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The Arts in Education

The Engaged Campus

An Introduction to Aesthetics, Theory and Pedagogy

Dan W. Butin, Merimack College, USA and Scott Seider, Boston University, USA. The Engaged Campus offers a set of emerging best practices and articulation of critical issues for faculty and administrators committed to developing, strengthening, or expanding majors or minors in community engagement at their respective institutions. $48.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230338821, NZRP$61.00 Publish April 2012, 256 pages Palgrave Macmillan Education

Mike Fleming, University of Durham, UK.

9 780415 620291

In this book, Fleming offers an authoritative account of how ideas relevant to education are addressed by key authors in aesthetics, art theory and cultural studies. Covering all aspects of arts education, the book considers definitions and theories of art, influences on teaching the arts, researching the arts, teaching and learning, creativity and assessment. Throughout the book there are examples of practice to illustrate key ideas and a discussion of useful background texts with a summary of content and arguments for further exploration. $57.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415620291, NZRP$72.00 Publish April 2012, 160 pages Routledge Quantity Education

Assessment of Young Children

Global Education Inc.

A Collaborative Approach

New Policy Networks and The Neoliberal Imaginary

Lisa B. Fiore, Lesley University, USA.

9 780415 888127

This lively text helps the reader learn how to cultivate developmentally appropriate practice, create appropriate expectations, examine children’s work, interact in groups, and improve their teacher behavior. Readers will walk away with strategies for communicating information about children and portfolio assessment, and how the use of formal and informal methods of observation, documentation, and assessment are connected to teacher and student inquiry. The book explores how collaboration with children, families, and colleagues creates an image-not a diagnosis-of the child that is empowering rather than constraining. $41.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415888127, NZRP$52.00 Publish April 2012, 176 pages Routledge Quantity Education

Stephen J. Ball, University of London, UK. Stephen Ball explores the policy activities of edubusinesses, neo-liberal advocacy networks and policy entrepreneurs, and of social enterprises and ‘new’ philanthropy. He also addresses the ways in which education and education policy itself are now being exported and bought and sold as profitable commodities and how entrenched problems of educational development and educational quality and access are now being addressed through ‘market solutions’. $57.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415684101, NZRP$72.00 Publish April 2012, 176 pages Routledge Education

9 780415 684101

Lessons Learned

Renewing The Role of The University Professor

Sylvia Rosenfield, University of Maryland, USA. This book is designed to help students develop the process skills needed to become effective school consultants in consultee-centered consultation, with special emphasis on the instructional consultation model. The authors address specific skills and issues faced by novice consultants and documents how they worked through particular issues that are likely to occur in school consultation practice. $57.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415883443, NZRP$72.00 Publish April 2012, 224 pages Routledge Education



Intellectual Leadership in Higher Education

Becoming a School Consultant

9 780415 883443


9 780230 338821

Bruce Macfarlane, The University of Hong Kong, China.

9 780415 560825 1

April titles

This book provides a theoretical exploration of the meaning of intellectual leadership with particular reference to university professors and other senior academics. This will draw on new international research data involving professors in Europe, North America, Asia, and will also provide a practical series of recommendations for defining the role of a university professors more clearly and leveraging their expertise more effectively. $53.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415560825, NZRP$67.00 Publish April 2012, 154 pages Routledge Quantity Education

Professional Titles

9 780415 692960

Learning In and Out of School

The Right to Higher Education

The selected works of John Macbeath

Beyond Widening Participation

John MacBeath, University of Cambridge, UK.

Penny Jane Burke, Roehampton University, UK.

In this book, John MacBeath brings together eight of his most influential writings including chapters from his best-selling books, articles from leading journals, and excerpts from his contributions to the press. Also included are examples of press responses to research reports and to controversial issues. The introduction gives an overview of John’s career and contextualises his selection, the chapters cover topics such as: ‘Developing Skills for life after school’, ‘The Talent Enigma’, ‘Schools on the Edge: responding to challenging circumstances’, ‘Leadership as a Subversive Activity’, and ‘Do Schools have a Future?’. $57.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415692960, NZRP$72.00 Publish April 2012, 196 pages Routledge Quantity Education

This book focuses on the themes of difference and diversity to shed light on the operations of inequalities and the politics of access and participation both in terms of national and institutional policy and at the level of student and practitioner experience. It draws on the insights of the sociology of education to consider not only the patterns of under-representation in higher education but also the politics of misrepresentation, interrogates assumptions behind WP policy and discourse and critically reflecting on what is meant by educational participation. $57.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415568241, NZRP$72.00 Publish April 2012, 216 pages Routledge Education

Linguistic Minority Students Go to College

Science Learning, Science Teaching

Preparation, Access, and Persistence

Jerry Wellington, University of Sheffield, UK and Gren Ireson, Nottingham Trent University, UK.

Third edition

Yasuko Kanno, Temple University, USA and Linda Harklau, University of Georgia, USA.

9 780415 890625

This book looks at issues such as student race/ ethnicity, gender, SES, and parental education and expectations. It also addresses structural factors in schooling including tracking, segregation of English learners from English-fluent peers, availability and support of institutional personnel, and collegiate student identity and campus climate. This book advances knowledge in ways that will have a real impact on policy regarding linguistic minority immigrant students’ higher education opportunities. $59.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415890625, NZRP$75.00 Publish April 2012, 272 pages Routledge Quantity Education

Aiming to encourage professionals with the process of reflection in the science classroom, this book gives helpful advice and ideas for exploring the most up to date issues in the teaching of science. This is coupled with practical approaches for learning and teaching that will be of value in any classroom laboratory. New and updated chapters include safety in the classroom, understanding of children’s prior learning, and discovering the purposes of science education. $55.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415619721, NZRP$69.95 Publish April 2012, 316 pages Routledge Education

Monsters Under the Bed

Self-Study and Inquiry into Practice

Critically Investigating Early Years Writing

Learning to Teach for Equity and Social Justice in The Elementary School Classroom

Containing a critically creative and a creatively critical investigation of the cult and culture of the child and childhood in fiction and non-fictional writing, the book also contains a wealth of ideas and critical advice. This text dynamically explores the issue of picture books, literacy and writing for early years children with a wider view on child-centred culture, communication and media. Internationally recognised as an expert in the field, Andrew Melrose encourages academics, researchers and students to examine the fundamental questions in writing for and addressing ‘early years’ children, through an exploration of text and images. $41.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415617505, NZRP$52.00 Publish April 2012, 168 pages Routledge Quantity Education

Linda R. Kroll, Mills College, USA.

9 780415 600705

This book describes a stance and pedagogy for helping young teachers to be successful in the most challenging of circumstances. The use of inquiry and self-study as a way of thinking about, understanding and developing one’s practice and one’s teaching supports teachers’ continued inspiration and resilience, enabling them to teach all children effectively in the face of very challenging circumstances. Kroll shows the importance of using inquiry and self-study in learning to teach and also in continuing to learn as one teaches. $53.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415600705, NZRP$67.00 Publish April 2012, 168 pages Routledge Quantity Education

Multimodal Composing in Classrooms

Social Class and Education

Learning and Teaching for the Digital World

Lois Weis, University at Buffalo, USA and Nadine Dolby, Purdue University, USA

Global Perspectives

Suzanne M. Miller and Mary McVee, both from University of Buffalo, SUNY, USA

9 780415 897471


9 780415 619721

Andrew Melrose, University of Winchester, UK.

9 780415 617505


9 780415 568241

Taking a close look at multimodal composing as an essential new literacy in schools, this volume draws from contextualized case studies across educational contexts to provide detailed portraits of teachers and students at work in classrooms. Authors elaborate key issues in transforming classrooms with student multimodal composing, including changes in teachers, teaching, and learning. Six action principles for teaching for embodied learning through multimodal composing are presented and explained. $59.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415897471, NZRP$75.00 Publish April 2012, 192 pages Routledge Quantity Education

9 780415 886963

April titles


This is the first empirically grounded volume to explore the intersections of class, social structure, opportunity, and education on a truly global scale. Fifteen essays from contributors representing the US, Europe, China, Latin America and other regions offer an unparralleled examination of how social class differences are made and experienced through schooling. By underscoring the consequences of our new global reality, this volume takes seriously the transnational migration of commerce, capital and peoples and the ramifications of such for education and social structure. $62.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415886963, NZRP$78.00 Publish April 2012, 224 pages Routledge Quantity Education

Professional Titles Teacher Education around the World

Attention, Representation, and Human Performance

Changing Policies and Practices

Integration of Cognition, Emotion, and Motivation

Linda Darling-Hammond; Charles E. Ducommun, both from Stanford University, USA and Ann Lieberman, Columbia University, USA

9 780415 577014

In this book, leading international scholars describe the systemic policies and practices of teacher education in eight high-achieving countries Finland, Singapore, the Netherlands, the UK, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia and the USA - and how they are dealing with teacher quality, equity, and the changing global society. The authors highlight the importance of local cultural imperatives norms, political structures, history - that influence and shape the preparation of quality teachers and make change possible and problematic. $53.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415577014, NZRP$67.00 Publish April 2012, 208 pages Routledge Quantity Education

Slim Masmoudi University of Tunis, Tunisia; David Yun Dai, University at Albany, USA, and Abdelmajid Naceur, University of Tunis, Tunisia.

9 781848 729735

Teaching to Exceed the English Language Arts Common Core State Standards

Borrowed Narratives

A Literacy Practices Approach for 6-12 Classrooms

Harold Ivan Smith, Harold Ivan & Associates, Missouri, USA.

Using Biographical and Historical Grief Narratives with the Bereaving

Richard Beach, University of Minnesota, USA, Amanda Haertling, University of Iowa, USA, and Allen Webb, Western Michigan University, USA.

9 780415 808088

This text directly meets this need. It delineates a literacy practices and critical engagement curriculum framework for 6-12 English language arts education that explains and illustrates how the Standards’ highest and best intentions for student success can be implemented from a critical, culturally relevant perspective that is based in current literacy learning theory and research. $64.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415808088, NZRP$81.00 Publish April 2012, 256 pages Quantity Routledge Education

9 780415 893947

P S Y C H O L O G Y & P S Y C H O A N A LY S I S

Young Children in Changing Time

Twins in Therapy

Dion Sommer, University of Aarhus, Denmark.

Barbara Klein is an expert in child development and clinical psychology.

9 780415 887472

In a diverse society grief counselors and educators need to identify and “mine” the experienced grief(s) of historical personalities (e.g. Eleanor Roosevelt, Caroline Kennedy) for resources for reflection and meaning-making. This book will help readers to find, “read,” evaluate, extract, and adapt historical/biographical materials; create bio-narrative resources for use in grief counseling and grief education; explore the wide diversity of experienced grief in biographical narratives; and “harness” grief narratives for personal reflection. $55.00 Hb, ISBN 9780415893947, NZRP$69.95. Publish April 2012, 272 pages Routledge Quantity Grief Counseling

A Childhood Psychology

Alone in the Mirror

9 780415 893404

Scholars from Europe, North Africa and North America share their research programs and findings revolving around integration. There is a strong consensus that we need to understand a psychological phenomenon in all its complexity, involving its neural, psychological, and social dimensions, involving perception and conception, and decision processes, involving motivation, emotion, and cognition - all in complex interaction. $92.00 Hb, ISBN 9781848729735, NZRP$116.00 Publish April 2012, 287 pages Routledge Quantity Cognitive Psychology

Author Barbara Klein discusses the effects of stress and trauma on twin attachments and answers how psychotherapy should be applied to twins. Large emphasis is placed on attachment theory and the focus of the text revolves around the author’s observation that twins form very strong attachments to their therapists. This biographical data provides insights into unique identity development that will help the professional and non-professional become more aware of the twin experience. $51.00 Hb, ISBN 9780415893404, NZRP$64.00 Publish April 2012, 176 pages Routledge Psychotherapy Quantity

In this timely contribution to developmental psychology, Sommer argues that recent shifts in theory have occurred which require a greater emphasis on a more contextual understanding of child development. The author integrates research from history, anthropology and sociology as well as psychology to show how perceptions of children have changed. $57.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230252240, NZRP$72.00 Publish April 2012, 304 pages Palgrave Macmillan Developmental Psychology


9 780230 252240

An Accident of Hope

Clinical Psychology

The Therapy Tapes of Anne Sexton

An Introduction

Dawn Skorczewski, Brandeis University, USA.

Alan Carr, University College Dublin, Ireland.

Skorczewski links the content of the therapy with poetry excerpts, offering a rare perspective on the artist’s experience and creative process. Skorczewski’s study provides in-depth view of the therapy of a psychologically tortured yet immensely creative woman, during a period of emerging feminism and cultural change. The author explores the tension between the classical therapeutic setting as practiced in the early 1960s and contemporary relational and developmental concepts in psychoanalysis. $51.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415887472, NZRP$64.00 Publish April 2012, 264 pages Routledge Psychoanalysis

The book will inform students about the profession of clinical psychology, how to get onto a clinical psychology postgraduate training programme, the way clinical psychologists work with children, adolescents and adults with common psychological problems, the main models of practice used by clinical psychologists, and, the scientific evidence for the effectiveness of psychological interventions. $57.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415683975, NZRP$72.00 Publish April 2012, 352 pages Routledge Clinical Psychology


9 780415 683975 April titles



Professional Titles

9 780415 698337

Creative Readings

Men and Substance Abuse

Essays on Seminal Analytic Works

Narratives of Addiction and Recovery

Thomas H. Ogden, Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California, USA.

Judith Grant, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada.

Ogden brings his original analytic ideas to life by means of his own method of closely reading major analytic works. Ogden offers expanded understandings of some of the most fundamental concepts constituting psychoanalytic theory and practice. An example of this is how Freud, in his conception of the unconscious workings was providing the foundation of a theory of unconscious internal object relations. Ogden goes on to provide further re-readings of classic material from contributors to contemporary psychoanalysis, such as W. R. D. Fairbairn and Donald Winnicott. $53.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415698337, NZRP$67.00 Publish April 2012, 208 pages Routledge Quantity Psychoanalysis

Judith Grant explores the experiences of men who grapple with drug and alcohol abuse, illuminating the interplay between individual identity and social environment that shapes the processes of addiction and recovery. Grant draws on the voices of the men themselves as she traces and analyzes their paths to both addiction and desistance. Documenting the full sweep of their journeys, she also highlights the critical differences and similarities in the experiences of men and women. $88.00 Hb, ISBN 9781935049487, NZRP$110.00 Publish April 2012, 175 pages Lynne Rienner Psychology/Addiction

9 781935 049487

Emotions, Imagination, and Moral Reasoning

The Origins, Prevention and Treatment of Infant Crying and Sleeping Problems

Robyn Langdon and Catrion Mackenzie, both from Macquarie University, Australia.

Australian Authors

9 781848 729001

The book explores what we can learn about the role of emotions and imagination in moral reasoning from psychopathic adults, from young children, and adolescents with unemotional traits, and from normal child development. It discusses the implications for philosophical moral psychology of recent experimental work on moral reasoning in the cognitive sciences and neurosciences. Conversely, it shows what cognitive scientists and neuroscientists have still to learn from philosophical perspectives on moral reasoning, moral reflection, and moral responsibility. $99.95 Hb, ISBN 9781848729001, NZRP$129.95 Publish April 2012, 380 pages Psychology Press Quantity Cognitive Psychology

An evidence-based guide for healthcare professionals and the families they support Ian St James-Roberts, University of London, UK.

9 780415 601177

Topics covered include the pros and cons of ‘infant-demand’ versus ‘limit-setting’ forms of parenting, causes of infant ‘colicky’ crying and night waking, effects of night-time separations on infant attachments, interventions such as swaddling, herbal remedies, and ‘controlled crying’. There is evidence that parents’ vulnerabilities and cultural backgrounds affect how problems are defined and guidance is acted upon $53.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415601177, NZRP$67.00 Publish April 2012, 272 pages Routledge Quantity Child Psychology

Father-Daughter Relationships

The Science of the Couple

Contemporary Research and Issues

The Ontario Symposium Volume 12

Linda Nielsen, Wake Forest University, USA.

Lorne Campbell, Jennifer La Guardia, James M. Olson, University of Western Ontario, Canada, and Mark P. Zanna.

The book addresses: What is “good” fathering?; how do daughters influence their father’s well-being?; how are father-daughter relationships in ethnic and racial groups unique?; how do incarceration, abuse, gay or lesbian relationships, military service, immigration, and poverty affect father-daughter relationships? The book opens with the importance of the father’s role on daughters and the changing patterns of these roles. How fathers affect their daughters’ social, academic, intellectual, athletic, and psychological development is then considered. $57.00 Pb, ISBN 9781848729346, NZRP$72.00 Publish April 2012, 288 pages Routledge Family Studies Quantity

9 781848 729346

9 781848 729797

Memory and Aging

A Clinician’s Guide to Navigating the Landscape of Class in America

Moshe Naveh-Benjamin, University of MissouriColumbia, USA, and Nobuo Ohta, University of Tsukuba, Japan.

Debbie C. Sturm, James Madison University, Virginia, USA and Donna M. Gibson, University of South Carolina, USA.

The book covers issues concerning the changes that occur in memory as people grow older, including the mechanisms and processes underlying these age-related memory changes, how these changes interact with social and cultural environments, and potential programs intended to increase memory performance in old age. Similarly, the chapters draw upon diverse methodological approaches, including cross-cultural extreme group and experimental designs. $115.00 Hb, ISBN 9781848729186, NZRP$145.00 Publish April 2012, 439 pages Psychology Press Cognitive Psychology Quantity

This volume brings together the latest research on couple functioning from the perspectives of social and personality psychology, neurobiology, health, and clinical psychology. The research highlights the use of specialized techniques employed in neuroscience, psychophysiology, and psychoneuroimmunology in the study of couple level processes. The underlying aim to examine how these theories and methods converge to provide a deeper, holistic model of couples’ processes and functioning. $115.00 Hb, ISBN 9781848729797, NZRP$145.00 Publish April 2012, 272 pages Psychology Press Quantity Social Psychology

Social Class and the Helping Professions

Current Issues and Future Directions

9 781848 729186


9 780415 893657 April titles


This book provides an examination of the intersection of social class and the helping professions, including examinations of the role of social class in American culture, classism, social class and mental health, and the American Dream. The sections examines the role social class plays in mental health and mental health counseling, in the family structure and in counseling families. $57.00 Hb, ISBN 9780415893657, NZRP$72.00 Publish April 2012, 296 pages Routledge Clinical Psychology Quantity

Professional Titles Social Judgment and Decision Making

Treating Self-Destructive Behaviors in Trauma Survivors

Joachim I. Krueger, Brown University, USA.

9 781848 729063

The chapters of the first section address the basic psychological processes underlying judgment and decision-making. The second section poses the question of how social judgments and decisions are to be evaluated. The third section shows how judgments and decisions are shaped by ecological constraints. The fourth section explores the relevance of research on judgment and decision making for specific tasks of personal or social relevance. These chapters explore how individuals can efficiently select mates, form and maintain friendship alliances, judiciously integrate their attitudes with those of a group, and help shape policies that are rational and morally sound. $98.00 Hb, ISBN 9781848729063, NZRP$123.00 Publish April 2012, 315 pages Psychology Press Social Psychology Quantity

A Clinician’s Guide Lisa Ferents, The Institute for Advanced Psychotheraphy Training and Education, Inc., USA.

9 780415 887847

Social Metacognition

Understanding the Montessori Approach

Pablo Briñol, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain and Kenneth DeMarree, Texas Tech University, USA.

9 781848 728844

The chapters of this book are organized into four substantive content areas: 'Attitudes and Decision Making', 'Self and Identity', 'Experiential', and 'Interpersonal'. Each section consists in several chapters summarizing much of the work done in recent decades on critical topics, such as attitude strength, persuasion, bias correction, selfregulation, subjective feelings, embodiment, and prejudice, among others. This book also emphasizes interpersonal aspects of metacognition as they play an essential role in close relationships, groups, consumer and clinical interactions. $86.00 Hb, ISBN 9781848728844, NZRP$109.00 Publish April 2012, 384 pages Psychology Press Quantity Social Psychology

Early Years Education in Practice Barbara Isaacs, Montessori Centre International, UK

9 780415 585033

Speech and Language Therapy

The book enables the reader to analyse the essential elements of this Approach to early childhood and and its relationship to quality early years practice. This book focuses on the key principles of the Montessori approach; explores ideas for working with parents and communities around the world. It includes a chapter on the benefits and challenges of the Montessori approach to children’s lives; highlights the key ideas that practitioners should consider when reviewing and reflecting on their own practice. $46.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415585033, NZRP$58.00 Publish April 2012, 144 pages Routledge Child Psychology Quantity

Understanding the Steiner Waldorf Approach

The Decision Making Process When Working With Children, Second Edition

Early Years Education in Practice

Myra Kersner, University College London, UK and Jannet A. Wright, De Montfort University, UK.

Janni Nicol, Early Years Consultant, UK, and Jill Taplin, University of Plymouth, UK.

This book reveals how recent research and changes in health and education services have affected the decision-making process in the assessment and management of children with speech and language problems. It illustrates how the decisions made by practitioners may vary within different work settings, shows how these decisions may need to be adapted when working with specific client groups, and explores how such decisions are part of effective evidence-based practice. $64.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415614085, NZRP$81.00 Publish April 2012, 256 pages Routledge Child Psychology

Exploring all areas of the curriculum including observation and assessment, child development, play, repetition and the environment, this book describes the key principles of the Steiner Waldorf approach to early childhood with examples from Steiner settings, provides students and practitioners with the relevant information about a key pedagogical influence on high quality early years practice in the United Kingdom, highlights the key ideas that practitioners should consider when reviewing and reflecting on their own practice. $46.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415597166, NZRP$58.00 Publish April 2012, 144 pages Routledge Quantity Child Psychology


9 780415 614085

9 780415 597166 BUILDING, DESIGN,

Tough Guys and True Believers

9 780415 890434

The book introduces viable treatment alternatives, assessment tools, and new ways of understanding self-destructive behavior using a strengthsbased approach that distinguishes between the “experimental” NSSI (Non-Suicidal Self-Injury) that some teenagers occasionally engage in, and the self-destructive behaviors that are repetitive and chronic. It also explores a cycle of behavior and uses case studies to show clinicians how to personalize the cycle with clients and form a template for treatment. $51.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415887847, NZRP$64.00 Publish April 2012, 268 pages Routledge Quantity Psychotherapy


Managing Authoritarian Men in the Psychotherapy Room

Adaptive Thermal Comfort

John M. Robertson

Fergus Nicol, London Metropolitan University, UK; Michael Humphreys, Oxford Brookes University, UK, and Susan Roaf, Heriot Watt University, UK.

Principles and Practice

Robertson offers “snapshots” of men who can be considered authoritarian and discusses four perspectives on how to understand this behavior: as a function of personality, fundamental religious beliefs, biological evolution, or social/cultural constructions. The sections of the book contain specific and practical ideas for therapists who work with this type of man. These include believing that the man can change, developing a masculine friendly alliance, respecting his personal and religious beliefs, and teaching him self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-monitoring. $51.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415890434, NZRP$64.00 Publish April 2012, 316 pages Routledge Quantity Psychotherapy

The book explains how we stay comfortable by using our bodies, our minds and our buildings, and their systems, to adapt to indoor and outdoor conditions which change with the weather and the climate. This book outlines the theory of adaptive thermal comfort that can inform and guide such building designs. $46.00 ISBN 9780415691598, NZRP$58.00 Publish April 2012, 176 pages Routledge Building Design

9 780415 691598

April titles



Professional Titles The Community Development Reader

Metric Handbook

Second Edition

David Littlefield, University of the West of England, USA.

Planning and Design Data, Fourth Edition

James DeFilippis, Rutgers University, USA and Susan Saegert, CUNY Graduate Center, USA.

Covering basic design data for all the major building types it is the ideal book as a starting point for any project. For each building type, the book gives the basic design requirements and all the principal dimensional data, and succinct guidance on how to use the information and what regulations the designer needs to be aware of. As well as buildings the Metric Handbook deals with broader aspects of design such as materials, acoustics and lighting, and general design data on human dimensions and space requirements. $92.00 Pb, ISBN 9781856178068, NZRP$116.00 Publish April 2012, 960 pages Routledge Architecture

This book is the first comprehensive reader in the past thirty years that brings together practice, theory and critique concerning communities as sites of social change. With chapters written by some of the leading scholars and practitioners in the field, the book presents a diverse set of perspectives on community development. These selections inform the reader about established and emerging community development institutions and practices as well as the main debates in the field. $99.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415507769, NZRP$129.95 Publish April 2012, 304 pages Routledge Community Development Quantity

9 780415 507769

Construction Contract Preparation and Management

Museum Making

From Concept to Completion

Suzanne MacLeod, University of Leicester, UK; Laura Hourston Hanks and Jonathan Hale, both from University of Nottingham, UK

Narratives, Architectures, Exhibitions

Geoff Powell, Coventry University, UK.

9 780230 273795

Australian Authors

9 780415 688130

This new text is a practical and reader-friendly approach starting at the very beginning of construction projects and making important connections between stages. The text includes explanation of two of the most commonly used forms of contract, general principles of contracts; concepts such as the importance of time and programmes, and payment and pricing mechanisms; processes such as tendering; and the importance of stakeholders. It also has an introduction to contract law and negligence, the EU Procurement Directive, site investigation process, and CDM regulations. $69.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230273795, NZRP$87.00 Publish April 2012, 448 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Building

9 780415 676038

This book examines the re-making of museums by exploring the inherently spatial character of narrative in the museum and its potential to connect on the deepest levels with human perception and imagination. The chapters explore the power of narratives as structured experiences unfolding in space and time as well as the use of theatre, film and other technologies of storytelling by contemporary museum makers to generate meaningful and, it is argued here, highly effective and affective museum spaces. $76.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415676038, NZRP$96.00 Publish April 2012, 432 pages Routledge Quantity Architecture

Design and Ethics

Planning for Tall Buildings

Reflections on Practice

Michael Short, University of the West, UK

Emma Felton, Oksana Zelenko, and Suzi Vaughan, all from Queensland University of Technology, Australia.

This book is a timely contribution to the debate about new tall buildings and their role and effect on our cities. In part one, the relationship between tall buildings and planning is outlined, followed by an exploration of the impacts that construction of tall buildings can have. It focuses, in particular, on the conservation debates that proposals for new tall buildings raise. The first part ends with an analysis of the way in which planning strategies have evolved to deal with the unique consequences of tall buildings on their urban locations. The second part of the book focuses on seven examples of medium-sized cities dealing with planning and conservation issues, and implications that arise from tall buildings. $69.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415581080, NZRP$87.00 Publish April 2012, 224 pages Routledge Quantity Planning

The traditional roles of design, designer and designed object are therefore redefined through new understanding of the relationship between the material and immaterial aspects of design where the design product and the design process are embodiments of ideas, values and beliefs. This multi-disciplinary approach considers how to create design which is at once aesthetically pleasing and also ethically considered, with contributions from fields as diverse as architecture, fashion, urban design and philosophy. $57.00 ISBN 9780415688130, NZRP$72.00 Publish April 2012, 248 pages Routledge Quantity Design

9 780415 581080

Leading the Sustainable Organization

Property Valuation Principles

Development, Implementation, and Assessment

Second Edition David Isaac and John O’Leary, both from University of Greenwich, UK.

Timothy Galpin, Colorado Mesa University, USA; J. Lee Whitington, University of Dallas, USA. Greg Bell, University of Texas, USA.

9 780415 697835


9 781856 178068

It provides readers with a comprehensive overview and pragmatic approach to leading sustainable organizations. Chapters include discussions, case examples, steps, and useful tools centered on the components of what we term Leading the Sustainable Organization Model. The model provides managers with a pragmatic, end-toend framework for creating (entities) or shifting (existing firms) their organizations’ workforces to a sustainability focus. $69.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415697835, NZRP$87.00 Publish April 2012, 192 pages Routledge Quantity Sustainability

A user-friendly introduction to property valuation for students and practitioners who are new to the subject. The text is packed with worked examples and photos and covers the five main methods of valuation, their application in a variety of markets and their relation to the wider economic context. It contains new introductory level discussion on the impact of sustainability and easy to read worked examples inset into each chapter and plenty of photographs. $69.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230355804, NZRP$87.00 Publish April 2012, 240 pages Palgrave Macmillan Building

9 780230 355804

April titles



Professional Titles Reading Architecture and Culture

Sustainable Buildings and Infrastructure

Researching Buildings, Spaces and Documents

Paths to the Future

Adam Sharr, Newcastle University, UK.

Annie Pearce, Virginia Tech, USA; Yong Han Ahn, East Carolina University, US and HanmiGlobal Co, Ltd.

This book presents insightful readings by eminent writers which show the power of this approach. Architecture embodies the ideologies involved in its inhabitation, construction, procurement and design. This distinctive position in architectural research allows that buildings have multiple authors - that everyone who engages with them, everyone who alters them, has the capacity to be a designer. It also implies that insights offered by contemporary buildings are as potent as those to be found in historical structures. $57.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415601436, NZRP$72.00 Publish April 2012, 272 pages Routledge Architecture Quantity

9 780415 601436

9 780415 690928


Representing Landscapes A Visual Collection of Landscape Architectural Drawings

Driving Strategy to Execution Using Lean Six Sigma

Nadia Amoroso, Yorkville University, Canada.

A Framework for Creating High Performance Organizations

Nadia Amoroso has compiled successful and eyecatching drawings using various drawing styles and techniques to create this book of drawing techniques for landscape architects to follow and - more importantly - to be inspired by. More than twenty respected institutions have helped to bring together the very best of visual representation of ideas, the most powerful, expressive and successful images. $79.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415589574, NZRP$99.95 Publish April 2012, 264 pages Routledge Landscape Architecture Quantity

9 780415 589574

Gerhard Plenert and Tom Cluley.

9 781439 867136

This book provides understanding business strategy development and strategy execution. Offering a current perspective on the importance of developing an integrated strategy for change, the text presents implementation tools, in the tradition of Lean and Six Sigma, needed to navigate, design, and execute the strategic plan. The authors present insights on implementation tools from a goal setting, building measures, balanced scorecard, and aligning actions perspective. $89.95 Hb, ISBN 9781439867136, NZRP$113.00 Publish April 2012, 192 pages CRC Press Quantity Business & Management

The Roads from Rio

The Lean 3P Advantage

Lessons Learned from Twenty Years of Multilateral Environmental Negotiations

A Practitioner’s Guide to Production, Preparation and Process

Pamela Chasek, Manhattan College, USA, and Lynn Wagner,IISD Reporting Service

Allan R Coletta, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics in Bear, UK.

The authors use their knowledge as writers for the International Institute for Sustainable Development’s Earth Negotiations Bulletin as they illustrate the changes that have taken place. The chapters examine the proliferation of meetings, the changes in the actors and their roles (governments, nongovernmental organizations, secretariats), the interlinkages of issues, the impact of scientific advice, and the challenges of implementation across negotiating processes. $59.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415809771, NZRP$75.00 Publish April 2012, 336 pages Routledge Sustainability

this book presents a systematic process for developing new products co-currently with new operations in a way that fosters individual innovation alongside the collaborative input of process stakeholders. The author explains how the process works and why it works, enabling firsttimers to be successful right out of the gate. The text also challenges those experienced with 3P to consider Evergreen 3P, a process for applying 3P to small-scale design projects for similar benefits. $59.95 Pb, ISBN 9781439879115, NZRP$75.00 Publish April 2012, 328 pages Productivity Press Business & Management


9 780415 809771

9 780415 583510

The construction sector has among the largest potential of any industry to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. This ambitious and comprehensive textbook covers the concept of embedding sustainability across all construction activities. Written in a lively and engaging style the book sets out the practical requirements of making the transition to a sustainable construction industry by 2020. Case studies are included throughout making the book both a core reference and a practical guide. $69.95 ISBN 9780415690928, NZRP$87.00 Publish April 2012, 512 pages Routledge Quantity Sustainability

9 781439 879115


Specifying Minor Works

Strategic Supply Chain Management

Patrick Reddin, Association of Building Engineers (ABE), UK.

Carlos Cordon, IMD, Switzerland; Kim Sundtoft Hald, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, and Ralf W. Seifert, IMD & EPFL, Switzerland

Starting with a holistic view, bringing together the two lives of a building - the life of the construction and the life of the occupied property. Throughout the specification process, all manner of issues face the surveyor, property manager or building engineer, from describing common defects to addressing energy efficiency and carbon emissions. In addition to these tasks the book also deals with guidance on equipment , prioritising works, the practicalities of specification, building control, contract selection, and health and safety. Helping you navigate bureaucracy as well as tackling the practical challenges safely and effectively. $69.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415583510, NZRP$87.00 Publish April 2012, 160 pages Routledge Quantity Building

9 780415 591768

April titles


This textbook explains how to create a winning supply chain management strategy by spotlighting how senior executives in European and US companies have turned their supply chains into strategic weapons designed to convert threats, risks and outside pressures into competitive advantages. Each case study in the book adopts an executive leadership perspective to illuminate the real dilemmas faced by managers. The authors draw on their extensive classroom and industry experience to ensure that the writing style is geared towards an executive education readership. $79.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415591768, NZRP$99.95 Publish April 2012, 312 pages Routledge Quantity Business & Management

Textbook terms apply to the following academic titles Business Accounting

Writing Papers in the Biological Sciences

An Introduction to Financial and Management Accounting, Second Edition

Fifth Edition.

Jill Collis, Andrew Holt, Kingston University, UK and Roger Hussey, University of Windsor, Canada.

Victoria E. McMillan, Colgate University, USA. This comprehensive guide for students of biological sciences provides guidance on researching, drafting, revising, and documenting papers, reviews, and other forms of writing. Thoroughly revised, it contains updated coverage of data handling, and an expanded range of examples. $51.00 ISBN 9780312649715, NZRP$64.00 Publish April 2012, 256 pages Palgrave Macmillan Biology

Business Accounting covers financial and management accounting in an accessible, nontechnical style that is particularly suitable for undergraduate students of business & finance and MBAs. The active-learning approach seeks to convey the ability to understand and evaluate financial information for a range of business services. $76.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230276239, NZRP$96.00 Publish April 2012, 384 pages Palgrave Macmillan Accounting Quantity

9 780230 276239

9 780415 507141

9 780230 292581

Contested Agronomy

Biology of Plants

Agricultural Research in a Changing World

Eighth Edition

James Sumberg and John Thompson, both from University of Sussex, UK.

Ray F. Evert and Susan E. Eichhorn, both University of Wisconsin, USA.

This book addresses the issue of increasing food prices since the mid-1970s, focusing in particular on the emergence of the neoliberal project and the rise of the participation and environmental agendas. This book explores, through a series of case studies, the basis for a much needed ‘political agronomy’ analysis that highlights the impacts of problem framing and narratives, historical disjunctures, epistemic communities and the increasing pressure to demonstrate ‘success’ on both agricultural research and the farmers, processors and consumers it is meant to serve. $46.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415507141, NZRP$58.00 Publish April 2012, 264 pages Routledge Quantity Agriculture Studies

Now in its eighth edition, the book is highly regarded, authoritative, and accurate. Thoroughly updated, the new edition offers integrated coverage of ecology, discussions of cutting-edge research on such topics as invasive species and medical biology, and essays on important issues (global warming, Google Maps, coral bleaching, and more). This edition will include 8 new ecology-oriented essays added to supplement the current ecology-oriented essays. $142.95 Hb, ISBN 9781429219617, NZRP$155.00 Publish April 2012, 880 pages Bedford, Freeman and Worth Botany Quantity

9 781429 219617

Animals and Sociology

Events Management

Kay Peggs, University of Portsmouth, UK.

An Introduction

Humans eat the flesh of other animals and wear their skins and hair as clothing. Other animals live with humans in their homes and work for humans in a myriad of ways. Human entertainment is often serviced by the capture and performances of other animals and human speech often invokes other animal metaphors. Kay Peggs investigates these relationships with other animals, and many more, using sociological theories and perspectives. In doing so, she explores the significant contribution that sociology can make to our understanding of human relations with other animals and the important contribution that the study of other animals in society can make to sociology. $46.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230292581, NZRP$58.00 Publish April 2012, 192 pages Palgrave Macmillan Animal Studies Quantity

Charles Bladen, James Kennell, Emma Abson, and NickWilde, all from University of Greenwich, UK. The book covers every type of event including sports, music, the arts, corporate events, tourism, and the public and voluntary sectors. It introduces the key issues facing the contemporary events industry, from health, safety and risk management to sustainability to developing a market-oriented business. It introduces the practical skills required in every core area of events management, including marketing, finance, project management, strategy, operations, event design and human resources. $69.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415577427, NZRP$87.00 Publish April 2012, 464 pages Routledge Business & Management

9 780415 577427

Molecular Cell Biology

Impeccable reputation with instructors edition after edition. For this Seventh Edition, new co-author Angelika Amon contributes the chapters on the cell cycle and cancer. In addition, the new edition features updated coverage of experimental methodologies and scientific breakthroughs, as well as new clinical applications, medical examples, Nature Horizon updates, and a Lodish specific version of BioPortal. $139.95 Hb, ISBN 9781429234139, NZRP$155.00 Publish April 2012, 973 pages Bedford, Freeman and Worth Quantity Biology


Foundations of Offender Rehabilitation

Harvey Lodish, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); Arnold Berk, University of California, Los Angeles; Chris A. Kaiser, MIT; Monty Krieger, MIT; Matthew P. Scott, Stanford University; Anthony Bretscher, Cornell University; Hidde Ploegh, MIT; Paul Matsudaira, MIT, USA.

9 781429 234139


9 780312 649715

Sharon Casey, Andrew Day, Jim Vess, and Tony Ward, all from Deakin University, Australia.

Australian Authors

9 780415 679176

April titles


This new textbook offers a comprehensive approach to forensic and correctional psychology, demonstrating how theory and practise can be applied and integrated. The authors guide the students through the core theories and concepts that underpin forensic practise within the legal systems of different countries (UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Singapore), show how this knowledge informs current thinking in offender rehabilitation and reintegration and provide a series of case studies looking at sexual offenders, female offender, juveniles and offenders with mental disorders. $62.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415679176, NZRP$78.00 Publish April 2012, 280 pages Routledge Quantity Criminology

Textbook terms apply to the following academic titles A Psychologist’s Casebook of Crime

A Practical Guide to Renewable Energy: Power Systems and their Installation

From Arson to Voyeurism Belinda Winder and Philip Banyard, Nottingham Trent University, UK.

Christopher Kitcher, Central Sussex College, UK.

This book tackles a wide range of offences such as arson, domestic violence, terrorism and murder. Its chapter structure allows you to compare different crimes according to facts, figures and typical offender profiles, while providing fascinating case studies and a psychological perspective specific to each crime. This innovative text provides an up-todate review of how forensic psychologists think about and deal with a variety of crimes. $62.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230242746, NZRP$78.00 Publish April 2012, 288 pages Palgrave Macmillan Criminology Quantity

9 780230 242746

The book is also packed with handy advice on how to avoid and solve common problems encountered on the job. All the theory required for passing the City & Guilds 2391-10 and 2392-10 Certificates is explained in clear, easy to remember language along with sample questions and scenarios as encountered in the exams. The book will also help prepare students on Part P Competent Person courses, City & Guilds 2330 Level 3 courses, NVQs and apprenticeship programmes for their practical inspection and testing exam. $46.00 ISBN 9780080970646, NZRP$58.00 Publish April 2012, 158 pages Routledge Environmental Studies

Applied International Trade

Principles of Ecotoxicology

Second Edition

Fourth Edition

Harry P. Bowen, Queens University of Charlotte, USA; Abraham Hollander, University of Montreal, Canada; and Jean-Marie Viaene, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

R.M. Sibly, University of Reading, UK; and C.H. Walker, Devon, UK; S.P. Hopkin, and D.B. Peakall.

This fully revised and updated second edition offers a comprehensive approach to the methods of international trade analysis. By focusing on the application of theory, the book illustrates the ideas while identifying the implications and weaknesses of the various theories and models found through empirical implementation. $95.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230521544, NZRP$120.00 Publish April 2012, 448 pages Palgrave Macmillan Economics Quantity

9 780230 521544

9 780080 970424

9 781439 862667

This text provides students with the perspectives required for research in toxicology today. Discussing the fundamental chemical and ecological nature of pollution processes, the authors identify the major classes of pollutants and their environmental fate while examining those pollutants deserving closer scrutiny. They also cover naturally occurring poisons, the history of chemical warfare, population risk assessment, community structure, neonicotinoids, endocrine disruption, neurotoxicity, and the employment of biomarker strategies in field studies. $85.00 Pb, ISBN 9781439862667, NZRP$120.00 Publish April 2012, 371 pages CRC Press Quantity Environmental Studies

Advanced Electrical Installation Work

Sacred Ecology

Sixth Edition

Fikret Berkes, University of Manitoba, Canada.

Trevor Linsley, NVQ Assessment Centre, UK.

Sacred Ecology examines bodies of knowledge held by indigenous and other rural peoples around the world, and asks how we can learn from this knowledge and ways of knowing. Berkes explores the importance of local and indigenous knowledge as a complement to scientific ecology, and its cultural and political significance for indigenous groups themselves. This third edition further develops the point that traditional knowledge as process, rather than as content, is what we should be examining. $83.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415517324, NZRP$104.00 Publish April 2012, 352 pages Routledge Environmental Studies

Third Edition

This textbook covers all the material you need to pass the first part of the new City & Guilds 2357 Diploma in Electrotechnical Technology. Aligned with the 17th edition IEE Wiring Regulations, this new edition has been thoroughly updated to cover the ‘performance’ section of the latest 2357 course. Written in an accessible style and with a separate chapter for each unit, this book helps you to master each topic before moving on to the next. End of chapter revision questions help you to check your understanding and consolidate the key concepts learned in each chapter. $51.00 ISBN 9780080970424, NZRP$64.00 Publish April 2012, 212 pages Routledge Quantity Electrical


9 780415 517324

Basic Electrical Installation Work

Contemporary Europe

Sixth Edition

Third Edition

Trevor Linsley, NVQ Assessment Centre, UK.

Edited by Richard Sakwa, University of Kent, UK, and Anne Stevens, Aston University, UK.

This textbook covers all the material you need to pass the first part of the new City & Guilds 2357 Diploma in Electrotechnical Technology Aligned with the 17th edition IEE Wiring Regulations, this new edition has been thoroughly updated to cover the ‘knowledge’ section of the latest 2357 course. Written in an accessible style and with a separate chapter for each unit, this book helps you to master each topic before moving on to the next. End of chapter revision questions help you to check your understanding and consolidate the key concepts learned in each chapter. $51.00 ISBN 9780080966281, NZRP$64.00 Publish April 2012, 484 pages Routledge Electrical

9 780080 966281


9 780080 970646


This fully revised third edition provides a wideranging introduction to political, economic and social life across the whole continent.Ideal for students new to the subject, this popular text stimulates fresh thinking on issues and debates. The book is a really comprehensive approach to the whole of Europe from social, political, economic, and cultural perspectives. $57.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230282896, NZRP$72.00 Publish April 2012, 320 pages Palgrave Macmillan European Studies

9 780230 282896 April titles



Textbook terms apply to the following academic titles Development Policy of the European Union

Authority in Language

Martin Holland and Mathew Doidge, University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

James Milroy, University of Sheffield and Lesley Milroy, University of Michigan, USA.

Investigating Standard English

Designed to replace Martin Holland’s The European Union and the Third World, this new text provides systematic coverage of the European Union’s policies in relation to the developing world in the 21st century and includes substantial coverage of governance issues and the relationship between development initiatives and European integration. $62.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230019904, NZRP$78.00 Publish April 2012, 288 pages Palgrave Macmillan European Studies New Zealand Author


9 780230 019904

9 780415 696838

From Birth to Sixteen

Neoliberalism and Applied Linguistics

Children’s Health, Social, Emotional and Linguistic Development

David Block, Institute of Education, UK; John Gray, University of East London, UK; and Marnie Holborow, Dublin City University, Ireland.

Helen Cowie, University of Surrey, UK.

9 780415 602662

9 781439 857656

9 780415 694353

This Routledge Linguistics Classic is here reissued with a new preface, a new afterword and a revised bibliography. The authors cover the long-running debate over the teaching of Standard English in Britain and compare the language ideologies in Britain and the USA, involving a discussion of the English-Only movement and the Ebonics controversy. They consider the historical process of standardisation and its social consequences, in particular discrimination against low status and ethnic minority groups on the basis of their language traits. $57.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415696838, NZRP$72.00 Publish April 2012, 208 pages Routledge Quantity Linguistics

The book outlines children’s physical, social, emotional and language development from infancy through to adolescence. It presents developmental models for the years from birth to sixteen under each of the following themes: children’s rights and responsibilities, relationships in the family, relationships in day care, at school and with the peer group, among others. The text appreciates the diversity of ways in which children develop, taking into account gender, ethnicity, social background and disability, and values children’s resilience in conditions of adversity. $34.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415602662, NZRP$43.00 Publish April 2012, 224 pages Routledge Quantity Health

9 780415 592055

This book explores the links between neoliberalism - a view of the world that puts the market at its centre, from the perspective of applied linguistics. It argues that applied linguistics has ignored the role of political economywithin the context of a capitalist economy. The authors take the view that engagement with political economy is central to any fully rounded analysis of language and language-related issues in the world today. The book discusses how globalization and identity have been conceptualised in applied linguistics in ways which have ignored the political centrality of class. $62.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415592055, NZRP$78.00 Publish April 2012, 168 pages Routledge Quantity Linguistics

Pandemic Planning


Eric Dietz and David R. Black, both from Purdue University, USA.

Applied Linguistic Perspectives

Offering research and evidence-based guidelines for strategic plan development, this book draws on the lessons learned over three years of pandemic preparedness exercises. Collaborating with national leaders and community stakeholders, the contributing authors examine preparedness across a variety of institutional levels and consider the issues and concerns that may arise throughout the process. The book details the threat of pandemic illness and the need and actions required for efficient and effective preparation, prevention, response, and recovery to a pandemic threat at all levels - community, state, and regional. $115.00 Hb, ISBN 9781439857656, NZRP$145.00 Publish April 2012, 320 pages, CRC Press Health Quantity

This Routledge Linguistics Classic includes a substantial new introductory chapter situating the book in the current digital age. In this book, Ronald Carter provides the necessary basis for the further study of modern English vocabulary with particular reference to linguistic descriptive frameworks and educational contexts. The new chapter covers changes and developments in related fields from lexicography and corpus linguistics to vocabulary testing and assessment. Vocabulary: Applied Linguistic Perspectives has been widely praised since first publication for the breadth, depth and clarity of its approach. $62.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415699341, NZRP$78.00 Publish April 2012, 320 pagess Routledge Quantity Linguistics

Ronald Carter, University of Nottingham, UK.

9 780415 699341

Legal English

Market-Driven Management

Third Edition

Strategic and Operational Marketing

Rupert Haigh, Forum Legal, Finland.

Jean-Jacques Lambin, Universita degli Studi di Milano, Bicocca, Italy and Isabelle Schuiling, Universite Catholoque de Louvain, Belgium.

Legal English provides a comprehensive and highly practical approach to its subject-matter and addresses the key aspects of the use of English in commercial legal contexts. This new edition combines and integrates both online and traditional print elements. The book covers the key areas of legal English usage for both written and oral legal communication in typical legal situations. It features expanded terminology glossaries, legal drafting troubleshooting tips, language for negotiation and contract-drafting guidance. The website contains realistic, in-depth and contextual exercises on each area covered in the book. $59.95 Pb, ISBN 9780415694353, NZRP$75.00 Publish April 2012, 324 pages Routledge Quantity Law

In response to the increasing complexity of markets, this book challenges the traditional, functional role of marketing departments, integrating both the strategic and operational dimensions. It offers international cases, considerable online resources, and is ideal for MBAs and postgraduate and undergraduate students of marketing. $99.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230276024, NZRP$125.00 Publish April 2012, 450 pages Palgrave Macmillan Marketing

9 780230 276024

April titles



Textbook terms apply to the following academic titles Marketing Management

Biology for Health

A Value-Creation Process, Second Edition

Applying the Activities of Daily Living

Alain Jolibert, Université Pierre Mendes, France; Hans Mühlbacher, Leopold-Franzens-University, Austria; Laurent Flores, INSEEC Business School and Pierre-Louis Dubois, Université Panthéon-Assas Paris, France.

S.H. Cedar, London South Bank University, UK. The many elements of anatomy, physiology and biology are hard to grasp, but this book makes it easier by putting all the systems in the context of daily activities, which we all do without thinking about. The major organs and systems are introduced in an approachable manner, and are explained so that they can be applied to practice. $59.95 Pb, ISBN 9781403945471, NZRP$75.00 Publish April 2012, 512 pages Palgrave Macmillan Nursing

Marketing Management offers comprehensive coverage of both strategic and operational marketing issues using contemporary, global examples. It demonstrates clearly how marketing processes can contribute to the creation of value for the stakeholders of every business organization as well as for the organization itself. $99.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230240957, NZRP$125.00 Publish April 2012, 488 pages, Palgrave Macmillan Marketing Quantity

9 780230 240957

Lectures on Nx(p)

Ethics, Law and Professional Issue

Jean-Pierre Serre

9 781466 501928

9 780230 359093

The book deals with the question on how Nx(p), the number of solutions of mod p congruences, varies with p when the family (X) of polynomial equations is fixed. It offers a good occasion for reviewing various techniques in l-adic cohomology and group representations, presented in a context that is appealing to specialists in number theory and algebraic geometry. Along with covering open problems, the text examines the size and congruence properties of Nx(p) and describes the ways in which it is computed. After an overview of the main theorems on Nx(p), the book offers discusses the Chebotarev density theorem, which is essential in studying frobenian functions and frobenian sets. $59.95 Hb, ISBN 9781466501928, NZRP$75.00 Publish April 2012, 174 pages CRC Press Quantity Mathematics

A Practice-Based Approach for Health Professionals Ann Gallagher, St George’s University of London, UK and Sue Hodge, University of Surrey, UK. Ethical, legal and professional issues are at the heart of health care, but it can be tricky to balance and apply these three strands in practice. Taking a practice-based approach, this book explores the daily dilemmas faced by modern health care practitioners, using engaging clinical scenarios drawn from across the fields of health care. $46.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230279940, NZRP$58.00 Publish April 2012, 208 pages Palgrave Macmillan Nursing

9 780415 684590


9 780230 279940

The Film Experience

The Emotions

An Introduction, Third Edition

A Philosophical Introduction

Timothy Corrigan, University of Pennsylvania, USA and Patricia White, Swarthmore College, USA.

Julien A. Deonna, University of Geneva, Switzerland and Fabrice Teroni, Bern University, Switzerland .

A comprehensive introduction to film that recognizes students as movie fans and helps them understand the art form’s full scope. The authors situate their strong coverage of the medium’s formal elements within the larger cultural contexts that inform the ways we watch film, from economics and exhibition to marketing and the star system. $69.95 Pb, ISBN 9780230359093, NZRP$89.95 Publish April 2012, 560 pages Palgrave Macmillan Media Studies

Are emotions feelings, thoughts, or experiences? In what sense do emotions give meaning to what surrounds us? The book explores these questions in a clear and accessible way. The authors discuss the following key topics: the diversity and unity of the emotions, the relations between emotion, belief and desire, the nature of values, the relations between emotions and perceptions, emotions viewed as evaluative attitudes, the link between emotions and evaluative knowledge, the nature of moods, sentiments, and character traits. $41.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415614931, NZRP$52.00 Publish April 2012, 176 pages Routledge Philosophy


9 780415 614931


Minerals, Metals and Sustainability

The Phenomenological Mind

Meeting Future Material Needs

An Introduction to Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science, Second Edition

W. John Rankin, University of Melbourne, Australia.

Australian Author


9 781403 945471

Shaun Gallagher, University of Central Florida, USA, and Dan Zahavi, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

The book examines the exploitation of minerals and mineral products and the implications for sustainability of the consumption of finite mineral resources and the wastes associated with their production and use. It provides a multi-disciplinary approach that integrates the physical and earth sciences with the social sciences, ecology and economics. Increasingly, graduates in the minerals industry and related sectors will also need a knowledge of how their industry relates to and can contribute to the transition to sustainability. $140.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415684590, NZRP$180.00 Publish April 2012, 440 pages CRC Press Mining Quantity

9 780415 610377 April titles


The book covers topics such as, phenomenology and consciousness, consciousness and selfconsciousness, time and consciousness, intentionality, the embodied mind, knowledge of other minds, and personal identity. This second edition includes a new preface and revised sections on intentionality, the self, and social cognition. Interesting and important examples are used throughout, including phantom limb syndrome, blindsight and self-disorders in schizophrenia. $46.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415610377, NZRP$58.00 Publish April 2012, 288 pages Routledge Quantity Philosophy

Textbook terms apply to the following academic titles Political Ideologies


An Introduction, Fifth Edition

Heather Buchanan and Neil Coulson, both from University of Nottingham, UK.

Andrew Heywood, Croydon College, UK.

Anxiety is a natural part of life - but what happens when everyday anxieties start to dominate our lives, or when we become overwhelmingly anxious about a particular object or situation? In this friendly and engaging introduction, the authors consider these questions by discussing a range of specific and social phobias, along with their symptoms, effects and treatment. Whatever your level of study, this book will help you to develop your understanding of phobias, why they develop and the effectiveness of different treatments. $23.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230295360, NZRP$29.00 Publish April 2012, 192 pages Palgrave Macmillan Psychology

A clear and accessible introduction to the political creeds and doctrines that have dominated and shaped world politics. The fifth edition has been thoroughly updated throughout and now has more on the influence of globalization on ideology and a new-look page design to aid student learning. $57.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230367258, NZRP$72.00 Publish April 2012, 400 pages Palgrave Macmillan Politics


9 780230 367258

Adolescence and Adulthood

Thinking and Reasoning

A Psychosocial Perspective

An Introduction to the Psychology of Reason, Judgment and Decision Making

Leo Hendry, University of Aberdeen, Scotland and Marion Kloep, University of Glamorgan, Wales.

9 780230 296404

Ken Manktelow, University of Wolverhampton, UK.

From teenagers to pensioners, each phase of life presents different challenges and new experiences. Examining the patterns of development throughout the lifespan, the authors provide key insights into how we experience the world, and they examine how established theories have been challenged by recent changes to the understanding of human development. Whatever your level of study, this absorbing introduction will give you a deeper appreciation of the different life phases and how psychological principles aid our understanding of them. $23.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230296404, NZRP$29.00 Publish April 2012, 208 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Psychology

The main areas covered in the book are probability judgment, deductive and inductive reasoning, decision making, hypothetical thinking and rationality. In each case, the material is almost entirely new, with topics such as the new paradigm in reasoning research, causal reasoning and counterfactual thinking appearing for the first time. The book also presents an extended treatment of decision making research, and contains a chapter on individual and cultural influences on thinking. $46.00 Pb, ISBN 9781841697413, NZRP$58.00 Publish April 2012, 344 pages Psychology Press Psychology


Serious Stats

Leanne Franklin, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cardiff, Wales.

A Guide to Advanced Statistics For The Behavioral Sciences


Thomas Baguley, Nottingham Trent University, UK. Ideal for experienced students and researchers in the social sciences who wish to refresh or extend their understanding of statistics, and to apply advanced statistical procedures using SPSS or R. Key theory is reviewed and illustrated with examples of how to apply these concepts using real data. $92.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230577183, NZRP$116.00 Publish April 2012, 880 pages Palgrave Macmillan Research Methods

9 780230 577183

Issues Debates and Approaches in Psychology

Equality, Diversity and Social Justice, Fifth Edition

Where did psychology originate? How has it evolved? These questions are at the heart of understanding the key debates that are central to psychology. In this highly approachable introduction, Fairholm tackles the big questions in psychology covering the ever controversial nature vs. nurture debate, free will and determinism, and other important topics. Whatever your level of study, this introduction will guide you through the most important issues that psychologists continue to dispute in the twenty-first century. $23.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230295377, NZRP$29.00 Publish April 2012, 232 pages Palgrave Macmillan Psychology Quantity


Anti-Discriminatory Practice

Ian Fairholm, University of Bath, UK.

9 780230 295377


9 781841 697413

Gender is a hugely important factor in how we see the world, not just for psychologists but society as a whole. From the key theoretical developments, through the development of gender in childhood and on to the way gender is interpreted by different cultures around the world, Franklin’s spirited introduction shows how gender shapes our understanding of life. Whatever your level of study, this book will give you a deeper understanding of the way gender continues to affect the way we think and behave. $23.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230302730, NZRP$29.00 Publish April 2012, 224 pages Palgrave Macmillan Psychology

9 780230 302730


9 780230 295360

Neil Thompson Avenue Consulting Ltd., UK.

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Addressing the ways in which social workers can effectively challenge inequality within society, the book explores the many forms of discrimination that can lead to disadvantage, disempowerment and oppression. Written with Thompson’s inimitable clarity, this edition feature includes a contextual introduction and chapters on sexuality and religious discrimination; an explicit theory base, through extended discussion of the widely used PCS model; a range of questions for reflection and comprehensive guidance on further reading, incorporating books, articles and websites. $44.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230250130, NZRP$55.00 Publish April 2012, 240 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Social work

Textbook terms apply to the following academic titles Ethics and Values in Social Work

Working with Abused Children

Fourth Edition

Focus on the Child, Fourth Edition

Sarah Banks, Durham University, UK.

Celia Doyle, University of Northampton, UK.

Combining a sound grasp of theoretical issues with a sharp focus on the latest policy and practice, this edition features detailed discussion of the participation of service users, including their role as activists and the importance of the service user movement; extended analysis of professional regulation and codes of practice, and their role in defining the nature of social work; a vast array of practice examples, which bring current social issues to life; and comparison of the latest codes of ethics from across the globe. $44.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230300170, NZRP$55.00 Publish April 2012, 304 pages Palgrave Macmillan Social Work

A revised edition of an insightful text which highlights the ability of all practitioners to undertake healing work to promote the future wellbeing of abused children. Offering a wide range of resources including personal accounts and supportive pedagogy, it provides a practical blueprint for sensitive and effective work in this challenging field. $44.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230297944, NZRP$55.00 Publish April 2012, 256 pages Palgrave Macmillan Social Work


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Social Work Practice

The Family

Fifth Edition

Second Edition

Veronica Coulshed, University of Sunderland, UK and Joan Orme, Glasgow School of Social Work (GSSW), UK.

Liz Steel, Halifax New College, UK; Warren Kidd, University of East London, UK; and Anne Brown, University of Leicester, UK.

The book offers essential guidance for understanding contexts of social work. The first part of the book guides you through the social work process. Part two introduces key methods of intervention, encompassing a broad range of theories and approaches, including new material on strengths based approaches and solution focused practice. Part III identifies the variety of contexts in which social work takes place, with individuals (both children and adults), groups and communities. $44.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230300743, NZRP$55.00 Publish April 2012, 336 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Social Work

Family structures have become increasingly diverse over recent decades. Examining contemporary theory alongside key terms and concepts, this new edition explores issues of intimacy, parenting, cohabitation and media representations. This book provides an in-depth look at the role of the family in society for all students of sociology. $57.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230580169, NZRP$72.00 Publish April 2012, 240 pages Palgrave Macmillan Sociology


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Social Work with Disabled People

Food and Development

Fourth Edition

E.M. Young, Staffordshire University, UK.

Michael Oliver, University of Greenwich, UK; Bob Sapey, Lancaster University, UK; and Pam Thomas, Lancaster University, UK.

The book explores the continued prevalence of mass under nutrition in the developing world; acute food crises in some places associated with conflict; the emergence of over nutrition in the developing world and the vulnerability of the contemporary global food production system. The text identifies the major problems and analyzes factors at international, national and local scales to understand their continued prevalence. The book concludes by evaluating the potential of some oppositional forces to challenge the hegemony of the contemporary food system. The text is richly filled with case studies from the Global North and South to illustrate the nature and extent of these urgent issues and their interrelated nature. $57.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415498005, NZRP$72.00 Publish April 2012, 336 pages Routledge Quantity Sociology

It offers readers a clear introduction to the core issues of disability alongside discussion and assessment of the social worker’s role. The book reflects the latest updates, developments and policy changes, the broad range of areas needing to be understood for informed practice, recent changes to the focus of social work education and practice, the Social Model of Disability, encouraging debate about its role in social work, developments for independent living, and the heightened importance of safeguarding issues. $44.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230297951, NZRP$55.00 Publish April 2012, 192 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Social Work

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Social Work with Older People

Sexuality, Equality and Diversity

Fifth Edition

In the Name of Equality

Mo Ray,Keele University, UK and Judith Phillips, Swansea University, UK.

Diane Richardson, Newcastle University, UK and Surya Monro, University of Huddersfield, UK.

Deliberately taking a critical approach to guide readers to consider stereotypes of aging and work with older people, the new edition presents fundamental knowledge alongside thoughtprovoking and challenging debates. It offers a new chapter on safeguarding and has been updated to reflect current course requirements which include introduction of theory, policy and legislation which influences social work contexts and identification of core elements of practice, for effective interviewing, assessment, planning and intervention. $44.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230300477, NZRP$55.00 Publish April 2012, 208 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Social Work

Investigating the dynamics of identity and sexual citizenship in a changing world, this compelling text explores key debates around human rights and representation, policy and resistance. Incorporating theory with original research, this is a thoughtprovoking insight into sexuality and diversity in a global age. $55.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230275584, NZRP$70.00 Publish April 2012, 208 pages Palgrave Macmillan Sociology

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Nutrition and Metabolism in Sports, Exercise and Health

Exam Skills Handbook

Jie Kang, College of New Jersey, US.

Stella Cottrell, University of Leeds, UK.

This book discusses nutrition in sport, exercise and health by integrating key nutritional facts, concepts and dietary guidelines with a thorough discussion of the fundamental biological science underpinning our physiological and metabolic processes. The book includes discussion of key topics including nutrient bioenergetics, nutrition and metabolic disease, nutritional ergogenic aids, nutrition for special populations, and nutritional assessment. Each chapter includes case studies, review questions, definitions of key terms, and practical laboratory exercises - such as techniques for assessing nutritional status, body composition and physical activity patterns. $81.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415578790, NZRP$102.00 Publish April 2012, 408 pages Routledge Quantity Sports Studies

This book provides an easy-to-follow set of strategies and techniques that build to a plan for achieving your best possible exam performance. It gives practical step-by-step guidance in long-term planning for optimal performance through to last minute revision strategies. This fully updated, twocolour edition includes two brand new chapters. $28.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230358546, NZRP$35.00 Publish April 2012, 256 pages Palgrave Macmillan Study Skills

Achieving Peak Performance, Second Edition

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Sport, Culture and Society

The International Student’s Guide to UK Education

An Introduction, Second Edition

Unlocking University Life and Culture

Grant Jarvie University of Stirling, UK and James Thornton, Heriot Watt University, UK.

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International in scope, the book explores the key social theories that shape our understanding of sport as a social phenomenon and critically examines many of the assumptions that underpin that understanding. The book introduces the student to every core topic and emerging area in the study of sport and society, including: the history and politics of sport, sport and globalization, sport and media, sport, violence and crime, sport, the body and health, sport and the environment, alternative sports and lifestyles, and sporting mega-events. $69.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415483933, NZRP$87.00 Publish April 2012, 464 pages Routledge Quantity Sports Studies

Martin Hyde, Christ Church Canterbury University, UK.

9 780415 618076

This book guides students in their preparation for all aspects of UK HE, from university selection and application through to participation. This text will expand your knowledge of UK Higher Education with regards to application procedures, finances, self-awareness, cultural adaptation, university administrative procedures, and work information. This is a comprehensive guide that will help students to develop critical and reflective ability in order to become independent, well-informed and empowered decision makers. $44.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415618076, NZRP$55.00 Publish April 2012, 266 pages Routledge Quantity Study Skills

Sport Management

An Introduction to Theatre Design

Principles and Applications

Stephen Di Benedetto, University of Miami, UK.

Russell Hoye and Matthew Nicholson,both from La Trobe University, Australia, and Aaron Smith, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, Australia; Bob Stewart and Hans Westerbeek, both from Victoria University, Australia.

The book explains the theories, strategies, and tools of practical design work for the undergraduate student. Through its numerous illustrated case studies and analysis of key terms, students will build an understanding of the design process and be able to: identify the fundamentals of theatre design and scenography, recognize the role of individual design, develop conceptual and analytical thinking, and communicate their understanding of complex design work. The author also looks in depth at script analysis, stylistic considerations and the importance of collaboration to the designer’s craft. $69.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415547543, NZRP$87.00 Publish April 2012, 222 pages Routledge Theatre studies

The book examines the nature of the sport industry and the role of the state, non-profit and professional sectors in sport. It focuses on core management principles and their application in a sporting context, highlighting the unique challenges faced in a career in sport management. Topics covered include strategic planning, organizational cultures and structures, human resource management, and marketing, among others. $74.00 Pb, ISBN 9781856178198, NZRP$93.00 Publish April 2012, 256 pages Routledge Quantity Sports Studies

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Sport Psychology

Tourism and Climate Change

Contemporary Themes, Second Edition

Impacts, Adaptation and Mitigation

David Lavallee, University of Stirling, UK; John Kremer, Queen’s University, Belfast; Aidan Moran, University College, Ireland; and Mark Williams, Liverpool John Moores University, UK.

Daniel Scott, University of Waterloo, Canada; C. Michael Hall, University of Canterbury, New Zealand; and Stefan Gössling, Lund University, Sweden.

Encompassing the history of sport psychology to more recent distinctions between sport and exercise psychology, it is ideal reading for students learning about issues such as motivation, concentration and anxiety and the connection between physical activity and psychological well-being. This new edition provides updated case studies, guidance on further reading, study questions and brand new content on self-harm in sport and metaimagery. $62.00 Pb, ISBN 9780230231740, NZRP$78.00 Publish April 2012, 352 pages Palgrave Macmillan Quantity Sports Studies

This book provides an analysis of climate change and tourism at the tourist, enterprise, destination and global scales. Major themes include the implications of climate change and climate policy for tourism sectors and destinations around the world, tourist perceptions of climate change impacts, tourism’s global contribution to climate change, adaptation and mitigation responses by all major tourism stakeholders, and the integral links between climate change and sustainable tourism. $69.00 Pb, ISBN 9780415668866, NZRP$87.00 Publish April 2012, 384 pages Routledge Quantity Tourism

New Zealand Author

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