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Dog Days of Summer Homemade Treats For Your Dog Plants Your Pup Should Avoid

Fat Bombs: The New Healthy Dessert. Yes, Really!

5 Plants That Beat The Heat

Summer is for Slowing Down When it comes to gardening, we have to think a season ahead, don’t we? It’s hard sometimes to slow down and appreciate the present. I think it’s important, though, that we savor all the goodness that summer gives us. I love cooking with the abundance of tomatoes, eggplant, okra, peppers, and other goodies from the garden. As we enter the dead of summer here in the South, I am forced to slow down. As someone who likes to be busy, that can be difficult, but I’m reminded of this passage from John Lubbock’s The Use of Life: "Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the blue sky, is by no means a waste of time.” For these next couple of months, I’d like to take more time sitting in the shade of the Big Sister Oak with a good book and watching sunsets from the sleeping porch. What are you going to do this summer to break out of the go-go-go of your daily routine?

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Table of Contents

Summer Pawty 8

Plants Your Dog Should Avoid 20

DIY Personalized Pots 26

Adding Essential Oils to your Plant Hanger 36

5 Plants That Beat The Heat 39

Fat Bombs 46

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"In summer, the song sings itself." — William Carlos Williams




A special thank you to CARE (Central Arkansas Rescue Effort for Animals)! They brought some friends from the Paws in Prison Program for Duncan and Miss Chatty to play with for the day. There are many great dogs (and cats) available for adoption through CARE.


Who says backyard parties and barbecues are just for humans? Duncan and Miss Chatty decided to host a little PAWty of their own for their four-legged friends.



Like all good hosts, they thought of everything, from handmade treats to cucumber water, a tasty refreshment on this hot summer day.


They spent the afternoon running through bacon-flavored bubbles...



and cooling off in the sprinkler.


When it was all said and done, each guest took home their tennis ball party favor, and Duncan and Miss Chatty retired for a well-deserved nap.



All tuckered out. They PAWtied hard!


Sweet Dog Treats

Spoil your pup with these delicious, all-natural treats. Click on each photo for the recipes.

Apple & Peanut Butter Pupcakes

(Photo credit: Rebecca Hubbell of Sugar & Soul)



Frozen Coconut Oil & Blueberry Dog Treats (Photo credit: Jessica Holoka of Living La Vida Holoka)


Help Your Dog Beat the Heat They’re not called the “dog days of summer” for nothing. Sometimes it’s too hot for your dog to do anything but lie around. I have a few simple rules for making sure your dog enjoys the summer.

1. Add ice to your dog’s water bowl. 2. Put a fan out where your dog can go sit in front of it if he’s feeling hot. 3. Do not leave your dog in the car, even with the windows cracked and even if it’s just for a few minutes. 4. Walk your dog in the morning and/or evening and avoid hot pavement so her paws don’t get burned. If you’re going to walk for a while, bring a portable water bowl or bottle to keep her hydrated. 5. If you are leaving your dog outside for longer than a few minutes, make sure he has access to shade (a dog house does not count, as it prevents air circulation) and plenty of water. 6. Don’t muzzle your dog. She needs to pant to regulate her body heat to prevent heat stroke/death. 7. Fill a kiddie pool with water for your dog to wade in, or you can leave a cool, wet towel for him to lie on. 8. Go swimming! You both get exercise and stay cool.




Most Poisonous Plants for Dogs 20


I've found that dogs tend to have a sense about what to eat and what to avoid. I've always had these plants in my garden and never had a problem with any of my pets getting sick. That being said, I think it's a good idea to monitor your dog when you first introduce these plants into your landscape.

English Ivy




Aloe Vera

Azalea Elephant Ear

Click here to see Simple Wag's full list of poisonous plants for dogs...


Photography by For the Love of It

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“Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.” — Sam Keen







Decorated Terra Cotta Pots



- Terra cotta pots

- White chalkboard paint - Rubber bands - Circle stickers - Acrylic paint


(We used white, pink,

purple, and black.)




2 4 1 INSTRUCTIONS: Start with a terra cotta pot spray painted with white chalkboard paint.

Version 1: Paint the rim of the pot pink or the color of your choice. Let it dry. Cut circle stickers in half and place on the rim of the pot to create a scalloped edge. After you place the stickers on the pot, paint the whole pot with white acrylic paint. Wait for it to dry. Then remove the stickers to reveal the pink scalloped edge. Version 2: Place rubber bands around the pot in any order or design that you’d like. Paint over the section of rubber bands with the color of your choice. Once the paint is dry, remove the rubber bands. Version 3: Paint the bottom of your pot black. Once the paint has dried, place your rubber bands around the bottom of the pot. Then paint that section white. Once dry, remove the rubber bands. Version 4: Dip the bottom end of your paint brush in black paint to create dots on the pot.


“Coming to the farm takes us back to a kinder and gentler time. The wonderful spirit and heart of the entire staff make you a very special bunch of folks.”

-Amanda Heidt

LUNCH TOURS Gather friends and family this autumn season. Tour the abundant gardens and Allen’s private home, then sit down to a garden-to-table dining experience featuring recipes selected from Allen’s best-selling cookbook.



Thursdays & Fridays September - November $96.75 PER PERSON (All applicable taxes included)

Space is limited. Check available dates and buy your reservations at pallensmith.com/tours. You can also email gardenhome@pallensmith.com or call 501.519.5793 to make your reservation!

Flowers that Flourish in Sun & Shade

Garden success has never been simpler with easy-to-grow SunPatiens. The thick petals and tough foliage are less prone to disease, and strong, sturdy stems tolerate high heat and humidity, rain, and adverse weather conditions. Find SunPatiens online or at your local Garden Center, Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Walmart store.

Grow memories

beauty.provenwinners.com I N S P I R A T I O N / A D V I C E / I D E A S

Unearth this year’s inspiration for your garden online or by requesting our FREE Gardener’s Idea Book at www.provenwinners.com. Or talk with one of our gardening enthusiasts by calling 815-895-8130. Look for Proven Winners in our distinctive containers at independent garden centers across the country and The Home Depot or buy online at provenwinners.com.

All-Natural Mosquito Repellent MATERIALS: - 1 4-ounce spray bottle - 2 ounces distilled water - 1 ounce witch hazel or vodka - 25 drops lemongrass essential oil - 25 drops eucalyptus essential oil INSTRUCTIONS: Pour the water into the spray bottle. Add the witch hazel or vodka. Add the essential oils and shake well.


Road Trip Playlist There’s nothing like hitting the open road to discover a place you’ve never been before or visit an old favorite. Half the fun is getting there. For me, that means having good music and good company on the drive. I’ve put together some of my all-time favorite songs that make me want to roll the windows down and sing out loud!

Click here to listen.


LISTEN TO THE MUSIC The Doobie Brothers






CAN'T STOP THE FEELING Justin Timberlake









9. WILDFLOWERS Dolly Parton 10. AIN'T NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT Robert Randolph & The Family Band 11. TAKE IT EASY Eagles




essential oil

in your macramé plant holder Did you know your new plant hanger can do

For a calming effect, my favorite oils are lavender,

double duty as an air freshener? Wooden beads,

geranium, bergamot, jasmine, and sandalwood. If

like the ones on our plant holders, absorb

you’re going for an energizing effect, try rosemary,

essential oils, adding a wonderful scent to your

lemongrass, peppermint, eucalyptus, and ginger.

room or office. Place a few drops of your favorite essential oil on each bead and wait a minute or so

Make sure that any wood beads you use are

for the bead to absorb the oil.

unpainted and uncoated. If you are going to add beads to your macramé plant hanger, clay and lava

Some essential oils have more staying power than

beads are other good options as well.

others, so reapply as needed. When one scent fades, you can change it up by using a different type of oil.


Crescent Ad

Globe Amaranth (Gomphrena)

5 Heat Tolerant


for Color in Late Summer & Fall No one wants a brown flower bed. To keep your garden full of color, you need blooms that can beat the heat! By selecting the right plants for my climate, I don’t have to work as hard to keep the garden looking good during the dog days of summer. These plants will survive the heat and produce colorful blooms or foliage with staying power up to and, in some cases, through the fall.


Coleus and Floss Flower (Ageratum houstonianum)

Globe Amaranth (Gomphrena) - I love these little

Stonecrop (Sedum) - Sedums are a classic choice for

pom-pom flowers! Not only are they tough in the heat

low water gardens and come in both spreading and

and attract butterflies, but they also make great cut

upright forms. They put on a spectacular autumn show

or dried flowers. There are plenty of colors to choose

with abundant blooms.

from, and you’ll have blooms until the first frost. Heuchera - You’ll be amazed at the variety of colors Floss Flower (Ageratum houstonianum) - Just when it

and patterns available with such an easy care plant. I

looks like summer’s heat has convinced every flower

love that it’s a native plant, and I’ve used just about

in my garden to close up shop, I am never surprised to

every color you could imagine, from chartreuse to ones

see ageratum in full bloom. This little annual produces

that appear almost black.

soft blue flowers from spring through the first hard freeze, so I can rely on the staying power of its color in

Coleus - Coleus is so striking! There are so many color

my borders.

and texture variations to choose from, and they are a good option for sun or shade.




“Container gardening is the perfect way for anyone getting started in their first garden or looking to enhance their existing home and garden design. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, Crescent Garden has a well-designed variety of lightweight decorative containers that translates to quality, durability and style.� From my garden to yours, happy planting!

P. Allen Smith Sedum


HARVESTING THE SUMMER GARDEN & PLANNING FOR FALL Although we are still fully entrenched in summer, autumn is just around the corner. While I love the cooler fall months, I’m trying to soak up as much time as I can in the summer garden and am also enjoying the bounty of the harvest.



'Charger' Tomato

WHAT I’M HARVESTING NOW With so many ripe tomatoes in the garden, it seems I’ve been eating tomatoes at almost every meal lately. ‘Red Pride’ is one of my favorite varieties for slicing and putting on sandwiches. The ‘Sweet Hearts’ grape tomatoes are perfect on salads or by the handful for a little snack while I’m out in the garden. By the end of the growing season, I usually have more tomatoes than I can eat before they go bad. I like to dry them so that I have flavorful tomatoes to use in recipes during the winter. The meatier the fruit, the better it is for drying, like the 'Charger' tomato. This process can be done in the sun or in the oven. Click here for the 'Sweet Hearts' Tomato Salad recipe.


‘Orange You Sweet'

Click here for the Stuffed Hungarian Cheese Peppers recipe.

At this point in the summer, it’s prime pepper-pickin’ time as well. I have a pretty even mix of sweet and hot peppers this summer. I like to stuff the sweet ones like ‘Right on Red’ or ‘Orange You Sweet' for an easy, healthy weeknight meal. For the hottest of hot peppers, I’ve got ‘Jalafuego.’ The plant yields large, smooth, dark green fruit that really is the hottest pepper out there. A little goes a long way with cooking. This pepper also inspired my new favorite summer cocktail, the Jalafuego Jalapeño Cucumber Refresher. And who can resist a good salsa? Making salsa at home is a great way to use those extra tomatoes and peppers you have lying around!


Click here for the Jalafuego Jalapeño Cucumber Refresher recipe. Naturally

Click here for the 'Red Pride' Tomato & 'Majestic Red' Pepper Salsa recipe.

LOOKING AHEAD TO FALL In late summer, I sow another round of seeds. I like to plant spinach, lettuces, and other greens so that I have the makings for salads as the temperatures begin to drop. One of my new favorite plants to have in the mix is ‘Miz America’ mustard. They are great in salads as baby greens. But, surprise, they’re not green! ‘Miz America’ leaves are a deep burgundy color on both sides. Growing ‘Miz America’ will give you almost-instant gratification, since the leaves can be harvested just three weeks after the seeds are sown! And 'Miz America' Mustard at 2 weeks

the plants will continue to produce new leaves throughout the season. They have a mild taste that is neither bitter nor spicy, packing a lot of flavor into a little package. For fall, sow the seeds outside 3 to 4 weeks

Click here to view the HomeGrown Seed Collection.

before the first frost. 45


lemon macadamia

(Photo credit: Hayley Ryczek, Health Starts in the Kitchen)



Back in the day, a dessert called a “fat bomb” would have sent the health-conscious running for the hills. Yes, these little sweet treats are chock full of fat, but it’s the kind that’s good for you. For years we heard fat was bad for us. Now, more and more research shows that the right kind of fat, unsaturated fat, can help you maintain a healthy body weight. Fat bombs are popular right now among those following a ketogenic diet but can be good for anyone who wants to indulge their sweet tooth with a low-carb, high fat treat.

GIVE ONE OF THESE SUMMER FAT BOMB RECIPES A TRY! (Click on photo to view recipe.)

chocolate coconut cups

(Photo credit: Carolyn Ketchum, All Day I Dream About Food)

ultimate ice cream

(Photo credit: Leanne Vogel, Healthful Pursuit)

strawberry cheesecake neapolitan (Photo credit: Martina Slajerova, Keto Diet App)

(Photo credit: Craig Clarke, Ruled.me)


Refreshing Sum Rosemary, Grapefruit & Gin

(Photo credit: Kate Wilkinson, Tell Me Tuesday)



(Click on photo to view recipe.)

mmer Cocktails Berry White Wine Spritzer

(click on photo to view recipe)


MEET chatty

Miss Chatty, short for Chatsworth, is named after the Chatsworth House of Derbyshire, England, known for its architecture, grounds, and spectacular gardens. I was friends with Debo, the late Dowager Duchess of Devonshire, so Miss Chatty’s name is a nod to our friendship and love of history and gardens. Miss Chatty and Duncan serve as ambassadors of Moss Mountain Farm. They make frequent appearances and greet guests during tours, private dinners, and gatherings. This is demanding work for the introverted Miss Chatty, so she also joins Duncan for restful naps on sofas, cozy arm chairs, and the number of doggie beds throughout the house. Chatty is quite persistent for anything that resembles food. She becomes a true ham and will begin to dance on her hind legs, paw for attention, and spread a Scottie grin from cheek to cheek. Who can resist that?

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Naturally July/August 2017  

In the summer issue of P. Allen Smith's Naturally, learn all about how you and your canine friends can survive the dog days of summer. We ha...

Naturally July/August 2017  

In the summer issue of P. Allen Smith's Naturally, learn all about how you and your canine friends can survive the dog days of summer. We ha...