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February Trade Titles

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Prospero’s Kitchen

Vanished World of Peking’s Foreign Colony

Island Cooking of Greece

Julia Boyd is the author of Hannah Riddell, An Englishwoman in Japan and The Excellent Doctor Blackwell. She has travelled frequently to China.

Diana Farr Louis is an author, cooking and travel enthusiast. She has been Travel Correspondent for the Athens News since 1997 and is the author of a number of travel books on Greece. June Marinos is an expert on Greek cuisine. Her publications include A Taste of Crete, A Taste of the Cyclades and An Odyssey into Greek Cooking.

With its fossil hunters and philosophers, diplomats, dropouts, writers and explorers, missionaries and refugees, Peking’s foreign community in the early 20th century was as exotic as the city itself. Always a magnet for larger than life individuals, Peking attracted characters as diverse as Reginald Johnston (tutor to the last emperor), Bertrand Russell, Pierre Loti, Rabrindranath Tagore, Sven Hedin, Peter Fleming, Wallis Simpson and Cecil Lewis. The last great capital to remain untouched by the modern world, Peking both entranced and horrified its foreign residents. Ignoring the poverty outside their gates, they danced, played and squabbled among themselves, oblivious to the great political events that were to shape modern China unfolding around them. This is a dazzling portrait of an eclectic foreign community and of China itself. $39.95 Hb, ISBN 9781780760520, NZRP$49.95 Publish February 2012, 288 pages I.B.Tauris Publishers History


Corfu, Kefalonia, Zakynthos and the other Ionian islands are home to one of the finest cuisines of the Mediterranean. The Ionians have always held a particular, almost mystical, fascination for visitors, and, for many of the thousands who travel to the region each year, it is the special nature of Ionian cooking that forms an essential and unforgettable part of their experience. The recipes in Prospero’s Kitchen come mostly from family notebooks handed down through the generations and reflect the cosmopolitan nature of Ionian cuisine. Featuring over 150 easy-to-follow recipes as well as fascinating information on Ionian cooking and customs, beautiful photographs and original illustrations, Prospero’s Kitchen is an essential kitchen addition for anyone with a passion for the beautiful and lyrical Ionian islands. $39.95 Hb, ISBN 9781780761367, NZRP$49.95 Publish February 2012, 272 pages I.B.Tauris Publishers Quantity Cooking

9 781780 760520

Liberty and Property

Secret Manoeuvres in the Dark

A Social History of Western Political Thought from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment

Corporate Spying on Activists

Ellen Meiksins Wood, for many years Professor of Political Science at York University, Toronto, is the author of a number of books, including Democracy Against Capitalism and, with Verso, The Pristine Culture of Capitalism, The Origin of Capitalism, Peasant-Citizen and Slave, Citizens to Lords, and Empire of Capital. The formation of the modern state, the rise of capitalism, the Renaissance and Reformation, the scientific revolution and the Age of Enlightenment-all these have been credited to the “early modern” period. Nearly everything about its history remains controversial, but one thing is certain: it left a rich and provocative legacy of political ideas unmatched in Western history. Ideas of liberty, equality, property, human rights and revolution born in those turbulent centuries continue to shape, and to limit, political discourse today. From Machiavelli, Luther and Calvin to Spinoza, the Levellers, Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau, Meiksins Wood vividly explores the ideas of the canonical thinkers, not as philosophical abstractions but as passionately engaged responses to the social conflicts of their day. $34.95 Pb, ISBN 9781844677528, NZRP$44.95 Publish February 2012, 256 pages Verso Politics / Philosophy Quantity

9 781780 761367

Eveline Lubbers is a Research Fellow at the University of Bath and Professor of Investigative Journalism at Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. She is a member of the editorial collective of the Spinwatch website and author of Battling Big Business: Countering Greenwash, Front Groups and Other Forms of Corporate Bullying. The exposure of undercover policeman Mark Kennedy in the ‘eco-activist’ movement revealed how the state monitors and undermines political activism. This book shows the other grave threat to our political freedoms - undercover activities by corporations. Secret Manoeuvres in the Dark documents how corporations are halting legitimate action and investigation by activists. Using exclusive access to previously confidential sources, Eveline Lubbers shows how companies such as Nestlé, Shell and McDonalds use covert methods to evade accountability. She argues that corporate intelligence gathering has shifted from being reactive to pro-active, with important implications for democracy itself. This will be vital reading for all who care about freedom and democracy in the 21st century. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9780745331850, NZRP$49.95 Publish February 2012, 237 pages Pluto Political Activism / Human Rights Quantity

9 781844 677528

Feature Titles Month titles


9 780745 331850

Feature Titles Aesthetics

Creatures of the Night

The Key Thinkers

In Search of Ghosts, Vampires, Werewolves and Demons

Alessandro Giovannelli, Lafayette College, USA.

Gregory L Reece is an independent Alabama-based writer and scholar.

K ey T hinkers

Aesthetics: The Key Thinkers offers a comprehensive historical overview of the field of aesthetics. Eighteen specially commissioned essays introduce and explore the contributions of those philosophers who have shaped the subject, from its origins in the work of the ancient Greeks to contemporary developments in the 21st Century. The book reconstructs the history of aesthetics, clearly illustrating the most important attempts to address such crucial issues as the nature of aesthetic judgment, the status of art, and the place of the arts within society. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9781441187772, NZRP$49.95 Publish February 2012, 240 pages Continuum Philosophy / The Arts Quantity

9 781441 187772

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9 780230 338197

9 781848 853850

After the Arab Spring

The Economics of Killing

How the Islamists Hijacked the Middle East Revolts

How the West Fuels War and Poverty in the Developing World

John R. Bradley is a widely published British foreign correspondent.

Vijay Mehta is Chair of Uniting for Peace and founding trustee of the Fortune Forum charity.

When popular revolutions erupted in Tunisia and Egypt, the West assumed that democracy and pluralism would triumph. John R. Bradley draws on his extensive firsthand knowledge of the region's cultures and societies to show how Islamists will fill the power vacuum in the wake of the revolutions. With the in-depth knowledge of a local and the keen perspective of a seasoned reporter, After the Arab Spring offers a piercing analysis of what the empowerment of Islamism bodes for the future of the Middle East and the impact on the West. $34.95 Hb, ISBN 9780230338197, NZRP$44.95 Published January 2012, 256 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Current Affairs

The Economics of Killing describes how the power of global elites, entrenched under globalisation, has created a deadly cycle of violence. In this groundbreaking work, Vijay Mehta shows how attempts at peaceful national development are routinely blocked by Western powers. He locates the 2008 financial crisis in US attempts to block China’s model of development. He shows how Europe and the US conspire with regional dictators to prevent countries from developing advanced industries, and how this system has fed terrorism. $34.95 Pb, ISBN 9780745332246, NZRP$44.95 Publish February 2012, 216 pages Pluto Quantity International Affairs

9 780745 332246

The European Union

CTBUH International Award Winning Projects

A Beginner’s Guide Alasdair Blair is Professor of International Relations at De Montfort University, UK.

Now in Paperback!

9 780230 120730

This book is the culmination of the annual awards process in which the CTBUH recognizes outstanding tall buildings from the past year. One winner is chosen from each of four geographical regions (Americas, Asia & Australasia, Europe, and Middle East & Africa) and a further award presents the title of Best Tall Building “Worldwide” to one of the four regional winners. Additionally the CTBUH awards two annual lifetime achievement awards to individuals who have made a significant contribution to the design or technical advancement of tall buildings. $64.95 Hb, ISBN 9780415683265, NZRP$84.95 Publish February 2012, 216 pages Routledge Quantity Architecture

9 781851 688982

How much do we really know about the nature and aims of the EU, the benefits and costs membership brings, and its impact on peoples’ everyday lives? And, in an increasingly multipolar world, can it ever emerge as a global superpower, or do widespread concerns about national sovereignty and serious questions about the Euro’s stability mean that it is destined for an uncertain future? This is the perfect introduction for anyone seeking to better understand European integration and what it means for Europeans as well as the rest of the world. $24.95 Pb, ISBN 9781851688982, NZRP$29.95 Publish February 2012, 240 pages Oneworld Publications Politics / International Relations Quantity

Brazil on the Rise

Everyone Loves a Good Train Wreck

The Story of a Country Transformed

Why We Can’t Look Away

Larry Rohter is widely considered a top expert on Brazil.

Eric G. Wilson is the Thomas H. Pritchard Professor of English at Wake Forest University in North Carolina.

Larry Rohter takes the reader on a lively trip through Brazil's history, culture, and booming economy. Going beyond the popular stereotypes of samba, supermodels, and soccer, he shows us a stunning and varied landscape - from breathtaking tropical beaches to the lush and dangerous Amazon rainforest - and how a complex and vibrant people defy definition. He charts Brazil’s amazing jump from a debtor nation to one of the world’s fastest growing economies, unravels the myth of Brazil’s sexually charged culture, and portrays in vivid color the underbelly of impoverished favelas. $24.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230120730, NZRP$29.95 Publish February 2012, 304 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Current Affairs

Morbid curiosity, morose delectation, schadenfreude. As conventional wisdom has it, these are the symptoms of our dark side; we succumb to them at our own peril. And yet we are compelled to look whenever we pass a grisly accident on the highway, and there’s no slaking our thirst for gory entertainments like horror movies and police procedurals. What makes these spectacles so irresistible? In Everyone Loves a Good Train Wreck, Eric G. Wilson sets out to discover the source of our attraction to the caustic. $29.95 Hb, ISBN 9780374150334, NZRP$39.95 Publish February 2012, 208 pages Farrar Straus and Giroux Popular Psychology/Sociology

9 780374 150334

February titles



B eginner ' s G uides

Best Tall Buildings 2011 Antony Wood, Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), USA.

9 780415 683265

Intrigued by some of the most sinister, yet at the same time most compelling, legends of western civilization, Gregory L Reece dusts down his stake and crucifix, loads his silver bullets and takes off into the wilds in search of answers and fresh adventures. Why, he asks, is our culture obsessed by the eerie and the macabre? Why, despite its horrors, does the ‘dark side’ of the supernatural - its séances and ghost-hunting, demonic possession and the occult - call to us with such dangerous allure? $24.95 Pb, ISBN 9781848853850, NZRP$29.95 Publish February 2012, 256 pages I.B.Tauris Publishers Quantity Popular Culture

Feature Titles

Now in Paperback!

Examined Lives

Marie Antoinette

From Socrates to Nietzsche

Portrait of an Average Woman

James Miller is a professor of politics and the chair of liberal studies at the New School for Social Research, USA.

Stefan Zweig (1881-1942) was an Austrian novelist, playwright, biographer and journalist.

In Examined Lives, James Miller returns to the philosophy of a life worth living with short, lively biographies of twelve famous philosophers. With a flair for paradox and rich anecdote, Examines Lives is a book that confirms the continuing relevance of philosophy today - and explores the most urgent questions about what it means to live a good life. $24.95 Pb, ISBN 9781250002327, NZRP$29.95 Publish February 2012, 432 pages Farrar Straus and Giroux Philosophy / Biography


9 781250 002327

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The Myth of the Titanic

From Colony to Revolution

Centenary Edition, Second Edition

Ronald Bruce St John is the author of numerous books on Libya.

Richard Howells, King's College, UK.

Skilfully navigating Libya’s eventful past, this fully updated edition of Ronald Bruce St John’s authoritative work includes an in-depth examination of the 2011 rebellion that finally put an end to over 40 years of Qadaffi’s authoritarian rule. From early Greek settlements to the infamous Lockerbie bombing, and from the colonel’s astonishing return to the international stage to the events that led to his ousting, this is an essential introduction to this turbulent land on the cusp of Africa and the Middle East. $24.95 Pb, ISBN 9781851689194, NZRP$29.95 Published November 2011, 320 pages Oneworld Publications History / Current Affairs Quantity

9 781851 689194

I nvestigating C ult TV S eries

9 781780 760506

9 780230 313804

Posing for Posterity

The Doctor Who Experience, 1979 to the Present

Royal Indian Portraits Pramod Kumar KG has worked extensively with photographic collections.

Scholar and Who fan Miles Booy has written the first historical account of the public interpretation of Doctor Who. Love and Monsters begins in 1979 with the publication of Doctor Who Weekly, the magazine that would start a chain of events that would see creative fans taking control of the merchandise and even of the programme’s massively successful twenty-first century reboot. From the twilight of Tom Baker’s years to the newest Doctor, Matt Smith, Miles Booy explores the shifting meaning of Doctor Who across the years. $29.95 Pb, ISBN 9781848854796, NZRP$39.95 Publish February 2012, 256 pages I.B.Tauris Publishers Quantity TV Studies / Popular Culture

9 781780 762494

The arrival of photography in India in 1840 began a rivalry between its practitioners and the painters of traditional miniatures and portraits. Pramod Kumar KG here presents a wide range of photographs - based on previously unpublished archives that delves into early Indian photography, and more particularly portraiture throughout the subcontinent. This remarkable and beautifully presented historical work sheds new light on the relationship between photographers, painters and their patrons in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. $69.95 Hb, ISBN 9781780762494, NZRP$89.95 Publish February 2012, 240 pages I.B.Tauris Publishers Quantity Photography / History

The Many Not The Few

Then They Came For Me

The Stolen History of the Battle of Britain

118 Days in Iran’s Most Notorious Prison

Richard North is a political analyst who has been a research director in the European Parliament.

Maziar Bahari was reporting for Newsweek magazine when he was arrested without charge during the 2009 Iranian Election Protests.

Unknown to most persons, the basic narrative of the Battle of Britain was drawn up not during the period described but six months afterwards, when the battle officially acquired its name. It was to be longer, however, before agreement could be reached on when the battle started, and even now there is considerable dispute amongst historians as to when it did start. This book takes a fresh look at the controversy and the conflict as a whole, coming away with the view that the whole battle has been miscast. $44.95 Hb, ISBN 9781441131515, NZRP$54.95 Publish February 2012, 256 pages Continuum Military History

9 781441 131515

Revised and expanded, this new edition of The Myth of the Titanic locates the centenary of the sinking of this most famous 'Unsinkable Ship' within its historical, mythical and intellectual context. Richard Howells demonstrates the important difference between the rusting remains of the physical ship and the mythical Titanic that has replaced it in popular culture. He shows how late Edwardian society began the process by creating a triumph out of a tragedy. In doing so, Howells not only provides an invaluable insight into the social values of the time, but also reflects upon the far broader relationship between myth, history and popular culture today. $29.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230313804, NZRP$39.95 Publish February2012, 288 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Popular History

Love and Monsters Miles Booy studied film, television and literature at the College of St. Mark and St. John in Plymouth.

9 781848 854796

Life at the court of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette has long captivated readers, drawn by accounts of the intrigues and pageantry that were to come to such a sudden and unexpected end. Stefan Zweig’s Marie Antoinette is a dramatic and compelling account of the guillotine’s most famous victim. An impassioned narrative, Zweig’s classic account, a combination of history and literary flair, focuses on the human emotions of the participants and victims of the French Revolution, making it both an engrossingly compelling read and a sweeping and informative history. $29.95 Pb, ISBN 9781780760506, NZRP$34.95 Publish February 2012, 496 pages Tauris Parke Paperbacks Quantity Biography / History


9 781851 688937 February titles


Maziar Bahari left London in June 2009 to cover Iran’s presidential election, believing he’d return to his pregnant fiancée, Paola, in just a few days, a week at most. In fact he would spend the next three months in Iran’s most notorious prison, enduring brutal interrogation sessions while terrible threats were made to his family. Gripping and masterfully told, Then They Came for Me delves into Iran’s history of oppression, and details how the democratic impulses of the youth are violently oppressed by a government that grows ever more totalitarian. $29.95 Pb, ISBN 9781851688937, NZRP$39.95 Publish February 2012, 384 pages Quantity Oneworld Publications Memoir / Current Affairs

History & Philosophy 1877

Jacques Rancière and the Contemporary Scene

America’s Year of Living Violently

The Philosophy of Radical Equality

Michael A. Bellesiles, Central Connecticut State University, USA.

Now in Paperback!

Alison Ross, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, and Jean-Philippe Deranty, Macquarie University, Australia.

1776, 1945, 1968 . . . some years take on an identity of their own, and live on in the nation’s memory as watersheds or turning points in our collective history. 1877, in contrast - a year no less pivotal - marked a time many Americans longed to forget. In the book Publishers Weekly called a “solid, deeply informed history,” historian Michael A. Bellesiles brilliantly recaptures one of the most tumultuous years in U.S. history - describing a time of nearly unimaginable violence and upheaval. $29.95 Pb, ISBN 9781595587084, NZRP$38.00 Publish February 2012, 400 pages The New Press History & Philosophy Quantity

9 781595 587084

Australian Authors

The Faith of the Faithless

The Margraten Boys

Experiments in Political Theology

How a European Village Kept America's Liberators Alive

P algrave E ssential H istories

The return to religion has perhaps become the dominant cliché of contemporary theory, which rarely offers anything more than an exaggerated echo of a political reality dominated by religious war. Somehow, the secular age seems to have been replaced by a new era, where political action flows directly from metaphysical conflict. The Faith of the Faithless asks how we might respond. Following Critchley’s Infinitely Demanding, this new book builds on its philosophical and political framework, also venturing into the questions of faith, love, religion and violence. $39.00 Hb, ISBN 9781844677375, NZRP$49.00 Publish February 2012, 288 pages Verso Quantity History & Philosophy

Peter Schrijvers, University of New South Wales, Australia.

Australian Author

9 780230 346642

In the peaceful Dutch village of Margraten, a stone's throw from what once was Nazi Germany, ten thousand young American men are forever resting side by side amid rich pastures and lush orchards. They fought and died in the most epic battles of World War II in Europe. In 1945 the liberated villagers vowed never to forget the sacrifices of the Margraten boys. This is the moving story of how, in a unique way, these grateful villagers have kept their word to the GIs and their families in America by caring for the graves of the soldiers up until the present day. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230346642, NZRP$49.95 Publish February 2012, 344 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity History & Philosophy

A History of the United States


Fourth Edition

Alain Badiou teaches philosophy at the École normale supérieure and the Collège international de philosophie in Paris.

Philip Jenkins, Pennsylvania State University, USA. This established introductory text provides a lucid, authoritative account of the course of American history, discussing political, social, economic and cultural developments. In this revised and updated new edition, Jenkins reviews the 2008 presidential election, the economic crisis and recent environmental issues. $39.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230282872, NZRP$49.00 Publish February 2012, 376 pages Palgrave Macmillan History & Philosophy Now in Paperback!


9 780230 282872

9 781844 677634

How is Nature Possible?

9 781441 148513


9 781441 114099

Simon Critchley, New School for Social Research, UK.

9 781844 677375

This book forms the first critical study of Jacques Rancière’s impact and contribution to contemporary theoretical and interdisciplinary studies. It showcases the work of leading scholars in fields such as political theory, history and aesthetic theory; each of whom are uniquely situated to engage with the novelty of Rancière’s thinking within their respective fields. $46.00 Pb, ISBN 9781441114099, NZRP$58.00 Publish February 2012, 240 pages Continuum History & Philosophy

Polemics is a series of brilliant metapolitical reflections, demolishing established opinion and dominant propaganda, and reorienting our understanding of events from the Kosovo and Iraq wars to the Paris Commune and the Cultural Revolution. At once witty and profound, Badiou presents a series of radical philosophical engagements with politics, and questions what constitutes political truth. $29.95 Pb, ISBN 9781844677634, NZRP$38.00 Publish February 2012, 364 pages Verso History & Philosophy


Kant’s Project in the First Critique

The Trial of the Haymarket Anarchists

Daniel N. Robinson, University of Oxford, UK.

Terrorism and Justice in the Gilded Age

This book presents a clear and systematic appraisal of what is perhaps the most difficult treatise in the philosophical canon. Daniel N. Robinson situates Kant’s undertaking in the First Critique within the context of the history of philosophy and as a response to the challenges of scepticism. Kant’s central task in the First Critique is to tie his metaphysical analysis to the very possibility of nature itself. Where others assumed the validity or the weakness of perception and reason, Kant presents a critical appraisal of both, thereby establishing the very limits of sense and reason as instruments of discovery. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9781441148513, NZRP$49.95 Publish February 2012, 208 pages Continuum Quantity History & Philosophy

T. Messer-Kruse, Bowling Green State University, USA.

9 780230 120778

February titles


This book is the culmination of seven years of research into the 1886 Haymarket bombing and subsequent trial. It not only overturns the prevailing consensus on this event, it documents in detail how the basic facts, as far as they can be determined, have been distorted, obscured, or suppressed for seventy years. It demonstrates that the received wisdom regarding Chicago’s anarchist leaders - that they were tried and convicted for their ideas in a trial in which little evidence of their guilt was presented - is absolutely false. $29.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230120778, NZRP$38.00 Publish February 2012, 244 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity History & Philosophy

Current Affairs & Politics Advancing Peace Research

The Global Sex Trade

Leaving Traces, Selected Articles by J. David Singer

Economics, Policy and the State

J. David Singer, a globally recognized scholar of international politics, passed away in 2009.

Trafficking in women for commercial sex is the fastest growing transnational criminal phenomenon. The Global Sex Trade looks at the reality behind this shocking fact, showing how this situation has come about and how it can be changed. In a distinctive and original analysis Karie A Gubbins shows the connections between the legalised sex industry and the illegal world of sex trafficking. Pornography creates the demand and, increasingly, trafficking is a form of supply. The result is a mutually beneficial relationship between legal and illegal economies that has allowed the global sex trade to expand and move freely across borders in recent decades. $44.00 Pb, ISBN 9780745330952, NZRP$55.00 Publish February 2012, 264 pages Pluto Quantity Current Affairs & Politics

Karie A. Gubbins, William Paterson University, USA.

Professor J. David Singer has been arguably the most important influence on quantitative research into the causes and attributes of war. This collection is a carefully selected overview of his work which provides not only an excellent introduction to his considerable methodological, theoretical and empirical contributions but also an intellectual history of developments in the field of international relations which are reflected in Professor Singer’s work. $69.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415779609, NZRP$87.00 Publish February 2012, 304 pages Routledge Current Affairs & Politics Quantity

9 780745 330952

Al Jazeera English

Imperialism, Crisis and Class Struggle

Global News in a Changing World

9 780745 331973

Henry Veltmeyer, Saint Mary’s University, USA.

9 781608 461462

Eradicating Extreme Poverty

Israel and the European Left

Democracy, Globalisation and Human Rights

Between Solidarity and Delegitimisation

Xavier Godinot, ATD Fourth World.

Colin Shindler, University of London, UK.

The failure of attempts to tackle global poverty have bred cynicism and ‘compassion fatigue’. Eradicating Extreme Poverty provides an urgently needed fresh approach which will re-energise action on this issue. Rejecting traditional ‘topdown’ approaches, Xavier Godinot starts from the experiences, capabilities and strategies of the poor themselves. He argues that the first step is a close connection with poor communities followed by a commitment to take action alongside them. Life-stories from Burkina Faso, France, Peru and the Philippines are used to show that the poor must be involved in their own liberation. $46.00 Pb, ISBN 9780745331973, NZRP$58.00 Publish February 2012, 272 pages Pluto Quantity Current Affairs & Politics

Why has the European Left become so antagonistic towards Israel? To answer this question, Colin Shindler looks at the struggle between Communism and Zionism from the October Revolution to today. Is such antagonism in opposition to the policies of successive Israeli governments? Or, is it due to a resurgence of anti-Semitism? The answer is far more complex. Shindler argues that the new generation of the European Left was more influenced by the decolonization movement than by wartime experiences, which led it to favor the Palestinian cause in the post 1967 period. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9781441150134, NZRP$49.95 Publish February 2012, 256 pages Continuum Current Affairs & Politics Quantity

9 781441 150134

Existential Utopia

Memory of Silence

New Perspectives on Utopian Thought

Report of the Guatemalan Truth Commission

Michael Marder, University of the Basque Country, Spain, and Patricia Vieira, University of Lisbon, Portugal.

Daniel Rothenberg, Arizona State University, USA. The Guatemalan Commission for Historical Clarification (CEH) was one of the more important and successful truth commissions, exposing the details of “la violenca,” during which hundreds of massacres were committed in a scorched-earth campaign that displaced approximately one million people. This edited, one-volume version presents the first ever English translation of the report. $45.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230340244, NZRP$57.00 Publish February 2012, 304 pages Palgrave Macmillan Current Affairs & Politics

This book thus seeks to redefine the concept of utopia and bring it to bear on today’s politics. The original essays, contributed by key thinkers such as Gianni Vattimo and Jean-Luc Nancy, highlight the connection between utopian theory and practice. The book reassesses the legacy of utopia and conceptualizes alternatives to the neo-liberal, technocratic regimes prevalent in today’s world. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9781441169211, NZRP$49.95 Publish February 2012, 192 pages Continuum Current Affairs & Politics

9 781441 169211

This book of essays is written in honour of James Petras, in recognition of his intellectual achievements and political interventions-his steadfast principles, distinguished scholarship, extraordinary writing and uncompromising dedication to the popular struggles of millions across the world. The authors of this collection, each a leading scholar in his own right, address some of the most critical issues of our time: those of imperialism, crisis and class struggle. $42.00 Pb, ISBN 9781608461462, NZRP$53.00 Publish February 2012, 324 pages Haymarket Books Quantity Current Affairs & Politics


9 780230 340244 February titles



C ritic al S ocial S ciences

9 780230 340213

Although Al Jazeera English has yet to receive to receive the attention accorded to its Arabiclanguage elder sibling, it is in many ways the more interesting of the two. It seeks to redefine global news coverage by focusing on areas traditionally neglected by most news organizations, and its potential audience is many times larger than that of the Arabic channel. Its coverage of the 2011 Arab Spring brought the channel a large new audience. This is the first book to thoroughly examine this channel’s coverage methods, effects on its audience, and its place in the world of mediated geopolitics. $36.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230340213, NZRP$46.00 Publish February 2012, 224 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Current Affairs & Politics


The Enduring Verities and Contemporary Face of Capitalism: Essays in Honor of James Petras

Philip Seib, University of Southern California, USA.

S tudies

P algrave S eries in I nternational P olitic al C ommunic ation

9 780415 779609

Current Affairs & Politics Pakistan

The Scramble for African Oil

The US, Geopolitics and Grand Strategies

Oppression, Corruption and War for Control of Africa’s Natural Resources

Usama Butt, security analyst specialising in Pakistan and Islamism, UK, and Julian Schofield, Concordia University, Canada.

Douglas A. Yates, American University of Paris, France.

The killing of Osama Bin Laden highlighted the tense relationship between the US and Pakistani governments. This book considers the evolving nature of this relationship and Pakistan’s place within the global order. Whereas standard accounts focus on the US-Pakistan relationship in isolation, this book provides a broader geopolitical perspective. It looks at Pakistan’s relations with China and Iran - providing a more complex understanding of Pakistan’s interests. $44.00 Pb, ISBN 9780745332062, NZRP$55.00 Publish February 2012, 288 pages Pluto Current Affairs & Politics Quantity

9 780745 332062

9 780745 330457

A Political History of the Two Irelands

State Violence, Collusion and the Troubles

From Partition to Peace

Maurice Punch, King’s College London, UK.

Brian Mercer Walker, Queen’s University Belfast, Ireland.

The period in Northern Ireland known as ‘the Troubles’ (1968-98) seemed to have been conclusively ended by the official peace process. But recent assassinations by the Real IRA show that tensions from the past remain unresolved. State Violence, Collusion and the Troubles reveals disturbing unanswered questions about the use of state violence during this period. Maurice Punch documents in chilling detail how the British government turned to desperate, illegal measures in a time of crisis, disregarding domestic and international law. He broadens out his analysis to consider other cases of state violence against ‘insurgent groups’ in Spain and South Africa. $44.00 Pb, ISBN 9780745331478, NZRP$55.00 Publish February 2012, 213 pages Pluto Quantity Current Affairs & Politics

This ground-breaking political history of the two Irish States provides unique new insights into the ‘Troubles’ and the peace process. It examines the impact of the fraught dynamics between the competing identities of the NationalistCatholic-Irish Community on the one hand and the Unionist-Protestant-British community on the other. Brian Walker provides a new understanding of the outbreak of the ‘Troubles’ in 1969 and the subsequent peace process. $39.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230361478, NZRP$49.00 Publish February 2012, 272 pages Palgrave Macmillan Current Affairs & Politics Quantity

9 780230 361478


G overnance

Beyond 9/11

Jack L. Snyder, Columbia University, USA.

Syed Saleem Shahzad was an investigative reporter with unparalleled access to leaders and fighters in Islamic movements. In 2011 he was abducted and killed in Pakistan.

Jack Snyder is a leading American international relations scholar with an international reputation for his research on IR theory and US Foreign policy. This book collects many of his most important essays into a single volume. With a new introduction to frame the selected essays, this collection examines how developing nations evolve political systems, and fit into a world dominated by liberal-democracies. It looks to the future for the current dominant powers in a changing world of international relations and at the challenges to their leadership. $44.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415575737, NZRP$55.00 Publish February 2012, 304 pages Routledge Current Affairs & Politics Quantity

9 780415 575737


Inside al-Qaeda and the Taliban

International Politics in Transition


S ecurity

9 780745 331478

Power and Progress

9 781420 256710

Shahzad, a Pakistani investigative reporter, had a level of access to Al-Qaeda and the Taliban that Western journalists could only dream of. He had interviewed many top-level strategists and fighters in both movements on multiple occasions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Jordan. In this book, he used first-hand accounts and his own local knowledge to build up a convincing picture of the aims and motivation of the leaders and fighters in radical Islamic movements. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9781420256710, NZRP$49.95 Published June 2011, 272 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Current Affairs & Politics

Robert Gilpin and International Relations

The No-Nonsense Guide to Climate Change


The Science, the Solutions, the Way Forward

Wolfgang Danspeckgruber, Princeton University, USA.

Danny Chivers is a freelance carbon analyst and environmental writer.

The immense contributions of Robert Gilpin both to the study of international relations and in furthering the scholarship of others are reflected in this collection of essays by eminent political scientists. Gilpin’s “soft realist,” interdisciplinary approach has influenced generations of students and scholars in their study of international political economy, US foreign policy, IR theory, the balance of power, the relationship between science and politics, and myriad other topics. $43.00 Pb, ISBN 9780984397426, NZRP$53.00 Publish February 2012, 200 pages Lynne Rienner Current Affairs & Politics

The No-Nonsense Guide to Climate Change is an accessible and friendly pocket-sized overview of this complex mega-subject, combining all the basics with the latest facts and analysis. Written by Danny Chivers - a climate change researcher, activist, educator and performance poet - the book aims to counter the recent wave of climate change nay-saying by explaining the science in a clear, step-by-step and jargon-free fashion, peppered with humour, quirky analogies and unusual examples. $17.95 Pb, ISBN 9781906523855 Published February 2011, 192 pages New Internationalist Current Affairs & Politics


9 781906 523855 February titles



N o -N onsense G uides

9 780984 397426

Africa is often seen as a place to be pitied or feared as an area of instability. This book challenges these complacent assumptions, showing how our demand for oil contributes to the chronic problems plaguing the continent. Douglas A. Yates shows how the ‘scramble’ by the great powers for African oil has fed corruption and undermined democracy. Yates documents how Africans have refused to remain passive in the face of such developments, forming movements to challenge this new attempt at domination. $46.00 Pb, ISBN 9780745330457, NZRP$58.00 Publish February 2012, 256 pages Pluto Quantity Current Affairs & Politics

Spotlight On: Studies in Critical Social Sciences The Apprentice’s Sorcerer

Profitable Ideas

Liberal Tradition and Fascism

The Ideology of the Individual in Capitalist Development

Ishay Landa, Israeli Open University, Israel.

Micheal O’Flynn, University of Limerick, Ireland.

20th-century European Fascism is conventionally described as a fierce assault on liberal politics, culture and economics. Departing from this analysis, Landa highlights the long overlooked critical affinities between the liberal tradition and fascism. Far from being the antithesis of liberalism, fascism, both in its ideology and its practice, was substantially, if dialectically, indebted to liberalism, particularly to its economic variant. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9781608462025, NZRP$49.95 Publish February 2012, 374 pages Haymarket Books Critical Social Sciences


European Bloc Imperialism

Religion and the New Atheism

Dennis C. Canterbury, Eastern Connecticut State University, USA.

A Critical Appraisal Amarnath Amarasingam has published articles in The Journal of Contemporary Religion, Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, as well as Mental Health, Religion and Culture.


S tudies

9 781608 462032


Globalization, Violence and World Governance

Weaving Transnational Solidarity

Laura Westra, University of Windsor, Canada.

Katherine O’Donnell, Hartwick College, USA.

Calling international law a failed enterprise, this book explores how we may yet reconstruct a true system of international rights enforced by international laws, and contemplates the limitations of international organizations to effectively address truly international problems. Through the lens of political ecology Westra offers a call for action to protect our environments and ourselves. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9781608462070, NZRP$49.95 Publish February 2012, 240 pages Haymarket Books Critical Social Sciences

Weaving Transnational Solidarity from the Catskills to Chiapas and Beyond analyzes the grassroots, economic justice work of three groupstwo Mexican organizations, Jolom Mayaetik, Mayan women’s weaving cooperative, and K’inal Antzetik, NGO in the highlands of Chiapas, and an informal, international solidarity network. The book provides scholar-activist, ethnographic case study data which contributes to understanding collective organization, and indigenous rights. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9781608462056, NZRP$49.95 Publish February 2012, 256 pages Haymarket Books Critical Social Sciences

From the Catskills to Chiapas and Beyond


9 781608 462070

9 781608 462056

Neoliberalism’s Fractured Showcase

Western Europe, Eastern Europe and World Development 13th-18th Centuries

Another Chile is Possible Ximena de la Barra is an international consultant and former UNICEF Latin America Public Policy Advisor.

Collection of Essays of Marian Malowist Jean Batou, University of Geneva, Switzerland, and Henryk Szlajfer, Warsaw University, Poland.

This collection of works by Chilean experts explores the long term effects of neoliberalism. It questions Chile’s status as a successful and exemplary democratic country. Dealing first with the circumstances that facilitated the establishment of the neoliberal experiment in Chile, it then analysizes the economic, social, environmental, political and human rights impacts of 35 consecutive years of neoliberal policies. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9781608462063, NZRP$49.95 Publish February 2012, 288 pages Haymarket Books Critical Social Sciences Quantity


The main articles of Marian Malowist are collected together for the first time. Malowist, who is one of the major economic historians of the twentieth century, is also a much neglected one. So most scholars have been missing out on one of the most fertile and cultivated minds who have written on the central issue of our times. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9781608462001, NZRP$49.95 Publish February 2012, 438 pages Haymarket Books Critical Social Sciences

9 781608 462001 February titles



C ritic al S ocial S ciences


9 781608 462049

The term “new atheism” has been given to the recent barrage of bestselling books by Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, and others. Their books have had a significant media presence and have only grown in popularity over the years. This volume will serve to contextualize and critically examine the claims, arguments and goals of this new atheism. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9781608462032, NZRP$49.95 Publish February 2012, 256 pages Haymarket Books Critical Social Sciences


Recent debates on imperialism have focused on the means by which Euro-American capital is spread around the globe. The Economic Partnership Agreements being foisted on the African, Caribbean and Pacific countries by the European Union, however, has been under the radar. This book fills that void by bringing into focus the economic partnership agreement as a conduit of European imperialism. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9781608462049, NZRP$49.95 Publish February 2012, 386 pages Haymarket Books Critical Social Sciences

9 781608 462063


9 781608 461998

S tudies

C ritic al S ocial S ciences

9 781608 462025

Scholarly attempts to explain the development of liberal individualism over the course of modern history have tended to focus on key principles and doctrines. As a correction, this book shows that as capitalism the theories, doctrines and moral precepts comprising liberal individualism change and evolve, while its vital social function is preserved. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9781608461998, NZRP$49.95 Publish February 2012, 200 pages Haymarket Books Critical Social Sciences

2013 Calendars & Diaries 2013 Calendar Trading Terms

One World Almanac 2013 An ideal appointments diary with a fold-out stand to display a new photograph for every week of the year. Featuring a diverse and unusual collection of world photography, it gives a unique insight into the lives and culture of others. With a photograph for every week-to-view page of the diary there is scope for a wide range of subjects - showing people at work and at play, everyday scenes, festivals, pets and livestock, and landscapes $29.95 Wiro Bound, ISBN 9781780260648 Publish August 2012, 140 pages New Internationalist Calendar

Calendar Terms

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50% off RRP. 50% markdown 26.12.11 (min $1250)







I agree to the above terms and conditions and the discount offered by Palgrave Macmillan for their 2013 Calendar programme. *Standard trade terms apply to quantities less than 10. Customer Signature:


Quantity Markdown credits applied to account only. No cash refunds. Stores to provide written documentation supporting stock on hand quantities as at 26.12.12. Claims must be made within 14 days of markdown. Claims: All claims such as shortages and/or damages or misshipments as well as claims for nonreceipt including Proof of Delivery (POD) must be made within 60 days of receipt or they will not be honoured.

9 781780 260648

One World Calendar 2013

Wildlife in Danger Calendar 2013

Each year, the One World Calendar Group collaborates to produce this best-selling calendar. It portrays positive and inspiring images of people around the world. The photographs are taken by some of the world’s leading photographers, and increasingly by photographers from the Majority World. The theme for 2013 is ‘Steet Life’. $34.95 Wiro Bound, ISBN 9781780260631 Publish August 2012, 26 pages New Internationalist Calendar

This calendar embraces the whole of the natural world - not just cute mammals: insects, plants, reptiles, trees, fish, birds, corals... One endangered species is featured per month with photography and information supplied by environmental NGOs and conservation groups. Outstanding photographs combine with facts and conservation information to illustrate how much is at stake. $22.95 Wire Stitched, ISBN 9781780260679 Publish August 2012, 24 pages New Internationalist Calendar



9 781780 260631

9 781780 260679

One World Family Calendar 2013

World in Your Kitchen Calendar 2013

The One World Family Calendar 2013 is full of colourful images from around the world and is designed to keep the whole family updated on the activities of the months to come. With space for entries by up to five people, it is the ultimate calendar for you to plan your family year. The stunning pictures from top international photographers show just how colourful our planet can be – at the same time as they show how similar are people’s everyday concerns the world over. $22.95 Wire Stitched, ISBN 9781780260662 Publish August 2012, 24 pages New Internationalist Calendar

Beautiful bold illustrations fill your kitchen with the colours of the world, while the vegetarian recipes will inspire any chef to produce the delicious smells and tastes of Africa, Asia and Latin America. Each year a new artist is exclusively commissioned to illustrate this delightful kitchen calendar. Every month suggests a favourite vegetarian world food recipe and illustrations are created to compliment the dish and the place it comes from. $22.95 Wire Stitched, ISBN 9781780260655 Publish August 2012, 24 pages New Internationalist Calendar



9 781780 260662 S TA N D A R D

9 781780 260693

9 781780 260655 T R A D E T E R M S A P P LY T O T H E B E L O W T I T L E S

People Diary 2013

Planner 2013

A double-page of photo portraits of different people around the world divides each month in this attractive diary. With a soft, recycled leather cover and chunky feel, the 2013 People Diary fits easily into your pocket or bag. There is lots of space to write as well as a secure fastener. $22.95 Flexi Bound, ISBN 9781780260693 Publish August 2012, 244 pages New Internationalist Diary

A funky diary drawing on New Internationalist’s experience of creating high quality illustrated diaries and calendars using recycled materials. This the diary for those who swim against the tide. It is practical and weekly with illustrations, street art, paintings, poems, doodles and more, all submitted by young artists from around the world, and combined with a unique design commissioned for 2013. Each year a new designer is given free reign to create a unique look. $22.95 Flexi Bound, ISBN 9781780260686 Publish August 2012, 160 pages New Internationalist Diary


9 781780 260686 February titles



Palgrave Promotions Fairy Tale Feasts is more than collection of stories and recipes. About the creation of the stories and the history of the foods the authors share fun facts and anecdotes designed to encourage future cooks and storytellers to make up their own versions of the classics. $29.95 Pb, ISBN 9781566567510, NZRP$39.95 2009, 200 pages Interlink

9 781566 567510 A colourful and easyto-follow guide on numeracy for parents of children aged 7-11 that will demystify what children are being taught in school. $23.00 Pb, ISBN 9781847064127, NZRP$29.00 2009, 112 pages Continuum

9 781847 064127



9 781780 260389 This book focuses on developing important qualities such as emotional awareness, confidence and self-motivation. It outlines simple steps to teach your child how to manage their feelings, behave appropriately and learn from their experiences. $29.95 Pb, ISBN 9781855394674, NZRP$38.00 2009, 128 pages Continuum



9 781855 394674

Drawing on 20 years of clinical experience and new theories on attachment, Dr. Fran Walfish argues that parents need to distinguish their own personality types in order to make more informed decisions about how they interact and raise their own children. $24.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230102569, NZRP$29.95 2010, 256 pages Palgrave Macmillan

9 780230 102569

These healthy, easy and affordable family meals will help children and families appreciate fun, balanced cooking while children learn how to prepare food themselves. $19.95 Pb, ISBN 9781780260389 July 2011, 104 pages New Internationalist

Parenting After the Death of a Child addresses this complex and daunting dilemma. The authors present the experience of losing a child and its subsequent impact on a family in a novel and effective way. $51.00 Hb, ISBN 9780415995733, NZRP$64.00 2010, 226 pages Routledge

9 780415 995733


Turning conventional thinking about gender differences on its head, Lise Eliot issues a startling call to close the troubling gaps between boys and girls, and help all children reach their fullest potential. $29.95 Pb, ISBN 9781851687404, NZRP$38.00 2010, 432 pages Oneworld Publications


9 781851 687404


A resource to instill confidence in all parents of 7-11 year olds who wish to support their children with their literacy skills but are unsure about their own abilities to do so. $23.00 Pb, ISBN 9781847064349, NZRP$29.00 2009, 88 pages Continuum

9 781847 064349


Parenting with Reason cuts through the masses of confusing and often contradictory advice about parenting by providing hard evidence to back up the tough decisions all parents face. $27.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415413299, NZRP$35.00 2009, 376 pages Routledge

9 780415 413299


Why Him? Why Her? provides a formula for long-term love that is based on cutting-edge discoveries in evolutionary neurology. Dr Fisher provides a detailed plan of how to find, fix or keep up your ideal love match. $19.95 Pb, ISBN 9781851687923, NZRP$26.00 January 2011, 320 pages Oneworld Publications


9 781851 687923

Sale or return terms are available for orders placed using this form. Discuss and leave this form with your Sales Representative or fax directly to: Anthony February McKenney, National Sales Manager 02 9285 9290. titles 9

For Your This new edition of Shakespeare’s much-loved Sonnets, developed by and for the Royal Shakespeare Company, has an easily accessible layout and elegant design, making it the ideal gift for any special occasion. $9.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230290419, NZRP$12.95 March 2011, 176 pages Palgrave Macmillan

9 780230 290419

Superbly photographed, this book showcases unique and tasteful cafés in and around Sydney and explores how espresso culture has percolated up from its Italian roots to be an essential part of Australian lifestyle. $19.95 Pb, ISBN 9781420256673, NZRP$24.00 February 2011, 168 pages Palgrave Macmillan


9 781420 256673

In this work synthesizing thirty years of research, psychologist, historian of science, and the world’s best-known skeptic Michael Shermer upends the traditional thinking about how humans form beliefs about the world. Simply put, beliefs come first and explanations for beliefs follow. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9780805091250, NZRP$49.95 May 2011, 400 pages Henry Holt & Company


9 780805 091250

Venice is a city without parallel. This essential companion will enrich anyone’s experience of the magical city of lagoons. It explores a select group of familyrun establishments. $29.95 Pb, ISBN 9781566567183, NZRP$39.95 2008, 192 pages Interlink

From foolproof lie detectors to sure-fire investment strategies to super-enhanced religious and aesthetic experiences, the insights and revelations within The Neuro Revolution will foster wonder, debate, and in some cases consternation. $24.00 Pb, ISBN 9780312654887, NZRP$29.95 2010, 272 pages Palgrave Macmillan


9 780312 654887 9 781566 567183


This eminently enjoyable and provocative book delves beyond what we like into why we can’t stop ourselves from liking it – even when we think we can. $29.95 Pb, ISBN 9781851688241, NZRP$34.95 July 2011, 256 pages Oneworld Publications

9 781851 688241

The authentic spiritual quest is marked not by certainties but by questions and doubt. How To Be An Agnostic explores the wonder of science, the ups and downs of being ‘spiritual but not religious’, the insights of ancient philosophy, and God - the biggest question. $24.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230293212, NZRP$29.95 May 2011, 296 pages Palgrave Macmillan

9 780230 293212

Internationally acclaimed science writer Lone Frank swabs up her DNA to provide the first truly intimate account of the new science of consumer-led genomics. $24.95 Pb, ISBN 9781851688333, NZRP$32.95 August 2011, 328 pages Oneworld Publications


9 781851 688333



This groundbreaking book sees acclaimed psychologist Susan Blackmore combining the latest scientific theories about mind, self, and consciousness, with a lifetime’s practice of Zen. $19.95 Pb, ISBN 9781851687985, NZRP$24.95 February 2011, 224 pages Oneworld Publications


9 781851 687985 February titles



Well-being In his fascinating and thought-provoking investigation into the meaning of hope, Stan van Hooft shows that hope is a fundamental structure of the way we live our lives. $24.95 Pb, ISBN 9781844652600, NZRP$29.95 May 2011, 176 pages Acumen

9 781844 652600


Rather than explaining happiness, in Seven Pleasures Willard Spiegelman demonstrates it: he immerses us in the joyful, illuminating practice of seven simple pleasures —dancing, reading, walking, looking, listening, swimming, and writing—and evokes all the satisfactions they offer. $19.95 Pb, ISBN 9780312429676, NZRP$27.00 2010, 208 pages Farrar, Straus & Giroux

9 780312 429676


In An Apple a Day, Joseph Schwarcz dispels the confusion and applies his knowledge of food chemistry to today’s top food trends. With a healthy dose of humour, he also looks at the real science behind losing weight and cuts through the misconceptions that surround many popular fad diets. $23.00 Pb, ISBN 9781851687268, NZRP$29.00 2010, 384 pages Oneworld Publications

9 781851 687268


Whether you’ve been planning your escape for years, or are suddenly forced into retirement, this highly readable and informative book will help you to make the most of it. $19.95 Pb, ISBN 9781851687633, NZRP$29.95 2010, 160 pages Oneworld Publications


9 781851 687633

Rick Norris presents advice that you know you should take: accept yourself for who you are, prioritise what really matters, reject notions of perfection, plan for a happier future; and the 6 easy steps that make it all possible. $23.00 Pb, ISBN 9781851687770, NZRP$29.00 2010, 192 pages Oneworld Publications

9 781851 687909


Drawing on a wealth of clinical expertise, the authors have created an easyto-use manual that explains everything you need to know about the condition, from how to recognise the symptoms to the range of treatments currently available, including behavioural therapies, professional support, and medication. $19.95 Pb, ISBN 9781851688357, NZRP$24.95 May 2011, 296 pages Oneworld Publications

9 781851 688357



9 781851 687770

The Chairs Are Where the People Go is refreshing, appealing, and kind of profound. It’s a self-help book for people who don’t feel they need help, and a how-to book that urges you to do things you don’t really need to do. $19.95 Pb, ISBN 9780865479456, NZRP$24.95 June 2011, 192 pages Farrar, Straus & Giroux


9 780865 479456 February titles

Dr Barbara Fredrickson explains why positivity is more important than happiness; how it relieves depression, broadens minds, and builds lives; and how to tap into your own sources of positivity. $23.00 Pb, ISBN 9781851687909, NZRP$29.00 January 2011, 288 pages Oneworld Publications


This is a practicallyorientated book giving sound advice and evidencebased guidance to organizations and individuals on how to improve and sustain employee well-being to realise its positive impact. $59.95 Hb, ISBN 9780230249950, NZRP$75.00 June 2011, 240 pages Palgrave Macmillan

9 780230 249950


Palgrave Publicity Spotlight On….

On Tour

Slavoj Žižek visited Liberty Plaza to speak to Occupy Wall Street protesters: "We are not dreamers, we are the awakening from a dream which is turning into a nightmare."

The State Library of Victoria will be holding an exhibition on Persian manuscripts, to coincide with the publication of Love and Devotion: From Persia and Beyond.

"We were called losers—but are the true losers not there on the Wall Street, and were they not bailed out by hundreds of billions of your money? You are called socialists—but in the US, there already is socialism for the rich. They will tell you that you don't respect private property—but the Wall Street speculations that led to the crash of 2008 erased more hard-earned private property than if we were to be destroying it here night and day—just think of thousands of homes foreclosed..."

The exhibition, also called 'Love and Devotion', will run from March 9th to July 1st 2012, and will feature nearly 70 rare 13th- to 18thcentury Persian, Mughal Indian and Ottoman Turkish illustrated manuscripts and miniatures from the Bodleian Libraries of the University of Oxford.

For more information, visit

Visit to read the full original text of his speech.

$69.95 Pb, ISBN 9781921394508, NZRP$89.95 January 2012, 208 pages Macmillan Art Publishing

Slavoj Žižek is a Slovenian philosopher and cultural critic, and the author of Living in the End Times. $24.95 Pb, ISBN 9781844677023, NZRP$29.95 May 2011, 520 pages Quantity Verso


Palgrave in the News What are others saying about our recent releases?

Palgrave News

The King and I "Befitting its inclusion in a series entitled ‘Shakespeare Now’, and written with wry humour, humanity, and passion, this concentrated and beguiling book not only opens up fresh ways of making the play relevant to students, but also points towards challenges in understanding and valuing Shakespeare today. It is we who are King Lear." Quantity —Australian Book Review, September 2011 $34.95 Pb, ISBN 9781441111647, NZRP$43.00

The Pakistani government has admitted to having a hand in the murder of Pakistani journalist, Syed Saleem Shahzad. An article in The Atlantic, September 20th, stated that when pressed whether the government had authorized Shahzad's detention and murder, Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, admitted: "Yeah, that it was sanctioned by the government, yeah."

Other Flowers: Uncollected Poems

Read the full article here: the-courage-of-pakistani-journalists/245358/

"This Pulitzer Prize-winning New York School poet might have died in 1991 but these previously unpublished 'other flowers' only strengthen the impression of Schuyler’s 'going on like this forever'." Quantity —The West Australian, September 20th 2011 $24.00 Pb, ISBN 9780374532697, NZRP$29.95

Syed Saleem Shahzad (1970-2011) was an investigative reporter who worked as Pakistan Bureau Chief at Asia Times Online. His persistence, courage and reputation allowed him unparalleled access to leaders and fighters in Islamic movements enabling him to secure interviews with figures such as Al-Qaeda commander, Ilyas Kashmiri. He had been both a hostage and a guest of the Taliban, which gave him a unique insight into the organisation's internal structures. He was abducted and killed in Pakistan in May 2011. He left a wife and three children. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9781420256710, NZRP$49.95 June 2011, 280 pages Palgrave Macmillan

The World of Street Food "From Africa to Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean: this is a clever collection of culinary flavours, as experienced on streets across the globe." —The Newcastle Herald, September 14th 2011 $25.00 Pb, ISBN 9781904456506, NZRP$32.00 Quantity


Media requests for review copies by letter, e-mail or fax to Melbourne office please

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Graham King

An Artist's Odyssey

Mini Book #20

Denise Green, with contributions by Richard Kalina, Frances Lindsay, Anthony Bond, Peter Timms, Roland Mönig, Christoph Trepesch, Lily Wei and Ingrid Periz.

Jane Eckett.

Co-published by Macmillan and the University of Minnesota Press, this book traces the career of Brisbane-born, New York-based artist Denise Green, who has developed an international reputation as an exhibiting artist. Ingrid Periz claims that there is a genre-blurring quality to this book, combining as it does: autobiographical accounts; formal analysis; friendly chat; art history; and critical commentary. On the library shelf, she thinks it could sit alongside Judy Chicago’s Through the Flower, James Elkins’ What $39.95 Flexibound, NZRP$49.95 Painting Is, and the recollections of Australian ISBN 9781921394591 expatriates like Jill Kerr Conway or Clive James. It February 2012, 192 pages is also a guide book for young artists looking for Quantity models of career development.

9 781921 394591

Author Jane Eckett, in examining the role of drawing in an artist’s life, suggests that for Grahame King it represented much more than simply a means of describing the world. It was his way of learning about the world and then synthesising observation, thought, feeling and intuition. The book traces the many ways in which drawing led King to the arts of monotype and lithography in which he became a master printmaker.

Love and Devotion

Sandra Bardas

From Persia and Beyond

Mini Book #21

Edited by Susan Scollay and multi-authored.

David Bardas and Ken McGregor.

Jointly published by Macmillan and the State Library of Victoria in association with the Bodleian Library, Oxford, this book accompanies an exhibition of original manuscripts relating to Persian poetry and its milieu to be held at the State Library from March 2012.

David Bardas recalls how his wife, Sandra Bardas, who died in 2007, sought every opportunity to photograph the graffiti she spotted in Australian cities and international centres on their business trips around the world. Her interest dates back to the 1990s, before the art form’s current popularity and entry into the art market. He suggests that she recognised and empathised with the free spirit and rebelliousness of the mostly anonymous graffiti artists and their need to be seen and heard. An artist herself, and a mother of six, she was unafraid to speak out and was attracted by the colour and inventiveness demonstrated in the photographic images which are the subject of this book.

With contributions by Australian and international scholars and superb examples of the art form as it is portrayed in works like the Bodleian’s famous Shahnama of Firdausi, it is easy to see how the beauty of Persian manuscripts would capture the minds of early European travellers and influence art and literature in the West. This book is lavishly illustrated to feature the gorgeous colours and intricate details of these Persian masterpieces.

Not final cover $69.95 Pb, NZRP$89.95 ISBN 9781921394508 January 2012, 208 pages

Ken McGregor comments on current examples of stencil and graffiti in Melbourne laneways and how stencil artists’ works are now attracting art collectors.


9 781921 394508

Julian Meagher

30 Years On

Mini Book #22

Denise Morgan, with an Introduction by Sasha Grishin.

Ken McGregor.

Not final cover

$130.00 Hb, NZRP$170.00 This huge and colourful volume is as inventive in ISBN 9781921394690 its production values as this group’s approach to November 2011, 360 pages art deserves. It also contains unique photographic Quantity spreads of the artists working in their studios. This exciting book will be a revelation to those who know of ROAR, and an introduction to those who missed the generation of the movement thirty years ago. 9 781921 394690 February titles

Not final cover

$35.00 Hb, NZRP$39.95 ISBN 9781921394669 December 2011, 144 pages Quantity

9 781921 394669

ROAR Re-viewed

Melbourne’s ROAR group of young artists emerged in the early 1980s as a rebellion against many of the mores of the then art world. They created wild and colourful paintings, drank beer instead of wine and set up studios and an exhibition space in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. Now, thirty years later, the art of Wayne Eager, Sarah Faulkner, Andrew and Peter Ferguson, Pasquale Giardino, Karan Hayman, Ann Howie, Mark Howson, David Larwill, Michael Nicholls, Jill Noble, Mark Schaller and Judi Singleton has been both re-viewed and re-commissioned for an extraordinary book.

Not final cover

The book begins with 1940s sketches of soldiers, shearers and dockworkers and then moves on to his wonderful pen and wash jottings of European $35.00 Hb, NZRP$39.95 architecture and scenery encountered during his ISBN 9781921394621 travels in the late 1940s and early 1950s. The December 2011, 144 pages images reveal the artist’s transition to printmaking Quantity techniques which exploit the confidence with colour, line and form that the constant practice of drawing helps to generate. His later ink and wash studies of Phillip Island penguins have all the fine gestural qualities of Oriental calligraphy. 9 781921 394621

The fact that Sydney artist Julian Meagher originally studied medicine might be deduced from the proliferation of body images in his paintings. From classical life drawing and persuasive portraiture studied in Italy and Sydney, Meagher has moved to the depiction of intricate tattoos on the backs, torsos, shoulders, arms and legs of male subjects. This might be seen as a new episode of Pop art with the globalisation of cultural practices originating in the East— particularly Japan, where Meagher has frequently travelled. His Pop imagery also extends to festival scenes and the elevation of supermarket and liquor-shop packages and products to symbols of our times. This is thought-provoking art with a very original and timely edge.

Not final cover

$35.00 Hb, NZRP$39.95 ISBN 9781921394829 December 2011, 144 pages Quantity

9 781921 394829


Literary Fiction

Now in Paperback!

9 780374 533106

Now in Paperback!

Day of the Oprichnik

Diplomatic Pounds

A Novel

And Other Stories

Vladimir Sorokin has won the Andrei Bely Prize and was nominated for the Russian Booker Prize.

Ama Ata Aidoo, a celebrated author in multiple genres, is writer-in-residence at Brown University.

Moscow, 2028. A scream, a moan, and a death rattle slowly pull Andrei Danilovich Komiaga out of his drunken stupor. But wait - that’s just his ringtone. So begins another day in the life of an oprichnik, one of the czar’s most trusted courtiers - and one of the country’s most feared men. In this new New Russia, where futuristic technology and the draconian codes of Ivan the Terrible are in perfect synergy, Komiaga will attend extravagant parties, partake in brutal executions, and consume an arsenal of drugs. Vladimir Sorokin has imagined a near future both too disturbing to contemplate and too realistic to dismiss. $19.95 Pb, ISBN 9780374533106, NZRP$24.95 Publish February 2012, 208 pages Farrar Straus and Giroux Quantity Fiction

This latest collection of short stories by iconic African writer Ama Ata Aidoo speaks to the relationship between Africa and its diasporato notions of home and exile, belonging and alienation, anomie and fragmentation, and the intricacies of friendship and love across continents and cultures. Both thoroughly modern and steeped in history (African and Ghanaian, as well as her own), Aidoo’s stories allow the reader access to a rich multicultural world of complexities, connections, and human frailties. $24.95 Pb, ISBN 9780956240194, NZRP$34.95 Publish February 2012, 220 pages Lynne Rienner Fiction

The Druggist of Auschwitz

For Ama Ata Aidoo

A Documentary Novel

On the Occasion of Her 70th Birthday

Dieter Schlesak is a German-Romanian poet, novelist, and essayist

Anne V. Adams, W.E.B. DuBois Memorial Center for Pan-African Culture, Ghana.

Adam, known as “the last Jew of Schäßburg,” recounts with disturbing clarity his imprisonment at the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp. Through Adam’s fictional narrative and excerpts of actual testimony from the Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial of 1963–65, we come to learn of the true-life story of Dr. Victor Capesius, who, despite strong friendships with Jews before the war, quickly aided in and profited from their tragedy once the Nazis came to power. $22.95 Pb, ISBN 9781250002372, NZRP$29.95 Publish February 2012, 384 pages Farrar Straus and Giroux Fiction

Paying tribute to Ama Ata Aidoo, this important collection by renowned writers, scholars, and critics conveys the full scope of her work as a literary innovator, a supporter of African voices, and an exponent of progressive social and cultural thought in Africa and throughout the world. The book also includes the account of a recent interview with Aidoo, in which she shares with us her reflections on a range of issues close to her heart. $34.95 Pb, ISBN 9780956930705, NZRP$49.95 Publish February 2012, 320 pages Lynne Rienner Critical Anthology


9 781250 002372

9 780956 930705

Elizabeth Bishop and the New Yorker Elizabeth Bishop (1911-1979) won the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Award, and the National Book Critics Circle Award.

9 780374 533120

From 1933 until her death in 1979, Bishop published the vast majority of her poems in The New Yorker’s pages. During those forty years, hundreds of letters passed between Bishop and her editors, Charles Pearce, Katharine White, and Howard Moss. Their correspondence provides an unparalleled look into Bishop’s writing process, the relationship between a poet and her editors, the internal workings of The New Yorker, and the process of publishing a poem, giving us a rare glimpse into the artistic development of one of the twentieth century’s greatest poets. $24.95 Pb, ISBN 9780374533120, NZRP$34.95 Publish February 2012, 496 pages Farrar Straus and Giroux Quantity Anthology

Partitions Amit Majmudar is the winner of the 2011 Donald Justice Poetry Prize.

Now in B Format!

9 781851 688401

As India is rent overnight into two nations, sectarian violence explodes on both sides of the new border, with tidal waves of refugees fleeing the blood and chaos. Fighting to board the last train to Delhi, two six-year-old Hindu twins lose sight of their mother and plunge into the whirling human mass to find her. A young Sikh woman flees her father, who would rather poison his daughter than see her defiled. And an elderly Muslim doctor driven from the town of his birth, limps towards the new Muslim state of Pakistan. As the displaced face a variety of horrors, this unlikely quartet come together, defying every rule of self-preservation to forge a future of hope. $21.00 Pb, ISBN 9781851688401, NZRP$26.00 Publish February 2012, 224 pages Oneworld Publications Quantity Fiction


About Ama Ata Aidoo

The Complete Correspondence

Now in Paperback!


9 780956 240194

Ama Ata Aidoo was born in a small village in Ghana's central Fanti-speaking region in 1942. Her father had opened the first school in the village and was a strong influence on her. At the age of 15 she decided that she wanted to be a writer and within just four years, she'd achieved that ambition; she was encouraged to enter a newspaper short story competition and only discovered that she'd won it when she saw her name in the newspaper. "At the age of 15, a teacher had asked me what I wanted to do for a career, and without knowing why or even how I replied that I wanted to be a poet. About four years later I won a short story competition but learned about it only when I opened the newspaper that had organised it, and saw the story had been published on its centre pages and realised the name of the author of that story in print was mine. I believe these moments were crucial for me because... I had articulated a dream... it was a major affirmation for me as a writer, to see my name in print." - Ama Ata Aidoo Aidoo studied literature at the University of Ghana and became a university lecturer. Whilst there she produced her first play in 1964. In January 1982 she was appointed Minister of Education. As Minister, Aidoo wanted to make education in Ghana freely accessible to all - but after 18 months when she realised that she couldn't achieve her aims she resigned. She moved to Zimbabwe to become a full-time writer and also lived and taught in the USA. Aidoo has won many literary awards including the 1992 Commonwealth Writers Prize for Best Book (Africa) for Changes.

February titles


Society & Culture Managing Cultural Landscapes Ken Taylor, Australian National University, Australia, and Jane L. Lennon, Deakin University, Australia.

Roland Robertson, University of Aberdeen, UK, and Anne Sophie Krossa, Lancaster University, UK.

How Ethical Systems Change

Muslim Youth

Abortion and Neonatal Care

Challenges, Opportunities and Expectations

Sheldon Ekland-Olson, University of Texas, USA, and Elyshia Aseltine, Lycoming College, USA.

Mohammad Siddique Seddon, University of Chester, UK, and Fauzia Ahmad, Aga Khan University, UK.

Roe v. Wade came like a bolt from the blue, but support had been building for years. For many, the idea that life in the womb was not fully protected under the Constitution was simply not acceptable. Political campaigns were organized and protests launched, including the bombing of clinics and the killing of abortion providers. Questions about the protection and support of life continued after birth. This book is based on a hugely popular undergraduate course taught at the University of Texas, and is ideal for those interested in the social construction of social worth, social problems, and social movements. $14.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415504492, NZRP$19.95 Publish February 2012, 64 pages Routledge Quantity Society & Culture

Many Muslim societies, regardless of location, are displaying a ‘youth bulge’, where more than half their populations are under the age of 25. An increasingly globalized western culture is rapidly eroding ‘traditional’ ideas about society, from the family to the state. This book addresses many of the central issues currently facing young Muslims in both localized and globalized contexts through engaging with the work of academics, youth work practitioners and those working in nongovernmental organizations and civic institutions. $44.00 Pb, ISBN 9781441119872, NZRP$55.00 Publish February 2012, 288 pages Continuum Society & Culture


How Ethical Systems Change

9 780415 505161


Outsourcing the Womb

Eugenics, the Final Solution, Bioethics

9 780415 501620


9 781441 119872

Sheldon Ekland-Olson and Julie Beicken, both University of Texas, USA.

Race, Class and Gestational Surrogacy in a Global Market

Mandatory sterilization laws enacted in dozens of states coast-to-coast and approved by the U.S. Supreme Court formed the initial pillar for what became the Final Solution. Following WWII, there was renewed interest in a more inclusive view of social worth and the autonomy of the individual. Social movements were launched to secure broadbased revisions in civil and human rights. This book is based on a hugely popular undergraduate course taught at the University of Texas, and is ideal for those interested in science-based policy, the social construction of social worth, social problems, and social movements. $14.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415501620, NZRP$19.95 Publish February 2012, 64 pages Routledge Quantity Society & Culture

Outsourcing the Womb provides a critical introduction to the global surrogacy market. A comparative analysis of the assisted reproductive technology and surrogacy industry in Egypt, Israel, India and the United States disentangles the intersecting roles of race, religion, class inequality, religious law, and global capitalism. This book concludes with a discussion of ‘reproductive justice’. $14.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415892025, NZRP$19.95 Published March 2011, 78 pages Routledge Society & Culture

France Winddance Twine is an ethnographer and a feminist race theorist.


9 780415 892025

How Ethical Systems Change

Rapid Climate Change

Tolerable Suffering and Assisted Dying

Causes, Consequences, and Solutions

Sheldon Ekland-Olson, University of Texas, USA, and Elysian Aseltine, Lycoming College, USA.

Scott G. McNall, California State University, USA.

Medical advances prolong life. They also sometimes prolong suffering. Should we protect life or alleviate suffering? This dilemma formed the foundation for a powerful right-to-die movement and a counterbalancing concern over an emerging culture of death. What are the qualities of a life worth living? Where are the boundaries of tolerable suffering? This book is based on a hugely popular undergraduate course taught at the University of Texas, and is ideal for those interested in the social construction of social worth, social problems, and social movements. $14.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415505161, NZRP$19.95 Publish February 2012, 64 pages Routledge Quantity Society & Culture

The book reviews the science of climate change and explains why it is one of the most difficult problems humanity has ever tackled. The book explores the politicization of the topic, the polarization of opinion, and the reasons why, for some, science has become just another ideology to be contested. How do humans assess risk? Why are they are so bad at focusing on the future? How can we solve the problem of climate change? These are the questions this work answers. $14.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415892032, NZRP$19.95 Published March 2011, 104 pages Routledge Society & Culture

9 780415 892032

February titles



F raming 21 st C entury S ocial I ssues

F raming 21 st C entury S ocial I ssues

9 780415 504492


9 780415 672252

C ultural H eritage


9 780230 302631

Australian Authors

With contributions from an international group of authors, Managing Cultural Landscapes provides an examination of the management of heritage values of cultural landscapes from Australia, Japan, China, USA, Canada, Thailand, Indonesia, Pacific Islands, India and the Philippines; reviews critically the factors behind the removal of Dresden and its cultural landscape from World Heritage listing; and gives an overview of Historic Urban Landscape thinking. $57.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415672252, NZRP$72.00 Publish February 2012, 384 pages Routledge Society & Culture


Cosmopolitanism is currently one of the most prominent topics in the social sciences and humanities, and a key concept for understanding globalization. This collection of essays, featuring a line-up of leading international scholars, argues that most work on cosmopolitanism uses a normative model, rather than fully interrogating the issue empirically, comparatively and globally. $46.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230302631, NZRP$58.00 Publish February 2012, 224 pages Palgrave Macmillan Society & Culture

K ey I ssues

European Cosmopolitanism in Question

Business & Economics The House Advantage

Human Development Report 2011

Playing the Odds to Win Big in Business

Sustainability and Equity: Towards a Better Future for All

Jeffrey Ma has been the technology lead for two internet startups and was an options trader on the Chicago Board of Options Exchange.

Now in Paperback!

9 780230 120631

As part of the notorious MIT Team depicted in Ben Mezrich’s now classic Bringing Down the House, Jeff Ma used math and statistics to master the game of blackjack and reap handsome rewards at casinos. Years later, Ma has inspired not only a bestselling novel and hit movie, but has also started three different companies and launched a successful corporate speaking career. The House Advantage reveals Ma’s cutting-edge mathematical insights into the world of statistics and makes them applicable to a wide business audience. $24.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230120631, NZRP$29.95 Publish February 2012, 272 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Business & Economics

The United Nations Development Programme is the UN’s global development network, advocating for change and connecting countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life. The 2011 report reviews global patterns of progress and the impact of environmental degradation and social inequality on the world’s poor, proposing a bold new approach to address the urgent, global problems of sustainability and equity. $62.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230363311, NZRP$77.00 Publish February 2012, 224 pages Palgrave Macmillan Business & Economics

9 780230 363311

Physical Infrastructure Development Balancing the Growth, Equity, and Environmental Imperatives William Ascher, Claremont McKenna College, USA, and Corinne Krupp, Duke University, USA.

9 780230 338364

Strategic Advantage Response and Defense Olaf Plotner, European School of Management and Technology, Germany. Developing BRIC markets are changing the business models of traditional western technology leaders. Classic business strategies are no longer suitable for companies attacking abroad whilst defending their market at home. Based on real-life cases, the book evaluates the best new strategies for western companies in technology-based B2B markets. $59.95 Hb, ISBN 9780230301313, NZRP$69.95 Publish February 2012, 176 pages Palgrave Macmillan Business & Economics


9 780230 301313

Winning at Innovation The A-to-F Model Fernando Trias de Bes, University of Michigan, USA, and Philip Kotler, Northwestern University, USA. Innovation is a responsibility normally assigned to R&D departments but this is not enough. Companies need a systematic framework so innovation can occur at different levels of the organization. The world’s leading expert in marketing and innovation Philip Kotler, and Fernando Trias de Bes together present a revolutionary model for innovation. $59.95 Hb, ISBN 9780230343436, NZRP$69.95 Publish February 2012, 288 pages Palgrave Macmillan Business & Economics

9 780230 343436

Human Development Report 2011 The 2011 Human Development Report argues that the urgent global challenges of sustainability and equity must be addressed together – and identifies policies on the national and global level that could spur progress towards these interlinked goals at the same time. Bold action is needed on both fronts, the Report contends, if the recent human development progress experienced by most of the world's poor majority is to be sustained, for the benefit of future generations as well as for those living today. Past Reports have shown that living standards in most countries have been rising – and converging – for several decades now. Yet the 2011 Report projects a disturbing reversal of those trends if environmental deterioration and social inequalities continue to intensify, with the least developed countries diverging downwards from global patterns of progress by 2050. The Report shows further how the world's most disadvantaged people suffer the most from environmental degradation, including in their immediate personal environment, and disproportionately lack political power, making it all the harder for the world community to reach agreement on needed global policy change. Yet the Report also outlines great potential for positive synergies in the quest for greater equity and sustainability, especially at the national level. The Report further emphasizes the right to a healthy environment, the importance of integrating equity into environmental policies, and the critical importance of public participation and official accountability. The 2011 Report concludes with proposals for bold new approaches to global development financing and environmental controls, arguing that these are both essential and feasible. The 2011 Report will also feature the 2011 Human Development Index (HDI) and updated editions of the complementary indices introduced in the 20th anniversary Report in 2010: the Inequality-Adjusted HDI, the Gender Inequality Index, and the Multidimensional Poverty Index.

Quantity February titles


H uman D evelopment R eport

Now in Paperback!

Physical Infrastructure Development addresses the key challenges of balancing economic growth, poverty alleviation, and environmental protection in the development of major physical infrastructure, ranging from transport to energy. The contributions, reflecting the perspectives of economics, engineering, planning, political science, and urban design, examine the impact of alternative financing and pricing arrangements on the sharing of burdens and benefits, and the opportunities and risks of public-private partnerships. $45.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230338364, NZRP$57.00 Publish February 2012, 288 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Business & Economics


The Arts A Hero’s Many Faces Raoul Wallenberg in Contemporary Monuments

Aesthetic Receptions in Contemporary Hollywood

Tanja Schult, Stockholm University, Sweden.

Antony Todd, University of the Arts, UK.

Civil Imagination

The Photobook

A Political Ontology of Photography

From Talbot to Ruscha and Beyond

Ariela Azoulay, Bar Ilan University, Israel.

Patrizia Di Bello, University of London, UK; Colette Wilson, Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies, UK; and Shamoon Zamir, University of London, UK.

Azoulay engages with Arendt and Benjamin, arguing that art-world concerns regarding authorship, intention and framework should be replaced with a discussion of the agency of subjects and viewers, the political delimitation of what can be seen, and where the imagination can break through political boundaries. Showing how photographs from the occupied territories of Gaza and the West Bank recognize or deny the Palestinian disaster, Azoulay reconstructs the narrative of the responsible, ruling regime - and in so doing, also demonstrates how its power can be renegotiated through acts of imagining. $39.00 Hb, ISBN 9781844677535, NZRP$49.00 Publish February 2012, 256 pages Verso Quantity The Arts

9 781848 856165


English Tragedy before Shakespeare

The Art of Andrew Rogers

Wolfgang Clemen.

Ken Scarlett et al.

First published in English 1961, this reissue relates the problems of form and style to the development of dramatic speech in pre-Shakespearean tragedy. The work offers positive standards by which to assess the development of pre-Shakespearean drama and, by tracing certain characteristics in Elizabethan tragedy which were to have a bearing on Shakespeare’s dramatic technique, helps to illuminate the foundations on which Shakespeare built his dramatic oeuvre. $54.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415618595, NZRP$68.00 Publish February 2012, 302 pages Routledge The Arts

9 781844 677511


Rhythms of Life

The Development of Dramatic Speech


9 780415 618595

In this book, practicing photographers and writers across several fields of scholarship share a range of fresh approaches to reading the photobook, developing new ways of understanding how meaning is shaped by an image’s interaction with its text and context and engaging with the visual, tactile and interactive experience of the photobook in all its dimensions. Through close studies of individual works, the photobook from fetishised objet d’art to cheaply-printed booklet is explored and its unique creative and cultural contributions celebrated. $44.00 Pb, ISBN 9781848856165, NZRP$55.00 Publish February 2012, 288 pages I.B.Tauris Publishers Quantity The Arts

A street corner in Vienna, Machupicchu in the Andes, the Arava Desert, a New Jersey sculpture park, the Southbank of the Yarra, and Californian and Mornington Peninsula vineyards - just a few locations that offer testimony to Andrew Rogers' sculptural activity over the past decades. This lavishly illustrated publication authored by Ken Scarlett, one of Australia's leading sculpture critics, surveys the entire range and production of Rogers' bronze sculptures and monumental stone geoglyphs. $99.95 Hb, ISBN 9781876832612, NZRP$120.00 Published 2003, 288 pages Macmillan Art Publishing The Arts Quantity

9 781876 832612

Film After Film

What Photography Is

Or, What Became of 21st Century Cinema?

The Art of Andrew Rogers

J. Hoberman has been the senior film critic at The Village Voice since 1988.

James Elkins, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, USA.

In this sly and thought-provoking essay, Village Voice film critic J. Hoberman suggests that it’s possible to speak of a distinctive twenty-first century cinema, only a decade into the new millennium. This witty and allusive book, in the style of classic film theorist/critics like André Bazin and Siegfried Kracauer, expands on a muchdiscussed article by Hoberman from Artforum and includes considerations of global cinema’s most important figures and films, from Lars von Trier and Zia Jiangke to WALL-E, Avatar, and Inception. $29.95 Hb, ISBN 9781844677511, NZRP$38.00 Publish February 2012, 192 pages Verso The Arts

In What Photography Is, James Elkins examines the strange and alluring power of photography in the same provocative and evocative manner as he explored oil painting in his best-selling What Painting Is. Extensively illustrated with a surprising range of images, the book demonstrates that what makes photography uniquely powerful is its ability to express the difficulty - physical, psychological, emotional, and aesthetic - of the act of seeing. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415995696, NZRP$49.95 Published June 2011, 226 pages Routledge The Arts


9 780415 995696 February titles



I ts C ontexts

9 781844 677535

9 780230 361454

Raoul Wallenberg is widely remembered for his humanitarian activity on behalf of the Hungarian Jews in Budapest at the end of World War II. In 2008, there exist thirty-one Wallenberg monuments in twelve countries on five continents, from Hungary to Sweden, from Canada to Chile, from Australia to Russia. The art-historical focus of this interdisciplinary study makes it a valuable contribution to the discussion of personal monuments, as well as to the socio-historical research on the commemoration of Wallenberg and the concept of the hero. $46.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230361454, NZRP$58.00 Publish February 2012, 448 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity The Arts


9 781848 855809

This book explores the ways in which shared and disputed opinions on aesthetic quality, originality and authorial essence have shaped receptions of Lynch’s films. It is also the first book to approach David Lynch as a figure composed through language, history and text. Antony Todd examines how Lynch's idiosyncratic style introduced the term ‘Lynchian’ to the colloquial speech of new Hollywood and helped establish Lynch as the leading light among contemporary American auteurs. $39.00 Pb, ISBN 9781848855809, NZRP$49.00 Publish February 2012, 224 pages I.B.Tauris Publishers Quantity The Arts

T he H oloc aust

Authorship and the Films of David Lynch

Freak Shows and the Modern American Imagination Constructing the Damaged Body from Willa Cather to Truman Capote Thomas Fahy, Long Island University, USA.

Now in Paperback!

9 780230 120983

Freak Shows and the Modern American Imagination examines the artistic use of freak shows between 1900 and 1950. During this period, the freak show shifted from a highly popular and profitable form of entertainment to a reviled one. But why? And how does this response reflect larger social changes in the United States at the time? Artists responded to this change by using the freakish body as a tool for exploring problematic social attitudes about race, disability, and sexual desire in American culture. $27.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230120983, NZRP$34.00 Publish February 2012, 200 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Literature

Pack, 9780415572521 $99.95, NZRP$130.00

Zaharah Othman.

Pb, 9780415572507 $54.95, NZRP$69.95

9 780415 572507 CD, 9780415572514 $54.95, NZRP$69.95

9 780415 572514

Start your language learning collection with these two clusters of backlist bestseller Colloquials packs, which include both the comprehensive paperback and the audio CD recorded by native speakers : Asian Language Starter Pack Take one of each for a reduced total: $325.00 / NZ$405.00

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9 780415 429269

9 780415 395274




$69.95 / NZ$84.95

$85.00 / NZ$105.00

European Language Starter Pack Take one of each for a reduced total: $240.00 / NZ$315.00 9 780415 443777

How Literature Changes the Way We Think


Michael Mack, Durham University, UK.


$69.95 / NZ$84.95

$49.95 / NZ$64.95 9 780415 486286

9 780415 434898

The capacity of the arts and the humanities, and of literature in particular, to have a meaningful societal impact has been increasingly undervalued in recent history. Mack maintains that the arts do not merely describe our world but that they also have the unique and underappreciated power to make us aware of how we can change accustomed forms of perception and action. Mack explores the works of prominent writers and thinkers, including Nietzsche, Foucault, Benjamin, Wilde, Roth, and Zizek, among others, to illustrate how literature interacts with both people and political as well as scientific issues of the real world. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9781441119148, NZRP$49.95 Publish February 2012, 208 pages Continuum Quantity Literature

$69.95 / NZ$84.95

9 780415 435734

Death in a Cold Climate is a celebration and analysis of Scandinavian crime fiction, one of the most successful literary genres. Barry Forshaw, the UK’s principal expert on crime fiction, discusses books, films and TV adaptations, including The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The book examines the massive commercial appeal of the field along with Nordic cultural differences from Iceland to Norway. Including unique interview material with writers, publishers and translators, this is the perfect reader’s guide to the hottest strand of crime fiction today, here examined both as a literary form and as an index to the societies it reflects. $39.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230361447, NZRP$49.00 Publish February 2012, 224 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Literature

$79.95 / NZ$105.00 9 780415 427043

Barry Forshaw is a writer and journalist specialising in crime fiction and cinema.

C rime F iles


$49.95 / NZ$64.95

9 780415 431637


Qty $49.95 / NZ$64.95

Qty $69.95 / NZ$84.95

Discuss and leave this form with your Sales Representative or fax directly to: Anthony McKenney, National Sales Manager 02 9285 9290

February titles


C olloquial S eries


Scandinavian Crime Fiction

9 781441 119148


9 780415 429283

Kurt Vonnegut’s darkly comic work became a symbol for the counterculture of a generation. Vonnegut’s writing has remained commercially popular, offering a satirical yet optimistic outlook on modern life. Though many fellow writers admired Vonnegut - Gore Vidal famously suggesting that “Kurt was never dull” - the academic establishment has tended to retain a degree of scepticism concerning the validity of his work. This dynamic collection aims to re-evaluate Vonnegut’s position as an integral part of the American postwar cannon of literature. $27.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230120976, NZRP$34.00 Publish February 2012, 250 pages Palgrave Macmillan Literature

Death in a Cold Climate

9 780230 361447


Colloquial Malay is easy to use and completely up to date! Specially written by experienced teachers for self-study or class use, the course offers you a step-by-step approach to written and spoken Malay. No prior knowledge of the language is required. Two 60-minute CDs are available to purchase separately or come included in the great value Colloquial paperback and CDs complete course. Recorded by native speakers, these complement the course and help develop your listening and pronunciation skills. $99.95 Pack, ISBN 9780415572521, NZRP$130.00 Publish February 2012, 240 pages Routledge Language

Routledge Colloquials Starter Packs

David Simmons, University of Northampton, UK.

9 780230 120976

Colloquial Malay The Complete Course for Beginners, Second Edition

9 780415 572521

New Critical Essays on Kurt Vonnegut

Now in Paperback!


9 780415 434171

A meric an L iterature R eadings

in the

T wenty -F irst C entury

Literature & Language

Health & Lifestyle Food Practices in Transition

New Perspectives on Communication, Consumption and Consciousness

Changing Food Consumption, Retail and Production in the Age of Reflexive Modernity

Robert MacDougall, Curry College, USA.

9 781441 134929

The contributors to this cutting-edge collection apply media ecological concepts to consider how drugs function as communication technologies; literally media in and for the human sensorium. In these essays, drugs are considered as communication media in a practical sense, not merely in the metaphorical way they tend to be discussed in the popular press. Media and drugs are thus conceived as communicative tools that enhance and/or inhibit physical, social and symbolic experience - our ways of seeing and being in the world. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9781441134929, NZRP$49.95 Publish February 2012, 336 pages Continuum Quantity Health & Lifestyle

Gert Spaargaren, Wageningen University, The Netherlands; Anne Loeber and Peter Oosterveer, both University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

9 780415 880848

Introducing Anshan Publishing

Concise Pocket Medical Dictionary U.N. Panda, Senior Physician, India.

Anshan is an independent STM publisher, based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK.

This concise and comprehensive dictionary gives information and definitions on medical terminology as required by students, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory and technical staff, health professionals, practitioners, paramedical and allied health workers. As well as the commonly used terms and vocabulary found in heavier volumes, this pocket dictionary also contains copious figures to illustrate key words. Every meaning is given with a simple, comprehensive definition. Particular attention is paid to the latest pharmaceuticals in the market, allowing a quick reading reference to the products of the 21st century. $19.95 Pb, ISBN 9781905740918, NZRP$24.95 Published April 2009, 600 pages Anshan Health & Lifestyle

Their aim is to bring prestigious international authors to the attention of booksellers, librarians, academics and researchers, in education and in industry, and to make their work available around the world at an affordable, competitive price. They publish at all levels, from undergraduate textbooks to research based professional and reference works. They also promote and distribute select titles from their publishing partners worldwide, titles which were previously unknown and unavailable to the global market. Following is a selection of recent publications from Anshan. SOR terms available on backlist, plese contact your Sales Representative.

Breast Beating

Inflammatory Breast Cancer

A Personal Odyssey in the Quest for an Understanding of Breast Cancer, the Meaning of Life and Other Easy Questions

Explanation, Advice, Support Verite Reily Collins.

Michael Baum’s research, operations and knowledge have contributed to the improvement in care for cancer sufferers worldwide, and have saved many lives. Michael’s steadfastly scientific way of thinking with his knowledge firmly grounded in fact and not hypothesis has recently led him into confrontation with proponents of homeopathy and alternative medicine. In this book he explains just how and why he holds such strong opinions and beliefs both from a professional and personal point of view. $64.95 Pb, ISBN 9781848290426, NZRP$84.00 Published March 2010, 368 pages Anshan Quantity Health & Lifestyle

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The Clue Phone’s Ringing... It’s for You!

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Michael Baum is recognised as a world authority on breast cancer and surgery.

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This edited volume presents and reflects upon empirical evidence of ‘sustainability’-induced and -related transition in food practices. The material collected in the various chapters contributes to our understanding of the ways in which ideas and preferences, sociotechnological developments and changes in the governance of food interact and become visible in practices of consumption, retail and production. $64.95 Hb, ISBN 9780415880848, NZRP$79.95 Publish February 2012, 336 pages Routledge Quantity Health & Lifestyle

Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) is a highly aggressive and thankfully rare type of breast cancer, which is not yet widely recognised both by the public and the medical profession. The author is herself a survivor of breast cancer and can therefore write with expert knowledge and experience. She discusses with compassion, insight and humour everything a person ought to know about IBC - the patient’s initial fears, the diagnosis, best place for treatment, the operation itself, and post-op care. She discusses the different forms of treatment, and also the side issues - where to find support from carers and friends, what to eat, how/ where to go on holiday. $29.95 Pb, ISBN 9781848290396, NZRP$34.95 Published August 2010, 200 pages Anshan Quantity Health & Lifestyle

Laugh ‘til It Heals

Healing Humor for Women Divorcing

Notes from the World’s Funniest Cancer Mailbox

Christine Clifford is a well-established author of eight books.

Christine Clifford is a well-established author with an exceptional background in sales and marketing.

Firmly believing laughter is the best medicine, humor actively became part of Christine’s therapy as she faced her second divorce. Christine believes the feelings of anger, fear, denial and grief of divorce parallels her experience with cancer. And yet, as she always has, she now laughs about it … a lot! The Clue Phone’s Ringing … It’s for You! is an inspirational book with poignant and witty cartoon illustrations that will elicit laugh-out-loud responses from readers. As Christine says, “Don’t forget to laugh!” $19.95 Pb, ISBN 9781848290655, NZRP$24.95 Published October 2011, 160 pages Anshan Quantity Health & Lifestyle

Christine Clifford says, “laughter reaches a place no medicine can touch; the soul”. She firmly believes, that during her cancer, laughter saved something as important as her life during cancer: her spirit. Laugh ‘Til it Heals explores the humorous side of cancer while also providing information on how to support someone who has cancer, and giving advice regarding beneficial nutrition. The book is also practical in citing resources created by cancer patients worldwide. As you read these touching stories you will laugh out loud with the storyteller. $19.95 Pb, ISBN 9781848290662, NZRP$24.95 Published December 2011, 748 pages Anshan Quantity Health & Lifestyle

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February titles


R outledge S tudies in S ustainability T ransitions

Drugs & Media

Science & Environment

Now in B Format!

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The 4% Universe

From Eternity to Here

Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and the Race to Discover the Rest of Reality

The Quest for the Ultimate Theory of Time

Richard Panek writes frequently for the New York Times, as well as Discover, Esquire, Outside, and many others.

Twenty years after Stephen Hawking’s 9-millioncopy selling A Brief History of Time, pioneering theoretical physicist Sean Carroll takes our investigation into the nature of time to the next level. You can’t unscramble an egg and you can’t remember the future. But what if time doesn’t (or didn’t!) always go in the same direction? Carroll’s paradigm-shifting research suggests that other universes experience time running in the opposite direction to our own. Exploring subjects from entropy and quantum mechanics to time travel and the meaning of life, Carroll presents a dazzling new view of how we came to exist. $24.95 Pb, ISBN 9781851688425, NZRP$29.95 Publish February 2012, 512 pages Oneworld Publications Quantity Science & Environment

Only 4% of the universe consists of the matter that makes up you, me, every star, every and planet. Over the past few decades, a handful of scientists have been battling to understand the rest: the strange “dark matter” and even stranger “dark energy”. In exhilarating detail, Panek takes us on an intimate tour of the epic rivalries, the eureka moments, the blind alleys, and the great mysteries that are redefining science and reinventing the universe. $19.95 Pb, ISBN 9781851688968, NZRP$24.95 Publish February 2012, 320 pages Oneworld Publications Quantity Science & Environment

Sean Carroll, California Institute of Technology, USA.

New Edition!

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The Chemical Choir


A History of Alchemy

How Our Brains Make Junk Food, Exercise, Marijuana, Generosity and Gambling Feel So Good

PG Maxwell-Stuart, University of St Andrews, UK. Beginning in China in the search for the secret of immortality, and appearing independently in Egypt as an attempt to produce gold through the arts of smelting and alloying metals, alchemy received a great boost in Europe from studies by Islamic and Jewish alchemists. Translated into Latin and then combined with what was known of Greek natural science these accounts provoked an outburst of attempts to manipulate matter and to change it into transformative substances known as the Philosopher’s Stone or the Elixir of Life. $34.95 Pb, ISBN 9781441132970, NZRP$44.95 Publish February 2012, 216 pages Continuum Science & Environment Quantity

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Australian Authors

David J. Linden, Johns Hopkins University, USA.

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Climate Change and Displacement Reader

The View From Lazy Point

Scott Leckie, Ezekiel Simperingham and Jordan Bakker, all Displacement Solutions, Australia.

Carl Safina was named one of the leading conservationists of the twentieth century.

Official estimates put the future scale of human displacement as a result of climate change at anywhere from 150 million to one billion people. Despite this crisis in the making, few countries or international institutions are adequately prepared to address and resolve this emerging human rights crisis. This compilation brings together fiftyone of the leading texts on climate change and displacement. It provides a consolidated source and substantive overview of the key issues relating to climate change and displacement. $59.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415691345, NZRP$79.95 Publish February 2012, 504 pages Earthscan Science & Environment

Beginning in his kayak in his home waters of eastern Long Island, Carl Safina’s The View from Lazy Point takes us through the four seasons to the four points of the compass, from the high Arctic south to Antarctica, across the warm belly of the tropics from the Caribbean to the west Pacific, then home again. We meet Eskimos whose way of life is melting away, explore a secret global seed vault hidden above the Arctic Circle, investigate dilemmas facing foraging bears and breeding penguins, and sail to formerly devastated reefs that are resurrecting as fish graze the corals algae-free. $24.95 Pb, ISBN 9781250002716, NZRP$32.95 Publish February 2012, 416 pages Henry Holt and Company Quantity Science & Environment


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A Natural Year in an Unnatural World

Now in Paperback!

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Climate Clever

Postcards from the Edge of Brain Science Lone Frank is an award-winning journalist, science writer, and TV presenter.

Hugh Compston, Cardiff University, UK, and Ian Bailey, University of Plymouth, UK.

Acclaimed journalist and intrepid brain "explorer" Lone Frank embarks on an incredible adventure to the frontiers of neuroscience to reveal how today's top scientists are reinventing human nature, morality, happiness, health, and reality itself. Interlacing bizarre experiments, cuttingedge science, and irreverent interviews, The Neurotourist is an odyssey through the mindbending revolution underway in the new age of the brain. $19.95 Pb, ISBN 9781851687961, NZRP$24.95 Published July 2011, 336 pages Oneworld Publications Science & Environment

Why, despite two decades of climate policy, have affluent democracies made so little progress in cutting greenhouse gas emissions? We know that there are ways of doing this that are both practical and affordable. It is politics that is the problem. What can be done? This book identifies a broad range of political strategies that are available to governments that wish to take more effective action against climate change while avoiding serious political damage. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415679770, NZRP$49.95 Publish February 2012, 128 pages Routledge Science & Environment Quantity


The Neurotourist

How Governments Can Tackle Climate Change (and Still Win Elections)

9 780415 679770

Award-winning neuroscientist David Linden shows how pleasure affects us at the most fundamental level, in our brains, and why ecstatic activities can easily become addictive. On this trip into cuttingedge science, he explores why nicotine and heroine are addictive while LSD is not; why the search for a safe appetitie suppressant has failed; if sex can be addicitve; and if we might someday control the part of the brain that makes us addicted in the first place. $19.95 Pb, ISBN 9781851688975, NZRP$24.95 Publish February 2012, 256 pages Oneworld Publications Science & Environment

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