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Hello and welcome to the 62nd edition of PakMag, our Cairns Festival extravaganza! This month we are very excited to be sponsoring the Children’s Village at the Festival. There’s lots of family fun planned so go to pages 44-45 for a full rundown of all the Festival’s family events. Life on the home front has been chaotic. Sean has started singing and dancing on the coffee table and Jordan is ‘teaching’ him a few things. It’s hilarious hearing them parrot what we say, “stop it, you kids are driving me crazy” does sound funny coming out of a three year olds mouth. Until next time, enjoy the Cairns Festival, and don’t forget to tell everyone you read it in PakMag.

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inBRIEF Visual Arts

Cheerleading Comp 1 September

Baby Welcome

The FNQ Cheerleading Competition is being held 1 Sept at

Does your business provide a service or product for

the Cairns PCYC (Macnamara Street). The head judge will be

families? Then make sure you register for a stall at

internationally recognised judge Nerine Cooper from Aussie

the 2012 Baby Welcome & Family Expo. This year’s

Gold. Registrations must be received by 10 Aug. Email Tamara at

event is growing to include stalls not only for babies, for more information

but the whole family. It will include free family

and registration kits.

Picnic by the Lagoon

entertainment, the official baby welcome ceremony

VIP Club

as well as parenting talks. To register for a stall contact Rebecca Anderson on 4044 3019 or email The Business Liaison Association is

• Bare Foot Art Competition (sponsored

inviting years 11 and 12 arts students to take

by ProArch) – original canvas (oil or

part in two great competitions:

acrylic) or original digital design.

you can receive 10% off entry into Sugarworld, free

• Myer Art & Design Competition – using

Go to for more information

kiddie cart hire at Cairns Central plus lots more deals at

mixed media art on a mannequin or fitting

and to download registration forms. Entries

restaurants and attractions. Go to

room door.

for both competitions close later this month.

Check out all the latest deals available around Cairns for members of our VIP Club. Become a member and

The ‘Happy Birthday Peter Rabbit’ stage production is coming to the Civic Theatre next month. Described as a “mischievous musical’, it celebrates 110 years since the book was printed by bringing Beatrix Potter’s famous

4 August (10am-3pm)

bunny and friends to the stage in a stylish and classic

Lots of family fun in support of Cerebral Palsy Awareness Week including jumping castles,

for adults and kids over three.

the “worm”, mini golf, bowling, face painting, sand art, arts and crafts, visits from the Cairns

production. The show lasts 55 minutes. Tickets cost $15

Local Chef Joanne Plota is running a basic/

Charit y screening Be one of the first to see Finding Nemo in 3D on Sunday 19 August at 2pm. Tickets cost $11 including glasses. All proceeds from this screening will go to the Children’s Hospital Foundation Australia.

Community Centre on Monday nights from 13 Aug.


13-14 September

Get Cooking intermediate adult cooking course at Yorkey’s Knob

au for more details.

Peter Rabbit

For info go to

Tropical Writers This year’s Cairns Tropical Writers Festival includes a Children’s Writing Comp for school age students (5-12yrs). All they have to do is write a short story or a poem about an important time, moment or person. Go to for more details. The Festival will be held at the Rydges Tradewinds Hotel 15–16 Sept where the winners will be invited to read their work and receive a prize.

Tropical Zoo and guest appearances by the Cairns Taipans and Northern Pride. Anyone is welcome to join in the fun for a gold coin donation.

BackMeUp Goodbye cyberbullying Hello Hollywood!


nd the ion is calling for 13-17 year olds arou The Australian Human Rights Commiss WIN to ing runn p Campaign and be in the country to join the national BackMeU nts for a NIDA film-making course. Entra ey an all-expenses paid trip to Sydn how their phone or video camera showing need to create a 2 minute video on Go to been cyberbullied. Entries close 15 Aug. they can back someone up who has eup and



Things to see

at the Festival

Cairns Festival

Show &Tell


The latest news, products and tips in the world of families and kids

Get to know...

[1] Fireworks [2] The Parade [3] Carnival on Collins [4] Family Movies

Abbie Man is the owner of Wonky Duck, a business that provides children’s pottery painting sessions at parties and other events. When she’s not inspiring creative expression in children she is mum to Charlie (6) and Olivia (4). [1] What did you want to be when you

[7] What inspired you to start Wonky

grew up? I wanted to be a flower (a rose

Duck? Painting pottery is incredibly

to be specific!)

popular in the UK and I used to love

[2] What were you into as a child? I loved playing with my Barbies [3] What’s the strangest thing in your handbag? A peg [4] What do you hope your children

painting those plaster of paris figures as a child [8] Who inspired you as a child? Kylie [9] What’s your favourite movie? The Notebook

don’t inherit from you? My love of ironing – it’s a complete waste of time! [5] Tell us something most people wouldn’t know about you? I can touch my nose with my tongue [6] How do you like to relax? With a


Stuck for Father’s Day

[5] The Children’s Village (sponsored by PakMag)

solar eclipse

Not to be


place The solar eclipse that’s due to take r right here in the Far North in Novembe is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You will only be able to watch it through special viewing glasses so make sure you don’t miss out by buying yours ag early. Available through the PakM website for $2.99.

gift ideas? Join Wonky Duck at haven+space on Thursday mornings (9.30am-1pm) and your child could decorate something special for dad. For more information call 0400 782 304.

glass of wine in front of the TV


Show &Tell

my business

Got something to share or shout about? Email us at



Celebrated kid’s record label Putumayo Kids

As the owners of Queensland Yoghurt Company in Cairns, Ben Price and his wife Carola are the creators of locally made gourmet yoghurts with delicious fresh fruit. They are also parents to Jasmin (5) and Rominy (3).

introduces children to other cultures through its best selling CD collections. They have now expanded their globally-themed products with fun and educational colouring books and sticker collections in three

My wife Carola and I used to run mega

them at BBQ’s. This gave us the energy to

themes – African, Latin American and European. For

yachts in the Caribbean, Mediterranean

keep working hard through the economic

more information go to

and South Pacific. We were exposed

doom and gloom.

to so many tastes and gourmet foods from around the world that when we


For your chance to win these

finally decided to return to Cairns we

new products from Putumayo

were excited about the opportunities to

Kids go to our website and

expand the local gourmet food culture.

tell us which city the 2012 Olympics are being held in?


new age Nanas

yed The authors of this new book surve it what on en wom over 1000 Australian t resul The ther. means to be a grandmo the res explo that is an engaging book

views of a range of women from a 34 s year old to a 92 year old. It covers topic to ldren dchi gran from feelings towards managing relationships as they grow


when we won six gold medals and three silver medals for our yoghurt flavours at the 2012 Royal Queensland Food & Wine Show. This was the first

When we bought the business it had

time we had ever entered a show and we

little going for it except a fantastic

were over the moon when we also won

recipe for thick creamy yoghurt. Its

Champion Dairy Dessert.

main point of difference was that it was made fresh to order locally and didn’t contain preservatives. It also had a rapturous word of mouth amongst local aficionados. We started doing taste tests to raise awareness of our products and soon began to overhear people talking

Being your own boss offers a lot of freedom and quite a bit of angst. It can be challenging with a young family to support but it’s also very rewarding. I love bringing quality foods into the local market and it’s great to see empty shelves where my products sit.

Decorate If you’re in home renovation mode take a look at new website www.katelauren. It’s owned by a mum and she has

and negotiating conflicts.

created some beautiful interior collections

TO WIN: For your chance to win a

for children’s rooms. The collections

copy of this book go to our website what and tell us you loved about your grandma?

Recently, all this hard work paid off

include linen, cushions, lampshades, fabric lanterns and wall décor.



people Story thanks to Jen Wenzel

Lives Real



When my son Ben was diagnosed with cerebral

feeling isolated and lonely but she decided that

palsy six months after being born prematurely, all

this was not how she wanted to live her life. So,

I knew was that it was a disability. In fact, cerebral

she set herself some personal goals and set out

palsy is the most common physical disability

to show her peers that disability doesn’t mean

affecting Australian children. It is a permanent


physical condition that affects movement but can also cause other complications like hearing or sight loss and epilepsy.

by taking horse riding lessons to improve her balance and strength. She was so successful that

that five years on I have a completely different

she placed second in a dressage competition

mindset. While Ben certainly has challenges, I

against able-bodied children of her own age.

determination, persistence and sheer hard work when it comes to finding ways to adapt to the world around him.

Amazingly she also joined the Awesome Cheerleading All-Abilities Cheer Squad. Every week she trains with a group of cheerleaders - they teach her cheerleading moves and she

It’s not just my son who has changed the way I

teaches them about disability and overcoming

think about disability. I’ve also been privileged to


meet Jasmine Manning, a vibrant nine year old girl who confronts her cerebral palsy with such a determined spirit that she is a real inspiration.

Jasmine’s ‘no fear’ attitude really is inspirational and she has proved to me that nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it. And her

For Jasmine cerebral palsy means she has

enthusiasm and determination to live her life to

difficulty with balance and movement. She uses

the fullest have not gone unnoticed elsewhere

a combination of a wheelchair and a walker for

- last year she won an individual achievement

mobility and her hands are also affected which

award in CRC’s Disability Action Week Awards.

She has also had to endure multiple operations and procedures in her life as well as ongoing therapies.

seemed an impossible task but she started

uncertainty and despair but I’m glad to say

makes routine tasks like writing slow and tedious.


individual and team sports. At the time this

At the time of Ben’s diagnosis I was filled with

find myself constantly in awe of his creativity,

At 9 years of age Jasmine Manning is already inspiring many people by showing that cerebral palsy won’t stop her from living life to the fullest.

Jasmine wanted to participate in sports, both

Many of Jasmine’s activities are sponsored by the FNQ Cerebral Palsy Support Group. Join them at the Picnic by the Lagoon on 4 August (10am-3pm) in celebration of Cerebral Palsy

Four years ago, Jasmine was largely confined

Awareness Week. For more information go to

to non-physical activities. At times, this left her


Switching kids on to

Parents need to be aware of how they influence their child’s engagement with maths, writes Dan Miller


or those of us that spent maths class

Prof Martin says. “So the other part is to look

challenges and difficulties has an affect. Provide

passing notes instead of exams, one

to instil an enjoyment, a valuing and a future

additional tutoring in maths if needed, contact

of the kids pulling out the geometry

interest in maths.”

their teacher about their homework and make

homework might result in a groan. It might even cause some mumbled curses to be directed at Pythagoras for coming up with such a theorem. But have you ever thought about how your attitude toward mathematics might influence your children? Australian middle school students’ performance on international assessments of mathematical ability has dropped in recent years, and fewer students are going on to study advanced maths at school or university. These trends prompted researchers at the University of Sydney to investigate just what’s happening with maths in schools. Professor Andrew Martin, an educational psychologist and the lead author of the study, said his team not only looked at what was causing kids to “switch off” from maths, but also what made them want to “switch on” and continue studying maths. “With kids who are on the downward slide with maths engagement, the first thing is to stop that slide to stop them switching off. But if that’s all you do you’re sort of just leaving them in a neutral position, neither here nor there. Not


switched off but not positively oriented either,”

While the study highlights the importance of

resources available in the home.”

teachers and the classroom environment, it also

“Obviously teachers and the student themselves

illustrates just how significant parents are when

play a big part in maths engagement, but

it comes to children’s maths work. The results

the overarching message is for parents not to

indicated that parents significantly influence

underestimate the impact they have on their

their children’s interest, valuing and enjoyment

kids’ academic engagement, and maths is no

of the subject.

exception to this,” Prof Martin says.

“Parents will do this through their own attitudes toward maths and the way they get involved in their kids’ maths homework and study. There are direct and indirect ways kids get the message that maths is good, or not so good,” he says. “It might be the parent reporting how they themselves were never good at maths. Sometimes kids can internalise things like that

Maths Resources at Home

weren’t good at maths probably I’m not either.’”

• - based on the Prep to Grade 12 Australian curriculum. Subscription fee.

Your own experiences with maths class (or


maths teachers for that matter) can be subtly


and start thinking ‘oh well, if Dad and Mum

communicated to your kids, influencing the way they think about maths. Your willingness, or otherwise, to help your kids in their maths study can also have profound effects. “The extent to which parents are prepared to really get in there and help their kids with maths

• (for kids 13+) - free • (for kids under 13) – free • There are also a number of free maths apps for Android and Apple products.



No EN R ES w FIL fo O LIN r 2 L 0 G Q 13 U





Under-achievement Catholic Education By Tauba Naftal

As parents we are aware that some children ‘under-achieve’ but we never imagine that it will be ours so what if it’s you who gets that call from the school? Firstly, the term ‘underachievement’ is a vague description so talk to the teacher about specifics: • What are the areas of concern? Maths, handwriting, literacy etc. • Is there more than one or only one area of concern?

Orientation and tours of Just Kids are available Monday & Friday 9am-11am To book your visit, call our team on 4051 9788 or email We are located at 219 Draper Street, Cairns


• What evidence is there to support this concern?

Underachievement does not mean the end of your child’s academic future and there are some strategies you can put in place to help support your child through school.

• Do you see the same things at home as at school? • What is the teacher doing to support higher achievement? • Has there been any improvement with these strategies? • Is there something that can be done at home to help in this area? Outside of the class it may also be a good idea to get your child’s vision and hearing checked if you haven’t already done so. Whilst doing this detective work remember that your child’s awareness of these difficulties at school may trigger behaviours such as giving up easily, crying, refusing to go to school, showing distress when you leave them at school, getting angry, or even misbehaving in class.

Parent strategies for supporting your child: • Allow time for school strategies to start working. • Be honest with your child. Acknowledge that they find some things difficult and validate how they feel about this while showing them the part they play in moving forward. • Engage in things they love and are good at and help them to see that these are an important part of life too. • Avoid nagging about progress such as reading levels and test results. Your child is fully aware of their own abilities and if they feel pressure from you they may choose to avoid work so they can avoid your disapproval. • Affirm the effort they make rather than the final result. Celebrate personal bests and trying hard rather than looking for 10/10. • Sleep, water intake and diet directly impact the brain’s ability to learn so be informed on what’s optimal at your child’s stage of development. • Holidays are for rest so don’t do schoolwork then. If possible complete homework during the week and leave weekends free for fun and relaxation. • Emotional safety has been empirically proven to be the strongest base to build learning upon. • Delight in your child as a person. After all you love them unconditionally.




issues Story thanks to Bill Spooner




yslexia first impacts in the classroom

be dyslexic you will need to consult a specialist.

when core reading and writing skills

Here are a few of the signs to watch out for:

are being taught. If you’re concerned

Signs of dyslexia

that your child might be dyslexic, it’s important to know that you are not alone. It’s estimated that dyslexia affects approximately 15-20% of Australia’s population.

disagreeable and stressed • Trying really hard at school, but not making

Dyslexia is best thought of as a continuum of

good progress

abilities and difficulties rather than a distinct

• Difficulty with sight words

category, as it occurs across a range of intellectual

• Reversing letters or words, or forming letters

abilities with no clear cut off points.

Dyslexia often goes undiagnosed but it affects up to 20% of the population and can make school very stressful.

• Coming home from school exhausted,

and numbers anti-clockwise

While reading and writing can be challenging for

• Not being able to follow a sequence of

dyslexic individuals, big picture skills like problem


solving, creativity, high level conceptualisation

• Difficulty telling the time on an analogue clock

and original insights are often real strengths.

• Difficulty with learning tables and tying

As the individual moves beyond school into the


workplace, these difficulties can be compounded

• Easily distracted and lacking concentration

by reliance on written formats. Everything

• Complains of headaches

from rapid email communication through to

• Dizziness when reading and slow in copying

understanding instructions can be problematic for those with dyslexia. Even jobs that are manually oriented often require processing instructions

from the board • Says the words wriggle, move and change

and filling in work forms which can be sources of

Dyslexia is a hot educational topic with many

challenge and frustration.

parents, teachers and educators seeking

Many dyslexic children are highly intelligent and often gifted. They think in pictures and images and are right-brained visual thinkers as was Einstein,

knowledge about how to identify dyslexia and what strategies to use when teaching a child with dyslexia.

and as is Richard Branston and many other original

The new state minister for education John Paul

and creative thinkers. Unfortunately these children

Langbroek announced recently that “Dyslexia is

struggle in the conventional western education

something that is basically either not diagnosed,

system where the emphasis is on the written

or nothing has been done about it at all.’’ He went

word. Dyslexia literally means difficulty with words

on to say he wants children who are suffering

so school for dyslexic children can be stressful.

dyslexia to get as much assistance as they can.

If they remain undiagnosed they may think of themselves as stupid. Alternatively they may be

Bill Spooner’s Irlen Clinic for Dyslexia specialises

continually told they should try harder when in

in helping parents and teachers to understand

actual fact they are trying very hard.

and assist dyslexic children. Call 4041 3232 or go to for more information

However, if you don’t know what to look for you


won’t find dyslexia. If you suspect your child might

and to book a free consultation.




Women Finance

The latest news and tips in the world of women, families and finance

Money news

News Finance

Cost of KIDS If you thought having a baby was an expensive exercise think again. New research by Suncorp has revealed that the most expensive year to raise a child is seventeen. Teenagers cost their parents $237 per week,

By Fiona Thorogood

compare d to $206 per week for infants, $167 per week for toddlers and $163 for primary school aged children. While babies often require a large financial outlay, it’s the ongoing costs associated with education, entertainment and communication, which escalate considerably once the child hits high school. These costs are even greater for parents who opt for private education.

QCCU finance

Preparing for C h ri stmas Funding your children’s education! The cost of education in Australia is on

One option to consider is that sometimes

balances and credit card statements.

the rise with some estimates putting

the best idea is not to save specifically

the cost of a public school education in

for the children but to pay extra off your

excess of $100,000 over a full primary

home loan, thus ensuring that you are

and secondary education and for private

debt free or have minimal debt when

tmas One way to avoid this is with a Chris unts acco e Club savings account. Thes are designed to encourage you to save

schooling this figure can be in excess of

your child starts high school or university.

$420,000. Whilst these figures are quite

However for those of us who might have

daunting, they do not even take into

the ‘if I can see it in my pay packet, I can

consideration tertiary education, such as

spend it’ problem, it may be that a simple


bank account (with no ATM access) with

However, with a little planning and understanding of what saving and


but Christmas is a wonderful time of year ding many feel the burden of overspen when they see their January account

a regular savings plan is the right place to start.

investment options are available, you

In the end how much to save really comes

have the opportunity to accumulate a

down to your household budget, personal

little nest egg for your budding doctor’s,

circumstances and aspirations you hold

dentist’s or teacher’s education.

for your child’s education.

There are many saving and investment

Fiona Thorogood is a Financial Planner

products available, ranging from simple

from TFS Financial Planning. For more

bank accounts through to more complex

information and to find out about other

investment funds, all of which have their

ways to save for your children’s education,

place according to the purpose of the

call 4046 5555 or visit


for the Christmas period and more n of importantly, to resist the temptatio s fund ted mula Accu als. draw early with in on draw to able are typically avail December.

try Ask at your local Queensland Coun g for savin start and ch bran n Unio Credit y. toda tmas a merrier Chris d

Queensland Country Credit Union Limite ABN 77 087 651 027 AFSL 244533


Health pak

Doctor pak

acne: the role of diet Until recently, conventional treatment for acne has been confined to topical applications, good skin care and hygiene practices and oral medication in the form of antibiotics, retinoids (vitamin A medication) and hormonal agents like the contraceptive pill.

Eating during


By Dr Julia Driscoll Pregnant ladies often ask me what they can eat. I prefer to answer it by saying anything except these things: • Raw meat, raw fish and seafood, raw chicken or raw eggs are best avoided because of food poisoning

However, Melbourne dermatologist Dr

fed a more typical teenage diet of milk,

George Varigos has been studying the

white bread, potatoes and sugary drinks

relationship between acne and diet after

and snacks.

a 2002 study revealed that acne was a predominantly westernised condition.

Vartigos says “Diet cannot be overlooked as fundamental to treating acne but it’s only

that may cause deleterious effects in the growing baby. Always cook the food and eat it hot. • Large growing ocean fish (eg. shark, blue fin tuna) may contain high amounts of mercury so limit your exposure to these fish. River fish and smaller fish are fine.

Subsequent studies have found milk to

one aspect of a broader treatment program

be one of the main foods that causes

which includes plenty of exercise, good

acne flare-ups and that adolescents on

skin hygiene (strictly no scrubbing), the use

a diet high in protein and carbohydrates

of medications when need be and a diet

with a low glycaemic index had less

that includes oily fish (for omega 3 fatty

• Soft cheeses (eg. brie, fetta) or anything made

acne breakouts. In fact, they had a 50%

acids) which have shown to improve skin

from unpasteurised milk. This is to avoid listeria

reduction of acne compared to the group

health and appearance.”

food poisoning that can cause miscarriage.

• Unwashed fruits and vegetables – these have the potential to transmit toxoplasmosis.

• Avoid any ‘foreign smallgoods’ that aren’t

WHOOPING Cough cough The recent resurgence of whooping the ed hten cases in Australia has heig ting importance of vaccination and isola to Dr rding acco people who are infected, s Jone yl Cher Philip Britton and Professor d. mea West at of the Children’s Hospital


They say older children and adults do of not always show classical symptoms ce sour a the disease but they are often m of infection for young infants, for who s. erou dang whooping cough can be very tion unisa While the current national imm

infants schedule recommends vaccinating with age of ths mon six at two, four and , booster doses at four and 15-17 years r olde in seen been has unity waning imm . dule sche this with ts adul children and on is “For this reason, a booster vaccinati have who ps grou for now recommended le peop with act cont in g a high risk of bein ning plan ts adul ding inclu in at-risk groups, of a pregnancy, adult family members hcare healt and newborns, and child workers.”

manufactured to Australia’s high standard in food production. • Limit caffeine and give up all alcohol and nicotine. Remember to take folic acid supplements at least as it has been proven to decrease the risk of spina bifida and other neural tube defects and have lots and lots of calcium. Dr Julia Driscoll is a doctor at Apple Tree Medical Centre in Smithfield, Cairns. She is also the author of “My Story”, an interactive children’s book to reduce sibling rivalry. For more information go to


Nutrition pak

Product news

By Rebecca Collins BND, APD, AN

managing Allergies One of the main problems parents encounter when they have children with allergies or intolerances is how to prepare a variety of meals that the whole family can enjoy, so here are a few tips to make dinnertime more manageable. [1] Plan ahead Writing a weekly family meal plan will save you a lot of time and stress in the long run. Food planning is also a great way to involve the kids so make it a family ritual to sit down and plan the meals for the week. Getting the kids involved in the cooking is also a great way for them to learn about food.

[2] Cook in bulk

NoNo’s Bars



going to parties. It takes the stress off you and also the host.

These new muesli bars are a great for kid’s lunch

[3] Keep it simple

boxes. They are made from wholegrain ingredients

When multiple allergies are involved in

Blast. Table of Plenty products are created by a mum

your family, catering for everyone’s different

and they aim to be as allergen friendly as possible

needs can sometimes be a challenge, but

with no added nuts, dairy, egg or soy. Plus the Cocoa

not impossible. The best way to tackle this

Crush variety is gluten free.

and come in two varieties: Cocoa Crush and Berry

is to start the meal as simple as possible and build it up. For example: • Cook a base meal including meat and

Rebecca Collins is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian

vegetables the whole family can enjoy

(APD) at Health Management Dietetics. If you’re

allergen friendly meals such as mini quiches,

• Add additional vegetables according to

concerned about your family’s diet, call 4051 9093

fritters, soups and pasta sauces in the freezer

what each family member can tolerate

to book an appointment.

will guarantee you are always prepared.

• Finally, top with bulk pre-made allergen

Alternatively you can post nutrition related

Frozen allergen free meals are also useful for

friendly sauces from the freezer to suit

questions on their Nutrition Gurus facebook page.

when kids are staying at a friend’s house or

each persons needs

We all have those times when things do not go exactly as we have planned, and having


child Firstly, you need to establish why your they that it Is . kfast brea eat to doesn’t want the like t don’ they that or don’t feel hungry options on offer? hungry If it’s because your child doesn’t feel they in the morning it could be because re. Is befo t nigh the h muc have eaten too king snac are they if or their dinner too large they that be also a lot after dinner? It may that their are so used to not having breakfast


brain stomach is not sending signals to the case the is this If eat. to time it’s to tell them their get to ne routi kfast brea start a regular so body used to eating at this time again . brain the to sent be that hunger signals will



not READER QUESTION: My child does do? I do t like to eat breakfast, wha

kfast If your child is being fussy around brea able avail ns optio few a are there time ensure tWee or (oats l cerea hy such as a nice healt with toast in legra who Bix are great), some a fruit vegemite or peanut butter, or even for d adde smoothie with some yoghurt extra flavour.


Food pak

kitchen kids

NOW OPEN at Raintrees

Easy Banana Bread

pantry parents Recipe thanks to: Sonia brown

• 1 cup plain flour

Easy Choc Mousse

• 1/2 cup self-raising flour

• 250g dark chocolate, broken into pieces

• 1 cup brown sugar

• 600ml thick Custard

• 1 tsp ground cinnamon

• 300ml thickened Cream

• 125g butter, melted, cooled

• White chocolate, thickly grated, to serve

• 2 eggs, whisked

Recipe thanks to: Angela Langtree

• 3 ripe bananas, mashed



Preheat oven to 180°C. Grease and line the base and side of a loaf pan. Combine flours, sugar and cinnamon in a large bowl. Whisk butter and eggs together. Stir in banana. Spoon into prepared pan. Smooth the surface. Bake for 45-50 mins or until a skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean. Set aside in the pan for 10 mins before turning out onto a wire rack. Serve warm spread with butter.

The place your taste buds want to be


Place the chocolate and custard in a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water (make sure the bowl doesn’t touch the water). Use a metal spoon to stir until chocolate melts and mixture is smooth. Set aside for 15 mins to cool. Use an electric beater to whisk the cream in a bowl until soft peaks form. Add to the chocolate mixture and gently fold until just combined. Spoon evenly among eight serving glasses. Cover with plastic wrap and place in the fridge for 1 hour or until set. Sprinkle with grated white chocolate to serve.

Send in a recipe to for your chance to win fantastic prize! Entries close: 18/08/12

Fresh bread baked in house daily • Slices and cakes Delicious pastries • Salad rolls • Hot pies • Sausage rolls Custom birthday cakes • Wholesale bread orders

FREE OFFER Buy 1 Get 1 Free

PReSenT ThiS vouCheR When you PuRChaSe a SanDWiCh loaf anD you’ll geT a kiDS fingeR Bun fRee

22 * Conditions apply

Dale Jackley, partner Bec and their well trained team bring their passion for baking to Raintrees Shopping Centre. With a full range of products and a friendly family service approach. Jackley’s Bakehouse is the place your taste buds want to be.

Phone: 40 533 992 or 0438 864 633 Shop 36, Raintrees Shopping Centre


Visit our online trades directory and find a tradesperson that you can trust! Frustrated trying to find a reliable tradesperson? Lady Needs a Tradie is a local trades directory helping you to find a tradesperson or company that you can trust - we like to call it our little black book of tradies! • Electrician • Plumber • Carpenter • Tiler

• Painter • Gardener • Handyman • Pest Control

pink = family

3 hour Sessions plus 1 & 2 day riding camps

• Group/Private Riding Lessons for Children and Adults (beginners to advanced) • Pony Rides for Children under 5 years of age

BookingS eSSential CALL 4039 3143 Lot 626 Intake Rd, Redlynch •


blue = adults

Check out the latest family entertainment & events guide


August 2012 entertainment & events DATE

School holiday ProgramS

green = kids

• Mechanic • Cabinet Maker • Glazier • And many more...

For info call 4028 3339 or email

August what’s on

1/08/12 1/08/12 1/08/12 1/08/12 1/08/12 2/08/12 2/08/12 2/08/12 2/08/12 2/08/12 2/08/12 3/08/12 3/08/12 3/08/12 4/08/12 4/08/12 4/08/12 4/08/12 4/08/12 4/08/12 4/08/12 4/08/12 4/08/12 5/08/12 5/08/12 5/08/12 5/08/12 5/08/12 5/08/12 5/08/12 7/08/12 7/08/12 7/08/12 7/08/12 7/08/12 7/08/12 8/08/12 8/08/12 8/08/12 8/08/12 8/08/12

VENUE Birch Carroll & Coyle Muddy's Cafe Toys R Us Muddy's Cafe on the Esplanade Manunda Library Haven+Space Brothers Leagues Club Mondo's Cafe Bar & Grill Go Bowling Cairns Edmonton Library Mossman Library Brothers Leagues Club Fuller Sports Club, Edmonton Mondo's Cafe Bar & Grill Officeworks Brothers Leagues Club Fuller Sports Club, Edmonton The Esplanade Freshwater State School Birch Carroll & Coyle 14 Buchan St Bungalow Toys R Us Trintiy Beach Hotel Cairns Regional Gallery Cazalys Officeworks Birch Carroll & Coyle Brothers Leagues Club Brothers Leagues Club Go Bowling Cairns Grove Street Pottery Club Brothers Leagues Club Mondo's Cafe Bar & Grill Go Bowling Cairns Gordonvale Library Earlville Library Birch Carroll & Coyle Muddy's Cafe Cairns Civic Theatre Muddy's Cafe on the Esplanade City Library



Babes In Arms - Magic Mike Muddy's Wicked Wednesday's Face painting by Nikki the Fairy Face painting by Nikki the Clown Storytime Wonky Duck - Pottery painting. Live Music: Vikarious Terry Doyle Singer Songwriter Re-Runs Team Storytime Storytime and Baby Rhyme Time Live Music: Fingerprint Live Muisc: Sweet K Bree & Trent Kids Craft Classes Live Music: Sunbirds Live Music: Hip 2 Soul Picnic by the Lagoon  Freshwater State School Fete Family Flicks - THE ARTISTOCATS Chemical Free Kids - Raising healthy kids in a toxic world Face painting by Nikki the Fairy Face painting by Nikki the Clown Free Entry Saturday Juniors Kids Club Kids Craft Classes Family Flicks - THE ARTISTOCATS Live Music: Carrizma LIVE IN AUDITORIUM: THE BEAUTIFUL GIRLS Kidz Klub Karnival Pottery classes with Rachel Live Music: Big Jim Terry Doyle Family Night Bantom Kids Comp! Storytime Baby Rhyme Time Babes In Arms - The Dark Knight Rises Muddy's Wicked Wednesday's Elvis to the Max show Face painting by Nikki the Clown Storytime

10:00 AM 5:00 PM 9:00 AM 5:00 PM 10:30 AM 9:30 AM 8:00 PM 5:30 PM 4:00 PM 10:30 AM 10:30 AM 8:45 PM 8:00 PM 5:30 PM 11:00 AM 8:00 PM 8:00 PM 10:00 AM 3:00 PM 10:00 AM 2:00 PM 9:00 AM 5:30 PM 10:00 AM 6:00 PM 11:00 AM 10:00 AM 5:30 PM 8:00 PM 2:00 PM 3:30 PM 9:30 AM 5:30 PM 4:30 PM 10:30 AM 10:30 AM 10:00 AM 5:00 PM 8:00 PM 5:00 PM 10:30 AM

FOR MORE INFO 4051 0388 0408 183 032 0408 183 032 4044 3779 4052 6780 4053 3497 4055 4121 4099 9496 4052 6780 4052 9400

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4054 1464 4052 9400 4053 3497 0448 119 957 4052 6780 4053 3497 4056 1365 4044 3766 4051 0388 1300 855 835 0408 183 032 4044 3720

Free Free $6 Free Cost Cost Cost Free Free

$5 Free Free Cost Free Cost Free


pink = family

DATE 9/08/12 9/08/12 9/08/12 9/08/12 9/08/12 9/08/12 10/08/12 10/08/12 10/08/12 10/08/12 10/08/12 10/08/12 11/08/12 11/08/12 11/08/12 11/08/12 11/08/12 11/08/12 11/08/12 12/08/12 12/08/12 12/08/12 12/08/12 12/08/12 12/08/12 13/08/12 14/08/12 14/08/12 14/08/12 14/08/12 14/08/12 14/08/12 15/08/12 15/08/12 15/08/12 15/08/12 16/08/12 16/08/12 16/08/12 16/08/12 16/08/12 16/08/12 16/08/12 17/08/12 17/08/12 17/08/12

green = kids

VENUE Haven+Space Brothers Leagues Club Mondo's Cafe Bar & Grill Go Bowling Cairns Mossman Library Smithfield Library Brothers Leagues Club Fuller Sports Club, Edmonton C3 Church Scott Street Mondo's Cafe Bar & Grill Edge Hill State School Canon Park Race Course Officeworks Brothers Leagues Club Fuller Sports Club, Edmonton Gordonvale Birch Carroll & Coyle Canon Park Race Course Cazalys Officeworks Birch Carroll & Coyle Brothers Leagues Club The Shrubbery, Mission Beach Yorkers Knob Community Centre Bar 8 Shangri-la Hotel Grove Street Pottery Club Brothers Leagues Club Mondo's Cafe Bar & Grill Go Bowling Cairns Stratford Library Birch Carroll & Coyle Muddy's Cafe Muddy's Cafe on the Esplanade Babinda Library Brothers Leagues Club Mondo's Cafe Bar & Grill Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal Civic Theatre Go Bowling Cairns Mossman Library Stratford Library Brothers Leagues Club Brothers Leagues Club Fuller Sports Club, Edmonton

blue = adults

ENTERTAINMENT/EVENT NAME Wonky Duck - Pottery painting. Live Music: Mark Burton Terry Doyle Singer Songwriter Re-Runs Team Storytime and Baby Rhyme Time Baby Rhyme Time Live Music: Hip 2 Soul Live Music: Hit Fanatics The Mothers Room - Run by mums for mums Steve Rockman   Great Family Fete at Edge Hill School Live Music by Barbary Coasters Kids Craft Classes Live Music: Funky Love Tank Live Music: 4 in a Groove Gordonvale Pyramid Race Family Flicks - FOX AND THE HOUND Live Music by Barbary Coasters Cairns Cup Ladies Day - Horseracing Carnival Pakclub - "International" Kids Craft Classes Family Flicks - FOX AND THE HOUND Live Music: Carrizma Live Music by Barbary Coasters Cairns Cup - Horseracing Carnival Your Cooking Coach- Intermediate Cooking Classes ( 5 week course) Pakmag's Give Back Morning Pottery classes with Rachel Live Music: Out of the Blue Terry Doyle Family Night Bantom Kids Comp! Storytime Babes In Arms - The Sapphires Muddy's Wicked Wednesday's Face painting by Nikki the Clown Storytime Live Music: Big Noise Terry Doyle Singer Songwriter CIAF Opening Party Don Quixote, The Australian Ballet Dancers Company Re-Runs Team Storytime and Baby Rhyme Time Baby Rhyme Time Live Music: Sweet K LIVE IN AUDITORIUM: THE MEDICS Live Music: Funky Love Tank



9:30 AM 8:00 PM 5:30 PM 4:00 PM 10:30 AM 10:30 AM 8:45 PM 8:00 PM 10:00 AM 5:30 PM 5:00 PM 1:30 PM 11:00 AM 8:00 PM 8:00 PM 12:00 PM 10:00 AM 2:00 PM 4052 6780 4053 3497 4099 9496 4044 3711 0458 308 001 4052 6780

5:00 PM 11:00 AM 10:00 AM 5:30 PM 7:30 PM 6:30 PM 9:30 AM 3:30 PM 9:30 AM 5:30 PM 4:30 PM 10:30 AM 10:00 AM 5:00 PM 5:30 PM 10:30 AM 8:00 PM 5:30 PM 7:00 PM 7:30 PM 4:00 PM 10:30 AM 10:30 AM 8:45 PM 8:30 PM 8:00 PM

0408 183 032 4052 9400 0408 183 032 4054 1203 4054 1464 4052 9400 0408 183 032 4054 1203 0448 119 957 4052 6780 4053 3497 4044 3733 4051 0388 0408 183 032 4061 1112 4052 6780 4053 3497 4099 9496 4044 3733

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prize s .au

August 2012 fun activities


Find the hidden words!

Match the words and pictures!

Colour it in and you could WIN a prize!


Page prize

colour IN & Win!

Come visit the Children’s Village during Cairns Festival 2012! Colour-it-in prizes kindly donated by Overflow FNQ


Performance workshops, face painting, storytellers and more! Sat 18 Aug - Sun 19 Aug and Sat 25 Aug - Sun 26 Aug 10am-4pm, The Village On Esplanade (Gold Coin donation)

To enter this great competition just colour-it-in and mail to:


PAKMAG, Colour-it-in August 2012


PO Box 7433, Cairns QLD 4870


and you could WIN a fantastic prize.


Competition closing date: 18/08/12.



Word Scramble

Dot to Dot

Unscramble these words and you could win!!!

Join the dots, name the item & win a great prize!

[1] eheps

_ _ _ _ _

[2] osertor

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

[3] gip

_ _ _

[4] atog

_ _ _ _

[5] cudk

_ _ _ _

[6] woc

_ _ _

[7] rehos

_ _ _ _ _

[8] nichkec

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

[9] yeondk

_ _ _ _ _ _

[10] ogd

_ _ _

Simply email us the words at the end and you could win a mystery prize! Send to:

Simply email us the item name and you could win a mystery prize! Send to:

Zoo animalSearch word search Word

Zoo animalWords word search Match & Pictures

Find all of the words and when complete circle the remaining letters left to right, top to bottom to learn an interesting fact about a saltwater tropical fish and you could win!

WORDS Angelfish Anthias Basslet Batfish Blenny Butterfly Clownfish Damsel Dottyback eels goby grouper hamlet hawkfish hogfish lionfish puffers rabbitfish seahorse squirrelfish sweetlips Tang Trigger Wrasse

Simply email us the words at the end and you could win a mystery prize! Send to:

Match the word with the right picture and win!!! Jellyfish Octopus Prawn Fish Turtle Crayfish

Send in your entry and you could win a mystery prize! Send to: Competitions, PO Box 7433, Cairns Q 4870 Name:



artists little

Our August Awesome Art

August what’s on

pink = family

green = kids

blue = adults


Check out this month’s little artist entries! Very impressive! DATE

Ethan Harvey

Nate Pons

Livvy Jensen

Grace Butler

17/08/12 17/08/12 17/08/12 18/08/12 18/08/12 18/08/12 18/08/12 18/08/12 18/08/12 18/08/12 19/08/12 19/08/12 19/08/12 19/08/12 19/08/12 19/08/12 19/08/12 19/08/12 19/08/12 20/08/12 21/08/12 21/08/12 21/08/12 21/08/12 21/08/12 21/08/12 22/08/12 22/08/12 22/08/12 22/08/12 22/08/12 22/08/12 22/08/12 23/08/12 23/08/12 23/08/12 23/08/12 23/08/12 23/08/12 24/08/12 24/08/12 24/08/12 24/08/12 24/08/12 25/08/12 25/08/12

VENUE Mondo's Cafe Bar & Grill Fogarty Park Tanks Arts Centre Officeworks Brothers Leagues Club Fuller Sports Club, Edmonton Birch Carroll & Coyle The Village On Esplanade Esplanade The Village on the Esplanade Cazalys Officeworks Birch Carroll & Coyle Brothers Leagues Club The Village On Esplanade JCU Smithfield Campus Cairns Botanic Gardens The Village On Esplanade The Village on the Esplanade Grove Street Pottery Club Brothers Leagues Club Mondo's Cafe Bar & Grill Go Bowling Cairns Smithfield Library Earlville Library Birch Carroll & Coyle Muddy's Cafe Brothers Leagues Club Lagoon Side, Cairns Esplanade Civic Theatre Muddy's Cafe on the Esplanade City Library Haven+Space Brothers Leagues Club Mondo's Cafe Bar & Grill Go Bowling Cairns Mossman Library Earlville Library Brothers Leagues Club Fuller Sports Club, Edmonton Mondo's Cafe Bar & Grill Tanks Arts Centre Fogarty Park Officeworks Brothers Leagues Club

ENTERTAINMENT/EVENT NAME Montgomery Brothers UMI Arts Big Talk One Fire Indigenous Cultural Celebration An Evening With Colin Hay Kids Craft Classes Live Music: Giles Smith Live Muisc: Big Noise Family Flicks - DUMBO Children's Village Overflow FNQ Grand Parade and Fireworks Face painting by Nikki the Clown Juniors Kids Club Kids Craft Classes Family Flicks - DUMBO Live Music: Carrizma Children's Village JCU Open Day Music Botanica - Sarah Blasko, Holly Throsby and more SKA B QUE Face painting by Nikki the Clown RSPCA - Cupcake Day Pottery classes with Rachel Live Music: Billy May Terry Doyle Family Night Bantom Kids Comp! Storytime Writing Workshop for Kids with Trudie Trewin, bookings essential Babes In Arms - The Bourne Legacy Muddy's Wicked Wednesday's LIVE IN AUDITORIUM: XAVIER RUDD Free Movies For Kids - Avatar The Big Laugh Face painting by Nikki the Clown Baby Rhyme Time Wonky Duck - Pottery painting.  Live Music: Carrizma Terry Doyle Singer Songwriter Re-Runs Team Special Storytime with Matilda (author Trudie Trewin), Baby Rhyme Time

Storytime Live Music: 4 in a Groove Live Music: Giles Smith Band Bree & Trent Mia Dyson + Lanie Lane Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra Simulcast Kids Craft Classes Live Music: Hit Fanatics



5:30 PM 4:00 PM 7:15 PM 11:00 AM 8:00 PM 8:00 PM 10:00 AM 10:00 AM 5:30 PM 10:00 AM 6:00 PM 11:00 AM 10:00 AM 5:30 PM 10:00 AM 10:00 AM 1:00 PM 1:00 PM 10:00 AM

4052 6780 4052 9400 0408 183 032 4054 1464 4052 9400 0408 183 032

3:30 PM 9:30 AM 5:30 PM 4:30 PM 10:30 AM 4:00 PM 10:00 AM 5:00 PM 8:00 PM 7:00 PM 7:30 PM 5:00 PM 10:30 AM 9:30 AM 8:00 PM 5:30 PM 4:00 PM 10:30 AM 10:30 AM 8:45 PM 8:00 PM 5:30 PM 7:00 PM 7:30 PM 11:00 AM 8:00 PM

0448 119 957 4052 6780 4053 3497 4044 3711 4044 3766 4051 0388

COST Free Cost Free Free Free $6 Donation Free Free Free $6 Free Donation Free Cost Free 0408 183 032 4044 3720 4052 6780 4053 3497 4099 9496 4044 3766 4052 6780 4052 9400

Cost Free $5 Free Free Cost Free Cost Free Cost Free Cost Free Cost Free Free Free Free Cost Free Free Free

art on show

litit tlttelse L artis artists


Art by Joseph Les

Art by Sarah Jordan

would If you have a piece of artwork that you ent, Little like featured in PakMag’s new segm ce, erpie mast Artists, email a photo of your with your name, age and address to:


line Photo dead on. editi er emb Sept is 16 August for the

Art by Layla Storm

Art by Jess Bosen


August what’s on

pink = family

green = kids

blue = adults


DATE 25/08/12 25/08/12 25/08/12 25/08/12 25/08/12 25/08/12 25/08/12 26/08/12 26/08/12 26/08/12 26/08/12 26/08/12 26/08/12 28/08/12 28/08/12 28/08/12 28/08/12 28/08/12 28/08/12 29/08/12 29/08/12 29/08/12 29/08/12 29/08/12 29/08/12 29/08/12 30/08/12 30/08/12 30/08/12 30/08/12 30/08/12 30/08/12 30/08/12 31/08/12 31/08/12 31/08/12 31/08/12 31/08/12 31/08/12 31/08/12 31/08/12 31/08/12

VENUE Brothers Leagues Club Fuller Sports Club, Edmonton Arnold Park Mareeba Birch Carroll & Coyle The Village On Esplanade Civic Theatre Cairns Montessori Cazalys Officeworks Birch Carroll & Coyle Tanks Arts Centre Brothers Leagues Club The Village On Esplanade Grove Street Pottery Club Brothers Leagues Club Mondo's Cafe Bar & Grill Civic Theatre Go Bowling Cairns Manunda Library Birch Carroll & Coyle Muddy's Cafe KickArts Contemporary Arts Lagoon Side, Cairns Esplanade Centre Of Contemporary Arts Civic Theatre Muddy's Cafe on the Esplanade Haven+Space Brothers Leagues Club Mondo's Cafe Bar & Grill Civic Theatre Civic Theatre Go Bowling Cairns Mossman Library Brothers Leagues Club Fuller Sports Club, Edmonton Atherton Mondo's Cafe Bar & Grill Centre Of Contemporary Arts City Place Tanks Arts Centre Civic Theatre Fullers Sporting Club, Edmonton

ENTERTAINMENT/EVENT NAME LIVE IN AUDITORIUM: COL ELLIOTT Live Music: Fingerprint Mareeba MultiCultral Festival Family Flicks - BRAVE (2D) Children's Village 6th Annual Cairns Underwater Film Festival and Photo Competition Cairns Montessori - Car Boot Sale Juniors Kids Club Kids Craft Classes Family Flicks - BRAVE (2D) Tanks Markets Live Music: Carrizma Children's Village Pottery classes with Rachel Live Music: Carrizma Terry Doyle Family Night Dein Perry's Tap Dogs Bantom Kids Comp! Baby Rhyme Time Babes In Arms - Hope Springs Muddy's Wicked Wednesday's ARTBABIES Childrens Workshop: Collaborative Artworks Free Movies For Kids - Wall-E Frank Yamma in Concert Dein Perry's Tap Dogs Face painting by Nikki the Clown Wonky Duck - Pottery painting Live Music: Big Jim Terry Doyle Singer Songwriter Dein Perry's Tap Dogs Dein Perry's Tap Dogs Re-Runs Team Storytime and Rhyme Time Live Music: Giles Smith Band Live Music: Barbary Coasters Atherton Maze Festival Steve Rockman   The McMenamins Movie - Raiders Of The Lost Ark Jazz Up North - Grace Knight Dein Perry's Tap Dogs Live Music by Barbary Coasters

TIME 8:30 PM 8:00 PM 10:00 AM 10:00 AM 10:00 AM 6:30 PM 9:00 AM 6:00 PM 11:00 AM 10:00 AM 9:00 AM 5:30 PM 10:00 AM 3:30 PM 9:30 AM 5:30 PM 7:30 PM 4:30 PM 10:30 AM 10:00 AM 5:00 PM 10:00 AM 7:00 PM 7:30 PM 7:30 PM 5:00 PM 9:30 AM 8:00 PM 5:30 PM 2:00 PM 7:30 PM 4:00 PM 10:30 AM 8:45 PM 8:00 PM 5:00 PM 5:30 PM 7:30 PM 8:00 PM 7:30 PM 7:30 PM 8:00 PM



$32 Free Free $6 Donation Cost 4054 1464 4052 9400 0448 119 957 4052 6780 4053 3497 4044 3779 4051 0388 0408 183 032 4052 6780 4053 3497 4099 9496 4052 6780 0408 183 032

Free Free $6 Free Donation Cost Free Cost $5 Free Cost Free $10 Free Cost Cost Cost Free Cost Cost Cost Free Free Free Free Cost Free Cost Cost

Go to for more events and market info

Watch Out! cane trains about! safety


Look out for cane trains June to November MULGRAVE MILL



Teens tackling

Comforting facts for parents of teens READER QUESTION: My eldest son is twelve

Here are a few facts I’d like to share

and is starting to show signs of going through

that you may find comforting:

puberty. To be honest, I’m a bit anxious about

• You have more power than you may think to

the whole puberty and teenage thing. There


influence your child’s choices. Be an appropriate

seems to be so much negative press about

role model. Attitudes and behaviours are caught

teenagers being involved in binge drinking,

not taught.

drug abuse, vandalism, wagging school and other troubling behaviours. How can I prepare my son for a safe and happy journey through

prepared to accept that you probably did the

common but remember that although the road to adulthood may be rocky at times, most teenagers turn out to be responsible, well-adjusted adults.

best you could at the time.

did things that were risky and unsafe. We survived

• Most families go through some troubled times with their teenager.

teenager’s expressions of their own thoughts and ideas can provide interesting and meaningful discussions and activities during the teenage years. Denise Bewert is Group Educator for CentaCare,

• Your child experimenting with alcohol or drugs is not necessarily a sign that a serious problem

If we think back to our teenage years, I’m sure we and chances are your son will as well.

• All parents make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. have handled a situation better and be

Frustrations linked to parenting teenagers are

• Conflict is a natural & normal part of family life.

• Remember to enjoy the teenage years. Your

Avoid feeling guilty. Reflect on how you might

the teenage years?

normal for them to sample new experiences.

is developing or that you have failed in some way. Life for teenagers is a smorgasbord and it is

mother of two and author of two books, Tackling Teens and Troubled Teens. If you would like to ask Denise a question about your teenager send an email to:

Parenting modern

Help your children resolve conflict Reader Question: My five year old has

• Speak to him about his choice of words and

• If he continues to swear put a consequence

just started to use swear words and since

make sure he understands that some words

in place for using unacceptable words but

his father and I don’t usually swear at home

are hurtful and rude.

always keep the consequence brief and give

assume he’s picking them up at school. How should I react when he swears? Experimenting with swear words is very common, particularly once children have started school. There are many reasons why children will swear, often it’s when they are trying to vent negative feelings, to get the attention of others, to stand out by being funny or for just simply for shock value. You might find the following tips helpful to use when your child is using swear words:


• Try to react in a calm manner and take a matter of fact approach which shows him that it is not particularly interesting or funny.

him another chance to try again. • Praise him when he uses acceptable words. • Try to reduce your child’s exposure to

• You might say something like “We don’t use

inappropriate language and behaviour by

that word and I don’t want to hear it again”. If

being aware of what your child is watching and

he says it again try to ignore it. He might stop

listening to (e.g. television shows, movies,

swearing if he doesn’t get a reaction.

music and computer games)

• If he is swearing when he is angry show

Megan Colahan is the principal psychologist at

him another way to say how he is feeling. For

Colahan Psychology. To ask her a question email

example you might say something like “I can

see you are feeling really angry about …”


Let no child ever come to us without leaving happier, smarter and more confident. Primary Tutoring

School Readiness

prep to yeAr 6

AgeS 2 to 5 yeArS

• Literacy and Numeracy program based on the outcomes from the Australian National Curriculum

• Develop social & emotional skills

• Qualifed Registered Teachers

• Letter names & sounds • Small groups - 1hr classes

• Recognition of individual learning needs

• Numbers to 20 • Full-colour workbooks

• One on one or Small Groups

• Games & hands-on activities

• Great for children that need to develop more confidence with their learning or those that need extending

• Degree qualified & experienced teacher

• Encourage a love of learning

Education early

• Fine motor & handwriting skills

10/146 Anderson St, Manunda For more information & 0407 536 587 |


news By Melanie Clarke


umerous studies have shown that the

emotional development. It has five learning goals

first five years of a child’s life is vital for

for educators to help children develop:

learning and development. So when

the Federal Government announced it’s intention to revamp Australia’s schooling system, one of it’s initiatives was to invest $2.5 million to develop Australia’s first national Early Years Learning Framework. The goal of this new Framework is to create consistency across the country so that all young children from birth to five years are receiving good quality care and education before they

embracing potential

start school. It provides a guide for all early childhood educators and applies to a range of

Kindergarten & Long Day Care

Free enrolment PLUS 2 Days FREE for 4 Weeks!

Extended day kindergarten catering for children 15 months to school age PRESEnt thiS aD to takE aDvantagE oF thiS FREE oFFER

9 Brose Street, WHitE ROCK

PHONE 4036 1055 Conditions apply. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer. Valid until 15/01/2013. 36

If your child is in any form of early childhood care you’ll no doubt have heard of the Early Years Learning Framework, but what exactly is it and what does it mean for your child?

settings including long day care, kindergarten or family day care. It isn’t a curriculum or syllabus and doesn’t dictate how or what to teach. Instead it ensures that children are developing a holistic

• a strong sense of their identity • connections with their world • a strong sense of wellbeing • confidence and involvement in their learning; • effective communication skills.

How can parents be involved? While the Framework is a guide for early childhood educators, parents can also play a role in enhancing its affects on their child’s learning. By staying in close contact with your child’s carers and educators, you enable them to get to know and understand your child better and as a consequence they can better tailor their learning programs to your child’s interests.

sense of themselves, their community and the

For example, information you provide about

world around them.

things you’re doing as a family can spark ideas for

So what does it teach? While it may sound very academic the foundation of the Framework is based on the understanding that young children learn best

learning opportunities in their early childhood setting. Photos of visiting family members, things you’ve collected on your weekend camping trip etc are all great ways to link what’s going on at home with their time in daycare or kindy.

through play. Play enables young children to

To find out more or to access translations visit

make sense of the world around them and by or ask your

using this Framework, early childhood educators

child’s early childhood educator.

guide children’s play by carefully designing learning environments and activities.

Melanie Clarke is Director of Operations at Childs World Early Learning Centres. For more

The Early Years Learning Framework emphasises

information about Child’s World call 4045 4045

the importance of communication and language

or go to

(inc. early literacy and numeracy) and social and


Baby NewS

new Birth Suites Cairns Base Hospital

Snuggling in mum’s arms makes baby

that are important for early brain

happier and also helps regulate their skin

development. .

the latest

Toys Toys on the go

There is no need to rush during this

glucose levels.

precious time. Early baby checks can all be

As always nature has a grand plan –

done with baby on your chest. Weighing

oxytocin levels peak after an unmedicated

and bathing can wait. Delaying clamping

birth and are also enhanced by skin-to-

of the cord until it has stopped pulsating

skin contact. Whilst you’re gazing lovingly

ensures your baby receives his quota of

at your new baby the oxytocin in your

important blood reserves and beneficial

body continues contracting the uterus to

nutrients and eases his passage into his

expel the placenta and seal up the blood

new world until his lungs are fully able to


support him.

Meanwhile baby is born with a focusing

Zoe Strickland is a pregnancy massage

distance of 10 – 12 inches and, whilst

therapist and teaches Hypnobirthing

being nurtured in your arms, is busily

classes for expectant parents in Cairns. For

firing and wiring brain connections

more information call 0420 504 421. LeapFrog has recently extended their range

Easy baby showers

Future plans at the hospital include a low-

spacious and comfortable ‘homey’ feel so

risk birthing suite for mums who prefer a

medical equipment is discreetly hidden

home-style birth in close proximity to the

Mamoo Children’s Wear has started offering baby shower

unless needed. Of the nine birth suites

hospital. This is scheduled to open in 2014.

parties for anyone wishing to use Modern Cloth Nappies for their baby. After a consultation an online wish album is

The Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) has

created for each mum-to-be so that friends and family can

also received a much- needed upgrade.

purchase chosen items either online or at the baby shower.

Following feedback from mums another

The number of cots has doubled and the

The list can include soft baby toys, burp cloths, swaddling

significant change has been the inclusion

new space includes parenting rooms so

blankets, bibs as well as nappies.

of resuscitation equipment within the birth

that parents can stay overnight with their

suites so babies don’t need to be taken

baby’s in preparation for the transition

outside for resuscitation.


facilities within the rooms.

Many studies now show that skin-to-skin contact between mum and baby immediately after the birth are vitally important. temperature, energy requirement and

The aim has been to create a more

available, three now have water birth

By zoe strickland

Contact Lanya on 0408 996 486 for more details or visit


in arms

The Birch Carroll & Coyle Babes in Arms sessions during August are: • 1 Aug - Magic Mike • 8 Aug - The Dark Knight Rises • 15 Aug - The Sapphires • 22 Aug - The Bourne Legacy • 29 Aug - Hope Springs Children under five go free and can make as much noise as they like!


The Cairns Base Hospital has been undergoing some major renovations recently and has just unveiled its newly refurbished birth suites.

skin to skin

of educational tech toys with some on-the-go portable toys for tots to toddlers. My Talking LapPup ($29.99) is suitable for babies from six months to two years. It comes complete with five colourful shape buttons, peek-a-boo surprises and more than 40 catchy learning songs and activities all designed to stimulate fun, investigative play. For more information on Leapfrog and their products go to

For your chance to win one


of these toys simply go to our website and tell us a store that stocks Leapfrog products?



CCB Approved • EnroL today • 3-5 yeAr olds

VotEd “Best Childcare Centre” in PakMag’s Best of Cairns awards

Learning through Play each & every day

For more information visit or call 4055 1814 or email




Get fit the fun way

wake up

KINDY CHEER Saturday morning classes for kids 2-5 Kindy Cheer Program available for 2-5 year olds. Combination of song and dance + fun, fitness & friends! Classes starting from only $10 For more information contact Tamara 0402 225 630 or email or visit

Andrea has been hiding herself under overly big clothes since her daughter was born, but now its time to let out her inner minx!



Andrea’s makeover Wardrobe


Personal Stylist Gerlinda Aras: “Like many mums Andrea rarely gets the opportunity to pamper herself and has been wearing the same clothes since her daughter was born. All her clothes screamed frumpy mummy and left her feeling drab. Andrea wanted an outfit to wear on a girls night out, so we ditched the

NOW INSTORE Charm bracelets with collectable charms.

and chose a flattering tunic with a belt to give her Zip through tab collar jacket, Crossroads $59.95 Wavy Print Tunic, Crossroads $19.95

24 Gillies Hwy, Yungaburra For info PHONE 4095 2727

5 Week Modelling and Self-iMproveMent CourSe

Course suitable for 13-17 year olds

Update your clothes & shed 10 years!


Get started in the modelling and fashion industry today!

+ Mums & Kids CLOTHES SHOES & GIFTS OPEN 6 Days 9-5pm & 10-4pm Sun (Closed Tue) Follow us:

3⁄4 faded denims for some sexy fitted black jeggings


Mogo Charms

waist definition. The red jacket shows off the coloured highlights in her hair and brought out her eyes. Not surprisingly Andrea’s daughter didn’t recognise her when she picked her up from daycare!”

Shell necklace, Rockmans $24.99


Printed bangles, Rockmans $14.99

Crystal from Savvy: “Andrea has a fun and funky

Beaded bracelet, Rockmans $14.99 Black Jeggings, Crossroads $39.95

All items from Stockland

personality so we wanted to create a dramatic change to reflect her personality. Whilst her new style is low maintenance, the red colour makes a statement. We did a colour correction followed by toned foils.”

Makeup is a big thanks to Adele from Savvy.

Topics covered: Makeup & Skincare, Nailcare & Nutrition, Wardrobe Essentials, Fundamental Catwalk Steps, Grooming & Deportment, Hair Care & Hair Styles, Fundamental Interview steps, Photoshoot with professional fashion photographer

Hair & Makeup

Book noW Call

thanks to savvy

0448 407 103

Other courses also available

FNQ DireCtOrs of Miss Teen Australia You can apply today! email


Gerlinda Aras is a stylist and image consultant for Mirror Image Consultations Want a makeover? Send in a photo and a few words as to why you would like one to


Quality built with pride

Simple tips for a functional family home Family homes need to be functional but that doesn’t mean you need to compromise For more info call 4056 3089 or email or visit Find us on facebook

• VIP access to our website with special VIP only areas


Cairns Central

Free *

Kiddie Kart Hire

• A Very sPecIAl VIP PAckAge for signing up • Monthly newsletters with extra deals from local businesses participating in the program

Check out

• sPecIAl VIP DrAws at our events

oFFer 3


Absolutely Baby

Buy 1 night get 1 FREE in a cabin or campsite

wall Hooks


Free *

Pronto Coffee

Wall hooks are fantastically functional if you have small kids and keep handbags well out of reach. TIP: Baskets, trunks and tubs are a savior when it comes to ‘tidy-up toys’ time. Match your basket with your living room décor to create permanent decorator items.

Buy a Happy Meal & get a FREE Pronto Coffee

Wall hooks available at haven+space from $14.95

*Terms & conditions apply, see the PakMag website for details.

Modern Cloth Nappies


Station Children’s Wear


Photo frames available at haven+space from $15

Free * oFFer

$100’s of dollars worth of discounts available from: More busInesses joInIng daIly!

Install a shelf at mantel height, use a long hall table or shelving unit and simply cluster your frames together. The key is to balance the heights and colours of your frames. TIP: Use the same frame in different sizes. Remember to pull in tight and overlap just enough so you can still see the photos in the back row. Alternatively, mix and match style and colour to create a fun display.

Kurrimine Holiday Park

• VIP competitions, ticket giveaway’s & prizes MeM ber nuM ber

photo Gallery

hang it

• Discounts from local businesses in Cairns & Townsville

oFFer 2

For only $10 per year pakmag VIp will get you:

oFFer 1

Want to be a pakmag VIp?

on style. These simple decorator tips will help keep your home practical.

the hub

and constructed by highly skilled tradesman and they work hard to ensure your expectations are exceeded. AJH offer a variety of services including new home construction and free quotes to the Cairns and FNQ region.

frame it

home Heroes Quality built with pride is what we strive to deliver when you build your dream home with us. Ashlee Jones Homes is a builder with more than 16 years local industry experience. The team at AJH ensure every home is built

Homes family

Create a family hub station to keep all those bits and pieces like phones, mail and keys all in one place.

Lisa Slatyer is an interior design specialist and the owner of haven & space homewares and coffee bar. She is also mum to Isla (4) and Andie

TIP: Section off a small nook in your kitchen/family room or use a free standing

(2). Narelle Quilty is a visual merchandiser and

cupboard with shelving. Bare in mind it will need access to power for chargers (holes

decorative consultant and mum to Gus (2).

can be drilled into back of cupboard to allow cords through).


The Village on Esplanade is being described as a quirky vaudevillian, retro-futuristic


sideshow romp. It will boast a colourful cluster

The Esplanade markets will be supersized for

of Moroccan tents comprising a luscious tea

the Festival on Saturday 25 August (8am-

lounge that is the ‘Palace’, the performance

4pm). Expect local artwork, produce as well as

based ‘Performery’ and the ‘Castello’, a mini castle

unique handmade art and crafts. This market

packed with comic acts.

will have a special emphasis on traditional and

Free Magic Show

contemporary visual artists, indigenous artists and craftsmen showing their art in a variety of mini, pop-up galleries. The market on the

On the opening weekend, Ronald McDonald

following Saturday (1 Sept) will focus on food

and his friends are going to be special guests at

with a mouth watering and tropical showcase of

the Grand Parade but he will also be presenting

local produce.

a magic show prior to the Grand Parade at Muddy’s Playground from 2pm.

Free Movies

In addition to the many programmed events

Wednesday nights will be family movie nights

keep an eye out for. These include Ozichalk Art

during the Festival thanks to McDonalds Cairns

all day along the Esplanade on 23-26 August.

Restaurants and PakMag. These will be screened

ilies with the return of m fa r fo up e lin t ea gr omises a w activities. ne ng ti This year’s Festival pr ci ex of ts lo of ites and the addition time honoured favour


on the lagoon side of Cairns Esplanade as follows:

there will also be some random quirky events to

There will also be an opportunity to make music on two colourfully decorated pianos that will be discovered throughout the CBD as well as a host

• Avatar – 22 August (from 7pm)

of colourful characters wandering the streets of

• Wall-E – 29 August (from 7pm)

The Village on Esplanade - including Trichia, a nature-loving human and Helix, a giant garden

Other free movies, suitable for teens and older,

snail. Or the Lollipop Ladies, who may lead you

will be screened in City Place on Friday evenings

across randomly appearing zebra crossings and

(from 8pm).

around spontaneous roundabouts made of

• Mad Max – 17 August

unsuspecting people.

• Rocky Horror Picture Show – 24 August • Raiders of the Lost Ark – 31 August.

To make sure you get the most out of this

Arty Fun

year’s Festival, grab a program now from

The Cairns Regional Gallery’s Family Fun Day is

centres or from key venues across town.

lined up for the second weekend of the Festival

Alternatively, you can jump online at

on 25-26 August (10am-5pm). Families are

invited to go along at their leisure to enjoy any

Cairns Central or Stockland shopping

one of the free, art-based activities for all ages.

together. From the Overflow FNQ Cairns Festival 2012 is, as always, especially about families enjoying time finale event, Carnival on Collins, this Grand Parade and Fireworks in the opening weekend to the Father’s Day years family highlights: year’s Festival is packed full of family fun. Here’s a rundown of some of this

highlights for families • 18 Aug – Ronald McDonald Magic Show (Muddy’s) • 18 Aug – Overflow FNQ Grand Parade & Fireworks

Children’s Village

Family friendly activities programmed in the

Other activities at the Children’s Village include

Children’s Village include the opportunity to

storytelling to inspire imaginations in the

The ‘Children’s Village’ is part of the Festival’s highly

participate in creating the ‘Kid’s Longest Print’ with

beautifully themed ‘Palace’ tent. This is also the

anticipated event, The Village on Esplanade. While

InkMasters print makers guiding the young artists.

place to head for facepainting. Other activities

The Village on Esplanade runs every day and night

It is anticipated that sections of the print will then

include mini-zine workshops thanks to the crew at

throughout the festival, the special Children’s

be divided into practical sized artworks that will

KickArts and performance workshops designed to

Village will take place over the first two weekends

be displayed for viewing and purchased by a gold

entertain in a safe, educational, colourful and fun

– 18-19 and 25-26 August (10am-4pm). Entry is by

coin donation at Tanks Arts Centre during Carnival

environment. This event is proudly supported by

a gold coin donation.

on Collins on Sunday, 2 September.



• 18-19 & 25-26 AUG – Children’s Village • 22 & 29 Aug – Free Family Movies by the Lagoon • 25-26 Aug – Gallery’s Family Fun Day • 2 Sept – Carnival on Collins


by Angelina Mortley

“Mummy this is yummy!”

I’m not sure what I expected Sizzler to be like but

After you’ve tucked into the healthy stuff, the

it exceeded my expectations. The restaurant was

dessert will certainly have you salivating with

full of families and the staff were genuinely happy

items like Banana Caramel Pie and Butterscotch

to serve us!

Apple Crumble Cake to name a couple. Plus

In fact, the only problem we had was trying to decide what to eat - the range is just extraordinary. They have a selection of grill meals (Steak & BBQ Garlic Prawns were excellent), including a great value kids range, an enormous Salad Bar, soups (pumpkin was yum!), pasta and desserts (OMG!). Lots of healthy options and plenty to please children’s tastebuds. Sizzler have given salad a whole new meaning - if

How often do you hear that? Sometimes trying to cook family meals that cater for everyone’s tastes can be a thankless task and on Monday night this week I was over it. So off we went to Sizzler instead.


you’re not a big fan, this Salad Bar will convert you – you could probably eat there seven days a week and still not try everything. While there are lots of fresh ingredients to make up your own combinations, there are also several delicious options available like Spiced Lamb and Apricot CousCous; Curry Chicken, Bacon and

there’s a choice of vanilla or chocolate real dairy ice-cream with all the yummy decorative extras including sprinkles, smarties and marshmallows. My daughter became quite the sundae artist! If you want to be slightly good, fresh cut fruit is also available. And you can then finish with a selection of Dilmah Teas and real Espresso Coffee. There is no doubt that Sizzler is excellent value for families. The Salad Bar is included in the price of all dinner Grill Meals for adults and children, or you can choose the Salad Bar on its own ($24.50 for adults, $5.50-$9.50 for kids depending on age and kids under four eat free with each paying adult). We all left Sizzler a happy family. I didn’t have to cook, we all had delicious meals and the back pocket wasn’t cringing.

Walnut; Prawn and Tassie Smoked Salmon; Sweet

Sizzler is open 7 days a week. Their lunch menu is

Chilli Shrimp; Mediterranean Pesto Pasta; Spinach,

available Mon to Sat (11am-4pm) and the dinner

Almond & Cranberry; Indonesian Rice Salad and

menu is available Mon to Sat (4pm-9pm) as well as

the list goes on!

all day Sunday and Public Holidays.



kids eat fun for parents & kids FREE FRom thE buFFEt

Buffet $15 for members & $17 for non members

International *Under 10 year olds eat free from the buffet with each paying adult.

costume party

• Dress in the national costume of your favourite country and you could WIN fantastic prizes! • Mini Olympics games and activities


activity Story thanks to Amanda Cranston



• Loads of prizes, activities, games and fun for the whole family! • Have fun with kids karaoke! bookingS ESSEntiAl phonE 4054 1464

Sun 12 AuguSt 5pm-7pm Cazalys FunCtion Room

Bramston Beach is an idyllic weekend getaway and a favourite with locals, writes Amanda Cranston

Bramston Beach

Less than an hour away from Cairns, it’s easy

collecting shells, flying kits and fishing with

to see why Bramston Beach is such a popular

hand reels.

spot with its grassy beachfront campgrounds and quiet community. And I must admit I have fallen under its spell.

tO ENtEr duE tO tHE Qld liQuOr aCt 1992, wHiCH is $5 fOr tHE YEar.

board games and in the evenings there were always a couple of bonfires on the beach so

Campground which is the first campground

plenty of opportunities for the kids to toast

you reach when driving into town and has

marshmallows. While we took our own food

beautiful green grassy campsites along the

and drink, there was a small shop on the one

foreshore with an abundance of shady trees,

main road in town, which was over the road

a large playground, the usual amenities and

from our campground, and it sold bait, ice,

plenty of electric barbecues. Our campsite had

milk, newspaper, drinks, ice-creams and some

beautiful views of the beach and it was lovely

hot food, all at reasonable prices. And once a

to go to sleep at night listening to the sound

month there is a local market set up along the

of water as the tide lapped at the sand.

beachfront, which we were lucky enough to

With our children being early risers we were

be there for.

up in time to watch the amazing sunrise every

There was lots of space for kids to ride

morning, taking our picnic rug down to the

bikes and many families brought their dogs

sand and watching as the sun rose while most

as the park is pet-friendly. Bookings are

campers were still fast asleep. The sunsets

recommended as sites book quickly for long

were just as spectacular with the sky changing

weekends and peak periods, but Jill who

from pinks and purples to oranges and reds

manages the campground will usually try to

and filling the entire sky. The weather was

accommodate you. All sites are unpowered

superb every day and the beach was clean

and cost $20 per family per night.

and the water so calm with only small waves inflatable stinger net area and we spent a lot

& condiTions apply: YOu NEEd tO bE a mEmbEr Of CazalY’s 48Terms

the grass area near our campsite or playing

We stayed at the Bramston Beach Council

breaking onto the shore. The kids swam in the

PHONE: 4054 1464 •

Afternoons were spent playing boche on

To book call the Bramston Beach Council Campground on 4067 4121.

of time on the beach making sandcastles and


BIZDirectory ads from ONLY $55/MONTH!


BIZDirectory Services

Cairns Veterinary Clinic


• Face Painting • Puppets • Balloons • Games • Music • Other costumes available 4057 8019 or 0408 183 032



Paralysis ticks are one of the biggest risks faced

If you find a tick but your pet isn’t showing any

by Cairns pets. Ticks can cause problems with

symptoms of tick paralysis, you should keep them

your pet’s walking, eating, breathing and even

cool and quiet and limit water and food intake. We

cause death. Although paralysis ticks can be found

recommend you visit your vet for a checkup.

all year round they are more commonly seen from June to December. It is estimated that over 75,000 dogs and cats are affected by tick paralysis each year. Paralysis ticks are a parasite that feed on the blood of mammals. When a paralysis tick crawls on to pets or other mammals, they wander over the

Get MaMoo


body before attaching to feed. Ticks most often

to come to you Children’s Wear

Paralysis Ticks are a major threat to pets in Cairns, writes Dallas McMillan

• Baby Showers & Nappy Parties • modern cloth nappies from $11 • educational toys • Plus wet bags, re-useable wipes & inserts

For free consultation call laNya 0408 996 486 View full range at

Mini day spa theme created for 4-13 year olds Pedicures • Manicures • MakeuP & hair & 0402 482 025

Flip Ripley Magic shows•Characters•Clowning Comedy workshops•Juggling Unicycles•Comic telegrams

4057 9020 0r 0410 510 095

attach around the head, neck and shoulders. During feeding the tick releases a toxin that

Identifying ticks can be difficult but if you do find one remove it by firmly grasping the tick between thumb and forefinger and firmly tugging it out. If you are unsure whether a tick is a paralysis tick, bring it into one of our veterinary clinics for free identification by one of our nursing staff. We also provide free tick search training and prevention advice to assist you in preventing tick paralysis in your pet.

interferes with muscles and nerves causing life-

Dallas McMillan is a senior veterinarian at Cairns

threatening paralysis.

Veterinary Clinic. For more info call 4032 9999 or

Symptoms of tick paralysis: • Change in voice/bark • Loss of appetite • Weakness, wobbly walk, lack of coordination and paralysis


ACTION STEPS If your pet shows signs of paralysis symptoms: • Contact your vet urgently for advice

• Retching, coughing, choking and vomiting

and an appointment.

• Panting, grunting or difficulty breathing

• Search your pet thoroughly for a tick

• Collapse

paying particular attention to the head, neck and shoulder area.

If your pet shows any of these symptoms, you

• Do NOT give any food, water or medications

should seek immediate veterinary attention.

by mouth, as animals affected by tick paralysis cannot swallow correctly.

Ticks can be very difficult to find, and pets can quickly progress to severe paralysis or death. Early diagnosis and treatment gives your pet the best

• Keep your pet calm and in a cool place until you visit the vet.

chance of recovery.

hair services

For all your Real Estate needs contact Liz Field M: 0408 469 221 E: W:


6.6% Commission for Property Management Services



submit your photos

email to:

e Palms

e Palms

PakMag Teddy Bear’s Picnic at Paradis

PakMag Teddy Bear’s Picnic at Paradis

PakMag Teddy Bear’s Picnic at Paradis

PakMag Teddy Bear’s Picnic at Paradis

e Palms

e Palms

Billy & Bec at Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Awesome Cheer

PakMag Teddy Bear’s Picnic

PakMag Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Out & About photos thanks to Blue Click photography >



Mini Session for ONLY $150

Capture the special moments in life with a Mini photo Session A Mini Session is a 30 min photo session for up to 3 children and includes 10 digital images on disc. Offer is available through August at Blueclick Studios. Contact Veronica on 0414 815 286 or visit


QCCU at Teddy Bear’s Picnic

PakMag Teddy Bear’s Picnic

PakMag Teddy Bear’s Picnic

PakMag Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Out & About photos thanks to Blue Click photography >

100% edible

Handmade decorations

for your cakes

Our icingbits turn your cakes into works of art! For info call 0410 107 722 or visit


Pets fav

Fav pet shot of the month wins a great prize from Cairns Veterinary Clinic

August entries

July winner

Bear loved by Violet

Jesse loved by Kobi

Stella loved by Jorja

Buster loved by Montana

Email your photo, name/s & address to: • Deadline for photos is 18 August for the September 2012 edition of Pakmag.

Winners prize

To claim your prize drop into our office on Level 2, 68 Abott Street between 9-5pm Monday to Friday and collect your prize from reception.

Cairns Show Colour in & Win: • Isabel Hernandez • Gia Dent • Jess O’keeffe • Sophie Coales


Match Words & Pics:

Word Scramble:

• Kyle Neville

• Jorja King

Word Search:

Dot to Dot:

• Andrew Graham

• Jaxon Hunt




Have a laugh with a local thanks to SeaFM

Laughs local

This month on facebook we’ve been asking mums the question “The London Olympics are in full swing and our athletes are going for gold after years of training. What’s your idea of exercise?”

Winner Chon Ky “Walking the kids to school. I manage to fit in a cardio workout and some squats by carrying all the baggage they drop behind them”

Vicy Stephenson

Tara Robertson

Elisabeth Crichton

“School holidays with the kids at home”

“Doing the school drop offs with three kids under

Sarah Kuno

five years of age in torrential rain with a two year old on my hip whilst gripping my three year olds

“I have more muscles now than I ever did before

hand who wants to swing off my arm like Tarzan

having kids. Even when I was doing weights”

and directing my five year old to walk, not run.

Chrissy Dalglish

Since I work fulltime I do the mad dash in school peak hour traffic and then drop the younger

“Thinking about doing the Red Arrow but

ones off at nanas. Perhaps I should sing Advance

with no results since having my first child six

Australia Fair because I certainly feel like I’ve won

years ago”

gold after achieving all this!”

Mel n Stevie

Sharnee Dimarco

“Running from the neighbours dog”

“Wearing my one year old around the Red Arrow

Michelle Davis

while my 2½ year old hikes after me”

“Pushing the vacuum cleaner and mop around

“Carrying two children around the shops on my hip because suddenly no one remembers how to walk!”

the house”



Designed by our family for your family Products for both common and unique ailments

Locally made

North CairNs




355 Sheridan Street

600 Bruce Highway

Sugarworld Shopping Centre

67 McLeod Street

Phone: 4031 4222

Phone: 4054 2440

Phone: 4045 5526

Phone: 4031 9611


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