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A Guide to Local Shopping & Fun

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Free! June 22 - August 17, 2012 •

Kerrisdale A Guide to Local Shopping & Fun Publisher’s Note There’s nothing like a Kerrisdale summer when the sun is shining, the air is warm and the kids are out of school. It is time to have fun in our backyard! You might recognize our beautiful cover model Reiko Mackenzie, who is currently starring in the reality show The Real Housewives of Vancouver. We share the inside story about this devoted mother of two, who is a supporter of all things Kerrisdale, and is a strong believer in buying and growing food locally. She is delightful and I admit that I am Team Reiko! Since starting this magazine in February, I continually hear wonderful things about Moore’s Bakery. It goes without saying that the baked goods are delicious, however the real ‘treat’ was learning about the incredible family behind this landmark business. Summer is a time for backyard barbecues – pick up some fresh meat from Shaughnessy Selected Fine Meats, fresh baked buns and dessert from Moore’s Bakery. West Coast Liquor Company has a good selection of fine wine, craft beer and premium spirits. To really wow your guests, order a custom plate from Benton Brothers Fine Cheese, or specialty chocolates from Gem Fine Chocolates. Tune up your bike at West Point Cycles, pack a picnic and head to one of Kerrisdale’s many beautiful parks. Elm Park offers many recreational opportunities, including lawn bowling, tennis, and field sports. Fraser River Park is one of the most tranquil and inspiring spots in the area with large rolling lawns perfect for picnicking or flying a kite, and offers beautiful views of the Fraser River. With it’s quiet and shaded plaza, small


June 22 - August 17, 2012

lawn and children’s playground, Kerrisdale Centennial Park is a nice escape, while being conveniently located next to the Kerrisdale Community Centre. Malkin Park is a largely forested area that shelters a small field and playground. How about a challenging game of golf on the fairways and greens of McCleery Golf Course? Located on the banks of the Fraser River adjacent to Vancouver’s only remaining farmland, this golf course is a treasure within the City of Vancouver. The Kerrisdale Business Association brings back its annual Concerts Under the Clock on Saturday afternoons. In this issue we shine the spotlight on one of the community’s perennial favourites bands, Faith & Desire, who inspire people of all ages to dance and sing along to hits from the early days of rock ‘n’ roll through to the present day. I met Julia Smith a couple years ago in her backyard which is home to her chickens and urban garden. I was impressed by her passion and commitment to organic and sustainable growing. This year she will be at the Kerrisdale Farmers Market. I was pleased when she agreed to write an article for us. Plan a Saturday to stroll around the market and shop for farm produce, prepared foods and crafts, and remember to say hello to Julia if you see her. Kerrisdale has plenty of options to keep your kids busy this summer with swimming lessons at Kerrisdale Pool, the summer book club at Kerrisdale Library, classes at Oxford Learning, fun art classes at 4Cats Arts Studio, or an afternoon at Play Palace. However you plan to spend your summer, I hope you find time for the simple pleasures right in our own backyard. Carolynne Palla, PALLA MEDIA


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June 22 - August 17, 2012



A Guide to Local Shopping & Fun

Kerrisdale Take me, I’m

Free! April 20 - June 21, 2012 •

Let Kerrisdale Insider promote your business! Published 6 times per year by Carolynne Palla, PALLA MEDIA: February 17, April 20, June 22, August 17, October 5 and November 23. Distributed by Canada Post to Kerrisdale homes and businesses. Borders stretch from Blenheim to Granville Street/Angus Drive, and from 33rd Avenue to SW Marine Drive. Distribution is 12,000 copies. Mailing address 11839 Dunford Rd, Richmond, BC, V7E 3M6

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Photographer Sandra Steier

Writer & Copy Editor Sarah Gordon

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June 22 - August 17, 2012


June 22 - August 17, 2012




photos by Sandra Steier

hair and makeup by Faye Smith in gymnastics, soccer and martial arts. Reiko enjoys baking and gardening with her daughters and feels a real bond when they share these times together. They have a vegetable garden which they all tend and eat everything they grow. Preparing meals for her family brings Reiko joy and when her children join in she says it fills the food with even more love. She describes her mother as athletic and a fashion inspiration. Her mother has always been there for her, and they have great fun together. Her father is her academic mentor. He encouraged Reiko to achieve top grades at school, and she tells us that for the most part, she succeeded.

In a short time Reiko Mackenzie has gathered a following, as fans tune in to view the television show The Real Housewives of Vancouver. Reiko is a Japanese-Canadian bombshell who spends her spare time studying mixed martial arts and collecting exotic sports cars. Kerrisdale Insider was curious to learn a little more about this Vancouver housewife beyond her television persona. Reiko was born in North Burnaby. Her mother Keiko lives with Reiko and her family. Reiko’s father lives up the street from her, and has two children from his second marriage. She has a brother who lives in Burnaby with his family. Reiko and her husband Sun married in May 2002. Their oldest daughter was born nine months later. Alizée, now 9-years-old, and her 3-year-old sister Ashanti are interested


June 22 - August 17, 2012

Kerrisdale Insider was interested to know what this Vancouver celebrity thinks of Kerrisdale Village. She enjoys the Village’s laid back atmosphere which is removed from downtown’s hustle and bustle. Reiko and her family enjoy attending Kerrisdale Days. She is a fan of Starbucks. She enjoys Shota Sushi & Grill and loves Minerva’s souvlaki. She is fond of Adonia Tea House and is a fan of Cobs ham and cheese croissants, but winks when she says she does not indulge too often. Benton Brothers Fine Cheese accompanies her wine nights at home. White Spot is always a popular pick for her family. Her husband enjoys Purdy’s Chocolates. They buy raw dog food for their 6 month old Newfoundland dog from True Carnivores. For the ladies who want to know Reiko’s beauty hot spots, she gets blow-dries at Flhair Studios, and gets her nails done at Bella Nails & Esthethics Salon. She likes shopping at Buchan’s Stationery, Hobbs Florist, Hills of Kerrisdale and Cowboys & Angels Toy Store. When downtown she is approached far more frequently by people than when she is in Kerrisdale. Reiko confesses that she loves the camera and if people would like a photo, she encourages them to ask. She finds it


more difficult when she is out with her family and is pulled away for photos. Being in the limelight, Reiko has her share of stories. Recently, a young man on the verge of crying approached her as she was getting into her car. He said he felt bad because he had been following her while she was shopping, and then he kindly asked her for a photo. When she agreed he jumped up and down and “was sweet as pie”. Reiko was a little shocked because she didn't realize the affect she had on certain people.

Reiko stays fit by training in martial arts four days a week which includes Muay Thai boxing, Hapkido, samurai sword and offsets these activities with road biking. What are Reiko’s hidden talents? She enjoys singing, acting and performing. She attended film school and has a passion for writing, producing and directing films. Her future plan includes launching her own production company; however she can not divulge more information yet. People may not know that Reiko is deeply spiritual and enjoys meditation. She believes in reincarnation. While in high school she studied mechanics for two years and earned a math scholarship and drama award. Reiko holds a degree in Philosophy from UBC. She ardently believes in supporting local organic farms. How does one become a Real Housewife of Vancouver? Reiko was approached by the production company. It was a closed casting call, meaning they went out seeking the women. Reiko feels that she is portrayed accurately on the program and has no regrets. ...con’t

June 22 - August 17, 2012



How has new found celebrity affected her family? Her family participated frequently in the filming therefore she was able to be with them often. The production crew spent a great deal of time at her house, even very early in the morning, although on the show, it may not appear that way. She finds new demands on her time and wishes that there was more of her to go around, especially as she places great importance on her role as a mother and a wife. She believes in supporting local businesses and non-profit organizations, and if her notoriety can lend a hand she is all for it, however, like many of us, her time is stretched; but that does not stop her from trying. We look forward to seeing what lies ahead for this Real Housewife of Vancouver who can “enter a room and turn heads in her sky-high heels, but in the ring, she’ll take you out.”


June 22 - August 17, 2012


2034 W. 41st Ave ▪ 604-569-3773 ▪

June 22 - August 17, 2012



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June 22 - August 17, 2012



MOORE’S BAKERY by Sarah Gordon

photos by Sandra Steier

There are few things more comforting than the smell of fresh baked goods. Writer Thomas Wolfe said, “You can’t go home again”, yet walking through the door of Moore’s Bakery, it feels like stepping through a portal back in time. I spent some of my childhood years in Kerrisdale and it feels grounding to know that this familiar business still remains. At Moore’s Bakery, the shelves are lined with a variety of breads which catch your attention, while delectable and tempting sweet treats pull your eyes downward to peek inside the glass display cases, where the goodies almost seem to cry out “take me home for your afternoon tea.” If you have the willpower to walk out of Moore’s Bakery empty handed you are a strong person indeed. The traditional pastries, cookies, baked goods, including a good selection of gluten-free baking, and a variety of breads are made from scratch daily in a gigantic industrial oven. Custom decorated cakes and cookies are available by request. Behind the scenes in the large kitchen, owner Archie Kroondyk puts in some incredibly long days to ensure that the baking is done. In fact, he is up at 3:30 a.m. and his day does not finish until 6 p.m.


June 22 - August 17, 2012


Archie Kroondyk is a charming gentleman with a warm smile. He told me that he loves his work and baking has been his life long profession. When he was 15-years-old he got his start as a helper at a bakery in his native Holland. He moved to Nova Scotia with his family when he was 17-years-old, and in 1969 he headed west to explore the west coast. He worked at Woodward’s Bakery and then relocated briefly with his wife Lorelei to her homeland, New Zealand. The Kroondyks have lived in Kerrisdale since 1974. Archie Kroondyk is very fit and enjoys cycling to work, his daughter Sarah Kroondyk jokes that he is a true Dutchman as Holland is known for its large number of cyclists. Sarah Kroondyk has worked in the bakery for as long as she can remember, although she did take a break to pursue a business degree. She has been working at Moore’s fulltime since 1994. A mother of two children, she manages to put in full days at the bakery with the assistance of her mother, who devotedly shuttles her grandchildren back and forth to school and activities. Their son Rob Kroondyk works alongside his father as a baker. Moore’s Bakery has a long and rich history. The original owners, the Moore family, opened

June 22 - August 17, 2012

the bakery in the early 1930s and owned it until 1962. Another baker owned it for the next eight years, and in 1973 the Kroondyk family purchased the business. In 1975 the bakery moved from its original location on W 41st to its present site. The building was formerly the home of the Kerrisdale Theatre in the 1920s. After that it became a post office, and then was renovated to house Moore’s Bakery. Their staff are exceptionally loyal, so much so that they have even had three generations work for them. High school and university students keep the counter brimming with youthful enthusiastic service. Of the twelve staff, five bake full-time including Archie, Sarah and Rob Kroondyk. ...con’t



Customer service is of utmost importance at Moore’s Bakery. They pride themselves on knowing at least fifty percent of their customers by name, and even know their orders. Young families and seniors will often come in on a daily basis. An example is Rosemary Hugh and her friends who come in each day for lunch and to purchase baked goods. The Kroondyks modestly credit both their staff and customers for the bakery’s success. Customers find the familiarity of the bakery comforting, and have come to count on their favourite goodies always being there. For this reason you will find some of the treats from the 1970s still being made, after all, when you have a reputation for the best oatmeal cookies in town, why mess with tradition? If you are not a regular customer, you may not be aware that Moore’s Bakery has a small dining area as they also sell lunch, with two choices of soup daily and made to order fresh sandwiches.

the church. They support community events through the donation of baked goods and gift certificates. They also make the lollapalooza of sheet cakes for Kerrisdale Business Association’s celebration of the Village’s birthday in August. Over 80 years of serving Kerrisdale baked goods, and going strong, Moore’s Bakery is a sweet success which has kept many generations happy as they pause in front of the display case, anticipating what they will take home today! Moore’s Bakery 2128 W. 41st Avenue 604-261-2922

Kerrisdale is a special community which means a lot to this family. They have relationships with many of the merchants who support each other’s businesses. Moore’s Bakery makes a point of giving back to the community through regular donations to the Food Bank and to


June 22 - August 17, 2012


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June 22 - August 17, 2012


June 22 - August 17, 2012








W 37 Ave Trafalgar St

Blenheim St


1991 AD

Kerrisdale Clock





W 41 Ave


Yew St

VIne St

Balsam St

Larch St

Elm St

Mackenzie St

Blenheim St

Carnarvon St


Elm Park

51 Ave W SW





Maple Grove Park


PAINTING ltd. Expect Quality.


Yew St

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Meg Roberts



Yew St







10 9


Kerrisdale Arena



Cypress St

Maple St

East Blvd

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Kerrisdale Parkade



16 42 Ave W

Kerrisdale Community Centre

Kerrisdale Community Centre & Pool

43 Ave W



Granville St

45 Ave W


Bl West

49 Ave W

12 51 Ave W

B st Ea

57 Ave W



es W

St utus Arb

rin Ma


SW r eD








photos submitted

Market Co-ordinator: Jenn Chic It was just last year that the Kerrisdale Farmers Market was a pilot program and now we’re so happy to be getting ready for our first full season. Every Saturday, from July 7th until October 6th, the market pops up from 10 am until 2pm, along East Boulevard beside Point Grey Secondary School, within walking distance of most of Kerrisdale. If you happen to drive there is plenty of parking along West Boulevard just beside the market site. We do our best every week to provide you with a dynamic and fun market capable of satisfying most grocery lists. World In A Garden, Farmers on 57th, Yummy Yards and Urban Digs will be selling their beautiful produce grown in and around the Kerrisdale neighbourhood. Come and meet the innovative urban farmers who are responsible for this grass-roots food revolution. There are plenty of other farmers to get to know at the market from the Fraser Valley to


June 22 - August 17, 2012

Pemberton and up the Sunshine Coast. Even though they may not be organically-certified they may be growing without pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. Just ask. They are also great cooks, and love to share recipes that highlight their products. Above and beyond the produce, talented buskers are on hand to offer a little ambience. Enjoy lunch from one of Vancouver’s famous food trucks or take a wood-fired pizza home for a backyard picnic. Load the kids up in the wagon, put the leash on the dog, grab the shopping bags and come and join us. Visit our website or join our mailing list to find out more about the Corn Festival in August, monthly raffle days and member appreciation events. Want to volunteer? Please send me an email ( Thank you, Kerrisdale, for welcoming us into your community. It’s my pleasure to introduce Julia Smith, one of the farmers behind Urban Digs…


Vendor Profile: Julia Smith - Urban Digs Farm Urban Digs is growing right here in the neighbourhood so we're very excited to be joining the Kerrisdale Farmers Market this year. One of the biggest challenges small-scale growers face is finding time to both grow AND sell our crops. Often, urban farms like ours are “one-farmer” operations so spending a day at the market can mean that no one is farming! Having a consistent volume of produce throughout the season is another challenge for small farms that can make going to market difficult. In order to address these issues, we have joined forces with five other local farms to form a new urban farmers coop, “Metro Vancouver City Farms.” At our stall, you’ll find a wide selection of fruits and vegetables which have been grown using organic and sustainable methods less than 10 miles away from the market. Emi Do, of Yummy Yards is our market manager and it is her job to coordinate all six farms to ensure that we always have a good selection of produce to bring to market in the right quantities and of the highest quality. Emi will be manning the stall every week and the rest of us will take turns assisting her so you’ll get to meet all of us throughout the summer. We all look forward to a bountiful season and are grateful for the opportunity to share our

June 22 - August 17, 2012

harvests with our community at the Kerrisdale Farmers Market. Sign up for our weekly newsletter on our website to learn what we’ll have at the market from week to week! Vancouver Farmers Markets: Urban Digs: Metro Vancouver City Farms:



Faith & Desire by Sarah Gordon

photo submitted

Faith & Desire is a band that you are likely familiar with if you attend Kerrisdale Business Association community events. This foursome is made up from previous members of Trooper, Strange Advance, The Northern Pikes and Rymes With Orange. Comprised of Ian Cameron (electric guitar, violin & vocals), Gary Gillespie (lead vocals & acoustic guitar), Tim Hewitt (bass & vocals), and Doug Lechinsky (drums & vocals), this current line up of musicians have been together since 2001. How did the band’s name originate? It was a couple of words which they felt worked well together and reflects what is required of a musician. You need to have “Faith” in what you do and the “Desire” to follow your dream. In 1990 Gary Gillespie, who is Faith & Desire’s front man, began looking for a new vehicle for his vocal talents. Prior to Faith & Desire, his singing career had taken him on cross Canada tours with his band Broken Toys, which had the honour of winning a spot in the finals of CBC Television's Battle of the Bands. Gillespie and Ian Cameron were introduced to each other by a recording engineer. The pair struck up a relationship which has seen them write, record and perform together. Not wanting


June 22 - August 17, 2012

to limit themselves or their opportunities to perform, they decided that Faith & Desire would be both an original band and perform cover songs. Described as a “vocal chameleon with an amiable nature and quick wit”, Gillespie has an ability to work the crowd, getting them on their feet and singing along. Faith & Desire promise that their music will “make a party happen.” Their repertoire ranges from Buddy Holly through to the Black Eyed Peas. You can expect to “…not know what to expect…” at their gigs. Cameron is a guitarist and classically trained violinist who plays numerous traditional fiddle styles. He contributes to the band’s unique sound through the substitution of violin where keyboard would normally be played. Tim Hewitt joined the group in 1998. He previously belonged to the bands Rymes With Orange and Trooper. Hewitt has shared the stage with bands such as Loverboy, Bachman Turner Overdrive, and Three Dog Night. Having recorded for various Canadian and European bands, he brought a wealth of experience to the project. His vocal abilities, instrumental talent and stage presence make him a valued band member.


As a member of The Northern Pikes, Doug Lechinsky toured extensively through Canada, Asia and the Middle East. As the newest band member, Lechinsky provides the heartbeat for Faith & Desire’s live shows with his energetic drumming, vocals, and electronic percussion. Faith & Desire are available to play at company openings, movie wrap parties, high end corporate events, parties at private homes and weddings. They are happy to do whatever it takes to customize your event. Their extensive song list and vast experience ensures that they can adapt to any demographic and venue. They say “performing at weddings these days isn’t what people might imagine. Good food and happy people make for a great gig.” They perform at approximately twenty weddings a year, and they enjoy every one, as do their clients. Three of the band members have young children and enjoy their time at home, therefore they currently do very little touring. Their children enjoy coming to Kerrisdale events where they dance along as their dads perform on stage. All four band members have their fingers in many musical pies; hence these projects make it difficult to schedule time on the road. They feel fortunate that they have enough work to provide stable home lives. The entire band works in the music industry. Gillespie is a music teacher, and has a “school of rock” which teaches groups of kids

June 22 - August 17, 2012

how to work together and make music. The other three band members run small studios. Hewitt has produced and mixed bands as diverse as Prism and Genetic Control, while being the Music Director / Producer for a web series (Mumu Ci) coupled with his busy solo career. Cameron plays on tracks for producers worldwide via his website and is a fixture in Whistler where he is part of the fiddle and guitar duo Ruckus Deluxe. Faith & Desire have released two cds internationally; they have a long credit list of diverse performances which includes everything from Disney World Florida's Main Stage to opening for Richard Marx in Hawaii and they musically backed up Jim Belushi. Add to this list hundreds of events for law firms, conventions, business associations, fundraisers and sporting events and it is clear that they have accomplished what they set out to do through hard work, along with some Faith & Desire.



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Kerrisdale Insider Directory

Benton Brothers Fine Cheese 2104 W 41st Ave 604-261-5813

Gem Chocolates 2029 W 41st Ave 604-263-9878

Purdy’s Chocolates 2189 W 41st Ave 604-266-9311

Bocconcino Deli 2233 W 41st Ave 604-263-3617

MacFarlane's Fish Market 2233 W 41st Ave 604-261-1226

Shaughnessy Selected Fine Meats 2233 W 41st Ave 604-266-6911

Cobs Bread 2174 W 41st Ave 604-261-5383

Michele Cake Shop 6033 West Boulevard 604-261-3284

Sweet E's Pastries & Sweets 2032 W 41st Ave 604-264-9402

Moore's Bakery

Deer Island Bakery 2068 W 41st Ave 778-859-2633

(article p. 12-14) 2128 W 41st Ave 604-261-2922

Frankie's Candy Bar 5305 West Boulevard 604-568-3107

Vivo on the Fair 2087 W 42nd Ave 604-266-7637

Grocery | Convenience | Market Happy Farm Market 6007 West Boulevard 604-261-8753

Magee Grocery 6481 West Boulevard 604-266-6241

The Gourmet Market 2183 W 41st Ave 604-263-8758

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Sandy Farm Market 2074 W 41st Ave

West Wood Organic Produce 2307 W 41st Ave 604-261-2438

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West Coast Liquor Company 5503 West Boulevard 604-669-1121

Restaurants & Cafes Adonia Tea House 2057 W 41st Ave 604-261-0049

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Ajisai Sushi 2081 W 42nd Ave 604-266-1428

Baan Wasana Thai 2143 W 41st Ave 778-371-8971

(ad p. 3) 2154 W 41st Ave 604-267-1008

Art's Place Restaurant 2407 W 41st Ave 604-261-6012 ASA Japanese Restaurant 2178 W 41st Ave 604-267-0077


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5645 West Boulevard 604-261-2834

FOOD & DRINK Restaurants & Cafes...con’t

Dairy Queen / Orange Julius 2293 W 41st Ave 604-568-8095 Faubourg Bistro & Bakery 2156 W 41st Ave 604-266-2156 Fish Cafe Restaurant 2053 W 41st Ave 604-267-3474

McDonalds Restaurant 2095 W 41st Ave 604-718-1055

Starbucks 2193 W 41st Ave (Yew St) 604-264-0954

Minerva's Greek Dining 2411 W 41st Ave 604-263-1774

Starbucks 2348 W 41st Ave 604-267-7703

My Cup Coffee & Tea 2098 W 41st Ave 604-568-6650

Subway 5605 West Boulevard 604-677-2211

Nakamura Japanese Cuisine 2055 W 41st Ave 604-266-4200

Flying Wedge 5611 West Boulevard 604-266-7788

Nando's Chicken 2064 W 41st Ave 604-266-4485

George's Pizza 6109 West Boulevard 604-266-0411

New Chongqing 2044 W 41st Ave 604-266-9988

Golden Ocean Seafood 2046 W 41st Ave 604-263-8886

Orange Corner Crepes 2257 W 41st Ave 604-266-7388

Irashai Sushi 2260 W 41st Ave 604-266-9332 Kerrisdale Kitchen 6055 West Boulevard 604-266-4233 La Cuison Cafe 2050 W 41st Ave 604-558-2589 Moved! Legato Coffee & Tea 2248 W 41st Ave 604-264-1666 Lok's Chinese Seafood 2436 W 41st Ave 604-266-0788

Papa John's Pizza 2015 W 41st Ave 604-266-7880 Pho Tan's Vietnamese 2076 W 41st Ave 604-606-0688 Shota Sushi & Grill 5688 Yew St 604-263-8068

Sugarland Vietnamese Cafe 5633 West Boulevard 604-261-9233 Sushi Bar Aji Sai 2081 W 42nd Ave 604-266-1428

Kerrisdale Insider Directory

Cute Pearl House 2130 W 40th Ave 604-269-9678

Sushi Hachi Japanese 2255 W 41st Ave 604-263-1877 Sushi King House 5333 West Boulevard 604-264-7555 Suvai Restaurant 2279 W 41st Ave 604-261-4900 The India Chef 5351 West Boulevard 604-568-6676 The Kitchen 2110 W 39th Ave 604-261-5353 The Mac Shack 5395 West Boulevard 604-267-4225

Sofra Mediterranean Kitchen 2277 W 41st Ave 604-558-3287

The Red Onion 2028 W 41st Ave 604-263-0833

Stock Up 6019 West Boulevard 604-266-4527

The Secret Garden 5559 West Boulevard 604-261-3070


FOOD & DRINK Restaurants & Cafes...con’t

Kerrisdale Insider Directory

The Shanghai Kitchen 2106 W 41st Ave 604-261-0838

Tokyo Thyme 5405 West Boulevard 604-263-3262

White Spot Restaurant (ad p. 17) 5367 West Boulevard 604-266-1288

SHOPPING Clothing & Accessories Andy Trott Menswear

Hills of Kerrisdale 2125 W 41st Ave 604-266-9177

Peter and Sunny Mens & Ladies Wear 5683 Maple St 604-266-1620

HP3 Ladies Clothing 5515 West Boulevard 604-266-4781

Petite Fashions 2153 W 41st Ave 604-263-1474

Courtney Clothing Boutique 2184 W 41st Ave 604-261-7633

Isola Bella Children’s Clothing & Shoes 5692 Yew St 604-266-8808

Royal Laura 2159 W 41st Ave 604-566-4588

Currans of Kerrisdale 2247 W 41st Ave 604-261-7017

Issey Dress House 6057 West Boulevard 604-263-8006

Dear Lady Collection 5765 West Boulevard 604-568-2163

Jacadi Paris 2299 W 41st Ave 604-266-5448

(ad. p. 9) 2034 W 41st Ave 604-569-3773 Chapy's Store 2135 W 41st Ave 604-261-5128

FAB the Denim Store 2138 W 41st Ave 604-267-3220 Finns Kerrisdale Ladies 5401 West Boulevard 604-266-8358 Gap Kids 2134 W 41st Ave 604-269-2550

Jules and Eve 2009 W 41st Ave 604-569-0844 Monaliza’s Lingerie 2283 41st Ave 604-266-4598

Sienna Fashions 5317 West Boulevard 604-261-8812 Tru Kaos Clothing 6239 West Boulevard 778-371-3208

Twist Fashions Inc (ad p. 15) 2952 W 4th Ave 604-732-0199

West Coast Country Club 2285 West Boulevard 604-266-3575

On The Go 2007 W 41st Ave 604-261-6373

Garden & Floral


Quince Fine Florals 4870 Mackenzie St 604-263-0202

Scentrepiece Flower Market 2112 W 41st Ave 604-263-2121

Thomas Hobbs Florist 2127 W 41st Ave 604-263-2601

SHOPPING Home & Decor Kerrisdale Lumber 6191 West Boulevard 604-261-4274

Benjamin Moore Paints 6111 West Boulevard 604-264-9255

Light the Store 2045 W 41st Ave 604-879-6377

Call the Kettle Black 2150 W 41st Ave 604-261-3599

Nestings Kids 2126 W 41st Ave 604-734-5437

Salari Fine Carpet Collections 2033 W 41st Ave 604-261-3555

Ed's Linens 2142 W 41st Ave 604-263-7300

Perry & Co. 6131 West Boulevard 604-266-0022

Sherwin-Williams Paint 2387 W 41st Ave 604-267-9900

Form & Function 2035 W 41st Ave 604-222-1317

Pier 1 Imports 2326 W 41st Ave 604-269-9599

Sleep Country 2105 W 41st Ave 604-269-2545

Framing & Art Centre 6045 West Boulevard 604-263-3114

Puddifoot WH Ltd. 2375 W 41st Ave 604-261-8141

Westcoast Rugs 2116 W 41st Ave 604-261-2255

Hobbs 2129 W 41st Ave 604-261-5998

Residence Interiors 2431 W 41st Ave 604-687-1413

Kerrisdale Insider Directory

Quality Rugs 5309 West Boulevard 604-737-7656

Advantage Vacuums 5747 West Boulevard 604-261-1134

Pharmacy 12 Baskets Nutrition & Health 102-2048 W 41st Ave 604-261-7838

Kripps Pharmacy 5413 West Boulevard 604-687-2564

Pharmasave Health Centre 102-2048 W 41st Ave 604-261-3335

Kerrisdale Pharmacy 5591 West Boulevard 604-261-0333

London Drugs 2091 W 42nd Ave 604-448-4810

Moving to new location! Shopper’s Drug Mart 2301 W 41st Ave 604-266-5344

Freedman Shoes 2171 W 41st Ave 604-261-2921

Ronsons Shoe Store 2145 W 41st Ave 604-261-5305

Naot Footwear 2153 W 41st Ave 604-263-6201

The Kerrisdale Bootery 2182 W 41st Ave 604-261-6371

Shoes The Run Inn 2236 W 41st Ave 604-267-7866


SHOPPING Specialty Shops

Kerrisdale Insider Directory

Bill Chow Jewellers 2241 W 41st Ave 604-266-5933

Foreros Bags & Luggage 2186 W 41st Ave 604-569-2020

Buchan’s Stationery 2141 W 41st Ave 604-261-8510

Hager Books 2176 West 41 Ave 604-263-9412

Collins of Kerrisdale 2144 W 41st Ave 604-263-3121 Cowboys & Angels 2159 W 41st Ave 604-568-6673 Dollar Valu 2090 W 41st Ave 604-266-7807

Kerrisdale Cameras 2170 W 41st Ave 604-263-3221

Magic Box Hobbies 2105 W 37th Ave 604-264-1746 Nutraways 2253 W 41st Ave 778-371-2518 The Newsroom 2256 W 41st Ave 604-263-0588

Kilei Gift Shop 2070 W 41st Ave 604-261-1888

The Perfect Gift 5687 Balsam St 604-261-1501

Kobe Pearls International 5663 West Boulevard 604-263-2474

West Point Cycles 6069 West Boulevard 604-263-7587

Thrift, Consignment & Antiques Gallery 41 2319 W 41st Ave 604-266-2329

Limelite Second-Hand Decor Queenlin 2108 W 45th Ave 5753 West Boulevard 778-737-0052 604-266-6226

Home Consignment Corner 2001 W 41st Ave 604-261-9000

Pierre’s Antiques 5685 West Boulevard 604-266-9006

Labelle Boutique 2352 W 41st Ave 778-737-0371

Preloved Boutique 2259 W 41st Ave 604-266-7909


SOS Children’s Village Thrift Store 2319 W 41st Ave 604-264-0880 Salvation Army Thrift Store 2021 W 41st Ave 604-261-0616

Beauty | Hair | Spa


Adesso Hair Design 2249 W 41st Ave 604-805-9100

Anne's Electrolysis Studio 102-2069 W 41st Ave 604-266-7921

Allure Health & Beauty Clinic 2011 W 41st Ave 778-371-8161

Bella Nails & Esthetics 5777 West Boulevard 604-269-9188 Bernie Beauty Salon 2418 W 41st Ave 604-709-0907

Bernie’s Barber Shop 2261 W 41st Ave 604-266-6331 D’s Hair Sanctuary 16-5729 West Boulevard 604-269-9774 Donita Hair Salon 2295 W 41st Ave 604-261-8654

SERVICES Beauty | Hair | Spa...con’t

Emma & Co. Hair Design 6228 East Boulevard 604-999-3662 Flhair Studios 5411 West Boulevard 604-261-7991 Giovani Hair Design 2443 W 41st Ave 604-558-3334 Green Field Spa 2311 W 41st Ave 604-566-9981 Harmonie Esthetics 5763 Balsam St 604-720-9702 Heavenly Soul 2433 W 41st Ave 604-264-1184 Hot Shots Sun Studio 5778 East Boulevard 604-264-1937

Kits Beauty Spa 2486 W 41st Ave 604-228-8286

Richard Jeha Hair Co & Esthetics 2033 W 42nd Ave 604-266-2377

Luxor Hair Salon 2173 W 41st Ave 604-266-4899

Salon West 6205 West Boulevard 604-263-1316

Lynne Rimmer & Co Hair Design 203-5704 Balsam St 604-266-3388

Sati’sfaction Salon 2430 W 41st Ave 604-263-9978

Masoo Hair Design 6284 East Boulevard 604-261-4246

Sejong Beauty Salon 5407 West Boulevard 604-266-2238

Mayanna Nails & Esthetics 2069 W 41st Ave 604-264-8228

She to Shic 2315 W 41st Ave 604-269-3003

Mentor Hair Salon 5389 West Boulevard 604-266-8139

Shirley’s Hair Design 5685 Yew St 604-261-0788

Nick International Hair Studio & Esthetics 2071 W 41st Ave 604-266-1104

Star Nails 5623 West Boulevard 604-263-2252

Pure Nail Bar 2267 W 41st Ave 604-263-9622

Image Hair Design Company 2003 W 41st Ave Purple Orchid Esthetics 604-261-5788 263-2025 W 42nd Ave 604-261-3088 J and C Hair Club 2120 W 40th Ave 604-261-0113

Kerrisdale Insider Directory

Economy Barber Shop 5665 West Boulevard 604-266-6734

Texture Salon & Spa 6099 West Boulevard 604-569-0995 T G Trendy 6243 West Boulevard 778-371-9084 Windsor Spa Centre 5763 Balsam St 604-266-8300

Churches Christian Science - Fourth Church 2095 W 43rd Ave 604-261-7515 Kerrisdale Presbyterian 2733 W 41st Ave 604-261-1434

Ryerson United 2195 W 45th Ave 604-266-5377

St Mary’s Anglican 2490 W 37th Ave 604-261-4228

St John the Apostle Parish 5457 Trafalgar St 604-266-8800

Vancouver Westside Alliance Church 2177 W 42nd Ave 604-263-4900



Kerrisdale Insider Directory

Balsam Dental Centre 303-5704 Balsam St 604-261-6229

Dr Michael Pauls 210-5687 Yew St 604-266-4046 #1

Kerrisdale Dental Centre 2354 W 41st Ave 604-261-9304

Dr Lily P Lee 103-2096 W 41st Ave 604-263-4330

Dr Alphonsus Tam 2073 W 42nd Ave 604-269-9288

Kerrisdale Dental Clinic 265-2025 W 42nd Ave 604-261-8055

Dr Loo / Dr Yen 307-5687 Yew St 604-261-8890

Dr Janet Thom Inc. 2029 W 42nd Ave 604-261-1943

Kerrisdale Denture Clinic 604-263-7478 2152 W 41st Ave

Dr Ian Low & Dr William Siu 2031 W 41st Ave 604-266-1151

Kerrisdale Cosmetic & General Dentistry

Larch Dental Center 2488 W 41st Ave 604-694-0062

(ad p. 5) 2899 W 41st Ave 604-263-7355

Dr Douglas V Pauls 202-5687 Yew St 604-266-4046

West Point Dental Clinic 5403 West Boulevard 604-267-1688

Dry Cleaners | Shoe Repair | Alterations Balsam Custom Tailors 6081 West Boulevard 604-261-6906 Boulevard 1 Hour Valet Cleaners 6174 East Boulevard 604-261-0003 Courtesy Cleaners 2140 W 40th Ave 604-263-6331 Kerrisdale Cleaners Ltd 2313 W 41st Ave 604-261-2912

Kerrisdale Custom Tailors 2082 W 41st Ave 604-266-6422

The Valetor Cleaners 2106 W 38th Ave 604-266-7141

Kerrisdale Shoe Renew 5971 West Boulevard 604-263-3613

Tony’s Shoe Repair 6041 West Boulevard 604-263-0699

Mr Rea’s Cleaners 5519 West Boulevard 604-266-9786

Vancci Professional Alteration 6031 West Boulevard 604-263-3618

Ranier Dry Cleaners 2063 W 41st Ave 604-263-0013

West Boulevard Cleaners 5575 West Boulevard 604-263-9131

Sharpening House 5331 West Boulevard 604-266-2656

Education - Independent


Accent Reduction Training 6093 West Boulevard 604-267-7781

Ivy Montessori 2490 W 37th Ave 604-267-0073

Bumblebee Preschool 2195 W 45th Ave 604-263-6422

Kerrisdale Academy 2027 W 42nd Ave 604-263-8586

Kerrisdale Little Owl’s

5851 West Boulevard Little People Preschool 5600 Balaclava St 604-261-2219

SERVICES Education - Independent...con’t Oxford Learning (ad p. 3) 2115 W 38th Ave 604-266-6000

The Ivy Academy 6007 West Boulevard 604-266-3787

Education - Public Schools Dr R E McKechnie 7455 Maple St 604-713-4952

Maple Grove Elementary 6199 Cypress St 604-713-5356

Quilchena Elementary 5300 Maple St 604-713-5420

Magee Secondary 6360 Maple St 604-713-8209

Point Grey Secondary 5350 East Boulevard 604-713-8220

Vancouver School Board District #39 1580 W Broadway 604-713-5000

Eye Care | Optical Archer, Bissonnette & Rea 5757 Balsam St 604-261-8151 Avenue Eyecare 2041 W 41st Ave 604-558-1133

Kerrisdale Optical 2428 W 41st Ave 604-267-1618 The Optical Boutique 2263 W 41st Ave 604-261-9412

The Spectacle Shoppe (ad p. 16) 5683 West Boulevard 604-263-2628

Kerrisdale Insider Directory

Montessori Kerrisdale 2195 W 45th Ave 604-261-4434

Financial Balanced Financial Services 2309 W 41st Ave 604-261-8511 Bank of Montreal 2102 W 41st Ave 604-668-1421 BMO Nesbitt Burns 2102 W 41Ave 604-656-7570 CIBC 2288 W 41st Ave 604-257-1177 David H Lin, CGA 5728 East Boulevard 604-267-0381 David W F Jang & Co. 5511 West Boulevard 604-266-2897

Edward Jones Investments 201-2232 W 41st Ave 604-263-8508

Nori Accounting Services 116-2096 W 41st Ave 604-263-4733

HSBC Bank Canada 2164 W 41st Ave 604-261-4251

RBC Dominion Securities Inc 300-2052 W 41st Ave 604-665-0688

Investors Group 200-2052 W 41st Ave 604-228-7777

RBC Royal Bank 2208 W 41st Ave 604-665-0550

J R Hay & Company 5704 Balsam St 604-263-3233

Roger Kamikura, CGA 2309 W 41st Ave 604-261-3021

Kerrisdale Professional Accounting Group 310-2025 W 42 Ave 604-222-8411

Scotiabank 2207 W 41st Ave 604-668-3704


SERVICES Financial...con’t

Kerrisdale Insider Directory

TD Waterhouse financialplanners. 2175 W 41st Ave 604-269-3055

Wayne E Telford Chartered Accountant 360-2025 W 42nd Ave 604-266-4343

Fitness Devine Fitness & Pilates 270-2025 W 42nd Ave 604-323-1810

Spire Yoga & Wellness 2885 W 33rd Ave 604-569-0963

United Studios of Self Defence 5629 West Boulevard 604-267-9727

Health | Medical Anti-Aging Medical and Laser Clinic (ad p. 8) 2482 W 41st Ave 604-261-9121

Arbutus Acupuncture (ad p. 17) 260-2025 W 42nd Ave 604-264-9921

Cedarwood Massage (ad p. 16) 102-2096 W 41st Ave 604-566-9288 Connect Hearing Dr E David & Dr V Tsai 301-5704 Balsam St Dan & Lily Chinese Clinic 2096 W 41st Ave 604-351-9218

Dunbar Physio

(ad p. 16) 205-3540 W 41st Ave 604-266-3303 Evergreen Nursing Services 604-264-7959


Vancity Savings 2380 W 41st Ave 604-877-7000

Gilmore Henning Massage 2311 W 41st Ave 604-862-8028 Island Hearing 301-5704 Balsam St 604-261-9244 Kerrisdale Chiropractor 200-2025 W 42nd Ave 604-261-1540 Kerrisdale Physiotherapy 2083 W 42nd Ave 604-677-4665 Kerrisdale Station 2077 W 42nd Ave 604-261-9494 Life Labs 2061 W 42nd Ave 604-263-7742

Matters of Health Medical Clinic - Walk in (ad p. 15) 5591 West Boulevard 604-558-4633 More Than Skin 5789 West Boulevard 604-263-8210

New Feet Health Centre 5409 West Boulevard 604-677-5011 Nurse Next Door 5511 West Boulevard 604-228-4357 Occlusal Rehabilitation Ctr 2408 W 41st Ave 604-687-3740 Pacific Spirit Comm. Health 2110 W 43rd Ave 604-261-6366 Precision Care Physiotherapy 2083 W 42nd Ave 604-677-4665 Rabbit Foot Wellness Centre 5519 West Boulevard 604-261-2277 Sotai Canada 112-2096 W 41st Ave 604-873-2341 Treloar Physiotherapy 203-5511 West Boulevard 604-266-8383

SERVICES Home Services

Dunbar Painting

(ad p. 9) 604-788-3382 Kerrisdale Design Inc. 604-616-8575 Kerrisdale Equipment 6103 West Boulevard 604-266-8393

Molly Maid Meg Roberts (ad p. 10) 604-734-7260

Odenza Homes 2043 W 41st Ave 604-805-7001

Perimeter Ltd

(ad p. 17) 604-988-4545

Residence Interiors 2431 W 41st Ave 604-687-1413

Warline Painting Ltd (ad p. 10) 604-542-5064

West Side Window Coverings & Design 2370 W 41st Ave 604-261-8875

Prestige Kitchens 6238 East Boulevard 604-261-8212

Insurance BCAA 2347 W 41st Ave 604-268-5800

Rand & Fowler Insurance (ad p. 39) 4860 Mackenzie St 604-266-2357

Kerrisdale Insider Directory

Debra Thompson Colour Consulting 778-558-4504

Westland Insurance 2094 W 41st Ave 604-261-3128

Legal Adrian & Co. Lawyers 5660 Yew St 604-266-7811 Claudia Leca Notary Public 264-2025 W 42nd Ave Fred Ngan Notary Public 22-5729 West Boulevard 604-264-8899 Friesen & Epp 5660 Yew St 604-264-8386 Morin & Letendre Notaries Public 202-2309 W 41st Ave 604-263-9317

Kerfoot, Burroughs & Co. (ad p. 16) 300-5687 Yew St 604-263-2565

Richter Trial Lawyers 310-5687 Yew St 604-264-5550

Lim & Company Lawyers 2232 W 41st Ave 604-266-1988

Ruth M K Tang, Notary Coporation 5728 East Boulevard 604-261-3788

Munro & Crawford Barristers & Solicitors 5670 Yew St 604-266-7174

Sophia Immigration & Citizenship 101-5704 Balsam St 604-264-1178

Peter Griffiths Notary Public 2067 W 41st Ave 604-263-3277


SERVICES Pet Supplies | Services | Veterinarian

Kerrisdale Insider Directory

Kerrisdale Vet Hospital 5999 West Boulevard 604-266-4171

True Carnivores 5961 West Boulevard 604-267-3647

Simply Natural Raw Pet Food 5565 West Boulevard 604-266-1125

Waggers Dog Daycare & Polka Dog Spa 5465 West Boulevard 604-263-6615

West Boulevard Veterinary Clinic 5383 West Boulevard 604-263-6740

Real Estate Karel Palla & Darryl Sjerven

RE/MAX Select Realty

(ad back cover) 604-329-1430 Coldwell Banker Premier Realty 6272 East Boulevard 604-266-1364 Colyvan Pacific Real Estate & Property Management 202-5704 Balsam St 604-683-8399

Cosulich Group 408-2052 W 41st Ave 604-263-8863 Dexter Realty 2094 W 43rd Ave 604-263-1144 MacDonald Realty 2105 W 38th Ave 604-263-1911 Prudential United Realty 201-2107 W 40th Ave 604-263-8800

New! RE/MAX Select Properties 5487 West Boulevard 604-737-8512 Royal LePage Residential Real Estate 5970 East Boulevard 604-261-9311 Sutton Group 200-5511 West Boulevard 604-267-3800 Vancouver Management Ltd 205-2025 W 42nd Ave 604-263-1766

Specialty Services 4Cats Arts Studio 2059 W 41st Ave 604-569-0087

Kerrisdale Secretarial 2361 W 41st Ave 604-261-7773

A Tree House Bed & Breakfast 2490 W 49th Ave 604-266-2962

Kerrisdale Ship Depot 2498 W 41st Ave 604-267-2457

Design by Fire (ad p. 18) 604-831-9206

Driving Miss Daisy 604-723-7247


Provident Security (ad p. 11) 2309 W 41st Ave 604-664-1087

Sandra Steier Photography

(ad p. 18) 604-277-7437 Teya France Office Systems 2368 W 41st Ave 604-267-7571 The UPS Store #205 5525 West Boulevard 604-263-6245


Carlson Wagonlit Travel 2496 W 41st Ave 604-264-0552

Cruise Ship Center 5768 East Boulevard 604-329-6984

Kenmore Travel Group 2492 W 41st Ave 604-269-9981

Flight Centre 2246 W 41st Ave 1-877-478-8747

Marlin Travel 2175 W 41st Ave 604-263-1841

New! Cruise About 2251 W 41st Ave 1-855-442-3726

COMMUNITY LINKS Artists of Kerrisdale 5851 W Boulevard City of Vancouver 453 W 12th Ave 3-1-1

Kerrisdale Arena Cyclone Taylor 5670 East Boulevard 604-257-8121

Kerrisdale Farmers Market

(article p. 22-23) Fire & Rescue No. 21 Firehall 5425 Carnarvon St 604-665-6021 non-emerg. Kerrisdale Figure Skating Kerrisdale Branch 5670 East Boulevard Vancouver Public Library 604-266-4424 2112 W 42nd Ave Kerrisdale Indoor Pool 604-665-3974 5851 West Boulevard 604-257-8105 Kerrisdale Business


(ad p. 19) Kerrisdale P.O. Box 18068 Vancouver, BC V6M 4L3 604-266-9875

Kerrisdale Lawn Bowls Club 5870 Elm St 604-261-1116

Kerrisdale Little League Kerrisdale Community Centre Kerrisdale Play Palace 5851 West Boulevard 604-257-8100 5670 East Boulevard 604-257-8121 Kerrisdale Community

Police Centre (ad p. 16) 6070 East Boulevard 604-717-3434

Kerrisdale Senior Centre 5851 West Boulevard 604-257-8100

Kerrisdale Triathlon Club Maple Grove Outdoor Pool 6875 Yew St 604-266-9512

Kerrisdale Insider Directory

Cannetic Travel Ltd 2268 W 41st Ave 604-304-5950

McCleery Golf Course 7188 MacDonald St The 33rd Kerrisdale Centennial Group 680 W 49th Ave The Kerrisdale Masonic Hall 2146 W 41st Ave 604-266-5737 Vancouver Hospice Society 3470 Dunbar St 604-737-7305 Vancouver Thunderbird Minor Hockey 604-224-5891 Vancouver United FC (Kerrisdale Soccer) 604-261-7232


June 23 - August 17, 2012 Kerrisdale Insider Calendar 38

June 20

First day of summer

June 23 - Sept 3

Maple Grove Outdoor Pool, 6875 Yew St. Phone: 604-266-9512. Large heated outdoor wading pool. Learn to swim, have a family picnic, or cool from the hot sun. Enjoy a treat from the concession, use the playground, play water basketball, or swim to the mini island. Public swimming June 23-Aug 19 at 10:15am-7:45pm and Aug 20Sept 3 at 10:15am-6:45pm. Open every day, including statutory holidays. To book picnics at Maple Grove Park call 604-257-8482. For group bookings and lesson information call 604-257-8105. Admissions and concession is cash only.

June 28

School District 39 last day of school before summer vacation

July 1

Canada Day, statutory holiday

Fridays July 6, 13, 20, 27

Groovin’ at the Grove Outdoor Pool. Free music in the park for the family every Friday in July. Bring your lawn chairs and blankets. 6:30-7:30pm

Saturdays July 7, 14, 21, 28 Aug 4, 11, 18, 25

Kerrisdale Farmers Market, 10am – 2pm, Vancouver Farmers Markets returns to Kerrisdale Village this season for 14 weeks of local food fun in the heart of one of Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhoods. In the shadow of Point Grey Secondary School and just up the street from Kerrisdale Arena, the farmers market will feature over 40 vendors selling farm produce, prepared foods and craft items from across BC. The market is situated on East Boulevard between 37th and 41st Avenues and there is ample street parking and close access to bus nearby. Stop by after your walk around the track or if you’re shopping at the boutiques along 41st Ave. www.eatlocal.or​g

Saturdays July 7, 14, 21, 28 Aug 4, 11, 18, 25

Music Under the Clock, 12–4pm, W 41st Ave under the clock, corner of Yew St, runs on good weather Saturdays in July and August.

July 28, Aug 1, 4

Honda Celebration of Light 2012, fireworks performance at Sunset Beach. 9:30pm – 11:30pm. There will be lots of fun activities happening each day before the fireworks begin. Head down to Sunset Beach around 2pm prior to the fireworks to enjoy live music hosted by SHOREfest, take part in sporting activities put on by Urban Rec, and watch cultural performances as a tribute to the countries participating in the Celebration of Light. July 28/Vietnam, Aug 1/Brazil, Aug 4/Italy.

July 23

Advertising deadline to reserve space in Kerrisdale Insider

Aug 6

BC Day, statutory holiday

Aug 17

Kerrisdale Insider Magazine fall issue comes out

Aug 23-24

Kerrisdale Days

Sept 3

Labour Day statutory holiday

Sept 4

School District 39 first day back to school

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