Gleanings from the Bible” is a series of articles contributed by a local Christian home meeting group that loves the Lord Jesus, believes that the Bible is God’s Word, and cares for the oneness of the Body of Christ. For more information please visit our website at www.fromhouse2house.org or email us at info@fromhouse2house. org. This article is based in part on footnote 211 in chapter 21 of Revelation from the Holy Bible Recovery Version published by Living Stream Ministry.



elcome to the fourth edition of Origin of a Recipe. This month we’re sharing our house-made hot sauce and how a kind gesture from a regular cafe guest forced me to try my hand at making my own. Early on, Neal Emerald, hot sauce connoisseur, traveler, and local foodie asked me about the hot sauce we were using. At the time we were using an organic storebought habanero hot sauce. Neal asked me if I liked hot sauce, and honestly, everyone in my family will tell you that, when it

comes to heat, I’m a wimp. In fact when I was younger, the men in my family would line up hot sauces and take “shots” and laugh at the weaklings in the group that couldn’t stand the heat. The first one to drink milk lost. Guess who that was? As a result of my conversation with Neal and because he is the wonderful person that he is, he started bringing me hot sauces from all of his travels. At the cafe, we taste-tested all of Neal’s discoveries using the “shot” method I did as a kid. I ended up with about twenty bottles of hot sauce from Neal and

went through about four gallons of milk. I wanted to do something special for Neal. So I began researching and experimenting with making hot sauces. I quickly learned that to get the lasting taste I wanted, I would need to ferment the sauces. I consider a good hot sauce to have an intense lingering flavor that can only come through fermentation. I fermented with kimchi, sauerkraut, and apple cider vinegar and found that the easiest way to ferment was to use apple cider vinegar with the mother in it. For those of you don’t know what “the mother” is, it’s the strands of proteins, enzymes and friendly bacteria that give the product a murky appearance. I encourage you to try this recipe and get creative in your kitchen. Experiment with different peppers and fermentation methods. Then, have a hot sauce shot showdown, and don’t forget the milk! YIELD: 30+ SERVINGS

Ingredients 1 3 1 1/2

pound habaneros (red preferably) jalapeños cup apple cider vinegar with the mother cup white vinegar

Directions 1. Cut off all stems 2. Blend habaneros, jalapeños, and apple cider vinegar 3. Put in a glass container with a lid 4. Let sit for 22 days on the counter in a temperature controlled room. Keep the mixture out of the sunlight 5. Mix everyday or every other day 6. Enjoy with scrambled eggs, ribs, burgers, and more!


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Learn & Discover at Grō A Natural Education Space

Summer Camps Preschool

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A Doctor’s Dos & Don’ts for Googling Your Symptoms

great places to start. Government sites, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health, are excellent.

Why it’s best to take online medical research with a grain of salt

2. Beware of personalized cases, blogs and tales of woe. These are more likely to play on your emotions and prevent objectivity.



ave you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and noticed an unexplained bruise or mole, or awakened with a migraine headache strong enough to take down an army, and gone to the internet to find out the cause? Of course you have. Doctors themselves are guilty of looking up medical questions online, so it’s no surprise that patients are, too. Often our curiosity gets the best of us before we can get to the doctor, or we want to know if our condition is worth a visit in the first place. “Some patients do find valuable information in their own research, and use it to pose educated questions that make our visit more productive,” said Frederick W. Parker, III, MD, M.Ed, Novant Health UVA Health System Bull Run Family Medicine - Manassas. “However, in most cases, the pre-appointment Googling has caused confusion, worry or even a worst-case-scenario mindset that has them convinced that their death is imminent. People take a local symptom and use it to make a mountain out of a molehill.” For instance, Dr. Parker often sees patients who have experienced numbness or tingling in their fingers, toes or

3. Avoid sites that profit by selling treatments or cures. face. “They search a combination of ‘muscle twitching’ and ‘numbness’ and Google tells them they have a neuromuscular disease, or – even worse – that they have had a stroke.” Dr. Parker recently treated a college student who had experienced abdominal pain, gastric symptoms and weight gain. When a rash appeared on her lower body, she learned through Google that this combination of symptoms could be a sign of celiac disease or lactose intolerance. The patient promptly cut out gluten and dairy from her diet, but neglected to visit the doctor for weeks. In the process she deprived her body of nutrients found in these ingredients without any definitive diagnosis.

Know Where to Look

The internet offers plenty of reliable medical websites for patients. Sites like WebMD are written and reviewed by trained medical professionals, but use plain language that doesn’t require a medical degree to understand. But, what may start out as a well-intentioned search for causes of a sore throat can

quickly evolve into reading one person’s experience with an unlikely and unfortunate twist in which their simple sore throat was a symptom of a rare lifethreatening illness. In the medical world, these isolated accounts are known as “case studies,” and professionals are strictly cautioned to avoid generalizing their outcomes. There’s also a reason doctors are strictly prohibited from treating themselves. To diagnose a medical condition, doctors must be objective. Dr. Parker recalls his experience in medical school as he learned about various conditions and their symptoms. It led to harmless itching causing thoughts of “do I have such-andsuch disease?” Doctors are just like you, and can’t be objective about diagnosing themselves. Neither can you. Still, it’s not realistic to tell patients to stop online searches. Dr. Parker shares a few guidelines that he shares with patients and adheres to himself. 1. Use reliable sites. Most major medical centers and local doctor’s offices offer patient-friendly information and links. These are

4. Know yourself and your body. If you are prone to worry or fearing the worst, limit the time you spend online or completely avoid it. Remember that rare diagnoses are unlikely to apply to you. 5. Do learn more about conditions and diseases. One great use for web searches is to research a diagnosis you have been given by a doctor to learn more about the symptoms, dangers and treatment options. 6. Prepare for your office visits to maximize the time you have with your doctor. Many reputable sites make recommendations for questions to ask about medical conditions. When used with caution, the Internet can be a valuable and productive part of your medical toolbox, but it’s important to remember that it is only a part. Before you cut out milk and bread from your diet, consider going to see a doctor first. To find a family medicine physician at Novant Health UVA Health System, please visit https://www.novanthealthuva. org/find-a-doctor.aspx?sspecialty=family+medicine. ❖

Best Service Ever. Pete G. (Catlett)

e! servic eper) llent Exce t F. (Culp - Pa

No Bones About It…


Time profe ly, knowle ssio dgea ble, Charl nal. es B. (Nok esville )

Our Customers!

Quick response and very professional! -Laura M. (Fairfax Station)

Wonde rful e Amy N xperience. . (Warr enton)

appletoncampbell.com the W A R R E N T O N L I F E S T Y L E







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Your Passport to Great Books and Now, Passports!



ver the years, Prince William Public Libraries have transformed lives with wonderful books, technology, and bringing people together to study or share information. The libraries always strive to offer the best services and programs to the community. A new service offered at Haymarket Gainesville Community Library and Potomac Community Library are U.S. Passport Services. Now when you stop by to pick up the latest book on the best-seller list, you can also apply for a passport. Before you stop by to get your application processed, you will need to make sure you have the necessary forms and documents. A detailed list is on the U.S. Department of State website, www.travel.state.gov/ passports. Individuals applying for a passport book and/or passport card for the first time must appear in person and will need a DS-11 form completed in black ink. This form is

online at the Department of State website or you can pick one up at either Haymarket Gainesville or Potomac Libraries. You will also need: • Proof of U.S. citizenship - original birth certificate, original naturalization certificate, or an old passport • A valid unexpired photo ID • A 2X2 inch passport photo (No glasses please. CVS, Walmart, Kodak, and Walgreens are a few local stores that offer passport photo services.) You will also need two payments. One in the form of a check (no starter or counter checks) or money order made out to the U.S. Department of State for each application and any additional processing fees. Passport books for adults are $110.00 and minors who are 15 and under are $80.00. Passport Cards for adults are $30.00 and for minors 15 and under are $15.00. In four to six weeks, you will receive your passport and any original

documents in two separate mailings. If you need your passport sooner, you can pay an additional $60.00 for expedited processing, which is two to three weeks. Overnight delivery is also available for an additional $15.89. The second payment is for Prince William County for a $35.00 execution fee. This payment can be cash, check (no starter or counter checks), or money order. For children 15 years-old and under, you will need to bring a DS-11 form completed in black ink and applicable forms of payment for both fees. One, for the U.S. Department of State and one for the Prince William Public Library System. You will also need proof of parental relationship in the form of an original birth certificate or adoptions papers. Parents or legal guardians must appear in person. If a parent or legal guardian cannot appear in person, then you will need a notarized DS-3053 form and a copy of the parent or legal guardian ID. For passport renewals, the DS-82 form for renewal applications is filled out online and should be mailed. This form is not accepted at the libraries. Renewal applications are only accepted for individuals who are under 16, were 16 when they got their passport, or if their passport was issued over 15 years ago. These renewals will use the DS-11 form. If you are traveling in less than three weeks, you will need to contact the Washington Passport Agency directly to make an appointment to get a passport. If you need to travel in 72 hours due to an emergency, call 1-877-487-2778. An emergency is defined as an injury, illness, or death. Please be aware that you will still need all the necessary documentation and proof of the emergency. If you have any questions about documents, concerns about your application, or to track your application, please go to www.travel.state.gov/passports or call the Washington Passport Agency at 1-877-487-2778. ❖

PWPLS PASSPORT SERVICES SCHEDULE Potomac: Mondays and Wednesdays, 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Haymarket Gainesville: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Both libraries: Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Appointments are not available. Applications are taken on a first come, first served basis. It is best to arrive early, especially on Saturdays.


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Geothermal Repairs $150 Off

Geothermal Flushing



Love your legs again. To schedule an appointment, call 703.712.6062. facebook.com/UVA.VeinVascularGainesville uvahealth.com/gainesvilleradiology 14540 John Marshall Hwy, Suite 104 |Gainesville, VA 20155 uvavvc@virginia.edu

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Sneak art into your life, start an

Art Journal local expert THE EXPERT:



An artist, writer, teacher, and tutor, as well as the owner of Yellow Brick Road Studio and Enrichment Workshops, Molina was voted Lifestyle’s 2018 Best Local Artist. She holds a BA in Art History from Ithaca College and an MA in Museum Studies from The George Washington University. She resides in Gainesville with her husband, two children, and two cats.


{ FEBRUARY 2019 |

• Spiral-bound mix media paper pad • Pencils • Pens • Black Sharpies in ultra fine and fine • Set of watercolors • Acrylic paints • Water cup • Variety of paintbrushes • Sponge brush



hope this finds you having given a little bit of thought to my theory that we are all creative. I hope you caught yourself if you were about to say that you can’t draw a stick figure or stopped yourself from being selfdeprecating about your creativity in front of your kids. Remember, it’s there and, like the treadmill you may have unearthed in January, I’m here to help you rediscover it! This month, I want to suggest you start an art journal. Now this term is very broad. At its simplest, it is literally art + journaling. Art journaling takes plain long-handed diary writing to a more playful level. Prose can be replaced by bullet point lists. Adding bits of art loosens up the feel of the journal and injects color and fun. An unstructured blank book to dabble with both art supplies and the written word, your art journal will be a place where you’ll feel free to get back in touch with your creative side. Anyone can enjoy this and throughout the year I’ll be giving you more fun exercises to try within its pages. There are no rules. But allow me to share what I use as a jumping-off point. I like to use a journal that’s spiral-bound, so it can lie open flat to work on two pages or fold up if I only need to see one. I suggest that the



• Mod Podge craft glue, sealer and finish

pages be watercolor or mix an entire page or spread. • Glue media paper. Watercolor Notice how using more sticks • Storage is a go-to medium and the water gives you pale colors box paper is nice and thick, so and using very little water it can hold any other kinds produces colors that are of paints or media. The size is up to more intense. Let it dry completely you. You might like to start with a before adding any writing on top. Going forward, the sky's the 7 x 10-inch Canson XL Series Mix limit in terms of what you can write Media Paper Pad. Put your journal and the rest about and what kinds of artsy flair of the supplies listed here in a you can add. Dive into memories box so everything is all together. of your past, current thoughts and You’ll be more likely to go to your feelings, and goals for the future. journal if it isn’t a task to gather List some concerts you’ve been materials every time. to, what you liked about them and And now the fun begins! Art glue in some of the tickets you’ve journal pages are any combination saved. Make a big “2018” in bubble of art and text—sometimes more of letters and then doodle around it one, sometimes more of the other. the places you went and things you For your first page, to break the accomplished. Pick a word that ice, write in the old-fashioned Dear stands for the way you want your Diary style you already know. Use 2019 to feel, cut out letters and an Ultra Fine Point Sharpie and phrases from magazines that go just write stream-of-consciousness along with that idea and glue them prose—whatever comes to mind. onto a painted background. Art journaling gives you a personal Don’t worry about spelling or any space to get those creative juices kind of editing. Fill the page. Add flowing. It lets art sneak in, tiptoeing a drop of water to each color in the watercolor paint set to wet them just behind the back of insecurity. There truly are no mistakes and no rules. a little, then have fun painting over I’ll be back next month with your writing. The Sharpie won’t a different craft, but keep those smudge because it’s permanent journals going. If you’d like to ink. Repeat this process any time share them with me, you can do so in your journal. For the next pages, via kerryc627@yahoo.com. I’d love try going in the opposite direction. to see them! ❖ Paint with watercolors first to cover

special section




Ozzie haymarket’s

aka “Stinky”

cutest pet

Ozzie is an adorable 2-year-old chocolate cocker spaniel. Says his human mom, Amy Krug, “We got him from a breeder when he was 5 weeks old. My husband and I went on our first date at Ozzie’s restaurant in Fairfax Corner which is where I came up with his name, but he is best known in our house as Stinky as he can definitely be a little Stinker when he wants to. He loves to play ball and go for rides in the car and when we’re away, he sits in his favorite chair overlooking the driveway waiting for us to return. His newest favorite spot is the bank as he knows they’re going to give him a dog treat!”


PSYCH MEDS FOR PETS? “Yes!” says Dr. Amy Pike



living peacefully with pets


OUTSIDE THE BOX tackling litter box issues





a local teen’s dog treat business


PETIQUETTE 1 runner up: st


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Charlotte Harvey, BSc owns and operates K9ology LLC in Warrenton where she teaches group and private training classes for pet, competition, and working dogs. She holds a Bachelors of Science with honors in Animal Management from the University of Essex with a special interest in behavior. She regularly competes with her furry family members in breed confirmation, tricks, obedience, rally, and dock diving events.


A 2003 graduate of Colorado State University School of Veterinary Medicine and a former captain in the US Army Veterinary Corps, Dr. Pike completed a residency program in behavior medicine in 2015 and today is chief of the Behavior Medicine Division at the Veterinary Referral Center of Northern Virginia in Manassas.


Making an appearance in our pet section this month to offer interior design expertise to pet owners is Yaron Linett, principal designer of Formal Traditional, a full-service design firm located in Warrenton. To submit your interior design questions, drop him a note at yaron@ formaltraditional.com or visit www.formaltraditional.com.

mental health

Psychiatric medication for pets? Absolutely! are to decrease the intensity of the targeted behavior, the he use of psychotropic frequency of the targeted medication for pets with behavior, and increase the behavioral disorders is often a pet’s ability to recover after a key component for a successful triggering incident. Medications behavior modification plan. decrease the fear, anxiety According to data published and stress that are driving the by the Centers for Disease targeted behavior. In addition, a Control, between 2011 and huge part of that is to decrease 2014 one in nine Americans the hyperarousal that is reported having taken at least preventing learning from taking one antidepressant medication place. No mammal, including in the past month. That number humans, can learn new skills or is significantly increased from coping mechanisms when they the 1980’s when only about are worried, stressed or in “fight one in 50 people did. The or flight” mode. Think of it as rise of medication usage and trying to learn how to speak a the normalization of pursuing new language immediately after psychotherapy in people has finding out a family member also led to the same trend in passed away- you simply can’t. veterinary medicine, much to In general, there are the benefit of our patients. two broad categories of The goal of psychotropic medication – psychopharmacology is not daily and situational. to sedate the pet or make Daily medications are them a “zombie,” a concern I those that must be given hear commonly from owners on a daily basis and may who are hesitant about the take weeks to see full use of medication. The goals effect from. Tricyclic BY DR. AMY PIKE



{ FEBRUARY 2019 |



antidepressants (TCAs) such as Elavil ® (generic nameamitriptyline) and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) such as Prozac ® (generic name- fluoxetine) fall into this category. Situational medications are those that can be given prior to known stressors such as visitors, storms, fireworks, or travel. These medications may take several hours to see full effect from and may need to be redosed as needed. Desyrel ® (generic name- trazodone) and Xanax ® (generic name- alprazolam) fall into this category. At present, there are only five FDA approved medications for our veterinary patients. The approved daily medications are Clomicalm® (Novartis) and Reconcile® (PRN™ Pharmacal) for separation anxiety in dogs, and Anipryl® (Zoetis) for cognitive dysfunction. The most recent additions to the market are the situational medications Sileo® (Zoetis) and Pexion® (not yet commercially available) by Boehringer Ingelheim for storm and noise phobias. However, as veterinarians, we commonly use medications approved for human use in an “off-label” fashion for our patients and this is no different within veterinary behavior medicine. Veterinary behaviorists commonly prescribe well-known human medications to our patients such as Zoloft® (generic namesertraline), Effexor® (genericvenlafaxine), Lexapro® (genericescitalopram), Neurontin® (generic- gabapentin), and Lyrica® (generic- pregabalin), just to name a few. There are numerous behavioral disorders of cats and dogs that can benefit from psychotropic medication, including (but definitely not limited to) separation anxiety,

aggression, compulsive disorders (spinning, tail chasing, light/shadow pouncing, etc), urinating and defecating outside of the litter box, impulse control disorders, storm and fireworks phobias, and cognitive decline as pets age (similar to human dementia). It is important to remember that psychotropic medications are not a magic wand. They will not completely eliminate a behavior, nor will they cause your pet’s personality to completely change. They are an adjunct to appropriate positivereinforcement based behavior modification to teach the pet alternate behaviors or coping skills during stressful situations. If your pet is suffering from a behavioral disorder (no matter how mild), how should you go about getting treatment? First and foremost, speak with your veterinarian. There may be a medical component to the behavior and this must be ruled out and treated prior to pursuing behavioral interventions. Next, stop using any sort of punishment techniques or tools (scolding, spanking, shock collars, prong collars, etc.) as these have been scientifically proven to increase fear and anxiety and will ultimately worsen the disorder. Next, ask your veterinarian about a referral to a veterinary behaviorist. A veterinary behaviorist can determine if medication is appropriate for your pet and will develop and coach you on how to implement a training and behavior modification plan. Appropriately treating your pet’s behavioral disorder using humane training and, if necessary, psychotropic medication, will help your pet, and you, live the best lives possible, together. ❖

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living with dogs and cats What to know when combining felines and canines in your household


hinking of adding a feline companion to your household where your dog reigns supreme? What about adding a canine when your cat already rules the roost? Taking each pet’s individual characteristics, personality traits, needs, and behaviors into consideration can help establish a harmonious household. IF YOU’RE INTRODUCING A DOG INTO A CAT HOUSEHOLD When a new dog is introduced to the house, your cat may become territorial. Some cats might become reclusive and avoid interaction, some exhibit destructive behavior like eliminating outside the litter box, and others show signs of stress


{ FEBRUARY 2019 |


by increased vocalization or a lack of appetite. Some might scratch or bite your new dog. Kittens are very impressionable at an early age and might accept a new friend easily, whereas adult cats find it more challenging to adapt to change. IF YOU’RE INTRODUCING A CAT INTO A DOG HOUSEHOLD Dogs like to chase things, it’s in their genetic makeup. Your dog will be extremely curious about a new



cat, and will try to investigate him, by chasing him if necessary. It may be a game to your dog, and he may mean no harm, but to your new cat, who is trying to adjust to a new home, this can be pretty taxing. This can result in your cat hiding out and exhibiting antisocial behavior. Consider adopting a cat who has prior experience with dogs who won’t be so intimidated. Dogs who are under socialized to cats, or are of the hound, terrier, or sporting variety can have a high prey drive and may try to chase or kill a new cat. These dogs are not bad; they simply are genetically wired to pursue small animals as part of their DNA. Some puppies can be socialized to cats when they are 4-16 weeks of age, but not all are good candidates to live

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with cats. Make sure you know your dog before considering if a cat is a good fit. With any dog, make sure your dog has learned a very solid “leave it” command so you can discourage him from the chase. HOUSEHOLD INTEGRATION Taking your time and allowing your pets to slowly integrate will set the stage for a peaceful life together. Cats and dogs each have their own unique way of wearing their hearts on their sleeve; learn how to read speciesspecific body language to better read your pet’s mood during this introductory period so you can better manage their interactions. HERE ARE A FEW TACTICS WHEN INTEGRATING PETS: Be especially careful to allow a new cat to become accustomed to an area of the home before introducing the household dog. Give them their own space. At first, allow the dog and cat to hear and smell one another, without direct physical contact. You may want to keep your cat in a separate room or crate your dog, or confine the cat when the dog is free roam to the house. Shutting your cat in a bathroom, laundry room, or basement (with water and a litter box) can allow them to decompress and prevent stress when you are unable to work on household integration. Some households may have access to the basement with a cat door, whereas others use baby gates to create a safe space. Allow both animals to explore the areas where the other has been. This may mean giving your cat free range of the house when the dog is out for a walk, or giving the dog the run of the cat’s area while the cat is isolated in another part of the house. Giving


{ FEBRUARY 2019 |

“women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.” — Robert A. Heinlein

pets a chance to sniff without direct contact can satisfy their curiosity and prevent over-stimulation later. Once the animals have become used to the sound and smell of one another, allow them to interact more directly but be sure to still keep control with the use of a leash or baby gate to separate them. During this stage it is extremely important to not allow the dog to chase the cat, which will result in the cat becoming scared and fleeing the scene. Ensure the animals are truly relaxed around one another before removing any barriers. Use mealtime as a way to structure interactions. Consider giving your dog



a food dispensing toy, and feeding your cat safely within proximity of your pup at the same time. When feeding your pets together, as they are concentrating on their food, their interactions will remain low key, and it will help establish positive associations around one another. GIVE YOUR DOG PHYSICAL AND MENTAL OUTLETS A dog who does not receive enough physical exercise or mental stimulation will find ways to entertain itself elsewhere. Some dogs are high energy, others are high drive, and some may resort to chasing or tackling the cat as a way to overcome boredom. Over time, this type of behavior will become a self-reinforcing habit which is hard to break. Make sure your dog is getting daily physical exercise and has multiple outlets to tire out its brain to prevent boredom chasing. Obedience or tricks training, feeding meals through food dispensing toys, food puzzles, engaging in new sports, and adventuring in new environments can significantly increase your pet’s mental health. GIVE YOUR CAT A BREAK Cats like enclosed spaces; they make them feel safe and secure. So be sure your cat has some hidey-holes where the dog cannot reach them. Whether you are bringing home a new dog or cat - take your time and allow the new pet to adapt. Supervising interactions, rewarding good behavior, and instilling smart management within the home will help ensure a smooth transition. Some cats and dogs become the best of friends, but if not, they will at least learn to coexist together peacefully in most cases. ❖

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oes your cat not use his litter box? Does he “go” all over the house? This problem is one of the major reasons owners relinquish pet cats to a shelter or rescue. Poor bathroom etiquette within the home can be hard to live with: the smell, the constant cleaning, ruined furniture, and the cost of replacing soiled items are all difficult and costly. Feline elimination issues are not uncommon, but the causes — and solutions — are sometimes difficult to determine. In this article we will consider the possibilities for the cause of the behaviour and feasible remedies.

medical examination When faced with inconsistent litter box use, the first step is to consult your veterinarian. There are multiple illnesses prevalent in cats that can lead to inappropriate elimination behaviors. Some of the more common conditions include urinary tract infections, feline lower urinary tract disease, crystals in the urine, bladder stones, inflammation of the bowels, kidney disease, diabetes, and thyroid issues. In some cases, serious blockages in the digestive tract may cause discomfort and abnormal toileting habits. A visit to your veterinarian can rule out or treat medical causes of your cat’s behaviour.

location preference Some felines are extremely picky when it comes to the location of their litter box. Cats that soil in a specific location or outside of the box most likely have an issue with placement. Try putting the litter box away

from high traffic areas and try locating it in different places within the home to see if there is a difference. Ask yourself: is the box conveniently located? Is it private? Is it too close to feeding and water areas? Cats will avoid soiling where they eat and drink, while others will skip the litter box if it is not easily accessible. Ideally, have one accessible litter box on each floor of a multi-level house.

litter material preference Cats can have individual preferences as to the type, size, and condition of litter within the box. There are many varieties on the market, making it hard to sometimes choose the right litter. The use of fragrant material may be pleasing to humans but unattractive to some of our feline friends. Also, daily cleaning and maintenance will encourage your cat to use the box successfully; they usually don’t want to use a pan filled with days’ worth of urine and feces. Also consider litter depth when maintaining your pan as cats naturally like to bury and hide their excretions, which is not possible when there is not enough litter in the box. For some cats the use of liners complicates using the box, causing them to avoid it.

box preference In some cases the size, construction, or shape of the litter box is unappealing to the cat. Some adapt well to enclosed dome shapes, whereas others prefer open

containers. Some cats prefer larger litter boxes. If your cat is eliminating on a variety of surfaces away from the litter box, it may have a preference for style.

adequate number of litter boxes In multi-pet households, stress can be induced through bullying behavior and other cats may block access to the litter box. Ensure enough boxes are available in a multi-cat household: one for each cat in the home, plus one more.

stress induced problems Various lifestyle changes can dramatically impact your cat’s toileting habits. A recent move, the addition of another pet, a change in family dynamic, and variation in routine can all contribute to stress. Tension can also exist if feral cats are in your neighborhood causing territorial rivalry. Eliminate or mitigate the stress if you can, and wait for your cat to adjust to its new routine and surroundings.

spraying behavior Many house soiling complaints are related to spraying or urine marking. This is not commonly a cause for elimination issues outside of the litter box and is most often associated with sexual behavior. Tomcats are generally the main culprits and will target vertical surfaces to spread their scent. Further reasons for spraying include learned aversion, territorial disputes, and anxiety.

If your cat is having toileting issues, consult with a certified animal behaviorist or veterinary behaviorist to discuss modification and treatment options. In mild cases where occasional incidents occur, good household management, change in litter box care, and adapting to cat preferences can go a long way. In more extreme cases where medical conditions have been ruled out and management has been unsuccessful, pharmaceutical support may be required alongside behavior modification. ❖

getting help


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February Februaryis… is…

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end of life

saying goodbye euthanasia for a beloved pet


finding the right time

Euthanasia is a difficult subject to talk about. It’s sad, frightening, and extremely personal. However, in light of all the darkness, it is the last gift we can give a sick or dying pet. We hope you find some ease by understanding how to prepare and what to expect throughout the process.

Not sure when it’s time to say goodbye? Choosing the right time to euthanize your pet is not the same for everyone. Some owners make the decision based on symptoms of illness and others make choices based on quality


{ FEBRUARY 2019 |



ritual or spiritual — this is your goodbye of life. Is your pet not eating or drinking? Having difficulty with mobility? Unable to go to the bathroom? Acting listless, depressed, or lethargic? Is your pet in continuous pain? Any of those criteria may make you question your pet’s quality of life. For some owners, it’s a matter of time before making a decision. For others, the right time is when any of those elements impede further enjoyment of life. Regardless of your reasoning, it is your decision to make with your family, and it’s nobody’s job to judge or criticize you. With that said, it is also not your job to judge and criticize yourself either. Many owners have fears and doubts. If so, have a conversation with your veterinarian: their job is in the interest of your pet’s welfare too. Sometimes it helps to get input from the outside to help make a decision. When the time comes let it be peaceful, let it be with love and affection, and let it be a blessing.

coordinate with your vet If circumstances allow, touch base with your vet and schedule an appointment. Even in emergency situations, be sure to let the clinic know that you are coming. By preparing them for your arrival, the vet staff will be able to better minimize stress and prevent needless waiting in the lobby. Most clinics will either have a dedicated grieving room accessible or may prepare an exam room for you to comfort your pet during the visit. Please note that some veterinary clinics offer house calls. It is worth inquiring with your vet whether or not they would be able to come to your home, rather than making an appointment at the clinic.

Before euthanasia make sure you limit stress and provide comfort to your pet. Be prepared. Bring a blanket, a favorite toy, some super tasty treats, or even chocolate cake for the occasion! (Yes, my first dog Riley did depart eating a 3 layer Pepperidge Farm chocolate cake, and he loved every second of it). We encourage owners to keep everything as normal as possible, so consider waiting to remove any collars until afterward. If you need to, call your family, gather around, hug each other, talk to one another, and support each other. Losing a beloved family pet can be as emotionally challenging to navigate as the loss of a human companion. Take time to grieve.

the procedure It is becoming standard for veterinarians to use a sedative before administering the euthanasia injection. This is to ensure that the animal will gently drift into sleep during the process. Without a tranquilizer your pet may show some startling and alarming symptoms during the process, and that’s not something owners are eager to experience. In an ideal world, the veterinarian would administer a sedative, and then shortly later the euthanasia injection (some administer it together). In most cases, both drugs are given via the veins. Some owners choose to stay for the whole procedure, whereas others opt to stay for sedation only. That is really your choice, and it’s an individual one to make. But please don’t drop your pet off at the vet and leave him alone for these important last minutes of his life. It can be frightening for them, and your presence will greatly comfort them. As your pet departs, the vet may use a stethoscope to confirm that your pet has passed. Both the

euthanasia procedure and diagnosis should only be done by a certified and licensed veterinarian.

choose beforehand There are many options regarding what to do once your pet has passed. Many owners opt for cremation, some choose a pet cemetery (yes, that does exist), whereas others choose to take their pet home for burial. Even this decision is best made beforehand. Once the time has come to say goodbye, you will be faced with shock, grief, and feel overwhelmed.

making payment Since euthanasia is a veterinary procure, there will be a bill incurred with the service. Most veterinary clinics require payment when services are rendered. We suggest you pay the bill upon arrival so you don’t have to worry about it while you are newly grieving. It is becoming increasingly rare for clinics to send an invoice in the mail, however some clinics still provide this option. Make sure you decide on how to pay and when before you enter the building.

thinking of what to do next? Take your time removing personal pet items. Drastic change is hard on everyone. Some owners find comfort in welcoming a new pet into the household, others take their time. If a new pet is your next venture, keep in mind that dogs are individuals. Even if you get a dog of the same breed, color, and gender, they will still come with their own personalities and traits. Be emotionally prepared to work through raising a new puppy or welcoming a new dog home. ❖

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for the love of dogs

Wowed by Wag & Woof How a middle school girl’s ambition led to a thriving small business STORY BY WILL SCARING PHOTOS BY KARA THORPE


here are a lot of small businesses in Northern Virginia, but very few can claim that their founder began their enterprise before they started high school. And yet, that’s exactly what Dezi Rebelo of Haymarket set out to do. Her small business, Wag and Woof, makes homemade, organic dog treats that are designed to be not only delicious for any dogs in the house, but also completely free of chemicals and other preservatives commonly found in store-brand pet snacks. At the moment, Dezi lives out her childhood like almost any other pre-teen in the area. She goes to school, goes out for skating practice—she performs on a synchronized skating team—and goes home to play with her dog Baxter, a dachshund. This picture is practically identical to Dezi’s life approximately one year ago. But now, she makes time once a month to bake Wag and Woof’s dog treats. Dezi’s original motivation for the business is almost too simple to be believed: “I wanted an iPhone.” However, rather than buy the phone outright for her, Dezi’s mother Barbi, who has a background in sales, encouraged her to raise the money for the device herself. Dezi took that advice to heart, and started brainstorming ideas to raise money. What she came up with was a product that, at the time, neither she nor her mother would realize the potential of. At first this business started only as a hobby. Dezi regularly baked homemade treats for Baxter, but then realized she could make a profit out of it after she started selling them to friends and neighbors. After sales finished at her first Young Entrepreneur fair, Dezi and her mother both were surprised but delighted when Dezi came home a whopping $600 richer. Since that time, Dezi has been working to make sure


{ FEBRUARY 2019 |

that her hobby-turned-business continues to grow, one month at a time. She’s tracked down a local business mentor in the form of Meighan O’Toole from Stuff! Consignments, and she’s begun shipping her treats across state lines, even going out as far as Ohio for some customers. The treats have been a smash hit with the local area, to the point that Dezi and her mother decided to set up a Facebook page to better communicate with their many customers. There, Dezi and her mom hold a new contest every month among their followers. “During October we had a costume contest, and the winner won a free bag of our biggest dog treats,” Barbi mentioned with a chuckle. If the reviews are anything to go by, Dezi should be staying in business for some time. The only tricky part to these treats is their shelf life: because there are absolutely no preservatives used, they must be used within three weeks of their baking, and they must be kept refrigerated when stored. However, make no mistake: despite their limited shelf life, there’s a lot of work and time that goes into planning for these treats. Because sales only happen once a month at the moment, the recipe changes every sale period in order to keep things fresh and exciting for customers. Previous flavors have included



Pumpkin for October, Apple Bacon for December, and Sweet Potato for January. When asked about the cooking process, the mother-daughter duo was hesitant to share any information about the secret recipe they use to make their special dog treats, but when asked if there was any ingredient that she always uses, Dezi whispered excitedly, “Bone broth!” Apparently, every dog treat mixture gets a small dose of bone broth in every recipe—no wonder their customers, both human and canine, love them. When asked about ideas for the future, both for her business and for herself, Dezi’s next goal is similar to her original one: she wants a Jeep next, and is thinking about slapping her small company’s signature logo on the side for everyone to see. She already hands out free samples to any dog owner she passes by on the road with her mom to drum up visibility, so getting an official company car sounds like a great next step. While she wants to grow up to be a zookeeper and work with animals every day, she does have another very ambitious goal to hit in the hopefully near future: “I want to go on Shark Tank and pitch my business there,” she said. With such big goals in mind for the next few years, it’s hard to imagine that Dezi’s future is anything but bright, as is that of Wag and Woof. ❖

TOGETHER: A BETTER WAY TO FIGHT CANCER Virginia Cancer Specialists (VCS) has built a practice with a world-class treatment team fighting cancer and diseases of the blood, offering access to the most current treatment protocols, clinical trials, and comprehensive care all available in a community-based setting. With nine locations throughout Northern Virginia, staffed by more than 30 highly-skilled physicians, VCS delivers specialized, exceptional care. Virginia Cancer Specialists offers medical oncology, radiation oncology, musculoskeletal tumor surgery, thoracic surgery, genetic counseling, oncology nurse navigators, oncology infusion nurses, oncology pharmacists and laboratory technicians. Our multidisciplinary team works together to design the optimal treatment program, efficiently sharing knowledge, and providing a patient-centered, consumer-friendly approach to cancer care.

Mitul Gandhi, MD

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Robert Marsh, MD

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Finding and treating cancer at an early stage can save lives Please call (703) 208-3155 or visit VirginiaCancerSpecialists.com\Gainesville 7901 Lake Manassas Drive Gainesville, VA 20155

2280 Opitz Blvd., Suite 300 Woodbridge, VA 22191

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To pet or not to pet a dog you’ve just met BY CHARLOTTE HARVEY


roper etiquette around dogs has been seriously lacking in modern society. Sure, we see puppies being cradled by eager owners as they browse the pet store, dogs in strollers coming down the greenway, and others in holiday attire walking the neighborhood. It’s tempting to approach the dog, but what is the right way? How do we know it’s safe to do so? At what point does an encounter impose too much on the dog and owner?


{ FEBRUARY 2019 |

Mind your manners

Before engaging with a dog, even if you know them, it is vital to first stop at a socially acceptable distance, ask if you may pet the dog, and then wait for the owner to give further instructions. If you’re lucky, you will be greeted with a “sure,” or “go right ahead.” In this case, you are welcome to approach the dog.

Body language goes a long way

Did you know, the wrong way to engage with a dog is by extending your hand, reaching over them, and petting their head? Many dogs consider this a space violation and may even feel entrapped. The correct way to greet a dog is to:



• Allow the dog to approach you • Stand sideways or crouch towards the ground (don’t hover over the dog) • Lower your hand at your side, so the dog can initiate contact by coming towards you • Touch the dog below the chin, working your way along the bottom of the neck and ending up on the side, back, or rear of the dog This approach gives the dog multiple opportunities to deny contact without threat, and it gives you a chance to assess whether or not the dog wants to be petted. Consent goes both ways! Not sure how to read the dog’s body language? A few clues to determine if a

“Exceptional carefor foryour your family “Exceptional care your family “Exceptional care for family pets” pets” We provide total wellness care for your puppies, kittens, dogs and cats.

We provide total wellness care for your puppies, kittens, dogs and cats. We provide total wellness care for your puppies, kittens, dogs and cats. • Microchips Advanced Diagnostics & Treatments Treatments • Microchips • •Advanced Diagnostics & • Laser Treatments Routine Specialized& Surgery • Microchips • Advanced Diagnostics Treatments • Laser Treatments • •Routine &&Specialized Surgery PetDental DentalCare Care• • Boarding Boardingfor for Cats Cats • •Pet • Laser Treatments • Routine & Specialized Surgery • Pet Dental Care • Boarding for Cats Is you pet itching & scratching?

The entries are in and the finalists have been selected …. Visit www.insidenova.com/cutestcouple and vote today for your favorite! Then share your vote with friends and family! The winning couple will receive a 16x20 professional portrait from Studio C Photography in Culpeper. Voting open: Jan. 30-Feb. 10 Winner announced: Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14

wrong. When your pet scratches, Call us for an appointment! Mom & Dad, pleaseitdon’t forget his/her sensitive is irritating to give us our heartworm & flea/tick medicine! skin. This can lead to infection with itchy and painful sores. Lifestyle



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It’s a sign that something is When pet scratches, Continue using monthly flea, tickwrong. and heartworm preventatives Is you petyour itching & scratching? year-round even in the winter. Remember, it’s often easier cheaper to it is irritating his/her& sensitive prevent parasites than to treat them when a pet gets infested or infected. skin.It’s This lead to infection a can sign that something is Adult fleas can be found on pets and wildlife throughout the winter. with itchy Have your pets’ fecal checked yearly and keep yourand yardpainful clean ofsores. feces.

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Do not condone unwanted behavior by saying, “It’s ok, I have a dog.” If you are genuinely invested in the interaction, please wait for the owner to give greeting instructions.

Dog-dog greeting etiquette

dog isn’t feeling comfortable or is feeling like they need space include: turning their head and/or body away from you, ears back, lip licking, hard stare, hackles up, low body posture, whale eye (whites of eyes showing), freezing, and general avoidance. If a dog is not eager to interact, do not force the issue! Respect the dog's space and move on. A dog that welcomes attention and engagement will eagerly approach the stranger, wag their tail in a level position (tail up, or tucked under is an issue!), have a relaxed posture and soft expression, offer eye contact, be wiggly or free moving, have relaxed ears, and most importantly, they will come back for more affection if the attention is interrupted or paused. Keep in mind that not every dog enjoys the company of a stranger. Even if you have had dogs all your life and are used to them, you need to realize that some dogs may be wary of other people, some may feel threatened in the presence of other dogs, and others simply do not have enough impulse control (yet) to be greeting strangers. It is important we respect the owner’s wishes if we hear a “No, thank you” to a request for interaction, or if someone kindly requests that you ignore the dog, the polite thing to say is “thanks anyway” and be on your merry way.


{ FEBRUARY 2019 |


“You may want to carefully consider your socialization environment if your dog is wary of strangers, does not have social skills around other canines, or is eagerly distracted by the environment.” Dogs need manners too!

In an ideal world, owners would ask their dogs to “sit” as a stranger approaches, “stay” upon their arrival, and “check in” (establish eye contact with their owner) before being released to a greeting. This is extremely hard to do when strangers eagerly approach the dog without respecting the owner’s training plan. As you greet a dog, please let the owner control their own pet. Many well-meaning visitors try to blurt out commands in an attempt to help, however this can severely confuse the dog. If the owner requests that the dog not jump up on you, then please be mindful of this request.


Most issues between dogs happen due to frustration, over-stimulation, and an inability to escape during confrontation. This is partially due to a lack of impulse control, poor training, and over-socialization. Yes, I said it, over-socialization. Puppies who get to play on leash simply expect to keep playing while they’re on the leash when they’re adults. These situations can be challenging for owners to handle as the dog matures because the dog also learns to ignore their owner in the presence of another dog. An appropriate greeting would mean two dogs approach on a loose leash, sniff for 2-3 seconds, and then be redirected by their owner saying, “Let’s go, this way” in order to redirect focus on the human. You can attempt multiple little 2-3 second greetings, or choose to put the dog in the “stay” position when speaking with the other owner. Do not let dogs play while on the leash; play time is for when they are off-leash and can move freely and further explore behavior.

Not all dogs are the same

It is the responsibility of the owner to set the dog up for success rather than failure. This is easier said than done in some situations. You may want to carefully consider your socialization environment if your dog is wary of strangers, does not have social skills around other canines, or is eagerly distracted by the environment. In some cases, dogs are tolerant of situations without eagerness to engage with other people or dogs. If you need help with impulse control, good manners, fear of strangers, or dog reactivity, consult with a certified trainer or behaviorist for further assistance. ❖






Happy Valentines Day to all of our customers. You will LOVE the services we offer!

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Sell House Buy Dream Home! Spring is almost here and now is the time to start thinking about the Spring Market! Whether buying or selling, I will help you throughout every step of the transaction. Call me today for a free market analysis and ideas on how to get your home market ready. Together we can get this done.

Discover the the Power Power of of Rehabilitation Rehabilitation wer of Discover Rehabilitation





At Gainesville Gainesville Health Health & & Rehab Rehab Center, Center, our our experienced, experienced, At At Gainesville Health & Rehab Center, our experienced, Rehab Center, our experienced, caring therapists and healthcare professionals caring therapists and healthcare professionals realize realize caring therapists and healthcare professionals realize healthcare professionals realize their knowledge, knowledge, creativity, and and technology technology have have one one their creativity, their knowledge, creativity, and technology have one ivity, and technology have one purpose—to get our patients back to their lives purpose—to get our patients back to their lives as as purpose—to get our patients back to their lives as patients back to their lives as as quickly and completely completely as possible. possible. quickly and Lifestyle quickly and completely as possible. as possible. Gainesville Health Health & & Rehab Rehab Center. Center. We’re We’re changing changing lives. lives. Gainesville Gainesville Health & Rehab Center. We’re changingof lives. hab Center. We’re changing lives. H AY M A R K E T / G A I N E S V I L L E

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home DESIGN 101:

The Great Indoors: Living With Pets BY YARON LINETT

“How do I make my home pet-friendly?” “Help! I’m running out of storage space.” Interior designers deal with these and many other questions every day. For the purposes of this article, we’re tackling the first one. “How do I make my home pet-friendly...”

“Do they make clear wallpaper? Our Great Pyrenees spatters mud three feet up!” Before you resort to laminating your walls, look into commercial grade vinyl wallpaper. It’s super durable and can be scrubbed, and there are plenty of very affordable options. Plus, at 54” wide, it requires fewer pieces to cover the same amount of wall saving considerably on labor. When prepping the wall, paint stripes of color matching the predominant color of the wallpaper. Should the seams gap a little, you’ll be glad you did. PRO TIP

HOW DO I GET RID OF THAT SMELL? “The carpet in our new house is thoroughly soiled and our pets are reacting. What should we do?” Our pets’ noses are much more sensitive than ours, and

{ FEBRUARY 2019 |

“We allow our pets on the furniture, what is the best fabric choice?” That depends on what kind of pets you have and what they do to your furniture. Shedding? Slick nylon blankets allow fur to be shaken off seconds before guests arrive. Cats kneading? Individual cats like different things, but a highquality synthetic suede (88% polyester,12% polyurethane) is among the most resilient and statistically least attractive (to the cat) option. General soil and stain? There are a range of performance fabrics that feel and look great. Crypton, a particularly popular brand of fabric, even brings rescue dogs in to demonstrate how pet friendly its product is. Avoid using Scotchgard. Its older formulation was banned, and most people don’t know the new one only lasts six months and must be reapplied outdoors. PRO TIP




even if you can’t smell anything after cleaning, they can. The best way to keep them from re-marking is to remove all the carpet and padding. When you’re down to the subfloor, seal it with a shellac-based primer. Use the real stuff not synthetic. Once it dries, lay down new carpet. Don’t forget to treat walls and doors that have been marked as well. Once your pets can’t smell the prior animals’ handiwork, their incentive to replace the smell will be gone. You must have PRO adequate ventilation TIP and should wear a respirator when working with a shellac primer. Additionally, do not allow any flame or potential source of ignition. This stuff is no joke.



WHAT ABOUT A NEW FLOOR? “What flooring should we consider that resists claw marks as well as pet stains?” While porcelain or other tile is the traditional solution, we recommend luxury vinyl tile or plank (LVT). Both budget friendly and with many attractive options, LVT is impervious to liquid and solid accidents and holds up very well against even large canine claws. Getting one with more texture not only helps make it feel more like wood, but aids with traction. LVT tends to be much lower in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than laminate flooring; however still insist on a low or no VOC product. PRO TIP

WHAT ABOUT RUGS? “My pets mark every soft surface. I can’t constantly clean my rugs.” We recently had a client with a dog and two children where a traditional rug was not feasible. We sourced a vinyl floor cloth (very low VOC) rather than a traditional rug for the dining room. This gave the client the color and pattern desired on the floor and the dog, the kids and even the robotic vacuum can all live with it in harmony. We had to rescue that robotic vacuum one day from a blanket with a long fringe border. Before buying your own robotic housekeeper, you might want to consider what could have happened if that fringe had been attached to an antique Persian rug. ❖ PRO TIP

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Manassas Ballet theatre in with

A FAntAsque evening

the Manassas Ballet theatre Orchestra


571.222.2520 la BOutique Fantasque (the Magic tOyshOp)


FOur cOnteMpOrary preMieres


Cheryl Kinsey

cheryl@interioreloquence.com www.InteriorEloquence.com

March 8-10, 2019

Melephoto LLC

• www.hyltoncenter.org • 703-993-7759

manassasballet.org Manassas Ballet Theatre is funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts, the Virginia Commission for the Arts, Prince William County, and the City of Manassas

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local expert THE EXPERT:

Mark Luna



Mark Luna is a Portfolio Rep for Roanoke Valley Wine Company. He has a Level 3 Advanced Certification from the Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) and is a member of the prestigious Wine Scholar Guild, where he’s finishing his Italian Wine Scholar post-nominal accreditation. Through and beyond his work for RVWC, Mark writes, teaches and guest-speaks about wine in a variety of both industry and privately held events. He lives in Nokesville with his family. For events, Mark can be reached at info@winespique.com.


{ FEBRUARY 2019 |

A Star is Borne


ne year ago this month I wrote my debut wine column for this magazine. It has certainly been a rewarding experience for me and I sincerely hope you’ve found it to be worthy of your time as well, and perhaps even an avenue for you to learn about a whole new world of fun and interesting wines. As this my second February wine column, I’ll forego the obvious “special day of the month” (Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody) and skip to a new day that I just discovered. National Drink Wine Day falls on Monday, February 18th. Nice way to start the week, right? It’s an unofficial holiday that’s celebrated annually all over the country and its purpose is to celebrate the joy and health benefits of wine. After all, wine has been around since the beginning of time and continues to play a big part in the experience of being a human being. So, to commemorate this new-found holiday, which apparently has been around forever, and in keeping with the spirit of last month’s article, New Year, New Wines!, I’ll



Above: Dan Fitzgerald, winemaker, Brack Mountain Wine Company. Photo courtesy Brack Mountain Wine Company.


introduce you to some terrific wines. They say every great success story takes a good ten years to come to fruition. A great idea requires real time and planning, hard work and a little luck to become something tangible and sustainable. Brack Mountain Wine Company is one such success story. Back in 2008, winemaker Dan Fitzgerald and vineyard owner Jason Enos were standing at the edge of Jason’s eponymous Enos Estate Vineyard when an idea struck them both at the same time. At that moment, give or take, Brack Mountain Wine Company was born. Fast forward to 2019, BMWC is now home to fifteen boutique wine labels, producing elegant, hand-crafted wines of delicious fruit, sourced from multi-generational farmers with small lands dedicated to sustainable farming practices. Located in California’s picturesque Russian River Valley, BMWC sources grapes for its wines from distinctive vineyard sites across Sonoma County, Napa Valley, Anderson Valley and Santa Lucia Highlands, as well as other cool, coastal regions in NoCal. Of their stable of labels, two that have caught my attention are Borne and Busca, both offering selections of the classical varietal kind and

featuring the gorgeous fruit of both Sonoma County and Mendocino’s Anderson Valley. A quick note about the winemaker, as I’ve always deemed it important to know something about the person who’s made the wine I drink. Dan Fitzgerald’s wine devotion actually began well before his career did, having lived in Europe for 13 years. Curiosity became a passion, and that passion became his trade. Returning to his native northern California, his winemaking career began in 2002. Eventually, he earned his bachelors of science in enology from Fresno State University, and would hone his winemaking skills at Williams Selyem Winery in the Russian River Valley, Coldstream Hills Winery in Australia’s Yarra Valley, and Robert Sinskey Vineyards in Napa Valley. He also became head winemaker at Pellegrini Family Vineyards, all leading up to his current role as partner and director of winemaking at Brack Mountain. Borne is a label that honors the timeless varietals of Burgundy, France – chardonnay and pinot noir; and California’s truly ideal home for these two grapes, at least

Borne Chardonnay Anderson Valley 2015 is an outstanding, quintessential Mendocino wine, grown on steep slopes in cool climates. It’s both crisp yet full, elegant yet bold. Pale yellow in color, it also has a tinge of green on the rim and the aromatics offer up bright fragrances of citrus, wet stones and orange blossom. On the palate, you’ll find additional hints of briny oyster shell, hazelnut and even tangerine. Though aged in French oak, Borne Chardonnay Anderson Valley 2015 has a racy acidic quality, which complements its intended viscosity. It has a long, full finish and is worthy of a great meal, perhaps of white meats and assorted fish. As expected from its “boutique” background, less than one thousand cases were made. But, priced inside $25, you’ll certainly feel you got away with a great bargain. Playing big brother to the chardonnay bottling is the Borne Pinot Noir Anderson Valley 2015. Also hailing from Mendocino, this pinot noir is everything you could wish for from a northern California wine. Showcasing deep plum red tones in the glass, with fragrances of

Busca Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 2016 is a prime example of a great Sonoma County wine. Produced in smaller quantities, less than 500 cases, this is a Russian River pinot noir drinker’s wine, minus the AVA moniker on the bottle. It hails from the Vines and Roses Estate in the central RR Valley, and its clones are renowned for the low yields and very concentrated flavors and color. Deep plum red in color, the bouquet is brooding with fragrances of dark cherries, coffee bean scents, roses and distant tar. It’s well-structured yet bright, and the palate is alive with distinct flavors of black cherry and plum, with a little cigar box thrown in. In contrast to the Borne pinot, Busca Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 2016 is a more muscular expression of an otherwise lean and mean varietal…a different take on a grape that gives you a lot of different looks. Priced under $30, it’s a steal. And finally, to the Busca Cabernet Sauvignon Sonoma Coast 2015, where Fitzgerald really showcases his winemaking skills. Cabernet Sauvignon can grow almost anywhere, but warmer climates is where it

“I’ve always deemed it important to know something about the person who’s made the wine I drink” by Burgundy standards, is Mendocino County. One of California's largest and most climatically diverse wine growing regions, Mendocino County is virtually the northernmost commercial wine grape region in the state, with two distinct climate zones separated by the Mendocino Range. It’s also worth noting that nearly 25% of the acreage in Mendocino County is grown organically, making it the leading wine growing region for organically produced wine grapes in California. In fact, in 2004, residents of the county voted to become the first GMOfree county in the U.S. in an initiative that was supported by many of the county's largest wineries. Its widespread focus on organic viticulture has inspired journalists to describe it as California's Organic Wine Mecca. The jewel of the region is Anderson Valley, one of California's coolest wine growing regions, heavily influenced by the chilly Pacific Ocean fog coming in off the coast. Ironically, despite being called a valley, very few vineyards are planted on flat land, but rather on a series of steep hills that range in elevation from 800 - 1300 feet. Which brings us back to Borne…

orange peel, red cherries and fresh peppercorn enveloping the nose, Borne Pinot Noir Anderson Valley 2015 is a pinot lover’s perfect date. The palate is both bright and textural, with all the fruit notes transferring perfectly. There’s plenty of mouth-watering acid, making this an outstanding food wine. And like its chardonnay sister, it’s also aged in French oak, giving a nod to its Burgundy inspiration. Retailing around $25, you’ll be very hard pressed to find a wine from that area at that price…at least a wine that’s worth talking about. And now we move on to Busca, another terrific label in the Brack Mountain portfolio. In addition to a great pinot noir, Busca also offers a beautiful Cabernet Sauvignon, both wines coming from one of my absolute favorite places in the country, the Sonoma coast of California. Sonoma County is one of America’s most important wine-growing regions, with seventeen of American Viticulture Areas (AVAs), all reflecting the very wide range of climate and soil conditions in the county. Cooler climate grapes grow exceptionally well in certain sections of the region while the heartier grapes thrive in the warmer zones.

reigns. Obviously, Napa is cabernet country. That said, Sonoma very much holds its own in producing great “cabs.” Busca Cabernet Sauvignon Sonoma Coast 2015, while sourced a few stone throws away from Napa, is a wine grown rich in deep, dark volcanic soils, giving it power, yet great elegance, as the climate, while warm, is cooler than Napa. This allows the cabernet to express itself very differently than those from the neighboring, more famous area. Aged in French oak for 18 months, the tannins are present, but restrained. And the fruit is no joke – aromatically exploding with black cherries, plums, currants and graphite. The palate returns the favor, with some weight and pronouncement, while the finish is like a walk through a dark forest of red fruit trees. If you’re aching for a glass, you can head over to The Plains. There’s a nice Italian restaurant there serving it up. As for the other wines here, check out the bottle shops in Warrenton and Clifton. Let them know you’re interested and they’ll get them for you, maybe even in time for Valentine’s Day and National Drink Wine Day, too. Happy Vino’ing! ❖

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When and why did you decide to start your own company? Having worked in other law firms, Bert always wanted the opportunity to impart his own values into his own work. He did not feel he could fully do that working for anyone else. This firm carries his family name which is immensely important to him.

How does your business serve the local community? The primary “constituency” of our firm are families and small businesses. We believe that small businesses are the life blood of the nation. Additionally, we have worked with many nonprofit organizations. Counseling not for profit organizations is one of our specialties. Rates for non-profits are dramatically slashed.

Please share one of the greatest moments you’ve experienced in your current profession.This is a challenge to answer because we cannot pick just one and we must be mindful of not violating our oath to maintain confidentiality. Let us just say that it brings us great joy to see a concept which was once in someone’s heart and mind manifest into reality. We smile inside when we see a truck with a client’s logo on the street, a client’s business full of customers or a client in the community living his or her dream.

Tell us about your experience with the HGBA. How has it supported you in your local business? We are relatively new to HGBA but not new to many of its members. We have referred many of them to clients who can use their services. Before referring a client to another business, we need to be assured of their professionalism and integrity.

What are the top three business tips and tricks you can offer other professionals? There are no “tricks,” but in terms of advice we would say the following: 1. Be fully present. When you are with a client or working on that client’s project, that client is the only client you have. 2. Take care of yourself. Keep the tool sharp. That means be mindful of your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health. You are the most important asset for your business. 3. Always be honest. With others and with yourself.

Are you from this area? If not, what brought you here and what do you like about our town? Pat grew up in McLean. Bert grew up in Ohio after being born in Indonesia and immigrating to the U.S. from the Netherlands when he was a child. We have lived in Fauquier County for 12 years and we love the beauty of the environment, the charm of the small towns and the authenticity of the people in the Virginia Piedmont.

What is your favorite season in this area, and why? For Bert, it’s spring, when the earth springs back to life and promises fun summer days ahead. For Pat, it’s summer. Time to hit the water.

What are some hobbies you enjoy? We like being by the water, on the water and in the water. We have a tandem touring kayak which we take about anywhere there’s water. We like to swim, snorkel and dive, take pictures and hike. We’re also movie buffs, avid readers, and we’re always looking for good live music.

What is your favorite restaurant? We will plead “the fifth” here. We have clients who have restaurants and we support them all. For personal choice, it depends on what mood we’re in. It’s also no secret that Pat is a big seafood lover.

What is your favorite local high school sports team? Another tough question. Our niece was a cheerleader at Kettle Run and our nephew was a football and baseball player at Fauquier High. Hmmm....

Are you involved with any nonprofits? If so, which one(s) and why? Bert is on the board of the Gloria Faye Dingus Music Alliance which is developing a

music and arts center on Main Street in Old Town Warrenton. The organization raises money to help people buy instruments and take music lessons. Pat is active in the Piedmont Community Resource Group and volunteers as a driver for Voltran which provides transportation to folks in need.

What was your first job, or your most interesting job prior to your current profession? Pat had her own resume business in Fairfax and was also once a bridal consultant (with many stories to tell). Bert has a sociology degree and previously worked with young substance abusers helping to steer them to better lives. ❖

The Haymarket Gainesville Business Association was established in 1990 and is the premier association supporting business and community involvement in the Haymarket-Gainesville area. They offer a forum for information sharing and contribute to community projects that positively impact businesses and residents. Want to learn more? Visit www.HGBA.biz


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CAROL COLLINS Celebrating 43 years of Entertaining






Starting out as Bingo the Clown, Carol Collins is now Safari Bingo, Mrs. Claus, Mother Christmas, Elf, Easter Bunny, Balloonatic, and a Bubbleologist. She also can help plan your party with many other variety entertainers or relieve stress with her motivational speaking on Laughter.

$125 VALUE!

WITH ANY FENCE JOB OF 150 FEET OR MORE Not valid with any other offer or prior purchase.


703.263.8437 BEITZELLFENCE.com

partyco-op.com • LiveLifeWithLaughter.com



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news you may have missed...

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A MONTHLY DOSE OF LOCAL HEADLINES BROUGHT TO YOU BY INSIDENOVA.COM Artist rendering of the new Kaiser Permanente site planned in Haymarket. PROVIDED

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But if you need one… Prince William County recently issued building permits for Kaiser Permanente’s new medical center in Haymarket. The site at 15050 Heathcote Boulevard will be home to a 36,423-square-foot building set to open in late 2019. Services at the site will include adult primary care, behavioral health, mammography, clinical laboratory, bone density scanning, obstetrics and gynecology and optometry services. Kim Horn, president of Kaiser Permanente of the Mid-Atlantic States, said, “The new location, along with a site developed near Stafford Hospital, will make it easy for patients to take care of a wide range of health-care needs under one roof, without having to travel to multiple locations.”

Second home opens to care for willing warriors Serve Our Willing Warriors (SOWW), a Haymarket nonprofit, recently opened its second home to provide free, six-day retreats to ill or injured military service members, veterans and their families. The group has offered retreats to more than 200 warriors and more than 600 family

members, friends and caregivers since 2015 at its 37-acre property dubbed Warrior Retreat at Bull Run because of its view of Bull Run mountain.

ABOVE: Serve Our Willing Warriors co-founder Shirley Dominick, center, cut the ribbon to open the second home at Warrior Retreat at Bull Run. EMILY SIDES/INSIDENOVA

Shirley Dominick, cofounder of the nonprofit and a retired Air Force

officer, said the second house means “the world to us.” PenFed Foundation, a nonprofit associated with PenFed Credit Union, donated $300,000 to Serve Our Willing Warriors to build the second home on its property, doubling its capacity to offer retreats. “We are going to take care of our warriors and this is what the community has said,” Dominick said. “And it’s because of PenFed Foundation. We’re going to see lives saved, marriages saved; we’ve seen it already.” Army Sgt. 1st Class

Ben Heffron said when he, his wife, Amberlynn, and their four kids visited the retreat for the first time in the spring, the weather was gorgeous and they spent a lot of time outside, relaxing. They roasted marshmallows in a fire pit.“I was worn out,” he said. “I was stressed. My wife was stressed. My kids — bless their hearts — felt it because of us.”And Heffron has recommended the trip to others.“Everyone I’ve told to come here told me ‘I didn’t know how much I needed it,’” Heffron said.

HAYMARKET HOSPITAL WELCOMES FIRST BABY OF 2019 A Bristow couple and a proud big sister celebrated the first birth of 2019 at Novant Health UVA Health System Haymarket Medical Center. At 8 pounds and 2 ounces, Lucas Joseph Puzder was born at 3:03 a.m. to Lauren and Keith Puzder. Congratulations!


{ FEBRUARY 2019 |




buh-bye, politics.

On January 8, Corey Stewart announced his departure from politics at the end of his third term as at-large chair of the Prince William Board of County ABOVE: Corey Supervisors. Stewart, a ReStewart, publican, had spent years the at-large chairman of the chasing statewide office Prince William before a defeat at the polls Board of County in November against DemSupervisors, will not seek ocratic incumbent Sen. Tim a fourth term. Kaine. A controversial figPWC PHOTO ure on the campaign trail, Stewart earned only 41 percent of the vote statewide and just 33 percent in Prince William County. Candidates for at-large chairman include Haymarket Democrat Ann Wheeler; Coles District Supervisor Marty Nohe, a Republican; and independent Don Scoggins. State Sen. Dick Black also announced in January that he would not seek re-election. A Republican, Black was first elected in 2011 to represent the 13th District, which includes parts of the Gainesville area and northern Prince William County. He also served eight years in the House of Delegates. Candidates for his seat include three Democrats: Del. John Bell, 87th District; Jasmine Moawad-Barrientos; and Lucero Wiley. Loudoun Supervisor Ron Meyer, R-Broad Run, has also announced he’ll run for the open seat.

For ALL Your Remodeling Needs Our Services include: Kitchens • Bathrooms • Basements Decks • Carpentry • Flooring Electrical Service • Tile • Cabinets

Our mission is to provide you with the lowest competitive pricing, quality products and exceptional service.

6649 Garland Drive, Unit #11, Warrenton, Virginia 20187



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CHRIS HOUSER, DMD,eritage PC eritage


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$79 $1 $79 $1 $79 $1 $79$79 $1 $1 $79 $1 $79 $1

Must Present Coupon | Offer expires in 30 days | Cannot be combined | New Patients Only Must Present Coupon | Offer expires in 30 days | Cannot be combined | New Patients Only 703-754-5800703-754-5800 7100 Heritage Village Plaza, Suite 101 703-754-5800 7100 Heritage Plaza, Suite 10 7100 Heritage Village Plaza,Village Suite 101 www.heritagehuntdental.com Gainesville, VA 20155 703-754-5800 7100 Heritage Village Plaza, Suite 101 www.heritagehuntdental.com Gainesville, VA 20155 703-754-5800 www.heritagehuntdental.com 7100 Heritage Village Plaza,20155 Suite 101 Gainesville, VA 20155 www.heritagehuntdental.com 703-754-5800 703-754-5800 Gainesville, 7100 Heritage Village Suite 101 7100 Heritage Village Plaza, Suite 101VAPlaza, 703-754-5800 7100 Heritage Village Plaza, Suite 101 www.heritagehuntdental.com Gainesville, VA 20155 Reg. Value $99 | Exam, X-ray & Cleaning Required Must Present Coupon | Offer expires in 30 days | Cannot be combined | New Patients Only

Dr. Chris Houser

www.heritagehuntdental.com www.heritagehuntdental.com www.heritagehuntdental.com


All are welcome!

Celebrate the LENT With Us!

Gainesville, VA 20155

U.S. Passport Services

@ Your Library

Need a passport? Haymarket Gainesville and Potomac Community Libraries are now accepting passport applications! No appointment needed.

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper March 5 at 6:30 pm Ash Wednesday Services March 6 at 12:00 & 6:30 pm Stations & Soup March 15, 22, 29, April 5, 12 at 6:30 pm

Holy Week & Easter Sunday schedule is on our website!

For more information, including what documentation you need to bring, visit: pwcgov.org/library

Winter Sunday Schedule 8:30 am Holy Eucharist 9:30 am Choir Rehearsal & Church School for ALL ages 10:30 am Holy Eucharist & Children’s Liturgy 11:30 am Fellowship

6750 Fayette Street, Haymarket, VA 20169 The Rev. Sean K. Rousseau www.stpaulsepiscopalhaymarket.org

Gainesville, VAGainesville, 20155 VA 20155

Rev. Sean K. Rousseau Family


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a great dental experience for your child!

Your Child’s SAFETY Comes First! Dr. Patricia Wood, DDS and our caring, experienced dental team make sure your child is comfortable during their entire visit!

NEW PATIENT SPECIAL! Cash Price for Cleaning, Polishing, X-Ray, Dental Exam - $79 Valued at $230

Morning and Evening Hours Take the Hassle Out of Your Schedule • Your Child Will Feel Comfortable and Safe • Convenient Payment Options • Your Child Will Have FUN In Our State of the Art Office • Sedation Is Always An Option • Most Insurance Accepted

big smiles for little kids

Expires in 30 days


Consultation/Second Opinion Valued at $86

CALL:703-468-0700 CALL:703-810-7835

7521 VA 7521 Virginia Virginia Oaks Oaks Dr., Dr., Suite Suite 210, 210, Gainesville, Gainesville, VA 20155 20155 Across From CVS on Rt. 29

Across From CVS on Rt. 29


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Haymarket Lifestyle Magazine February 2019  

Haymarket Lifestyle Magazine February 2019  

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