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48 52 publishers note Hello and welcome to our sensational Summer edition which is chock full of ideas to keep the kids entertained for the holidays. Are you ready for 2012? We’ve got lots planned for you this year including a mums weekend getaway which I will definitely be looking forward to since my kids still seem to think sleep is over-rated.

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Until next time, happy reading, and don’t forget to tell everyone, you read it in PakMag.

23 Family Nutrition

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Good luck to all those families with kids starting prep this year. It’s an exciting milestone and lots of our readers have proudly shared their photos of their preppy’s in their new uniforms. Check out how cute they look on pages 10-11.


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what’s new january

what’s new january Calendar

Movie Releases

We’ve made it easy for you to remember our PakClub dates and other important events this year by including a 2012 calendar on our cover. Don’t forget to tear it out and stick it on the fridge.

Young parents Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked In cinemas January 1

An educational playgroup for parents aged

Aussie Day

Sherlock Holmes 2:

Pack your flag, zinc and picnic rug for a

A Game Of Shadows

day of celebration on 26 January at the

In cinemas January 5

following events:

24 and under is starting on 2 Feb. It will be held at 98 Birch St (opposite Raintrees) on

FREE come & try days

BBQ, a thong-throwing competition, live

In cinemas January 12

entertainment starting from 4pm and

Dragon Tattoo In cinemas January 12

In cinemas January 12

• Backstreet Dance – Orientation day on

Free (gold coin donation if you wish).

Friday 20 Jan from 5pm. Two classes: Little

29 January 2pm-4pm). Call 0407 995 182 for

Reserve your place by calling 4032 6800.

Starz (4-7 yr olds) 5pm and Big Starz (8-12

more information.

at 6pm. Call 4055 5212 for more info.

6.30pm. You will also have the chance to

• Brad Hope – Free trial lesson available if

have your photo taken with a baby croc and

Free health seminar

you mention PakMag

Dietician Kate Rogers from Health

Social Media Workshop

meet one of your favourite Taipans players • Cazaly’s – Kids activities and entertainment from Bopstars, live music

Hugo 3D

• Just Dance Cairns – Zumba open day on

year olds) 5.30pm. There’s also an adults class

a classic Aussie family movie starting at

The Girl With The

12-10pm and the Great Aussie Meat Pie Challenge from 12.30pm onwards.

be a variety of activities each week and a small morning tea provided for the children.

• Esplanade (12 noon-8.30pm). Free

The Muppets

Thursday mornings 9.30-11.30am. There will

Management will be presenting a free nutrition seminar called ‘Healthy Happy Kids’ at Cazaly’s on 17 Jan. to register go to

• Barron Valley Gymnastics – Saturday 28 January. Two classes: 9-10am & 10-11am. Free. Call 4055 1711 for more information.

two-hour sessions each month on Positive Parenting for those with kids aged 2-12 years. The next dates are 19 Jan (6-8pm), 21 Feb (10am-noon) and 22 March (6-8pm). Many small business owners around Cairns are asking how they can use social media to promote their business. Entrepreneur, speaker and social media expert Nick Bowditch is coming to Cairns on 27 March to present a full day workshop on everything you need to know to build your social

In cinemas January 19 workshops at Gecko’s during the holidays on

A Few Best Men

the following days:

Cairns has talent

4 Jan (10.30-11.30am) – 3-4 year olds


info call: Westcourt (4226 4333), Smithfield (4226 4800) and Edmonton (4226 4900)

• Commencing 12 December 6.30am-6.30pm • Childcare Benefit Available

6 Jan (10-30-11.30am) – 4-6 year olds

In cinemas January 26

through the local community centres. For

BooK noW For our EXciTinG cHrisTMas scHool Holiday VacaTion carE proGraM

Begin Bright are running fun science

J Edgar

Triple P workshops are conducted in Cairns

Science Fun

Mysterious Island

In cinemas January 26

Feel the need to brush up on your parenting skills? Smithfield Community Centre run free

media presence. Early bird tickets cost $99. Book online:

Journey 2: The

Triple P Seminars

It’s time to show off your talents again with

11 Jan (10.30-11.30am) – 3-4 year olds

Cairns Central’s ‘Cairns Has Got Talent’ search.

13 Jan (10.30-11.30am) – 4-6 year olds

Monday-Friday 6.30aM-6.30pM Located beside the bentLey Park coLLege 2 Borrowdale Close, Bentley Park For more information email:

The heats will run at 11am & 1pm each day 9-13 January followed by the grand final on

Cost: $15 per class. All classes are run by a

Saturday 14 January at Cairns Central Centre

qualified teacher. For more info call Sam on

Court from 11am.

0407 536 587.

call us on

4045 4045


Show and tell

The latest news, products and tips in the world of families and kids By Amanda Cranston


Useful hints & tips for you & your family

Top 5

New Year Resolutions [1] Stop smoking/drinking [2] Get fit/lose weight [3] Spend more time with family

Get to know Owner of Zoo To You, Jodie Creek is a fully qualified teacher and wildlife biologist and has worked at Cairns Tropical Zoo, Cairns Wildlife Dome and the Rainforest Habitat.

[4] Get out of debt/save more money

She has three children aged four months,

What do you hope your kids don’t

three-and-a-half and eight, two dogs, a

inherit from you? Doing too many things

[5] Learn something new/enjoy life more

cat and a jungle carpet python.

at once, I hope they take the time to enjoy

Describe your parenting style: I like routine when it comes to mealtimes and

What is your New Year’s Resolution? To

can be quite relaxed and flexible.

find more time to spend as a family.

What’s the strangest thing in your

Finish this sentence: I am a good mum

fridge? At the moment it would be the

because…I am a relaxed and easy-going

casing of a leopard shark egg!

mum and always try to instill a sense of

advice you ever received? To follow your gut instinct and trust your feelings.

cram in too much.

bedtime but I also go with the flow and

What is the best piece of parenting


different hobbies rather than trying to

fun in most things we do together as a family. Plus I have created a zoo in the backyard for my kids!


Show and tell

Cool OFF! Suffering with the heat? Instead of burning up your energy bills with air-con check out these new Cool Gelmats from Forty Winks and Snooze. They contain a unique heat absorbing

Got something to share or shout about? Email us at

gel to eliminate body heat and help you sleep.

TO WIN: For your chance to

They can also be used to sit on in the car or at

win a Cool Gelmat simply email us at

home. Costs start from $79 and they’re also and tell

available online at

us why you desrve to win this product?

Are we there yet? A great new box set to keep the kids occupied, the Are We There Yet? Gift Set by Alison Lester includes her much-loved picture book of the same name, plus a 200-piece jigsaw puzzle and a pack of specially designed playing cards. RRP $29.95

My Business Local mumpreneur Marion Poole juggles family life (a 10 month old baby and another on the way) with her business, Cairns Cooking Classes. During the school holidays, Mum

to turn a chore in to a fun experience is

would give us a pile of her cookbooks

having the confidence to experiment and

and tell us to choose a recipe. Then

try new recipes and ingredients. In the

we’d write a shopping list, go shopping

tropics we are lucky to have such great

and under her guidance, prepare that


evenings meal. The satisfaction from the

Pets not just for Xmas

end result got me hooked.

As a mum I have a new appreciation of what ‘time poor’ means. Everything

I’ve always loved food and cooking

changes when you become a mum and

for people but I noticed many people

whatever you do workwise has to fit with

never learned to cook. Some close

your new lifestyle. I love my business but

friends relied heavily on takeaways and

it has to be flexible around my family’s

and cats are left at shelters during this month

eating out. It cost them a fortune for


than any other month of the year. Many people

what I consider to be very ordinary food,

are given pets for Christmas but then realise they

so I started creating cooking classes for

Did you know that January is the busiest month

for animal shelters around Australia as more dogs

can’t take care of them. Hopefully in 2012 less animals will be dumped at shelters.

beginner to intermediate home cooks. My joy comes from showing people just how easy a good, tasty meal can be and when they say, “I had no idea it could be so easy”, I feel my job is done. All it takes


Thanks to Peace Mitchell, director of online community Connect2mums. Connect2mums connects almost 10,000 mums together for friendship and support. It’s also a place where mumpreneurs from all over Australia come to network.


Love of kids for the


Real Lives Story thanks to Amanda Cranston

Rosemary Iloste is an amazing woman. She is a mother of four and has been a foster mother to nineteen children. This local mum has also just launched a book called For the Love of Kids, and is the first Australian woman to write a book about being a foster parent. “I wrote the book because I felt it was

feel wanted and they put up barriers so they

child that stayed with us in our home.”

important for my kids to understand why we

won’t get hurt.”

Rosemary says it was often disappointing

did the things we did and for all my foster children to know that they were loved,” Rosemary explains. She says there are many reasons children are placed in foster care such as abuse at home, neglect, families awaiting court cases, a single parent being arrested or a single parent becoming sick and unable to care for their children. “It’s unfortunate because the community often judges foster kids and assumes they have done something wrong, but the majority of foster kids are good kids who have just grown up in a bad situation or environment,” Rosemary says.

children and provide the best care they can, the government also needs to be more supportive and offer better training and resources. “At the end of the day foster parents do it for love and not money as foster carers are responsible for all costs including medical, clothing, shelter, food and education,” she says. “I always had a cupboard full of clothes in all sizes because kids often came in only the clothes they were wearing and I fostered babies right through to teenagers.” She says she would

Safety never recognised this bond children form in foster homes and would remove a foster child with little or no notice, often not giving the children a chance to say goodbye to all family members. “The department also gave no consideration to my children who were losing a brother or sister who had been living with us for a few years, and would feel devastated at not getting to say goodbye. I hope this is something the department will take into consideration in their dealings with families in future and offer counselling as part of their service to the children leaving and the ones left behind,” she says.

often receive a call in the middle of the night

different needs and it can be hard on them

asking her to take in a foster child and she

But Rosemary has no regrets and feels her

each time they are moved to a different

would almost always oblige and love them

life is richer because of all the wonderful

family as foster homes have different rules,

like her own.“

children that have been part of her life. She

harder with older foster kids because they will be good as gold for the first few weeks while they suss you out, but then they start to test the boundaries with bad behaviour to see how long you will keep them,” she says. “It can be hard for them to build trust and

parents need to be passionate about

and frustrating that the Department of Child

She admits that each foster child has

boundaries and discipline. “It’s sometimes


Rosemary explains that while foster

My kids shared everything with their foster brothers and sisters from their toys and their home through to their parents and grandparents,” she says. “My children loved their foster brothers and sisters like blood relatives and formed a bond with every

has kept in touch with many of her foster children over the years and hopes her book will let them know how special and wonderful each and every one of them is. She also hopes the book will give people a good insight into the world of fostering.


Class of 2012 Starting big school is a major milestone in any child’s life. It’s also an emotional time for many parents as they proudly watch their baby move on from early childhood in to school life. Here are some of this year’s new prep students from around our region:

Name: Owen Chivers

Name: Sophie Page

School: Edge Hill State School

School: Redlynch State School

School: St Andrews

Most looking forward to:

Most looking forward to:

Most looking forward to:

“Having fun and playing with my friends

“Playing on the monkey bars”

“Meeting new friends, learning more

and having rest time”

about dinosaurs and doing science”

Name: Anabelle Ambrose

Name: James Maxa

Name: Bailey Kraft

School: Freshwater State School

School: St Francis Xavier’s School

School: Whitfield State School

Most looking forward to:

Most looking forward to:

Most looking forward to:

“Seeing my brother at school”

“Going on the bus”

“Music classes and learning to write”

Name: Georgia Claque

Name: Adam Ward

Name: Eden Thelan

Name: Jaxon Currie

Name: Lilah Cooper

Name: Thomas Johnston

School: Trinity Anglican School (TAS)

School: Trinity Anglican School (TAS)

School: Hambledon State School

School: Mother of Good Counsel

School: Trinity Beach State School

School: Mother of Good Counsel

Most looking forward to: “Going

Most looking forward to:

Most looking forward to:

Most looking forward to:

Most looking forward to:

Most looking forward to:

to prep with some of my kindy friends,

“Swimming lessons in the big pool and

“Painting, playing with blocks and playing

“Playing with mobilo, play dough and

“Getting homework, wearing my uniform

“Sitting at a big boy desk and playing

drawing and making things, learning the

playing with my new friends”

with my friends”


like a big girl and having lunch out of my

with the kids’’

days of the week and Japanese”


Name: Zoe John




school routines

Harley’s Educational

Catholic Education

Story thanks to Kristy Vallely

Story thanks to Wendy & David Manners

Tips for getting your family into a school routine I have two children, aged 5 and 3, and when my

My morning starts early on a school day and

7.00am: By this time the kids have normally

eldest child started prep I wasn’t prepared for

here is a brief outline of my routine:

finished breakfast and we remind them to have

the school routine so early mornings were very stressful for all of us. Routines are something that don’t come very naturally to me but I soon realised that I needed to develop a school routine that would help create a calm and easy flowing family household. I found the trick was to be a clock watcher, and for me that meant setting alarms because in the mornings with so much going on it was easy to lose track of time.

5.30am: I always make sure I am up about an

7.20am: I have already laid out their clothes and

to ease into my day, have my coffee and make

they dress themselves

they wake. 6.30am: Dad makes sure breakfast and a glass of water is waiting for them on the table and I either wake them up or they wake up themselves. We always spend at least 5 minutes cuddling them and asking them how their sleep was.

starting school

a shower.

hour before my kids. I need that bit of me-time sure I’m ready to give them 100% of me when


Teaching children to cope with transitions

7.40am: We’re all ready to leave the house Having the same routine everyday benefits the kids because they know what’s coming next. We’ve also implemented a high five reward chart so they pop a magnet on each time they complete a task (and it also reminds them what to do next).

Once Christmas is over, returning to work and

• Assisting children to use their imagination

If your child is much more anxious than other

planning for the new school year can be a busy

to cope.

children their age, talk to the teacher or school

time and while it should be exciting for children, some can feel anxious and stressed. Parents can help children overcome anxiety about starting something new by involving them in the planning process – if they’re starting school let them choose a new lunchbox, get them to try on their new uniform and talk about all the fun things they’ll be doing soon. Remember that children learn from their parents and this includes how you deal with stressful situations so you can help your child manage stress and anxiety by: • Breaking goals down into baby steps

Let no child ever come to us without leaving happier, smarter and more confident.

• Teaching children positive self-talk. • Viewing stressors in a logical way rather than dwelling on them. When children display anxiety they are trying to understand a difficult situation and working out ways to cope. Signs of anxiety include - clinging to a parent, asking for help with easy tasks, avoiding stressful situations, being unprepared to take risks, being a perfectionist, preferring to watch rather than get involved, getting upset easily, complaining a lot and always seeing the danger in things. Positive support from parents will help them

• Praising children when they achieve

develop the emotional and cognitive skills they

small successes

need to deal with stressful situations and build

• Demonstrating relaxation techniques

confidence to manage their feelings.

support staff such as guidance officers, school counsellors or school psychologists. You may also ask your GP for advice. If a child seems anxious it is important for parents to encourage them to try challenging new tasks rather than avoiding them. Model good coping strategies, teach them how to problem solve, introduce changes gradually and be realistic in your expectations of them. School is a partnership with parents so plan on getting to know your child’s teachers and mention any concerns you may have while allowing the teacher to get to know them. Your child’s schooling experience will help shape them for their adult life so helping to make it a positive experience will set them up for a successful adult life with enjoyable and happy memories.

Early learning & primary school education program

ENROL NOW FOR TERM 1 Primary Tutoring Program now available • Encourage a love of learning • Develop social & emotional skills • Letter names & sounds • Small groups - 1 hour classes • Numbers to 20 • Full-colour workbooks • Games & hands-on activities • Fine motor & handwriting skills • Degree qualified & experienced teacher

10/146 Anderson St, Manunda For more info & 0407 536 587 |




Party planning Story thanks to Jemma Nott

party plan selling Party plan selling is making a revival and it’s savvy mums who are cashing in, writes Jemma Nott Made popular by iconic brands like Tupperware,

candles to educational supplies to massage

Australia and the overwhelming majority of them

this form of direct selling can provide a way for

chairs it’s no wonder that more mums than ever

are women. The appeal of party plan selling is

stay at home mums to boost the family income

before are becoming party plan sellers. In fact,

obvious for mums - start-up costs are low, the

without the inflexible hours of a more traditional

the Direct Selling Association (DSA) reports over

hours are flexible and it’s a sociable way to do

job. With the possibility of selling anything from

six hundred thousand active direct sellers in


Maria Canton

Larissa Bright Australia

Enjo Cleaning Products

After a battle with postnatal depression, following the birth of her second child, Maria set up Little Angels Party Packs as a way to keep to busy and motivated. She says that selling children’s products through Little Angels has allowed her to get more out of her work life, whilst making time for her family and she hasn’t looked back.

Whilst running a home salon and raising three children, Ann decided to try party plan selling on the side. She discovered company Larissa Bright Australia whilst on holiday on the Gold Coast.

With her husband frequently overseas for his work in the army and a young son to care for, Heidi Solway turned to selling ENJO cleaning products as a flexible way of earning money from home.

As the founder and manager of Little Angels Party Packs, Maria says that running her own business can come with challenges, but found that the benefits outweigh the downsides. “Running my own business has definitely been a challenge. The initial outlay of products, and keeping stock on hand can sometimes be a financial strain depending on their turnover,” she says. “The upside is that I get to take my children to school, be there for assemblies, do classroom reading & pick them up from school every day.”

Heidi Solway

Little Angels Party Planners

“Being a mum is a full-time job, but I wanted more and therefore I wanted to start a business that would give me the opportunity to meet people and earn a little extra money to pay the bills,” she says.


Ann Hayward

“I was visiting my brother’s family on the Gold Coast and we were talking about incorporating natural skincare products into my home salon. I was then introduced to a Larissa Bright Consultant who gave me a beautiful facial and I fell in love with the products,” she says. “When I found out that it was a North QLD company, I decided to start selling it in Cairns.” Ann says that she was initially nervous about how she would fare in the party-planning world, but her fears quickly went after her first bookings. “I was nervous to start with, but after doing my first parties, I found the products sold themselves due to their high quality,” she says. Ann says that the secrets to success when starting off in party planning are very simple. “I would encourage others to have parties prearranged with your friends, take advantage of the training offered and utilise booking tools to keep getting new party bookings in your diary,” she says.

“Having been to a couple of demonstrations myself and hosting my own, I definitely fell in love with the benefits of using ENJO,” she says. “I got to thinking about getting back into the workforce - my way - and ENJO certainly gave me the opportunity to work from home and spend maximum time with my son, Aaric.” Previously working in a coffee shop, whilst she was pregnant with her now one-year-old son, she says she realised she would earn more money and work less hours with her party planning business. “I was blown away in my first week to earn seven times the amount I would have earned if I had gone back to my part time job at the coffee shop job!” she says. Heidi says that any mums considering party planning should simply try it and see if it suits them. “Give it a go, you really have nothing to lose!” she says.



Women & finance

good money habits The start of a new year is a good time to take a look at your finances. Start with these 5 simple steps: [1] Get to grips with your cash flow

Main story thanks to Fiona Mountford

free bill paying tools

concentrate on paying off the credit card with the highest interest rate first and/or take

The best way to do this is by completing a

advantage of a balance transfer deal to another

budget and then sticking to it (try using the

credit card provider with a lower interest rate.

online TFS Smart Money Guide budgeting tool at If you’re not good at budgeting, adopt the strategy of paying yourself first. Each time you get paid transfer part of it in to a savings account before you can spend it.

[2] Watch the cents

[4] Boost your super

Death and taxes are the two certainties in life

If you’re not already doing so, look into salary

we’ll have bills to pay. To help you manage

sacrificing into your super as a way to save for

your finances, most banks and credit unions

retirement while also reducing your current

offer free budgeting calculators on their

taxable income. If you earn less than $61,920


per annum, you could also make a personal contribution into super from your own pocket

A few takeaway lunches each week or a daily

and the government will top it up via the

cappuccino all adds up. It may not seem like

government co-contributions scheme.

much at the time but a daily cappuccino can end up costing you over $700 a year. If you used this money to make extra repayments on your mortgage instead you could end up saving yourself $30,000 over the long term (based on a $300,000 mortgage and an interest rate of 7% per annum).


[5] Protect your wealth Your ability to earn an income is the most valuable thing you have so review your

but another thing we can be sure of is that

All you need to do is itemise your bills into monthly amounts. This might include regular expenses as well as less frequent bills. Once you’ve calculated your total expenses, you can compare your total income and total budgeted expenses for each month and make relevant adjustments.

insurance covers to check that it is adequate,

To make sure you pay all of these bills on time

appropriate and competitively priced.

(and therefore avoid being penalised) you can also open a Billpaying Account. This allows

[3] Pay off credit card debt

Fiona Mountford is a Financial Planner, from

your bills to be spread out across 12 months,

TFS Financial Planning. For more information

so you don’t have to stress about having

If you have multiple credit card debts

call 4046 5555 or visit

enough money or paying your bills on time.



PakHealth feature Story thanks to Elaine Seager

healthy resolutions Many people start off the new year with resolutions to be more healthy, fitter or slimmer but more than 60% of people have given up on them by the end of February. When it comes to your health its worth working out what will make them stick so here are some keys to successfully achieving your health goals: • Keep them small and simple - set yourself up

• Be realistic – parents are generally busy so set

• Join up with friends – you are far more likely

for success rather than failure. The simpler and

goals that fit around your lifestyle. For example,

to succeed if you have other people around

easier to achieve you can make your goals, the

make a commitment to go to one class a week.

you for support.

• Have fun – don’t force yourself to go to

Whatever the reason, if you find yourself not

the gym if you hate it, find a more fun way to

achieving your goal in the time frame you have

exercise. What about joining a dance class or

set, just remember that you haven’t failed, you

learning a martial art?

simply haven’t achieved your goal YET!

better. This doesn’t mean that your goals can’t challenge you but big goals are achieved one baby step at a time. • Make them positive – instead of saying you want to lose 15 kilos, make your goal to achieve an ideal weight of 70 kg.


• Record and celebrate – each time you achieve an interim target reward yourself.

thanks to Dr Julia Driscoll

I recently had to check out a drooling, irritable bubba and at the same time I prescribed his mum some pain relief for her wisdom tooth that she was cutting. She said she had renewed sympathy for teething babies. Symptoms to look for include: • Drooling and dribbling

greater than 38 degrees just down to teething.

disappear. To relieve the discomfort offer

Teething does lower a baby’s immune system

teething rings (don’t freeze them solid or

so they can easily pick up diarrhoea or cold

• Mood changes with irritability

else they may bruise those swollen gums), a

viruses. If any doubt, consult your child health

facewasher placed in the freezer for 30 minutes

nurse or local doctor.

• Tender and swollen gums

Don’t make the mistake of putting a fever of

before the tooth erupts and then rapidly

• Wanting to bite things

• Sleepless nights


The symptoms start about three to five days

and a teething gel like Bonjela. Chilled foods like pureed apple or yoghurt may also be

• May be off their usual diet

preferred - the cold sensation and pressure

• Some get a facial or chest rash due to dribble

on their gums helps relieve the inflammation.

• Ear pulling (if it is repeated and if they have a

When all else fails an infant’s dose of

fever get them checked for infection)

paracetamol is sometimes helpful.

Dr Julia Driscoll is a doctor at Apple Tree Medical Centre in Smithfield, Cairns. She is also the author of “My Story”, an interactive children’s book to reduce sibling rivalry. For info go to



Woree Family Medical Centre

PakHealth feature


Story thanks to Julie Simpson

• Child & AdolesCent heAlth • Women’s heAlth • men’s heAlth (inCluding VAseCtomies) • skin CheCks

Woree Family

• FemAle nurse (For PAP smeAr CliniC) • minor surgery

problems in the panties

medical Centre

• VACCinAtions • Free Childhood immunisAtions CoNSULTATIoNS: mondAy to FridAy 8am-5pm sAturdAy 8am-12pm

Sometimes the mornings are so chaotic that we just grab our knickers and go but very often women are putting up with discomfort ‘down below’ that they really don’t need to.

oUr DoCTorS: • dr robert d’hotman • dr deepa gadhvi • dr matthew Warburton Continuing to care for the Cairns Community

Painful periods, needing to wear panty liners

contributing it can be worthwhile investigating

Come on girls, lets get rid of these problems and

or just feeling as though something’s not quite

other options. Hormonal imbalances can

get the pretty knickers on.

right can all be helped through medical advice

mean a tendency to develop thrush which

or natural therapies. If your periods seem to go

can be avoided with a change in diet and daily

on for longer, are heavier or are intermittent

probiotics. Chinese herbal medicine has a long

it is worth investigating. Your hormones may

history of treatment for many kinds of menstrual

be out of balance, or you may be low in iron or

disorders from puberty to menopause and there

other trace minerals. If your contraception is

are some effective natural remedies for UTI’s.

OK to call 000

Julie Simpson is an acupuncturist specialising in

1/600 Bruce Hwy, Woree (behind Calanna Pharmacy) For more inFormAtion PHoNE: 4033 2525

women’s health (including fertility treatment) at Awakening Therapies. For more information call 4031 1124 or visit

Awakening your energy is our specialty!

heart health

nAturAl heAlth cAre sAfe for your entire fAMily

The Heart Foundation have launched a campaign titled ‘Will you recognise your heart attack?’ because many Australians are not recognising the warning signs of a heart attack and are taking too long to seek appropriate medical help.

• Acupuncture • naturopathy

awakening therapies 1/4pg ad

• homeopathy • Massage • iridology • Kinesiology

1/4pg ad

• Psychotherapist

Research has shown us that most people

the centre of the chest, and in the neck, jaw,

Thanks to Calanna Pharmacy we have some

don’t actually know what the warning signs

arm/s, back and/or shoulder/s?

COQ10 supplements to give away to one

of a heart attack are but knowing the warning signs and acting quickly can reduce the damage to the heart muscle and increase chances of survival. It’s better to risk calling 000 and finding out it’s a false alarm than delaying making the call.


lucky reader. Valued at $26.95 they help • Do you also feel nauseous, a cold sweat,

promote cardiovascular health and are good

Very qualified & experienced team

feverish, dizzy and/or short of breath?

for relieving the discomfort of migraines.

of practitioners under one roof.

If you feel any of these symptoms, stop and rest. Tell someone about how you are feeling and if the symptoms are severe and get

WIN Supplements!

Signs of a heart attack:

progressively worse over 10 minutes call triple

For your chance to win simply email us at

zero (000) and speak to an operator. Don’t and tell

• Pain, pressure, heaviness or tightness in

hang up - wait for the operator’s instructions.

us a common risk factor of heart disease?

• herbalist

sPeciAlists in natural health Care open 6 days • 13 Anderson st, MAnundA • phone 07 4031 1124



Family nutrition Story thanks to Kate Rogers

Tips for healthy weight Takeaway, made healThy & The kids won’T suspecT a Thing…

Obesity is sweeping the nation and since obese kids turn in to obese adults, it’s important for children to avoid becoming overweight. Here are some tips for keeping your children in their appropriate weight range: [1] Small servings

often dressed up in fancy packaging and sold

The goal after a meal is to leave the table feeling

(fattening) and low in nutritional value. The less

like you could fit in a little more rather than

of these the better.

feeling completely full. Serve smaller amounts by using smaller plates and bowls and avoid going back for seconds. Drinking a glass of water before a meal can also help satisfy hunger.

as ‘healthy snacks’ but they are energy-dense

[3] More vegetables

Muesli bars: healthy? Muesli bars sound like a healthy nutritious snack but are they? Here is the ingredient list of a popular

Children seem to be eating less and less vegies these days. It may be easier not to serve them

[2] Less treats

if your child doesn’t like them but keep serving

Kids these days get ‘treats’ on a daily basis. These

eat them, that’s ok, they won’t starve. Eventually

include sausages, frankfurts, muesli bars, cordials,

if you keep doing this night after night and you

soft drinks, biscuits, cakes, donuts, lollies, chips,

are a good role model by eating your vegies too,

crisps and so on. These processed foods are

you will win.

them up anyway. If your child keeps refusing to

muesli bar: Rolled oats (33%), whole wheat (10%)], glucose, milk choc chip compound (9%) [sugar, vegetable oil, milk solids, cocoa, cocoa mass, emulsifiers (492, soy lecithin), salt], sugar, vegetable oil (antioxidants (304, 306, 319), rice flour, humectant (422), honey, almonds, coconut, oat flour, maize starch, salt, emulsifier (soy lecithin), skim milk powder, natural flavour, preservative (220)**

Too good to be true? Not at Lagoon Vue!

Q&A with Kate Rogers Reader Question: My 6 year old son still

aches, behavioural issues, and even skin

Rolled oats, coconut, wheatgerm, sesame

• Dine in family meal deal from only $50 • Best coffee in town from only $3.80 • Takeaway chip cones from only $3.50

wets the bed and occasionally even soils

rashes. You could trial an Elimination Diet

seeds, sunflower kernels, pumpkin seeds,

his pants through the day. We have been

under the supervision of a qualified Dietitian

sultanas, butter, honey, brown sugar.

to see doctors and continence nurses but

who is experienced in food intolerances.

OPEN FOR Breakfast-snacks-Lunch-Dinner at EsPLaNadE sidE of the NighT MaRkETs diNE-iN & TakEaway So come and see us for a healthier version of your typical takeaway that you will love and the kids won’t know is good for them! 22treats

Our Healthy Facts

the problem remains. Could it be related to

• We deep fry all our a-grade chips and foods in pure cottonseed oil – containing natural antioxidants and less saturated fat than other oils – our oil is actually good for you!

what he’s eating?

• our eggs, chicken and beef are all organic • our coffee is legendary and starts from $3.80 • our cakes are made fresh on site – not produced and packaged to prolong their shelf life • We make it possible to feed your family high quality foods at affordable prices.

Now here is the ingredient list of a homemade muesli bar:

If you have any nutrition related questions, go to the Nutrition Guru’s facebook page

Each one has roughly the same kilojoule, fat and sugar content but the home-made version has none of the additives and preservatives and only about a tenth of the

It is possible that your son’s diet is affecting

and post on their wall. You can also follow

his ability to control his bowels and bladder.

them on Twitter @NutritionGurus. If you

Simple things like tomato sauce, fruit juice

would like to make an appointment

They are ok as an occasional snack for

and dried fruits are high in naturally occurring

with a Health Management Dietitian

underweight or healthy weight children but

food chemicals, and for sensitive children,

call them on 13 000 HEALTH or go to

overweight children would be better off

a build up of these chemicals can manifest

eating fruit, a low fat yoghurt or some vegie

into symptoms such as bed-wetting, stomach

sodium (salt) content.

sticks with low fat dip.


the Best of Cairns winners A huge congratulations to the following businesses who were voted the best by our readers


with Qld Yoghurt Company

parents in the pantry Cheeseless Cheesecake

Recipe thanks to: Rachael Morrell

• 300ml thickened cream • Half a cup of lemon juice • 1 tin of condensed milk

Red Beret

• Best Family Takeaway

Muddy’s Café

• Best Family Medical Centre

Apple Tree Medical

• Best Local Tourist Attraction


• Best Café

Muddy’s Café

• Best Local recreational Activity


• Best Free Day Out

The Cairns Esplanade

• Best Children’s Party entertainer


• Best Childcare Centre

Redlynch Kindy

• Best Party supplier

Cairns Recreation Center

• Best Family Dentist

Steve King Smile Corner

• Best Family Accommodation

Coconut Holiday Resort

• Best Family Health Provider

Chiropractic Works

• Best Family Markets

Rusty’s Markets

• Best Family Hairdresser

Blondie’s Kuts & Kurls

• Best Family swim school


• Best Mobile Business


• Best Family Camping spot

Lake Tinaroo

• Best Family Owned Business

Wonderfair Amusements

• Best Family swimming Hole

Crystal Cascades

• Best Family Mechanic

Gary Tenni

• Best Local Park


Chicken Rice Paper Rolls

• Packet of scotch finger

Recipe thanks to: Diane Coulthard


Category winners • Best Family restaurant

kids in the kitchen

Method Line the base of a slice tray with the scotch finger biscuits. Beat the cream, pour in condensed milk and lemon juice while still beating. Pour this over the layer of biscuits. Refrigerate for at least 10 hours. To serve, top slices with passionfruit pulp or blueberries or drizzle with

• • • • • • • • •

1.25L (5 cups) water 1 brown onion, halved 1 tsp black peppercorns 2 single chicken breast fillets 8 rice paper sheets 1/2 cup mint leaves 100g snow pea sprouts 8 baby cos lettuce leaves Vietnamese dipping sauce


lemon butter. This is a simple recipe that is really nice for dessert. The kids can make it for you! Enjoy!

WIN a Mystery prize!!! Send in a recipe to for your chance to win! Entries close: 18/01/2012

Place water, onion and peppercorns in a saucepan. Bring to the boil over high heat. Add chicken. Cover. Set aside for 30 minutes to poach. Remove chicken. Set aside to cool. Shred chicken. Dip 1 rice paper sheet into warm water for 30 seconds or until it softens. Arrange chicken along one edge, leaving a 2cm border. Top with mint, snow pea sprouts and a lettuce leaf. Roll up to enclose. Halve. Repeat with the remaining rice paper sheets, chicken, mint, snow pea sprouts and lettuce. Serve with sauce for dipping.

Check out our facebook page to see the full details:

Best of Cairns proudly brought to you by:



What’s On January Eating Out Feel like going out for dinner during the holidays? Check out the following for kid’s entertainment:

Gruffalo’s Child

Chinese New Year

After the success of last year’s Gruffalo stage

This year is the auspicious year of the

show at the Civic Theatre, the sequel is

dragon and will once again be celebrated

coming to Cairns on 29 Feb. The Gruffalo’s

with a street festival at Fogarty Park

• Muddy’s Café: Wicked Wednesdays (from

Child is also adapted from the picture book

on 21 Jan (3-8pm). Look out for the

5pm) with free face painting by Nikki the

by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. In

chinese dragon, traditional lion dancing,

Clown and free ice cream with any kids

this story, Gruffalo Junior wants to see for

firecrackers, live performances, food stalls

meal (picnic blankets free to hire).

herself whether Dad is telling the truth

and kids activities.

• Trinity Beach Tavern: Jellybean Club on Saturdays (6-7.30pm) inc. facepainting.

about this now legendary Big Bad Mouse. There’s lots of songs, laughs and scary fun for families (kids aged 4+).

11.30am-12.25pm or the second one at

nights with entertainment for the kids

Chinese Association Inc on 4032 3364 or go

(during January there will be different


entertainers each week). Call 4052 6780. • Red Beret: Sunday afternoon is kids club.

PakClub: 15 January

6pm -6.55pm. Tickets price: $15. To book,

Call 4055 1249. • Smithfield Tavern: Facepainting on

phone ticketLiNK on 1300 855 835 or visit

Our next Pakclub at Cazalys on 15 January

(5-7pm) will be a Paparazzi Party do come

TO WIN: For your chance to

dressed as your favourite star and you could

• Brothers: Kids Club on Sundays.

win a prize for being the best dressed.

Call 4053 1053. and tell us

Bookings are highly recommended.

• Cazaly’s: Kids Club on Sunday Nights.

what other animals the Gruffalo meets?

Call 4054 1464 to reserve tables.

Call 4054 1464.

win a double pass simply email us at


• Mondo’s: Tuesday nights are family

For more info contact the Cairns & District

There are two chances to see The Gruffalo’s Child on Feb 29, with the first show at

Call 4057 2900.

Friday & Saturday nights. Call 4038 8100.


what’s on jan

pink = family



For more information: (07) 4054 1464

For more information: (07) 4055 4139

Sunday 15January 5-7pm at Cazalys

7.OOpm 6 January at the EdmontonPool



blue = adults


1 Jan @ 1.3Opm The WildlifeHabitat For more information: (07) 4099 3235




Brothers Leagues Club

Live Music: Carrizma

5:30 PM


The Wildlife Habitat

Wildlife Kids club

1:30 PM

4099 3235


The Wildlife Habitat

Wildlife Kids club

1:30 PM

4099 3235


Gecko's Indoor Play Centre



4038 1181



Tanks Arts Centre

Academy of Television workshops - 3rd to 7th

10:00 AM

4059 1141





Earlville Library

Baby Rhyme Time

10:30 AM

4044 3766



Brothers Leagues Club

Live Music: Billy May

9:30 AM



Manunda Library


10:30 AM

4044 3779



Muddy's Cafe

Muddy's Wicked Wednesday's

5:00 PM

4051 0388



Gecko's Indoor Play Centre



4038 1181



Mossman Library

Storytime and Rhyme Time

10:30 AM

4099 9496





green = kids

Toad busters

6:00 PM


Brothers Leagues Club

Live Music: Sweet K

8:00 PM



Cairns Civic Theatre

Cairns Choral Society - The Producers

7:30 PM

0407 166 744



Edmonton Pool

Night Swim

7:00 PM

4055 4139



Brothers Leagues Club

Live Music: Hit Fanatics

8:45 PM

Free Free


Fuller Sports Club, Edmonton

Live Music: Funky Love Tank

8:00 PM


The Wildlife Habitat

Wildlife Kids club

1:30 PM

4099 3235


Cairns Regional Gallery

Cairns Regional Gallery Free Entry Saturday

10:00 AM

4046 4800



Brothers Leagues Club

Live Music: Sunbirds

8:00 PM



Fuller Sports Club, Edmonton

Live Music: Sweet K

8:00 PM



Esplanade Plaza

Esplanade Cotters MArkets

8:00 AM




Far Northern Soul Collective

11:00 AM




Alley Catz Trio

3:00 PM



The Wildlife Habitat

Wildlife Kids club

1:30 PM

4099 3235


Brothers Leagues Club

Live Music: Carrizma

5:30 PM




Junior's Kids Club

6:00 PM

4054 1464





3:00 PM



The Wildlife Habitat

Wildlife Kids club

1:30 PM



DATE 9/01/12

VENUE Edmonton Pool

pink = family

ENTERTAINMENT/EVENT NAME School holiday program from 9th to 20th

green = kids

TIME 10:00 AM

blue = adults

FOR MORE INFO 4055 4139



C-Me Swim

Summer swimming begins at C-Me Swim

8:00 AM




Creative Kids: for 6 to 12 year olds 9th to 12th

10:00 AM

4046 4800



Cairns Esplanade Lagoon

January Little Lifesavers

8:45 AM

4032 2300


Cairns Central

Cairns Central’s ‘Cairns Has Got Talent’ search 9th to 13th

11:00 AM



Fogarty Park

FITKIDS - Free Class

9:00 AM



The Wildlife Habitat

Wildlife Kids club

1:30 PM

4099 3235

10/01/12 Gecko's Indoor Play Centre



4038 1181


10/01/12 Stratford Library


10:30 AM

4044 3733


10/01/12 Smithfield Library

Craft Workshop

10:30 AM

4044 3711


10/01/12 Earlville Library

Craft Workshop

10:30 AM

4044 3766


10/01/12 Cairns Esplanade Lagoon

January Little Lifesavers

8:45 AM

4032 2300

10/01/12 Brothers Leagues Club

Live Music: Carrizma

9:30 AM

10/01/12 Muddys

Holiday Craft

9:00 AM


11/01/12 Babinda Library

Craft Workshop

10:30 AM

4067 1112



11/01/12 Mossman Library

Craft Workshop

10:30 AM

4099 9496


11/01/12 City Library


10:30 AM

4044 3720

Free Free

11/01/12 Muddy's Cafe

Muddy's Wicked Wednesday's

5:00 PM

4051 0388

11/01/12 Fogarty Park

FITKIDS - Free Class

9:00 AM


12/01/12 Gecko's Indoor Play Centre



4038 1181


12/01/12 Smithfield Library

Baby Rhyme Time

10:30 AM

4044 3711


12/01/12 Mossman Library

Storytime and Rhyme Time

10:30 AM

4099 9496


12/01/12 Cairns Esplanade Lagoon

January Little Lifesavers

8:45 AM

4032 2300

12/01/12 Brothers Leagues Club

Live Music: Barbary Coasters

8:00 PM

12/01/12 Muddys

Holiday Craft

9:00 AM



Drawing Life for Kids on Tour: Free drawing activities

10:00 AM

4046 4800


4046 4800


10:30 AM

4055 4121

Free Free


PATTERNS UNDER THE SEA – thru to 19th February

13/01/12 Edmonton Library

Craft Workshop

13/01/12 Manunda Library

Craft Workshop

10:30 AM

4044 3779

13/01/12 Cairns Esplanade Lagoon

January Little Lifesavers

8:45 AM

4032 2300


what’s on jan




13/01/12 Brothers Leagues Club

Live Music: Giles Smith Band

8:45 PM


13/01/12 Fuller Sports Club, Edmonton

Live Music: Street Talk

8:00 PM


13/01/12 Fogarty Park

FITKIDS - Free Class

9:00 AM


13/01/12 The Wildlife Habitat

Wildlife Kids club

1:30 PM

4099 3235

14/01/12 Brothers Leagues Club

Live Music: Amy Chase Band

8:00 PM


14/01/12 Fuller Sports Club, Edmonton

Live Music: Vikarious

8:00 PM


14/01/12 Esplanade Plaza

Esplanade Cotters MArkets

8:00 AM


14/01/12 Esplanade

Amy Chase

11:00 AM


2 1 0 2 y r a u Jan ld win! u o c u o y & Colour it in ds! r o w n e d d i Find the h es! r u t c i p & s d r Match the wo


In Cinemas 12 jan 2012


Colour-it-in & win



mini mag prize page Word scramble

Dot to dot

Unscramble these words and you could win!!!

Join the dots, name the item & win a great prize!

[1] grkoaona

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

[2] meu

_ _ _

[3] eip atem

_ _ _ _

[4] sseiau gfla

_ _ _ _ _ _

[5] lakao

_ _ _ _ _

[6] rokc ath

_ _ _ _

[7] yyndse

_ _ _ _ _ _

[8] praoe sheuo

_ _ _ _ _

[9] snghto

_ _ _ _ _ _

[10] tgsnlei

_ _ _ _ _ _ _


To enter this great competition just colour-it-in and mail to:


PAKMAG, Colour-it-in January 2012


PO Box 7433, Cairns QLD 4870


and WIN a fantastic mystery prize!


Closing Date: 18 January 2012



_ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Simply email us the words at the end and you could win a mystery prize! Send to:

Simply email us the item name and you could win a mystery prize! Send to:

Word search

Match the words & pictures

Find all of the words and when complete circle the remaining letters left to right, top to bottom to learn an interesting New Year’s fact and you could win a prize!!!

©2011 Disney

Competitions close: 18 January 2012

WORDS Auld Lang Syne Baby New Year Celebrate Cheers Countdown December Father Time Festive First Holiday January Midnight New Year’s Day New Year’s Eve Old Man Time Party Resolution Thirty-first Twelve o’clock Winter

Simply email us the words at the end and you could win a mystery prize! Send to:

Match the word with the right picture and win!!! Meat Pie Aussie Flag Thongs Coat of Arms Cork Hat Kangaroo

Send in your entry and you could win a mystery prize! Send to: Competitions, PO Box 7433, Cairns Q 4870 Name:



what’s on jan

Catch up with Cleo I went to see the Xtreme Illusions show with Sam Powers at the Reef Casino. He did lots of fantastic magic tricks and I got to ask him some questions afterwards:



14/01/12 Esplanade

pink = family


green = kids

TIME 3:00 PM

blue = adults



14/01/12 The Wildlife Habitat

Wildlife Kids club

1:30 PM

4099 3235

15/01/12 Cazalys

Pakclub - Paparazzi party come as your favorite personality

5:00 PM


15/01/12 Brothers Leagues Club

Live Music: Carrizma

5:30 PM


15/01/12 The Wildlife Habitat

Wildlife Kids club

1:30 PM

4099 3235


Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Bullyproof® Camp - 16 to 20th

9:00 AM

4057 7869


16/01/12 Cairns Central

Yogi Bear Stage shows - 16th to 20th

11:00 AM


16/01/12 Cairns Central

Yogi Bear Stage shows - 16th to 20th

1:00 PM


16/01/12 Fogarty Park

FITKIDS - Free Class

9:00 AM


16/01/12 The Wildlife Habitat

Wildlife Kids club

1:30 PM

4099 3235

[1] What was the first magic trick

with my assistant in the blink of an eye. It’s

I would become a mattress salesman

17/01/12 Gecko's Indoor Play Centre



4038 1181


you ever learned? When I was five

technically the most difficult illusion and

because I thought that would be something

17/01/12 Smithfield Library


10:30 AM

4044 3711


years old I would pretend to cut my finger

receives the biggest response from the

good to fall back on. But seriously, I wanted

off and place it inside a matchbox. Everyone

audience. I can literally hear jaws drop when

to become a vet because of my love for

would freak out when the finger moved

I appear on top of the trunk.

animals. At least now I get to work with

around in the box like it was still alive.

[3] If you weren’t a magician or

them in my show.

17/01/12 Gordonvale Library

Craft Workshop

10:30 AM

4056 1365


17/01/12 Brothers Leagues Club

Live Music: Out of the Blue

9:30 AM


17/01/12 Muddys

Holiday Craft

9:00 AM


18/01/12 Mossman Library

Craft Workshop

10:30 AM

4099 9496


18/01/12 City Library

Craft Workshop

10:30 AM

4044 3720


18/01/12 Babinda Library


10:30 AM

4067 1112

Free Free

[2] What is your favourite magic

illusionist, what would you like to

trick and why? Without a doubt it is

be? I was going to become a Clairvoyant

18/01/12 Muddy's Cafe

Muddy's Wicked Wednesday's

5:00 PM

4051 0388

18/01/12 Fogarty Park

FITKIDS - Free Class

9:00 AM


the Houdini Trunk where I switch places

but I couldn’t see a future in it... So I thought

19/01/12 Gecko's Indoor Play Centre



4038 1181



By Cleopatra Cranston


19/01/12 Smithfield Community Health Centre

Triple P - Positive Parenting Program

6:00 PM

4226 4800


19/01/12 Stratford Library

Baby Rhyme Time

10:30 AM

4044 3733


19/01/12 Mossman Library

Storytime and Rhyme Time

10:30 AM

4099 9496


19/01/12 Brothers Leagues Club

Live Music: Out of the Blue

8:00 PM


19/01/12 Muddys

Holiday Craft

9:00 AM


20/01/12 Early Years Kindergarten, Bentley Park

Get Ready for Kindy Expo

10:00 AM

4045 0003


20/01/12 Stratford Library

Craft Workshop

10:30 AM

4044 3733


20/01/12 Golden Boast Chinese Restaurant,

Fundraising Yum Cha

11:30 AM

4051 0288


20/01/12 Brothers Leagues Club

Live Music: Celine Deeaz

8:45 PM


20/01/12 Fuller Sports Club, Edmonton

Live Music: Giles Smith Trio

8:00 PM


20/01/12 Woree Primary School

Just Dance Cairns - Zumba® Open Day

5:00 PM

4055 5212


20/01/12 Fogarty Park

FITKIDS - Free Class

9:00 AM


20/01/12 The Wildlife Habitat

Wildlife Kids club

1:30 PM

4099 3235

21/01/12 Fogarty Park, Cairns Esplanade

Chinese New Year Street Festival

3:00 PM

4032 3364

21/01/12 Brothers Leagues Club

Live Music: Barbary Coasters

8:00 PM


21/01/12 Fuller Sports Club, Edmonton

Live Music: Barbary Coasters

8:00 PM


21/01/12 Esplanade Plaza

Esplanade Cotters MArkets

8:00 AM


Budons stationery make going to school even more fun with their cool collectable characters. You can collect ‘em, swap ‘em, snap ‘em on and off anytime of day to change your look and suit your mood. And, there are new Budons clip-on characters being released all year round so you won’t get bored! Available at Target, Howards Storage World, Officeworks, newsagencies and other retailers.

you can WIN a Budons LunchBox!!! For you chance to win a Budons Lunchbox simply email us at and tell us your favourite Budon character?



what’s on jan DATE


pink = family


green = kids

blue = adults



21/01/12 Esplanade


11:00 AM



21/01/12 Esplanade

Jaia Rain - Trio

3:00 PM


21/01/12 The Wildlife Habitat

Wildlife Kids club

1:30 PM

4099 3235

22/01/12 Cooktown Botanic Gardens

Treasure Hunt

11:00 AM

0459 774 903


22/01/12 Brothers Leagues Club

Live Music: Carrizma

5:30 PM


22/01/12 Cazalys

Junior's Kids Club

6:00 PM

4054 1464


22/01/12 Esplanade

Omid Master Solo

3:00 PM


22/01/12 The Wildlife Habitat

Wildlife Kids club

1:30 PM

4099 3235

23/01/12 Just Kids Early Education House

First day of Kindy and Pre-Prep at the JK House

9:00 AM


23/01/12 Cairns International Tennis Centre

Come & Try Day 23rd to 27th

9:00 AM

1300 30 15 30


23/01/12 The Wildlife Habitat

Wildlife Kids club

1:30 PM

4099 3235

24/01/12 Manunda Library

Baby Rhyme Time

10:30 AM

4044 3779


24/01/12 Brothers Leagues Club

Live Music: Billy May

9:30 AM


25/01/12 Birch Carroll & Coyle

BABES IN ARMS - The Muppets

10:00 AM


25/01/12 City Library

Baby Rhyme Time

10:30 AM

4044 3720


25/01/12 Muddy's Cafe

Muddy's Wicked Wednesday's

5:00 PM

4051 0388


26/01/12 Northern end of Sims Esplanade

Aussie Family Fun Day at Yorkeys Knob

7:00 AM

4044 3044


26/01/12 Cazalys

Great Aussie Meat Pie Challenge

11:00 AM

4054 1464


26/01/12 Brothers Leagues Club

Live Music: Mangrove Jack

8:00 PM


26/01/12 Cairns Esplanade

Australia day celebrations

12:00 PM


27/01/12 Edmonton Pool

Night Swim

7:00 PM

4055 4139


27/01/12 Brothers Leagues Club

Live Music: 4 in a Groove

8:45 PM


27/01/12 Fuller Sports Club, Edmonton

Live Music: Flavez

8:00 PM


28/01/12 Brothers Leagues Club

Live Music: Sweet K

8:00 PM


28/01/12 Fuller Sports Club, Edmonton

Live Music: Celine Deeaz

8:00 PM


28/01/12 Esplanade Plaza

Esplanade Cotters MArkets

8:00 AM


28/01/12 Esplanade

Mark Lane Duo

11:00 AM


28/01/12 Esplanade

Mic Porter Trio

3:00 PM


29/01/12 170 – 182 Mayers Street, Manunda

Backstreet Dance Orientation Day

2:00 PM

0407 995 182


29/01/12 Brothers Leagues Club

Live Music: Carrizma

5:30 PM


29/01/12 Cazalys

Junior's Kids Club

6:00 PM

4054 1464


29/01/12 Esplanade

The Hot N Wet Quintet

3:00 PM


31/01/12 Brothers Leagues Club

Live Music: Carrizma

9:30 AM


Go to for more events and market info


for parents & kids

Sport & recreation

ShowcaSe • Free stalls for all businesses • Showcase your sporting group on the one day to hundreds of parents and kids

Sun 12 Feb 4-7pm Cazalys FunCtion Room Stall bookingS are limited call 4054 1464 to book! PHONE: 4054 1464 • Email: •



starting high school Columnist Denise Bewert answers your questions about handling challenges with today’s teenagers. READER QUESTION: My son attends a small

You can help him transition smoothly in to high

• Attend the school in the week before term

primary school south of Cairns. He is going

school with these tips:

starts to familiarise him with the layout.

• Take part in the school’s transition program for

• Get him to try on his uniform and shoes the

Year 7 students. These programs enable students

week before school starts to make sure they fit

to meet some of their new teachers, experience

properly so there’s nothing to make him feel

some lessons and learn about the procedures.

uncomfortable on that all-important first day.

• Talk to him about what it was like for you to

• Remind your son that if he is being bullied, it

start high school, or any new school, and explain

is appropriate to tell his teachers, the Principal,

how feeling anxious or nervous is normal for all

Deputy or Guidance Officer at the high school. All

of us in new environments until we get to know

students have the right to feel safe at school.

into high school next year and is feeling quite anxious about it. He is worried about finding his way around such a big campus and missing his friends from primary school who are going to different high schools. He is also concerned about being bullied by the older kids. How can I help him think more positively about the transition to high school? The transition from primary school to high school can be a stressful time for young people, especially those like your son who attended small primary schools. For many of these students, the thought of being one of the youngest students in a huge school can be really daunting. Your son’s feelings of anxiety are very common.

the routines. The feeling of disorientation will only take a week or two.

Denise Bewert is a Guidance Officer, mother of two and author of two books, Tackling Teens and

• Suggest he invite his friends from primary

Troubled Teens. If you would like to ask Denise a

school over for a pizza night early in Term 1 so

question about your teenager send an email to:

they can all catch up and share their experiences

of high school.

starting kindy Got a parenting question you’d like to ask? Then send them to our resident Psychologist Megan Colahan. READER QUESTION: My four year old

• Prepare your daughter in advance by talking

Try to remain relaxed and calm and keep a

daughter is starting Kindy this year and

to her about what will happen at Kindy, what

positive expression on your face. Try to settle

I’m concerned with how she will cope with

the routine will involve and what exciting

her into an activity with other children and

separating from me. She hasn’t been to

things she’ll be doing. Help her practice

let her know when you’re leaving rather than

daycare before and I am worried that she will

opening her lunchbox and drink bottle by

sneaking off.

cry and cling to me when it is time for me to


leave her there. Anxiety about separating from parents is developmentally normal and expected when young children are starting a new activity like Kindy. Your child is about to experience something new and its okay for her to feel a bit anxious about it. Planning ahead and being prepared can help to alleviate any anxiety that you and your daughter are experiencing. Here are a few tips:


• Acknowledge her feelings and if she says she

• Visit the Kindy together, even if it’s just to look

is worried that she will miss you, tell her that

at the outside and the playground.

you will miss her too but you are excited to

• Practice separating from her by leaving her with family members or friends for short

hear about all the fun things she is going to do during the day.

periods. Avoiding separations is not helpful

• Let the teachers know about your concerns

and it doesn’t allow your child to have the

and trust them to manage her anxiety.

opportunity to learn how to separate from you successfully. • On the first day of Kindy communicate very

Megan Colahan is the principal psychologist at Colahan Psychology. To ask her a question email:

clearly with her about what is going to happen.


100% edible

Handmade decorations

for your cakes


Emotional wellbeing Story thanks to Michelle Bell

Our icingbits turn your cakes into works of art! For info call 0410 107 722 or visit

pregnancy and beyond Pregnancy and parenting can be defining, rewarding and miraculous moments-in-time for new parents. However, for many new parents, this time can

set of questions designed to see if a new mother

feelings of inadequacy or guilt.

also be draining, frustrating and demanding and

may have depression. While the questions are not

• Mood changes.

can also place strains on the emotional wellbeing

designed to provide a diagnosis they will tell you

(not to mention the budget!) of a couple as they

if the symptoms that you or someone you know

adjust to the daily challenges and changes of the

are experiencing point to Perinatal Depression.

pregnancy and new baby.

To access the EPDS go to

Having a child is a major life change and during pregnancy and the first year after the

the baby.

experiencing depression and related conditions


The ‘baby blues’ is even more common and can affect up to 80% of women shortly after birth.

• Loss of interest or enjoyment of life or normal activities

• Physical symptoms such as headaches, heart palpitations, numbness and hyperventilation. If you experience any symptoms of Perinatal Depression or Anxiety for longer than two weeks talk to your GP as soon as possible. Your GP may

• Crying/persistent sadness

refer you for counselling or supportive therapies.

• Anxiety

One of these options is Perinatal ATAPS.

• Tiredness/fatigue

Perinatal ATAPS is a service that provides

While distressing, the baby blues is a short

• Sleep problems

counselling sessions at no cost for women in the

period of sadness and is very different from

• Appetite disturbances

Perinatal period, including pregnancy and infant

Postnatal Depression, which is a more intense and protracted condition. Women with the baby blues may be more irritable or emotional than usual and feel overwhelmed but these symptoms are only temporary and can expect to pass quickly with caring support. So what does Perinatal Depression look like? The Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) is a

fears, such as obsessive thoughts of harm to

suddenly or develop gradually and can

the after the birth (postnatal) period.


• Anxiety manifesting as irrational thoughts and

women and their partners are at greater risk of

(antenatal) and this increases to almost 16% in

• Lack of interest in the baby.

speak to a health professional such as your GP. Symptoms of Perinatal Depression can begin

Australia experience depression before the birth

remembering things.

au. If the score is 10 points or above you should

birth of a baby (known as the Perinatal period)

such as anxiety. About 10% of women in

• Difficulty concentrating, making decisions or

Particular antenatal symptoms may also include: • Ongoing feelings of ambivalence about the unborn baby.

loss. Referral is through a GP and the support covers up to twelve sessions. For more information contact your GP or Steven Brooke at Far North Queensland Rural Division of General Practice, Cairns on 4042 7333.

Particular postnatal symptoms may include: • Overly intense worries about the baby or



pakbaby baby sling risk

rear facing safer

Thanks to Qld Ambulance

pacifier use

By the time babies are six months old most parents are keen to turn them around to

by Carla Lejarraga

bottle feeding mums lack info

frequent pacifier use and you would like to

can be soothing for a baby and studies show

limit its use, do it gradually. Many children

that short-term use during infancy is not

become very attached to their pacifiers and

The death of a newborn baby while being

significant enough to cause worry. However it

can begin sucking thumbs or fingers, tongue,

carried in a baby sling has prompted

is the long-term use beyond infancy that has

lip blanket or other object when parents

warnings about how to use slings safely.

researchers concerned.

abruptly discontinue its use.

Although an autopsy did not determine

Studies are showing that children who

Begin limiting the use of the pacifier by only

the cause of death, the baby sling was

use a pacifier after 12 months are more at

allowing its use at home, then only for shorter

considered a risk factor.

risk of developing dental malocclusions,

and shorter periods of time, then only at

speech and language problems, exposure

naptime or bedtime, then only at bedtime.

to bacterial infections, and most recently,

When your child has become accustomed

a higher experience of acute otitis media,

to using the pacifier only at bedtime, try to

or ear infections. If your baby is sufficiently

remove the pacifier after your child has fallen

contented and can be comforted in other

to sleep. You will have a few tears for a couple

ways, it is best to avoid using a pacifier. If you

of days, but it will be worth it the long term

find she really needs it, just be sure to get rid

for your child’s health and wellbeing!

If your child has become accustomed to

Laws say they must be six months old and at least 8kgs to be forward facing). However, if

There is no doubt that sucking on a pacifier

of it by around 12 months.

face forwards in their car seats (the new

Breastfeeding mums are given lots of information but new research by the QUT has indicated that mothers who choose to bottle feed their babies may not be receiving adequate education in hospital. “Teaching mums the correct way to

The death has prompted two eminent

prepare and store infant formula is vital

pathologists to write a letter to the Medical

to avoid babies having adverse outcomes

Journal of Australia warning that baby

such as bacterial infections, diarrhoea,

slings could cause suffocation. Currently

hypernatraemia and under nutrition,” nursing

there are no Australian or international

and midwifery lecturer Lisa Wirihana said.

manufacturing safety standards for baby

at the time of discharge from hospital.

your restraint allows it, its safer to keep them rear facing for as long as possible. Child Safety experts and many doctors and accident trauma consultants, recommend leaving infants facing rearwards up to 12 months of age since they can be better protected. Restraints are designed to spread the force of a severe accident and they

“All of the women (in the research) said

support the child’s head, neck and spine

they had experienced a lack of post-natal

better in the rear facing position.

education regarding bottle feeding, and little or no opportunity to be able to practice making up a bottle. Some women in the

slings. Parents are advised to constantly

Ms Wirihana said that breastfeeding was

study felt uncomfortable asking for help. They

Testing reveals that infants have up to a 75% better chance of surviving a severe motor vehicle accident if they are rear facing.

monitor babies in slings to ensure their

definitely the best option for both the mother

felt that others assumed bottle feeding was

Consult a professional fitter if you’re having

Carla Lejarraga is a mother of two, an

head is faced outwards and their face isn’t

and the newborn, but for a variety of reasons,

easy and that the mothers should already

any problems adjusting or using your

Orofacial Myologist and Dental Hygienist.

being covered.

approximately one in five women bottle-fed

know how to do it,” she said.


Redlynch We help you to remember those precious moments by making an impression Twinkle Toes is under new ownership & is located in Whitfield For more info call 4034 3131 or visit 42


CCB Approved • EnroL today • 3-5 yeAr olds

Learning through Play each & every day For more information visit or call 4055 1814 or email

4042 7333



Wardrobe Wake Up Story thanks to Gerlinda Aras

think positive Attractiveness starts in the mind From a young age we are bombarded with

body, there would be no need for Botox or

images of the bold and the beautiful. The

breast implants.

combination of media, fashion, friends and family can have a significant influence on our body image.

At MacDonnells Law we understand what is important to you.

skinny/too fat, too short/too tall?” We’ve looked in the mirror and not admired the person staring back, instead thinking thoughts like, “I have lots of wrinkles”, “I don’t like my nose” or “I don’t like my teeth”.

bodies not only harm us but also damage our children’s body image. They think if

| Separation & divorce | Asset protection | Matrimonial property | Parenting conflicts | Financial support | De facto relationships Corner Shields & Grafton Streets, Cairns, QLD 4870 | T: 4030 0600 44

The first step to looking good on the outside is feeling good on the inside. Here are my top tips for a better body image.

Most women have wondered “Am I too

The things we tell ourselves about our

Our family law specialists will listen to you and provide assurance about where you stand.

Steph’s Makeover

[1] Stop negative talk and replace them with positive affirmations. For example, tell yourself “I have a strong healthy body”. To remind yourself to think about your body positively, stick a post-it note on your mirror. [2] Focus on the parts you like rather than the parts you don’t. Do you have a nice smile, pretty hair or great legs?

mummy worries how she looks, I should

[3] Don’t wait until your body is just

worry how I look too. The truth is all bodies

right to start looking great. You can wear

are beautiful. They come in all shapes

clothes that suit your body shape right

and sizes with each one being special

now to make you look slimmer instantly.

and unique. If everyone embraced their

After Model: Thanks to our teen makeover model Stephanie Jones. Her mum Rachelle nominated her so she could feel great going in to Year 11 Clothing: Thanks to City Chic (Cairns Central) Hair & Makeup: Thanks to: Savvy. For info call 40311040 or go to

Photography thanks to

Gerlinda Aras is a stylist and image consultant for Mirror Image Consultations. For more information:



It’s Party

Time! Book your child’s next Birthday Party at Cairns Indoor Sports They can choose from Cricket, Netball, Soccer, Beach Volleyball & Dodgeball. Come & relax while your children have a blast!


Madness Every school holidays:

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday from 1pm to 3pm Cost is only $7 per child per session. All ages catered for. ComE & Play Indoor CrICkET, nETBall, SoCCEr, BEaCh VollEyBall & dodgEBall.


164 Mayers St, Manunda Phone: 4032 2844 web:

summer holiday fun

Boredom Busters Story thanks to Elaine Seager

There’s plenty on to prevent the kids whinging about being bored these school holidays. [1] Cairns Regional Gallery

• Free Family Art Day: Designed to be enjoyed

• Art workshops: The Gallery’s school holiday

Kids Tour will comprise a range of interrelated

This camp will give your child the skills to defend

workshops will run 9-12 Jan with sessions held

drawing activities. Date: 13 Jan (10am-1pm)

themselves against bullies without violence.

by family and friends, the Drawing Life for

daily from 10am-noon. They’re tutored by For info and bookings phone 4044 4800 or email

Booking essential. For more info call 4057 7869

each day. Cost: $18 per child. Bookings essential.

or go to

• Music & drama: A music and drama workshop

[2] Cairns Indoor Sports

[4] Esplanade

The ‘multi-sport madness’ program is open every

• FitKids classes will be running from 9-10am

Wed, Thurs and Fri during the holidays from 1pm-

on 9, 11, 13, 16, 18 & 20 Jan. There will be a BBQ

3pm. It is open to kids of any age and they can

after the class on the last day for all participants

• Free drop-in activities: An interactive

participate in cricket, netball, soccer, dodgeball

who took part during the two weeks.

exhibition with a program of free drop-in art

and beach volleyball. Cost $7. Located: 164

activities will be on display 13-19 January. Children

Mayers St, Manunda. For info call 4032 2844 or

• Craft activities – go along and make calendars

of all ages can take part in the activities that


at the Muddy’s Marquee between 9-11am on 10,

Mermaid, will be held every Wednesday 10.3011.30am. Cost: $10 per child

explore creatures and patterns under the sea.

Dates: 16-20 January (9am-12 noon). Cost $295.

experienced art teachers with varied activities

for children under six, hosted by Nikki the


[3] Brad Hope Bullyproof Camp

12, 17, 19 Jan.



summer holiday fun [5] Cairns Libraries

Boredom Busters Story thanks to Elaine Seager

for a half day, $25 for a full day. Call 4045 2457

Times: 9am-3pm. Location: 46 Magazine St,

for more information.

Stratford. Bookings essential call 4055 1711.

10.30am as follows:

[8] Cairns Recreation Centre

[12] Craft n Sewing Studio

• Earlville – 10 Jan – Puppet Making

Sports and recreation holiday program runs

Lots of fun craft activities for boys and girls at

• Smithfield – 10 Jan – Go Bugi Bug Craft

weekday’s 8am-5.30pm. Children from 5-14 yrs

their new premises in Piccones Shopping Village

• Mossman – 11 Jan – Arts n Craft

participate in roller skating/blading, a range

on Pease St. Contact Glenette on 4053 4421 or

of indoor sports, agility courses, team building


Free activities for kids aged 5+ all start at

• Babinda – 11 Jan – Mad Hatters Craft • Edmonton – 13 Jan – Maize Mania • Manunda – 13 Jan – Calico bag decorating • Gordonvale – 17 Jan – Paper Suncatchers • City – 18 Jan – Mad Hatters Craft

events and activities, novelty events, arts & crafts and educational visits. Cost $25 per day. For more information call 4053 5353.

[13] Young Company Each week is a 4-day programme (9am-3pm) exploring all the elements of stage performance.

• Stratford – 20 Jan – Paper Suncatchers

[9] Tanks

10-13 Jan: Nintendo Nitrons (favourite computer

Bookings are essential. Check the website at

The Academy of Television will be presenting

(favourite magical and enchanted stories). Cost: or call 4044 3785 for

a summer school program for budding young

$195 per course. For more info call 4041 4066 or

times and program details.

actors. Dates: 3-7 January. Call 4059 1141 for

go to

[6] Gecko’s Extra activities included as part of the entry fee

more information.

[10] Ten Pin Bowling

game characters). 17-20 Jan: Spellbound

[14] Cable Ski The Kids Holiday Club introduces kids aged 6-14

Check out the special school holiday deals at Go

to knee boarding, wakeboarding and water-

Bowling on Pease St. They also have an early bird

skiing. It runs 8.30-10am Monday-Friday.

• 3 Jan – Face painting

special – only $6 per person if you’re on the lanes

Cost $29 per session ($116 for the week). Call

• 5 Jan – Craft

before 10am. Family deals start as low as $39 for

4038 1304 or visit

• 10 Jan – Construction

a family of four including shoe hire.

• 12 Jan – Plasticine

For more info and to book call 4053 3497.

during the January holidays include:

• 17 Jan – Craft • 19 Jan – Face painting

[11] Barron Valley Gymnastics

Call 4038 1181 for more information.

Day camps full of fun, obstacle courses, games

[7] Edmonton Pool School holiday programme for ages 3+. Cost $15


and crafts. No gymnastics experience or leotards needed – it’s all playtime. Suitable for kids 5+. Cost $25 per day (not available Wednesdays).

[15] Lifetime Tennis The Cairns International Tennis Centre runs a school holiday camp with non-stop games, activities, prizes and giveaways. Cost: $25 per day or $99 for a full week of half days. For more info contact LifeTime Tennis on 1300 30 15 30 or visit


Get fit the fun way KINDY CHEER Saturday morning classes for kids 2-5 Kindy Cheer Program available for 2-5 year olds. Combination of song and dance + fun, fitness & friends!


summer holiday fun

Boredom Busters Story thanks to Elaine Seager

Vacation Care [1] YMCA of Cairns Vacation Care An active and fun programme for prep-14 yr olds with sports, games, cooking and crafts. Cost $45 per day. Call Nardia or Jacinda on 4057 7507 for more info or go to

[2] Cairns West PCYC (McNamara St) Lots of fun, action-packed activities for the kids

Classes starting from only $10 For more information contact Tamara 0402 225 630 or email or visit

including craft activities, team sports, board


games, toys and face painting. Programs are developed to suit all ages, needs and abilities. Morning and afternoon tea provided. Cost $8.90 per day based on 100% CCB Rebate (extra for excursions). For more info speak to Jodie on 4053

1532 or email

Cairns Swim School • Heated shaded pool • Qualified & experienced staff • Small classes • Mums & Bubs • Beginner • Intermediate • Advanced • Mini Squad • Senior Squad • Adult Squad Tobruk Pool • 370 Sheridan Street • PHoNE: 4052 1266


[3] PCYC Whitfield (Whitfield School) Activities include arts & crafts, games, sports, dancing, cooking, construction, dramatic play and a GIANT Connect 4 game. Cost $10.87 per day based on 100% CCB (excursions extra). Call Kim on 4034 2268 or email

Shopping Centres [1] Cairns Central

Cool Picnic Spots [1] The Rocks at Redlynch

[6] Millaa Millaa Falls

[2] Stoney Creek

[7] Crystal Cascades

[3] Mossman Gorge

[8] Davis Creek

[4] Babinda Boulders

[9] Tinaroo Dam

[5] Ross & Lock

[10] Behana Creek

6 Daytrips

• 9-13 Jan – Cairns Has Got Talent (11am & 1pm) • 16-20 – Yogi Bear Shows (11am & 1pm)

[1] Kurrimine Holiday Park

[4] Babinda Kayaks

[2] Stockland

Family day pass includes use of all park

$35 for half day. Call 4067 2678.

• 16-22 Jan – Back to School themed arts & crafts – Backpack buddies, pencil toppers & library bags

facilities costs $25 Mon-Thurs. Call 4065 6166.

[2] Aussie Farm Entertainment at Spurwood Springs Farm

The school holiday kids club for kids aged

Ride horses, milk cows, pat the lambs, feed the

Just take swimmers and a sense of fun! Call

calves and sit on a bullock. Accommodation

4038 1304 for more info or go to www.

also available. Bookings essential. Cost $110

for a family of five. Call 4065 3310.

[3] Paradise Palms 50

[5] Cable Ski Cairns 6-12 yrs runs on selected days 8.30am-10am.

[6] Wildlife Habitat Check out the extra kids club activities

Check out the new and improved adventure

available in the school holidays. For more info


call 4099 3235.


• Punch – fill a big punch bowl with fruit

juice and lemonade, and add some ice

blocks and slices of lemon and orange

• Little pieces of ham steak with a small

slice of pineapple on top

• Hawaiian pizza (ham and pineapple) • Variety of sandwiches cut into little


• Fruit salad

• Hula hoop competitions • Limbo • Outdoor treasure hunt (good for any theme party) • Backyard volleyball • Build sandcastles in the sandpit • Hula dancing competition • Musical beach towels (this is the

With the summer holidays here what better time to get the kids involved in creating a tropical Hawaiian beach party?

same as musical chairs) • Silly snorkel races – a race to put on goggles, snorkel, fins and a rubber ring and then run to the end of the garden and back (can be played in teams as relay race) • Silly swimming stroke relays where players have to run a short relay pretending to swim a different swimming stroke like breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle, etc.

Grass hula skirts

Floral leis to wear around necks

Floral hairclips


Hawaiian floral shirts and shorts

Straw hats


• Play the ukulele and make up songs • Fill an inflatable pool with water if you don’t have a pool. • Take photos of your beach party at home to make up a little homemade book or album.

• Save mini juice bottles and wash

four pieces, then stick a store-bought

them so the kids can make messages

icy-pole stick into each piece of

in bottles. They can draw a picture, a

banana, dip the banana into melted

map or write a note to go in the bottle.

chocolate, then place on baking paper

• Make floral hair clips using flowers off the floral leis, sew a button on to

and pop in the freezer to have once the chocolate has hardened.

the middle of the flower then hand

• Make hula skirts out of coloured

sew on to the end of a bobby pin or

crepe paper.

hair clip. Decorations are always fun and add to the atmosphere. For a beach style party why not hang bamboo blinds, masks, grass skirts and tiki statues, put up inflatable palm trees, bring in some plants as props, hang colourful paper lanterns, lay out bright floral fabric tablecloths and source party cups in shapes of coconuts or pineapples with straws sticking out the top. For


• Fruit skewers – give kids a few bamboo skewers (trim the sharp end) and a plate of different chopped fruit and let them make up their own fruit skewers.

added wow factor, carve a tiki-style face in to a watermelon and use as a table-top decoration.

• Make chocolate bananas on sticks –

Stick on some Hawaiian luau music and the scene is set...

chop a banana in half or into three or



Activities for kids Story thanks to Amanda Cranston

10 rainy day ideas Weather too hot or rainy for outside activities? Try these ideas to keep the kids from getting bored [1] Building Toys

with Peter Pan, The Famous Five or Harry Potter.

Kids love building things and creating all sorts

story and illustrate your book, or make up a story

Pop on some music and dance around to it

of structures so dig out the Lego, K’Nex, Zoob,


and make up silly dances, get out the musical

If you are feeling creative, write your own short

U-Build, Jawbones or wooden building blocks

instruments and play along with the music

and let their imaginations go.

[5] Get creative

[2] Movie afternoon

For those who love to be creative, an afternoon

Why not plan your very own cinema experience

mum, making jewellery, decorating handmade

and borrow some DVDs from the video library,

bookmarks and gift cards or raiding the craft box

Treasure hunts are always popular, so write up

make popcorn and your own choc top ice

for scissors, glue and coloured pencils and textas.

rhyming clues and hide them around the house.

indoors can mean cooking or baking with

creams, and settle in for an afternoon of movies in the lounge room or in the back garden if you have a projector and room to hang a large sheet for the movie screen.


[9] Do an indoor treasure hunt

[6] Boardgames and puzzles

start the kids off on their first clue and let them

Boardgames or big jigsaw puzzles are always a

opposite ends of the house so the kids have to

great way to have fun together as a family on a

run backwards and forwards on their hunt.

[3] Build an indoor cubby

boring day. From Uno to Monopoly to Connect

Indoor cubbies are the best! You will need sheets,


4 and Twister, games guarantee lots of fun for

find the rest. Try and hide every second clue at

[10] Play hide and seek indoors This game never goes out of fashion and it is

[7] Play dress ups

even better when you can rope mum or dad in to

Let the kids loose in your wardrobe and their

on ‘really good’ hiding spots. There are so many

[4] Reading or make up your own stories and books

dress-up box. They can have hours of fun with

places to hide and it’s always good fun.

Take a trip to the library and borrow some of your

a fashion parade or act out a play while dressed

favourite story books and set off on an adventure

in costume.

pegs to hold sheets in place. Build a cubby under the dining table or by pushing chairs together.

or plug in karaoke and sing along with a

Wrap up the treasure and hide it, and then

blankets, pillows, cushions and possibly some


[8] Music – Dance, Play, Sing!

the game to help hide the little ones and advise

costumes, scarves, feather boas, hats, wigs, shoes, handbags and props. Get them to put on




Weekend Activities

fun for parents & kids

paparazzi party

Story thanks to Amanda Cranston

kids eat

FrEE From thE buFFEt

Buffet $15 for members & $17 for non members *Under 10 year olds eat free from the buffet with each paying adult.

• Dress as your favourite celebrity and you could win fantastic prizes! • Loads of prizes, activities, games and fun for the whole family

bookingS ESSEntial phonE 4054 1464

afloat on a houseboat A weekend on a houseboat is the perfect family getaway as there are no distractions and just the peace and quiet of the river, writes Amanda Cranston. Having never been on a houseboat and

After paying our bond and loading our food,

the moonlight and got to see a sky full of stars

preparing for a long weekend on the water

bedding and fishing gear on board, we headed

every night. It truly was a fantastic weekend away

with an adventurous four-year old, I admit I

off down the Hinchinbrook Channel for a

as we were in no hurry to go anywhere, and just

was a little nervous. But I shouldn’t have been

weekend of fishing and relaxation. The two little

woke up and fished off the back deck or read at

because the Hinchinbrook Houseboat Lucinda

kids in their lifejackets watched excitedly from

our leisure. It is amazing to think Hinchinbrook is

Dawn was spacious and well equipped for

the small front deck as a dolphin swam beside us

only a few hours drive from Cairns and so easy to

families. Travelling with our two children and

only 10 minutes into our trip, and once we found

plan for a weekend getaway.

accompanied by friends with their two children,

a calm spot to anchor the boat we were surprised

it was great to get away from the phone, the

at the variety of wildlife that actually inhabits

television and all the other daily diversions.

the Hinchinbrook Channel. Over the weekend

Our houseboat slept eight people and had two rooms with bunks and two with single beds which could be pushed together to make

Sun 15 January 5pm-7pm Cazalys FunCtion Room

double beds. One bedroom even had a sliding door onto the back deck. It had a fully equipped

we saw an enormous saltwater crocodile swim right by our houseboat, we saw turtles, jumping fish and caught a stingray, baby shark, lots of different fish and plenty of crabs. My five year-old daughter even caught her very first fish.

kitchen with all crockery and utensils, a lounge

The only downside to a fabulous weekend was

and dining area with television and DVD player

the sandflies. We ran out of insect repellent by

(although no television reception), a bathroom,

day two and we were all eaten alive but apart

two toilets and a top deck entertaining area with

from that we had afternoon sleeps, watched the

barbecue and seating.

most beautiful sunsets in the evenings, fished in

Tide times obviously dictate when you take the boat out and bring it back, but Hinchinbrook Houseboats provides these details at the time of booking. For anyone who has never experienced a houseboat getaway, it really is a wonderful opportunity to truly relax and spend quality time with family and friends. For more information on a houseboat getaway, contact Hinchinbrook Lazy Croc Houseboats on 4777 8377 or free call 1800 002 338.

PHONE: 4054 1464 • 56

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Kate van Eck, a self-confessed stressed out mother of two, chronicles her family life Some days just never turn out quite as you expect. I thought that taking my kids to the Wiggles concert and allowing them to take the day off school/kindy with lunch at the golden arches would be a special family day out for us

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The morning started off great. We slept in

Rather than argue the point I went along with

(until 6.45am), watched TV in bed and enjoyed

this new plan on condition that I would pick her

a relaxing breakfast without the pressure of

up early from kindy. This is when things really

making drop off time. While my oldest was more

started to unravel.

“That’s why I suggested you stay at home for the day!” It was then after a long uncomfortable silence that I was finally dealt the ultimate blow: “You’re just the worst mummy ever!” I guess there’s no pleasing some folks.

“Don’t come before story time Mummy.” “But story time’s not ‘til the end of the day when I

Former travel photographer turned dad Paul Dymond begins his new column on life as a stay-at-home dad

to go back to work”. Not just any job mind you, but one that involves a lot of time out of town for days at a time. I’d been a travel photographer for 10 years. Travelled the world, had lots of adventures. Now it was my wife’s turn. The only hiccup? Two little boys that needed looking after.

delusional. I can’t think of any other job that lasts

be living the life of Reilly while the missus brings

from 5.30 am until 8pm, with possible wake-up

home the bacon.

duty at any hour of the night. Oh, and if you have a secretary in your current job you might want to bring her along. Library Book day, PE day, Show and Tell day, Sports day, Baseball practice, Sleepover date. Your calendar will be fuller than Paris Hilton’s social card.

In other words be prepared to work harder than you ever have in your life. Of course it’s just as hard for Mums, only I suspect they have some kind of secret club that lets them all know in advance so they’re prepared for it. Us guys don’t know what’s hit us until it’s way too late. But

Four years later and we’re still going strong but

But sure, you get to lounge around the house all

the busyness is just one of many surprises and

it’s not all beer and skittles.

day and watch the cricket right? Yes, if you don’t

mysteries in store for the stay-at-home Dad.

If anybody tells you it’s easy they’re either lying to lull you into a false sense of security, or they’re

have storytime!”

daddy diary

For me it all started with a simple phrase, “I want


“But it’s on at the same time.”


What they don’t tell you before you start


“Well it’s no use going to kindy if I don’t get to

make me the worst mother ever?

wanted to go to kindy instead.

Magic shows•Characters•Clowning Comedy workshops•Juggling Unicycles•Comic telegrams

“I’ll go to that after kindy.”

“The Wiggles will just have to wait ‘til I’ve finished

soon decided she didn’t want to stay home; she

Flip Ripley

need to pick you up”

to remember. Who would have thought it would

than happy to have the day off, my four-year-old

4057 8019 or 0408 183 032

“But what about the concert?”

mind the house being a pig sty, the kids having no clean clothes to wear and the dog dying of starvation! Don’t kid yourself that you’re going to


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If your child is enrolled at our centre you could WIN this Holden Barina Spark

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fav pet shots Fav pet shot of the month wins a mystery prize to the value of $30!

this month’s entries

December winner

Lachlan and his mice

Sam loved by Crystal

Taro loved by Indiana

Indi loved by Ryder

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Segment thanks to Stockland Cairns

laugh with a local This month on facebook we’ve been talking about the funniest thing you’ve got your kids doing so you can take a rest during the holidays? From: Christina Forrest “Last year I was exhausted at Christmas time with a newborn



baby so to put my feet up one afternoon, I gave my two older children some decorations and told them to go decorate their bedroom. Afterwards, I inspected their room to find no tinsel or decorations anywhere. Suspicious, I walked outside to see where the kids were, only to find the two dogs draped head to toe in baubles, tinsel and bells!”

From: Kaylene Hobson “I had already bought all my presents before Christmas but told my son that daddy and I needed to do some more. He’s not keen on being babysat but since I convinced him it’s the only

way he would get presents, he spent the day with grandma while we had a day out!”

From: Jaime Gunton “My mum and dad were once trying to plant an orchid but some of the soil had rock in it. So mum got us to help her and showed us how to pick up the rock, throw it in the wheelbarrow and then dump it on to a pile of rubbish. As soon

From: Tamara Manning “When you just stand and stare at the fridge and cannot for the life of you even work out why you are there...then you remember you were actually heading to the laundry”

From: Danielle Esler Mitchell “When you spray men’s deodorant on your head because you mistake it for hairspray”

as we got stuck in to getting the job done mum

From: Marina Waddell

sneaked off and left us to it. After complaining for

“When you wander around the house in a slight

a while to dad he admitted that mum had nipped

panic because you can’t find your small child, and

off to ‘have a break and do some shopping’’.

it takes you a full minute before you realise he’s

The following readers also deserve a mention

ON YOUR HIP. True story!”

for their responses to this question on facebook – ‘You know you’re tired when…

Next month’s question: What have you pretended to enjoy to please your children? Email your answers to “Laugh With A Local” with your name and number to by January 18 and you could WIN a $50 Stockland Voucher!



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