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Marie Curie and Her Daughters The Private Lives of Science's First Family Shelley Emling has been a journalist for twenty years, and her works, including science articles, has previously appeared in The New York Times, USA Today, Fortune, Slate, The Wall Street Journal, The Times, The Huffington Post,, etc. Marie Curie was the first person to be honored by two Nobel Prizes and she pioneered the use of radiation therapy for cancer patients. But she was also a mother, widowed young, who raised two extraordinary daughters alone: Irene, a Nobel Prize winning chemist in her own right, who played an important role in the development of the atomic bomb, and Eve, a highly regarded humanitarian and journalist, who fought alongside the French Resistance during WWII. As a woman fighting to succeed in a male dominated profession and a Polish immigrant caught in a xenophobic society, she had to find ways to support her research. Drawing on personal interviews with Curie's descendents, as well as revelatory new archives, this is a wholly new story about Marie Curie - and a family of women inextricably connected to the dawn of nuclear physics. $34.95 Hb, ISBN 9780230115712, NZRP$44.95 Publish August 2012, 272 pages Palgrave Macmillan Biography/Science

9 780230 115712


Rethinking Reputation How PR Trumps Marketing and Advertising in the New Media World Fraser P. Seitel is the author of The Practice of Public Relations, which has sold over a million copies in 11 editions. John Doorley is founding academic director of the Master of Science Defree Program in Public Relations at New York University. Good public relations is no longer just icing - it's a strategic imperative more important to your competitive success than even advertising or marketing. This is true whether you're a century-old multibillion-dollar corporation or a penniless startup. In Rethinking Reputation, public relations guru Fraser Seitel and John Doorley, founder of the Academy for Communication Excellence and Leadership at Johnson & Johnson, examine a fascinating new set of case studies - including the BP oil spill and the launch of City Slips - to glean the PR dos and don'ts for the new media world, covering both standard reputation maintenance and crisis management. They also show start-up companies and entrenched organizations how to use the power of word-of-mouth to jump start business like never before. This is a wake-up call from two industry legends - for public relations professionals as well as entrepreneurs, CEOs, and anyone else tasked with representing their organizations to the world. $34.95 Hb, ISBN 9780230338333, NZRP$44.95 Publish August 2012, 256 pages Palgrave Macmillan PR/Business/Marketing

"New media lessons from the book: Don't get so excited about social media that you forget about traditional media."

9 780230 338333


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Feature Titles Anthropology A Beginner's Guide Joy Hendry is Professor of Social Anthropology at Oxford Brookes University and is author of the university-level textbook Sharing Our Worlds, now in its second edition. Simon Underdown is Senior Lecturer in Biological Anthropology, also at Brookes University, where his research looks at the extinction of Neanderthals. He has written about evolution for the Guardian. Anthropologists Joy Hendry and Simon Underdown offer the first introductory guide to explore both the biological and social approaches to the study of humanity, from the roots of the Homo genus, to the traits that all humans share, on the vast range of our sacred rituals. Hendry and Underdown bring anthropology to life with case studies, explaining why witchcraft was so feared in seventeenth-century England but is embraced in contemporary Sudan, as well as what our relationship with mobile phones (and the bathroom) tells us about ourselves. Covering key study topics, including hierarchy, social identity, rites of passage, and the impact of globalization, this is the essential first step to understanding anthropology, for students and people working in the globalized world, alike. $24.95 Pb, ISBN 9781851689309, NZRP$29.95 Publish August 2012, 256 pages Oneworld Publications Anthropology

9 781851 689309

A B eginner ' s G uide


Brain Gain Technology and the Quest for Digital Wisdom Marc Prensky is an internationally acclaimed speaker, writer, and consultant in education and learning. He is the author of Digital Game-Based Learning, Don't Bother Me Mom - I'm Learning! and Teaching Digital Natives: Partnering for Real Learning. Prensky also writes a regular column for Educational Technology. The majority of people now use technology for everything. Yet, we're constantly questioning if this is truly a useful "crutch" or if we're merely dampening our own ability to think and remember. In Brain Gain, tech and education expert Marc Prensky shows that both the human brain and technology have strengths - our own cognitive function for sense-making and complex reasoning; technology for the ability to store and process large amouts of data. Drawing on the latest neuroscience and his own extensive research with cuting-edge experts in mind-machine combination, Prensky shows readers how smart people are now learning to improve our thinking power by using technology wisely, without losing our humanity. $34.95 Hb, ISBN 9780230338098, NZRP$44.95 Publish August 2012, 256 pages Palgrave Macmillan Psychology/Technology

“Digital culture has revolutionary implications for education that too few people grasp. Marc Prensky understands them better than anyone I know.” –Sir Ken Robinson, Author, The Element

9 780230 338098


Savage Anxieties The Invention of Western Civilization Robert A. Williams Jr. is a member of the Lumbee Indian tribe as well as the professor of law and director of the Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy Program at the University of Arizona. From one of the world's leading experts on Native American law and indigenous peoples' human rights comes an original and striking intellectual history of the tribe and Western civilization that sheds new light on how we understand ourselves and our contemporary society. Throughout the centuries, conquest, war, and unspeakable acts of violence and dispossession have all been justified by citing civilization's opposition to these differences represented by the tribe. Robert Williams, award winning author, legal scholar, and member of the Lumbee Indian Tribe, proposes a wide-ranging reexamination of the history of the Western world, told from the perspective of civilization's war on tribalism as a way of life. $39.95 Hb, ISBN 9780230338760, NZRP$49.95 Publish August 2012, 256 pages Palgrave Macmillan History

9 780230 338760

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Feature Titles The Silenced Majority Stories of Uprisings, Occupations, Resistance, and Hope Amy Goodman is a multiple New York Times best-selling author and the host and executive producer of Democracy Now! and Denis Moynihan, since helping co-found Democracy Now! as an independent production company in 2002, has participated in the organization's growth, focusing primarily on distribution, infrastructure development, and coordinating complex live broadcasts from all continents (save Antarctica). He lives in Denver, Colorado. Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan began writing a weekly column, Breaking the Sound Barrier, for King Features Syndicate in 2006. This timely new sequel to Goodman's New York Times bestseller of the same name gives voice to the many ordinary people standing up to corporate and government power-and refusing to be silent. The Silenced Majority pulls back the veil of corporate media reporting to dig deep into the politics of "climate apartheid," the implications of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the movement to halt the execution of Troy Anthony Davis, and the globalization of dissent "From Tahrir Square to Liberty Plaza." Throughout Goodman and Moynihan show the work of ordinary people to change their media and change the world. $24.95 Pb, ISBN 9781608462315, NZRP$29.95 Publish August 2012, 380 pages Haymarket Current Affairs/Social Science "Amy Goodman has taken investigative journalism to new heights of exciting, informative, and probing analysis." - Noam Chomsky

9 781608 462315


There and Back Again J. R. R. Tolkien in the Origins of the Hobbit Mark Atherton is Lecturer in English Language and Literature at the University of Oxford. He is the author of Teach Yourself Old English/Anglo Saxon and contributed to A Companion to J R R Tolkien (forthcoming). For decades, hobbits and the other fantastical creatures of Middle-earth have captured the imaginations of a fiercely loyal tribe of readers, all enhanced by the immense success of Peter Jackon's films: first The Lord of the Rings, and now his new The Hobbit. But for all Tolkien's global fame and the familiarity of modern culture with Gandalf, Bilbo, Frodo, and Sam, the sources of the great mythmaker's own myth-making have been neglected. Mark Atherton here explores the chief influences on Tolkien's work: his boyhood in the West Midlands; the landscapes and seascapes which shaped his mythologies; his experiences in World War I, his interest in Scandinavian myth; his friendships, especially with the other Oxford-based Inklings; and the relevance of his themes, especially ecological themes, to the present-day. There and Back Again offers a unique guide to the varied inspirations behind Tolkien's life and work, and sheds new light on how a legend is born. $44.95 Hb, ISBN 9781780762463, NZRP$54.95 Publish August 2012, 288 pages I.B.Tauris Publishers Literary Studies/Popular Culture

9 781780 762463


True Blood Investigating Vampires and Southern Gothic Brigid Cherry is a Senior Lecturer in Film and Popular Culture at St Mary's University College. She is the author of Horror in the Routledge Film Guidebook series and the co-editor of Twenty-First-Century Gothic. As seen in HBO's True Blood, vampires have never been more edgy, gory or sexy. Since its arrival on screen in 2008, Alan Ball's adaptation of The Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris has exploited the creative freedoms of the HBO brand and captured a cult audience with its passionate, blood-drenched visuals and stories. From viral webisodes depicting vampires announcing themselves on TV to the steamy title sequence and the show's uninhibited use of language, sex and gore, True Blood has quickly gained status as cult TV with bite. True Blood posed the question of what would happen if vampires 'came out of the coffin' and this book considers the representations of sexuality, race and class in a series that engages directly with prejudice and civil rights. It also considers True Blood's generic roots in television horror, paranormal romance and Southern Gothic, the wider contexts of fairy tales and religion, the marketing of the series and the activities of its fans. This book explores the hidden depths of True Blood's vampire bars, small town communities and haunted bayous. $29.95 Pb, ISBN 9781848859401, NZRP$39.95 Publish August 2012, 224 pages I.B.Tauris Publishers Popular Culture

9 781848 859401

Quantity August titles


P algrave S tudies H istory S ci /T echnology

History & Philosophy Fundamentalism and Education in the Scopes Era

Nuclear Antiaircraft Arms and the Cold War

God, Darwin, and the Roots of America's Culture Wars

Christopher J. Bright, George Washington University, USA.

9 781137 022387

L abor M ovement

Continental Defense in the Eisenhower Era

Thousands of nuclear antiaircraft arms were designed, tested and deployed in the United States during Dwight D. Eisenhower's presidency. By recounting official actions, doctrinal decisions, and public policies, Continental Defense in the Eisenhower Era traces this armament from conception through deployment. It also discusses the widespread acceptance of these weapons by the American public, a result, in part, of being touted in news releases, and featured in films and television episodes at the time. $42.00 Pb, ISBN 9781137022387, NZRP$53.00 Publish August 2012, 290 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity History & Philosophy

Adam Laats, Center for the Teaching of American History at SUNY Binghamton, USA.

9 781137 021014

Lessons for Our Struggle

A History of History

Frances Fox Piven is the past Vice-President of the American Political Science Association and the recipient of numerous awards, including the President's Award of the American Public Health Association, and the American Sociological Association's Career Award for the Practice of Sociology, as well as their award for the Public Understanding of Sociology.

Alun Munslow, University of Chichester, UK. In a provocative analysis of European and American historical thinking and practice since the early 18th century, this book confronts several basic assumptions about the nature of history. Among these are the concept of historical realism, the belief in representationalism and the idea that the past possesses its own narrative. What is offered in this book is a far-reaching and fundamental rethinking of realist and representationalist ‘history of a particular kind' by addressing and explaining the ideas of major philosophers of history over the past three hundred years and those of the key theorists of today. $44.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415677158, NZRP$55.00 Publish August 2012, 200 pages Routledge History & Philosophy

Class struggle is as American as apple pie. Frances Fox Piven provides a clear historical context to the current struggles around economic disparity, poverty, and imperialism and relates them to the labor, civil-rights, and anti-imperialist struggles of the Depression era. $7.95 Pb, ISBN 9781608462162, NZRP$9.95 Publish August 2012, 20 pages Haymarket History & Philosophy Quantity

9 781608 462162


9 780415 677158

Women Strikers Occupy Chain Stores, Win Big

The Imagination

Dana Frank, University of California, USA.

The Imagination is Sartre's first full philosophical work, presenting some of the basic arguments concerning phenomenology, consciousness and intentionality that were to later appear in his master works and be so influential in the course of Twentieth century philosophy. Imagination does not involve the perception of ‘mental images' in any literal sense, Sartre argues, yet reveals some of the fundamental capacities of consciousness. Sartre concludes with an important chapter on Husserl's theory of the imagination which, despite its sharing the flaws of earlier approaches, signals a new phenomenological way forward in understanding the imagination. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415776196, NZRP$49.95 Publish August 2012, 224 pages Routledge History & Philosophy Quantity

Jean-Paul Sartre.

Woolworth's department store was the Wall Mart of the early 20th century. The women who worked the counters, cash registers, and storerooms were overworked, underpaid, and sexually harrassed. This is the inspiring story of how these courageous women fought back against corporate exploitation and oppression, by employing the first successful all female sit-down strike in American history. $7.95 Pb, ISBN 9781608462452, NZRP$9.95 Publish August 2012, 60 pages Haymarket History & Philosophy


9 781608 462452

9 780415 776196

The Festival of Britain

In Defence of the Terror

A Land and Its People

Liberty or Death in the French Revolution

Harriet Atkinson, University of Brighton, UK.

Sophie Wahnich, Laboratoire d'anthropologie des institutions at des organisations sociales, France.

The Festival of Britain in 1951 transformed the way people saw their war-ravaged nation. Drawing on previously unseen sketches and plans, photographs and interviews, it travels beyond the Festival's spectacular centrepiece at London's South Bank, to show how the Festival made the whole country an exhibition ground with events to which hundreds of the country's greatest architects, artists and designers contributed. It reveals how all these exhibitions and also plays, poetry, art and films commissioned for the Festival had a single focus: to unite 'the land and people of Britain'. $41.00 Pb, ISBN 9781848857926, NZRP$52.00 Publish August 2012, 288 pages I.B.Tauris Publishers History & Philosophy

9 781848 857926

This book takes a new look at one of the most contentious periods in American history. The battles over schools that surrounded the famous Scopes "monkey" trial in 1925 were about much more than evolution. Fundamentalists fought to maintain cultural control of education. As this book reveals for the first time, the successes and the failures of these fundamentalist campaigns transformed both the fundamentalist movement and the nature of education in America. $45.00 Pb, ISBN 9781137021014, NZRP$57.00 Publish August 2012, 268 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity History & Philosophy


9 781844 678624 August titles


For two hundred years after the French Revolution, the Republican tradition celebrated the execution of princes and aristocrats. The Revolution is no longer judged in terms of historical necessity but rather by 'timeless' standards of morality. The author explains how the institution of Terror sought to put a brake on legitimate popular violence to 'be terrible so as to spare the people the need to be so' and was subsequently subsumed in a logic of war. The Terror was "a process welded to a regime of popular sovereignty, the only alternatives, being to defeat tyranny or die for liberty." $23.00 Hb, ISBN 9781844678624, NZRP$29.00 Publish August 2012, 128 pages Verso Quantity History

History & Philosophy New Waves in Philosophical Logic

The British Left in the 1930s

Greg Restall, University of Melbourne, Australia and Gillian Russell, Washington University, USA.

Paul Corthorn, Queen's University Belfast, UK.

The Many-Headed Hydra

On Loyalty

The Hidden History of the Revolutionary Atlantic

Troy Jollimore, California State University, USA.

and ...

M odernism

9 780230 230118

9 780230 290129

9 780415 782272

Modernism and British Socialism

The Phenomena of Awareness

Thomas Linehan, University of York, UK.

Husserl, Cantor, Jung

The author offers a fresh perspective on late Victorian and Edwardian socialism by examining the socialist revival of these years from the standpoint of modernism. It identifies with a 'maximalist' reading of modernism, seeing the modernist mission as extending beyond the concerns of the literary and artistic avant-garde to incorporate political and social movements seeking to bring into being a new world and mode of existence. Much more than an aspiration for greater economic justice for working people, socialism sought to address some of the deep spiritual and cultural issues thrown up by the processes of modernisation and modernity. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230230118, NZRP$49.95 Publish August 2012, 192 pages Palgrave Macmillan History & Philosophy Quantity

Cecile Tougas is Latin Teacher at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, USA. Awareness is currently sought under many headings, but it is rarely studied directly as it is being lived. This book is controversial because it does not start from the assumption that everything that exists is a material, physical object. $53.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415685917, NZRP$67.00 Publish August 2012, 152 pages Routledge History & Philosophy


9 780415 685917

Modernism and Zionism

Theatres of Memory

David Ohana, Harvard University, USA.

Past and Present in Contemporary Culture

Building new mythologies was a main project in the emergence of national movements in the modern era. The Zionist project was part of the modern enterprise, and it represented the Promethean passion of Western man; it sought to establish a political reality in the image of the new Jew. In this addition to the Modernism and... series, David Ohana provides a new perspective on nationalism in general and Zionism in particular. In addition to the view of Zionism as a political theology and a national ideology, this book presents Zionism as a modernist project and a political mythology by means of three myths: those of Zarathustra, Nimrod and Prometheus. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230290129, NZRP$49.95 Publish August 2012, 216 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity History & Philosophy

Raphael Samuel (1934-1996) was a tutor in History at Ruskin College, Oxford, and a founding editor of History Workshop Journal.

Now in Paperback!

9 781844 678693

August titles


In this celebrated work, Raphael Samuel takes issue with the claim that our obsession with heritage is a symptom of national decay. Instead, he argues that we live in an expanding historical culture, one which is newly alert to the evidence of the visual and altogether more pluralist than earlier version of the national past. $34.00 Pb, ISBN 9781844678693, NZRP$43.00 Publish August 2012, 496 pages Verso History & Philosophy


A ction


9 781844 678655


Long before the American Revolution and the Declaration of the Rights of Man, a motley crew of sailors, slaves, pirates, laborers, market women and indentured servants had their own ideas about freedom and equality, ideas that would change history. Marshalling lost stories unearthed over a decade of original research; The Many-Headed Hydra recounts the role of these forgotten revolutionaries in the making of the modern world. $34.00 Pb, ISBN 9781844678655, NZRP$43.00 Publish August 2012, 448 pages Verso History & Philosophy

Loyalty is a highly charged and important issue, often evoking strong feelings and actions. In a global era, should we be trying to transcend loyalties to particular political communities? Drawing on a fascinating array of literary and cinematic examples - The Remains of the Day, No Country for Old Men, The English Patient and more - Troy Jollimore expertly unravels the phenomenon of loyalty from a philosophical standpoint. He reflects on the idea that loyalty shapes our very identities, and considers both the benefits and the dangers of loyalty: on the one hand, how excessive loyalty can move us to perform immoral, even evil actions; on the other, how loyalty can expand our lives and give us a sense of meaning and belonging. $29.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415782272, NZRP$39.95 Publish August 2012, 160 pages Routledge Quantity History & Philosophy

T hinking

Now in Paperback!


9 780230 251748

Peter Linebaugh, University of Toledo, USA and Marcus Rediker, University of Pittsburgh, USA.

P hilosophy

Available Now!

Philosophical logic has been, and continuous to be, a driving force behind much progress and development in philosophy more broadly. This collection by up-and-coming philosophical logicians deals with a broad range of topics including, for example, proof-theory, probability, contextsensitivity, dialetheism and dynamics semantics. It contains outstanding volumes of papers from some of the most exciting young scholars of philosophical logic and offers a broad perspective on one of the most important disciplines within philosophy. $44.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230251748, NZRP$59.95 Publish May 2012, 256 pages Palgrave Macmillan History & Philosophy


9 781780 760421

Paul Corthorn presents an illuminating, in-depth study of the British Left's response to the rise of international fascism in the 1930s. He uses a range of newly available archival sources to analyse how the Labour left - which took the form of the Socialist League between 1932 and 1937 - and the Independent Labour Party reacted to developments such as Mussolini's invasion of Abyssinia, Franco's uprising in Spain and Hitler's drive for territorial expansion. He argues that their responses to these threats from the fascist dictators were shaped above all by their constantly changing views of another dictatorship: the Soviet Union under Stalin. $58.00 Pb, ISBN 9781780760421, NZRP$73.00 Publish August 2012, 288 pages I.B.Tauris Publishers Quantity History & Philosophy

N ew W aves

In the Shadow of Dictators

Current Affairs & Politics

9 781848 859876

9 780230 339125

9 780745 332536

Now in Paperback!

9 781848 851825

Global Corruption

The Maoists in India

Money, Power and Ethics in the Modern World

Tribals Under Siege

Laurence Cockcroft is a Founder of Transparency International.

The Maoist in India delves deep into one of the most intractable but under-reported insurgencies in the developing world - the decades-long battle between the Indian state and Maoist groups who control significant parts of tribal India. The book explains the devastating impact on India's tribal population of neoliberalism and armed aggression by the state, as well as the impact of the armed struggle by the Maoists. Mukherji takes an honest and unflinching look at each of the Maoists' interventions and critically examines the ideology and programme proposed by their theoreticians and prominent intellectual sympathisers. $46.00 Pb, ISBN 9780745332826, NZRP$58.00 Publish August 2012, 256 pages Pluto Quantity Current Affairs & Politics

Nirmalangshu Mukherji, Delhi University, India.

The author argues that corruption has to be seen as the result of the interplay between elite 'embedded networks', greed and organised crime. He shows how the growth of corruption has been facilitated by globalisation, the integration of new and expanding markets into the world economy, and by the rapid expansion of 'offshore' financial facilities. These facilities provide a home to largely unregulated pools of finance derived from personal fortunes, organised crime and pricing malpractice in international trade. $58.00 Hb, ISBN 9781848859876, NZRP$73.00 Publish August 2012, 320 pages I.B.Tauris Publishers Quantity Current Affairs & Politics

9 780745 332826

Independents Rising

Meaning of Marxism

How Third Parties and Outside Movements Are Reshaping the Politics of the TwentyFirst Century

Second Edition

Jacqueline S. Salit is the President of

It is fashionable for pundits to declare every so often that Marxism is dead. As Daniel Singer aptly put it, their aim "is to doom as impossible a radical, fundamental transformation of existing society." The poverty, class inequality, war and environmental degradation that today's globalized capitalist system creates on an ever-expanding scale raises questions for which Marxism still offers fresh and relevant answers. This book is a lively and accessible introduction to the ideas of Karl Marx, as well as other key Marxists, with historical and contemporary examples. $23.00 Pb, ISBN 9781608462506, NZRP$29.00 Publish August 2012, 250 pages Haymarket Quantity Current Affairs & Politics

Independent insider Jacqueline Salit chronicles the history of the independent movement on both ends of the spectrum and explores what these unclaimed voters mean for the future of American politics. Salit shows how Mike Bloomberg made moderation popular in a fiercely Democratic city, the far right failed to co-opt Ross Perot's independent movement, and their struggles to do the same with the Tea Party today‌and much more. $38.00 Hb, ISBN 9780230339125, NZRP$48.00 Publish August 2012, 256 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Current Affairs & Politics

Paul D'Amato is the associate editor of the International Socialist Review.

9 781608 462506

The Islamophobia Industry

The Oil Kings

How the Right Manufactures a Fear of Muslims

How the U.S., Iran and Saudi Arabia Changed the Balance of Power in the Middle East

Nathan Lean is assistant editor of Aslan Media.

Andrew Scott Cooper, Columbia University, USA.

This book is a disturbing account of the rising tide of Islamophobia sweeping through the United States and Europe. Nathan Lean takes us through a world of conservative bloggers, right-wing talk show hosts, evangelical religious leaders and politicians, all united in their quest to exhume the ghosts of 9/11 and convince their compatriots that Islam is the enemy. Lean uncovers their scare tactics, reveals their motives, and exposes the ideologies that drive their propaganda machine. It challenges the narrative of fear that has dominated discussions about Muslims and Islam. $25.00 Pb, ISBN 9780745332536, NZRP$32.00 Publish August 2012, 248 pages Pluto Quantity Current Affairs & Politics

This book offers the first inside look at how an oil crisis was manipulated by Alan Greenspan, Donald Rumsfeld, and President Ford (hoping to secure his re-election), helping to precipitate the fall of the Shah of Iran in 1979. It reveals the fatal struggle between the 'oil kings', both Middle Eastern and American, as they jockeyed for power, playing games that led directly to the rise of Iran's radical anti-American theocracy, which still exist today. Scott Cooper is the first to access newly declassified papers and to interview key people who formulated U.S. foreign policy in that period. $24.95 Pb, ISBN 9781851689385, NZRP$29.95 Publish August 2012, 560 pages Oneworld Publications Quantity Current Affairs & Politics

Now in B-Format!

9 781851 689385

Khatami's Iran

Revolt and Protest

The Islamic Republic and the Turbulent Path to Reform

Student Politics and Activism in Sub-Saharan Africa

Ghoncheh Tazmini, University of Kent, UK.

Leo Zeilig, Brunel University, UK.

One man has emerged pivotal to Iran’s future direction: Mohammad Khatami. Not only his politics but his entire persona stand in stark contrast to his political rival Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Who is this enigmatic cleric, so little known in the West, whose grasp of Iran's realities seems so much firmer than that of many of the secular figures around him? This book for the first time reveals the background, formation and thinking of a man who may yet change the face of politics in the Middle East. $34.00 Pb, ISBN 9781848851825, NZRP$43.00 Publish August 2012, 240 pages I.B.Tauris Publishers Current Affairs & Politics

Focusing on the recent period of 'democratic transitions' in the 1990s, Zeilig discusses the widespread involvement of student activism in democratic struggles across contemporary Africa and focuses on two case studies, Senegal and Zimbabwe. He provides an historical examination of the student-intelligentsia on the continent that played a crucial role in the independence struggles across much of Africa, leading and organising nationalist movements and outlines the development of grass-root activism. $58.00 Pb, ISBN 9781780760438, NZRP$73.00 Publish August 2012, 360 pages I.B.Tauris Publishers Current Affairs & Politics


9 781780 760438 August titles



Palgrave Promotions In this fast-paced look at one of the greatest generals the world has ever seen, acclaimed author Bill Yenne charts the major events that shaped Caesar’s leadership, his rise to power, and his crashing fall. $29.95 Hb, NZRP$39.95 ISBN 9780230112315, February 2012, 224 pages Palgrave Macmillan


9 780230 112315

Britain’s military involvement in Afghanistan is a contentious subject. In this book, the author explores the potential danger of replaying Britain’s military catastrophes and considers what can be learnt from revisiting the story of earlier Afghan wars. $44.00 Hb, NZRP$55.00 ISBN 9781848857179, July 2011, 272 pages I.B.Tauris Publishers Quantity

9 781848 857179

A People’s History of World War II brings the full range of human experience during World War II to life through some of the most vivid accounts and images available anywhere. $29.95 Pb, NZRP$39.95 ISBN 9781595581662, October 2011, 288 pages The New Press


9 781595 581662

A History of


Plotted in secret, launched in the dark, John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry was a pivotal moment in U.S. history. But few Americans know the true story of the men and women who launched a desperate strike at the slaveholding South. Now, Midnight Rising portrays Brown’s uprising in vivid color, revealing a country on the brink of explosive conflict. $42.00 Hb, NZRP$53.00 ISBN 9780805091533, October 2011, 384 pages Henry Holt & Company Quantity

In Dr. Seuss & Co. Go to War, we discover an astonishing treasure trove of over three hundred incisive political cartoons by Seuss as well as a cohort of other legendary cartoonists of the time. $34.95 Pb, NZRP$39.95 ISBN 9781595585455, February 2011, 288 pages The New Press


The battle of Budapest in the bleak winter of 1944-45 was one of the longest and bloodiest city sieges of World War II. This title covers the soldiers experiences, and those of the 800,000 non-combatants around whom the battle raged. $24.95 Pb, NZRP$34.95 ISBN 9781848859739, August 2011, 392 pages I.B.Tauris Publishers

9 781595 585455

Peter Fleming rescued the story from military archives and, together with the recollections of those involved, pieced together the dramatic preparations for what could have been one of the most significant and potentially world-changing battles in history. $29.95 Pb, NZRP$38.00 ISBN 9781848856998, October 2011, 336 pages I.B.Tauris Publishers


9 780805 091533


9 781848 859739

In the form of a concise historical atlas—replete with full-color maps; rare color photographs; period artwork; timelines; and reproductions of fascinating letters, documents, and historical objects—this beautiful, cutting-edge history offers a completely new overview of the modern era’s most destructive war. $49.95 Hb, NZRP$64.95 ISBN 9781595586810, October 2011, 176 pages The New Press

9 781848 856998


As a British Intelligence Officer during World War II, Hugh Trevor-Roper was expressly forbidden from keeping a diary due to the sensitive and confidential nature of his work. This title reveals the voice and experiences of Trevor-Roper, a war-time ‘backroom boy’ who spent most of the war engaged in confidential intelligence work in England. $54.95 Hb, ISBN 9781848859906, NZRP$69.95 November 2011, 320 pages I.B.Tauris Publishers

This book provides fresh insights into the making of imperial foreign policy in the inter-war era, imperial history, the origins of World War II and Australian history. $39.95 Hb, ISBN 9781848859982, NZRP$49.95 December 2011, 320 pages I.B.Tauris Publishers



9 781848 859906

9 781595 586810

9 781848 859982

Sale or return terms are available for orders placed using this form. Discuss and leave this form with your Sales Representative or fax directly to: Anthony McKenney, National Sales Manager 02 9285 9290. August titles


M Mi d o o F d M d n i d o o Food M in For Every F d d n d M i o in d d o M o n F M i o d d o d F n M Mind o o i n d o i F o F M d o M d o F d o o d d n d Foi o Food F ood Fo Min ind Mi ind MinFionododM d F o o F M d o M F d M o F d n d o i d d d o F in n o o n i M i d o F o M Fd M d o F n o i d F i d d o n d o n i F M i M od o F d o M nd M F d o F n d o n i i o F d o M i d d o M F o o n i d M d d o F Fd M Foo in in d o nd M d o M d o n F i d o o d d n o F i M in o F d d o M d n o M i F d o n i d d o d F M o o n M i dod F d Fo n i d n d o M i o n F i M o Foo d M d F n M i o d d d o n do i F M Mind in d o n i o M F M o M d d F d o o n d i d n o F i o n nd F i d od FooieM M F n M i d d d n Min ind Mi d Mind MinFdooMd iFnocdoed SFcoodeFo n od nc F o n i e o M d M i F n M c d m o e i d d l i o i F n S n d o i c i M F d e Foo e S od Fnd in M dFM d M c lm n i i d n m c d Fo ceFood l e n i i i M d n n F c m i n e l i d M i o cieonod ien S n m M o c i Fi l d M i F e S n m i M F lnc d c i F e S n i d M F m S d c l e n e o i i n e m o c F i FM ilS c incd ilmincdieM F c n mM n e S i e i S F m c e M iilnd Film c e c S F S d c n e m M ilm Min Filmence e i c c n F ien cie ilm ci eS ind

Invisible Men


Award-winning psychologist Michael E. Addis describes in this book an epidemic of personal, relational, and societal problems that are caused by the widespread invisibility of men’s vulnerabilities. $34.95 Pb, NZRP$44.95 ISBN 9780805092004, December 2011, 304 pages Henry Holt & Company

In a fascinating narrative that takes us from Marx to “McJobs”, Fordism to “funsultants”, Svendsen shows that despite our moaning, for most of us, life without work would probably fill us with despair. $29.95 Pb, NZRP$34.95 ISBN 9781844651542, 2008, 144 pages Acumen


Coping with Depression

Over 100 easy-to-follow vegetarian recipes from all parts of the globe with suggestions for substitute ingredients, useful facts and tips on sourcing fair trade and local ingredients. $44.95 Hb, NZRP$59.95 ISBN 9781906523381, 2010, 256 pages New Internationalist Qty


9 780805 092004

The Global Vegetarian Kitchen

9 781844 651542


Drawing on a wealth of clinical expertise, the authors have created an easy-to-use manual that explains everything you need to know about depression. $23.00 Pb, NZRP$29.00 ISBN 9781851688357, May 2011, 208 pages Oneworld Publications

In his fascinating and thought-provoking investigation into the meaning of hope, Stan van Hooft shows that hope is a fundamental structure of the way we live our lives. $24.95 Pb, NZRP$29.95 ISBN 9781844652600, May 2011, 176 pages Acumen



Classic Turkish Cooking

This work collects delicious traditional dishes from the Anatolian heartlands and classical recipes from the palace kitchens of the Ottoman sultans. $39.95 Pb, NZRP$49.95 ISBN 9781848859845, November 2011, 224 pages I.B.Tauris Publishers Qty

9 781851 688357

100 Silent Films

100 Silent Films provides an authoritative and accessible history of silent cinema through one hundred of its most interesting and significant films. As Bryony Dixon contends, silent cinema is not a genre; it is the first 35 years of film history. $29.95 Pb, NZRP$38.00 ISBN 9781844573080, June 2011, 272 pages Palgrave Macmillan

9 781906 523381

9 781848 859845

9 781844 652600

Welcome to Your Child's Brain

About Time

Neuroscientists Aamodt and Wang illuminate how children’s brains grow – and how they can be nurtured, scientifically, to reach their full potential. $29.95 Pb, NZRP$38.00 ISBN 9781851688470, August 2011, 320 pages Oneworld Publications

Weaving cosmology with day-to-day chronicles and a lively wit, astrophysicist Adam Frank tells the dazzling story of humanity’s invention of time and how we will experience it in the future. $29.95 Pb, NZRP$34.95 ISBN 9781851689095, March 2012, 432 pages Oneworld Publications

c S lm ilm F SFilm e Sc n e e i c c m c c F l n S i n e m S i eil e e iF ilm Film F Sm c c c c S n n e e l i e i i n m c c c F l e m i i l n S i S c F e ilm Ficlm e F mScie S c F e n l m c e i l i e i e n F m c c F e c il Film i n lm e S n F c e e i S m c i l c i e n F i S F ilm FilS c ie m ienc m e F c S c l m e n i l c i e c F m i S F l n i c S e e ilm e S m ilm F i ilmcF e c F c S c n m F l e e n i i m e c l m ilm F i c i ScFilm ien c S F n e e m c F i l c S c m n l i lm ilm Fi S e e m i F l c i e c S n F m c S F l i e n m e c i ilm ilm F m Fil ience n c e i S Qty


100 Cult Films

This accessible guide takes cult cinema fanatics and academics alike through the 100 most memorable films. Including vivid photos of unforgettable scenes, it brings to life the success behind some of the biggest movies. $39.00 Pb, NZRP$49.00 ISBN 9781844574087, October 2011, 256 pages Palgrave Macmillan Qty

9 781851 688470


9 781844 573080

9 781844 574087

9 781851 689095

Why Dont's Spiders Stick to Their Webs?

From Eternity to Here

In this bestselling scientific tour of answers both cosmic and quotidian, science columnist and researcher Robert Matthews tackles an array of baffling conundrums, delivering entertaining and enlightening answers. $19.95 Pb, NZRP$24.95 ISBN 9781851689002, October 2011, 256 pages Oneworld Publications

Twenty years after Stephen Hawking’s 9-million-copy selling A Brief History of Time, pioneering theoretical physicist Sean Carroll takes our investigation into the nature of time to the next level. $24.95 Pb, NZRP$29.95 ISBN 9781851688425, December 2011, 512 pages Oneworld Publications



9 781851 689002

August titles


9 781851 688425

d l r d o y W e n d d o d rl M rl o y o y d e e l W n W n o r o d d o ey M l M l od r W r y y e o o e n d n n o l o W W o r Mrld ey M d M o l olodd y y r e W e n o n o n o o d o W M W n d M ey M i d d o y d l l o M e y l r r e n r d rld n o o n o o o M ldey M W W M ey o o d d o y l e l F W n r n Mon r o o o d od Wor o M M W d W ld y l o ld e ey one r d Fr n n l o o o r r M ey M o W o ood Wo M W d y e l F d n d n n dorlodd orl o rol y Mo or M o M W Wd Foldd W d Mi rld W Mrolnde Money Mo roo orl o neyd o y o e W F e W n W l o l d d o o r yeM d o ldooW p l M d l o o r M r o y eP onee W o rF n W d o o d W e l o d Ml eyoMpl y M r eop Wo oFrolodd l o r ee d onPe o W n l P d o W r o d W M e d d o Frolod pl ey M rl oplWo inodrlneyeM o o nle e ld le M o do od i W e P o P W o M W r o M e dey op ey o eoprld oplrln F M o l F p W d drl Perold e PWo ePeWoMoe PeMon o o o F y l l y l d d e o e e W e p p l l p n l l n r o r o o o W p p o eldM eoy M e e o e o P P P nP-eo W W r le P e e e eld o d l l p l n n e l p p o p o W o l eM oor Peoor Peo p M d e P o i l y P ene le l e or i Pe e W pleld W plW o lc p oM p r M o e o o d o e e P e e l e

Father The Atlas of Climate Change Since the first edition of this highly acclaimed Atlas was published in 2006 climate change has climbed even further up the global agenda. $29.95 Pb, NZRP$34.95 ISBN 9781849712170, October 2011, 128 pages Earthscan Qty

9 781849 712170

Tide Players

Life Without Money

In Tide Players, acclaimed New Yorker contributor and author Jianying Zha depicts a new generation of movers and shakers who are transforming modern China. $35.00 Hb, NZRP$52.00 ISBN 9781595586209, April 2011, 240 pages The New Press

We urgently need to combat those who say ‘there is no alternative’ to the current system, but what would an alternative look like? The contributors to Life Without Money argue that it is time radical, nonmarket models were taken seriously. $39.95 Pb, NZRP$49.95 ISBN 9780745331652, November 2011, 256 pages Pluto


9 781595 586209


9 780745 331652

On History

Empires at War

The House Advantage

In working together on two challenging new documentaries, filmmaker Oliver Stone engaged with author and filmmaker Tariq Ali in a probing, hard-hitting conversation on the politics of history. $24.95 Pb, NZRP$29.95 ISBN 9781608461493, November 2011, 122 pages Haymarket

Asia has transformed the geopolitical global balance. This title gives a dramatic narrative account of how this ‘Modern Asia’ came into being. $39.95 Pb, NZRP$49.95 ISBN 9781848858657, March 2011, 784 pages I.B.Tauris Publishers

Jeff Ma used math and statistics to master the game of blackjack and reap handsome rewards at casinos. The House Advantage reveals Ma’s cutting-edge mathematical insights into the world of statistics and makes them applicable to a wide business audience. $24.95 Pb, NZRP$29.95 ISBN 9780230120631, February 2012, 272 pages Palgrave Macmillan



9 781848 858657

9 781608 461493


Killing Lincoln

Henry Ayers

A riveting historical narrative of the heartstopping events surrounding the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, and the first work of history from megabestselling author Bill O’Reilly. $39.95 Hb, NZRP$49.95 ISBN 9780805093070, September 2011, 336 pages Henry Holt & Company

This first biography of Henry Ayers examines all aspects of his life - from his humble origins in the naval city of Portsmouth in southern England, his migration to Australia and his career as a miner, businessman and as Premier of South Australia. $58.00 Hb, NZRP$69.95 ISBN 9781848855632, 2010, 288 pages I.B.Tauris Publishers

9 780230 120631

Conversation with Power

Fresh out of college, and frustrated with own generation’s political apathy, Brian Till set out to interview the former world leaders he most admired. Here, he distills what they learned in office, their predictions for the future, and their advice for the leaders of tomorrow. $24.95 Pb, NZRP$29.95 ISBN 9780230110588, May 2011, 272 pages

Por eopl P e p l e P W ple nlc e o p l e W o p P o P e o e P e n e e l P l e P e p p p l i clie o o o p e e e M o P e Pe P P e l e e e l p l e l p o p cp l o e o o n p e eo e e P o P P P e e e e l P e i d l p l l c p e p o o eo o e pl or e e P v P oS P P ple e e W e l l e p e l c p l p o Pieen nPceeop e Peo le Peo le Peo ple Pe e e l p i p o l p o c o e p o e P e S o P e P P e e P e e l l e le p ei l p c l p o p o S p o e o e Pceeo pnlceePe ple Pe ople P ople P eople P o e e o e i P ple e P e c P P e P ple e S l e l l p p o p o o e o e o e P e P P P e P le e ee Qty

9 780805 093070


The Strongman

And So It Goes

This title charts the dramatic fight for Russia’s future under Vladimir Putin - how the former KGB man changed from reformer to autocrat and how he sought the West’s respect but earned its fear. $39.95 Hb, NZRP$49.95 ISBN 9781780760162, December 2011, 288 pages I.B.Tauris Publishers

This book is the culmination of five years of research and writing—the first-ever biography of the life of Kurt Vonnegut. $39.95 Hb, NZRP$49.95 ISBN 9780805086935, November 2011, 528 pages Henry Holt & Company



9 781780 760162


9 781848 855632

The Face of the Third Reich

In this compelling account, Joachim Fest shows how it was these individual personalities and their vicious power struggles that combined to give form to Hitler’s terrifying vision. $28.00 Pb, NZRP$35.00 ISBN 9781848857032, August 2011, 416 pages I.B.Tauris Publishers

9 780805 086935

August titles

9 780230 110588



9 781848 857032

Palgrave Publicity On Tour

Spotlight On….

Ann Curthoys, Australian Research Council professorial fellow at the University of Sydney, will be appearing at the Sydney Writers’s Festival 2012, May 14 - 20.

The Blake Book: Art, Religion and Spirituality in Australia is back in stock! The Blake Prize for religious art has now withstood 60 years of controversy as critics from many walks of life have argued as to what, in these decades of Australia’s history, constitutes ‘religious art’. Rosemary Crumlin’s richly illustrated book traces the changing styles of the literally thousands of entries to the Prize over six decades. These begin with winners of the prize in the 1950s who modelled their works on examples from Western art history and then extends to the decades when non-objectivity posed problems for those seeking religious imagery, through to the inclusion of Indigenous art and influences stemming from Asia and the Muslim world. This is a profoundly important history of a particular aspect of Australian art. $69.95 Pb, ISBN 9781921394737, NZRP$89.95 Quantity October 2011, 244 pages Macmillan Art Publishing

Ann is the author of How to Write History that People Want to Read, which explains how to succeed in writing exciting historical narratives. It explores why some historical writing is not so engaging, and why some of it is as good as any writing you will ever read. $34.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230290389, NZRP$44.95 June 2011, 448 pages Palgrave Macmillan Academic Terms


Palgrave in the News What are others saying about our recent releases?

Palgrave News!

My Beautiful Genome

Australian artist Tim Storrier has won the Archibald Prize for 2012! Tim Storrier, among Australia’s most highlyregarded and best-selling painters, remains enigmatic. His paintings, which combine the traditional genres of landscape and still-life, executed at a masterly level, are at once beautiful and frightening. Storrier, the individual, can be abrupt and peppery, and some suggest that his fiery landscapes indicate an artist ‘painting out his anger’. However, Storrier’s art is more an observation of natural vistas of ocean, sunrise and night-sky with transient themes selected from the banality of modern human survival and communication.

“Frank’s account of our basic material stuff is intriguing, exciting and illuminating.” – The Sydney Morning Herald, 10th March 2012 $24.95 Pb, ISBN 9781851688333, NZRP$32.00 Quantity

Death in a Cold Climate “Death in a Cold Climate is… the kind of book that sticks its neck out and invites argument by expressing opinions in such exuberant language that you are carried along, interested and involved.” – The Canberra Times, 25th February 2012 $39.00 Pb, ISBN 9781851688531, NZRP$49.00 Quantity

Tim Storrier: Moments

Art: A Beginner’s Guide

$130.00 Hb, ISBN 9781921394140, NZRP$160.00 2009, 332 pages Qty Macmillan Art Publishing

“[This] is one of the clearest and most practical engagingly written books on art history and criticism I’ve ever come across. In fact, it’s the Swiss Army Knife (or should I say iPhone?) of art guides.” – The West Australian, 10th March 2012 $24.95 Pb, ISBN 9781851688531, NZRP$29.95

Tim Storrier: Mini Book #4 $34.95 Hb, ISBN 9781921394126, NZRP$44.95 2008, 144 pages Qty Macmillan Art Publishing


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Biography Chaplin's Music Hall

The Odyssey of Ibn Battuta

The Chaplins and their Circle in the Limelight

Uncommon Tales of a Medieval Adventurer

Barry Anthony is the author of The King's Jester: The Life of Dan Leno, Victorian Comic Genius.

Born in 14th century Morocco, and a contemporary of Marco Polo, Ibn Battuta has left us an account in his own words of his remarkable journeys throughout the Islamic world and beyond: journeys punctuated by adventure and peril, and stretching from his home in Tangiers to Zaytun in faraway China. Recounting the many miracles which its author claims to have experienced personally, his al-rihla or 'Travelogue' is a fascinating mosaic of mysticism and reportage offering a prototype of magic realism. David Waines discusses the subtleties of the al-rihla, revealing all the wonders of Ibn Battuta's world to the modern reader. This is a gripping treatment of the life and times of one of history's most daring, and at the same time most human, discoverers. $32.95 Pb, ISBN 9781780763606, NZRP$39.95 Publish August 2012, 228 pages I.B.Tauris Publishers Biography/Travel

David Waines, Lancaster University, UK.

Charlie Chaplin grew up in and around the music hall. His experiences of the culture of the music hall were a major influence, shaping his style of acting and the films he made, most famously Limelight, which tells the story of a failing variety performer and which evoked painful memories of his own past. The author reveals the difficult and oftentragic lives of London's variety community in the late-Victorian and Edwardian years, a time of great change in the music hall and entertainment scene, and in doing so sheds important new light on the inspiration behind Chaplin's genius, providing a fascinatingly fresh perspective on this popular cultural icon of the twentieth century. $54.95 Hb, ISBN 9781780763149, NZRP$69.95 Publish August 2012, 224 pages I.B.Tauris Publishers Historical Biography

Now in Paperback!



9 781780 763149

9 781780 763606

John Keats

The Strategic Victory

A Literary Life

The War Against Batista in the Sierra Maestra

R.S. White, University of Western Australia, Australia.

Fidel Castro.

L iterary L ives

With scholarly elegance, this latest biography of Keats finds fresh links between the poet's work and his life. His five years as a medical student are considered in the formation of his thought, as are his political radicalism and philosophical ideas of life as a 'vale of soul-making' and of the 'three chambers' of the creative imagination. Keats is seen as more heavily indebted to Renaissance writers than were his contemporaries. R. S. White tactfully probes Keats's emotional entanglements with Fanny Brawne and other women, and the shifting relationships within his literary coterie. The much loved odes, The Eve of St Agnes and narrative poems are considered alongside his playwrighting ventures and many other rich poems that are not so well known. $44.95 Pb, ISBN 9781137030474, NZRP$54.95 Publish August 2012, 272 pages Palgrave Macmillan Biography

Here at last is the first volume in Fidel Castro's long-awaited memoir, a project he has been working on since he retired from public office in 2006. Opening with an extensive chapter on his childhood and youth, this is Fidel Castro's never before published account of the guerrilla movement that led to the Cuban revolution in 1959. Besides being a lively and absorbing memoir and the most authoritative history of the period, this is also destined to be a classic of military history. A keen student of great military tacticians, Fidel led 3000 young guerrillas who pitted themselves against General Batista's 10,000 troops that were supported and trained by the United States. Including 270 pages of photos and color maps, as well as facsimiles of key documents, this is an unprecedented source of documentary material. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9780987077905, NZRP$49.95 Publish August 2012, 600 pages Ocean Press Biography

Australian Author Now in Paperback! Quantity


9 781137 030474

9 780987 077905

The Making and Unmaking of a Zionist

Woody Guthrie

A Personal and Political Journey

Ron Cohen, Indiana University, USA.

Antony Lerman, Institute for Jewish Policy Research.

Woody Guthrie is the most famous and influential folk music composer and performer in the history of the United States. His influence exceeded the realm of American music, reaching American politics. Guthrie's music became the soundtrack to the Great Depression, and iconic of the Dust Bowl migrants. Guthrie and his music came to represent those disenfranchised people who remained committed to making better lives for themselves through the promise of the American Dream. Here, in a short, accessible biography, bolstered with primary documents, including letters, autobiographical excerpts, and reflections by Pete Seeger, Cohen introduces Guthrie's life and music influence to students of American history and culture. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415895699, NZRP$49.95 Publish August 2012, 160 pages Routledge Biography

Writing America's Songs


9 780745 332765


9 780415 895699 August titles


R outledge H istoric al A meric ans

Antony Lerman traces his five-decade personal, political, and intellectual journey from idealistic young socialist-Zionist in the 1960s to controversial and outspoken critic of Israeli policies towards the Palestinians. As head of an influential policy think tank and a major grant-making foundation, he operated at the highest levels of UK and international Jewish political and intellectual life. Having held these positions he provides a unique perspective on his experience of the Jewish establishment's hostility towards his views on Israel and Zionism. Through his critique of Zionism, his critical assessment of Jewish political processes, and his analysis of the Israel-Palestine conflict, the author presents a powerful human rights-based argument about how the conflict can be resolved whilst respecting views on all sides. $44.95 Hb, ISBN 9780745332765, NZRP$54.95 Publish August 2012, 288 pages Pluto Memoir

Pocket Study Skills Report Writing

14 Days to Exam Success

Michelle Reid, University of Reading, UK.

Lucinda Becker, University of Reading, UK.

Aims to give students the understanding, confidence and tools to use report writing conventions to communicate their purpose, whatever their subject and whatever report they are writing. Real-life student examples included to illustrate good writing style and effective communication. Diagrams and illustrations are used to make key points. $12.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230376557, NZRP$17.95 Publish August 2012, 80 pages Palgrave Macmillan Pocket Study Skills

A practical guide to effective revision and success in exams, taking the reader through a fourteen-day programme which ensures maximum results in the time available. With illustrations to enhance the text, it shows the reader how to tackle common revision and exam challenges through exercises, checklists, and worked examples. $12.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230249103, NZRP$17.95 Published July 2010, 104 pages Palgrave Macmillan Pocket Study Skills


9 780230 376557

Reflective Writing

Planning Your Essay

Kate Williams and Mary Wooliams, both Oxford Brookes University, UK; Jane Spiro is Principal Lecturer in Education and TESOL.

Janet Godwin, Oxford Brookes University, UK.. Essay writing at university is an essential skill but for many students is an area where they lack confidence. This handy guide takes students through the complete process from what to do before they begin, to using feedback constructively for their next essay. Clearly and well-presented, it includes lively illustrations. $12.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230220676, NZRP$17.95 Published July 2009, 128 pages Palgrave Macmillan Pocket Study Skills

Reflective Writing provides concise and practical guidance on how students can improve their academic writing through self-reflective thinking, reading and writing. Covering a range of frameworks and strategies, it includes advice on applying reflective practices to personal and CV development. $12.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230377257, NZRP$17.95 Publish August 2012, 128 pages Palgrave Macmillan Pocket Study Skills


9 780230 377257


9 780230 220676

Studying with Dyslexia

Time Management

Janet Godwin, Oxford Brookes University, UK..

Kate Williams, Oxford Brookes University, UK and Michelle Reid, University of Reading, UK.

This handy guide offers skills and advice to help you use your dyslexia constructively and become an effective student. $12.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230390560, NZRP$17.95 Publish August 2012, 96 pages Palgrave Macmillan Pocket Study Skills


9 780230 390560


This easy-to-use guide helps students to improve their time management skills. Focusing specifically on challenges posed within a higher education context, it provides practical advice for students at all level. Concise yet effective, the book's informal style is supplemented by engaging illustrations. $12.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230299603, NZRP$17.95 Published July 2011, 128 pages Palgrave Macmillan Pocket Study Skills


Writing for University Jeanne Godfrey is the author of Reading and Making Notes and How to Use Your Reading in Your Essays.

Julia Copus has taught academic and creative writing throughout the UK and is an Advisory Fellow for the Royal Literary Fund, an Honorary Fellow of Exeter University and Fellow of the Royal Society of Art.

This concise, handy guide demystifies academic writings, providing students with real insight into writing well at university. Direct and practice advice allows students to gain the confidence, knowledge, and tools to hit the ground running from their first year of study. Well-presented, featuring lively illustrations. $12.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230291201, NZRP$17.95 Published July 2011, 128 pages Palgrave Macmillan Pocket Study Skills

With tips on punctuation, style, grammar, and essay structure, this handy guide provides succinct and practical guidance on students' most common area of concern in their written work. Each tip is supplemented by authentic examples of student writing; suggested re-writes; and appropriate selfhelp experiences. $12.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230220027, NZRP$17.95 Published July 2009, 112 pages Palgrave Macmillan Pocket Study Skills Quantity


9 780230 299603

Brilliant Writing Tips for Students

9 780230 220027


9 780230 249103

9 780230 291201 August titles



Macmillan Art An Interpretation of This Title Nietzshe, Darwin and the Paradox of Content (Volume 1)

Waiting For - (Text for Nothing) Samuel Beckett, in Play (Volume 2) Joseph Kosuth

This two-volume set documents installations by acclaimed American artist Joseph Kosuth which have been commisioned by Juliana Engberg of the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art in Melbourne Australia. The first was shown in the Talbot Rice Gallery, University of Edinburg in 2009 and later at Anna Schwartz Gallery, Sydney, while the second was shown at ACCA, Melbourne, in the summer of 2010-2011. Joseph Kosuth's work, executed principally in text formed of neon lighting, first appeared in the 1960s and has consistently explored the role of language and its meanings in art. His forty years enquiry has led to commissions and publications throughout Europe, the Americas, and Asia - including five Documenta(s) and six Venice Biennale(s). He lives in Rome and New York City. The two volumes contain texts by Joseph Kosuth, Juliana Engberg of ACCA, and Pat Fisher from the Talbot Rice Gallery as well as significant essays by John Welchman, noted Art historian and Professor of Modern History at the University of California, San Diego, and Ronald Jones, an artist and critic who leads the Experience Design Group at Konstfack University College in Stockholm. The photography of the installations is stunning. $79.95 Hard cover case bound with belly-band, ISBN 9781921394553, NZRP$99.95 Publish May 2012, 184 pages Palgrave Macmillan Macmillan Art

9 781921 394553


Vassilieff and His Art Felicity St John Moore Danila Vassilieff, a passionate, freedom-loving Cossack who burst upon the Australian art scene in the mid-1930s is, in this book, posited as the missing link in the story of 20th century painting in Australia. The author suggests that the emotionalism and originality of his art, and his unconventional lifestyle, has a lasting effect on the art of Nolan, Tucker, Hester, Percival, Blackman, and Arthur Boyd. His imaginative response to the Australian landscape deepened this impact. This critical survey of Vassilieff's painting and sculpture is richly illustrated and fully documented with catalogues of his creative output in both areas. It is also provides the moving story of a legendary character who died poverty-stricken, in 1958, at the age of 60. His struggle to prove himself as an individual and an artist has all the ingredients of a novel.

$69.95 Pb, ISBN 9781921394874, NZRP$89.95 Publish May 2012, 240 pages Palgrave Macmillan Macmillan Art

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9 781921 394874

August titles



Business & Economics

9 780230 284197

The Compliance Business and Its Customers

The Making of an Atlantic Ruling Class

Edward Kasabov, Cardiff University, UK and Alex J. Warlow, Institute of Direct Marketing, UK.

Kees Van der Pijl, University of Sussex, UK.

Businesses must maintain good levels of customer service in a digital world where old strategies may no longer suffice. This book explores what the succesful compliance-centred businesses are doing to manage and improve customer experience. By analysing dramatic and rapid transformations in strategies, tactics, and business models designed by 'customer compliance' businesses, this book identifies what really drive the success of these businesses, something which is inadequately understood and concepualised by academics, and which existing academic theories fail to explain. $59.95 Hb, ISBN 9780230284197, NZRP$69.95 Publish August 2012, 192 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Business & Economics

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Digital Labor

Not Just China

The Internet as Playground and Factory

The Rise of Recalls in the Age of Global Business

Digital Labor asks whether life on the internet is mostly work, or play. Large corporations profit on our online activity by tracking our interests, affiliations, and habits - and then collectiong and selling the data. What is the nature of this interactive 'labor' and the new forms of digital sociality that it brings into being? It suggests that there is no longer a clear divide between 'the personal and 'work' as all become fodder for speculative profit. It argues that we are living in a total labor society and the way in which we are commoditized, racialized, and engendered is normalized by the domiant discourse of digital culture. $57.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415896955, NZRP$72.00 Publish August 2012, 272 pages Routledge Quantity Business & Economics

Hari Bapui, University of Manitoba, Canada.

9 781137 032362

Ethical Lessons of the Financial Crisis

Stories of Life in the Workplace

Eileen P. Flynn, Saint Peter's College, USA.

An Open Architecture for Organizational Narratology

The crisis in the financial industry brought the U.S. economy to the brink of a major depression. Government officials, economists and financial executives intervened to implement measures to mitigate the damage, applying their expertise and using their best judgments to rescue the economy. The actions they took required technical competence, pragmatic judgments and controversial decisions. They worked through a crisis to try to prevent a very bad situation from becoming a catastrophe. As events played out in the autumn of 2008, there was little time to reflect on how immoral conduct contributed to the crisis and how financial recovery needs to be built on an ethical foundation. $44.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415516754, NZRP$59.95 Publish August 2012, 288 pages Routledge Quantity Business & Economics

Larry Browning, University of Texas, USA and G. H. Morris, California State University, USA. The authors explains how stories affect human practices and organizational life. They explore how we experience, interpret, and personalize narrative stories in our everyday lives, and how these communicative acts impact our social aims and interactions. With a perception of narrative and its organizational application, chapters focus on areas such as pedagogy, therapy, project management, strategic planning, public communication, and organizational culture. $59.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415539999, NZRP$69.95 Publish August 2012, 208 pages Routledge Business & Economics Quantity

9 780415 539999

Goal-Focused Coaching

Taking Liberties

Theory and Practice

A Critical Examination of Libertarian Paternalism

Yossi Ives, Tag International Development, UK and Elaine Cox, Oxford Brookes Business School, UK.

9 780415 808965

Product recalls have increased dramatically in the recent past. Consequently, the safety of imported products has been pushed to the top of the agenda for companies, consumers, and governments. It has been argued that recalls occur due to differences among national standards, cost pressures and opportunistic behavior by companies. The key to decreasing recalls and harm from defective products lies in improving product designs, learning from recalls and swiftly acting on incidents. These point to the dangers in the disaggregation of value chains and the need to effectively manage them. $39.95 Pb, ISBN 9781137032362, NZRP$49.95 Publish August 2012, 204 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Business & Economics

This book offers a comprehensive, practical guide to goal-focused coaching. Addressing a significant gap in the literature, the author contextualize goal-focused coaching within the broader coaching framework and explain the efficacy of this approach across a number of contexts and applications. The book draws on behavioral science, rather than humanistic psychology, to provide a well-researched, evidence-based guide that includes a details examination of the theoretical underpinnings of this appriach and cutting edge insights into barriers to coaching. $57.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415808965, NZRP$72.00 Publish August 2012, 188 pages Productivity Press Quantity Business & Economics

Dr Ricardo Rebonato, Oxford University, UK.

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9 780230 391550

August titles


Riccardo Rebonato offers a critical analysis of the Libertarian Paternalist approach that has taken the political landscape by storm. He surveys the different tools used to influence behaviour and how this can encroach on personal freedoms, such as: children’s cafetaria (health vs profits), taxes on cigarettes: (health vs wealth), pensions (Is the Government scheme too risky?). This is the first book to discuss the negative aspects of Libertarian Paternalism and the political engineering of individual choice to guide people into making more ‘rational’ decisions. $59.95 Hb, ISBN 9780230391550, NZRP$69.95 Publish June 2012, 272 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Business & Economics

R outledge C ommunic ation S eries

9 780415 516754


9 781844 678716

Trebor Scholz.

9 780415 896955

With The Making of an Atlantic Ruling Class, Kees van der Pijl put class formation at the heart of our understanding of the world politics and the global economy. This landmark study dissects one of the most decisive phenomena of the twentieth century - the rise of an Atlantic ruling class of multinational banks and corporations. A new preface by the author evaluates the book's significance in the light of recent political and economic developments. $44.95 Pb, ISBN 9781844678716, NZRP$59.95 Publish August 2012, 384 pages Verso Business & Economics

Society Feature & Titles Culture Animal and Shaman

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Ancient Religions of Central Asia Julian Baldick, King's College London, UK.

❝Listen to Lone Frank, author of My Beautiful Genome, on ABC Radio's All in the Mind talking with David Dobbs about the OrchidDandellion Hypothesis... $19.95 Pb, ISBN 9781851689149, NZRP$24.95


9 781851 689149

❝Is our increasing dependence on technology altering our psychology? Grab a copy of Larry Rosen's iDisorder to find out! In all good bookstores now, or available online... $34.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230117570, NZRP$44.95


9 780230 117570

9 781780 762326

Cultural Change and Persistence

❝Dreaming of a Paris adventure? Check out Eric Hazan's The

New Perspectives on Development

Invention of Paris. As Angela Meyers says, 'any visit to this city would be made richer by taking the time to read Hazan's book'... $24.95 Pb, ISBN 9781844677054, NZRP$29.95

William Ascher, Claremont McKenna College, USA and John M. Heffron, Soka University of America, USA.


9 781844 677054

❝Listen to an interview with Paul Mason, author of Why It's Kicking Off Everywhere, on ABC Radio National's Late Night Live...❞ $29.95 Pb, ISBN 9781844678518, NZRP$39.95 Quantity

9 781844 678518

9 781137 034847

❝Remembering Che, the memoir of Che Guevara's widow is out now! Look for it in all good bookstores or online.❞

History, Society, and Polity Nyla Ali Khan teaches at the University of Oklahoma, USA and was previously an associate professor at the University of Nebraska-Kearney. She is a native of Kashmir.

9 780987 077936

❝How did a rabbit get so tied up with Easter? Discover the answer here in Holy Holidays...❞ $24.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230104877, NZRP$29.95 Quantity

9 780230 104877

❝The world's largest Titanic attraction has just opened in Belfast! The Titanic? We've got a book for that! The Myth of Titanic...❞

9 781137 029577

$34.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230313804, NZRP$43.00 Quantity

This book addresses the challenge of pursuing development while safeguarding cherished aspects of deeply-rooted cultural practices and beliefs. The authors tackle the thorny problem of how to define and identify cultural aspects worthy of persistence. They document how leaders and activists use culture to shape development and vice versa, with examples ranging from the use of historical understandings to promote or critique economic development strategies, to efforts to modify cultural practices in order to prevent their decline. $45.00 Pb, ISBN 9781137034847, NZRP$57.00 Publish August 2012, 278 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Society & Culture

The Parchment of Kashmir

$24.95 Pb, ISBN 9780987077936, NZRP$32.95 Quantity

Julian Baldick descrives a common inheritance among the beliefs of the various peoples who have lived in central Asia or have migrated from there: Scythians, Mongols, Manchus, Finns and Hungarians. Shamans (holy men and healers among the pagan faiths) relied heavily on animal sacrifices to create spiritual purity and to nourish the soul. As a result, animals and spirituality were locked in a mutually dependent embrace. The author demonstrates that in pagan times worship and spiritual expression evinced remarkable common features: and that these similarities were largely based on the roles of animals in the different cultures of Central Asia. $34.00 Pb, ISBN 9781780762326, NZRP$43.00 Publish August 2012, 224 pages I.B.Tauris Publishers Quantity Society & Culture

In this volume, Kashmiri scholars of all disciplines undertake a new look at their homeland and provide a set of visions for Kashmiri culture and society. The book offers a panorama of key cultural concerns of Jammu & Kashmir today, from the military aspects of the Kashmir conflict to the modern-day revival of indigenous cultural institutions, from the effects of religious discourse and gender-based social hierarchy to relations with India and Pakistan. $128.00 Pb, ISBN 9781137029577, NZRP$162.00 Publish August 2012, 272 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Society & Culture

Teaching Matters Stories from Inside City School

9 780230 313804

Beverly Falk, The City College of New York, USA.

❝Congratulations to Tim Storrier for being awarded the Archibald Prize! If you'd like to see more of this great Australian artist's work, check out Tim Storrier: Moments... $130.00 Pb, ISBN 9781921394140, NZRP$160.00


9 781921 394140

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August titles


Drawing upon teachers' firsthand experiences in some of today's most demanding schools, the authors provide an enlightening account of what our students really need-and how teachers are stepping up to provide what state standards and political posturing cannot. The book follow educators as they strive to change systems that fail to address the needs of their students, from efforts to break the silence about homophobia in schools and multipronged strategies to build stronger relationships with immigrant families to the modification of ineffective curriculum to foster the growth of the "whole child.". $29.95 Pb, ISBN 9781595584908, NZRP$39.95 Publish August 2012, 160 pages The New Press Quantity Society & Culture

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9 781137 018472

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9 781137 018670

P algrave S tudies

in the

E nlightenment , R omanticism

and the

C ultures


P rint

Language & Literature

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Romantic Consciousness

Women of Reason from Enlightenment to Romanticism

Blake to Mary Shelley

Elizabeth Eger, King's College London, UK.

John Beer traces the Romantic perception that rational consciousness could not adequately represent all that was implicit in the human psyche, and the consequent invocation of a human sense of 'Being' - related either to the Divine Being or to a universal spirit - as supplement. Although an intuition of the kind can be traced in Blake, the writer most responsible for articulating and developing it was Coleridge, whose interest in psychology and earlier, more pantheistic, speculations provided a powerful stimulus to Wordsworth's ideas concerning Nature. $44.00 Pb, ISBN 9781137018113, NZRP$55.00 Publish August 2012, 240 pages Palgrave Macmillan Literature

This book explores the cultural history of women's literary and intellectual activity in Britain between 1750 and 1812. Richard Samuel's painting, The Nine Living Muses of Great Britain (1779), forms the starting point and guiding motif of the book. In the bluestocking salon these arts were developed to new levels of moral significance and provided the basis for women's involvement with the formal literary genres of their time, including Shakespearean criticism and poetry. This book highlights women's role in shaping an evolving national canon of literature. $44.00 Pb, ISBN 9781137018472, NZRP$55.00 Publish August 2012, 296 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Literature

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Post-Romantic Consciousness

1688 and the Romantic Reform of Literature

Dickens to Plath

Anthony Jarrels, University of South Carolina, USA.

John Beer, Cambridge University, UK.

In 1688 an institutional change subordinated the monarchy to the parliament. A shift from an expansive, Enlightenment-based print culture to a private, imaginative realm of literature redirected the powerful and effects of print and subordinated politics to culture. Romantic-period writers found in 1688 a model for containing the threat of popular violence that had come to be linked with freedom of the press and freedom of association. Not only did they write endlessly about bloodless Revolution, reinventing it in the process; they also wrote as bloodless Revolution, enacting this new form of politics and reinventing literature itself in the process. $44.00 Pb, ISBN 9781137018670, NZRP$55.00 Publish August 2012, 240 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Literature

The book discusses further questionings of human consciousness. As Darwinism gained ground, undermining Romantic modes of thought, questions concerning human consciousness remained. In Dickens, for example, the struggle between a consciously affectionate and benevolent view of the world and an unconscious attraction to the criminal and violent probably led eventually to his failure to complete his last novel. Similar contradictions produced the Society for Psychical Research, where it was hoped that scientific investigation of abnormal psychical experiences might produce further insights into human nature. $44.00 Pb, ISBN 9781137018229, NZRP$55.00 Publish August 2012, 216 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Literature

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Two volume pack. $75.00, NZRP$93.00 9



Romantic Misfits

Reading Jane Austen

Robert Miles, University of Victoria, Canada.

Mona Scheuermann, Oakton Community College, USA. She has held visiting professorships at the University of Hamburg, the Free University of Berlin and the University of Berne. She is the author of Social Protest in the Eighteenth-Century English Novel; Her Bread to Earn: Women, Money, and Society from Defoe to Austen; and In Praise of Poverty.

In an age of personality, writers strove for attention by dramatising their status as a 'neglected genius', someone who wrote, not for the massmarket or for profit, but for the discerning few. 'Romantic misfit' is the common term for this modern identity. This book probes the modern institutionalisation of Literature by examining this process of inclusion and exclusion as it happened among first generation Romantics, where the tension between the late Enlightenment and its Romantic 'counter' was at its most acute. A recurring theme of Romantic Misfits is that Romanticism was institutionalised among the ruins of the public sphere. $44.00 Pb, ISBN 9781137018526, NZRP$55.00 Publish August 2012, 256 pages Palgrave Macmillan Literature Quantity

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An exploration of Austen's work against their historical and cultural backdrop to show precisely how she sets out the core themes of British morality. By situating the novels in such a remarkable era, Mona Scheuermann sharply defines Austen's view of the social contract. $41.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230340190, NZRP$52.00 Publish August 2012, 220 pages Palgrave Macmillan Literature Quantity

9 780230 340190

Mastering Practical Grammar

Shelley and Vitality

Sara Thorne is the author of Mastering Advanced English Language and Mastering Poetry.

Sharon Ruston, University of Salford, UK.

Introduces the basic terminology and concepts of modern grammar, with practical reinforcement throughout. The book contains exercises to test understanding and give readers the opportunity to consider grammar in context. This book contains logical organizations, moving from words to discourse, alternating chapters of theory and practice, clear definitions and examples, a wide variety of sample text for analysis, and a useful range of writing tasks for readers' own writing experiments. $37.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230542907, NZRP$46.00 Publish August 2012, 272 pages Palgrave Macmillan Literature 9 780230 542907


9 781137 018113

Britain's Bloodless Revolutions

9 781137 018526

P algrave M aster S eries

John Beer, Cambridge University, UK.


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9 781137 011121 August titles


This book reassesses Percy Shelley's engagement with late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century science and medicine, specifically his knowledge and use of theories on the nature of life presented in the debate between surgeons John Abernethy and William Lawrence. The medical search for a principal of life is shown to emerge from the political challenges of the day and to confront issues which are characteristically Shelleyan: the desired selflessness of the Romantic subject, sensibility, mutability, and the necessity of repositioning humankind in a newly conceived, active universe. $44.00 Pb, ISBN 9781137011121, NZRP$55.00 Publish August 2012, 248 pages Palgrave Macmillan Literature Quantity

Palgrave Macmillan August 2012 Trade Catalogue  

Palgrave Macmillan August 2012 Trade Catalogue