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Theatre & Performance 2011

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&&& Theatre&

A vibrant and eye-catching series of ‘short, sharp, shots’ about theatre

Coming in April 2011

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...Palgrave Macmillan’s excellent outward-looking, eclectic Theatre& series. These short books, written by leading theatre academics, do much to reintroduce some of the brightest names in theatre academia to the general reader.’ - The Guardian Theatre Blog ...these pithy glimpses at the enigma of what theatre might be doing when it does itself well are timely engagements with some of the twenty-first century’s most pressing philosophical preoccupations.’ - Performance Paradigms...’

They succeed in their stated aim to stimulate curiosity among a wide readership about how theatre and performance practices interact with a variety of concerns affecting a wide range of people’s lives.’ - Theatre Research International

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Theatre & Performance 2011

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Welcome to the new Palgrave Macmillan Theatre and Performance 2011 catalogue

Theatre& Series


General theatre studies


Practice and Practitioners




Gender and Sexuality


For 2011 we have included titles publishing up until March and a selection from later months. This is to ensure that you receive only the most accurate information about forthcoming books. We are delighted to be publishing two new titles in our successful Theatre& series; Theatre & Prison by Caoimhe McAvinchey and Theatre & Architecture by Juliet Rufford (p.2). Also just published is Site-Specific Performance, by leading theatre artist Mike Pearson – an essential text for any student interested in creating and studying theatre outside the auditorium (p.6).

Studies in International Performances


Theatre History


At a higher academic level, highlights include The Chemistry of the Theatre, by Jerzy Limon (p.8) and Victorian Pantomime, by Jim Davis (p.19) as well as new additions to our key series, Studies in International Performance (p.13), published in association with FIRT/IFTR and Performance Interventions (p.26),

Modern and Contemporary Theatre


If you would like to find out more about our 2011 publishing program or submit a proposal please visit or contact us directly.

Performance Intervention


Teaching and Researching in Higher Education




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THEATRE& SERIES Theatre& Series Series Editors: Jen Harvie and Dan Rebellato Theatre& is a vibrant series of very short books covering the hottest and most often studied topics in theatre and performance. They represent a fresh intervention into the discipline, presenting the best writing from ‘A-list’ scholars in a format that is digestible, attractive and affordable to students. Each title includes an overview of key debates, key concepts and further reading – but, most importantly, makes an original and compelling critical argument.

Theatre & Architecture

Theatre & Ireland

Theatre & Interculturalism

Juliet Rufford, Victoria & Albert Museum, UK

Lionel Pilkington, National University of Ireland, Republic of Ireland

Ric Knowles, University of Guelph , Canada

Theatre and architecture are seeming opposites: one a time-based art-form experienced in space, the other a spacial art experienced over time. The book will unpick these assumptions, demonstrating ways in which theatre and architecture are coconstitutive and contextualizing their dynamic and complex inter-relationship historically and culturally. April 2011 Paperback

112pp £5.99

178x111mm 978-0-230-21872-7

Theatre & Prison Caoimhe McAvinchey, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK

This book investigates how theatre makers stage critical questions about the use of prison in society. Using examples from popular culture, dramatic texts and applied theatre, it analyzes how theatre and performance reveals economies of punishment, effects penal reform and both challenges and participates in narratives of reformation. April 2011 Paperback

104pp £5.99

178x111mm 978-0-230-24793-2

Foreword by Fiona Shaw

‘In this book Lionel Pilkington tracks with great clarity the complexity of Irish buffoonery, national theatricality and dissent.’ - Fiona Shaw ‘This is a valuable, concise book ...’ - Stephen Myers Watt, Indiana University, USA This book argues that theatre in Ireland is a cultural phenomenon that is not restricted to professional, urban theatre, but is rooted in alternative and competing traditions of popular drama and performance. July 2010 Paperback

178x111mm 978-0-230-57462-5

This book surveys established approaches to the field and proposes new ways of thinking about theatrical flow across cultures. June 2010 Paperback

104pp £5.99

178x111mm 978-0-230-57548-6

Theatre & Nation

Theatre & Feeling

Nadine Holdsworth, University of Warwick, UK

Erin Hurley, McGill University, USA

Foreword by Nicholas Hytner

Foreword by Anne Bogart

‘An excellent book...the writing is extraordinarily lucid, without ever simplifying the issues at hand. The effect is really pleasurable.’ - Nicholas Ridout, Queen Mary, University of London, UK

‘Nadine Holdsworth’s excellent book offers a persuasive overview of the ways nation and national identity have been present in a whole range of theatrical practices.’ - Nicholas Hytner, Director, The National Theatre, London, UK

This book explores the idea that, for many people, theatre is a passion. It provides an intellectual framework for the range of emotional experience engendered by the theatre, bringing the issue of theatrical feeling into focus as both a research object and a method in Theatre Studies.

Throughout the history of the nation-state, theatre has contributed to the construction and reappraisal of the nation and national identities. This book argues that ideas of the nation are constantly in flux and explores the way theatre engages with such changes according to different geographical, political, economic, social and cultural climates.

June 2010 Paperback


104pp £5.99

‘In an increasingly global context this book engages with the impact culture, politics, economics and postcolonial histories have on intercultural interaction. The author not only signals key texts and debates, but also makes accessible what are often complex arguments surrounding approaches to intercultural exchange.’ - Yvette Hutchison, University of Warwick, UK

104pp £5.99

178x111mm 978-0-230-21846-8

June 2010 Paperback

104pp £5.99

178x111mm 978-0-230-21871-0

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Theatre & Education Helen Nicholson, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK Foreword by Edward Bond

‘This is a wide-ranging but precise account of the movement for creating theatre for young audiences. It records its history and examines its various, often conflicting, philosophies.’ - Edward Bond

Theatre & Sexuality

Theatre & Audience

Jill Dolan, Princeton University, USA

Helen Freshwater, Birkbeck College, University of London, UK

Foreword by Tim Miller

‘Jill Dolan’s marvelous book demonstrates how central questions of sexuality have been for the modern theatre, explaining the major arguments and debates with great clarity and force.’ - David Savran, City University of New York, USA ‘An urgently needed exploration of the deliciously queered formations of desire, gender and love that are conjured abundantly in theatre. SLEEP WITH THIS BOOK!’ - Tim Miller, performer and author of Boy Blows and 1001 Beds This book explains the critical validity of using sexuality as a lens for examining theatre’s creation and reception. The book offers clear introductions to sexual identity politics, ways of ‘reading’ sexuality on stage and a select history of LGBTQ theatre, including a reading of Split Britches/ Bloolips’ production Belle Reprieve. June 2010 Paperback

120pp £5.99

178x111mm 978-0-230-22064-5

Foreword by Lois Weaver

‘This book is about us. It documents our presence, articulates our position and questions our experience as casual on-lookers, silent witnesses, engaged spectators, willing participants, in this glorious activity called audience. See for yourself.’ - Lois Weaver ‘...picks apart the way critics, academics and practitioners describe audience reactions as monolithic, and wonders why theatrical theorists often regard the audience with ‘a complex mix of hope, frustration and disgust’.’ - Plays International A provocative overview of the questions raised by theatrical encounters between performers and audiences, drawing on examples that have sought to generate active audience involvement from Brecht’s epic theatre to The Blue Man Group. It argues for more audience-responsive approaches to what theatre does for those who witness, watch or participate. June 2009 Paperback

104pp £5.99

178x111mm 978-0-230-21028-8

This book provides an insight into the energy, passion and values that have inspired the most inventive theatre-makers who work with young people in educational settings. It argues that the aesthetic principles and educational ideals that inform theatre and education drive at the heart of why theatre matters. June 2009 Paperback

104pp £5.99

178x111mm 978-0-230-21857-4

Theatre & Ethics Nicholas Ridout, Queen Mary, University of London, UK

‘While there are a number of remarkable insights in Nicholas Ridout’s book, the most significant is simply to have brought together these two terms — ‘theatre’ and ‘ethics’ — in an approachable, compelling volume.’ - D.J.Hopkins, San Diego State University, USA What is ethics and what has it got to do with theatre? Drawing on both theoretical material and practical examples, Ridout makes a clear and compelling critical intervention, raising fundamental questions about what theatre is for and how audiences interact with it.

 June 2009 Paperback

88pp £5.99

178x111mm 978-0-230-21027-1

Theatre & The Body Colette Conroy, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK Foreword by Marina Abramović

‘This book rightly complicates how we think of the body today.’ - Marina Abramović This book examines the rich and complex relationships between the uses of bodies in theatre and the ways in which bodies are culturally imagined and understood. December 2009 96pp Paperback £5.99

178x111mm 978-0-230-20543-7

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Dan Rebellato, University of London, UK Foreword by Mark Ravenhill

‘A lively read that makes clear why thinking about theatre and globalization matters and how these two terms are imbricated with/in each other.’ Janelle Reinelt, University of Warwick, UK ‘...a welcome overview of key connections between globalization theory and a range of aesthetic formations and social processes. He explains core ideas, such as globalization, localization and cosmopolitanism, with notable clarity...’ - Theatre Research International What is globalization? What role is there for the theatre in a globalizing world? Drawing on sources from Aeschylus to The Lion King, Chekhov to Complicite, tragedy to advertising, this original and provocative book explores the contribution that the theatre has made to our slowly evolving consciousness of our world as a whole. 112pp £5.99

178x111mm 978-0-230-21830-7

Theatre & Human Rights Paul Rae, National University of Singapore Foreword by Rabih Mroué

'Fluent, provocative and well paced, it will make an excellent addition to the series.’ - James Thompson, University of Manchester, UK ‘With an intense display of knowledge and expertise, Paul Rae weaves a delicately precise web, connecting the dots between the theatre and human rights, and creates a tapestry of learning that begins with Antigone and extends all the way to contemporary events.’ - Rabih Mroué With its impassioned plays, inspired activism and outspoken artists, the theatre has long provided a venue for promoting and practising human rights; but is this always to the good? Drawing on an international range of examples, this short, sharp and timely book examines the theatre’s support for - and challenges to - human rights today. June 2009 104pp Paperback £5.99


general theatre studies

Joe Kelleher, Roehampton University, UK

Theatre & Globalization

June 2009 Paperback

Theatre & Politics

178x111mm 978-0-230-20524-6

‘On the evidence of this tour de force Joe Kelleher demonstrates why so many consider him to be the most lucid commentator on contemporary theatre operating in the English language.’ - Alan Read, King’s College London, UK Keheller explores the relationship between theatre and politics, challenging some of the assumptions that often arise when they are brought together. The book engages with both a broad range of key theoretical material from Plato to Rancière, and theatrical examples from Shakespeare and his adaptors through Peter Handke to debbie tucker green. June 2009 Paperback

96pp £5.99

178x111mm 978-0-230-20523-9

Theatre & the City Jen Harvie, Queen Mary, University of London, UK Foreword by Tim Etchells

‘Why city?...Because the city can trap you, nurture you, teach you, unravel you, unspeak you. Because you are just one amongst many here and the dynamic of one in relation to many (conversation, dialogue, difference, the negotiation of public space) is what theatre emerges from and thrives on, what art must address and what cities must somehow contend with if they are to survive.’ Tim Etchells How do power dynamics, ideologies and identity play out in relations between theatre and the city? Evaluating material conditions such as architecture and performative practices such as urban activism, Harvie argues both contribute to understanding the complex economies and ecologies of theatre and performance in an increasingly urbanized world. June 2009 Paperback

104pp £5.99

178x111mm 978-0-230-20522-2

Please use the following ISBN to order all the titles in this series:

Key Concepts in Drama and Performance 2nd edition Kenneth Pickering, Founder and Director, Institute for the Arts in Therapy and Education, UK

This invaluable companion enables the reader to acquire and understand a vocabulary for discussion and critical thinking on all aspects of drama and performance. The clear explanations of the concepts support students in their practical and theoretical explorations of the subjects and offer insights for research and reflective writing. May 2010 Paperback

312pp £15.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-24147-3

Palgrave Key Concepts

Theatre Studies Kenneth Pickering, Founder and Director, Institute for the Arts in Therapy and Education, UK and Mark Woolgar, Richmond Adult College, UK

‘This is one of those all-encompassing and highly accessible companions to undergraduate and diploma courses that you can tell will be covered with highlighter marks and coffee stains by students within a week. Clear and informative, Pickering and Woolgar outline challenges in defining theatre, summarize the ideas of key practitioners, and provide reassuring advice on how to undertake a research project.’ - What’s On June 2009 Paperback

224pp £17.99

234x156mm 978-0-230-21141-4

Palgrave Foundations series

Paperback: 978-0-230-20327-3 For more information on all titles in this series, please visit

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Playing with Theory in Theatre Practice Megan Alrutz, Orlando Repertory Theatre, USA, Julia Listengarten and Mary V. Wood, Assistant Professor of Theatre, both at University of Central Florida, USA

Through a collection of original essays and case studies, this book introduces ideas and raises questions about building dynamic, theoretically minded production work. Artists and scholars grapple with the shifting value and function of theory in theatre, exploring the multi-faceted and complex relationship between theory and theatre practice. Contents: Introduction / PART I: CONTEXTUALIZING THEORY AND PRACTICE / Introduction to Part I / Approaching Theory: Scholar and Practitioner; M.Van de Water / The Function of Theory at the Present Time?; M.Fortier / ‘There is a World Elsewhere’: The Endgame of Theory and Practice; M.Kobialka / PART II: INTERROGATING THEORY IN PRACTICE: PRODUCTIVE TENSIONS, QUESTIONS AND IMPLICATIONS / Introduction to Part II / Lost in Translation: Moving Theory into Dramaturgy; L.Inez-Brown / The Question of Authenticity and Ethics in Children’s Theatre and Art; S.Etheridge Woodson / Theatrical Nationalism and Subversive Affirmation; S.Wilmer / Moving Spectators Toward Progressive Politics by Combining Brechtian Theory with Cognitive Science; B.McConachie / Sensual Engagements: Understanding Theories of the Senses and their Potential Applications within Theatre Practice; S.DiBenedetto / Intermediate Bodies: Media Theory and Theatre; S.Bay-Cheng / Resisting Binaries: Theory and Acting; J.Lutterbie / Intuition in Practice: Emotion and Feeling in the Artistic Process; H.Feiner / PART III: CASE STUDIES: APPLYING THEORY WITHIN AND THROUGH THE PRODUCTION PROCESS / Introduction to Part III /Cyrano’s Intercultural Voyages in India; D.McManus / Theoretical Terrain and Performance Practice: An Actor’s Journey into the Uncharted Territory of Landscape Theatre; B.Hanemann / Under the Influence; A.Mello / (Re)presenting Silenced Voices: Negotiating Multiple Landscapes Through Body, Voice and Architecture; J.Listengarten and C.Niess / Voice and the Venus: Opening up Voice and Speech with Post-Colonial Theories; L.Dougherty / Theatre is Theory: A Case Study of Ghosting; H.Blau / Seven Instructions: A Dialogue; M.Rohd and S.Scrofano / Modulating Theory: Breaking New Ground in Musical Theatre Study; J.Bell / Index April 2011 Hardback Paperback

256pp £52.50 £17.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-57779-4 978-0-230-57780-0

Working Together in Theatre

Acting Professionally

Collaboration and Leadership

Raw Facts About Careers in Acting 7th edition

Robert Cohen

Robert Cohen, University of California, Irvine, USA

Robert Cohen draws on fifty years of acting, directing and teaching experience in order to illustrate how the world's great theatre artists combine collaboration leadership at Together with all levels, from a in Theatre production's conception COLLABORATION & LEADERSHIP to its final performance. The book provides the techniques, exercises and language that promote collaborative skills.

Robert Cohen, University of California, Irvine, USA and James Calleri, Syracuse University , USA

‘...the leading book of its kind...’ - Harold Dixon, University of Arizona, USA


Contents: PART ONE / Introduction: Family Theatres /Theatre Families / Collaboration and Leadership / Ensemble and Hierarchy / PART TWO / The Preparation Stage / The Planning Stage / The Production Stage / The Presenting Stage / PART THREE / Tones of Communications / Appendices / Bibliography November 2010 240pp Hardback £50.00 Paperback £16.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-23981-4 978-0-230-23982-1

Performance Studies Edited by Erin Striff, University of Hartford, USA September 2002 232 pp Hardback £60.00 Paperback £21.99

234x156mm 978-0-333-78673-4 978-0-333-78674-1

Readers in Cultural Criticism Series Editor: Catherine Belsey

Modern Theories of Performance From Stanislavski to Boal

Filled with practical information on how to enter the acting profession, this is the essential handbook for anyone interested in an acting career. Praised for its honesty, broad coverage and wise advice from working professionals, the authors present the vital facts that every would-be actor needs to know. August 2009 Paperback

272pp £18.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-21724-9

A Pathognomy of Performance Simon Bayly, Roehampton University, UK

Exploring the themes of the event, ephemerality and democracy that mark the encounter between thought and the theatrical, this original study elaborates fresh perspectives on the experiences of undoing, fiasco and disaster that shadow both the stage and everyday life. Contents: List of Illustrations / Acknowledgements / Introduction / Strains of Thought / Points of Suspension / Instants of Affection / Anomalous Appearances / The Borrowed Masks of Being / Logics of Expression / Wrinkles, Furrows and Folds / The Tonic of the Sonic / Deleted Expletives / Peals of Appeal / Bibliography / Index February 2011 Hardback

296pp £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-27169-2

Jane Milling and Graham Ley, both at University of Exeter, UK October 2000 Hardback Paperback

208pp £55.00 £19.99

216x138mm 978-0-333-77541-7 978-0-333-77542-4

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The Social Impact of the Arts An Intellectual History Eleonora Belfiore and Oliver Bennett, both at University of Warwick, UK

‘This short book is a great read, full of fascinating material, which will provide incendiary matter for debates about the arts in society.’ Cultural Trends 'This is a much-needed study...and a timely one as well: an examination of what lies behind the rhetoric, it fills a surprising gap in the fast-expanding literature on cultural policy.' - Sir Christopher Frayling, Chairman, Arts Council England, and Rector, Royal College of Art Now in paperback, an intellectual history of contrasting ideas around the power of the arts to engender personal and societal change - for better and worse. A fascinating account of the value and functions of the arts in society, in the private sphere of individual emotions and self-development and public sphere of politics and social distinction. Contents: Introduction / Towards a New Approach to Researching the Social Impacts of the Arts / Corruption and Distraction / Catharsis / Personal Well-being / Education and Self-development / Moral Improvement and Civilization / Political Instrument / Social Stratification and Identity Construction / Autonomy of the Art and Rejection of Instrumentality / Conclusions / References / Index September 2008 248pp Hardback £55.00 Paperback £18.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-57255-3 978-0-230-27351-1

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Literature & Performing Arts Collections, NetLibrary, Myilibrary,, Dawson ERA, Ebook Library, Ebrary

Practice and Practitioners

The Actor in Costume Aoife Monks, Birkbeck College, University of London, UK

Site-Specific Performance Mike Pearson, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK

‘This rewarding study offers challenging contexts, questions, and exercises for students. It engages with the broad range of disciplines upon which one may call for site-specificity, privileging place but not overlooking the significance of bodies, time, and other considerations which help determine place.’ Joanne Tompkins, University of Queensland, Australia The text proposes original approaches to the creation and study of performance outside the auditorium. It suggests innovative strategies, methods and techniques for making theatre in various locations, and through examples, case studies and projects develops distinctive theoretical insights into the relationship of site and performance. Contents: Chronology / The Practice of the Book / Prologue / Introduction / Models and Approaches / Site / Context / Scenario / After Effects / Bibliography October 2010 Hardback Paperback

224pp £49.50 £16.99

234x156mm 978-0-230-57670-4 978-0-230-57671-1

‘This lively, ambitious, and readable book frames costume as an essential element in the understanding and imagination of theatrical embodiment; much more than a treatment of costume design and history, The Actor in Costume makes an immediate difference to our thinking about performance today.’- W. B. Worthen, Barnard College, Columbia University, USA ‘[Offers} fresh ways to think about theatre through the fundamental process of costuming.’ Times Literary Supplement How do audiences look at an actor in costume onstage? Monks explores this question, engaging with the main theoretical approaches to the study of actors in performance. The book considers costume’s power to shape identity and form bodies drawing on examples from Modernist performance to nudity and stage ghosts. Contents: Introduction: The Dress Rehearsal / Dressing-Up: The Actor’s Body and Costume / Dressing the Audience: A History of Fashion at the Theatre / Re-dressing the Actor: Modernist Costume / Crossdressing: Authenticity and Identity / Undressing: The Disappointments of Nudity / Dressing the Immaterial: The Problem of Ghosts / Epilogue / After-Effects: Costume and the Memory of Performance December 2009 176pp Hardback £52.50 Paperback £17.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-21699-0 978-0-230-21700-3



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PRACTICE AND PRACTITIONERS Readers in Theatre Practices


Theatre, Education and Performance

A Reader in Theatre Practice Series Editor: Simon Shepherd

Ross Brown, Central School of Speech and Drama, London , UK

At the heart of every performance lies a tension, a tension between the material object and the magical transformations of theatre. Taking elements of theatre craft such as sound, puppetry and directing, the series explores this relationship, offering both the vocabulary and historical context for critical discussion and creative practice. For more information please visit

Puppetry A Reader in Theatre Practice

University of Leeds, UK

Penny Francis, Central School of Speech and Drama, London, UK

Theatre-goers are increasingly aware of the growing use of object and figure animation. Puppetry offers exciting and engaging contemporary perspectives on this ancient art-form. It provides an account of puppetry’s different facets, from its skills and its materials, through its uses and abuses, to its history and philosophy. Contents: Introduction / Approaching the Territory / Classic Types and Techniques / In Practice / Dramaturgy / Aesthetics and Analysis / History / Related Arts / Conclusion / Bibliography April 2011 40 illustrations Hardback Paperback



£60.00 £19.99

978-0-230-23272-3 978-0-230-23273-0

‘There is no other book that considers equally and inseparably the theory, philosophy and practice of stage sound. A rigorously controlled piece of research of great originality and of terrific significance to the discipline.’ - Chris Baugh,

Brown explores relationships between sound and theatre, focusing on sound’s interdependence and interaction with human performance and drama. Suggesting different ways in which sound may be interpreted to create meaning, it includes key writings on sound design, as well as perspectives from beyond the discipline. Contents:Series Editor's Preface / Introduction: The Theatre of Sound / PART I: DRAMATURGICALLY ORGANISED NOISE / Defining Theatre Sound Design / What the Textbooks Say / The Pre-History of Sound Design / Alternative Takes / Five Sound Designers in their Own Words / PART II: THEATRICALLY ORGANISED HEARING / Problems with Sound as Scenography / Live Listening: The Aural Phenomenology of Theatre / Resounding Theatres / Alternative Realities / John Levack Drever on Sound Effect-Object-Event / Conclusion / Bibliography November 2009 264pp Hardback £60.00 Paperback £19.99

234x156mm 978-0-230-55187-9 978-0-230-55188-6

Please use the following ISBN(s) to order all titles in this series: Hardback: 978-0-230-53717-0 Paperback: 978-0-230-53718-7

Helen Nicholson, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK

Theatre education has often provided theatremakers with radical new ways to encourage social participation and aesthetic engagement. This timely new book raises questions about how twentieth century practices have been revised in the twenty-first century, and how theatremakers are finding new ways to engage young people in contemporary issues. Contents: Mapping Stories / PART ONE: LOOKING BACK: HISTORIES AND TRADITIONS / Spaces to Imagine: Theatre and Social Reform / Spaces to Play: Childhood, Theatre and Educational Utopias / Places to Learn: Activity and Activism / PART TWO: MOVING ON: THEATRE, EDUCATION AND PERFORMANCE IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY / Re-branding Creativity: Theatre, Education and Globalisation / Dramatising Home: Places of Safety and Risk / ‘This Island’s Mine’: National Identity and Questions of Belonging / International Spaces: Mobility, Global Citizenship and Cultural Exchange / Inter-Disciplinary Spaces: Performing Science / Making Space: Learning in Theatre and Beyond Theatres / Bibliography March 2011 Hardback Paperback

224pp £50.00 £16.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-57422-9 978-0-230-57423-6

Improvisation in Drama 2nd edition Anthony Frost and Ralph Yarrow, both at University of East Anglia, UK

This was the first book to offer a unified view of work central to most drama training. The second edition features new practical examples and includes extended assessments of various practitioners as well as further coverage of women practitioners, non-western theatre, ‘long form’ improvisation and live-action role play August 2007 Hardback Paperback

280pp £55.00 £18.99

216x138mm 978-1-4039-8686-3 978-1-4039-3670-7

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Performance and the Contemporary City

Devising in Process Alex Mermikides and Jackie Smart, both at Kingston University, UK

An Interdisciplinary Reader

Edited by Nicolas Whybrow, University of Warwick, UK Contents: List of Illustrations / Acknowledgements / Note / Preamble / Introduction / PART I: WALKING/ THEATRES / Introduction / How Scratched Car Revealed the Price of a Peasant’s Life; J.Watts / Naples; W.Benjamin & A.Lacis / Eight Fragments on Theatre and the City; T.Etchells / Sleepwalking in the Modern City: Walter Benjamin and Sigmund Freud in the World of Dreams; S.Pile / Moving in the Cityscape: Performance and the Embodied Experience of the Flâneur; P.Küppers / A Manifesto for a New Walking Culture: ‘Dealing with the City’; Wrights and Sites / PART II: DRIFTING/THINGS / Introduction / Situationism; C.Lavery / ‘The Map is not the Territory’: The Unfinished Journey of the Situationist International; A.Hussey / ‘The Accident of Where I Live’ Journeys on the Caledonian Road; R.Wentworth / ‘How Long I ‘Been On?’: Marc Dion’s Performative Archaeology of the City; A.Coles / What a Carry On; L.Gardner /Nosing Around: A Singapore Scent Trail; P.Rae with L.K.Hong / PART III: SOUNDING/RHYTHMS / Introduction / The Pepys of London E11: Graeme Miller and the Politics of Linked; C.Lavery / Wandering and Wondering: Following Janet Cardiff’s Missing Voice; S. Gorman / Attempt at Rhythmanalysis of Mediterranean Cities; H.Lefebvre & C.Régulier / Rumours: A Conversation Between Francis Alÿs and James Lingwood (extract) / PART IV: PLAYING/ PLACE / Introduction / Graffiti; S.J.Smith / Skating on Thin Eyes: the First Walk (extract); I.Sinclair / The Policing of the Artist; M.Bunting / Horror Vacui; U.Hofbauer & F.Derschmidt / Radioballet; LIGNA / Circle Line Party; Space Hijackers / Paris Plage; B.Delanoë / An Explosion of Delight; G.Dyer / Non-places; M.Augé / All the World’s a Car Park; J.Winter / By Way of a Conclusion: One Place After Another (extract); M.Kwon / Performing the City: Kyrysztof Wodiczko; N.Kaye / PART V: VISIONING/ FLOWS / Introduction / The Right to Participate in the Work of the Imagination; A.Appadurai / Zero Tolerance, Maximum Surveillance?: Deviance, Difference and Crime Control in the Late Modern City; N.Fyfe / A Nigger in Cyberspace; K.Piper / Cyborg City; J.Harkin / 25 Instructions for Performance in Cities; C.Lavery / Bibliography / Index May 2010 Hardback Paperback


328pp £55.00 £19.99

234x156mm 978-0-230-52719-5 978-0-230-52720-1

The Chemistry of the Theatre

Devising in Process brings together detailed case studies of the creative process of eight theatre companies making devising-based performances in styles ranging from physical theatre to puppetry to live art. Writers have been granted unusual access to the rehearsal room, enabling them to offer concrete insights into how ideas evolve and develop. Contents: Introduction / People Show in Rehearsal: People Show #118 The Birthday Tour; S.Behrndt / Station House Opera; J.Kelly / The Making of Faulty Optic’s Dead Wedding: Inertia, Chaos and Adaptation; T.Moss / Devising and Advocacy: The Red Room’s Unstated; G.White / The Distance Covered: Third Angel’s 9 Billion Miles from Home; P.Stainer / Delirium: In Rehearsal with Theatre O; H.Freshwater / Clash and Consensus in Shunt’s ‘big shows’ and the Lounge; A.Mermikides / Sculpting the Territory: Gecko’s The Arab and The Jew in Process; J.Smart June 2010 Hardback Paperback

208pp £50.00 £16.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-57366-6 978-0-230-57367-3

Performance Practice and Process Contemporary (Women) Practitioners Elaine Aston and Geraldine Harris, both at Lancaster University, UK November 2007 208pp Hardback £52.50 Paperback £17.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-00154-1 978-0-230-00155-8

New Performance/New Writing

Perfomativityof Time Jerzy Limon, University of Gdansk, Poland

'This is a truly groundbreaking account of theatre’s chemistry, especially as it relates to time, space, and affect. Having been the Artistic Director of the Gdańsk International Shakespeare Festival for over 14 years, where many of the world’s best theatre companies and directors present their work, Limon really knows contemporary theatre. He brings this knowledge to this book with remarkable ingenuity and eloquence. The Chemistry of the Theatre is a spectacular accomplishment and a major contribution to theatre studies.' - Bryan Reynolds, University of California, Irvine, USA This innovative, theoretical work focuses on temporal issues in theatre and the ‘chemistry’ of theatre - the ways in which a variety of factors in performance combine to make up what we call ‘theatre’. Discussing a range of canonical plays, from Shakespeare to Beckett, the book makes a unique contribution to theatre and performance studies. Contents: Preface / PART I: THE CHEMISTRY OF THE THEATRE / Reading the Elements and Compounds / The Chemical Formula of Blending / Chemical Reactions , or, Blending the Components / PART II: THE CHEMICAL LAB / Sculpting the Space, or the Retorts at Play / Sculpting the Time, or the Magical Binder / Sculpting the Language, or Stage Speech / Sculpting the Body, or Embodied Time / PART III: RETORTS OF TIME: TEMPORAL CONVENTIONS / Soliloquies & Asides: Who’s There? / Theatre-withinthe-theatre, or Time-Within-the-Time / Conclusion / Bibliography / Index October 2010 Hardback

256pp £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-24111-4

John Freeman, Brunel University, UK August 2007 Hardback Paperback

192pp £50.00 £17.99

216x138mm 978-1-4039-9813-2 978-1-4039-9814-9

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Practice-as-Research In Performance and Screen Edited by Ludivine Allegue, Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University, France, Simon Jones, University of Bristol, UK, Baz Kershaw, University of Warwick, UK and Angela Piccini, University of Bristol, UK

‘This represents the first comprehensive attempt to lay down disciplinary and epistemological parameters for the field of Practice-as-Research. As such it is completely new, groundbreaking and important. More importantly, it is exceptionally well-conceived, carefully organized and thought-through.’ - Lynette Hunter, University of California, Davis, USA This groundbreaking integrated book and DVD presents an exploration of the major fissures of established knowledge created by a new trans-disciplinary, worldwide project. Through an innovative combination of formats, it aims to embody the principles of performance and screen practice-as-research in its structure and design. Contents: How to Use this Publication / Acknowledgements / Practice-as-Research: An Introduction; B.Kershaw / The Courage of Complementarity: Practice-as-Research as a Paradigm Shift in Performance Studies; S.Jones / Of Fevered Archives and the Quest for Total Documentation; A.Piccini & C.Rye / Making a Difference: Media Practiceas-Research, Creative Economies and Cultural Ecologies; J.Dovey / Collaborative Ethics in Practice-as-Research; C.Bannerman & C.McLaughlin / Digital Archives: Plus Ça Change, Plus C’est La Même Chose; B.Smith / Peer Review and Criteria: A Discussion; J.Adams, J.Bacon & L.Thynne / Modes of Practice-as-Research Knowledge and Their Place in the Academy; R.Nelson / Practice-asResearch in France 2008; L.Allegue & M.Costin / Transnet a Canadian-Based Case Study on Practice-as-Research, or Rethinking Dance in a Knowledge-Based Society; H.Daniel / Performance Research in Australia 1988-2007; A.Richards / Images / List of Colour Images / Catalogue / Bibliography / Index / List of Catalogue Contributors / DVD August 2009 Hardback

272pp £70.00

234x156mm 978-0-230-22001-0

Mapping Landscapes for Performance as Research

Theatre in Health and Care Emma Brodzinski, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK

Scholarly Acts and Creative Cartographies Edited by Shannon Rose Riley, San Jose State University, USA and Lynette Hunter, University of California, Davis, USA

Although the sciences have long understood the value of practicebased research, the arts and humanities have tended to structure a gap between practice and analysis. This book examines differences and similarities between Performance as Research practices in various community and national contexts, mapping out the landscape of this new field. Contents: PART I: LAY OF THE LANDSCAPE – GEOGRAPHIES, LEGACIES, DISCIPLINES 1 / PART II: CARTOGRAPHIES – TERMS FOR FINDING/CHARTING THE WAY(S) / PART III: MAPPING PAR IN THE US – COMMUNITIES, CLASSROOMS, STAGES, AND HOLODECKS A Full Table of Contents is Available at: July 2009 Hardback

304pp £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-22219-9

ebook available from: Palgrave Macmillan Theatre & Performance Collections, NetLibrary, Ebrary, ebooks. com, Myilibrary, Dawson ERA, Ebook Library

This unique book examines theatre practice that takes place within a range of health and care settings from medical training to advocacy projects for service users. Drawing on a range of case studies, the book provides insights into working practices as well as posing critical questions in relation to the field. Contents: List of Illustrations / Acknowledgements / Introduction: Theatre in Health and Care: A Developing Field / Embodied Spaces: Theatre in Health Institutions / Specialist Knowledge: Theatre and Health Education / ‘But I Already Have a Voice…’: Ventriloquism, Theatre and the Healthy Citizen / Superficial Wounds: The Problems and Possibilities of Medical Simulation / Concluding Thoughts / Notes / Appendix One: Other Useful Resources / Bibliography / Index August 2010 Hardback

200pp £50.00

216x138mm 978-1-4039-9708-1

The Art of Clowning Eli Simon, University of California, Irvine, USA; Author; and leader, CLOWNZILLA

‘...a clear, practical and well thought-out guide for novice or aspiring clowns...’ -Jeff Raz, Founder and Director of the Clown Conservatory, San Francisco, USA, Lead Clown in Cirque du Soleil September 2009 192pp Hardback £57.00 Paperback £18.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-61522-9 978-0-230-61523-6

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Staging and Performing Translation

Theatre in Co-Communities Articulating Power

Text and Theatre Practice

Shulamith Lev-Aladgem, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Edited by Roger Baines, University of East Anglia, UK, Cristina Marinetti, University of Warwick, UK and Manuela Perteghella, London Metropolitan University, UK

This exploration of the territory between theory and practice in contemporary theatre delineates a new space for the discussion of translation in the theatre that is international, critical and scholarly, while rooted in experience and understanding of theatre practices. Contents: Acknowledgements / Notes on Contributors / Introduction / Roger Baines, Cristina Marinetti, Manuela Perteghella / PART I: EXPLORATIONS AND EXPERIMENTS IN THEORY AND PRACTICE / ‘Metaphor and metonymy: The translator-practitioner’s visibility’; D.Johnston / ‘The Translator as metteur en scène, with reference to Les Aveugles [The Blind] by Maurice Maeterlinck’; C-A.Upton / ‘Musical realisations: a performance-based translation of rhythm in Koltès’ Dans la solitude des champs de coton’; R.Baines & F.Dalmasso / ‘The Theatre sign language interpreter and the competing visual narrative: The translation and interpretation of theatrical text into British Sign Language’; S.Rocks / ‘Inferential meaning in Drama Translation: the role of implicature in the staging process of Anouilh’s Antigone’; A.Wolf / PART II: PRACTICAL PERSPECTIVES ON TRANSLATION, ADAPTING AND STAGING / ‘Translating bodies: replication as a tool for translation and adaptation of Chinese xiqu plays’; M.Evans / ‘The Threepenny Opera for the National Theatre - a 3p opera?’; A.Meech / ‘The translator as cultural promoter, or how Renato Gabrielli’s Qualcosa Trilla went on the road as Mobile Thriller’; M.Rose / ‘La Parole bilingue en traduction: performing bilingual plays for Francophone audiences’; L.Ladouceur & N. Nolette / PART III: IN CONVERSATION WITH PRACTITIONERS / Interview with Christopher Hampton; R.Baines & M.Perteghella / ‘Not Lost in Translation’; J.Bradley / Roundtable on Collaborative Theatre Translation Projects: Experiences and Perspectives; J.Meth, K.Mendelsohn & Z.Svendsen / PART IV: POLITICS, ETHICS AND STAGE TRANSLATION / ‘The Impotents: politics imposed upon the creation and reception of an Arabic to Hebrew translation for the stage’; Y.Benshalom / ‘Translating and directing the plays of Gabriela Zapolska’; T.Murjas / Index December 2010 280pp Hardback £50.00


Each chapter of this book presents a different marginalized community and explores how it appropriates theatre for its own needs, which are often at odds with those of the powerful sponsoring organizations. This fresh approach to the topic provides the reader with an innovative, critical way of studying community theatre.

Contents: Acknowledgements / Introduction / Dramatic Playing as a Tactic for the Confrontation of the Mask of Aging / Performing the Scroll of Esther: Articulating Power through Symbolic Inversion / The Three Elderly Musketeers and their Invention of Play / Playing the World-Upside-Down as Part of the Therapeutic Policy of a Children’s Medical Center / ‘Theatre of the People’: Rhetoric versus an Apparatus for Supervision and Control in the Mizrahi Co-Community / Battered Women on the Stage: From Spoken Objects to Speaking Subjects / Between Home and Homeland: Ethiopian Youth Making Do with Theatre / Undoing the Conflict: Israeli Jews and Palestinians Co-Creating a Theatrical Event / The National Festival of the Co-Communities: The Meta-Theatrical Event / Bibliography / Index April 2010 Hardback

200pp £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-55519-8

Theatre and Performance Practices Series Series Editors: Graham Ley and Jane Milling Theatre and Performance Practices explores key performance practices encountered in the study of modern and contemporary theatre. Each book in the series charts the critical and historical development of a mode of performance practice and assesses its contemporary significance.

Autobiography and Performance Deirdre Heddon, University of Glasgow, UK

This text offers a comprehensive overview of the use of autobiography in performance. Examining the work of key practitioners, Heddon argues that autobiographical performances act as sites of resistance and intervention and uncovers the political potentials and limits that accompany the use of the personal in performance November 2007 232pp Hardback £52.50 Paperback £17.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-53752-1 978-0-230-53753-8

Dramaturgy and Performance Cathy Turner, University of Exeter, UK and Synne Behrndt, University College of Winchester, UK

There is a growing interest in ‘dramaturgy’ as a critical concept and as a practical process. Outlining different perspectives this book introduces both concept and practice in an accessible and engaging style. Using case studies and suggesting areas of further study, the authors provide an insight into contemporary debates and new directions November 2007 248pp Hardback £52.50 Paperback £17.99

216x138mm 978-1-4039-9655-8 978-1-4039-9656-5

216x138mm 978-0-230-22819-1

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Devising Performance

Storytelling and Theatre

A Critical History

Contemporary Professional Storytellers and their Art

Deirdre Heddon, University of Glasgow, UK and Jane Milling, University of Exeter, UK

Michael Wilson, University of Glamorgan, UK

The book charts the development of collaboratively-created performances from the 1950s to the present day. Companies discussed include the Living Theatre, Open Theatre, Australian Performing Group, People Show, Teatro Campesino, Théâtre de Complicité, Legs on the Wall, Forced Entertainment and Third Angel. Against this background of enormous variety, fundamental questions are posed: ‘What is devised theatre?’; ‘Why have theatre-makers chosen to devise performances since the 1950s?’ and ‘How has devised performance changed over the last fifty years?’ October 2005 Hardback Paperback

280pp £52.50 £17.99

Michael Wilson addresses the recent rise of storytelling as a professional performance art by providing a critical survey of current practice and a critical framework for those debates currently taking place, and those debates which will undoubtedly emerge in future. The text includes critical analysis of a range of practices alongside interviews with key contemporary practitioners about their work. October 2005 Hardback Paperback

240pp £52.50 £17.99

216x138mm 978-1-4039-0664-9 978-1-4039-0665-6

The Use of Film and Video in Theatre Greg Giesekam, Ankur Productions

The use of film and video is widespread in contemporary theatre. Staging the Screen explores a variety of productions, ranging from Piscator to Forced Entertainment, charting the impact of developing technologies on practices in dramaturgy and performance. Giesekam addresses critical issues raised by multi-media work and intermedia work November 2007 296pp Hardback £52.50 Paperback £17.99

216x138mm 978-1-4039-1698-3 978-1-4039-1699-0

Christopher Baugh, University of Hull, UK

This book explores ways in which development and change in technology have been reflected in scenography, and considers how change in scenographic identity has impacted upon the place and meaning of performance. September 2005 272pp Hardback £52.50 Paperback £17.99

216x138mm 978-1-4039-1696-9 978-1-4039-1697-6

Please use the following ISBN(s) to order all titles in this series: Hardback: 978-1-4039-8735-8 Paperback: 978-1-4039-8736-5

Applied Drama Helen Nicholson, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK

Staging the Screen

The Development of Scenography in the Twentieth Century

ebook available from: NetLibrary

216x138mm 978-1-4039-0662-5 978-1-4039-0663-2

ebook available from: Myilibrary

Theatre Performance and Technology

For more information on all titles in this series, please visit:

Helen Nicholson examines the ways in which drama and theatre have been applied to different community and educational contexts. She provides an overview of the theoretical concepts underpinning practice in applied drama and theatre and examines a range of practices in the light of contemporary theoretical and political concerns. Applied drama has a radical democratic history, and this book explores how practitioners confront questions of community, creativity and citizenship in theatre which is orientated towards social change. September 2005 208pp Hardback £52.50 Paperback £17.99

216x138mm 978-1-4039-1645-7 978-1-4039-1646-4

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Society Dancing


Dance, Space and Subjectivity Valerie A. Briginshaw, Formerly, University of Chichester, UK

This book, now available in paperback, contains readings of international postmodern dances, exploring the roles dance and space play in constructing subjectivity and reading dances ‘against the grain’ to reveal their potential for troubling conventional notions of subjectivity associated with a white, Western, heterosexual, able-bodied, male norm. October 2009 Paperback

264pp £19.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-22979-2

ebook available from:, Myilibrary, NetLibrary, Ebook Library, Dawson ERA, Ebrary, Palgrave Macmillan Social Sciences Collections

Gender and Sexuality

Fashionable Bodies in England, 1870-1920 Theresa J. Buckland, De Montfort University, UK

Based on new archival research, this book uniquely presents a fresh interrogation of how, among London’s fashionable society, dancing in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries was variously a means of social modelling, change, conformity and creative individual expression. Contents: Acknowledgements / Preface / List of Illustrations / PART I: SOCIETY DANCES / Fashionable Bodies and Society Dancing / Fashioning Dance Histories / The Seasonal Round / Public Spaces / Late Victorian Repertoire / Anarchy in the Ball Room / PART II: FASHIONING GENTILITY / A Noble Profession / Temples of Terpsichore / The Fashioning of Ladies / Modelling the Lady / Where are our Men? / Dancing Dogs and Manly Men / PART III: MODERN MOVES / Moving into the Twentieth Century / Modernizing Terpsichore / Civilization Under Threat / Knuts and Aliens / Civilizing from the Centre / Looking Back, Moving On / Notes / Bibliography / Index March 2011 Hardback

300pp £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-27714-4

The Value of Popular Dance Naughty, Awesome, Cool and Deadly

An Introduction to Community Dance Practice Diane Amans, Director of Freedom in Dance

‘A rich stock of case studies and personal experiences - often moving - bring theoretical concerns to life...this is an inspiring read that will give courage to all those dancers who work with community groups. There should be a wellthumbed copy in every dancer’s kitbag.’ - Arts Professional July 2008 Hardback Paperback

296pp £52.50 £17.99

234x156mm 978-0-230-55168-8 978-0-230-55169-5

Sherril Dodds, University of Surrey, UK

Employing a cultural theory approach, this book explores the relationship between popular dance and value. It traces the shifting value systems that underpin popular dance scholarship and considers how different dancing communities articulate complex expressions of judgment, significance and worth through their embodied practice. Contents: List of Illustrations / Acknowledgements / Introduction: Let’s Dance! / PART I: UNDERSTANDING VALUE / Dancing on the Canon / The Value(s) of Cultural Studies / What is Popular Dance? / Writing Popular Dance / Embodiments of Value / PART II: DANCING VALUES / ‘Naughty but Nice’: (Re)Articulations of Value in Neo-Burlesque Striptease / Pogoing, Headbanging and Skanking: Economies of Value in Dancing Subcultures / ‘There’s a Land That I’ve Dreamed About’: Envisioning Value at Sunday Serenade / Conclusion: The Value of Popular Dance / Bibliography / Index March 2011 Hardback


240pp £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-57995-8

Male Trouble: Masculinity and the Performance of Crisis Fintan Walsh, Trinity College, Dublin, Republic of Ireland

‘Innovative in its Butler inflected, psychoanalytically informed, queer approach to a diverse range of work from Mark Ravenhill to Franko B, Walsh’s book is a must for those engaged in cultural and performative studies of ‘male trouble’. The study takes the masculinity in crisis discourse from the nineties and beyond to new theoretical heights.’ - Elaine Aston, Lancaster University, UK ‘Of all the books published on men and masculinities in the new millennium, Fintan Walsh’s is the most perceptive and persuasive. Impressive in its range and justified in its claims, Male Trouble is psychoanalytically inflected cultural studies of the highest order.’ - Calvin Thomas, Georgia State University, USA A rich analysis of the discourses and figurations of ‘crisis masculinity’ around the turn of the twenty-first century, working at the intersection of performance and cultural studies and looking at film, television, drama, performance art, visual art and street theatre. Contents: List of Figures / Acknowledgements / Introduction: Performing Male Trouble / Sacrificial Masculinity in The Passion of the Christ / Impotent Masculinities in Made in China and InterMission / Homosexuality and Subjection in Shopping and Fucking and Faust is Dead / Wounded Attachments in the Live Art of Ron Athey and Franko B / David Blaine, Fathers 4 Justice, and the Spectacle of Heroic Masculinity / The Jackassification of Male Trouble: Incorporating the Abject as Norm / An Ethic of Fragilization / Notes / Bibliography / Index June 2010 Hardback

248pp £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-57969-9

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Violence Against Women in Early Modern Performance Invisible Acts Kim Solga, University of Western Ontario, Canada

‘Compellingly written, theoretically sophisticated, thickly researched, and surprisingly uplifting, Violence Against Women in Early Modern Performance is a major contribution to early modern, feminist, theatre and performance studies.’ - Ric Knowles, University of Guelph, Canada

Feminist and Queer Performance Critical Strategies Sue-Ellen Case, University College Los Angeles, USA

Sue-Ellen Case is arguably the most influential and significant scholar in feminist and queer theatre studies. This collection brings together her most important writings. November 2008 208pp Hardback £55.00 Paperback £19.99

Feminism and Theatre Reissued edition Sue-Ellen Case, University College Los Angeles, USA Foreword by Elaine Aston

Examining some of the most iconic texts in English theatre history, including Titus Andronicus, The Duchess of Malfi and The Changeling, this book reveals the pernicious erasure of rape and violence against women in the early modern era, and the politics and ethics of rehearsing these negotiations on the twentieth- and twenty-first century stages. Contents: List of Illustrations / Acknowledgements / Encounters with the Missing: From the Invisible Acts to In/visible Acts / Rape’s Metatheatrical Return: Rehearsing Sexual Violence Among the Early Moderns / The Punitive Scene and the Performance of Salvation: Violence, the Flesh, and the Word / Witness to Despair: The Martyr of Malfi’s Ghost / The Architecture of the Act: Renovating Beatrice Joanna’s Closet / Afterword / Bibliography / Notes / Index September 2009 224pp Hardback £52.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-21954-0

ebook available from: Palgrave Macmillan Theatre & Performance Collections, Myilibrary, NetLibrary, Ebook Library,, Dawson ERA

216x138mm 978-0-230-53754-5 978-0-230-53755-2

This classic study is both an introduction to, and an overview of, the relationship between feminism and theatre. The reissued edition features a new Preface by Elaine Aston.

February 2008 Hardback Paperback

184pp £55.00 £18.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-52117-9 978-0-230-52118-6

Theatre, Performance, Theory Edited by Geraldine Harris and Elaine Aston, both at LancasterUniversity, UK 264pp £63.00 £19.99

Published in association with FIRT/IFTR Series Editors: Janelle Reinelt and Brian Singleton

Culture and performance cross borders constantly, and not just the borders that define nations. In this series, scholars of performance produce interactions between and among nations and cultures as well as genres, identities, and imaginations. Inter-national in the largest sense, the books collected here display a range of historical, theoretical, and critical approaches to the panoply of performances that make up the global surround. The Series embraces “Culture” which is institutional as well as improvised, underground, or alternate, and analyzes “Performance” as either intercultural or transnational as well as intracultural within nations.

On the Performance Front US Theatre and Internationalism Charlotte Canning, University of Texas at Austin, USA September 2011 256pp Hardback £52.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-23338-6

Alternative Chinese Opera in the Age of Globalization Performing Zero Daphne P. Lei, University of California, USA

Feminist Futures?

April 2006 Hardback Paperback


216x138mm 978-1-4039-4532-7 978-1-4039-4533-4

Performance Interventions Series Editors: Elaine Aston and Bryan Reynolds ebook available from: Ebook Library, NetLibrary,, Myilibrary, Dawson ERA, Palgrave Connect Literature & Performing Arts Collections, Ebrary

Bringing the study of Chinese theatre into the twenty-first century, Lei discusses ways in which traditional art can survive and thrive in the age of modernization and globalization. Building on her previous work, this new book focuses on various forms of Chinese ‘opera’ in locations around the Pacific Rim, including Hong Kong, Taiwan and California. Contents: List of Illustrations / Acknowledgements / Introduction: Performing Zero / Total Makeover with Femininity: Innovative Jingju in Taiwan / Pacification and Silence Resistance: Performing Hong Kong in The Flower Princess / The Blossoming of the Transnational Peony: Performing Alternative China in California / Waiting for Meaning: The Joint Venture of Robert Wilson, Jingju, and Taiwan / Conclusion / Bibliography / Index January 2011 Hardback

256pp £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-24565-5

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Community Theatre and AIDS

Indonesian Postcolonial Theatre

Ola Johansson, Lancaster University, UK

Spectral Genealogies and Absent Faces

Poonam Trivedi, University of Delhi, India

Applying research into assessments of community theatre, epidemiology, and young people’s shared and private stories using a wide range of methodologies, this book explores the potential efficacy of community theatre to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS in Tanzania with reference to several other comparable sites in Africa.

A Postcolonial study of the development of modern Indian theatre, this book argues for the performance of Shakespeare as a crucial constitutive strand. It examines features on the adoption of realism, the politics of amateur theatre and variety entertainment and their impact on archival and contemporary Shakespearean productions in India.

Contents: List of Illustrations / Acknowledgements / Introduction: Community Theatre and AIDS / HIV Prevention as Community-Based Theatre / The Performativity of Community-Based Theatre / The Social Drama of Backstage Discourse and Performance / A Deadly Paradox: Assessing the Success/Failure of Community-Based Theatre Against AIDS / Appendices / Bibliography / Index

Contents: List of Figures / Acknowledgements / Introduction / PART I: PERFORMANCE AND THE POSTCOLONIAL / “Bananas on A Mango Tree”: Colonial Mimesis, Hybridity and Modern Indian Theatre / The Politics of Reading Folk Theatre Traditions / Imperial Simla and the Contest for Performative Space: the Gaiety and the Kali Bari theatres / Performing the Nation: Dave Carson and the Bengali Babu / PART II: PERFORMING SHAKESPEARE / Parsi Shakespeare / ‘Play[ing]’s the thing’: Hamlet on the Indian Stage / ‘The Sense of an Ending’: Performing King Lear in India / Reading ‘Other’ Shakespeares: the Challenge of Intercultural Practice / ‘It is the bloody business which informs thus…’ Local Politics and Performative Praxis: Macbeth in India / ‘Haply, for I am black’: the Colour of Indian Re-visions of Othello’ / Re-dressing Shakespeare: Ethnic Identity and Costume in Indian Performances of Shakespeare / ‘Filmi’ Shakespeare / Contemporising Shakespeare / Bibliography / Index

December 2010 216pp Hardback £50.00

Performance and Postcoloniality Indian Theatre and Shakespeare

March 2011 Hardback

256pp £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-27480-8

216x138mm 978-0-230-20515-4

Performing Otherness Java and Bali on International Stages, 1905-1952 Matthew Isaac Cohen, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK

A far-reaching examination of exoticism, cultural internationalism and modernism’s encounters with Indonesian tradition, Performing Otherness examines how Indonesia entered world stages through imperialism as an antimodern phantasm and through nationalism became a means of intercultural communication and cultural diplomacy.

Evan Darwin Winet, Independent Scholar

This text explores modern theatrical practices in Indonesia from a performance of Hamlet in the warehouses of Dutch Batavia to Ratna Sarumpaet’s feminist Muslim Antigones. The book reveals patterns linking the colonial to the postcolonial eras that often conflict with the historical narratives of Indonesian nationalism.

Contents: List of Illustrations / Series Editor’s Preface / Preface / Introduction: Colonial Foundations and Precessions of Postcoloniality / Unimaginable Communities: Theatres of Eurasian and Chinese Batavia / Sites of Disappearance: Expatriate Ghosts on Ephemeral Stages / Despite Their Failings: Spectres of Foreign Professionalism / Hamlet and Caligula: Echoes of a Voice, Unclear in Origin / Umat as Rakyat: Performing Islam through Veils of Nationalism / Teater Reformasi: The Lingering Smile of the Absent Father / Conclusion: Forgetting the Monotonous Nation / Appendix: A Timeline of ‘Indonesian’ and ‘Batavian’ Histories / Notes / Works Cited / Index March 2010 Hardback

280pp £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-54688-2

ebook available from: Palgrave Macmillan Theatre & Performance Collections

Contents: List of Figures / Preface and Acknowledgements / Note on Orthography and Writing Conventions / Introduction: The Spectacle of Otherness / Mata Hari / Wayang as Technology / Eva Gauthier, From Java to Jazz / Stella Bloch and ‘up-to-date’ Java / Raden Mas Jodjana and Company / Magical Identification with Bali in France / Greater India / Devi Dja goes Hollywood / Aftermath: Decolonization / Glossary / Selected Bibliography / Notes / Index December 2010 304pp Hardback £55.00


216x138mm 978-0-230-22462-9

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Racial Geometries of the Black Dramaturgy of the Real on the Atlantic, Asian Pacific and American World Stage Theatre

Contents: List of Illustrations / Series Editors’ Preface / Acknowledgements / How Uncle Tom’s Cabin Killed the King of Siam / Passing Between Nations: Racial Impersonation and Transnational Affiliation / Melancholy Bodies: Eugene O’Neill, Imperial Critique, and Irish Assimilation / American Progress: Tours, Tourism, and Internationalism / The Geometries of Swing: A Black Pacific and The Swing Mikados / Coda: The Black Face of US Imperialism / Notes / Bibliography / Index January 2010 Hardback

224pp £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-22193-2

Edited by Silvija Jestrovic, University of Warwick, UK and Yana Meerzon, University of Ottawa, Canada

Edited by Carol Martin, New York University, USA

Shannon Steen, University of California, Berkeley, USA

An exciting new work on how black and Asian racial structures were woven together within US theatrical practices in the run up to the Second World War, Steen uses this history to model how we might use performance histories to more carefully assess how racial formation occurs on the boundaries between racial groups in an international context.

Performance, Exile and ‘America’

'...a timely, intriguing book.’ - Whatsonstage. com This text brings together an incredible range of international theatre thinking, plays and performance texts, many published here for the first time, that ask questions about how we have come to understand reality and truth in the twenty-first century and analyse the presentation of non-fiction on the international stage. Contents: PART I: ESSAYS / The Dramaturgy of the Real; C.Martin / Towards a Poetics of Theatre and Public Events; J.Reinelt / Staging Terror; W.Hesford / Post-1990s Verbatim Theatre in South Africa: Exploring an African Concept of Truth; Y.Hutchison / Reality from the Bottom Up: Documentary Theatre in Poland; A.Sowinska, translated by B.Paloff / The Scripted Realities of Rimini Protokoll; F.Malzacher / PART II: TEXTS / Rewind - A Cantata for Voice, Tape and Testimony; J.Dubow / Rewind: Cantata; P.Miller / Is.Man; A.Roosen / Introduction to Three Posters; R.Mroué / Three Posters; E.Khoury & R.Mouré / The Magic Years of Youth in Dreary Times, Or Theatre of the Eighth Day’s View of Itself, Again During Dreary Times; J.Ostrowska, translated by E.Janicka / The Files; Teatre Ósmego Dnia, translated by B.Johnston / Pawel Demirski: We’re not Hyenas - An Interview; P.Sztarbowski, translated by A.Valles / Don’t Be Surprised When They Burn Your House Down; P.Demirski, translated by A.Valles / Kidnapping Reality: An Interview with Vivi Tellas; A.Pauls, translated by S.J.Townsend / Excerpts from the Plays of Vivi Tellas; V.Tellas, translated by S.J.Townsend / An Intimate Love Letter: Art, Life & Showbiz, Ain Gordon Writer/Director; B.Vorlicky / Art, Life & Showbiz; A.Gordon / Index January 2010 Hardback

328pp £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-22054-6

ebook available from: Palgrave Macmillan Theatre & Performance Collections

This collection investigates dramatic and performative renderings of ‘America’ as an exilic place particularly focusing on issues of language, space and identity. It looks at ways in which immigrants and outsiders are embodied in American theatre practice and explores ways in which ‘America’ is staged and dramatized by immigrants and foreigners. Contents: List of Illustrations / Series Editors’ Preface / Acknowledgements / Notes on Contributors / Introduction: Framing ‘America’: Between Exilic Imaginary and Exilic Collective; S.Jestrovic & Y.Meerzon / PART 1: ‘AMERICA’ BETWEEN THE EXILIC IMAGINARY AND THE EXILIC COLLECTIVE / Land of Air-conditioning and Opportunity: America on the Irish Stage; E.Fitzpatrick / Ninety Miles Away: Exile and Identity in Recent Cuban-American Dramas; Y.Prizant / An American Mile in Others’ Shoes’ – The Tragicomedy of Immigrating to the 21st Century U.S.; D.Manole / The American Landscape Reconsidered. On Theatricality of Urban America in the Russian Émigré Writings, with the Special Focus on Vasily Aksyonov’s Works; Y.Meerzon / PART 2: AMERICAN PERFORMATIVITY / Theatres in America: Brecht and Kafka; F.Rokem / America Relocated – Karel Čapek’s Robots between Prague, Berlin and New York; V.Ambros / At Home in Exile: Finding America in Casablanca and Camino Real; A.Ackerman / PART 3: AMERICA AND THE OTHER: FROM REPRESENTATION TO INTERVENTION / De-Territorializing Voices: Staging the Middle East in American Theatre; E.Jaffe-Berg / Current Trends in Arab-American Performance; D.Basiouny & M.Carlson / Bombing (on) the Border: Ali & Ali and the aXes of Evil as Transnational Agitprop; J.Wasserman / Exiles and the City: Krzysztof Wodiczko’s New York Interventions of Making the Familiar Strange; S.Jestrovic / Index October 2009 Hardback

280pp £52.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-57456-4

ebook available from: Palgrave Macmillan Theatre & Performance Collections, Myilibrary, NetLibrary, Ebook Library,, Dawson ERA

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Theatre, Intimacy and Engagement The Last Human Venue Alan Read, Professor of Theatre, King’s College, University of London, UK

‘This is a rich and rewarding book, written with feeling and a deep commitment to its many, various and often unpredictable subjects. Readers who accept its generous invitation will be seduced, provoked and encouraged to think afresh about how they understand their theatre, their politics and their intellectual engagement.’ - Nicholas Ridout, Queen Mary, University of London, UK This book, now available in paperback, unravels politics from theatre in order to propose a new means to politicize performance. Performance analyses ranging from child actors, animals and objects to reflections on the theatre work of Societas Raffaello Sanzio, Forced Entertainment and Goat Island combine to offer a critique of performance studies. June 2009 Hardback Paperback

364pp £58.00 £19.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-57261-4 978-0-230-23524-3, Myilibrary, Ebook Library, Palgrave Macmillan Theatre & Performance Collections

Violence Performed

Worlding Dance

Local Roots and Global Routes of Conflict Edited by Patrick Anderson, University of California, USA and Jisha Menon, University of British Columbia, Canada

This topical collection explores the relationship between violence and performance. The authors offer fresh theoretical perspectives and examine media as diverse as street theatre, performance art, photography and cinema in locations as diverse as Korea and South Africa to India and Israel. November 2008 412pp Hardback £68.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-53726-2

Performance and Cosmopolitics Cross-Cultural Transactions in Australasia Helen Gilbert, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK and Jacqueline Lo, Australian National University, Australia

This ground-breaking study of crosscultural theatre in the Australasian region focuses on theatrical events and practices in avant-garde and mainstream contexts. It explores the cultural and political dimensions of Australia’s engagement with Asia and sheds light on international arts marketing and trends in crosscultural performance training. June 2009 Hardback Paperback

256pp £55.00 £19.99

Edited by Susan Foster, University College Los Angeles, USA

What world has been constructed for dancing through the use of the term ‘world dance’? What kinds of worlds do we as scholars create for a given dance when we undertake to describe and analyze it? This book endeavours to make new epistemological space for the analysis of the world’s dance by offering a variety of new analytic approaches. Contents: Acknowledgements / Notes on Contributors / Worlding Dance – An Introduction; S.L.Foster / The Power of Classification; L.Hammergren / Mobilizing (in) the Archive: Santee Smith’s Kaha:wi; J.S.Murphy / A “Material”-ist Reading of the Bharata Natyam Dancing Body: The Possibility of the “Unruly Spectator”; P.Srinivasan / Race-ing Choreographic Copyright; A.Kraut / Choreographies and Choreographers; S.L.Foster / Redstained Feet: Probing the Ground On Which Women Dance in Contemporary Bengal; A.Chatterjea / Artistic Utopias: Michio Ito and the Trope of the International; Y.Wong / Worlding Dance and Dancing Out There in the World; M.E.Savigliano / Works Cited / Index June 2009 Hardback

224pp £52.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-20594-9

ebook available from: Palgrave Macmillan Theatre & Performance Collections, NetLibrary, Dawson ERA, Ebrary,, Myilibrary, Ebook Library

216x138mm 978-0-230-00340-8 978-0-230-23402-4

Winner of the Australasian Association for Theatre, Drama and Performance Studies Rob Jordan prize Shortlisted for the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards Gleebooks Prize and Biennial Prize for Literary Scholarship ebook available from: NetLibrary, Dawson ERA, Ebrary,, Myilibrary, Ebook Library, Palgrave Macmillan Theatre & Performance Collections


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Performance, Ethics and Spectatorship in a Global Age Helena Grehan, Murdoch University, Australia

Brenda Werth, American University, USA

‘...a work of original, generous, and - above all - responsible theatre theory.’ - Performance Paradigm

Since Argentina’s transition to democracy, the expression of human fragility on the stage has taken diverse forms. This book examines the intervention of theatre and performance in the memory politics surrounding Argentina’s return to democracy and makes a case for performance’s transformative power.

This book takes performance studies in exciting new directions, exploring the ways in which ethics can be used to understand the complex questions facing contemporary spectators. Engaging with five key performances, the book reflects on the emotional and intellectual impacts of politically inflected performance on spectators, critics and theorists. March 2009 Hardback

224pp £52.00

Theatre, Performance, and Memory Politics in Argentina

216x138mm 978-0-230-51801-8

Joint winner of the Australasian Drama Studies Association Rob Jordan Award 2010. ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Literature & Performing Arts Collections, Dawson ERA, Ebook Library,, Ebrary, Myilibrary, NetLibrary

Contents: Introduction / Transition and the Performance of Retroactive Justice / From Antigone to Orpheus: Alternative Myths and Figures of Mourning / The Performance of Confession Onstage and on the Stand / Argentina’s Postdictatorial Stages: Resting Places and Places of Unrest / Argentina’s Middle Class: Paradigm of Crisis and Renewal / Intergenerational Memory and Performative Acts of Recovery / Conclusion November 2010 272pp Hardback £52.50

234x156mm 978-0-230-10434-1

Politics and Violence in Cuban and Argentine Theater Please use the following ISBN(s) to order all titles in this series: Hardback: 978-1-4039-4456-6 Paperback: 978-1-4039-4457-3

Ibsen and the Irish Revival Irina Ruppo Malone, National University of Ireland, Republic of Ireland

This text examines Henrik Ibsen’s influence on the Irish Revival and the reception of his plays in turn-ofthe-twentieth-century Dublin. It highlights the international dimension of the Irish Literary Revival and offers new perspectives on W.B. Yeats, J.M. Synge, Lennox Robinson, James Joyce, George Moore and Sean O’Casey. Contents: List of Illustrations / Introduction / Dublin’s First Introduction to Ibsen: The Realist Plays / Ibsen and the Early Abbey Tradition / Irish Nationalism and the Ideology of Ibsen’s Drama / Beyond Realism: The Reception of Ibsen’s ‘Symbolist’ Plays / Ibsen out of Date? / A Farewell to the Revival and the Beginnings of Irish Modernism / Epilogue: Dreams of Resurrection— Ibsen and George Moore / Conclusion / Appendix: Performances of Ibsen’s Plays in Dublin 1894-1928 / Notes / Bibliography / Index February 2010 Hardback

240 pp £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-23199-3

ebook available from: Palgrave Macmillan Theatre & Performance Collections

Katherine Ford, East Carolina University, USA

This book looks at Cuban and Argentine theatre of the late 1960s and early 1970s to see how the idea of spectacle as violence was used to comment on and question the social and political violence that was unfolding offstage. March 2010 Hardback

244pp £57.00

234x156mm 978-0-230-61314-0

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Media & Culture Collection

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Theatre and Globalization: Irish Drama in the Celtic Tiger Era

Contemporary Irish Drama 2nd edition

Patrick Lonergan, National University of Ireland, Republic of Ireland

'Simply the best and most thought-provoking analysis we’ve had of a central tension in Irish theatre (and indeed in the wider Irish culture) over the last 15 years.’ - Fintan O’Toole, Irish Times Globalization is transforming theatre everywhere. As writers seek new opportunities to produce their work internationally, audiences are seeing the world – and the stage – differently. This groundbreaking study, now available in paperback, explores these developments in the context of the transformation of Ireland since the early 1990s. Contents: Acknowledgements / List of Abbreviations / Introduction / Globalization and Irish Theatre / Globalizing Irish Drama: Brian Friel’s Dancing at Lughnasa, 1990/1999 / Globalizing National Theatres: Sean O’Casey’s The Plough and the Stars, 1926/1991/2002 / Historicizing the Brand: Dion Boucicault’s The Shaughraun, 1874/2004 / Globalization and Authorship: Martin McDonagh, 1996-2005 / Globalization and Cultural Exchange: Tony Kushner’s Angels in America, Dublin, 1995 / Globalizing Gender / Race and the Brand: Irish Theatre in 2005 / Conclusion: Our Global Theatre / Works Cited / Index November 2009 264pp Hardback £55.00 Paperback £19.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-21428-6 978-0-230-24191-6

Winner of the 2008 Theatre Book Prize, awarded by the Society for Theatre Research Winner of the of the Cultural Studies ESSE Book Award, 2010

Theatre History

Anthony Roche, University College Dublin, Republic of Ireland

‘Anthony Roche’s Contemporary Irish Drama was a fundamental text in the study of modern drama; this revised edition with additions and updates proves its validity, value, and relevance. The strengths of the first edition – original close readings, judicious contextualizing, comprehensive references – are now complemented with definitive accounts of the most exciting young playwrights and their prospects in national and international twentyfirst century culture.’ - John P. Harrington, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA ‘Anthony Roche loves theatre, and Irish theatre in particular - he was at the opening nights; he has long known the playwrights, directors, and actors, as people and professionals; he has been in the scholarly debate about contemporary drama in Ireland all the way along. His new edition of this groundbreaking study really puts the reader on top of the subject, and up to date on many of the most successful English-speaking plays of recent times.’ - Adrian Frazier, National University of Ireland, Galway July 2009 Hardback Paperback

304pp £63.00 £18.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-21978-6 978-0-230-21979-3


Lady Macbeth in America From the Stage to the White House Gay Smith, Wesleyan University, USA

This book examines the symbolic migration of Shakespeare's Lady Macbeth in American culture, from its onstage origins to the White House.

March 2010 Hardback

252pp £55.00

234x156mm 978-0-230-62288-3

ebook available from: Palgrave Macmillan Theatre & Performance Collections

Beyond the Golden Door Jewish American Drama and Jewish American Experience Julius Novick, Purchase College, USA October 2009 Paperback

200pp £18.99

246x189mm 978-0-230-61966-1

ebook available from: Ebook Library, Palgrave Connect Literature & Performing Arts Collections, NetLibrary, Myilibrary, Dawson ERA,, Ebrary


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Performing Bodies in Pain

Victorian Pantomime

Staging Age

A Collection of Critical Essays

The Performance of Age in Theatre, Dance, and Film

Edited by Jim Davis, University of Warwick, UK

Medieval and Post-Modern Martyrs, Mystics, and Artists

Featuring contributions by new and established nineteenth-century theatre scholars, this collection of critical essays is the first of its kind devoted solely to Victorian pantomime. It takes us through the various manifestations of British pantomime in the Victorian period and its ambivalent relationship with Victorian values.

Marla Carlson, University of Georgia, USA

This text analyzes the cultural work of spectacular suffering in contemporary discourse and late-medieval France, reading recent dramatizations of torture and performances of selfmutilating conceptual art against late-medieval saint plays. January 2011 Hardback

240pp £52.50

234x156mm 978-0-230-10386-3

Interrogating America through Theatre and Performance Iris Smith Fischer, University of Kansas, USA and William W. Demastes, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, USA November 2009 320pp Paperback £20.99

234x156mm 978-0-230-61901-2

ebook available from: Myilibrary, NetLibrary, Ebook Library,, Dawson ERA

Theatre, Performance and the Historical Avant-Garde Günter Berghaus, University of Bristol, UK February 2006 Hardback Paperback

400pp £55.00 £22.99

234x156mm 978-1-4039-6955-2 978-0-230-61752-0

Choice Outstanding Academic Title 2006 Please use the following ISBN to order all titles in this series:

Contents: List of Tables and Figures / Acknowledgements / Notes on Contributors / Introduction: Victorian Pantomime; J.Davis / PART I: THE GOLDEN AGE OF PANTOMIME: THE MID-VICTORIAN PERIOD / E. L. Blanchard and ‘The Golden Age of Pantomime’; J.Richards / ‘Arcadias of Pantomime’: Ruskin, Pantomime, and the Illustrated London News; S.A.Weltman / Lewis Carroll, E.L. Blanchard and Frank W. Green; R.Foulkes / Harlequin Encore: Sixty Years of the Britannia Pantomime; J.Norwood / PART II: PANTOMIME, REPRESENTATION AND IDEOLOGY / Pantomime and the Experienced Young Fellow; J.Bratton / ‘Only an Undisciplined (Nation) would have done it’: Drury Lane Pantomime in the Late Nineteenth Century; J.Davis / Dan Leno: Dame of Drury Lane; C.Radcliffe / PART III: PROVINCIAL PANTOMIME / Mapping the Place of Pantomime in a Victorian Town; J.Robinson / ‘Local and Political Hits’: Allusion and Collusion in the Local Pantomime; J.Sullivan / ‘Holding up the Mirror’: Readership and Authorship in the Era’s Pantomime Reviews from the 1870s; A.Featherstone / PART IV: THE LEGACY OF VICTORIAN PANTOMIME / Continuity and Transformation in Twentieth Century Pantomime; M.Taylor / Victorian Pantomime on Film; D.Mayer / Selected Bibliography / Index August 2010 Hardback

248pp £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-22159-8

Leni Marshall, Century College, USA and Valerie Barnes Lipscomb, University of South Florida SarasotaManatee, USA

This text explores how performers offer conscious-and unconscious-portrayals of the spectrum of age to their audiences. It considers a variety of media, including theatre, film, dance, advertising, and television, and offers critical foundations for research and course design, sound pedagogical approaches, and analyses. September 2010 256pp Hardback £52.50

234x156mm 978-0-230-62365-1

Theatre, Communication, Critical Realism Tobin Nellhaus, Yale University, USA

The first book to take a critical realist approach to any area of culture, this study examines theatre and its history through the interaction of society’s structures, agents and discourses. Contents: Introduction / Philosophy, History, Theatre / Orality, Literacy and Early Theatre / Embodiment, Agency, and Performance Strategies / Social Ontology, (Meta)theatricality, and the History of Communication / Conclusion: New Media, Old Problems August 2010 Hardback

272pp £52.50

234x156mm 978-0-230-62363-7

 NEW SERIES : WHAT IS THEATRE ? Series Editor: Ann C. Hall

Paperback: 978-0-230-00250-0

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New Directions in Renaissance Drama and Performance Studies

John Ruskin and the Victorian Theatre

Edited by Sarah Werner, Folger Shakespeare Library; Author; Associate Editor of Shakespeare Quarterly

This collection asks pressing questions about how and why we study performances of Renaissance drama, challenging prevailing views and suggesting new methodologies for the field. How does an emphasis on Shakespeare limit us? What can we learn from non-traditional theatre? Why should we rethink the value of studying what happens onstage? Contents: Acknowledgements / Notes on Contributors / Introduction: S.Werner / PART I: WORKING WITH THE EPHEMERAL / One Piece at a Time; R.Shaughnessy / Replaying Early Modern Performances; W.N.West / Acts of Seizure: A Theatrical Poetics of Metonymy and Metaphor; C.Cobb / PART II: RECONNECTING LITERARY CRITICISM AND PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS / Page and Stage Again: Rethinking Renaissance Character Phenomenologically; A.J.Hartley / The Spirit of ‘76: Original Practices and Revolutionary Nostalgia; P.Menzer / Spreading the Shakespeare Gospel: A rhetorical history of the academic theater review; J.Lopez / PART III: RESITUATING SHAKESPEARE / Performance Criticism Without Performance; G.Love / Performing Relevance/ Relevant Performances: Shakespeare, Jonson, Hitchcock; E.Smith / Shakespeare and Our Contemporaries; B.Escolme / ‘Ay, there’s the rub’: Race and Performance Studies; A.Thompson / Performing the ‘Live’: Cinema, Simulation, and the Death of the Real in Alex Cox’s Revengers’ Tragedy; C.Lehmann / Index May 2010 Hardback

240pp £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-20530-7

Kate Newey, University of Birmingham, UK and Jeffrey Richards, Lancaster University, UK

This is the first book to explore the involvement of John Ruskin with the popular theatre of his time. Based on original archival research, this book offers a fresh look at the aesthetic and social theories of Ruskin and his direct and indirect influence on the commercial theatre of the late nineteenth century. April 2010 Hardback

272pp £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-52499-6

The Ancient World on the Victorian and Edwardian Stage

The Changing Language of Modern English Drama 1945–2005 Kate Dorney, Theatre Museum, London, UK

An account of language and drama between 1945 and 2005, synthesizing linguistic and dramatic knowledge in order to illuminate the ways in which anxieties and attitudes toward language manifest themselves in discourses on and around English theatre of the time, and how these anxieties and attitudes reflect back through the theatre of this period. September 2009 264pp Hardback £52.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-01329-2

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Language & Linguistics Collections, Myilibrary, NetLibrary, Ebook Library,, Dawson ERA

Jeffrey Richards, Lancaster University, UK

The first study of the depictions of the Ancient World on the Victorian and Edwardian stage, this book analyzes plays set in and dramatizing the histories of Greece, Rome, Egypt, Babylon and the Holy Land. In doing so, it seeks to locate theatre within the wider culture, tracing its links and interaction with other cultural forms.

October 2009 Hardback

280pp £52.00

Weyward Macbeth Intersections of Race and Performance Edited by Scott L. Newstok, Rhodes College, USA and Ayanna Thompson, Arizona State University, USA

‘Weyward Macbeth offers a fascinating account of the use and misuse of Shakespeare’s tragedy by a culture trying to confront its own guilt and ghosts.’ Chapter

216x138mm 978-0-230-22936-5

ebook available from: Palgrave Macmillan Theatre & Performance Collections, Myilibrary, NetLibrary, Ebook Library,, Dawson ERA February 2010 Hardback Paperback

308pp £63.00 £19.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-61633-2 978-0-230-61642-4

Signs of Race Series Editors: Philip Beidler and Gary Taylor


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THEATRE HISTORY Cognitive Studies in Literature and Performance

Cognition in the Globe Attention and Memory in Shakespeare’s Time Lyn Tribble, University of Otago, New Zealand

Drawing upon work in philosophy and the cognitive sciences,this book proposes that the cognitive work of theatre is distributed across body, brain, and world. March 2011 Hardback

256pp £52.00

234x156mm 978-0-230-11085-4

Shakespearean Neuroplay


Amy Cook, Indiana University, Bloomington, USA.

October 2010 Hardback

288pp £50.00

156x218 mm 978-0-230-10547-8

Published by Pre-Twentieth Century Theatre ebook available from: True

Performance, Cognitive Theory, and Devotional Culture Sensual Piety in Late Medieval York Jill Stevenson, Marymount Manhattan College, USA

This innovative work uses cognitive theory to explore the layperson’s physical encounter with live religious performances in late medieval York. June 2010 Hardback

288pp £52.50

234x156mm 978-0-230-10319-1

Nineteenth-Century Theatre’s History Edited by Tracy C. Davis, Northwestern University, USA and Peter Holland, , University of Notre Dame, USA

General Editor: Peter Holland This series brings together major practitioners in theatre history in order to establish ways in which previous assumptions need fundamental questioning and to initiate new directions for the field. Published in association with the Huntington Library

Players, Playwrights, Playhouses Investigating Performance, 1660-1800 Edited by Michael Cordner, University of York, UK and Peter Holland, University of Notre Dame, USA

Reinvigorating the Study of Dramatic Texts and Performance through Cognitive Science This book provides a methodology for applying cognitive science to the study of drama and performance.

The Performing Century

Contents: List of Illustrations / Notes on Contributors / Series Introduction: Redefining British Theatre History; P.Holland / Introduction: The Performing Society; T.C.Davis & P.Holland / PART I: PERFORMANCE OCCASIONS / Boxing Day; J.Davis / What Are Faries For?; T.C.Davis / Communal Performances: Royal Ritual, Revolution, and National Acts; E.Allen / George Edwardes and Musical Comedy: The Transformations of London Theatre and Society, 1878-1914; T.Postlewait / PART II: PERFORMANCE ANXIETIES / Nation and Neighbourhood, Jews and Englishmen: Location and Theatrical Ideology in the Theatre of Victorian London; H.Holder / Theatre History and Capital on the Victorian Stage; J.Moody / Modernity, Geography and Historiography: (Re)-Mapping Irish Theatre History on the Nineteenth Century; M.Phelan / PART III: REPERTOIRES / The Death of Tragedy; or, the Birth of Melodrama; J.N.Cox / Fitting the Bill: Acting out the Season of 1813/14 at the Sans Pareil; G.Bush-Bailey / Charles Mathews, Low Comedian, and the Intersections of Romantic Ideology; E.Ziter / The Persistence of Closet Drama: Theory, History, Form; C.Burroughs / Shakespeare and the Music Hall; R.Schoch / What is a Play? Drama and the Victorian Circus; J.Bratton / Index

Contents: List of Illustrations and Tables / Notes on Contributors / Series Introduction: Redefining British Theatre History; P.Holland / Introduction: Expanding Horizons; M.Cordner / PART I: DRAMA, THEATRE AND HISTORY / Theatre History, 1660-1800: Aims, Materials, Methodology; R.D.Hume / Sleeping with the Enemy: Aphra Behn’s The Roundheads and the Political Comedy of Adultery; M.Cordner / Shadowing Theatrical Change; P.R.Backscheider / Reading Theatre History from Account Books; J.Milhous / PART II: CONTROLLING THE THEATRE / Jeremy Collier and the Politics of Theatrical Representation; L.A.Freeman / Reconsidering Theatrical Regulation in the Long Eighteenth Century; M.J.Kinservik / PART III: THEATRE BEYOND LONDON / Theatre for Nothing; M.Dobson / Mixed Marriage: Irish Playwrights and the Hybrid Audience; S.Cannon Harris / Country Matters: Irish Waggery and the British Theatrical Tradition; H.Burke / PART IV: REPRESENTATIONS / Universality, Early Modernity, and the Quagmire of Representing Race; M.Choudhury / Hearing the Dead: The Sound of David Garrick; P.Holland / The Visuality of the Theatre; S.West / Index

Edited by Peter Holland, University of Notre Dame, USA and Stephen Orgel, Stanford, USA

July 2010 Paperback

July 2010 Paperback

320pp £18.99

234x156mm 978-0-230-25057-4

June 2010 Paperback

288pp £18.99

234x156mm 978-0-230-25040-6

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Literature & Performing Arts Collections, Ebook Library, Dawson ERA,, Ebrary, Myilibrary, NetLibrary

From Performance to Print in Shakespeare’s England 288pp £19.99

234x156mm 978-0-230-21013-4

Please use the following ISBN(s) to order all titles in this series: Hardback: 978-0-333-98219-8 Paperback: 978-0-333-98220-4

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The RSC Shakespeare: The Complete Works The Complete Works William Shakespeare Jonathan Bate, University of Warwick, UK and Eric Rasmussen, University of Nevada, USA

Developed in partnership with The Royal Shakespeare Company, this fresh Complete Works combines the very latest scholarship with elegant writing and design. It boasts a wealth of features that will appeal to public and academic libraries, teachers, students and lovers of Shakespeare everywhere, including: • A definitive modernized edition of Shakespeare’s text based on the 1623 First Folio (the first and original Complete Works lovingly assembled by Shakespeare’s fellow actors and the version of Shakespeare’s text preferred by many actors and directors today). • Thought-provoking essays on each play and a superb general introduction by Professor Jonathan Bate. • On-page notes which explain words or references unfamiliar to modern audiences. • Photographs of performances. • Clear, single-column page design, with plenty of space for writing notes. • A key facts ‘box’ for each play which summarises the plot, major roles, language and sources. Leading the editorial team is renowned Shakespearean scholar Professor Jonathan Bate, who has worked in close collaboration over many years with the artists and archivists at the RSC. His introductions and notes draw on a unique wealth of experience and resources and will help the reader to understand Shakespeare’s plays as they were originally intended - as living theatre to be enjoyed and performed. A Full Table of Contents is Available at: and for more details visit: April 2007 Hardback Paperback


2552pp £35.00 £19.99

234x177mm 978-0-230-00350-7 978-0-230-20095-1

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The Shakespeare Handbooks are student-friendly introductory guides which offer a new approach to understanding Shakespeare’s plays in performance.

Forthcoming: Othello By Stuart Hampton-Reeves Coming Soon - December 2010 Hardback 978-0-230-53566-4 - £42.50 Paperback 978-0-230-53567-1 - £10.00

Available now Hardback 978-0-230-00851-9 Paperback 978-0-230-00852-6

Available now Hardback 978-1-4039-4890-8 Paperback 978-1-4039-4891-5

Available now Hardback 978-1-4039-8688-7 Paperback 978-1-4039-8689-4

Available now Hardback 978-1-4039-9504-9 Paperback 978-1-4039-9505-6

The Shakespeare Handbooks are available in Paperback - £10.99 or Hardback - £42.50 The Shakespeare Handbooks • The only introductions to Shakespeare’s plays on the market which offer a scene-by-scene theatrical commentary, enabling students to get a sense of the play as a performance text. • Responds to the increasing focus on the plays as performance in English literature courses and the growing popularity of Theatre and Performance courses. • The founding series editor, John Russell Brown, is an internationally well regarded scholar of Shakespeare and a theatre director. He has held chairs of English and Theatre in Universities in the UK and USA, and was Associate Director of the National Theatre. He has also written a number of valued books on Shakespeare.

General Editors: John Russell Brown, Paul Edmondson and Kevin Ewert Please use the following ISBNs to order all titles in the series: Hardback: 978-1-4039-1775-1 Paperback: 978-1-4039-1776-8 Contents General Editors’ Preface / Preface / The Texts and Early Performances / Sources and Cultural Context / Commentary / Key Productions and Performances / The Play on Screen / Critical Assessments / Further Reading / Index

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MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY THEATRE Modern and Contemporary Theatre

British Asian Theatre Dramaturgy, Process and Performance Dominic Hingorani, University of East London, UK

Playing For Real Actors on Playing Real People Edited by Mary Luckhurst and Tom Cantrell, Actor, both at University of York, UK

‘This book of interviews brilliantly explores what it means for an actor to be playing Freud or Gordon Brown, Lawrence of Arabia or Charles Dickens. The actors’ answers are as various as the people being portrayed but the intriguing problem these interviews investigate is, for the first time, excitingly put centre-stage.’ - Peter Holland, University of Notre Dame, USA ‘This invaluable book offers riveting and fascinating insights into the actor’s process and the crucial question as to how fact might become fiction.’ - Steve Waters, Playwright and Academic, University of Birmingham, UK This is the first book to explore how actors play real people. How do you capture Hitler, Mugabe, or a serial killer? How do you portray living monarchs or political leaders? Is it possible to embody a genius like Mozart or Darwin? With a multiple awardwinning line-up, including Sir Ian McKellen on playing himself in Ricky Gervais’s Extras. Contents: Introduction / INTERVIEWS / Roger Allam / Eileen Atkins / Simon Callow / Chipo Chung / Oliver Ford Davies / Diane Fletcher / Henry Goodman / Jeremy Irons / Matthew Marsh / Ian McKellen / David Morrissey / Joseph Mydell / Michael Pennington / Siân Phillips / Elena Roger / Timothy West July 2010 Hardback Paperback

176pp £42.50 £9.99

198x129mm 978-0-230-23041-5 978-0-230-23042-2

An introduction to British Asian theatre over the past thirty years. Hingorani explores and examines productions from major British Asian theatre companies (including Tara Arts, Tamasha, Kali Theatre), providing students with the theoretical tools and practical examples with which to study the performance practices of British Asian theatre. Contents: Introduction: British Asian Theatre on the Map / Tara Arts 1977-1984: Creating a British Asian Theatre / Tara Arts 1984-1996: Creating a ‘Binglish’ Theatre / Tamasha Theatre Company 1989: Authenticity and Adaptation / Tamasha Theatre Company 1989 - East is East: From Kitchen Sink to Bollywood / Kali Theatre Company 1990-2007: Producing British Asian Women Playwrights / Tara Arts 1997-2007: Mapping a ‘Binglish’ Diaspora / New Writers from 1977: Kureishi, Bancil, Bhatti and Khan-Din / Conclusion / Bibliography October 2010 Hardback Paperback

232pp £50.00 £16.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-21138-4 978-0-230-21139-1

Cool Britannia? British Political Drama in the 1990s Edited by Rebecca D’Monté, University of the West of England, UK and Graham Saunders, University of Reading, UK November 2007 264pp Hardback £52.50 Paperback £17.99

216x138mm 978-1-4039-8812-6 978-1-4039-8813-3

New Interpretations of Beckett in the 21st Century

Samuel Beckett History, Memory, Archive Edited by Seán Kennedy, St Mary’s University, Halifax, Canada and Katherine Weiss, Tennessee State University, USA

This volume comprises ten essays challenging the dominant account of Samuel Beckett as a figure that cannot be read historically by drawing on new archival materials and situating his finished works in their historical context. January 2010 Hardback

216x138mm 978-0-230-61944-9

Beckett's Masculinity Jennifer M. Jeffers, Cleveland State University, USA

This is the first book to focus on masculinity in Samuel Beckett's work as a way to understand his historical and national context, the difficulty of reading and interpreting his texts, and his ruthless disintegration of sexual and gendered norms throughout his œuvre. January 2010 Hardback

224pp £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-61528-1

ebookPalgrave Connect Literature Collections, Dawson ERA,, Ebook Library, Ebrary, Myilibrary, NetLibrary

Samuel Beckett and the Problem of Irishness Emilie Morin, University of York, UK

Avant-garde Performance Live Events and Electronic Technologies Günter Berghaus, University of Bristol, UK May 2005 Paperback

400pp £20.99

216x138mm 978-1-4039-4645-4

‘...drawing on unpublished material...[Morin’s] book contains many fascinating details that illuminate Beckett’s attitude to Ireland. The strength of Morin’s book lies in the fact that it does not allow one specific theoretical discourse to dominate, but allows a variety of approaches to enter into a dialogue with each other and with Beckett’s texts…an ambitious undertaking...’ Times Literary Supplement October 2009 Hardback


240pp £57.00

240pp £52.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-21986-1

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Women and Ireland as Beckett’s Lost Others

Sensualities/Textualities and Technologies

Beyond Mourning and Melancholia

Writings of the Body in 21st Century Performance

Rina Kim, University of Auckland, New Zealand

This study investigates the relationship between emotion, memory, exile and the poetics of grieving in Beckett’s works. Using a psychoanalytic framework, this monograph traces discourses of mourning (Klein), melancholia (Freud) and abjection (Kristeva) in Beckett’s texts, and demonstrates how Ireland and women are often the objects of loss. Contents: Introduction / Severing Connections with Ireland: Women and the Irish Free State in Beckett’s Early Fiction / Memories and Melancholia: Women and Ireland in Beckett’s Early French Fiction / The Gendering of Mourning and Melancholia in Beckett’s Early Drama / Beyond Mourning and Melancholia: Kleinian Approaches / The Kleinian Work of Mourning in Beckett’s Late Works / Conclusion: ‘Stirrings Still’ / Notes / Bibliography / Index March 2010 Hardback

224pp £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-23047-7

Performance and Technology Practices of Virtual Embodiment and Interactivity Edited by Susan Broadhurst and Josephine Machon, both at Brunel University, UK

This collection interrogates the interaction between new technologies and performance practice, linking the sensuous contact that must exist between the physical and virtual, together with the resultant corporeal transformation. It features writings from international contributors who specialize in digital art and performance practices. October 2006 Hardback Paperback

224pp £55.00 £18.99

216x138mm 978-1-4039-9907-8 978-0-230-29365-6


Aesthetic and Neuroesthetic Approaches to Performance and Technology Susan Broadhurst, Brunel University, UK

232pp £55.00 £18.99


Contents: List of Illustrations / Foreword; R.Allsopp / Notes on Editors / Notes on Contributors / Introduction; S.Broadhurst & J.Machon / PART I: WRITING AND TECHNOLOGIES – NEW EPISTEMOLOGIES / Digital Practices: New Writings of the Body; S.Broadhurst / Texts from the Body; T.Warr / De-SecondNaturing: Word Unbecoming Flesh in the Work of Bodies in Flight; S.Giddens & S.Jones / The Body of the Text: The Uses of the ‘ScreenPage’ in New Media; P.Ellis / PART II: THE BODY WRITES ITSELF… / PROSTHETIC HEAD: Ideas & Anecdotes on the Seductiveness of Embodied Conversational Agents; STELARC / Performative (dis) closures – Sensual Readings and Writings of the Positive Body; P.Woodward / The Supernatural Embodied Text: Creating Moj of the Antarctic with the Living and the Dead; M.Adebayo / The Physical Journal: The Living Body that Writes and Rewrites Itself; O.Taiwo / PART III: PERFORMING THE BODY/PERFORMING THE TEXT…WRITING THE BODY/WRITING THE TEXT / Socializing the Self: Autoethnographical Performance and the Social Signature; J.Freeman / La Fura dels Baus’s XXX: Deviant Textualities & The Formless; R.Mock / Bodies in Suspension: The Aesthetics of Doubt in Honour Bound; R.Fensham / TRANSLATION: Words Movement Bits; D.Stoppiello / PART IV: CORPOREAL INTERTEXTUALITIES – BODY/TEXT/TECHNOLOGIES / Speaking for Performance / Writing with the Voice; F.Templeton / Authenticity and Perception in the Making of Utah Sunshine: A Dance Theatre/Arts Film; R.Way & R.Frampton / (Syn)aesthetic Writings: Caryl Churchill’s Sensual Textualities and the Rebirth of Text; J.Machon / Index January 2010 Hardback

Digital Practices

July 2007 Hardback Paperback

Edited by Susan Broadhurst and Josephine Machon, both at Brunel University, UK

216x138mm 978-0-230-55313-2 978-0-230-29364-9

240pp £50.00

(Syn)aesthetics Redefining Visceral Performance Josephine Machon, Brunel University, UK Contents: List of Illustrations / Acknowledgements / Notes on Interview Contributors / Introduction: Redefining Visceral Performance / PART I / Defining (Syn)aesthetics / Connecting Theories / (Syn)aesthetics in Practice / PART II / Introduction – A (Syn)aesthetic Exchange / Felix Barrett & Maxine Doyle of Punchdrunk: In the Prae-sens of Body and Space - the (syn)aesthetics of Site-sympathetic Work / Lizzie Clachan & David Rosenberg of Shunt Theatre Collective: A Door into Another World - The Audience and Hybridity / Akram Khan: The Mathematics of Sensation - The Body as Site/Sight/Cite and Source / Marisa Carnesky: Trapping the Audience in the Fantasy – Instinct, the Body & the Magic of the Experiential / Naomi Wallace & Kwame Kwei-Armah: Desire, the Body and Transgressive Acts of Playwriting – on Writing and Directing Things of Dry Hours / Linda Bassett: Bypassing the Logical – Performing Churchill’s Far Away / Jo McInnes: A Text That Demands to be Played With – Performing Kane’s 4.48 Psychosis / Graeae’s Jenny Sealey & Playwright Glyn Cannon: Seeing Words and (Dis)comfort Zones – the Fusion of Bodies, Text and Technology in On Blindness / Sara Giddens & Simon Jones of Bodies In Flight: The In-betweens, Where Flesh Utters and Words Move – On Flesh, Text, Space and Technologies / Leslie Hill & Helen Paris of Curious: Embodied Intimacies - On (the) Scent, Memory and the Visceral-Virtual / Bibliography / Index April 2009 Hardback

240pp £52.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-22127-7

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216x138mm 978-0-230-22025-6

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Modernism and Performance Jarry to Brecht Olga Taxidou, University of Edinburgh, UK November 2007 272pp Hardback £60.00 Paperback £20.99

216x138mm 978-1-4039-4100-8 978-1-4039-4101-5

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Performance Affects Applied Theatre and the End of Effect James Thompson, University of Manchester, UK

This text explores performance projects in disaster and war zones to argue that joy, beauty and celebration should be the inspiration for the politics of communitybased or participatory performance practice, seeking to realign the field of Applied Theatre away from effects towards an affective role, connected to sensations of pleasure.

April 2009 Hardback

216pp £52.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-22160-4

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Literature & Performing Arts Collections, Dawson ERA, Ebook Library,, Ebrary, Myilibrary, NetLibrary

Youth and Theatre of the Oppressed

PERFORMANCE INTERVENTIONS Series Editors: Elaine Aston and Bryan Reynolds

Edited by Peter Duffy, Irondale Ensemble Project in Brooklyn, USA and Elinor Vettraino, University of Dundee, UK Contents: An Interview with Augusto Boal: Youth and TO; P.Duffy / Forum Theatre and Teens; M.Boland / Acting Outside the Box: Using Theatre of the Oppressed in an Anti-Racism School’s Program; W.Linds / TIE in Da ‘Hood : An Invisible Boal Disciple; G.Hardwick / A Conversation Among the Contributors: What Have We Learned about TO, Youth and Ourselves through this Work? / ‘Seeing the Story’: the Use of Analytical Image to Develop Children’s Understanding of Characterization in Fictional Reading and Creative Writing; E.Vettraino / Boal and Puppets; K.Naumer & A.Dishy / Theater as Activism; Viewpoints on Youth Education in Israel/Palestine; C.Alon & S.A.Kuftinec / Exploring the Stigmatized Child through Theatre of the Oppressed Techniques; J.Saldaña / A Rainbow of Creative Drama; P.Duffy / Themba Interactive Theatre; AIDS Awareness and Youth; K.Hope / Prison Theatre for Young People; P.Taylor / An Interview with Patrice Baldwin; E.Vettraino & P.Baldwin May 2010 Hardback

304pp £55.00

234x156mm 978-0-230-61917-3

ebook available from: Palgrave Macmillan Theatre & Performance Collections

Howard Barker: Politics and Desire An Expository Study of His Drama and Poetry, 1969-87 David Ian Rabey, University of Aberystwyth, UK January 2009 Paperback

320pp £19.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-57740-4

Offstage Space, Narrative, and the Theatre of the Imagination William Gruber, Emory University, USA March 2010 Hardback

200pp £55.00

234x156mm 978-0-230-62289-0

ebook available from: Palgrave Macmillan Theatre & Performance Collections

Field Day and the Translation of Irish Identities Aidan O’Malley, University of Zagreb, Croatia

This book examines Field Day’s cultural intervention into the Northern Irish ‘Troubles’ through individual readings of the fourteen plays produced by the enterprise. It argues that at the heart of this project were performances, in a variety of different forms and registers, of an ethics of translation that disrupted notions of Irish identity.

Vectors of the Radical Edited by Mike Sell, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA

Assembling a remarkable group of scholars, these essays explore how the circulation and exchange of ‘vectors of the radical’ shape the avant-garde. Mapping the movement of scripts, theatre activists, performances, and other material entities, they provide unprecedented perspectives on the transnational performance culture of the avantgarde. Contents: Introduction; M.Sell / PART I: INTERSECTIONS / Introduction; J.Harding / From Italy and Russia to France and the U.S.: ‘Fascist’ Futurism and Balanchine’s ‘American’ Ballet; P.Gaborik & A.Harris / Confessions of a Failed Theatre Activist: Intercultural Encounters in Uganda and Rwanda; L.Edmondson / The Living Theatre’s Arrested Development in Brazil: An Intersection of Activist Performances; C.Rosenthal / PART II: TRANSLATIONS / Introduction; J.Graham-Jones / ‘Powerful Disseminator of Radical Thought’: Anarchism and the Introduction of Modern Western Theatre to China; S.Liu / Translation, Typography, and the Avant-Garde’s Impossible Text; S.Bay-Cheng / Maoist Performatives: Milton Acorn and the Canadian Liberation Movement; A.Filewod / PART III: DIVERGENCES / Introduction; A.Filewod / Avant-Garde Becomes Nationalism: Immortalizing Nam June Paik in South Korea; E.Kim Lee / The Avant-Garde and the Arab World; M.Sell / The Avant-Garde of Necessity: The Protest Theatre Movement in Zimbabwe; P.Zenenga / Punk Attitude: The Influence of the Avant-Garde and the Case of Ian Stuart Donaldson; G.White / Afterword / The Avant-Garde and Vector Studies: A Roundtable / Index December 2010 232pp Hardback £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-24134-3

Contents: Introduction: In Other Words - Locating A Touring Theatre Company / Translating the Irish Past (Translations; Making History) / Translation, Home and Hospitality (The Communication Cord; Three Sisters; Boesman and Lena) / Loyal Translations: The Spirit and the Letter (The Riot Act; Pentecost) / Reciprocation and Resolution (The Cure at Troy; High Time) / Masks: Men and History (Double Cross; Saint Oscar; The Madame MacAdam Travelling Theatre) / Epilogue: Afterlives / Index March 2011 Hardback


Avant-Garde Performance and Material Exchange

272pp £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-22969-3

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Masculinities and the Contemporary Irish Theatre Brian Singleton, Trinity College Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Irish theatre and its histories appear to be dominated by men and their actions. This book’s socially and culturally contextualized analysis of performance over the last two decades, however reveals masculinities that are anything but hegemonic, played out in theatres and other arenas of performance all over Ireland. December 2010 256pp Hardback £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-22280-9

Shakespeare in Transition Political Appropriations in the Postcommunist Czech Republic Marcela Kostihová, Hamline University, USA

Using themed performance reviews and extensive interviews with theatre professionals, this book explores how Shakespeare’s ‘cultural capital’ has been evoked in the reinvention of a post-communist nation against a backdrop of political tensions surrounding the ascendance of Central and Eastern Europe to the European Union. Contents: List of Illustrations / Acknowledgements / Introduction / The End of History’ in Central and Eastern Europe / Shakespeares of the Postcommunist World / Translation Wars: Redefining Shakespeare in Post-Socialist Czech Republic / Katharine ‘Humanized’: Abusing the ‘Shrew’ on Prague Stages / Politics of Desire: Homoeroticism in Post-Communist Czech Shakespeare / Epilogue: Into the European Union / Notes / Bibliography / Index November 2010 216pp Hardback £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-20324-2

Contemporary French Theatre and Performance

Performance in the Borderlands Edited by Ramón H. Rivera-Servera and Harvey Young, both at Northwestern University, USA

Politics and Aesthetics Edited by Clare Finburgh, University of Essex, UK and Carl Lavery, Lancaster University, UK

This is the first book to explore the relationship between experimental theatre and performance making in France. Reflecting the recent return to aesthetics and politics in French theory, it focuses on how a variety of theatre and performance practitioners use their art work to contest reality as it is currently configured in France. Contents: List of illustrations / Dedication / Acknowledgements / Notes on Contributors / Introduction; C.Finburgh & C.Lavery / PART I: CONTEMPORARY FRENCH THEATRE / From Mise en Scène of Texte to Performance of 'Textual Material'; D.Bradby / The Spirit of a Place: Place in Contemporary French Performance; M.Corvin / The Landscaped Narratives of Philippe Minyana and Noëlle; C.Hersant / The Politics of Dramaturgy in France; C.Finburgh / An Unlikely Scene: French Theatre in the New Liberal Economy; J-P.Han / The Construction and Production of Performance; R.Cantarella / Performing Presence, Affirming Difference: Deleuze and the Minor Theatres of Georges Lavaudant and Carmelo Bene; L.Cull / Théatre du Grabuge: Ethics, Politics and Community; B.Hamidi / Amateurism and the 'DIY' Aesthetic: Grand Magasin and Philippe Quesne; C.Déchery / PART II CONTEMPORARY FRENCH PERFORMANCE / From Orlan to Bernhardt: Recycling French Feminism, Theatre and Performance; E.Aston / Performance and Poetry: Crossed Destinies; É.Vautrin / Breaking Down the Walls: Interventionist Performance Strategies in French Street Theatre; S.Haedicke / Montage and Détournement in Contemporary Moving Image Performance; C.Lavery / Xavier Le Roy: The Dissenting Choreography of One Frenchman Less; B.Cvejic / A Theological Turn? French Postmodern Dance and Herman Diephuis' D'Après J C; N.Stewart / How to Collaborate With Someone you may Never Meet; A.Corrieri / Après Toutes Ces Elles/After All This Else: 'New' French Feminisms Translated to the British Scene; G.Harris / Index March 2011 Hardback

240pp £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-58051-0

Cyborg Theatre Corporeal/Technological Intersections in Multimedia Performance Jennifer Parker-Starbuck, Roehampton University, UK April 2011 Hardback

256pp £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-24583-9

A border is a force of containment that inspires dreams of being overcome and crossed; motivates bodies to climb over; and threatens physical harm. This book critically examines a range of cultural performances produced in relation to the tensions and movements of/ about the borders dividing North America, including the Caribbean. Contents: Acknowledgements / Notes on the Contributors / Introduction: Border Moves; R.H.RiveraServera & H.Young / Playing the Fence, Listening to the Line: Sound, Sound Art, and Acoustic Politics at the US-Mexico Border; J.Kun / Transnational Cultural Translations and the Meaning of Danzón across Borders; A.Madrid / ‘Havana Isn’t Waiting: Staging Travel during Cuba’s Special Period; P.Ybarra / ‘Architecture is not Justice’: Seeing Guantánamo Bay; P.Anderson / Crossing Hispaniola: Cultural Erotics at the Haitian-Dominican Borderlands; R.H.Rivera-Servera / ‘The Magic of Song!’: John Lomax, Huddie Ledbetter, and the Staging of Circulation; P.A.McGinley / Border Intellectual: Performing Identity at the Crossroads; E.P.Johnson / Calling off the Border Patrol; R.Knowles / Transborder Dance: Choreographies by Minerva Tapia; J.M.Valenzuela / The Epistemology of the Minor Native in Transcolonial Border Zones; E.-B.Lim / Remembering Genocide within Our Borders: Trail of Tears & US Museum Culture; H.Young / Poor Enrique and Poor María, Or, the Political Economy of Suffering in Two Migrant Melodramas; A.E.Puga / New Tropicalism: Performance on the Shifting Borders of Caribbean Disappearance; L.Fiet / Performance in the Borderlands Roundtable; P.Anderson, L.Fiet, R.Knowles, E.-B.Lim, P.A.McGinley, A.E.Puga, R.H.RiveraServera, P.Ybarra & H.Young / Index December 2010 312pp Hardback £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-57460-1

Visuality in the Theatre The Locus of Looking Maaike Bleeker, Utrecht University, Netherlands April 2008 Hardback

248pp £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-54709-4

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Performing Global Identities Refugees, Theatre and Crisis Alison Jeffers, University of Manchester, UK

Using examples of refugee arts and theatrical activity since the 1990s, the book examines how the cultural products made both by and about refugees condition all arts and cultural activity with refugees in a world where globalization and migration go hand in hand. Contents: List of Illustrations / Acknowledgements / Preface / Introduction: Stories, Words and Points of View / Refugees, Crisis and Bureaucratic Performance / Hosts and Guests: National Performance and the Ethics of Hospitality / Taking up Space and Making a Noise: Minority Performances of Activism / ‘We with them and them with us’: Diverse Cultural Performances / Conclusion: Face to Face or Shoulder to Shoulder? / Bibliography / Index March 2011 Hardback

240pp £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-24747-5

Naming Theatre Demonstrative Diagnosis in Performance James Frieze, Liverpool John Moores University, UK

Reading a range of work from the US and UK over the last two decades, this is an innovative study of theatre’s growing obsession with technologies and effects of naming. How does theatre reflect, and intervene in, naming practices across domains such as philosophy, computing, journalism, anthropology, advertising, military training, and genetics? October 2009 Hardback

224pp £52.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-51770-7

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Contesting Performance Global Sites of Research Edited by Jon McKenzie, University of Wisconsin, USA, Heike Roms, Aberystwyth University, UK and C.J.W-L. Wee, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

This collection of essays by international scholars addresses the global development of performance research in the late twentieth and early twentyfirst centuries. It functions as a critical reader on diverse approaches to studying performance that contest dominant paradigms of performance studies. November 2009 280pp Hardback £55.00

Teaching and Researching in Higher Education

Teaching Theatre Today Pedagogical Views of Theatre in Higher Education 2nd edition Edited by Anne Fliotsos, Purdue University, USA and Gail Medford, Bowie State University, USA

Through thirteen essays, Teaching Theatre Today addresses the changing nature of educational theory, curricula, and teaching methods in theatre programs of colleges and universities of the United States and Great Britain.

216x138mm 978-0-230-00845-8

ebook available from: Palgrave Macmillan Theatre & Performance Collections

Performance and the City Edited by D.J. Hopkins, Shelley Orr, both at San Diego State University, USA and Kim Solga, University of Western Ontario, Canada

This text queries the role theatre and performance play in urban policy, architecture, and civic history, while also exploring their important place in the memories created in the wake of urban trauma. April 2009 Hardback

288pp £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-20497-3

Women in Irish Drama A Century of Authorship and Representation Edited by Melissa Sihra, Trinity College Dublin, Republic of Ireland January 2009 Paperback

264pp £19.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-57791-6

ebook available from: NetLibrary, Myilibrary, ebooks. com, Ebook Library, Dawson ERA, Palgrave Connect Literature & Performing Arts Collections, Ebrary

Contents: Preface; P.P.Gillespie / Introduction; G.Stewart Medford & A.L.Fliotsos / Changing Views of Knowledge and the Struggle for Undergraduate Theatre Curriculum, 1900-1980; A.Berkeley / On Teaching Theatre History; O.G.Brockett / The Teaching of Acting in American Colleges and Universities, 1920-1960; P.P.Gillespie & K.M.Cameron / The Pedagogy of Directing, 1920-1990: Seventy Years of Teaching the Unteachable; A.L.Fliotsos / Playwrighting: A Pedagogy of Transmutation; M.Wright / Acting and Movement Training as a Pedagogy of the Body; N.Stucky & J.Tomell-Presto / The Teaching of Introduction to Theatre in American Universities and Colleges; L.Greeley / Teaching Design in a World Without Design; B.Salzer / Technology and Theatre Pedagogy; M.M.O’Hara / Educational Theatre in Historically Black Colleges and Universities as Critical Pedagogy Sites; G.Stewart Medford / Teaching African-American Theatre History; J.L.Jones / Teaching Theatre in British Higher Education Today; R.Brannen / Preparing Future Teachers of Theatre in Higher Education; M.A.Pagen January 2010 Paperback

288pp £20.99

234x156mm 978-0-230-61900-5

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INDEX A Acting Professionally Cohen Calleri 5 The Actor in Costume Monks 6 Allegue Jones Kershaw Practice-as-Research 9 Alrutz Listengarten Wood Playing with Theory in Theatre Practice 5 Alternative Chinese Opera in the Age of Globalization Lei 13 Amans An Introduction to Community Dance Practice 12 The Ancient World on the Victorian and Edwardian Stage Richards 20 Anderson Menon Violence Performed 16 An Introduction to Community Dance Practice Amans 12 Antony and Cleopatra Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen 22 Applied Drama Nicholson 11 The Art of Clowning Simon 9 Aston Harris Performance Practice and Process 8 As You Like It Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen 22 Autobiography and Performance Heddon 10 Avant-Garde Performance and Material Exchange Sell 26 Avant-garde Performance Berghaus 24

B Baines Marinetti Perteghella Staging and Performing Translation 10 Baugh Theatre Performance and Technology 11 Bayly A Pathognomy of Performance 5 Beckett’s Masculinity Jeffers 24 Belfiore Bennett The Social Impact of the Arts 6 Berghaus Avant-garde Performance 24


Berghaus Theatre Performance and the Historical Avant-Garde 19 Beyond the Golden Door Novick 18 Bleeker Visuality in the Theatre 27 Briginshaw Dance Space and Subjectivity 12 British Asian Theatre Hingorani 24 Broadhurst Digital Practices 25 Broadhurst Machon Performance and Technology 25 Broadhurst Machon Sensualities/ Textualities and Technologies 25 Brodzinski Theatre in Health and Care 9 Brown Sound: A Reader in Theatre Practice 7 Buckland Society Dancing 12C

C Canning On the Performance Front 13 Cantrell Luckhurst Playing For Real 24 Carlson Performing Bodies in Pain 19 Carnegie Julius Caesar 23 Case Feminism and Theatre 13 Case Feminist and Queer Performance 13 The Changing Language of Modern English Drama 1945-2005 Dorney 20 The Chemistry of the Theatre Limon 8 Cognition in the Globe Tribble 21 Cohen Calleri Acting Professionally 5 Cohen Performing Otherness 14 Cohen Working Together in Theatre Cohen 5 Community Theatre and AIDS Johansson 14 Conroy Theatre and The Body 3 Contemporary French Theatre and Performance Finburgh Lavery 27 Contemporary Irish Drama Roche 18 Contesting Performance McKenzie Roms Wee 28

Cook Shakespearean Neuroplay 21 Cool Britannia? British Political Drama in the 1990s D’Monté Saunders 24 Cordner Holland Players, Playwrights Playhouses 21 Cyborg Theatre Parker-Starbuck 27

D D’Monté Saunders Cool Britannia? British Political Drama in the 1990s 24 Dance Space and Subjectivity Briginshaw 12 Davis Holland The Performing Century 21 Davis Victorian Pantomime 19 Devising in Process Mermikides Smart 8 Devising Performance Heddon Milling 11 Digital Practices Broadhurst 25 Dodds The Value of Popular Dance 12 Dolan Theatre and Sexuality 3 Dorney The Changing Language of Modern English Drama 1945-2005 20 Dramaturgy and Performance Turner Behrndt 10 Dramaturgy of the Real on the World Stage Martin 15 Duffy Vettraino Youth and Theatre of the Oppressed 26

F Feminism and Theatre Case 13 Feminist and Queer Performance Case 13 Feminist Futures? Harris Aston 13 Field Day and the Translation of Irish Identities O’Malley 26 Finburgh Lavery Contemporary French Theatre and Performance 27 Fischer Demastes Interrogating America through Theatre and Performance 19

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INDEX Fliotsos Medford Teaching Theatre Today 28 Ford Politics and Violence in Cuban and Argentine Theater 17 Francis Puppetry: A Reader in Theatre Practice 7 Freeman New Performance/New Writing 8 Freshwater Theatre and Audience 3 Frieze Naming Theatre 28 From Performance to Print in Shakespeare’s England Holland Orgel 21 Frost Yarrow Improvisation in Drama 7

G Giesekam Staging the Screen 11 Gilbert Lo Performance and Cosmopolitics 16 Grehan Performance, Ethics and Spectatorship in a Global Age 17 Gruber Offstage Space, Narrative, and the Theatre of the Imagination 26

H Hamlet Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen 22 Hampton-Reeves Othello 23 Harris Aston Feminist Futures? 13 Harvie Theatre and the City 4 Heddon Autobiography and Performance 10 Heddon Milling Devising Performance 1 1 Henry IV, Part I Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen 22 Henry IV, Part II Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen 22 Henry V Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen 22 Hingorani British Asian Theatre 24 Holdsworth Theatre and Nation 2 Holland Orgel From Performance to Print in Shakespeare’s England 21

Hopkins Orr Solga Performance and the City Howard Barker: Politics and Desire Rabey Hurley Theatre and Feeling

28 26 2

I Ibsen and the Irish Revival Ruppo Malone 17 Improvisation in Drama Frost Yarrow 7 Indonesian Postcolonial Theatre Winet 14 Interrogating America through Theatre and Performance Fischer Demastes 19

J Jeffers Beckett’s Masculinity 24 Jeffers Performing Global Identities 28 Jestrovic Meerzon Performance, Exile and ‘America’ 15 Johansson Community Theatre and AIDS 14 John Ruskin and the Victorian Theatre Newey Richards 20 Julius Caesar Carnegie 23

K Kelleher Theatre and Politics 4 Kennedy Weiss Samuel Beckett 24 Key Concepts in Drama and Performance Pickering 4 Kim Women and Ireland as Beckett’s Lost Others 25 King Lear Russell Brown 23 King Lear Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen 22 King The Winter’s Tale 23 Knowles Theatre and Interculturalism 2 Kostihová Shakespeare in Transition 27

L Lady Macbeth in America Smith 18 Lei Alternative Chinese Opera in the Age of Globalization 13 Leigh Foster Worlding Dance 16 Lev-Aladgem Theatre in CoCommunities 10 Limon The Chemistry of the Theatre 8 Lonergan Theatre and Globalization 18 Love’s Labour’s Lost Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen 22

M Macbeth Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen 22 Machon (Syn)aesthetics 25 Male Trouble: Masculinity and The Performance of Crisis Walsh 12 Mapping Landscapes for Performance as Research Riley Hunter 9 Marshall Lipscomb Staging Age 19 Martin Dramaturgy of the Real on the World Stage 15 Masculinities and the Contemporary Irish Theatre Singleton 27 McAvinchey Theatre and Prison 2 McKenzie Roms Wee Contesting Performance 28 Measure for Measure Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen 22 The Merchant of Venice Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen 22 Mermikides Smart Devising in Process 8 A Midsummer Night’s Dream Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen 22 Milling Ley Modern Theories of Performance 5 Modern Theories of Performance Milling Ley 5 Modernism and Performance Taxidou 25 Monks The Actor in Costume 6

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INDEX Morin Samuel Beckett and the Problem of Irishness 24 Much Ado About Nothing Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen 22

N Naming Theatre Frieze 28 Nellhaus Theatre, Communication, Critical Realism 19 New Directions in Renaissance Drama and Performance Studies Werner 20 New Performance/New Writing Freeman 8 Newey Richards John Ruskin and the Victorian Theatre 20 Newstok Thompson Weyward Macbeth 20 Nicholson Applied Drama 11 Nicholson Theatre and Education 3 Nicholson Theatre Education and Performance 7 Novick Beyond the Golden Door 18

O O’Malley Field Day and the Translation of Irish Identities 26 Offstage Space, Narrative, and the Theatre of the Imagination Gruber 26 On the Performance Front Canning 13 Othello Hampton-Reeves 23 Othello Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen 22


Parker-Starbuck Cyborg Theatre 27 A Pathognomy of Performance Bayly 5 Pearson Site-Specific Performance 6 Performance Affects Thompson 26 Performance and Cosmopolitics Gilbert Lo 16 32

Performance and Postcoloniality Trivedi 14 Performance and Technology Broadhurst Machon 25 Performance and the City Hopkins Orr Solga 28 Performance and the Contemporary City Whybrow 8 Performance, Cognitive Theory, and Devotional Culture Stevenson 21 Performance, Ethics and Spectatorship in a Global Age Grehan 17 Performance, Exile and ‘America’ Jestrovic Meerzon 15 Performance in the Borderlands Rivera-Servera Young 27 Performance Practice and Process Aston Harris 8 Performance Studies Striff 5 Performing Bodies in Pain Carlson 19 The Performing Century Davis Holland 21 Performing Global Identities Jeffers 28 Performing Otherness Cohen 14 Pickering Key Concepts in Drama and Performance 4 Pickering Woolgar Theatre Studies 4 Pilkington Theatre and Ireland 2 Players, Playwrights, Playhouses Cordner Holland 21 Playing For Real Cantrell Luckhurst 24 Playing with Theory in Theatre Practice Alrutz Listengarten Wood 5 Politics and Violence in Cuban and Argentine Theater Ford 17 Practice-as-Research Allegue Jones Kershaw 9 Puppetry: A Reader in Theatre Practice Francis 7


Rabey Howard Barker: Politics and Desire 26 Racial Geometries of the Black Atlantic, Asian Pacific and American Theatre Steen 15 Rae Theatre and Human Rights 4 Read Theatre, Intimacy and Engagement 16 Rebellato Theatre and Globalization 4 Richard II Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen 22 Richard III Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen 22 Richards The Ancient World on the Victorian and Edwardian Stage 20 Ridout Theatre and Ethics 3 Riley Hunter Mapping Landscapes for Performance as Research 9 Rivera-Servera Young Performance in the Borderlands 27 Roche Contemporary Irish Drama 18 Rocklin Romeo and Juliet 23 Romeo and Juliet Rocklin 23 Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen 22 The RSC Shakespeare: The Complete Works Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen 22 Rufford Theatre and Architecture 2 Ruppo Malone Ibsen and the Irish Revival 17 Russell Brown King Lear 23

S Samuel Beckett and the Problem of Irishness Morin Samuel Beckett Kennedy Weiss Sell Avant-Garde Performance and Material Exchange Sensualities/Textualities and Technologies Broadhurst Machon

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24 24 26 25

INDEX Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen Antony and Cleopatra 22 Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen As You Like It 22 Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen Hamlet 22 Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen Henry IV, Part I 22 Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen Henry IV, Part II 22 Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen Henry V 22 Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen King Lear 22 Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen Love’s Labour’s Lost 22 Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen Macbeth 22 Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen Measure for Measure 22 Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen The Merchant of Venice 22 Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen A Midsummer Night’s Dream 22 Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen Much Ado About Nothing 22 Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen Othello 22 Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen The RSC Shakespeare: The Complete Works 22 Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen Richard II 22 Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen Richard III 22 Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen Romeo and Juliet 22 Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen Shakespeare’s Sonnets 22 Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen The Taming of the Shrew 22 Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen The Tempest 22 Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen Troilus & Cressida 22 Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen Twelfth Night 22

Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen The Winter’s Tale 22 Shakespeare in Transition Kostihová 27 Shakespearean Neuroplay Cook 21 Shakespeare’s Sonnets Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen 22 Sihra Women in Irish Drama 28 Simon The Art of Clowning 9 Singleton Masculinities and the Contemporary Irish Theatre 27 Site-Specific Performance Pearson 6 Smith Lady Macbeth in America 18 The Social Impact of the Arts Belfiore Bennett 6 Society Dancing Buckland 12 Solga Violence Against Women in Early Modern Performance 13 Sound: A Reader in Theatre Practice Brown 7 Staging Age Marshall Lipscomb 19 Staging and Performing Translation Baines Marinetti Perteghella 10 Staging the Screen Giesekam 11 Steen Racial Geometries of the Black Atlantic, Asian Pacific and American Theatre 15 Stevenson Performance, Cognitive Theory, and Devotional Culture 21 Storytelling and Theatre Wilson 11 Striff Performance Studies 5 (Syn)aesthetics Machon 25

T The Taming of the Shrew Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen 22 Taxidou Modernism and Performance 25 Teaching Theatre Today Fliotsos Medford 28 The Tempest Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen 22

Theatre and Architecture Rufford 2 Theatre and Audience Freshwater 3 Theatre and Education Nicholson 3 Theatre and Ethics Ridout 3 Theatre and Feeling Hurley 2 Theatre and Globalization Rebellato 4 Theatre and Globalization Lonergan 18 Theatre and Human Rights Rae 4 Theatre and Interculturalism Knowles 2 Theatre and Ireland Pilkington 2 Theatre and Nation Holdsworth 2 Theatre and Politics Kelleher 4 Theatre and Prison McAvinchey 2 Theatre and Sexuality Dolan 3 Theatre and The Body Conroy 3 Theatre and the City Harvie 4 Theatre, Communication, Critical Realism Nellhaus 19 Theatre, Education and Performance Nicholson 7 Theatre in Co-Communities LevAladgem 10 Theatre in Health and Care Brodzinski 9 Theatre, Intimacy and Engagement Read 16 Theatre, Performance, and Memory Politics in Argentina Werth 17 Theatre Performance and Technology Baugh 11 Theatre, Performance and the Historical Avant-Garde Berghaus 19 Theatre Studies Pickering Woolgar 4 Thompson Performance Affects 26 Tribble Cognition in the Globe 21 Trivedi Performance and Postcoloniality 14 Troilus & Cressida Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen 22 Turner Behrndt Dramaturgy and Performance 10

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INDEX Twelfth Night Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen


V The Value of Popular Dance Dodds 12 Victorian Pantomime Davis 19 Violence Against Women in Early Modern Performance Solga 13 Violence Performed Anderson Menon 16 Visuality in the Theatre Bleeker 27

W Walsh Male Trouble: Masculinity and The Performance of Crisis 12 Werner New Directions in Renaissance Drama and Performance Studies 20 Werth Theatre, Performance, and Memory Politics in Argentina 17 Weyward Macbeth Newstok Thompson 20 Whybrow Performance and the Contemporary City 8 Wilson Storytelling and Theatre 11 Winet Indonesian Postcolonial Theatre 14 The Winter’s Tale King 23 The Winter’s Tale Shakespeare Bate Rasmussen 22 Women and Ireland as Beckett’s Lost Others Kim 25 Women in Irish Drama Sihra 28 Working Together in Theatre Cohen 5 Worlding Dance Leigh Foster 16

Y Youth and Theatre of the Oppressed Duffy Vettraino 26


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