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Families Surviving step families


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Why it makes you better


Au pairs: a growing trend Education:help to acheive Yummy tummy’s after kids





welcome note Hi and welcome to our February edition. Now that the new school year has started and the kids are settling in I hope some of you are managing to squeeze in some well deserved ‘mummy me-time’.


pakmag : for parents of beans to teens

This time last year we were all preparing for what turned out to be one of the scariest experiences we



have ever had when Yasi knocked on our doors. I know I will never be

02 What’s New

23 Kid’s MiniMag

complacent about cyclones again

05 Show & tell

24 Colour it in & win

and I hope you have all done the same and prepared yourselves so

06 Step Families

your families will be well taken care

09 Helping hand

of over the next few months.

11 Catholic Education

Happy reading and make sure you tell everyone you read it in PakMag.



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what’s new february

what’s new february

Movie Releases

Elmo’s coming!

Laughalot ball

Elmo’s world tour is coming to the region in

Any Questions For Ben

April with a show at the Burdekin Theatre,

The crowning of King Laughalot masquerade ball will take place at the Rydges Southbank on Saturday 3 March. Tickets cost $130 and

Starring: Josh Lawson, Rachael Taylor

Ayr on 3 April followed by the Townsville

Go figure!

Civic Theatre on 4 April (the shows run 10am-11.20am each day). Abby Cadabby, Big

can be bought online at www.campquality.

Bird, Grover, Zoe, Cookie Monster and Elmo All monies raised go to

The Perc Tucker Regional Gallery’s new Xstrata

• Body Imprint

Camp Quality to help children living with

11am–1pm Sunday 4 March 2012

use the letters of the alphabet to navigate

Belly art

Kids and Teens Exhibition, Go Figure!, will be

cancer. For more information call 4723 2250.

showing from 3 Feb-8 Apr.

Combine drawing and printing techniques

a voyage that sees the gang visiting China,

to create images of human forms.

Zambia, France, India and Australia!

seminar at his old high school, he starts to realise that

Townsville Angel Faces has painted

children and centres on ten stunning life-size

• Techno-Human

Go to the Mini-Mag to find out how your

maybe his life isn’t as awesome as he thought it was.

thousands of little faces and now they’re

Help with $$$’s

sculptures. Kids are encouraged to explore

11am–1pm Sunday 18 March 2012

school, kindy or daycare centre can WIN a

concepts of characters, self, identity, and the

Using recycled materials, make a hybrid

visit from the Cookie Monster.

Saver Plus, Australia’s largest matched

human figure through the various activities

character that is part machine and part

savings program, has re-opened recruitment

and artworks.


A number of free weekend drop-in art

• Figure It Out

workshops will also be offered as follows:

11am–1pm Sunday 1 April 2012

In Cinemas: February 9 Babes In Arms Session: February 15 After playboy, Ben (Josh Lawson), is invited to speak at a careers

using pregnant bellies as a canvas for their

The Vow

artworks. You can choose your own design

Starring: Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum, Sam Neil

on your beautiful artwork, ready to be

In Cinemas: February 9 Babes In Arms Session: February 22

and as owner Leta says, “I’ll paint my artwork photographed and remembered”. Bookings are best in the last five weeks of pregnancy. For more info call Leta on 0402 788 950.

A romantic drama based on the remarkable true story of a man (Channing Tatum, Dear John) who works on re-

Family flicks

This Means War Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Tom Hardy, Chris Pine

in Townsville and The Smith Family is looking for new participants. According to Nikki Storey from the Smith Family “Participants

Boxed Play have started their new messy

11am–1pm Sunday 5 February 2012

For further information and to book

play sessions on Tuesday mornings

Celebrate the Go Figure! exhibition with

guided tours for groups, please contact

(10.30am) at the Child Health &

fun art activities.

Angela Cheung on 4727 9647 or email

Development Centre (Heatley) for kids aged

2-5 yrs. The 45 min sessions include songs,

• Family Open Day

have used their matched savings to help pay for laptops, school uniforms and sports fees.” Saver Plus assists people on lower incomes

• Clay Characters

develop a savings habit. So far the program

11am–1pm Sunday 19 February 2012

This month’s $6 Sunday Family Flicks at

has helped 11,000 Australians by matching

Create 3D figures from clay.

Event Cinemas (10.30am) are:

their personal savings dollar for dollar (up to

5 Feb – Dolphin Tale

$500), to help pay for educational costs for

12 Feb – Puss in Boots

themselves or their children.

19 Feb – Happy Feet 2

For info call Nikki on 4728 6786 or email

26 Feb – The Adventures of Tin Tin

Cable ski

Next PakClub: 19 Feb

The new cable ski park at Townsville’s Barra

Our next PakClub will be a Paparazzi party

Fishing is now open for older kids who want

so come dressed as your favourite celebs.

to try wakeboarding and wakeskating. You

1-3pm at Willows Foodcourt. There will be

need to be a minimum of 10 yrs and 35kg to

goody bags for the first 100 kids who arrive

take part. Call 4789 3093 for more info.

and prizes for the best dressed.

Messy play

Make a moving puppet.

in Townsville have saved over $18,000 and

to strengthen their financial skills and

winning the heart of his wife (Rachel McAdams, The Notebook) after she suffers severe memory loss.

This exhibition is specifically designed for

games and a fun activity. Cost: $10. Call Andrea on 0427 700 609 for more info.

In Cinemas: February 16 Babes In Arms Session: February 29 Two of the world’s top secret agents are best friends who never let anything come between them -- until they inadvertently fall for the same woman.



Show and tell

Book launch! Local author and illustrator Leah

Feiersinger will be signing copies of her new book, Ellie Bellie Finds Her Friends, between 9am-12noon on Saturday 4 February at the Grace Baptist Church Hall.

Got something to share or

Aimed at children aged four and under,

shout about? Email us at

it is a sweet story about friendship with

illustrations inspired by Leah’s garden.

Top 5

Valentine Gift Ideas (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

Chocolates Flowers Jewellery Stuffed toys / animals Gift baskets

PakMag Offers [1] b bath & body products

Treat yourself to some beautiful natural and hand-made products and receive 20% off during Feb & March by entering the code PAKMAG in the store checkout online at

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[3] Blossom Hair & Beauty Half price cut, colour and beauty packages for PakMag readers during February (short hair $87.50, long hair $115).


Call 4775 1117.

My Business Elle Roberts is mum to a two year old and the owner of Buy Hand. Becoming a single mum two years ago turned my entire life plan on its head. Suddenly my priorities changed and my focus was on being the best mum I could rather than pursuing a highflying business career. I started Monkey and Me, a homebased business selling handmade goodies for kids after having my son. I had discovered a passion for sewing, quilting and other crafts and focused my business on making cool, comfy handmade clothes for children. My experiences soon made me realise how difficult it was to access the marketplace so I started Buy Hand shortly afterwards as a way for creative people to sell their wares. I opened a retail space last July. As a single mum and business owner my biggest challenges are time and money. My strong belief in this

business has lead me to cut back on certain luxuries so that I can afford to run my business – I can’t remember the last time I bought myself clothes or had a haircut. I am fascinated by small business and have been studying a business degree, part time, for 8 years. Starting my own business though has enabled me to discover the ‘real’ business world. Becoming a business owner requires both detailed planning and ‘throwing caution to the wind’. It might sound like a contradiction but you need to be well prepared but also ready to just jump in and do it when you realise it may never be perfect. Thanks to Peace Mitchell, CEO of Connect2mums, a community designed to support and celebrate mums, in particular ‘mumpreneurs.



Step Families

Modern families Story thanks to Amanda Cranston

In 2010 stepfamilies outnumbered first families in Britain and America, with one in every three people being a ‘step’ of some kind whether that be a step-parent, step-brother, step-sister or step-child. One of Australia’s highest profile psychologists and author of new book Surviving Step Families, Michael Carr-Gregg, says that by 2020 Australia will reach a parity with America and Britain.

Michael says the simplest definition of a step

tricky and unfortunately there is no one-size-fits-

children struggle with conflicting loyalties for

family is one where either one or both members

all rule.

both their biological parents, and parents need

of the married couple have pre-existing children who live with them, and he defines a blended family as one in which the husband and/or wife’s children plus their combined children live together. He explains that when it comes to step families we often tend to think of the Brady Bunch and the harmonious way their families blended. “I call this the Brady Delusion as it lulls many unsuspecting would-be couples who decide to embark on this endeavour into thinking it is a lot easier than it looks,” Michael says. “This book was actually born out of my own stuff ups because I too am a stepfather and even with all my qualifications I made all the mistakes. I tried to be an instant dad and a disciplinarian and it didn’t work.” Michael says the first two years are always the hardest as everyone is adjusting to their place within the family, and his advice is that couples should put their relationship first so they are united and strong. He also suggests leaving the discipline to the biological parent and the step parent supporting and backing up that parent and only stepping in when the biological parent is not present. He says step parenting can be very


Michael points out that many step mothers also have to contend with the negative evil step mother stereotype that we all read about while growing up. Stories like Cinderella, Snow White and Hansel and Gretel all had evil step mothers. “Anyone familiar with fairytales knows that stepmothers are depicted as wicked, cruel and uncaring. They steal the father’s attention from the children or are so jealous

to sit down with their children and make them understand that just because they don’t love each other anymore, they still love their children and make them understand that the break-up had nothing to do with them. Many children also harbour fantasies that their parents will get back together and parents need to be upfront and let their children know this isn’t going to happen so everyone involved can move on.

of their stepchildren’s beauty that they banish

Michael says things can get difficult when

them,” he says. “In order to thrive, stepfamilies

biological parents have a hostile relationship,

need to acknowledge and challenge these

communication has broken down and children

deeply entrenched and astoundingly common

are stuck in the middle, but both parents need


to put their children’s needs first and remember

Michael suggests couples move into a new home together that is physically neutral territory and a fresh start for both of them. He says parents also need to be patient and give all the children in the family dynamics time to adjust

that kids generally cope better when they have easy access to both parents. Parents also need to be aware that undermining the other parent or bad-mouthing them to their children only ends up hurting the children in the long run.

and to make sure each child has a space of their

For anyone wanting to read more about the

own within each biological parent’s home. “Kids

dynamics of step-families, pick up a copy of

need their own space in each house whether it

Michael Carr-Gregg’s new book or log on to

is their own cupboard or their own room, as it . Surviving Step

gives them a sense that someone cares about

Families, Penguin Books, Rrp $19.95

them,” Michael says. He explains that many



School Issues Story thanks to Jutta Dempsey

helping hand You know your child can do better in school so what do you do when they underachieve? It doesn’t make sense; you know you have a bright, inquisitive and intelligent child. They may

[3] Emotional:

devour Harry Potter books within a week and

Children with an emotional handbrake on their

can do puzzles designed for children twice their

ability to learn are perhaps the most difficult to

age, yet every piece of homework they submit

turn around.

comes home covered in red pen. What can you do about it?

verify your suspicions.

by their peer group is much more secure and

labelled ‘underachievement’. The signs usually

important that taking the risk of achieving

begin in the early years but once it starts it’s a

and standing out.


[1] If you think that your child can do better, the

vulnerable to the judgement of others and

their ‘actual ability’ and what they produce it’s

There are several possible reasons for children

What to do first step is to seek a psychometric assessment to

thinks that conforming and being ‘liked’

as they grow older.

and parental expectations.

• A child with a low self-esteem is very

When children have a significant gap between

slippery slope with the effects being cumulative

environment, school culture, sibling achievement

[2] Once you have the data and recommendations in a report, make an appointment with the relevant school personnel and develop a plan to bring your child to their

• A child with high anxiety may have a fear

potential in a supportive and positive learning

of failure so they do anything to stay in their


comfort zone and avoid challenges.

[3] Ensure that pastoral, mentoring or

• A child who has difficulty with interpersonal

counselling support is available to assist your

[1] Learning Disorders:

relationships and emotional control may

child emotionally as they often have difficulties

also underachieve as conflict reduces their

with motivation, socialisation and poor self-

The easiest type of underachiever to assist is the

concentration while they focus upon working


underachiever with a learning disorder (such as

through a relationship that is bothering them.

dyslexia, dysgraphia or ADHD etc).

[2] Gifted and Highly Capable: Very capable (sometimes gifted) children underachieve for a variety of reasons. Most common is boredom in the classroom where lack of challenge and repetitive work makes them zone out and lose interest in learning at school. It is also “not cool” to be smart in many school cultures.

[4] Make sure that relationships within the home

• The child who lacks insight about themselves

are supportive with each other and the school

and the world around them may have limited


or no personal goals and poor organisational and time management skills, which again leads to not fulfilling their potential. Some

[5] Acknowledge your child for their enthusiasm and knowledge rather than school grades.

children from more affluent homes may not

We all want the best for our children and for

see the ‘need’ to strive, so they do not develop

them to achieve their potential but sometimes

the determination and problem solving skills

they just need a bit of a helping hand.

that are imperative in achievers. Other factors that can cause or contribute to

Jutta Dempsey is the principal psychologist at Directions Learning & Behaviour Guidance

underachievement include the family and home




Need help cleaning your world?

kindergarten Kindergarten formally replaces what used to be Pre-Prep. Kindergarten is one of the three objectives outlined in the Queensland Government’s Flying Start for Queensland Children initiative. Children must turn four (4) years old by the 30th of June in the year they wish to start Kindergarten. Kindergarten in Catholic Schools and Early Learning Centres Townsville Catholic Education is now offering families a range of options. Kindergarten is now available at: • St Joseph’s School, The Strand

• Fast Vacuum repairs


• Dust sensitive, Asthma and Allergy Products

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• Full commercial product range

Check out the latest with Catholic Education

Kindergartens in Catholic Schools and Early Learning Centres What is kindergarten?

• Total cleaning solutions

Catholic Education

• St Mary MacKillop Early Learning Centres Kirwan, Mundingburra and Rasmussen

Kindergarten will be offered at the following

education teacher. The education program has

schools in the Diocese of Townsville in 2013.

been developed from the Queensland Studies

• St Clare’s Catholic School, Burdell • St Anthony’s Catholic College, Deeragun (on Junior campus – Veales Road) • Ryan Catholic College, Kirwan (on Junior campus – Golf Links Drive) • St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Mount Isa How is the Catholic Kindergarten program run? The Kindergarten education program offered in

Authority Kindergarten Learning Guideline. It is delivered in a Catholic environment where the spirituality of each child is valued. The Catholic Kindergarten program offers families either two days per week or a five-day fortnight, both equating to 30 hours a fortnight. Enrolments are now invited for all of the kindergartens listed above. Contact Lee-Ann Barton at Townsville Catholic Education 4773 0900 for further enrolment information.

Catholic schools and Early Learning Centres is supported by Townsville Catholic Education. The Catholic Kindergarten program is delivered by a four-year university trained early childhood

Godfreys Domain Superstore - The Vacuum & Cleaning Specialists 143 Duckworth St (next to Coffee Club) • PHONE: 4779 6664 • OPEN 7 DAYS: 8.30am-5.30pm Mon-Fri, 8.30am-4pm Sat, 10am-4pm Sun 10


pakclub fun for parents & kids

paparazzi party

Free monthly Club

• Dress as your favourite celebrity and you could win fantastic prizes! • Loads of prizes, activities, games and fun for the whole family

personal loans

Women & finance Main story thanks to Fiona Mountford

More and more personal loans are being used as a means of debt consolidation and management. For example, if you’ve got an unmanageable

However, if you take out a personal loan to

the major banks. However, when comparing

number of smaller debts and/or you’re just not

repay higher interest rate debt from credit cards

loans don’t just look at the interest rate, also

making progress paying off your credit card

or other smaller loans, it is important that you

check what costs are involved. Many personal

debts, rolling all of your debts into a single

actually use the money from the personal loan

loans have upfront charges and monthly fees

personal loan with only one prepayment to

to pay off your other debts. If you just spend it

which can really bump up the overall cost. Also,

worry about can be a money saver and also help

you’ll fund yourself in to an even worse financial

if you can offer some sort of security for the

to relieve undue financial stresses.


loan, eg. a car, it is possible to get an even lower

The fixed repayments of a personal loan helps

It pays to shop around for personal loans. In

to make them easier to budget for and you also

most cases building societies and credit unions

have a set date when the debt will be paid off by.

will normally beat the interest rates offered by

interest rate.

time to refinance?

• Spin our Good Guys Wheel of Fortune for the chance to WIn prizes worth up to $1000!

FIrSt 100 kIdS get a Free goody bag!!!


Refinancing may be a solution to getting you a

conjunction with any costs you would incur

better overall deal but make sure you do your

by exiting your existing home loan contract.

homework. Tips to consider when thinking about refinancing your home loan:

Over time, our personal and financial situations change. A mortgage you signed up for five years ago may not take into account your circumstances today, and some home loan packages even reduce or completely eliminate discounts as your mortgage balance decreases.

• Consider your long-term needs and work out if refinancing now will impact on any

• Calculate the total cost of switching. Look

changes you anticipate in the future. You

at your loan documents to see if you are

want to make sure any new deal leaves you

obligated to pay any fees or charges under

better off than before you commit.

your existing home loan contract for early termination.

• Ask your Credit Union or Bank for a home loan health check if you think your current

• A lower interest rate might be enticing, but

home loan may no longer be meeting

ask about all the fees and charges involved

your needs.

in taking out a new home loan. View these in

Sun 19 February 1pm-3pm WilloWs shopping Centre

more inFormation visit our facebook page 12



PakHealth feature Story thanks to Kelcey Hala

largest range - best price

good vision Many kids struggle with reading and learning because of undiagnosed vision problems. We need over 15 visual skills to succeed in reading, learning, sports and generally in life and seeing ‘6/6’ is just one of those visual skills. Some common signs that a vision problem may

can’t make it into the store? Shop online at

be interfering with your child’s ability to read and learn are: (Top 5 are the most common) [1] Skips lines, rereads lines


cowboys leagues club

335 Flinders street mall

[2] Poor reading comprehension [3] Takes much longer doing homework than

it should take

[4] Reverses letters like b’s into d’s when


[5] Has a short attention span with reading

and schoolwork

[6] One eye turns in or out while other points

[7] Frequent blinking [8] Red or watery eyes

Any one of these symptoms is a sign of a possible vision problem and since vision problems can have a serious impact on a child’s education, if

[9] Sensitivity to light

your child is showing any of these signs, take

[10] Frequent rubbing of the eyes

them to see a developmental optometrist as

[11] Difficulty concentrating [12] Covering or closing one eye to read [13] Holding a book too close [14] Squinting or sitting very close when

watching television

[15] Complaints of head aches

soon as possible Not all optometrists test for learning–related vision problems, so it is important to ask the right questions before you book an appointment. Ask them: 1) Do you test for learning related vision problems? 2) Do you provide vision therapy when indicated or will you refer me refer me to someone who does.

[16] Complaints of blurred or double vision.

daycare diseases & school sicknesses Daycare and school may be good for socialising your child but all that closeness to other small people inevitably means they also come in to contact with diseases and sicknesses. The bad news is that they may spend a fair

Most of these have the same quarantine

[3] Keep the child at home any time they are

amount of time being kept at home; the


just too sick. A little sniffle is fine and common.

[1] Cover any sore that looks a bit suspicious

As much as is humanly possible try to ensure

– if they are well they can go off happily to day

they get a good nights sleep. Sleep is the most

care or school.

powerful immune booster I know of.

no relationship to foot and mouth disease

[2] Buy a thermometer and keep your child at

Dr Julia Driscoll is a doctor and the author

found in cattle) and some bacterial forms of

home if they have a temperature above 37.5

of “My Story”, an interactive children’s book

diarrhoea, chest infections and worms. The list

because something is brewing and you don’t

to reduce sibling rivalry. For info go to www.

just goes on!

want to infect other children.

good news is their immune systems are being boosted. They may be exposed to various viral illnesses such as strains of gastro, colds to hand foot and mouth (which incidentally bears




Family nutrition Story thanks to Cynthia Xu

fuelling little athletes Active sporty kids tend to have a voracious appetite. It’s common for them to consume most of the contents of their lunchbox within the first break and by the time schools over they’re starving and heading to training on an empty stomach. Adequate food intake not only keeps them happy but is also important for growth and so

• Foods for “complete recovery”

WIN Supplements

they can develop well at their sport. Here are

The next meal after training (usually dinner)

some tips:

should include lean proteins, healthy sources

Thanks to Calanna Pharmacy

of carbohydrates and an adequate intake

we have some Glucosamine

of vegetables. Lean sources of protein are

Supplements ($39.95) to

important to repair the wear and tear of muscle

give away to one lucky

• Food for pre-training fuelling Make sure there is enough in their lunchbox to last for two lunch breaks. Label it so your child knows when the food should be eaten. Include something nutritious but not filling to eat at the end of school just prior to training such as low fat fruit muffins, fruit rolls, muesli bars, crackers with peanut butter, fruit or a small snack pack of dried fruit and nuts.

• Foods for a quick “re-fuel” Immediately after a sports event, training session or other strenuous activity, children must have water to prevent dehydration, carbohydrate to refuel the muscles and protein to help with

tissue that occurs with physical strain. Roasted, skinless chicken, lean roast beef or kangaroo, grilled fish (not fried), yogurt, low-fat cheese, low-fat milk and eggs are all good choices.

reader. Glucosamine supplements are widely used to help ease the symptoms of osteoarthritis, particularly

• Staying hydrated

knee osteoarthritis. Since the

Children tend to be less in tune with their

and repair joint cartilage, taking glucosamine

body temperature and are far less likely to

as a nutritional supplement is thought to help

recognise when they are becoming dehydrated

repair damaged cartilage by augmenting the

so encourage your kids to drink water before,

body’s supply of glucosamine.

body’s natural glucosamine is used to make

during and after sports. If your child finds plain water unappetising, try adding small amounts of juice or diet cordial to flavour the water.

WIN Glucosamine

muscle recovery. Snacks such as cheese with

These are rough guidelines to follow; each child

For your chance to win simply email us

crackers, a small pack of nuts or fruit with a

is different and many factors can affect their


milky drink are enough to prevent nagging

dietary needs so it’s always advised that you

for takeaway food on the way home without

check with an Accredited Practising Dietitian if

spoiling dinner.

your child is training or competing at a high level.


and tell us what other supplement glucosamine is often combined with?


Love is sweet...


Show your Valentine just how sweet you can be, with an edible gift from Sweeter than Sugar


parents in the pantry Peanut Squares

kids in the kitchen Recipe thanks to: Dawn Daveson

• 4 tbsp crunchy peanut paste • 6 tbsp honey • 100g powdered milk

• Kids Decorating Workshops • Edible gifts for the whole family


Kids Mini Quiches

Recipe thanks to: Grace Smith

• 12 wonton wrappers • 1 teaspoon olive oil • 100g rindless bacon, chopped • 100g mushrooms, sliced

• 50g Desiccated Coconut

• 1 tomato, chopped

• 100g Sesame Seeds

• 1 tbsp flat leaf parsley • 2 eggs

• Excellent Coffee • Cake Toppers & Decorating Supplies

• 1/2 cup milk

• Unique custom made cakes that taste as good as they look

• 1/4 cup grated cheese 169 CharTErS ToWErS roaD (opposite Mitre 10) • PhonE 0401 346 952 • VISIT

Level 1, 131 Denham St, Townsville QLD 4810 | T: 4722 0220


Follow us on facebook for more information

Put honey and peanut paste into a saucepan. Heat slowly, stirring to

What not to wear? Or what to wear? We can ansWer your question!

mix. (Can also be done in microwave.)When mixture is smooth, add the powdered milk, coconut and sesame seeds. Mix well and turn off heat. Turn the mixture into a tray, let it cool and refrigerate. When set, cut into squares. Best kept in refrigerator.

Method Preheat oven to 180°C. Grease two 6-hole muffin pans. Place a wonton wrapper in each hole. Press down firmly to line base and sides. Heat oil in a non-stick frying pan over medium to high heat. Add bacon and mushrooms. Cook, for 5-7 mins or until bacon is crisp and mushrooms tender. Set aside to cool. Add tomato and parsley to bacon mixture. Whisk eggs and milk together in a jug. Divide bacon mixture between muffin holes. Pour over egg mixture. Sprinkle with cheese. Bake for 20 mins or until egg is set. Cool in pan for 3-4 mins.

WIN a good guys prize!

WIN a good guys prize!

Send in a recipe to for your chance to win! Entries close: 18/02/2012

Send in a recipe to for your chance to win! Entries close: 18/02/2012

a new web-based program, My Private stylist, is transforming lives and wardrobes everywhere. stylist and image consultant Gerlinda aras said the program makes fashion recommendations for women, based upon their personal measurements. “the program tells you what clothing you should wear for your body shape, age and measurements. no matter if you require clothing for business or pleasure, My Private stylist makes recommendations for your clothing, hairstyle, shoes, eyewear and accessories,” Ms aras said. “ To find out more about the My Private stylist program, go to website



pink = family


Event Cinemas 5Feb showing ‘DolphinTale’


Papparazzi Party at 1pm 19 February

For info:




green = kids

For more info:




what’s on feb

blue = adults

Basketball Crocs Vs 36ers

5February @ 6.3Opm For more information:




Perc Tucker Regional Gallery

Tour De Force: in case of emergency break glass

10:00 AM


Townsville Table tennis

Senior competition commenced

7:00 PM

4771 5911


Event Cinemas

Babes In Arms - The Descendants (M)

10:00 AM



50-52 Patrick Street Aitkenvale

The Women's Centre - Playgroup

9:30 AM



Child Health and Develoopment Centre

Messy Play - Boxed Play Unpacked

10:30 AM


Townsville Civic Theatre

Avenue Q

8:00 PM

4727 9797


Edison Street

Wulguru Soccer junior Sign On & training Days

3:00 PM

0415 305 705


50-52 Patrick Street Aitkenvale

The Women's Centre - Balancing Life

10:00 AM


Perc Tucker Regional Gallery

Go Figure! the Xstrata Kids and Teens Exhibition

10:00 AM


8:00 PM

4727 9797




Townsville Civic Theatre

Avenue Q


Perc Tucker Regional Gallery

Go figure: Xstrata Children's Exhibition


Pinnacles Gallery



Townsville Table tennis

Junior competition commenced

9:00 AM

4771 5911




2:00 PM


Townsville Civic Theatre

Avenue Q

8:00 PM

4727 9797





Western Suburbs Tennis club

Free Family Come and Try Tennis

3:00 PM

4779 9217



Townsville PCYC

Active Family Expo

10:00 AM

4781 9100



Event Cinemas

Sunday Family Flicks - Dolphin Tale

10:00 AM



Western Suburbs Tennis club

Free Family Come and Try Tennis

3:00 PM

4779 9217





8:00 AM

0422 100 727


Lot 190 Murray Lyons Crescent

Highlanders Netball Club Inc., Sign-On Days

9:00 AM

0414 870 727


Murray Lyons Drive


9:00 AM

4778 4794


James Cook University

Brothers Hockey Family Fun Day/Meet and Greet

2:00 PM

4778 4810


Entertainment Centre

Townsville Crocs Vs Adelaide 36ers

6:30 PM





pink = family


green = kids


blue = adults



Aitkenvale Primary School Hall

Tai Chi for Beginners

7:15 PM



PCYC Wellington Street

Tiny Tappers Dance Group

3:30 PM

0409 893 743


Aitkenvale Primary School hall

Taoist Tai Chi Association*2012 New beginners classes

7:15 PM

0434 002 721


Heatley Hall

Townsville & District Multiple Birth Assoc - Coffee mornings

9:30 AM

0412 085 933


Townsville Civic Theatre

Morning Melodies - The Super Supremes

11:00 AM

4727 9797


Mt Louisa House of Praise,

Australian Breastfeeding Association - Breastfeeding for Longer

9:30 AM


Event Cinemas

Babes In Arms -Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows (M

10:00 AM





Event Cinemas

Chicks at the Flicks - The Vow

7:00 AM



Townsville Civic Theatre

Morning Melodies - The Super Supremes

11:00 AM

4727 9797



Aitkenvale Primary School Hall

Tai Chi for Beginners

7:15 PM



0434 002 721


Aitkenvale Primary School hall

Taoist Tai Chi Association*2012 New beginners classes

7:15 PM


50-52 Patrick Street Aitkenvale

The Women's Centre - Playgroup

9:30 AM


PCYC Wellington Street

Taoist Tai Chi Association*2012 New beginners classes

9:30 AM

0434 002 721


50-52 Patrick Street Aitkenvale


The Women's Centre - Balancing Life

10:00 AM

10/02/12 Mt. Louisa House of Praise

Mothers of Preschoolers - MOPS

9:30 AM

0411 056 483


10/02/12 Strand Park

3RAR Welcome to Townsville Parade

10:00 AM


10/02/12 RSL Stadium

Defence Welcome to Townsville Expo

4:00 PM

4753 6539


11/02/12 Cowboys Leagues Club

Don't lock up your Grannys

5:30 PM

4724 5888


11/02/12 Townsville Table tennis

International celebrity event

9:00 AM

4771 5911

11/02/12 Choi Kwang Do Martial Arts Centre

Black Belt Exam

9:30 AM

4773 9794


11/02/12 RSL Stadium

Defence Welcome to Townsville Expo

10:00 AM

4753 6539


11/02/12 96 15th Street Home Hill

Village Kids Home Hill Fun Day

9:00 AM

4752 4000

12/02/12 Townsville Table tennis

International Tournament

9:00 AM

4771 5911

12/02/12 Townsville PCYC

North Queensland Jazz Club Opening Night

5:30 PM

Marie Gibson 0413 456 542

Cost Cost

12/02/12 Event Cinemas

Sunday Family Flicks - Puss in Boots

10:00 AM

12/02/12 Early Years Information Service,

Breastfeeding Education Class - prepare to succeed!

10:00 AM

12/02/12 Aitkenvale PCYC

North Queensland Warriors Cheerleading Tryouts

10:00 AM

0428 896 922

12/02/12 Townsville RSL Stadium

Northern Monsoons Volleyball Club Sign-on

10:00 AM

0401 860 757

12/02/12 Ross River Road

Townsville and Thuringowa Country music Funday

2:00 PM

4725 4756

13/02/12 PCYC Wellington Street

Tiny Tappers Dance Group

3:30 PM

0409 893 743

14/02/12 Cowboys Leagues Club

Valentines Day

5:30 PM

4724 5888


what’s on feb




2 1 0 2 y r a u r Feb ld win! u o c u o y & Colour it in ds! r o w n e d d i Find the h es! r u t c i p & s d r Match the wo


burdekin theatre apr Tsv Civic Theatre apr il 3 il 4


Colour-it-in & win

mini mag prize page


Join Elmo and the Sesame Street gang as they Tour Australia in this musical stage show!

S es 0 12 Š 2



To enter this great competition just colour-it-in and mail to:


PAKMAG, Colour-it-in February 2012


PO Box 761, Hyde Park QLD 4812


and you could WIN a mystery prize!


Closing Date: 18 February 2011





rks Wo



Competitions close: 18 February 2012

Word scramble

Dot to dot

Unscramble these words and you could win!!!

Join the dots, name the item & win a great prize!

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_ _ _ _ _

[6] ltypnae

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

[7] der drca

_ _ _

[8] nhsi sdap

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_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Simply email us the words at the end and you could win a prize! Send to:

Simply email us the words at the end and you could win a prize! Send to:

Word search

Match the words & pictures

Find all of the words and when complete circle the remaining letters left to right, top to bottom to learn an interesting Soccer fact and you could win a prize!!!

WORDS Cleats Corner Kick Dribble Field FIFA Football Goalie Hand Ball Head Kicking Ninety Minutes Olympic Event Pass Penalty Kick Red Card Referree Running Shin Pads World Cup Yellow Card

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Match the word with the right picture and win!!! Rugby League Tennis Hockey Soccer Swimming Cricket

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WIN a visit from the Cookie Monster!

what’s on feb DATE

Send us your favourite cookie recipe, and we will pick the top three. The judges will then pick their favourite cookie and your child will win the Cookie Monster to visit their daycare or school! There will be one winner in Ayr and one winner in Townsville. Enter your recipe by 7 Feb to

You could have the Cookie Monster visit your school or daycare!



pink = family


green = kids


blue = adults


14/02/12 Rowes Bay Memorial

National Serviceman’s Day

9:00 AM

14/02/12 Lollipops Playland

Townsville & District Multiple Birth Assoc -Coffee mornings

9:30 AM

0412 085 933.


15/02/12 Event Cinemas

Babes In Arms -Any Questions For Ben (CTC)

10:00 AM


15/02/12 North Townsville Community Hub

Centacare Workshop - Self Esteem

12:30 PM

4772 9000


15/02/12 50-52 Patrick Street Aitkenvale

The Women's Centre - Playgroup

9:30 AM


16/02/12 50-52 Patrick Street Aitkenvale

The Women's Centre - Balancing Life

10:00 AM

17/02/12 Entertainment Centre

Townsville Crocs Vs Cairns Taipans

7:03 PM

18/02/12 Cowboys Leagues Club

Major promotion - 21 Reasons to Smile

6:00 PM

4724 5888

18/02/12 Choi Kwang Do Martial Arts Centre

Open House - Come and try day

9:30 AM

4773 9794


19/02/12 Willows Shopping Centre

PakClub - Paparazzi Party

1:00 PM



19/02/12 Riverway Arts Centre

Wedding Ideas Expo

11:00 AM

4751 9367


19/02/12 Event Cinemas

Sunday Family Flicks - Happy Feet 2

10:00 AM


19/02/12 Behind the Kirwan High School Grounds

Ross River Athletics Sign-on

2:00 PM

0458 796388

20/02/12 PCYC Wellington Street

Tiny Tappers Dance Group

3:30 PM

0409 893 743

21/02/12 Heatley Hall

Townsville & District Multiple Birth Assoc - Coffee mornings

9:30 AM

0412 085 933.

21/02/12 Good Shepherd Community Centre

Centacare Workshop - Self Esteem

12:00 PM

4772 9000

21/02/12 Mt Louisa House of Praise

Australian Breastfeeding Association - Chat and Play Mornings

9:30 AM

22/02/12 Event Cinemas

Babes In Arms -The Vow (PG)

10:00 AM


22/02/12 50-52 Patrick Street Aitkenvale

The Women's Centre - Playgroup

9:30 AM


23/02/12 50-52 Patrick Street Aitkenvale

The Women's Centre - Balancing Life

10:00 AM

24/02/12 Mt. Louisa House of Praise

Mothers of Preschoolers - MOPS

9:30 AM

0411 056 483

25/02/12 Rhonda's Final Touch

Full-Figured Model Workshop

25/02/12 Townsville Table tennis

Interschool team tournament

9:00 AM

4771 5911

26/02/12 Strand Park

Capoeira Roda and Demonstration

4:00 PM Free



26/02/12 Event Cinemas

Sunday Family Flicks - The Adventures of Tin Tin

10:00 AM

26/02/12 Corner of Sturt & Stokes St

PANTS Performance Arts Network

10:00 AM

26/02/12 Lou Lister Park Boundary St

Model Trains

10:00 AM

27/02/12 PCYC Wellington Street

Tiny Tappers Dance Group

3:30 PM

0409 893 743

28/02/12 Riverway

Townsville & District Multiple Birth Assoc - Teddy bears Picnic

9:30 AM

0412 085 933.


29/02/12 Event Cinemas

Babes In Arms -This Means War (CTC)

10:00 AM


29/02/12 50-52 Patrick Street Aitkenvale

The Women's Centre - Playgroup

9:30 AM



what’s on feb

pink = family

green = kids

blue = adults

regular weekly events Riverways Lagoon

Period - closed Sunday 25 December.

Townsville Mini Golf Fun Park For info 4771 3999

Friday 31 December Monday to Sunday – 9am to 9pm

Facilities: 4 pools with plenty of shade, 50m, eight lane pool,

Opening Hours:

For more info visit:

beach pool with play features fenced toddler pool, kiosk with

Friday 5pm - 9pm • Saturday 9am - 9pm

swimming merchandise and food and beverage, change

Sunday 9am - 5pm • Monday - Thursday Closed OR by

rooms with toilets and showers (disability access), BBQ and

Appointment for groups of 10 or more

Fri 10 Dec to Wed 26 Jan (excluding Fri 31 Dec)

Strand Water Park & Rock Pool The Rock Pool and Water Park are free swimming and water play venues located on The Strand. The Rock Pool is located at the Kissing Point end of The Strand, while the Water Park is located adjacent to Tobruk Pool. Rock Pool: The Rockpool is closed every Thursday for cleaning and maintenance. Water Park: The Water Park is closed every Tuesday and Wednesday for cleaning and maintenance (except it

Northern Beaches Leisure Centre Christmas Closure

picnic tables, grassy recreation area, plenty of on-site parking

Townsville Strand For info 4727 9000 The Townsville Strand has played large a part of Townsville’s history since the city was founded. Today, the Strand is a beautifully landscaped waterfront parkland that has been tastefully designed with a unique mixture of hotel accommodation, apartments, boutique retail shops and some

ADULTS - $12 ea • CHILDREN (12 & under) - $8 ea STUDENTS (High School, Uni) - $10 ea Unlimited Mini Golf - Play as many times as you like on our 18 hole course

Willows on Wheels Roller Skating OUR NEW LOOK FRIDAY NIGHT SESSION EVERY FRIDAY 6.30pm to 11.30pm

is open daily on Queensland Public Holidays, and during

of Townsville’s finest restaurants and bars.

Skating - 6.30pm to 9.30pm

Queensland and New South Wales State School Holidays).

For visitors, the Strand is a great spot to get out an see the

Skating only - must leave the building at 9.30pm

very best of Townsville and the region. The Strand is withing

Dancing only - no entry before 9pm

walking distance of the Townsville CBD and is surrounded

ADMISSION: Skating - $10 > Dancing - $10 > Both - $15

by lush gardens, swimming and wading pools, Townsville

> Skate/Blade Hire - $3

Beach and many old historical buildings dating back to early

Hosted by: DJ SLIM

Operating hours: 10am to 6pm April & May, 10am to 5pm June to August, 10am to 6pm September to November; and 10am to 8pm December to March. Lifeguard: A lifeguard is provided during weekends, Queensland Public Holidays and Queensland and New South Wales State School Holidays. BEACHES: Stinger Resistant Enclosure Nets are currently operating. Operating hours: Currently open and patrolled by Surf Life Saving Queensland from 10am to 6pm until end Queensland State School Easter holidays; then 9am to 5pm until 30 November. Stinger Resistant Enclosures are currently installed from November until May, pending drags by Surf Life Saving Queensland.

Northern Beaches Leisure Centre 10 December 2011 - 22nd January 2012 Monday to Friday 6am-7pm Saturday 9am-6pm

colonisation. On the fourth Friday of each month, the Strand Park hosts the Nightmarkets, which is a very popular festivity among the local residents. Other events include the annual Townsville City Council Run Christmas events, Carols by Candlelight and Stable on the Strand, as well as a fireworks display and gathering on New Year’s Eve. The Townsville Strand is perfect

Dancing - 9.30pm to 11.30pm

LET’S CELEBRATE THAT BIRTHDAY OR SPECIAL OCCASION WITH A ROLLER SKATING PARTY!!! Booking Enquiries: For all Party and Function Bookings, please contact Willows on Wheels Phone: (07) 4723 0936 Email: Functions & Group Bookings Willows on Wheels is

for your next wedding, function or conference.

the perfect location for a function, such as birthday party,

Features: • Ocean Way Pavement • Rockpool • BBQ areas

company function, social club outing or networking session.

• Lifesaving Club • Strand Park • Waterpark

It is a licensed venue with barbeque facilities or a choice of

• Tobruk Memorial Pool • 9 metre high ‘Space Net’ on the beach fronting Strand Park

food platters. Contact the Centre Manager for a quote.

Sunday 9am-5pm

regular markets COTTERS MARKETS 8.30am-1pm every Sun at Flinders Mall STRAND NIGHT MARKETS 5-9pm 1st Fri of the month (May-Dec) at Strand Park SHOWGROUND MARKETS 6.30am-1pm every Sun at Townsville Showgrounds WILLOWS MARKETS 8am-12.30pm every Sun at Willows Shopping Centre SUNDAY MARKETS – CASTLE HILL PCYC


BALGAL BEACH MARKET 3.30pm-7pm 1st Sat of the month Fisherman’s Landing Café

CHARTERS TOWERS STOCK EXCHANGE MARKETS 8am-12.00 noon 1st & 3rd Sun every month on Mosman Street

MOUNT VIEW PLAZA MARKETS 8am-2pm every Saturday

CHARTERS TOWERS SHOWGROUND MARKETS 7.30am-11.30am 2nd Sun every month

THURINGOWA COMMUNITY MARKETS 8am-1pm 1st Sunday of each month

INGHAM MARKETS 3rd Sun every month at Rotary Park

HORSESHOE BAY MARKETS (MAGGIE ISLAND) 9.30am-1.30pm last Sun of every month at Horseshoe Bay Foreshore

AYR MARKETS 8.30am-12.00 noon 1st & 3rd Sun every month at Plantation Park



Childcare Help Story thanks to Elaine Seager

au pairs: a growing trend More and more families in NQ are hosting au pairs in their homes and they are proving to be an invaluable help for parents, but what exactly are they? Au Pairs are a European concept whereby young

the household duties including looking after the

helpful when a child is ill and it coincides with an

people (usually late teens to mid-twenties) live

kids, doing school drop-offs and pickups and

important work appointment” she says.

with a host family in a foreign country so they

help with light housekeeping tasks. This is done

can immerse themselves in a different culture

in exchange for accommodation, meals and a

and learn the language. Typically they get paid a

small amount of pocket money, which varies but

small allowance for helping out with household

is usually around $150 to $230 per week.

duties including looking after children.

creating a guide which is available at her website www.hireanaupaircom. Natasha says “asking the right questions, giving accurate, concise and

At a time when many families no longer live near

in her family home for a number of years with

detailed information and giving early feedback

extended family and where one parent works

varying degrees of success, all sourced by online

is crucial since it helps to establish expectations”.

in mining or defence jobs, having an extra body

agencies. She has hosted au pairs from Denmark,

Her tips are a useful first step for anyone

in the house makes popping down to the shop

Germany, Austria, Canada and USA.

interested in engaging an au pair, or finding out

childcare arrangements much less of a headache for shift workers or parents who do casual work. And, the icing on the cake is that having an au pair saves an awful lot of money in childcare fees if you have multiple children under school age.

other local families find compatible au pairs by

Local NQ mum Natasha Brown has had au pairs

for some milk a whole lot easier. It also makes


Natasha is now using her experience to help

Natasha says that her au pairs have formed wonderful relationships with her children and become part of the family during their stay. “My husband is frequently away and I also need to travel sometimes with my own work, so knowing

if hosting one might be a suitable option to meet their needs. It includes information on the pros and cons, factors to consider and how to source an au pair. For more info go to

that someone is at home with the kids who I trust

International au pairs live in your home as part

and who they know almost as a member of the

of your family and as such they share some of

family, has brought such peace of mind. It is also



pakbaby eat & bloom

3 of the best

baby feeding products

Eating well during pregnancy is important for both you and your baby. Joanne Turner, an award-winning accredited practicing dietitian and contributor


on Sunrise and The Morning Show has created this beautiful

maternity clothing

new cookbook with lots of healthy recipes

by Nikki D

to make sure you’re getting a variety of

Proper maternity tops should hang down

or to make do with oversized clothing during

about 10cm lower at the front.

pregnancy is a matter of personal choice. Like many people during their first pregnancy

WIN this book!!!

• Comfortable fabric Natural fibres such as cotton and bamboo are

and my husband’s clothes and I ended up

good for sensitive pregnant skin. Fitted tops

spending nine months feeling fat, frumpy and

require a small amount of spandex added for

uncomfortable. For my next pregnancies I decided to invest consequently enjoyed my changing body so much more. Here are some tips about what to look for to keep looking radiant: • Tops with extra room Gathered side seems allow extra fabric for and tell us two vitamins or minerals that

Starting solids, like so many decisions

with day-by-day ideas that progress to meal

in parenting, can be a total minefield of

plans. Written by a mother of two and leading

stretch and ease of movement.

contradictory advice but a new book that has

childhood nutritionist, Leanne Cooper, this

• Specially designed bottom halves

just been released makes introducing foods

book is a great resource for parents with

to your baby a breeze.

infants. It covers when to start solids and with

Specially designed pants, skirts and jeans can accommodate your bump in comfort and style. Also, check out the Belly Belt that clips onto your ‘normal’ jeans but make sure that your top is long enough so that no-one can tell you are wearing it.

your growing bump and reduce itchiness as

Nikki is the creator of Bubs n Bumps

your skin stretches.

maternity tops. For more information go to

• Tops with extra length at the bottom

pregnant women need extra quantities of?

home-cooked best Introducing solids in the form of homecooked fruit and vegetables rather than jars results in babies being less fussy eaters as the view that exposing their palate to more

fully comprehensive step-by-step guide

A great way for babies to enjoy the taste of whole foods without choking

other great tips on food safety, food rejection, food additives and introducing protein. There’s also lots of yummy recipes.


WIN this book!!!

likelihood of them accepting different foods

For your chance to win a copy of the book What Do I Feed My Baby? simply email us at and tell us why you should win this book?


VEday SAver y

Aitkenvale - 290 Ross River Road PHONE: 4725 5244 Kirwan - 36 Thuringowa Drive PHONE: 4773 4224 Woodlands - Woodlands Shopping Centre PHONE: 4751 6286


Book Club, What Do I Feed My Baby? is a

Nuby Nibbler

what foods, how much to give them an lots of

variations in taste and texture increases the as they grow up.


Previously only available through the Huggies


they get older. A recent study confirmed

There’s a store near you


solid advice

For your chance to win this book email us at

I made do with large tops, trackie daks

in a few items of maternity clothing and I

from $9.95 (washable high chair covers also available)

nutrients during pregnancy.

Whether you choose to buy maternity wear

Extra long bibs



Food cubes

You can now buy BPA-free cubes for storing baby food.

IntroducIng townsvIlle’s new MaG for parents of “beans to teens” 3 reasons to use pakmag: [1] pakmag prints 10,000 copies every month guaranteed [2] pakmag is the only family mag in townsville that can distribute to every Mcdonalds & coles from Ayr to Ingham [3] pakmag targets parents of ‘beans to teens’ 39,989 families consisting of: 3382 babies, 16347 one-five yr olds & 18176 five-fourteen yr olds

check out what we can do for your business Call us now on 4034 3331 or email to see how we can help your biz in the family market - FREE opportunities exist



Emotional wellbeing Story thanks to Jemma Nott

Mummy guilt - when is it OK? Guilt helps you to be a better parent, writes Jemma Nott Many parents know what it feels like to lash out

However, these feelings of guilt can become

at their child in a temporary heated moment only

excessive with some people and according to

to find themselves overwhelmed with feelings

Campbell this is when a parent should reflect on

of guilt afterwards. If this is you then you are

their parenting techniques.

far from alone and according to one expert, the guilty feelings you experience are probably a necessary part of parenting.

become over anxious and overprotective,

experiencing excessive guilt will mean that you will find it hard to determine whether this guilt is a reality or not and a professional can help you do that.

and in a sense potentially inconsistent in their

most parents will experience some form of

parenting. The other possible effect is that a

• Talk to friends and peers – social support and

parental guilt throughout the majority of their

parent may avoid parenting all together; they

validation can help you to figure out whether

parenting lives.

almost become paralyzed in their parenting.”

you really needed to feel guilty in the first place

Senior Psychology Lecturer at James Cook

Campbell says that it is a difficult process

University, Dr Alistair Campbell, says that guilt

to determine whether or not someone is

is not only a normal part of parenting, but

experiencing excessive guilt, but if you’re

reasonable levels of guilt are actually a sign

experiencing intense guilt on a daily basis it is

• Educate yourself – get a basic understanding

that you’re doing a good job. He says that

probably excessive.

of the roles of parenting as well as a child’s

best way to ensure that you are being aware of your child as he or she develops. “If you don’t feel guilty then you’re probably not focusing on your caring role. All parents make mistakes and guilt is like a corrective to that.”

go one of two ways – one is that a parent will

• Seek the help of a professional –

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics

experiencing a reasonable amount of guilt is the


“If there’s excessive guilt I think it will generally

If you think you may be experiencing excessive guilt:

He says, though, that parents who experience reasonable amounts of guilt, which don’t fit these characteristics, have little to worry about. “As you get into trying to shape a child’s

and the emotional support could do you a world of good. Maybe your friends feel that way too!

basic developmental needs. This will help you to understand more objectively what kind of a job you’re doing and what kind of a parent you are. Chances are you’re probably doing a perfectly good enough job.

behaviour, guilt goes up, and it should go up,” he says.



Wardrobe Wake Up Story thanks to Gerlinda Aras

style is back This month’s makeover reader felt that she had lost her sense of style after having two beautiful babies. Like most mum’s, Rachael lives in stretchy pants, breastfeeding-friendly tops and colours that hide any accidental spills. Her wardrobe has plenty of work clothes

[2] Choose tops with ruching around the

from before she had children but her

waist to hide any lumps or bumps.

wardrobe needed more stylish casual outfits to suit her changed lifestyle.

Your hairstyle can also make a big difference to how you feel and look

By definition casual clothing is not

about yourself but with young children

glamorous but that doesn’t mean you

it needs to be practical. The hairdresser

should blend in to the background.

gave Rachael a classy concave bob

Willows have a great selection of stylish

with a modern twist, a very easy style

casual tops and skirts that are suitable

to maintain. She also an organic colour

for wearing out to lunch or coffee with a

range in a natural chocolate brown and

friend. Here’s a couple of tips:

highlighted Rachael’s hair with a few

[1] Choose a coloured top that contrasts with your eye colour to make your eyes stand out. In Rachael’s case this

Rachael’s Makeover

strawberry blonde foils. A good tip for minimal colour maintenance is to choose


a shade close to your natural hair colour.

watermelon top really brought out the

For more information about style

blue in her yes. Red tends to make green

makeovers call Gerlinda on 0410 477367.

eyes ‘pop’ and purple looks great with hazel coloured eyes.

Gerlinda Aras is a stylist and image consultant for Mirror Image Consultations. For more information: 36





Helping you to look & feel great


Activities for kids Story thanks to Amanda Cranston

February Personalised 4 week fat loss & toning program with nutritional advice & 24/7 support. Valued at $600 now only $350

Personal Training & Massage

Call us on 0422 431 253 Email: Visit: add us on facebook

Quality Beauty Services with 100% ORganIC pRODuCTs OuR speCIaLs



• Relaxing Full Body Massage 1 hour – $55 • Detox Facial – $50 • Bye-bye Double Chin Treatment – $60 • Detox InchLoss Body Wrap – $110 (loose up to 20cm after 1 hour treatment)


4779 4894

Open 7 Days 8aM-8pM

73 Estuary ParadE, douglas •

10 rainy day ideas Weather too hot or rainy for outside activities? Try these ideas to keep the kids from getting bored [1] Building Toys

with Peter Pan, The Famous Five or Harry Potter.

Kids love building things and creating all sorts

story and illustrate your book, or make up a story

Pop on some music and dance around to it

of structures so dig out the Lego, K’Nex, Zoob,


and make up silly dances, get out the musical

U-Build, Jawbones or wooden building blocks

[2] Movie afternoon

For those who love to be creative, an afternoon

Why not plan your very own cinema experience

mum, making jewellery, decorating handmade

and borrow some DVDs from the video library,

bookmarks and gift cards or raiding the craft box

Treasure hunts are always popular, so write up

make popcorn and your own choc top ice

for scissors, glue and coloured pencils and textas.

rhyming clues and hide them around the house.


indoors can mean cooking or baking with

creams, and settle in for an afternoon of movies

for the movie screen.

Tiny ToT To maTure age models available for adverTising campaigns

instruments and play along with the music

[5] Get creative

have a projector and room to hang a large sheet

For information on our Finishing School, Modelling Agency & Courses visit our website

[8] Music – Dance, Play, Sing!

and let their imaginations go.

in the lounge room or in the back garden if you

Part-time & School holiday courSeS available!

If you are feeling creative, write your own short

or plug in karaoke and sing along with a microphone.

[9] Do an indoor treasure hunt

Wrap up the treasure and hide it, and then

[6] Boardgames and puzzles

start the kids off on their first clue and let them

Boardgames or big jigsaw puzzles are always a

opposite ends of the house so the kids have to

great way to have fun together as a family on a

run backwards and forwards on their hunt.

[3] Build an indoor cubby

boring day. From Uno to Monopoly to Connect

Indoor cubbies are the best! You will need sheets,


4 and Twister, games guarantee lots of fun for

blankets, pillows, cushions and possibly some

find the rest. Try and hide every second clue at

[10] Play hide and seek indoors This game never goes out of fashion and it is

[7] Play dress ups

even better when you can rope mum or dad in to

Let the kids loose in your wardrobe and their

on ‘really good’ hiding spots. There are so many

[4] Reading or make up your own stories and books

dress-up box. They can have hours of fun with

places to hide and it’s always good fun.

Take a trip to the library and borrow some of your

a fashion parade or act out a play while dressed

favourite story books and set off on an adventure

in costume.

pegs to hold sheets in place. Build a cubby under the dining table or by pushing chairs together.

the game to help hide the little ones and advise

costumes, scarves, feather boas, hats, wigs, shoes, handbags and props. Get them to put on


biz directory Huge Range without the Huge Price!


Advertise here for as little as $60/month

• Costumes • Costume Accessories • Party Theme Props

Call 4034 3331 for more information

Special occasion wear for children of all ages

• Weddings • Baptisms • Communions • Confirmations • Graduations

Activities for kids Story thanks to Amanda Cranston

Open by appointment call Naomi on 0405 765 162

Enjoy a real career working from home with other mums

rides & eNTERTAINMENT for all occasions fetes, festivals, special events, xmas parties & birthdays Quality entertainment & amusements for the whole family. we will travel anywhere!

for more info call 0488 676 701 or visit

Peace of mind with Certificate III qualified staff consistently providing the highest  quality pathology service available

Join our team and create: • Financial peace of mind • Quality family time • Safer homes • A better environment

Collectors with Advanced Skills Training in: • Paediatric 0 – 5 yrs • Children 5 – 12 yrs

To be a part of an established, reputable company valuing safety, quality and integrity contact: Jacqui or Jenny 4789 3603

SNP will accept all pathology referral forms

Over 20 cOnveniently lOcated centres Call 4779 3277 to find the best centre for you


Ping Pong turns 80 in Townsville! Townsville Table Tennis Association is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year, a huge milestone for one of the oldest sporting clubs in the region. Affectionately known as Ping Pong, this fast

The Townsville Table Tennis Association

their number one Queensland Junior, David

back-and-forth sport is fun for all age groups and

originated in 1931 when a group of local male

Fielding, is the favourite to win. Leading up to

has the advantage of being able to be enjoyed in

enthusiasts formed the club with games being

the event, juniors can enjoy weekly fixtures,

all weather conditions. It’s a great game for kids

played in member’s homes. A year later women

interschool team tournaments, open and closed

as its not only fun but also helps develop their

joined the club and started up a number of ladies

championships and international coaching. There

hand-to-eye coordination and reaction times.

teams. In the 1950’s land was bought and a hall

are also weekly social single and double matches

constructed with the assistance of the Townville

for seniors and players of all levels.

In Townsville we’re lucky to have such a wellestablished club with experienced coaches, specialised training sessions and an airconditioned venue with international standard facilities. Children of any sport ability are welcome. They recommend juniors starting at around seven years of age, but the club will take younger players as long as they can see over the


City Council and the club was officially opened by the Mayor, Alderman Angus J Smith on 17 May, 1954. A new playing arena was added in 1982 and in its peak the club boasted 400 members. Today The Townsville Table Tennis Association has around 160 members catering for beginner juniors, social seniors and competitive players.

table! Junior competitive divisions include under

The clubs major event this year will be the

13s, under 15s and under 18s.

Queensland Junior Championships in June and

Annual social membership is $45, competition membership is $100 and training sessions are $8.00 each with bats and balls provided. For anyone wanting more information on the club or to sign up socially or competitively, contact Gary on 0458 905 949 or visit the club at 60 Charters Towers Road.



Weekend Activities

Camper Trailer


Story thanks to Amanda Cranston

Brand new to Johnno’s

the In-tura

• All inclusive, top of the line trailer • 80L water and diesel tanks • Extra storage including walk-up stairway • Stainless kitchen • BBQ and wok burner • Full off road kit

Only $24,990 Call tOday fOr an InspeCtIOn Australian made and owned – keeping jobs for Aussies

Call Penny & Russ Teale on 0449 769 916 for info

afloat on a houseboat A weekend on a houseboat is the perfect family getaway as there are no distractions and just the peace and quiet of the river, writes Amanda Cranston. Having never been on a houseboat and

After paying our bond and loading our food,

the moonlight and got to see a sky full of stars

preparing for a long weekend on the water

bedding and fishing gear on board, we headed

every night. It truly was a fantastic weekend away

with an adventurous four-year old, I admit I

off down the Hinchinbrook Channel for a

as we were in no hurry to go anywhere, and just

was a little nervous. But I shouldn’t have been

weekend of fishing and relaxation. The two little

woke up and fished off the back deck or read at

because the Hinchinbrook Houseboat Lucinda

kids in their lifejackets watched excitedly from

our leisure. It is amazing to think Hinchinbrook

Dawn was spacious and well equipped for

the small front deck as a dolphin swam beside us

is only a few hours drive from Townsville and so

families. Travelling with our two children and

only 10 minutes into our trip, and once we found

easy to plan for a weekend getaway.

accompanied by friends with their two children,

a calm spot to anchor the boat we were surprised

it was great to get away from the phone, the

at the variety of wildlife that actually inhabits

television and all the other daily diversions.

the Hinchinbrook Channel. Over the weekend

Our houseboat slept eight people and had two rooms with bunks and two with single beds which could be pushed together to make double beds. One bedroom even had a sliding door onto the back deck. It had a fully equipped


we saw an enormous saltwater crocodile swim right by our houseboat, we saw turtles, jumping fish and caught a stingray, baby shark, lots of different fish and plenty of crabs. My five year-old daughter even caught her very first fish.

kitchen with all crockery and utensils, a lounge

The only downside to a fabulous weekend was

and dining area with television and DVD player

the sandflies. We ran out of insect repellent by

(although no television reception), a bathroom,

day two and we were all eaten alive but apart

two toilets and a top deck entertaining area with

from that we had afternoon sleeps, watched the

barbecue and seating.

most beautiful sunsets in the evenings, fished in

Tide times obviously dictate when you take the boat out and bring it back, but Hinchinbrook Houseboats provides these details at the time of booking. For anyone who has never experienced a houseboat getaway, it really is a wonderful opportunity to truly relax and spend quality time with family and friends. For more information on a houseboat getaway, contact Hinchinbrook Lazy Croc Houseboats on 4777 8377 or free call 1800 002 338.


out & about

submit your photos

email to:

ndar launch

Ashlea at Lollipops Play Centre

cale Funny antics at the Insight Creative

Cuteness all round at the Insight Cre ative calendar launch

Zen at Lollipops Play Centre

Macie at Lollipops Play Centre

Lily at Lollipops Play Centre

Loralei at Lollipops Play Centre

Lyanna at Lollipops Play Centre

Out & About photos thanks to the team at insight creative >

Boys just want to have fun

Insight Creative Calendar launch

Insight Creative Calendar launch

Insight Creative Calendar launch

Out & About photos thanks to the team at insight creative >



Join for only $45 & practice FREE FoR a month Contact Table Tennis Townsville before January 30 to register on 0458 905 949 or email



fav pet shots Fav pet shot of the month wins a mystery prize to the value of $30!

Januar y winner!

this month’s entries

Muffy loved by Lily

Snowy & Mocca loved by Lily

Moses loved by Jayden

Best friends Jett & Jake

Email your photo, name/s & address to: • Deadline is 18 February 2012 for the March edition of Pakmag.

prize winners

Congratulations to our Jan prize winners!

To claim your prize drop into the 4TO/HOTFM office, 9 Martinez Ave The Lakes, Hyde Park, between 9-5pm Mon to Fri & collect your prize from reception.

Colour in to Win: • Jessie Smith • Ashley Warren

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Word Search: • Chloe Rogers

• Wendy Gillmore

• Abigail Service

Word Scramble:

• Kayla Larsen

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• Riley Creuco-Gerrard




Smile with a local Thanks to 4TO and Minty

smile with a local This month on facebook we’ve been talking about what you have pretended to enjoy to please your children? From: Dana Kern “I won the Wiggles 5th Wiggle



From: Tracy Robertson

From: Louise Wilson

“I pretend to enjoy eating the culinary delights

“I’ve pretended to enjoy toilet-training!”

Competition for my three year old Heidi so she

my eight year old whips up. Carrot, banana and

could meet the Wiggles and I had to dance on

soy sauce was a particular favourite. Yep… keep

stage with them (trust me I sooo did not enjoy

on smiling”

that, it was the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done)”

From: Cindy Amber Collinson

From: Scott Hallen “I pretended to enjoy watching Fifi and The Flower Tots five times in one day with my daughter”

From: Daphne Downs

From: Linda Acree Mitchell

“My son loves the beach and collecting all the

“I pretend that I enjoy watching Power Rangers

gets me to hold the slimy and snippy creatures

Samurai with my 4 1/2 yr old. He loves it, whereas

he finds – anything from nudibranches to crabs,

I am in agony for the 30 minutes we’re cheering

sea cucumbers, mudskippers and fish. Ewww…

them on”

they don’t make me smile, but I will for him”

From: Haylie Thaggard-Williams

From: Judith Davies

banana. ‘Cause tomato is a fruit too, mum’. I ate all

“Nobody really enjoys sharing an ice cream with

“I’ve pretended to all my children and foster

keen to have it again any day soon”

a two year old!”

children that I really like Play Do for 23 yrs”

creatures of the sea. He has a bucket and net and

“My little budding Master Chef was really keen to make me a fruit salad. ‘No looking mum, I can do this!’ When she gave me my bowl of fruit salad I couldn’t help but smile when I saw all these bits of tomato mixed up with the apple, orange and the fruit salad and thanked her big time but not

Next month’s question: What’s the funniest comment you’ve received about your child from a teacher or daycarer? Email your answers to “Smile With A Local” with your contact name, suburb and number to by March 18 and you could win!



PakMag Townsville - February 2012  
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