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Hello and welcome to the 65th edition of PakMag. It’s been a busy month at PakMag this month since we’ve launched our first edition in Mackay and the Whitsundays. As you can imagine we are very excited to be able to reach so many families in NQ and it all started right here in Cairns with your support, so thanks so much for helping us grow. This month’s cover star, Cayley, was the recent winner of the 5-10 year olds category in the Face of Cairns Central modelling competition so a big congratulations must go to her. We also have another cover star competition running where you can vote for families that were photographed at the baby welcoming expo. See page 3 for details. Until next time, happy reading, and don’t forget to tell everyone, you read it in PakMag.

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inBRIEF Love Singing?


Cairns BMX

11 November (5-7pm) What do you want to be when you grow up? Come along to our next PakClub at Cazaly’s on 11 November and you could win some fun prizes if you come dressed as your favourite profession whether as a football star, doctor, firemen, pilot etc – use your imagination.

Trop Jr 2013

Recently returned to Australia from London,

young vocal talent. So, if your children love

The Cairns BMX Club has got a new ‘Mini Wheelers’

Keesha Mclean is a vocal coach who has

to sing and want to have fun while learning

group for little riders from the age of three who fancy

a strong track record of working with

the technical aspects of vocal training, go to

racing their balance bike (no pedals) around the track.

performers of all ages and abilities, including or call her on

Kids can bring their own balance bike or borrow a

West End musical theatre performers. She is

0437 865 555 for more information.

couple from the club. They will also need to take

now available in Cairns to help nurture our

from ADHD, Autism, speech and language difficulties

Weight Watchers, Australia’s leading weight loss organisation, has announced that a new meeting is starting on the northern side of Cairns just in time for summer. It will be held at the Marlin Coast Community Centre on Reed Road, Trinity Park on Saturday

Prep Open Day 6 November (9am-11.30am)

Adventist College is holding a Considering school options? Cairns -11.30am) so you can find out Prep Open Day on 6 November (9am was the first Independent a bit more about what they offer. This operating since 1950) and school in the Cairns region (it’s been Year 7. Based on Christian has 85 students in total from Prep to focus on using information and values, the school also has a strong classroom. For more info go to communication technologies in the ipal on 4051 2585. or call the Princ

premiere and contain the Trop Jr Signature Item, which for 2013 is ‘JUMP’. Entries will close on January 3, 2013.

ASSESSMENT Help Knowing exactly where your child stands in terms of development and performance compared to their peers can really help make the decision about what school and grade year is best for their abilities. Education Consultant Melita Carton is now offering

Trop Jr will take place at venues across

objective personalised assessments of children

the largest short film festival in the world for

Australia on 17 February, 2013. Visit

covering everything from language skills, literacy,

kids. With a massive pool of prizes, including for entry information

numeracy, social and emotional development etc. It

the chance to have your film screened

and subscribe to Trop Jr News for regular

to thousands of people, Trop Jr is a great


will also identify any possible learning difficulties so you can brief your child’s new teacher. For more info call Melita at Personalised Education on 0437 133 624.

0426 104 578 or go to

Santa’s Brekky Go to our website and tell us if you’ve been naughty or nice this year and you could be one of 30 children who will able to join us with Santa for a special pre-Christmas breakfast. There will be lots of entertainment, carol singing, presents and lots of fun

For more info go to

Entries are about to open for Trop Jr 2013,


to learning disorders. For more information call

for everyone.

mornings (9am). The first one will be 17 November.

entries must be 7 minutes or less, be a world

open day

to work with children with a range of difficulties

17 November (9am)

Entrants must be 15 years old or younger, all

behaviour clinic that uses neuroscience techniques

enclosed shoes. To find our more contact Dee Hanby

NEW Weight Watchers

opportunity for budding filmmakers.

Voutneuro is a new specialist children’s brain and

along a bike helmet, long sleeve shirt, long pants and on 0419 391 779 or go to

Entries close 3 January

Brain Help

pakmag cover star

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Space Movies Sci-Fi

Show &Tell


The latest news, products and tips in the world of families and kids

Get to know... Dig out your favourite space sci-fi movies to celebrate the eclipse this month: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] After 10 years of being a high school art teacher and three years at Cairns Regional Gallery, Kate Hard wanted to work creatively with young children. She recently started her new business Mini Miros to provide art classes for 2-5 year olds. She is also mum to young children, Charlie (3) and Bertie (1) [1] What’s the best thing about teaching art to young kids? Children’s artworks are so fun and amazing because they’re not at all self-conscious about doing things right. Every class is hilarious because they always interpret an activity their own way and make completely crazy artwork that I never anticipated [2] How would your friends describe you? Quirky, entertaining and creative [3] What did you want to be when you grew up? A vet until I realised that you had to do more than just pat the animals [4] What’s your idea of relaxation?


Making my own artworks. I meet with two

girlfriends once a month and we all do our

Apollo 13 Star Wars Star Trek Transformers Avatar

HOT New Toy

craft and gossip at the same time, it’s bliss. [5] What was your least exciting job? Collecting pond weeds for aquariums – not very glamorous [6] What is your least favourite kids TV show? Waybuloo, can’t stand it, but I love Small Potatoes! [7] What’s the best parenting advice you ever received? “The days are long but the years are short” [8] Who’s your inspiration? Right now it’s my kids. I love the way they keep trying at something until they get it right. I think of them when I’m ready to give up on something

Nuko Toys

been Collectable trading cards have just with the app new nary lutio turned into a revo New of er winn nt launch of Nuko Toys. Rece ally basic they toy, York You Fair’s number one re featu that s involve a pack of gaming card ures exotic animals and mythological creat an iPad or that are tapped onto the screen of able at iPhone and literally come to life. Avail e at onlin and s Store ic raph Australian Geog raph shop.australiangeog


Show &Tell

my business

Got something to share or shout about? Email us at

Elf on the Shelf If you don’t know what the Elf on the Shelf® is yet, you soon will. Touted as

Dale Jackley is the owner of Jackley’s Bakehouse

the “best thing since

and when he’s not busy whipping up delicious apple

The Night before

turnovers or cream horns for his loyal customers, he is

Christmas”, this gift set includes a hardbound children’s

a proud family man and father to three year old Tia.

book, a North Pole elf and a keepsake box.

I have been a qualified baker for 14

Bakehouse is very much a family enterprise

Written by mother-

years and my business is a way for me

with everyone pitching in including my

daughter team Carol

to express my love of making bread and

dad helping out as a deliveryman. We go

Aebersold and Chanda Bell, it is hugely popular in

cakes for people to relish. Owning an

against the old advice of keeping family

the US where children have embraced the magic

independent bakery in a world of franchises

and business separate since two of our

of adopting their very own Santa scout elf who

and supermarkets is definitely hard work

closest friends also work with us and they

travels back to the North Pole each night to report

but it means I can spread my wings and

are the most hardworking and loyal team

on how the kids are behaving. Find out more at

make the products that my customers want

we could ask for.

rather than conforming to a set routine of products. I love being able to offer something different each time a customer

For you chance to win an Elf



on the Shelf simply go to our website and tell us what you want for Christmas?

makes a trip to our bakery. By stamping my name on the business I’m showing how proud I am of what we produce.

I like to push my limits so we’ve expanded quickly into Mt Sheridan as well as Raintrees. I’ve learned to surround myself with positive people including my wife who is my number one fan, critic and pillar of strength all in one. Business life is

I’ve had the idea in my head to start my

a lot easier when its shared with someone

own bakery for several years. Jackley’s

you love and trust.



people Story thanks to Nadine Rains

Nadine’s winning BLA entry

Lives Real




y name is Nadine Rains. I have just

waiting for the day when I’ll be strong enough to

returned to school to finish year

return to my old life, but in the meantime I feel

11 and 12 after a very difficult year

happy and peaceful just to be back at school with

that started when I was involved in a major burns accident during the Easter holidays. I spent five weeks in an induced coma and another five weeks in the burns ward at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital where I nearly lost my life six times.

Earlier this year Mareeba schoolgirl Nadine Rains was badly burned and almost lost her life. Her love of photography and design not only allowed her to cope with these experiences but also led her to becoming one of the winners in the BLA’s recent Bare Foot Competition.


all my great friends. The images that I submitted to the BLA Barefoot Competition reflect the very dark experience I’ve been through this year and take me to a place where I can forget the whole accident and edit my life in the way I want it to look. Most

My experience was very traumatic and the time

of them are in black and white to reflect the

I spent in hospital recovering was quite boring.

trauma I’ve endured – for me, bright colours are

Since I enjoy being creative I decided to help

about happiness so I wanted to hide them and

pass the time by gathering photos of my nurses

bring out the stark reality of my experiences.

and other people in the hospital and playing

The model in the photo is my cousin Jessica who

with them in photoshop to create images to their

spent several weeks in Brisbane with me and has

liking. I spent hours at a time on each photo and

kept me going through it all. I owe her my life.

it bought me a great deal of happiness at a very stressful time in my life.

The BLA (Business Liaison Association) is a link between education and industry in Far

My life before severe burns was wonderful; I

North Queensland. Each year they run over 20

was happy and peaceful and would often bring

different types of competitions for secondary

out my camera to take snaps of flowers or of my

students, sometimes with prize money of over

family. I miss those days and I am still patiently

$1000. For more info go to


cycle and Cool Bullies are perceived as popular but bully, taunt and ridicule others to maintain their popularity and social position. Julie says often bullies are just looking for a reaction and if they think they can get one and get away with it, they will keep doing it. “Most bullies bully in public to impress their peers and look powerful. When peers are no longer impressed there is no payoff for the bully,” she says. But unfortunately only one in 10 victims of bullying will report it to their parents or a teacher so the cycle of bullying continues.

STOP Bullying

Some of the reasons kids choose not to tell their parents is the fear that the bullying will get worse, they don’t want to snitch, and they don’t want to disappoint their parents or be embarrassed by their involvement. So what are some of the signs should parents look out for?


SIGNS OF BULLYING: • Suddenly doesn’t want to go to school and comes up with excuses • Feeling stressed, regular headaches, stomach aches and nausea • Trouble sleeping • Unexplained injuries • Torn clothing or constantly losing clothing • Loss of interest in friends

• Doesn’t want to talk about school • School grades deteriorate • Wanting to be driven to school or walking unusual alternative routes • No appetite or increased appetite (because lunch stolen) • Permanent mood swings, depression, upset and angry In addition to these there are also additional signs your child could be being cyber-bullied: • Suddenly starts spending much less time on the computer • Noticeably angry, depressed or withdrawn after being on computer • Looks uncomfortable whenever receiving emails or texts • Stops answering phone or reading texts in front of you • Hides what he/she is doing on the computer and won’t discuss with you The emotional, mental and physical effects of bullying can be life-long and in too many cases lead to suicide. Many victims feel there is no hope after facing the constant torment alone and can’t see a way out. Julie and Andrew have some suggestions on how to deal bullying:

Dealing with Bullying Talk to your kids – From a young age explain what bullying is, how it effects others and why it is important to tell someone if you are being bullied or if you know someone else is being bullied.

As we all know bullying is a BIG problem. It’s a problem not only for misfits, loners, chubby or skinny kids, unpopular kids, those who are depressed or those from dysfunctional families. It also happens to happy, attractive, fun-loving and popular kids too, writes Amanda Cranston


ocal authors Julie and Andrew Matthews have sold over seven million books in 42 languages and they have just published their latest book Stop The Bullying! in response to reports about teenage suicides due to cyberbullying. According to the authors, bullying is a learned behaviour and normally begins


at home. “Kids aren’t born bullies just like they are not born racist. Children are very accepting but they learn by imitation and unfortunately bullying can be seen as early as in childcare,” Julie says. She explains that bullies normally fall into one of two categories. Bullied Bullies are usually bullied at home or school and continue the bullying

Tell someone – Victims need to tell someone - a parent, a teacher or another trusted adult. A mediation between the teacher and the parents of the bully and the victim should take place. If this doesn’t resolve the bullying, speak to the principal. Keep a diary – Keep a record of all bullying including dates, times, where it happened, names of the bullies, what was said, any injuries sustained from physical bullying including photographic evidence, keep any threatening emails or text messages as evidence and write down dates you spoke with an adult (parent/teacher/police) about the bullying. Parents can help - Be aware of your child’s behaviour when they come home from school. Talk with you child and support them, but don’t judge them.

Schools can help - Principals must be involved as they are responsible for every child within their school. Bullying has to be taught as a subject and discussed on a weekly basis and tougher consequences for bullying needs to be put in place. Bystanders can help – Be a friend to the person who is being bullied, take them to see a teacher and show you care. Stop the Bullying! by Julie and Andrew Matthews is available from Collins Booksellers in Smithfield Centre, Crystal Ball at 91 Grafton St, QBD in Cairns Central and from

Andrew Matthews will be speaking at the Cairns Business Women’s Club lunch on 14 December. To book your seat email



Let no child ever come to us without leaving happier, smarter and more confident. Primary Tutoring

School Readiness

prep to yeAr 6

AgeS 2 to 5 yeArS

• Literacy and Numeracy program based on the outcomes from the Australian National Curriculum

• Develop social & emotional skills

• Qualifed Registered Teachers

• Letter names & sounds • Small groups - 1hr classes

• Recognition of individual learning needs

• Numbers to 20 • Full-colour workbooks

• One on one or Small Groups

• Games & hands-on activities

• Great for children that need to develop more confidence with their learning or those that need extending

• Fine motor & handwriting skills

Prep Year

News Story thanks to Irene Goodrich

Catholic Education

• Encourage a love of learning


he Prep Year follows a rich play-based

• Involve your child in family activities that

programme that is based on active

investigate mathematical ideas, e.g. cooking,

learning, which includes inquiry,

setting the table, matching socks, sharing a meal

investigation and purposeful play experiences. It is designed to prepare children for formal schooling, in accordance with the Early Years Curriculum Guidelines, whilst building on what they may have learned at kindergarten, childcare or through learning at home.

• Degree qualified & experienced teacher

Education should be a partnership between schools and families where parents are

enRoL now foR SchooL hoLiday PRogRam

10/146 Anderson St, Manunda For more information & 4032 1994 |


No EN R ES w FIL fo O r LIN 20 L G Q 13 U




The Prep Year is not compulsory but international research shows that full time quality programmes smooth the transition into Grade 1

welcomed as members of the school community and opportunities are provided to share in the school experience. Close communication between school and home is a priority.

Here are a few ways to get involved in your child’s Prep Year: • Share information about your child with the teacher (always treated confidentially) • Chat with your child about what they’re doing at school • Visit the classroom for a brief chat or to take part in daily activities or special events • Read together and talk about story books, factual books and rhymes as well as about everyday items such as signs, notices, letters, catalogues, magazines, TV guides, food packaging and bills

• Encourage your child to use ‘junk’ materials for drawing, making patterns, and building things Early entry into Prep is generally not allowable under the Education Act’s age entry regulations. In the meantime, parents can help prepare their child for Prep by reading together, talking, playing, gardening, fishing and helping each other around the home. Contact the Catholic school of your choice for information about enrolling.

When is my child eligible for Prep? Birth date

Eligible for Prep Year in

Eligible for Year 1 in

Child born 1 July 2007 to 30 June 2008



Child born 1 July 2008 to 30 June 2009



Child born 1 July 2009 to 30 June 2010



Child born 1 July 2010 to 30 June 2011



Child born 1 July 2011 to 30 June 2012



Orientation and tours of Just Kids are available Monday & Friday 9am-11am To book your visit, call our team on 4051 9788 or email We are located at 219 Draper Street, Cairns





Series Story thanks to Michael C Nagel

Keys to school



arlier this year I was walking past a

the claims made and in fact much of the research

bookstore and I couldn’t believe my

cited is either invalid or biased due to the fact

eyes - NAPLAN preparation materials for

that it was commissioned and conducted by the

children to help them do better on the national tests held each May. And interestingly, right nearby there was also collection of books and DVD’s for parents related to making their children ‘smarter’. This may seem harmless enough, after all, what could be wrong with any parent trying to do what is right by their child in terms of their education. However, all too often the very things

According to human development expert Associate Professor Michael C Nagel, one of the most worrying trends occurring in Australian education is a growing preoccupation with standardised testing and educational enrichment.

that we take for granted or fail to scrutinise

very company that is selling the products. Truth be told, the factors for ensuring an enjoyable and successful journey through school are simple. Study after study shows us that if we really want to do what’s best for our children we should provide: • Regular routines and consistency.

effectively may, in the long term, be not so good

• Chances to repeat activities to help

for our children. This includes an overzealous

consolidate learning.

focus on ‘standards’ and testing in schools along with a growing ‘educational’ industry making large profits under the guise of making kids smarter. There is a great deal of research that highlights the frailty of standardised testing. In terms of learning, they don’t really tell us much given that

• Opportunities to learn through hands-on interactions and activities. • Novel ways to learn through experimentation and exploration. • Exposure to rich, interactive language.

they focus on very surface level learning, they

• And most importantly, positive, reliable and

are often socially and culturally biased, and they

supportive relationships.

are misused to compare students and/or schools. Standardised tests may be a convenient way for

During any discussion about our children’s

politicians to look like they are fixing ‘schooling’

educational achievements, we should pay more

but its at the expense of creating anxiety in

attention to their emotional and social wellbeing

students, especially young children.

than any increments on a standardised test or the latest learning ‘gadget’. Years of experience

They may also contribute to a growth industry

coupled with the latest research tells us that

focused on making children smarter.

children are most likely to succeed in school and

Since the early 1990’s there has been a

in life when they feel safe, known and cared for.

proliferation of toys, DVD’s and various other

Michael C Nagel Ph D is an Associate Professor

types of ‘learning’ tools promoted as mechanisms

at the University of the Sunshine Coast where he

for enhancing a child’s intellectual and/or

teaches and researches on human development

cognitive development. Often they make claims

and educational psychology. He is also the

about their efficacy by noting very ambiguous

author of Nurturing a Healthy Mind, available

aspects of ‘brain research’. The fact of the matter

from ($32.99).

is, there isn’t any scientific evidence to support




issues Story thanks to Kate van Eck

Chores Many professionals agree that encouraging kids to contribute to household tasks has advantages, writes Kate van Eck While at one time, household chores were an integral part of family life, these days many of

Does your child LOVE to sing? Aspire to be on stage or simply perform for fun? Vocal Coach Keesha can help.

Learn to sing in a fun nurturing environment

• Performance opportunities for all ages and abilities • 15 years experience in London • Proven student success, including West End Productions Oliver, Billy Elliot, Les Miserables

Call Keesha on 0437 865 555 or visit

Vocal c oac h i n g

Create a chart

us are unclear what our expectations should

If children can see their responsibilities presented

be when it comes to kids doing their fair share

visually, it gives them the satisfaction of marking

around the house. With the demands of school a

them off as they go. It also shows them that other

lot higher than they were in previous generations

members of the family have jobs to do too and

and extra curricular activities robbing us of our

that they are playing an active part in the family.

precious spare time, is it reasonable to expect our

Make it fun

children to carry out even more duties around the home? Many professionals agree that setting chores for our children is an essential part of training them to be responsible and independent adults. Michael Grose, who is the author of eight parenting books and considered Australia’s No.1 parenting educator, states the following, “It makes sense for parents to work hard to provide opportunities for kids to contribute to their

Some parents let their children choose their own jobs. This allows them to feel useful without dreading having to do something they hate. Chores like washing the car or dog, can be done as a family (try dressing them in swimmers and goggles as a productive way to cool off after school).

Re-brand it!

family so they feel valued for what they bring to

The word “chore” has so many negative

their family rather than what they take.”

connotations and the last thing you want is for your kids to see what they’re doing as a burden.

In fact, encouraging your kids to contribute to

Why not give each child a list of jobs with a

the home has a number of advantages including

catchy heading like “Jane’s in charge of…” or “Ben

building confidence, teaching appreciation

is the boss of…”

and value for property and understanding time

• Watering plants • Feeding pets • Packing up toys

Preschoolers • Folding washing • Setting the table • Weeding

School Kids

It’s almost impossible to talk about chores

lot on the approach of the parents as well. Some

without bringing up the topic of pocket money.

ways to encourage your kids to contribute rather

Depending on how you structure the division

than force them include:

of labour in your home, the two usually tend to

• Making their bed

be intertwined. While some parents believe in

• Washing the car

Children respond better when they know what’s expected from them. By carrying out certain tasks at the same time every day or the same day every week, it becomes second nature to them.


management. Of course, success can depend a

Sticking to a routine


Examples of age-appropriate chores:

rewarding their children for all the work they do,

• Vacuuming

others say that contributing to the home is all part of being in a family, and only offer money for additional tasks completed. Either way, many experts believe the younger children learn a respect for money the better.


Liar Liar Lying

children How parents should handle their children’s lying depends on what is motivating them to lie, writes psychologist Jutta Dempsey

When you catch your child lying it’s natural to

fear of consequences. If this is unsuccessful then

feel betrayed, hurt, angry and frustrated. If your

punish and teach the child a different way of

child is under five years of age you don’t need to

problem solving and then praise them when they

be too concerned because they have difficulty

use it.

understanding the difference between reality and imagination.

[3] Over-prediction

However, for school-aged children it’s important to

Some children lie because they over-predict

find out why they are lying and address the source

the reaction of teacher’s and parents finding

of the problem rather than the symptom. Yelling

out the truth. One of the most productive ways

will only worsen the situation so give yourself

of addressing this is to provide a child with

some time away from your child to calm down and

clear boundaries, and yet emphasise that these

think about how to handle the situation.

boundaries are negotiable. Talk through the child’s

Here are some of the reasons why children lie and what you can do about it:

[1] Fear Lying to cover up the truth of a wrongdoing is very common, especially among children with parents who tend to be angry, restrictive and rigid. The problem with punishing lying sourced by fear is that the punishment is not associated with lying but being found out. These children usually know

thought process to help to gain an understanding of their thinking.

[4] Modelling Parents telling ‘white’ lies can be confusing for children because the mind of a child is a lot more black and white. They don’t comprehend ‘grey’ areas.

[5] Compulsive liars

they’ve done something wrong so parents need

When children become compulsive liars they tell

to get beyond the lying and address the original

lies by reflex. It may indicate underlying problems

behavior that caused them to lie in the first place

such as ADHD (impulsiveness), depression,

eg. hitting their sibling. Rather than getting angry

anxiety, adjustment difficulties, family stress (eg.

with your child, listen before accusing and allow

difficult divorce) or bipolar, antisocial or conduct

room for negotiation and compromise. This

disorder which typically manifest for the first time

usually helps to pave the way for more honest

during adolescence. If compulsive lying continues


into adulthood, it can cause significant social and personal problems.

[2] Habit

The psychological pattern of the compulsive

Sometimes lying becomes such a habit that a

liar destroys the bond of trust between a child

child may even insist it’s the truth when they’re

and parents. Once it has been assimilated into

confronted with it. There are a myriad of possible

a child’s temperament it becomes increasingly

causes including low self esteem, a need to be

difficult to stop so the immediate intervention

perfect, not liking being wrong or attention

of a psychologist or psychiatrist who works with

seeking (eg. if a new baby arrives). It often starts

children is required. They will provide parents

with exaggeration and white lies.

with specific parenting styles and a deeper

This kind of lying is often strengthened by hostile confrontation so it’s more effective to give the child an opportunity to retract the lie without


understanding of the problem they face whilst giving age-appropriate psychotherapy for the child.




Women Finance


Change for Debit Cardholders

The latest news and tips in the world of women, families and finance

Playing your cards right

Visa Debit cardholders can now choose the ‘credit’ option at the register when shopping at stores in the Woolworths group. This new change applies to purchases at stores including Woolworths supermarkets, Big W, Safeway, Woolworths Liquor, BWS, Dan Murphy’s, Dick Smith, Thomas Dux and Caltex Woolworths petrol outlets. Woolworths and Visa have recently come

Do you remember life without credit cards? • Use credit cards to fund personal short

Woolworth’s group brands. This will give

radically changed our shopping lives by

term cash flow imbalances, but never to

customers the choice to pay with any card

giving us greater flexibility in the way we

fund cash flow deficits. If you can’t pay off

they wish. All stores are now able to accept

spend our money. Recent figures from the

your credit card balance after the interest

the new credit function.

Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) show people

free period (44 to 55 days from purchase

have reduced cash advances on their cards,

date), you will go backwards. It’s that

no doubt aware this is an expensive loan

simple. Interest is applied from the

option. Unfortunately, RBA figures also show

purchase date, not the day after the

that about 72% of cardholders still carry a

interest free period ends.

the next.

• Restructure your debt - debt funded by a credit card is expensive, so consider

While there are great advantages to credit

accessing cheaper funds in order to pay

cards, the fact that they have given us the

off debt, like redrawing equity from your

ability to make more spontaneous purchases

home loan, or taking out a personal loan

has brought fear, trouble and debt for

with a lower interest rate.

some people. But it is possible to enjoy the benefits of credit cards and still maintain good financial health by tightly tying your credit card spending in with regular budgeting. Here are some practical steps to incorporating credit cards into your life while avoiding or managing debt problems:

the acceptance of Visa Debit across all

There’s no doubt that ‘plastic fantastic’ has

card balance forward from one month to


to a commercial agreement to enable

• Complete a budget and review it regularly.

By becoming conscious of linking your card spending with your budget, you gain the benefits of sustainable shopping but avoid the pitfalls of excessive expensive debt. Fiona Thorogood is a Financial Planner at TFS Financial Planning. For more information regarding managing your debts call 4046 5555 or visit



E N DS M E ET ke ends meet If you’re struggling to ma r financial Uniting Care run regula hops with useful rks wo counselling budget meet your you p and practical tips to hel d on 21 hel l be budget. The next one wil 188 Aumuller November (9am-1pm) at Street, Cairns. k call 4050 4955.

For more info or to boo


Health pak

Doctor pak

Hangovers New Light on Sunscreens The incidence of skin cancers, particularly melanomas, has continued to increase in Australia despite 30 years of the ‘Slip, Slop, Slap’ sun protection campaign.

By Dr Julia Driscoll Yes, this is still a medical column but since the year is rapidly drawing to a close the subject of hangovers may become more topical over the next few weeks. A hangover is the body’s way of trying to rid itself of the poison in your body – alcohol. It affects the whole body including the brain, kidneys, liver, heart, stomach, metabolism of glucose and dehydration.

100% edible

Handmade decorations

for your cakes

Our icingbits turn your cakes into works of art! For info call 0410 107 722 or visit

According to Associate Professor Jan

(UVB) radiation, but we now know that

The symptoms you experience will depend upon

Hanrahan at the University of Sydney

it is just as important for them to block

your genetics, your weight and your size (for this

this is partly due to the fact that the

ultraviolet A (UVA) radiation, which can be

sun protection factor rating, or SPF, in

more damaging to the skin. It is therefore

sunscreens is biased towards protection

best to use the newer broad-spectrum

drinks consumed.

from UVB rays and prevention of sunburn,

sunscreens that block both wavebands.

Avoiding Hangovers

New Australian and New Zealand standards

• Drink responsibly – remember that you are always

now permit sunscreens to have an SPF

setting an example for your children no matter

Sunscreens were originally developed to

rating of up to 50+. Previously, only SPF

what age they are. Even if you arrange for them to

prevent sunburn caused by ultraviolet B

30+ was available in Australia.

be babysat they will still observe your hangover the

but does not measure how effective a sunscreen is at blocking UVA.

celebratory night out.

Healthy Attitude

wellbeing. and Analysing data on the diet, exercise people, 7000 personality type of more than their ve they found that those who belie ns life can be changed by their own actio ed ate healthier food, exercised more, smok less and avoided binge drinking.

earlier than males) and the type and amount of

following day and think “that must be normal” for a

Researchers from the University of Melbourne have found a direct link hy between personality types and healt de attitu lifestyles with a positive ‘can do’ and h being seen as the key to good healt


reason women generally are prone to a hangover

Meanwhile, those who have a greater faith in ‘luck’ or ‘fate’ are more likely to lead an unhealthy lifestyle. Professor

• Alternate drinks with something non-alcoholic. policy Deborah Cobb-Clark says “The main been response to the obesity epidemic has but on, mati infor r bette the provision of ge information alone is insufficient to chan the ding rstan people’s eating habits. Unde n’s psychological underpinning of a perso is ts eating patterns and exercise habi central to understanding obesity.”

en The study also found men and wom of fits bene hold different views on the ical phys ed a healthy lifestyle. Men want while results from their healthy choices,

• Eat first – try to avoid drinking on an empty stomach. • Minimise fizzy drinks – fizzy alcoholic drinks like champagne tend to raise your blood alcohol level more quickly. • Minimise cogeners - researchers have implicated cogeners as another causative factor of hangover. They are high in some spirits so minimise your intake of whiskey, brandy, bourbon and red wine. Gin and vodka have less cogenors. Dr Julia Driscoll is a doctor at Apple Tree Medical Centre in Smithfield, Cairns. She is also the author

women were more receptive to the hy everyday enjoyment of leading a healt

of “My Story”, an interactive children’s book to


reduce sibling rivalry. For more information go to


Nutrition pak

By Ally Crofton, APD

upping the Vegies According to the governments guide on healthy eating, children aged 4-12 years should be eating an average of three to five serves of vegetables per day. Vegetables are fantastic for the whole family because they

Dinner Whatever’s on the menu, there are lots of different ways to whip up some quick vegies to go with dinner. For example:

are a low energy food with lots of vitamins,

• Microwave – green beans, peas, snow

minerals, antioxidants and other goodies

peas, broccoli, cauliflower (hot tip: buy a

that are absolutely essential for maintaining

steam container from the supermarket)

good health and a healthy weight. The more ways you can find to add vegetables to the family diet the better. Here are a few quick and easy tips:

Breakfast If your kids love eggs you can easily add a few extra vegies like some grated carrot and zucchini. You can also turn them into

Product news


Snack Packs



• Fresh salad – carrots, cucumber, capsicum, lettuce, cabbage, bean sprouts, celery, mushrooms, spinach, zucchini or tomato • Canned vegies - bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, sweetcorn, beans or lentils

These delightful little snack packs are ideal for kids’ lunchboxes. One snack pack is the equivalent of one serving of fruit, and with approximately 3-4 prunes

• Pan-fried vegetables – onion, tomato,

per pack they are a perfectly portion-controlled

eggplant or asparagus

snack size. Prunes can also be of benefit if your child is constipated, as they are an excellent source

delicious Spanish-style eggs by adding

• Oven-roasted – potato, sweet potato,

chopped up tomato, mushroom and Spanish

pumpkin, beetroot, squash or onions

onion topped with coriander. Baked beans

If you’re concerned about wasting money

dry, hard stools and possibly pain when having a

are another vegetable option for breakfast

on uneaten fresh vegetables or find yourself

bowel movement.

and can be served with some nice grainy

running short on time in the evenings, buy

bread for extra nutritional value.

frozen vegetables instead. Bird’s Eye, Heinz


and Woolworths Select even have different

Add vegetable leftovers to lunchboxes or

steam fresh vegetables that only take a

sliced fresh carrots, cucumber and capsicum

couple of minutes in the microwave.

combinations of individually portioned

with some dip or tomato salsa.


ly Whether it’s their funny looking wigg some for ess, shape or their addictive saltin les mysterious reason two-minute nood

are a common favourite among kids! lly Unfortunately, they are not a nutritiona les nood te minu Twoadequate snack option. h (whic are high in simple carbohydrates hungry means that your son will probably be


bowel movements. Signs of constipation include

If you’re concerned about your family’s diet, call Health Management Dietetics on 4051 9093 to book an appointment. Alternatively you can post nutrition related questions on their Nutrition Gurus facebook page.

m, and soon after his noodles), high in sodiu buying e you’r ss Unle ents. low in quality nutri ably prob ’re they the 99% fat free noodles Some high in overall and saturated fat as well. de a healthier after school snacks could inclu popcorn, handful of nuts, a cup of air-popped cheese. fat ced redu or some rice crackers with



ys wants Reader Question: My son alwa ol scho two-minute noodles as an after ? snack – is this okay for him to have

of both soluble and insoluble fibre to help regular

Ally Crofton is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) employed by Health Management Dietetics.


Food pak

kitchen Kids Beef Stroganoff

pantry Parents Recipe thanks to: Madeline James

Simple Lamb Shanks

• 1kg rump steak, sliced thinly

• 8 lamb shanks

• 4 tbsp vegetable oil

• Plain flour

• 2 onions, sliced

• 2 tbsp olive oil

• 4 tbsp tomato paste

• 2 onions, sliced

• 2 tsp beef stock powder

• 4 cloves garlic

• 2 garlic cloves

• 1 cup red wine

• 500g button mushrooms

• 2½ cups beef stock

• 1 tsp sweet paprika

• 400g can crushed tomatoes

• 200ml light sour cream

• 1 tbsp rosemary

• 4 tbsp flat-leaf parsley

• 2 tbsp flat-leaf parsley


Recipe thanks to: Lyn Johnson


In a frying pan heat a tablespoon of oil and fry the beef strips in small

Toss the shanks in flour. Place oil in a casserole dish over high heat. Add

batches until brown. In the same frying pan cook the onions with

shanks and brown. Remove and set aside. Add the remaining oil to the

the garlic, tomato paste, stock powder, paprika and mushrooms until

pan and cook the onions and garlic. Return the shanks to the pan. Add

the onions are translucent. Add the water and beef and simmer for 5

the wine, stock, tomatoes and rosemary and bring to the boil. Reduce

minutes. Stir through the sour cream and parsley. Serve with fettucine.

the heat, cover and simmer for 1 hour. Remove the shanks and continue to simmer the sauce, uncovered, for 10 minutes or until reduced. Return the shanks to the dish and add the parsley. Serve with mashed potato.



Send in a recipe to for your chance to win fantastic prize! Entries close: 18/11/12


November what’s on

pink = family

green = kids

blue = adults

Check out the latest family entertainment & events guide


November 2012 entertainment & events


Visit our online trades directory and find a tradesperson that you can trust! Frustrated trying to find a reliable tradesperson? Lady Needs a Tradie is a local trades directory helping you to find a tradesperson or company that you can trust - we like to call it our little black book of tradies! • Electrician • Plumber • Carpenter • Tiler

• Painter • Gardener • Handyman • Pest Control

• Mechanic • Cabinet Maker • Glazier • And many more...

For info call 4028 3339 or email

1/11/12 1/11/12 1/11/12 1/11/12 1/11/12 1/11/12 1/11/12 2/11/12 2/11/12 2/11/12 3/11/12 3/11/12 3/11/12 3/11/12 3/11/12 4/11/12 4/11/12 4/11/12 4/11/12 6/11/12 6/11/12 6/11/12 6/11/12 6/11/12 6/11/12 6/11/12 6/11/12 6/11/12 6/11/12 7/11/12 7/11/12 7/11/12 8/11/12 8/11/12 8/11/12 8/11/12 8/11/12

VENUE Haven+Space Cairns Regional Gallery Brothers Leagues Club Edmonton Library Mossman Library Manunda Library Go Bowling Cairns 98 Birch Street Brothers Leagues Club Fuller Sports Club, Edmonton Event Cinemas Cairns Regional Gallery Officeworks Brothers Leagues Club Fuller Sports Club, Edmonton Event Cinemas Cazalys Officeworks Brothers Leagues Club 98 Birch Street Cairns Adventist College Cairns Regional Gallery Pullman Reef Hotel Casino Brothers Leagues Club Fuller Sports Club, Edmonton Mondo's Cafe Bar & Grill Go Bowling Cairns Earlville Library Gordonvale Library Event Cinemas KickArts Contemporary Arts Manunda Library Haven+Space Cairns Regional Gallery Brothers Leagues Club Smithfield Library Mossman Library

ENTERTAINMENT/EVENT NAME Wonky Duck - Pottery painting Tiny Tackers Thursdays - Art for 2-5 year olds Vikarious Storytime Storytime and Baby Rhyme Time Computers for Beginners Re-Runs Team Play-Connect-Grow Fingerprint Big Jim Sanders Family Flicks - Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days Free Entry Saturday Kids Craft Classes Sweet K Hit Fanatics Family Flicks - Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days Juniors Kids Club Kids Craft Classes Carrizma Play-Connect-Grow Open Day Tiny Tackers Tuesdays - Art for 2-5 year olds Melbourne Cup Day lunch MELBOURNE CUP CELEBRATIONS MELBOURNE CUP CELEBRATIONS Terry Doyle Family Night Bantom Kids Comp! Baby Rhyme Time Storytime Babes In Arms - Bachelorette ARTBABIES - Adrienne Shaw Storytime Wonky Duck - Pottery painting Tiny Tackers Thursdays - Art for 2-5 year olds Carrizma Baby Rhyme Time Storytime and Baby Rhyme Time



9:30 AM 10:00 AM 7:00 PM 10:30 AM 10:30 AM 10:30 AM 4:00 PM 9:30 AM 8:30 PM 8:00 PM 10:00 AM 10:00 AM 11:00 AM 8:00 PM 8:00 PM 10:00 AM 6:00 PM 11:00 AM 5:30 PM 9:30 AM 9:00 AM 10:00 AM 12:00 PM 12:00 PM 12:00 PM 5:30 PM 4:30 PM 10:30 AM 10:30 AM 10:00 AM 10:00AM 10:30 AM 9:30 AM 10:00 AM 7:00 PM 10:30 AM 10:30 AM


Cost Cost Free 4055 4121 Free 4099 9496 Free 4044 3779 Free 4053 3497 Cost 4032 6800 Free Free $6 Free 4052 9400 Free Free Free $6 4054 1464 Free 4052 9400 Free 4032 6800 4051 2585 Cost 4030 8798 $100 Cost Cost 4052 6780 4053 3497 $5 4044 3766 Free 4056 1365 Free Cost $10 4044 3779 Free Cost Cost Free 4044 3711 Free 4099 9496 Free

School holiday ProgramS 3 hour Sessions plus 1 & 2 day riding camps

• Group/Private Riding Lessons for Children and Adults (beginners to advanced) • Pony Rides for Children under 5 years of age

BookingS eSSential CALL 4039 3143 Lot 626 Intake Rd, Redlynch •



In Cin emas 10 Nov

pink = family

DATE 8/11/12 8/11/12 9/11/12 9/11/12 9/11/12 9/11/12 9/11/12 10/11/12 10/11/12 10/11/12 10/11/12 10/11/12 10/11/12 10/11/12 10/11/12 11/11/12 11/11/12 11/11/12 11/11/12 11/11/12 11/11/12 12/11/12 13/11/12 13/11/12 13/11/12 13/11/12 13/11/12 13/11/12 13/11/12 14/11/12 14/11/12 14/11/12 15/11/12 15/11/12 15/11/12 15/11/12 15/11/12 15/11/12 15/11/12 15/11/12 15/11/12


green = kids

VENUE Go Bowling Cairns Marlin Coast Community Centre 98 Birch Street Brothers Leagues Club Fuller Sports Club, Edmonton Edmonton Pool Gordonvale Library Event Cinemas Cairns Convention Centre Officeworks Cooktown Amateur Turf Club Cairns Civic Theatre Cairns Civic Theatre Brothers Leagues Club Fuller Sports Club, Edmonton Event Cinemas NATIONAL Cazalys Officeworks Fred Moule Pavilion, Cairns Showground

Brothers Leagues Club Amanda Gale Physio 98 Birch Street Manunda 98 Birch Street Cairns Regional Gallery Brothers Leagues Club Mondo's Cafe Bar & Grill Go Bowling Cairns Stratford Library Event Cinemas City Library Haven+Space Cairns Regional Gallery Brothers Leagues Club Manunda Library Stratford Library Mossman Library Go Bowling Cairns Brothers Leagues Club, Cairns Hambledon House

blue = adults

ENTERTAINMENT/EVENT NAME Re-Runs Team FNA Multiple Birth Assoc - Coffee mornings Play-Connect-Grow The Hit Fanatics Ten Foot Tall Twilight movie/swim Computers for Beginners Family Flicks - Madagascar(2D) Taipans vs. New Zealand Breakers Kids Craft Classes Cooktown Races UP and AWAY DANCESCAPES end of year Dance production UP and AWAY DANCESCAPES end of year Dance production Ten Foot Tall Big Noise Family Flicks - Madagascar(2D) Rememberance Day Pakclub - "When I Grow Up" Party Kids Craft Classes Leukaemia Christmas Craft Fair    Ten Foot Tall Mum and baby well being morning UnitingCare Community - 'WORKSHOP: Is my child being bullied? Play-Connect-Grow Tiny Tackers Tuesdays - Art for 2-5 year olds Carrizma Terry Doyle Family Night Bantom Kids Comp! Storytime Babes In Arms - Alex Cross Solar Eclipse Storytime Wonky Duck - Pottery painting Tiny Tackers Thursdays - Art for 2-5 year olds Barbary Coasters Computers for Beginners Baby Rhyme Time Storytime and Baby Rhyme Time Re-Runs Team Live Music Barbary Coasters Cairns Regional Council Community Info Session




4:00 PM 9:30 AM 9:30 AM 8:30 PM 8:00 PM 5:30 PM 10:30 AM 10:00 AM 7:30 PM 11:00 AM 12:00 AM 2:00 PM 7:30 PM 8:00 PM 8:00 PM 10:00 AM

4053 3497 0439 797 221 4032 6800 4045 2457 4056 1365 4041 3000 4052 9400


5:00 PM 11:00 AM 9:00 AM 5:30 PM 10:40 AM 5:30 PM 9:30 AM 10:00 AM 9:30 AM 5:30 PM 4:30 PM 10:30 AM 10:00 AM 5:00 AM 10:30 AM 9:30 AM 10:00 AM 7:00 PM 10:30 AM 10:30 AM 10:30 AM 4:00 PM 8:00 PM 4:00 PM

4054 1464 4052 9400 0420 504 421 4032 6800

Free Free

Free Free Free Free $6 Cost Free Free 0412 576 272 Cost 0412 576 272 Cost Free Free $6

Free Cost $10 Cost 4052 6780 4053 3497 4044 3733

Free $5 Free Cost

4044 3722

Free Cost Cost Free 4044 3779 Free 4044 3733 Free 4099 9496 Free 4053 3497 Cost 0408 183 032 Free 4044 3113


colour in & you could win tickets to see the amazing world of gumball Thanks to Event Cinemas

The Adventures of Gumball Cartoon Network Popcorn Cinema Limited Screenings: Saturday 10, Sunday 11, Saturday 17, Sunday 18 November at 10am at Event Cinemas Cairns Central only. Gumball tells the story of an ordinary suburban family which just happens to live in an extraordinary town. At the heart of this family is Gumball, an excitable and optimistic blue cat with a flair for misadventure. Gumball Watterson has a stay-at-home dad, a mum who sells rainbows, a brainy younger sister, and a goldfish for a best friend. Despite their somewhat unusual appearance, at heart they are just like the rest of us.



PAKMAG, Colour-it-in November 2012


PO Box 7433, Cairns QLD 4870 and


you could WIN tickets to The Amazing


World of Gumball. (Closing Date: 09/11/12)



Thanks to Mount Sheridan Plaza

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Simply email us the item name and you could win a $20 gift card! Send to:

Zoo animalSearch word search Word

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Find all of the words and when complete circle the remaining letters left to right, top to bottom to learn an interesting fact about Apes and you could win a great prize!

To enter this great competition just colour-it-in and mail to:

prize Page

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All Competitions close: 18 Nov 2012

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Min Mag Fun

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yourGUIDE Can you spot the five differences between these two images?

Maze Mania

DATE 16/11/12 16/11/12 16/11/12 16/11/12 16/11/12 16/11/12 16/11/12 16/11/12 17/11/12 17/11/12 17/11/12 17/11/12 17/11/12 17/11/12 17/11/12 17/11/12 18/11/12 18/11/12 18/11/12 18/11/12 18/11/12 20/11/12 20/11/12 20/11/12 20/11/12 20/11/12 20/11/12 21/11/12 21/11/12 21/11/12 22/11/12 22/11/12 22/11/12 22/11/12 22/11/12 22/11/12 22/11/12 22/11/12 23/11/12 23/11/12 23/11/12

VENUE Big 4 Venues C3 Church Scott Street 98 Birch Street Raintrees Shopping Centre Raintrees Shopping Centre Brothers Leagues Club Fuller Sports Club, Edmonton Dunwoody's Event Cinemas Officeworks Cairns Regional Gallery Marlin Coast Community Centre Brothers Leagues Club Fuller Sports Club, Edmonton South Cairns Gymnastics Brothers Leagues Club, Innisfail Event Cinemas Cazalys Officeworks Brothers Leagues Club Kewarra Beach – The Beach Shack 98 Birch Street Cairns Regional Gallery Brothers Leagues Club Mondo's Cafe Bar & Grill Go Bowling Cairns Smithfield Library Event Cinemas Babinda Library Muddy's Cafe on the Esplanade Haven+Space Bella Vista Community Centre Cairns Regional Gallery Brothers Leagues Club Earlville Library Mossman Library Go Bowling Cairns Marlin Coast Community Centre Cairns Convention Centre 98 Birch Street Brothers Leagues Club

ENTERTAINMENT/EVENT NAME CAMP AND CARE WITH BIG4 The Mothers Room - Run by mums for mums Play-Connect-Grow Free Raintrees Water Bottle Give away Free Raintrees Water Bottle Give away Giles Smith Sweet K Live Music Barbary Coasters Family Flicks - Finding Nemo (3D) Kids Craft Classes Kids Art Workshops Weight Watchers new meeting 4 in a Groove Fingerprint Saturday Funtastic Gymnastics Class Live Music Barbary Coasters Family Flicks - Finding Nemo (3D) Juniors Kids Club Kids Craft Classes Carrizma Live Music Barbary Coasters Play-Connect-Grow Tiny Tackers Tuesdays - Art for 2-5 year olds Out of the Blue Terry Doyle Family Night Bantom Kids Comp! Storytime Babes In Arms - Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2 Storytime Nikki the Clown Facepainting Wonky Duck - Pottery painting S.A.N.D.S Cairns support group meetings Tiny Tackers Thursdays - Art for 2-5 year olds Big Jim Sanders Storytime Storytime and Baby Rhyme Time Re-Runs Team FNQ Multiple Birth Assoc - Coffee mornings Taipans vs. Sydney Kings Play-Connect-Grow Fingerprint

TIME 10:00 AM 9:30 AM 11:00 AM 2:00 PM 8:30 PM 8:00 PM 7:00 PM 10:00 AM 11:00 AM 1:00 PM 9:00 AM 8:00 PM 8:00 PM 10:00 AM 7:00 PM 10:00 AM 6:00 PM 11:00 AM 5:30 PM 3:00 PM 9:30 AM 10:00 AM 9:30 AM 5:30 PM 4:30 PM 10:30 AM 10:00 AM 10:30 AM 5:00 PM 9:30 AM 6:30 PM 10:00 AM 7:00 PM 10:30 AM 10:30 AM 4:00 PM 9:30 AM 7:30 PM 9:30 AM 8:30 PM

FOR MORE INFO 0458 308 001 4032 6800

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art on show

litit tlttelse L artis artists


Art by Joseph Les

Art by Sarah Jordan

would If you have a piece of artwork that you Little ent, segm like featured in PakMag’s new ce, Artists, email a photo of your masterpie


with your name, age and address to: line Photo dead on. editi er August for the Septemb is 16

Art by Layla Storm

Art by Jess Bosen


November what’s on

pink = family

green = kids

blue = adults

yourGUIDE DATE 23/11/12 23/11/12 24/11/12 24/11/12 24/11/12 24/11/12 24/11/12 24/11/12 25/11/12 25/11/12 25/11/12 25/11/12 25/11/12 25/11/12 25/11/12 25/11/12 26/11/12 27/11/12 27/11/12 27/11/12 27/11/12 27/11/12 27/11/12 27/11/12 28/11/12 28/11/12 28/11/12 28/11/12 29/11/12 29/11/12 29/11/12 29/11/12 29/11/12 30/11/12 30/11/12 30/11/12

VENUE Fuller Sports Club, Edmonton Fullers Sporting Club Edmonton Event Cinemas Officeworks KickArts Contemporary Arts Brothers Leagues Club Fuller Sports Club, Edmonton Trinity Beach Hote Kids Club Event Cinemas Cazalys Tanks Arts Centre Officeworks Stratford Community hall Brothers Leagues Club TBC Dunwoody's Mossman Library 98 Birch Street Cairns Regional Gallery Brothers Leagues Club Mondo's Cafe Bar & Grill Go Bowling Cairns Manunda Library Manunda Library Event Cinemas City Library City Library Muddy's Cafe on the Esplanade Haven+Space Cairns Regional Gallery Brothers Leagues Club Mossman Library Go Bowling Cairns 98 Birch Street Brothers Leagues Club Fuller Sports Club, Edmonton

ENTERTAINMENT/EVENT NAME Barbary Coasters Live Music Barbary Coasters Family Flicks - Tinkerbell - Secret of the Wings Kids Craft Classes Just Start It…Botanical sketching workshops with Julie McEnerny James Johnston Flavez Nikki the Clown Facepainting Family Flicks - Tinkerbell -Secret of the Wings Juniors Kids Club Tanks "Christmas" Markets (Final for the year) Kids Craft Classes MINDFUL MAMMA - 4 week Hypnobirth Classes commence Carrizma Cairns RSPCA Santa Paws 2012 Nikki the Clown Facepainting Carole Wilkinson Author Visit Play-Connect-Grow Tiny Tackers Tuesdays - Art for 2-5 year olds Big Jim Sanders Terry Doyle Family Night Bantom Kids Comp! Carole Wilkinson Author Visit Baby Rhyme Time Babes In Arms - Skyfall Baby Rhyme Time Computers for Beginners Nikki the Clown Facepainting Wonky Duck - Pottery painting Tiny Tackers Thursdays - Art for 2-5 year olds Big Noise Storytime and Baby Rhyme Time Re-Runs Team Play-Connect-Grow Hip 2 Soul DFRS

TIME 8:00 PM 8:00 PM 10:00 AM 11:00 AM 10:00AM 8:00 PM 8:00 PM 5:30 PM 10:00 AM 6:00 PM 9:00 AM 11:00 AM 9:30 AM 5:30 PM 9:00 AM 6:00 PM 3:30 PM 9:30 AM 10:00 AM 9:30 AM 5:30 PM 4:30 PM 9:30 AM 10:30 AM 10:00 AM 10:30 AM 10:30 AM 5:00 PM 9:30 AM 10:00 AM 7:00 PM 10:30 AM 4:00 PM 9:30 AM 8:30 PM 8:00 PM

FOR MORE INFO 0408 183 032 4052 9400 0408 183 032 4054 1464 4052 9400 0420 504 421 0408 183 032 4099 9496 4032 6800

COST Free Free $6 Free $50 Free Free Free $6 Free Free Cost Free Free Free Cost 4052 6780 4053 3497 4044 3779 4044 3779 4044 3720 4044 3730 0408 183 032


$5 Free Free Cost Free Free Free Cost Cost Free 4099 9496 Free 4053 3497 Cost 4032 6800 Free Free

Go to for more events and market info




health Story thanks to Jutta Dempsey

Mental Health screenings

preschool checks


he tag ‘mentally unhealthy’ has negative

and self-regulation problems. Early screening

connotations in Australia as something

and intervention means these children have a

to be ashamed of, yet mental health

much better chance of positive mental health in

difficulties affect one in five Australians at some

later life. Signs of mental health concerns in

time in their lives (20%) and one in seven (14%)


of Australian children. Rather than thinking about children as potentially having a ‘mental disorder’, it is best to think about mental health as ranging on a continuum from good mental health to mental health difficulties. Good mental health in children allows them

The recently announced initiatives to check the mental health of preschoolers has been met with both acclaim and horror but signs that would be concerning in later childhood are commonly seen in early years, writes Jutta Dempsey

to feel good about themselves, be open to trying new things, being able to handle change and disappointments well and forming good relationships with others. It provides the foundation for positive mental health in adolescence and adulthood. Scientists used to think that young children

impulsiveness and hyperactivity can be quite disruptive and are relatively easy to recognise. More difficult to spot are internalised behaviours including inhibited and over-controlled behaviours.

[2] Emotions Problems with expressing or managing their feelings. For example, they may find it hard to calm down after being upset.

[3] Thoughts Experiencing negative thoughts about

children were immune to early adversity and

themselves or what is happening around them

were resilient enough to ‘grow out of it’. However,

can be a sign. For example, they may think that

later research has shown that even very young

nobody likes them and this stops them from

children can react to the biological, psychological

interacting with others.

and social experiences they experience which could have lasting effects on their long term

[4] Learning

mental health.

Difficulty taking in, understanding and

health practitioners, often makes it difficult for parents to find the help they need. Even if they know their child is having difficulties they are unsure of where to find help and even if they do,

remembering information. Also problems with attention and concentration so they’re not able to understand what they have to do, or find it hard to complete a particular task, movement or action.

the cost of treatment may be too prohibitive.

[5] Social relationships

Recent researchers had several recommendations

Difficulties in playing with other children,

and one was to expand early screening for infants and toddlers to detect mental health issues, such as relationship disorders, mood

Externalised behaviours such as anger,

didn’t have a mental life. The belief was that

But the lack of specialist early childhood mental


[1] Behaviour

making friends or interacting. Also difficulties understanding social cues and behaving appropriately in social situations.



Baby Seats Child restraints Depending on size and weight, either a rearward or forward facing child restraint can be used. Stage 3 (1–4 years)

Here’s a rundown of the laws: Stage1 (0-6mths) Babies need to be fitted into an approved rearward facing capsule or infant restraint. Capsules are available for hire from The Queensland Ambulance Service by phoning 1300 369 003.

Children within this age group should progress to a forward facing restraint with built-in harness.

However, even though most women in

• Not being worried about dealing with

the survey admitted that they didn’t feel

the baby in public.

capable of being a mother at times, the majority also said they wouldn’t admit this to other mums for fear of being seen

Stage 2 (6mths–1 year)

Mug Shots

• Not panicking when the baby is sick or has a temperature.

as a failure. Australian baby author Pinky

• Always leaving the house with a spare

McKay encourages mums to discuss these

change of baby clothes.

kinds of feelings with other women. As she says “There’s a conspiracy of silence that isolates mothers, and because

• Never leaving the house without food or milk for the baby.

they don’t want to face criticism they

• Being able to change a nappy quickly.

Looking for a heartwarming present for the grandparents

perpetuate the very conspiracy that divides and holds them hostage.”

• Having the baby sleep through

for Christmas? Why not pop along to one of Wonky Ducks workshops and paint your child’s handprint onto a mug or plate. They are a lovely way to remember just how

the latest

books New Releases

It can take time to get used to being a mum. According to one recent survey it takes an average of five months for new mums to feel comfortable in their new role but it can take some women up to two years.

Data was recently released showing that more than 5,400 parents in NSW have been fined and lost demerit points for not using the right restraint for their children since the national laws were introduced in March 2010. It has raised the question as to whether the message has been getting through and whether we are aware of the responsibilities we have towards our most precious cargo.

mums Getting to Grips

the night.

Factors that allow new mums

• Feeling able to keep on top of the

to feel confident:

housework. • Always having a baby toy in their

Stage 4 (4–7 years)

small your child’s tiny hands are. You’ll find Wonky Duck at

Parents have the option of a booster seat with either an H-harness or seat belt.

Haven+Space (Spence St) every Thursday morning (9.30am-

• Getting a good routine sorted.

12noon). For more info go to

• Knowing what to do when baby cries.


Tale of Peter Rabbit Book & Toy Giftset (Beatrix Potter) A perfect gift for a new baby with soft plush Peter Rabbit toy and a classic story to keep forever. RRP $24.99

Hello Spot! A Puppet Play Book (Eric Hill) A gorgeous interactive book that comes with a soft, plush Spot hand puppet. Readers have to make Spot wave hello, cover his eyes, clap his hands, touch his nose and nod his head. RRP $19.99

Rudie Nudie (Emma Quay) Rudie Nudie, is an adorable board book and a delightful celebration of those nudie moments between bath and bedtime with very cute illustrations. RRP $14.99



CCB Approved • EnroL today • 3-5 yeAr olds

VotEd “Best Childcare Centre” in PakMag’s Best of Cairns awards

Learning through Play each & every day

For more information visit or call 4055 1814 or email




Create positive change in your child’s life

wake up

At The Catalyst Company we specialise in working with children who have selfesteem and confidence issues, learning difficulties, socialisation issues, destructive habits and poor communication skills.

For info contact Kelli on 0406 424 584

As a mum of four children Tammy not surprisingly has little time for herself. But since she is also expecting twins very soon she wanted to take some time out to enjoy feeling pampered during this special time.

Pretty &


Tammy’s Makeover Wardrobe Personal stylist Gerlinda Aras: “Tammy has a lot on her plate but looking great goes a long way to feeling more energised. We decided to choose an outfit that would make her feel special and feminine and this cherry printed dress matches Tammy’s fun and vibrant personality. Choosing colourful accessories like these red shoes and necklace is an


Experienced hairdressers at an affordable price

3 beauty services

for only $30

eyebrow wax lash/brow tint facial waxing

• Professional hair stylists • Over 20 years experience • Hair, makeup, Shiatsu massage, facials and waxing

One Stop Christmas Shopping

We chose red for Tammy to pull the whole outfit together and to compliment her new hair colour. “

Hair Emma from Saavy: “Tammy’s natural colour is

Look great & feel great

Cherry Charm Dress $119.95 City Chic Red ballet flats $29.95 Spendless Shoes


79 Vasey Esplanade, Trinity Beach • PHONE: 4057 8150

easy way to inject some colour into your outfits.

Coral necklace $24.95 and brass bangle $15 Just Jeans All items available at Stockland

very dark but it had previously been lightened to blend in with encroaching grey hairs. However, apart from being too light for her skin tone this also makes it harder to maintain. We therefore chose a colour closer to her natural hair colour. TIP: When trying to blend greys ask your stylist how to make your natural highlights (grey) blend in rather then committing to a lighter colour.”

Hair & Makeup thanks to savvy

Check out our beautiful gift range for KIDS, LADIES & MEN OPEN 6 Days 9-5pm & 10-4pm Sun (Closed Tue) Follow us:


24 Gillies Hwy, Yungaburra For info PHONE 4095 2727

Gerlinda Aras is a stylist and image consultant for Mirror Image Consultations Want a makeover? Send in a photo and a few words as to why you would like one to


Quality built with pride

Deck the Halls Cairns Style

and constructed by highly skilled tradesman and they work hard to ensure your expectations are exceeded. AJH offer a variety of services including new home construction and free quotes to the Cairns and FNQ region.

For more info call 4056 3089 or email or visit Find us on facebook

tropical hues

home Heroes Quality built with pride is what we strive to deliver when you build your dream home with us. Ashlee Jones Homes is a builder with more than 16 years local industry experience. The team at AJH ensure every home is built




Getting the Christmas decorations out has to be one of the most exciting days

Colour blocking looks beautiful on trees. Tropical hues

of the year for kids. From a style perspective Christmas decorations look most

and decorations such as butterflies and birds are also

effective when the surrounds are kept in mind so celebrate this coming festive

perfect for a ‘Cairns Christmas’. Continue the theme

season by embracing our beautiful, tropical summer.

through to the lounge with punchy summer cushions and decorator pieces.


kids tree

Andrew ‘Jack’ Walker Loan Broker to the Stars Auatsstileers B

GIFT Wrapping Go the extra mile by matching your giftwrap with your tree. We’ve used plain paper, jute ribbon and gorgeous vintage style trimmings.

“For all your lending needs!”

& 0404 481 477

‘Like’ my facebook page for the chance to WIN regular prizes! Andrew Walker is a Credit Representative (No.399984) with Homeloans Ltd ABN 55 095 034 003 Australian Credit License Number 247829


Lisa Slatyer is an interior design specialist and the owner of haven + space homewares and

KIDS ROOMS Add to the excitement by letting them decorate their own tree in their room or hang some jute string so they can peg up their cards from school friends.

coffee bar. She is also mum to Isla (4) and Andie (2). Narelle Quilty is a visual merchandiser and decorative consultant and mum to Gus (2).



kids eat fun for parents & kids FREE FRom thE buFFEt

Buffet $15 for members & $17 for non members *Under 10 year olds eat free from the buffet with each paying adult.

When I Grow Up Dress-Up party


activity Story thanks to Amanda Cranston

fun with


Collecting W

e all have different interests and

While the aim of being a collector is about the

hobbies and what often starts as

joy it brings, it is also worth noting that some

a casual interest in something can

collections can actually sell for big bucks later

lead to a passion for collecting the most amazing

and kept in mint condition. Some stamps, coins,

the adventure and hunting for them at garage

comic books and artwork can fetch thousands

sales, online or through specialist suppliers is part

of dollars, many even in the millions, if rare and

of the fun. Most people take great pride in their


collections and it is a wonderful hobby to pass on to your children. A lot of parents and grandparents already have well-established collections of their

• Prizes for the best dressed

own which can introduce children to the actual art of such a hobby.

• Parents and Kids Lucky Door Prize • Heaps of fun and games for all • Loads of fantastic prizes to be won • Free stalls for all businesses

The art of collecting can be a wonderful lifelong adventure and one which parents can help nurture, writes Amanda Cranston.

down the track if they have been well looked after

things. Finding items for a collection is all part of

But if you are introducing your children to the joys of collecting, the goal is really to find something your child is interested in and help nurture this by sharing in the adventure with them. Provide them with ways of displaying their collection such

People collect all sorts of things from coins,

as albums or special boxes. Help them document

stamps and comic books through to bugs, rocks,

and label their favourite things with a bound

badges, medals, dolls, caps, model and vintage

journal or little tags. And let them play with and

cars, trains, vintage toys, military memorabilia,

enjoy their collection rather than making them

rare books, old records, spoons, old cameras,

keep their items in the original packaging for

musical instruments, guns, shells, buttons,

future value. They can always collect rare and

rockstar memorabilia, artwork and antiques.

valuable items as they get older, but while they are

Many people are collectors without even

still small and learning how wonderful it is to start

realising it, accumulating sporting memorabilia

a collection, teach them it can be fun and that you

of their favourite sports team or collecting books

want to share in the adventure with them.

published by their favourite author.

bookings EssEntial PhonE 4054 1464

Collecting can instil a sense of pride, ownership and responsibility in children. They learn how to take care of precious items, they may begin to understand the value of money and also learn about history as they start to research the origins of their collectables. For example, collecting stamps and coins will inevitably teach children about history, geography, different cultures,

sun 11 novEmbER 5Pm-7Pm Cazalys FunCtion Room

famous people, monarchies and many other facts as they collect these items from different countries. Collections can also stem from travel, with people collecting things from every country they visit such as snow globes, spoons, postcards or even a country’s currency and then displaying

PHONE: 4054 1464 •

& condiTions apply: YOu NEEd tO bE a mEmbEr Of CazalY’s 46Terms

tO ENtEr duE tO tHE Qld liQuOr aCt 1992, wHiCH is $5 fOr tHE YEar.

the notes and coins in an album.

Win a Perth Mint Coin Collection! Go to to download and colour in one of our Mythical Creatures sketches (Dragon or Mermaid) for your chance to be one of two lucky winners to win a Mythical Creatures Young Collectors Coin Collection each, thanks to The Perth Mint.. These coins come in an awesome collector album and the prize also includes stickers, a magnifying glass and more. For more information on Young Collectors, visit




Story thanks to Amanda Cranston

Aqua Bubble

If you’re looking for a great day out with the family, look no further than Aqua Bubble, located at the Sheraton Mirage Resort in Port Douglas.

Sit back and enjoy your special event.

Resembling an inflatable ‘It’s A Knockout’ course,

can enjoy Aqua Bubble all day with a Sheraton Day

Aqua Bubble is an awesome collection of aqua

Pass, on busy days such as school holidays there is

play equipment that is now available for day

often a one-hour time limit per go as only so many

visitors as well as hotel guests at the Sheraton

people can safely use the Aqua Play equipment at

Mirage in Port Douglas. It includes a fun floating

any one time. On these days, it is best to just book

trampoline connected to inflatable logs and

into the next available timeslot and enjoy one of

platforms, a water zorb ball which you climb inside

the other 13 pools for a swim in between goes.

and roll across the water, a large water roller which you sit inside and spin and a ‘water Saturn’ (a large inflatable ball with rings around it shaped like Saturn) which can hold up to five people at once. There are also a range of kayaks and inflatable

Let us do the hard work for you.

boats with spare oars, which can be rowed easily by kids of all ages around the pool and are a fun way to get over to the Aqua Play equipment.

Book now for Xmas

The inflatable Aqua Play area is located on one of the Sheraton’s 14 pools with the Zorb Ball and the Water Tunnel being set up at the shallower end of the pool for easy access on and off the equipment.

At Coral Coast Catering we specialise in providing delicious food and excellent service, so you can relax and enjoy your event.

Our kids especially liked the water tunnel and

We cater for birthday parties, work parties, kids parties, special events and weddings. Packages are available for 15-500 people. There are heaps of menus to choose from and we even have a pizza oven (all menus and pricing available on our website).

flipped upside down, we were able to sit back

while they had a blast being spun around and and enjoy watching them from the deckchairs surrounding the pool. There are staff members overlooking the

For more information call David Young on 0437 000 740 or visit our website at


equipment but all children must wear a lifejacket and be supervised by parents. And although you

Family day passes (two adults and two kids) are available at the Sheraton for $95. This includes the use of Aqua Bubble from 10am- 4pm, a delicious lunch and free use of any of the resort’s two hectares of swimming lagoons. Guests need to check in at reception upon arrival and wear a coloured wristband for the day. Aqua Bubble can also be booked for parties and

Sheraton Mirage

Family Deal

Kids Stay FREE

events and the Sheraton Mirage has great family accommodation deals for locals if you choose to stay overnight. Contact them directly for the best locals deals.

To find out more:

$169 per night including breakfast for two adults. Kids stay free if using existing bedding

• Sheraton Mirage Day Pass call 4099 5888 • Aqua Bubble Party Bookings call Chelsea Burke on 4099 0881 or email

(maximum 2 children and terms and conditions apply.) SPG Kids Aqua passes can be bought at reception for $28 per child which includes all meals, drinks and Aqua pass per child.



Fun! Story thanks to Elaine Seager

Free face painting


ondo’s is blessed with an awesome location. With lawns right down to the edge of the inlet this is a

great place to watch the sun go down. If you’ve got kids, sunset drinks may not necessarily be a high priority on your social calendar but on Tuesday nights at Mondo’s, the kids might just be distracted enough that you’ll actually be able to enjoy the views.

Tuesday nights at Mondo’s is all about the

Doyle knows very well how to work a kid’s crowd. His simple songs are perfect for them to sing along to with him (he even gives them a microphone) and relaxed enough not to be too hard on the ears of dining parents. The night we were there I’m not sidekicks Georgia and Molly.

early dinner in on school nights. The menu is wideranging and international so in addition to the

Show and face-painting

Beef Rendang and Indonesian Chicken Sate. All

Lankan Chicken Curry, Mexican Fajitas, Malaysian mains start from $23. There are also some good snacks and starters that are perfect for sharing for around $13-15.

chicken sate with rice (skewers), pasta and chicken nuggets for $9. For an extra $2.50 you can upgrade to a kids meal deal that includes unlimited soft

As a long time family entertainer in Cairns, Terry

sure who was most entertaining – Terry or his little

Kids meals include the popular fish and chips,


event on Tuesday nights at Mondo’s for some time.

noon. Dinner starts from 5.30pm so you can get an

usual steaks, fish and pasta you will also find Sri

and truly entertained

The Doyle Family Fun Show has been a regular

Mondo’s offers casual dining all day everyday from

kids. The Doyle Family Fun is sure to keep them well

drinks and ice cream for pudding.

Rachel Bradley, otherwise known as the Singing Face-Painter, was also on hand to provide some awesome facial artworks. Given that the staff at Mondo’s also greet you with a free colouring-in sheet when you arrive, what more could you possibly want on a family night out in the middle of the week?! Mondo’s is located on the waterfront in front of the Hilton Hotel. It is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner with all day dining from midday on Sunday. To book call 4050 2096.


Get fit the fun way KINDY CHEER Saturday morning classes for kids 2-5 Kindy Cheer Program available for 2-5 year olds. Combination of song and dance + fun, fitness & friends! Classes starting from only $10 For more information contact Tamara 0402 225 630 or email or visit


kids Activity Story thanks to Amanda Cranston



Horse riding M

y kids recently had their very first

discipline and responsibility,” she says. “And whilst

horse-riding lesson ever and they

riding is recreational and good physical exercise

thoroughly enjoyed it. Previously

there are many other intrinsic benefits. Riding

they had only ever been on pony rides as

improves balance and coordination, builds self

toddlers so they were a little bit nervous at the

confidence and provides a sense of freedom.”

start of the lesson but by the end they were a lot more confident. We went to Crystal Cascades Horse Park where the riding instructors were really wonderful, helping my kids establish a rapport with their horses and giving them the confidence to handle the horse on their own. My daughter was paired with a gentle horse called Ninja and my son with a calm, well-mannered horse called Licky, and both horses happily followed my kid’s instructions even though they were novice riders.

Taking your kids horse riding is not only great fun but there are many therapeutic benefits too.

For their first lesson they were taught how to mount and dismount, the basic saddle position for riding, how to hold the reins, how to start the horse walking, how to steer, how to stop and how to do this all on their own with the instructor walking beside them but not holding the reins. They also learned to steer their horse around a basic obstacle course of plastic witch’s hats and had their first ever trot on a horse, this was their favourite part of the lesson. Karen Flanagan of Crystal Cascades Horse Park says learning to handle and ride a horse is great fun and provides the opportunity for families and individuals to experience the joy of horses without having to buy their own horse. “It is a lot of fun, great exercise and it teaches respect,


Karen explains that research shows that working with animals can help many people learn general coping techniques, overcome fears and sometimes break down social barriers. Because of this, horse riding is often used in therapy as the relationship between a horse and its rider can be quite powerful. Horses are very perceptive to people’s body language and build strong bonds with their rider. Crystal Cascades Horse Park offers individual lessons or group lessons with a maximum of four kids per group made up of those of similar age and ability. The facilities are fantastic as all lessons take place in a huge weatherproof undercover arena. Parents or visitors are not allowed in the arena but they can watch from outside. Riders and visitors are both expected to wear covered shoes at all times and riders are recommended to wear long pants and long sleeves even on hot days. All riders are also fitted with a helmet before entering the arena. For more information about horse-riding lessons at Crystal Cascades Horse Park call 4039 3143 or go to au. They are located at Lot 626 Redlynch Intake Rd, Redlynch (just past the Quarry).


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HunDreDs of Dollars worTH of special Deals for the whole family!

Story thanks to Amanda Cranston


MeM ber nuM ber


Check out

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your small, medium, large or extra large bloom to a personalised bloom at no extra cost

[1] Bike riding

[6] Painting

Riding a bike, scooter or rollerblades is not only

Create a masterpiece on paper, canvas or any

great fun but good exercise. Ride around at home,

medium you choose and let it dry in the sunshine.

or if the kids are a bit older maybe they can ride

Cut up an egg carton and fill each cup with paint

with friends to the local park or a friend’s house.

or fill spray bottles with water and food dye then

[2] Outdoor Obstacle Course

*Terms & conditions apply, see the PakMag website for details.

When you present your PakMap VIP Card

Bow Wowz Playground

offer 3

25%off Main Meals

offer 2

offer 1

Ala Turka Cuisine

Play Ideas outdoor

Hold your own mini Olympics at home with a range of fun activities you can easily set up in the

Give your kids a magnifying glass and a little bug catcher container each and let them scour

golf, frisbee, boomerang throwing, circus juggling

the back garden for bugs, worms, caterpillars,

balls, quoits and skipping ropes.

ants and a host of other creepy crawlies. Then

or at the local park. If it’s a backyard picnic you can invite along all the dolls and teddies and put paper party hats on each of them. Lay out a big

google each of the bugs they have caught and learn about each one. You could also make a little homemade book and include photos of the bugs they caught.

[8] Doggy tricks

blanket on the grass, bring out your tea set, put

For those with a dog for a pet, why not try to

some chopped fruit and little treats on a tray with

teach your dog some new tricks like how to sit, lay

a jug of something refreshing to drink, and let the

down, roll over or shake hands. For those pooches

party commence.

who can already do these tricks, maybe try a few

[4] Water Play Kids love playing in the water so here’s a few different ideas. (1) Fill a little bucket with water

Stuck for ideas for entertaining the kids? Here’s 10 fun ways to get them out of the house.

[7] Bug-hunting

harry hoppers, Twister, horse-on-stick races, mini

Picnics can be casual or formal, in the backyard

the kids


back garden like sack races, hula hoops, bouncing

[3] Picnic


set the kids up a painting area and let the fun

more difficult ones. Have plenty of dog treats on hand.

[9] Nature Scavenger Hunt

and add a few paintbrushes and let the kids ‘paint’

You can either write easy clues or just provide

an outside brick wall or fence. (2) Fill up a couple

a list of items the kids must find. These might

of water pistols so the kids can squirt each other.

include finding a particular shaped leaf, a certain

(3) Fill a paddling pool with water and colourful

colour flower, a stone, a small cup of sand from

plastic balls and let them jump in. (4) Fill a couple

the sandpit, four strands of grass...and the list

of plastic tubs with soapy water and let the kids

goes on.

each have their own outside bath.

[5] Gardening

[10] Kite flying On a windy day there is nothing better than

Kids love helping plant seeds or watering the

getting out a kite and watching it catch the

garden. You could also make a scarecrow and

breeze. You could even try making and decorating

take a trip to the op shop for old clothes like a

your own (google it). Try flying the kite at home in

shirt, trousers, straw hat and gumboots. Then all

the back garden or take it down to the park or the

you need is some straw and a hessian bag for the

beach to really let it fly in the wind.

head and some wood posts to tie him to before putting him in the ground.



space activities



• Astronaut Races – walk slowly like on

• Pin the Rocket on the Moon – Paint

the moon taking giant moon steps to

a large moon and laminate it with

the finish line.

clear contact, then make little rockets

• Musical Planets – Cut out and paint large planets and craters out of cardboard beforehand, then place when the music stops everyone must

paint rocks silver before the party

jump onto a planet (similar to musical

then hide them around the garden for


party guests to find.

• Rocket Races – each contestant races

• Crater Ball – Cut out a huge round

in a mini cardboard rocket, each

cardboard crater with holes in it and

rocket made from a box and each a

players have to throw balls at the

different colour or design.

crater and they win a prize if the ball

pole in silver foil and play limbo • Pass the moon package – similar to glow sticks and glow-in-the-dark stars.

The 2012 full solar eclipse will be

Costume Ideas

goes through one of the holes.


• Space Dough – Make aliens and

• Cardboard box helmets covered in

outer space creatures out of coloured

silver foil with hole for eyes cut out

play dough.

• Headband with star on front • Leotards, tights, capes, spray paint gumboots silver

happening on 14 November. This great opportunity to celebrate all

to pin the rocket on the moon. • Search for Moon Rocks – spray

pass-the-parcel and prizes can be

once in a lifetime experience is a

Blindfold each player and take turns

them on the ground randomly and

• Lunar Limbo – cover a long stick or

By Amanda Cranston

with each player’s name on them.

Things to make

Aliens • Green sheet with big eyes sewn on and crazy spots all over it

things spacey, so why not get into the

• Create aliens and outer space

• Green one-piece leotard, green face paint,

eclipse spirit with these moon and

creatures out of play dough.

googly antennas on headband

space themed party and play ideas.

• Make alien masks out of paper

• Any Star Wars or Star Trek characters

plates and collage items. • Make individual telescopes using

Solar eclipse faq’s [1] When is it? 14 Nov starting at dawn (slightly varies depending on location)

coloured cardboard or toilet rolls. • Decorate a cardboard spaceship or rocket with paint and collage items. Collect a load of cardboard boxes and get everyone to make one huge rocket with all the items.

Bloomfield to Innisfail. The centre of the track will be at Oak Beach. Beaches are expected to be popular viewing spots –

moon cut out of cardboard

Things to Eat

the Tablelands will also see it, just find somewhere with a good unobstructed view of the horizon.

• Moon rocks (chocolate crackles)

[3] How long will it last?

• Moon Balls (rumballs minus the rum)

It will take almost two hours in total but only a small portion will be in total darkness (Port Douglas will be approx. two minutes but further out will be a matter of seconds)

• Moon Drops (Marshmallows)

[4] What if it’s cloudy?

• UFOs (mini pizzas decorated to

happening by the stillness (no bird or animal noises)


• Moon Fruit (melon balls) • Pop Rocks (popcorn)

There will still be total darkness and you know it’s

• Silver balloons • Hang black sheets and silver stars and

[2] Where is the best place to see it? The shadow path is about 140km wide and extends from


look like UFOs) • Spaceship cake

• Hang foam planets • Huge rocket/spaceship made out of cardboard and painted • Black tablecloth, silver coloured stars on table and silver coloured plastic plates, bowls and cups • Papier mache a large moon piñata and have hanging ready to play • Set the scene with Star Wars music playing in the background


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BIZDirectory Services

Cairns Veterinary Clinic


• Face Painting • Puppets • Balloons • Games • Music • Other costumes available 4057 8019 or 0408 183 032



For all your Real Estate needs contact Liz Field M: 0408 469 221 E: W: 6.6% Commission for Property Management Services

Get MaMoo



• Be sure your pet has a current registration tag

for humans, but also for pets. A well

and a second method of identification such

thought out plan can reduce the risks

as an implanted microchip. Microchips give you

and ensure the safety of both pets and their

peace of mind so that if you and your pet get


separated during a cyclone, your pet will be

Here are a few tips to make sure your pet is well prepared for the cyclone season: • Ensure you have adequate restraint for your pet

to come to you Children’s Wear

yclones can be frightening, not only

For the highest quality and lowest price MCNs from just $7, visit MamooChildrensWear

For cats, small dogs and small furry pets, a sturdy pet carrier that is large enough for your

Also stocking swimnappies, handmade & embroidered special occasion nappies & sunhats

For More iNForMatioN call lanya 0408 996 486

MaMoo is NoW also doiNg baby shoWers

Flip Ripley


Cooking Coach

Magic shows•Characters•Clowning Comedy workshops•Juggling Unicycles•Comic telegrams

4057 9020 0r 0410 510 095

Personalised and CommuniTY Based Cooking Courses

As the threat of cyclone season approaches and we begin to prepare our gardens and emergency kits, sometimes we forget that our furry family members need to be prepared and included in our disaster planning.

pet to stand and turn around in are essential. They also can be used as a safe shelter for your pet during the storm. Be sure to label the carrier with your pet’s name, breed, sex, date of

For larger dogs, ensure you have a good quality lead in your emergency kit. During the storm keep your dog on the lead at all times and keep them with you. • In your home disaster plan, record contact

annual checkups are essential to keep your pet healthy and immune from deadly diseases.


Mini day spa theme created for 4-13 year olds Pedicures • Manicures • MakeuP & hair

restaurants & 0402 482 025

Manunda EarlvillE WorEE EsplanadE CEntral rEdlynCh sMithfiEld City GordonvalE innisfail

room, such as the bathroom or laundry, for your pet. Provide a supply of newspaper for their toileting needs and blankets for comfort. • For each pet, ensure you have two weeks supply of water, food and any medications that may be needed.

accept pets so if you have to leave your pet

• Ensure your pet has up to date vaccinations –

• Before the storm, prepare an easily cleaned

• Remember, council evacuation centres don’t

RSPCA and local Council Animal Control Office.

basis contact Joanne on 0416 200 166

pet is lost.

and any important medical information.

local animal welfare organisations such as the

To make cooking enjoyable & easy on a daily

• Keep a current photo of your pet in case your

birth, your current address and contact details,

phone numbers and addresses of your vet,

Everyday food for Everyday people

easily identified and reunited with you.

home alone during the cyclone threat, leave a note inside the front door of the property or on the outside of the door where the pet is contained stating how many pets are contained on the property, what kind of pets they are and where they can be found. • After the cyclone threat has passed keep pets inside until any damage has been assessed. Hopefully we won’t have to test our cyclone preparation this year, but in the event of a cyclone, it’s nice to know you have done all you can to prepare your family members and homes.

hair services



submit your photos

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Denzel & Clint enjoying a day at the


Will on the slippery dip at Muddy’s Cooper playing the day away at Mu

Issabella enjoying water play at Mu



Havana at the Pirate Ship

Harley at the Esplanade

Oscar at the Esplanade Lagoon

Louis at the Esplanade Lagoon

Out & About photos thanks to Blue Click photography >

Madison at Muddy’s

Rhiana at the Esplanade

Liam at the Esplanade

Isaac at Muddy’s

Out & About photos thanks to Blue Click photography >

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Fav Pet Shot of the month will WIN a bag of Hill’s Pet Food donated by Hill’s and sponsored by Cairns Veterinary Clinic

november entries

Shop local this Christmas & WIN! Simply shop at our list of local retailers and you will get an entry form to win a Grand Jedda Cubby worth over $2,000!

Betty loved by Oscar

Sheila loved by Daniel

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PRIZE winner

Buddy loved by Jaxon & Baxta

Competition closes: 23 December • Competition Drawn: 24 December

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*Picture used is an example only, basic Grand Jedda Cubby model supplied. Some items are not included like installation, slide, veranda, etc.

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Boots loved by Jasmine & Rominy

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“The quickest way for a parent to get a child’s attention is to sit down and look comfortable.” Lane Olinhouse

“Before I got married I had six theories about bringing up children; now I have six children, and no theories.“ John Wilmot

“People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one.” Leo J. Burke

TOO Funny! Quotes

“Children are natural mimics who act like their parents despite every effort to teach them good manners.”

“When my kids become wild and unruly, I use a nice, safe playpen. When they’re finished, I climb out.” Erma Bombeck

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