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2 Spring 2015 | home + garden design

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Art Director: Paul Llewellyn Writers: "20--*4:&253"/0-06*/"2-""/& Photographers: "3+"0-"/"2*,0&&% Vice President Sales/Marketing: 0.!")*2"-*3 Advertising Sales: %"."24&2-"*/&-"2, 0//*&0440/"/*$&00(/&203&."29 Lewkowitz, Carolyn Oliver, Carina Rodriguez, Irene Schwartz

Right-sizing, not downsizing 6 &7)0.&'*43/&71)"3&0'-*'& Bringing back the Eichler aesthetic 12 &707/&23#&44&2*/$02102"4&"42*5. create great room

A Tudor with trade-offs 20 02&-*()4#&44&2'-07/&7."34&2#"4) #543."--&2$-03&43

Staying true to its roots 26 &/-0"2,2&.0%&-)0/023.*%$&/4529349-& Embarcadero Media: The Almanac, Mountain View Voice, Palo Alto Weekly ".#2*%(& 6&"-0 -40   ; < #9.#"2$"%&20&%*" --2*()432&3&26&% &120%5$4*0/7*4)0541&2.*33*0/*3342*$4-9120)*#*4&%

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home + garden design | Spring 2015 5

H O M E + G A R D E N D E S I G N

The living-room ceiling was raised to 14 feet, inspired by an upstairs bedroom, and triangular windows were added near the top.

Right-sizing, not downsizing New home fits new phase of life by Susan Golovin / photos by Dasja Dolan


heir three children had all graduated from college, and Lisa and Steven Schatz were ready to downsize, “but we weren’t ready for a condo,” Lisa Schatz says. Their new 4,600-square-foot Atherton home was built in 1960 by Marcus Stedman, an architect whose style is rustic and creates an intimate relationship between indoor and outdoor. “In remodeling we wanted to keep the original intent,”

Changes to the dining room were mainly cosmetic, keeping the update simple with white walls and wide-plank flooring. 6 Spring 2015 | home + garden design

she says, noting that they kept the footprint of the house the same. The couple hired two architects. Keith Anding of San Francisco, with whom they had worked on a previous project, provided the aesthetic for the “big picture.” Steve Borlik of Palo Alto did all the drafting and was indispensible for his knowledge of local building regulations, she says. The remodel was done in three phases. After the initial five-month, mostly cosmetic phase, which included the entry, living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, two offices and bathrooms, the couple moved in. In Phase two, on the other side of the house, they transformed the garage into a family room with two adjacent bedrooms, remodeled a bedroom and added a new bathroom upstairs. Phase three was the construction of a detached three-car garage. “We really wanted to keep things simple,” she says. “We used three colors throughout. All the walls are the same color white, all the trim is a mushroom color and all the cabinetry is putty gray.” They also replaced elaborate hardware — door knobs, pulls — with simple, oil-rubbed bronze pieces. “Every door knob is the same,” she says.

H O M E + G A R D E N D E S I G N

The update stayed true to the original intent, with an indoor/outdoor sensibility. Travertine flooring unites the contiguous spaces.

The floors in all the public spaces, save the kitchen, are white Travertine tile and elsewhere, wide-plank white oak. Walls are either adobe brick (Schatz says she loves the “messy” rustic quality) or wood plank. “We raised the living room ceiling to 14 feet at the peak,” she says. They took their inspiration from the existing vaulted and beamed wooden ceiling in the upstairs bedroom. A triangular window sits right under the inverted “V” formed

by the vault. “We kept the original windows, but added new sills,” she says. The windows, on three sides of the room, are divided into metal-framed squares. Here, as throughout the home, doors open to the stone patio that embraces the home as well as the view of the East Bay. (continued on page 9)

The original configuration was kept in the kitchen, but they added stainless-steel shelving and CaesarStone counters. home + garden design | Spring 2015 7

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8 Spring 2015 | home + garden design

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H O M E + G A R D E N D E S I G N (continued from page 7)

To the right, as you enter through a dramatic woodenplank front door with bronze diamond-shaped embellishments, is a corridor that leads to his and her offices and the hexagonal-shaped master bedroom. The master suite, with vaulted ceiling and walls of windows, is at the end of the corridor, but you can see from the entry that its door matches the front door. In the his/her master bathrooms they retained the original marble-topped vanity and what Schatz describes as “frilly” elements, such as the original cabinetry, including a vintage bureau that supports his sink. (All of the other bathrooms sport subway tiles and CaesarStone counters.) They customized the closets and removed the doors. The bathrooms share a marble shower and free-standing bath tub. “The kitchen is in the same configuration,” Schatz says. In addition to the cosmetic changes, they added stainlesssteel shelves, put in CaesarStone counters and added a double oven. “The family room was a major renovation,” she says. They raised the ceiling of this former garage, added skylights, and built a fireplace and shelves, all in keeping with the materials used throughout the home. This space now also houses two bedrooms with a shared bathroom. “You can’t go beyond the perimeter, but you can build a bay window,” Schatz explains. Thus, the bedrooms both have “punched out” areas that allow more breathing room. A new bathroom upstairs, shared by two bedrooms, sports white subway tiles and stone flooring left over from the patio.

(continued on page 11)

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home + garden design | Spring 2015 9

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2 . .   10 Spring 2015 | home + garden design

H O M E + G A R D E N D E S I G N (continued from page 9)

The stairway, girded by a polished-bronze railing, was moved from the family room to the laundry area; it leads to the upstairs bedroom. The space under the stairway augments the narrow laundry room. In the new upstairs bathroom they used stone left over from the patio for flooring. Schatz says that the only new piece of furniture she bought was a table for the entryway. “I repurposed my old kitchen table as a desk for my study and our old entertainment unit as a filing cabinet.” “I would say that we right-sized rather than downsized,” she says. H&G Resources: Architects: Steve Borlik, Young and Borlik, Palo Alto, 650-688-1950,; Keith Anding, Studio Keith Anding Architecture + Design, San Francisco, 415-864-4483, Contractor: Todd Turley, Todd Turley Construction, Campbell, Goal of project: To update midcentury home, staying true to the original Unexpected issues: Due to porous earth the garage excavation was deeper than anticipated

Year house built: 1960 Size of project: About 4,600-sq-ft house on 1-acre lot Time to complete: 1 year

The stairway was moved from the family room to the laundry area, with space below the stairs adding to that narrow room.

home + garden design | Spring 2015 11

H O M E + G A R D E N D E S I G N

The kitchen, dining and living-room areas were combined into a multipurpose living zone: a truly great room.

Bringing back the Eichler aesthetic New owners better incorporate atrium, create great room by Karla Kane / photos by Mariko Reed

ichler homes are beloved for their light-filled open spaces, their clean design and harmony between indoors and out. But what happens when an Eichler atrium goes wrong? That’s the challenge met by architect John Klopf on a recent project in Mountain View. While the home, built in the early 1970s, was designed with an atrium, previous residents roofed it in, creating what the current owners considered an awkward space. “When these guys bought the house, all the glass doors, walls and windows were there but it had a roof over it. It was theoretically interior space but not really part of the room,” Klopf explains. Rather than opening onto an outdoor courtyard, the sliding-glass doors simply led to another room. Same with the kitchen window, which had an odd, interior view rather than facing the world outside.


12 Spring 2015 | home + garden design

“We have worked on a lot of Eichlers, but we haven’t combined an atrium with the rest of the house before because we don’t really recommend enclosing an atrium. In this case, what’s done was done, there was no going back.” In addition, the kitchen, dining and living-room areas had not aged well, with faded beige paint, outmoded design, wood paneling in poor condition and an overall dark, disconnected feeling, contrary to the aesthetic most Eichler aficionados seek, Klopf says. The current residents, a techie couple with young children, desired to combine the rooms into one large, open great room to be shared by everyone. They also wanted to give the home a bright, clean, free-flowing layout. By knocking down the walls dividing the disjointed spaces, a multipurpose living zone was created. The kitchen

H O M E + G A R D E N D E S I G N

The kitchen was reoriented to become part of the open space.

was reoriented to become part of the open space, and a pantry box was eliminated. To keep the project within a reasonable budget, some elements were not updated, such as some doors and windows, and the original brick fireplace and chimney. Because the atrium was originally designed as a patio, its floor was lower than that of the main house. “We raised the floor, put in new floors, painted everything bright and made it feel open,” Klopf says. The former awkward atrium is an airy dining area, with the table positioned under the existing skylights over new, light, ash hardwood flooring. Turning several rooms into one was not without its technical challenges. Some walls were load bearing, so

posts from the former walls remain throughout, with the occupants simply working around them. Removing them while making sure the house was still supported would have been a much bigger, higher-budget job, and leaving them “doesn’t detract from the space.” Klopf says. To avoid having to break through and lay new foundation and walls, a new entryway was opted against, as was a new doorway to the garage. Aesthetically, “we were going for a calm and restful experience in the space, with everything aligned, “ Klopf says. Clean white paint throughout complements the light tone of the new floors and matches the residents’ minimalist,

Posts from the former walls remain, allowing an opening up of the disjointed spaces.

The home was brightened with white paint and light, ash hardwood floors throughout.

(continued on page 14)

home + garden design | Spring 2015 13

H O M E + G A R D E N D E S I G N (continued from page 13)

modern style. “Their lifestyle is not very cluttered. They’re pretty well suited to living in a big open space,” he says, with children’s toys and play areas neatly integrated with furniture from Ikea and Design Within Reach and retro Herman Miller prints. “We tried to make it feel like one big open space where you could just hang out all day,” he says. Sounds like an ideal Eichler experience. H&G

Resources: Architect: Klopf Architecture (Project Team: John Klopf, AIA, and Angela Todorova), San Francisco; 415-287-4225; Building contractor: Flegels Construction, San Jose, 408-269-1101, Goal of project: To create an open “great room” space out of existing kitchen, dining room, living room and atrium Unanticipated issues: Posts remaining from load-bearing walls; lack of entryway space

Year house built: 1972 Size of home, lot: 1,900 sq-ft-house, 400 sq-ftgarage on 7,000 sq-ft-lot Time to complete: 6 months, from design through end of construction

The dining area is sited in the former awkward atrium, with the table positioned under the existing skylights.

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home + garden design | Spring 2015 15

H O M E + G A R D E N D E S I G N

16 Spring 2015 | home + garden design

H O M E + G A R D E N D E S I G N

home + garden design | Spring 2015 17

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18 Spring 2015 | home + garden design

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home + garden design | Spring 2015 19

H O M E + G A R D E N D E S I G N

The exterior front of the 1928 Tudor looks much the same as it always did.

A Tudor with trade-offs More light, better flow, new master bath but smaller closets by Carol Blitzer / photos by Dasja Dolan

hen Tom Kramer would visit his mother, and later his sister-in-law, in the Old Palo Alto Tudor, he would sometimes imagine what he and his wife Sue would change, if the house were theirs. The Kramers bought the home in 2012 and soon started thinking for real. They came up with three main goals for their remodel: more light, a master bathroom and a kitchen that fit better into the way they lived. The old kitchen “was a beautiful kitchen, just not the one we wanted,” Tom says, adding that they directly recycled all the cabinets, counters and appliances by giving them away to a contractor. “Demolition was a total win-win,” his wife agrees. Once gutted, there was still a wall separating the kitchen from the dining area. Without that wall, there was room for a long, U-shaped kitchen with a combination of custom-


By removing a vent from the basement furnace and adding skylights, they were able to create an office and study room upstairs. 20 Spring 2015 | home + garden design

H O M E + G A R D E N D E S I G N

Two key moves brought more light into the new kitchen: removing the wall between kitchen and dining room and adding a four-panel Kolbe accordion door that leads to the deck outside.

made and Ikea cabinets, a KitchenAid induction cooktop and oven, and a separate island that houses the oven along with deep, pull-out drawers. “I’m the put-away guy,” Tom says, so he wanted the dishwasher located not only near the sink but close to the storage drawers that house the crockery. Tom credits Sue with taking the plates and bowls along when checking out the new dishwasher, making sure they’d all fit perfectly. And a bonus is having a deep, stainless-steel sink: “It lets us create the illusion of clean,” he says. There’s seating for eight around the bar created by overhanging the cement-colored Cambria quartz counter over the maple cabinets. “We wanted to incorporate indoor/outdoor,” Tom says,

pointing out the four-panel Kolbe accordion door that leads to the deck outside. That custom-built door cost a whopping $12,000 — but it helped meet goal No. 1: Bring in more light. Additional kitchen light now comes from a row of skylights along the sloping roof, which replaced side windows. When they discovered they could vent the basementbased furnace out a side wall, they ended up gaining enough space on the upstairs landing to create a whole new room. Adding two more skylights and a peaked roof gave them plenty of space for an office and future study space for the kids. The original upstairs had three bedrooms and one large,

A slab of Cambria “Fieldstone” quartz overhangs the maple cabinets, allowing ample seating. A row of skylights streams in light.

Most of the kitchen cabinetry is custom-made, but the upper white laminates are from Ikea. The island houses the oven along with deep, pull-out drawers.

(continued on page 23)

home + garden design | Spring 2015 21

H O M E + G A R D E N D E S I G N

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Short closets were created in unused space under the eaves in the master bedroom.

(continued from page 21)

but badly designed bathroom. By incorporating walk-in closets from two of the bedrooms, they were able to capture enough space to create a small, but very effective master bathroom. Closets were then carved out of wasted space under the eaves. “We have less closet space than before, but that’s a tradeoff,” Tom says. And there are two full-height closets downstairs, he adds. When looking through the large skylight in the masterbathroom shower, the eye catches the blue sky and green trees, continuing to the green sea-glass tiles. “(The skylight) makes a small bathroom feel quite a bit larger,” he says. And an oversized pocket door also helps. The old bathroom had “the biggest waste of space in the whole house,” according to Sue. So, they moved the washer/dryer into a closet upstairs, next to the redone bathroom, which now boasts Ikea’s Godmorgon cabinetry and a 55-inch double molded sink with four roll-out drawers. In addition to the kitchen and two bathrooms, the Kramers updated all the old knob-and-tube electrical connections, replaced most of the interior doors and fully insulated the home. The family was away for the first couple of months of construction, but spent the next four months living in the guest room downstairs and the garage, using the one functional bathroom (without a door). Dishes were washed in the (continued on page 24)

A large skylight makes the shower in the master bathroom, with its Lanka Bloc (matte white) and Lunada Bay Tomei (platinum natural) glass tiles, appear bigger than it is. home + garden design | Spring 2015 23

H O M E + G A R D E N D E S I G N (continued from page 23)

shower or at family and friends’ homes. “We didn’t think it would be nearly as hard to live here. ... We were planning to barbecue,” Sue says, but the deck became a construction zone with nails, plywood and power tools and a backyard covered “in dust and muck.” While the project took significantly longer than they’d hoped, they attribute that to “scope creep” — with no regrets. H&G Resources: Architect: Kirsten Harrison, Menlo Park, 415-999-6513 Building contractor: GL Perry Construction, San Jose, 408-287-3779, Cabinets: Birchwood Cabinets, Sonora, 209-532-1417, Painting: Almaden Valley Painting, 408-398-4717 Tile: Francisco Tile, San Jose, 408-227-3896, Goal of project: Bring in light, add a master bathroom, transform the kitchen, create a mudroom Unanticipated issues: Wished had rented second storage unit, instead of putting furniture in child’s bedroom

Year house built: 1928 Size of home, lot: About 2,300 sq ft on a 5,250-sq-ft lot Time to complete: About six months

The washer and dryer, stacked in a closet, are now located upstairs, near the bedrooms.


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home + garden design | Spring 2015 25

H O M E + G A R D E N D E S I G N

A white enamel Art Deco credenza helps define the space between the living room and entry. Two more arches were added to the corridor leading to the mudroom and backyard.

Staying true to its roots Menlo Park remodel honor s midcentury st yle by Susan Golovin / photos by Dasja Dolan


he couple bought their midcentury home in the Flood Park Triangle soon after they were married. As their family grew to include two young sons, 1,200 square feet of living space no longer seemed adequate. “We also wanted to have an easy exit to the backyard and not have to go through the garage, and a true master bath-

In the extended corridor at left, care was taken to match the wood planks in the original floor. 26 Spring 2015 | home + garden design

room,” the wife says. “The homes on this side of the street have slightly larger lots, so remodels tend to extend horizontally,” she says. “Across the street, they build second stories.” In their case, they added 400 square feet to the rear of the home, increasing to four bedrooms. The 38-inch-wide central corridor now runs all the way to the mudroom, where a door allows the kids to take full advantage of the backyard. The window in the door not only gives Mom a handy way of monitoring, it also adds natural light to the corridor. A screen door is perfect for good weather. “We tried to match the wood floor in the addition to the original floor,” the wife says. The best they could approximate to the 1¾-inch planks that were only manufactured for three years after World War II were 2-inch planks. A border eases the transition. The original home had several arched entrances, one of which welcomes you into the hallway. “We added two more arches along the hallway to break up the long, narrow space (continued on page 28)

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home + garden design | Spring 2015 27

H O M E + G A R D E N D E S I G N

The new master bedroom suite has more space due to repositioning of a closet door.

With addition of 400 square feet, the home now has four rooms that are usable as bedrooms, playroom or study.

(continued from page 26)

bath, the door slides open and therefore does not collide with the entry door. The tiles in the master bathroom were purchased at Allstone in Burlingame. “We wanted to use all local vendors,” the wife says. Light-colored Carrara marble counters and small, white hex-tiles on the floor as well as a skylight create a peaceful light-filled room. “The hex-tiles echo the era of the house,” the wife says. Three, high, oblong windows in the shower allow views of the trees. Karliova helped the couple find a white enamel credenza that helps define the space between the living room and entry. It is Art Deco and a witty statement. Crate and Barrel

and added a skylight for the same reason,” designer Esin Karliova says. The added space contains a mudroom and what is now being used as a TV room. “There’s a closet, so it could be a bedroom. ... In older homes you’re always looking for more storage,” the wife says. Both this room and the boys’ room are 9 by 12 feet. Another of the original rooms, which could be used as a bedroom, now serves as a playroom. A closet with a pocket door was repositioned to allow for more space in the new master bedroom. Customized to match the “barn door” that privatizes the toilet in the master

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cabinets on either side of the fireplace are used for storage, and an Eames chair sits comfortably in this room. The couple originally thought that they would like to build a back patio with a large overhang. They ditched this idea when they discovered that it would create a threemonth delay in the permitting process. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It would have changed the amount of impermeable surface, and we would have had to create a water-drainage system in the backyard,â&#x20AC;? the wife says. Karliova says that she was also wary that the large overhang would eliminate natural light from the master bath. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I always tell my clients that remodeling is not a linear process,â&#x20AC;? Karliova says. H&G Resources: Architect: Esin Karliova, Studio Karliova,, 408-718-3746 Contractor: Mediterraneo Design/Build, Menlo Park,, 650-368-1361 Goal of project: Create master bathroom, better backyard access and more living space Unanticipated issues: Dry rot; long permitting process for patio plans

Year house built: late 1950s Size of home/lot: 1,600 sq ft on 6,500-sq-ft lot Time to complete: One year to design and get permits, six mos. to build

The master bathroom features Carrara marble counters and white hex-tiles on the floor, with a skylight to add light.

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H O M E + G A R D E N D E S I G N

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H O M E + G A R D E N D E S I G N

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Overlooking the famous Big Sur coastline, Tickle Pink Inn attracts travelers from around the world to experience this unforgettable ocean view hideaway. With our gracious elegance and 35 luxuriously-appointed rooms and suites, Tickle Pink Inn has a name to remember and a view you will never forget.

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Spring Home + Garden Design 2015  

Spring Home + Garden Design 2015