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Top tips on how to get the most out of university

by Lauren Lucien

My book, University Life: Making it Wor k For You addresses how to get the mos t out of your course and make your investment work for you.

I’ve included real student tips and true student stories to provide an authenti c insider view into what Uni Life is really like and how to cope with every eventuality.

To give you a little taster of what the book is like, here are my top ten tips on how to survive university life.

1. Get an academic wall planner and put it up on your wall so that all your dead lines, term times, parties and other important stuf f like student loan payment dates are all in one place so you can keep track of everyth ing easily.

2. Stay social! University Life is not just about working hard on assignme nts. Don’t forget your friends and mix with other stud ents to make new ones.

3. Cook! Use a student cookbook and make and share meals with your friends. Not only is this healthier, but it will help you save money and is a fun way of getting you r friends together after a long day at Uni. 4. If you feel like you can’t handle ever ything tell somebody - share with som eone you trust.

5. Keep a close eye on your student card and make a print out of all the place s and websites that offer student discounts - it will help make your tight budget go furt her. 6. You will change and grow as a pers on at University. If you feel a bit lost remember you’re leaving what you don’t need behind and becoming what you want to be - even if you don’t realise it yet. 7. You get out what you put in - so try your best. If you get stuck take your work to an academic advisor who will check it and help you to improve it.

8. Make use of your Uni library and all the Uni resources and staff whilst you are there, you’re paying for it.

9. Use Fresher’s Week as a chance to socialise and sign up to clubs and socie ties. It’s worth it in the long term as the networks you make at Uni can set you up for life.

10. Enjoy your time as a student it real ly will fly by!

Get more useful tips on making the mo st of university life.

9780230392311 | £7.99



STUDY BETTER Making sure you eat well whilst at university will have a positive impact, not only on your general well being, but with your studies as well. Getting the right nutrients will keep up your energy levels, help you feel much more awake and, importantly, boost your concentration levels so you can work effectively for sustained periods of time. Plus take aways, eating out, and irregular snacking can be very expensive, so save money and buy decent ingredients which can go much further.


Inviting people round and cooking is a great way of establishing new friendships and having fun without spending too much money.

Here is a quick and easy recipe, taken from new student cookbook Brain Food: Eat Well, Study Better by Lauren Lucien, to help you.

9781137297044 | ÂŁ7.99



PALGRAVE STUDY SKILLS Palgrave Study Skills are the UK’s market leading study skills publisher. No matter what course you are studying or your year of study we have a title that will help you succeed.

9781137289254 | £14.99

If you are serious about succeeding in your studies and beyond then The Study Skills Handbook, by bestselling author Stella Cottrell, is for you. Reach your true potential and develop and hone all the skills you need to excel.

Take the stress out of referencing with the essential referencing guide Cite Them RIght by Richard Pears and Graham Shields. With clear, comprehensive guidance on how to cite any information source, from book chapters to tweets!

‘The book literally wills you to succeed, it’s inspirational.’ - Student

‘Referencing can be a minefield when doing essays, assignments or reports. This book covers every eventuality of referencing. It will keep you right, just like it says it will.’ - Student

9781137273116 | £10.99



9781137325037 | £7.99

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Get reflective

Are you being encouraged to write more reflectively in your work? Not sure how to start?

9781137324719 | ÂŁ12.99

Here is an extract from The Reflective Journal by Barbara Bassot to help you kick-start your reflective writing.

Like what you see? Found it useful?

Find out more about the book here:


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