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Why choose Palcut?


What can we offer?


Anti-slip paper


Fully automatic sheet dispenser


Stacks of benefits with the Palcut solution


Service and support


Welcome to Palcut Palcut A/S is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of sheet solutions for palletising. We are located in scenic surroundings in Borbjerg, Denmark. From here, we have been manufacturing anti-slip paper and fully automatic sheet dispensers for large and small customers across industries and national borders since the end of the 1990s. We have over 700 installed systems in Europe and are experts in ensuring stable and efficient palletising. Every day, we turn our many years of experience and know-how into customised solutions with stacks of benefits for our customers. The interaction between the sheet dispenser and reels of anti-slip paper ensures that you can increase efficiency and reduce downtime, collapsed pallets and transportation damage. We therefore contribute positively to your bottom line, create storage space and reduce your CO2 footprint – we call it the Palcut Solution. Your productivity is our mission. Every day. Non-stop. Enjoy reading!

Henrik Thulesen CEO, Palcut A/S


Why choose Palcut? We want to be your preferred sparring partner. Therefore, we will always strive to meet your needs and expectations before, during and after implementing a product from Palcut – your success is our success. We are a passionate team of well-qualified, skilled and service-minded employees. Our specialists are ready to offer advice and ideas – no challenge is too big and no task too small. We look at your challenges from new angles and create innovative solutions with a focus on climate and the environment – always with you and your needs at the centre.


WE TAKE RESPONSIBILITY We are an honest, reliable and responsible company – we want to make a difference wherever we are represented. Palcut is ISO-9001 certified and that means consistently high quality for you. We are committed to maintaining and improving our procedures and workflows in accordance with applicable international standards, so we can deliver the same high, expected quality. Every time.



“We always treat you as equals – At Palcut, we value great relationships. We are straightforward. And we are close to you.”

“We believe in clear and precise communication – Our primary task is to make things easier for you.”



“We focus on your business – We always put ourselves in your shoes and the question is ‘How will I benefit?’.”

“We look after our planet – Through internal and external measures for a greener, shared future.”


What can we offer? Anti-slip interlayer paper is the core of our business, and every day we turn decades of expertise and know-how into customised solutions for industrial companies worldwide. The paper's friction coating ensures that your palletised finished goods remain stable in the warehouse and during transportation – so you are guaranteed problem-free delivery and satisfied customers on every trip. Our skills go way beyond interlayer paper.


Every day we challenge the status quo in the industry by setting completely new standards for endof-line palletising compared to traditional sheet solutions. We do this by combining reels of antislip paper with our state-of-the-art fully automatic sheet dispensers. The ground-breaking sheet dispenser is easily integrated into the process and ensures that you can enjoy a smaller environmental footprint as well as lightning-fast workflows and less downtime, among other benefits. – We call it the Palcut Solution.

WE TAKE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY SERIOUSLY At Palcut, we care about the environment. That is why we have a 100% FSC® policy. This means that we commit to offering only FSC-certified paper products – now and in the future. In addition, all our anti-slip paper is 100% recyclable and carries the PAP-22 environmental label. The recycling symbol certifies that the product is fully recyclable and should be handled and disposed of appropriately.


Anti-slip paper Say goodbye to collapsed pallets, damaged products and unsatisfied customers. The primary purpose of our anti-slip paper is to stabilise the products on the pallet so that they arrive at their destination in the same condition that they left the depot. Palcut offers a selection of anti-slip interlayer paper manufactured at its own factory in Denmark. The choice of paper type depends on your needs and the items you are palletising – we will guide you to the right choice.






ANTI-SLIP PAPER VS. CORRUGATED CARDBOARD SHEETS – A CHOICE WITH A FOCUS ON CLIMATE AND THE ENVIRONMENT. • Reduces paper consumption by up to 40% • Fewer deliveries optimise resources in receipt of goods • Reduces consumption of stretch foil by up to 30%

• No added harmful substances • Up to 5,000 sheets per pallet/reel • Reduces CO2 emissions associated with your palletising


Antim® The Antim® product group solves most stabilisation challenges. Regardless of whether you palletise boxes, bags, cans, bottles or something completely different.




Bestseller – solves most challenges

Less friction, same function – the friction coating is applied in diagonal stripes

Suggested use: heavy, slippery or challenging items

Suggested use: boxes with large contact surfaces, lighter items or similar

Liquim® Liquid from leaks, condensation and wet pallets can damage and destroy your goods. That's why we've created an interlayer paper with a liquid-resistant barrier that significantly reduces losses – we call it Liquim®.




The first anti-slip paper that is not afraid of liquids – damage from leaks is significantly reduced

Ideal in damp environments and where changeable temperatures cause condensation

An alternative to PE-coated linerboard interlayer sheets

Suggested use: pharmaceutical items, chemicals, Big Bags, etc.

Suggested use: bottles, cans or similar items

Suggested use: flour, sugar, cement, etc.


Fully automatic sheet dispenser A sheet dispenser from Palcut makes traditional pallet sheets a thing of the past. The sheet dispenser produces one interlayer sheet at a time in a preprogrammed length, directly from the reel. There is always only one sheet ready for the robot, and the pick-up height is fixed. This increases the speed of your palletising and enables quick and precise placement on the pallet. Every time.


We offer both standard and customised sheet dispensers for smooth integration into any palletising line. The sheet dispenser can be configured for two types of sheet handling. When palletising with interlayer sheets between the product layers on a pallet or as base sheets. Our fully automatic sheet dispensers run like clockwork. They are efficient, dependable, and ensure reliable and effortless handling of interlayer sheets in the palletising process.

TRY OUR STANDARD SHEET DISPENSER FOR 3 MONTHS The sheet dispenser has a small footprint and will fit wherever your sheet magazine is today. If after 3 months you have not experienced the many expected benefits, we will remove the sheet dispenser again and you can return to your previous palletising method.


HIGHLIGHTED FEATURES: • Plug-and-play installation – only requires a 240V power supply • User-friendly – extremely easy day-to-day operation • Quick run-in of the robot, as the height for sheet pick-up is fixed • The trolley ensures operator-friendly replenishments of heavy paper reels • One sheet is cut at a time, ready for pick-up • Stand-alone operation or external communication with the palletising system • Up to 15 pre-programmed sheet sizes • Can produce sheets in quarter, half or full pallet sizes



CUSTOMISED DISPENSERS – NO CHALLENGE IS TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL We have more than 20 years of experience in project planning and developing customised sheet solutions, which is why we see ourselves as a highly skilled partner. Whether the task is to deliver paper at a height of 5 metres or in a tight space, we will find a solution adapted to your needs – because unique needs require unique solutions. In close cooperation with our team of skilled developers, we will put together the right solution.

WE TAKE RESPONSIBILITY We continuously update and maintain our dispenser, ensuring user-friendly operation and, not least, first-class machine safety. The Palcut sheet dispenser is CE and UKCA marked. These marks certify that the dispenser complies with the relevant requirements of the Machinery Directive and standards for machine safety and health in the area.


Stacks of benefits with the Palcut Solution The Palcut Solution consists of a fully automatic sheet dispenser and reels of anti-slip paper. There are stacks of benefits to enjoy when you choose a solution from Palcut compared to traditional sheet solutions.


Transport & Logistics REDUCE PRODUCT DAMAGE DURING TRANSPORTATION AND FREE UP STORAGE SPACE • Minimise collapsed pallets and damaged products – the pallet can be tilted up to 50° • Reduce storage space by up to 90% – up to 5,000 sheets per reel • Fewer deliveries mean an optimised goods-in process requiring fewer resources

Process & Operation SIMPLIFY WORK PROCESSES, INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY AND REDUCE DOWNTIME • Change reels of paper continuously outside safety zones – without stopping production • Reduce the number of replenishments by up to 90% • Changeovers can be done in a flash • Fixed pick-up height ensures a fast workflow – every time • Eliminate lost sheets – there is always one sheet ready for pick-up

Environment & Responsibility MINIMISE MATERIAL CONSUMPTION AND IMPACT ON THE ENVIRONMENT • Reduce paper consumption by up to 40% • Reduce consumption of stretch foil by up to 30% • 100% recyclable and FSC®-certified paper • Fewer deliveries of interlayer paper means reduced CO2 emissions during transportation


Service and support We offer high-quality after-sales service. Our team of experts is on hand to offer you service and support that’s second to none. Because your productivity is our mission. Every day. Non-stop. To maintain maximum uptime, we recommend an annual preventive service for our sheet dispensers so you can palletise around the clock without stopping.


WHEN IT’S URGENT Suddenly in need of interlayer paper? As a make-to-order company, we can quickly adjust our production or find a solution so that you never run out of paper.

IF THERE IS A MISHAP If you are unlucky enough to run into a technical problem with your sheet dispenser, our skilled employees are ready to quickly diagnose and solve your problem. We can often solve the problem together over email, telephone and/ or video call, keeping your costs to a minimum. If necessary, we will call a technician, who will travel to your location on short notice.

CONTACT US If you would like to know more about Palcut and our solution, please contact us. (+45) 9613 3110


Hedegaardvej 13, Borbjerg DK-7500 Holstebro (+45) 9613 3110


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