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Gainesville’s Cutest Pet!


Haymarket’s Cutest Pet!

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Don’t let back pain stop you. Don’t let back pain stop you.

We are taking extra steps to ensure a safe environment when you come for care. From enhanced cleaning procedures, mask requirements, and adjusting waiting rooms for social distancing, your health and safety remain our number one We are taking extra pain steps to ensure safe environment priority. So, don’t let back hold youa back. Now offering when you comespine for care. minimlly-invasive surgery, we can customize a plan From enhanced cleaning procedures, mask that will get you back to a more active lifestyle. requirements, and adjusting waiting rooms for social Ifdistancing, you haveyour back pain, yourone health andlearn safety more remainabout our number treatment priority.options. So, don’t let back pain hold you back. Now offering

Don’t let back pain stop you.

minimlly-invasive spine surgery, we can customize a plan that will get you back to a more active lifestyle. If you have back pain, learn more about your We are taking extra steps ensure a safe environment when you come for care. treatmentto options.

Visit FauquierHealth.org From enhanced cleaning procedures, mask requirements, and adjusting waiting rooms orhealth calland540.316.2696 for social distancing, your safety remain our number one priority. So, don’t let back pain hold you back. Now offering minimlly-invasive spine surgery, we can Visit FauquierHealth.org customize a plan that will get you back to a more active lifestyle.

call 540.316.2696 If you have back pain, learnor more about your treatment options.

Visit FauquierHealth.org or call 540.316.2696

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from the E D I T O R

Lifestyle H AY M A R K E T


t’s official. February is my favorite month. Not because of Valentine’s Day or because my birthday is…soon (especially not because my birthday is… soon), but because February is our annual pets issue. And nothing is more fun than putting it together. To all of you who entered your beloved pets in this year’s Cutest Pet Contest, thank you. It was a delight seeing their adorable photos and reading your descriptions of their antics, skills, and the joy they’ve brought into your life. With all the cuties we had in the running, it can’t have been easy for readers to pick winners, but they did. To all who voted, thank you so much for taking the time to cast your ballot. Thank you also to Piedmont Pets Veterinary Care. They’ve sponsored this contest for the last three years. Without their support, I might have to find another month to declare my favorite! I hope you enjoy meeting first place winners Gus and Kayden, and Biscuit, Dusty, Sunshine, and Tillie, too. Every time I see their faces I smile. I hope you will as well.


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Four Things Women Need to Know About Osteoporosis BY KIM CONQUEST


Valentine’s Day Begins With… Breakfast BY LAURA SEARS


Discover Medicine’s Best-Kept Secret: Interventional Radiology



Meet the Winners of this Year’s Cutest Pet Contest!


Canines -N-Kids:


Crushing Cancer at Both Ends of the Leash

Minding Our Manors




Miss Kibbles: Natural Pet Supplies for Your Fur Baby BY CHRISTINE CRADDOCK

So Many Romance Novels. So Little Time.



Groom Your Pet Like A Pro

The Ambassador’s Dog




ON THE COVER: Gus, Winner of Gainesville’s Cutest Pet Contest, and Kayden, Winner of Haymarket’s Cutest Pet Contest. Photographed by Christine Craddock.

local expert

4 Things Every Woman Needs to Know About Osteoporosis How maintaining bone strength is vital as you age


Victoria Camille Hammonds, MD HER EXPERTISE:

Family and Geriatric Medicine



f you’re a postmenopausal woman, osteoporosis is a major cause of fractured bones, which occur most often in the hip, vertebrae and wrist. “Estrogen is necessary for bone health,” said Victoria Camille Hammonds, MD, a family medicine and geriatric medicine provider at Novant Health UVA Health System Bristow Run Family Medicine - Stonewall. “When you reach menopause, and you’re producing very little to no estrogen, bone density starts to decline.” Osteoporosis is a disease in which bone density decreases, which can lead to loss of bone strength and increase the risk of fractures. It can happen to anyone – in any bone – but your risk increases as you age. 1. Symptoms of osteoporosis “There are no signs or symptoms of osteoporosis,” Dr. Hammonds said. “The only way to know what's happening is through a bone density study.” She recommends the test at age 65 for women and 70 for men, earlier if you smoke, drink heavily, or take large doses of steroid medications. Bones affected by osteoporosis can become fragile enough that fractures occur spontaneously by minor falls or normal stresses, such as bending, lifting, or coughing. 2. Osteoporosis risk factors Some risk factors are innate, such as gender (women are at higher risk) and age (bone loss increases as you get older). Others include: • Body size: Slender, smallboned people are at greater


{ FEBRUARY 2021 |

risk for osteoporosis because they have less bone mass. • Race: White and Asian women are at highest risk. Black and Mexican-American women have a lower risk. White men are higher risk than Black and MexicanAmerican men. • Family history: Your risk of osteoporosis is higher if one of your parents has a history of the disease. • Other medical conditions can increase your risk, including endocrine and hormonal diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, HIV, AIDS and anorexia nervosa. 3. What you can do to reduce your risk Include calcium and vitamin D in your diet: If you don’t take in enough calcium, your body takes it from your bones. Good sources of calcium include: • Low-fat dairy products • Dark green leafy vegetables (e.g., spinach, bok choy, collards and turnip greens) • Sardines and salmon • Broccoli



Calcium-fortified foods (e.g., soy milk, tofu, orange juice and cereals) Foods that contain a lot of vitamin D include: • Fatty fish (e.g., salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel and trout) • Fish oils • Egg yolks • Liver Another easy way to receive vitamin D is through sunlight. “The problem is, we're also skin-cancer-conscious,” Dr. Hammonds said. “We use sunscreen to block ultraviolet rays, but it can also prevent some of the vitamin D from being absorbed into our bodies, so increasing our vitamin D levels through diet helps us not be so dependent on the sun.” Exercise: “Do resistance or weight-bearing exercises,” Dr. Hammonds said. “Walking, using hand weights or bands, or walking in a pool are good bonebuilding exercises. Any sort of exercise is crucial.” Do not smoke: Tobacco usage increases your rate of bone loss. Limit alcohol: Too much alcohol can decrease bone

Victoria Camille Hammonds, MD is a family medicine and geriatric medicine provider at Novant Health UVA Health System Bristow Run Family Medicine - Stonewall. For more information or to schedule an appointment with a Novant Health UVA Health System geriatric medicine provider, please visit NovantHealthUVA. org/pf.

formation. Women: no more than one drink per day. Men: no more than two drinks daily. Prevent falls: Remove electrical cords, area rugs and slippery surfaces. Keep rooms brightly lit, install grab bars inside in the bathroom, and make sure you can get into and out of bed easily. 4. Treatment for osteoporosis Dr. Hammonds said there are several options, and that most patients start with bisphosphonate therapy, an oral medication that helps slow bone loss and lower the chance of fracture. Alendronate and Actonel are two common oral medications taken weekly or monthly. Reclast is an annual infusion of bisphosphonate medication. Patients also can choose Prolia, which is given as a twice-a-year injection. ❖

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Leapfrog agrees. We bring the best of health to you. Leapfrog recognizes Novant Health UVA Health System’s grade-A quality and safety

Our good news is also great news for our communities. All three of our medical centers in Culpeper, Haymarket and Manassas have earned coveted ‘A’ grades from The Leapfrog Group’s Fall 2020 Hospital Safety Grade. We once again thank our caregivers for their exceptional dedication to patient safety and congratulate them for their achievement during such a difficult year for all. Rest assured that we’ll continue bringing the best of health to you in 2021.

Find your provider at NovantHealthUVA.org/Safety

NUV-71 Leapfrog_2020_7.5x4.8.indd 1

{ FEBRUARY 2021 |

1/15/21 4:44 PM




Medicine’s best-kept secret: Interventional Radiology Faster healing, less pain

Adam Winick, MD I N T E RV E N T I O N A L R A D I O LO GY

Because Interventional Radiology avoids large incisions, it might be an option for patients who are not capable of undergoing a traditional surgery. It also means lower costs, less pain, a shorter recovery time, and fewer complications than traditional surgical options. That’s why Interventional Radiology has become such an exciting field for patients: it provides lifechanging results to more patients than ever before and for most, gets them back to their normal life more quickly.

What common conditions do you treat?


n Interventional Radiology, doctors use medical imaging (like Fluoroscopy, CT scans, or Ultrasound) to guide minimally invasive surgical procedures to diagnose and treat many medical conditions. These minimally invasive procedures are often an alternative to traditional surgery. We sat down with Dr. Adam Winick, Associate Professor of Vascular and Interventional Radiology at the University of Virginia and Interventional Radiologist at UVA Radiology Vein and Vascular Care Gainesville, and asked him to shed some light on Interventional Radiology, medicine’s best-kept secret.

Why do patients need to know about Interventional Radiology? To treat you, Interventional Radiologists usually only need to make very small incisions in your body. From those small incisions, sometimes only a quarter of an inch or less in length, doctors can guide needles and catheters through your veins, arteries or other parts of the body to reach areas that need treatment.


{ FEBRUARY 2021 |

Interventional Radiology treats hundreds of conditions and diseases. Some of the most common conditions we treat include varicose and spider veins, which can cause leg pain; uterine fibroids, which can cause excessive menstrual cramps and bleeding; peripheral artery disease, which can cause leg pain when walking; benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), which can cause problems with urination in men; liver disease, and different types of tumors and cancer.

How would an Interventional Radiologist treat uterine fibroids or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), for example? One tool is called embolization, which means blocking off the blood supply to a tumor or area of the body that needs to shrink. This is a tool we use to treat both uterine fibroids and benign prostatic hyperplasia, which is a common condition that causes difficulty with urination as men get older. By reducing the blood supply to uterine fibroids, for example, they begin to shrink and the uterus will fully recover



Adam Winick, MD, is an Interventional Radiologist at UVA Vein and Vascular Care Gainesville. For more information about the doctors and services offered, visit uvahealth.com/ gainesvilleradiology or call our Vein and Vascular Care Clinic at 703-712-6062.

without the need for a hysterectomy or other surgery. This is called uterine fibroid embolization. For men with BPH, reducing blood flow to the enlarged prostate will cause it to shrink and relieve symptoms. This treatment is called prostatic artery embolization.

How easy is it to refer myself for these treatments? For many Interventional Radiology procedures, you can refer yourself. For varicose and spider vein concerns, for example, you can call our clinic and schedule a consultation immediately. For uterine fibroids or peripheral arterial disease, you can also call and come in to talk with us about your options. For other conditions or treatments, you may need to talk to your doctor first. Then he or she can refer you to Interventional Radiology if you are a good candidate for treatment.

What advice do you have for patients who’d prefer more minimally-invasive options? All patients have choices regarding their healthcare. If you want to explore more minimally and non-invasive treatments for your condition or disease, please ask your doctor for more information about all of your choices, including Interventional Radiology. ❖

Geothermal Repairs $150 Off

Geothermal Flushing

{ FEBRUARY 2021 |




The Happy Ever After Playlist

So many romance novels. So little time. Let your library help you find one you’ll love! BY JEANINE RAGHUNATHAN


This story is part romantic comedy, part rock star romance and part playlist. I love all those things and really enjoyed this sweet, light-hearted, funny story. Sloan lost her fiancé two years ago and is trying to get her life back on track when she finds a darling stray dog named Tucker that brings joy into her life. After weeks of unsuccessful attempts to contact Tucker’s owner, he finally makes contact with her and wants his dog back. Tucker’s owner is Jake, a musician on tour in Australia. Through flirty texts and long phone calls, Sloan and Jake form a friendship that has the potential to blossom into so much more. I was drawn to “The Happy Ever After Playlist” because music and reading are two of my favorite things and I was not disappointed. You will see this is the second book in a series called “The Friend Zone,” but it can be read as a stand-alone book.

28 Summers



ast year I found myself reading more romance books than any other genre, which is unusual for me. Maybe it was the stress of the pandemic that led me to read stories that were a little more dreamy, escapist, and had “happily ever after” themes. One of the best places to find all three of those qualities in a book - and more - is in a romance book. At Prince William Public Libraries, there are so many to choose from. Here are a couple of my favorites from 2020.


{ FEBRUARY 2021 |



A woman in my book club has been talking about Elin Hilderbrand’s books for a while so, when “28 Summers” showed up on the “New” bookshelf, I decided to check one out. It is the story of Mallory and Jack and their long-time love affair (28 Summers) that lasts for exactly three days each year when they get together at Mallory’s Nantucket cottage over Labor Day weekend. Based on the movie “Same Time Next Year,” it is a sweet love story about two people who are whole-heartedly and deeply in love, but who have very little time to express it to each other. When they are not together for the rest of the year, they live their own lives without contact, each looking forward to the next summer when they will meet again. This story will tug at your heartstrings and, if you fall in love with it and its setting, there are many other Hilderbrand novels to take you back to Nantucket! Not sure how to start looking for romance books? If you’re interested in physical books, but don’t have a specific title in mind, call one of the Prince William Public Libraries and ask for our Concierge Service. Our friendly staff will pick out books based on your criteria. Or, visit www.pwcgov.org/library and explore our Online Catalog. Go to the “Search” feature and type in “romance” to get started. Another great resource to help find titles is NoveList Plus, available on our Digital Library. If you’re interested in e-books or audiobooks, be sure to get Libby by OverDrive, hoopla Digital, or Freading through our Digital Library. All three have an app to use on your tablet or smartphone so you can read or listen anywhere. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or the pandemic that gets you in the mood to read a romance, your library is here to help you find one (or three!) you’ll love.

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{ FEBRUARY 2021 |




Valentine’s Day Begins With...Breakfast

local expert

INGREDIENTS: 2 cups rolled oats, not quick cooking 2 teaspoons cinnamon ½ cup sliced almonds 1 teaspoon baking powder ½ teaspoon kosher salt ½ cup heavy cream 1 cup milk ½ cup greek yogurt 2 eggs 3 tablespoons coconut oil, melted 2 teaspoons vanilla extract ½3 cup maple syrup 2 cups diced strawberries


Laura Sears


Easy, familyfriendly meals

Haymarket resident Laura Sears has been blogging at LB’s Good Spoon since 2008. There she dishes up her love of food, family, and more. Pay her a visit at LauraSears.com



tart your Valentine’s Day off with this tasty, baked, (not to mention beautiful) strawberry oatmeal. Made with such good-for-you ingredients as almonds, greek yogurt, and maple syrup, it’s a healthy way to your sweetheart’s heart. Set your alarm for just a bit earlier on the 14th to whip this up and serve it warm!


{ FEBRUARY 2021 |



1. Preheat the oven to 350 and spray a 9x9 pan with nonstick cooking spray. 2. In a bowl, mix together the oats through salt. In a separate bowl, whisk together the cream through maple syrup. 3. Spread the oat mixture on the bottom of the pan and pour the milk mixture over top. Spread the strawberries on top evenly. 4. Bake for 30 minutes and enjoy warm on its own, with some powdered sugar, or with more maple syrup on top!

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Jey Maran, MD

Robert Marsh, MD

• Access to Clinical Trials, including Phase I • Highest-rated physicians and surgeons in our community • State-of-the-art technology, labs, and onsite pharmacy • Multidisciplinary team approach • Highly Specialized medical oncology, hematology, radiation therapy, orthopedic oncology, genetic counseling, palliative medicine and research

Geoffrey Moorer, MD Muhammad Siddiqui, MD (Palliative Care)

Finding and treating cancer at an early stage can save lives Please call 703.208.3155 or visit VirginiaCancerSpecialists.com\Gainesville Felasfa M. Wodajo, MD

7901 Lake Manassas Drive Gainesville, VA 20155

{ FEBRUARY 2021 |

2280 Opitz Blvd., Suite 300 Woodbridge, VA 22191




And the winners of Lifestyle’s Cutest Pet Contest are...

Kayden G A I N E SV I L L E


Gainesville’s first place winner is Kayden, an adorable purebred Yorkie born in Germany whose fur mommy, Ella Alexander, describes as “full of life, playful and fun.” To find out more about your #1 cute pet pick, we talked with Ella about Kayden. Turns out this small pup is a big blessing in her life. How old is Kayden?

He’s two. He will be three in July.

Ah, a summer baby! How did he come into your life?

Kayden was a surprise gift for me. And he’s the best gift I have ever gotten in my life.

How has Kayden changed your life?

I am definitely much happier. Kayden keeps a smile on my face. He’s very energetic and because he loves being outside so much I spend a lot of time outdoors walking him. Healthwise, I feel better physically. Having Kayden in my life has increased my exercise from occasional walking to walking one to two hours or more everyday. I have more energy and have also dropped a few pounds.

I have a feeling Kayden has helped you cope during COVID.

You’re right. We don’t have family in the area, so he has truly been a blessing to me. Being outside and walking with him is good for me mentally, especially now. I find that it has been therapy for me and it gives me a chance to reflect on life through nature.

Being rather diminutive, how does Kayden do with bigger dogs?

Kayden loves dogs of all sizes. Lots of times owners of bigger dogs will move away from him but I always reassure them that it’s ok, he loves the big dogs and their owners are shocked by how well their dog reacts to him. Kayden’s also a bit of a show off. He’s a really fast runner and he likes to take off when the big dogs are watching him.

What will Kayden one day be remembered for?

He’ll be remembered for being friendly and wellmannered, not to mention a real cutie. He always gets compliments! He will be remembered by me for being my best friend, for always keeping a smile on my face including in the morning when he cuddles with me and wakes me up. He will be remembered for liking to have his paws and body cleaned after his walks and for being smart. When we walk, he knows all of the different routes, he knows how to wait for the cars to pass and he stays within the crosswalks. At the end of our walk he knows exactly which house is his. Finally he will be remembered as being voted Lifestyle’s cutest pet in Gainesville. Thanks to you, your staff and most of all the voters!


{ FEBRUARY 2021 |



Gus H AY M A R K E T

Haymarket’s first place winner is Gus, a brindle Maltipoo whose fur mommy, Jennifer Miller, says is a shoo-in for first place “should the National Dog Show ever add a doodle division.” To find out more about your #1 cute pet pick, we talked with Jennifer about Gus. Turns out this sweet, gentle boy is about to become a big brother! How old is Gus?

Gus was born on April 3, 2020. As of February third he’ll be 10 months old.

So he’s a pandemic pup! Tell us how Gus came into your life.

For about six months, we tried to adopt a hypoallergenic dog. It proved to be extremely difficult; the dogs are in very high demand and about eight of our applications fell through. Then we found a very lovely woman who breeds only purebred maltese and mini poodles as well as Maltipoos. But her litter of Maltipoos was in such high demand that again we missed out. We didn't give up though. We made sure to reach out to her and get on the list for the next litter. We lucked out then. The litter consisted of four puppies, one male and three females. When we received an email at 11:30pm one night with pictures of two puppies, both our little Gus and a female, the decision was easy. It felt like fate that, despite all the struggles we went through and all the patience we had to muster, he was meant to be ours.

How has Gus changed your life?

Gus has brought so much joy and love to our family, not only to my husband and me, but to our extended family as well. He has the best personality and is a true sweetheart. He loves giving kisses, being held, and is a champion snuggler. He is extremely playful and has never met another human or dog that he doesn’t love.

I understand you’re about to have your first (human) baby. How do you think Gus is going to be with the “new kid”?

My husband and I are certain that, because Gus just loves everyone, he is going to be an affectionate, loving and protective big brother.

{ FEBRUARY 2021 |

Like Gainesville’s first place winner, Kayden, Gus is a rather petite guy. How does he do with bigger dogs?

He does great with all kinds of dogs. He’s friendly and playful. He’s also extremely fast and can jump higher than any dog his size should be able to. He gets such great height that, if there were a dog olympics, he'd be a gold medalist in the high jump!

What will Gus one day be remembered for?

We hate to think of a day in the far distant future when Gus will be a memory, and I tear up even thinking about it (so I'll blame it on the pregnancy hormones!), but he will be remembered for being an extremely attentive and sweet boy who loves giving and receiving affection, a lover of all cheeses (including the really sharp ones), a talented athlete, and a beauty. You don’t see brindle Maltipoos that often and his beautiful coat is ever-changing in color. In short, Gus will be forever remembered as one of the greatest blessings of our life.




t e P t s e t u C r u o d An . . . e r a p u s r e n n u r Sunshine






“Besides the fact that Dusty is adorable and has the most zany personality, the look on his face pretty much sums up how we all felt during 2020!” Andrea Dotterer

“Birds are just as cute as dogs and cats. We just aren't represented like we should be. I'm not only bright in color but I'm a very smart guy. You should see me fetch a toothpick! I love my people and have never met a stranger. I'll sit on your shoulder all day and if you're lucky I'll sing you a beautiful song.”

“Our ten-year-old Maltipoo, Biscuit, is intelligent, loyal, adventurous and adorable! His many tricks include speaking, rolling over, and walking on his hind legs which gives us lots of laughs.”

Sunshine Johnson, Debbie Johnson’s well-spoken Cockatiel



“Tilly was a rescue pup who helped lift our heavy hearts after we lost our 12-yearold lab. She loves snuggles and car rides and her adorable curly tail grabs everyone's attention!” Laura Fawley

Vicky Wilds


Owning pets can be a lot of work, but it can also be really rewarding, particularly if you learn to do some of the grooming yourself. We spoke with the pros at A Dog’s Day Out in Haymarket and All Around Town Mobile Pet Spa which serves Prince William, and compiled this list of dos and don’ts to help you reap the rewards of caring for and cleaning your pet.

DOS Make sure you have the correct tools to brush fur and remove mats from hair and brush your pet regularly. “A rotating pin comb or long tooth metal comb is recommended for nonshedding dogs like bichons, poodles, and doodles as they tend to get matts,” said Andrea Payne, owner of A Dog’s Day Out. Bond with your pet through grooming. Keep your pet as calm as possible by introducing new


{ FEBRUARY 2021 |

grooming tools slowly. “Sit down with your dog in a relaxing play spot. Set the dryer on the floor among the toys. Let the dog sniff the dryer. When he spends time near the dryer, offer a treat,” Payne said. Remember to check your pets eyes, ears, and nose. Weekly examinations will help avoid buildups of dirt or ear wax. Taking the time to touch, see, and inspect these areas early in your pet’s life will make the process easier over time.

DON’TS Don’t be in a rush to cut your pet’s nails, do so in dark lighting, or guess where you need to cut the nails. “Be conservative. If your dog has dark nails, shine a penlight on them so you can see the quick [the vein within the nail] and not guess. However, if you do clip the quick of the nail use some styptic powder and apply pressure to stop the bleeding,” Payne said. Don’t give a dog a bath if it has mats. According to Kim Yeick, owner of All Around Town Mobile Pet Spa, “People think matts are a clump of matted hair. It’s actually a dead coat



A Dog’s Day Out offers daycare, boarding, training, grooming and self wash services. Here certified groomer Patty Lugiano puts the finishing touches on this handsome pup.

of hair that is close to the dog’s skin and must be removed before giving the dog a bath.” Don’t give a dog a bath without knowing the proper steps. “Start on the body first,” Payne said, “and work your way down the legs and tail. Wash the head last.” Both Payne and Yeick agree it’s best to put cotton balls in the dog’s ears to avoid getting water in the ear canal. And finally, Yeick suggests purchasing shampoos and conditioners that reflect changes in the weather. During the winter a dog’s skin can get dry, so moisturizing shampoos and conditioners are important. ❖

send us your story ideas! Lifestyle phone 540.349.2951

web piedmontlifestyle.com email editor@piedmontpub.com facebook /piedmontlifestylepublications instagram @lifestylemagazines

{ FEBRUARY 2021 |




Crushing Cancer at Both Ends of the Leash Canines-N-Kids aims to end cancers kids and man’s best friend have in common BY FRANNIE BARNES PHOTOS COURTESY CANINES-N-KIDS


hildren and dogs have a lot in common and a very special connection. As newborns, both are without question the cutest little things on the planet! You want to hold them, talk in silly voices to them, teach them new things, and most of all, give them every bit of your unconditional love. Unfortunately, their commonalities don’t end there. Each year in the United States, 16,000 children and six million dogs develop cancer – and both


{ FEBRUARY 2021 |

groups develop cancers that are similar in nature, including bone and brain cancers, leukemia and lymphoma. Ulrike Szalay is on a mission to help both populations. She is the CEO and President of Canines-N-Kids, a non-profit organization she began with the sole goal to “crush cancer at both ends of the leash.” Szalay launched Canines-N-Kids (CNK) in 2017 after her tenure at a biotech company that was working on a cancer killing viral



TOP: Szalay and CNK’s ambassador, Pancho, who has been immortalized as a stuffed animal which is given to kids in cancer treatment. Visit the Foundation’s website for its selection of items, including its new Crush Cancer facemasks. All purchases support CNK’s fundraising efforts. caninesnkids.org/how-youcan-help/shop-cnk.html FAR LEFT: CNK’s “K9’s in the Vines” October 2020 event at The Winery at La Grange in Haymarket raised $5,000 for the organization. Founder Ulrike Szalay and CNK ambassador Pancho greeted dogs and their humans as they strolled through the vineyards.

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Good, ho nest serv always. ice as We’ve h ad Apple Campbe ton ll for 10 years is an old er home , this and we trust them.

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Phon piedm


Providing affordable, quality veterinary care to cats and dogs with the utmost compassion

Christopher Grams, D.V.M. Jill Grogan, D.V.M. Traci Sandberg, D.V.M. Susan Steinkamp, D.V.M.

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FIGHTING THE C-WORD WITH THE A-TEAM Szalay began contacting both pediatric and veterinary oncologists in the United States and around the world. Through her hard work, contacts and history in the field, she assembled a stellar team of doctors and researchers committed to building comparative research on bone cancers, brain tumors, lymphoma and leukemia. She also established the organization’s highly regarded Paws for a Cure Research Symposium which identifies the most promising projects and encourages researchers to work together. “We are looking at research that aligns basic data between shared childhood and canine cancers in order to better understand the genetics of those cancers and the fundamental biology of cancer development,” Szalay said. “We’re looking at how cancer spreads and comes back, as well as how tumors respond to new therapies and whether we can minimize the toxicity of treatments in our most vulnerable patients – two and four-legged.”

“It’s our mission to raise awareness and funding for transformative cancer research to help two- and four-legged patients.” ULRIKE SZALAY, FOUNDER, CANINES-N-KIDS

technology that targeted cancer cells without the toxicities of chemotherapies. After conducting clinical trials with the drug in both adult human and canine cancer patients, company researchers realized the approach might benefit both groups. Fascinated by these findings, Ulrike decided something had to be done to accelerate progress in both populations. But what?


{ FEBRUARY 2021 |

PLAYING WITH THE BIG DOGS As you can imagine, an effort of this magnitude requires tremendous support to attract volunteers, donors, and partners to its cause. It is important to Szalay that the foundation perform not just top notch science but conduct fundraising programs people can connect with in their hearts. Through creative, grassroots fundraising efforts that include an annual dog bowl challenge (where you and your pup race to clean your dog bowl - don’t worry, you don’t have to eat dog food or treats!), community dog washes, and more traditional fundraisers like marathons and golf tournaments, CNK has steadily increased its fundraising efforts. It has also built serious awareness of its mission. Today, the group has partnerships with such notables as the Petco Foundation, Blue Buffalo Foundation, the V Foundation, and national drug research and manufacturer Lilly. “Love is at the center of everything we do.” Szalay said. “One of the really compelling parts of this is that when you work with children who are battling cancer and then you see a dog who is battling cancer, you see the common thread, they just want to get it over with and get back to playing. They don’t complain. This is so inspiring to me. The wisdom of children and dogs keeps me going every day.”❖ For more information, or to get involved with Canines-N-Kids, visit caninesnkids.org.



Comparative Research for the Win Pediatric cancers are not like adult cancers. In fact, they’re about 90% different from adult cancers. And sadly, pediatric cancer research is grossly underfunded in this country. Need proof? In the last 40 years, there have been just four new cancer drugs developed for kids and their unique cancers. Part of the problem lies in the number of patients clinical trials need to be conducted. Thankfully, there are only 500 to 800 children a year diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a cancer diagnosed in 50,000 dogs annually and one that is shared both biologically and genomically between canines and children. The larger number of pups with osteosarcoma means a greater number of clinical trials and critical discoveries that are helping both populations. It’s a true win-win and it’s spreading: today the same concept is advancing studies in aggressive brain tumors (glioblastoma) in kids and dogs, lymphoma and other cancers. “You might not have thought about it before, but canines live parallel lives to their humans,” Szalay said. “They walk on the same floors in your house that are cleaned with the same cleaning products; they breathe in the same air; and sometimes, if they’ve been a good boy or girl, even eat the same food. It’s only natural that they might develop the same diseases.”



They bring the curiosity. They bring the curiosity. WeWebring theconfidence. confidence. bring the

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Primrose School of Bristow 9101ofBalaton Primrose School Bristow Lake Lane Bristow, 9101 Balaton Lake LaneVA 20136 Bristow, VA 20136 703.479.7918 703.479.7918 Memory Care | Assisted Living | Seniors Places PrimroseBristow.com PrimroseBristow.com

Prince William and Loudoun County’s ultimate & complete senior community directory. Assisted Living Memory Care & Independent Living. Primrose School of Bristow 9101 Balaton Lake Lane Bristow, VA 20136 703.479.7918 PrimroseBristow.com


B Call for a tour. NEW NUM

4.8524 1.28for 57Call a tour.

Each Primrose school is a privately owned and operated franchise. Primrose Schools is a registered trademark of Primrose School Franchising SPE, LLC. ©2020 Primrose School Franchising SPE, LLC. All rights reserved.


Each Primrose school is a privately owned and operated franchise. Primrose Schools is a registered trademark of Primrose School Franchising SPE, LLC. ©2020 Primrose School Franchising SPE, LLC. All rights reserved.

Primrose School of Bristow 9101 Balaton Lake Lane Bristow, VA 20136 703.479.7918 - PrimroseBristow.com

Call for a tour.

Each Primrose school is a privately owned and operated franchise. Primrose Schools is a registered trademark of Primrose School Franchising SPE, LLC. ©2020 Primrose School Franchising SPE, LLC. All rights reserved.

Each Primrose school is a privately owned and operated franchise. Primrose Schools is a registered trademark of Primrose School Franchising SPE, LLC. ©2020 Primrose School Franchising SPE, LLC. All rights reserved.


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Looking for Natural Pet Supplies for Your Fur Baby? Look No Further Than Miss Kibbles STORY AND PHOTOS BY CHRISTINE CRADDOCK


hat kind of person decides to open a retail store during a pandemic? Well, someone like Claudia Montoya. Highly driven, knowledgeable, passionate, and compassionate, Montoya has a heart for animals and humans, and she’s determined to make her mark on the world by helping pets live longer, healthier lives no matter what the economic climate. Originally from Peru, Montoya moved to the United States in 2005 to pursue a graduate degree. She worked in the financial services industry as a licensed broker during the 2008 recession so it’s possible that experience helped her prepare for opening Miss Kibbles during a rough, to put it mildly, time for retail. Miss Kibbles, her natural pet supply store in Bristow, has weathered the Covid pandemic with grace and success. And now, after other pet stores’ unfortunate closures and a demand for better and healthier alternatives for four-legged family members, she is planning a second Miss Kibbles location in Gainesville. In her “spare” time, (not that there’s much of it), Montoya is a proud hockey mom and


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Welcome Back! Our lives have changed over the past several months. As we all try to figure out our new normal, know that OmniRide’s family of services are ready to meet your mobility needs. We saved a seat for you! Remember to bring your mask

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We provide total wellness care for your puppies, kittens, dogs and cats.

We provide total

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“Exceptional care your family “Exceptional care for for your family pets” pets” We provide total wellness care for your puppies, kittens, dogspuppies, and cats. wellness for your kittens, • Microchipscare • Advanced Diagnostics & Treatments


dogs and cats.

Microchips Advanced Diagnostics & Treatments • Microchips • •Advanced Diagnostics & Treatments • Laser Treatments • Routine & Specialized Surgery Treatments Routine && Specialized • Pet Dental•• Care • Boarding for Cats SurgerySurgery • LaserLaser Treatments Routine Specialized Pet Dental Care • Boarding for Cats • Pet Dental Care • Boarding for Cats

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Is you pet itching & scratching? It’s a sign that something is wrong. When your pet scratches, Is you pet itching & scratching? it is irritating his/her sensitive skin. This can lead to infection It’s a sign that something is dental care too. sores. with itchy and painful

February is Dental Month!

Our pets need wrong.&When your pet scratches, Help your pet live a longer life. Call us forhealthier an appointment! it is irritating his/her sensitive Schedule a dental in February skin.discount This can lead to infection and receive a 10% itchy and painful sores. on specific dentalwith services. 7627 Heritage Village Plaza Gainesville, VA 20155 703-754-9888 www.stonewallvet.com

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“Be proactive in your pets’ health or be prepared to spend lots of money on veterinarian bills when it’s too late.” CL AU D I A M O N TOYA, O W N E R, M I SS K I B B L E S

Give us the back story.

“stunt” teacher who spends lots of time helping her son with virtual learning. She also enjoys playing with her dog, reading any book or magazine related to pet health, and working her way through the 500 study hours required for the clinical pet nutritionist accreditation she’s on her way to receiving from the Academy of Natural Health Sciences. But if you really want to know who she is, her words say it best.

Who Is Miss Kibbles?

Miss Kibbles is a family-owned, minorityowned, women-owned and operated business. I handle the front of the house; my mom and sister handle the logistics behind the scenes. Our mission is to raise pet health awareness to all dog and cat lovers in our local community. Miss Kibbles also happens to be my German Shepherd’s stage name; her real name is Chicca.

What drives you?

I want my dog to live a long and healthy life. When I first got her, I knew nothing about pet food. The more I researched the top pet food manufacturers, their recall history, the ways they source ingredients, and their deceptive marketing gimmicks, the more outraged I became and the more it ignited my passion to feed Chicca better.


{ FEBRUARY 2021 |

Like most people, at first I fed Chicca dry kibble even though my feeder strongly encouraged me to look into raw feeding. After carefully researching the pros and cons and common misconceptions, I decided to move forward and slowly transition over the course of six months. The reason for this long transition was, in all honesty, due to time, a busy schedule, commitment, and budget. But once I started seeing the changes in Chicca’s energy, coat, weight, teeth, even her excitement to eat, there was no looking back. She was so much healthier. It made me an advocate for feeding fresh and balanced meals to pets.

What does that mean, “fresh and balanced meals”?

It means meals that range from plain raw to frozen gently cooked options to wholesome freeze dried alternatives. And you don’t have to adjust your pet’s meals immediately. Even if you can’t switch one hundred percent right now, a little fresh can go a long way.

Why are these components important?

Cancer is on the rise not only among people, but also pets. Studies show that one in two dogs will develop cancer by the age of six. Which raises the question: what are we putting into their bodies? The answers range from questionable ingredients in pet foods and treats, to over vaccination or simply side effects and adverse reactions to medications. Going beyond cancer, we can add diabetes, leaky gut, obesity, periodontal disease, yeast infections, even mast cell tumors into this mix as they too are on the rise. Miss Kibbles can help address a pet’s nutrition and prevent those disease markers.



What’s the challenge?

Pet parents often lack knowledge about the importance of nutrition, but this is why Miss Kibbles is here to help. Despite the fact we haven’t been open for long, we are already making a difference in many pets’ lives. Our success stories speak by themselves and our customer base is growing by word of mouth referrals. There are cases, like Lola, who was going to be put down the morning her mom called me desperately for help. We addressed her nutrition and put her on CBD oil to alleviate her seizures. Lola is now thriving with mom's home cooking in addition to a premium kibble brand meant for senior dogs which has chelated minerals, turmeric which helps with joint inflammation, and coconut oil for cognitive support. We also added healthy, freeze dried (bone, meat, and organ) elements to her diet and gently cooked meals to boost her immune system.

Talk to me about conventional and holistic veterinary medicine.

With Chicca, I’ve taken an integrative approach, using both a conventional veterinarian and a holistic veterinarian. My conventional vet understands and respects my choices; when we encountered a situation where treatment was advised, the practice referred me to a holistic vet and she’s my specialist when it comes to treatment. I also believe in acupuncture, chiropractic, and homeopathic remedies for healing. ❖ MISS KIBBLES 10390 Bristow Center Drive, Bristow / 571- 379-7832 / misskibbles.com / Facebook @ misskibbles / Now partnered with Dr. Jung of Animal Healing in Middleburg and offering chiropractic care once a month at its Bristow location.

How about some “Farm to Front Door?” The First Name in Landscaping PROFESSIONAL RESIDENTIAL LANDSCAPE MANAGEMENT

Making your Landscaping Dreams a


You heard right, fresh, organic produce, meats, eggs, milk and even all natural items like jams and grains! Our day starts gathering our products from local organic farms and then we head straight to your house so you can select the perfect items for your family.

Book a shopping experience at www.cornergrocernow.com or call us at (571) 200-7664. You can also order online for delivery at wwwthecornergrocer.com!

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be proactive in your pets health

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Discover the Power of Rehabilitation the Power of Rehabilitation Discover the Power of Discover Rehabilitation

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LOCATIONS 13841 Heathcote Blvd 10390 Bristow Center Dr Gainesville, VA 20155 Bristow, VA 20136 571.248.6100 ***April 2021*** gainesville-rehab.com www.misskibbles.com 7501 Heritage Village Plz 571.379.7832 misskibbles misskibbles117 Gainesville, Virginia 20155 Lorem ipsum


At MISS KIBBLES OFFERS: At Gainesville Gainesville Health Health & & Rehab Rehab Center, Center, our our experienced, experienced, At Gainesville Health & Rehab Center, our our experienced, experienced, GainesvillePick Health ourtherapists experienced, caring therapists and healthcare healthcare professionals professionals realize realize Free Home Delivery At Curbside Up & Rehab Center, caring and caring healthcare professionals professionals realize realize caring therapists and healthcare caring therapists and healthcare professionals realize their knowledge, creativity, and technology have one their knowledge, knowledge, creativity, creativity, and technology have Frequent Buyer Program their have one one and technology have one their knowledge, creativity, and technology have purpose—to getone our patients back to their lives as purpose—to get our patients back to their lives as Loyalty Rewards purpose—to get our patients back to their lives as purpose—to get our patients back to their lives as quickly and completely as possible. Lifestyle quickly and completely as possible. Knowledgeable & Friendly Staff quickly and completely as possible. Gainesville Health Health & & Rehab Rehab Center. Center. We’re We’re changing changingof lives. lives. Gainesville Exclusive In Store Events ... and more! Gainesville Rehab Center. Center. We’re We’re changing changinglives. lives. Gainesville Health Health & & Rehab Gainesville Health & Rehab Center. We’re changing lives. H AY M A R K E T / G A I N E S V I L L E

571.248.6100 571.248.6100 571.248.6100 gainesville-rehab.com gainesville-rehab.com gainesville-rehab.com 7501 Heritage Heritage Village Village Plz Plz 7501 7501 Heritage Village Plz Gainesville, Virginia Virginia 20155 20155 Gainesville, Gainesville, Virginia 20155

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The Ambassador’s Dog Was the pup he found lost or looking for him? BY AMANDA M. SOCCI PHOTOS COURTESY SCOTT H. DELISI


n April 2012, a man traveled to the rural landscape of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal as part of his job. At the time, he was serving in his official capacity as United States Ambassador to Nepal and was working on disaster risk reduction to help save lives. The man, Haymarket resident Scott H. DeLisi, was there to make a difference, arriving in this southeast Asian country two years after a tumultuous earthquake took place in early 2010. “Nepal had just gone through an internal conflict and they were seeking a new path … they needed a new constitution and new understanding to come together to build their future,” DeLisi said. Clearly, he had only work on his mind as he sought to create change to help the Nepalese. That was about to change. Shortly after his arrival, while walking along Upper Mustang, a section of the Himalayas 12,000 feet in altitude on Nepal’s Tibetan Plateau, DeLisi stopped briefly to catch his breath. In that moment, his eyes rested upon the piercing blue eyes of a lost puppy, a puppy who spoke to him, saying, “Dhai, come here.”

Is it physically possible for a dog to speak? Is it possible the pup wasn’t lost but rather placed there by the Universe for DeLisi to find him? “The Ambassador’s Dog,” DeLisi’s enticingly written and beautifully designed new children’s book, invites just such thoughtful questions and answers. ABOUT “THE AMBASSADOR’S DOG” Filled with detailed, fanciful illustrations created by Blacksburg resident and illustrator Jane Lillian Vance, “The Ambassador’s Dog” was published this past November. DeLisi hand-picked Nepalese company Vajra Publications to oversee the physical design, assembly, production, and shipment. Mimicking the high attention to detail found in the illustrations, the

book contains pages printed with museumquality ink on textured paper, a raw silkwrapped hardcover, a golden bookmark, and a laminated jacket. DeLisi’s conscientious planning of all these details is because he hopes the book will be “a treasured object for generations.” “The experience of meeting the puppy on the trail resonated strongly with me,” DeLisi said. “People would look at this dog, look at those eyes, and ask ‘What’s the story?’.” It’s a story DeLisi shares lovingly in “The Ambassador’s Dog.” The pup, nameless at first, was given an unusual, yet meaningful name by the author, a name symbolic of the geography of his home and its peoples and one you’ll need to read the book to discover. (No spoilers here!) To purchase “The Ambassador’s Dog” and request signings from DeLisi and the dog, who provides custom paw print signatures to customers, please visit theambassadors-dog.myshopify.com. ❖

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Cheryl Kinsey

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Minding Our Manors


’ve been very fortunate to have lived around the country, from Texas and Tennessee to southern California and New York (city that is), and for the last nine years home has been here in Northern Virginia. That won’t be changing for a long while, if at all. Wherever I’ve lived, I’ve made it a point to visit the local wineries. To that point, I’ve never had more wine in my “backyard” than I do now. With a collection of short, beautiful drives to choose from, I can go in any direction from my Warrenton home and hit a winery…it’s great. Something I’ve come to truly appreciate about local NoVA wineries is what I call


{ FEBRUARY 2021 |

local expert THE EXPERT:

Mark Luna


the ‘gift of the grounds.’ Beautiful vistas, mesmerizing views and historical houses are often commonplace, and the wineries themselves are seemingly borne by the very presence of their historical predecessors. I confess that prior to moving to Virginia I had never heard of Haymarket, nor Nokesville. Even less so did I know that I’d find a winery or two there. Well, having lived in both locales, I now know. And for this month’s piece, I visit a couple of wine spots you might want to visit yourself, like I did when I resided in those hamlets. Given a certain romantic day that lands on the 14th of every February, it’s nice to have a local winery getaway.





Mark Luna is a Portfolio Rep for Roanoke Valley Wine Company. He holds a WSET Level 3 (Advanced) certification through the Wine & Spirits Education Trust. He is also a certified Italian Wine Scholar, graduating with Honors, through the prestigious Wine Scholar Guild. Both certifications are industry recognized post-nominal accreditations. Through and beyond his work for RVWC, Mark writes, teaches and guest-speaks about wine in a variety of both industry and privately held events. He lives in Warrenton with his family. Mark can be reached at info@winespique.com.

The manor house at the Winery at LaGrange dates back to 1790. It has been completely restored and is chock full of its own history, including ghosts.

The Winery at La Grange, in Haymarket, first opened to the public on Labor Day 2006, after a small group of wine enthusiasts and investors acquired the historic La Grange farm. At that time, the property included several acres of land, a manor house in complete disrepair and other smaller buildings. Fifteen years later, the property boasts 5.6 acres of vineyards (cabernet sauvignon, petit verdot and manseng), at an

At Winwood Children’s Center, we provide parents with peace of mind by giving children an exceptional educationChildren’s every fun-filled day inwe a place as nurturing as with home. Some of the things At Winwood Center, provide parents that make our school unique include: peace of mind by giving children an exceptional education • ASCEND CURRICULUM - We use  skill-based learning  which has been proven to help every fun-filled day in a place as nurturing as home. Some students think critically, learn to solve problems, and become more independent.

of the things that make our school unique include:

• KIND CHILD - Our mission is to make kindness a habit and create a preschool environment where everyone feels welcome and at home, elevating the emotional well-being of every A t • ASCEND CURRICULUM - We use  skill-based learning  child in our care.

Win Good, ho BUILT ON TRUST which has been proven to help students think critically, n est servic exc e pti always. e as • KINDERGARTEN CLUB Kindergarten Club features fun activities and lessons that fine-tune We’ve h learn to solve problems, and become more independent. ad Apple SINCE 1976 Campbe h at ton the social, emotional, and academic skills needed t for success in Kindergarten and beyond. ll for 10m years • KIND CHILD - Our mission is to make kindness a habit and is an old • A er home , thisS • KIDREPORTS - Parents receive on-going, daily communication about their child’s day using and create a preschool everyone feels we trust At Winwood Children’s Center, we environment provide parents where with peace of mind by giving children an st u them. KidReports, our web-based communication system. and at home, elevating the emotional well-being exceptionalwelcome education every fun-filled day in a place as nurturing as home. Some of the things – S uK zanne M child in our care. that make of ourevery school unique include: • IN . 14930 HOLLY KNOLL LANE | GAINESVILLE, VIRGINIA 20155 | 571.248.6537 • ASCEND CURRICULUM - We use  skill-based learning  which has been proven to help GAINESVILLE2@WINWOOD.COM WWW.WINWOOD.COM • KINDERGARTEN CLUB - Kindergarten|Club features fun students think critically, learn to solve problems, and become more independent.

activities and lessons that fine-tune the social, emotional,

• KIND CHILD - Our mission is to make kindness a habit and create a preschool environment and academic skills needed for success in Kindergarten where everyone feels welcome and at home, elevating the emotional well-being of every and beyond. child in our care.

• KIDREPORTS - Parents Club receive on-going, daily • KINDERGARTEN CLUB - Kindergarten features fun activities and lessons that fine-tune communication aboutskills their child’s day using KidReports, the social, emotional, and academic needed for success in Kindergarten and beyond. our web-based communication system.

• KIDREPORTS - Parents receive on-going, daily communication about their child’s day using KidReports, our web-based communication system.


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Please call our office directly for more information or to schedule a virtual visit.

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FAR LEFT, TOP: Built in the Tidewater style as per William Alexander, the patriarch of the property, the centerpiece of the Effingham Manor property was used as a dwelling for most of its 250-year history. FAR LEFT, BOTTOM: Winemaker Seth Chambers does a wonderful job of crafting La Grange wines from both the estate vineyards and fruit acquired from both Virginia and the west coast. ABOVE: Winemaker Chris Pearmund of both Effingham Manor and Pearmund Cellars, is driven to make the best wines Virginia has to offer.

elevation of about 600 feet, right at the base of the Bull Run Mountain foothills. The manor house, which dates back to 1790 and is chock full of its own history, including ghosts, is now fully restored. There’s also a wine production facility. As beautiful as the grounds are at The Winery at La Grange, with 20-foot American Boxwoods surrounding the manor house and forming an arch over a stone path leading to the winery building, there’s an array of wines to try that will satisfy all sorts of palates. Winemaker Seth Chambers does a wonderful job of crafting La Grange wines from both the estate vineyards and fruit acquired from both Virginia and the west coast. White wine highlights include the 2017 Meritage White and 2018 Petit Manseng. The Meritage (think merit + heritage) is an elegant blend of sauvignon blanc and oak aged Semillon. Touted as a white wine for red wine drinkers, it lives up to its billing. As for the red wine offerings, numerous blends dominate the line-up, including the 2016 Harrison House and 2016 Kali Blend, as well the Bordeaux influenced 2016 Meritage Blend, a dark fruit wine aged in American oak for nine months. Not to leave the monovarietal wines behind, be sure to check out their 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon. There’s also the Snort NV, a tasty dessert wine. A visit to The Winery at La Grange will show you a side of Haymarket that perhaps


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you never knew existed. Barely thirty minutes southeast of Haymarket, in the heart of Nokesville, lies Effingham Manor and Winery. If you’re aware of Pearmund Cellars (in Broad Run) – and you should be – then you need to visit Effingham. This is famed winemaker Chris Pearmund’s second winery and it’s every bit as enthralling as his eponymous wine home. The grounds are stunning and as I learned upon my visit, the centerpiece of the property was used as a dwelling for most of its 250-year history. It was built in the Tidewater style as per William Alexander, the patriarch of the property, former Colonel of the local militia, and County Justice. The manor is beautiful. There’s also a blacksmith shop, historic slave quarters and a smoke shop, adding to the complex history of the property. There’s also a Koi pond, English garden and the Lewis and Clark tree, gifted from the explorers themselves to William Alexander. Then, of course, there’s the wine. In the first two years of operation, Effingham wines won over 100 medals, including 50-plus gold medals from a variety of competitions. This speaks to Pearmund’s continuous drive to make the best wines Virginia has to offer. For the white wine fans, both the Traminette and Viognier are a must, with stainless steel aging and unique fruit profiles



showing off the wines in their own unique way. Not to be missed is the Cameo Wine Collection of rosé wines. The bottles bear the names and likenesses of twelve different women born in Virginia, and tell a small part of their unique stories. Notable women such as Martha Washington, Pearl Bailey and Ella Fitzgerald are featured, each with a bottle label depiction. This series of wines celebrates the 19th Amendment and the women who made a range of contributions to history, business, entertainment, and politics. For the red wine lover, there’s plenty to choose from, including the Merlot, Norton and Meritage. That said, the two wines that truly separate themselves are the Tannat and the multi-award winning King’s Ransom, a Bordeaux style blend ripe with dark fruits, tobacco hints and peppery spice finish. And finally, the Virginia’s Heritage Wine. Featured in this column a couple of years ago, and ready to drink now, VHW is from 16 Virginia wineries, blended, aged and bottled in August 2018 to produce 10,000 bottles. The number of bottles represents each of the original 10,000 vitis vinifera vines planted in Virginia by the Virginia Company, some 400 years ago. So, do a little wine exploring this February and visit these places. As expected, all current safety protocols are practiced, allowing for a reassured experience of true wine enjoyment. Until next time, Happy Vino’ing! ❖

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