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Hello and welcome to the June edition of PakMag. I can’t believe the holidays are nearly here again! It feels like only yesterday since the kids and I were doing Easter Crafts and swimming at Riverway for the Easter weekend. Our July edition will have lots more school holiday info, so if you have anything to add please email it to admin@ This month is our annual Teddy Bears Picnic at Strand Park on 14 June so make sure you come along and join us. There will be lots of entertainment, stalls and Pricey and Minty will be broadcasting live from the event to help us raise money for 4TO FM’s Give Me Five For Kids campaign. If you would like to take part go to www. to book stalls, donate prizes or schedule a performance time. Have a great month and remember to tell everyone you read it in PakMag.

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Paleo Café Vroom Vroom!



Teddy Bear's Picnic

V8 Supercars 4-6 July This year’s Castrol Townsville 500 event promises to be bigger and better than ever before. For the first time, the event will showcase the all-new Super Top featuring

NEW Indoor Trampoline Park

NOW Open

house music, bars, food stalls, eating and shade during the day. On Saturday night, it will play host to Jessica

The Paleo food scene has just arrived in Townsville with the opening of the new Paleo Café

Mauboy and Vanessa Amorosi. The Disney Fun Zone also

on Flinders Street Mall. This rapidly expanding franchise will be plating up wholesome food

returns trackside with more new and exciting interactive

for breakfast and lunch seven days a week, and dinner Thursday through Saturday. The

activities. Kids 14 and under receive free trackside

Flinders Street café is the most recent offshoot of the Paleo Cafe franchise stemming from

Launch Zone, a massive new indoor trampoline park on 125 Dalrymple Road, Garbutt is now

admission with a paying adult (one child per ticket).

Cairns. Townsville city owner-manager Kymbo Westcott says there was an overwhelming

open for kids to go crazy on its 155 interconnecting trampolines. Mum and dad can either join

For your chance to win a 3-day trackside

level of support and interest in the store, before he'd even opened the doors. For more

125 Dalrymple Road, Garbutt

in for some exercise or relax in the Launch Café and enjoy the range of barista prepared coffees and delicious menu. You only pay to bounce, so if you are driving by, drop in for a coffee to check it out. For more information go to

Offshore Superboats

family pass (2 adults & 2 children under 14 years)

Strand Park

information call 4771 3895.

simply go to our website to enter our competition.


14 June (9am-12noon)

Lighten Up

Our annual Teddy Bear’s Picnic is here again this month so get your Teddies ready for a fun day out. There will be lots of free entertainment, activities, stalls and prizes so come along help us raise funds for the Give Me 5 for Kids campaign to support

Rebecca Dore has left behind her career as a commercial lawyer to open a wellness centre

the local children’s ward. Since we are expecting

that is focused on enhancing the whole body, mind and soul. She is the first to offer Thai

heaps of Teddies to be there we are also looking for

Yoga Massage and Craniosacral Therapy in Townsville. To find out more about these natural

volunteers on the day to help out so please email us

therapies go to Lighten Up will also be launching a brand new

at if you have some

hot yoga studio in Townsville soon!

time to spare for a good cause.

NEW Health Program 21-22 June

A free government-funded healthy lifestyle program is

Bowen Foreshore

being made available to Townsville families this month. The PEACH program (Parenting, Eating and Activity for Child Health) was launched in Queensland last year in

Bowen is hosting the Offshore Superboat Championships this month and it’s sure to provide

response to rising rates of childhood obesity. Families

some spectacular entertainment for the whole family. Up to 15 boats over four classes will

with a child 5-11 years whose weight is above a healthy

compete and reach speeds of in excess of 200 km/hr. The boats will race for pole positions

range for their age and gender are eligible for the

on Saturday, with the main race happening on Sunday. There will also be kid’s rides, markets,

program. The program involves families attending 10

kitesurfing and roller derby displays, vintage cars, helicopter joy rides, and a solo Roulette

fortnightly sessions over six months, with additional

display. For more information on the event, head to Bowen Offshore Superboats on Facebook

phone support. For more information call 1800 263 519


or register directly at



Show &Tell

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Birthday Games

The latest news, products and tips in the world of families and kids My Business

[1] Pin the Tail on the Donkey [2] Pass the Parcel [3] Musical Chairs [4] Musical Statues [5] Simon Says [6] PiĂąata [7] Treasure Hunt

NEW Book As the founder of Doctor to Your Door, GP Dominic Bannerman is providing a valuable after-hours home doctor service to the families of Townsville. He is also father to Aili (3) & Anju (5 months).


[1] Tell us a bit about you? I was born in Sydney but moved to Townsville in 2012 to set up Doctor to Your Door. My wife and I (who is a nurse) had been working in developing countries but it became a bit dangerous after our first child was born so we decided to move to Townsville as a seachange.

overseas in areas with a shortage of medical skills is also very satisfying. We donate 10% of our profits to charity and last year we donated to the Fred Hollows Foundation. We would like to set up a foundation to fund a clinic in East Timor in the future and to continue donating to and sponsoring local charities.

[2] Tell us about Doctor to Your Door? Our service is free bulk billed until midnight. The doctor treats sick patients in their homes and carries some starter medications. The service is open for calls from 4pm weekdays, 10am Saturdays and all day Sunday.

[4] What did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a doctor from a young age.

[3] What do you love about your work? I love making patients better, it’s very satisfying to help a sick child get better as quickly as possible. Being able to work

For more information or to make a booking call Doctor to Your Door on 1300 968 736.

[5] Tell me something people wouldn't know about you? I am going bald.

Quick and Clever Party Cakes (revised edition) By Lindy Smith Amazing cake creations ranging from caterpillars and fish through to sharks, fighter jets, space monsters and princesses. There are 20 inspirational cake designs with step-by-step instructions and stunning photographs to help you create your own masterpiece. RRP $19.99


Show &Tell

MINI Kimochis

Got something to share or shout about?

Kimochis…Toys with Feelings Inside® the range of multi-award winning toys, now come in

Email us at

a mini version that has been designed to keep kids happy while on journeys. Each one comes

NEW Boardgame

with a feeling keychain and comic book to help pass the time, and talk about how they’re feeling, rather than just complaining! Go to for a list of stockists. RRP $29.95


For your chance to win a Kimochis go to our website and tell us the name of one of the seven characters in the Mini Kimochis range?

Peppa Pig DVD's Entertainment One is releasing another gorgeous DVD compilation of Peppa Pig episodes this month. Peppa Pig: Peppa’s Circus sees her stage a circus in Grandpa Pig’s tent, get stranded on a desert island, hunt for night animals and lots more puddles of fun!

WIN Googly Eyes Boardgame

For your chance to win a DVD simply go to our website and tell us what is the one word George can say?

This new boardgame for kids aged 7+ is a twist on the classic board game where a team member draws an object and the others guess what it is – this time the person drawing has to wear vision-altering glasses!

NEw Book

By Liz Harfull

Googly Eyes was one of the top selling games in Europe last year and has been especially adapted for the

Talented amateurs enter cooking competitions at

Australian release. Available at major retailers RRP $30.

agricultural shows around Australia every year in their quest for a prestigious blue ribbon, using recipes



For chance to WIN a Googly Eyes

based on generations of experience. This book brings

Boardgame go to our website and tell

together delicious recipes, heartwarming stories and

us what you will be bringing to

expert cooking tips from 70 of the best show cooks

the Picnic on 14 June?

around Australia. RRP $39.99



By Amanda Cranston

or many new mums, motherhood is

Mums, of course, shouldn’t have to feel that

so overwhelming and all-consuming,

their role as a parent means they have to give up

that it leaves them feeling like they’ve

their own dreams, interests, hobbies, passions

forgotten who they were before they had kids.

and friends to be a good mum. Yet many mums

Days are filled catering to their new baby with

do feel this way and become so consumed with

mundane routines around feeding and sleeping,

trying to be a good mum that they give up on

often without time for a shower, to get dressed

their own interests and stop taking time for

or even get out of the house, and yet before

themselves. This can result in feelings of guilt

baby came along they juggled a successful

when they eventually start wanting to reclaim

career and a busy social life. So it’s no wonder

part of their old life back.

new mums can sometimes find motherhood lonely and isolated. Psychologist Jutta Dempsey explains that for many new parents, especially those who were high achievers and busy in their careers, having their first child is like a lunar landing. “All life as it was before grinds to an immediate and severe halt with a bewildering wilderness of

So what can mums do to make sure they don’t lose their sense of identity during motherhood? Firstly, they need to stop setting such high expectations for themselves. “Reduce your expectations of what you think you should be feeling, stay in tune with your baby and accept that the way you feel is quite normal,” Jutta says.

sleeplessness, feeding, loss of fitness, messy

Making a conscious effort to make time for

house and no social life surrounding them 24/7,”

yourself away from your baby or kids is also

she says. “And when the new baby does not fit

important whether it’s walking the dog, taking

the ‘mould’ the loss of identity a mum feels can

an exercise class, reading a book in the bath,

be even more pronounced.”

having a massage or meeting girlfriends for coffee where the conversation doesn’t revolve

Motherhood does not always meet a woman’s

around baby talk. And, if your own needs have

preconceived expectations and many can be

been put on the backburner for a while, try

left feeling unfulfilled, exhausted and resentful

setting some personal goals, whether it’s around

when it doesn’t live up to their ideal. While

fitness, study, career or creative aspirations.

being a wife and mother are wonderful roles to

New Baby Identity Crisis

have, many women don’t want to be defined by

Having a baby is one of life’s greatest gifts but it

them. Once they’re on maternity leave without

doesn’t have to define who you are or stop you

their career and job title, it can be a struggle

living your own life. You can be a mum, a wife,

maintaining their own sense of identity separate

have a career or run a business too if you choose;

from motherhood. And, as your identity changes

it all comes down to balance and knowing what

and the old ‘you’ fades away, some women

you want. By reconnecting with who you are,

then feel guilty for wanting more than ‘just’

you’ll have renewed energy for your children,


your husband and your life in general.

Tips for rediscovering yourself :

Now? Who am I

After having a baby many new mums go through a bit of an identity crisis and while it’s often not talked about it is incredibly common

• Set manageable expectations about motherhood • Make time for yourself without baby • Make an effort to have adult conversations without talk of babies • Set some personal goals or milestones for yourself • Make time for you and your husband without baby • Try find a balance between ‘mum time’ and ‘me time’

and very normal. 8


By Jutta Dempsey

Parent Series3

Your Child's' Black


Although most of your child’s development is relatively easy to see and keep an eye on, the development of your child’s brain is generally more difficult for parents to understand. Children’s brains develop in stages with distinct

intellect, personality and skills by the age of

meaning, reading music whilst playing) and,

developmental levels having been identified

five. Through play, all of the different cognitive

during this period, most brains are avid learning

between birth and 18 years. We now know that:

areas can be enhanced, so parents should treat

machines. The two sides of the brain are more

play seriously and perhaps treat it as the most

linked, laying the foundation for later creativity

important task of being a parent.

and mental planning. Information still needs to

[1] The way the brain develops is a complex relationship between genes and life experience from birth onwards [2] It takes up to 12 years for the brain to become fully organised, with parts of the cortex still to become fully organised through the later teen years

to experience all the senses. Toddlers benefit

after 11 and can come as late as 30, when the

out. Items of play that encourage manipulative

frontal lobes finally become the ‘boss’ of the brain.

the architecture of their brain

related to later attention and self-control skills, handwriting and proficiency in the arts. Physical play helps develop the integration of hand, eyes and muscles while promoting the coordination

At birth, some motor and sensory systems of the

of both sides of the body. This is important for

brain are already formed but how it develops

building intellectual skills too.

influential in guiding the future intellectual functioning of their children. Children cultivate up to 85 per cent of their

for parents to be involved in homework projects. Mature reasoning does not begin until sometime

fine motor control and sequencing, which are

set of experiences. So parents are therefore very

hands-on and personal materials. Now is the time

can manipulate, interact or figure something

their parent/caregiver has a decisive impact on

after this is unique to each child and their own

be presented to this age group with concrete,

from stimulating playtimes where they child

play help higher levels of the brain develop

brain is ‘wired’.

an infant by playing activities that allow them

[3] The quality of an infant’s relationship with

[3] Early interactions directly affect the way the


You can create an enriched environment for

By being aware that the healthy brain likes to learn, and children learn best when exposed to a variety of ideas, experiences, skills and materials, parents can provide these experiences on a continual basis and be an integral part of their child’s cognitive development.

Neuropsychologists talk about the “five-to-

Jutta Dempsey is the principal psychologist

seven shift” because so much change occurs

at Direction Psychology. For more information

in the brain during these years. Growth in the

about your child’s cognitive development go

higher association areas enables more flexible


inter-sensory communication (eg. reading for


By Amanda Cranston

BedroomBattles Trying to get kids to keep their room tidy is a constant battle in most households, but there are stress-free ways to combat the battle of the bedroom writes Amanda Cranston. Just like adults, kids have their own unique

skills that need to be learnt and for a child facing

playtime overwhelming so rotate the toys that

personalities, and according to Psychologist Jutta

a bedroom that resembles a bombsite, it can be

are available to play with.

Dempsey a child’s temperament plays a big part

very overwhelming knowing where to even start.

in how well they keep their room tidy. “Some kids

So rather than giving them a general instruction

[5] Make cleaning fun

don’t notice detail or care much about keeping

like “go and tidy your room” it will be more

Even cleaning can be turned into a fun activity

a clean room while others with a future ‘A type’

effective if you break the task up into smaller

if you put on some music, get your kids to try to

personality strive for perfection and like to have

baby steps. For example, make the bed, put dirty

beat the timer, get them to have a race with you

everything in order and in their rightful place,”

washing in the laundry basket, put books on the

to see who can clean the fastest (kids cleaning

she says.

shelf etc. Even printing off a tick list for cleaning

their rooms or parent cleaning the rest of the

their room can help as it serves as a reminder of

house) or make it a family activity that you all do

what they need to do.


[3] Provide storage

[6] Praise their efforts

The more storage you provide so that everything

While your children are learning cleaning skills

Here are a few tips:

has a place the easier it will be for your children

they may not do things as well as you but it is

[1] Lead by example

to keep things tidy. Put labels on everything too

still important to acknowledge their effort and

so the kids know where things belong.

praise them when they take responsibility for a

[4] Declutter

particular task.

For those of you frustrated by constant mess it can be tempting to just clean it up yourself because it will be quicker and there will be less whining. However, if you do this you’re depriving your child of an important learning opportunity.

We obviously can’t expect children to keep their rooms clean and tidy the rest of the house isn’t in order.

Kids these days have a lot of stuff and this makes

[7] Be consistent

[2] Teach them how to clean

it really hard for them to keep their room tidy.

Make a set time every day or once a week for the

Is it time in your household to give some toys

kids to clean up their rooms and be consistent

away to charity or store some sentimental things

with this so eventually it becomes routine.

Like anything else in life, cleaning and tidying are


away? Too many possessions can also make


By Lara Joffe

Clean Living

Off theGrid Many people dream of being in tune with nature and living off the land, but Lara Joffe is turning the dream into reality. I grew up in the densely populated area of

I’ve since discovered that living on the land

Living self-sustainably means living in harmony

Melbourne and always sought solace in its

is hard work! In the early stages of getting

with nature and being responsible for what you

parklands, so the idea of living in a quiet natural

established there are multiple projects on the go

put in and take out. It means generating your

environment with clean air and water was always

and it takes time and a lot of energy. One thing

own power and recycling all your waste. We have


we have found particularly useful is utilising the

around 30 chickens, which produce enough

traveller networks like WOOFers (“Willing Workers

eggs to feed ourselves and many local families,

On Organic Farms”), whereby travellers come and

and four goats which we hope to milk and make

work on the property in exchange for food and

cheese and yoghurt from. We are also planning

accommodation. This is a great way to get help

on hosting some permaculture courses and other

with tedious tasks like weeding! We have also

retreats in the near future.

After University I left the city behind and moved to Alice Springs where I met some wonderful friends who were living on the land and growing their own food despite the arid environment. I loved how surplus food inspired big cook ups and creative adventures in jams, pickles and preserves. I saw how putting all that energy into the land gave so much back, not just in terms of

of produce and knowledge.

Choosing to live ‘off the grid’ is a way of actively creating a healthier world. Whenever I hear disturbing news of corporate greed and

It is such a joy to be sharing this way of life with

destruction of the environment I feel compelled

and community.

our three year old son Noah. I am so grateful he

to go outside and plant more food, to do more

has such space and freedom to run around and I

that generates healthy, harmonious energy. As

love watching his connection with nature grow.

a health practitioner I know the importance of

He loves helping out and getting his hands dirty,

nourishment. I can feel that this lifestyle offers a

tending to the goats and chickens, planting

regenerative cycle of nourishment, whereby the

seeds, collecting food, spreading mulch. I love

more you put in the more you prosper and grow.

Billy who was born in North Queensland and had spent many years here living “off the grid”. I decided to move here and we bought our 12 acre property just over 2 years ago. We’ve been planting seeds ever since.

people in the area, so there is a regular exchange

food but also in the way it nourished spirit, family

While in Alice Springs I also met my husband


connected with a good network of like-minded

that he understands where his food and water comes from.



TECH Talk Fone Home

iPad Addicted?

While technology is a part of modern life the general consensus among experts seems to be that technology is like junk food for children – okay in moderation. However, mental health professionals are seeing an increase in children (especially teens) over-dosing on internet use and they’re calling it Pathological Internet Use. So how do you know when your child’s use of technology is becoming excessive? Here are the signs to look out for: [1] Withdrawal – they become irritable, anxious or sad after the iPad is taken away. [2] Tolerance – if they need to spend longer and longer amounts of time on the iPad to be happy, it’s a sign of addiction. [3] Loss of interest – they are losing interest in their other hobbies such as sport.

Safe New Mobile for Kids Own Fone has launched a fantastic mobile phone for kids that only has pre-programmed numbers in it chosen by you. There’s no texting, internet, apps or camera, so it’s perfect for parents who want to be able to contact their kids but don’t want the worry of associated with smart phones. Each phone has it’s own mobile number with cheap plans available. It’s perfect for emergency use if your child’s soccer practice is running late, ballet has finished early or they need to be picked up from school or miss the bus. A great option for families who are not yet ready to give their kids their own mobile phone but want the convenience of being able to contact them. For more information go to


[4] Lack of control – meltdowns when you take the device off them.

[5] Deception – sneaking the iPad away or hiding while they’re using it are bad signs. [6] Emotional use – emotional eaters deal with difficult emotions by eating, if your child copes with negative emotions by numbing out on the iPad it is a cause for concern. [7] Detaching – performing poorly at school and losing friends could be a sign that your child is detaching from the outside world. If your child is showing any of these signs, it’s time to set some rules and boundaries regarding their use of technology and encourage them to get involved in other activities.

APPS for Tots The Institute of Early Childhood at Macquarie University has found that spending too much time playing the ‘wrong’ kind of computer games could delay a child's development. They discovered that 85 per cent of the apps bought for young children were just “drill and practice” games that don’t require any input from the child. Consequently they have recommended parents choose apps that require children to create something from scratch rather than just rewarding them for practising a task. Examples include Play School Art Maker, My Story, Explain Everything and Creatorverse.


Health pak

Exercise: It takes two...

By Narelle Muller



By Dr Manda Brits

Body temperature varies depending on the time of day or night and the activities we’re engaged in. While temperature readings vary according to the method it’s taken, generally speaking, any reading between 36.1 to 37.5 ⁰C is considered to be normal. If the body temperature is elevated above this range various symptoms begin to occur from sweating and feeling uncomfortable at 38°C all the way through to fainting, vomiting, severe headache, dizziness, confusion,

The idea of getting your running shoes on doesn’t appeal? Can’t afford the gym and couldn’t find time even if you wanted to?

What to do if a person has a temperature higher than 39⁰C: [1] Remove as much clothes as possible – even if the

Before you could say “on yer bike” she then

and more for not exercising, but still, she

grabbed a baby bicycle seat off Gumtree

had an honest yearning to get into shape.

and we began the second phase of her new

[2] If younger than 5 years:

Despite many obstacles, we arrived at

fitness program. This involves a daily ride

something this young mum could do with

to the park, which of course her son enjoys

her bub to get her daily dose of cardio

immensely and they have begun a journey

and all-over body toning - and the answer

of discovery, trying new playgrounds, even

was right under her nose - the backyard

further afield as her fitness levels progress. There are many ways to build exercise into

person complains that they are cold

• Wrap child in a wet towel and stand under a

ceiling fan set at its highest setting.

• Take their temperature every two minutes until

it drops to 38°C, usually within 5-6 minutes.

• Give Panadol or Nurofen as per weight/age.

• Get child to your GP or a hospital asap

By purchasing an inexpensive blow-up

your day while still enjoying time with

baby swimming ring, she could motor up

young children. Sometimes all it takes is a

[3] Older than 5 years:

and down and around the pool pushing

bit of lateral thinking.

the little one, while kicking with her legs and engaging her core, getting her heart rate up and consequently burning fat and building muscle.

is considered a medical emergency.

I recently had a client with all these excuses

swimming pool.


hallucinations and drowsiness. A temperature of 41°C

• Put them in a bath with lukewarm water or

under a cold shower until their temperature Narelle Muller is a journalist, health writer and qualified personal trainer.

drops to below 38°C

• Give Panadol or Nurofen as per age

• Get medical advice


Nutrition pak

Review Food

"I'm Hungry!"

Tuckers Tiny Dippers

by Connie Eales


Whenever I would shout ‘’I’M HUNGRY!’’ as a child my father would always say “No you’re not, you’re Connie!’’ Funny(-ish), but it doesn’t solve one of the most common problems faced by parents. This comment would swiftly be followed up

• Make sure other important foods are not

by my mother saying “Have a piece of fruit

being sacrificed such as low fat dairy and

then.’’ Fruit is often the go-to snack for a lot

low GI breads and cereals

of households so many people have been


• Fruit contains sugar, so regular teeth

asking lately, whether there is such a thing

washing is a must to prevent dental caries

as too much fruit for kids?

and decay

Fruit is essential for children of all ages. The

Made in Australia, Tuckers Tiny Dippers are a healthy

• Whole fruit is the best choice – try to

snack with a big flavour punch. The packet contains

choose fresh before concentrated fruit

a serve of crunchy, nutty, quinoa crackers and a

sources such as fruit juice, fruit straps and

delicious dipping sauce – a choice of corn dip,

fruit soaked in syrup

tomato salsa and green tomato salsa. They contain no

over eight years old, two serves per day.

• Frozen fruit and packaged fruit in natural

artificial flavours, artificial colourings or preservatives,

These are guidelines only, every child is

juices is a great way to enjoy fruit not in

different so it may be appropriate for you


current guidelines suggest children aged one to three require one serve per day, children aged four to eight should aim for one and a half serves per day and anyone

child to exceed this.

• If you’re child is sedentary or has issues

• Encourage regular physical activity to make sure the sugar is being put to good use

Connie Eales is an Accredited Practising

with weight management, stick to the

Things to consider for a big fruit eater:

so they’re a great option for children with allergies.

required number of serves so they don’t miss out on essential vitamins and minerals

Dietitian. You can connect with Health Management and ask Connie questions on Facebook.

seeing Readers Question: I have been loves acai everywhere lately. My friend ys alwa she says and s othie them in smo a they Are ler. todd her shares them with ing shar be also I superfruit and should ler? them in a smoothie with my todd


r fruits. Ah yes, the wonderful world of supe ts xidan antio in er high Yes, they are often nsive expe less even than other fruits but

berry, berries, such as blueberry and straw with fit into this category. The key thing fruit is to focus on a variety since each



of one has its own unique combination okay inly certa it’s So rals. mine and vitamins t don’ but diet your to es to add acai berri are kids as far As n. optio make it your only r taste concerned, acai berries have a bitte them. like t won’ on their own so a lot of kids





pakmag TEAM Favourite Watermelon Cake By Bree James (Publisher) Ingredients: • Whipped cream or coconut whipped cream • 1 large watermelon


TEAM recipe

• Blueberries • Raspberries • Kiwi Fruit • Almonds

Bree's Fave "This is a great healthy option for birthday cakes and suitable for people with food allergies."

Method: In just 10 minutes you can make this healthy yummy dessert. [1] Cut the watermelon into a circlular shape like a cake. [2] Dry the watermelon by patting down with paper towel. [3] Whip your cream then cover the watermelon in the cream, making sure to work quickly as the cream can melt. [4] Place the almonds on the outside of the cake. [5] Decorate with raspberries, blueberries and kiwi fruit.



green = kids

blue = adults

Check out the latest family entertainment & events guide



pink = family


JUNE 2014 entertainment & events DATE







1/06/14 1/06/14 1/06/14 1/06/14 1/06/14 1/06/14 2/06/14 2/06/14 3/06/14 3/06/14 3/06/14 3/06/14 3/06/14 3/06/14 3/06/14 3/06/14 4/06/14 4/06/14 4/06/14 4/06/14 5/06/14 5/06/14 5/06/14 5/06/14 6/06/14

Kings Rd, West End Gregory St, North Ward Perc Tucker Regional Gallery Perc Tucker Regional Gallery Flinders St & Flinders Square Willows Shopping Centre Carpark Aitkenvale City Library Aitkenvale City Library 23 First St, Railway Estate 154 Ross River Rd, Mundingburra 38 Canterbury Rd, Kirwan Pinnacles Gallery Perc Tucker Regional Gallery Burdekin Neighbourhood Centre Aitkenvale City Library Flinders Street Library Thuringowa Central Library Aitkenvale City Library Aitkenvale City Library City Libraries Aitkenvale Thuringowa Central Library Townsville Civic Theatre Thuringowa Central Library City Libraries Aitkenvale Strand Park

Stardust Circus (Wed- Fri 7pm, Sat 2pm & 6pm, Sun 11am & 3pm) Eco Fiesta (Sustainability Expo/Baby Welcoming) Funny Faces Kids Portrait Workshop Cartoon & Characters Drawing - Booking Recommended Cotters Market Willows Rotary Markets Baby Rhyme Time Baby Rhyme Time Townsville Toy Library (closing 11am) The Cathedral School - School Tour Baptist Church - Giggles for God Playgroup Art Activities (Under 5) Percivals Life Drawing Playgroup Early Years - Library's childrens educational online resources Storytime Storytime - With La Luna Youth Arts Early Years - Messy Play - Bookings Essential Early Years - Messy Play - Bookings Essential Thinglink: Tag Our Local History Baby Rhyme Time The Wedding Singer - Kirwan High Production Baby Rhyme Time French for Travellers (Beginners) Six Part Series Strand Night Markets

11.00am 9.00am 10.30am 11.30am 8.30am 7.30am 10.00am 11.00am 9.30am 10.00am 9.30am 10.00am 6.30pm 9.30am 9.30am 10.00am 10.00am 9.00am 10.30am 9.30am 10.00am 8.00pm 11.00am 5.30pm 5.00pm

Cost Free Free Free Free Free 4727 8310 Free 4727 8310 Free Cost Free 4723 2371 Cost Donation $15 4783 4243 $4 4727 8310 Free 4727 9666 Free 4773 8811 Free 4727 8310 Free 4727 8310 Free Free 4773 8811 Free 4727 9797 Cost 4773 8811 Free Cost

6/06/14 6/06/14 6/06/14 7/06/14 7/06/14 7/06/14

Townsville Civic Theatre Perfumed Gardens Aitkenvale City Library 23 First St, Railway Estate Townsville Civic Theatre Brothers Leagues Club

The Wedding Singer - Kirwan High Production Music in the City Storytime Townsville Toy Library (closing 11am) The Wedding Singer - Kirwan High Production Sit Down Comedy Club Dinner and Show

8.00pm 12.00pm 10.00am 9.30am 6.00pm 7.00pm

4727 9797 1300 878 001 4727 8310

4727 9797 1300 878 001

Free Cost Free Free Cost 4727 9797 Cost $40


pink = family

green = kids

blue = adults

JUNE 2014 entertainment & events DATE




8/06/14 8/06/14 8/06/14 8/06/14 8/06/14 9/06/14 10/06/14 10/06/14 10/06/14 11/06/14 11/06/14 11/06/14 11/06/14 11/06/14 11/06/14 12/06/14 12/06/14 12/06/14 12/06/14 12/06/14 13/06/14

Townsville Civic Theatre Perc Tucker Regional Gallery Perc Tucker Regional Gallery Flinders St & Flinders Square Willows Shopping Centre Carpark Stocklands Townsville Perc Tucker Regional Gallery Burdekin Neighbourhood Centre Flinders Street Library Townsville Civic Theatre Thuringowa Central Library Aitkenvale City Library Aitkenvale City Library City Libraries Aitkenvale City Libraries Aitkenvale Townsville Civic Theatre Townsville Civic Theatre Thuringowa Central Library Thuringowa Central Library City Libraries Aitkenvale Magnetic Island Recreation Centre

Townsville Concert Band Funny Faces Kids Portrait Workshop Adult Portrait Drawing Workshop Cotters Market Willows Rotary Markets Mummy Funday - Free Facepainting Percivals Life Drawing Playgroup Storytime The 13 Story Treehouse Storytime Early Years - Messy Play - Bookings Essential Early Years - Messy Play - Bookings Essential Computer Basics B Internet Basics B The 13 Story Treehouse The 13 Story Treehouse Baby Rhyme Time Baby Rhyme Time Loud Lounge - Hula Hooping Father-Son Adventure Weekend

2.00pm 10.30am 11.30am 8.30am 7.30am 10.00am 6.30pm 9.30am 10.00am 6.00pm 10.00am 9.00am 10.30am 10.00am 1.00pm 9.30am 11.30am 10.00am 11.00am 3.30pm 5.00pm

13/06/14 13/06/14 14/06/14 14/06/14 14/06/14 15/06/14 15/06/14 15/06/14 15/06/14

Perfumed Gardens Aitkenvale City Library The Strand Pinnacles Gallery City Libraries Thuringowa Central Perc Tucker Regional Gallery Perc Tucker Regional Gallery Perc Tucker Regional Gallery Riverway Arts Centre

Music in the City Storytime PAKMAG Teddy Bears Picnic Art of Black and White - Photographic Workshop - Bookings Essential Introduction to Acrylics Workshop 1 Funny Faces Kids Portrait Workshop Adult Portrait Drawing Workshop - Booking Recommended Family Fun Day Peter & The Wolf

12.00pm 10.00am 9.00am 10.30am 9.30am 10.30am 11.30am 9.00am 1.00pm

FOR MORE INFO 4727 9797

4779 6033 4783 4243 4727 9666 4727 9797 4773 8811 4727 8310 4727 8310 4727 9797 4727 9797 4773 8811 4773 8811

1300 878 001 4727 8310 4727 9797

COST Cost Free Free Free Free Free $15 $4 Free Cost Free Free Free Free Free Cost Cost Free Free Free

WmiIN ly

Fa MOVI E Pas s e s

Cost Free Free Gold Coin

Cost Cost Free Free Free Cost

ies to the best family mov s these School Holiday


MINI MAG June 2014



colour IN & Win! WIN

Family Passes to How to Train Your Dragon 2

WIN FAMILY MOVIE PASSES TO DISNEY'S TINKER BELL AND THE PIRATE FAIRY Simply spot the 5 differences in the below puzzle and then email your answers to

To enter colour-it-in & mail to:

Name: Age:

PAKMAG, Colour-it-in June 2014


PO Box 761, Hyde Park QLD 4812 & you could WIN 1 of 10 family passes to How to Train Your Dragon 2 (Comp closes 18/05/14)


Address: Phone: Email:


green = kids

blue = adults



pink = family



WIN Family MOVIE Passes to rio 2 Simply match the descriptions in the above 'Meet the Gang' activity puzzle to each of the characters and then email your answers to







15/06/14 15/06/14 15/06/14 16/06/14 16/06/14 16/06/14 17/06/14 17/06/14 17/06/14 17/06/14 17/06/14 17/06/14 18/06/14 18/06/14 18/06/14 18/06/14

Riverway Arts Centre Flinders St & Flinders Square Willows Shopping Centre Carpark Aitkenvale City Library Aitkenvale City Library City Libraries Thuringowa Central 23 First St, Railway Estate Perc Tucker Regional Gallery Perc Tucker Regional Gallery Burdekin Neighbourhood Centre Flinders Street Library City Libraries Aitkenvale Thuringowa Central Library Aitkenvale City Library Aitkenvale City Library Brothers Leagues Club

Peter & The Wolf Cotters Market Willows Rotary Markets Baby Rhyme Time Baby Rhyme Time Celebrate Refugee Week Townsville Toy Library (closing 11am) Art Activities (Under 5) Percivals Life Drawing Playgroup Storytime Virtual Tour of the National Museum of Australia (Via Robot) Storytime Early Years - Messy Play - Bookings Essential Early Years - Messy Play - Bookings Essential State of Origin on the Field

3.00pm 8.30am 7.30am 10.00am 11.00am 10.00am 9.30am 10.00am 6.30pm 9.30am 10.00am 11.00am 10.00am 9.00am 10.30am 5.00pm

Cost Free Free 4727 8310 Free 4727 8310 Free Free Cost Donation $15 4783 4243 $4 4727 9666 Free Free 4773 8811 Free 4727 8310 Free 4727 8310 Free

18/06/14 18/06/14 18/06/14 18/06/14 19/06/14 19/06/14 19/06/14 20/06/14 20/06/14 20/06/14

City Libraries Aitkenvale City Libraries Aitkenvale City Libraries Thuringowa Central City Libraries Thuringowa Central Thuringowa Central Library Thuringowa Central Library City Libraries Thuringowa Central Perfumed Gardens Aitkenvale City Library City Libraries Aitkenvale

Tablet Basics - Ipads Ipads - Taking and Editing Photos Loud Lounge - Hula Hooping Murri Bookclub - Grace Beside Me Baby Rhyme Time Baby Rhyme Time The Life of Mrs Mabo Music in the City Storytime

10.00am 1.00pm 3.00pm 6.00pm 10.00am 11.00am 10.00am 12.00pm 10.00am 4773 8811 4773 8811 1300 878 001 4727 8310

Book Launch - Tall Stories and True - The Adventures of a Nature Lover

23 First St, Railway Estate Pet Expo Brothers Leagues Club City Libraries Thuringowa Central Perc Tucker Regional Gallery Perc Tucker Regional Gallery Flinders St & Flinders Square Willows Shopping Centre Carpark Aitkenvale City Library

Townsville Toy Library (closing 11am) Thuringowa Drive Soundshell Neil Diamond Tribute Show ABC Open - Writing and Photography Workshop Funny Faces Kids Portrait Workshop Adult Portrait Drawing Workshop - Bookings Recommended Cotters Market Willows Rotary Markets Baby Rhyme Time

10.30am 9.30am 10.00am 8.30pm 9.00am 10.30am 11.30am 8.30am 7.30am 10.00am

21/06/14 21/06/14 21/06/14 21/06/14 22/06/14 22/06/14 22/06/14 22/06/14 23/06/14

4727 9797

1300 878 001

Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Cost Free

4727 8310

Free Free Free Free Free Free


green = kids

blue = adults



pink = family


JUNE 2014 entertainment & events DATE






23/06/14 24/06/14 24/06/14 24/06/14 25/06/14 25/06/14 26/06/14 26/06/14 26/06/14 26/06/14 26/06/14 26/06/14 27/06/14 27/06/14 27/06/14 28/06/14 28/06/14

Aitkenvale City Library Perc Tucker Regional Gallery Burdekin Neighbourhood Centre Flinders Street Library Thuringowa Central Library Cambridge Park Thuringowa Central Library Thuringowa Central Library City Libraries Aitkenvale City Libraries Thuringowa Central City Libraries Thuringowa Central City Libraries Thuringowa Central Townsville Showgrounds Perfumed Gardens Aitkenvale City Library Townsville Showgrounds Magnetic Island Recreation Centre

Baby Rhyme Time Percivals Life Drawing Playgroup Storytime Storytime Early Years - Messy Play in the Park Baby Rhyme Time Baby Rhyme Time 3D Printer Workshop Windows Movie Maker Reducing Your Mortgage Seminar Internet Shopping Townsville Show Music in the City Storytime Townsville Show 4 Night Dad & Daughter Adventure

11.00am 6.30pm 9.30am 10.00am 10.00am 9.00am 10.00am 11.00am 10.00am 1.00pm 6.00pm 9.00am 5.00pm 12.00pm 10.00am 9.00am 4.00pm

4727 8310 4783 4243 4727 9666 4773 8811 4727 8310 4773 8811 4773 8811 1300 878 001 4727 8310

Free $15 $4 Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Cost Free Free Cost

28/06/14 28/06/14 28/06/14 28/06/14 29/06/14 29/06/14 29/06/14 29/06/14

Riverway Pinnacles Gallery Mayoral Reception Room City Libraries Thuringowa Central Townsville Showgrounds Perc Tucker Regional Gallery Perc Tucker Regional Gallery Flinders St & Flinders Square

Townsville Artists Market Capturing The Creative Photographic Workshop A Family History Research Event By Julie Webster Introduction to Acrylics Workshop 2 Townsville Show Funny Faces Kids Portrait Workshop Adult Portrait Drawing Workshop - Bookings Recommended Cotters Market

12.00pm 10.30am 10.30am 9.30am 9.00am 10.30am 11.30am 8.30am

Cost Free Cost Free Cost Cost Free Free

Willows Rotary Markets Townsville Show Art Escape - Creatures at a Pinch (5-7 years) - Bookings Required

7.30am 9.00am 10.30am

29/06/14 Willows Shopping Centre Carpark 30/06/14 Townsville Showgrounds 30/06/14 Perc Tucker Regional Gallery

Free Free Cost $15

This is a free listing. Submit your event info to:



By Dr Paul Shanahan

Baby Issues

The FourthTrimester As a father and chiropractor Paul Shanahan has helped many new mums cope with the pressures of the ‘Fourth Trimester’ Regardless of how a baby is born, the initial months following are perhaps the most challenging in a mother’s life. Little is written about this phase of life and we often hear our

Achieving better health naturally

mums say, “Nobody warns you about what happens after the birth.” Many new mums talk about the first few months being such a blur that the finer details get forgotten. Some authors describe this time as an actual phase of pregnancy and call it the fourth trimester. During this time the needs of each mother are different. To an extent those needs are alien to anyone else who hasn’t had the same experiences. Each person has to learn and

43 Fulham Road, Pimlico & 4779 1604

relearn the cues and needs of their own unique newborn, cope with round the clock feeding and even manage and care for a toddler too. It is a very demanding time and hard for mothers to

Dr Paul Shanahan BSc (Hons) Chiropractic

Dr Gordon McPherson-Rayner BChiro (NZ), BSc (Hons)

experience adequate support. However, there are some things that all new mums can do to help them cope better and to protect their health and wellbeing during this fourth trimester:


[1] Prioritise sleep

in the sunshine can improve your perspective

Sleep (or lack of it) has a drastic effect on your

stiffening up.

ability to cope so do whatever you can to get adequate sleep. Lay down when your little one is having a sleep rather than doing chores. When friends are visiting, have a rest and let them bond with your newborn. Turn off your phone and computer and avoid catching up on social media

on everything as well as prevent your spine from

[4] Ask for help On second thoughts, demand it. You put a person in this world; the world – just this once – owes you!

which may be stimulating but eventually make

As a chiropractor I have the pleasure of looking

you feel mentally wilted and physically slumped.

after many new babies and mums with gentle

[2] Beat the blues Be aware of the natural dip in mood coming from the abrupt drop in hormones during the first six weeks. Talking with partners and friends helps to

chiropractic care. I find that not only does this help newborns with sleep, colic and attaching but it can also really make a world of difference to women who are suffering with lower back, neck and shoulder pain after giving birth.

identify when further assessment through your midwife or GP is needed. Having a good support network of people will help you enormously.

[3] Move it! Humans are designed to move and movement is

Paul Shanahan is a Chiropractor at Wellspring Chiropractic. For more information call 4779 1604 or go to

life. As and when you can, 15 minutes of walking



First Birthday Parties

BABYNEWS Teething Jewellery

june 2014

RED NOSE Day 27 June SIDS and Kids is urging Australians to ‘Say G’day the Red Nose Way’ and support Red Nose Day this month. Supporters can get involved by purchasing a red nose, any Red Nose Day


product or participate in the new Dare to Care project. Dare to Care is a unique fundraising experience calling for people to take on a personal challenge while raising funds for Red Nose Day. It could be bungy jumping, taking on a fun run or even going to work in your undies - anything to raise money for this great cause! NQ business Bubs n Bumps Maternity will be jumping onboard to help raise money by donating $5 from every maternity top sold SIDS for KIDS. Go to www.bubsnbumps. to see their range of cute tops.

Closer to Nature


If you’ve ever gone shopping for soothers for your baby you’ll know it’s a process of trial and error trying to find one that you baby likes. Consequently, Closer to Nature® have developed a new range of soothers so you waste less time and effort trying to find the right one. They come in four new styles - Fun, Anytime, Night Time and Air and have been designed with an orthodontic silicone teat to support healthy oral development. For more information go to or au/closertonaturebaby

Baby Dental Tips By Smile Dental Babies need to chew the right foods at the right age to promote good jaw growth, swallowing habits and facial muscle tone. So at around six months of age, forget the

Your baby’s first birthday is a major milestone, a time to pat yourself on the back and celebrate, even if they don’t appreciate it themselves. Here are a few tips to making it a successful occasion:

• Keep it low-key and intimate with just a

• Have somewhere clean and handy ready for

handful of people your baby is familiar with

nappy changes and breastfeeding mums

• Have the party at home where your baby

• Have a variety of toys on a safe floor space

will feel most secure

mush and start offering your bub some small chunks of

• Do a safety check for crawlers, walkers

cardboard boxes are always in fashion for

food to hold, taste and chew on. It’s best to start with

and climbers

one year olds

• Keep pets out of the way

• Plan on having a great cake, if only for

cooked chunks of veggies and soft pieces of fruit so they don’t choke. It’s really important that kids learn the chew-

TO WIN: For your chance to win a Closer to Nature Toddler Pack valued at $300, simply go

swallow-breathe through the nose pattern, essential for the

• Time the party for after-nap time eg.

to our website and tell us the most embarrassing time your baby has spat the dummy?

healthy development of beautiful faces and teeth.

afternoon tea for first thing in the morning


• Keep it simple – wrapping paper and

the photo opportunity • Charge up all your cameras!

Concerned about bub chewing on your jewellery? MummaBubba Jewellery offer a range of fashion accessories made from non-toxic FDA approved silicone so they are completely safe for babies to chew on when teething. These Tulip bead necklaces are available for $29.95 from www. TO WIN: For your chance to win a MummaBubba Jewellery Prize Pack, valued at $89.85, simply go to our website and tell us the name of the owner of MummaBubba Jewellery?


School’s Out

There is no excuse for boredom these school holidays with a range of local attractions, activities and entertainment available. programmes & Classes [1] Sk8way

[4] Art Escape Classes

• General Skating Sessions – every day

• Funny Faces Kid’s Portrait Workshop

(10am-12noon) during the school holidays,

@ Perc Tucker Regional Gallery. Date: 29 June

except Townsville Show day on 30 June

(10.30–11.15am). FREE Drop in.

• Cheaper Tuesday Nights – only $6 admission

• Art Escape: Creatures at a Pinch with Mary

(6.30pm to 8.30pm)

Date: 7 July (10.30am–12.30pm). Cost: $15.

Parkes @ Perc Tucker Regional Gallery.

Age: 8-12 years. Bookings required.

• First Birthday Skate - 2 July (4pm-8pm)

Date: 30 June (10.30am–12.30pm). Cost: $15.

• Funny Faces Kid’s Portrait Workshop @ Perc Tucker Regional Gallery. Date: 6 July

• General Skate - 4 July (2pm-4pm) • Tots on Skates - Tuesdays and Thursdays (9-10am) for children aged six and under

[2] Kingpin Bowling All-Action school holiday passes allow three games of bowling, laser skirmish or an arcade game card. Cost: $24. Four game packages are

(10.30–11.15am). FREE Drop in. • Art Escape: Creatures at a Pinch with Mary Parkes @ Perc Tucker Regional Gallery.

Age: 5 -7 years. Bookings required.

• Art Escape: Screen it with John Bradshaw @ Perc Tucker Regional Gallery. 8 July

• Art-Box: Art Activities for Under 5’s

(10.30am–12.30pm). Cost: $15. Age: 5-7 years.

@ Pinnacles Gallery. Date: 1 July (10-11am).

Bookings required.

Gold Coin donation. • Art Escape: Wired! With Nicole Potgieter • Art Escape: Screen it with John Bradshaw @

@ Perc Tucker Regional Gallery. Date: 9 July

Perc Tucker Regional Gallery. Date: 1 July

(10.30am-12.30pm). Cost: $15. Age: 8-12 years.

(10.30-12.30pm). Cost: $15. Age: 8-12 years.

Bookings required.

Bookings required. • Art Escape: Origami Bouquets with

also available for $28. For more info call 4408

• Art Escape: Wired! With Nicole Potgieter

0003 or visit

Rhiannon Mitchard @ Perc Tucker Regional

@ Perc Tucker Regional Gallery. Date: 2 July

Gallery. Date: 10 July (10.30am–12.30pm).

(10.30am – 12.30pm). Cost: $15. Age: 5-7 years.

Cost: $15. Age: 5-7 years. Bookings required.

[3] Museum of TQ

Bookings required. • Art Escape: Little Muses with Angeline

The Creepy Crawlies Alive! program will run

• Art Escape: Origami Bouquets with

Ignatius @ Perc Tucker Regional Gallery.

28 June-13 July. Visitors will be able to taste

Rhiannon Mitchard @ Perc Tucker Regional

Date: 11 July (10.30am–12.30pm). Cost: $15.

test insects as food including crickets and

Gallery. Date: 3 July (10.30am–12.30pm).

Age: 8-12 years. Bookings required.

cockroaches, tour the live bug houses, hug

Cost: $15. Age: 8 -12 years. Bookings required.

Beau the Ulysses Butterfly and see prehistoric trilobites come to life. For more information visit


• Funny Faces Kid’s Portrait Workshop @ Perc • Art Escape: Little Muses with Angeline

Tucker Regional Gallery. Date: 13 July

Ignatius @ Perc Tucker Regional Gallery.

(10.30am–11.15am). FREE Drop in.

Date: 4 July (10.30am–12.30pm). Cost: $15. Age: 5-7 years. Bookings required.


School’s Out

activities for the School Holidays


Daytrips 6 Family Days Out

Where all students can be

STARS Classes available in

[1] Aussie Farm Entertainment at

programmes & classes (cont’d)

Spurwood Springs Farm

• FATD Jazz & Tap

Ride horses, milk cows, pat the lambs,

• FATD Classical Ballet

feed the calves and sit on a bullock.

• Hip Hop • Flexibility • Wiggles & Giggles

Accommodation also available. Bookings

[5] La Luna

[9] Ranchlands

La Luna’s ‘From Page to Stage’ theatre

Two school holiday activities for horse lovers

production at the Riverway Arts Centre

and those who want to try horse riding for the

will feature a triple bill including The Snow

first time:

Queen, The Revolt of the Fairies and Elves and Wonderland – Through the Looking Glass. The shows will be two hours in duration with an interval. Dates: 3 July (10am & 1pm), 4 July (10am & 1pm) and 5 July (2pm & 6pm). Cost: $20 Adults, $12 Students, $56 Family.

• Intro to Horses Day (3 July) – Four hour session on the basics of horse behaviour, grooming and saddling followed by a riding

camp out in tents. Suitable for beginners as

to 11th July. Cost: $15. Call 4773 6377 for more

well as more experienced riders. Cost: $395. For more information call 4774 0124 or go to

[6] Townsville Mini Golf

Mention “You’ve seen it in PakMag” and you will

[10] Castletown

every game of minigolf purchased. Call 4771 3999 for more information.

[7] Re-Cre8tiv

Get some shopping done but also keep the kids entertained with the centre’s FREE Dragon Puppet making workshops. They will be running in the Target Forecourt every day 30 June-6 July (10am-2pm.

Winter is going off with a bang at Re-Cre8Tiv’s Upcycled Art Workshops. Join them for a rainbow loom master class, create a crazy circle montage or explore your own strengths via a personal upcycled totem and whole body portrait. Dates: 7-11 July. Times: 9-11am, 11.30am-1.30pm and 2-4pm. Cost: $15. For more details go to

walking in the beautiful Paluma region. See page 51 for more information. [3] Warrina Ice Rink

School holiday sessions run 10am-3pm

workshops at the Riverway Arts Centre on 7th

receive free a play on the Jumping Castle with

Get out into nature and take the kids bush

• Horse Riding Camp (10-11 July) – Two-day a horse for two days, have riding lessons and

[11] City Libraries The Council’s free activities for primary school aged children are very popular and must be booked in advance to avoid disappointment (go to for more information).

• FATD Examinations • Eisteddfods

[2] Paluma

Grab your scarf and gloves and embrace

camp for children aged 8+. They will look after

Students prepared for

4065 3310 for more information.

lesson for kids aged 6+

La Luna will also be running “Come and Play”


essential. Cost $110 for a family of five. Call

winter in the coldest place in Townsville! every day.

For all enquirieS & enrolmentS contact Katrina or laura

[4] Billabong Sanctuary

ADDRESS: 2/743 Riverway Dr, Thuringowa Central • EMAIL:

Only 20 minutes drive from the centre of

& 0413 197 370

Townsville, this wildlife oasis is a great day out for the kids. For more information call 4778 8344 or go to www.billabongsanctuary. Open every day 9am-4pm.

Our fabulous aquarium guarantees hours


of fun and education about the reef for children. Look out for the extra activities in the holidays. [6] Magnetic Island Head over early for the bush breakfast tour so the kids can learn about and hold some native wildlife then rent a mini-moke to explore the rest of the island.



[5] Reef HQ



Come Riding With Us!

72 Hervey Range Road Thuringowa Central

recre8tiv or email

[8] Launch Zone The must-do activity these holidays! Take them along to the new indoor trampoline park and let them go crazy on 155 interconnecting trampolines. For more information go to


Have we missed your business or activity? This is a FREE listing so if you have a school holiday activity you’d like publicised in our July edition, send an email with the details to


• Learn how to ride • Basic horsemanship • Training techniques - basics, dressage, jumping and horse sports • Enthusiastic positive instructors • Adult beginner classes • Fun and informative holiday programmes • Horse agistment • Saddlery shop

ALL AGES LEARN TO SKATE: Tue 4-5pm ($7 inc skate hire), Sat 9.30-10am ($12 inc skate session afterwards until 12pm, skate hire $3)

Ph: 47740 124

PHONE: 4755 4422

Ride for Fun, Fitness and Friendships

83 Hammond Way, Kelso Townsville Qld


By Amanda Cranston


VEday SAver y

Art of LetterWriting

There’s a store near you

In today’s busy digital world of mobile phones, email and social media, the art of letter writing is being forgotten but with the school holidays here, maybe now is the time to introduce your kids to the joy of letters.

Aitkenvale - 290 Ross River Road PHONE: 4725 5244 Kirwan - 36 Thuringowa Drive PHONE: 4773 4224 Woodlands - Woodlands Shopping Centre PHONE: 4751 6286

It seems that much of what we know about

abbreviated conversations has taken over once

or kept in a precious box, held onto as treasured

history has been learned through letters and

beautiful penmanship and poetic language.

memories of an eventful time in one’s life. Even


handwritten correspondence. Old letters are




not just nostalgic but are treasures that give us a glimpse into the lives of our parents, grandparents and even historical figures. Love letters written by Napoleon to Josephine or those Henry VIII wrote to Anne Boleyn reveal their love and devotion in a time when letters meant something.Yet today’s generation seem to have forgotten or not truly understand what it means to write and send letters, instead choosing to correspond via short electronic messages. They prefer to share every intimate detail of their lives on social media rather than pouring their heart out in a letter to a chosen few. They expect an instant reply via email or text message, so do not understand or have even experienced the joy of


It may seem that letter writing is hopelessly outdated but true feelings of heartfelt congratulations, sincere sympathies, deepest apologies and unrequited love can never be truly expressed as a text or email. There are times when a handwritten note, card or letter is needed

with the popularity of social media today, emails just don’t seem to hold the same significance as a carefully handwritten letter. Unfortunately birthday cards seem to be the only handwritten correspondence people receive these days, but it isn’t too late to bring back the joy of snail mail.

to give a personal touch and show someone

To introduce kids to the joys of letter writing,

you truly care. When someone dies, has a baby,

you can buy a set of beautiful writing paper and

gets engaged, ties the knot, gets accepted into

envelopes or make your own cards. Encourage

university or you want to apologise, a heartfelt

them to write to grandparents, family or friends

handwritten note or card is normally the most

locally or overseas, send an invitation for a

appropriate and courteous option. A love letter is

playdate to a friend, send a picture in the mail to

also more meaningful when someone has taken

nana or even leave little notes out for the garden

the time to handwrite their thoughts and feelings

fairies. As it is only good manners to reply to

and express them on paper.

a handwritten letter, hopefully your child will

receiving a handwritten card or letter in the mail.

Whether you receive a card for sympathy,

And language, grammar and handwriting have

congratulations or undying love, these cards and

fallen by the wayside as texting and tweeting

letters are often filed away and tied with string

receive a lovely surprise in the mail and introduce them to the pure pleasure of receiving mail.


Home edition


JunE 2014

TREND Teal has been coming through

Design Tips

from the catwalk to interior

Colour inspiration

design this season




Colour Crush Story thanks to BOLD Interiors For more info go to:


Whether you want to add warmth to a cold room, energise a dull room or simply create a fresh look – these tips will help you choose the right colours for your home.

• Who will use the room and what will they do there?

Colours have a significant impact on the human psyche so don’t underestimate the importance of choosing the right colours for your home. If you’re not confident about choosing a colour scheme, start small, do your research and plan.

Looking for inspiration can be as easy as looking out the window since Mother Nature often combines great colour schemes.

Questions to Consider: • What is the mood of the room and how would you like the space to feel? • What type of lighting is present in the space (Natural, Fluorescent, LED or Halogen)? • How much colour do you want to use?

from Bold Interiors

Colour Inspiration:

Take a photo of your surrounds or a favourite outdoor location and match them with a colour card index. Select all the varying colours from the image and place them together. As an example, this marina scene has both a neutral and a colourful palette. The bright colours don’t necessarily have to be applied to full walls; they could be just used for accent pops of colour.

• Colour trends come and go quite quickly so it’s best to inject new colours into your home with soft furnishings that are cheap and easy to replace. Citrus splashbacks or kitchen cupboards will be harder to change when the fashion moves on. • Painted walls are easier to change but there are still time and cost implications so it is best to select a colour that you will be able to live with for a long while. If you’re still not feeling inspired then contact BOLD Interiors for some assistance! For more information go to



Back Constructions

June 2014 edition

DEsign Trends

Splurge on Kids Style If you’re not keen on bright plastic Dora or Thomas the Tank Engine furniture in your home and want something a little more aesthetically pleasing, then check out this gorgeous coffee table and stool set

BACK Constructions is a great local family business, even taking their name from the first letter of each family member – Braith, Adison, Corryn and Kurt.

from It has been designed to integrate into modern family furnishings.

Pane Prevention

Kurt says it was his motivation to spend

businesses. Kurt says the products they

more time with his young family that

use depend on a client’s preference and

actually kick-started him to establish

budget so there isn’t one particular brand

his own business. “I have always been in

they use more than others. He admits a lot

the building industry, being a brick and

of people have million dollar ideas without

block layer by trade, but after a stint in

the budget to match, so his job is to help

the mining industry working four days on

them achieve the look they want at a more

and four days off I realised I was missing

affordable price. “Design trends change

out on so much at home, so decided it

regularly too, often influenced by many of

was time to work for myself,” he says. With

the renovation shows on television like The

the full support of his wife Corryn, who

Block and House Rules,” he says. “Especially

manages the administration side of the

if there is a really popular design on the

business, Kurt specialises in renovations,

show, then everyone wants something

extensions and property maintenance. As


an all-round tradie he does concreting, Some things just don’t mix and kids and glass are one of them. So, if you’re concerned about exuberant kids running through windows or glass doors, you can reduce the risk with safety window film. It can be applied to any glass surface, acting as a membrane that holds the broken glass together if an accident occurs. So instead of sharp shards flying out from a breakage the film holds the shattered pieces securely in place. It is already a requirement for pre-schools and


plastering, fencing, decks and can manage almost any request, even recently building a cubby for a client. When needed Kurt brings in other tradesmen depending on the size of the job, as well as working on many projects with his brother Kieren who

Since starting Back Constructions, Kurt admits that most of their business has been through word-of-mouth and even though they are new on the block, Kurt comes with years of experience, is reliable, local and hoping to grow his business.

owns Instant Irrigation. Together they do a lot of retaining walls, landscaping, turf and decking.

schools. For more information or to find a professional

Back Constructions source nearly all

installer near you please refer to the WFAANZ website

their supplies locally as they believe

it is important to support other local

For more info about putting your renovation dreams into practice, call Back Constructions on 0488 788 623.


By Bree James

Eating Out with


If you’re looking for a dining venue in Townsville that’s bursting with kid’s entertainment, Brothers Leagues Club is the place for you! The idea of going out to dinner with the kids

After much deliberation, we decided to order

• Sunday breakfast is available between 8.30am

may not sound relaxing, but since the kid’s club

Bruschetta (served on a pizza base) followed by

and 11am and costs $14.95 (members), $16.95

at Brothers is fully supervised and bursting with

Bacon and Avocado Schnitzel and the Brothers

(non-members), kids under 12 $7.50 and

movies, toys and colouring-in sheets, a family

Signature Circa Tasting Plate - a sample of their

children under four are free. Brothers also has

dinner at this popular venue may well turn out

top four dishes including pork belly, mini eye

a café which offers a great breakfast, lunch

to be quite heavenly. Inbetween scoffing down

fillet, atlantic salmon and crispy coconut prawns.

and snack menu as well as a delicious cake

cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets, your kids

It was delicious, full of flavour and huge (so be


will be busy running off to have some fun while

warned, you’ll have to undo your top button!).

you sit back, relax and enjoy dinner, knowing that your kids are safe. The restaurant at Brothers truly caters for the

• Tuesday is Schnitzel night with ten different

priced and best of all, come with a paddle pop

toppings available. The banana bender,

and a Busy Nippers Colouring Bag to keep the

parmigiana and bacon and avocado schnitzels

kids occupied if they do happen to venture from

are among the most popular! They are very well

the kid’s club (which is highly unlikely).

priced at just $11.95 each.

The adult menu offers a huge selection including

• On Wednesdays Reef and Beef is on offer.

pork dishes and delicious entrees such as oysters

• On Mondays lunch and dinner are 2-for-1 meals.

family market. Kids meals are very reasonably

pasta, roasts, pizza, burgers, seafood, chicken and


There are specials on each night of the week:

• Thursdays is $10 T-Bone night.

and coconut prawns. A salad bar with a vast array

• Friday lunch is the time to go for $10 fish and

of salads is also available, as is gluten free dining

chips, and if you’re in the mood you can stay


on for dinner and listen to live music.

If you’re looking for a dining venue that’s both reasonably priced, family orientated, but most of all FUN, Brothers is your place! Kids club supervision is provided daily from 6-9pm and during the lunch session on Sunday from 11am-2pm. On Friday nights a jumping castle and face painting is also provided.

Brothers Leagues Club is located at Golf Links Drive, Kirwan. For more information call 4773 8000 or go to


By Amanda Cranston

Teddy Bears pakmag’s




geT your Teddy ready! • Jumping castles and slides thanks to Amusements Plus (gold coin donation) • Singing, dancing, and games on the main stage

Paluma Region

5 REASONS to visit the

• Great prizes up for grabs for the best teddy bears categories include: best bear, beautiful bear, bold bear, Smallest bear, biggest bear and oldest bear • Bring: blanket, hats, sunscreen and your teddy bear! • Raising Money for 4to’s give me 5 For kids for the mackay base hospital’s Children’s ward

Known as the ‘southern gateway’ for the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, Paluma National Park has plenty to offer from picturesque waterfalls and creeks, through to spectacular lookouts and great camping spots. [2] Big Crystal Creek

[4] Lake Paluma

A larger, deeper waterhole than Little Crystal

This scenic lake is a man-made water storage

Creek, Big Crystal Creek is popular for swimming

facility 16 kilometres past Paluma and located

and water sports like kayaking or lounging on

close to Mount Spec. It is also a popular camping

waterholes, Paluma is only a hop and skip away.

lilos and inflatable rubber rings. It attracts many

destination with limited campsites so booking a

families and often school groups who like to take

permit early is advised as rangers check permits

[1] Little Crystal Creek

along a picnic and spend a day there or camp at

daily. (Permits can be booked through Townsville

the adjoining campground. (If you want to camp

City council.)

Only 84 km north of Townsville and 1.5 hours drive, the Paluma region is the perfect place to enjoy a family day trip or weekend getaway.

STall BookingS $150

Whether you like bushwalking and bird 100% oF the money From your booking will go to the Fund.

We are also looking for local performers, businesses who want to donate a prize, and volunteers to help on the day.

4TO LIVE BROADCAST with Pricey & Minty

watching or just prefer a swim in one of the local

It takes a long windy road up the hillside to get there, but once you see this picturesque waterhole, it is all worth it. Beautiful crystal clear water cascades form a natural waterfall and makes its way down through several pools of water before flowing under an old stone

Sat 14 June 9am-12pm Strand Park

arch bridge, which was built during the 1930s depression. The amount of water in the creek is dependent on rainfall during wet season, but there is always a pool to dip your feet in and cool off.

you need to pre-book through the Department of Environment and Resource Management.)

[5] Hidden Valley Eco-Resort

[3] Walking Tracks

For a luxury weekend away without the tent,

There are many great walking tracks in the

resort with cosy cabin accommodation. Cabins

Paluma region with plenty of opportunities to

are surrounded by lush rainforest and Australian

soak up the views or catch a glimpse of the local

bushland and all provide the comforts of home.

wildlife. Short walking tracks include McClelland’s

The resort also offers daily tours and night safaris

Lookout, Birthday Creek Falls Track and also

to experience the surrounds and wildlife up

the Paluma Rainforest Walk. Longer walking


Hidden Valley Cabins is an award-winning eco-

tracks include the Cloudy Creek Track, the Witt’s Lookout Track and the ‘H’ Track.

info go to 50For more



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By Michelle Dryburgh


rides & eNTERTAINMENT for all occasions fetes, festivals, special events, xmas parties & birthdays

KIDS Issues

Quality entertainment & amusements for the whole family. we will travel anywhere!

for more info call 0488 676 701 or visit

Living with Duchenne

“Until the age of two he developed normally, he took his first steps on his first birthday and he was walking a couple of months later. It wasn’t until he was three we noticed he wasn’t running or jumping, even climbing stairs was hard. We began to ask questions. Nothing could prepare us for the answer...”

0419 790 534 All systems go with kinesiology. De-stress, move & switch on to improve learning outcomes & emotional wellbeing.

Incorporating Tiggers Jumping Castle Hire Your plaCe or ours! For more information call 1300 555 879

Advertise here for as little as $80/month Call 4053 3331 for more information

These are the words of a North Queensland

an early age. The Duchenne Foundation aims

“If you feel something isn’t right, keep asking,

mother whose young son was diagnosed with

to ensure this happens by raising money for

investigating, and get the answers you need.

Duchenne. It’s a form of muscular dystrophy

innovative equipment, medical seminars and

Looking back at some of the early signs we had, it

that causes progressive muscle degeneration in

further research into the condition. It also works

all makes sense now.”

young children, leading to the inability to walk

to raise the profile of Duchenne with several

and eventual death. The condition affects one in

charity events.

3500 boys, and one in 50-million girls. Few will

encourages them to be ambitious and avoid

wants to help raise awareness of Duchenne,

the temptation to spoil them or treat them

But Duchenne Foundation co-founder and

but has asked to remain anonymous as her

differently to their siblings.

mother of three Deborah Robins says it doesn’t

son doesn’t yet understand the gravity of his

have to be a life sentence. Her youngest son


live to their 25th birthday.

“These young men are living longer than ever before because of better care. It’s very different

“He knows he has weak muscles, and he knows

to the past where you were told to simply enjoy

Doug is now 25, and despite being almost

he won’t be able to play football or do a lot of

what time you had,” she says. “A child with

paralysed from the debilitating condition, he

things his brother or other kids can do, but we

Duchenne must be treated like any other. It

has never let Duchenne slow his pathway to

want him to still have hope.

doesn’t have to define your son or your family.

success. He was school captain at high school, graduated from university with a theatre arts degree, became a marriage celebrant and this month stars in a play about his own life at the Jute Theatre. Deborah says boys born with the condition today have a high chance of even greater outcomes if given the appropriate care and support from

children with Duchenne to remain optimistic,

The NQ mother quoted in this article says she

Douglas is living proof.


Deborah agrees. She also urges the families of

“Since his diagnosis we have been going through different stages of grieving and frustration and facing new issues along the way. This is just

You need to have hope, and help the world community work towards a stronger, brighter future for our boys.”

another new phase.” She encourages all parents to seek medical

For more information about Duchenne go to

attention and a second or third opinion if their

children show any signs of developmental delays.


By Tianna Graham

Laughs mummy

Eva has reached the magic number of 18 months, or as my husband keeps saying a year and a half. I never thought I would be one of those mums who say their child’s age by months, but alas here we are! Eva really is developing her own personality now

window for a little while. It looked as if the kids

almighty whack on her arm in a last ditch effort

and starting to test the boundaries. She is a good

had just woken up from a nap and were getting

to stop her from annoying him. The look on

little girl but she is going to be very cheeky as

ready to go outside and play. Eva was sitting next

Eva’s face changed from a playful grin to shock!

she grows up. I have already observed her stirring

to a little boy with a dinosaur toy in her hand.

Jan and I expected her to start crying, but she

other kids at day care.

With a cheeky smile on her face she playfully

didn’t, she cacked herself laughing. It was at that

danced the toy up and down the little boy’s arm.

point we decided it was time to intervene before

Unfortunately the little boy didn’t appreciate

things escalated much further.

My favourite part of the day is picking Eva up from day care. I just love seeing her beaming smile when she realises I am there. Every day I try to sneak up on her and surprise her, while also watching her interact with other kids while I am not around. It is so cute to watch her play with kids her age. One day I went to pick her up

Eva’s playful gesture and kept trying to shrug her away. Each time he shrugged and pushed the toy away, Eva would pause, her little cheeky smile would slowly creep back onto her face, and she would resume walking the dinosaur up his arm.

and brought my Mother-in-Law, Jan, with me.

Jan and I watched Eva repeat this process three

Before we went in to get Eva we stopped just

or four times, giggling behind the glass, until

outside the door and watched her through the

the little boy had had enough! He gave her one


As I picked up my beaming child for a massive cuddle, all I could think was “God help your poor little brother or sister, you are going to be just as annoying as I was!”

Tianna Graham x This is Tianna's last story, all the best for the future.

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