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Globalization & International Relations 2010

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Globalization & International Relations 2010

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Globalization, the State and Political Sociology Global Governance Global Issues International Political Economy International Political Economy International Relations International Relations/International Relations Theory Palgrave Studies in International Relations International Relations/Diplomacy Security Studies New Security Challenges Terrorism Security Studies/Conflict Resolution and Peace Keeping Non-Governmental Public Action Teaching and Research in Higher Education

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Welcome to the new Palgrave Macmillan Globalization and International Relations Catalogue. This year we are delighted to be publishing several paperbacks with wide, general appeal as well as a typically strong line-up of undergraduate and academic texts. Inside Egypt, already a bestseller in hardback, is now available for the first time in paperback; as is the chilling indictment of Guantanamo Bay Prison, Five Years of my Life. A new book co-published with Amnesty International, Created Equal, provides a valuable and very accessible overview of the current state of womenís rights around the world. New academic highlights include some valuable additions to the highly regarded Palgrave Advances series: Jim Whitman’s Palgrave Advances in Global Governance and Oliver Richmond’s Palgrave Advances in Peacebuilding, plus some major new additions to the International Political Economy and Palgrave Studies in International Relations series. Another key highlight is Ronald Bleikerís Aesthetics and World Politics. New textbooks to watch out for include the third edition of our bestselling title Global Political Economy (Robert O’Brien & Marc Williams); a brand new text on Issues in 21st Century World Politics (Mark Beeson & Nick Bisley), International Relations Theory (Knud Erik Jorgensen) which offers a new look at IR theory, International Security (Michael E. Smith), perfect for all students of security studies and the fourth edition of the ever popular Diplomacy (G.R. Berridge). If you would like to find out more about our 2010 publishing programme, or submit a proposal, please visit or contact us directly Emily Lawrence, Marketing Manager, Politics | Dan Porter, Marketing Executive, Politics | Alexandra Webster, Publisher, Politics | Steven Kennedy, Publisher, Politics | Stephen Wenham, Associate Commissioning Editor, Politics |

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Globalization, The state and political sociology Globalization, the State and Political Sociology

Biopolitical Surveillance & Public Health in International Politics

Theories of Nationalism

Review of the 1st edition: ‘[A] comprehensive, balanced and critical overview of current debates on nationalism... This is at once an informed survey of a field of literature and, in its own right, an intervention in the subject...It is one of the, several, contributions of this impressive book that it enables us, by comprehending the range of theories of nationalism, to see these debates in a wider intellectual and historical context.’ - Professor Fred Halliday, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK This widely-used and acclaimed text provides a comprehensive and balanced introduction to the main theoretical perspectives on nationalism. The fully-updated 2nd edition includes expanded coverage of recent theories and debates,0020more systematic critical assessment of all traditions, and boxes on key thinkers. Contents: Preface to the Second Edition / Introduction / Discourses and Debates on Nationalism / PrimordialismPerennialism / Modernism / Ethnosymbolism / New Approaches to Nationalism / Rethinking Nationalism / Conclusion / Bibliography


Albert Somit, Professor Emeritus, Southern Illinois University, USA and Steven A. Peterson, Professor of Politics; Director, School of Public Affairs, Pennsylvania State University at Harrisburg, USA

Using historical and contemporary case studies, Youde traces the shifting balance between surveillance and global public good provision and suggests that a human rights-based strategy offers a stable compromise.

Umut Ozkirimli, Associate Professor of International Relations, Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey; Senior Research Fellow, Hellenic Observatory, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

272pp £60.00 £21.99

Ideology Meets Evolution

Jeremy Youde, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Minnesota Duluth, USA

A Critical Introduction 2nd edition

January 2010 Hardback Paperback

The Failure of Democratic Nation Building

Contents: Biopolitical Surveillance in the International Arena / Global Public Goods, Cooperation, and Health / Smallpox: Defeating the Scourge and Provoking Resistance / HIV/AIDS and Human Rights as an Evolving Strategy / SARS: Collaboration and Resistance / The International Health Regulations / Balancing Global Public Goods and Privacy: A Human Rights Approach to Biopolitical Surveillance February 2010 Hardback

240pp £55.00

234x156mm 978-0-230-61995-1

‘…provocative, unconventional, and all too persuasive.’ - J. David Singer, University of Michigan, USA In this timely account, Somit and Peterson argue that humans are social primates with an innate tendency for hierarchical and authoritarian social and political structures, and that democracy requires very special ‘enabling conditions’ before it can be supported by a state, conditions that require decades to evolve. Contents: Forward / Introduction / Authoritarian Government: The Default Option / What Is a Democracy?: Toward a Working Definition / Democratic Nation Building: From Concept to Operational ‘Check List’ / Democracy: The Requisite ‘Enabling Conditions’ No Small Order / Will the Real Democracies Please Stand Up? / American Nation Building, 1945-2005: Costs and Consequences / The Fourth ‘Whereas’ / ‘Therefore Be It Resolved...’: Toward More Realistic Foreign and Domestic Policies February 2010 Paperback

176pp £20.00

246x189mm 978-0-230-62112-1

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234x156mm 978-0-230-57732-9 978-0-230-57733-6

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globalization, the state and political sociology

The New Political Sociology Power, Ideology and Identity in an Age of Complexity Graham Taylor, Reader in Sociology, University of the West of England, UK

’A bold and original contribution to the field.’ - Chris Rumford, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK The twenty-first century has witnessed a fundamental transformation of political institutions and society, alongside cultural, global and complexity turns in social theory. This provocative text gives an overview of key issues, argues for an ‘existential turn’ in political sociology and brings the study of politics and society up-todate. Contents: Introduction: The Contours of Social and Political Complexity / Political Sociology in an Age of Complexity / Complex Powers: Beyond the Panopticon? / The End of the Nation State? The Disarticulation of Power and Identity / Globalized Identities: Political Culture between Place and Space / Networks of Resistance: Global Complexity and the Politics of New Social Movements / Networks of Terror: Globalization, Fundamentalism and Political Violence / Complex Citizenships: Between Universalism and Particularism? / Global Civil Society: The Prospects for Cosmocracy / Conclusion: Towards an ‘Existential Turn’ in Political Sociology / Glossary / Bibliography January 2010 2 b/w tables Paperback





Power and Resistance in the New World Order

Memory, Trauma and World Politics

2nd edition

Reflections on the Relationship Between Past and Present

Stephen Gill, Professor of Political Science, University of Toronto, Canada

In this fully revised and updated new edition, leading political scientist Stephen Gill further develops his radical theory of the new world order to argue that as the globalization of power intensifies, so too do globalized forms of resistance. Including two new chapters, this widely adopted text offers alternatives to the current world order. April 2008 Paperback

320pp £20.99

217x138mm 978-0-230-20370-9

The South in World Politics Chris Alden, Reader in International Relations, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK, Sally Morphet, formerly Head of Research Section on Global Issues for the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Marco Antonio Vieira, Visiting Lecturer in International Relations, King’s College, London, UK

The South in World Politics is a timely analysis of the influence and effectiveness of developing states in shaping the international order from the politics of the Cold War and North-South confrontation to the contemporary challenges of globalization and the rising power of emerging economies. Contents: Acknowledgements / Introduction: The South and World Politics / The South and the UN, 1945-1965 / The Non Aligned Movement and the G77, 1964-1989 / The Rise of the New South, 1990-2005 / A South of States / A South of Regions / A South of Peoples / Conclusion: One South, Many Souths / Appendices / Bibliography / Index January 2010 5 b/w tables Hardback





Edited by Duncan Bell, Lecturer in International Relations, Cambridge University, UK

Memory, Trauma and World Politics focuses on the effect that the memory of traumatic episodes (especially war and genocide) has on shaping contemporary political identities. Theoretically sophisticated and empirically rich, this book is an incisive treatment of the ways in which the study of social memory can inform global politics analysis. Contents: D.Bell: Introduction: Memory, Trauma and World Politics / J.Bartelson: We Could Remember It for You Wholesale: Myths, Monuments and the Constitution of National Memories / J.Winter: Notes on the Memory Boom: War, Remembrance, and the Uses of the Past / J.K.Olick & C.Demetriou: From Theodicy to Ressentiment: Trauma and the Ages of Compensation / J.Edkins: Remembering Relationality: Trauma Time and Politics / K.M.Fierke: Bewitched by the Past: Social Memory, Trauma and International Relations / L.Ray: Mourning, Melancholia and Violence / L.Meskell: Trauma Culture: Remembering and Forgetting in the New South Africa / S.Feuchtwang: Memorials to Injustice / R.Bleiker & Y.J.Hoang: Remembering and Forgetting the Korean War: From Trauma to Reconciliation / M.Zehfuss: Remembering to Forget/Forgetting to Remember February 2010 Paperback Hardback

288pp £19.99 £56.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-24745-1 978-0-230-00656-0

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Globalization, The state and political sociology

Local Lives and Global Transformations

Africa in Global Politics in the Twenty-First Century

Towards World Society

A Pan-African Perspective

Paul Kennedy, Reader in Sociology and Global Studies, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

How does globalization impact upon our personal lives? What are its boundaries? This book examines how local and global studies interact. Filled with case studies and empirical research that show the ways in which real local lives function under global conditions, this book helps students push the boundaries of their understanding of globalization. Contents: PART I: GLOBAL TRANSFORMATIONS / Introduction / Living at the Cutting Edge of Globalization: Capitalists, Migrants, Criminals and Terrorists / Key Concepts for Understanding Global Life / PART II: THE CONTINUITY OF LOCAL LIVES / Theorizing the Resilience of the Local / The Appeal of the Local / Transnational Action and Protecting Local Cultures / Asserting Local Identity Through Culture / PART III: PATHS TO WORLD SOCIETY - OVERCOMING DIVISIONS / Social Movements and Global Civil Society / Individualization, Lifestyles and Re-shaping Personal Life / Conclusion: Towards Cosmopolitanism December 2009 Hardback Paperback

304pp £55.00 £19.99

234x156mm 978-0-230-22476-6 978-0-230-22477-3

State Transformation in Turkey Yildiz Atasoy, Associate Professor of Sociology, Simon Fraser University, Canada

The transformation of the Turkish state is examined here in the context of globalized frames of neoliberal capitalism and contemporary schemas of Islamic politics. It shows how the historical emergence of two distinct yet intertwined imaginaries of state structuring, laiklik and Islam, continues to influence Turkish politics today. Contents: Islam’s Marriage with Neoliberalism / The Allure of the West / Turkish Islam: Unthinking Kemalism? / Reconstituting the State: The Islamic Framing of Neoliberalism / Kemalist State Feminism and the Islamic Dress Code / Politics Without Guarantees: The Headscarf Ban / Headscarf Madness: Narratives of Religious Rights / Conclusion / References / Notes / Index November 2009 Hardback


288pp £57.50

216x138mm 978-0-230-54680-6

Libby Assassi, Associate Fellow, Centre for Gender Studies, University of Sussex, UK

Olayiwola Abegunrin, Professor of International Relations and African Studies, Howard University at Washington, USA

In the twenty-first century, Africa has become an important source of US energy imports and the world’s natural resources. It has also become the epicentre of the world’s deadly health epidemic, HIV/ AIDS, and one of the battlegrounds in the fight against terrorism. Africa is now a major player in global affairs. Contents: Introduction / Nigeria and the Struggle for the Liberation of South Africa / Nigeria and South Africa in the Global Forum / Post-Apartheid South Africa: New Challenges and Dilemmas / Southern African Development Community and the New South Africa / Ethnicity and Ethnic Conflicts in Africa / Peace, Security, and Human Survival in Africa / From Organization of African Unity to African Union / New Partnership for Africa’s Development: Politics of Dependence / Pan-Africanism and Unity: A Wake-Up Call to Africans / Selected Bibliography / Index November 2009 Hardback

Islam’s Marriage with Neoliberalism

The Gendering of Global Finance

288pp £52.50

216x138mm 978-0-230-61890-9

The Invention of International Crime

‘Its rich historical detail reminds us that gendered relations of credit and finance have transformed over time and across myriad forms of political and economic organization.’ - Professor Mary Condon, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, Canada This book explores the gendered nature of the historical emergence of modern finance markets and their expansion to a now global scale. It analyzes the ways in which women were and still are marginalized in terms of financial activity and associated structures of power which play a critical role in shaping the contemporary global political economy. Contents: Introduction to the Gendering of Global Finance / Period of Historical Change and the ‘New’ Social Ontology / Property and Gender: Irrational Women and Rational Men / The Emergence of Gendered Credit and Financial Institutions / From Formal Financial Institutions and Orderly Men to Informal Markets and the Disorderly Women / Global Financial Markets: ‘Add women and stir’? / Deepening the Circuits of Credit - Gender and ‘a Deeper Share of Wallet’ / Bibliography / Index November 2009 Hardback

224pp £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-51793-6

A Global Issue in the Making, 1881–1914 Paul Knepper, Senior Lecturer in Social Policy, University of Sheffield, UK

We live in the age of international crime but when did it begin? This book examines the period when crime became an international issue (1881–1914), exploring issues such as ‘world-shrinking’ changes in transportation, communication and commerce, and concerns about alien criminality, white slave trading and anarchist outrages. Contents: List of Figures / Introduction / Technology / Empire / Alien Criminality / White Slavery / Anarchist Outrages / The Criminologists / Index November 2009 288pp 4 b/w tables and figures Hardback £52.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-23818-3

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globalization, the state and political sociology

Created Equal

Building Decent Societies

Gendering Religion and Politics

Voices on Women’s Rights

Rethinking the Role of Social Security in Development

Untangling Modernities

Amnesty International and Anna Horsbrugh-Porter, Radio Journalist who has worked for the BBC World Service, BBC Radio Four and independent production companies for nearly twenty years

Millions of women throughout the world suffer from violence, poverty and denial of their human rights because of their gender. By exploring their stories, and hearing the views of both advocates for and opponents of women’s rights, in Created Equal, Anna HorsbrughPorter reveals the real human costs of the violation of these rights. Contents: PART I: EDUCATION AND WORK / A Woman’s Place is in the Home / Education for All / Public Space / Virtual Slavery / Sticky Floors / Half the Sky / PART II: WIVES AND DAUGHTERS / I Do / Breaking the Silence / Adultery / FGM / Widows and Witches / Women in Prison / PART III: HEALTH / Maternal Health / Contraception / Roe Vs Wade / SEX / Threadlifts / Comfort Women / On the Game / X-rated / PART IV: POVERTY / The Environment / Globalisation / Refugees / PART V: MAKING CHANGES / Activism / Keeping the Peace / A Level Playing Field / Law and Women’s Rights September 2009 Paperback

224pp £11.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-61733-9

Edited by Peter Townsend, sometime Professor of International Social Policy, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

This book builds the case for a comprehensive social security system to be developed in all countries - to eliminate desperate conditions of poverty, reverse growing inequality and sustain economic growth. It gives the history of the rich countries in meeting poverty and shows how the strategies in the poor countries can be greatly improved. Contents: Acknowledgements / A.Diop: Foreword / P.Townsend: Introduction / PART I: THE RIGHT TO SOCIAL SECURITY AND NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT / PART II: ISSUES FOR THE GLOBAL SOCIETY OF THE TWENTYFIRST CENTURY / PART III: SOCIAL PROTECTION IN EUROPE AND THE OECD / PART V: CONCLUSIONS

Hanna Herzog, Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, Tel Aviv University, Israel and Ann Braude, Director, Women’s Studies in Religion Program; Senior Lecturer in American Religious History, Harvard Divinity School, USA

The aim of this book is to suggest an interdisciplinary perspective on the complex relations of gender, religion and politics in light of paradigmatic shifts in theories of modernity and the growing body of studies on gender and religion. Contents: H.Herzog & A.Braude: Introduction: Untangling Modernities / PART I: GENDER, RELIGION AND POLITICS: CONTINGENT RELATIONS / PART II: WOMEN’S AGENCY BETWEEN RELIGION AND STATE / PART III: GENDER SPACES: CULTURE, RELIGION AND POLITICS A Full Table of Contents is Available at: August 2009 Hardback

308pp £47.50

Nationalism in a Global World

A Full Table of Contents is Available at: August 2009 408pp 216x138mm 25 b/w tables, 53 figures and 2 tables Hardback £65.00 978-0-230-23525-0

Published in conjunction with the ILO

216x138mm 978-0-230-61308-9

Sam Pryke, Senior Lecturer in Sociology, Liverpool Hope University, UK

What can globalization studies tell us about national identity? This text looks at historical and contemporary debates to assess the key issues of nationalism and national identity, from economic nationalism to cultural homogenization. Setting issues in a global context and packed with examples, this is an important and engaging student text. Contents: Introduction / What is Globalization and Nationalism? / The Weakening of Nationalism? / The Resilience of Nations and Nationalism / Globalization and Economic Nationalism / Small Nations in a Globalized World / Culture and Nation in a Global World / Nationalism, Globalization and Islam / Conclusion August 2009 Hardback Paperback

232pp £60.00 £21.99

234x156mm 978-0-230-52730-0 978-0-230-52736-2

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Globalization, The state and political sociology

Transnational Public Governance

International Organizations and Lifelong Learning

Networks, Law and Legitimacy

From Global Agendas to Policy Diffusion Anja P. Jakobi, Senior Researcher, TranState Research Centre, Germany

Michael J. Warning, Attorney, Germany

This book explores the work of transnational bureaucracy networks. These networks address global issues by creating rules - transnational public law - to be incorporated into national legal orders. As classical means fail to legitimize such activities, this book gives a practical account of viable alternative legitimacy mechanisms. Contents: Introduction / PART I: GLOBALIZATION AND THE STATE / The Changing State / Civil Society Actors / International Institutional Cooperation / Law and Globalization / Conclusion / PART II: SOLVING GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS / Chemicals: A Global Challenge / The System of International Chemical Safety / Connections / Conclusion / PART III: THE SYSTEM OF TRANSNATIONAL PUBLIC GOVERNANCE / Analyzing the System of International Chemical Safety / Evaluation / Conclusion / PART IV: THE LEGITIMACY OF TRANSNATIONAL PUBLIC GOVERNANCE / Concepts of Legitimacy / Legitimacy and Law beyond the State / Legitimacy and Technical Standards / Legitimacy of Transnational Public Governance / Prospects August 2009 304pp 3 b/w tables Hardback £60.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-22887-0

Transformations of the State Series Editors: Stephan Leibfried and Achim Hurrelmann

Anti-Apartheid and the Emergence of a Global Civil Society

In recent years, lifelong learning has become one of the most widely shared education policy goals. This book shows how international organizations have promoted this idea and disseminated the need for it to countries all over the world. As a consequence of their activity, lifelong learning has become a central element of modern education policy, widely acknowledged and sometimes established under quite adverse national conditions. Contents: Introduction: The Global Interest in Education Policy / Tracing Global Governance: Policy Development in an International Arena / World Time: International Developments in Education Policy from the 1970s to the 1990s / World Action: International Networks for Promoting Lifelong Learning / Consequences: National Lifelong Learning Agendas / Implications: Lifelong Learning as a Tool for Progress and a Symbol of Modernity / Conclusions: Studying Global Policy Development October 2009 248pp Hardback £57.50

222x141mm 978-0-230-57936-1

Transformations of the State Series Editors: Stephan Leibfried and Achim Hurrelmann

Håkan Thörn, Professor of Sociology, Göteborg University, Sweden

‘…a rare full-length, empirically detailed and conceptually sophisticated examination of the bases of global political solidarity…It is to be hoped that this work gets the wide attention in global social movement studies that it warrants.’ Jan Aart Scholte, Acta Sociologica Looking at anti-apartheid as part of the history of present global politics, this book provides the first comparative analysis of different sections of the transnational anti-apartheid movement. The author emphasizes the importance of a historical perspective on political cultures, social movements, and global civil society. Contents: Acknowledgements / List of Abbreviations / Prologue: Apartheid as a Dark Side of Modernity / Introduction: Anti-Apartheid, The Media and ‘New Social Movements’ - Beyond Eurocentrism / PART I: ANTI-APARTHEID IN GLOBAL CONTEXT / Narratives of Transnational Anti-Apartheid Activism / The Globalization of the Anti-Apartheid Movement / National Politics in a Global Context: Anti-Apartheid in Britain and Sweden / The Struggle Over Information and Interpretation / PART II: PUBLIC DEBATES ON APARTHEID/ANTI-APARTHEID IN BRITAIN AND SWEDEN 1960-90 / Beginnings: Sharpeville and the Boycott Debates / Sports as Politics: The Battle of Båstad and ‘Stops the 70’s Tour’ / ‘A New Black Militancy’ - Before and After the Soweto Uprising / Sharpeville Revisited and the Release of Nelson Mandela / Conclusion: Anti-Apartheid and the Emergence of a Global Civil Society / Epilogue: The Legacy of AntiApartheid / Notes / References / Interviews / Index July 2009 Paperback

272pp £18.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-23496-3

ebook available from: Dawson ERA, Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections


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globalization, the state and political sociology

Democracy in Social Movements

Social Movements in a Globalizing World

Edited by Donatella della Porta, Professor of Sociology, European University Institute, Italy

Edited by Donatella della Porta, Professor of Sociology, European University Institute, Italy, Hanspeter Kriesi, Professor of Political Science, University of Zurich, Switzerland and Dieter Rucht, Professor of Sociology, University of Kent, UK

‘This is an excellent book on an under-researched but very important theme.’ - Nick Crossley, University of Manchester, UK This collection explores conceptions and practices of democracy of social movement organizations involved in global protest. Focusing on the global justice movement this book shows how they adopt radical new democratic approaches and thus provide a fundamental critique of conventional politics. July 2009 320pp 5 figures and 52 b/w tables Hardback £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-21883-3

Palestinian Collective Memory and National Identity Edited by Meir Litvak, Senior Lecturer, Department of Middle Eastern and African History, Tel Aviv University, Israel

This book analyzes the evolution and cultivation of modern Palestinian collective memory and its role in shaping Palestinian national identity from its inception in the 1920s to the 2006 Palestinian elections. Contents: M.Litvak: Introduction / E.Webman: The Evolution of a Founding Myth: The Nakba and Its Fluctuating Meaning / M.Milstein: The Memory that Never Dies: The Nakba Memory and the Palestinian National Movement / M.Milstein: Memory ‘From Below’: Palestinian Society and the Nakba Memory / M.Litvak: Constructing a National Past: The Palestinian Case / S.Birnbaum: Historical Discourse in the Palestinian Media of the Palestinian National Authority / H.Brand: Palestinian Women and Collective Memory / M.Ghanayim: A Dream of Severance: Crisis of Identity in Palestinian Fiction in Israel June 2009 Hardback

256pp £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-61306-5

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections

‘A classic work in the field.’ - Lance Bennett, Director, Centre for Communication & Civic Engagement, University of Washington, USA Analyzing a broad range of movements, this volume, now available in paperback, reflects on the many challenges that globalization presents for transnational activisim. It explores how international government organizations might offer political opportunities and constraints for social movements, addressing both domestic and global problems. Contents: PART I: NATIONAL MOBILIZATION WITHIN A GLOBALIZING WORLD / PART II: MOBILIZATION BEYOND THE NATION-STATE A Full Table of Contents is Available at: July 2009 272pp 7 figures and 7 b/w tables Paperback £19.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-23531-1

Civilizational Dialogue and World Order The Other Politics of Cultures, Religions, and Civilizations in International Relations Edited by M.S. Michael, Research Fellow, Centre for Dialogue; Honorary Research Fellow, School of Social Sciences, La Trobe University, Australia; Fellow, Contemporary European Research Centre, University of Melbourne, Australia and Fabio Petito, Lecturer in International Relations, University of Sussex, UK; he also teaches at the University ‘L’Orientale, Italy

The book comes at a very critical moment in the debate on civilization and responds to the lack of scholarly attention by international relations and political theorists as to how the discourse of dialogue of cultures, religions, and civilizations can contribute to the future of world order. Contents: M.S.Michael & F.Petito: Introduction: Imperial Monologue vs. Dialogue of Civilizations / PART I: DIALOGUE OF CULTURES, RELIGIONS AND CIVILIZATIONS: THEORETICAL REFLECTIONS / F.R.Dallmayr: Justice and Cross-Cultural Dialogue: From Theory to Practice / A.Nandy: Terror, Counter-terror, and Self-destruction: Living with Regimes of Narcissism and Despair / R.Shapcott: Anti-Cosmopolitanism, the Cosmopolitan Harm Principle and Global Dialogue / P.Darby: Finding Appropriate Forms of Dialogue for Engaging with the Politics of Security / T.Swee-Hin: Dialogue among and within Faiths for the Weaving of a Culture of Peace / G.D.Bouma & R.Ling: The Impact of Religious Diversity and Revitalisation on the Possibility of Dialogue / PART II: THE RELEVANCE OF DIALOGUE FOR ‘WORLD ORDER’ IN THE POST 9/11 CONTEXT / J.A.Camilleri: The Dialogue of Civilisations in the Era of Imperial Decline / M.B.Steger: Monologue of Empire versus Global Dialogue of Cultures: The Branding of ‘American Values’ / C.Muzaffar: Quo Vadis - the Dialogue of Civilizations? / F.Petito: Dialogue among Civilizations as an Alternative Model for World Order / A.Salvatore: European Civilization and the Muslim World: Clash, Dialogue, What Else? / M.T.Seigel: History, Memory, and the Dialogue of Civilizations: The Case of Northeast Asia / Z.Longxi: Speaking the Truth: Openness and Dialogue of Civilizations A Full Table of Contents is Available at: www. June 2009 Hardback

308pp £42.50

216x138mm 978-0-230-60820-7

Culture and Religion in International Relations Series Editors: Yosef Lapid and Friedrich Kratochwil ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections

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Globalization, The state and political sociology

Troubled Identity and the Modern World Leonidas Donskis, Professor; Dean, School of Political Science and Diplomacy, Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania


The State

New Thinking and New Directions

Theories and Issues

Robert J. Holton, Emeritus Professor, Fellow, Trinity College, Republic of Ireland

The book maps what Leonidas Donskis terms ‘the troubled identity’, that is, the identity that constantly needs assurance and confirmation. Through an identity-building-andshifting process, argues Donskis, we can move from political majority to cultural minority, or the other way around.

Cosmopolitanisms explores how social groups find ways of living productively with each other. This book analyzes theoretical approaches and research to give a new understanding of the cultural, personal, moral and legal dimensions of cosmopolitanism. This is a key critical guide to cosmopolitanism for all students of globalization and sociology.

Contents: Preface / Acknowledgments / An Identity in Need of Assurance and Confirmation / To Be or to Forget: Politics of Remembering vs. Politics of Forgetting / Identity and the Emergence of Modern Sensibilities: Liberty, Tradition, Anger, and Incessant Change / Us and Them: Nationalism and Patriotism Revisited / Fear and Loathing in Liquid Modernity / Forgetting the Ends and then Redoubling the Efforts: Fanaticism / Nowhere at Home / Making and Unmaking History: Identities in Ruins / Works Cited / Index

Contents: Introduction / PART I: THEORETICAL, HISTORICAL AND CONCEPTUAL ISSUES / Conceptualizing Cosmopolitanism: A Reappraisal / A Historical Sociology of Cosmopolitanism / Cosmopolitanism and Social Theory / PART II: EMPIRICAL RESEARCH ISSUES / Cosmopolitanism: Social and Cultural Research / Cosmopolitanism: Legal and Political Research / Cosmopolitanism in Ireland / Conclusion / Appendix I: Cosmopolitanism, Cosmopolitan, Cosmopolitans, Cosmopolitics / Bibliography

June 2009 Hardback

May 2009 8 b/w tables Hardback Paperback

240pp £47.50

216x138mm 978-0-230-60770-5



£55.00 £19.99

978-0-230-22866-5 978-0-230-22867-2

Edited by Colin Hay, Professor of Political Analysis, University of Sheffield, UK, Michael Lister, Lecturer in Politics, University of Surrey, UK and David Marsh, Director, Research School of Social Science, Australian National University, Australia

‘[A] good example...of the vitality and range of contemporary thinking on the state. It is a welcome and valuable addition to the literature on state theory.’ - Andrew Gamble, Public Administration December 2005 Paperback

336pp £23.99

234x156mm 978-1-4039-3426-0

Political Analysis Series Editors: B. Guy Peters and Jon Pierre ebook available from: Ebook Library,, Myilibrary, NetLibrary

Globalization A Critical Introduction 2nd Revised and Updated edition Jan Aart Scholte, Professor of Politics and International Studies; Co-Director, Centre for the Study of Globalization and Regionalization, University of Warwick, UK

‘... required reading for anyone interested in the various dimensions of contemporary globalization. Scholte has succeeded in writing a book that is, in fact, much more than an ‘introduction’.’ - Wil Hout, Development and Change August 2005 Paperback

520pp £24.99

234x156mm 978-0-333-97702-6

ebook available from: Dawson ERA, Myilibrary


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globalization, the state and political sociology • global governance


Global Governance

A Critical Introduction Jean Grugel, Professor of Politics, University of Sheffield, UK

Palgrave Advances in Global Governance

‘... [A] very good and comprehensive text, clearly written and presented.’ - Peter Mair, University of Leiden, The Netherlands December 2001 Paperback

288pp £23.99

216x138mm 978-0-333-67969-2

ebook available from: Ebook Library,, Myilibrary, NetLibrary

Business, Government & Globalization Owen E. Hughes, Professor of Public Sector Management, Monash University, Australia; Deputy Dean and Deirdre O’Neill, Academic Director and Executive Masters of Public Administration Program, Australia and New Zealand School of Government, Australia

The rise of globalization and heightened debate over trade, protection, competition, and the environment have created unprecedented challenges for businesses and governments worldwide. August 2008 Hardback Paperback

288pp £65.00 £22.99

216x138mm 978-0-333-69319-3 978-0-333-69320-9

Edited by Jim Whitman, Senior Lecturer, Department of Peace Studies, University of Bradford, UK

Palgrave Advances in Global Governance is an authoritative collection devoted to clarifying established understandings of global governance as a distinct form of political activity. Ranging across the actors, arenas, means and purposes of global governance, this incisive collection brings order and clarity to a burgeoning literature. September 2009 224pp 3 b/w tables and 1 figure Hardback £60.00 Paperback £19.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-20165-1 978-0-230-20166-8

Palgrave Advances

The Importance of Neglect in Policy-Making Michiel S. De Vries, Professor of Public Administration, Radboud University, The Netherlands

De Vries argues that it is possible to explain when and in what direction policy change is likely to occur. He argues that what is neglected at present is likely to become dominant in policies of the near future. With the birth of a new policy generation a convergence towards meeting the dominant value of that generation will become evident. Contents: Foreword / Explaining and Predicting the Nature of Policy Change / The Idea of Policy Generations / Changing Relative Attention / Generations of Policy Instruments / The Changing Roles of Societal Groups / A Model of Fundamental Policy Change and a Final Test / References / Index February 2010 216pp 216x138mm 22 b/w illustrations and 5 b/w tables Hardback £55.00 978-0-230-24290-6

Governance and Public Management Series Editors: Wim van de Donk and Gerard Timsit

The World Trade Organization Institutional Development and Reform Eberhard Bohne, Professor of Public Administration, German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer, Germany

This book is about how the WTO functions as a public organization. It analyzes and evaluates the WTO from a public administration perspective which is absent from the current debate on WTO reforms dominated by the traditional view that only nation states matter, not international organizations. Contents: Preface / List of Figures and Tables / Acronyms / The WTO as an International Organization / Approaches to the Analysis of International Organizations and the WTO / Conceptual Framework, Variables and Method / WTO as a Public Formal Organization / The WTO in Action / Performance Patterns of the WTO / Notes / Bibliography / Index / Annex I: Proposals for WTO Reform Which Were Evaluated By Interview Partners / Annex II: Survey Questionnaire January 2010 224pp 216x138mm 20 b/w illustrations, 8 b/w tables and figures Hardback £57.50 978-0-230-23257-0

Governance and Public Management Series Editors: Wim van de Donk and Gerard Timsit

The Fundamentals of Global Governance Jim Whitman, Senior Lecturer, Department of Peace Studies, University of Bradford, UK

What kind of activity is global governance? What do all of the many sectoral forms of global governance - of the planetary environment, of global finance and global health - have in common? Moving beyond sectorspecific studies, this book outlines the fundamentals of global governance in eight chapter-length propositions. April 2009 Hardback

208pp £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-57253-9

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections

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   Articles Articles

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Polity Forum: Politics, History, and The State of the State 

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&&(  &&& $ #   &$& "%&# $$%   ! #$ !# &$   % #% ! !% &%&#  





  July 2008

! % %$ ! % &   

This issue is now available at:

Debating the Early American State

Palgrave Macmillan publishes journals in a variety of subject areas within political studies, including international relations, political theory and European politics. Whatever your speciality, you will be sure to ďŹ nd something to aid your research in our Political Studies Portfolio.


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global governance Global Issues Series Editor: Jim Whitman This series comprises three principal themes: the interaction of human and natural systems; co-operation and conflict; and the enactment of values.

The Role of Business in Global Governance Corporations as Norm-Entrepreneurs Annegret Flohr, Lothar Rieth, both Research Associates, Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany, Sandra Schwindenhammer, Research Assistant, FernUniversitat in Hagen, Germany and Klaus Dieter Wolf, Deputy Director, Peace Research Institute Frankfurt, Germany

The Role of Business in Global Governance offers an empirically rich analysis of the new political role of corporations in the co-performance of governance functions beyond the state. Within comparative case studies, potential explanations of the political role of transnational corporations are systematically tested. Contents: PART I: THE RESEARCH CONTEXT / PART II: CAUSES OF CORPORATE NORM-ENTREPRENEURSHIP / PART III: EVALUATING CORPORATE NORMENTREPRENEURSHIP A Full Table of Contents is Available at: January 2010 288pp 216x138mm 6 b/w illustrations and 31 b/w tables Hardback £57.50 978-0-230-24397-2

Corporate Security Responsibility? Corporate Governance Contributions to Peace and Security in Zones of Conflict

‘Non-Lethal’ Weapons

The New International Policing

Neil Davison, Policy Manager for International Security, Royal Society, UK Foreword by Paul Rogers

Beth Greener, Lecturer in International Relations, Massey University, New Zealand

‘Set to be the standard text on ‘non-lethal’ weapons.’ - Dr Hans Blix, Chairman of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission ‘…a powerful moral warning.’ - New Scientist Magazine This book provides an up-to-date analysis of the development and deployment of ‘non-lethal’ weapons by police and military organizations. It reviews the key technologies, issues, and dangers, with particular attention to the development of drugs, lasers, microwaves, and acoustics as incapacitating weapons. Contents: Foreword by Paul Rogers / Introduction / The Early History of ‘Non-Lethal’ Weapons / ‘Non-Lethal’ Weapons in the 1990s / The Contemporary Development of ‘Non-Lethal’ Weapons / Chemical and Biochemical Weapons / Directed Energy Weapons / Acoustic Weapons / Conclusion / Notes / Index June 2009 14 b/w tables Hardback





Police personnel have increasingly been deployed outside their own domestic jurisdictions to uphold law and order and to help rebuild states. This book explores the phenomenon of a ‘new international policing’ and outlines the range of challenges and opportunities it presents to both practitioners and theorists. Contents: Introduction / A Brief History of International Policing / Kosovo and East Timor / RAMSI / Afghanistan and Iraq / The New International Policing in Theory / The New International Policing / Bibliography / Index March 2009 Hardback

208pp £52.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-57390-1

Use the following ISBNs to order all titles in the series: Hardback: 978-0-333-79483-8 Paperback: 978-1-4039-1905-2

Edited by Nicole Deitelhoff, Head of Research Team and Klaus Dieter Wolf, Deputy Director, both at Peace Research Institute Frankfurt, Germany

Corporate Security Responsibility? focuses on the role of private business in zones of conflict. The book contributes to closing the gap between research on Global Governance and Peace and Conflict Studies. It applies a systematic research design to the study of corporate governance contributions to peace and security across a number of cases. January 2010 272pp 216x138mm 2 b/w illustrations and 7 b/w tables Hardback £57.50 978-0-230-24184-8

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global goverance • international political economy

International Organisation in World Politics

International Organization Polity, Politics and Policies Volker Rittberger, Professor of Political Science and International Relations, Institute of Political Science, University of Tübingen, Germany and Bernhard Zangl, Professor of International and Transnational Relations; Director, Institute for Intercultural and International Studies, Ludwig-MaximiliansUniversität, Germany

David Armstrong, Professor of International Relations, University of Exeter, UK, Lorna Lloyd, Senior Lecturer in International Relations, Keele University, UK and John Redmond, Professor of European Studies, University of Birmingham, UK

‘An excellent account of the evolution of the United Nations system and the primary regional organizations, particularly the EU, by a team of leading British scholars.’ - Paul Taylor, The London School of Economics and Political Science, UK September 2004 304pp 11 tables and 4 graphs Paperback £22.99

234x156mm 978-1-4039-0303-7

Understanding the European Union A Concise Introduction 4th edition

June 2006 Paperback

John McCormick, Professor/ Chair, Department of Political Science, Indiana University, USA

’A clear, detailed, userfriendly book.’ - European Library This best-selling textbook provides a broad-ranging but concise introduction to the EU, covering all major aspects of European integration. The revised and updated new edition includes expanded coverage of policy and policy making and of theoretical approaches to the study of the EU. April 2008 Paperback

264pp £21.99

‘This is an outstanding textbook which places international organizations in a very informative theoretical and historical context and offers a wide-ranging overview of their decision-making, key actors and agendas.’ Chadwick F. Alger, The Ohio State University, USA 264pp £23.99

234x156mm 978-0-333-72128-5

International Political Economy

Global Political Economy Evolution and Dynamics 3rd edition Robert O’Brien, Professor in Global Labour Issues, McMaster University, Canada and Marc Williams, Professor of International Relations, University of New South Wales, Australia

The new 3rd edition of this popular and successful text on the contemporary global political economy and its historical evolution has been systematically revised and updated throughout. The impact of the banking and broader crisis is fully covered and new chapters have been added on security and on theories and methods. Contents: Introduction / PART I: THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVES / Approaches to Global Political Economy / Theories and Methods / PART II: EVOLUTION / Forging a World Economy 1400–1800 / Industrial Revolution, Pax Britannica and Imperialism / The Twentieth Century: World Wars and the Post-1945 Order / PART III: DYNAMICS / International Trade / Transnational Production / The Global Financial System / Global Division of Labour / Gender / Economic Development / Global Environmental Change / Ideas / Security / Governing the Global Political Economy / Conclusion: Issues in Contemporary GPE Theory April 2010 Paperback

496pp £24.99

234x156mm 978-0-230-24121-3

234x156mm 978-0-230-20102-6

The European Union Series Series Editors: Neill Nugent and William E. Paterson


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international political economy

States Versus Markets The Emergence of a Global Economy 3rd edition

The Spectre at the Feast Capitalist Crisis and the Politics of Recession

Schwartz, States Versus Markets States Versus Markets, Schwartz

Andrew Gamble, Professor of Politics, University of Cambridge, UK

‘[A] book that should be compulsory reading in every finance ministry and central bank…[and] the best starting point for the long road to reconstruction that the left now has to take.’ David Marquand, New Statesman

Herman M. Schwartz, Professor of Politics, University of Virginia, USA

‘This edition improves on an already outstanding text. What Schwartz does here is highly unusual and highly rewarding: -he draws students into an adventure in learning that conveys knowledge about both the origins and evolution of a global political economy and the development of IPE as a branch of learning.’ - Randall D. Germain, Carleton University, Canada States Versus Markets shows that globalization is not a novel phenomenon but a recurrent process whereby markets have, since the sixteenth century, periodically redistributed economic activity. This revised and updated new edition takes account of the new rise of Asia and the global financial crisis originating in the US housing finance system. Contents: Introduction / PART I: STATES, AGRICULTURE, AND GLOBALIZATION / The Rise of the Modern State: From Street Gangs to Mafias / States, Markets, and the Origins of International Inequality / Economic and Hegemonic Cycles / The Industrial Revolution and Late Development / Agricultural Exporters and the Search for Labor / Agriculture-Led Growth and Crisis in the Periphery: Ricardian Success, Ricardian Failure / The Collapse of the Nineteenth-Century Economy: The Erosion of Hegemony? / PART II: THE REEMERGENCE OF GLOBALIZATION / The Depression, U.S. Domestic Politics, and the Foundation of the PostWorld War II System / International Money, Capital Flows, and Domestic Politics / Transnational Firms: A War of All against All / Industrialization in the Old Agricultural Periphery: The Rise of the Newly Industrialized Countries / Trade, Protection, and Renewed Globalization / US Hegemony: Declining from Below? / US Hegemony: Reviving or Declining from the Top Down

In 2007 a series of events struck the economy like an earthquake. Leading academic Andrew Gamble provides a lively and readable guide to the events and consequences of the current global economic and political crises. He sets the crisis in historical context, explains why it has happened, analyzes the global cost and assesses possible solutions. Contents: Introduction: The Road to Excess / From Boom to Bust / Crises of Capitalism / Globalization and Neoliberalism / The Politics of Recession / The Global Impact / What is to be Done? May 2009 Hardback Paperback

200pp £47.50 £15.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-23074-3 978-0-230-23075-0

ebook available from: Waterstone’s

November 2009 360pp 234x156mm 26 b/w tables and 11 b/w line drawings Hardback £65.00 978-0-230-52133-9 Paperback £25.99 978-0-230-52128-5

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international political economy

Rethinking Imperialism Ray Kiely, Professor of International Politics, Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London, UK

Imperialism has become a key focus of debate about world politics in the post-9/11 world. This major new text provides a systematic reappraisal of the evolution of the phenomenon and the concept from the nineteenth century as the basis for a reassessment of Globalization and US hegemony in the world today. Contents: Introduction / What is Imperialism? / Capitalism and the Origins of Imperialism / Liberal Imperialism and Capitalist Expansion / Classical Imperialism 1870–1945 / US Hegemony, the Cold War and the Post-War Boom / Neo-Liberalism and US Imperialism in the Post-Cold War World / Imperialism after 9/11: New Challenges to US Hegemony / Conclusion: Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism Today April 2010 2 b/w tables Paperback





Rethinking World Politics Series Editor: Michael Cox

International Political Economy Series Editor: Timothy M. Shaw

Celtic Tiger in Collapse Explaining the Weaknesses of the Irish Model Peadar Kirby, Professor of International Politics and Public Policy, University of Limerick, Republic of Ireland

Since the publication of Kirby’s Celtic Tiger in Distress, there have been fundamental changes in the Irish growth model. The sudden collapse of the Irish economy in 2008 raises questions such as: why the sudden and deep decline in economic growth? What are the prospects for a return to growth? This fully updated and revised work proves yet again to be the definitive work on the Celtic Tiger. Contents: PART I: THE CELTIC TIGER AND ITS AFTERMATH / PART II: DIFFERENT READING OF THE CELTIC TIGER / PART III: IRELAND’S POLITICAL ECONOMY / PART IV: HAS THE IRISH MODEL A FUTURE? / Options / Appendix / Bibliography / Index A Full Table of Contents is Available at: March 2010 Hardback Paperback

288pp £60.00 £19.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-23743-8 978-0-230-23744-5

Chinese Capitalisms Historical Emergence and Political Implications Edited by Yin-wah Chu, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

In Chinese Capitalisms, experts examine the rise of capitalism on China and Taiwan, analyzing impacts exerted by global capitalism, Chinese civilization, and remnants of socialist practice. In focusing on these, they also address longstanding issues such as Weber’s China Thesis, state-business relationships, and China’s civil society, among others.

China’s Automotive Modernization The Party-State and Multinational Corporations Gregory T. Chin, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, York University, Canada

As a window for understanding the relationship between globalization and the state’s pursuit of national industrial development, this book examines how and why the Chinese government succeeded in leveraging China’s international competitive advantages to modernize the country’s automotive industry. Contents: Introduction / The Chinese State: International and Comparative Perspectives / PART I: MODERNIZATION, LOWER PHASE / Weak Automakers, State Coordination Failure / Shanghai VW: Origins of the Modern Supply Network / PART II: MODERNIZATION, HIGHER PHASE / The Automotive Industrial Policy / Institutional Structure and Policy Effectiveness / Negotiating Shanghai GM / PART III: IMPLICATIONS / Homegrown Brands and Models / Vulnerabilities: View from the Inside / Conclusion / Notes / Bibliography / Index January 2010 304pp 5 b/w photographs and 1 chart Hardback £60.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-22060-7

Contents: PART I: CAPITALIST CHINA / PART II: CHINA’S CAPITALISM IN COMPARATIVE PERSPECTIVE A Full Table of Contents is Available at: February 2010 6 b/w tables Hardback






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international political economy

American Empire and the Political Economy of Global Finance Edited by Leo Panitch, Distinguished Research Professor, York University, Canada and Martijn Konings, Researcher, University of Sydney, Australia

‘This book is essential reading in understanding how the world works.’ - Susanne Soederberg, Canada Research Chair, Global Development Studies, Queen’s University, Canada In a lively critique of how international and comparative political economy misjudge the relationship between global markets and states, this book demonstrates the central place of the American state in today’s world of globalized finance. The contributors set aside traditional emphases on military intervention, looking instead to economics. Contents: Preface / L.Panitch & M.Konings: Introduction / PART I: CONTOURS AND SOURCES OF IMPERIAL FINANCE / PART II: CONSTRUCTING THE PILLARS OF IMPERIAL FINANCE A Full Table of Contents is Available at: July 2009 Paperback Hardback

352pp £19.99 £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-23608-0 978-0-230-55126-8

World Orders, Development and Transformation

The Politics of Housing Booms and Busts

Eunice N. Sahle, Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA

Edited by Herman M. Schwartz, Professor of Politics, University of Virginia, USA and Leonard Seabrooke, Professor in International Political Economy, University of Warwick, UK

The book examines how hegemonic development ideas and practices emerged in the context of the changing world order post-1945 and how this transformation was characterized by neoliberalism and securitization of development and security. Sahle also explores the rise of China and the start of Obama’s presidency. Contents: List of Tables / Acknowledgements / Abbreviations / Introduction / PART I: WORLD ORDERS AND DEVELOPMENT DISCOURSES / Analytical Framing / World Orders, Development Discourse, and Coloniality / State, World Order, and Development: Malawi and South Korea / PART II: NEO-LIBERAL AND SECURITIZING WORLD ORDER: DEBATING TRANSFORMATION / Global Governance / Russia, China, Africa and MultiPolarity / Human Security, Neo-Liberalism, and Securitization of Development / World Social Forum / Epilogue: Global Financial Crisis, Barack Obama’s Presidency, and World Order / Notes / Bibliography / Index March 2010 tables Hardback





‘If you want to understand why the financial world just blew up I cannot think of a better place to start.’ - Mark Blyth, The Johns Hopkins University, USA This book demonstrates how housing systems are built from political struggles over the distribution of welfare and wealth. The contributors analyze varieties of residential capitalism through a range of international case studies, as well as investigating the links between housing finance and the current international financial crisis. June 2009 264pp 10 figures and 17 b/w tables Hardback £60.00 Paperback £18.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-23080-4 978-0-230-23081-1

Globalizing Social Justice The Role of Non-Government Organizations in Bringing about Social Change Jeffrey Atkinson, Advocacy Co-ordinator, Oxfam, Australia and Martin Scurrah, Senior Research Associate/ Consultant, Centro Peruano de Estudios Sociales (CEPES), Peru

A study of the international NGO advocacy for social and environmental justice, it looks at the fundamental issues of legitimacy, accountability and democracy that such activities involve and how they are manifested. It presents case studies on trade issues, labour rights, extractive industries and indigenous people in Asia and South America. September 2009 Hardback

272pp £57.50

216x138mm 978-0-230-22113-0

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international political economy

Corporate Social Responsibility Comparative Critiques

International Cultural Policies and Power

Sugar: Refined Power in a Global Regime

Edited by K Ravi Raman, Honorary Research Fellow, Department of Social Anthropology, University of Manchester, UK

Edited by J. P. Singh, Associate Professor, Communication, Culture and Technology Program, Georgetown University, USA

Ben Richardson, Lecturer, Warwick University, UK

Internationally renowned scholars investigate the discourses, practices and perspectives on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) across a wide range of multicultural, multi-ethnic and cross country experiences. Case studies are included from Canada, Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Political scientists by and large ignore cultural industries and technologies whereas they are prominent in other disciplines. This book provides insights from local, societal, national, and international levels in understanding cultural industries, technologies, and policies and integrates these perspectives into the study of political science.

February 2010 288pp 13 b/w tables and 1 figure Hardback £57.50

216x138mm 978-0-230-22077-5

Corporate Social Responsibility and Regulatory Governance Towards Inclusive Development? Edited by Peter Utting, Deputy Director, United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD), Switzerland and José Carlos Marques, Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University, Canada

‘Historically informed, theoretically sophisticated and empirically grounded.’ - Professor David L. Levy, Department of Management and Marketing, University of Massachusetts, USA This is the first of two volumes that examine the changing nature of state-business relations. This book assesses the potential and limits of CSR in developing countries, by focusing on aspects that are often ignored in the CSR literature: historical experience, theoretical perspectives, and institutional and political dimensions of change. November 2009 320pp 216x138mm 14 b/w tables, 4 figures and 1 table Hardback £60.00 978-0-230-57644-5

Published in conjunction with UNRISD

Contents: PART I: POLITICS, POWER, TECHNOLOGIES / PART II: CULTURAL POLICIES: US, EU, JAPAN / PART III: CULTURAL VOICES: THE DEVELOPING WORLD A Full Table of Contents is Available at: February 2010 320pp 2 b/w tables and 4 figures Hardback £60.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-23527-4

The Politics of Economic Regionalism Explaining Regional Economic Integration in East Asia Kevin G. Cai, Associate Professor, Renison University College, University of Waterloo, Canada

‘This book will win lavish praise from both specialists on Asia and general readers. It is a gem.’ - James H. Mittelman, Professor, School of International Service, American University, USA; author of Hyperconflict: Globalization and Insecurity (2010) While major theories of economic regionalism in the existing literature are primarily constructed to explore institutionalized regional integration, European integration in particular, the analytical framework developed in this work explains the unique process and pattern of regional integration in East Asia.

Sugar is a commonplace product with a complex background, mainly because of the high degree of protectionism given to the industry and the benefits of ensuring domestic producers stay in business. This book asks why there are such disagreements over trade policy, who profits within the current regime, and where power ultimately lies? September 2009 256pp 15 figures and 7 b/w tables Hardback £57.50

216x138mm 978-0-230-23220-4

Globalization and the ‘New’ Semi-Peripheries Edited by Owen Worth, Lecturer in International Relations, University of Limerick, Republic of Ireland and Phoebe Moore, Lecturer in International Relations, University of Salford, UK

This collection re-examines and re-assesses the role of the semi-periphery in world politics and argues that the processes of globalization have led us to widen our understanding of the semiperiphery, through a range of case studies as well as theoretical chapters. Contents: PART I: THEORETICAL REFLECTIONS: GLOBALIZATION AND THE SEMI-PERIPHERY / PART II: GLOBALIZATION AND CHANGE IN THE SEMI-PERIPHERY / PART III: NEW SEMI-PERIPHERAL DEVELOPMENTS AND POSSIBLE FUTURE A Full Table of Contents is Available at: August 2009 288pp 2 b/w tables and 2 figures Hardback £60.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-22075-1

Contents: Introduction / Theoretical Perspectives: Constructing an Analytical Framework / The Evolution of the Global Economic Order since 1945 / Regionalism in the World Economy since the 1950s / Regional Economic Integration in East Asia / Conclusion / Bibliography / Index January 2010 224pp 9 b/w tables and 5 figures Hardback £55.00


216x138mm 978-0-230-57654-4

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international political economy

Health for Some

Competitive Regionalism

The Diplomacies of Small States

The Political Economy of Global Health Governance

FTA Diffusion in the Pacific Rim

Between Vulnerability and Resilience

Edited by Mireya Solís, Associate Professor, School of International Service, American University, USA, Barbara Stallings, William R. Rhodes Research Professor, Brown University, USA and Saori N. Katada, Associate Professor of International Relations, University of Southern California, USA

Edited by Andrew F. Cooper, Associate Director; Distinguished Fellow, Centre for International Governance Innovation, Canada; Professor of Political Science, University of Waterloo, Canada and Timothy M. Shaw, Director; Professor, Institute of International Relations, University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago

Edited by Sandra J. MacLean, Associate Professor of Political Science, Sherri A. Brown, Department of Political Science, both at Simon Fraser University, Canada and Pieter Fourie, Senior Lecturer, Department of Politic, Macquarie University, Australia

Poverty and inequality are among the most significant determinants of health. Increased inequality gaps associated with globalization have serious implications for global health. Global changes in political economy shape global health, influencing who bears the burden from epidemics, unhealthy environments and lack of access to health care. Contents: PART I: INTRODUCTION / PART II: GLOBALIZATION, THE STATE, AND GLOBAL HEALTH / PART III: FROM INTERNATIONAL TO GLOBAL HEALTH GOVERNANCE / PART IV: THE GOVERNANCE OF GLOBAL HEALTH RESEARCH AND PRODUCT ACCESS A Full Table of Contents is Available at: August 2009 296pp 6 b/w tables and 7 figures Hardback £60.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-22424-7

Global Health Governance Crisis, Institutions and Political Economy Edited by Adrian Kay, Professor of Public Policy, Salford Business School, UK and Owain David Williams, Research Fellow, Centre for Health and International Relations, Aberystwyth University, UK

Eminent scholars investigate the sharp contrast between the acute and multi-dimensional scale of the challenges to global health governance and the contradictory and ineffective responses to them. They draw on a wide range of disciplines to uncover the critical political economy dynamics in the contemporary governance of global health. July 2009 288pp 2 b/w tables and 4 figures Hardback £60.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-20591-8

‘In this persuasive book the authors make a major contribution to the understanding of our global political economy.’ - Diana Tussie, FLACSO, Argentina Despite abundant scepticism about their economic benefits, Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) have proliferated at a rapid pace. Policy diffusion models explain how different sets of preferential trade agreements are interconnected and establish under what conditions FTAs can work for or against the emergence of coherent regional blocs.

This is an in-depth analysis of the various methods used by small states to overcome their vulnerabilities in the international arena. With its balanced approach and variety of contributions, this book is of interest to researchers and academics who focus on the developing world or multilateral diplomacy.



A Full Table of Contents is Available at:

A Full Table of Contents is Available at:

July 2009 312pp 4 figures and 24 b/w tables Hardback £60.00

April 2009 Hardback

216x138mm 978-0-230-57778-7

320pp £65.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-57549-3

Published in association with the Centre for Global Governance and Innovation

The Currency of Power The IMF and Monetary Reform in Central Asia André Broome, Lecturer in International Political Economy, University of Birmingham, UK

This book examines how the International Monetary Fund engages in the politics of ideas to shape domestic institutional change. Drawing on case studies from post-Soviet Central Asia, André Broome explains that how governments interpret their policy options mediates the IMF’s influence over economic reform during periods of crisis and uncertainty.

Use the following ISBNs to order all titles in the series: Hardback: 978-0-333-71708-0 Paperback: 978-0-333-71110-1

Contents: List of Illustrations / Preface / List of Abbreviations / Introduction / Institutional Change and the IMF / Expanding the International Monetary Order after the Cold War / The Disintegration of the Ruble Zone / Designer Capitalism in Central Asia / The Scope of the IMF’s Influence in Central Asia / Conclusion / References / Index March 2010 240pp 216x138mm 1 map, 18 figures and 3 b/w tables Hardback £57.50 978-0-230-24005-6

1000s of scholarly ebooks available at, ask your librarian to request a trial


international political economy

The Promise and Perils of Infrastructure Privatization The Macquarie Model

Business Power and Conflict in International Environmental Politics

Lewis D. Solomon, Van Vleck Research Professor of Law, George Washington University Law School, USA

This book focuses on the Macquarie Group Ltd. From its modest beginnings in Australia, Macquarie has achieved pre-eminence as the world’s leading nongovernmental operator of infrastructure assets. Its infrastructure fund model leases (or buys) staid assets, ranging from toll roads to airports, piles on debt and reaps handsome rewards. Contents: Introduction / The Rationale for Privatizing Infrastructure Assets / Macquarie: The Early Years, Its Culture, and Its Growth / Macquarie: Its Current Operations and Growth Strategy / Macquarie: The Creation of Its Infrastructure Funds / Macquarie and the Privatization of U.S. Highways / Macquarie and the Privatization of Airports Globally / The Macquarie Model: Looking to the Future December 2009 Hardback

208pp £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-61930-2

‘Robert Falkner’s excellent book addresses a vitally important topic on which the literature is relatively under-developed.’ - John Vogler, Professor of International relations, Keele University, UK This book puts forward a distinctive theoretical approach and analytical framework for studying business as an international actor in the environmental field, and provides detailed case studies of the most important environmental challenges in recent years. Contents: PART I: INTRODUCTION / Global Firms in International Environmental Politics / Business Power and Business Conflict: A Neo-Pluralist Perspective / PART II: CASE STUDIES / Ozone Layer Depletion / Global Climate Change / Agricultural Biotechnology / PART III: CONCLUSIONS / International Environmental Politics and Business Power: Conclusions and Implications 256pp £19.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-23930-2

Economic Sanctions

Michele Chang, Professor of European Political and Administrative Studies, College of Europe, Belgium

Exploring the development of the European Union and the ways in which it has been studied over fifty years, this book draws on contributions by some of the world’s leading scholars in the field, it maps the past and present of both the EU and EU studies, before setting out a provocative agenda for future work in the area. Contents: PART 1: EUROPEAN INTEGRATION FROM THE EEC’S FOUNDING TO THE PRESENT / PART II: INSTITUTIONAL AND POLICY DEVELOPMENTS / PART III: TOUGH AND CHALLENGING JOURNEYS / PART IV: EUROPEAN INTEGRATION AND THE MEMBER STATES A Full Table of Contents is Available at: January 2009 272pp Hardback £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-20253-5

Palgrave Studies in European Union Politics Series Editors: Neill Nugent and William E. Paterson ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections

Kern Alexander, Judge Business School, UK

Economic sanctions are increasingly important instruments of regulatory and foreign policy. This book provides a detailed study of the post-9/11 financial sanctions programmes in the US and Europe, examining the key regulatory and legal issues that confront businesses and related liability issues for third parties and individuals.

March 2009 328pp 216x138mm 1 map, 1 b/w line drawing and 19 graphs Hardback £65.00 978-0-230-54284-6 Paperback £24.99 978-0-230-54285-3

April 2009 Hardback


Edited by David Phinnemore, Senior Lecturer in European Integration, Queen’s University Belfast, UK and Alex Warleigh-Lack, Professor of Politics and International Relations, Brunel University, UK

Law and Public Policy

The creation of the Euro was one of the most ambitious projects undertaken by the EU. Nearly a decade into the project, the Euro has become a major international currency. This book takes stock of the Eurozone, both empirically and theoretically, considering the historical, economic, political, and institutional influences on its development.

The European Union Series Series Editors: Neill Nugent and William E. Paterson

50 Years of the Treaty of Rome

Robert Falkner, Department of International Relations, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

October 2009 Paperback

Monetary Integration in the European Union

Reflections on European Integration

384pp £70.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-52555-9

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international political economy • international relations

The Age of Migration International Population Movements in the Modern World 4th edition

International Relations

Issues in 21st Century World Politics

Stephen Castles, Research Professor of Sociology, University of Sydney, Australia; Associate Director, International Migration Institute (IMI), University of Oxford, UK and Mark J. Miller, Emma Smith Morris Professor of Political Science and International Relations, University of Delaware, USA

International migration is an ever-more central aspect of globalization in the contemporary world. The 4th edition of the leading text in the field has been completely recast and updated to provide a comprehensive assessment of the nature, extent and dimensions of international population movements and of their consequences. January 2009 Paperback

392pp £23.99

234x156mm 978-0-230-51785-1

Challenging Global Inequality Development Theory and Practice in the 21st Century Alastair Greig, Australian National University, Australia, David Hulme, Institute for Development and Management, University of Manchester, UK and Mark Turner, University of Canberra, Australia

This major text on development theory and practice takes as its starting point the challenge of overcoming development and global poverty and inequality. It traces the origins of the idea of Development Studies and introduces the main methodologies and theories of development, and examines the challenges of the twenty-first century. January 2007 Paperback

312pp £22.99

234x156mm 978-1-4039-4824-3

ebook available from: John Smith & Son

Edited by Mark Beeson, Professor of International Politics, University of Birmingham, UK and Nick Bisley, Associate Professor in International Relations, La Trobe University, Australia

A fresh, new text introducing the key issues that shape the nature of the international system and global politics in the twenty-first century. The book offers a modern approach to the subject of world politics and covers an increased number of issues, such as the financial crises and migration. With contributions from a team of leading international scholars this is a dynamic yet focussed text designed to spark interest and understanding. Contents: PART I: THE EVOLUTION OF THE INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM / Globalization and Statehood / Regionalism / The Decline of the West and the Rise of the Rest? / Climate Change and the Politics of the Environment / Nationalism / Gender Matters / Democracy and Democratization / PART II: POWER, CONFLICT AND SECURITY / Old and New Wars / The New World of Security / Transnational Terrorism / Peace-keeping and Humanitarian Intervention / Resource Security / PART III: THE GLOBAL ECONOMY AND ITS CONSEQUENCES / The Washington Consensus vs. State Capitalism / Financial Crises / Multilateral Economic Institutions / Inequality and Underdevelopment / Migration and Population Movement March 2010 Hardback Paperback

304pp £60.00 £21.99

234x156mm 978-0-230-59451-7 978-0-230-59452-4

The Persian Gulf in History Edited by Lawrence G. Potter, Deputy Director of Gulf/2000; Adjunct Associate Professor of International Affairs, Columbia University, USA

An informative edited volume, surveying the history of the Persian Gulf from ancient times to the present day. Chapters by leading authorities summarise the internal history of the region and highlight the role outsiders, including the Portuguese, Dutch, Ottomans, British and Americans, have played there. March 2010 Paperback

352pp £19.00

234x156mm 978-0-230-61282-2

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections

International Consensus on Population and Development John F. Kantner, Professor Emeritus, Johns Hopkins University, USA and Andrew Kantner, Adjunct Research Scientist, Pennsylvania State University, USA

‘For those who wonder why the whole subject of world population growth has disappeared from public view, this lucid account by two demographers provides all of the answers.’ Charles F. Westoff, Princeton University, USA Tracing the population assistance movement from its tentative beginnings to the present day, this book employs history to examine the new paradigm created from the Cairo Conference - the ‘road map’ for the population policy future. Contents: Introduction / The Early Years of International Population Assistance: The Striving for Consensus / The Emergence of New Priorities for International Population Assistance: The Years of Growing Policy and Program Discord / The New Millennium: The Ascendancy of Antiabortion Politics and Millennium Development Goals / International Population Assistance since Cairo: Trends in Funding and Program Action / An Overview of Major Donor Organizations Currently Providing International Population Assistance / Where Do We Go from Here? February 2010 Paperback

272pp £20.00

234x156mm 978-0-230-62113-8

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international relations

The Politics of Ethnic Separatism in Russia and Georgia

Beyond Punishment: Achieving International Criminal Justice

Contents: Ethnic Separatism in Russia and Georgia / Russia Weakened, 1990–1999 / Georgia Fragmented, 1990–2002 / Russia Resurgent, 1999–2006 / The Tragedy of the Rose Revolution, Georgia 2003–2008 / Ethnicity and State Building in Weak States February 2010 Hardback

288pp £55.00

234x156mm 978-0-230-61359-1

The Incomplete Breakthrough in Greek-Turkish Relations Grasping Greece’s Socialization Strategy Panayotis Tsakonas, Department of Mediterranean Studies, University of Aegean, Greece

This methodical analysis of Greece’s strategy towards Turkey highlights important new findings about the role particular elements of a state’s strategic culture play in explaining major and/ or minor shifts in strategy. The book breaks new ground in exploring when and how states develop socialization strategies.

Territory and Politics before Westphalia Jeremy Larkins, Visiting Lecturer; Teacher in International Politics, Department of Politics, Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK

Mark Findlay, Professor of Criminal Justice, University of Sydney, Australia and Ralph Henham, Professor of Criminal Justice, Nottingham Trent University, UK

Julie A. George, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Queens College (CUNY), USA

This book investigates the roots of ethnic separatism in the Russian Federation and postSoviet Georgia. It considers why regional leaders in both countries chose violent or non-violent strategies to achieve their political, economic, and personal goals.

From Hierarchy to Anarchy

International criminal justice is challenged to better reflect legitimate victim interest. This book provides a framework for achieving synthesis between restorative and retributive dimensions within international criminal trials in order to achieve the peace-making aspirations of the International Criminal Court. Contents: Introduction / New Moralities for International Criminal Justice / A Framework for Trial Transformation / Activating Victim Constituency in International Criminal Justice / Truth and Responsibility v Fact and Liability / Transformed Process Through Enhanced Discretionary Power / Accountability Frameworks / Justice as Decisionmaking: Principal Pathways of Influence / Legitimacy, Justice and Governance / References December 2009 4 b/w tables Hardback





This book considers the rise of territoriality in international relations. Larkins takes the reader on a tour that moves from the mental horizons of Medieval European thought to the Renaissance. The end product is a theoretical and historical account of a momentous transformation that ultimately gives rise to the territorial state. Contents: Territoriality, Westphalia and International Relations / International Relations, Political Theory and the Territorial State / Theorising Territoriality: Discourse, Culture, History / Hierarchy, Order and Space in the Medieval World / Christendom, Hierarchy and Medieval Political Discourse / The Renaissance Critique of Hierarchy / Machiavelli, Territoriality and Lo Stato / Picturing Renaissance Territoriality / The Renaissance Territorialisation of International Society December 2009 288pp 10 illustrations Hardback £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-61671-4

The Palgrave Macmillan History of International Thought Series Editor: Peter Wilson

Contents: Understanding Change in Strategy / The Traditional Strategy / The New Strategy / Implementing the Strategy / Modifying the Strategy January 2010 4 b/w tables Hardback






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international relations

Heath, Nixon and the Rebirth of the Special Relationship Britain, the US and the EC, 1969–74 Niklas H. Rossbach, Holds a PhD in History and Civilization from the European University Institute

This book reveals that 1969–74 was a crucial period for the special relationship. The Heath Government attempted to reverse Britain’s decline as a great power by forging an American-European special relationship out of the AngloAmerican relationship. Simultaneously the Nixon Administration tried to recoup the global position of the United States. Contents: Introduction / Heath’s European Ideas and Nixon’s New Foreign Policy / Anglo-American Economic and Monetary Affairs / The Anglo-American Nuclear Special Relationship / Anglo-American Policy Towards European Integration / Anglo-American Diplomacy and Détente / Conclusion / Bibliography December 2009 320pp 216x138mm 4 tables Hardback £55.00 978-0-230-57725-1

Global Conflict and Security since 1945 Series Editors: Saki Dockrill and William Rosenau

Naval Power

Nuclear Illusion, Nuclear Reality

A History of Warfare and the Sea from 1500 onwards

Britain, the United States and Nuclear Weapons, 1958–64

Jeremy Black, Professor of History, University of Exeter, UK

‘Jeremy Black’s Naval Power emphasizes the important role that control of the sea has played globally in shaping the history of nations, individually and collectively, over the last five centuries.’ - Admiral Sir Jonathon Band GCB, formerly First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff, Royal Navy, UK Jeremy Black provides a short and accessible account of naval power and its relationship to international relations. Focusing on navies as instruments of power and analyzing what they indicate about the nature of state systems and cultures, he provides an overview of key debates within this increasingly popular field. Contents: Introduction / 1500–1660 / 1660–1775 / 1775–1815 / 1815–1914 / 1914–45 / 1945–2010 / The Future / Conclusions / Selected Further Reading November 2009 1 b/w table Hardback Paperback



£47.50 £16.99

978-0-230-20279-5 978-0-230-20280-1

Richard Moore, Visiting Research Fellow, Mountbatten Centre for International Studies, University of Southampton, UK

A study of the political, military and technical aspects of Britain’s nuclear weapons programme under the Macmillan government, contrasting Britain’s perceived political decline with its growth in technological mastery and military nuclear capability. Important reading for anyone interested in the history and military technology of the cold war. Contents: Acknowledgements / Abbreviations / Introduction / Policy Making 1958-61 / Policy Execution 1958-61 / Policy Making 1961-64 / Policy Execution 196164 / Conclusions / Appendices / Bibliography November 2009 368pp 216x138mm 12 b/w illustrations, 2 maps, 1 diagram and 2 tables Hardback £65.00 978-0-230-23067-5

Nuclear Weapons and International Security since 1945 Series Editor: John Simpson

Australia and the Insular Imagination Beaches, Borders, Boats, and Bodies Suvendrini Perera, Senior Research Fellow, Curtin University of Technology, Australia

This book maps the seascape borders of Australia’s insular imagination. It explores how the boundaries and contours of the nation were made and remade in the first years of the war on terror, offering a striking reassessment of the territoriality of ‘the island continent’. Contents: Girt by Sea / ‘A Nation Contained Within a Beach’ / Boats, Bodies and Borderscapes / The Bombing on Kuta Beach / The Good Neighbor: Tsunami 2004 / Racial Horizons and Peacekeeping in the Pacific / Clearing the Waters / A Very Australian Pogrom November 2009 Hardback

228pp £52.50

216x138mm 978-0-230-61353-9

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international relations

Responsibility to Protect

Central and Eastern Europe

The Global Moral Compact for the 21st Century

Europeanization and Social Change

Edited by Richard H. Cooper, Convenor of the Responsibility to Protect Coalition; Founder of General Welfare Group LLC and Juliette Voïnov Kohler, Swiss International Lawyer and Senior Program Officer, Global Humanitarian Forum in Geneva, Switzerland

‘(This) volume edited by Richard H. Cooper and Juliette Voïnov Kohler brings the global discourse on the emerging concept of the responsibility to protect to a new level.’ - Marshall Bouton, President, Chicago Council on Global Affairs, USA This edited volume holds the promise of ending the genocides and other atrocity crimes that have repeatedly stained humanity and aims to move this noble principle from rhetoric to action. November 2009 Hardback

288pp £42.50

216x138mm 978-0-230-60902-0

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections

François Bafoil, Senior Research Fellow (CNRS), CERI-Sciences Po, France

The collapse of communism in 1989 paved the way for the reunification of the continent. This book analyzes the impact of the different dynamics of change since 1989 on public policy and on various economic and political sectors. Contents: PART I: THE FORMATION OF THE CENTRAL STATES: THE REFORMS OF OWNERSHIP, SOCIAL WELFARE AND ADMINISTRATION / PART II: SOCIETIES AND MARKETS. WORKERS, PEASANTS, LABOUR UNIONS, ASSOCIATIONS, COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS A Full Table of Contents is Available at: October 2009 Hardback

272pp £60.00

234x156mm 978-0-230-60771-2

CERI Series in International Relations and Political Economy Series Editors: Christophe Jaffrelot and Christian Lequesne

Framing the Iraq War Endgame

International Relations in Uncommon Places Indigeneity, Cosmology, and the Limits of International Theory J. Marshall Beier, Assistant Professor of Political Science, McMaster University, USA

‘This bold, courageous, and elegantly argued book warrants reading by all IR theorists.’ - V. Spike Peterson, University of Arizona, USA The book explores how IR has internalized many of the enabling narratives of colonialism in the Americas, evinced most tellingly in its failure to take notice of indigenous peoples. More fundamentally, IR is read as a knowing hegemonic Western voice that, owing to its universalist pretensions, asserts its knowledge to the exclusion of all others. Contents: Revealing the Hegemonologue / Disciplinary IR and Its Disciplined Others / Ethnography, Ethics, and Advanced Colonialism / Lakota Lifeways: Continuity and Change in a Colonial Encounter / Advanced Colonialism and Pop-Culture Treatments of Indigenous North Americans / Travelogues: The Ethnographic Foundations of Orthodox International Theory / Emancipatory Violences / Recovering International Relations from Colonial Practice

War’s Denouement in an Age of Terror

October 2009 Paperback

272pp £18.99

234x156mm 978-0-230-61907-4

Erika G. King, Professor of Political Science at Grand Valley State University, USA and Robert A. Wells, Professor of Political Science, Thiel College, USA

ebook available from: Dawson ERA, Ebook Library,, Ebrary, Myilibrary, NetLibrary, Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections

This book traces the evolution of political and media discourse on the Iraq war endgame over the roughly 28-month period from late fall 2005 to spring 2008. Contents: Introduction / Constructing the Endgame Narrative for a Different Kind of War / Dominating the Public War Discourse / Challenging Bush’s Why We Fight Narrative / Sounding an Official Warning Bell on Mounting Terrorism and Civil War / Crafting Reactions to the Midterm Elections and the Iraq Study Group Report / Interpreting the Consequences of the Troop Surge / Spinning and Debating the Petraeus/Crocker Report / Bush’s Endgame Narrative / Conclusion October 2009 Hardback


288pp £47.50

216x138mm 978-0-230-60898-6

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international relations

New Media and the New Middle East Edited by Philip Seib, Professor of Journalism and Public Diplomacy, University of Southern California, USA

‘A superb collection of essays about timely and developing debates on Arab and Middle Eastern media.’ - Noureddine Miladi, University of Northampton, UK; Centre for Arab & Muslim Media Research (CAMMRO), UK October 2009 Paperback

284pp £19.99

234x156mm 978-0-230-61923-4

The Palgrave Macmillan Series in International Political Communication ebook available from: Dawson ERA, Ebook Library,, Ebrary, Myilibrary, NetLibrary, Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections

The Politics of Regional Integration in Latin America Theoretical and Comparative Explorations Olivier Dabène, Professor of Political Science, Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po), France

This book explores the widely admitted failure of regional integration in this continent, linking the features of regional institutional arrangements with domestic politics and includes an inquiry into regionalism at the hemispherical level. Contents: PART I: HISTORICAL AND THEORETICAL GUIDELINE / PART II: POLITICAL INSTRUMENTALIZATION OF REGIONAL ECONOMIC INTEGRATION / PART III: DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF INSTITUTIONS / PART IV: DEMOCRATIZING REGIONAL INTEGRATION / PART V: THE CONTENTIOUS POLITICS OF INTEGRATION October 2009 Hardback

288pp £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-60847-4

CERI Series in International Relations and Political Economy Series Editors: Christophe Jaffrelot and Christian Lequesne

Agents of Atrocity Leaders, Followers, and the Violation of Human Rights in Civil War Neil Mitchell, Professor of Politics and International Relations, University of Aberdeen, UK

‘This book should be read by all who wish to understand how and why governments commit such horrific crimes, and steps that can be taken to prevent them.’ - Steven C. Poe, University of North Texas, USA The book provides a general explanation of why the relationship between a government and its citizens deteriorates into violence by examining, in both contemporary and historical settings, the motives of those involved. Contents: Machiavelli, the Grand Inquisitor, and Count Tilly’s Reward / The Principals and the Agents of Political Violence / The Arab-Israeli 20,000-Day War / The Russian Civil War / The English Civil War / The Three Horsemen of Political Violence August 2009 Paperback

240pp £19.99

246x189mm 978-0-230-61902-9

Private Environmental Regimes in Developing Countries Globally Sown, Locally Grown

Constructing 21st Century U.S. Foreign Policy Identity, Ideology, and America’s World Role in a New Era Karl K. Schonberg, Associate Professor of Government, St. Lawrence University, USA

This book argues that, in the years since the 9/11 attacks, socially constructed understandings of the identity of the United States and its friends and enemies have played a critical role in determining the course of U.S. foreign policy, in particular the Bush administration’s choices with regard to the war on Iraq. Contents: Introduction: International Relations Theory and U.S. Foreign Policy in a New Era / Theory and History / Identity and Ideology in the War on Terror / ‘With Us or Against Us’: Constructing America, its Enemies and the World / Identity and Ideology in the Policy Process: Individual and Social Psychology in the Bush Administration / Policy Consequences of Identity and Ideology / Conclusion / Endnotes August 2009 Hardback

316pp £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-60776-7

Ralph H. Espach, Analyst and at the Centre for Strategic Studies, USA

This book assesses the recent growth and future prospects of private transnational environmental certification and standards regimes, examining in detail to what degree, and under what circumstances, do these transnational regimes truly influence industrial environmental practices in developing countries? Contents: Globally Sown, but Locally Grown: An Introduction / Private Environmental Regimes as Tools of Global Governance / When Are Private Environmental Regimes Effective, and Why? / International Forestry Regulation and the Forest Stewardship Council / The Forest Stewardship Council in Argentina and Brazil / The International Chemicals Manufacturing Industry and Responsible Care / Responsible Care in Argentina and Brazil / Globally Sown but Locally Grown: How Local Organizational Capacity Limits the Viability of Global Private Regimes August 2009 Hardback

192pp £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-61635-6

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international relations

East Timor

Promoting Democracy and the Rule of Law

The Price of Liberty Edited by Damien Kingsbury, Associate Head of School (Research), International and Political Studies, Deakin University, Australia

This book traces the themes within the East Timor independence movement and notes how these have contributed to post-independence issues, in particular the political tensions that almost saw East Timor collapse as a viable state in 2006. It concludes with an assessment of the 2007 elections. Contents: D.Kingsbury: Introduction / M.Mcgillivray: What is Development? / J.McKay: Reassessing Development Theory: ‘Modernization’ and Beyond / J.Hunt: Aid and Development / J.McKay: Economics of Development / D.Kingsbury: Globalization and Development / M.Clarke: Poverty: Concepts, Measures, Trends and Responses / J.McKay: Crises in Africa, Asia and Latin America: Lessons and Wider Implications / D.Kingsbury: Political Development / D.Kingsbury: Community Development / J.Hunt: Gender and Development / D.Kingsbury: Environment and Development / J.McKay: Security and Development August 2009 Hardback

256pp £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-60641-8

The Future of Global Relations Crumbling Walls, Rising Regions

American and European Strategies Edited by Amichai Magen, Lecturer in Law, Stanford Law School, USA, Thomas Risse, Professor of International Politics, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany and Michael A. McFaul, Professor of Political Science, Stanford University, USA

European and American experts systematically compare US and EU strategies to promote democracy around the world - from the Middle East and the Mediterranean, to Latin America, the former Soviet bloc, and Southeast Asia. In doing so, the authors debunk the pernicious myth that there exists a transatlantic divide over democracy promotion. Contents: R.Morningstar: Foreword / A.Magen & M.A.McFaul: Introduction: American and European Strategies to Promote Democracy / T.A.Börzel & T.Risse: Venus Approaching Mars? The EU’s Approaches to Democracy Promotion in Comparative Perspective / D.M.Girod, S.D.Krasner & K.Stoner Weiss: Governance and Foreign Assistance / R.Youngs & T.Cofman Wittes: Europe, the United States, and Middle Eastern Democracy / V.van Hüllen & A.Stahn: Comparing EU and US Democracy: Promotion in the Mediterranean and the Newly Independent States / T.A.Börzel, Y.Pamuk & A.Stahn: Democracy or Stability? EU and US Engagement in the Southern Caucasus / S.Gratius &T.Legler: Latin America is Different: Transatlantic Discord on How to Promote Democracy in ‘Problematic’ Countries / R.Kleinfeld: U.S. and EU Strategies to Promote Democracy in Indonesia / T.Risse: Conclusions: Towards Transatlantic Democracy Promotion? July 2009 304pp 3 b/w tables and 5 figures Hardback £60.00

Terrence Edward Paupp, Senior Research Associate, Council on Hemispheric Affairs (COHA), USA; Vice President, International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP)

The collapse of US global hegemony means that the future of global relations will be defined by an integrated and mutually co-operative world order of regions in which there are multiple centres of power. These centres will continue to mature under the ideology of ‘regionalism’ and through the long historical process of ‘regionalization’. Contents: Preface / Introduction / PART I: AN OVERVIEW OF AMERICAN HEGEMONY: PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE / PART II: RESISTANCE, REGIONALISM & REGIONALIZATION: COUNTER-HEGEMONIC July 2009 Hardback

304pp £55.00

234x156mm 978-0-230-61747-6

216x138mm 978-0-230-22006-5

Governance and Limited Statehood Series Editors: Thomas Risse and Ursula Lehmkuhl


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international relations

What Makes the EU Viable? European Integration in the Light of the Antebellum US Experience Andrew Glencross, Lecturer in International Relations, University of Pennsylvania, USA

‘A highly original, well-written and conceptualized book that makes an important contribution to ongoing debates in both EU studies and IR.’ - Friedrich Kratochwil, Professor of International Relations, European University Institute, Italy Drawing on international relations theory, law and historical analysis, this book compares European integration with the antebellum USA to assess what makes the EU viable despite contestation over the rules of the game of integration. It reveals that changing the system of representation is no shortcut solution for the EU’s constitutional woes. Contents: Acknowledgements / Introduction: Questioning What Makes the EU Viable / The Problem of Viability in a Compound Polity / Developing an Analogical Comparison between the EU and the Antebellum US Republic / Comparing how the Rules of the Game are Contested / The Struggle to Maintain a Compound System: Creating and Contesting the Rules of the Game in European Integration / Contrasting and Explaining the Viability of Two Compound Systems / The Future Evolution of the EU Compound Polity: The Obstacles to Voluntary Centralization / Conclusion: Implications for EU Studies and the Debate over the Future of Integration / Notes / Bibliography / Index July 2009 4 b/w tables Hardback





Civil Organizations and Protest Movements in Israel

Contested States in World Politics Deon Geldenhuys, Professor of Politics, University of Johannesburg, South Africa

Mobilization around the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

‘Deon Geldenhuys has written a thorough and engaging treatment of this neglected aspect of world politics.’ - Chris Alden, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

Edited by Elisabeth Marteu, Assistant Lecturer in political science, Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, France

This volume brings together cutting edge research on Israeli citizens and organizations mobilized around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. These pioneering perspectives provide a wealth of information on state-society relations in Israel, the boundaries of civil mobilization and on the prospects for Israeli democracy. Contents: PAcknowledgments / Notes on Contributors / List of Tables / B.Klandermans: Foreword: MovementCountermovement Dynamics and the Dynamics of Radicalization / E.Marteu: Introduction: New perspectives, Israeli Civil Mobilization and the Israeli Palestinian Conflict / PART I: ISRAELI SETTLER MOBILIZATIONS / D.Khalfa: After the Gaza Withdrawal: the Settlers’ Struggle over the Meaning of the Israeli National Identity / W.Kailani: American Orthodox Immigrants’ Mobilization and Integration in Israel / PART II: ISRAELI PEACE MOVEMENTS / K.Lamarche: Political Activism and Legitimacy in Israel: Four Groups between Cooperation and Transgression / R.Ginsburg: Framing, Misframing, and Reframing: ‘The Fiddler at Beit-Iba Checkpoint’ / Y.Feinstein: Activists Squeezed between the ‘Apartheid Wall’ and the ‘Separation Fence’: The Radicalism/ Pragmatism Dilemma of Social Movements, The Case of the Israeli Separation Barrier / R.Schwartz: Doves of Feather: A Comparative Analysis of Identity-Based Peace/ Conflict Resolution Organizations (P/CROs) in Israel, Northern Ireland and South Africa / P.Renno: Looking Out of the Arabs: Mobilization in Favor of the Israeli Arab Sector in the Galilean Mitzpim Hilltop Settlements / PART III: PALESTINIAN ARAB ORGANIZATIONS IN ISRAEL AND JERUSALEM / H.Sallon: Lawyering for the Cause of the Arab Minority in Israel: Litigation as Means for Collective Action / E.Marteu: Palestinian Arab Women’s Organizations in Israel: Civil Organizations without National Movement? / R.Ratcliffe: The Battle for Recognition: Civil Society, Citizenship and the Political Rise of the Negev Bedouin / I.Salenson: Inhabitants’ Mobilization for City Planning in East Jerusalem / Conclusion June 2009 Hardback

272pp £47.50

This book investigates a phenomenon in world politics that is largely overlooked by scholars, namely entities lacking international recognition of their status as independent states. It includes case studies on the Eurasian Quartet, Kosovo, Somaliland, Palestine, Northern Cyprus, Western Sahara and Taiwan. Contents: Acknowledgements / Introduction / PART I: THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVES / Confirmed versus Contested States / Origins of Contested Statehood / Alternative Destinations for Contested States / PART II: CASE STUDIES / The Eurasian Quartet / Kosovo / Somaliland / Palestine / Northern Cyprus / Western Sahara / Taiwan / Conclusion / Notes / Bibliography / Index April 2009 Hardback

312pp £63.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-57552-3

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections

216x138mm 978-0-230-61481-9

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections

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international relations

NGOs, Africa and the Global Order Robert Pinkney, Visiting Professor of Politics, Northumbria University, UK

Formal political structures have produced little more than ‘electoral democracy’ in Africa without tackling the problems of poverty and elite exploitation. This book looks at the opportunities for, and limitations of, voluntary bodies in seeking a more ‘just’ order at both African and global levels. April 2009 Hardback

248pp £63.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-54716-2

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections

Non-Governmental Human Rights Organizations in International Relations Peter R. Baehr, Honorary Professor of Human Rights, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

The Confrontation

Asian Energy Security

Winning the War against Future Jihad

The Maritime Dimension

Walid Phares, Professor, Florida Atlantic University, USA

Review for The War of Ideas: ‘ a voice of calm and reason...provocative reading.’ - Kirkus Reviews Phares provides a blueprint for defeating the forces of jihad. Moving from the ravaged villages of the Sudan to London’s Muslim neighbourhoods, to the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, he illuminates the vast and complex world of the global jihadist movement. Contents: Why This Book? / Introduction / Redefining the War / Western Rethinking / Cultural Revolution in the West / Economic Revolution / Diplomatic Revolution / Revolution in the Arab Muslim World / War of Ideas Intensified / Isolation of Jihadism / U.S. Homeland Survival / A Greater Europe to Confront Jihadism / Russia’s War on Jihadism / Middle Earth the Confrontations of the Greater Middle East / The Southern Battlefields / The State of the Confrontation / Conclusion: Past Choices and New Directions / Notes / Index April 2009 Paperback

304pp £11.99

234x156mm 978-0-230-61130-6

Edited by Hongyi Lai, Research Fellow, East Asian Institute, National University of Singapore, Singapore

The main focus of the contributors of this volume is to analyze closely major aspects of energy security, energy diplomacy, and maritime security in East and Southeast Asia. Specifically, they examine the current state of energy security and maritime security of China and Japan, as well as Southeast Asia. March 2009 Hardback

256pp £50.00

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections

The Foreign Policy of the European Union Stephan Keukeleire, Catholic University of Leuven, College of Europe, Belgium and Jennifer MacNaughtan, formerly Head of Office for a Member of the European Parliament

Human rights play a crucial role in today’s international relations. They provide standards to which states must conform when dealing with their own citizens. Non-governmental human rights organizations remind states of their obligations in that field. Without this, human rights would have drifted to the bottom of the international agenda.

‘[A] systematic analysis and must-have for all those interested in European studies and the international relations of the EU.’ - Oscar Pardo, Political Studies Review

Contents: Preface / List of Abbreviations / Introduction / Legitimacy / Independence / The United Nations / The Promotion of Human Rights: Standard-Setting / The Protection of Human Rights / Non-Governmental Entities / Conclusions / Appendices / Notes / List of Interviewed Persons / Bibliography / Index April 2009 Hardback

216pp £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-20134-7

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections


216x138mm 978-0-230-60642-5

February 2008 Paperback

392pp £23.99

216x138mm 978-1-4039-4722-2

The European Union Series Series Editors: Neill Nugent and William E. Paterson

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international relations/International relations theory

The Changing Politics of Foreign Policy Christopher Hill, Sir Patrick Sheehy Professor of International Relations; Director, Centre of International Studies, University of Cambridge, UK

‘[C]omprehensive and incisive...exceptionally readable, detailed and articulate...a mustread for any student of International Relations.’ - Yossi Mekelberg, International Affairs October 2002 Paperback

400pp £24.99

216x138mm 978-0-333-75423-8

Worlds in Collision Terror and the Future of Global Order Ken Booth, E.H. Carr Professor of International Politics and Tim Dunne, Lecturer, Department of International Politics, both at University of Wales, UK

‘Worlds in Collision is probably the most impressive academic symposium to appear since the World Trade Centre attack.’ - The Age Bringing together an outstanding group of thinkers, Worlds in Collision is the essential book for understanding the debate about the future of global order in the wake of international terrorism and the war in Afghanistan. June 2002 maps Paperback





International Relations/ International Relations Theory

Understanding International Relations 4th edition Chris Brown, Professor of International Relations and Kirsten Ainley, Lecturer in International Relations, both at London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

International Relations Theory A New Introduction Knud Erik Jørgensen, Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Aarhus, Denmark

A major new textbook on International Relations theory written by a leading scholar, suitable for any course on IR theory at either undergraduate or master’s level. The text goes beyond an exploration of the main contending theories in IR and provides cross-cutting coverage of current key issues and debates. Jørgenson also examines the philosophical approaches behind the different theories and suggests why they are addressed to different research agendas. In addition there is a unique chapter explaining how to do theory, which guides students in applying their own theories about world politics to their studies. An essential read for students of Politics and IR. Contents: International Relations Theory / International Political Theory / Liberalism / Realism / The English School / International Political Economy / The Post Positivist Tradition / Current Theoretical Debates / Methodological and Epistemological Waves in IR / Contemporary Research Agendas / Theorizing International Relations / Conclusions and Perspectives April 2010 Paperback

320pp £22.99

234x156mm 978-1-4039-4700-0

‘An excellent new edition which reinforces the book’s place as my preferred text for students new to International Relations. Accessible and compelling without glossing over the complexity of the issues, the fourth edition has been impressively updated to take account of realworld and theoretical developments.’ - Tony Lang, University of St Andrews, UK The 4th edition of this best-selling text provides a lively introduction to International Relations theory. It has been comprehensively updated throughout and has new chapters on agency, structure and the state in IR and the emerging shape of twenty-first century international politics. Contents: Defining International Relations / The Development of IR Theory in the Twentieth Century / International Relations Theory Today / Agency, Structure and the State / Power and Security / The Balance of Power and War / Global Governance / The Global Economy / Globalization / The International Politics of Identity / International Relations and the Individual: Human Rights, Humanitarian Law and Humanitarian War / The Emerging Shape of 21st Century International Politics April 2009 Hardback Paperback

336pp £65.00 £23.99

234x156mm 978-0-230-21310-4 978-0-230-21311-1

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international relations/international relations theory

Theories of International Relations 4th edition Scott Burchill, Deakin University, Australia, Andrew Linklater, University of Wales, UK, Richard Devetak, University of Queensland, Australia, Jack Donnelly, University of Denver, USA, Terry Nardin, National University of Singapore, Singapore, Matthew Paterson, University of Ottawa, Canada and Christian Reus-Smit, University of Auckland, New Zealand

The fully updated and revised 4th edition of this widely-used text provides a comprehensive survey of leading perspectives in the field including entirely new chapters on Historical Sociology by Andrew Linklater and International Political Theory by Terry Nardin. Contents: Introduction / Realism / Liberalism / The English School / Marxism / Historical Sociology / Critical Theory / Post-structuralism / Constructivism / Feminism / Green Politics / International Political Theory February 2009 Paperback

392pp £23.99

234x156mm 978-0-230-21923-6

Classical Liberalism and International Relations Theory

British International Thinkers from Hobbes to Namier Edited by Ian Hall, Lecturer in International Politics and Lisa Hill, Associate Professor, School of History and Politics, both at University of Adelaide, Australia

This book will be the first to examine the variety of British international thought, its continuities and innovations. The editors combine new essays on familiar thinkers such as Thomas Hobbes and John Locke with important but neglected writers and publicists such as Travers Twiss, James Bryce, and Lowes Dickinson. Contents: H.Patapan: The Glorious Sovereign: Thomas Hobbes on Leadership and International Relations / D.Armitage: John Locke’s International Thought / R.Jeffery: Moral Sentiment Theory and the International Thought of David Hume / L.Hill: War (and Peace) in Adam Smith / R.Bourke: Edmund Burke and International Conflict / G.Varouxakis: John Stuart Mill and the Utilitarians / A.Fitzmaurice: The Resiliance of Natural Law in the Writings of Sir Travers Twiss / C.Sylvest: James Bryce and the Two Faces of Nationalism / D.Bell: Democracy and Empire: J. A. Hobson, Leonard Hobhouse, and the Crisis of Liberalism / J.Morefield: The Never Satisfied Idealism of Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson / I.Hall: The Realist as Moralist: Sir Lewis Namier’s International Thought

Hume, Smith, Mises, and Hayek

January 2010 Hardback

Edwin van de Haar, Lecturer in International Relations, Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines

The Palgrave Macmillan History of International Thought Series Series Editor: Peter Wilson

This book calls for a reappraisal of liberalism in IR theory. Based on the first comprehensive analysis of the ideas by David Hume, Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Hayek and a new perspective on Adam Smith and international relations, the analysis shows that classical liberalism differs substantially from other forms of liberalism. Contents: Introduction / What is Classical Liberalism? / David Hume and International Society / Adam Smith, War and Commerce / Ludwig von Mises, Capitalism and Peace / Friedrich Hayek, International Order and Federalism / Liberalism and International Relations Theory / Conclusions and Ways Forward October 2009 256pp Hardback £52.50

216x138mm 978-0-230-61636-3

The Palgrave Macmillan History of International Thought Series Series Editor: Peter Wilson

288pp £60.00

234x156mm 978-0-230-60849-8

Palgrave Studies in International Relations Series Editors: Knud Erik Jørgensen and Audie Klotz Published in association with the European Consortium for Political Research Standing Group in International Relations

New Systems Theories of World Politics Edited by Mathias Albert, Professor of Political Science, Bielefeld University, Germany, Lars-Erik Cederman, Professor of International Conflict Research, ETH Zurich, Switzerland and Alexander Wendt, Professor of Political Science, Ohio State University, USA

New Systems Theories of World Politics uses systems theoretical approaches to analyze the structure and dynamics of the international system. Drawing from different systems theoretical traditions, it argues that the system of world politics can be analyzed in a comprehensive fashion by continuing the pioneering work of theorists like Karl Deutsch. Contents: PART I: CONCEPTUAL OVERVIEW / PART II: ‘MODERN’ SYSTEMS THEORY / PART III: PROCESSTHEORETICAL APPROACHES / PART IV: ANALYSES OF MACROHISTORICAL PROCESSES / PART V: FINAL REFLECTIONS AND OUTLOOK A Full Table of Contents is Available at: January 2010 368pp 216x138mm 14 b/w illustrations and 3 b/w tables Hardback £65.00 978-0-230-23329-4

International Society and the Middle East English School Theory at the Regional Level Edited by Barry Buzan, Professor of International Relations, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK and Ana Gonzalez-Pelaez, Independent Writer and Advisor on International Affairs, UK

International Society and the Middle East brings together a distinguished cast of theorists and Middle East experts to provide a comprehensive overview of the region’s history and how its own traditions have mixed, often uncomfortably, with the political structures imposed by the expansion of Western international society. March 2009 Hardback


304pp £63.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-53764-4

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international relations/International relations theory

A History of International Political Theory Ontologies of the International Hartmut Behr, Professor of International Relations, University of Newcastle, UK

German Thought and International Relations The Rise and Fall of a Liberal Project Robbie Shilliam, Lecturer in International Relations, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

A fundamental question for IR is whether the value system of liberalism can be universalized, or if, in fact, the illiberal reality of international politics systematically rules out such a universalization. The book addresses this issue by focusing on the rise and fall of a specific liberal project supported by influential German intellectuals. Contents: PART I / Introduction / 1789: The Revolution of Backwardness / PART II / Kant’s Corporate Enlightenment / Hegel’s Revolution of Philosophy / Interlude: Vormärz / Weber’s Realpolitik / PART III / Epilogue: Weimar / Morgenthau’s Existential Crisis / Conclusion March 2009 Hardback

264pp £63.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-22422-3

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections

‘…deserves widespread attention across International Relations and beyond.’ - Michael C. Williams, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Ottawa, Canada

Securitizing Immigration The Politics of Risk in the EU Rens van Munster, Senior Researcher, Research Unit on Defence and Security, Danish Institute for International Studies, Denmark

Securitizing Immigration deals with the growing concern for immigration as a matter of security at the EU level. It combines an analysis of the way bureaucratic and political processes have interacted in the integration process with an analysis of how these practices are located in a context shaped by the preoccupation with risk. Contents: Introduction / Immigration and the Emergence of a European Threat Environment / The Maastricht Treaty: The Formalization of the Immigration/ Security Nexus / Amsterdam and Beyond: Immigration and the Establishment of an AFSJ / Freedom, Mobility and Abjection: The Management of Immigration Risk in the AFSJ / Unmaking Security, Remaking Belonging / Conclusion: The EU as an Area of Security, Security and … Security October 2009 5 figures Hardback





Contemporary theory of international politics faces a twofold problem: the critical engagement with legacies of national power politics in relation to twentieth century International Relations and the regeneration of notions of humanity. This book contributes to this engagement by a genealogy of thoughts on war, peace, and ethics. Contents: PART I: UNIVERSALISM IN GREEK AND ROMAN ANTIQUITY AND CHRISTIAN POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY / PART II: UNIVERSALISTIC THINKING FROM EARLY MODERN TIMES TO ENLIGHTENMENT / PART III: THE EMERGENCE OF PARTICULARISM IN THE 19TH AND 20TH CENTURY / PART IV: THE TRIUMPH OF PARTICULARISM IN THE 20TH CENTURY INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS THEORY / PART V: INSTEAD OF A CONCLUSION - TOWARDS RENEWED ONTOLOGY(IES) A Full Table of Contents is Available at: December 2009 336pp Hardback £60.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-52486-6

To order all titles in the series: Hardback: 978-0-230-20063-0 Paperback: 978-0-230-24115-2

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international relations/international relations theory

Global Inequality Matters

Aesthetics and World Politics

Darrel Moellendorf, Professor, McGill University, Canada

‘Moellendorf carves out and defends underexplored, promising territory in the philosophy of international justice.’ - Thaddeus Metz, Humanities Research Professor, University of Johannesburg, South Africa The globalization of trade, investment, and finance continues apace. Many have benefited from this, but deep inequalities persist. This book argues that the interconnections established by globalization make possible a critique of its inequality. For those who take seriously human dignity, equality is a basic presumption of social institutions. Contents: Inequality and the Inherent Dignity of Persons / Coercion and the Conditions of Distributive Justice / Equal Respect in Political and Economic Associations / Global Equality of Opportunity Defended / International Trade, Development, and Labor / Climate Change, Development, and Mitigation / Global Distributive Institutions / Notes / Bibliography / Index November 2009 1 b/w table Hardback





Global Ethics Series Editor: Christien van den Anker

Roland Bleiker, Professor of International Relations, University of Queensland, Australia

This book presents one of the first systematic assessments of aesthetic insights into world politics. It examines the nature of aesthetic approaches and outlines how they differ from traditional analysis of politics. The book explores the potential and limits of aesthetics through a series of case studies on language and poetics. Contents: Introduction / The Aesthetic Turn in International Political Theory / Art after 9/11 / The Sublime Nature of Global Politics / Poetic World Politics / Poetry after Auschwitz / Poetic Resistance to Cold War Politics / Come See the Blood in the Streets / Poetics and the Politics of Memory / The Poetic Search for Identity and Community / Conclusion August 2009 280pp Hardback £57.50

216x138mm 978-1-4039-8976-5

Rethinking Peace and Conflict Studies Series Editor: Oliver P. Richmond

Carl Schmitt and the Politics of Hostility, Violence and Terror Gabriella Slomp, Senior Lecturer in International Political Thought, University of St. Andrews, UK

Carl Schmitt’s friend/ enemy principle is exposed to in-depth philosophical analysis and historical examination with the aim of showing that the political follows hostility, violence and terror as form follows matter. The book argues that the partisan is an umbrella concept that includes the national and global terrorist. Contents: Introduction / Continuity and Novelty, Clarification and Recommendations / On Domestic Hostility / The Partisan, or the Man of Exception / Hostility: Historical and Conceptual Forms / The Righteous Warrior / Friendship: Domestic and International / Final Thoughts May 2009 Hardback

192pp £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-00251-7

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections

Hans J. Morgenthau’s Theory of International Relations Disenchantment and Re-Enchantment Mihaela Neacsu, Researcher, Faculty of Social Science, The Open University, UK

This book provides an innovative interpretation of Hans J. Morgenthau’s contribution to international relations, and argues that the concepts of meaning, power as meaning imposition, disenchantment and re-enchantment are central to Morgenthau’s theory. Contents: Introduction: Context and Assumptions / Life Experience and Intellectual Encounters / The ‘Death of God’ and the Crisis of Philosophy / The Disenchantment of Politics, and Morgenthau’s Leadership Theory / Closing the Openness: Morgenthau on Meaning, Tradition, and the Statesman’s Mission / Conclusion: Hans Morgenthau’s Discussion of Meaning, Disenchantment and Leadership October 2009 Hardback

216pp £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-57607-0

International Political Theory Series Editor: Gary Browning


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international relations/International relations theory

Men and States Rethinking the Domestic Analogy in a Global Age Chiara Bottici, Research Fellow in Political Philosophy, University of Florence, Italy

Can we rule states through the same means that have been used to rule individuals? Men and States tackles this issue by analyzing the presuppositions of the domestic analogy and provides the tools to assess its validity in different contexts and theories. Contents: Introduction / PART I: THE DOMESTIC ANALOGY / The Origins of the Debate / Analogical Reasoning and the Domestic Analogy / Disentangling the Domestic Analogy / PART II: THE DOMESTIC ANALOGY IN MODERN POLITICAL THOUGHT / Hobbes and the Realist Tradition / Kant and the Idealist Tradition / Grotius and the Rationalist Tradition / PART III: THE DOMESTIC ANALOGY IN CONTEMPORARY THEORIES / Neoidealism / Neorealism / Neoinstitutionalism / Beyond the Three Traditions: Constructivism, Postmodernism, Feminism and Marxism / Epilogue: The Domestic Analogy in the Global Age

The Politics of Immigration in France, Britain, and the United States A Comparative Study Martin Schain, Director, Centre for European Studies, New York University, USA

This book argues that although labour market needs have been an important element in the development of immigration policy, they have been filtered through a political process, the politics of immigration. The book explores the relation between policy and politics in France, the UK, and the US. Contents: How We Analyze Immigration Policy and the Politics of Immigration / Policy and the Politics of Immigration in France / Policy and the Politics of Immigration in the UK / Policy and the Politics of Immigration in the United States / Conclusion March 2009 Hardback Paperback

304pp £50.00 £17.99

234x156mm 978-1-4039-6215-7 978-1-4039-6216-4

192pp £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-20681-6

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections

A Study of Order in World Politics 3rd edition Hedley Bull, sometime Montague Burton Professor of International Politics, University of Oxford, UK

Review of previous editions: ‘An important book likely to be read with profit for along time to come.’ - The Times Literary Supplement June 2002 Paperback

368pp £23.99

Reissued with new introduction E.H. Carr, sometime Fellow, Trinity College, Cambridge, UK and Michael Cox, Professor of International Relations, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections

Ways of Knowing Competing Methodologies in Social and Political Research Jonathon Moses and Torbjørn Knutsen, both Professors of Political Science, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

‘A marvelous introduction to methods and methodologies of research. This is the rare introductory textbook that educates students and scholars alike.’ - Keith Topper, Northwestern University, USA This textbook on methodology in social and political science focuses on the debate between positivist and constructivist approaches. It introduces a range of key issues - from the nature of knowledge to the strengths and weaknesses of the main research methods - showing how methodological pluralism can be combined with intellectual rigour. May 2007 Paperback

344pp £23.99

216x138mm 978-0-333-98587-8

The Twenty Years’ Crisis, 1919–1939

Perspectives in Comparative Politics

A Full Table of Contents is Available at: March 2009 Hardback

The Anarchical Society

‘Apparently overtaken by events in the very days of its first publication, Carr’s Twenty Years’ Crisis has never been more pertinent to the discussion of international relations than it is to-day: in a world beset by the twin extremes which he excoriated, a craven and short-sighted realism on the one hand, and an unanchored and irresponsible idealism on the other, Carr’s astute arguments should be central to our analysis of, and response to, the world of the twenty-first century.’ - Fred Halliday September 2001 Paperback

344pp £19.99

216x138mm 978-0-333-96377-7

234x156mm 978-0-230-51665-6

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international relations/diplomacy International Relations/ Diplomacy

Diplomacy Theory and Practice 4th edition G.R. Berridge, Emeritus Professor of International Politics, University of Leicester, UK

Diplomacy, widely recognized as the standard textbook on its subject and already translated into six languages, has been comprehensively updated, re-organized and greatly expanded. There are new chapters on consuls, public diplomacy, special envoys, and how agreements are best followed up, the last featuring a close look at ‘No Torture’ agreements. Contents: Introduction / The Ministry of Foreign Affairs / PART I: THE ART OF NEGOTIATION / Introduction to Part I / Prenegotiations / ‘Around-the-Table’ Negotiations / Diplomatic Momentum / Packaging Agreements / Following Up / PART II: DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS / Introduction to Part II / Embassies / Consulates / Conferences / Summits / ‘Public Diplomacy’ / Telecommunications / PART III: DIPLOMACY WITHOUT DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS / Introduction to Part III / Disguised Embassies / Special Missions / Mediation / Conclusion / References / Index January 2010 Hardback Paperback

288pp £60.00 £19.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-22959-4 978-0-230-22960-0

Indigenous Diplomacies Edited by J. Marshall Beier, Associate Professor of Political Science, McMaster University, Canada and Whitney Lackenbauer, Assistant Professor of History, St. Jerome’s University, Canada

This volume explores broad conceptual questions raised by the ‘discovery’ of indigenous peoples as increasingly important global political actors questions made all the more urgent by the sudden recognition that indigenous diplomacies are not at all new, but merely newly noticed. February 2010 Hardback

288pp £55.00

234x156mm 978-0-230-61307-2

Battles to Bridges US Strategic Communication and Public Diplomacy after 9/11 Rhonda Zaharna, Associate Professor, American University, USA

‘R.S. Zaharna has consistently been in the top echelon of public diplomacy scholars. Her views are inevitably informed by both academic theory and professional practice.’ - Professor Philip Taylor, Institute of Communication, University of Leeds, UK

Negotiating History Michális Stavrou Michael, Research Fellow, Centre for Dialogue, La Trobe University, Australia

By placing the conflict in its historical, ideological, ethno-political and geostrategic context, the book extends beyond conventional realist approaches and lays bare those less visible dimensions that are often ignored by analysts and policy-makers alike. Contents: PART I: IDENTIFYING THE SOURCES OF THE CONFLICT / PART II: A PRISONER’S DILEMMA / PART III: FALTERING UN INVOLVEMENT / PART IV: THE END OF AN ERA? / PART V: TOWARDS ANNAN’S ‘EUPOPEAN’ SOLUTION A Full Table of Contents is Available at: December 2009 304pp Hardback £55.00

Contents: PART I: CRISIS PUBLIC DIPLOMACY / America’s Communication Problem / Battle for Hearts and Minds / Search for Answers / PART II: CHANGING DYNAMICS / Changing Dynamics and Strategic Vision / Soft Power Differential / Communication, Culture & Identity in Public Diplomacy / PART III: EXPANDING THE VISION OF STRATEGIC US PUBLIC DIPLOMACY / Strategy & Tactics: Conceptual Frameworks / Grand Strategy: From Battles to Bridges

Studies in Diplomacy and International Relations Series Editors: Paul Sharp and Donna Lee

234x156mm 978-0-230-62002-5

Liberia and the United States during the Cold War Limits of Reciprocity D. Elwood Dunn, Alfred Walter Negley Professor of Political Science, University of the South, USA

This book tackles the pressing need to expand the vision of strategic US public diplomacy. It explores the interplay of power politics, culture, identity, and communication and explains how the underlying communication and political dynamics have redefined what ‘strategic communication’ means in today’s international arena.

January 2010 224pp 216x138mm 10 b/w illustrations and 1 b/w table Hardback £55.00 978-0-230-20216-0


Resolving the Cyprus Conflict

‘…a remarkably evenhanded and insightful study.’ - John Yoder, Professor of Political Science, Whitworth University, USA At once a diplomatic history and case study of African foreign policy and presidential leadership, this book illustrates how development and security assistance were used by the US as antidotes against communism in the Cold War and how Liberia was able occasionally to profit from the arrangement. Contents: Introduction / Background to the Relationship / Tubman and the United States, 1944–1971 / Tolbert and the United States, 1971–1980 / Doe and the United States, 1980–1990 / Conclusions / Bibliography / Index October 2009 Hardback

288pp £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-61735-3

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international relations/diplomacy

Toward a New Public Diplomacy Redirecting U.S. Foreign Policy Philip Seib, Professor of Journalism and Public Diplomacy; Professor of International Relations, University of Southern California, USA

Toward a New Public Diplomacy explains public diplomacy and makes the case for why it will be the crucial element in the much-needed reinvention of American foreign policy. Contents: PART I: AMERICAN PUBLIC DIPLOMACY TODAY / PART II: FROM THE OUTSIDE: APPRAISING AMERICAN PUBLIC DIPLOMACY / PART III: WHERE WE GO FROM HERE A Full Table of Contents is Available at: October 2009 Hardback Paperback

272pp £60.00 £19.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-61743-8 978-0-230-61744-5

The United States and Iran Policy Challenges and Opportunities Jalil Roshandel, Associate Professor; Director of Security Studies Program, and Alethia H. Cook, Assistant Professor of Political Science; Assistant Director, Security Studies Program, both at East Carolina University, USA

United States and Britain in Diego Garcia The Future of a Controversial Base Peter H. Sand, Lecturer in International Environmental Law, University of Munich, Germany

Diego Garcia is a pivotal US base for all Middle East operations. This book describes its evolution from a secret US-UK bilateral deal in 1966 and the deportation of the native population in the 70s to its new role in Guantánamo-style ‘renditions’ and the impact of military construction on its environment. Contents: Preface / History: Empire’s Last-Born Colony / Human Rights: How to Depopulate an Island / Power Politics: Our Ocean / Military Secrecy: Public Access Denied / Nemesis: Natural Heritage Dredged - and Drowned / Epilogue: The Lords’ Day / Appendices August 2009 Hardback

224pp £50.00

August 2009 Hardback

220pp £52.50

216x138mm 978-0-230-61811-4

Perception of Polarity and US Commitment to a Periphery Seung-young Kim, Lecturer (Assistant Professor), Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Aberdeen, UK

This book examines the dramatic unfolding of US occupation, withdrawal, and intervention in the Korean peninsula in the past and sheds light on the broader issue of US military occupations of other countries in the twenty-first century. Contents: PART I: US DIPLOMACY TOWARD KOREA IN THE ERA OF THE RUSSO-JAPANESE WAR / PART II: US DIPLOMACY TOWARD KOREA DURING WORLD WAR II / PART III: US POLICY TOWARD KOREA FROM 1945 TO JUNE 1950 / Conclusion: US Commitment toward South Korea since 1950 A Full Table of Contents is Available at: June 2009 Hardback

304pp £55.00

216x138mm 978-1-4039-7545-4

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections

Living with China Regional States and China through Crises and Turning Points

Relations between Iran and the US have been strained for over thirty years. This book provides unbiased discussions of issues such as historical relations, the Iranian nuclear program and their support for ‘terrorist’ organizations. It also identifies a wide range of possible US policy solutions to improve relations. Contents: Iran / US Political History / Modern Iranian Politics / Iran, the US, and Middle East Stability / Iran: State Sponsor of Terror? / Iran and Nuclear Power (or Weapons?) / Toward a More Comprehensive US Foreign Policy for Iran

216x138mm 978-0-230-61709-4

American Diplomacy and Strategy toward Korea and Northeast Asia, 1882-1950 and After

Edited by Shiping Tang, Senior Fellow, Mingjiang Li, Assistant Professor, both at S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and Amitav Acharya, Professor of Political Science, American University in Washington, USA

Although much ink has been used debating China’s rise and its implications for Asia and beyond, few have considered how its neighbours have been living with a rising China. This book fills that vacuum. July 2009 Hardback

288pp £55.00

Russophobia Anti-Russian Lobby and American Foreign Policy Andrei Tsygankov, Professor, Departments of Political Science and International Relations, San Francisco State University, USA

The book suggests that the US-Russia post-9/11 partnership did not endure because much of America’s policy is shaped by an ambition to remain the world’s only superpower. The book analyzes the negative role played by Russophobia and advocates a different approach to Russia in the post-Cold War world. June 2009 Hardback

256pp £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-61418-5

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections

216x138mm 978-0-230-61670-7

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international relations/diplomacy • security studies

A Dictionary of Diplomacy G.R. Berridge, Emeritus Professor of International Politics, University of Leicester, UK and Alan James, Emeritus Professor of International Relations, University of Keele, UK

Like all professions, diplomacy has spawned its own specialized terminology, and it is this lexicon which provides A Dictionary of Diplomacy’s thematic spine. However, the dictionary also includes entries on legal terms, political events, international organizations and major figures who have occupied the diplomatic scene or have written influentially about it over the last half millennium. All students of diplomacy and related subjects and especially junior members of the many diplomatic services of the world will find this book indispensable. November 2003 Paperback

312pp £24.99

234x156mm 978-1-4039-1536-8

ebook available from: Dawson ERA, Ebook Library,, Ebrary, Myilibrary, NetLibrary, Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections

Security Studies

International Security Politics, Policy, Prospects Michael E. Smith, Reader in International Relations, University of St. Andrews, UK

An exceptionally wideranging introduction to International Security in the twenty-first century. This takes a distinctively systematic approach centred on how and why particular issues get onto the international security agenda and particular choices and outcomes ensue, assessing the explanatory power of contending approaches in this context. Contents: International Relations and International Security / Continuity and Change in International Security Studies / The Politics of International Security / Interstate War / Intrastate War / Weapons Proliferation / International Terrorism / International Crime / International Economic Security / International Environmental and Resource Security / International Public Health / International Demographics / Conclusion March 2010 Hardback Paperback

320pp £60.00 £22.99

234x156mm 978-0-230-20314-3 978-0-230-20315-0

Modern Stateless Warfare Paul Brooker, Visitor, Department of Political Science, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

This book focuses on insurgent stateless warfare in its guerrilla and terrorist modes and in its nationalist, maoist and post-maoist phases of modernization. Insurgency is compared with states’ warfare and with criminality and then insurgents’ motives, means and opportunities are analyzed from social-science, military and environmental perspectives. Contents: Introduction / PART I: INSURGENT STATELESS WARFARE / Historical Background / The Types and Modes of Insurgency / Insurgent Strategies / Terroristic Warfare and Strategies / Comparisons with Criminality / PART II: THE CALCULUS OF INSURGENCY: MOTIVE, MEANS AND OPPORTUNITY / The Motives of Insurgency / The Means of Insurgency / Opportunity and Environments / The Social-Political Environment / Conclusion / Notes / Bibliography / Index March 2010 11 b/w tables Hardback





Terrorism, Elections, and Democracy Political Campaigns in the United States, Great Britain, and Russia Sarah Oates, Professor, Department of Politics, University of Glasgow, UK, Lynda Lee Kaid, Professor of Telecommunications, College of Journalism and Communications, University of Florida, USA and Mike Berry, Lecturer, Department of Cultural Studies, University of Nottingham, UK

This book examines the influence of terrorist threat in the recent elections in the US, Great Britain, and Russia to analyze the influence of post-9/11 fears on voting behaviour in comparative perspective. It is in these different countries that warnings about terrorism find the most resonance with candidates, journalists and voters alike. February 2010 Hardback


272pp £47.50

216x138mm 978-0-230-61357-7

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security studies

The Governance of Policing and Security Ironies, Myths and Paradoxes Bob Hoogenboom, VU University Amsterdam and Nyenrode Business University, The Netherlands

Policing today involves many different state and non-state actors. This book traces the process of ‘unbounding’ policing, exploring the way that boundaries between public policing, regulators, inspectorates, intelligence services and private security are blurring, and the impact this will have on governance. January 2010 2 b/w tables Hardback

240pp £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-54265-5

Crime Prevention and Security Management Series Editor: Martin Gill

The Botswana Defense Force in the Struggle for an African Environment Dan Henk, Social Anthropologist, Faculty of the US Air War College, USA

The book describes how Botswana’s leaders effectively employed the instruments of power at their disposal, portraying a state that works. It argues that Africans are contributing meaningfully to emerging global thinking on security and urges Africa’s friends to take advantage of opportunities for productive partnerships over environmental issues. Contents: A Context for Biodiversity in Botswana / The Botswana Defence Force / Botswana’s Military and the Anti-Poaching Mission / Organizational Culture and AntiPoaching Success / Government, Military, Society, and Anti-Poaching in Botswana / The Face of Environmental Security in Botswana / Lessons from Botswana October 2009 Hardback

Global Politics of Defense Reform Thomas Bruneau, Distinguished Professor of National Security Affairs and Harold Trinkunas, Associate Professor, Department of National Security Affairs, both at Naval Postgraduate School, USA

240pp £42.50

234x156mm 978-0-230-60218-2

ebook available from: Dawson ERA, Ebook Library,, Ebrary, Myilibrary, NetLibrary, Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections Initiatives in Strategic Studies: Issues and Policies Series Editor: James J. Wirtz

The World’s Most Threatening Terrorist Networks and Criminal Gangs Edited by Barry R. Schneider, Director, USAF Counterproliferation Centre (CPC) at Maxwell AFB, USA; Professor of International Relations, Air War College, USA, Jerrold M. Post, Professor of Psychiatry, Political Psychology and International Affairs; Director, Political Psychology Program, George Washington University, USA and Michael T. Kindt, Director of Counterterrorism Studies, USAF Counter-proliferation Centre (CPC), USA

Terrorist organizations and international criminal networks pose an increasing danger to the world. This book looks at diverse groups from Al Qaeda to Mexican drug cartels and includes a chapter on terrorist WMD threats. This look at sub-state rivals is recommended to all serious students of international security. August 2009 Hardback

304pp £55.00

Community, Citizenship and the ‘War on Terror’ Security and Insecurity

This volume highlights the impact of global trends on defence reform and civil-military relations, including phenomena such as globalization and economic liberalization that are not usually associated with such matters. November 2009 312pp Hardback £42.50

Edited by Patricia Noxolo, Lecturer in Human Geography, Department of Geography, Loughborough University, UK and Jef Huysmans, Senior Lecturer, Department of Politics and International Studies, Open University, UK

234x156mm 978-0-230-60444-5

ebook available from: Dawson ERA, Ebook Library,, Ebrary, Myilibrary, NetLibrary, Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections

216x138mm 978-0-230-61809-1

In the context of the ‘global war on terror’, the issue of security has come to affect more and more intimate elements of people’s everyday lives. This is the starting point of this interdisciplinary collection, which focuses on how the line between security and insecurity is negotiated through changing concepts of ‘community’ and ‘citizenship’. June 2009 Hardback

224pp £60.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-20121-7

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security studies

Social Networks and Migration in Wartime Afghanistan Kristian Berg Harpviken, Senior Researcher, International Peace Research Institute, Norway

‘In a field saturated with macro level studies of war and peacebuilding in Afghanistan, Harpviken’s stands out for giving agency to people.’ Shahrbanou Tadjbakhsh, Sciences Po, France Drawing on fieldwork in the Herat area of Afghanistan, this book addresses migration patterns throughout three decades of war. It launches a framework for understanding the role of social networks for people’s responses to war and disaster as well as mobilizing or maintaining material resources for security and gathering information. Contents: Acknowledgements / Glossary / Acronyms / Maps of Afghanistan in the Region and the Main Fieldwork Area / Introduction / Social Networks in Wartime Migration / Escape Decisions / Integration at Exile / Return Decisions / Reintegration at ‘Home’ / Conclusions / Appendix: Researching Migration in War / Notes / Bibliography / Index May 2009 248pp 216x138mm 2 b/w tables, 1 figure and 2 maps Hardback £65.00 978-0-230-57655-1

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections

New Security Challenges Series Editor: Stuart Croft

Securing Europe European Security in an American Epoch Lisa Watanabe, Research Officer, Programme on the Geopolitical Implications of Globalization and Transnational Security, Geneva Centre for Security Policy, Switzerland

Securing Europe takes a novel approach to Europeanization among EU member states by employing a sociological institutionalist approach. Watanabe argues that Europeanization as a process of change takes place not as a result of rationally calculating states, but as a result of the reworking of perceptual and normative frameworks. Contents: Preface / Acknowledgements / List of Abbreviations / Introduction / A Sociological Institutionalist Approach to Europeanization / The European Security and Defence Policy / Justice and Home Affairs post-September 11 / The Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe / Conclusion: Socio-Functional Europeanization / Notes January 2010 Hardback

224pp £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-57989-7

Biosecurity Origins, Transformations and Practices Edited by Brian Rappert, Associate Professor of Science, Technology and Public Affairs, University of Exeter, UK and Chandré Gould, Senior Researcher, Crime, Justice and Politics Programme, Institute for Security Studies, South Africa

This book explores the origins, interpretations and meanings of the term ‘biosecurity’. It brings together contributors on issues relating to the perceptions of the threat of biological weapons and how states are responding, or not, to the challenges posed by the potential of the products of the life sciences to be used for destructive purposes. October 2009 3 b/w tables Hardback






The Globalization of Security State Power, Security Provision and Legitimacy Bryan Mabee, Lecturer in International Politics, Queen Mary, University of London, UK

‘Bryan Mabee’s book represents a new advance in the study of globalization and state security.’ - Professor Michael Cox, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK The Globalization of Security is an important rethinking of the connections between globalization and security, focusing on a conceptual examination of the role of the state combined with key case studies. The book provides a novel historical sociological approach, advancing both the understanding of security and the theory of state power. Contents: Introduction: The Globalization of Security? / The ‘Security State’ and the Evolution of Security Provision / Globalization and Security / Nuclear Weapons and the Globalization of Threat / The Security State and the Globalization of the Arms Industry / Global Migration, Security and Citizenship / Conclusion: The Globalization of Security and the Future of the Security State May 2009 216pp 4 b/w tables and 3 figures Hardback £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-22400-1

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections

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security studies

The Exclusionary Politics of Asylum Vicki Squire, RCUK Research Fellow, The Open University, UK

‘Theoretically sophisticated and empirically wellgrounded.’ - David Owen, Professor of Social and Political Philosophy, University of Southampton, UK

Television and Terror

European Union Security Dynamics

Conflicting Times and the Crisis of News Discourse

In the New National Interest

Andrew Hoskins, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Warwick, UK and Ben O’Loughlin, Lecturer in International Relations, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK

Janne Haaland Matlary, Professor of International Politics, University of Oslo, Norway

The advent of the twenty-first century was marked by a succession of conflicts and catastrophes that demanded unrestrained journalism. Hoskins and O’Loughlin demonstrate that television, tarnished by its economy of liveness and its impositions of immediacy, and brevity, fails to deliver critical and consistent expositions of our conflicting times. Contents: Prologue: The (Terrorised) State We’re In / Introduction / Television and Time / Hurricane Katrina and the Failure of the ‘CNN Effect’ / Talking Terror: Political Discourses and the 2003 Iraq War / Television’s Quagmire: The Misremembered and the Unforgotten / The Distant Body / Drama and Documentary: The Power of Nightmares / Security and Publics: Democratic Times? / The Irresolution of Television April 2009 Paperback

232pp £19.99

This book shows how France and Britain are leaders in EU security and defence policy, and explains why both states need each other in this policy area. The lack of relevant military capacity in Europe today implies that the US favours a strong EU in this field. Contents: Introduction / PART I: SECURITY POLICY IN EUROPE / / PART II: EU SECURITY DYNAMICS: PURSUING NATIONAL INTERESTS / PART III: INCURRING SECURITY POLICY DEPENDENCIES A Full Table of Contents is Available at: January 2009 Hardback

248pp £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-52188-9

ebook available from: Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections

216x138mm 978-0-230-22902-0

ebook available from: Dawson ERA, Ebook Library,, Ebrary, Myilibrary, NetLibrary, Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections

This critique of the securitization and criminalization of asylum seeking challenges the claim that asylum seekers ‘threaten’ receiving states. It analyzes recent policy developments in relation to their wider historical, political and European contexts and argues that the UK response effectively renders asylum seekers as scapegoats. Contents: PART I: INTRODUCING THE EXCLUSIONARY POLITICS OF ASYLUM: THE MANAGEMENT OF DISLOCATION / PART II: THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE EXCLUSIONARY POLITICS OF ASYLUM: POLITICAL, PUBLIC AND POPULAR NARRATIVES OF CONTROL / PART III: THE EXTENSION AND DIFFUSION OF THE EXCLUSIONARY POLITICS OF ASYLUM: DETERRENT TECHNOLOGIES OF ‘INTERNAL’ AND ‘EXTERNAL’ CONTROL / PART IV: CONTESTING THE EXCLUSIONARY POLITICS OF ASYLUM: FROM DETERRENCE TO ENGAGEMENT April 2009 Hardback

240pp £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-21659-4

Migration, Minorities and Citizenship Series Editors: Danièle Joly and Zig Layton-Henry

To order all titles in the series: Hardback: 978-0-230-00216-6 Paperback: 978-0-230-00217-3

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security studies

Inside Egypt The Land of the Pharaohs on the Brink of a Revolution John R. Bradley, Writer for The Economist, The Washington Quarterly, The Financial Times, The New Republic, The Times Literary Supplement, Newsweek, and Salon and author of the critically acclaimed Saudi Arabia Exposed: Inside a Kingdom in Crisis

‘Inside Egypt is an original, angry, brilliant, subtle, and highly readable expose of contemporary Egyptian politics and society.’ Peter Bergen, author of Holy War Inc. and The Osama bin Laden I Know Five decades after Nasser overthrew the Britishbacked monarchy, the future of Egypt grows more uncertain by the day. Bradley examines the junctions of Egyptian politics and society as they slowly disintegrate under the twin pressures of a ruthless military dictatorship at home and a flawed Middle East policy in Washington. Contents: A Failed Revolution / The Brothers / Sufis and Christians / The Bedouin / Torture / Corruption / Lost Dignity / Egypt after Mubarak June 2008 Hardback Paperback

256pp £16.99 £9.99

Contemporary Security and Strategy

Security in the New Europe Andrew Cottey, Senior Lecturer; Jean Monnet Chair in European Political Integration, University College Cork, Republic of Ireland

Craig A. Snyder, Senior Lecturer in International Relations, Deakin University, Australia

This text brings together a range of specially-commissioned chapters to provide an accessible introduction to security studies in the twenty-first century. The 2nd edition has been expanded to cover developments in global and regional security; nuclear proliferation; terrorism; intervention and peacekeeping and includes eight entirely new chapters. January 2008 Paperback

304pp £24.99

234x156mm 978-0-230-52096-7

Security and Defence Policy in the European Union Jolyon Howorth, Visiting Professor of Political Science, Yale University, USA; Jean Monnet Professor of European Politics, Bath University, UK

246x189mm 978-1-4039-8477-7 978-0-230-61437-6

ebook available from: Dawson ERA, Ebook Library,, Ebrary, Myilibrary, NetLibrary, Waterstone’s

‘...a book that is both rich in technical and historical details and engages lightly in theoretical debate...a pleasure to read.’ - Sonia Lucarelli, The International Spectator June 2007 Paperback

336pp £23.99

216x138mm 978-0-333-63912-2

The European Union Series Series Editors: Neill Nugent and William E. Paterson

‘A comprehensive and cogent assessment. It has the great merit, without minimizing the troubling global and domestic issues that need to be addressed, of focussing our attention on the successful development of Europe as a ‘security community’.’ - Professor Lawrence Freedman, King’s College London, UK July 2007 Paperback

216x138mm 978-1-4039-8649-8

The New Europe Series Editors: Helen Wallace

The Security Dilemma Fear, Cooperation and Trust in World Politics Ken Booth, E.H. Carr Professor of International Politics and Nicholas Wheeler, Professor of International Politics, both at University of Wales, UK

This provides the first comprehensive analysis of the concept of the ‘security dilemma’. By exploring the theory and practice of the security dilemma through the prisms of fear, cooperation and trust, it considers whether the security dilemma can be mitigated or even transcended, analyzing a wide range of historical and contemporary cases. November 2007 Paperback


272pp £20.99

384pp £21.99

234x156mm 978-0-333-58745-4

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terrorism Terrorism

U.S. Strategy Against Global Terrorism How It Evolved, Why It Failed, and Where It is Headed Andrew T H Tan, Associate Professor and Convenor, International Studies, University of New South Wales, Australia

This book examines the various strategies, including Global Counterinsurgency (GCOIN), which have been put forward as alternatives to the Global War On Terror (GWOT), concluding that while a consensus can be found on the key elements of a grand strategy, based on failures in the GWOT, it is far from clear if any GCOIN strategy could work. Contents: The US and Global Terrorism / The Failure of the GWOT / The US Invasion of Iraq / The Iraq Conundrum and its Implications / The Continuing Threat and Why the US Failed / From GWOT to COIN - The Evolution of US Counter-Terrorism Strategy / The Evolution of US Counter-Terrorism Strategy - From COIN to Global Counterinsurgency / The Future for Counterterrorism December 2009 256pp Hardback £55.00

Five Years of My Life

Times of Terror

An Innocent Man in Guantanamo

Discourse, Temporality and the War on Terror

Murat Kurnaz, Turkish Citizen and Legal Resident of Germany, where he was born in 1982(he was in the process of becoming a German citizen when he was arrested in Pakistan and held prisoner for five years)

‘The most compassionate, truthful and dignified account of the disgrace of Guantanamo that you are ever likely to read.’ - John le Carré The gripping account of an innocent man held prisoner in Afghanistan and Guantanamo for five years Contents: Foreword, by Patti Smith / Without Chains, by Patti Smith / Translator’s Note / Chronology of Events / Frankfurt Airport / Peshawar, Pakistan / Kandahar, Afghanistan / Kusca, Turkey / Guantanamo Bay, Camp X-Ray / Bremen, Hemelingen / Guantanamo Bay, Camp X-Ray / Guantanamo Bay, Camp Delta / Guantanamo Bay, Camp Echo / Guantanamo Bay, Camp 4 / Ramstein Air Base, Germany / Bremen, Hemelingen / Epilogue by Baher Azmy September 2009 256pp 234x156mm includes 1 map and 8pp b/w photographs Paperback £9.99 978-0-230-61441-3

Lee Jarvis, Lecturer, Department of Politics and International Relations, Swansea University, UK

‘In a theoretically sophisticated, richly textured and incisive analysis, Times of Terror eloquently deconstructs the origins, dynamics and consequences of the current politics of terror.’ - Dr Richard Jackson, Department of International Politics, Aberystwyth University, UK Since 11 September 2001, the War on Terror has dominated global political life. The book takes a critical look at different ways in which the George W. Bush administration created and justified this far-reaching conflict through their use of language and other discursive practices. Contents: Preface / Introduction / Making Time, Shaping Time / Writing Radical Discontinuity / Writing Linear Times / Writing Timelessness / Time, Violence, Identity, Politics / Bibliography / List of Sources / Index July 2009 Hardback

216pp £50.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-22369-1

216x138mm 978-0-230-61997-5

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security studies/conflict resolution and peace keeping Security Studies/Conflict Resolution and Peace Keeping

Humanitarian Intervention An Introduction Aidan Hehir, Senior Lecturer in International Relations, Centre for the Study of Democracy, University of Westminster, UK

‘Highly recommended. Lively and accessible, and a wonderful resource for teaching. Aidan Hehir provides a comprehensive overview of the history, theory and practice of humanitarian intervention, and of the concepts, controversies, moral claims and political calculations that have shaped the field.’ - Anne Orford, Michael D Kirby Professor of International Law, University of Melbourne, Australia ‘Objectively surveying a wide range of perspectives on an inherently contentious topic, this is an outstanding teaching tool and a textbook from which scholars will benefit as much as their students.’ - Anthony F. Lang, Jr., School of International Relations, University of St Andrews, UK A broad-ranging introduction to the theory, practice and politics of humanitarian intervention on the contemporary world, its historical background and future prospects after the experiences of Rwanda, Kosovo, Darfur and Iraq. Contents: PART I: CONCEPTS AND CONCEPTIONS / What is ‘Humanitarian Intervention’? / The Just War Tradition / The Sovereign State / Theoretical Perspectives / PART II: CONTROVERSIES / Legality and Legitimacy / Sovereignty as Responsibility / Who Decides? / Motives and Means / PART III: CASES / ‘Humanitarian Intervention’ in History / Rwanda / Kosovo / Iraq / Darfur / Conclusion: The Future of Humanitarian Intervention? November 2009 Hardback Paperback


320pp £60.00 £20.99

234x156mm 978-0-230-22030-0 978-0-230-22031-7

Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Palgrave Advances in Peacebuilding

7th edition

Critical Developments and Approaches

A History with Documents

Edited by Oliver P. Richmond, Director, Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of St. Andrews, UK

Charles D. Smith, Lecturer, University of Arizona, USA

Smith provides a remarkably comprehensive and objective account of this complex subject, adopting a long-view approach. The detailed discussion of pre-1948 history reveals how Arab and Israeli attitudes and world opinion have been formed, and how contemporary issues and events can be understood in relation to events dating back to WWI and earlier. Contents: Preface / List of Photos and Maps / The Middle East and Palestine to 1914: An Overview / Ottoman Society, Palestine, and the Origins of Zionism, 1800–1914 / World War I, Great Britain, and the Peach Settlements, 1914–1921 / Palestine Between the Wars: Zionism, the Palestinian Arabs, and the British Mandate, 1920–1939 / World War II and the Creation of the State of Israel, 1939–1949 / The Beginning of the Arab-Israeli Conflict: The Search for Security, 1949–1957 / From Suez to the SixDay War, 1957–1967 / War and the Search for Peace in the Middle East, 1967–1976 / Lebanon, The West Bank, and the Camp David Accords: From Pariah to Partner: The PLO and the Quest for Peace in Global and Regional Contexts, 1984–1993 / Israeli-Palestinian/Arab Negotiations and Agreements, 1993–1999 / Visions in Disarray: Camp David 2000, The Palestinian Intifada, American Triumphalism, and Israeli Disengagement, 1999–2006 / Selected Bibliography / Glossary / Index / Chronology March 2010 608pp photographs and maps Paperback £.21.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-24711-6

The quality of the peace arrived at via liberal peacebuilding approaches has been poor. The related statebuilding praxis has generally been unable to respond to its critics. What is at stake is a recognition of peacebuilding’s everyday political, social, economic, and cultural dynamics. This indicates the emergence of a post-liberal form of peace. Contents: PART I: CRITICAL AGENDAS: THEORIES, CONCEPTS, AND METHODS / PART II: KEY AGENDAS: INSTITUTIONS, ISSUES AND THEMES / PART III: DEVELOPING AGENDAS A Full Table of Contents is Available at: January 2010 460pp 216x138mm 1 b/w illustration and 7 b/w tables Hardback £70.00 978-0-230-55522-8 Paperback £22.99 978-0-230-55523-5

Palgrave Advances

Ethics, Authority, and War Non-State Actors and the Just War Tradition Edited by Eric A. Heinze, Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Studies, University of Oklahoma, USA and Brent J. Steele, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Kansas, USA

In original essays written by both senior scholars as well as rising younger scholars in the field of international ethics, this volume addresses the ethics of war in an era when non-state actors are playing an increasingly prominent role in armed conflict. December 2009 304pp Hardback £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-61674-5

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security studies/conflict resolution and peace keeping

Privatising Peace A Corporate Adjunct to United Nations Peacekeeping and Humanitarian Operations

Land, Liberation and Compromise in Southern Africa Chris Alden, Reader in International Relations, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK and Ward Anseeuw, Research Fellow, Post-Graduate School of Agriculture and Rural Development, University of Pretoria, South Africa

Malcolm Hugh Patterson, Australian Lawyer who teaches International Law and International Relations

‘…an eminently readable and thought-provoking book.’ - Dr Christopher Kinsey, Defense Studies Department, King’s College London at the Joint Command and Staff College, Defense Academy of the UK The history of United Nations peacekeeping is largely one of failure. This book puts a case for augmenting ad hoc peacekeepers with competent contract labour; and within the constraints of a new legal regime, supporting future operations with well-trained contractors who might subdue by force those who inflict gross human rights abuses on others. Contents: Introduction / UN Deployments: Alternatives to Ad Hoc Sovereign Forces / From Mercenary to UN Contractor? / The Public - Private Security Environment / Other Industry Hazards / A Modest Proposal / Conclusion / Appendices / Bibliography / Index November 2009 280pp 3 charts Hardback £60.00

This book analyzes the origins of the crisis in Zimbabwe and why it has had such a profound impact on both the land issue and democratic politics in the Southern African region. In doing so, it contributes to the present debates around Mugabe, neo-imperialism and the stability in the region. Contents: Acknowledgements / Introduction / Understanding Land, Politics and Change in Southern Africa / Sowing the Whirlwind - Zimbabwe and Southern Africa / Darkness at Noon - South Africa / A Distant Thunder - Namibia / Compromise and Liberation? / Bibliography / Index October 2009 6 maps Hardback





Self-Defense in International Relations Ruchi Anand, Associate Professor of International Relations, American Graduate School of International Relations and Diplomacy, France

The right to individual and collective self-defense in international law and politics has always been a controversial issue. Using the example of how the US employs self-defense against Iraq, this book uncovers new dimensions, which lead to innovative and practical strategies and analysis. Contents: Self Defense in International Relations / International Relations Theory Meets International Law / International Law Prohibiting the Use of Force / International Legal Exceptions to the Prohibition on the Use of Force / The Use of Force in Afghanistan and Iraq / Conclusion / Discussion Questions / Appendix / Index October 2009 Hardback

208pp £55.00

216x138mm 978-0-230-57458-8

216x138mm 978-0-230-22425-4

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security studies/conflict resolution and peace keeping Non-Governmental Public Action Series Editor: Jude Howell

Counter-Terrorism, Aid and Civil Society Before and After the War on Terror Jude Howell, Professor; Director and Jeremy Lind, Research Associate, both at Centre for Civil Society, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

‘...a splendid melding of theory and analysis… belongs in libraries and on reading lists across a wide range of disciplines and courses.’ - Mark Sidel, Professor of Law and Faculty Scholar, University of Iowa, USA The book critically examines the effects of the War on Terror on the relationships between civil society, security and aid. It argues that the War on Terror regime has greatly reshaped the field of development and it highlights the longer-lasting impacts of post-9/11 counter-terrorism responses on aid policy and practice on civil society. Contents: Introduction / Theorizing the Securitization of Aid and Effects on Civil Societies / Government-Civil Society Relations Post 9/11 / Civil Society, Security and Aid: Shifting Donor Perspectives / Civil Society, Security and Aid Post 9/11: Afghanistan / Aid, Civil Society and the State in Kenya / Civil Society, Security and Aid in India / Conclusion September 2009 256pp Hardback £57.50

216x138mm 978-0-230-22949-5

Participation and Democracy in the Twenty-First Century Edited by Jenny Pearce, Professor of Latin American Politics, University of Bradford, UK

Debates on participatory tend to be abstract, with references to experiences in Athens over 2000 years ago. This book uses recent experience in participatory innovations at the city level to explore the practice of participation. Taking examples from Latin America and the UK it argues the case for revitalizing democracy through participation. February 2010 £57.50


288pp 222x141mm Hardback 978-0-230-22944-0

Political Settlements in Divided Societies

34 Days

Consociationalism and Cyprus

Amos Harel, Ha’aretz Newspaper’s Military Correspondent and Avi Issacharoff, Newspaper’s Arab Affairs Correspondent

Christalla Yakinthou, Honorary Research Fellow, Political Science and International Relations, University of Western Australia, Australia

Yakinthou throws light on the challenges of adopting political settlements in frozen conflicts and divided societies by focusing on the conflict in Cyprus, the resolution of which has for years been held up, in large part by elite intransigence. The book offers answers for why elites in Cyprus are so unwilling to adopt a power-sharing solution. July 2009 304pp 216x138mm 1 map, 8 figures and 7 b/w tables Hardback £60.00 978-0-230-22375-2

Reconstructing Jihad amid Competing International Norms

Israel, Hezbollah, and the War in Lebanon

‘A gripping account of the Israel-Lebanon conflict.’ - Newsweek Using hundreds of exclusive insider sources, two Israeli journalists examine Israel’s 2006 invasion of Lebanon, in a gripping and suspenseful narrative. Contents: Introduction / The Abduction / Barak Promises / Denial / A New Triumvirate / Going to War / The Ship Leaves Port / The Soldiers Can Wait / Bint J’Bayel, First Round / To Us, a Tie is the Same as Defeat / Floundering / The Cabinet / Casualty Count in Saluki / Not Defeat, Failure / Until the Next War May 2009 Paperback

304pp £10.99

246x189mm 978-0-230-61436-9

ebook available from: Dawson ERA, Ebook Library,, Ebrary, Myilibrary, NetLibrary, Waterstone’s

Halim Rane, Deputy Director, Griffith Islamic Research Unit; Lecturer, National Centre of Excellence in Islamic Studies, Griffith University, Australia

This book examines the Israel-Palestine conflict from a constructivist perspective. It argues that in the context of international norms and identity factors, a contemporary methodology for the reconstruction of jihad is essential for achievement of a just peace. May 2009 Hardback

256pp £47.50

To order all titles in the series: Hardback: 978-0-230-22939-6 Paperback: 978-0-230-22940-2

216x138mm 978-0-230-61483-3

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teaching and research in higher education Teaching and Research in Higher Education

Qualitative Methods in International Relations A Pluralist Guide Edited by Audie Klotz, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Syracuse University, USA and Deepa Prakash, Department of Political Science, Syracuse University, USA

We still lack practical answers to one of the most basic questions in empirical research: How should researchers interpret meanings? The contributors take seriously the goals of both post-modernist and positivist researchers, as they offer detailed guidance on how to apply specific tools of analysis and how to circumvent their inherent limitations. Contents: A.Klotz: Introduction / PART I: RESEARCH DESIGN / A.Leander: Thinking Tools / B.Ackerly: Feminist Methodological Reflection / A.Klotz: Case Selection / PART II: CLASSIC QUALITATIVE TOOLS / I.B.Neumann: Discourse Analysis / K.C.Dunn: Historical Representations / H.Gusterson: Ethnographic Research / J.T.Checkel: Process Tracing / PART III: BOUNDARY CROSSING TECHNIQUES / J.M.Post: Political Personality Profiling / M.G.Hermann: Content Analysis / G.Duffy: Pragmatic Analysis / M.J.Hoffmann: Agent Based Modeling / PART IV: IMPLICATIONS / S.Barkin: ‘Qualitative’ Methods? / D.Prakash: Practicing Pluralism November 2009 272pp 216x138mm 6 figures and 6 b/w tables Paperback £19.99 978-0-230-24175-6

Research Methods Series Series Editors: Benoît Rihoux and Bernhard Kittel ebook available from: Dawson ERA, Ebook Library,, Ebrary, Myilibrary, NetLibrary, Palgrave Connect Political & International Studies Collections Published in conjunction with ECPR

Interviewing Experts Edited by Alexander Bogner, Researcher, Institute of Technological Assessment, Austria, Beate Littig, Head of Sociology, Institute for Advanced Studies, Austria and Wolfgang Menz, Researcher, Institute for Social Science Research, Germany

Expert interviews are today a standard method of qualitative approach in the social sciences. It is surprising that methodological reflections about the expert interview are still lacking. This book gives a comprehensive overview of their theory and practice. The contributors are experienced theorists and practitioners of expert interviews. Contents: A.Bogner, B.Littig & W.Menz: Expert Interviews: An Introduction to a New Methodological Debate / PART I: THEORETICAL CONCEPTS: METHODOLOGY OF EXPERT INTERVIEWS / M.Meuser & U.Nagel: The Expert Interview and Changes in Knowledge Production / A.Bogner & W.Menz: The Theory-Generating Expert Interview: Epistemological Interest, Forms of Knowledge, Interaction / M.Pfadenhauer: At Eye Level. An Expert Interview: A Talk between Expert and Quasi-Expert / B.Littig: Interviewing the Elite - Interviewing Experts: Is there a Difference? / PART II: METHODOLOGICAL PRACTICE: GENERATING DATA / J.Gläser & G.Laudel: On Interviewing ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ Experts / G.Abels & M.Behrens: Interviewing Experts in Political Science: A Reflection on Gender and Policy Effects Based on Secondary Analysis / G.B.Christmann: Expert Interviews on the Telephone: A Difficult Undertaking / V.Obelenė: Expert versus Researcher: Ethical Considerations in the Process of Bargaining a Study / PART III: FIELDS OF APPLICATION: APPLICATIONS OF EXPERT INTERVIEWS IN DIFFERENT FIELDS OF RESEARCH / R.Trinczek: How to Interview Managers?: Methodical and Methodological Aspects of Expert Interviews as a Qualitative Method in Empirical Social Research / U.Froschauer & M.Lueger: Expert Interviews in Interpretative Organisational Research / A.Leitner & A.Wroblewski: Between Scientific Standards and Claims of Efficiency: Expert Interviews in Programme Evaluation / G.Aichholzer: The Delphi Method: Eliciting Expert’s Knowledge in Technology Foresight July 2009 296pp 224x145mm 7 illustrations, 5 b/w tables and 4 figures Hardback £60.00 978-0-230-22019-5

Published in conjunction with ECPR Research Methods Series Series Editors: Benoît Rihoux and Bernhard Kittel

Understanding the International Student Experience Catherine Montgomery, Associate Director for Research, Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Northumbria University, UK

This text presents a contemporary approach to the experience of international students in Higher Education. Using empirical and qualitative data, the book explores their social and cultural context and its impact on their learning experience. Contents: Preface / PART I: THE CONTEXT / PART II: THE RESEARCH / PART III: DISCUSSION January 2010 192pp 2 b/w tables Hardback £60.00 Paperback £20.99

216x138mm 978-0-230-24227-2 978-1-4039-8619-1

Universities into the 21st Century Series Editor: Noel Entwistle

Ethical Decision Making in Social Research A Practical Guide Ron Iphofen, Lecturer in Sociology, University of Wales, UK

‘This is a pellucid, comprehensive and, most of all, practical guide to resolving the inevitable ethical dilemmas involved in human research.’ - Professor Jerome Bickenbach, Queen’s University, Canada This practical, user-friendly guide examines ethics in research. It helps researchers to manage ethical dilemmas that arise while research is being planned, conducted and reported and includes a unique ‘ethical review checklist’, as well as other useful features, to aid ethics in practice. June 2009 30 b/w tables Hardback





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Order securely online at or telephone +44 (0)1256 302866

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1000s of scholarly ebooks available at, ask your librarian to request a trial




Order securely online at or telephone +44 (0)1256 302866

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1000s of scholarly ebooks available at, ask your librarian to request a trial


GIR 2010  

Globalization & International Relations 2010 For a complete list of titles, please visit Title is, or comes with, a CD...

GIR 2010  

Globalization & International Relations 2010 For a complete list of titles, please visit Title is, or comes with, a CD...