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Finding childcare can be tough, see below for a breakdown of costs & what some daycares provide ABC Innisfail 20 Charles Street, Innisfail PHONE: 4061 6883 OPEN: 7.30am-5.30pm DIRECTOR: Alison Riera FOOD: No NAPPIES: No COST: From $56.90/day

ABC Brinsmead 150 Loridan Drive, Brinsmead PHONE: 4034 3444 OPEN: 6.30am-6.30pm DIRECTOR: Zoe Mounty FOOD: Morning & afternoon tea NAPPIES: Baby room COST: From $63.60/day

ABC Cairns North 365 Sheridan Street, North Cairns PHONE: 40412022 OPEN: 6.30am-6pm DIRECTOR: Kristi Wilson FOOD: No NAPPIES: No COST: From $62.90/day

ABC Edmonton 1 189-191 Bruce Hwy, Edmonton PHONE: 4045 5544 OPEN: 6.30am-6.30pm DIRECTOR: Cindy Murphy FOOD: Morning tea NAPPIES: Baby & toddler COST: From $64 /day



ABC Edmonton 2 181-185 Bruce Hwy, Edmonton PHONE: 4045 3144 OPEN: 6.30am- 6.30pm DIRECTOR: Cheryl Murphy FOOD: Morning tea NAPPIES: Baby & toddler COST: From $64/day

ABC Forest Gardens Benjamina Street, Forest Gardens PHONE: 4036 4177 OPEN: 6.30am-6pm DIRECTOR: Nicole or Amanda FOOD: No NAPPIES: Baby & toddler COST: From $64/day

ABC Kanimbla 1&2 54 Beatrice Street, Kanimbla PHONE: 4054 1400 OPEN: 6.30am-6.30pm DIRECTOR: Cherena or Rebecca FOOD: Morning & afternoon tea NAPPIES: Baby room COST: From $62.90/day

ABC Manoora 12-14 Reservoir Road, Manoora PHONE: 4032 0570 OPEN: 6.30am-6.30pm DIRECTOR: Paula Dickson FOOD: Morning & afternoon tea NAPPIES: No COST: From $62.50/day

ABC Manunda West 160-162 Hoare Street, Manunda PHONE: 4032 1390 OPEN: 6.30am-6.30pm DIRECTOR: Reini Steed FOOD: Morning & afternoon tea NAPPIES: No COST: From $62.50/day

ABC Mooroobool 100 Callum Street, Mooroobool PHONE: 4032 0440 OPEN: 6.30am-6.30pm DIRECTOR: Elyse Ashworth FOOD: Morning & Afternoon Tea NAPPIES: No COST: From $62.50/day

ABC Mossman South 14 Johnston Road, Mossman PHONE: 4098 2044 OPEN: 6.50am-6pm DIRECTOR: Debbie Robson FOOD: No NAPPIES: No COST: From $65.60/day

ABC Tamarind Gardens 36 Trafalger Road, Mt Sheridan PHONE: 4036 2640 OPEN: 6.30am-6pm DIRECTOR: Tricia Moore FOOD: All meals NAPPIES: Yes COST: From $67.60/day




ABC Trinity Beach 1-3 Oyster Court, Trinity Beach PHONE: 4057 9188 OPEN: 6.30am-6.30pm DIRECTOR: Karen Keyzer FOOD: No NAPPIES: Yes COST: From $64/day

ABC Woree North 7- 11 Toogood Road, Woree PHONE: 4054 5566 OPEN: 6.30am-6.30pm DIRECTOR: Tammy Agius FOOD: No NAPPIES: Yes COST: From $64.60/day

ABC Woree 56-62 Anderson Road, Woree PHONE: 4054 4400 OPEN: 6.30am-6.30pm DIRECTOR: Ilisapesi Brown FOOD: Morning & afternoon tea NAPPIES: Nursery - pre kindy COST: From $71.40/day

Armadillo’s Day Care 1 Ainslie Place, Smithfield PHONE: 4038 3388 OPEN: 6.30am-6.30pm DIRECTOR: Hayley FOOD: All meals NAPPIES: Yes COST: From $71/day




Atherton’s Child Centre Kelly Street, Atherton PHONE: 4091 2452 OPEN: 7.30am-5.30pm DIRECTOR: Teresa FOOD: No NAPPIES: No COST: From $50/day

Babinda Early Learning 61-63 Pollard Road, Babinda PHONE: 4067 2122 OPEN: 7am-6pm DIRECTOR: Ann Wahlin FOOD: No NAPPIES: No COST: From $51/day

Balaclava Child Centre 84-86 Balaclava Road, Earlville PHONE: 4054 1424 OPEN: 7am-6pm DIRECTOR: Jo Nutter FOOD: No NAPPIES: Yes COST: From $73.50/day

Bibanbaye Day Care 3 Charlotte Close, White Rock PHONE: 4054 6411 OPEN: 6am-6pm DIRECTOR: Selina McCaig FOOD: No NAPPIES: Yes COST: From $65/day

Bumble Bees Centre 235-239 Kamerunga Rd, Freshwater PHONE: 4058 0847 OPEN: 6.30am-6.30pm DIRECTOR: Candy Cutulli FOOD: No NAPPIES: Yes COST: From $60/day

Cairns Central Centre 317 Draper Street, Parramatta Park PHONE: 4041 2288 OPEN: 6.30am-6.30pm DIRECTOR: Jodie Blennerhassett FOOD: Yes NAPPIES: Yes COST: From $70pd

Cairns Montessori 9 Brose Street, White Rock PHONE: 4036 1055 OPEN: 7.30am-6pm DIRECTOR: Amanda Munro FOOD: Morning & Afternoon Tea NAPPIES: No COST: From $62/day

Cairns Tafe Child Care 2 Newton Street, Manunda PHONE: 4052 1825 OPEN: 7.30am-6pm DIRECTOR: Michelle or Barb FOOD: All meals NAPPIES: No COST: From $62/day


Children’s Centre 19 Flying Fish Point, Innisfail PHONE: 4061 7051 OPEN: 7.45am-5pm DIRECTOR: Linda McGlynn FOOD: No NAPPIES: No COST: From $46/day

Community Centres 80 Cheviot Street, Smithfield PHONE: 4057 7866 OPEN: 7.30am-6pm DIRECTOR: Kathy Lochlin FOOD: All meals NAPPIES: Yes COST: From$71/day

Early Learning Centre 4 Faculty Drive, Smithfield PHONE: 4057 7722 OPEN: 6.30am-6.30pm DIRECTOR: Amy Crockett FOOD: Morning Tea NAPPIES: Yes COST: From $60/day

Edge Hill Child Care 274 Pease Street, Edge Hill PHONE: 4032 0591 OPEN: 7am-6pm DIRECTOR: Claire O’Sullivan FOOD: Milk only NAPPIES: No COST: From $60/day


Edmonton Early Learning 60-64 Robert Road, Edmonton PHONE: 4045 3888 OPEN: 6.30am-6.30pm DIRECTOR: Joyce Hoffman FOOD: Morning & afternoon tea NAPPIES: Yes COST: Please call to confirm

Freshwater Child Care Cnr Lavis & Stratford Roads, Freshwater PHONE: 4055 1300 OPEN: 6.30am-6.30pm DIRECTOR: Julie Danning FOOD: No NAPPIES: Yes COST: From $62/day

Gordonvale Child Care 7-11 Cairns Road, Gordonvale PHONE: 4056 6777 OPEN: 6.30am-6.30pm DIRECTOR: Robyn Buckley FOOD: Morning & afternoon tea NAPPIES: Yes COST: Please call to confirm

Johnny Crows Garden 72 Johanna Street, Trinity Beach PHONE: 4057 8166 OPEN: 6.30am-6pm DIRECTOR: Melissa FOOD: No NAPPIES: No COST: From $56/day

Just Kids Child Care 219 Draper Street, Cairns PHONE: 4051 9788 OPEN: 7am-6pm DIRECTOR: Not applicable FOOD: No NAPPIES: No COST: From $65/day

Kewarra Early Learning 11-13 Cottesloe Drive, Kewarra Beach PHONE: 4057 8480 OPEN: 6.30am-6.30pm DIRECTOR: Jessica Tilt FOOD: All meals NAPPIES: No COST: From $69/day

Miss Lolly’s Kindy 24 Ravizza Drive, Edmonton PHONE: 4055 5166 OPEN: 6.30am-6pm DIRECTOR: Tarleah Prosper FOOD: No NAPPIES: No COST: From $57/day

Mooroobool Child Centre 24 Swallow Street, Mooroobool PHONE: 4032 3588 OPEN: 6.30am-6pm DIRECTOR: Not applicable FOOD: No NAPPIES: No COST: From $62.50/day





family daycare


Family daycare follow strict guidelines like daycare centers, some also do after hours & weekend care too Pelicans in the City 1 148-152 Mulgrave Road, Cairns PHONE: 4031 3822 OPEN: 6.30am-6pm DIRECTOR: Stacey Clarke FOOD: All meals for 2 years & above NAPPIES: Only for under 2 COST: From $78/day

Pelicans in the City 2 148-152 Mulgrave Road, Cairns PHONE: 4031 3844 OPEN: 6.30am-6pm DIRECTOR: Lauren Saffioti FOOD: All meals for 2 years & above NAPPIES: Only for under 2 COST: From $78/day

Pelicans in the Park 32-34 Arthur Street, Cairns North PHONE: 4053 6606 OPEN: 6.30am- 6pm DIRECTOR: Sonia Maszak FOOD: All meals for 2 years & above NAPPIES: Only for under 2 COST: From $78/day

Pelicans Innisfail 15-17 Stitt Street, Innisfail PHONE: 4061 4700 OPEN: 6.30am- 6pm DIRECTOR: FOOD: All meals for 2 years & above NAPPIES: Only for under 2 COST: From $78/day



Redlynch Day Care Cnr Kamerunga & Freshwater Road PHONE: 4055 2020 OPEN: 7am-6pm DIRECTOR: FOOD: All meals & nappies NAPPIES: Yes COST: From $66/day

Sunshine Day Care 41-45 Aeroglen Drive, Aeroglen PHONE: 4032 2155 OPEN: 6.30am-6.30pm DIRECTOR: Renee Zan Der Zijen FOOD: Lunch for 15 months+ NAPPIES: Up to 15 months COST: From $64/day

The World of Learning 2-4 Kangaroo Street, Bentley Park PHONE: 4055 4457 OPEN: 6.30am-6.30pm DIRECTOR: Sharon Irvin FOOD: Only for 15 months+ NAPPIES: Only to 15 months COST: From $65/day

Waratah Drive Child Care 8 Waratah Drive, Manunda PHONE: 4053 6803 OPEN: 6.30am-6pm DIRECTOR: Coral Wild FOOD: No NAPPIES: Yes COST: From $60/day

Water Street Child Care Cnr Water & Upward Street PHONE: 4031 2983 OPEN: 6.30am-6.30pm DIRECTOR: Barbra Thomas FOOD: All meals NAPPIES: Yes COST: From $60/day

Woodhouse Day Care 1/16 Smart Street, Mooroobool PHONE: 4033 0651 OPEN: 6.30am-6.30pm DIRECTOR: Ann Woodhouse FOOD: All meals NAPPIES: Yes COST: From $56.50/day



Family Day Care Scheme Cairns

Tablelands Family Day Care Scheme

108 Collins Ave, Edge Hill Q 4870 PHONE: 4032 1259

Kelly Street, Atherton Q 4883 PHONE: 4091 3550

For all your child care needs from the Northern Beaches to the Southern suburbs and everywhere in between.

South Cairns Family Day Care South Cairns Scheme

Cassowary Coast Cassowary Coast Family Day Care Scheme Level 1 Central Arcade, Innisfail Q 4860 PHONE: 4030 2254

Marlin Coast Family Day Care Scheme Cairns to Beaches & Kuranda Smithfield 1/8 Maisel Close, Smithfield Q 4878 PHONE: 4057 9977 Mossman Showgrounds Jack Street, Mossman Q 4873 PHONE: 4098 1831 Cooktown 15 Charles Street, Cooktown Q 4895 PHONE: 4069 6032 High Park Shop 8/72 - 80 Herbert Street, Ingham Q 4850 PHONE: 4776 5235

27-29 Windarra Street, Woree Q 4868 PHONE: 4033 0498

Yorkeys Knob Kindy 35 Best Street, Yorkeys Knob PHONE: 4055 7114 OPEN: 7am-6pm DIRECTOR: Jan FOOD: Only 2+yrs NAPPIES: Only under 2yrs COST: From $70/day

Marlin Coast

after hours & overnight child care FDC South Cairns 1 Blackbird Close, Bentley Park PHONE: 4033 0498 CONTACT: Patricia Barden


ALYCE’S FDC 2 Bottlebrush Street, Mooroobool PHONE: 4054 6727 CONTACT: Alyce Woodburn

family daycare




Finding a school in your catchment when moving is a must, here are a list of some of our local schools Balaclava Primary 418 Mulgrave Road, Cairns PHONE: 4054 5911

Cairns West Preschool Russell Street, Manunda PHONE: 4053 1394

Cairns West Primary Mayers Street, Manunda PHONE: 4053 1394

Caravonica Primary Kamerunga Road, Brinsmead PHONE: 4037 4333

Edge Hill Preschool Russell Street, Edge Hill PHONE: 4053 2744

Edge Hill Primary 254 Pease Street, Edge Hill PHONE: 4037 9555

Flying Fish Point Primary Maud Street, Flying Fish Point PHONE: 4063 5111

Freshwater Primary 10 Corkhill Street, Freshwater PHONE: 4058 9222



Goondi Preschool Cnr Maple & Wright Streets, Goondi PHONE: 4061 2741

Goondi Primary Cnr Maple & Wright Streets, Goondi PHONE: 4061 1067

Holy Cross Primary Reed Road, Smithfield PHONE: 4057 6920

Innisfail East Primary 92 Mourilyan Road, East Innisfail PHONE: 4061 1537

Innisfail High 2 Stitt Street, Innisfail PHONE: 4061 4922

Innisfail Preschool Emily Street, Innisfail PHONE: 4061 0328

Innisfail Primary Emily Street, Innisfail PHONE: 4061 0333

Mother of Good Council Sheridan Street, North Cairns PHONE: 4053 6133

Parramatta Preschool Balfe Street, Paramatta Park PHONE: 4042 8128

Parramatta Primary 122 Mulgrave Road, Paramatta Park PHONE: 4042 8111

Radiant Life College 1 Riley Street, East Innisfail PHONE: 4061 7022

Redlynch Primary Jungara Road, Redlynch PHONE: 4039 9222

School of Distance Ed Hoare Street, Manunda PHONE: 4080 9111

Smithfield High O’Brien Road, Smithfield PHONE: 4058 4333

St Augustine’s College 251 Draper Street, Cairns PHONE: 4051 5555

St Francis Xavier School Atkinson Street, Manunda PHONE: 4037 9900




St Monica’s College 177 Abbott Street, Cairns PHONE: 4042 4800

TAS Jumpstart Prep 1 Poolwood Road, Kewarra Beach PHONE: 4057 7000

TAS Jumpstart Prep 2 Progress Road, White Rock PHONE: 4036 8111


TAS School Poolwood Road, Kewarra Beach PHONE: 4057 7000

TAS School

Whitfield Preschool 1 Marino Street, Whitfield PHONE: 4034 1755

Whitfield Primary

Progress Road, White Rock PHONE: 4036 8111

McManus Street, Whitfield PHONE: 4034 1755

Trinity Bay High

Yorkeys Knob Primary

26-62 Hoare Street, Manunda PHONE: 4051 5788

Clinton Street, Yorkeys Knob PHONE: 4080 0333

outside hours & vacation care Cairns PCYC 91 McNamara Street, Manunda PHONE: 4053 1532

Cairns West School ASC Mayers Street, Manunda PHONE: 4032 2109

Edge Hill School ASC 254 Pease Street, Edge Hill PHONE: 4032 5148



Parramatta School ASC 122 Mulgrave Road, Parramatta Park PHONE: 4051 6864

Redlynch School ASC Jungara Road, Redlynch PHONE: 4039 0267


TAS Vacation Care 2 Progress Road, White Rock PHONE: 4036 8111

Whitfield School ASC McManus Street, Whitfield PHONE: 4034 2268

TAS Vacation Care 1 Poolwood Road, Kewarra Beach PHONE: 4057 7000

schools + vacation care


activities & sports


activities & sports


Enrolling your kids in after school activities is a great way for them to meet new friends and learn new skills Academy of Television Cairns PHONE: 4059 1141

Air Force Cadets Captain Cook Hwy, Aeroglen PHONE: 4092 2634

Atherton BMX Club Grove Street, Atherton PHONE: 4091 1323

Atherton Gymnastics Showground Reserve, Atherton PHONE: 4091 2923

Atherton Scouts 14 Robert Street, Atherton PHONE: 3870 7000

Auskick Cazalys, 45-61 Tills Street, Cairns PHONE: 0429 116 618

Awesome Cheerleading Cairns and surrounding areas PHONE: 0402 225 630

Backstreet Dance 44 Morehead Street, Bungalow PHONE: 0407 995 182


activities & sport

Barron Valley Gymnastics 46 Magazine Street, Stratford PHONE: 4055 1711

Bears Jnr & Cubs Baseball Brinsmead PHONE: 4039 0308

BMX Cairns Scott Street, Cairns PHONE: 4031 2728

Brad Hope Martial Arts Smithfield PHONE: 4057 7869

Brothers JRL Behan Street, Manunda PHONE: 0408 723 914

Brother Rugby Union Behan Street, Manunda PHONE: 0415 224 586

Brothers Hockey Cairns PHONE: 4054 5625

C-Me Swim School 70 Russell Street, Edge Hill PHONE: 4052 1549

Cable Ski Lot 5 Captain Cook Hwy, Smithfield PHONE: 4038 1304

Cairns Gymbaroo 18 Charles Street, North Cairns PHONE: 4041 4140

Cairns Hawks Jnr AFL Cazalys, 45-61 Tills Street, Cairns PHONE: 4033 6618

Cairns Indoor Sports Mayers Street, Manunda PHONE: 4032 2844

Cairns Judo Club Shed 6, 261 McCormack Street, Cairns PHONE: 4053 4939

Cairns Recreation Centre 44 Behan Street, Manunda PHONE: 4053 5353

Cairns Road Runners Manunda PHONE: 0450 324 637

Cairns Fishing Club Marlin Parade, Cairns PHONE: 0438 798 753

Centre Stage Dance 453 Varley Street, Yorkeys Knob PHONE: 0438 370 681

Cheeky Monkey Club Community Hall, Kewarra Beach PHONE: 1300 880 669

Crystal Cascade Horse Park Lot 626, Intake Road, Redlynch PHONE: 4039 3143

Dance 2XS 52 MacNamara Street, Manunda PHONE: 4033 5315

Dance Connection Upstairs Mareeba Centre, Mareeba PHONE: 4092 2632

Dancescapes Community Hall, Redlynch PHONE: 0412 576 272

Earlville Pony Club Telford Street, Earlville PHONE: 4033 1849

Edge Hill Tennis Club 27-31 Dalrymple Street, Edge Hill PHONE: 4053 1832

Freshwater Pony Club 10 Meller Street, Freshwater PHONE: 0453 085 137

Freshwater Scouts Lower Freshwater Road, Freshwater PHONE: 4058 0400

Freshwater Tennis Old Smithfield Road, Freshwater PHONE: 4055 2864

Fun Free Fitness Cairns Esplanade PHONE: 4044 3715

Gecko’s Play Centre Smithfield Shopping Centre PHONE: 4038 1181

Girl Guides Atherton & Mareeba PHONE: 3252 3061

Go Bowling 93-95 Pease Street, Manoora PHONE: 4053 3497

Graft n Arts 124 Grafton Street, Cairns PHONE: 4031 2929

Hugh’s Ball Room Dance 3 Grove Street, Cairns PHONE: 4091 4029

Innisfail PCYC 2 Palmerston Drive, Innisfail PHONE: 4061 3442

Innisfail Swimming McGowan Drive, Innisfail PHONE: 4061 1267

Ivanhoes JRL Leisure Park Drive, Smithfield PHONE: 4057 7431

Janet Evans Swim School 110 Pease Street, Edge Hill PHONE: 4053 7935

Julia Macalpine Dance 7 Reservoir Road, Manoora PHONE: 4058 1866

Junior Rugby League Mann Street , Cairns PHONE: 4031 4190

Jute 96 Abbott Street, Cairns PHONE: 4050 9444

activities & sport


activities & sports

Kansui-Ryu Karate 129 Mulgrave Road, Cairns PHONE: 4034 2964

Kids in Harmony 53c Anderson Street, Manunda PHONE: 4042 4140

Kids Moves Cairns PHONE: 4053 6837

Kindermusik 9 Donnelly Street, Brinsmead PHONE: 4034 2219

Kite Rite Shop 9, 471 Varley Street, Yorkeys Knob PHONE: 4055 7918

Kuranda Pony Club Kuranda PHONE: 4093 8887

Little Athletics Barlow Park, Cairns PHONE: 4055 1312

Little Athletics 135 Williams Esplanade, Palm Cove PHONE: 4059 1244


activities & sport

Mareeba Golf Club 1 Hampe Street, Mareeba PHONE: 4092 1528

Mareeba Gymnastics Lot 1, Abbott Street, Mareeba PHONE: 4092 5113

Mareeba Indoor Sports 18 Reynolds Street, PHONE: 4092 2851

Mareeba Jnr Motorcycle Springs Road, Mareeba PHONE: 4093 2110

Mareeba Sports Hall Walsh Street, Mareeba PHONE: 1300 362 242

Mareeba Swimming Mareeba PHONE: 4092 1691

Mareeba Tennis Club Chewko Road, Mareeba PHONE: 4092 4685

Mareeba Soccer Club Chewko Road, Mareeba PHONE: 4092 3833


Marlin Coast Ball Room 186 Irene Street, Mooroobool PHONE: 4055 6011

Marlin Coast Swim Pool Leisure Park Drive, Smithfield PHONE: 4057 7720

Matsumoto Karate 72 Anderson Street, Manuda PHONE: 4033 1988

Matsumoto Karate Innisfail PHONE: 4063 2346

Mulgrave Little Athletics Johnson Park, Gordonvale PHONE: 4055 4553

activities & sports

Paradise Palms Golf Club Paradise Palms PHONE: 4059 9999

PCYC Cairns 91 McNamara Street, Manunda PHONE: 4053 1532

PCYC Mareeba 136 Walsh Street, Mareeba PHONE: 4092 4231

Rhythm X Dance Community Hall, Kewarra Beah PHONE: 1300 880 669

Scuba Rangers Freshwater PHONE: 4055 1954

Sebastian Harvey Drama 7-9 West Street, Cairns PHONE: 0434 044 605

Surf Lifesaving Captain Cook Hwy, Ellis Beach PHONE: 4055 3695

Tableland Ten Pin Bowl 18 Eclipse Drive, Atherton PHONE: 4091 1900

Tait Family Martial Arts Shop 7, 180 Edith Street, Innisfail PHONE: 4061 6045

TAS Aquatic Progress Road, White Rock PHONE: 4036 8195


The Young Company 169 Bunda Street, Cairns PHONE: 4041 4066

Touch Football Innisfail PHONE: 0407 371 911

Touch Football Mann Street , Manunda PHONE: 4053 6805

Turning Pointe Dance 185 Scott Street, Cairns PHONE: 4031 3390

YMCA Smithfield Leisure Park Road, Smithfield PHONE: 4057 7507

North Cairns Jnr AFL Watsons Park, Behan Street, Manunda PHONE: 0414 323 337

music tuition


Oxley Dance Studio Freemason’s Minnie Street, Cairns PHONE: 4055 9149

OzTag West Barlow Park, Paramatta Park PHONE: 4053 5353

Drum School TEACHER: Bluey Morgan 190 Brown Street, Westcourt PHONE: 0400 110 300

Guitar Teacher TEACHER: Dale Monahan Cairns PHONE: 0414 887 400

Saxophone Teacher TEACHER: Andree Buadet 34 A Enmore Street, Manoora PHONE: 0418 872 545

activities & sport + music tuition


parks & playgrounds


Here are our favourite family parks & playgrounds most of which are free to enter year round Arnold Park Walsh Street, Mareeba PLAY EQUIPMENT: Yes GOOD PICNIC SPOT: Yes SWIMMING: No TOILETS: Yes BBQ: No FEATURES: Basketball court, shade

Babinda Boulders Munro Street, Babinda PLAY EQUIPMENT: Yes GOOD PICNIC SPOT: Yes SWIMMING: Yes TOILETS: Yes BBQ: No FEATURES: Walking tracks, camping

Behana Creek Reserve Moller Road, Aloomba PLAY EQUIPMENT: No GOOD PICNIC SPOT: Yes SWIMMING: Yes TOILETS: Yes BBQ: No FEATURES: No tourists

Borzi Park Chewko Road, Mareeba PLAY EQUIPMENT: No GOOD PICNIC SPOT: No SWIMMING: No TOILETS: Yes BBQ: No FEATURES: Sports facilities for hire


parks & playgrounds

Cairns Botanic Gardens Collins Avenue, Edge Hill PLAY EQUIPMENT: No GOOD PICNIC SPOT: Yes SWIMMING: No TOILETS: Yes BBQ: No FEATURES: Beautiful gardens & café

Cairns Coconut Resort Woree Cost PLAY EQUIPMENT: Yes GOOD PICNIC SPOT: Yes SWIMMING: Yes TOILETS: Yes BBQ: Yes FEATURES: Water park, mini golf

Cattana Wetlands Enter via Dunn Road Smithfield PLAY EQUIPMENT: No GOOD PICNIC SPOT: Yes SWIMMING: No TOILETS: Yes BBQ: Yes FEATURES: Feather palm forest walk

Copperlode Dam Lake Morris Road, Cairns PLAY EQUIPMENT: No GOOD PICNIC SPOT: Yes SWIMMING: No TOILETS: Yes BBQ: Yes FEATURES: Café and views

Crystal Cascades Redlynch PLAY EQUIPMENT: No GOOD PICNIC SPOT: Yes SWIMMING: Yes TOILETS: Yes BBQ: Yes FEATURES: Beautiful swimming spot


Emerald Creek Falls Off Cobra Road, Mareeba PLAY EQUIPMENT: No GOOD PICNIC SPOT: Yes SWIMMING: Yes TOILETS: Yes BBQ: No FEATURES: Walks & waterfalls

Esplanade Lagoon Esplanade, Cairns PLAY EQUIPMENT: No GOOD PICNIC SPOT: Yes SWIMMING: Yes TOILETS: Yes BBQ: Yes FEATURES: Great for small kids

parks & playgrounds


parks & playgrounds

Etty Bay Mourilyan Road & Etty Bay Road PLAY EQUIPMENT: Yes GOOD PICNIC SPOT: Yes SWIMMING: Yes TOILETS: Yes BBQ: No FEATURES: Swimming enclosure

Forest Gardens Pond Forest Gardens PLAY EQUIPMENT: No GOOD PICNIC SPOT: No SWIMMING: No TOILETS: No BBQ: No FEATURES: Duck feeding

Fun Ship North end Esplanade, Cairns PLAY EQUIPMENT: Yes GOOD PICNIC SPOT: Yes SWIMMING: No TOILETS: No BBQ: Yes FEATURES: Great for small kids

Gecko’s Play Centre Smithfield Centre next to Overflow PLAY EQUIPMENT: Yes Cost GOOD PICNIC SPOT: No SWIMMING: No TOILETS: Yes BBQ: No FEATURES: Café, kids parties


parks & playgrounds

Golden Hole 7km west of Babinda PLAY EQUIPMENT: No GOOD PICNIC SPOT: Yes SWIMMING: Yes TOILETS: No BBQ: No FEATURES: Beautiful swimming spot

Goomboora Park Shale Street, Brinsmead PLAY EQUIPMENT: Yes GOOD PICNIC SPOT: Yes SWIMMING: Yes TOILETS: Yes BBQ: Yes FEATURES: Turtles, area for dogs

Hallorans Hill Atherton Tablelands PLAY EQUIPMENT: Yes GOOD PICNIC SPOT: Yes SWIMMING: No TOILETS: No BBQ: No FEATURES: Views, rainforest walk

Jensen Park Dangaard Street, Mareeba PLAY EQUIPMENT: Yes GOOD PICNIC SPOT: Yes SWIMMING: No TOILETS: No BBQ: No FEATURES: Well shaded


Josephine Falls Bartle Frere Road, Bartle Frere PLAY EQUIPMENT: No GOOD PICNIC SPOT: Yes SWIMMING: Yes TOILETS: Yes BBQ: No FEATURES: Rainforest walk, swimming

Lake Eacham Lakes Drive, Lake Eacham PLAY EQUIPMENT: No GOOD PICNIC SPOT: Yes SWIMMING: Yes TOILETS: Yes BBQ: Yes FEATURES: Paddle boats, café, ducks

Lake Placid Lake Placid Road, Caravonica PLAY EQUIPMENT: No GOOD PICNIC SPOT: Yes SWIMMING: Yes TOILETS: Yes BBQ: No FEATURES: Paddle boats, ducks

Lake Tinaroo Tinaroo PLAY EQUIPMENT: Yes GOOD PICNIC SPOT: Yes SWIMMING: Yes TOILETS: Yes BBQ: Yes FEATURES: Canoe hire, walks

parks & playgrounds

Lions Park Main Street, Millaa Millaa PLAY EQUIPMENT: Yes GOOD PICNIC SPOT: Yes SWIMMING: No TOILETS: Yes BBQ: Yes FEATURES: Play area, sheltered BBQ

Millaa Millaa Falls Theresa Creek Road, Millaa Millaa PLAY EQUIPMENT: No GOOD PICNIC SPOT: Yes SWIMMING: Yes TOILETS: Yes BBQ: Yes FEATURES: Rainforest walks & wildlife

Muddy’s Playground Esplanade, Cairns PLAY EQUIPMENT: Yes GOOD PICNIC SPOT: Yes SWIMMING: Wet play TOILETS: Yes BBQ: Yes FEATURES: Great for small kids

Palm Cove Williams Esplanade, Palm Cove PLAY EQUIPMENT: Yes GOOD PICNIC SPOT: Yes SWIMMING: Yes TOILETS: Yes BBQ: Yes FEATURES: Beach, great for brunch

Morraridgi Park

Pelicans Paradise Palms

Cummings Street, Mareeba PLAY EQUIPMENT: No GOOD PICNIC SPOT: Yes SWIMMING: No TOILETS: Yes BBQ: Yes FEATURES: Sheltered area

Paradise Palms Cost PLAY EQUIPMENT: Yes GOOD PICNIC SPOT: Restaurant SWIMMING: Yes TOILETS: Yes BBQ: No FEATURES: Mini golf, playground (cost)

Mossman Gorge Mossman PLAY EQUIPMENT: No GOOD PICNIC SPOT: No SWIMMING: Yes TOILETS: Yes BBQ: No FEATURES: Rainforest & wildlife

Ross & Lock Southwest of Gordonvale PLAY EQUIPMENT: Yes GOOD PICNIC SPOT: Yes SWIMMING: Yes TOILETS: Yes BBQ: Yes FEATURES: Dog friendly


Ryan Weare Park Kamerunga Road, Freshwater PLAY EQUIPMENT: Yes GOOD PICNIC SPOT: Yes SWIMMING: Yes TOILETS: Yes BBQ: Yes FEATURES: Swimming

Stoney Creek Stoney Creek Road, Kamerunga PLAY EQUIPMENT: No GOOD PICNIC SPOT: Yes SWIMMING: Yes TOILETS: No BBQ: No FEATURES: Waterfall & walks

Sugarworld Park Hambledon Drive, Edmonton PLAY EQUIPMENT: Yes GOOD PICNIC SPOT: Yes SWIMMING: No TOILETS: Yes BBQ: Yes FEATURES: Bike & walking track

Warrina Lakes Innisfail PLAY EQUIPMENT: Yes GOOD PICNIC SPOT: Yes SWIMMING: Yes TOILETS: Yes BBQ: Yes FEATURES: Ducks, gardens, swimming

parks & playgrounds


dog friendly parks


dog friendly parks


Doggy daytrips are not easy these days, so here is a list of dog friendly parks where dogs can have fun Aeroglen

Buchans Point


Kewarra Beach

North Cairns


Portion of parkland along the western

From the rocks at the southern end of

Fuller Park but at only at such times

The area of beach commencing

Parkland at the northern end of

Closed Road Reserve Mann Street

side of Aeroglen Drive, north from the

the beach for a distance of 100m to

that the area is not being used as a

100m south of the stinger net and

the Esplanade, between Smith and

between Lyons and Brown Streets.

entrance to the quarry walking track

the north.

sporting field.

continuing to the rocks at Taylors

Rutherford Streets, and bounded by


Lake Street and the Esplanade on the

for a distance of 200m and back to the base of the hill. Paterson Park on the eastern side of the Captain Cook Highway.

Babinda Part of Carl Mellick Park at the western end of Harwood Drive, Babinda.

Bayview Heights Part of Parkland at Forno Park, Bayview Heights, being at the western end near the Vista Street entrance to the park and behind houses in Vista Street, Fiesta Close, and Flamenco Close.

Bramston Beach


McKinnon Creek Detention Basin at Isabella Estate.

Part of the Cairns Showground area

Portion of Carne Park, Trojan Street,

being Lot 20 RP 706600.

Edmonton being on the eastern side of the Trojan Street entrance to the

Caravonica Portion of parkland off Impey Street, Caravonica, being the raised section at the northern end.

edge of the creek bed.

Ellis Beach From rocks at the southern end of the beach for a distance of 120m north.

Clifton Beach Part of parkland in Eddy Street, Clifton Beach between Eddy Street and the rear of houses in Escape Close for a distance of 50m from houses in Eddy Street and east towards Saxon Street.

Gordonvale Portion of parkland at the end of Klarwein Close, Gordonvale being on the western side of the Klarwein Street entrance and behind houses in

The area of beach from the northern

Highleigh Road and bounded by the

The area of beach commencing 100m

end of Upolu Esplanade north towards

drain at the rear.

south of the stinger net and extending

Palm Cove and finishing 200m south

to the southern end of the beach.

of Veivers Road, Palm Cove.

The area of beach commencing at the

The southern end of Clifton Beach

northern end of the caravan park and

between the Esplanade and the creek.

extending northward.

Brinsmead Section 3 of Goomboora Park, being the section at the northern end.


dog friendly parks


Holloways Beach Beach at the northern end of Holloways Beach fronting Casuarina Street and North of Luke Street.

Machans Beach Southern end of Machans Beach south

Palm Cove The area of beach between the Palm

Manunda Lennon Street Park being the area between McCormack Street and the drain on Lot 1 RP 889325. Parkland situated in Card Avenue,

Cove jetty and the rocks on the northern side.

White Rock Dump. Hollywood Boulevard Reserve at the southern end of Hollywood Boulevard.

behind houses in Barlow Street.


Parkland on the corner of Bott and McManus Streets, Whitfield behind

commencing 200m south of Vievers

houses in Prescott Street, Bott Street,

Road and extending to the northern

McKinlay Close and Neeve Close.

end of Upolu Esplanade, Clifton Beach.

Redlynch Portion of parkland off Harvey Road, Redlynch being at the railway line end

(Irene Street Flood Plain B) - north of

of the parkland and behind houses in

Langlan Street, east of Irene Street,

Ficus Close.

West of Carnation Drive and south of Marigold Close.


The southern end of Palm Cove beach

between houses in Card Avenue and


Parkland on the northern side of the drainage easement and creek at the corner of McManus and Bolton Streets, Whitfield and behind houses in McManus Street and Murchinson Street.

Woree Portion of parkland off Loretta Close, Woree being the eastern end of the

Mt Sheridan

Portion of the parkland in Cumberland

park adjacent to Loretta Street and

Avenue, Smithfield and at the northern

behind houses in Karen Close and

Sawpit Gully Detention Basin at Forest

end of the park behind houses in

Carmel Close.

Gardens. Trafalgar Detention Basin at

Survey Street.

The southern end of Holloways Beach

Trafalgar Drive.

between Tamarind Street and Cassia

from the dividing posts on the western


Part of the drainage reserve off Idalia

dividing posts at the tennis club end.

the southern end, the pipe fence.

of Cinderella Street to the Barron River.

Part of Lions Park at Henley Street, side to the toilet block, west to the

White Rock

western side, the Mangroves, and on

Road being the south western end of the park bounded by the creek in Balmoral Close.

Trinity Beach

Yorkeys Knob The southern end of Yorkeys Knob

The beach from the northern end of

beach south of the corner of Sims

Vasey Esplanade north to the rocks.

Esplanade and Kempton Street.

dog friendly parks


beaches & swimming


Swimming in FNQ has its hazards. Below is a list of the beaches with stinger nets & public pools Beaches Swimmers in FNQ are advised to

5 Wolff Street, Edmonton

stay on patrolled beaches and swim

PHONE: 4045 2457 or

between the flags. Do not swim in

MOBILE: 0428 571 363

saltwater creeks or tidal rivers due to the threat of estuarine crocodiles. During stinger season (Nov-May) only swim in enclosures. The following beaches have swimming enclosures: Four Mile Beach, Ellis Beach, Palm Cove, Clifton Beach, Kewarra Beach, Trinity Beach, Yorkeys Knob, Holloways Beach and Bramston Beach. In the event of any marine sting where a lifeguard is not present, get out of the water and apply liberal amounts of vinegar, which can be found on all

Saturdays 8am-5pm INFO: 25m swimming pool, 15m heated swimming pool, kids wading pool

Gordonvale Pool

Cnr Foxton Avenue & Park St, Mossman PHONE: 4098 2627 OPEN: Weekdays 7am - 6pm, Saturday 8am-5pm, Sunday 9am-5pm INFO: 50m swimming pool, 18m kids wading pool, Gym

Tobruk Memorial Pool 370 Sheridan Street, North Cairns PHONE: 4052 1266

79 Sheppard Street, Gordonvale PHONE: 4056 1353 OPEN: weekdays 6am- 6pm, Saturdays 8am-5pm, Sundays 9am-5pm

OPEN: weekdays 5.30am - 8pm, Saturday 6.30am-5pm, Sunday 8am-5pm INFO: 50m swimming pool,

INFO: 25m indoor swimming pool

25m heated swimming pool,

breathing and send for urgent medical

(heated in winter only),

18m kids wading pool


kids wading pool

Marlin Coast

Public swimming pools are available

Leisure Park Road, Smithfield

for use by the general public for a

(off Cheviot Street)

small fee.

Babinda Pool Church Street, Babinda PHONE: 4067 1211 OPEN: weekdays 6am - 6pm, Saturdays 8am-12noon INFO: 50m swimming pool, kids wading pool

family services

OPEN: weekdays 6am-7pm,

Mossman Leisure Park

main beaches. Monitor the patient’s

Public Swimming Pools


Edmonton Pool

PHONE: 4057 7720 OPEN: weekdays 5.30am-7pm, Saturday 7am-5pm, Sunday 9am-5pm INFO: 50m swimming pool, 25m heated swimming pool, kids freeform & wading pools

Woree Pool Pool Close, Woree PHONE: 4054 6964 OPEN: Summer Hours: Weekdays 5.30am-7.30pm, Saturday 8am-6pm, Sunday 9am-6pm Winter Hours: Weekdays 6am-7pm, Saturday 8am6pm, Sunday 10am-6pm INFO: 50m heated swimming pool (winter only), 25m heated indoor pool, Kid’s free form & wading swimming pools (closed in winter)

beaches & swimming


family restaurants


family restaurants


Here is our list of family friendly restaurants that will ensure you & your family all have a great time AJ Hackett



Red Beret

Smithfield Tavern

Trinity Beach Tavern

McGregor Road, Smithfield

Mulgrave Road, Cairns

Behind Smithfield Shopping Centre

Kamerunga Road, Redlynch

Smithfield Shopping Centre

Vasey Esplanade, Trinity Beach

PHONE: 4057 7188

PHONE: 4054 1464

PHONE: 4031 1344

PHONE: 4055 1249

PHONE: 4038 8100

PHONE: 4057 2900

FEATURES: BBQ only on Sundays and

FEATURES: Kids Eat Free Sundays &

FEATURES: Indoor play centre & café

FEATURES: Kids Club Sunday, kids eat

FEATURES: Great kids indoor

FEATURES: Sat night children’s face

free jumping castle for the kids

free Kids Club with Xbox, jump castle

free Wednesday with paying adult

playground & playstations

painting or clown & children eat Free


Chocolate Room

King Rooster Chicken

423 Mulgrave Road, Earlville

Grafton Street, Cairns

Reservoir Road, Cairns

PHONE: 4054 3588

PHONE: 4031 8102

PHONE: 4053 3678


FEATURES: Monday Mums Mornings

FEATURES: Healthy takeaway chickens

Beach Shack


La Pizza

29 Barrier St reet, Port Douglas

Yorkeys Knob Boating Club

Esplanade, Cairns

PHONE: 4099 1100

PHONE: 4055 7711

PHONE: 4031 2646

FEATURES: Voted best family

FEATURES: Play area, kids menu

FEATURES: Yummy pizzas & gelati


restaurant in FNQ 2009

Bobby’s Restaurant

Fasta Pasta Cnr Sheridan & Sheilds Streets, Cairns

Grafton Street, Cairns

PHONE: 4051 8877

PHONE: 4041 0388

PHONE: 4031 6661

FEATURES: Plasma, Xbox & karaoke

FEATURES: Great for the whole family

FEATURES: Pizza, pasta & movie deals

Brothers Leagues Club

Frogs on the Waterfront

For more information go to: http://www.derm.

La Porchetta

Aplin Street, Cairns



Bramston Beach


The Boulders

Bramston Beach Caravan Park and

Mossman Riverside Leisure Park,

The Boulders Camping Ground and

Camp Ground, 96 Evans Road

Cnr Foxton Avenue and Park Street

Park are currently open

Anderson Street, Cairns

42-48 Tingira Street, Cairns

The Hilton, Esplanade, Cairns

PHONE: 4067 4121

PHONE: 4098 2627

BOOKINGS: Currently, no bookings

PHONE: 4053 1053

PHONE: 4035 1049

PHONE: 4052 6780

BOOKINGS: Book with the caretaker

BOOKINGS: Book with the caretaker

are required for this campground

FEATURES: Kids Disco every Sunday

FEATURES: Great for the whole family

FEATURES: Family night Tuesdays

Cairns Wildlife Safaris


Restaurant 59

Fitzroy Island

Palm Cove

Wonga Beach

Fitzroy Island

Palm Cove Caravan Park and Camp

Wonga Beach Caravan Park,

Kennedy Hwy, Kuranda

Grafton Street, Cairns

Paradise Palms

PHONE: 4030 7990

Ground, 149 Williams Esplanade

Wonga Beach Esplanade

PHONE: 4093 7777

PHONE: 4051 1388

PHONE: 4059 9999

BOOKINGS: Bookings can be made by

PHONE: 4055 3824

PHONE: 4098 7514

FEATURES: Breakfast with the Beasts

FEATURES: Allergy free foods

FEATURES: Kids Entertainment

calling Raging Thunder

BOOKINGS: Book with the caretaker

BOOKINGS: Book with the caretaker


family restaurants

family restaurants + camping


locals discounts


locals discounts


Being a local has its benefits, here are some great local discounts for your family throughout the year AJ Hackett Bungy


Cairns Wildlife Safaris

Green Ant Cantina

Kuranda Scenic Rail


PHONE: 4057 7188

PHONE: 4041 9470

PHONE: 4093 7777

PHONE: 4041 5061

PHONE: 4036 9333

PHONE: 4038 1555

Groundrush membership:

The CAPTA Group, which includes the

Locals receive a 10% discount.

Tuesday and Wednesday - Buy one

A 20% discount is available to locals

Locals receive a 20% discount with

$129 to join – you can Bungy Jump

Cairns Wildlife Dome, Rainforestation

Prices: adults $25.20 & kids $12.60

main meal, value of $25 or more, and

upon presentation of photo ID. Prices

photo ID and your visiting guests are

OR Minjin Swing every day for a year!

(Kuranda), The Butterfly Sanctuary

receive a free meal at the Ant!

including the discount are as follows:

also eligible for a 10% discount.

(Kuranda) and the Rainforest Habitat

*Please note that locals are required

• Adult $32.80 one way, $48.80 return

to show a driver’s license with a local

• Child $16.80 one way, $24.80 return

address to obtain a free meal.

• Family $82.40 one way, $122.40 return

in Port Douglas have a locals discount

Babinda Kayak Hire PHONE: 4067 2678 15% off when you mention pakmag (no other discounts apply)

Big Cat Cruises

on their 4-Park Passes. So, you can visit all 4 attractions in 6 months for $70 for adults, $35 for kids or $175 for a Family Pass. If you’re massively keen you can also buy an annual pass which allows you unlimited entry to all attractions for a year (the annual family pass is $249 but for PakMag readers in June

Crocodile Explorer PHONE: 4031 4007

Daintree Discovery Centre PHONE: 4098 9171

and July its only $100). You can also

Locals are entitled to a 20% discount

pay extra on the day to have Breakfast

which makes the prices $22.40 for

with the Birds/Lunch with Lorikeets:

adults, $11.20 for kids and Family

Big Cat offer 30% discount on their

$15 adults, $7.50 children at The

Passes are $54.40.

trips to Green Island (local ID required)

Habitat. Rainforestation you can pay to

which brings the prices down to

have Lunch in the Outback restaurant

$51.10 for adults and $28.00 for kids.

for $25 adult, $12.50 child on top of

You can go for a half or full day and the

your yearly pass.

PHONE: 4051 0444

tour includes your trip over to Green Island plus a choice of snorkelling equipment or a glass bottom boat tour. For no additional charge, families can participate in the Family Fun Pak

PHONE: 4055 3669

that includes a tour of the wheelhouse

A 20% discount is available for locals

to meet the skipper, a Big Cat

with photo ID which brings the

colouring-in sheet, guided island walk

prices down to $64.00 for a family

and a glass bottom boat tour which is

pass, $25.60 for adults and $12.80 for

specifically designed for families. Esky’s

children. They also have an annual

are very welcome for beach picnics on

pass available which is $140 for

the island. To book call 4051 0444 or

families, $56 for adults and $28 for


children (4-15 yrs).


locals discounts

Great Adventures PHONE: 4044 9944 A 30% locals discount applies to any

Cairns Tropical Zoo

PHONE: 4042 9900

30% discount for locals with local ID. Prices: adults $41.30 & kids $20.65

of Quicksilver’s Great Barrier Reef cruises from Cairns and Port Douglas. Standard prices for adult fares range from $51.10 for a trip to Green Island

Go Vita Health Stores

a 30% discount to locals and this also applies to any visiting friends or family

Smithfield and Stockland Shopping

Locals are entitled to a 20% discount

you take along with you. Prices are

Centres– 1st Tuesday of the month you

on presentation of ID which brings the

get 20% off storewide

prices down to: $16 for adults, $8 for

$24.50 for adults and $12.25 kids for kids.

kids 4-14 and $40 for a family pass.

I Want That Course PHONE: 4047 4203 Locals receive 5% discount on

Paronella Park PHONE: 4065 0000

all online courses – no minimum

Buying a full priced ticket gives you


an annual pass and if you bring

DISCLAIMER: All offers have their own terms and conditions. Please contact the provider for more information. All offers are valid at time of print and may change without notice.

visitors back with you the pass gets

Hartley’s Croc Adventures PHONE: 4055 3576

$141.40 for a trip to Agincourt Reef

price $25.60).

automatically renewed.

Reef Magic PHONE: 1800 101 319 Locals receive 40% discount. Local’s

with Quicksilver. Also ask about family

ID required.

The Aboriginal cultural centre offers

PHONE: 4064 5294

Locals receive 20% discount (adults

4087 2100 or Cairns 4044 9944. Local

MaMu Rainforest Walk

PHONE: 4054 2481

with Great Adventures and up to

fares. For bookings, call Port Douglas


Koala Gardens PHONE: 4093 9953 20% discount to local residents.

prices are $105 for adults, $54 for kids (4-14 inclusive, 0-3 FOC). Visiting family or friends can also get a 10% discount. For bookings call 4031 1588 or email

locals discounts


family services


Family services are vital for every parent, below is a list of the most useful contacts for your family Calanna Pharmacy 3

Medical Centres

Community Health

600 Bruce Hwy, Woree

Community Health Centre, Edmonton

PHONE: 4054 2440

PHONE: 4045 9900

OPEN: 8am-8pm 7 days

24 Hour Medical Centre Cnr Florence & Grafton Streets, Cairns PHONE: 4052 1119 DETAILS: Bulk billing + open 24 hours

Cairns Central Medical Cairns Central (Inside Terry White) PHONE: 4031 3717 DETAILS: Bulk billing + open 7 days

Cairns Medical Centre

Calanna Pharmacy 4

Community Health Centre, Mareeba 355 Sheridan Street, North Cairns OPEN: 8am-8pm 7 days

Cairns Apothecary PHONE: 4031 8411

Community Health Centre, Westcourt

Day & Night Pharmacy

OPEN: 24 hours

OPEN: 8am-8pm 7 days

Calanna Pharmacy 2

beaches & swimming

Community Health Centres

PHONE: 4052 9333

Playgroups PHONE: 4052 9333 In Cairns there are a variety of Playgroups including Community Playgroups (parent driven), Mobile

(Immunisations, parent groups, home

Supported Playgroups (with a

visits, positive parenting programmes

facilitator and family support worker),

and more)

Supported Playgroups (with a temporary coordinator), Play Connect

Community Health

(for children with Autism or ASD-like symptoms), My Time (for parents/

75 Edith Street, Innisfail

Louise Street, Atherton

carers with a child/ren with a disability)

PHONE: 4061 1565

PHONE: 4091 0263

and Playgroup Plus (teacher-facilitated

OPEN: 8am-8pm 7 days


Community Health

OPEN: 7am-11pm 7 days

PHONE: 4051 6005

PHONE: 4045 5526

Community Health Centre, Smithfield PHONE: 4038 9900

318 Mulgrave Road, Westcourt

Walker Road, Edmonton

Community Health

160 Grafton Street, Cairns

PHONE: 4051 2755

Calanna Pharmacy 1

PHONE: 4092 1160

PHONE: 4031 4222

120-124 Mulgrave Road, Cairns


Community Health


family services


community groups


There are many support groups & helplines, here is a list of the most beneficial ones for your family 13HEALTH



PHONE: 13 432584

PHONE: 4054 7311

PHONE: 132 717

SERVICE: Provides qualified health

SERVICE: Advice for children effected

SERVICE: Disabilities

advice 24 hour 356 days per week

by sexual assault

ABA Breastfeeding

Cairns ASD Support

PHONE: 1800 686 2 686


SERVICE: Breastfeeding advice

SERVICE: Autism support group


Cairns ASD Advisor

Alcohol & Drug Information Services

PHONE: 4045 4600

PHONE: 1800 177 833

SERVICE: Autism support

SERVICE: Alcohol & drug information

Alcoholics Anonymous PHONE: 4051 2872

Cairns Homelessness PHONE: 4046 8050

PHONE: 132 317 SERVICE: Abstudy

Centrelink PHONE: 136 150 SERVICE: Parent or guardian

Child Care Benefit PHONE: 136 150 SERVICE: Government assistance

SERVICE: Homelessness Service Hub

SERVICE: 24 hour hotline

Alcoholics Anonymous


Cairns Domestic Violence

Child Safety PHONE: 1800 177 135

PHONE: 4046 8050

SERVICE: For 24 hour assistance when

PHONE: 4054 2707

SERVICE: Cairns Regional Domestic

there is concern a child is at risk

SERVICE: For families

Violence Service

Australian Baby Hands

Cancer Helpline

Child Support PHONE: 131 272

PHONE: 4036 1770

PHONE: 131 120

SERVICE: Support of separating

SERVICE: To learn baby sign language

SERVICE: Cancer helpline

families & custodial matters

Beyond Blue


PHONE: 1300 224 636

PHONE: 132 490

PHONE: 1800 637 711

SERVICE: Assistance with depression,

SERVICE: Youth & students

SERVICE: Free help to find childcare

Childcare Info Service

anxiety and post natal depression


favourite businesses

community groups


community groups

Community Child Health

FNQ Multiple Births



community groups

National Continence Line

Premmie Foundation


Social Works for Kids

PHONE: 1800 177 279

PHONE: 4039 1683

PHONE: 132 717

PHONE: 1800 330 066

PHONE: 1300 773 622

PHONE: 0418 785 735

SERVICE: 24/7 Child Health Nurse

SERVICE: Multiple birth support

SERVICE: Disabilities

SERVICE: Bladder & bowel health

SERVICE: Offering support to parents

SERVICE: Social work services for

and support for all ages

of premmie babies

kids with autism

DV Connect

Free Call Homeless


PHONE: 1800 811 811

PHONE: 1800 474 753

PHONE: 4051 7572

SERVICE: Domestic violence & refuge

SERVICE: Support for the homeless

SERVICE: Lots of courses & counselling


Emergency Relief PHONE: ???????????????

GENX Youth Services


PHONE: 4039 3517

PHONE: 131 114

SERVICE: Support for youth

SERVICE: 24 hours 7 days a week

SERVICE: Food vouchers & financial assistance service

Family & Prisoners

Immunisation Info PHONE: 4050 3600

PHONE: 4050 4955

SERVICE: Information service

SERVICE: Free gambling, relationship & financial counselling

PHONE: 4051 4485 SERVICE: Return bus to and from

Karitane 24 Hour Line

prison, transition & accommodation support

Family Planning PHONE: 4051 3788

PHONE: 1800 677 961 year olds, esp. sleep

SERVICE: Male counsellor, practical advice & assistance with mens issues

Kids Help Line PHONE: 1800 551 800

Migrant Settlement

SERVICE: Free telephone counselling

PHONE: 4041 7699

on all issues

SERVICE: Migration support

PHONE: 1800 050 321 SERVICE: Relationship advice line

Legal Aid

Mission Australia

PHONE: 1300 651 188

PHONE: 4035 2722

SERVICE: Legal advice, assistance

SERVICE: Community service

PHONE: 4050 4955

& support for those with financial

organisation transforming the lives of

SERVICE: Free financial advice


Australians in need

Financial Counselling


community groups

Tresillian 24hr Help Line

PHONE: 1800 090 777

PHONE: 1800 637 357

SERVICE: Poison information service

SERVICE: Problem pregnancy support

SERVICE: 24 hour parents help line (0-5 year olds)

NQ Woman’s Legal

Reflux Infant Support

Victims of Crime

PHONE: 4041 0066

PHONE: 3229 1090

SERVICE: Free legal advice & minor

SERVICE: Offer support to families

PHONE: 1300 139 703

assistance by appointment only

with infants who suffer from reflux and

SERVICE: Free counselling service for

its complications

vicitims of crime

NQ Postnatal Group PHONE: 3822 7518 SERVICE: Postnatal distress service

PHONE: 1300 364 277

Problem Pregnancy

PHONE: 131 126

Mens Info & Referral

SERVICE: Support for parents of 0-5

SERVICE: Contraception

Family Relationship Line

Lifeline Gambling Help

National Poisons Info


Relationships Australia PHONE: 1300 364 277

PHONE: 1800 200 526

SERVICE: Provides relationship

SERVICE: Confidential 24 hour

counselling for men, women, couples

helpline for victims of violence

and families

PHONE: 1300 301 300 SERVICE: Counselling service


8am-10pm every day


PHONE: 1800 330 066 SERVICE: Up to date womens health

PHONE: 4098 3089

information & support

LISTENERS LINE: 1800 228 655 SERVICE: Supporting families who

PHONE: 1300 301 300

experience miscarriage & stillbirth

Women’s Centre PHONE: 4051 9366

SERVICE: Offering support services

PHONE: 4033 6966

Women’s Health

Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Support

Pre-term Infant Parents Association

Play Connect Group

Violence Against Women

Sexual Assault Service

SERVICE: Crisis intervention, information & referral, housing

PHONE: 4031 3590 CRISIS LINE: 1800 010 120

SERVICE: Autism support service

community groups


cyclone prep for kids


Some tips on getting your family cyclone ready thanks to the Cairns Regional Council

Are your kid’s cyclone-ready?

Emergency Plan

Stay Informed

Talk to your children about what your

Keep yourself and your family

family will do if a cyclone is coming.

informed at all times by listening to

Make sure they know where they

the radio for the latest updates. Share

Cyclones can be traumatic for children

will go if you have to evacuate, who

this information with your children

so it’s important to give explanation

to call in an emergency, and where

since it is often easier to deal with

and guidance to minimise their

the strongest place in the house is to

reality than the unknown.

anxieties and fears. It’s important for

shelter while a cyclone crosses.

By Cairns Regional Council

parents to handle the situation with

When the threat passes and you are

Kids can also help with getting the

advised that it is safe to go outside,

home ready in the days and hours

keep children away from floodwaters

before a cyclone. Encourage them to

and drains. Not only do these waters

bring their toys inside, look after pets,

move quickly but they could contain

A good way to prepare children and

gather up blankets and other soft

dangerous debris or fallen powerlines.

to address their fears is to include

items for protection, help switch off

them in your household cyclone

electrical items and fill bathtubs with


water (if they are old enough to do so).

confidence to provide reassurance. Reacting with alarm will simply cause them to be more scared.

James Cook University and the Bureau

Emergency Kit

of Meteorology have developed an interactive computer game called

Ask your children to help you gather up items that your family may require during and after a cyclone and place them in a sturdy container. You can download a list of suggested items from the Cairns Regional Council website at Do this now rather than when you know a cyclone is coming.

‘Stormwatchers’. The aim is to give children the opportunity to create their own cyclone experience by working through one of a series of ‘true-to-life’ cyclone scenarios with

If you see any fallen powerlines, stay well away! Assume they are ‘live’ and call Ergon Energy (13 22 96) immediately. As much as possible include children in clean-up activities and give them age-appropriate jobs to do. Helping things ‘get back to normal’ enables them to understand that things pass and everything will be ok again.

one of the game’s characters. This enables children to acquire the skills, knowledge and understanding to enable them to respond appropriately in a real cyclone situation. You can download it for free from the Bureau of Meteorology’s website au/storm_watchers_game


favourite businesses

cyclone preparation


useful contacts

Health In an emergency dial 000 or text 106

24Hr Medical Centre PHONE: 4052 1119

Atherton Hospital PHONE: 4091 0211

Cairns Ambulance PHONE: 4040 6604

Cairns Base Hospital PHONE: 4050 6333

Cairns Police

Important Contacts Animal Disease Watch PHONE: 1800 675 888

Aust Search & Rescue AVIATION PHONE: 1800 815 257

Aust Search & Rescue

Ergon Energy Faults PHONE: 132 296

Ergon Emergency Faults PHONE: 131 670

Poisons Information PHONE: 131 126

SES PHONE: 4039 8255

MARITIME PHONE: 1800 641 792

Bureau of Meteorology PHONE: 4035 9777

Cairns Disaster Centre PHONE: 4044 3161

Public Transport Aust Coast Airport Bus PHONE: 4048 8355


useful contacts

Jetstar PHONE: 131 538

McCafferty’s PHONE: 131 499

Qantas Airlines PHONE: 131 223

QLD Rail

Road Conditions RACQ PHONE: 1300 130 595

RACQ Breakdown Service PHONE: 131 111

PHONE: 4046 2462

Sunbus PHONE: 4057 7411

Opening Hours Banks OPEN: Mon-Thu 9.30am-4pm, Fri 9.30am-5pm, closed public holidays

Virgin Blue

Calanna Pharmacy OPEN: 8am-8pm daily

Centrelink OPEN: Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm

DFO OPEN: 9am-5pm 7 days per week

Medicare CAIRNS CENTRAL: 9-5pm Monday-

PHONE: 4036 9250



& weekends

Friday, 9-6pm Thursday, 9-12pm Sat, excluding public holidays

Mt Sheridan Plaza OPEN: 9am-5.30pm Mon-Fri, 9am-9pm Thu, 9am-4.30pm Sat, 10am-4pm Sun

Piccones SUPA IGA EDGE HILL: 8.30am-9pm Mon-Fri, 8.30am-5.30pm Sat, 9am-6pm Sun

PHONE: 4091 1323

Mareeba Hospital PHONE: 4092 2322

Mossman Hospital PHONE: 4084 1200

Cairns Fire Command PHONE: 4041 2780

Cairns Regional Council PHONE: 4044 3044

Community Legal Centre PHONE: 4031 7179


useful contacts

Black & White Taxis

PHONE: 136 789

OPEN: 6.30am-9pm Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm

PHONE: 131 008

Cairns Airport

Sat, 9am-6pm Sun


PHONE: 4052 9744

Greyhound Pioneer PHONE: 132 030


Cairns Central OPEN: 9am-5.30pm Mon-Fri,

Birch Carroll & Coyle PHONE: 4057 0000

9am-9pm Thu, 9am-5.30pm Sat, 10.30am-4pm Sun

EDMONTON: 5am-Midnight 7 days

Smithfield Shop Centre OPEN: 9am-5.30pm Mon-Fri, 9am-8pm Thu, 9am-4pm Sat, 10.30am-4pm Sun

Stockland Shop Centre OPEN: 9am-5.30pm Mon-Fri, 9am-9pm Thu, 9am-5pm Sat, 10.30am-4pm Sun

useful contacts


favourite businesses

A Bright Night Fireworks

Baby 2nd Hand


Birch Carroll & Coyle

favourite businesses

Business Leisure Travel

Cairns Library’s


Cheeky Monkey Photos

DESCRIPTION: Fireworks for events,

DESCRIPTION: Huge range of baby

DESCRIPTION: Babes in Arms sessions

DESCRIPTION: Specialise in “Travel

DESCRIPTION: Babinda, City, Earlville,

DESCRIPTION: Beautiful maternity,

weddings, promotions & parties

second hand goods & factory direct

Wednesday for mums to bring their

With Kids”

Edmonton, Gordonvale, Manunda,

newborn, infant & family portraits

CONTACT: Russ Rainford

disposable nappies

kids without worrying about noise

CONTACT: Martin Keating

Mossman, Port Douglas, Smithfield,


PHONE: 0417 783 975



PHONE: 4080 4000

Stratford - heaps free activities

PHONE: 0421 150 717


PHONE: 0418 189 905





Abacus Shopfittings

Barron River Fencing

Bopstars DESCRIPTION: Kids & adults parties,

Business Liason

Cairns Recreation Centre

Civic Theatre

events, corporate, jumping castle

DESCRIPTION: Inspiring & giving

DESCRIPTION: Kids Parties, skating,

DESCRIPTION: Lots of shows

CONTACT: Nikki Firmin

DESCRIPTION: Fencing & Landscaping

CONTACT: Bree James

experience to highschool children in

sports, vacation care, rock climbing,

throughout the year for people of all

PHONE: 4051 8488

PHONE: 4092 7908

PHONE: 0422 154 742

preparation for the workforce

soccer, hockey & more!

ages-see for info


CONTACT: Adriana Braid


CONTACT: Maree Galeano

PHONE: 4080 4000

PHONE: 4053 5353

PHONE: 4050 7777




DESCRIPTION: Shopfittings & displays


Activate Your Mind

Bec Thomas Photos DESCRIPTION: Specialies in pregancy,

Brainy Blocks

DESCRIPTION: A program helping

baby and family portraits

DESCRIPTION: Occupational Therapy

people to think slim and get slim

CONTACT: Bec Thomas

visits to the home, school or clinic for


PHONE: 0421 440 638

children 0-10yrs

DESCRIPTION: For your hearing needs

DESCRIPTION: A great place to visit

DESCRIPTION: $1 Tuesday hires and

PHONE: 0401 510 911


CONTACT: Jolene Kattenberg

CONTACT: Rachel Green

with your family, home of Tiny Tacker

lots more! Over 4 stores in Cairns

PHONE: 0407 377 045

PHONE: 4054 5561

Tuesday and school holiday programs

CONTACT: Neville Fitsimmons



CONTACT: Tricia Davey

PHONE: 4053 2317

All Signs Print & Design

Bella Hair by Monica

Cairns Audiology

Cairns Regional Gallery

Civic Video

PHONE: 4046 4800 DESCRIPTION: Signage & printing

DESCRIPTION: Mobile hairdresser


CONTACT: Monica Jackson

PHONE: 4054 7688

PHONE: 0407 651 596

Babinda Kayak Hire

Bill Spooners Coaching

Bright Bugs

Cairns Holiday Park

DESCRIPTION: Kid’s toys & party plan

DESCRIPTION: Caravan Park &

CONTACT: Amanda Maynard


PHONE: 0429 455 057

PHONE: 4053 7133



Cairns Show Association

Cleaning By Us DESCRIPTION: Use non toxic and environmentally friendly cleaning,

DESCRIPTION: Events, The Show, Wine

they can also cook meals & run errands

Awards, Car Expo


PHONE: 4042 6699

PHONE: 0439 963 400

DESCRIPTION: Family water

DESCRIPTION: All Subjects, all ages,

adventures for ages 5yrs to 85yrs

all levels-supporting parents with


educating their kids

PHONE: 4067 2678

CONTACT: Bill & Noeline

DESCRIPTION: Hardware supplies



PHONE: 4041 3232

PHONE: 4038 9100

PHONE: 4045 4044

DESCRIPTION: Bulk suppliers for all

DESCRIPTION: Painting & decorating




your needs

CONTACT: Danny Adams

PHONE: 4035 4995

PHONE: 0417 774 982


favourite businesses

Bunnings Smithfield

Cairns Juniors DESCRIPTION: Kids & baby gear

Campbells Cash & Carry

Danny Adams Painting

favourite businesses


favourite businesses

Debengarry Milk Soaps

Flip Ripley


favourite businesses

Home Health Education

Kindermusik with Nicole

Marlin Cove Resort


NQ Pressure Cleaning

DESCRIPTION: Goats milk soaps

DESCRIPTION: Magic shows and

DESCRIPTION: Family & educational

DESCRIPTION: Children’s movement

DESCRIPTION: 4 star family friendly

DESCRIPTION: For all your pressure

perfect for children with skin problems

clowning for kids parties

health related books & resources

& music classes for 0-7yrs

resort style accommodation

cleaning needs



CONTACT: Susan Wilson


PHONE: 4057 8299

CONTACT: Trent Newberry

PHONE: 4096 3076

PHONE: 4039 0622

PHONE: 4057 9685

PHONE: 4034 2219


PHONE: 0407 451 416


Dolci & Gelati DESCRIPTION: Great ice cream when

Gecko’s Indoor Play


Jims Mowing DESCRIPTION: For all your gardening

Kylie Cloney Naturopath

Massage Therapy DESCRIPTION: Massage services

Official Photographer DESCRIPTION: Photographer

your in the city

DESCRIPTION: Kids play centre

& mowing maintenance

DESCRIPTION: Specialising in children

CONTACT: Susan Wilson

CONTACT: Mike Newell

PHONE: 4031 1500

CONTACT: Heather & Di

CONTACT: Mark & Dianne Lennon

& womens health

PHONE: 4057 9685


PHONE: 4044 3711

PHONE: 0416 632 984

CONTACT: Kylie Cloney

Ella Bella Bloom DESCRIPTION: Mobile hairdresser CONTACT: Kate Noonan PHONE: 0407 126 251

Eternal Moments


Genesis Fitness

PHONE: 0421 982 952

Jumping Castles & Slides DESCRIPTION: Slides, jumping castles

Lake Tinaroo Park

Me Foto

Our Ceremony

DESCRIPTION: Specialising in

DESCRIPTION: Renewal of vowels,

beautiful portaits for any occasion

naming ceremonies, etc

DESCRIPTION: Kids creche at

both wet & dry fun

DESCRIPTION: A holiday park that



Stockland Shopping Centre

CONTACT: Cary & Emma Peak

offers great fun for a weekend away

PHONE: 0415 358 305

PHONE: 4036 4783

PHONE: 4054 5333

PHONE: 0447 747 307

CONTACT: Jo Hollis



PHONE: 4095 8232 DESCRIPTION: Birth & private midwife services for your birth needs

Gift of the Gab

Kids Money QLD

Lifestyle Money Coach

Mr Handy Hands

Outback Jacks

CONTACT: Lee Roberts

DESCRIPTION: Party Shop specialising

DESCRIPTION: Web based resource to

DESCRIPTION: Painting, pressure

DESCRIPTION: Family restaurant


in balloons, helium & decorations

teach kids about money

DESCRIPTION: Money coaching by

cleaning & general maintenance

specialising in steak! They claim to

PHONE: 0488 972 789


phone, email or face to face


have the largest range of steaks of any

PHONE: 0409 057 952


PHONE: 0405 622 991

menu in the world!


PHONE: 0409 057 952

Executive Babysitting DESCRIPTION: Babysitting service

Go N Jump

WEB: leandakayess.

CONTACT: Pauline Hallam

DESCRIPTION: Jumping castle hire

PHONE: 4055 6510 or 0417 612 975


Fitness, Form & Function DESCRIPTION: Pilates training CONTACT: Simone

PHONE: 4031 4131

DESCRIPTION: Children’s fitness &


entertainment services

Hire for Baby

PHONE: 4041 5553 or 0411 027 883

DESCRIPTION: Certified kid’s products


PHONE: 4032 1984


favourite businesses

Kids Moves

CONTACT: Tracey Dando

Nikki the Clown

PHONE: 4031 9771 DESCRIPTION: Face painting, puppets,

Mangii Creations Photos

balloons & more for kids parties

Peak Physique Coaching


DESCRIPTION: Fitness & nutrition

CONTACT: Sheridan

DESCRIPTION: Photography

PHONE: 4057 8019

coaching for a healthier lifestyle

PHONE: 0408 772 590



CONTACT: Cliff Covacs


PHONE: 4092 4993

PHONE: 0415 310 990



favourite businesses


favourite businesses

Performex Studios

Shay Babes



favourite businesses

Wonderfair Amusements

Yummy Mummy


Zoo To You

DESCRIPTION: Specialising in fitness &

DESCRIPTION: Supply childcare

DESCRIPTION: Offering free school

DESCRIPTION: Amusement rides &

DESCRIPTION: Affordable new &

DESCRIPTION: An upclose wildlife

personal training

providers with nappies, wipes, gloves

holiday entertainment + My Funland

show food. They’ve got it all!

preloved maternity wear

experience for children’s parties,

CONTACT: Adam & Chris

& much more

club for kids


CONTACT: Karinne

schools & events

PHONE: 4051 8156

CONTACT: Shay Moolenschot

PHONE: 4054 3066

PHONE: 4031 0354

PHONE: 0409 559 017


PHONE: 4039 0079




PHONE: 0415 696 439

Playgroup Australia DESCRIPTION: Call to find out the

Shnazzy Kids

TAS Aquatics Centre

nearest playgroup in your area

DESCRIPTION: Specialising in baby,

DESCRIPTION: Learn to Swim with

PHONE: 1800 171 182

kids & maternity clothing

highly qualified instructors in a fun



friendly social environment

PHONE: 0419 257 526

CONTACT: Bill Evans

Pupstars DESCRIPTION: Great grooming &

For info on all manner of events

For info on all the big shows, plays,

Information on kids health

happening in out city

concerts and kids entertainment

CONTACT: Belinda Moore

DESCRIPTION: Alternative health

coming to Cairns

PHONE: 4096 6972

CONTACT: Jen Sackley


PHONE: 1300 818 280

ABC products & information

For local discounts

Advice on raising children

For your favourite local station

Drivers License renewals, change

of address etc

Free info sheets on bullying etc

For all the latest local news

Fun family things to do

of all ages

For all weather forecasts & warnings

Heaps of products & family advice sportRecreation/files/beach_ update.pdf

QLD Cancer Council

How to keep your kids sunsmart

Introductory service for single parents

If your heading somewhere and need

wanting to find others in similar

to know if there is a loo


PHONE: 4035 5054

dolls, wooden toys & craft matrerial

DESCRIPTION: The Singing Face PHONE: 0428 600 213


Sportsworld DESCRIPTION: Fitness club & gym

Rodeo Drive In


The Sackley Institute

DESCRIPTION: Specialising in organic

Painter specialising in kids parties

PHONE: 4051 2434

Thermomix DESCRIPTION: The worlds smallest, smartest kitchen-in home demos,

DESCRIPTION: Drive in movies PHONE: 0400 998 036

Stampin Stuff

CONTACT: Amy Wegner PHONE: 4045 1893

the Casino - a must see for all!



PHONE: 4098 5561

scrapbooking supplies

DESCRIPTION: Nightly magic shows at PHONE: 1300 500 331

fantastic machine! CONTACT: Nancy

DESCRIPTION: Online stamping &

Sam Powers

Three Winx Photos DESCRIPTION: Photography CONTACT: Melissa Harris PHONE: 0427 793 565 WEB:


favourite businesses


PHONE: 4036 8195

Spiral Garden

doggy daycare services

Rachel Bradley

favourite websites

For beach updates including stingers

Information on the Cassowary Coast Website for mums in businesss Our council website Postnatal depression Provides fun silk toys for kids

For cost effective holidays

favourite businesses + websites


yearly calendar


yearly calendar


For more information go to:

1-11 Jul

November 2010

September 2010

July 2010 School Holidays

5 Sep

Fathers Day


3 Jul

Cairns Ukelele Festival

5-11 Sep

Child Protection Week


11 Jul

PakClub at Cazalys

12 Sep

PakClub at Cazalys


24 JAN

School Starts

15-25 APR School Holidays

26 JAN

Australia Day Holiday

22 APR

Easter Friday

23 APR


23 APR

Esplanade Easter

Egg Hunt

24 APR

Easter Sunday

25 APR

Easter Monday

24 Jul

17 Sep

Mission Beach

19 NOV

World Day for Prevention

Film Festival

of Child Abuse

18 Sep

School Holidays

18 Sep

Disability Action Awards

22 Sep

Buskers Festival

10 DEC

School Finishes

12 DEC

PakClub at Cazalys


12 DEC

Carols by Candelight

PakClub at Cazalys

Yungaburra Folk Festival

25 DEC

Christmas Day

2-3 Oct


26 DEC

Boxing Day

10 Oct

PakClub at Cazalys

31 DEC

New Years Eve Celebration

on the Esplanade

6 Aug

Genes For Jeans Day

6-10 Aug Cairns Regional Tennis

8 Aug 21 Aug

24-26 Sep Wallaby Creek Festival

Tropical Tree Day

World Breastfeeding Wk

Cairns Festival

21-27 Aug Childrens Book Week 22 Aug

Festival Parade &

Grand Opening

Chefs of the future master class

October 2010 1-8 Oct

PakClub at Cazalys

13 JAN

PakClub at Cazalys

25 APR

Anzac Day

14 JAN

Valentines Day

30 APR

Cairns Blues Festival

24 JAN

Pancake Day

27 JAN

Sunnies For Sight Day



March 2011

Loud Shirt Day

May 2011

20 MAY

Carnivale Parade

20 MAY

Career EXPO

26 MAY

Sorry Day

28 MAY

Biggest Morning Tea

June 2011 1-30 JUN Give Me 5 For Kids 4 JUN

Relay for Life


World Enviro Day


Kids Day

11 JUN

Festival of the Knob

12 JUN

PakClub at Cazalys

13 JUN

Queens B’day weekend

16 JUN

Eisteddford School Holidays


8th Annual Parrot Head

Show at Yorkeys Boat Club

24-25 JUN Kuranda Roots Festival


Labor Day Public Holiday

25 JUN

Red Nose Day

10-16 MAR International Womens Wk

7-8 MAY

Chillago Rodeo

26 JUN

PAKMAG Teddy Bear Picnic

22-31 OCT Go Troppo Arts Festival

13 MAR

PakClub at Cazalys


PakClub at Cazalys

26 JUN

Green Island Family Day

25 OCT

17 MAR

St Patricks Day

10 MAY

Mothers Day

26 JUN

Wine Awards

27 JUN

Garden Awards

14 OCT

Ride to Work Day

18-24 OCT National Water Week

31 OCT

yearly calendar

February 2011

15 MAY

24 JUN

Pink Ribbon Day

25-29 OCT Childrens Week


December 2010 6 DEC

1- 7 Aug

April Fools Day

9-15 NOV National Recyclong Week PakClub at Cazalys

August 2010

1 APR 10 APR

14 NOV


New Years Public Holiday PakClub at Cazalys

15-21 Sep National Blood Week

27 Jul


Million Paws Walk

20-30 MAY Port Douglas Carnivale


Melbourne Cup Day

21-23 Jul Cairns Show National Premmie Day

April 2011

January 2011

15 MAY

National Bandana Day

yearly calendar


regular weekly events


For more information go to: AJ Hackett


Live Music Sundays, BBQ and free

PakClub Cazalys: 2nd Sunday of the

PHONE: 4052 6780

jumping castle for the kids

month, lots of games and activities for

Happy Hour: every Mon to Fri

the whole family 5-7pm


Brother’s Leagues Club Kid Club: Open 6pm-9.30pm 7 days

Juniors Kids Club: Every Sun 6pm, games, craft (FREE)

Kids Disco Party: every Sun 3.30-6pm

Bingo: every day (except Tue)

Live Music: Tues-Sunday

Live Music: Thu to Sat Trivia: Wed night

Cairns Indoor Sports PHONE: 4032 2844 Multi Sport Madness @ 1pm - 3pm everyday. Call for further info

Cairns Recreation Centre PHONE: 4053 5353

Esplanade PHONE: 4044 3715 Entertainment: Fri, Sat & Sun Markets: Sat 8am-4pm Fun Free Fitness: the program changes seasonally, so

Sarges Boot Camp: Mon, Wed & Fri

check out


au for more details of when boxing,

Inline Hockey: 4.30pm ($9) Mon, Wed

mum and bubs fitness, Zumba, kids

Teen Skate: Friday night 7pm

fitness, and more are on

Under Age Night Club: 2nd & 4th Sat of the month

Live Music: Fri night Sunday: bean bags & games 11am

Playgroup QLD PHONE: 1800 171 883

Go Bowling Cairns

Red Beret Kids Club Sunday: 11.30am-4pm art, craft, face painting Sunday buffet breakfast: from 8.30am Kids Eat Free: Sun with paying adult Believe it or not trivia: Mon 7pm

Sam Powers Starring Sam Powers at Velvet underground Every Mon through to Sat @ 7.30pm

Sands Support Group

Kick Boxing: Tue & Thu @ 6pm

Specials on all month for adults, kids,

Roller derby: 4-6pm Sun, 6-8pm Tue

birthdays and groups!

PHONE: 4098 3089 or 4033 7917

PHONE: 4053 3497

Meeting on the second Friday of each

Skating: for info check out

Cairns PCYC

beaches & swimming

Family Night: Tuesday 6-8pm

DETAILS: Mon-Fri for 0-5 year olds

Retro Skate: 1st & 3rd Sat of month



DETAILS: Super Special Sunday Sessions - 3pm until late ($13.95 p/p for 3 games)

month 10am-2pm at the Marlin Coast Neighborhood Centre in Smithfield (45 Cumberland Ave). If you would

PHONE: 4053 1532

like more info call Nerissa on 4098

MON to THU - Kindy Kidz Gym @ 9am-

3089 or Kelly on 4033 7917. The 24/7

10am. Cost is $7. Call for info

phone listeners line is 1800 228 655.

regular weekly events


regular markets


For more information go to: Atherton Markets

Mareeba Markets

Port Douglas Markets

First Saturday of each month from 7am

Second Saturday of each month at

Every Sunday from 8.30am-2pm at

at Platypus Park

Centenary Park, Byrnes Street

Anzac Park in Port Douglas

Babinda Markets

Mission Beach Markets

Rusty’s Markets

First Saturday of each month, except

First & third Sunday of each month

All day Friday, until 2pm Saturday &

January, from 8am, Munro Street

6.30am-12pm, opposite Hideaway

Sunday, Grafton Street

Cooktown Markets

Monster Markets

Speewah Markets

Every Saturday from 8am - noon at

Last Sunday of each month 8am-2pm,

Every Sunday 8am-2pm Carpark of the

Lions Park

April-Nov at Marcs Park

Speewah Tavern, Speewah Road

Esplanade Markets

Mossman Markets

Swap Meet

Every Saturday from 8am-4pm at the

Every Saturday from 7am-12pm under

Every Sun from April-September,

Esplanade near the Lagoon

the raintrees at Mossman

Highway 3, Rodeo Drive In, Mareeba

Gordonvale Markets

Mt Sheridan Markets

Tanks Markets

First Saturday of each month from

Second Saturday of every month at Mt

Last Sunday of each month from 9am-

8am-12pm at Norman Park

Sheridan Shopping Plaza

1pm, Collins Avenue, Edge Hill

Innisfail Markets

Night Markets

Tolga Markets

Third Sunday of each month at

Daily from 4.30pm-11pm, entry from

First Sunday of each month at Morrow

Anzac Memorial Park

Espanade or Abbott Street

Park Race Course

Kuranda Markets

Nth Beaches Markets

Tully Markets

Every Wed, Thu, Fri & Sun 9am-3pm

Thirrd Sunday of each month from

Every second & fourth Saturday of

in Therwine Street

9am-3pm, Smithfield Shopping Centre

each month at Tully Showgrounds

Malanda Markets

Pier Farmgate Market

Yungaburra Markets

Third Saturday of each month from

7.30am-2pm every Saturday at the Pier

6am-12pm at Jack May Park

Fourth Saturday of each month

Shopping Centre

7.30am-12.30pm in the Main Street


regular markets

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