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Assistive Technology

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Core values Equality Everyone has the right to be or become independent Empowerment Our solutions allow disabled and elderly people to do everyday tasks and provide support through technology Excellence We set the highest standards in product development and service Innovation By listening to our customers we design pioneering products using the latest technologies Dedication Our staff are committed to making life easier for clients and carers Humanity Our ethical, person-centred approach ensures that our technology precisely meets the needs of every individual

While volunteering at the National Spinal Injuries Centre at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Reginald Maling met a young man paralysed from the neck down. He had very little voice and could only alert nurses by blowing on a whistle hung near his mouth. Maling designed a suck or blow mouthpiece that enabled the man to activate mechanisms to turn on a light, or the TV, and eventually use an electric typewriter.



Maling called his invention Patient Operated Selector Mechanism or POSM. As a near match for the word Possum – Latin for ‘I can’ – it became our Company name when it was founded in 1961. Today Possum continues to develop innovative Assistive Technology (AT) solutions to help people with a range of needs including the elderly and people with learning difficulties. As a result of our efforts, in 2009 we received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category.

Our Mission We use technology to empower people with disabilities by increasing their independence. We do this in two ways: through Possum Limited and an independent charity, the Possum Trust. As an independent, privately owned British company we develop, manufacture, supply, install and support AT products and systems. We assess our clients’ needs and abilities, as well as train and support them in the use of their equipment. As the benefits of AT become more valued, additional funds are becoming available from Government, charities and other sources to bring this technology to ever more people.

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Assistive Technology

What is Assistive Technology? For many disabled and elderly people even the simplest of tasks can be an impossible challenge. That is why we are committed to helping these people take back control of their lives – without relying on others. For half a century we have developed the widest range of solutions from a single company that enable thousands of people to do simple things like answer the door, switch on the lights, make a phone call, draw the curtains or turn on the TV. We back it up with the most thorough after-sales service possible. Our solutions are all based on Assistive Technology (AT). We install and train people to use these advanced but simple to use solutions in their own homes, schools, hospitals, hospices, and care homes.


‘AT’ Covers a Wide Range of Applications: - Learning suites for schools - Telecare systems to connect carers to clients 24 hours a day - Personal electronic controllers - Nursecall Systems For installing complex systems in large new builds or refurbishments, our project management service works closely with architects, housing authorities, housing associations, charities and private companies. Our technology solves a whole host of everyday needs.

Derived from the Latin Queo, meaning ‘to be able or can’, Qwayo is the latest offering from Possum, allowing users to have full control of their immediate environment. The unique technology behind Qwayo takes the user experience to the next level and beyond but more importantly peace of mind is guaranteed by Qwayo’s ability to provide emergency alarm functions – even if Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Android

Assistive Technology


Key Features - Full environmental control of infrared (IR) operated devices - Emergency call and integration with NEAT pagers and Care Phones - Activation of existing alarm systems such as Nurse Call systems - Switch accessible internet access - Range of switch accessible Apps available - Portable - Control of Possum assistive technology devices, including telephone, power sockets, beds and chairs - Both landline and mobile phone calls can be controlled - Use of mainstream Android device to facilitate future upgrades - Purpose designed web browser - Switch accessible Android tablet access - Compatible with a range of Android display sizes


Weight & Dimensions (Approx)

Product Codes:

Hub Weight: 135g

034-852 Qwayo 7” and 8”

Tablet: Varies

034-794 Qwayo 7” and 8” GSM (Phone)

Height: 40mm

034-789 Qwayo 10”

Diameter: 90mm

034-793 Qwayo 10” GSM (Phone)

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034-901 Qwayo 5” Mobile GSM (Phone)


Assistive Technology

NewFreeway The Possum Freeway, trusted by thousands of satisfied users, has been dramatically redesigned to further enrich the lives of people with visual or cognitive impairment. Using the latest technology, NewFreeway offers enhanced levels of control and accessibility while maintaining the adaptability and reliability you can expect from a Possum product. A technically enhanced range of features has been designed and developed to benefit improved accessibility, communication and control.

Key Features

Weight & Dimensions (Approx)

- NewFreeway is an infrared (IR) and radio frequency (RF) environmental

Weight: 726g

controller that provides simple remote control of a wide range of domestic

Height: 265mm

appliances and entertainment devices

Width: 122mm

- Integral touch switch | Wired switch | IR remote switch - An integral Possum Telecare RF transmitter enables discreet activation of numerous wireless emergency communication devices including the Infopager, Novo Care Phone or an existing Nurse Call system - The intuitive interface can be accessed in 3 easy ways:

1. Integral touch switch

2. Wired switch

3. IR Remote switch

Depth: 38mm

Product Code: 034-635 New Freeway

- Provides a wider range of users with access to environmental control and greater independence


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The ShortNLong and ShortNLong+ are much more than a remote control. The ShortNLong has replaced the HC8002 as the remote control for NewFreeway and Vivo+.

Assistive Technology

ShortNLong & ShortNLong+

Key Features - New robust case - 2x Replaceable AA batteries - 2 Functions - ShortNLong: Infrared - ShortNLong+: Infrared and Neat Radio 869.2 MHz - Single function mode

The major improvement is that it has an additional second function that

Product Codes:

secondary switch.

Weight & Dimensions (Approx)

You can capture Infra-Red codes or,

Weight: 159g

034-908 ShortNLong

with ShortNLong+, NEAT radio codes


which open up a wide range of

Width: 73mm


Depth: 24mm

can be accessed via a long press or a

034-903 ShortNLong+

The second function could be used to open a door, turn on an appliance, call for assistance or answer a phone call. It can also be used as a two function controller.

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Assistive Technology

Freedom +

Wireless Intercom and Telephone with Door Lock Release System Key Features - Can be used as a door entry system as well as a fully

- Compatible with Possum and Gewa products

functional telephone and an internal paging system

- Improved battery life gives increased talk time

- Can be set up as a stand alone system or remotely activated via the Possum range of infra-red controllers - Can announce pre-stored speech messages on activation of the door unit - Has a clear backlit display screen to show caller ID for pre-programmed callers - Has an option to add an external microphone in cases

- Incorporates NEAT technology - Modular system - The Freedom+ is available as a Phone & Pager System or as a Wireless Intercom, Door Lock Release and Telephone System. - Can be integrated with a button keypad to allow those with the correct code to enter.

where clients have quiet voices - Works with headphones to enable private telephone conversations - Has a battery back up on the whole system in case of power cut - Is wheelchair mountable for portability within the home. - Ability to pre-program 50+ phone contacts to the user unit - Voice announcing for stored contacts - Call screening options

Weight & Dimensions (Approx)

Product Codes:

Weight: 270g

Wireless Intercom

Length: 190mm

& Telephone System


Width: 85mm Depth: 35mm

034-950 Phone & Pager System

- Clear backlit display screen shows battery level and caller ID for pre-programmed callers


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Assistive Technology

Phonelink You do not need to upgrade to a new system or use a landline phone with the Phonelink! You can now link an Android phone to an existing environmental controller using our Phonelink hub in combination with the versatile and easy to use Android application. This new innovative product from Possum enables not just Possums range access to a mobile but many other systems that send (IR) infra-red including Abilia’s Control Medi units and communication aids that have an infra-red output. As well as providing a means to make and receive calls, you can also send a dedicated pre-defined message with or without location ID. Phonelink can also trigger a voice command to open a larger number of possibilities!

Product Codes: 034-913 Phonelink & PSU 034-914 Phonelink, PSU & Smartphone

Sero! The Possum Sero! provides a loud speaking, remote control telephone and answering machine with communication aid functions. The Sero! can be operated via the full range of Possum, GEWA and many other Environmental Controllers and Communication Aids.

Key Features - 50 user recordable phrases (each 30 seconds long) allowing people with partial or no voice to communicate crucial messages over the telephone and to persons in close proximity - SSI© (Secure Spoken Identity*) - Utilising caller ID services, will speak the name of the person calling (if the caller’s details are in the phonebook). Unsolicited calls can be diverted straight to the answer machine - Emergency dialling features include: - Remote activation of the emergency dial number via any Possum Environmental Controller and/or GEWA pendant (optional) - Automatic Help Call function which dials up to 8 contacts until a response is registered

Product Code: 034-685

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Assistive Technology

Video Intercom

We are pleased to announce that we have fully integrated the reliable and robust BPT video intercom to work with our range of Possum controllers. The Video Intercom allows someone with limited or no mobility to see who is ringing the doorbell, by simply looking at their Qwayo environmental controller or a tablet. The Video Intercom works seamlessly with the Qwayo or if used with a conventional environmental controller via an Android enabled tablet and Possum Phonelink.


Key Features - Battery backed dedicated Wi-Fi router provides a stable and secure connection at all times - No internet connection is required - Two way communication via High Definition video - Voice announcing option available. Pre-recorded messages stored in the external intercom unit can be activated by the user from their Possum controller - Interfaces with door openers and multipoint locks enabling user to permit or refuse access for callers

Product Codes: 034-912

Video Intercom

034-912V Video Intercom with Voice Announce 034-940 QWAYO 10� Kit + Video Intercom

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Possum manufacture and supply a wide range of stable and secure mounting systems for a range of Possum products including environmental controllers, switches and intercoms. The range of telescopic, height adjustable, flexible, quick release mounts and secure stands are applicable to a

Heavy Duty Mounting Arms for Switches and Controllers We have a range of heavy duty mounts which can be used for switches or controllers

Assistive Technology


variety of requirements including freestanding floor stands for correct height positioning next to beds or chairs. Possum supply sturdy table top stands, mounts, clamps and brackets for appropriate fitting to walls, wheelchairs, metal bed frames, tables, benches and poles all with various profiles (surfaces with an edge).

Mini Mounting Arms We provide a range of mini mounting arms with: Specs, Buddy Button, Plate Switch or Guarded Plate Switch attached

Product Codes: (Left to right) 035-198 Flexi Arm for Buddy Button (specs 035-199) 034-242 Manfrotto Switch Mount 034-642 Manfrotto Arm with Hama Connector (Inc. Universal Clamp) for Controllers (Not shown)

(Left to right) 10� Mini Ball Joint Mini Flexi 6� Mini Ball Joint *Specs Switch Shown

034-681 Floor Stand

034-359 Wheelchair Mount +44 (0)1296 461 000

034-680 Table Top Stand


Assistive Technology

Tube clamp and Mounting accessories Manfrotto Tube Clamp 386BC HAMA connector 034-204 Double HAMA Mount 034-670

Switches Switches are connected to controllers and communication aids and when activated (contact is made with the switch) send a signal to the device or devices to be operated. Switches utilise even the most minimal movement capabilities of an individual and can be activated by hand, foot, finger, head, chin, mouth, sip/puff, knee etc.

We provide a range of mounting solutions for all our switches. Switches that are appropriately mounted and situated according to the requirements of the user enable correct operation of the device. All the range of touch/ contact activated switches feature auditory and tactile feedback which means that the user will know that they have activated the switch via movement and a clicking sound. All switches are supplied with an industry standard 3.5 mm mono Jack, unless stated otherwise.

Proprietary Switches

Plate Switch 034-253

Guarded Plate Switch 034-254

HC Chin Switch 034-528

Sip or Puff Switch 034-257 - Sip Switch 034-258 - Puff Switch 041-352 - Mounting Arm

Specs 034-238

Pillow 5875

3rd Party Switches

Jelly Bean 034-156


Buddy Button Various Colours

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What is Telecare (TEC)? Telecare or Technology Enabled Care (TEC) systems allows carers, family members or monitoring centres to monitor the well-being of clients living at home, in residential homes or hospital.

We also provide seamless integration with our Electronic Assistive Technology products to provide a connected, reliable and more cost effective solution. For details on how our range of Telecare products can work for you and your specific requirements please contact us.

The versatile product range comprises a number of powerful solutions including the Novo Care phone, GPS SmartSoleÂŽ tracker, SensorMATe,Epi-Care Free wrist worn epilepsy sensor and the paper thin bed/chair occupancy sensors. The portfolio also includes the standard sensors and alarms you would expect from Possum Telecare.




“Always Connected, Always Updated, Always Safe�

Key Features

Novo is an intelligent, digital carephone, designed to fit in any housing environment and developed to suit all users.

- Plug & Play compatible

Novo provides a sense of comfort and security it is always updated, always connected and always safe - giving you peace of mind when it comes to supplying your loved ones or users with the latest technology. Can be remotely programmed and monitored by both alarm response centres and online portal.

- Small and slick design that will not look out of place in any home - Housing and loudspeaker splash proof - Easy to install - Link up to 48 different sensors - Superb audio quality with AGC circuitry - Battery backed up for two weeks - Voice prompts for ease of manual programming - Radio surveillance of peripheral devices - Backward compatibility with legacy products

Weight & Dimensions (Approx) Weight: 135g Tablet: Varies Height: 40mm Diameter: 90mm


+44 (0)1296 461 000

Novo PSTN+

product code to be announced



- Access to Neat care phone management portal over NE10-14101-05

GPRS network

NE10-14101-10 (Sim Free) 035-371-12 Novo IP/GSM Care Phone + 12 Month SIM Contract 035-371-24 Novo IP/GSM Care Phone + 24 Month SIM Contract 035-371-60 Novo IP/GSM Care Phone + 60 Month SIM Contract - IP/GSM Compatible - Alarm Management Portal - Online supervision of installed products - Advantage that it can be plugged into a router if that method of communication is available from the ARC

- Useful if people intend to go digital in the future and want items that are digital compatible



- Setting the timings of items, for example door alarms can be programmed remotely - Remote online programming - Full management portal and over the air programming saves on engineer visit requirements



- Entry level device operating over PSTN and next generation networks

- Firmware upgrade over IP or GPRS - Remote online programming - Full management portal and over the air programming saves on engineer visit requirements

Smile Pendant The Smile pendant is a wrist or lanyard worn device which can be pressed to activate an alarm. The Smile pendant is extremely lightweight and very comfortable to wear. The pendant has a permanent wireless connection to the base unit. If the wearer needs help, simply press the pendant for a few seconds and this will automatically activate the base unit and open up a call with a member of the telecare team or alert a pager which can be worn by a carer or family member. The pendant has a wireless range of up to 200 metres (656 ft) from the base unit so is ideal for use in a residential home. The pendant is waterproof and can be worn while bathing.

Product Code: NE10-14002-02

The pendant comes complete with an interchangeable wearing pack, so can be worn on a Velcro wrist strap or round the neck on a lanyard.

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Neat RF Jelly Bean

The Neat RF Jelly Bean is a wireless one touch button, which can be programmed to start a variety of actions.

Key Features

The buttons come in four colours, are

- Different mounting solutions are available for all types of situations

easy to press and can be mounted anywhere in a property.

- Easy one touch button to call for help - Could be used as a bogus caller button, providing on hand help before allowing someone entry into a property - Available in 4 colours (Blue/Red/Green/Yellow). Each colour can send a different type of alert e.g Red = “I need help”; Green = “I need the toilet” - The radio enabled Jelly Bean Switch allows people with poor manual dexterity to call for help - Switch is suitable for people with conditions including Rheumatoid arthritis, MS, etc

Product Codes: 034-871B Neat RF Jelly Bean (Blue) 034-871G Neat RF Jelly Bean (Green) 034-871R Neat RF Jelly Bean (Red) 034-871Y Neat RF Jelly Bean (Yellow) 034-948R Large Neat RF Jelly Bean (Red)



Neat RF Jelly Bean on Flexarm (Blue)


Neat RF Jelly Bean on Flexarm (Red)


Neat RF Jelly Bean on Flexarm (Yellow)


Neat RF Jelly Bean on Flexarm (Green)


Jamy – Tunstall compatible Jelly Bean RF (Red)

Weight & Dimensions (Approx) Weight: 100g Width: 62mm Depth: 20mm

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With its flexible application, the Infopager 2nd Generation is the most effective way of nurses or care givers managing Possum’s wide range of Telecare sensors and alarms. The Infopager 2nd Generation can be used as a standalone system or using unique re-transmission technology, alerts can be escalated to a range of Care Phones.



Key Features - Large, clear, colour screen displays the alarm device, location and person - Capability of managing over 255 accessories in 255 locations - Holds information on the last 32 alarms - 3-5 day battery life - Alerts can be set to flash, vibrate or emit a noise in 3 different volume levels - Easy setup from the device or PC software - Complete with integrated charging clip RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Technology) enables location monitoring for inside the property. - CE certified - Frequency 869.20-869.25 MHz Range 200 metres line of sight in free space, range can be extended to provide effective cover over substantial areas with the use of Repo+ units. - Full recharged in four hours

Weight & Dimensions (Approx)

Product Codes:

Weight: 100g


NE10-09240-33 Infopager Infopager + Docking Station

Width: 62mm Depth: 20mm

+44 (0)1296 461 000




The next generation of universal sensors. Possum’s unique universal sensor is an unrivalled solution for monitoring a range of sensing mats including falls prevention equipment such as Paper Thin bed / chair sensors and floor mats. The inbuilt real time clock, integral keypad and display allow the time scheduling of occupancy alarm events to be easily adjusted without the need for a PC or additional equipment. The temperature sensor function is a great feature for the detection of hazardous temperature conditions, both high and low.

Key Features - Reduced false alarms - Can interface directly to any of the following sensors available from Possum reducing both cost and setup time: - Bed occupancy/Falls prevention solutions; Carpet sensing mats; Enuresis sensor mats; Pressure mats - Inbuilt real time clock automatically updates for British Summertime and leap years ensuring that costly reprogramming visits are no longer required - True on-board programming with built-in test mode - Easy to program - Includes temperature sensor - One SensorMATe can monitor multiple separate events, e.g, bed exit and enuresis - Any associated alarm delays for sensors and the date/time are easily programmed using the integral keypad - The unit is powered by 2x AA batteries providing a completely portable solution with a minimum of 1 year battery life (no tools required to replace batteries)

Weight & Dimensions (Approx)

Product Code: 034-892 SensorMATe

Weight: 60g Height: 115mm Width: 70mm Depth: 23mm Range: Up to 150m


+44 (0)1296 461 000

This innovative device sends a radio (RF) signal to a


Paper Thin – occupancy sensor for falls prevention portable pager or care phone, called the Possum InfoPager, carried by a carer and to the fixed Nursecall system.

Key Features - Proven to significantly reduce false alarms - Works with any type of bed/mattress, including profiling beds - 100% Waterproof - Tear resistant - Easy to store, requiring little space and no special conditions - Can be cut to size and positioned to provide the best level of protection - Easy to fit - place underneath the bed sheet and attach to the mattress

Elderly people suffering falls is an all too frequent occurrence, often with severe consequences including broken hips and other bones, shock and medical complications. Reducing the number of falls suffered is a major focus of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in seeking to improve health care and control costs. New Technology Enabled

- Integrated with most suppliers Nursecall systems, DAUs and paging solutions - Easy to clean (Mylar version is easily wiped clean) - Tissue viability approved and permeable, assisting in the prevention and management of pressure sores damage - Warranty: 12 Months - Paper thin bed sensors are now compatible with: - Tunstall TIM sold in packs of 10 (Tyvek 035-185 and Mylar 035-186)

Care (TEC) covers both falls prevention and falls detection.

- Tunstall Universal Sensor sold in packs of 10

These systems can significantly reduce the number of falls

- Tynetec version sold in packs of 10

by providing early warnings to nurses and care staff when resident may be at risk of falling. Falls prevention systems detect when a client is getting up from a bed or chair and send a warning signal to a portable pager or fixed Nursecall unit which alerts a carer to provide assistance. Most bed or chair falls prevention solutions detect movement by the resident using weight pressure measuring mats. These are often uncomfortable for the resident to sit or sleep on, expensive, prone to giving false alarms and may not be appropriate for frail, elderly people who weigh very

(Tyvek 035-189 and Mylar 035-188) (Tyvek 035-218 and Mylar 035-219) - Chubb Bed Occupancy Monitor sold in packs of 10 (Tyvek 035-220 and Mylar 035-221)

Weight & Dimensions (Approx) Weight: 50g Length: 870mm Width: 150mm


Product Codes:

However, the Paper Thin sheets act as a capacitive sensor.

035-247 SensorMATe Paperthin (Tyvek Kit)

The sheets are attached to the top of a bed mattress or to

035-248 SensorMATe Paperthin (Mylar Kit)

a chair and sense the presence or absence of an individual by a change in the electrical capacitance. When a client’s absence is detected by a Paper Thin sheet a signal is relayed to the proprietary Possum SensorMATe.

+44 (0)1296 461 000



Vibby Oak

Neck Worn Using pressure sensing and accelerometer technology this lightweight wrist or neck worn device detects when the wearer has suffered a fall and automatically alerts care staff so a prompt response can be given minimising distress and medical problems. The device activates automatically for serious falls or, alternatively, can be activated manually by pushing the built in button. It is easily programmable, IP67 rated (water proof) and made of hypoallergenic plastic with replaceable

Wrist Worn Key Features - Can be wrist or neck worn - Pressure sensing and accelerometer technology - Wearer can activate manually - New capacitive sensing allows wearer to cancel alarm manually - Hypoallergenic plastic - Radio range: 200 metres outdoors - Automatic alarm for serious falls - Easy programming - Water proof: IP67 rated - Replaceable battery - Free downloadable app to switch between neck and wrist worn mode and monitor battery condition

Weight & Dimensions (Approx)

Product Code: NE10-16001-01

Weight: 35g



+44 (0)1296 461 000

Smoke Detector



Environmental and Peripheral Devices The Smoke Detector offers increased safety for vulnerable clients. The Smoke Detector has an integrated radio transmitter which detects smouldering and open fires that generate smoke.

Heat Detector


The Heat Detector has an integrated radio transmitter that will alert either our range of carephones or info pager should the temperature go above a pre-set temperature.

CO Detector


The wireless CO Detector is designed to alert if levels of CO in the property reach a dangerous level.

Gas Detector


The wireless Gas Detector is designed to alert when dangerous levels of Gas are detected in a room.

Flood Detector


The flood detector provides an early warning of flood situations, such as taps being left on. The detector should be placed on the floor near a bath or sink.

Passive Infrared Sensor - PIR


Our wirelss PIR detector is designed to detect movement in the home. These can be placed at different heights around the property.



The REPO+ Radio Repeater is a booster device which extends the radio frequency range around a property, ideal for a large home or a care home.

Firm Bed / Chair Mat

035-250 Chair Sensor / 035-251 Bed Sensor

The bed & chair occupancy sensor provides an early warning by alerting that the user has left their bed and not returned within a pre-set time period, indicating a possible fall.

Floor Mat


A large, robust, washable low slip floor mat, which can be integrated into Nursecall solutions using our SensorMATe solution.

+44 (0)1296 461 000

*Products may differ in appearance from those shown, as some images are used for illustrative purposes only



GPS Currently over 100 million people require supervision due to various forms of memory impairment. That number is expected to increase to 277 million by 2050, according to The 2013 World Alzheimer’s Report. 60% of them will become “lost” at least once. 70% of those will become “lost” 3 or more times. 46% of wanderers not found within 24 hours may die. GPS devices are now becoming more common especially to provide piece of mind to famililes and loved ones as well as being able to provide reassurance that if someone wanders, they can be found. There is a variety of product options, including shoe insoles, or trackers that can be wrist worn or clipped onto a lanyard.



GPS SmartSole®

Possum are proud to be the exclusive distributor in the UK and EIRE for the GPS SmartSole® product from GTX Corp.

Key Features

GPS SmartSole is a GPS device hidden and sealed inside

- Inductively charged


a shoe or slipper insole. It uses the same GPS and cellular technology as your smartphone, is charged like your phone and requires activation and a data service plan. Like your phone, it works cross country within cellular network covered areas.

Key Advantage GPS SmartSole® is discreet, non-invasive and as it sits in the shoe, is less likely to be forgotten. GPS SmartSole® updates on the wearer’s location approximately every 10 minutes, perfect for those who have a loved one with Dementia. GPS SmartSole® is a reliable and effective solution to maintain a user’s independence whilst ensuring maximum safety and peace of mind for concerned relatives.

- Uses same GPS and cellular technology as your smartphone - Water resistant, hidden wearable technology - Regularly updates to show latest position - iOS or Android compatible - Trim to fit UK sizes: 4-9 and 10-14 - Text or email alerts sent when Geozones are entered or exited - Battery life: 18-48 hours - Charging time: 2-4 hours - Top material: Microcell anti-friction fabric - Sole material: Polyurethane - CE Certified - Monitoring Service Plan required

Weight & Dimensions (Approx) Weight: 60g Height: 115mm Width: 70mm Depth: 23mm Range: Up to 150m

Product Codes: 035-258M SmartSole® (UK size 4-9) 035-258L SmartSole® (UK size 10-14) 035-258S SmartSole® (UK size <4)

+44 (0)1296 461 000



Take-Along Tracker

Take-Along Tracker is a miniature GPS tracking device, 2.8 inches long and weighs less than 2 oz.

Key Features

Easy to use and versatile, put it

- Email or text alerts are sent to notify power on/off, low battery and geozones

anywhere, in a purse, keychain, lanyard, backpack, handbag, belt buckle or pocket. Take-Along has a built in speaker phone for calling for help and tracks anywhere there is cellular service. Take-Along is perfect for ensuring the safety of your loved one, vehicle, or

- GPS uses satellites to collect your location & speed data - The GTX Tracking Portal can be accessed from the internet or an app, allowing you to monitor the Take-Along Tracker and create performance reports - Sleep mode gives 3 days battery life on a 2 hour charge - Cellular technology transmits the location data to the secure GTX Tracking Portal - SOS button sends a custom alert. Add Voice and the SOS button dials a preset phone number in case of emergency - Multiple virtual perimeters called geozones can be customized to report when the Take-Along Tracker leaves or enters designated areas - The GTX Smart Locator app keeps you connected with the Take-Along Tracker. Available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

shipment. Monitoring via smartphone app, tablet or portal will provide peace of mind to all involved.

Weight & Dimensions (Approx)

Product Code: 035-264

Weight: 50g Length: 870mm Width: 150mm


+44 (0)1296 461 000


Dementia Dementia refers to different brain disorders that trigger a loss of brain function. The word ‘Dementia’ describes a set of symptoms that may include memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem-solving or language. These changes are often small to start with, but for someone with Dementia they have become severe enough to affect daily life. A person with Dementia may also experience changes in their mood or behaviour. There are currently 850,000 people in the UK with Dementia. We have a range of products to help those with Dementia and support their loved ones. These include pill dispensers, door and window sensors, tracking devices, and bed sensor mats to provide greater quality of life to those with Dementia, and offer peace of mind to relatives.



D-Pos WanderSafe 2

The D-Pos WanderSafe 2 monitoring system can be used to allow or restrict access to certain areas of a property or to notify of someone entering or leaving room or property. D-Pos WanderSafe 2 is an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) position transmitter for use together with any of the Possum Telecare products which have in-built RFID capabilities such as the SMILE ID portable trigger and Info Pager 2nd Generation. The D-Pos transmitter control unit and antenna are fitted throughout the property and are usually located on or near doorways. As the SMILE ID portable trigger (worn by the user) moves through the field that is emitted by D-Pos, the SMILE ID will receive and store the information on this location.

Key Features - Detects occurrences of wandering and sends an alert to the receiving device (e.g, Infopager 2nd Generation) with details of the person and location (e.g, Mr Smith, Front Door) - Detect the last known location of the person should they press the D-Atom to send an alert to the receiving device


- Can be linked to competitor products or other nursecall systems - Control access to certain rooms or areas if required - D-Pos poition transmitter and antenna: - Up to 255 door IDs and up to 16 different areas - Adjustable power transmission - Ferrite or ground loop antenna - Door widths up to 3m - Can be linked to door opening - SMILE ID portable RFID pendant/receiver: - Waterproof to IP67 - Stretch bracelet or neck pendant - Automatic power saving mode - Large and clearly identifiable button - Programmable permissions to access different areas - RFID range test capability

Weight & Dimensions (Approx) D-Pos Transmitter Length: 85mm; Width: 85mm; Depth: 26mm D-Pos Antenna Length: 212mm; Width: 30mm; Depth: 24mm Smile ID Length: 44mm; Width: 35mm; Depth: 15mm

Product Codes: 035-285 WanderSafe 2 System NE10-14004-02 Smile ID +44 (0)1296 461 000

Effective time management for your medication and specially designed to assist Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, the elderly and the visually or mentally impaired. If the user does not take medication after the specified time, TabTime sends an alarm to an ARC or a local receiver.

Key Features


Pill Dispenser

- Tablets are locked in a secure compartment and automatically released at preset times - Automatic time changes for summertime/wintertime or when travelling to different time zones - The alarm is cancelled by tipping the product to dispense pills - 3 alarm tones with excellent level of volume - Battery operated with low battery alert (Batteries included) - Up to 6 daily audio & visual alarms (Flashing LED on the lid) - Easy to use LCD display - Remembers your settings every day - Long duration buzzer (30 minutes) sounds continuously until pills are dispensed - 28 tablet compartments each 20% larger than similar dispensers - Unique cost saving solution working with Possum technology range - Warranty: 12 months

Weight & Dimensions (Approx) Weight: 600g Diameter: 190mm

Product Codes: 035-222 Pill Dispenser with RF 035-242 P ill Dispenser without RF (does not send alarm to ARC or pager)

Door / Window Alarm Sensor The door / window alarm sensor can be set up in a number of different ways to trigger an alarm when a door or window is opened and/or closed using the integrated reed switch. An inbuilt clock enables monitoring to be tailored to specific time schedules for example: Alarm can be activated between 7pm – 7am. Alarm disabled 7:01am - 6:59pm.

Weight & Dimensions (Approx)

Product Codes: NE10-07009-01

Length: 85mm Width: 34mm Depth: 24 mm +44 (0)1296 461 000



Intelligent Property Exit Solution

The Intelligent Property Exit Solution allows a person to go outside the property for a predetermined amount of time. It also offers the ability to sound an alarm or connect through to an Alarm Response Centre (ARC) if the door is left open for too long.

- Alarm mute key allows carers to egress property

The system knows the direction of the person going

Advantages of this Unique System

through the door so will know when a person has returned to the property. The Intelligent Property Exit Solution is easy to fit, does not require a PC to program, is passive, non-intrusive and neat. There is a mute button so carers or family members can come and go freely. The system safeguards the property from intruders and theft by preventing the door being left open. It is also possible to program the system to only be active at certain times of day (for example, night time).

Key Features - On Board programming using integral keypad - Real time clock with automatic update for British summer time and wintertime - Inbuilt temperature monitoring


- No tools required for battery replacement - Multifunctional device

(up to 10s before automatic rearming system) - Password protection - Period of operation can be set - Timings for “Door left open” and “Max. time outside” can be set - Radio ID code can be set

- Easy installation – complete kit provided - No need for PC/ Tablet or programming interface to install - Time saving for installation team - Tidier installation for service users - Radio ID Code configuration means existing door alarms can be replaced easily without having to reconfigure Carephone or pager systems - Fewer false alarms than standard monitoring methods - Can also report local temperature extremes - Customer satisfaction at a tidier install

Product Codes: 035-278 P roperty exit sensor kit (Infopager and docking station not included) +44 (0)1296 461 000

Learning Disability

Learning Disability A learning disability affects the way a person learns new things, understands information and how they communicate throughout their lifetime. According to NHS figures, around 1.5 million people in the UK have a learning disability. It’s thought up to 350,000 people have a severe learning disability. This figure is increasing. At Possum we offer a range of solutions to assist both those living with a learning disability and those who support them.


Learning Disability

ProTECtor: Staff Protection System

ProTECtor is an integrated solution for staff safety, raising alarms in the case of an emergency, with precise information on the location of the caller.

Key Features

The care staff member carries a pager which has the

- Can be easily expanded to include new members

capability to raise an alarm if required. This alarm then goes to other pagers in the system notifying the position of the staff member requesting assistance so the other staff members can go to the right place to help them. The Nurse Call Logger records alarms that have been raised. The person responding can add notes to say the issue has been resolved, providing a permanent information trail.

- Can be integrated into a wider Technology Enabled Care systems. - Cheaper and easier to install than wired systems. of staff or additional equipment. - We can offer Service Level Agreements commensurate with the system.

Advantages over an Infra-Red System - IR limited to line of sight to detectors. - IR requires additional wiring. - No redundancy when system malfunctions.

Product Codes: N/A These systems are individually configured to the customers requirements. The picture above is an example of the products that could be included.


+44 (0)1296 461 000


Epilepsy Epilepsy is a complex condition that affects over 600,000 people across the UK, many of whom are children and young adults. The good news is that technological advancement has created a wide variety of Epilepsy alarms and sensors that can help both those with Epilepsy and their carers. These include wrist worn devices to monitor heart rate, and provide an indication that a seizure might be starting soon and bed mats that can raise an alarm in the case of a seizure.




The Epi-Care wrist worn sensor was the worlds first wrist worn epilepsy sensor manufactured by epilepsy specialists Danish Care.

Key Features

With over 1,000 hours of clinical data and over 6 years of

- Can be worn on either wrist or ankle

sales in the UK this product has been proven to do what it says it is capable of.

Product Codes: 035-080

Epi-Care Free Kit (as pictured above)


Epi-Care Free (Tunstall compatible)


Epi-Care Free (Tynetec compatible)


Epi-Care Free (Chubb compatible)

035-080C/T Epi-Care Free (Bosch Telealarm compatible)

- Using a 3-dimensional accelerometer and bluetooth technology the device is triggered by tonic-clonic/grand mal seizures - Less false alarms and more reliable than bed-based solutions - Plug and Play technology - Easy to use - Frequency: Bluetooth - Range: 20m from wrist worn to control box - Up to 400m from control box to carephone or pager - Out of range alerts sent - Inbuilt rechargeable battery - Battery life from a single charge is 23 hours and charging takes 1 hour - Battery is expected to last 2 years before requiring a replacement battery


+44 (0)1296 461 000

Epi-Care is a unique epilepsy medical alert bracelet that detects tonic-clonic seizures.


Epi-Care Mobile

Product Code: 1010070 Now includes phone

It is suitable for anyone over 10 years old. With a discreet and modern design, the wrist worn Epi-Care epilepsy alert bracelet is an unobtrusive to the needs of many people living with epilepsy. The lightweight epilepsy sensor is worn on the wrist and can be worn throughout the day and night. It needs just 1 hour to charge. The advanced 3-axis accelerometer can detect convulsions and vibrations that occur during seizures. The algorithm embedded within the system can differentiate between a seizure and the movement of everyday activities.

+44 (0)1296 461 000



Alert-It Guardian One of our most advanced epilepsy monitors. The Guardian is designed to support multiple seizure types. Used by many in a professional care environment, respite and educational facilities because of its easy integration and adaptability.

Product Code: 035-144

Alert-It Companion Ideal for support of tonicclonic seizures as well as situations that manifest sounds, vomiting or incontinence. It can also warn of possible danger if the user gets out of bed or stays out too long. Perfect for domestic or professional use.

Product Code: 035-143


+44 (0)1296 461 000

This bed sensor based system is designed to detect micro movements associated with tonic-clonic seizures. A large thin sensor mat is placed under the user’s mattress and can detect when a person has continued abnormal movements over a pre-set period of time and then raises



Key Features - Pager option - ideal for a home or nursing environment - Careline alarm option - perfect for someone who spends long periods alone - Sensitivity adjustment - Can be used as a bed occupancy sensor

an alert.

- Can be battery backed up in case of mains failure

The Emfit Control Unit has a built in audible alarm which

- Easy setup

will sound during a seizure which is ideal where a carer or parent is in the same room. You can also connect a pager or careline alarm to the Emfit epilepsy bed sensor.

+44 (0)1296 461 000

- Compatible with nursecall systems

Product Code: NE10-04008-02


Care Homes

Care Homes More than a quarter of a million people in the UK live in Care Homes. Care Homes look after disabled and elderly people with varying requirements. We offer a range of products to support both residents and their carers in the care home. We have a suite of products to prevent and detect falls, track the location of residents, sense temperature and enuresis, call for help and log Nurse calls.


Nursecall Logger and display equipment is a product capable of capturing, displaying and logging alarm transmissions which use the Neat Radio protocol. Nursecall Logger is a valuable management tool as it has the capability to e-mail logs of all alarm events to designated persons allowing manipulation of data.

Key Features

Care Homes

Nursecall Logger

The RF Hub receives all valid alarm signals from either Possum or Neat peripheral devices transmitted on 869.2 MHz and relays these to the tablet via a Bluetooth interface. The Android app translates the specific radio data and displays pertinent information about the alarm on the tablet display. Both the RF Hub and Tablet are battery backed and will provide a minimum of 8 hours operating on battery power in the event of a power failure.

Weight & Dimensions (Approx) Weight: 50g

- Date and time of alarm events and their assignment to individuals

Length: 870mm Width: 150mm

- Who responded to the event either by inputting information on the display or by remote means using an Infopager

Product Codes:

- Differentiation of alarm types

034-911 Nursecall Logger Kit

- The priority of alarm events

035-372 Tablet Holder floor stand for 034-911

- Status of current alarms

035-373 Tablet Holder counter stand for 034-911

- The unit is modular in design and is provided as a kit

034-915 Nursecall Logger kit with 10� GSM (phone)

containing the following:

tablet. (SIM card not included)

- Tablet (and PSU) - RF Hub

+44 (0)1296 461 000


Care Homes

Wall Family

3 1







The Wall Family are a range of powerful wireless nurse call units, which offer a flexible and powerful yet simple solution for visually and audibly alerting nursing staff to calls from patients. They can all be linked to our extensive range of products. Also available with an anti-ligature pull cord string.

Product Codes: 1. NE10-11017-01 Isolator switch 2. NE10-11207-01 Single button alarm point 3. NE10-11213-01 3 button alarm point 4. NE10-11205-01 Single pear input alarm point 5. NE-10-11209-01 Single pear input/Single button alarm point 6. NE10-11211-01 Pull cord alarm point 7. NE10-11218-01 Single button/Pull cord alarm point 8. NE10-11013-01 Peripheral/Sensor interface



3 Push & Pear kit


3 Push kit, Standard


Wall frame 16mm pattress box - Surface mount (Not Pictured)


Net 206C (Pear Push Unit)


Anti-ligature pull cord


Anti-ligature pull cord & ceiling rose +44 (0)1296 461 000

Care Homes

Bedroom Privacy System

The Bedroom Privacy System enables an alert to be raised if an unauthorised person enters the bedroom whilst ensuring authorised people can move freely.

Key Features

The threshold of the door is monitored in a non-invasive

- The system works with our Nursecall Logger, enabling

way. This detects unauthorised access to the room, whilst allowing Care Staff and other permitted guests to enter. If an unauthorised person enters the room, an alert is sent to staff pagers and the Nursecall Logger displaying the location of the alert so the Care Staff can go straight to that bedroom to help.

- The system is not invasive, it can be discreetly mounted and doesn’t require any residents to wear any sort of device. incidents to be recorded, with the ability to record notes explaining how the issue was resolved, providing notes to help with CQC requirements.

Product Code: 034-917 E xcludes REPO+ and Infopager + Docking Station

The incident is recorded in the Nursecall Logger, helping with requirements for the CQC.

+44 (0)1296 461 000


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