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Christmas edition 2012



• Homemade Christmas decorations

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Understanding dyslexia

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About Mackay Events Guide for Dec

Dirt & Kids Does dirt make kids smarter?


More important than ever before

win a Cubby House for Christmas!

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Hi everyone and welcome to our 2nd edition! We’ve had a wonderful response from the families and businesses around the region since our launch, thank you for making us



feel so welcome. Our first PakClub event at the Kids

02 What’s New

Life Play Centre was also a huge

04 Show & Tell

success so thanks to all the lovely

06 Family Values

mums, dads, kids and nans and

09 Mackay Christian College

pops that came along and made it so special. Our next one will be in

11 The Family Law Centre

23 Kid’s MiniMag

babies 31 Baby News: Too much milk!


Women & Finance



holiday season and If you’re



travelling, drive, fly or sail carefully!



And, of course, don’t forget to tell

20 Top 5 Things To Do

05 WIN a Boxset Car

everyone you read it in PakMag!

21 What’s On

05 WIN Child Safety DVDs

23 Mini Mag


31 PakBaby

24 WIN a mystery prize

35 Are dirty kids smarter kids?

25 4 mystery prizes to WIN

January so stay tuned for details. We wish you all a very happy

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things to win

WIN a $20 Meat Voucher

44 WIN a mystery prize

39 Kurrimine Beach 40 Homemade Decorations 43 Porters DIY Tips 44 Fav Pets 45 Mackay Pet Superstore 46 Out & About

cover Models: Axl Armstrong Photography: Thanks to Ta Da Photography

48 SeaFM Local Laughs

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inBRIEF carols by Candlelight School Holiday Activities • Swimming Intensives at the Pioneer

• Botanic Gardens – 18, 19, 20 Dec

Swim Centre (17-21 Dec). Cost: $65 per

(10am-12pm) Two hour sessions to

child. Bookings essential. Call 4957 5767

decorate jingle bells mobiles for

• Mission Inflatable – 8, 15, 22 & 29 Dec (1pm-3pm) Floating obstacle course at the Memorial Swim Centre • Library activities – stories, crafts

Cyclone Ready

Mayor’s Appeal

children aged 5-15years. Limited to 10 kids per session. Cost: $5. For more info call 4952 7300 or go to

Council are reminding residents to spend some time

Get into the Christmas spirit this month with some good old- fashioned carol singing:

and carol singing

Family New Year’s Eve You can help other people in the community this

independent post offices and is packed

Emergency Action Guide, available online at the


full of family fun for the year. For more

council’s website or at their Customer Service

information go to

Centres in Mackay, Sarina and Mirani and libraries.

Hosted by the Rotary Club of Airlie Beach

cleared in exchange for donations of non-perishable

(if it rains it will move indoors to the PCYC)

For your chance to WIN a

• Sarina State School (9 Dec, 6.30pm)

2013 TNQ Events Calendar go

Australia Day Awards

The Mackay Entertainment and

entertainment including King of the Kids

Convention Centre Precinct Lawns will be

Concert, Lil Fi Bluesmama, Queen Bee & Sir

a hive of activity for New Years Eve. This

Ross Concert as well as kids’ workshops to

free family event is one of the largest of

create and model costumes in a parade.

the year and offers a spectacular line-up of

Settle in at 9pm for the fireworks.

To view the full list of what should be included in

Includes lighting of the Christmas Tree

• Northern Beaches at Eimeo State School (2 Dec, 6pm)

31 December (6-9pm)

preparing emergency kids.

an emergency kit, refer to Page 4 of the Council’s

It allows library members to have their overdue fees

branches until 8 December.

up yards, ensuring building structures are safe and

for $22.99 in newsagents, IGAs and

• Carols by the Beach (2 Dec, 5-8pm)

donated at any of the Mackay Regional Council library

getting prepared for the cyclone season by tidying

• Carols in the City (1 Dec, 6pm)

Christmas through the annual Food for Fines campaign.

food items to those most in need. Food items can be


December what’s New

• Habana Carols Under the Stars (22 Dec, 7pm) • Carols on the Quay (23 Dec, 2pm)



Advanced Screenings Birch Carroll & Coyle Kids Club members will be treated to some special advanced screenings of the following new movies this month at Mackay North Cinema: • 2 Dec - Rise of the Guardians (3D). Cost: $12

Know someone in the community who deserves

Join Santa for a carolling singsong at

• 16 DEC (11am) - Wreck it Ralph 3D. Cost: $12

recognition? Nominations for this year’s Australia Day

Bluewater Quay

Every weekend up until the 17 Dec BCC will also be

Thanks to the TNQ EVENTS Calendar.

screening Weekend Family Flicks at 10am. Check

The new 2013 calendars are now available

online for details. For more info call 4771 4101

Awards close on 7 January. You can nominate online at:


Show &Tell

TOP 5 pakmag

Tiger Gifts Looking for something creative and stylish kids Christmas gifts? Tiger Tribe is an innovative Melbourne based

christmas books for kids

company that designs and produces a range of unique and beautiful toys. Many are compactly designed so they’re particularly good for travel or café play or as stocking fillers. Maudie and Me on Wood Street is a local stockist so pop in and have a look at

The latest news, products and tips in the world of families and kids

their range that includes this cute little Boxset Car ($59.95).

For your chance to win this

My Business

WIN Young Children

process of getting to know customers and

realised a couple of years ago that there

sourcing the perfect pieces to compliment

was an opportunity in Mackay to open

their home. It gives me real sense of

a modern, unique and contemporary

accomplishment when I see a finished

furniture and homewares store. The

room or house.

concept behind L’Amour is ‘affordable luxury’. L’Amour means love in French and this expresses our goal to help customers

[2] Christmas Wombat (Jackie French/Bruce Whatley)

kids check out the new Beezsafe DVD’s. Produced in Australia they are

[3] The Man from the Land of Fandango

safety, bullying, stranger danger and beach safety. It takes children

(Margret Mahy/Polly Dunbar)

love their homes and the beautiful objects within it.

preoccupied with thinking of new ideas for my business. Thankfully I’m in an industry that I’m very passionate about and

I love attending trade shows in

I have a good support network. I couldn’t

Melbourne and Sydney. I always come

do it without my husband, my beautiful

back totally inspired and bursting with

friend Elaine who works with us and my

design ideas. I love the creative aspect

wonderful Mum.

of our business; it allows me to let out my inner fashionista! I also take pride in customer satisfaction and enjoy the


[5] Kids Garden Adventure Kit (Don Burke)

L’Amour Home is located at the Northern Beaches Central Shopping Centre.

designed to teach children about issues such as being sun smart, road through a series of scenarios and after each one they’re asked questions, if they answer correctly your child’s photo appears on-screen with a congratulations message. You obviously need to provide them with a photo so they can personalize your own DVD. It is aimed at ages 3-8 years and complies with the National Quality Framework for Childcare. They also have an affiliation with Kidsafe Queensland. Go to for more information.


For your chance to win a copy of this DVD simply go to our website and tell us the 5 slip slop slap rules?

Kiddie Concepts

Running your own business isn’t like a 9-5 job; my mind is constantly

New Child Safety DVD’s If you’re concerned about getting safety messages through to your

[4] The House that Wonky Built (Craig Smith)

I am an interior stylist by trade and

parents who own Tiger Tribe?

[1] Little Elephants (Grahame Base)

As the co-owner of L’Amour Home with her husband Barry, Debbie Gilbert has a keen eye for style when it comes to creating beautiful rooms and homes. She is also mum to two sons, Ethan (8) and Taj (4) with number three due to arrive any day.

BoxSet Car go to our website and tell us the names of the

Older Kids [1] The Third Wheel - bk7 in the Wimpy Kids

(Jeff Kinney)

[2] Under Wildwood (Colin Moley) [3] Finale (Becca Fitzpatrick) [4] The Third Door in The Three Doors #3

(Emily Rodda)

[5] The Hunters Brotherband 3 (John Flanagan)

New to Mackay, this range of toxin free products is now available e locally through Urban Poppets. Ther

ia have been many reports in the med A enol bisph as such about chemicals drink (BPA) leaching from plastic food and children. Unfortunately on containers and the harmful affects ren’s products in Australia it has not yet been banned in child r countries. Kiddie even though it has been in many othe boxes are free of BPA. Concepts’ sippy cups, bottles and lunch anpo .urb For more information go to www



ur children are increasingly influenced by the values that they see in the media and while many programs are

entertaining and informative, a growing number reflect disrespectful, antisocial and aggressive behaviour that is at odds with the values that many families hold dear. Despite this bombardment from outside influences parents remain surprisingly influential. Research has found that the values and beliefs that teens hold on such major issues as morality and politics tend to be similar to those of their parents. In addition, adolescents whose parents model appropriate behaviour have better skills and attitudes regarding academic achievement, employment, health habits, individuality, relationships, communication, coping, and conflict resolution. Instilling conventional family values improves a child’s chances in the future, like a psychological vaccination that inoculates them for resilience.

What are Family Values?

Modelling is one of the most fundamental dimensions of raising a moral, prosocial child. What you do carries far more weight than what you say. To influence your child in this way you must have a regular, active and continuing presence in your child’s life. [3] Respect for Authority and Compliance with Rules Character traits based on respect for authority and social rules, such as honesty, cooperation, responsibility, and self-reliance, are learned first within the family sphere. They are learned through consistency of rules, discipline, acceptance and love. When families are unstable or in conflict and when parents are absent, emotionally distant, or preoccupied, the learning of moral values by children is greatly hindered. Statistics show that juvenile delinquency has increased nearly 600% in the past three decades, and teen suicide has tripled.

Traditional family values are usually passed on

Good quality time spent with your children

from one generation to the next, giving children

is arguably the central ingredient of a good

the structure and boundaries in which to

family. There is a strong correlation between

function and thrive.

the amount of time parents spend with their

They can range from the commonplace, such as the belief in hard work, punctuality,

y l i fvaam lu e s

[2] Teaching Prosocial Behaviour

children, and the adult character of those children when they grow up.

cleanliness, accuracy and truthfulness to the

In order to cement positive family values in

more psychological, such as self-reliance,

your children parents must consciously spend

responsibility, generosity, trustworthiness,

more time with them. There are many ways you

loyalty and concern for others.

can do this including having regular weekend

Children learn family values through three key processes: [1] Emotional Attachments

recreation time together as a family, getting involved in sports or hobbies together, reading together or playing games instead of watching TV, family holidays etc. Fundamentally, the more time we spend with

Children are influenced most by the people who

our children the greater the chance of us being

are most meaningful to them. If a child does not

proud of the people they turn in to.

have a strong emotional attachment to a parent, the effectiveness of the parent as a teacher and

Jutta Dempsey is the principal psychologist at

moral guide is greatly diminished.

Directions Learning & Behaviour Guidance

great advice With children increasingly influenced by television, movies and the internet, family values are more important now than ever, writes psychologist Jutta Dempsey 6

Eat together at the table regularly – there is evidence that teenagers who eat with their family at the dinner table are less likely to smoke, drink or experiment with drugs Boardgames – once a week, turn off the TV and have fun together playing boardgames

Turn screens off – modern lifestyles mean families interact more with TV’s, computers, phones etc than with each other Get active together – set time aside every week to go cycling, hiking or beachcombing as a family


Parenting Lessons in

Parenting Wisdom Practical advice for parents gleaned from a lifetime of parenting and teaching

When my wife Candace and I began our

potentially be driving in five years, talk to

parenting journey together we were, like all

them about what good driving is, about their

new parents, quite daunted by the task that lay

responsibility to their passengers, about not

ahead of us. We now look forward to becoming

drinking and driving and so on.

Grandparents and passing on to our children the best bits of advice we were given:

[1] Be consistent

[4] Pick your battles Expecting perfection from your children in every area of their lives is an impossible goal and

Children need to feel secure and they feel more

it also sets you against your child in a kind of

secure when they know what the boundaries are.

continuous battle. You are raising a person, not a

If they need reassurance of your love they will

tidy bedroom so decide which battles are really

often test the boundaries to see if you still care

worth fighting in your family. As long as there are

enough about them to bother enforcing them.

some you choose not to fight you are probably

Constantly changing or inconsistently enforced

on the right track.

boundaries cause children to fall into patterns of continuously checking where the boundaries are.

[5] Quality time almost always occurs during quantity time

[2] Be parents, not friends

I often hear busy parents claim that what little

I’m never impressed when parents boast

time they have with their children is quality time

about being good friends with their children.

so the amount is not important. This is not true.

Parents need to be parents since children find

Quality time happens most often in the midst of

it confusing adjusting from friend to child. Of

quantity time. It is when you have been fishing

course parents must be loving and friendly and

for a couple of hours with your son that they

while we want our children to feel comfortable

will suddenly ask your advice about something

enough to tell us about their lives, they do not

that has been troubling them. It is after you have

need to know the intimate details of ours.

listened to your daughter prattle on about her day that she will tell you something surprisingly

[3] The five-year rule

deep and meaningful. It is rare for quality time not take place in the midst of quantity time.

Begin to talk to your children now about


the issues they will face in five years time.

Pastor Dr Craig Murison

For example, if your child is 11 or 12 and will

Principal Mackay Christian College




In disputes between parents in relation to

She told John “They are my children too, so I

who the children will live with, the Court will

want them half of the time”.

consider the children spending equal time or significant and substantial time with each parent. The underlying principle is whether such an arrangement would be in the best interests of the children.

As an example: John and Jackie had been married for 10 years.

When the Courts make decisions regarding who the children should live with after separation and divorce, they will consider whether equal time with both parents is in the best interests of the children.

she had been to a rehabilitation clinic for the past two months. She was feeling good and thought that she had overcome her problems. Back in control of her life, she felt ready to resume her parental role that she was unable to perform at the time of separation due to her addiction.

They had two children; six- year old James and

John was obviously very cautious about Jackie’s

eight-year old Jemima. They had been separated

sudden recovery and rehabilitation since he had

for two years.

experienced it many times before. He continued

Since the date of separation the children had been living with John and had spent little or no time with their mother. Unfortunately Jackie had a serious drug and alcohol problem and wasn’t able to care for the children. Since becoming their primary carer John had organised his working life around the children and had a very good routine in place for their care. Jackie then wanted to re-enter the children’s lives and be more involved with their upbringing but decided she didn’t need a lawyer and made an application to the Court for the children to reside

Liability limited by a scheme approved under professional standards legislation

Jackie’s application was based on the fact that

with each parent on an alternate weeks basis.

to doubt her ability to respond to and care for the children on a long-term basis and, whilst he wants to be supportive, his focus is on the children. He decided he would support the children spending time with Jackie but felt that she needed to be carefully reintroduced into their lives. In this situation an experienced Family Lawyer would be able to assist Jackie see beyond her own needs and help her focus on the needs of the children. Any application to the Court needs to address the issues Jackie has had with a plan of gradual reintroduction.

FREE info evening about your property rights Tuesday 15 Jan 2013 6pm-7.30pm - McKays Law Centre (34 Wood Street) Come along to a free information session with Cathy Krieg and find out how you can gain control and get on with your life. The session will cover questions like:

Cathy will also explain the different steps involved when cases proceed through the Family Court in simple, easy to understand language.

• How to avoid common property disputes

To reserve your place call Sam Harris at the Family Law Centre on 4968 5427.

• Whether you get more if the children live with you • The laws regarding superannuation • How you can avoid costly court disputes


There will also be a similar seminar held in Airlie Beach on Monday 14 January, 2013. Please call for details.

Cathy Krieg Associate




Women Finance

The latest news and tips in the world of women, families and finance


Next Year,

Do it Better

How many times have you promised yourself that next year will be different and you’ll put money aside to pay for Christmas? You’re not alone. Many of us start out good intentions but still end up

Saving for Education Costs

struggling to meet the costs of Christmas. One way to avoid this is to get a Queensland Country Christmas Saver Account. Even if you only pay in $25 a week you’ll have a cash injection of $1300 when Christmas comes around next year. If you’ve already got Christmas covered, you could still use the money to treat yourself to a few nights

by Brad Gordon

A recent survey by Australian Scholarships Group (ASG) revealed that 52% of parents believe their child will attend university, but only a quarter (28%) are actually saving for it, despite many saying they wouldn’t be able to afford it. With the increasing costs involved in

required, entry cost, regular contributions

educating our children it’s a good idea

accepted. Pros: diversification. Cons:

to start planning ahead. There are many

Illiquid in comparison, management fees.

options available from the perspective of regular saving as follows:

Disclaimer – Fees and charges apply, full product information is available in branch and should be considered before deciding whether this product is suitable to you.

Christmas Savings h credit card debts Starting the New Year wit l for a lot of families to pay off can be stressfu ease the financial so here are some ways to you can start 2013 burden of Christmas so e: feeling happy and positiv for buying gifts and • Set yourself a budget at home so you’re not leave your credit card ing. You could also tempted into overspend ily members about only talk to your other fam n or buying gifts under buying for the childre

free after 10 years if no withdrawals,

minimum deposit required, nil entry

automatically transfers to child at

cost, rewarded through higher interest

predetermined age. Pros: divarication, tax

a set figure.

rates if you make regular contributions

effective. Cons: low management fee

s early so there’s less • Start shopping for gift minute Christmas Eve pressure on those last what you want to shopping sprees. Decide go. you buy each person before

low cost, liquid. Cons: earnings taxable, conditions to access higher rates.

The key when considering these investments is to ensure the company you invest in is reputable and has a strong

• Shares - minimum deposit to make

track record. If you’re not saving for their

economical, entry cost, regular

education these same products can also

contributions not always practical but

be used as ways to assist your children in

possible. Pros: franked income, ability to

saving for their first house deposit or car.

reinvest income in shares at no cost, liquid. Cons: higher entry cost and initial deposit required.

deposit, nil entry cost options, tax

period or spend up big in the Boxing Day Sales.

• Higher Interest Savings Accounts - no

and no withdrawals. Pros: low entry,


• Investment Savings Bonds - minimum

away with your friends and family over the holiday

• Managed Funds - minimum deposit

Brad Gordon is a Financial Adviser and Principal of Maven Capital Pty Ltd (AFSL 418504). To find out more, call 4957 2177 or visit

• Shop online tribute something • Ask your guests to con meals rather than towards the Christmas doing it all yourself. • Get your kids to make paper, cards and gifts.

their own wrapping


Health pak

Doctor pak


Clean Hands

Health Checks

The campaign to raise awareness of the growing resistance to antibiotics is heating up with regional experts saying greater awareness of basic hand hygiene amongst healthcare workers and the public could have a dramatic impact on preventable infections and reduce overuse of current antibiotics.

By Dr. Rachel Adendorff At the mention of ‘women’s health’ most people tend to think about breast and gynaecological examinations but women may obviously have other problems and diseases. Every woman should have a complete health check

Want to sell your home for the highest price?

Overuse of antibiotics has led to a

developing resistance to the antibiotics

worldwide escalation of drug-resistant

we use. Our doctors are running out of

microorganisms. Reliance on “broad

drugs to treat patients. Yet something

spectrum antimicrobials” - more complex

as simple as washing hands can stop us

antibiotics - is increasing, as the standard

getting infections in the first place, and

drugs that form the cornerstone of modern

Medicine today focuses much more on prevention

help preserve the working drugs we

medicine become ineffective.

than it used to. All the research done over the last

have. We need to get this message out to the public and make sure standards are

Make the right move.

being implemented in hospitals, clinics and homes across the country,” says Claire Boardman, Immediate Past President of ACIPC.

The World Health Organisation has warned that many infectious diseases risk becoming uncontrollable. They have also

a more hard working, honest, reliable, friendly person to assist you in achieving your goal of selling your home and achieving the highest price.” Dianne Murdoch, Blacks Beach

Emma Elliott 0413 925 122

CT-02 Northern Beaches Central, 10 Eimeo Road, Rural View QLD 4740 tel 4954 8700 fax 4954 8733 | |


status). This becomes more important in the later years especially after the age of 40. Nobody should wait until they are tired or run down or unwell before presenting to a medical practitioner.

30 years has highlighted that we can either avoid or reduce the impact of many diseases and improve quality of life if we focus more on prevention.

reiterated the importance of hand hygiene

The health checks offered by medical practitioners

in reducing the transmission of infections.

may differ between practices but they usually include:

Testimonial: “I would recommend Emma to anyone, because you could not meet

every one to two years (depending on age and health

“Everyday we see more and more bugs

Standing Time


Personal and family history


Weight and BMI


Blood pressure


Ear, nose and throat exam

[5] Systemic examination mulating up to eight Children and adolescents are accu rding to new hours of sitting on a daily basis, acco active 2012 conference research presented at the recent ia usage in the home was in Sydney. Limiting electronic med bat this trend since children suggested as a key strategy to com increases their elevated having a television in the bedroom times. three st cardiometabolic risk by almo activity is well established and Family influence regarding physical importance of fathers as cular emerging evidence shows the parti ing healthy habits teach in role models. Schools also play a part be ren may too sedentary but concerns were raised that child indicated that teachers during school time. However, findings approaches including the and principals were willing to try new swiss balls in classrooms. incorporation of standing desks and


ECG (if applicable)


Breast exam


Pap smear and gynaecological exam


Urine dipstick

[10] Skin check [11] Blood requests (if applicable) [12] Health advice When you meet with your GP it is also important to mention any stress or psychological symptoms you experience so they can make a follow-up appointment to help you. Dr. Rachel Adendorff is a GP at One Stop Medical (134 Victoria St). For more information call 4951 1411.


Nutrition pak

By Ally Crofton, APD

Product news

avoiding Allergies in Babies With the latest recommendations always

not suitable for children who have already

changing, the topic of what to feed infants

developed a cow’s milk allergy.

can be quite confusing and this is especially so when allergies are present. Some of the key points from the most recently published summary of evidence-based information from the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA) (2010) were:


Drinking Chocolate

• Soy milk and other mammalian milks such as goat milk are not recommended for allergy prevention

Introduction of solids • Solids should be introduced from four


to six months

• Breastfeeding is encouraged for at least the

• There is little evidence that delaying the

first six months, and can continue for as

introduction of solids beyond six months

long as mother and infant wish to continue

reduces the risk of allergy

• Breastfeeding during the period that foods

• There is insufficient evidence to support

are first introduced may help prevent the

previous advice to delay the introduction

development of allergy to those foods

of or avoid allergenic foods (such as egg,



peanuts, nuts, wheat, cow’s milk and fish)

This new product is predominantly made up of

for the prevention of food allergy or

Natvia natural sweetener and cocoa, and as such is

eczema. This also applies to infants with

sugar free and contains considerably less kilojoules

siblings who already have allergies to

Before 4 months

than your usual Milo or Nesquik drinking chocolates.

these foods

It contains no artificial colours, flavours or artificial

• Low-risk infants (no history of allergic

From 4-6 months

sweetener and is free of gluten, wheat, nuts, and

• Introduce a new food every two to

after dinner treat. It’s also available in banana and

three days

strawberry flavours.

• Exclusion of allergenic foods from the mother’s diet whilst breastfeeding has not been shown to prevent allergies

disease in parents or siblings) may use a standard cow’s milk formula for complementary feeding before solids are started • High-risk infants (history of allergy in the

eggs. Kids will love the taste as an afternoon or

• Give one new food at a time so its easy to identify potential reactions

family) requiring infant formula prior to

• Breast milk or an appropriate infant formula

the introduction of solids may benefit from

should remain the main source of milk until

partially hydrolysed or hypoallergenic (HA)

12 months of age, although cow’s milk can

formulas in reducing their risk of allergic

be used in cooking or with other foods

If you have a nutrition related question, post it on the Nutrition Guru’s facebook wall and a dietitian will answer one of our reader’s questions to feature in PakMag each month.

disease. However these formulas are


10 year I have two kids, a 6 year old and a be they ld shou r wate h old. How muc drinking each day? fluids The recommended daily amount of each day is: • 1 litre for 5-8 year olds • 1.5 litres for 9-12 year olds


• 2 litres for 13+ years

rds this Other drinks like juice do count towa fluid best but water is and always will be the t forget, to quench a thirsty child. And, don’ when or days hot on they may need more



Reader’s question:

exercising. water Tips for helping your kids drink more e bottl r wate a include always packing of water whenever you go out, keep a bottle down in the fridge at all times and water ials. cord and s juices, sports drink


Recipes Reader

kitchen kids Choc Crackle Puddings

pantry parents Recipe thanks to: Ava Smart

Honey Glazed Ham

• 1 x 200g milk chocolate,

• 1/2 cup brown sugar

finely chopped

• 1/3 cup maple syrup

• 100g butter, chopped

• 1/3 cup honey

• 3 cups Coco Pops

• 1 tbs Dijon mustard

• 100g white chocolate melts

• 1 whole leg ham on the bone

• 10 red Smarties

• Whole cloves, to stud


Recipe thanks to: Robyn Maison


Line a muffin pan with 10 paper cases. Place milk chocolate and butter in a

Stir sugar, maple syrup, honey and mustard in a bowl until the sugar dissolves.

heatproof bowl over a saucepan half-filled with simmering water (make sure the

Preheat oven to 170oC. Line a large baking dish with baking paper. Place an oven

bowl doesn’t touch the water). Stir until the chocolate melts and is smooth. Stir in

shelf in the lowest position. Use a sharp knife to cut around the shank of the ham,

coco pops. Spoon into paper cases and mould into a dome shape. Place in fridge

about 10cm from the end. Run a knife under the rind around edge of ham. Gently

for 2 hours. Place white chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a saucepan half-filled

lift the rind off in 1 piece by running your fingers between the rind and the fat.

with simmering water. Stir until the chocolate melts and is smooth. Spoon a little

Score the fat in a diamond pattern, about 5mm deep. Stud the centres of the

white chocolate over each pudding and top with a Smartie. Set aside until set.

diamonds with cloves. Transfer to prepared dish. Brush one-third of the glaze over the ham. Bake, brushing with glaze every 25 mins, for 1 hour 30 mins.



Send in a recipe to for your chance to WIN a $20 meat voucher! Entries close: 15/12/12


December what’s on





4 December (10am-2pm)

Family NYE


Don’t miss it! It’s the largest free family NYE party in town

especially for toddlers and their

Check out the latest family entertainment & events guide


December 2012 entertainment & events

with a spectacular line-up of

adults. The program includes

entertainment including: King

free artist-run workshops and

of the Kids Concert, Queen Bee

live children’s concerts. Take your

and Sir Ross Concert. There will

child along for a fun day of art,

also be workshops where kids

singing and dancing.

can create and model their own costumes in the parade. The New Year celebrations start at 6pm and the fireworks commence at 9pm.

Things to do in DEC







17-21 December (9am-3pm) BIG4 Adventure Whitsunday’s fully supervised Santa’s Workshops for the kids are guaranteed to keep the kids entertained as they make hand-made presents ‘from the heart’. To book call: 4948 5400.




DATE 1/12/12 1/12/12 1/12/12 1/12/12 1/12/12 1/12/12 1/12/12 1/12/12 1/12/12 2/12/12 2/12/12 2/12/12 2/12/12 2/12/12 2/12/12 2/12/12 2/12/12 3/12/12 3/12/12 3/12/12 4/12/12 4/12/12 4/12/12 4/12/12 5/12/12 5/12/12 6/12/12 6/12/12 6/12/12 6/12/12 6/12/12 6/12/12

VENUE Mackay Entertainment Centre Bluewater Quay Waverly Street, Bucasia. Mackay Entertainment Centre Airport Road Proserpine Bunnings Warehouse MECC Civic Precinct Caneland Central Caneland Central Ooh La La Pet Day Spa, Centro Mt Pleasant Shopping Centre car park Airlie Beach Foreshore Birch Carroll & Coyle Mackay North Eimeo Road State School Northern Beaches Muller Park, Boundary Rd Eimeo Road State School The Double Portion Café Gordon White Library Mackay City Library Artspace Mackay Sensory Circus Tribe, 12 Hicks St Mackay Gymnatics PCYC Mackay Mackay Gymnastics Gordon White Library – Mt P Sarina Pool, Cnr Anzac & Bell Streets Bunning’s Warehouse Anglican Church, Nebo Rd Sensory Circus Tribe 12 hicks st Bunnings Warehouse Mackay Gymnastics



Leisa Payne School of Dance - Dance Your Heart Out! Free weekly Bike Ride Coastal Community Activities: Bucasia Leisa Payne School of Dance - Dance Your Heart Out! Whitsunday Motor Sports Go Kart Race Day Santa's Workshop Carols by Candlelight Santa Photos until Christmas Eve Christmas Gift Wrapping until Christmas Eve Mackay Animal Rescue Society Adoption Day Troppo Treasure Markets Carols By The Beach “Rise Of The Guardians (3D)” for our Kids Club Members. Northern Beaches Community Christmas Carols Churches Combined Carols by Candlelight Miniature Train Rides Community Christmas Party - Family Fun & BBQ Mummy Monday Baby Bounce Baby Bounce BMA Kidspace Tiny Tots Circus Class 2-5yrs Kindergym Mums & Bubs Fitness by RPTM Gym Skills Storytime Sarina Aqua Aerobics DIY Kids Workshop Mainly Music Tiny Tots Sensory Circus Family Night Kinder gym

2:00 PM 6:30 AM 8:00 AM 7:30 PM 8:00 AM 11:30 AM 6:30 PM All Day All Day 9:00AM 7:30 AM 5:00 PM All Day 6:30 PM 5:30 PM 10:00 AM 5:00 PM 9:30 AM 9:30 AM 11:00 AM 10:00 AM 9:00 AM 9:30 AM 11:15 AM 09:30AM 10:30 AM 9.30AM 9:00 AM 9:00 AM 9:00 AM 6:00 PM 10:00 AM



$37 Free 4480 15775 Free $37 4948 3570 Free 4944 3400 Free 4961 9700 Free Cost Gold Coin 0427 595 157 Free 4478 76778 Gold Coin 4084 61192 Free 4942 4055 $12 48402384 Free Free 4942 2729 Gold Coin 4840 2384 Free 4840 2384 Gold Coin 4961 9300 Free 4961 9387 Free 4961 9722 Free 0413 506 804 $6:50 4953 1425 Cost 4942 3296 $10 4953 1425 Cost 4961 9300 Free 4057 3901 Free 4944 3400 Free 4952 3434 $5 0413 506 804 $6.50 4944 3400 Free 4953 1425      Cost

in the Gardens


17-21 December (9am-3pm)

Photo courtesy of Tourism Queen

experience allows you to view

blue = adults

MECC Civic Precinct

for creative art activities designed

The Forest Flying eco-tourism

green = kids

31 December

Join local artists and performers

For something a bit different these holidays why not go zipping through the forest?

pink = family

This popular family event will feature well-known local entertainers Hullabaloo, Karen Bonham and Hot Hot Hot. The ‘Friends of the Gardens’ will also be selling their raffles, glow candles,

the rainforest at Finch Hatton

bracelets, and songbooks for sale

Gorge from a unique angle.

(extra help selling these items

Unique to Australia, each tour takes approximately one to two hours.

would be appreciated).

Bookings are essential. Call 4958 3359 or email



pink = family

DATE 6/12/12 6/12/12 7/12/12 7/12/12 7/12/12 7/12/12 8/12/12 8/12/12 8/12/12 8/12/12 8/12/12 8/12/12 9/12/12 9/12/12 10/12/12 10/12/12 11/12/12 11/12/12 13/12/12 13/12/12 13/12/12 13/12/12 14/12/12 14/12/12 14/12/12 14/12/12 15/12/12 15/12/12 15/12/12 15/12/12 15/12/12 15/12/12 15/12/12 15/12/12 16/12/12 16/12/12 16/12/12

green = kids

VENUE Mackay City Library PCYC St Anne’s Primary School Gordon White Library, Mt P Koumala State School Gordon White Library   Ivers St Bakers Creek Mackay Gymnastics Bunnings Bucasia Gardens Bunnings Warehouse MECC Civic Precinct Sarina State School Indoor Stadium Bunnings Warehouse Gordon White Library Mackay City Library PCYC Mackay MECC Bunning’s Warehouse Mackay Gymnastics Mackay City Library PCYC Harrup Park Country Club Bloomsbury Soldiers Memorial Hall Gordon White Library, Mt P Harrup Park Country Club Botanic Gardens Armstrong Beach Walkerston Bucasia Garden Complex Mackay Botanical Gardens Bucasia Gardens Bunnings Warehouse Birch Carrol and Coyle Nth Mky Bunnings Warehouse Blacks Beach Tavern Botanic Gardens

blue = adults

ENTERTAINMENT/EVENT NAME Story time Mums & Bubs Fitness by RPTM St Michael's Parish Chrismas Fair Storytime Christmas Carols New Friends Coffee Morning Highway No1 Country Music Family Night Kindergym DIY kids Workshop Community Garden Working Bee Kids DIY craft (santa workshops) Christmas Tree lighting Sarina Inter Church Council Carols Kids DIY craft (santa workshops) Baby Bounce (0-18mths) Baby Bounce (0-18mths) Mums & Bubs Fitness by RPTM Blondie, The Stranglers and The Saints DIY Kids Workshop Kinder gym Story time Mums & Bubs Fitness by RPTM Kids Club Xmas Party -Santa arrives at 7pm Carols at the Hall Storytime Kids Club Xmas Party -Santa arrives at 7pm Christmas in the Gardens Armstrong Beach Progress Association Carols Rotary Club of Walkerston Carols Nth Qld Babies & Kids Market - MINI POPUP MARKET Christmas in the Gardens Community Garden Working Bee Kids DIY craft (santa workshops) “Rise Of The Guardians (3D)” for Kids Club Members Kids DIY craft (santa workshops) Christmas Party & Family Fun Day Sunday in the Park

TIME 10:30 AM 11:15 AM 5:00 PM 9:30 AM 6:00 PM 9:30 AM 7:30 PM 8:30 AM 11:30 AM 2:00 PM 11:30 AM 6:00 PM 11:30 AM 9:30 AM 11:00 AM 11:15 AM 6:45 PM 9:00 AM 10:00 AM 10:30 AM 11:15 AM 6:00 PM 6:00 PM 9:30 AM 6:00 PM 5:30 PM 6:00 PM 6:00 PM 9:00 AM 5:30 PM 2:00 PM 11:30 AM All Day 11:30 AM 1:00 PM 2:00 PM

FOR MORE INFO 4961 9387 4942 3296 4956 7653 4961 9300 4949 8111 4961 9300 4952 1984 4953 1425 4944 3400 4840 2384 4944 3400 4961 9700 49648888 49443400 4961 9300 4961 9387 4942 3296 4961 9700 4944 3400 4953 1425      4961 387 4942 3296 4944 0000 1300 MACKAY 4961 9300 4944 0000 4952 7300 4943 2492

4952 7300 4840 2384 4944 3400 4944 3400 4944 4800 4952 7300

COST Free $10 Free Free Free Free $5 Cost Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free $10 $99 Free Cost Free $10 $3 Free Free Free Free Free Free $2 Free Free Free $12 Free




prizes IN C IN E MAS 2



Dec 2012 fun activities


Find the hidden words!

Match the words and pictures!

Colour it in and you could WIN a prize!



colour IN & Win!

In Cinemas Boxing Day

Word Scramble

Dot to DOT

Unscramble these words and you could win!!!

Join the dots, name the item & win a great prize!

[1] yemrr

_ _ _ _ _

[2] stmhcsria

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

[3] nsmwoan

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

[4] gddpnui

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

[5] oyj

_ _ _

[6] ylfiam

_ _ _ _ _ _

[7] gstkconi

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

[8] slcroa

_ _ _ _ _ _

[9] eert

_ _ _ _

[10] eedirenr

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Simply email us the words at the end and you could win a prize! Send to:

Simply email us the words at the end and you could win a prize! Send to:

Zoo animalSearch word search Word

Zoo animalWords word search Match & Pictures

Find all of the words and when complete circle the remaining letters left to right, top to bottom to learn an interesting fact about Frosty the Snowman and you could win a prize!

Š Disney


To enter this great competition just colour-it-in and mail to:


PAKMAG, Colour-it-in December 2012


PO Box 1922, Mackay QLD 4740 and


you could WIN a double pass to


see Wreck-It Ralph. (Closing Date: 15/12/12)



WORDS Broomstick Button Nose Came to Life Coal Eyes Corncob Pipe Dance Frosty Happy Jolly Laugh Magic Hat Magician Melting North Pole Play Santa Claus School Children Snowman Top Hat Train

Simply email us the words at the end and you could win a prize! Send to:

Match the word with the right picture and win!!! Tree Pudding Gingerbread Stocking Santa Snowman

Send in your entry and you could win a mystery prize! Send to: Competitions, PO Box 1922, Mackay QLD 4740 Name:



All Competitions close: 15 Dec 2012


Activities Pak

Christmas Fun


Minutes with Santa Santa says he gets really excited as December

3 Any particularly memorable moments?

draws near as he loves meeting all the kids in

I love the innocence and delight children show

the shopping centres and finding out what

when they see me and know Santa is real. I still

they want for Christmas. He explains that every

remember one three year old girl who looked

year he spends time familiarising himself with

up at me very seriously and said “I love you

all the latest toys so he can remember who

Santa” and those are the special moments I

wants which toy.


Which toys are the most popular? It 1 varies year-to-year but Barbie and Dora tend to be the most requested girl’s toys and Thomas

As Santa gears up for his busiest time of the year, he took time out to chat with PakMag to tell us why he loves being Santa and how he prepares for Christmas Eve.

the Tank Engine, Ben 10 and Lego are the most popular boy’s toys. 2 Have you ever had any unusual requests? Many parents ask me to remind their children to behave otherwise they will end up on the naughty list and some children hand over their dummies to me on their mum and dad’s request.

What snack do you like kids to leave 4 out for you and your reindeers on Christmas Eve? I love milk and cookies and the reindeers love carrots and water 5 How do you prepare for a busy night of delivering presents on Christmas Eve? I make sure the sleigh has been serviced and is in top working condition, that my reindeers have had plenty of sleep and that Rudolf’s nose is glowing bright and strong for the trip.

pink = family

green = kids

blue = adults

yourGUIDE DATE 18/12/12 19/12/12 19/12/12 20/12/12 20/12/12 20/12/12 21/12/12 22/12/12 22/12/12 22/12/12 22/12/12 23/12/12 25/12/12 26/12/12 29/12/12 31/12/12 31/12/12 31/12/12 31/12/12

VENUE Walkerston Library         Mackay Botanical Gardens Mackay Gymnastics, Nth Mackay Mackay City Library         Bunnings Warehouse Mackay Botanical Gardens Sarina Library                     Habana Greenfields carpark (toys r us) Bucasia Gardens Bunnings Warehouse Bunnings Warehouse

Bunning Warehouse Harrup Park Country Club MECC Civic Precinct Blacks Beach Tavern Northern Beaches Bowls Club

ENTERTAINMENT/EVENT NAME Christmas carols Santa Visit and Morning Tea Jingle Bells Tinkling in the Garden Fun Day Christmas carols Santa Visit and Morning Tea School Holiday Kids Workshops Jingle Bells Tinkling in the Garden Christmas carols Santa Visit and Morning Tea Carols under the Stars Toys for Christmas (funraiser) Community Garden Working Bee Kids DIY craft (santa workshops) Kids DIY craft (santa workshops) CHRISTMAS DAY BOXING DAY Holiday Fun DIY kids workshops NYE Celebrations. $5000 given away DBCT P/L Family NYE - Pineapple Palace Party  Family New Years Eve Party NYE Masquerade Summer Party




10:00 AM 10:00 AM 9:30 AM 10:00 AM 10:00 AM 10:00 AM 10:00 AM 6:00 PM 9:00am 2:00 PM 11:30 AM 11:30 AM

4961 9387 4952 7300 4953 1425      4961 9387 4944 3400 4952 7300 4961 9300 1300 MACKAY 4944 1700 4840 2384 4944 3400 4944 3400

Free Free $15 Free Free $5 Free Free Cost Free Free Free

11:30 AM 6:00 PM 6:00 PM 2:00 PM

4944 3400 4944 0000 1300 Mackay 4944 4800

Free Free Free Free

PlayGroups Playgroup - Anderson Grove Community Centre. Fridays 9.30am. Cost $4. Call 4955 2674 Multi Cultural Playgroup - Shakespeare Family Centre. Fridays 9.30am. Cost $2. Call 4957 7222 Bucasia Mums Group - Jivoli Café, Bucasia Esplanade. Fridays 9.30am. Cost: Free Jivoli Mothers Group. Tuesdays 10am.


December what’s on

Mummy Mondays Playgroup - Double Portion Café, Bucasia Gardens Complex. Mondays 9.30am. Cost: Free Lilly Pilly Steiner Playgroup - Holack St. Community Hall. Wednesdays 9.30am. Cost $5. Call 0422 308 698 Beaconsfield Playgroup - Church of Christ. Tuesdays 9am. Cost: Free. Call 4942 3321

Suntots Playgroup - Shakespeare Child & Family Centre. Wednesdays 9.30am. Cost: $3 MOPS Mothers Group (0-5 yrs) - St. Pauls Uniting Church. Alternate Mondays 9.30am. Call 4957 3557 PATCH Playgroup - Shakespeare Family Centre. Thursdays 9.30am. Cost $3. Call 4957 7222


December what’s on

pink = family

green = kids

blue = adults

yourGUIDE Regular Markets Mackay Showgrounds Markets Every Saturday from 7.30am.

Eungella Markets - Eungella Hall North Street. First Sunday of each month from 9am.

Finch Hatton Markets - Criterion Hotel Grounds. First Sunday from 9am

Sunday Showgrounds Markets First and third Sunday of the month from 8am.

Midge Point Markets - Stan Camm park Midge Point. First Sunday from 8am.

Troppo Treasure Market - Mt Pleasant Shopping Centre. Second Sunday from 7.30am

Seaforth Markets - Foreshore Parkland Seaforth. Sundays from 8.30am

Louisa Creek Markets - Hector Sports Grounds. First Sunday from 8am.

Sarina Showgrounds Markets Last Sunday of month from 8am

The Hut Markets - South Sea Islander Hut, The Lagoons Ram. First Sunday of month from 12noon.

The Leap Markets - The Leap Community Hall. First Sunday of month from 8am.

Twilight Markets - Mackay Surf Club. First Friday from 5pm.

Regular Events Free Zumba at Bluewater Quay Sundays 10am

New Friends Coffee Morning - Gordon White Library. Fridays 9.30am

Free weekly bike ride at Bluewater Quay Saturdays 6.30am

PCYC Mums & Bubs Fitness Tuesdays & Thursdays 11.15am

Sarina Aqua Aerobics - Sarina Pool Thursdays 9.30am. Cost: Free

Bunnings Weekend Kids DIY Workshops Saturday & Sunday 11.30am

Bucasia Gardens Community Garden Working Bee. Saturdays 2pm

Tots Sensory Circus - 12 Hicks St. Tuesdays & Thursdays 9am & 10am. Cost: $7. Call 0413 506 804

This is a free listing. Submit your info to:

The Good Guys maCkay

supporting your local community OPEN monday to Friday 9am-5.30pm saturday 9am-4pm & sunday 9am-3pm 28

JohN donnelly Pay less Pay cash

PHONE 4963 1500 North PoiNt retail WiNdmill CrossiNg



news Story thanks to Nicole Pierotti

Baby Pak

Too much




e all know breastfeeding is best

by feeding them again. In this way it becomes a

for your baby. However what

vicious cycle.

most mums and dads don’t

know is that sometimes too much breast milk isn’t so good for your baby. If you have a good milk supply and feed too frequently then it’s possible that your baby can become overloaded with lactose and this can play havoc with their digestive system. The signs to

magazine of choice for local families

watch for are: green frothy poo’s, lots of crying, diarrhoea and nappy rash with good weight gain. Unfortunately these are also the signs

While we all know the benefits of breastfeeding,

Mackay’s NEW MAG for parents of “Beans to Teens”

parents also need to be aware of the signs of

3 rEAsoNs To AdvErTisE iN PAkMAG:

overfeeding and lactose

[1] pakmag is the only publication 100% dedicated to local families

overload in their babies

For further info call Angela Julian now on 0439 555 515 or email


confusion as to what is causing problems for your baby.

Angela Julian

ay Publication Manager Mack

opportunities exist

wakes frequently, has explosive poo’s and then as a result of the poo, inevitably ends up with nappy rash. Eventually you make an appointment to see your GP or child health nurse but since they are unaware of whats been happening at home with the cycle of crying and feeding, when they undress your baby and see the signs of lactose intolerance this is likely to be their diagnosis. The solutions for lactose intolerance include cutting out a range of foods from mums diet and if the signs still persist, your baby is moved onto a soy type formula.

starts with a crying baby and mum wanting to

Your baby then misses out on the benefits of

stop the crying. Either, you are anxious about

breast milk.

your baby crying, your baby hasn’t slept well so you try topping up or others have given hungry’ so naturally you feed your baby. Before


baby becomes more distressed, sleeps little,

The process of having too much milk simply

you wise words of wisdom that ‘the baby is

[2] pakmag distribution is reader friendly. Most copies are actively collected by our readers within days from any McDonalds, Coles, Healthpoint Chemist, Mackay Wholesale Meats, daycares and anywhere else families frequent from Sarina to Bowen [3] pakmag rates start from as little as $80 per edition

of lactose intolerance so it can lead to some

Unfortunately as this process continues, your

too long, your baby is crying again and mum feeds again. If mum has a good milk supply this will result in her baby feeding quite large volumes of low fat milk that can overload their digestive system and cause too much gas. This creates discomfort in your baby leading to inconsolable crying which you try to alleviate

If this sounds like you and your baby then be aware that overfeeding is quite likely the main problem. To break the cycle, stick to a feed routine rather than feeding on demand. A four hourly feeding routine is recommended. Let your baby’s digestive system calm and repair and make sure you have other strategies handy to deal with a crying baby instead of feeding. Parenting expert Nicole Pierotti is a psychologist and founder of


Baby Pak


European Style Piece Polo Vest and Short Set $30.00 (Sizes: 3-24 Months)


Pumpkin Patch Girls Spot

Kids on Cove

Dress Set $39.99 (Sizes:


Newborn-18 Months)

KIDS: Coral Stripe

Funky Styling

Tee with flower appliqué $34.95 Skirt $42 (Sizes:

Louise Costanzo takes a look at what’s hot in baby fashion this summer

Target Boys Three


cool dude + Love Pom Pom



Shades of Red


2-6 years)

Red Myer Boys Sprout Graphic Flower


Short $13.46 (Sizes: 6-24 Months)

Neutrals Target Girls Little

Witchery Girls

Tea Party Two

Corsage Shoulder

Piece Playsuit and

Dress $49.95

Slippers Set $23.00

(Sizes: 2-7 Years)

(Sizes: 0-24 Months)



Cotton On Boys Alexander Hooded

Pumpkin Patch Boys Vintage

Romper $19.95

Printed Canvas Shorts $32.99

(Sizes: 0-12 Months)

(Sizes: 6 months to 5 years)



Seed Heritage Boys Pull-On Shorts $34.95

Retro Inspired

If you’re looking for some funky accessories for the little men in your life, then check out

(Sizes: 1-10 years)

Pumpkin Patch Girls Owned by Mackay


Stripped Ruffle Flower


Bodysuit $24.99 (Sizes:

mum Christine Wilson, it includes a range of fedora hats, caps, ties and braces including products from

Newborn-18 Months) Target Girls

Pumpkin Patch

Butterfly Bow Two Piece Top and Leggings Set $20.00 (Sizes: 0-18 Months)




FORE! Axel & Hudson, a US designer brand loved

Witchery Girls

Boys Grandpa Mock

by the Kardashians and other Hollywood celebs.

Retro Sunglasses

Short Sleeve Tee

Sizes fit from babies to 12. They are also available

Tee $29.95

$22.99 (Sizes: 6

through Facebook or at the NQ Babies & Kids

(Sizes: 1-7years)

months – 5 years)

Market in the new year.


Are dirty kids smart kids? Research shows ingesting or breathing in a particular bacteria found in dirt can improve learning. Rachel Licciardello gets the dirt on what’s in the dirt.

Shop local this Christmas & WIN! Simply shop at our list of local retailers and you will get an entry form to win a Grand Jedda Cubby worth over $2,000! local retail outlets

Mycobacterium vaccae could improve learning

and coating his or her little fingers is enough

in mice. They found the mice that were fed the

for any mum to run straight for the antibacterial

live Mycobacterium vaccae navigated through

baby wipes, but research shows dirt is actually

a maze twice as fast and with less demonstrated

good for kids.

anxiety behaviours as the control mice. When

[2] Grow your own garden

the researchers stopped feeding the mice the

[3] Build a tree house

live bacteria, they found the mice were slower

[4] Fly a kite

specific bacteria in the environment can increase

For full terms & conditions and a list of retailers, head to our website


and learning, so they investigated whether live

their research last May in the US and claim

For your chance to win go to

making their way through the maze, but were still faster than the control mice.

[1] Play at the playground

[5] Go on a treasure hunt [6] Play in the sprinkler

learning behaviour. The natural soil bacteria

It makes sense. We know nature is good for us,

Mycobacterium vaccae has previously been

yet for whatever reasons our modern instincts

proven to also increase levels of serotonin and

tell us to sterilise our surroundings. Perhaps we

[8] Start a worm farm

decrease anxiety in mice. Basically, we ingest or

need to return to our basic instincts and get

[9] Plant a tree

breathe in the bacteria from the soil, and this

outside more. If dirt can help children, and adults

gives our brain a bit of a kick.

too, be less vulnerable to depression and anxiety,

[10] Hunt for bugs

Competition closes: 23 December • Competition Drawn: 24 December

To view Grand Gazebos full product

The New York researchers acknowledged the

*Picture used is an example only, basic Grand Jedda Cubby model supplied. Some items are not included like installation, slide, veranda, etc.

range go to:

already recognised link between serotonin


his or her little face, across his or her little tongue

Dorothy Matthews and Susan Jenks, released

*Conditions apply. See instore for details.

Things to Do

Seeing your little one with dirt smeared all over

The New York researchers behind these findings,

• Good Guys • Mt Pleasant Shopping Centre • City Fitness • Stellarossa • Mackay Curtain Making Services • Kidz Life Play Center • Queensland Country Credit Union • Mackay Wholesale Meats • Mackay Pet Superstore • L’Amour • Frosted Delights Cakery • Porters Northern Beaches & The City

top 10

[7] Walk the dog

lift our immune system and improve learning ability, shouldn’t we all spend a little more time playing in the dirt?




issues Story thanks to Elaine Seager


detection Dyslexia often goes undiagnosed but it affects up to 20% of the population and can make school very stressful.

The word dyslexia literally means ‘difficulty with

knowledge about how to identify dyslexia and

words’ and it’s a learning disorder that first begins

what teaching strategies to use. The new state

to make an impact in the classroom when core

minister for education John Paul Langbroek has

reading and writing skills are being taught. If a

stated that he wants children who are suffering

child hasn’t already been diagnosed by this stage

dyslexia to get as much assistance as they can.

it can cause school to be very stressful.

Dyslexia Association (ADA), also says “The very

and often gifted. While reading and writing are

best specialist dyslexia teachers are the ones

a challenge for them, they tend to be creative

who have been touched by Dyslexia. There is

and original thinkers. Unfortunately, because

something wonderful for a student to be taught

our conventional education system is so focused

by a teacher who can say they know exactly what

on the written word, school is often a struggle

it feels like.”

and this may continue on into the workplace where email communication and understanding instructions can also be problematic.

If you’re concerned that your child may have dyslexia, the first step is to meet with a specialist to make a confirmed diagnosis. For more

Local teacher Brett Comerford knows all too

information contact the Australian Dyslexia

well the challenges of being dyslexic. He was

Association or email Brett Comerford directly at

diagnosed relatively late in life at the age of 37

and admits that life at school was “hell upon earth”. As he says “I would rather have died than

Signs of dyslexia

read out loud in class and getting into trouble for not doing the work became normal. My teachers

• Coming home from school exhausted,

would often say that I was ‘dumb, stupid, lazy, a

disagreeable and stressed

good for nothing no hoper.’ I still remember my

• Trying really hard at school, but not making

Year 4 teacher telling the class “Comerford, all

good progress

you will be good for is painting white lines in the

• Difficulty with sight words

middle of the road.” He made me repeat that year which was embarrassing and I got no extra help.”

• Reversing letters or words, or forming letters and numbers anti-clockwise

Brett eventually completed a degree in 2002

• Not being able to follow a sequence of

and now says that as a teacher he has a special


affinity with children who have learning

• Difficulty telling the time on an analogue clock

difficulties. He has gone on to undertake further studies so he can provide specialist help to these children. “Living with dyslexia and being a school teacher has driven me to make changes

• Difficulty with learning tables and tying shoelaces • Easily distracted and lacking concentration

for students who have dyslexia. What failed me

• Complains of headaches

at school makes me more determined not to let

• Dizziness when reading and slow in copying

that happen for students in my care.”

from the board

Dyslexia is currently a hot educational topic with


Jodi Clements, President of the Australian

Many dyslexic children are highly intelligent

• Says the words wriggle, move and change

many parents, teachers and educators seeking


nQ cAR & tRuck RentAls Explore Mackay and the beautiful Whitsunday’s in a car from NQ Car & Truck Rentals. Our low prices and great service are the reason why we are the first choice of so many visitors to the Mackay and Whitsunday’s area.

Low prices, great service Vehicle hire atthe right Price!



Whether you need a car rental from the Marina or at the Airport, we offer a drop off and pick up service.

1800 Rent A tRuck

Story thanks to Angelina Mortley

cARs • utes • 4WDs • buses • tRucks Phone 4953 2353 4 Malcomson Street, MACKAY

Kurrimine Beach

Nestled in the tropical paradise of Kurrimine Beach, north of Townsville, Kurrimine Beach Holiday Park is a fun destination for both young and old. It’s the perfect getaway for families. As someone who usually sits back and lets the kids be kids and the husband be, well, a kid, I decided for once that I’d free myself up to get in amongst it. We had so much fun in the enormous pool with its awesome pool toys which included an inflatable slip-n-slide, balancing poles and massive blow up balls that put a whole new spin on the game of dodge ball. I’m still sore from laughing! When some indoor ‘wind-down’ time is needed there is a TV room with Wii games. If you want more activities there is outdoor chess and hopscotch, a giant jumping pillow (which saw plenty of action) plus ping pong. For the real little ones there is a playground and games room and for those who just can’t completely leave normal life behind, there is internet access and a gym. There are three styles of air-conditioned cabin accommodation available that cater well for families and include a self-contained kitchenette. They can sleep up to five people and cost from $75-$130 per night (plus 10% discount for ‘Top Tourist Parks’ members). Our two-bedroom villa was more like a unit than a cabin and had plenty of space for the four of us, with a good sized bathroom. After a jam-packed day of activity, it was so lovely to sit out on our covered patio and have some quiet time. Cabins have been

individually landscaped and are quite private. Powered sites are also available for $30 per night for camping and caravans. Shady campsites with grassy areas are located close to the pool and camp kitchen. The amenities are lovely and clean and the camp kitchen is amazing – very well decked out with stove, oven, microwaves, great TV, and more! And to top it all off, the Park is pet friendly so you don’t have to stress about leaving your pooch behind – you can bring them with you! This ‘escape from it all’ destination has the added advantage of the Great Barrier Reef right on its doorstep, allowing you to walk out and explore King Reef when the tides are right. There is also

win a Family holiday for 2 nights at Kurrimine Beach Holiday Park

fishing, beach horse riding, beach and nature walks to waterfalls, white water rafting or a picnic on South Bernard Island, to name just a few other activities, if you find you have any spare time! So, don’t wait any longer, rally the troops and take yourself away for an amazing stay at Kurrimine Beach Holiday Park. Contact

For your chance to win 2 night’s accommodation for a family of four, simply

the friendly team at Kurrimine Beach Holiday

email and tell

Park on 1300 725 525 or you can email them on

us how long is the swimming pool at or

Kurrimine Beach Holiday Park.


Terms & conditions: Prize must be used within six months of being awarded. Not valid during school holiday periods, public holidays or long weekends, and subject to availability. Not transferable and cannot be taken as cash. By entering this competition you are giving permission for your


details to be made available to the management of Kurrimine Beach Holiday Park for promotional purposes.


homemade Decorations

Designed and constructed by Sofie of Tinker and Tailor Sewing School and Design, they are fun and simple to make with fabric,

Need something to keep the kids entertained

felt and buttons, a handy bottle of craft

during the holidays? Why not give these

glue and a needle and thread. Or for those comfortable on a sewing machine, dust it

Christmas decorations a go.

Stuffed Felt

What you need

create a loop for hanging. Sew the felt

Your embroidery hoop could become a

[3] Assemble your decoration by placing

shapes together close to the edge. Leave

Christmas wreath for the front door, a single

the smaller hoop underneath your

which is a Christmas decoration trend for 2012.

open a gap of about 2cm for stuffing.

decoration for the tree or, if you are feeling

fabric and stretching the larger hoop over

particularly festive, you can appliqué one

the top. Tighten the screw at the top of

letter on each hoop to spell out ‘Merry

the embroidery hoop once the fabric is


sitting flat.

• Felt

Christmas themed shapes from your felt.

chopstick or blunt pencil to help get

• Toy fill (or stuffing from an old pillow)

[2] On one of the felt shapes, which will

the toy fill into the corners and edges of

the shape.

buttons and beads • Hand sewing needle • Sewing thread • Scissors

Dec o r a t i o n s

tree or star, or an animal shape like an Owl,

[4] Stuff your shape with toy fill. Use a

• Craft items for decorating such as,

Embroidery Hoop

Your stuffed felt decoration could be a simple

[1] Begin by cutting out two identical

• Ribbon


Dec o r a t i o n s

off, and practise some basic appliqué.

become the front of your decoration,

glue or sew your chosen craft items. If

using larger craft items such as buttons

with a 2cm or more diameter it may be

easier to attach them to your decoration

once you have stuffed it with toy fill.

[3] Once you have finished decorating your

[5] Sew the gap closed.


What you need • Christmas themed fabric • Felt

[1] Begin by separating the two parts of the

[4] Loop a ribbon through the screw at the

• Small wooden embroidery hoops

(available from craft stores)

Christmas themed fabric, use tailors chalk

• Ribbon

to draw around the inside of the largest

hoop. This circle becomes the frame

within which you can decorate. Roughly

• Hand sewing needle

cut around the circle about 3cm from the

• Sewing thread

drawn line so that it is easier to work with.

• Scissors

[2] Within your fabric circle, appliqué simple

• Buttons and beads [1] Use free clip art websites to help find a

suitable Christmas themed shape. Print

out an appropriate size and use as a

felt shape, place the identical felt shapes

together with the decorated side facing

outwards. Cut a length of ribbon, fold it in

[2] For non-sewers, you could choose not to

• Craft glue

half and place it in between the felt

stuff the felt Christmas shape and just

shapes at the top of your decoration to

hang on the tree one sided.

• Tailors chalk

template to trace around.

embroidery hoop. On your chosen

top of the embroidery hoop for hanging.

[5] To neaten the back of the hoop cut away

bulky excess fabric and glue down the

edge of the remaining fabric to the inside

of the small hoop at the back.


Christmas themed shapes made from felt

If choosing to machine appliqué your felt

using glue or machine stitching. Decorate

shape to the fabric, interface the wrong side

your felt shape using other chosen craft

of your fabric first to add stability.



Home Entertaining

The traditional Aussie Christmas is a social eating occasion with most people choosing to spend the time cooking together and enjoying a meal with family and friends.


TableWear It’s a special occasion so why not treat yourself to some stylish new tableware for Christmas? Porters stock a wide range including platters and dip containers.


Kids Utensils Young kids will feel extra special at Christmas with a new dining set. This Ecology Naturals Rand of products uses sustainable forestry, recycled packaging and biodegradable materials.

Outdoor Dining Who wants to spend hours slaving in a hot kitchen over Christmas! More than 60% of Aussies fire up their BBQ’s at Christmas, but for something a bit different why not consider asking Santa for an outdoor pizza oven this year? Kids love pizzas and they

Christmas Cooking Involving the kids in baking keeps them entertained and makes them feel a part of the family. Christmas novelty cookies are easy for them to make and they also make a delicious gift idea.

also love adding their own toppings so they can help with the cooking. Delicious!



Pets fav

December entries

Fav pet shot of the month wins a mystery prize to the value of $30!

Pets at

Christmas Meeka loved by Charlotte

There is a large selection of Christmas toys and

• What products and housing are needed to

treats available for pets this year, everything from

keep the pet alive and healthy?

edible treats, soft toys, Santa hats and lots more. They are always quick to sell so if you can’t resist treating your pet to something special, get in

• Are you going away over the holidays, and if so


do you have someone to care for the pet?

However, its important to remember that the

Pets for Kids

treats we love at Christmas are generally not so

Nellie loved by Jack

good for our pets. For example, don’t feed the following to dogs: • Chocolate – causes seizures

You could be a winner!

Toohey loved by Kelsea & Vienna

Trav loved by Isabelle

Our pets are increasingly being treated as part of the family.

Winners prize

Here are a few ideas for popular pets for kids at the moment: • Fish – a Siamese fighter can be the perfect fish to start with. They are colourful and can be kept

• Onions – destroys red blood cells

in a small bowl.

• Cooked bones – they can splinter

• Hermit Crabs – Something different that

• Raisins and grapes – cause liver damage

require little cleaning.

• Avocado – causes difficulty with breathing

• Snakes – kids don’t seem to fear snakes and

It’s best to stick to your dog’s normal diet for

for and only need to be fed once a week.

Christmas dinner and give them a doggie appropriate treats. Ham is high in salt and

once you’re over the fear they are easy to care

• Guinea Pigs – Cute, cuddly and don’t need a

sausages are high in fat. One sausage to a dog

large space.

can be like a human eating six sausages.

Many pets require years of love and care so it’s

treats and toys being sold and its

Pets as Gifts

really important to do your research before you

not just limited to dogs and cats,

Traditionally there is an influx of animals into

information and help guide your decision.

even birds, small animals, fish

shelters in January and February so if you’re

This becomes very apparent at Email your photo, name/s & address to: • Deadline for photos is 15 December for the January 2013 edition of Pakmag.

• What ongoing costs are associated with the pet?

Christmas with the amount of

and reptiles are getting spoilt during the season of goodwill!

buy. Pop in and see us and we’ll give you all the

thinking of buying a pet for someone make sure they’re involved with the decision. Here are some points to consider: • How much time does the pet require for a good quality of life and can you provide it?

Merry Christmas from Mackay Pet Superstore

Congratulations to our Nov prize winners! Colour it in & Win:

Dot to Dot:

• Tania Jones

• Brady Hills

• Flynn Rodgers

Word Search:

• Eva Stokes

Word Scramble: • Lea Hancock


ma c ka y

• Ruby Matheson

Match Words & Pics: • Michael Schmidt



submit your photos

email to:

Limbo fun at the PakMag Launch

nch Party


Jacob & Nickolas at the PakMag Lau

Madison and mum Stacey at the Pak

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Holly at the launch party

Austin at the launch party

Jacob & Mum at the launch party

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Lani & mum Leisa at the Baby Welcom


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Have a laugh with a local thanks to SeaFM

Laughs local

This month we asked: What’s your most memorable Christmas with your kids or from your own childhood? Donna Moore

Catherine Raymon

our fav

“I have had a lot off memorable Christmas’s with my kids. But this year will be the best, as I am spending my first ever Christmas with my two brothers I just found.”

Patricia Hunt

Mandy Taylor

“I love adding presents under the tree in the lead up to Christmas and listening to the kids conversations about the additions, “That one’s new”, “That wasn’t there yesterday.” So on Christmas Eve the floor around the tree is a maze of presents and then when Santa comes the pile doubles and the kids faces and their excitement in the morning is priceless. My Christmas’s when I was a kid weren’t very exciting so I overcompensate now and I love it. Mind you, it’s not cheap so I have to start Christmas shopping early.”

“Laying on the tramp looking for Santa. One year he left footprints all over the floor, the carrots were eaten and the beer was all gone. The excitement of waking up with all the presents and rushing off to wake my sister and brother up! I was always the first up and still am. I love Xmas morning and now my son is older I hope he has the same enjoyment”


“When my son was four or five we bought him a trampoline for Christmas and planned to put it up on Christmas Eve ready for him in the morning. Needless to say he didn’t go to sleep until after midnight and we were then up until 4am fighting with the bloody thing!”

Lisa Chetcuti “Santa came to our preschool and bought a book for each of the children. When we got home my son was unusually quiet and I asked what was wrong and he replied, “I don’t like Santa”. I asked why and he said, “I wanted a play station, not a stupid book.”

Debbie Brooks-Leeson “We have four boys and when the youngest was five they were into the WWF wrestling. We spent $1500 on the figures and decided to pack them on the pool table so when they got up there was nothing under the tree and we woke up to crying kids! It was terrible but when we pulled off the sheet from the table the tears were suddenly all gone. Wow, I’ll never forget that Christmas!”


PakMag Mackay - December 2012  

Mackay’s favourite parenting and kids magazine, December 2012 edition, full of competitions, great articles, what's on and what's new inform...

PakMag Mackay - December 2012  

Mackay’s favourite parenting and kids magazine, December 2012 edition, full of competitions, great articles, what's on and what's new inform...