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the mission

way as well. The Gemara that aand person who hasPreparatory not been taught TorahSchool by othe Ma’ayanot is arules Yeshiva College High

for girls dedicated to the following objectives:

To foster the development of a Torah personality • whose life decisions are guided by the values and traditions of a halakhically committed community •w  ho strives to build a personal relationship with God through fulfillment of mitzvot, study and reflection • who is committed to acting with integrity, compassion and respect in her relationships with people • whose general conduct is informed by both ahavat Hashem and yirat shamayim

To provide an academically stimulating and challenging program that • promotes active, critical, and creative thought • fosters both the discipline and joy of learning • sharpens the student’s ability to communicate articulately and effectively • encourages collaborative intellectual activity and respect for the opinions of others To provide curricular and co-curricular programs that • tap a variety of student strengths and talents • develop the student’s proficiency in the use of technology and other resources • encourage the development of leadership qualities, initiative and teamwork To foster in the student the development of • self-awareness and self respect • a sense of responsibility for personal academic achievement • an appreciation for her ability to impact on her environment

Ma’ayanot Annual Report I I 2

To foster in the student an awareness of • her membership in various communities including family, school, Jewish nation, the United States and the world at large • her obligations and commitments to those communities • the centrality of Eretz Yisrael and Medinat Yisrael in her life • the rich texture of the world around her To attract teachers who • possess superior academic credentials • demonstrate broad-based knowledge coupled with expertise in their specific disciplines • exhibit personal integrity and commitment to the philosophy of the school • employ effective pedagogic strategies to meet the individual needs of students • strive to grow professionally and to share their expertise with their colleagues The creation of the State of Israel is one of the seminal events in Jewish history. Recognizing the significance of the State and its national institutions, we seek to instill in our students an attachment to the State of Israel and its people as well as a sense of responsibility for their welfare.

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The mission statements of Jewish day schools are often indistinguishable from one another. Across the denominational spectrum, any number of schools promise “educational excellence,” “menschlichkeit,” a “commitment to community…” These aspirations may be challenging, but they are hardly audacious…. From its beginning, what Ma’ayanot attempted was unusual and audacious… As I see it, Ma’ayanot’s greatest good fortune is in its access to a stream of outstanding mission-aligned teachers who bring vitality and palpability to the school’s core purposes. — Mr. Alex Pomson, Senior Researcher, Melton Centre for Jewish Education, Hebrew Universtiy

Ma’ayanot Annual Report I I 1

Table of Contents

The Mission i

President’s Message

Dear Ma’ayanot Community,


e are pleased to present Ma’ayanot’s second Annual Report for the academic year ending June 30, 2013. Upon reading this report we are confident that you will glean two salient points: first, that Ma’ayanot is a mission-driven institution dedicated to providing a mesorah-based Torah education within an environment that promotes midot and derech eretz and academic excellence across all disciplines, Judaic and secular alike; and second, that there is a tremendously high cost associated with providing such an education. This report illustrates how keenly aware the Board and administration are of the high burden that Yeshiva tuition places upon our families, and that they have worked tirelessly to ensure that Ma’ayanot provides a high quality education in a fiscally prudent manner. To gain an appreciation for the unparalleled educational leadership provided by our administration, we invite you to read Mrs. Kahan’s message. We are also proud to highlight our students’ formidable academic achievements, numerous educational innovations that immeasurably enhance the Ma’ayanot curriculum, excellent professional development opportunities offered to our faculty, and an overview of how Ma’ayanot strives to engage with the broader community. On the financial side, this report represents the continuing efforts of the Board and administration towards transparency in our financials. All financial data are culled from audited financial statements. A review of these data will demonstrate that prudent expense management, coupled with a healthy increasing enrollment, has allowed us to keep tuition relatively static over the past three years, even while providing high levels of need-based tuition assistance to a significant portion of our student body. To maintain these trends, however, we will need your help. Toward that end, we conclude this report by outlining numerous ways in which you can act to help secure Ma’ayanot’s financial viability in both the short and the long term. We look forward to partnering with you in our continuing efforts to provide unparalleled educational opportunities for the daughters of our community for many years to come.

Ma’ayanot Annual Report I I 2

Kind regards,

Menachem Schnaidman

The feature that stands out most about Ma’ayanot is that the focus of the board and administration is closely aligned with the stated philosophy and mission of the school. The governing bodies of this school hire, set policy and make decisions, all based on the mission of Ma’ayanot.… From observations and interviews, it is clear that all stakeholders have a clear knowledge, understanding and commitment to the philosophy and mission of the school. — Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, Site Visit Report

Mrs. Rivka Kahan


am proud to report that the state of the school is strong. By reading this annual report, you will learn that our enrollment is at an all-time high, our finances are prudently managed, and our academic achievements are impressive. Of course, at the root of it all is the fantastic teaching and learning that takes place in our classrooms, excellence that is due, in large part, to the atmosphere of collaboration, dialogue and professional growth that is maintained by our superb faculty.

I mention teaching and learning because they are, as is highlighted in Gemara Kiddushin, inextricably linked. In the first perek of Kiddushin, the Gemara derives the Biblical source of the obligation to learn Torah through a discussion of the similarity between two words: “ulemadetem,” meaning “you shall learn,” and “velimadetem”—“you shall teach.” The Gemara concludes that anyone who has the obligation to study also has the obligation to teach others, and anyone who is exempt from the obligation to study Torah is also exempt from the obligation to teach or to be taught. In other words, being a teacher and being a student are inextricably linked. It is not possible to be a teacher without being a student, and it is not possible to be a student without being a teacher. The Gemara codifies the mitzvah of learning and the mitzvah of teaching as being intrinsically inseparable in another way as well. The Gemara rules that a person who has not been taught Torah by others has an obligation “lemigmar nafshei”—to teach himself. This is striking language—rather than saying that such a person is obligated to study, the Gemara chooses the phraseology “he is obligated to teach himself.” This is another manifestation of the Gemara’s understanding that learning is a variation on the process of teaching. In other words, the Gemara draws an explicit and fundamental connection between the process of study and the process of teaching, and between the identity of the teacher and the identity of the student. This connection defines the educational vision of Ma’ayanot. Our students are not passive onlookers to the process of education; they are active in structuring the education that takes place in our classes. Ma’ayanot is based on a vision of giving our students the skills and confidence to be active, creative, critical thinkers in the way that they learn and in the way that they live. We create a learning environment that is characterized by a commitment to dialogue, to being reflective and honest, and to empowering our students intellectually and personally to interact with new ideas and to embrace new challenges.

Ma’ayanot Annual Report I I 3

Implementing the Mission


We want our students to be active leaders in the education that takes place in the classroom; ideally they should be involved in “teaching themselves.” So too are our teachers committed to a process of constant reflection and dialogue about education. The best teaching happens when educators view their jobs as an ongoing process of learning about learning, when teachers understand that being an educator necessitates being a perpetual student. Indeed, great teaching happens when we create a community that is defined by collaboration and by a shared commitment to learning about and talking about education. This kind of community-building is accomplished at Ma’ayanot through an ongoing, robust culture of professional development that includes frequent and meaningful faculty meetings and workshops about topics in education (please read about our expansive professional development program on page 12), an active teacher mentoring program, and deep administrative involvement and support.

Ma’ayanot Annual Report I I 4

Our goal in education is to encourage and develop a passionate, personal, lifelong love of learning. At Ma’ayanot, we accomplish this goal by building a true community of learners, a place where teachers are committed to an ongoing process of learning about learning and students are active in shaping their education and school experiences. As we saw earlier in the Gemara, learning is really a process of teaching oneself and being a teacher is inextricably linked to being a student. Great education happens when the culture in the school building, among administration, teachers, and students, is rooted in this belief. At Ma’ayanot, the fundamental goal is to move constantly toward a full manifestation of this vision.









4% 4%

Noam: 12 RPRY: 9 SAR

Yavneh: 7 MDS

5% 5%

Moriah: 4

15% 9%












Total Recuitment Pool



Applications Received





Total Registered

JFS: Ashar 4 ASHAR: 3 JFS

MDS: 3

SAR:Moriah 3 Other: 13 Yavneh RPY Noam RYNJ

Ma’ayanot Annual Report I I 5

Enrollment Trends


otal school population has been steadily increasing in recent years; total school population for the 2013-14 school year stands at 296, representing an increase of 13% from last year’s enrollment and a 28% increase from three years ago. Approximately 65% of the school population resides in Bergen County, with the majority of the remainder coming from Manhattan, Riverdale, Westchester, Monsey, Highland Park/Edison and Staten Island.

Financial Information Summary

Ma’ayanot Annual Report I I 6

REVENUE: JULY 2012 – JUNE 2013 2% 5%




Tuition and Fees Dinner Annual Dinner Tuition


Other Fundraising Other



Tuition and Fees



Other Fundraising



$280,438 $5,312,382


2010-11 Year

EXPENSES: JULY 2012 – JUNE 2013 3%



Student Activites


Operating Salaries and Benefits

Operating and Facility Salaries





Annual Dinner

Total Revenue


Student Activities/Sports Other














Revenue to expenses have trended flat in recent years, demonstrating, among other things, prudent expense management. In addition, reflected within these trends are improving cash balances, which have increased from $89,000 at the end of 2010-11 to $205,301 at the end of 2012-13. These cash balances provide prudent support for ongoing operations and future unanticipated costs.


Salaries and Benefits


Operating and Facility



Student Activities and Sports






Total Expenses


Financial data are extracted from audited financial statements



Total Expenses


Per Capita Student Cost

Tuition Charged*

Per Capita Tuition Collected

Per Capita Student Cost Less Tuition Collected






















* In addition to tuition, each family incurs a one-time $2500 building fund obligation

Scholarship Funds Awarded: 2010-11: $706,703 2011-12: $944,204 2012-13: $974,180


he Ma’ayanot Board of Directors is exceptionally sensitive to the burden that high Yeshiva tuition places up on our families, and has expended great effort in recent years to hold tuition relatively constant while containing costs as much as possible. As the above chart shows, these efforts have been met with success; tuition has indeed remained relatively constant, as have both per capita student costs and tuition shortfall per capita. To accomplish these trends, our Finance Committee works closely with the school administration to ensure that our yearly budgets are as educationally and financially prudent as possible, and our Scholarship Committee labors to ensure that all, but only, families truly in need receive scholarship funds.

In addition to prudent management of the budget, the board has significantly increased school Percent of fundraising activities within the past year in the following ways: Students • One year ago we created the part-time position of Director of Community Relations, whose Receiving early mandates included working on projects relating to publicity, public relations, alumnae Scholarship affairs, and development programming. As of July 1, 2013, this became a full-time position to Funds: allow for a greater focus on development initiatives. 2010-11: 28% 2011-12: 31% • The Director of Community Relations has been working with our newly established Development 2012-13: 27% Committee to launch our first-ever major gifts campaign, A Campaign for Excellence, Innovation and Advancement. We plan to launch this campaign within the coming year.

• Similarly, we are, for the first time, working to obtain endowment funding to secure Ma’ayanot’s future financial well-being. For example, earlier this year we successfully worked with a donor who wished to establish graduation awards in memory of her parents to restructure her proposed gift to allow for the establishment of Ma’ayanot’s first endowment account. • We have enjoyed significant success this past year in obtaining a number of grants, including a $70,000 security grant from the Department of Homeland Security, and we are optimistic about receiving a grant to purchase iPads for our entire ninth grade in the near future. • Finally, Ma’ayanot recently launched a Parnes Hayom program through which our supporters are able to sponsor a day of learning or a special school program in memory of a loved one, in honor of a milestone occasion, or in the merit of the recovery of a loved one. This program provides a meaningful way for our families to mark meaningful life cycle events through acts of generosity that support the Torah mission of our school; it also sends a beautiful message about priorities to our students.

Ma’ayanot Annual Report I I 7

• The Director of Community Relations, together with three board members, is attending the two-year Create a Jewish Legacy training course being offered by the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey. Our Legacy Committee hopes to launch a legacy campaign within the coming months as well.

Academic Achievement

STANDARDIZED TEST SCORES Class of 2013 Mean Test Scores SAT Scores

National Average




Critical Reading






SAT Subject Test Scores

National Average







English Literature



Math Level I



Math Level II



Modern Hebrew



U.S. History



ADVANCED PLACEMENT COURSES OFFERED: Chemistry Biology Statistics Calculus AB Calculus BC U.S. History U.S. Government Psychology Literature and Composition Studio Art Students can also receive college credit for taking the Bechina Yerushalmit elective in their senior year.

2013 AP SCORES: Sixty-two students took 104 AP examinations.

* A large pool of native Hebrew speakers takes this exam.

13% 28%

AWARDS RECEIVED (2012-13): 1 Siemens Regional Semifinalist

25% 35%

Ma’ayanot Annual Report I I 8

4 AP Scholars with Distinction

2013 AP HONORS: 15 AP Scholars 1 AP Scholar with Honors 4 AP Scholars with Distinction

1 AP Scholar with Honor

44% of the class of 2013 achieved AP Honors of Scholar or above.

7 National Merit Commendees

15 AP Scholars 1 Winner, Creative Communication Poetry Competition

Scored 4 Scored 3

International Championship Team in the Gildor Invention Competition in Israel 1 National Merit Finalist

Scored 5

Scored < 3


ELECTIVE PROGRAM: he offering of electives is a dynamic process involving input from faculty and students. During the fall semester, both faculty and students are encouraged to propose possible elective classes for the next year. Based on those suggestions, students are presented with a ballot on which multiple electives are offered in each elective block, and based on student voting the elective program is established for the coming year. The opportunity to propose and select elective courses is an important vehicle through which students contribute to shaping their educational paths at Ma’ayanot. Electives offered in recent years include: Current Events & Global Issues • Criminal Law • American Jewish History • Real World Finance • Tikvah (an interdisciplinary seminar) • AP Psychology • Topics in Psychology • Israel Advocacy • American Jewish History • Zionism • Science Research • Forensics • Creative Writing • Women in Literature • Modern Drama/The Short Story • Comparative Literature • Contemporary Literature • Journalism • Precalculus • AP Statistics • AP Calculus AB • AP Calculus BC • Art II • Art III • Advanced Studio Art • AP Studio Art • Architecture and Design • Photography • Art History • Health and Fitness • Nutrition • Desktop Publishing • Advanced Technology • Website Design • Java Programming • Spanish I, II and III • French I, II and III • Yiddish I and II • Contemporary Hebrew • Bechina Yerushalmit • American Sign Language • Israeli Culture Through the Lens of Music and Theater • Holocaust Studies


WE ARE PROUD OF OUR GRADUATES WHO HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED TO THE FOLLOWING: Bar-Ilan University • Barnard College • Bergen Community College • Binghamton University • Boston University • Brandeis University • Case Western Reserve • College of Staten Island • Columbia University • Cooper Union • Cornell University • CUNY: Baruch • CUNY: Baruch Honors • CUNY: City College • CUNY: College of Staten Island • CUNY: Hunter • CUNY: Lehman • CUNY: Queens • CUNY: Queens Honors • Douglass College • Drexel University • Eugene Lang: The New School • Fairleigh Dickinson University • Fashion Institute of Technology • Hofstra University • Ithaca College • Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance • Johns Hopkins University • Kean University • Laboratory Institute of Merchandising • Lehman College • Livingston College • Macaulay Honors College • Marymount Manhattan College • McGill University • Massachusetts Institute of Technology • Montclair State University • Northeastern University • New York University • Parsons School of Design • Penn State University • Polytechnic Institute of NYU • Pratt Institute • Princeton University • Queensborough Community College • Ramapo College • Rockland Community College • Rutgers University • Rutgers Honors • School of Visual Arts • St. John’s University • Stern College • Stern College Honors • Stony Brook University • SUNY: Albany • SUNY: New Paltz • SUNY: Purchase • The Art Institute of Boston • Touro College • Towson University • UC Santa Barbara • UCLA • UMass Amherst • University of Chicago • University of Delaware • University of Hartford • University of Maryland • University of Michigan • University of Pennsylvania • University of Rhode Island • University of Rochester • University of Wisconsin • Washington University • Wood Tobe-Coburn School • Wharton School of Business OUR GRADUATES HAVE STUDIED AT THE FOLLOWING PROGRAMS IN ISRAEL: Be’er Miriam • Bar Ilan University • Darchei Bina • Emunah V’Omanut • Machon Ma’ayan • Makor • Michlalah • Michlelet Esther • Michlelet Mevaseret Yerushalayim • Midreshet AMIT • Midreshet Devorah • Midreshet Ein Hanatziv • Midreshet Harova • Midreshet Lindenbaum • Midreshet Moriah • Midreshet Tzvia • Midreshet Ye’ud v Migdal Oz • Nishmat • Sha’alvim for Women • Shalem • Tiferet • Tomer Devorah

Ma’ayanot Annual Report I I 9

MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 2012 RECEIVED SCHOLARSHIP OFFERS FROM: Brandeis University • CUNY: City College • Macaulay Honors College • Rutgers University • UMass Amherst • University of Maryland • Yeshiva University

Now that it’s been a year since I’ve graduated, I have come to appreciate my experiences in high school even more. I now understand that coming out of Ma’ayanot I had not only learned an incredible amount, but I also learned how to learn. Through hours spent in havruta learning and group discussions, to lessons in how to use the online Responsa text system, to learning about the styles used by various Rabbis in their works, I am now armed with skills that will help me in my learning for the rest of my life. — Talia Stern, Class of 2011


Ma’ayanot Annual Report I I 10


he primary goal of our Tanakh and Gemara departments is to teach the skills and love of learning that are necessary for a lifetime of Torah study. All Judaic Studies classes extensively utilize havruta study in order to develop textual and analytical skills that equip our students to learn Torah seriously and independently. In addition to havruta, all Judaic Studies classes are built around open class discussion in which students’ questions and ideas are an essential and integral part of the learning that takes place. We strive to prepare students with the skills needed to lovingly unlock Torah texts on their own and the personal commitment to engage in intensive Torah study throughout their lives.

We are honored to share in the wonderful education of our “Maayanot-graduate” students. Your graduates enter our institution with a passion for learning and a feeling that a beit medrash environment is very much in their “comfort zone.” The skill-set and training you provide allows them to thrive in Eretz Yisrael. Their excitement and their heightened sense of communal leadership adds to the overall environment — and enhances our school in a very tangible way. Kol Hakovod and may we continue to share in raising the next generation of passionate Torah leadership “l’hagdil Torah v’lhaadira.” — Rabbi David Katz, Director, Michlelet Mevaseret Yerushalayim

TEFILAH WORKSHOP: Initiated and run by Ma’ayanot alumnae, small groups of students are afforded an opportunity to better understand the meaning of daily tefillot and are aided in exploring fundamental questions related to this topic. SCIENCE RESEARCH PROGRAM: An elective class offered to tenth through twelfth grade students, this program affords students an opportunity to conduct independent research activities in areas of their choosing related to science, technology and/or engineering. Students are trained to conduct literature-based research and develop hypotheses, and they are encouraged to connect with academic mentors in their areas of interest. SENIOR TIKVAH ELECTIVE: An advanced, interdisciplinary seminar taught by a variety of Ma’ayanot faculty. Sample topics covered in this course include comparative Jewish and American law, Science and Halakha, comparative Jewish and Western literature, and personal identity as seen through the lens of psychology and educational theory. ACADEMIC FAIRS: As part of a broad attempt to enable and inspire learning outside the classroom, students in two grades are required to participate in an annual academic fair. Each year a different academic subject area is chosen, and students are required to conduct independent research and engage in creative thinking about a topic relevant to the chosen discipline. Students are mentored by faculty members and a re encouraged to present their findings and perspectives in a format of their choosing. MA’AYANOT SCHOLARS PROGRAM: A school-wide initiative aimed at encouraging students to increase the amount of time they spend engaged in extracurricular Torah study, Torah lishmah. Scholars, with the assistance of faculty mentors, choose personal learning goals for the year, and are required to deliver one shiur or chaburah over the course of the year. Participation in this program, which is voluntary, is noted on student transcripts, and Scholars are invited to exclusive shiurim, discussions and trips throughout the school year. ALUMNAE COLLEGE FELLOWS PROGRAM: This program provides hands-on training for Ma’ayanot alumnae who are interested in gaining experience in formal or informal Jewish education. Alumnae Fellows return to Ma’ayanot two Fridays a month to participate in tefillah and assist in Judaic studies classes, and they are required to participate in various school events, such as the school Shabbaton, grade Shabbatonim, and Mishmar programming. Current students enjoy and benefit from the individualized attention and mentoring they receive from their alumnae peers.

Ma’ayanot Annual Report I I 11

Educational Innovations

INTERDISCIPLINARY EXPLORATION: Toward a goal of connecting and integrating learning across the curriculum, and in an effort to provide a forum through which students can integrate Judaic and secular knowledge, Ma’ayanot recently launched its new interdisciplinary studies program. Specific programs include an advanced interdisciplinary elective for twelfth grade, a school-wide Book Day, and two days of study on specific topics, organized by grade.

Building on Success Ma’ayanot Annual Report I I 12

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: In recognition of the fact that inspired and informed teachers are the foundation upon which all else is built, Ma’ayanot has developed a continuous and comprehensive professional development program for the Ma’ayanot faculty. The overarching goal of this program is to provide opportunities for teachers to learn new practices that will enhance and invigorate student learning. The program has been enormously successful, both because Ma’ayanot teachers are inherently professional and growth-oriented and because the program is teacher-driven; each year’s professional development plan is structured to be responsive to teacher feedback from the previous year. Professional development goals for 2012-13 included: 1. Exploration of new techniques to improve and enhance the learning experiences of students with learning challenges; 2. Training on how to incorporate new technologies into classroom instruction; 3. Implementation of affective goals into the curriculum. Toward these goals, the following professional development programming was offered in 2012-13: • September in-service: Affective Goals and Character Education by Dr. Alex Bailey • January in-service: Teaching Students With Learning Challenges by Mrs. Joanne Kornbluth • Lunch and Learns: - Time Management in the Classroom - Writing Across the Curriculum - Exciting E-Projects - Using Drama to Teach Text - Helping Students With Anxiety - Helping Students Get Organized • Interdepartmental meetings: -Implementation of Affective Goals in the Classroom -Creative Ideas for Alternative Assessments

For the 2013-14 academic year, we have adopted a Professional Learning Community (PLC) model for professional development. Each faculty member chose one of nine PLC’s to participate in throughout the year, with each PLC meeting monthly to share research and discussion on their chosen topic; PLC’s will present results at the January and June in-service days. PLC’s for the current academic year include:

• Writing Across the Curriculum • Classroom Management • Teaching Students with Learning Challenges: Goals, Reading, and Texts • Enrichment for Skilled Students; • Executive Function; Helping the Organizationally Challenged Student • Respect — for Self, Authority, and Each Other • Character Education (with concentration on digital citizenship) • Ipad Training • Project Based Interdisciplinary Units

Teachers are well-trained and committed. There is a commitment on the part of the administration to teacher oversight. — Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, Site Visit Report

One of Ma’ayanot’s particular strengths is in the area of extra and co-curricular activities that are generated by both faculty and students. Students here feel particularly invested in their own education, and Ma’ayanot is to be commended for offering its students the opportunity to advocate for themselves and for enhancing its substantial pedagogical offerings with alternative opportunities to learn. — Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, Site Visit Report

Ma’ayanot Annual Report I I 13

MIDDLE STATES ACCREDITATION Accreditation is an impartial, third-party validation that an educational institution meets challenging standards of quality and has a credible plan for future growth and improvement. Ma’ayanot first earned Middle States accreditation in 2001 (the first year we were eligible for accreditation), and through a series of self-studies and site visits have maintained accreditation ever since. During our current term of accreditation, we are working toward implementing the following Goals for Improvement: 1. Enhancing efforts at targeted fundraising for educational resources, including educational technology; 2. Formalizing the curriculum review process, assessing both content instruction and skill-building, for each academic discipline taught at Ma’ayanot; 3. Providing additional professional development opportunities to teachers engaged in teaching students with learning challenges; 4. Improving policies relating to student attendance; 5. Establishing a formalized curriculum for communicating religious and social-emotional values, and a system for assessing the success of this curriculum.

Building Community

MA’AYANOT/NCSY HUMANITARIAN MISSIONS: In each of the past three years Ma’ayanot has sent groups of students to participate in humanitarian missions to communities devastated by natural disasters. Three years ago students participated in a mission to help victims of the Red River floods in Minnesota, and in each of the last two years students participated in missions to New Orleans to provide assistance to communities still recovering from Hurricane Katrina. Such missions are valuable in that they afford our students the opportunity to apply the values of chesed and community service in a context that allows them to meet people whose lives are very different from their own. These missions, along with periodic grade chesed trips, supplement our Community Service Program, which requires each student to complete eight service projects throughout the academic year. ANNUAL YOM IYUN: Each year during the yamim noraim Ma’ayanot invites the community to attend a morning of learning. Participants have the opportunity to attend three shiurim throughout the program—a keynote address for all attendees, followed by two sessions where participants choose from among numerous shiur options. All shiurim are given by Ma’ayanot faculty. ANNUAL DAY OF STUDY IN THE LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES: Each year Ma’ayanot invites the community to attend a morning of lectures given by Ma’ayanot teachers; lecture topics reflect the diverse areas of interest and expertise of our talented faculty. Similar to the Annual Yom Iyun, this program begins with a keynote address which is followed by two sessions where those in attendance choose from among numerous lecture options. ADULT EDUCATION AT MA’AYANOT: Ma’ayanot faculty members offer lecture series, each six weeks long, which are open to the general community. Series offered throughout the 2012-13 school year included: Introduction to Sefer Iyov with Ms. Elana Flaumenhaft Topics in Comparative Law with Rabbi Daniel Besser Insights into Megillat Ruth with Mrs. Leah Herzog

Ma’ayanot Annual Report I I 14

ANNUAL SHAVUOT LEARNING WITH MA’AYANOT: Ma’ayanot students, alumnae and faculty members invite the community to learn with them throughout leil Shavuot at Congregation Rinat Yisrael in Teaneck. Community members are also invited to attend one or more of the Shavuot afternoon shiurim offered by Ma’ayanot faculty in communities throughout the metropolitan area. PAY IT FORWARD: Every Wednesday Ma’ayanot students volunteer during club hour to provide homework help for elementary-age children. This past year approximately fifty children received one-on-one homework help each week from fifty Ma’ayanot volunteers throughout the school year! HEARTBEATS: A student- initiated, studentcreated, student-directed and student- performed “night of song, dance and connection” open to women of the community. Each year Heartbeats organizers choose a charity to which the proceeds of that year’s performances will be donated; over the course of the past six years almost $30,000 has been donated to a variety of organizations that work to benefit women and children, including Save a Child’s Heart, Sharsheret, Miklat, Shalva and Nechamah.

CASH GIFTS Make your check payable to Ma’ayanot Yeshiva High School or donate online at If possible, enhance the value of cash gifts by securing matching funds from your employer. PARNES HAYOM Sponsor a day of learning or a special school program in memory of a loved one, in honor of a milestone occasion, or in the merit of a recovery from illness. GIFTS OF STOCKS, BONDS AND MUTUAL FUNDS The transfer of appreciated assets allows donors to support Ma’ayanot while reducing exposure to capital gains taxes. Donors are also able to claim immediate income tax deductions for these gifts. CHARITABLE LEAD TRUST Allows donors to contribute the income of income-generating assets to Ma’ayanot for a fixed period, after which the assets revert to the donors or their heirs. LEGACY GIVING Legacy gifts, which provide future support for an organization, afford donors a means of conveying values through foresighted action meant to strengthen a favorite cause. Common forms of legacy giving include: CHARITABLE BEQUEST: Gifts made through wills, trusts or estate plans both reduce donors’ taxable estates and create lasting legacies. Of course, donors may designate bequests to support school programs that are most dear to them. Similarly, donors may name Ma’ayanot as the beneficiary of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) or Qualified Pension Plans. LIFE INSURANCE: Donors may name Ma’ayanot as the owner and beneficiary of a life insurance policy. Premiums on such policies are tax deductible. CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITY OR REMAINDER TRUST: By naming Ma’ayanot as the beneficiary of an annuity or remainder trust, donors help to assure Ma’ayanot’s long-term financial security while securing for themselves annual income for life, eligibility for an immediate income tax deductions, and possible reductions in exposure to capital gains taxes. For more information contact Mrs. Pam Ennis, 201-833-4307, ext. 265 or

Ma’ayanot Annual Report I I 15

Giving Opportunities


$10,000 - $19,999 Mr. Edward & Mrs. Marilyn Croman Mr. Etiel & Mrs. Lianne Forman Dr. Howard & Mrs. Paula Friedman Mr. Sinclair & Mrs. Sharon Haberman Mr. Benjamin & Mrs. Esti Kaminetzky Lewis Family Trust Mr. Mark & Mrs. Dahlia Nordlicht Mr. Terry & Mrs. Gail Novetsky $5,000-$9,999 Mr. Douglas & Mrs. Shera Dubitsky Mr. Reuven & Mrs. Leah Escott Mr. Richard & Mrs. Leora Linhart Rabbi David & Mrs. Chani Moss Mr. Bruce & Mrs. Michelle Ritholtz Mr. Simon Savitt Mr. Barry & Mrs. Joy Sklar Mr. Harry & Mrs. Rachel Skydell Mr. Chaim & Mrs. Elisa Wietschner $1,000-$4,999 Mr. Jonathan & Mrs. Leah Adler Mr. Howard & Dr. Elaine Alt Mr. Ronny & Mrs. Sheila Apfel Dr. Eric & Dr. Sandra Applebaum Mr. Mendel & Mrs. Ariela Balk Mr. Nachum & Mrs. Sara Leah Barishansky Mr. Jerry & Mrs. Rena Barta Mr. Andrew & Mrs. Deveaux Berkowitz Mr. Mark & Mrs. Bracha Bluman Mrs. Lois Blumenfeld & Mr. Norman Sohn Mr. Ilya & Mrs. Ann Brodsky Mr. Chanan & Mrs. Arielle Cohen Mr. Fred & Mrs. Lyn Cohen Congregation Shomrei Torah Mr. Bennett & Mrs. Yocheved Deutsch Mr. David & Mrs. Shaindee Dubin Mr. Maurice Friedman Mr. Barry Friedson & Ms. Deborah Fiderer Mr. Eric & Mrs. Tamar Goldstein Dr. Moshe & Mrs. Bruchie Goldstein Mr. Sholem & Mrs. Wendy Greenbaum Dr. Alan & Mrs. Miriam Greenspan Mr. Steven & Mrs. Sandi Grodko Dr. Mayer & Mrs. Shira Grosser Dr. Andrew and Dr. Marina Gutwein Mr. Jacob and Mrs. Helen Guz Mr. Daniel Harelick & Ms. Barbara Sopher Mr. Barry & Mrs. Margaret Herzog Mr. Shimmie & Mrs. Alissa Horn Mr. David & Mrs. Deborah Isaac Rabbi Mark & Mrs. Linda Karasick Mr. Saul & Mrs. Deena Kaszovitz Mr. Avi & Mrs. Becky Katz Mr. Avi & Mrs. Rivi Katz Mr. Alex and Mrs. Dena Kaye Mr. Marc & Dr. Naomi Knoller Mr. David & Mrs. Marcia Kreinberg Lakeland Bank Dr. Seth & Mrs. Riki Landa Mr. David & Mrs. Faye Landes Lawrence B. Goodman & Co., P.A. Dr. Murray & Mrs. Millie Leben Mr. Yussie & Mrs. Cheryl Leiser

Mr. Uri & Mrs. Rifkie Lerner Mr. Jonathan & Mrs. Elizabeth Lewinsohn Mr. Nathan & Mrs. Shari Lindenbaum Dr. Elliot & Mrs. Lori Linzer Mr. Steven & Mrs. Rachelle Margulies Mr. Jan & Mrs. Suri Meyer Mr. Ira & Mrs. Sara Olshin Mr. Henry & Mrs. Mindy Orlinsky Mr. Steven & Mrs. Gail Plotnick Mr. Shabsi & Mrs. Julie Polinsky Mr. Howard & Mrs. Carrie Polonetsky PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLC Mr. Yitz & Mrs. Yaffy Buchen Mr. Yaakov & Mrs. Adeena Pultman Mr. Norman Radow Mr. Naftali and Mrs. Sharon Ratzersdorfer Mr. Michael & Mrs. Dahlia Rosen Mr. Marc & Mrs. Elana Rothenberg Mrs. Hedda Rudoff and Simone Rudoff & Mark Semer Mr. David & Mrs. Margi Saks Mr. Victor & Mrs. Esther Schnitzer Dr. Amit & Mrs. Elisheva Schwartz Mr. David & Mrs. Shani Schwartz Mr. Edwin Shafier Mr. Larry & Mrs. Shifra Shafier Mr. Itzy & Mrs. Leah Silver Mr. Yitzie & Mrs. Yosepha Solomon Mrs. Marilyn Sopher Mr. Joel & Mrs. Debbie Spier Mr. Kalman & Dr. Aliza Staiman Ms. Ariella Steinreich Mr. Aaron & Mrs. Abigail Stiefel Dr. Mark & Mrs. Debby Teicher Dr. Shimmy & Mrs. Ilana Tennenbaum Dr. Ira & Mrs. Elana Tepler Mr. David & Mrs. Susan Tessel Mr. Eli & Dr. Elka Weber Dr. Kenneth & Mrs. Lauryn Weiser Dr. Moshe & Mrs. Ilana Wertenteil Mr. Ari & Mrs. Sharon Wieder Mr. Dov & Mrs. Shany Wiener $250 - $999 Mr. Emanuel & Mrs. Helen Adler Rabbi Yosef & Mrs. Sheryl Adler Dr. Howard & Mrs. Rachel Antosofsky Mr. Yosef & Mrs. Tammy Aryeh Mr. Shmuly & Mrs. Ruchie Bakst Mr. Harry & Mrs. Judith Ballan Mr. Morris & Mrs. Ellen Bienenfeld Mr. Joey & Mrs. Ruthie Bodner Congregation Bnai Yeshurun Rabbi Steven & Mrs. Karen Pruzansky Rabbi Ari & Mrs. Michal Zahtz Dr. Hillel & Mrs. Linda Moed Cohen Mr. Baruch & Mrs. Alyssa Colton Mr. Richard & Mrs. Renee Dublon Mr. Howard & Mrs. Caren Eisenstadter Mr. Bruce & Mrs. Sarah Feder Mr. Abie & Mrs. Dena Feigenbaum Mr. Richard & Mrs. Annette Feldman Mr. Jerry & Mrs. Miriam Feller Mr. Nesanel & Mrs. Deena Feller Mr. Michael & Mrs. Andrea Ferber Mr. Eitan & Mrs. Deborah Fiorino Mr. Aaron & Mrs. Mati Friedman Mr. Yossi & Mrs. Rachel Friedman Mr. Chaim & Mrs. Renee Fromowitz Mr. Michael & Mrs. Zipporah Gasner Mr. Aryeh & Mrs. Rochel Leah Glatter Mr. Yisrael & Mrs. Mindy Gottesman Rabbi Mark & Mrs. Chumi Gottlieb Dr. Martin & Mrs. Monica Grajower Mr. Yoel & Dr. Beth Greenbaum Mr. Yitzchak & Mrs. Avigail Handel Ms. Adele Harris

Mrs. Joyce Heller Mr. Herman & Mrs. Sima Hertzberg Mr. Arnon & Mrs. Kena Hiller Huntleigh USA Corporation Mr. Manfred & Mrs. Barbara Joseph Dr. Alan and Mrs. Connie Kadish Rabbi Eliezer & Mrs. Aviva Kaminetzky Rabbi Ephraim & Mrs. Devorah Kanarfogel Dr. Allan & Mrs. Lani Kaye Mr. Marc & Mrs. Genene Kaye Mr. Jeffrey & Dr. Yaffa Klar Drs. Philip & Shari Klein Dr. Arthur & Mrs. Linda Kook Mr. Abraham & Mrs. Cheryl Kramer Mr. Shalom & Mrs. Esther Krischer Mr. Marc & Mrs. Rena Kwestel Mr. Jacob & Mrs. Ruth Lebowitz Mr. James Lavin & Dr. Gila Leiter Mr. David & Mrs. Sandra Lerer Dr. Paul & Mrs. Esther Lerer Dr. Ernest & Mrs. Sallie Levi Mr. Avi & Mrs. Gittel Levin Dr. Daniel & Mrs. Susan Levin Mr. Gerald & Mrs.Shulamit Lewinsohn Mr. Karl & Mrs. Leah Lifschitz Dr. Donald & Mrs. Yocheved Liss Mr. & Mrs. Danniel Lurie Mr. Moshe & Mrs. Debbie Mandelbaum Rabbi Chaim & Mrs. Susan Marder Mr. Etan & Mrs. Valerie Mirwis Mr. Elliot & Mrs. Ava Moskowitz Mr. Melvin & Mrs. Marsha Ness Mr. Ari & Mrs. Becky Neugroschl North Jersey Center for Oral & Maxilofaciial Surgery Mr. Hillel & Dr. Judith Olshin P.D. Systems/Mr. Pat D’onofrio Dr. Jeff & Mrs. Shara Paley Mr. Alan & Mrs. Miriam Pfeiffer Dr. Jacob & Mrs. Linda Piskun Mr. Larry & Mrs. Andrea Portal Mr. Ira & Mrs. Tzippi Press Mr. Josh & Mrs. Robin Rochlin Dr. Aharon Moshe & Dr. Michelle Roth Mr. Mordy & Mrs. Eva Rothberg Mr. Elliiot & Mrs. Lisa Rothschild Mr. Alan & Mrs. Brenda Rubin Ms. Surie Rudoff Mr. Jerry & Mrs. Anne Samet Mr. Avi & Mrs. Cheryl Savitsky Mr. Steve & Mrs. Genie Savitsky Mr. Kenny & Mrs. Naomi Schiff Mr. David & Mrs. Sharon Schild Mr. Jonathan & Mrs. Devorah Schloss Mr. Jonathan & Mrs. Jodi Schmeltz Mr. Mordecai & Mrs. Halina Schwartz Mr. Will & Mrs. Suzy Schwartz Ms. Simone Rudoff Semer & Mr. Mark Semer Dr. Joseph & Mrs. Dassi Silverman Rabbi Tzvi & Mrs. Tova Sinensky Ms. Eve Stein & Ms. Pam Stein Mr. Stephen & Mrs. Helen Stein Mr. Gary & Mrs. Cyla Steinmetz Ms. Temima Strauss Mr. Howard & Mrs. Meital Teitelman Mr. Stanley & Mrs. Charnie Waintraub Mr. Marcel & Mrs. Paula Weber Mr. Yoni & Ms. Shawna Weber Rabbi Steven & Mrs. Yael Weil Mr. Mark & Mrs. Rena Weis Dr. David & Mrs. Naomi Westrich Mr. Michael & Mrs. Jennifer Wiederkehr Mr. Robert & Mrs. Ofra Wind Mr. Larry & Mrs. Susan Wiseman Mr. Victor & Mrs. Beth Wittenberg Mr. Raul Yanes Dr. Lionel & Mrs. Lydia Zuckier

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Donors 2012-13 Ma’ayanot Annual Report I I 16

$20,000+ Mr. Jack & Mrs. Bonnie Eizikovitz Mr. Harold & Mrs. Donna Fluss The Gottesman Fund Mr. Howard & Mrs. Debbie Jonas Dr. Michael & Dr. Sharon Kaplowitz Mr. Tim & Mrs. Ria Levart Estate of Arthur P. Morgan, Esq. Mr. Menachem & Mrs. Rena Schnaidman

President Menachem Schnaidman 1st VP Saul Kaszovitz 2nd VP Chani Moss 3rd VP Bruce Ritholtz Treasurer Yussie Leiser Financial Secretary Jonathan Silver Recording Secretary Ria Levart


Corresponding Secretary Mark Bluman

Principal Mrs. Rivka Kahan Assistant Principal for Academic Life Mrs. Tamar Appel Assistant Principal for Student Life Ms. Elana Flaumenhaft Administrator Mrs. Rachel Feldman Admissions & Head Mehanekhet Mrs. Nina Bieler Business Office Mrs. Sheryl Katz Community Relations & Alumnae Mrs. Pam Ennis College Guidance Mrs. Leebie Mallin Mr. William Roper Guidance Dr. Rayzel Yaish Mrs. Nechama Becker Mrs. Amy Birman Dr. Oshra Cohen Israel Guidance Mrs. Suzanne Cohen Mrs. Leah Herzog Library Mrs. Roz Friedman Nurse Mrs. Karen Perl Special Services Mrs. Elise Vitow Mrs. Nava Orlian

MEMBERS of the BOARD Daniel Altman Eric Applebaum Reuven Escott Mimi Gershbaum Chumi Gottlieb Jason Greenblatt Daniel Harelick Alissa Horn Devorah Kanarfogel Uri Lerner Sallie Levi Jennifer Miller Shara Paley Shabsi Polinsky Carrie Polonetsky Marc Rothenberg Naomi Schiff Joey Silverman Joy Sklar Ariella Steinreich Rabbi Shlomo Stochel Robbie Wind

MEMBERS of the BOARD of OVERSEERS Bonnie Eizikovitz, Chair Howard Friedman, Past President Murray Leben, Past President Avi Katz David Kreinberg Jan Meyer Terry Novetsky Seth Peyser Aliza Staiman

Technology Mrs. Orly Nadler Mr. Moshe Azizalahoff Mr. Mike Lowy

Judaic Studies Rabbi Yaakov Blau, Talmud Chair Mrs. Suzanne Cohen, Tanakh Chair Rabbi Daniel Besser Mrs. Dena Block Ms. Elana Flaumenhaft Ms. Sarah Gordon Mrs. Leah Herzog Mrs. Rivka Kahan Mrs. Chava Lerner Rabbi Zev Prince Mrs. Shoshana Samuels Mrs. Shifra Schapiro Mrs. Yael Weil Ms. Devorah Wolf

Art Mrs. Marilyn Benkler, Chair Mrs. Ivy Weiner English Mrs. Esther Herzfeld, Chair Mrs. Enid Goldberg Mrs. Rebecca Herman Ms. Shalvi Isseroff Ms. Samantha Kur Languages Ms. Raquel Getzel Mrs. Amy Kanarek Rabbi Yaakov Nadler Health & Physical Education Mrs. Jennifer Sanders, Athletic Director Ms. Marta Baez Mrs. Shoshana Genack Hebrew Mrs. Merav Tal-Timen, Chair Mrs. Sari Meir Mrs. Rivka Shlomai History & Jewish History Mrs. Tamar Appel Mrs. Dena Block Mrs. Melissa Kapustin Mr. Alan Deaett Dr. Richard Katz Mrs. Elana Lefkovitz Mrs. Nava Orlian Mrs. Chani Rotenberg Mr. Yaakov Samuels

Math Mrs. Joyce Heller, Chair Mrs. Randy Bernstein Mrs. Hadassah Gielchinsky Dr. Steve Janiszewski Mrs. Becky Katz Mrs. Reyce Krause Mr. Noam Weinberger Science Mrs. Gila Stein, Chair Dr. Laurence Geyer Mrs. Ariella Rosenbaum Mrs. Esther Slomnicki Mrs. Elise Vitow Mr. Noam Weinberger Main Office Mrs. Fran Rochwarger Mrs. Madeline Schmuckler Mrs. Andrea Winkler

Maâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ayanot Annual Report I I 17


BOARD of DIRECTORS 2013 - 2014

Ma’ayanot Annual Report I I 18

1650 Palisade Avenue, Teaneck, NJ 07666 • 201.833.4307 •

Maayanot annual report2013 final  
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