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editors note Hello and welcome to the 37th edition of PakMag, our jam packed holiday edition! Thank you for all the wonderful comments about our new look last month. We’ve had a huge response and we really appreciate your support.  Jordan is growing like a weed and I fear by the time he turns two he will be over half my height. He already eats more than me. Well, I’ll rephrase that, he eats all of his food and then my food too. He is becoming a real little character with plenty of attitude. I’ve now realised he is my biggest mirror in life because he mimics everything we do. Of course, all the good ones are from Mummy (I didn’t realise how much I sweep!) , and all the bad ones (like laughing at his bottom burps) is Daddy. Thanks to everyone who attended our 3rd birthday celebrations including the Teddy Bears Picnic and kite day. I’ll let you know next month how much we raised for the Children’s Ward. Until next time, enjoy this edition and don’t forget to tell everyone, you read it in PakMag.


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what’s new july Zoo Pass

Little Book Club

Movie Releases

Now is definitely the time to buy a Capta Group annual family pass!

New books this month at Cairns Libraries include: Spot Goes to the Farm (Eric Hill) – The ever-curious, always adorable puppy, discovers baby animals on the farm.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (TBA) In cinemas July 1

Sam Powers

The Bears in the Bed & the Great Big Storm

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out for at the Show this year include Freestyle Moto X and BMX performances, the Blitz Fame Jet Truck (first time in Cairns), stylised ice carvings, the Ergon School Science and Technology

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Karate Kid (TBA)

Take your kids to Sam Powers’ magical

– A great read aloud

the Cairns Show has launched a billboard competition inviting high school students the

In cinemas July 1

Xtreme Illusions Show during the school

book that’s fun for

opportunity to have their artwork displayed on a huge billboard at the Showgrounds.

holidays for half price with his ‘2 for

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1’ kids deal (valid for the show only*). Predators (TBA) In cinemas July 8

Suitable for kids 5+. Cost: $35 adults, $26 kids. Call 1300 500 331 to book or email

The Affair (Santa Montefiore) – Enter a world of risk and romance with this

Knight and Day (TBA) In cinemas July 15

Community Kids Club

tale of temptation. A great read for a mum.

A local Manunda Church runs a Community Kids Club during the school The Runaways (MA15+)

terms every Friday night from 7.30

In cinemas July 15

pm–9.30 pm for kids aged 5–14 years. Activities include indoor games, crafts and cooking. To reserve a place and for

Inception (TBA) In cinemas July 22

more info phone Kerry on 0418 758 326 or Meegan on 0406 616 213.

Helping foster kids

take a copy of this edition with you.

Free Literacy Workshop

Learning to learn

Get your PakDirectory

Dr. James L Thomas from the USA is

If your child could do with learning how

Available for $2 from Sea

touring Australia with his ‘Ready to Read’

to prepare for exams, Bill Spooner’s

FM, Calanna Pharmacies,

workshop for parents of 0-5 year olds. He

Academy are running a 2-day workshop

some ABC Daycare

will be presenting at Cairns Library on 27

during the holidays for High School

Centres or via the local

July (9am-10.30am) about what children

students. They will be shown how to set

Catholic Schools. Packed

need to know about reading and writing

up a study environment and how to make

full of family info, all

before they actually learn to read and

the best of each lesson at school. For

proceeds go to the Cairns

write. Bookings essential on 4044 3720.

more information call 4041 3232.

Base Children’s Ward.

onlY $2.00 All monies going to Cairns Base Hospital Children’s Ward

YearlY events Child Care Guide loCal disCounts

pakdirectory your local family guide 2010/11

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Large donation wheelie bins are now available in all local Overflow stores for people to donate items to local charity Backpacks 4 Aussie Kids. Check the bins for info on what to donate. Backpacks 4

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Aussie Kids founder Despina Parakas said “Generally foster carers go out of their way to provide the basic essentials that a foster child needs, but finding clothing, PJs or a suitable toy for a child who is placed with you on a Sunday or late

Next PakClub: 11 July 5pm-7pm at

evening can be a challenge”. For more info

Cazaly’s. Theme: Cairns Show

go to



instant families

Instant Families Great information for blended families

Re-partnering & blending two families together can be challenging, writes Mike Friganiotis


ne day it’s one adult and one child,

middle ground – remember, what worked last

grief that their original family is in the past.

and the next day you are re-partnered

time round, may not be as effective this time

And, they will need to learn and adjust to

and there are twice as many people in the

round – it’s a new environment, with new

new lifestyles. In fact, research shows that it

home, four times as much responsibility and

players, and new expectations.

can take from 18 months to five years for a

no time at all for each other…..what to do? That may well be the challenge for a new step-family, where not only adults start up a new relationship, but so do their children. Margaret Howden, founder of the Stepfamily Association of Victoria says, “It’s essential you put time away for each other. It is not selfish to have time to yourself. If you nurture your own relationship and keep it strong, you are doing the best thing for your children. You will be consolidating the structure of your family”.

and don’t have to be detrimental to it. The

phrase ‘extended family’. Those extended

key is to respect each other and not to let

family members who have been close to the

your emotions take over. The chances are

children, such as grandparents, can provide

that when you disagree, you will feel very

stability, particularly when everything else is

passionately, your emotions are heightened,

changing for the child. It is important to note

and you may get frustrated, or even angry.

that children will make their own decisions as

Listen to your body and recognise your

to whom they like and dislike. Members of the

warning signs – starting to raise your voice?

family should respect and acknowledge this.

Sweaty palms? Racing pulse? It may be a good

time, but it can also be a time of tension,

agree to have the discussion later.

deal with, such as, “Who will discipline the children?”, “How do you expect the children will react to their new family? How will you manage that reaction?”, “What kind of relationship does each of you have with your ex-partners? What impact, if any, will this have on your new relationship?”

Stepfamilies can give new meaning to the

idea to take a deep breath, take a break and

will be heaps of questions you will have to

stepfamily to “shake down” into a new unit!

are a normal part of any healthy relationship,

The formation of a new family is an exciting especially when children are involved. There


Disagreements will inevitably occur – but they

All children are more secure if they have boundaries. It is important to set limits and be clear what is to be done if boundaries

Margaret Howden continues, “The biggest

are overstepped. Clear boundaries reduce

challenges for new (step) families in their

the likelihood of children manipulating

early stages are how to respect the past

households. Experience has shown that it is

and what values to maintain when creating

usually better for the biological parent to take

a shared life”. Good communication is the

the lead with discipline. But, if the step-parent

basis of every relationship, but especially so

is the only person around, all hell may break

for those involved in re-partnering, given

loose. So, parents need to be prepared and

the complexity of the situation. Talk, keep

to have communicated clearly to the children

talking, and learning. The key to harmony

that the step-parent has equal authority.

Working out who does what in your family

is deciding what is and isn’t negotiable and

can be a tricky business. Everyone has their

explaining why that is so. Margaret says,

own way of doing things but it is important

“Family meetings are a great way to establish

for your new family to develop its own unique

a sense of belonging and way of learning

way of managing the household duties. And

more about each other”. The moulding of a

the older the children are, the more they

new family will take time, especially where

should be involved in the discussion and final

children are involved. They may have strong

outcomes. You’ll need to listen to everyone’s

and confusing feelings. They often experience

point of view, and come to some kind of

a deep ambivalence and a fresh wave of

It can seem at times that stepfamilies lurch from crisis to crisis with little relief. There is no ‘step parenting school’, but there is help. Talk with organisations like Relationships Australia, The Family Relationship Centre, Lifeline, the school guidance officer, or a counsellor and get professional help – remember, the old adage that ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ really does apply.



Catholic Education Building good homework habits for your kids

the value of homework The value of schools giving children homework is occasionally questioned in the media but there is ample evidence that homework increases learning and achievement, especially in literacy and numeracy, and that parents play a vital role in building good homework attitudes and habits.


eachers are generally keen for parents

productive. So no text messages, MSM,

completed for assessment. Generally students

to support and help children with their

Facebook, Twitter or iPods should be allowed

will have some home work/study to do each

homework and take the view that children

during homework time. Ideally, make this time

school day which requires time to be put

are likely to get more out of it if parents are

quiet, focused and concentrated.


[2] Keep your home study area well

Homework time is not always the easiest

time of the day for parents but it’s important

involved (as long as they don’t take over too much). Of course, there are times when teachers will want to see what your children can do on their own and as they get older it’s important for them to become increasingly independent in their learning. If you’re unsure

Get fit the fun way

about what your role should be, ask your child’s teachers, they will be pleased that you are interested and will want to help you get the balance right.

most of studying at home:


Friday morning classes for kids 2-5 Saturday morning classes for kids 3-5

If possible, use it only for homework. Keep study materials in one place and make it a rule that during homework time, the computer is used solely for homework (although remember that not all homework requires the internet). Check frequently or work alongside your child.

Here are some tips to help your child make the

[1] Homework is just what it says

organised and well-equipped.

work at home.

as possible to school so your child can be 1/4 Page Pakmag Ad


7:51 AM

[3] Remember that homework, particularly

in secondary school, is not just work

assigned by the teacher.

ensures that the day’s lessons are absorbed; previous work is revised, preparation is made for new units of work and assignments are

Page 1

For more information contact Tamara 0402 225 630 or email or visit 6


children. Homework provides an opportunity for children to develop some lifelong skills and attitudes including being responsible for organising their time and work. It also has a positive effect on their school achievements see the fruits of their efforts. If you are concerned about the amount of teacher-assigned homework your child is receiving, discuss this with the school but don’t allow your children to avoid the responsibilities they have for their own learning and achievement.

If you’re looking for:

Kindy Cheer Program available for 3-5 year olds. Combination of song and dance + fun, fitness & friends! Classes starting from only $10

adopt a positive attitude towards it for your

and consequently their self esteem when they

Extra work at home initiated by your child

That means creating the conditions as close

to make it a part of the family routine and to

Tel: (07) 4050 9700 Chances are, you started thinking about your child’s future school long before he or she was born.

• Your child to fulfil their potential in life • Respect and discipline conducive to quality learning • Christian values • A caring, safe and nurturing environment • A school that is affordable and welcoming to all

Then it’s time you considered a Catholic school for your child.



Instilling confidence Story thanks to Cheryl Critchley

growing up fast Childhood is contracting for girls at a scary pace. Five-year-olds love High School Musical, six-year-olds ditch dolls for techno-gadgets and eight-year-olds are social networking.


irls are therefore exposed to the

We cannot underestimate the effect our

• Be what you want to be and don’t let

downside of growing up - the bitchiness,

own words and actions have on our girls. We

anyone stop you.

bullying and peer pressure - sooner than

should never tell them, for example, that they

ever. Despite all this it is possible to instil in

will get fat if they eat too much. Even as young

them the confidence to cope, but we must

as six this can instil a feeling of insecurity and

start early and be strong. Many mothers

inadequacy that can lead to eating disorders.

themselves lack confidence and feel pressure

Girls look up to their mums, even if they

to conform, so it is no easy task.

pretend to hate them as teenagers, so we

Our girls face so much more than we did. At 14 my biggest concern was whether or not my footy team won. Boys were a pain, I never

• Have faith in your talent and personality and don’t suppress either to fit in.

must resist the temptation to talk negatively

• Don’t bat your eyelids to get what you want

about ourselves, diet excessively and be slaves

– earn it.

to fashion.

• If anyone tries to lead you astray, be

used makeup and rarely wore dresses. Due

yourself and be strong. You are the cool

largely to technology and earlier physical

with my two girls since they were toddlers.

one, not them.

development, girls are now light years ahead.

They know ads aim to make them want things

They feel pressure to look “hot”, wear designer

they don’t need, and that mean girls are often

gear, have the latest phones and MP3 players,

insecure. We also discuss the characters, why

attend concerts, socialise online and do

they act as they do and whether it is good or

well at school. They face cyber bullying,

bad. They are certainly not perfect but, now

overprotective parents and the saturation

turning nine and 11, they don’t care about

marketing of clothes worn by stick thin

labels and neither has asked for a mobile

• Don’t butcher yourself with plastic surgery to


phone or set up a MySpace account. I know

reach an ideal defined by superficial people.

approach to raising happy, confident teen girls, Dannielle Miller urges mothers to be role models and show girls they don’t need to be perfect. “My hope is that you may harness the butterfly effect…by being conscious that

things will get tougher, but at least they are reasonably well armed.

What I tell my girls: • Life is unfair but can still be great if you do

• Don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable. • Anyone who judges people on their looks needs to look at themself.

• You don’t have to change your name if you get married. • Respect people for who they are, regardless of gender, sexuality or ability.

your best and treat people fairly.

• Look beyond the surface.

trivial – have a big influence on your daughter,

• The cool, trendy kids won’t necessarily do

Cheryl Critchley is the author of Unspoil

just as her peers and the media influence her,”

best in life.

your actions and words – even ones that seem

she says.

more insecure than you.

I have discussed marketing and peer pressure

In The Butterfly Effect, A positive new


• Don’t copy celebrities who are probably

Your Kids; Escape the Parent Trap (Wilkinson Publishing, $9.95).



Wide Bay Australia Story by Sally-Anne Fairley, Cairns Area Manager

get the savings ball rolling “If only I knew then what I know now!” is a common catch cry from many parents balancing the demands of busy lives with children, work and household finances.


on’t you wish you could wind the clock

18 when tertiary expenses may be looming

• Teach your child how the account works

back, even for two minutes and have the

the sum would be $10,890.69 and by the

and focus them on the growth of their savings

chance to put into practice then some of the

time they reach 25 and looking to move into

in an age appropriate way. They will have

lessons you have learnt as an adult? The good

their first home you will have accumulated

learnt little if just presented with a cheque on

news is your children have the opportunity

$13,939.22* to assist them with.

their 21st birthday.

to learn more about money than perhaps you were taught and the earlier you start this education the better they will be prepared in later life. There are ways you can start the savings ball rolling for your children and, due to the power of compound interest, the younger they are when you begin, the more they will benefit in the long run. New parents often have very little spare cash but you’d be surprised what can be achieved with small amounts. Let’s say you decide you are able to invest a dollar a day for the future needs of your new

• Be aware of the government limits for interest a child is able to earn before having

there are a few things to keep in mind when

to pay tax and if they need to have a tax file

looking at a savings account for them:

number… get them one.

• Try and find an account with no fees

You never know…if you teach them well

• Obviously the higher the interest rate the more quickly their savings will grow. Some accounts offer a bonus interest if deposits are

enough, they may just be able to look after you in a manner you could become accustomed to in your old age!

made but no withdrawals • Find an account with no penalties for withdrawals from time to time

bundle of joy. By the time they’re 16 and

• Be aware of any conditions on the account

thinking about buying their first car there will

that might change at a certain age

be $9,123.30 in the account for them. At age


Regardless of what tack you decide to take when helping your kids learn about finances

*Calculations assume interest at 5%pa, calculated daily and credited to the account monthly with no fees applicable to the account. This information has been prepared by Wide Bay Australia Ltd ABN 40 087 652 060 (AFS Licence No: 239686). This information is general advice only and does not take into account your personal situation or needs. We recommend you seek personal advice from your financial advisor before acting on this general advice.



Fussy Children

fussy eaters

Story thanks to Amanda Cranston

Managing fussy eaters can be stressful for parents as they often feel like they are fighting a losing battle. Despite the plethora of websites, books, nutritionists and maternal health nurses now on hand to offer practical advice, many parents still resort to bribing, hiding vegetables and offering alternative foods just to make it through meal times. There are even products available now to

looking for more ways to incorporate ‘hidden’

with occasional treats and take out dinners,

bring the fun back into dinner time and assist

vegetables in to meals including Deceptively

as long as a healthy diet is maintained and

parents entice their little ones to eat. One

Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld. There’s no end

daily exercise is encouraged as this will help

example is a new Food Face Plate that comes

to the lengths we mums go to encourage our

children burn energy and feel more hungry.

with either a boy or a girl face and provides

kids to eat more healthily including making

wacky examples of food art you can create

fruit smoothies, freezing fruit in ice-cubes,

by adding vegetables and other foods to the

threading fruit and marshmallows on to

face on the plate. Or there’s a Chew Chew

kebab sticks, grating vegetables on to pizza

Train dinner set which comes in the shape

or giving kids vegetable sticks to enjoy with

of a train with the engine, glass, plate with

dips. Some mums even ask their local butcher

wheels and different shaped containers which

to make vegetable sausages, while others

when put together make up a train. These

suggest turning mealtimes in to celebrations

quirky designed products will certainly bring

like picnics, tea parties, pretending to be in a

fun back to the dinner table, but may not

restaurant or by rolling a dice to decide what

necessarily make vegetables look any more

foods are to be eaten. But surely mealtimes

exciting than they did before.

shouldn’t be such hard work!

Some parents simply rename foods to make

So what do the experts suggest parents do?

Seneque at Cairns Community and Primary

them sound more enticing such as calling

Firstly parents need to set a good example

Prevention Services on 4046-8582.

mashed potato ‘fairy clouds’ or shepherd’s pie

with their own eating habits and with the

‘pirate pies’. Last year a study in the US proved

foods they eat. Children also need to get

that this strategy works. Renaming food items

involved in mealtime routines by helping

to spark your child’s imagination with names

prepare dinner and setting the table. Other

like X-Ray Vision Carrots, Power Peas, Tomato

suggestions are eating at a reasonable hour

Bursts and Dinosaur Broccoli Trees, seems to

preferably between 5pm and 6pm, avoiding

also spark their appetite.

snacks before dinner, turning the television

LOCAL STOCKISTS: For quirky dinnertime

off at mealtimes, sitting down together as a

products visit Robins Kitchen (Smithfield),

family to eat, not putting too much food on

Amazen Games (Cairns Central) and The

your child’s plate, praising your child for good

Nurture Child (Mossman).

It has also been proven that children are much more likely to eat fruit and vegetables if they are homegrown. If none of this works many parents choose to puree vegetables and hide them in recipes just to avoid arguments. Tips from some mums include adding pureed cauliflower to mashed potato and macaroni and cheese and even pureed spinach to chocolate cake. There are some good books available for mums


Even if mealtimes are a battle with fussy eaters testing out their independence, most children will eat when they are hungry and will normally outgrow this fussy eating stage. However, if parents are concerned in any way about their child’s eating then they should consult either their doctor or a specialist.

Help with Fussy Eaters: ADVICE: For advice or details on local fussy eaters courses contact nutritionist Melissa

BOOKS: Good books on this subject include Feeding Fussy Kids by Julie Maree Wood & Antonia Kidman, Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld and More Peas Please by Kate Di Prima & Julie Cichero.

behaviour like eating or feeding themselves, and most importantly not using food as a reward or punishment. All snacks throughout the day should preferably be nutritional such as fruit, vegetable sticks, cheese, yoghurt and other healthy finger foods, and drinks should generally just be water or milk. Many nutritionists say there is nothing wrong



PakHealth genetics PakHealth story thanks to Mario Calanna

beating genetics We all know how important diet and exercise are for our general wellbeing but how big a part does genetics play in our health and, is there anything we can do to change it? We are all provided with DNA when

maintained your house is the less likely it is to

• Resveritol – a powerful antioxidant and

we’re conceived which contains a unique

fall down.

anti-aging compound found in red wine. You

combination of our parents DNA along with all of its perfections and imperfections. Our heritage can predispose us towards heart disease, diabetes, breast or prostate cancer,

These foods and nutrients can help you with your ‘household’ maintenance and form the basis of a holistic approach to your health:

depression and so on, but since the body is

• Probiotics – are the bacteria required to aid

continually replacing its cells throughout our

in the digestion of all food and help absorb

lifetime (the skin replaces itself once a month,

nutrients into our cells. Lactobacillus is the

the liver every six weeks, the stomach lining

most common.

every 5 days) it is also capable of healing itself if we give it the rights tools. In other

• Protein – important for muscle growth and

words you are capable of adjusting, as it were,

healthy organs.

your DNA to enable your body to cope more effectively with daily challenges. Research and assumptions vary, but it is commonly assumed that genetics are less than 20% to blame for our health and ageing. That means you have at least an 80% choice in how healthy you are. I like to use the analogy of a house – the footings (genetics) need to be strong and stable and can’t really be changed. All the other parts of the house – walls, roof, guttering, plumbing, garden, décor – can all be modified and maintained. So the better


• Low sugar intake – critical as too much leads to over stimulation of the pancreas and leads to diabetes.

would probably have to drink a bottle of wine a day to obtain your daily quota but your liver would soon be in trouble. There is a powder available that contains this plus vitamin C and bioflavinoids. • Olive Leaf - an anti-viral, anti-bacterial, cholesterol-lowering ‘jack of all trades’. It is a fantastic all purpose healing herb. • Lifestyle – no smoking (just about the worst thing you can do for your body) and a low intake of alcohol. • Hormones – these are also lined to energy and vitality so if you’re feeling flat for any

• Fish Oils – especially the Omega-3

length of time get your hormone levels

component. It is an anti-inflammatory as


it provides cell membranes with structure elasticity, the cardio vascular system with elasticity and cholesterol reduction and the brain with the source of neurotransmitters – dopamine, serotonin, acetylcholine. • Green Tea – a powerful antioxidant.

The other ingredients for a healthy life are fun, laughter, family, friends, harmony, passion for what you do in life and good health professionals including a family GP. Mario Calanna is the CEO of Calanna Pharmacy Group



PakHealth get fruity PakHealth stories thanks to Jo Whitton

get fruity! “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is not far from the truth. Fresh fruit provides our bodies with fresh water, living enzymes which aid digestion, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, natural sugars for energy, and fibre to help clean out the body. Fruit should be eaten regularly – at least four pieces a day, with as much variety as possible. Ways to get more fruit in to your diet: • Start the day with fruit salad – add it to cereal or make a fruit smoothie • For a quick energy boost during the day, whiz up a ‘boost juice’ • Keep a fruit bowl or basket on the table (and on your desk at work) to encourage the family to snack on fruit instead of junk.

ditch the fizzy pop Women who drink one can of fizzy soda a day are 83% more likely to get diabetes. In the past century diabetes has increased massively due to diet and lifestyle changes. In Australia there are now 1500 people a week who are diagnosed.

• Send fruit to school in the kid’s lunchbox

apple/berry sauce on pancakes and even ‘fruit

– try making them a fruit salad drizzled with

pizza’! Make sure you cook fruit very gently

some fresh orange juice.

over low heat so you don’t kill the enzymes.

• Make it a habit to grab a piece of fruit each

• Make a fresh fruit sorbet for an afternoon

whenever you go somewhere in the car – this

tea treat

helps avoid the temptation to buy junk food while you’re out.

For more healthy recipe ideas see Joanna Whitton’s blog at www.quirkycooking.

• Use lightly cooked fruit in desserts and

baking – apple pie, fruit muffins and cakes,

kids & needles While Australians have happily embraced alternative therapies to maintain their health and wellbeing, there are probably few parents who think of acupuncture when it comes to their child’s health. But there’s no reason why children can’t also benefit from this, generally painless, treatment. Julie Simpson,

give me a break Apparently 83% of Australian women feel chronically exhausted. Experts say ‘techno-exhaustion’ is partly to blame with the use of computers and mobiles late in to the evenings. Other possible causes are being low in iron or suffering from depression.


acupuncturist at Awakening Therapies on Anderson Street, says she has successfully treated children for various conditions including teething, digestive problems, sleep disorders, bed wetting, chronic colds and coughs and colic to name a few. She says that while small children and babies usually sit on their parents lap during treatment, older children are often curious to watch the whole procedure which takes 10-15 minutes.



PakParent Get better PakParent story thanks to Amanda Cranston

create a ‘get better’ box As any mum will tell you it is hard trying to lift the spirits of a sick child who only wants to watch television and cuddle mum, but Amanda Cranston explains how to create a special Get Better Box full of fun activities and cosy comforts.


here is nothing worse than being sick

beans, sliced fruit and other nibblies to

• A pirate hat

in bed and feeling like you are missing

make your little one better

• A new book

When it comes to activities, you don’t want

• A new matchbox car

anything that will make a mess in bed so try to

• Plastic animals

avoid anything with scissors, textas, glue and

• A piece of jewellery (ring or bracelet)

out on all the fun, and for little ones being confined to their bed either at home or in hospital it can be an utterly miserable time. So why not create a Get Better Box to keep

paint. Fun activities to help your child pass the

at home for when your little one is sick, or

time can include:

even just for a rainy day. This special box can

• Lego

as well as little surprises and comfort items.

• Beads and string

• A hand-held computer game

Your child can help you choose items for the

• Felt picture packs

• A new toothbrush

box, knowing that when they are sick they will

• Cardboard crowns to decorate

• A small packet of lollies

• Stickers

• A new pair of pyjamas

get to enjoy using them. Comfort items can be anything that makes

• Activity or puzzle books

your little one feel more comfortable, snuggly,

• Stick-on tattoos

cosy and loved, and can include:

And for children who have to spend weeks or months in bed, especially those in hospital,

• Jigsaw puzzles

then some other ideal bed toys that might

• A special pillowcase (handpicked by them)

• Hand puppets

help them pass the time include:

• A pair of silly socks

• Play dough on a tray (if supervised)

• An eye mask for sleeping

• A book to read (age appropriate)

• A small box of tissues

• Cards

• Their own special face washer

• An Etch A Sketch

• Kids colourful bandaids and bandages (to

• A Do Not Disturb door hanger to decorate

like Jenga, Guess Who and Operation

It is also nice to add some little surprises to

To make a Get Better Box you just need a

the Get Better Box, so each time the box is

plastic tub, a basket or a box, and then either

opened there is something new and exciting.

• A plastic food container with lots of

tie on a label or get your kids to decorate their

Depending on the age of your child, some

different compartments like a fishing tackle

box with stickers, glitter, cut-out pictures or

special additions to the box can include:

ribbon. This special box of goodies will make

bandage up teddy too) • A special drink bottle that only comes out when they are sick

tray or a muffin tray which can hold sultanas, rice crackers, dried fruit, marshmallows, jelly

• A plastic tea set

• Colouring books and pencils

contain lots of fun activities to do while in bed,


• A barbie doll

• A tiara and wand

• A laptop • A portable DVD player • A musical keyboard • Boardgames that can be played on a tray

even the most disheartened child feel special.



JIM TURNOUR MP Federal Member for Leichhardt


the green gym

Outdoor exercise Story thanks to Cairns Regional Council

While the benefits of exercise and the ongoing national battle against obesity are well recognised, few people appreciate just how important it is to your health to have regular contact with nature.


orking out on machines in an air-

self-worth and higher cognitive function.

banner of “Fun Free Fitness”. Currently over

conditioned gym will certainly service

A lack of contact with nature has also

20,000 people annually participate in these

the physical needs of your body, but it fails

been linked to Attention Deficit Disorder

activities. The classes are varied and include

to provide the mental and spiritual work-out

(ADHD). Studies have concluded that the

Yoga, Boot Camp and Aqua Aerobics as well as

that is necessary for your overall health and

“greener a child’s play setting, the less severe

FitKids for children and Active Hearts classes


symptoms of ADHD appear” (Children &

for the elderly. Zumba currently attracts over

Nature Network 2010). In 2005 Richard

200 people to each class on Friday evenings.

Human evolution has always had critical links to the natural world but many people in our modern society now live in isolation from nature. City living has little connection

Helping families with education costs

Louv ( gave this phenomenon the name ‘Nature-Deficit Disorder’.

upgrade of the Green Gym fitness equipment at the northern Esplanade with components

to nature, and rapid advances in technology

Cairns Regional Council has recognised the

selected to allow low-impact cardio style

have resulted in many people now spending

potential health and community benefits to

exercise that facilitates strength and mobility.

more time in front of a screen than any other

be gained from enabling people to engage in

The equipment will be designed to suit the

activity, including sleep. This has lead to

active recreation in a natural environment.

needs of older persons or those recovering

recognised psychological and neurological

The equipment on the Council’s Esplanade

from illness or injury.


“Green Gym” allows the community to access

A close proximity to green spaces is associated with less depression, anxiety and other health

fitness and exercise equipment in a beautiful natural setting, and therefore gain combined health benefits from both exercise, and

Education tax REfund - claim Education ExpEnsEs up to:

problems, and this relationship has been

• $750 for each child undertaking primary studies (max refund of $375 per child per year)

who experience high levels of contact with

Free exercise activities are also provided by

nature are reported to have higher levels of

Council on the Cairns Esplanade under the

• $1500 for each child undertaking secondary studies (max refund of $750 per child per year)

In the next few months there will be a further

shown to be strongest for children. Children

exposure to nature.

For more information about how your family can benefit from being active in a natural environment go to:

for more information go to:

JIM TURNOUR MP 102 Grafton Street, Cairns QLD 4870 • Phone: 1300 301 917 “I’ll keep working to make our community an even better place to live and raise a family” 20 Authorised by Melinda Connolly, 102 Grafton Street, Cairns QLD 4870


pakfood kids in the kitchen with Teah Chocolate Weetbix Slice 60g dark chocolate 110g butter 1 tblsp golden syrup 3 Weetbix 1 cup plus 2 tblsp dessicated coconut 1/2 cup brown sugar

parents in the pantry Ice Cream Cake 1L each of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice-cream 2 x 30g bars Flake 2 x 45g packets Maltesers 2 x 50g bars Violet Crumble 75g white marshmallows Hundreds & thousands

1/2 cup plain flour 1/2 cup Self Raising Flour

Method Preheat over to 180oC and lightly grease a slice pan. In a small saucepan melt chocolate and butter on low heat. When melted take off the heat and mix in the golden syrup. Crush up the weetbix and add all the other dry ingredients and mix together well. Pour the chocolate mixture in with the dry ingredients and mix well.  Place into the slice pan and push down firmly with the back of a spoon. Cook for 15 minutes and then remove from oven.  While it is cooling make up some chocolate icing and pour over the top and then place in the fridge until icing sets.  You can sprinkle with coconut if you want. Once it is cool you can slice and eat – great for lunchboxes and after school treats. Note: this slice is suitable to freeze and eat later.

Method Place chocolate ice-cream and flake in a bowl and set aside to soften. Once soft, beat with a wooden spoon until well combined. Spoon into a 23cm round spring-form pan and smooth with a spatula. Cover with foil and freeze until firm. When chocolate ice-cream layer is firm, place vanilla ice-cream and Maltesers in the bowl. Set aside to soften, then beat until combined. Remove pan from freezer, sprinkle with Violet Crumble, then spoon vanilla ice-cream over top and smooth. Freeze until firm. Repeat with strawberry ice-cream and marshmallows. When ready to serve, carefully remove collar and decorate with hundreds and thousands.

WIN a double movie pass! Send in a recipe to for your chance to win! Entries close: 23/07/10

3-9 Green Street, Edmonton • PHONE: (07) 4045 3915 OPEN: 5am til midnight everyday of the week Pease Street, Manoora • PHONE: (07) 4042 6200 OPEN: 8.30am-9pm Mon-Fri, 8.30am-5.30pm Sat, 9am-6pm Sun 22


out & about

mini mag lys ‘Give Me 5 For Kids’ PakClub at Caza

‘GM5K’ PakClub at Cazalys

‘GM5K’ PakClub at Cazalys

‘Give Me 5 For Kids’ Pak Club at Cazalys

‘GM5K’ PakClub at Cazalys

‘GM5K’ PakClub at Cazalys

e s a e l e R e i BCC Mov win! ld u o c u o y Colour it in & ords! w n e d d i h Find the ures! t c i p & s d r o Match the w



Colour-it-in & win

what’s on july

In Cinemas July School Holidays

CairnsShow 21-23 July at the Showgrounds

For more information: (07) 4042 6699

DATE 1 Jul © 2010 Columbia TriStar Marketing Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

2 Jul

3 Jul

4 Jul 5 Jul 6 Jul

7 Jul


To enter this great competition just colour-it-in and mail to:


PAKMAG, Colour-it-in July


PO Box 7433 Cairns QLD 4870


and you go in the draw to WIN a prize!


Closing Date: 23 July 2010


pink = family

VENUE City Place Edmonton Library Esplanade Volleyball Courts Cairns Esplanade Skate Park Cairns Esplanade Skate Park Cairns West State School Trinity Beach State School Mt Sheridan Plaza Mondos Esplanade City Library Cairns Esplanade Skate Park Cairns Esplanade Skate Park Cairns West State School Trinity Beach State School Mt Sheridan Plaza Esplanade Funship Mondos Esplanade Esplanade Mt Sheridan Plaza Trinity Beach Hotel Esplanade Mondos Tanks Art Centre Mondos Gordonvale Library Earlville Library Cairns Esplanade Skate Park Stockland Esplanade Fogarty Park Mondos Manunda Library Stockland Smithfield Community Center Mondos

green = kids


Free school holiday jewellery workshops 6-1O July



Parlay - trio Storytime FREE HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES - Beach Volley Ball Clinic FREE HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES - Skate Board Clinic - BEGINNER FREE HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES - Skate Board Clinic - ADVANCED CARROT ON A STICK HOLIDAY PROGRAMME Drama Holiday Program School Holiday - Fun for all the Kids Unsigned and Unplugged Songwriter Night DRUM UP BIG Gruffalo School Holiday Workshop FREE HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES - Skate Board Clinic - BEGINNER FREE HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES - Skate Board Clinic - ADVANCED CARROT ON A STICK HOLIDAY PROGRAMME Drama Holiday Program School Holiday - Fun for all the Kids Mums and Bubs Fitness Live Music: 3's A Crowd Esplanade Markets Cairns Ukulele Festival School Holiday - Fun for all the Kids Nikki the Clown - Face Painting and Craft Rainbow Roots Roadshow All Day Dining with Giant Lawn Games & Bean Bags Cairns Ukulele Festival Time Out Mondays - Chocolate Fondue with bookings over 5ppl Storytime Baby Rhyme Time FREE HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES - Beach Volley Ball Clinic FREE Jewellery & Keychain workshops Fit Kids Program Family Night with Terry Doyle & Rachel the Face-painter Storytime FREE Jewellery & Keychain workshops Positive Parenting Program Hump Day Hungry's - $15 Fajita's

12:00 PM 10:30 AM 3:00 PM TBC TBC 10:00 AM 9:30 AM 10:00 AM 6:00 PM 7:00 PM 10:00 AM TBC TBC 10:00 AM 9:30 AM 10:00 AM 8:00:00 PM 6:00:00 PM 8:00 AM 10:00 AM 10:00 AM 7:30 PM 11:00 AM All Day 9:30 AM Evenings 10:30 AM 10:30 AM 3:00 PM 11:00 AM 4:00 PM Evenings 10:30 AM 11:00 AM 6:00 PM Evenings

blue = adults


CairnsShow theme 11 July at Cazalys For more information: (07) 4054 1464


4055 1421 (07) 4044 3744 (07) 4044 3744 (07) 4044 3744 (07) 4054 1260 0401 758 188 (07) 4036 3150 (07) 4052 6780

4044 3720 (07) 4044 3744 (07) 4044 3744 (07) 4054 1260 0401 758 188 (07) 4036 3150

(07) 4052 6780

(07) 4036 3150 0408 183 032

(07) 4052 6780

(07) 4052 6780 4056 1365    4044 3766   (07) 4044 3744 4054 7340 4044 3715 (07) 4052 6780 4044 3779 4054 7340 4038 9900 (07) 4052 6780







what’s on july

pink = family


HolidayPolly Crafts 28June to 3July For more information: (07) 4036 3150

DATE 8 Jul

9 Jul

10 Jul

11 Jul 12 Jul 13 Jul

14 Jul


VENUE City Place Mossman Library Stockland Smithfield Library Cairns Esplanade Skate Park Cairns Esplanade Skate Park Mondos Cairns Esplanade Skate Park City Place Esplanade Funship Cairns Civic Theatre City Library Esplanade Stockland Cairns Esplanade Skate Park Cairns Esplanade Skate Park Tanks Art Centre Mondos Esplanade Stockland Esplanade Cairns Civic Theatre Esplanade Yorkeys Knob Boating Club Tanks Art Centre Esplanade Cazalys Mondos Mondos Gecko's Indoor Play Centre Esplanade Fogarty Park Stratford Library Cairns Regional Gallery Mondos City Library Railway Institute Hall

green = kids

Fit Kids

at the Esplanade Tuesdays 4pm free

For more information: (07) 4044 3715

ENTERTAINMENT/EVENT NAME Naidoc Week: Bel Lui Storytime and Baby Rhyme Time FREE Jewellery & Keychain workshops Baby Rhyme Time FREE HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES - Beach Volley Ball Clinic FREE HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES - Skate Board Clinic - BEGINNER Unsigned and Unplugged Songwriter Night FREE HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES - Skate Board Clinic - ADVANCED Naidoc Week Entertainment Mums and Bubs Fitness Dora the Explorer Live Gruffalo School Holiday Workshop MARKS AUSSIE ANIMAL SHOW FREE Jewellery & Keychain workshops FREE HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES - Skate Board Clinic - BEGINNER FREE HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES - Skate Board Clinic - ADVANCED Live Music: Northern Exposure Live Music: Celine DeeAz & Nikki Doll Esplanade Markets FREE Jewellery & Keychain workshops Naidoc Week: Koahlition Dora the Explorer Live Naidoc Week: Bayjah Live Music: Barbary Coasters Live Music: Deborah Conway Snake Gully PAKCLUB - Cairns Show Themed - Win VIP CAIRNS SHOW Passes All Day Dining with Giant Lawn Games & Bean Bags Time Out Mondays - Chocolate Fondue with bookings over 5ppl Colouring In Competition Fit Kids Program Storytime Tiny Tackers Program - 4 week term - Booking Essential Family Night with Terry Doyle & Rachel the Face-painter Storytime Free Dance Lessons (10 weeks) sign up today!

TIME 12:00 PM 10:30 AM 11:00 AM 10:30 AM 3:00 PM TBC 6:00 PM TBC 12:00 PM 8:00 AM 10:00 AM 7:00 PM 11:00 AM TBC TBC 6:30 PM 6:00 PM 8:00 AM 11:00 AM 11:00 AM 3:00 PM 6:30 PM 6:30 PM 3:00 PM 5:00 PM All Day Evenings 10:00 AM 4:00 PM 10:30 AM 10:00 AM Evenings 10:30 AM 4:00 PM

blue = adults

what’s on july



15July at 9.3Oam PCYC- BOOK For more information: 0411 027 883


4099 9496 40547340 4044 3711 (07) 4044 3744 (07) 4044 3744 (07) 4052 6780 (07) 4044 3744

1300 855 835 4044 3720

4054 7340 (07) 4044 3744 (07) 4044 3744 (07) 4052 6780

4054 7340

1300 855 835

0408 183 032

(07) 4054 1464 (07) 4052 6780 (07) 4052 6780 07 4038 1181 4044 3715 4044 3733 (07) 4046 4800 (07) 4052 6780 4044 3720 0414 830 859


pink = family

DATE 15 Jul

16 Jul

17 Jul

18 Jul 19 Jul 20 Jul

21 Jul 22 Jul

23 Jul

VENUE Mondos City Place Mossman Library PCYC Stratford Library Mondos Esplande Mondos Esplanade Funship Tanks Art Centre Esplanade Esplanade Tanks Art Centre Tanks Art Centre Trinity Beach Hotel Esplande Mondos Mondos Gecko's Indoor Play Centre Esplanade Fogarty Park Smithfield Library Cairns Regional Gallery Mondos Babinda Library Cairns Showgrounds Mondos City Place Mossman Library Earlville Library Cairns Regional Gallery Lifeline - 188 Aumuller st Mondos Cairns Showgrounds Cairns Showgrounds Fuller Sports Edmonton Esplanade Funship

green = kids


Art based activities starts 13July- book

Clinics during the school holidays- book

For more info: Sea FM (07) 4046 4800

For more information: (07) 4044 3744

ENTERTAINMENT/EVENT NAME Hump Day Hungry's - $15.00 Fajita's Pauline Bradshaw Duo Storytime and Baby Rhyme Time Mumbalates Class Baby Rhyme Time Unsigned and Unplugged Songwriter Night FORESHORE FIRESHOW - CYCAS CIRCUS Live Music: Azonic Mums and Bubs Fitness Live Music: PHRASE, M-PHAZES & ILLY Esplanade Markets The McMenamins Live Music: Avenue Band Forum Live Music: THE AMITY AFFLICTION Nikki the Clown - Face Painting and Craft Sapodilla All Day Dining with Giant Lawn Games & Bean Bags Time Out Mondays - Chocolate Fondue with bookings over 5ppl Story Time Fit Kids Program Storytime Tiny Tackers Program - 4 week term - Booking Essential Family Night with Terry Doyle & Rachel the Face-painter Storytime CAIRNS SHOW Hump Day Hungry's - $15.00 Fajita's Brooks Brothers Duo Storytime and Baby Rhyme Time Storytime Tiny Tackers Program - 4 week term -Booking Essential Stress Down Day - 2 1/2 Hr Workshop Unsigned and Unplugged Songwriter Night CAIRNS SHOW CAIRNS SHOW Live Music: Barbary Coasters Mums and Bubs Fitness

TIME Evenings 12:00 PM 10:30 AM 9:30 AM 10:30 AM 6:00 PM 7:00 PM 6:00 PM 8:00 AM 6:30 PM 8:00 AM 3:00 AM 11:00 AM 6:30 PM 7:30 PM 3:00 PM All Day Evenings 10:00 AM 4:00 PM 10:30 AM 10:00 AM Evenings 10:30 AM All Day Evenings 12:00 PM 10:30 AM 10:30 AM 10:00 AM 9:00 AM 6:00 PM All Day All Day 6:30 PM 8:00 AM

blue = adults


Festival 3-4 July Esplanade &Tanks Visit:



(07) 4052 6780

$15 FREE 4099 9496 FREE 0411 027 883 FREE 4044 3733 FREE (07) 4052 6780 COST FREE (07) 4052 6780 FREE FREE 0404 848 666 $25 FREE FREE FREE $15 0408 183 032 FREE FREE (07) 4052 6780 COST (07) 4052 6780 COST 07 4038 1181 COST 4044 3715 FREE 4044 3711 FREE (07) 4046 4800 $50 (07) 4052 6780 COST 4067 1112 FREE (07) 4042 6666 $8/$18 (07) 4052 6780 $15 FREE 4099 9496 FREE 4044 3766   FREE (07) 4046 4800 $50 (07) 4050 4955 $25 (07) 4052 6780 COST (07) 4042 6666 $8/$18 (07) 4042 6666 $8/$18 0408 183 032 FREE FREE


what’s on july DATE 24 Jul 25 Jul 26 Jul 27 Jul

28 Jul 29 Jul

30 Jul

green = kids

ENTERTAINMENT/EVENT NAME Live Music: 3's A Crowd Esplanade Markets I & I Tuala - Trio Children’s Fine Art Classes - 6 week Term - Booking Essential Lost @ Last Tanks Markets Day All Day Dining with Giant Lawn Games & Bean Bags Time Out Mondays - Chocolate Fondue with bookings over 5ppl Creative Craft Baby Rhyme Time Fit Kids Program Ready to Read Workshop with Dr James L Thomas Tiny Tackers Program - 4 week term - Booking Essential Family Night with Terry Doyle & Rachel the Face-painter Hump Day Hungry's - $15.00 Fajita's Marcus Storytime and Baby Rhyme Time Tiny Tackers Program - 4 week term - Booking Essential Unsigned and Unplugged Songwriter Night Vikarious Mums and Bubs Fitness UMI Arts Indigenous Market Live Music: Barbary Coasters Esplanade Markets Cerebal Pausy Day - event TBC Kym Campbell Annual Gem Festival Live in the Auditorium - Kevin Bloody Wilson supported by Jenny Talia Live Music: Fat Freddys Drop Nikki the Clown - Face Painting and Craft

TIME 6:00 PM 8:00 AM 3:00 PM 10:00 AM 3:00 PM 9:00 AM All Day Evenings 10:00 AM 10:30 AM 4:00 PM 9:00 AM 10:00 AM Evenings Evenings 3:00 PM 10:30 AM 10:00 AM 6:00 PM 12:00 PM 8:00 AM 4:00 PM 7:00 PM 8:00 AM 11:00 AM 3:00 PM 9:00 AM TBC 6:30 PM 7:30 PM

blue = adults

FOR MORE INFO (07) 4052 6780

(07) 4046 4800

(07) 4044 3044 (07) 4052 6780 (07) 4052 6780 (07) 4038 1181 (07) 4044 3779 4044 3715 (07) 4044 3720 (07) 4046 4800 (07) 4052 6780 (07) 4052 6780

(07) 4099 9496 (07) 4046 4800 (07) 4052 6780

0408 183 032

0408 183 032



GO Bowling Cairns Specials on all month for adults, kids, birthdays and groups! (07) 4053 3497. Super Special Sunday Sessions - 3pm until late ($15.50 p/p for 3 games) Cairns Recreation Centre Heaps of fun activities for kids 7 days a week. For further information and session times call (07) 4053 5353 Fun Free Fitness (07) 4044 3715 - For all timetables & class info go to:

The SANDS Support group meets on the second Friday of each month 10am-12pm at the Marlin Coast Neighborhood Centre in Smithfield (45 Cumberland Ave). If you would like more info call Nerissa on 4098 3089 or Kelly on 4033 7917. The 24/7 phone listeners line is 1800 228 655. Cairns PCYC MON to THUR - Kindy Kidz Gym @ 9am-10am Cost is $7. Call (07) 4053 1532 for more info Playgroup Queensland 1800 171 883 Mon-Fri for families with 0-5 year olds Gecko’s Indoor Play Centre (07) 4038 1181 Mon, Tue, Wed - child minding = $25 for 2 hrs, $32 for 3hrs includes entry, minding & childs sandwich (discounts for more than one child)

Cazalys Juniors Kids Club 6pm Sundays Brothers Leagues KIDS Club Every Sun - Kids Disco 3.30pm-6pm (ages 3-12yrs) AJ Hackett Live Music Sundays, BBQ & Free Jumping Castle for Kids Ravenshoe Rail 1.30pm Sundays Red Beret Kids Club Sundays 11.30-4pm, Sunday Buffet Breakfast $10, Monday-Believe it or not trivia

Atherton Markets 1st Sat of each month from 7am at Platypus Park

Cooktown Markets Every Sat from 8am - noon at Lions Park

Mt Sheridan Markets 2nd Sat of month at Mt Sheridan Plaza

Babinda Markets 1st Sat of each month, except January, from 8am, Munro St

Gordonvale Cottage Markets 1st Sat of each month from 8am-12pm at Norman Park

Pier Farmgate Market 7.30am-2pm every Sat at the Pier Shopping Centre

Rusty’s Markets All day Fri, until 2pm Sat & Sun, Grafton St

Innisfail Red Cross Markets 3rd Sun of each month at Anzac Memorial Park

Port Douglas Markets Every Sun from 8.30am-2pm at Anzac Park

Esplanade Markets Every Sat from 8am-4pm at the Esplanade

Kuranda Markets Every Wed, Thu, Fri & Sun 9am-3pm in Therwine St

Ravenshoe Markets 4th Sun of the month

Holloways Beach Markets 2nd Sun of month 8am-1pm at Holloways Beachfront

Malanda Markets 3rd Sat of each month from 6am-12pm at Jack May Park

Mt Sheridan Markets 2nd Sat of every month

Mareeba Markets 2nd Sat of each month at Centenary Park, Byrnes St

SPeewah Markets Every Sun 8am-2pm Carpark of the Speewah Tavern, Speewah Road, 6ks past Kuranda

Night Markets Daily from 4.30pm-11pm, entry from Espanade or Abbott St

Mission Beach Markets 1st & 3rd Sun of each month 6.30am-12pm, opposite Hideaway

Tanks Art Centre Markets Last Sun of each month from 9am-1pm


Secret code breaker

Unscramble theses words and you could win!!!

Use the code key below to decode the sentence.

[1] semuo


[2] aloppt


[3] purceotm


[4] censre


[5] itroonm


[6] ebw iest

––– ––––

[7] erItnnte


[8] oemmd


[9] adhr vedir

–––– –––––

[10] esfli


Monster Markets Last Sun of each month 8am-2pm, April-Nov at Marcs Park Mossman Markets Every Sat from 7am-12pm under the raintrees

_ _ _! _ _ _! _ _ _! _ _ _! _ _____! _ _ _ _!_ _ _ _ _!

_ _ __ __ _!_ _____ ___ __ _ ___ _____ __

_ _ ____ __ ___ _____ _____ _._ _. a b c d e f g h i j k l m

a b c n do pe q f r g s t h u v i w j x ky zl m could x win ay z n Simply o pemailqus the r secret s tcodeuandvyou w mystery prize! Send to:

CAZALY’s Wed throught to Sat - Live Music @ 7.30pm

regular markets

Northern Beaches Markets 3rd Sun of each month from 9am-3pm, Smithfield Shopping Centre

Computer word scramble

Simply email us the words at the end and you could win a mystery prize! Send to:

regular weekly events Sam Powers EXTREME ILLUSIONS Starring Sam Powers at Velvet underground. Every Mon through to Sat @ 7.30pm

mini mag prize page

Code Key

31 Jul

VENUE Mondos Esplanade Esplanade Cairns Regional Gallery Esplanade Tanks Art Centre Mondos Mondos Gecko's Indoor Play Centre Manunda Library Esplanade Fogarty Park City Library Meeting Room Cairns Regional Gallery Mondos Mondos City Place Mossman Library Cairns Regional Gallery Mondos City Place Esplanade Funship Esplanade Mareeba Leagues Club Esplanade Esplanade Esplanade Cairns Youth Centre Brothers Leagues Club Tanks Art Centre Trinity Beach Hotel

pink = family

Swap Meet @ Rodeo Drive-in Mareeba Every Sun from April-September, Highway 3 Tolga Markets First Sun of each month at Morrow Park Race Course Tully Markets Every second & fourth Sat of each month at Tully Showgrounds Yungaburra Markets Fourth Sat of each month 7.30am-12.30pm in the Main St

Winter word search Find all of the winter words and when complete circle the remaining letters left to right, top to bottom to learn an interesting winter fact and you could win!!!

Match the words & pictures WORDS Blizzard Cold December Drifts February Freezing Frost Hockey Ice Icicles January March Shovel Skate Skiing Slush Snowman Snowstorm Tobbogan Wind Chill

Simply email us the word at the end and you could win a mystery prize! Send to:

Match the word with the right picture and win!!! KNIFE GLASS SAUCEPAN OVEN MITT TEAPOT SPOON

Send in your entry and you could win a mystery prize! Send to: Competitions, PO Box 7433, Cairns Q 4870


Dora’s WORD Search Help Dora remember all the things she learned on her travels.

review Dora the Explorer: 3-DVD Set

out & about

Dora’s Out of This World Adventures It’s triple the adventure with Dora in this 3 DVD collection. Restore the Snowy Forest when Dora jumps into a storybook to save the Snow Princess, dive under the ovean to save Mermaid Kingdom with Mermaid Dora, and set sail on an epic sing-along journey in Dora’s Priate Adventure. Each DVD contains a double length adventure plus additional episodes.

WIN 1 of 3 Dora dvd’s! To win a copy simply tell us when Dora the Explorer will be here in Cairns? Send your answer to: Port Douglas Carnivale ‘Beach Day’

Dora & Diego’s Winter Adventure

Spot the Differences

Port Douglas Carnivale

‘Beach Day’

review Sesame Street: Elmo & Friends DVD

Sesame Street Elmo & Friends: Cinderelmo

Port Douglas Carnivale

Port Douglas Carnivale

Port Douglas Carnivale

Port Douglas Carnivale

Sesame Street brings the classic fairy tale to life through the eyes of everyone’s favorite three year old, Elmo. All your favorite Sesame Street Muppets and some very special guests join CinderElmo as he goes to the ball of the beautiful Princess – with the help of his Fairy Godperson. Look for a twist in the ending of his timeless tale that will delight the entire family!


for parents & kids

WIN 1 of 5 elmo dvd’s!

Can you find the 6 differences? 32

To win a copy simply finish the name of this Sesame Street character B _ _ B _ _ _ (Hint: tall & yellow). Send answer to:

It’s Cairns showtime! • Participate in our side show ally • Prizes for best dressed ‘Carnies & Clowns’ • Heaps of fun activites

VIp Cairns Show family pass to giveaway! Bookings are limited so hurry & book now!!! pH: 4054 1464

Sunday 11 June 5-7pm Cazalys FunCtion Room Fax: 4033 2038 • Email: • WEb: Terms & conditions apply: You need to be a member of Cazaly’s to enter due to the Qld Liquor Act 1992, which is $5 for the year, Pak Club visitors get $5 venue cash back on the spot.



PakBaby spoilt baby PakBaby story thanks to Maria Nguyen

WHEN: Mon-Fri 9am-10am Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri 10am-11am COST: $10 per class (There is also a $40 annual registration fee)

spoilt rotten? There’s a fine line between nurturing and spoiling, writes Maria Nguyen

Learn to teach Baby


Come rn and relea your ABC

  

James Cook University Workshop with the Infant Massage Information Service

Become qualified to take baby massage classes & appointments for parents. Assist with infant wind, colic, constipation, reflux and much more. Enjoy flexible & rewarding work. Only 18 class bookings available, or study via our national correspondence program.

Training begins at basic level so all are welcome

Phone 1300 558 608 34

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Who hasn’t seen kids chucking a tantrum in

at this stage are the same as their wants, so

they are used to. By this age, babies have

the shops or lying prostrate on the footpath,

when you try to meet their needs, what your

developed distinct preferences for sleeping

screaming and hitting the ground until their

baby learns is that everything will be OK,

and feeding routines, and they will cry when

parents give into whatever demand they

that the world is a safe place. In turn they feel

those wants are not facilitated. As difficult as it

have at that moment? I have seen so many

secure and confident in their surroundings.

is to take away what once was comforting to

bad examples that when I became a mother

Parents to colicky babies sometimes have

your baby, some habits need to be changed.

last year, one of my biggest concerns was

to hold their baby for hours while they cry

One of the most critical skills to teach your

accidentally spoiling my baby. And when you

from having wind. It might seem like they’re

baby is self-settling. As a parent, your choice

are a new parent, people are always quick to

spoiling their baby, but they’re not. In fact,

of action will reinforce or break them out of

give advice. We have all heard the “Don’t pick

researchers find that colicky babies who are

habits, which would continue to get more

up your baby every time he cries or you’ll

responded to don’t cry for as long compared

demanding as time goes on.

spoil him” warning. Fortunately, science says

to those who are left to “cry it out.” That’s


because young babies who feel a deep trust

According to researchers, it is impossible for parents to spoil their baby before they reach six months of age. Experts say there’s a huge

in their parents tend to develop a more secure sense of self that helps them self-soothe later on.

If your toddler breaks down at the supermarket for that Kinder Surprise and you give in because you feel embarrassed about your kid making a scene, you might be spoiling your child. But young babies are not

fallacy in the thinking that responding to a

Spoiling essentially means giving into

sophisticated enough to manipulate you to

newborn’s every cry and whimper will result

demands that are not necessary which leads

do what they want. One child-development

in a dependent, self-centred child. What some

babies to expect to have their way all the time.

specialist gives spoiling a fresh perspective.

people consider “spoiling” is in fact critical to a

There’s a fine line between nurturing and

She says if you’re unsure whether you are

healthy development and beneficial in raising

spoiling, and that line becomes more blurred

spoiling your kid, ask yourself, “Am I doing

a confident, secure baby.

as babies’ wants become more sophisticated

something for my child that she can really do

around six months. For example, they will

for herself?”

Newborns cry because they need to be fed, changed, comforted, and loved. Their needs

cry to demand a particular parent’s care over another or to be nursed to sleep if that’s what



pakbaby new ‘no-cry’ book

baby love drug Sydney researchers are testing a new hormone nasal spray to help some mother’s bond better with their babies. Previous studies have shown that mums who are deficient in oxytocin are less sensitive to their babies’ cues than mums with high levels. The new drug is a synthetic version of the hormone and will be tested in conjunction with psychotherapy. Oxytocin is known as the ‘cuddle chemical’ and allows us to feel connected with loved ones. If successful the drug will help the 10-20% of mums who suffer post-natal depression, many of whom have bonding issues. Research shows that the more securely attached you are by 3-5 years the better your future mental health.

Best-selling and trusted parenting author Elizabeth Pantley has just released a

reclaim your body Getting back into shape soon after giving

walk along the Esplanade with bub in the

[3] Push Ups: Start with the hands set in a

birth can not only help with the demands of

pram. For example:

wide position on a bench and then lower

looking after a newborn, it can also reduce the risk of postnatal depression.

[1] Squats: Begin with feet hip distance apart. Hold on to the pram and sink your

the chest between the hands. Keep the body long and straight (esp. the hips) and draw your belly in.

new book called ‘The No-Cry Separation

easy as ABC

baby mooners

These fantastic award-winning alphabet

Imminent and new parents are being

parent leaves them at day-care, at school,

blocks are now available at Baby Yeti on

treated to a weekend away at Thala Beach

or to go to work. This book provides a

Grafton St. They are high quality large

Lodge with a new 2-night accommodation

no-cry formula that helps you solve these

blocks and they’re baby safe and eco-

package for $449 including full breakfast

common problems and it includes a free

friendly. Alphabet blocks require some

and 2 course dinners as well as a 60min ‘His

‘magic’ bracelet as a tool for children to

imagination and help children learn

& Hers’ massage at their onsite rainforest

feel close to their parents when they’re

language/arithmetic, build fine motor

spa. For info visit:

apart. Elizabeth’s other books include ‘The

Anxiety Solution’. Almost every child suffers some sort of anxiety when their

According to health and fitness coach

hips back (like you are sitting on a chair).

Emma Miller who runs the Council’s free

Ensure knees do not track over the top of

[4] Tricep Dips: Start with the hands set

skills and improve spatial reasoning. Uncle

No-Cry Sleep Solution’ series. Cost $29.95

Mums & Bubs classes on the Esplanade, you

your toes. Draw your belly in to support

behind the back on a bench, then squeeze

Goose Blocks are $74.95 at Baby Yeti.

and available from all good bookstores.

can start pelvic floor exercises and gentle

your lower back.

the elbows in and lower the body so that

walking shortly after giving birth. Once you’ve been for your 6-week check-up you can then start building up your exercise routine as your body slowly recovers. Emma suggests combining a few exercises with a

the work is in the back of the arms.

TO WIN: these blocks simply email us at

apart again, take a long step back, keep the

Join Emma at the free Mums & Bubs class

back heel lifted and drop the back knee

on Fridays 8am at the Funship. For more

and tell us where Yeti’s

toward the ground. Keep your shoulders

information about Emma Miller go to:

back and belly in.

[2] Lunges: Begin with feet hip distance have supposedly been spotted?

parenting course Lifeline are running an early childhood parenting course for 6 weeks starting 19 July (2½hrs/week). Topics will include understanding behaviour & misbehaviour. Cost $40. Call 4032 6800 for info.

WIN this new book! To win a copy, simply email us at and tell us why you should win this book.

To You Available for parties, school visits and events Phone: 0415 696 439 Website: Covering the Greater Cairns area



pakparent What’s new with Lou

win a makeover Is it time you gave your undies drawer a makeover? Intimo Lingerie are giving away a $100 voucher for one lucky PakMag reader. Intimo is an Australian owned company providing a beautiful range of quality, comfortable, well fitting and affordable lingerie in sizes ranging from 8A to 24F (22G). If you host an Intimo Lingerie Party you could receive free and 1/2 price garments.

Local SEA FM Announcer Lou Morrow shares parenting tips:

TO WIN: go to and find out “Who is the ambassador for Intimo Lingerie?” Email your answer to with your

Lately I lie awake at night worrying about the fact that I’m not very good at things like scrapbooking! Will my kids be emotionally scarred because their friends all have books full of beautifully put together, lovingly crafted memories and they don’t? Am I less of a Mum because I’ve just got a pile of photos shoved in a drawer somewhere? I admire the skill of mum’s who have the knack of this fiddly craft. My one creation resembles something Dali may have done… on a bad day…blindfolded…while hanging upside down and being whacked with piñata sticks! I may show the kids one day when they are ready for a good laugh. Until then, I’ll console myself with the fact that every mum has her strengths and weaknesses and we all show our love to our kids in our own, individual ways…and that’s what’s important.

name, phone, email and address. Also contact Amy about party hosting.

financial help

parent courses

Shelter Housing Action Cairns (SHAC) is

7 July > Positive Parenting Program, 6pm-

a community based organisation that

8pm, Smithfield Community Centre. FREE.

provides safe, low interest loans to people

For more info call 4038 9900

on low incomes. To be eligible you must have a health care/pension card and be on a current housing lease. There are two types of loans available: [1] NILS (No Interest Loan Scheme) – up to $1000 for essential household items. [2] StepUP loan - $800 to $3000 for items such as cars, furniture, car repairs, medical costs. Call 4080 7400 for more info.

21 Jul – 1 Sep > “Still Being Dad’ – for fathers following divorce or separation. 7 weeks, 2 hour sessions, $70 or $10/session. Relationships Australia. Call 1300 364 277 Starting 29 July > Help! I’ve got a Teenager! 6 weeks. Cost $10 per session (neg), Lifeline, 188 Aumuller Street, 6pm-8.30pm. Call 4050 4955 for info.


Cairns WindoW Cleaning Driveways



Call Leigh on 0410 112 035

• Domestic & commercial • Internal/external • High glass & ladder work • Fully insured • 1/2 PRICE pressure washing with full window clean

For a Free quote call Leigh Kennedy on 0410 112 035 or send an email to 38


School holiday activities Most mums will tell you the phrase “mum I’m bored” can be a little testing during school holiday time, so here’s a list of ideas to keep them amused.


laying board games is a great way of

so maybe a trip to the library to borrow some

A Teddy Bear’s Tea Party at home is easy to

spending time together, providing mental

new books or even re-reading favourites at

organise. Lay out a picnic rug or set a little

stimulation and having fun. There are lots of

home is a wonderful school holiday activity.

table with a table cloth and kids tea set, bring

board games on the market for all age groups

Older kids can read on their own and younger

out all the teddy bears and soft toys, put party

and some popular choices include Hungry

ones can snuggle up to mum or dad for story

hats on them all and your tea party is set. You

Hippo, Elefun, Connect 4, Guess Who, Snakes


can serve party food, play party games and

and Ladders, Jenga and Kerplunk. Having a picnic at home in the back garden, at

super easy to more difficult. Many families

the local park or down at the foreshore is a fun

like to do complicated jigsaws together so

outing and the kids will love to be involved

everyone can be involved.

in planning it. Get the kids to help prepare the food, grab the picnic rug and a few comfy cushions and off you go. Why not pack the frisbee, ball, books and a board game as well.

“Mum, I’m bored!”

can then either give the card to a friend or relative or save it for a future celebration. Packets of blank cards and envelopes in all colours are readily available, and the kids can

home, especially if there are lots of good

decorate them by putting a painted handprint

hiding spots. Mum and dad can play too,

on the front, cutting out pictures and gluing

helping hide the younger players.

them on, sprinkling glitter, drawing a picture,

and cushions. Kids love building cubbies and

using stickers, cutting and pasting some of their artwork or decorating with feathers.

will enjoy having morning tea or lunch inside

Playing dress ups is one of the best things


about being a kid and having an enormous

Baking biscuits and cupcakes is always popular with kids. Give each child their own apron and set them up at the table. There are lots of different cookie cutter shapes available and you can add chocolate chips, sultanas or

dress up box filled with costumes, hats, scarves, wigs, feather boas, gloves, shoes, bags and costume accessories can create princesses, pirates and a host of other characters.

smarties to the biscuit mixture. And a range of

Blowing bubbles can keep younger children

coloured icings and toppings such as snakes,

occupied for hours and there’s a whole range

sprinkles, coconut and smarties will inspire

of different bubble blowing accessories

creative cupcake decorating. Keep some for

available at the supermarkets these days. You

morning or afternoon tea and freeze the rest

can also add some food colouring to bubble

in batches.

mixture and the kids can blow colourful

Face painting is great for little ones and face paints are available in most toy shops in either

bubbles onto paper to make beautiful artwork.

crayon or paint form. You can be as creative

Karaoke at home is always lots of fun and is

as you like from simple flowers and butterflies

even more enjoyable if the kids have a few

to more intricate animal faces, or borrow a

friends over to sing along with them. You can

face painting design book from the library for

buy karaoke DVDs or borrow them from the

inspiration. Don’t forget to take photos!

library and then plug in real microphones or

Reading books is great for the imagination

Making cards lets kids be creative and they

Hide and Seek is a great game to play at

Build an indoor cubby with blankets, sheets


Jigsaw Puzzles are good fun and range from

get the kids to improvise using hairbrushes to

take photos of all the guests including the teddy bears to make up an album of the event later. Dancing to music is a good way to burn off energy and tire the kids out. They can put on some of their favourite CDs or plug in the ipod and dance around at home. You can even turn it into a disco.

Top holiday day trips [1] Skyrail or Kuranda Scenic Railway [2] Gallo Dairyland (cows are milked at 3pm) [3] Gecko’s - $10 entry all day for kids 3+ [4] AJ Hackett – family Sunday afternoons [5] Green Island – Win a family pass pg45 [6] Ravenshoe Steam Railway – Sun 1.30pm

Top holiday activities: [1] CircusArts – Learn to fly the trapeze for $55 (Esplanade) [2] Making jewellery - Craft n Sewing Studio. Cost $15-20. Call Glenette on 4033 0240 [3] Art Workshops – Regional Gallery. $18. Call Carley Clark Rushton on 4046 4888 [4] Interactive storytelling – Library Gruffalo Workshops (Friday 2 & 9 July). Bookings essential. Call 4044 3720 [5] Games, Crafts & Cooking – Barron Valley Gymnastics. Cost $25 per day [6] Polly Crafts – Spin & Shrink Arts - Mt Sheridan Plaza (first week) [7] Stockland – free jewellery & keychain workshops 6-10 July 11am-3pm. Call 4054 7340

sing through.



Who am I?

Name the year Name the TV show

kids club

Name the city Name the movie

In which country am I? I represent which brand?

In which European capital city are the Spanish Steps?

I am used in which sport?

Name the dog breed

Name the company

Which of Donald Duck’s nephews shares his name with a character from Malcolm In The Middle?

$12 pizza What word is missing?

monday trivia Special Who am I?

Name the year

Name the country

Name the cake

Name the country

Name the company Name the city

Name the flag

How many sides are there on a Stop sign?

Name the movie

Name the golf course

! T DAYIGnH N t h ig O day M onN M IZ

Name the smurf

Name the bird

Who am I?

Name the country

In Knight Rider, which device was used by Michael Knight to communicate with his car?

Name the place

Name the trophy Name the team

Who am I?

y everU the Deck IS Q p 7 m on Who takes a job?

Who am I?

Name the album

Name the mountain

Name the album

Which organisation?

Name the sportsman

If a person was said to be ‘crapulous’ would he be drunk, lying or sweating heavily?

Bender is the robot on which TV series?

Name the missing word

Name the dog

Name the movie

Name the artist

Which two ‘Nicks’ won golf majors in 1992?

Name the animal

411 kamerunga Road Redlynch

Name the sport

What am I?

Where am I?

The Savoy Hotel in London is famous for the invention of which ice cream dessert?

Name the trophy

Name the album

Who am I?

Who lives here?

What am I? Name the sea Where is Tintin? Name the artist

Name the movie

Name the game Name the building

Name the team

Name the city

Name the animal

Name the state

creating a treasure hunt

Name the year Who am I?

Name the sculpture Name the country

Name the vehicle Name the TV show

Name the team

entry is gold coin donation which goes to Angel Flight Australia


Name the city

Name the movie Name the sportsman

Name the movie

Name the monument

Name the bridge

• Bookings essentiAl

Story thanks to Amanda Cranston

Name the city

Name the plant

Name the album Name the animal

Name the vehicle

• Activities featuring arts & crafts, games, playground and jumping castle, DVDs, themed days & more...

Name the dish

Name the country

Name the country

every Sunday from 11.30am to 4pm

Treasure hunt fun

Name the team

What object killed the shark in the film Jaws?

Phone 07 4055 1249

Name the movie

What words are missing?

Which element on the Periodic Table is the only one whose name contains three letters?

Name the company


Name the movie

What colour is missing? Name the city

Name the sea

Looking for something to do? Come down & enjoy skating, roller blading & loads more fun activities

The anticipation of a treasure hunt and knowing that locating the clues will ultimately lead to hidden treasure is one which cannot help but stir excitement in any child.


he anticipation of a treasure hunt and

so the kids don’t become too familiar with the

If you want to create a more challenging

knowing that locating the clues will

location of the clues. If you laminate the clues

treasure hunt you can set about drawing a

ultimately lead to hidden treasure is one

they will last a bit longer and you can draw a

map of your garden and marking an X for the

which cannot help but stir excitement in any

different design for each different clue set.

starting spot. Each clue can provide directions

child. Why wait for a special occasion to have a treasure hunt at home? This is a great activity


General Skate Sessions > Mon to Fri 10am-12pm & 1pm-3pm Friday Night Skate Session > Latest Hits Dance 7pm-10pm Saturday Super Skate Sessions > Beginners 10am-12pm > General Session 1pm-3.30pm > Retro Skate 7pm-10pm

Monday to Friday 8.00am to 5.30pm *Per child per day. Contact centre for info.

Sunday Super Skate Sessions > Learn to Skate 10am-12pm > General Session 1pm-3.30pm



to do on a weekend, in the school holidays, or for stay-at-home mums this can break up the week and offer an extra activity to keep the kids busy.

44 Behan St, Manunda


Phone: 4053 5353

rhyme, it helps the children remember each and every line. You can start with something like Clue number one, is an easy one to find, move the cushions on the couch, and see what is behind. You could then follow on with

to the next clue such as move five steps to the left and then turn to your right and move seven steps directly in front of you. Your child should be able to find a clue in this spot, before reading directions to the next clue, and the next and so on until they find the treasure.

While many little ones may need some help

this clue is a tricky one, it is stuck underneath

When it comes to treasure you can be as

deciphering the clues or reading the rhymes,

a chair, at the dining table, can you find it

creative as you like. Treasure can be anything

kids as young as two can play and get caught

there? If the kids are fairly young try to write

from a little box of sultanas through to a

up in the excitement by following the bigger

no more than ten clues, as many kids will start

colouring book with crayons. It can be stickers,

kids in the race for the next clue. The difficulty

to lose interest if there are too many clues.

a chocolate bar, lollypop, lip gloss, matchbox

of the clue cards will depend on the age of

The final clue leading to the treasure could be

car, chocolate coins, pirate money, twirly

your children, but basic rhyming cards is a

head back to the lounge room, your treasure

straw or face paints. McHappy meal toys

great way to introduce them to treasure hunts.

awaits you there, check down on the floor,

are also great items to put away for treasure

behind the reading chair. Or maybe now to

hunts. Keep a small box handy and fill it with

find the treasure, look inside your bed, have

small items as you come across them either

a look under your pillow, where you lay your

at home or at the local two dollar shop. Once

head. Then wait for the excitement as your

the item is wrapped in newspaper and hidden

little ones squeal with delight at finding their

as treasure, your child will be delighted no


matter what it is.

Firstly you need to decide if you want the treasure hunt to be inside or outside before

No over crowding, with children supervised at all times. Strict sign in/sign out procedure, bullying not tolerated.

Now when writing the clues write them as a

you start writing the clues, and you may even want to make up a few different treasure hunt sets that can be rotated every time you play



Daytripper holidays Keep the kids occupied these school holidays

green island

jungle surfing

Green Island is one of the best family day trips our region has to

If you feel like you’ve lost your sense of adventure since having

offer and perfect for a family day out during the school holidays.

kids you should check out the Jungle Surfing in Cape Tribulation.

Only a short 45 min ride by catamaran, you can spend the day

It’s the perfect family adventure activity.

lazing on the beach while the kids snorkel and play safely in water teeming with colourful fish. And, if they get bored with the beach there’s also the rainforest walk, underwater observatory, complimentary glass bottom boat tour or the Marineland Melanesia Aquarium, Museum & Crocodile Habitat.

Deep in the beautiful rainforest with gorgeous views of the Cape, you will find people from as young as three years old whizzing through the trees 20 metres above the ground on flying foxes. We recently made the trip up there (approx. 2½ hours from Cairns) not really expecting our 3 year old daughter to want to do it. We

As far as eating is concerned on the island, there are various

had spoken to a friendly staff member on the phone beforehand

options for lunch including the resorts excellent restaurant

who reassured us that kids are rarely a problem; it’s the adults who

Emeralds which has reasonably priced snacks and meals. There’s

sometimes freak out!

also a buffet lunch available or you can take your own picnic esky.

And so it was. To much hilarity we had a big guy in our group who

Locals receive a 30% discount with Great Adventures cruises if

spent 10 minutes being reluctantly coaxed off the first platform.

you show local ID. Prices for the Green Island Eco Adventure (valid

Then our 3 year old casually strolled up next and calmly launched

from 1 April 2010) are $73 Adults, $36.50 Kids, Family Fare (2 adults

herself off as though she’d been doing it all of her (short) life. No

and 2 kids) $183. Kids 4-14 are inclusive. Children 3 and under are

coaxing, no drama, no whinging – in fact, she was so relaxed we

free. Call 4044 9944 for bookings.

actually managed to enjoy ourselves too!

Win a Great Adventures Family Pass!!!

Jungle Surging is safe, fun and fully-guided with no experience

TO WIN: A family pass for the Great Adventures’ “Green Island

hours. It is definitely an adventure activity that the whole family

Eco Adventure” (2 adults & 2 children 4-14 years) simply email us

can enjoy and a great way to soak in the beautiful rainforest and and tell us who gave Green Island

amazing views.

its name?

necessary. Trips depart regularly from Cape Tribulation and take 2

Trips need to be booked in advance. Cost $90 per person ($81

The prize includes: • Return fast catamaran cruise to Green Island

with your 10% local’s discount). For more information go to:

• Complimentary morning tea and coffee served on board vessel

until departure from Cairns • Choice of snorkelling equipment OR glass bottom boat tour

Win a Jungle Surfing Voucher for 2!!!

• Exclusive use of island swimming pool for Great Adventures

TO WIN: A Jungle Surfing voucher for 2 people simply email us at

passengers and tell us how Cape Tribulation

• Eco Island Walk - self guided

got its name?

• Use of day visitor facilities




Beautiful local walks Check out the lovely walks in your backyard

bushwalking There’s no better time of year to get outside and explore some of Cairns beautiful bushwalks. These tracks are all close by with stunning views. Red Arrow Track (40mins) & Blue Arrow Track Starting from a parking area on Collins Avenue next to the Botanic Gardens, these tracks lead up to the Mt. Whitfield Conservation Park with gorgeous views across the airport and out across the Coral Sea. The Red Arrow is short and brutal (a popular exercise circuit and great for toning the legs with lots of steps). The Blue Arrow gives you the option of a much longer steep walk.

Stoney Creek to Glacier Rock (3hrs return) Starting from the Stoney Creek carpark this walk takes you through beautiful rainforest with views along the way of the Barron Valley.


The ultimate goal, Glacier Rock, is a rocky

the creek and eventually finishing where the

outcrop with views across Cairns, canefields,

Clamshell Falls cascade down the gorge in to

rivers and the ocean.

deep green pools.

Crystal Cascades to Lake Morris (2 hrs return)

Don’t forget to be well prepared for bushwalks

Crystal Cascades has 3 walking tracks – two

water, sunscreen, insect repellent, snacks, a

easy ones and one for the fit. The two easier

first aid kit and toilet paper (for emergencies!).

ones take you on gentle strolls along creeks,

Don’t forget to tell family or friends about your

rockpools and rapids. The harder walk takes

plans and beware some of the local ‘friends’ to

about an hour and is a steep rough climb up

look out for eg. snakes, cassowaries (stay back

to Lake Morris.

and wait for them to move), leeches (don’t sit

especially if you’re taking children with you. You will need good walking shoes, plenty of

on moss), ticks and the wait-a-while palm.

Behana Gorge & Clamshell Falls (2 hrs return) South of Gordonvale, this is a fairly moderate

Check the Parks and Wildlife website at for more info

walk through patches of rainforest, along


fav pet shots Fav pet shot of the month wins a mystery prize to the value of $30!

this month’s entries

Missy loved by Jessica

June winner!

Caesar loved by Tu

Wilson loved by Amelie

Email your photo, name/s & address to: • Deadline for photos is 21 July 2010 for the August 2010 edition of Pakmag.

prize winners

Congratulations to our June prize winners!

To claim your prize drop into our office on Level 2, 68 Abott Street between 9-5pm Monday to Friday and collect your prize from reception.

Wizard of Oz tickets

Code Breaker

Vapour Rub

• Lucy Holman, Bentley Park

• Jacinta Graham

• Kathleen Pitt • Fiona Grigg

Under Age Rage

Word Find


• Nicola Cowin, Edmonton

• Marisa Boonyai, Brinsmead

• Wendy Edwards

Colour in to win

Word Scramble

Stockland Gift Cards

• Keeley Smith, 4 • Ryan Holman, Bentley Park 18 months • Luke Gissel, Edmonton, 5 • Juno Hoshino, Edge Hill, 3 • Finn Hanbridge Chambers, Mount Sheridan, 8

• Saraya, City

Picture Match

• Janine Renedio, Edmonton

• Destiny Willetts • Chris Corniaux • Sarah Tait • Jesse Davis • Sam James • Joan Donaldson • Kim Groaner • Claire Wendy • Cam Rogers • Joeline Yang • Cie Langdon • Amy Swanson • Cynthia Fuller • Jason Gill • Justine Ryan

• Alexia Papamichael, Mt Sheridan


Elmo DVD • Nathalie Murdock, Kewarra Beach

Rose & Lily


biz directory Services




Teaching sport skills Story thanks to Susan Dilicar

• Face Painting • Puppets • Balloons • Games • Music • Other costumes available 4057 8019 or 0408 183 032

good sportmanship Despite the media reports of some parents behaving badly on the sidelines of their children’s sports matches, a recent survey revealed that 78% of Queensland parents consider good sportsmanship an important life skill and that it’s primarily up to parents to teach it. But what does being a good sport actually mean?


o many people, it means knowing how to win and lose graciously, but in fact, good

sportsmanship encompasses much more. It’s about treating fellow sportsmen with the same respect and manners that we would show them on the street and it’s also about learning how to handle challenges. A child who is learning to be a good sport is also learning how to overcome conflict, negotiate obstacles and handle failure. Taking my son to soccer is always an enlightening experience. Some parents applaud every goal, regardless of which

Flip Ripley Magic shows • Characters • Clowning Comedy workshops • Juggling Unicycles • Comic telegrams 4039 0622 or 0410 510 095




The Singing Face Painter Available for themed childrens’ & adult parties

For bookings cAll 0428 600 213 50

Art Kids

Brighten your child’s room with personalised art


team scored it, and some constantly yell instructions and irritated exhortations to do better. Presumably, they are trying to motivate their kids, but it’s more likely to make them feel miserable for disappointing them. In a society where many famous athletes (and

[2] Be a role model. Kids always look to their parents for guidance on how to behave so offer praise and encouraging words for all athletes, including your child’s opponents. Importantly, never demean any athlete, coach, or referee. Let your child see you enjoying the sports and athletic activities that you play or watch, regardless of who wins. [3] Teach your child to be respectful, on and off the field. Explain to your child that the respect you expect him to show at home extends to the playing field as well. This means playing fair, and showing appreciation for another player’s skill or win. [4] Teach your child to be empathetic.

the time. Lead by example when you win or lose, but also prompt your child to respond appropriately when they win or lose. [6] Encourage your child to lighten up. Sports are supposed to be fun! Encourage them to laugh about the things that went wrong, like falling flat on their face. Help them to keep the right perspective. Remind them of the reason they joined the sport in the first place ie for fun or to play with friends. [7] Teach your child to focus on effort. Teach your child that success comes from knowing they did their best. If they tried their best and still lost the game, then they have every reason to be proud of themselves, and so do you. No matter what the scoreboard says, kids

parents) model bad behaviour on the field,

Encourage your child to think about other

need to know that they are worthy and

how do we teach our children to be good

players’ feelings. Ask him how he would

special. Let them know how proud you are


feel if he won a game and other players

of their efforts and how much you enjoy

complimented him, and how he would feel if

watching them play the game. Knowing that

they were rude.

their parents will not be disappointed in them

[1] Enrol your child in a sport! Sports are the best way to teach your child about fair play and sportsmanship. By

[5] Don’t always let your child win.

putting kids into a competitive arena, you are

Family games are a good way of teaching kids

providing many opportunities to develop the

how to handle winning or losing graciously.

social skills that make up sportsmanship.

So tempting as it is, don’t let them win all

if they lose, goes a long way towards teaching a child to be a good sport.

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Share parenting Story thanks to Lauren Doolan

shareparents A new website has recently launched which enables single parents to pool resources, writes Lauren Doolan


reating the best home environment is

developed a simple way for single parents to

them if they could join forces with someone in

important for every family. But when it

come together and share their resources in a

a similar situation and tackle the tough times

comes to those single parents saddled with

bid to minimise the daily pressures that they


all the household responsibilities it can be


very difficult for them to provide financial and

4054 5333

emotional support for their children. Add to this the growing costs of rent, food and child care and the burden can be a large one to shoulder on your own.

a place where single parents can contact

and dads an attractive alternative to solo

each other with the intention of pooling their

parenting. Shareparents is an online resource


that helps single parents halve their financial

in their standard of living after separation.

costs and ongoing utility bills. With the

Many are forced to move out of their current

support and assistance of another single

homes and often have to move their children

parent in the house, single parents suddenly

to a school in another area. For those paying

have more money, more freedom and better

mortgages, they suddenly find they can no

facilities on offer for both families.

in a more stable financial position. In addition to this, many single mothers find it impossible to go back to full-time employment, as the cost of childcare is just too high and often hard to find.

a website designed to give single mums

burdens by sharing accommodation, grocery

renting can be overlooked for tenants who are


shared responsibility possible by providing

For most single parents there is a huge drop

longer keep up with payments, and those

The Shareparents website makes this idea of

Their brainchild is,

Parents coping alone may have different reasons for using the site. Some may want financial assistance with their mortgage by renting out rooms while others may want to create a dual income to help pay for groceries, gas and electricity. Or they may just want the company, support and assistance of another

Shareparents co-creator, Wendy Lilley said

person who understands what they are going

the idea came from seeing friends and family


struggling as single parents. “It was only when we all came together for a group picnic or barbeque that we saw them relax as each of us lent a hand with the kids or the cleaning up. It was obvious that there must be thousands

But there’s good news for the single parents

of other single parents in the same boat. We

of Australia. Two Australian women have

thought how much better things would be for

It is a very user-friendly site and is open to all single parents – mums, dads and even part-time parents. For more information go to


Party Plan 1

Party Plan 2 Entry, Skate Hire, Invitations Chips & Lollies, Hot Dogs, Hot Chips, Bottomless Drink, Slushy, Birthday Song, Tea & Coffee for Mum & Dad

$16/person $1 extra during night sessions

Entry, Skate Hire, Invitations Chips & Lollies on table Birthday Song, Tea & Coffee for Mum & Dad

$13/person $1 extra during night sessions

Party Plan 3

daddy diary 15

Entry, Skate Hire, Invitations Chips & Lollies, Mini Meat Pies Chicken Nuggets, Bottomless Drink, Slushy, Birthday Song, Party Bag, Tea & Coffee for Mum & Dad

Potts, one half of the Sea FM morning crew, continues his chronicles of first time fatherhood

• All parties must be booked in $19/person and numbers confirmed 24 hours $1 extra during night sessions prior to your event. • A non-refundable deposit of $50 must be paid on booking. • Minimum number of party guests is 10. • Parents or siblings of party guests wishing to skate must pay session prices.

Well, what a hectic month it’s been. We’ve had kids taking over the radio, a black tie ball, spinathon, cheeseburger day, a

44 Behan Street, Manunda PHONE 4053 5353

preview screening of Toy Story 3 in 3D and the always popular Teddy Bears Picnic. Everyone loves a good excuse to get their favourite teddy bear’s out. I remember mine was a black bear

Celebrate your special occasion with an ICeCream Cake. Starting from only $39.95

f f O $e5Cream Cake iC


with a white spot on his stomach. I think his name was teddy and he had the obligatory hole in his side where the stuffing was coming out, but he did give good hugs. All the money raised during our Give Me 5 for Kids campaign in June stays local and is donated to the Cairns Base Hospital. Last year we raised $55,000 and your donations enabled the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) to buy a Giraffe Omni Bed, a top of the range humidity crib for babies. I remember being in the SCBU on the day Noah was born as he came into the world via an emergency caesarean section. It’s an emotional place to be when you see all the babies making a difficult start to their lives. This year’s target was $60,000. The money is still being counted but we’re confident we made it. We must say a big thank you

field h t i m S

to Cazaly’s who kick-started the fund with an amazing $15,000 donation. So whether you’ve volunteered, bought something to eat or drink at one of our events or simply just made a donation, we say a massive thank you for your support and so do the kids at the hospital.

*mention Pakmag and you can buy 1 get 1 free iCe Cream and or get $5 Off any iCe Cream Cake only in July so book your Cake now!!!

A T T H E F L I C K S E DedAinT! E! SAVe neExtTevH ent is lock Th

ine Heigl star er th Ka d an r he tc Ku n to sh A ng it to you in Killers* and we’re bringi 6.45pm. exclusively on July 21 at

online booking fee) Tickets are $20 (including sive Chicks At The clu ex an e iv ce re so al ll u’ and yo rly goodies! Flicks gift bag filled with gi r what promises to fo er th ge to s nd rie rlf gi ur Rally yo s! be a fun night at the movie Tickets on sale July 1. l Cinemas only *Screening at Cairns Centra

R O u .a m o .c s k ic fl e h tt a s Visit chick ks ic fl e h tt a s k ic h c / m o .c k faceboo CHICKS AT THE FLICKS is brought to you by:

only avaIlable at Wendy’S Smithfield ShOpping Centre Store

Shop 105, Smithfield Shopping Centre 4038 1341 54


Time for a break jokes

“The difference between men and women”

When the bill arrives, Mark, Chris, Eric and Tom

If Laurie, Linda, Elizabeth and Barbara go out

will each throw in $10, even though it’s only for

for lunch, they will call each other Laurie, Linda,

$32.50. None of them will have anything smaller

Elizabeth and Barbara.

and none will actually admit they want change

If Mark, Chris, Eric and Tom go out, they will

Eating out

When the girls get their bill, out come the pocket

Godzilla, Peanut-Head and Scrappy.


Mini Crossword HOLIDAY FUN AT STOCKLAND CAIRNS Free Jewellery & Keychain Workshop Centre Court daily. These school holidays kids can get creative with decorative beads and leather to create a unique piece of jewellery or keychain.

0 1 0 2 J u ly

21 -2 3 sT


w o h S l a n o i g e R .1 Australia’s No


affectionately refer to each other as Fat Boy,

w o h s s Cairn



(1) Offer (2) Poem (3) Brew (4) Replay (5) Garment (6) Impulse (7) Look searchingly (13) Latin-American dance (14) Transcript (15) Long-eared mammal (16) Golf club (19) Tree (20) Litigate (21) Decimal base

(1) Male hog (5) Small drinking container (8) Not working (9) Metal-bearing mineral (10) Cervid (11) Historic period (12) Speak (14) High quality porcelain (17) Paddle (18) Cosy or secluded retreat (22) Argument for (23) Adhesive (24) Japanese currency (25) Portent

w o h S l a n o i g e R .1 o N Australia’s


Buy early and save!!!

When does the Free Jewellery and Keychain workshop take place at Stockland Cairns? Hint: Answer is on the full page advert in this magazine.

from 7-20 July at Raintrees Shopping Centre

Good luck!

Email or post your answers to us: or PO BOX 7433 Cairns 4870. Don’t forget to include details. Entries close 16th July 2010

“Just the best day ever” 56 537 Mulgrave Road, Earlville Tel: 4054 3066 Fax: 4054 7340

Daisy Jones - Age 9 - Cairns North

For more information on events, or to be involved ContaCt: 4042 6699 or log on at 2010


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