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Canterbury School Class of 1968 50th Reunion June 8-10, 2018



John Corroon, Jr.


Education: Franklin & Marshall College, 1972 B.A. History, Minor Business After Canterbury, I attended Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA with several of my C-Bury mates among them, Shef Halsey and Mac MacBride. I majored in History with a minor in Business. As we all know, and regardless of what campus we were all on, it was an interesting period on college campuses.

Military Service: I did not serve in the US Military although was invited (so to speak) to participate in the 1969 military draft when I was 19. As we will all recall, the draft was based on birthdays; mine was pulled at #285 - pure luck - long after my couch mates, watching in terror at Chi Phi, my frat house, were pulled #2 and #50. Interesting times. Work/Career History: After a couple of long years of getting traction following college (trying to be a pro-photographer, working as a guide at the Bronx Zoo, a commercial real estate broker in Manhattan, and other follies), I started at General Reinsurance in Jan, 1976 launching what turned out to be a 40 year career in the insurance industry. I then moved to a reinsurance intermediary firm in 1979, then onto a stint at Lloyd’s of London which was a great experience as you can well imagine. The English, at least back then in the early ’80’s, were the original work/life balance guys - lot of fun. I returned to NYC with another reinsurance intermediary, and finally in 1989 moved to Conning & Company in Hartford. It was here that I changed careers transitioning into the institutional investment management business serving the insurance industry. And, there I stayed for 27 years in a senior role building Conning’s investment management business. It was a great ride and experience with way more good days than bad. After we sold the company, I enjoyed a natural retirement, and departed in May, 2016. After a year of goofing off and traveling, I re-engaged and work now about 3 days a week helping to build the commercial business of the Center for Education, Simulation & Innovation, a unit of Hartford HealthCare. A lot of fun. Family: I got a bit of a late start in this category having married at 34 in 1985 to Julie who is my every day inspiration to this day. We have 33 wonderful years under our belts, not to mention two great kids, Maxwell 28 (digital content management in NYC) and Claire 27 (Vanderbilt MBA program). Both are confident, successful and happy young adults which is all parents can ask for. No grandkids yet, of course, but Maxwell is getting married this September so we’re going in the right direction.

Interests: Well, now that I’m semi-retired more or less, I have the time to indulge in things that I either used to do or now want to do: sports (working out, skiing, playing golf, road biking, walking); stone sculpture, beer brewing, reading and birdwatching (kind of like hunting with binoculars), etc. Special Travels: In my work career, I think I went to just about every American city of note and some clearly not of note DeRidder, LA comes to mind - not to mention London and several European cities. So I don’t miss that kind of travel much. Otherwise, in addition to shorter trips around the US, Julie and I are now starting to build out our pleasure travel portfolio having recently visited the Czech Republic, Austria, and Italy. I shouldn’t forget my golf junkets to Ireland, Scotland and England. We’ve got big plans especially for Europe, so stay tuned! Narrative and Reflections: Overall - I’d have to say looking back, Canterbury was great experience - not every day but definitely. After 50 years, my memory is a bit selective but I distinctly remember feeling much more academically and personally prepared than others when I arrived at F&M and, as it turns out, in life after that. I think that was pretty much all C-Bury. Lasting influences - I think are: my strong interest in wanting to learn new things especially history; an ability to write, think analytically (or try to), and speak publicly with comfort. I’d add that, although I’ve developed an appetite for hard work and perseverance over the years, the foundation was put in place during ’64-’68. And, although I’ve strayed, but I’ve always felt that I’m still on the Catholic “team” - the religious foundation I got at C-Bury had an impact however subtle now. People - In no particular order: John Coffin spraying the rink in the dead of night to make ice, Jules Viau, thwacking me in the back of the head in French class telling me he’d never seen somebody fall asleep with his eyes open; Father Greenan and the sounds of weights being lifted at night; Jim Briggs and his very interesting manner of speaking (he once asked Tuckie, who’s mother had just had a hip operation, “how’s your hip mother?”) and, of course, Bob Wray and his famous double grip on the back of your neck - “The Sheriffial” which you all recall fondly. A story about this - as life would have it, Sheriff Bob’s daughter, who grew up on campus, is now a neighbor and close friend. She had Bob to dinner where I ran into them and, yes, I rendered unto him The Sherrifial! He loved it! No demerits for me. It was a great moment all around especially as he was in poor health at that time. Needless to say, there were many great role models for us. Memories - Random as they may be: the scent of the end of summer on those hot September days when we first returned to the Hill; mystery meat for dinner; Mark Borland slurping two raw eggs from a glass for breakfast; seriously awkward dances; the fun of South House with Tuckie, Reils, Gary Glenn and everyone else; Max Mannix and all others involved the now infamous cow escapades at graduation - a classic! Thank you! - I also want to thank Mike Meserole for his absolutely outstanding job as the main organizer of our 50th. With his relentless research and very funny writing, Mez has, at least for me and I’m sure many of us, unlocked many memories of our classmates and days at C-Bury. Without his herculean efforts, some of us, I suspect, may not have made the trek back to the Hill. And, we certainly would not be as well primed to enjoy each other’s company looking back on our C-Bury years over the arc of time and, of course, forward to the future.

Michael Deegan


Education: Stanford University, 1972 B.A. History University of Wyoming, 1980 Juris Doctorate Work/Career History: Deputy County Attorney, Carbon County Attorney Office, Rawlins, Wy. 1980-1987; Rawlins Municipal Judge, Rawlins, Wy. 19831988; Private Practice of Law, Rawlins, Wy. 1983-1988; County Court Judge, Gillette, Wy. 1988-1994; Candidate for Wyoming Secretary of State (Democrat), 1994; Private Practice of Law, Gillette, Wy. 1995-2002; Representative (Democrat), Wyoming House of Representatives, Cheyenne, Wy. 1997-2002; Clerk, 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals (Judge Terrence L. O'Brien), Denver, Co. 2002-2005; District Judge, Sixth Judicial District, Gillette, Wy. 2005-Present. Spouse: Jo Dee Deegan Children: Theresa Grandchildren: Samantha and Brian Great-Grandchildren: Jaxon and Leighton Hobbies or Special Interest: Spending time with family, pets and friends, reading, hiking, camping, following politics. Special Travels: We spend our off-time at our bungalow in the southeast California desert (Salton Sea). Please share your favorite or most poignant Canterbury memory: Appearing before the Screw Crew junior year because I had left early for spring break (the night before) in the company of Ed Wallace, senior, who had a car on campus left there by his parents to use to travel home. We were busted when we missed head count the next morning at breakfast. Apart from this infraction, I was a diligent student and good boy. Announcing to Mr. Sheehan after spring break in 1968 that I would be leaving school to work in the RFK Presidential Campaign in New York. He took it well, requiring only that I produce a report on my experience, which I dutifully did. Please share what is most important to you as you look back over the past 50 years and how Canterbury most influenced your life. I survived, and I remain a Catholic.

John D’Esopo Education: University of Vermont, 1972 B.A. Purdue University, 1976 DVM

Work/Career History: Veterinarian, private practice, 1976 - present Spouse: Pamela D’Esopo Children: Dorina and Giuliana Please share your favorite or most poignant Canterbury memory: Tuesday, November 9: the day of the Great Northeast Blackout of 1965. New Milford went dark at about seven pm, so there was no study time after dinner. The following morning, power was restored before breakfast. I had first period Spanish class with Mr. Hebert (the Bear/el Oso). He called on Chris Rayborg for the homework translations. Rayborg was incredulous. He responded that he couldn't do the assignment because the power was out. Mr. Hebert then asked whether anyone had done the homework. He got a collective, "No, sir." Mr. Hebert then leaned over his desk and said, "Well, the sun rose, didn't it?" We all got a zero for the day. Life lesson from a school man who once told me that my Spanish composition "wasn't worth a dog's pee hole in the snow." I became a veterinarian. John D'Esopo, '68

Grayson Drexel


Education: University of Denver, 1972 B.A. English Literature, Minor Education

Work/Career History: 1973-1981 Holubar Mountaineering Design, manufacture and marketing of mountaineering and climbing products. Retail specialty sales outdoor equipment, store manager 1977-1980 1981-2017 Financial Advisor / Sr Vice President Investments PIM Portfolio Manager Presently happily retired Spouse: Linda Drexel Children: Allison, Matthew, and Emily Grandchildren: Mason, Annabelle, and Willa Hobbies or special interests: Backcountry Travel Hiking, backpacking, moderate mountaineering Alpine skiing Running (“retired� triathlete) Golf Tennis Acoustic guitar Special travels: Hiking Scottish Highlands Climbing Colorado,s highest peaks Hiking Iceland

Please share your favorite or most poignant Canterbury memory: I think my favorite memories should probably not be recorded here! I’d say I attended at my parents’ insistence and not by choice. But despite myself I had some great times and made good friends. I started playing guitar sophomore year and still play. I really enjoyed Varsity soccer, we were a good team. I learned about faith, and got an excellent education. It is too hard to pick out any single most poignant moment, but the interaction with faculty during the last days of senior year, where suddenly the teachers became more friends than masters stand out. They were happy for me, that I’d made it through to the end. At Canterbury I learned to lay the foundation for what has been a happy and productive life. Please share what is most important to you as you look back over the past 50 years and how Canterbury most influenced your life. Recognizing guiding principles for the rest of my life began at Canterbury. My Canterbury education prepared me for success and gave me advantages to attain that success. I learned to get along with people and I learned patience and empathy. I have been blessed because of those 4 difficult years.

Lawrence Goode


Education: Rollins College, 1972 B.A. History & Public Affairs, Minor Education Work/Career History: 1972 - 74, Teacher at Edgewater H.S., Orlando, FL 1974 - 79 Sales Rep, E. S. Dygert Co, Minneapolis, MN 1979 - 87 Product Manager, Gen'l Sales Manager, Marpac Division of Mark Controls Corp 1987 - 2009 - Owner/CEO RT/Dygert Int'l 2009 - present President, Goode Advisors, Inc. Spouse: Carol DeCesare Goode Children: Laura Goode Cushing Grandchildren: Josiah Lawrence Goode Cushing age 4, Luke Francis Goode Cushing age 3 months

Hobbies or special interests: Cooking, Photography, Bridge, Travel, Golf, Walking, Volunteer at Habitat for Humanity, various Board positions Special travels: Australia/New Zealand, Europe, China, Taiwan. Please share your favorite or most poignant Canterbury memory: Running across the Middle House a junior. Hair freezing in January on the walk from the chapel to dinner. Fr. Greenan's white robes blowing in the wind. Apple cider and brilliant colors in October...and maybe apple jack a couple of weeks later. The cow in South House. Watching Casablanca with Twit. Climbing to the roof of the gym for Astronomy Club w/ Mr. Coffin; not sure that would ever fly today. Walking up the hill to chapel on graduation day. 20 years after graduation, a former roommate apologizing for some pranks he pulled on me as a freshman - a 'sea change' moment at the time and a moment remembered every time I've returned to campus. Please share what is most important to you as you look back over the past 50 years and how Canterbury most influenced your life. The love (sometimes 'tough...with a small T') given by the teachers and especially by all of the spouses to children not their own. Inviting us into their homes on Friday nights to watch TV.

Mike Meserole Education: Union College, 1972 Work/Career History: Advance man N.Y. state politics, sportswriter at newspapers in Pittsfield and Pittsburgh, public TV in Boston, ESPN in early years, packager of sports almanacs, publishing company managing editor, packager of desk calendars, 50th reunion wrangler.

Please share your favorite or most poignant Canterbury memory: The Big Five: 1.-- Rooming two years with Billy Connelly and one with Pete Shea. 2.-- Gordie Lawson's one-man effort to create a varsity wrestling team from scratch. 3.-- During a late January thaw in 1967, driving to T.P. for hockey practice with Mr. Coffin the night of the Apollo 1 fire and talking about space travel as we moved through the dark under a full moon. 4.-- Mr. Clarke's joyous lecture (sophomore year?) on medieval architecture. "Gentleman, behold the flying buttress." Or words to that effect. 5.-- Twenty-one years after sitting together at Mr. Russell's table the first week or two of freshman year, Charley Monagan asked me if I was okay with being godfather of his first-born, John. Best appointment ever.

Borrowed these grandkids from my brother Cork, who gr aduated in 1961. This snap of me with Dakota and Carson Bartley, and Steijha Meserole was taken the summer of 2011, shortly after Cork’s class celebrated its 50th Reunion.

John Milne Education: École Mudra, Brussels, 71-73 (dance & theatre studies) Birkbeck College, University of London, 81-83 (English Lit first class honours) Work/Career History: Ballet du Vingtiéme Siécle, Brussels 73-74 (Boursiére) Lyon Opera Ballet, Lyon France, 74-75 (dancer) English National Ballet, London, 75-76 (dancer) Harkness for Ballet Arts, New York, 76-77 (dancer) Dance Centre, London, 77-78 (teacher) Cambridge School of English, London, 78-81, (EFL teacher) Cambridge School of English, London, 83-84 (asst Principal) The British Council, London, 84-85 (overseas testing service) Cambridge School of English, 86-90 (Principal) Property Developer, 90-15 (refurbishing and building flats and houses in London) Spouse: Helen Milne Children: Alex 28, Ollie 24, and Greg 22

Grandchildren: None yet, but hopeful! Hobbies or special interests: Gardening Carpentry Writing Short Stories Special travels: SE Asia Please share your favorite or most poignant Canterbury memory: Most of my life I’ve assumed I was the only one who didn’t fit in at Canterbury and who didn’t make the most of my time on the hill. Thanks to all the messages being shared for our reunion it’s reassuring to know some of you went through rough patches too and like me probably kept your thoughts to yourselves. Although I’ve lost touch with many of you, Mike’s efforts as reunion anchor man seem to have reformed us into the class of ‘68. Even at this late date I’m learning some important things: that we were all in the same boat together; that even though freshman year was 54 years ago our memories are crystal clear; that I only made it to the finish line with the help of good friends and kind-hearted teachers.

Ever since Tom Riley’s phone call on 18 December my memories of Canterbury have been gradually revised. Hearing from you guys again has brought a sense of resolution I thought would never happen – so thanks to all of you! Please share what is most important to you as you look back over the past 50 years and how Canterbury most influenced your life. I met some great people but Canterbury made me realize I would never send my own children away to boarding school!

Charles Monagan Education: Dartmouth College, 1972 A.B. English Work/Career History: Writing and editing with and for many publications, including newspapers, magazines, books, plays and gubernatorial speechmaking. Spouse: Marcia Monagan Children: John (1985), Matt (1987), and Claire (1990) Please share your favorite or most poignant Canterbury memory: There were highlights and hijinks, of course, but what stays with me these days, clings to me almost, is singing at chapel and then walking down the hill before a big western sky to dinner. Please share what is most important to you as you look back over the past 50 years and how Canterbury most influenced your life. Living in close quarters with others day after day, week after week, month after month, taught me the vital lesson that everyone has a story worth hearing. I am thankful that Canterbury allowed us so many ways to learn that lesson, and explore it, and carry it with us for the rest of our lives. That, and Rod Clarke's European History Map Test, which forever cemented in my mind the relative positions of the Tiber, the Arno and the Po.

John M. Niles Education: University of North Carolina, 1972 B.A. English Middlebury College Bread Loaf School of English, 1979 M.A. English Literature Work/Career History: 1972-'76 Teacher, coach and dorm master at Canterbury School 1976 -'90 Teacher, coach, dorm master and Director of Admission at St Andrew's School, DE 1990 - 2012 Teacher Coach, Director of Admission and Director of Communications at Groton School 2012 - 2017 Senior Consultant at The Baker Group, Holliston, MA Spouse: Kimberley Smith Niles, married January, 1973 Children: Benjamin McCrea Niles, born February 1984 Hobbies or special interests: Acoustic guitars and playing them, classic motorcycles and cars and driving them, golf courses and playing them. Special travels: Graduate degree studies and coaching rowing over my career in boarding schools took me to England many times, and as a result I have become a bit of an anglophile.

Please share your favorite or most poignant Canterbury memory: A favorite Canterbury memory of mine came in fourth form year at sit down dinner on the first night back in the fall. I had left my DC area home knowing that my family would be moving from Rockville, Maryland to some place in Pittsburgh, PA which I would not see until Thanksgiving break. Sitting across from me at Tom Morris' table was a fresh faced new kid who in early casual conversation said he was also a fourth former from, of all places, Pittsburgh. When he asked where I was from, I said well my family was soon to be moving to Pittsburgh, a place called Fox Chapel. "That's where I live," he replied with a bit of a smirk and a chuckle. Much of the remainder of that Fall I spent introducing "Mac" MacBride to his new school, though his affable manner got him settled in easily, and he returned the favor over Thanksgiving break showing me around my new neighborhood north and west of Pittsburgh. Our friendship, though stretched and extended by post C'bury colleges, careers and family would last for some 40 years until his too early departure for the next life.

Please share what is most important to you as you look back over the past 50 years and how Canterbury most influenced your life. I will give my Canterbury experience in its totality the credit for combining into my life the importance of faith (whether expressed in formal worship or carried privately), hard work, honesty and a sense of humor as foundational principles with which to enjoy and withstand the randomness of our lives. For me, Canterbury framed the space that subsequent study, scholarship and experience would furnish and refine. After C'bury I sought a liberal education, not a professional one and that choice led me to a career as teacher, coach, advisor and administrator in boarding schools. Though I departed Canterbury as a student in 1968, in a way I never really left it.

Thomas Q. O’Connor


Education: Georgetown University, 1972 AB/Government Work/Career History: I have spent 31 years in the Financial Services industry, beginning on an inauspicious day, Black Monday, October 19, 1987. In order from the most current: Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Director/Supervisory Analyst, 16 years; Robertson Stephens, VP, Supervisory Analyst, 3 years; Deutsche Bank, VP, Research Compliance Officer, 3 years; Smith Barney, VP, Research Compliance Officer, 9 years Prior career in Journalism: Managing Editor, Trade Magazines, Golf Digest/Tennis, 1 year; Editor, Shopping Centers Today, 4 years; Asst. News Editor, New York Daily News, 10 years

Spouse: Joanmarie O'Connor Children: Thomas W. O’Connor, 37, and Brian M. O'Connor, 34 Grandchildren: Carter James O'Connor, 4, Brodie Quinn O'Connor, 2, and Baby O'Connor, coming soon!

Hobbies or special interests: Tennis, golf, platform tennis Special travels: Ireland, England, Bermuda, road trips around the U.S.

Please share your favorite or most poignant Canterbury memory: The night of the great blackout, Nov. 9, 1965. An unfettered rampage of wild Fourth Formers cascading through the backyards of Wray, Shay and Hebert Houses, replete with blood-curdling war cries and Right Guard blowtorches. The consequence: a day of cleaning desks in the Old Schoolhouse. Arguably, well worth it! Please share what is most important to you as you look back over the past 50 years and how Canterbury most influenced your life. I believe that the Canterbury experience instilled in me a work ethic and provided me an exemplar of integrity and honor that I have tried to carry forward over the last 50 years. The bonds of friendship that were forged on that beautiful hilltop have held fast over time and have provided a framework that I was able to build upon, both personally and professionally.

Kendall J. Phillips


Education: University of Miami, Coral Gables, 1972 B.A. History Nova Southeastern University, 1977 Juris Docorate Work/Career History: I have practiced law in the State of Florida for 40 years. I was chief assistant public defender in Ft. Lauderdale and Ft. Pierce before I entered private practice as a sole practitioner providing representation in criminal and civil cases. I am currently employed as general counsel/professor of aviation law at Aviator College of Aeronautical Science & Technology and adjunct faculty of law at Indian River State College's Criminal Justice Institute in Ft. Pierce. I am also a trainer for the Department of Homeland Security at IRSC's National Preparedness Institute with regard to 4th Amendment considerations in radiological and nuclear detection cases. I also offer specialized training courses for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement pertaining to organized crime and RICO prosecutions and defenses. I am adjunct faculty of law. Spouse: Linda Phillips Children: Jennifer Hobbies or special interests: Instructing our many international students with regard to U.S. Constitutional applications pertinent to them while attending the college. Special travels: My wife, daughter and I experienced a three week road trip through England, Wales and Scotland, navigating while driving ourselves in a right hand drive, manual transmission, mini van. We also enjoyed a Mediterranean cruise that allowed us to learn about the history and cultures of seven countries. Please share what is most important to you as you look back over the past 50 years and how Canterbury most influenced your life. My social, spiritual and educational interactions with Fr. Greenan particularly during senior year. This relationship strengthened my resolve to accomplish my objectives and prepared me for any future adversity I might experience.

John R. Rathgeber


Education: Colgate University AB, 1972 Suffolk University Law School, 1976 Juris Doctorate Work/Career History: After law school, I began a 38 year career with the Connecticut Business & Industry Association (CBIA), the last ten as its president & CEO. CBIA is a statewide trade association that represents the business community before state and federal governments. In addition to lobbying, it provides its members with an array of products and services including the nation’s oldest and largest health exchange for small business. Spouse: Susan Rathgeber Children: Brad, Reed, and Geoffrey Hobbies or special interests: Special interests: closing the achievement gap in public education and American art. Hobbies: travel, hiking and golf. Special travels: Walking trips through England, Scotland, Central Europe, and, most recently, New Zealand. Please share your favorite or most poignant Canterbury memory: English classes with “wild” Bill Dalton, geometry with Weldon Knox and the kind gentle spirit of Father Greenan. Please share what is most important to you as you look back over the past 50 years and how Canterbury most influenced your life. My family, Susan and I are blessed with a great marriage and grown children who lead productive and interesting lives. If I hadn’t gone to Canterbury, I probably wouldn’t have gone to Colgate, where I met Susan.

Thomas T. Riley


Education: Stanford B.S. 1972 Harvard MBA 1975 Work/Career History: Oilfield business based in Europe 1976-1980 Export business with my brother 1980-1984 Various tech companies in Silicon Valley CA 1985-2004 US Ambassador to Morocco 2004-2009 Global IT company 2009-2011 Utility scale solar company 2011-2018 Retired just in time for Canterbury 50th Reunion On several non-profit boards Spouse: Nancy Riley Children: Aili and Julia Grandchildren: Addison, Avery, Riley, Johnny and one on the way July 2018 Hobbies or special interests: Golf International business and organizations

Please share your favorite or most poignant Canterbury memory: Nothing stands out but very fond memories of the whole experience and classmates. Have bumped into and kept in touch with many outside of reunions, including: Monagan, Mannix, Kavanagh, Deegan (at Stanford), and recently Ricky Donnelly. By sheer chance bumped into Cofer Black in Somalia in the 80's and we later served together in the State Department, even presiding over official ceremonies in Morocco --- very small world.

Peter Shea


Education: University of Virginia B.A. 1972 University of Virginia MBA 1978 Work/Career History: Investment banker with Craigie Incorporated/BB&T Capital Markets, Richmond, VA. Manager of Public Finance Department. 1978-2005. Hobbies or special interests: College basketball fanatic

Paul Tucker Education: Williams College, 1972 B.A. History of Art and History Yale University Ph.D. 1979, M.A. 1975 Work/Career History: After Canterbury, I spent four memorable years at Williams College, where Twitter had been for a year as Dean of Freshman and Director of Athletics in the late 1940s, as Mez so brilliantly reminded us. I saw Kevin Reilly with some frequency during that time as he had gone to rival Amherst, an hour and a half away. I also stayed in close contact with Jack Corroon who became godfather to our son Jonathan. (Jack later generously offered me the same role for his son Maxwell.) I continued to date Maggie who had come to our senior prom. We married in 1973 during my first semester at Yale where I was pursuing a Ph.D. in the history of art which I had become fascinated with at Williams following a summer in Florence taking courses with professors associated with Sara Lawrence and the University of Michigan. I wrote a doctoral dissertation on Claude Monet’s classic Impressionist paintings of the 1870s that became a book and sealed a tenure position at the University of Massachusetts Boston where I taught for thirty-six years until my retirement in 2014. Along the way, I was invited to teach at Williams as the Clark Visiting Professor, at The Institute of Fine Arts which is the graduate program at NYU, and at the University of California Santa Barbara. Family: Maggie and I were fortunate to have two wonderful children, Jonathan (now 36, married to Tara Ahamed, and living in Los Angeles) and Jennie (32, single, and also in Los Angeles, hence our move from Boston to Santa Barbara four years ago). We likewise had the privilege of living in Paris for a number of sabbatical years and virtually every summer in the 1970s and ‘80s as I worked on various projects—books, articles, and international art exhibitions that were staged in museums here in the states (Boston, Chicago, Washington, Hartford) and abroad (London, Tokyo, Nagoya, and Hiroshima). We also spent a sabbatical in Santa Fe in the mid-1990s where I holed up to write a book and happily reconnected with Jay Stein. (This was where Jonathan launched his acting career getting his first role in a European-based movie that was shot throughout New Mexico.) Reflections: I could never have imagined being an academic when I entered Canterbury. The idea of writing books seemed impossible. But I had a great model in my grandfather who taught history at Columbia for forty plus years. Indeed, we used one of his many textbooks our freshman year; I can still remember the room in the school house where the class was held. Down the stairs, first on the left. Jim Briggs was our teacher. I also couldn’t imagine becoming the old guard. But here we are. And how great it is that we are able to celebrate such a historic occasion even if our gratitude might be paired with a healthy dose of disbelief.

(Left to right) Jennie, Paul, Maggie, Jonathan, Tara, and pet Rothko.

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Fun On the Hill

Class of 1968 Memory Book  
Class of 1968 Memory Book