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Hello everyone and welcome to our August edition. I can’t believe PakMag Mackay is already nine months old, we’d better start planning our first birthday party! This month we’ve got a feature about kids and technology with some startling findings from a new study that just proves we all need to stay ahead of the game. Also, since it’s Seniors Week this month we’ve got a feature on the role of grandparents. Thanks to all the families who came out to the Blacks Beach Tavern last month for our PakClub Supporters Party. We had footballers, cricketers and even a couple of lady golfers! This month our theme will be Mad Scientists so I look forward to seeing you in your safety goggles! Until next time I hope you enjoy this edition, and remember to tell everyone you read it in PakMag!


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PAKClub 18 August (10am-12pm) Blacks Beach Tavern




SunSmart Offer

Grab your lab coats and safety goggles and come along for some dastardly fun at our next PakClub. Our theme is Mad Scientists and there will be an interactive display thanks to Battery World Mackay plus lots of prizes and face painting thanks to Ink Kidz.

Whitsunday Reef Festival

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20 Years! 25 August (10.30am)

Looking for something nice to do for a birthday or baby shower? Why not take the girls along to a High Tea at Deja Vue. The tables are set with vintage china and guests are presented with a three-tiered cake stand filled with finger sandwiches with four different filling, scones with jam and chantilly cream, and tartlets

The Northern Beaches Bowls Club is getting geared

Airlie Beach 15-18 August

up for a huge birthday celebration during the week 1925 August for their 20th birthday. It will be culminating in a Family Fun Day on 25 August that will include live

and cupcakes. Each person also receives their own pot of tea or plunger of coffee. Everything is cooked on the premises. Cost: $29.50/person (minimum of 2 people and maximum of 14 people

FAMILY Flicks Birch Carroll & Coyle Mount Pleasant are recommencing their $6 Weekend Family Flicks with the following movies: • Epic 2D – 3-4 August

can be seated). Bookings and pre-payment are essential (call 4951 2057). Devonshire Tea and

• Monsters University 2D – 10-11 & 17-18 August

light lunches are served daily as well.

• Despicable Me 2 2D - 24-25 August

music and lots of games and races. This year’s Whitsunday Reef Festival kicks off on 15 August and is a great excuse to pop up to Airlie with the kids. Highlights include the fireworks (16 August), sand sculpting (17 August) and the Telstra Whitsunday Family Fun Day (18 August).

ECTA Day - 10 August

Aspergers Talk 26 October Professor Tony Attwood, a world-renowned expert

The Early Childhood Teacher’s Association will be presenting a Professional

on Aspergers is coming to Mackay to talk about

Development Day this month. It will feature quality speakers presenting on topics

practical strategies to help support parents and carers

including authentic indigenous experiences in early childhood, supporting creative play

of those on the spectrum. The event will be a High Tea

and understanding of maths, kindergarten portfolios, sustainability and an overview of the

Luncheon so it promises to be a fun and educational

resources and services available to support Early Child Professionals. Cost: $70 members, $80

event. To find out more call Jody on 4953 2833 or email

non-members. Register via email:




Series Story thanks to Amanda Cranston

Statistics show that the majority of students in Australia still attend government schools, but many parents really struggle with deciding whether to go public or private. When it is time to send your first-born off to prep, just how do you choose which school is right for your child? With a growing population, enrolment places are

support this talent may be a good option, and

no longer a given at childcare and kindergartens

this also may contribute to the overall decision.

and many kids miss out on places if they’re not enrolled from birth. This is now also happening at private and independent schools and parents need to get savvy and put their child’s name down at birth just to get a place. Ridiculous as this sounds, if parents have their heart set on a particular independent school then they really need to prepare and enrol early.

records show that 491,450 students were enrolled in Queensland state schools in February this year, and the reasons parents send their children to government state schools are varied. Some cannot afford to send their children to independent schools, some enrol too late and battle with long enrolment lists at independent

school they like, they need to find out if they live

schools, some never get a place at private

in the catchment area as more and more schools

schools due to an enormous number of positions

are now only accepting students who live in

being filled by siblings of current students, and

close proximity to the school. Parents generally

then there are those parents who actually prefer

don’t need to enrol until six to 12 months before

government state schools. They may choose a

the start of prep year at government schools,

state school because it is close to home, because

but it is worth enquiring earlier about enrolment

they went to a state school when they were


younger or because they would prefer to spend

Trinity Anglican School Principal at White Rock campus, Michael Daunt Watney, says parents often choose independents schools

How do you choose which school is right for your child?

kids to a state school? Education Queensland

For parents who have chosen a government

So you are considering an independent school?

Public or Private?

What are your options if you want to send your

the money they save on a private education for outer school activities such as music lessons, sporting activities, ballet, martial arts or something else.

for their strong values. “They are often looking

It is unfortunate that many parents feel pressure

for a disciplined learning environment that is

trying to decide on a school because there is

complemented by strong pastoral care and

still a stigma among some circles that private

focused personal, intellectual, emotional and

schools are better, and feel the need to justify

spiritual outcomes that will best prepare their

their choice. But what parents need to remember

children for life beyond school,” he says. Many

is that every school will try to encourage children

independent schools offer additional curriculum

to be the best they can be and a good teacher

options and consistently score high on NAPLAN

who nurtures creativity, imagination, play,

testing. If students are talented in particular

learning and confidence, can mean a world of

fields then an independent school which can

difference to a child’s education.

TIPS for Parents [1] Research your options as early as possible (even as early as your child’s birth) [2] Be aware of enrolment prerequisites such as catchment areas, religion, etc [3] Enrol as early as you can [4] Be confident in your decision and don’t be influenced by others



Values Importance

of Values By Dr Craig Murison

What kind of adult do you want your child to become?


urveys of parents are regularly

learn some things by what you say, some things

conducted by government, schooling

by what you do, but they learn most from who

sectors and individual schools to

you are.

discover what factors parents base their decisions on when choosing schools for their children. The results repeatedly show that school choice is largely based on values and not academic outcomes.

something they said, and realised that they thought it was okay to say it, or behave that way, because they saw or heard me do it. My family used to live close to a neighbour who used very

making sure their children will be safe and happy

colourful language. He would use it loud enough

at school and that they have notions about the

for us to be able to hear it in our living room. We

kind of adult they want their children to grow into.

thought it was hilarious when one day one of his

If asked to articulate their personal values most people can quickly rattle off a list that includes

children used an offensive word and his outraged response was “Where did you hear that?�

things such as honesty, integrity, respect and

The process of learning values need not be

trust. Our behavior is an outward expression of

accidental, with some effort parents can be

what we value so if I say that I value honesty then

very strategic and deliberate in the values they

I should exhibit honest behaviour. If I say that I

choose to model to their children. If you want

value integrity then my actions should always

your children to be optimistic and positive make

reflect my words. If I say that I value respect then

sure you are not negative in front of them. If

I must always behave in a respectful manner

you want your children to be non-judgemental

towards others. There is no room for me to only

then model that behaviour consistently to them.

show respect when I am shown respect in return.

Most, if not all, of the values your children will

osmosis than a result of direct teaching. Children

when I have observed my children, or overheard

This shows that parents are most concerned with

Teaching values to children is more a process of


Like many other parents I remember times

live by when they are older will be values they have caught from you. That is something worth thinking about.


As we navigate our way through the information age, technological devices have in many ways become a necessary evil. While at one time a family would gather around the dining table to talk, these days we are more likely to be conversing with people online than with those present. Which begs the question: is the early introduction to gadgets really about educating our children, or are we merely providing them with a modern-day babysitter?


Issues Story thanks to Kate van Eck

As technology rapidly infiltrates our lives, many

In addition to the social implications, perhaps

believe we are in danger of raising a generation

the most important factor to consider when

of overweight and unmotivated children who

introducing a child to technology is safety.

have no concept of how to play creatively.

Not only do we as parents need to consider

According to mother of three, Teresa Johnson,

the exposure to inappropriate imagery, we

the overuse of technology is already affecting

also need to be aware that the earlier a child

many children’s ability to socially interact with

becomes accustomed to social media the

their peers. “You have to wonder what is wrong

sooner they are potentially at risk of anti-social

when you organise a play date and kids as

behaviour such as cyber bullying. Now with

young as two years old refuse to play with your

recent surveys revealing that Australian children

children because they would rather play Xbox or

are amongst the youngest and most prolific

their iPad,” she says. “I don’t see a problem with

internet users in the world, It’s more important

older children using technology in moderation,

than ever to be well informed.

but some of the kids I have seen are not even toilet trained, yet they know how to search You Tube and show little interest in normal kid’s games such as ‘hide and seek’ or ‘tiggy’.”


the youngest in the 26-nation survey. In addition to this, a report released by Senator Stephen Conroy titled ‘Tweens, Teens and Technology

computer literate. “Provided you monitor their

Report’, revealed that children are adopting

usage and have all the appropriate safety

technology much faster than expected. In fact,

software in place there’s really no reason to hold

67% of tweens (children ages 8 to 12) currently

them back,” she says. “There’s no avoiding it

use a social media site while more alarmingly,

these days, so it’s important to be educated as a

13% have admitted being “friends” with people

parent, so you can foresee any possible dangers.”

they don’t actually know online.

different from handing them a colouring book


at just 8 years of age – making them amongst

fact that her three year old daughter is already

keep children occupied, Jacinta believes it’s no


average Australian child starts using the internet

On the other hand, Jacinta Riley is proud of the

And in terms of using electronic devices to

Anti Social

According to recent study, AUkids Online, the

and pencils. “There are times when it’s simply unavoidable,” she says. “I’d much rather give my child an iPad for half an hour than suffer the consequences. It’s not only disruptive to me, it also inconveniences other people when children

Like everything in life, technology requires balance. While it’s important for children to be educated and entertained – there has to be limits. We also need to ensure that in our quest for a minute’s peace, we aren’t depriving them of the opportunity to learn those old fashioned virtues such as courtesy, patience and self-reliance.

are constantly whinging and throwing tantrums

For info on the “Tweens, Teens and Technology

around them.”

Report visit:

TIPS for Parents • Set limits on what your child can and can't do on media devices • Remember that many phones and consoles now have internet access and built-in webcams • Stay in control – don't be pressured into allowing you child to use technology if you don't think they're mature enough

Starting teaching them early (from the age of five) about the importance of keeping your personal information to yourself and that anything online can be seen by anybody, forever

• Don't assume your child is only accessing age appropriate services


Mem Fox: Passing on values

Theo Mem reading to grandson

by Amanda Cranston

Best selling children’s author Mem Fox is passionate about literacy and encouraging parents to read with their children. She also hopes her books help teach children some important messages. Australian author Mem Fox has won many

One of her earlier books Whoever You Are tackles

Mem says growing up immersed in two different

awards for her much loved stories such as

the subjects of war and racism and teaches

cultures made it easy to accept diversity and

Possum Magic, Where’s the Green Sheep, Ten

children that no matter where you were born, the

not see people as any different from each other.

Little Fingers and many more best selling

colour of your skin or the language you speak,

“I get so upset that today in our multicultural

children’s books. Behind her colourful and

we are all the same.

society people still look at others and only see

delightful stories is a woman with some strong philosophies and convictions about the world we live in. Mem claims to have been born a pacifist and, perhaps as a consequence of her experiences growing up on a mission in Africa, she is vocal about the terrible effects of war and racial intolerance on children.


Although prompted by a news story about two schoolmates-turned-enemies during the Bosnian War, Mem says it was always a story just waiting for her to write after witnessing prejudice during her childhood. She explains that up until the age of six she went to an all-black school in Rhodesia at a time when white children were not allowed

differences like age, race and gender, when in reality we are all the same inside with the same hopes and fears,” she says. “When I wrote Whoever You Are, my goal was to write about the similarities between the peoples of the world rather than the differences. I think it is important to teach children these values from a young age when they have not yet learned to be

When I caught up with Mem she explained that it

to attend school with black children. When the

is hard to write a story without passing on a value

authorities discovered there was a ‘white girl’

of some sort, but even then they must appear

at the school she was pulled out to attend an

Mem says she often reflects on how fortunate

with the utmost subtlety in the story otherwise

all-white school. “All my friends were black, I

she is that so many of her books are loved by

kids can spot them a mile away and they don’t

spoke with an African accent and I didn’t see us

children all over the world but finds it hard to

like to be preached to. She explains that Possum

being different in any way,” she says. “Those first

pick her favourite. “I love all the books I have

Magic, her very first book, was about resilience as

few months at the new school were really hard

written for different reasons so it is hard to

well as acceptance of Australia’s heritage, but to

because I didn’t understand why I couldn’t go to

choose a favourite. Besides, if I mention only one

kids it is just a wonderful story which takes them

the same school as my friends.”

book then all the others will get upset!”

judgemental of others.”

on a journey.




Women Finance

The latest tips in the world of finance


by Fiona Thorogood


TAX Refund Tips [1] Provide your bank account details on your tax return so your refund can be deposited directly into your account. [2] Plan how to use your tax refund so it doesn’t get frittered away from impulse purchases. [3] Pay down your debts or set some aside in a high interest account. [4] Look for ways to reduce your power consumption eg. upgrading to more efficient appliances or installing solar panels.

Over the next few months as we pore over our bank statements to complete our income tax returns, it’s a good opportunity to discover which accounts are charging excess fees, and if you reckon you’re paying too much it’s time to take your business elsewhere. A recent industry report shows bank fees continue to gouge a hole in our finances. The average Australian household currently pays just under $9 each week in bank charges. This may not seem like much in isolation, but it adds up. Over the course of a year it works out to be around $465. Over ten years they’re starting to approach $5,000. Isn’t there a better way to use that money?

switching legislation introduced in July last year means your new financial institution has to do all the legwork changing regular direct debits and credits from your old account to the new one.

If you’re not happy with the fees charged on your everyday account there are plenty of opportunities available to get a better deal. Some transaction accounts on the market have virtually done away with fees altogether. Take a look at comparison sites like Mozo or RateCity for more options.

Even if you select a zero-fee account it pays to be mindful of your own banking behaviour too. When you use an ATM not linked to your own bank’s network you will incur foreign ATM fees applied by the owner of the ATM, and these can really add up over time. It’s possible to avoid or at least minimise foreign ATM charges by planning your cash needs so that you’re not forced to use a foreign ATM. You may also be able to withdraw cash fee-free when you make a purchase via EFTPOS.

Plenty of people stick with an expensive everyday account because it seems all too hard to change to a new account. If that sounds like you, bear in mind that account

Gail Glasby is a Financial Planner from ipac north queensland and can be contacted on 4772 2200 for more information, or visit

These articles contain general financial advice only and do not take into consideration your personal circumstances.


Before acquiring a product, suitability should be determined after reading the relevant product disclosure statement.

Queensland Country Credit Union Limited ABN 77 087 651 027 AFSL 244533

UNDERInsured? The latest underinsurance figures for Australia show total underinsurance in this country stands at $10.6 trillion. Underinsurance is when you don’t have enough insurance to replace what you’ve lost. For example, with home insurance you may not have sufficient cover to rebuild your home. This may occur if you’ve not updated your policy for a while or you’ve increased the value of your home by renovating. Policies with the lowest risk of underinsurance are ‘total replacement’ policies where the insurer agrees to pay unlimited replacement costs. Some ‘sum-insured’ policies provide up to 30% on top of the sum insured in the event of total loss, which also reduces your risk.


Health pak


Diabetes By Dr Neil Jensen

CONCUSSION Update A recent Sports Medicine Australia publication highlighted that dealing with concussion is more important in junior sport than any other level since fewer that 20% of concussed children are diagnosed. Author of the Sport Health article, Neurosurgeon Professor Gavin Davis states that sports concussion is more common in junior sport than in any other group of athletes. He commented that “Children are not merely ‘little adults’. They have significant physical, physiological and development differences that place them at long-term risk if sports concussion is not managed appropriately. Management of

concussion is very simple. If there is any suspicion of a concussion, the child must be removed from the field of play, be medically assessed, and not allowed to return to play that day.” Sports Medicine Australia offers a range of sport safety courses available to the sporting community and general public at

PAP Smears ging all Cancer Council Queensland is ur ioritise eligible Queensland women to pr earch regular pap smears, with new res e test. showing only half undertake th According to figures released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, participation in the National

Cervical Screening Program has been cil going down since 2008.Cancer Coun Clift Katie rson espe spok d Queenslan said regular pap smear tests were essential in the early detection of


cervical cancer.

“Regular pap smears are currently the best protection against cervical ce cancer and has the potential to redu er up to 90 per cent of cervical canc cases in Australia. Even if women have received the Gardasil vaccination, it is still essential they participate in recommended screening.”

Diabetes is a universal chronic disease that can manifest in any age group. In children, Type 1 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes diagnosed. However children from a family with diabetes and obesity can also develop Type 2 Diabetes so taking good care of your health through daily exercise and attention to food, is important for preventing this condition. Type 1 (insulin dependent) diabetes usually has a rapid onset. Symptoms include increased thirst, drinking liquids often, passing urine often, blurring of vision, weight loss and recurrent thrush. In children it is important not only to look for these symptoms, but also to look for tiredness, vomiting, abdominal pain and confusion. This is a serious complication of diabetes called Diabetes Ketoacidosis and demands urgent medical assessment and management. Type 2 (non insulin dependent) diabetes may not show any symptoms initially. Risk factors include a family history of diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, polycystic ovary syndrome in the obese, gestational diabetes, Aboriginal and Torres Strait and Pacific Islander’s, Asian and Indian people. Gestational Diabetes occurs during pregnancy, particularly the second trimester. Risk factors for this type include obesity, being over the age of 30, a family history of diabetes and ethnicity (noted above). Diabetes can occur at any age and weight so if you have concerns discuss further with your GP. Dr Neil Jensen is a GP at One Stop Medical.


Nutrition pak

Product news

Going Gluten Free? ‘’Carbs are not your friend!” was a popular catchphrase in the 90’s that sparked controversy amongst health professionals and gave rise to a wave of ‘low-carb’ alternatives on our supermarket shelves. If supermarket shelves, café menus, health blogs and Gwyneth Paltrow are anything to go by, it seems that gluten has been added to the list of no-no’s. But will going gluten-free improve your child’s health? If your child has been diagnosed with coeliac disease, the answer is unequivocally, YES! This protein found in wheat, rye, barley and oats causes severe gastrointestinal problems for coeliac sufferers and must be eliminated from their diet. However, if they don’t have coeliac disease it is important to consider the implications of a gluten free diet: • Gluten helps bind foods together, making them thick and tasty and because of this it can be added to everything from baked goods to soy sauce and seasonings. Many manufacturers of gluten-free products replace the gluten with extra fats and sugar to maintain flavour and texture. • Bread bakers in Australia use fortified wheat flour to ensure our food supply

By Connie Eales


contains an increased amount of important nutrients such as folate, thiamin and iodine that are sometimes lacking. • Social situations such as birthday parties often centre around food that contains gluten so it could cause your child to feel excluded. Going gluten free can sometimes be a great tool for increasing fresh foods in a child’s diet such as fruits, vegies, lean protein, dairy and delicious gluten free grains such as quinoa and amaranth.

They are cheaper than chips and packed with vitamins and fibre so here are a few ideas to increase their appeal to kids: • ½ an English muffin topped with ¼ thinly sliced

If you do decide to have a gluten free diet in your household here are some tips:

apple and 1 tbsp melted shredded cheese.

• Skip packaged gluten free products and instead focus on fruits, dairy and homemade gluten free baked goods for snacks

sandwich with peanut butter smears and sultanas.

• Use naturally gluten free grains such as quinoa and amaranth • Allow your child to consume foods with gluten in social situations such as birthday parties and play-dates It is always advisable to seek professional advice from your family doctor or an Accredited Practicing Dietitian before placing a child on any diet.

• 1 cored apple, cut into 4 width length slices,

• 1 cored and sliced apple place in a microwave bag, sprinkled with cinnamon and brown sugar. Microwave on high for 4 minutes.

yoghurt snack.

Connie Eales is an Accredited Practising Dietitian at Health Management ( You can connect with Health Management and ask Connie questions on Facebook.

been debated for decades. This is a common question that has e that Vitamin C prevents the There is no scientific evidence to prov nutrient for overall health. colds and flu but it is still an important and vegetables is important, Getting your daily dose through fruits . even if it doesn’t keep the sniffles away


of the flu season and our READER QUESTION: It is the peak that Vitamin C can prevent true house hasn’t been hit yet. Is it old wives tale? the common cold and flu or is it an

nQ cAR & tRuck RentAls

• Grate into morning porridge or an afternoon





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fabulous giveaway

pakmag Team

pakmag TEAM Favourite indian style Beef Massaman Curry By Sonia Crowley (PakMag Mackay Sales Rep) 1kg chuck/shin/gravy beef (cubed) 2 cloves garlic, crushed 4cm piece of ginger, grated 1/3 cup of Massaman curry paste) 2 1⁄2 cups of beef stock 400ml coconut milk 2 large potatoes, peeled and cubed 2 tsp fish sauce Serve with roasted peanuts or cashews

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Sonia's Fav

My 5 year old asks me to cook this for her nearly every night. I find it tastes better if you let it sit in the oven for about an hour after cooking. Yum!


TEAM recipe

Preheat oven to 180oC. Season beef with salt and pepper, add 2 tbs of oil and mix well. Heat a large frypan over high heat. Brown beef in 2 batches. Remove each batch and place in casserole dish. Reduce heat in pan to medium and add a little extra oil. Add garlic, ginger and paste, cook for 1-2 mins, stirring. Pour in the stock, stir well. Pour the mixture over the beef and stir to combine. Cover the casserole dish and place in the oven. Cook 90 mins or until tender. Add remaining ingredients. Cook for a further 30 mins or until beef is very tender and the potatoes are cooked. Serve with roasted nuts.


SMURFS 2 (In Cinemas 12 Sep) Thanks to Birch Carroll & Coyle Cinemas we are giving away tickets to see the recently released Smurfs 2, the sequel to Smurfs. This time around the Smurfs team up with their human friends to rescue Smurfette, who has been kidnapped by Gargamel since she knows a secret spell that can turn the evil sorcerer’s newest creation - creatures called the Naughties - into real Smurfs.

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2 day weekend

3-4 August

Sarina Showgrounds




be heaps to entertain the whole family including stud

children under five a chance to explore

cattle, prime cattle, ring events, sideshow alley, rides, rides

and have fun with art. It includes FREE

and more rides. A rodeo and fireworks will be held on the

artist-run workshops from 10am-2pm

Saturday night followed by a live band. Tickets cost: $15

plus live musical entertainment for the kids

for adults and $7 for kids. Pre-purchased family passes can

from 12-1pm. Magnet calendars of the BMA

be bought for $35 from Sarina Community Bendigo Bank

Kidspace 2013 dates are now available at

(Broad Street, Sarina), Mackay Tourism Information Centre

Artspace Mackay. Proudly presented by BHP

(Nebo Road, Mackay) and various other venues.

Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance.

Things to do in AUG




Beach race day

18 August

Harbour Beach


day event

25 August (10.30am) Northern Beaches Bowls Club The Northern Beaches Bowls Club will be celebrating their 20th birthday this month culminating in a huge family fun day on Sunday 25 August. There will be live music from local musicians Lindsey & Misconception, a family relay race, slide, plaster painting, sack race, three-legged race, wheelbarrow race and lots more.


17 August (8.30am-12.30pm) Mackay Christian College

Don’t miss it! With over 80 stallholders and

Mackay’s beautiful Harbour Beach and heaps

exhibitors, many of whom are mums, this

of other entertainment including live bands

is the ultimate undercover family market

and a dedicated ‘Kids Kingdom’ which is free

with lots of room for the kids to play and

and includes complimentary food and drinks,

run around. Cost: $2 for adults, kids are

jumping castles, clowns, face painting and

free. It is a cash only facility.


Check out the latest family entertainment & events guide

August 2013 entertainment & events DATE 1/08/13 1/08/13 2/08/13 2/08/13 3/08/13 3/08/13 3/08/13 3/08/13 4/08/13 4/08/13 4/08/13 4/08/13 4/08/13 5/08/13 5/08/13 5/08/13 6/08/13 6/08/13 6/08/13 6/08/13 6/08/13 6/08/13 7/08/13 7/08/13 7/08/13 7/08/13 8/08/13 8/08/13 8/08/13 9/08/13 9/08/13 9/08/13 10/08/13

VENUE Mackay City Library Birch Carroll & Coyle Birch Carroll & Coyle Gordon White Library MECC Auditorium Wests Tigers Leagues Club George St Neighbourhood Centre Birch Carroll & Coyle MECC Plenary Halls Northern Beaches Bowls Club River Street Boat Ramp Bluewater Quay Birch Carroll & Coyle Gordon White Library Mirani Library Mackay City Library MECC Auditorium Artspace Mackay Wests Tigers Leagues Club Mirani Library Sarina Library Walkerston Library MECC Sarina Library Gordon White Library George St Neighbourhood Centre MECC Auditorium Mackay City Library Birch Carroll & Coyle MECC Auditorium Gordon White Library CQ Conservatorium of Music Northern Beaches Bowls Club

ENTERTAINMENT/EVENT NAME Storytime - 2 to 5 years Bring Your Baby Sessions - The Heat Opening Night - Mackay International Film Festival Storytime - 2 to 5 years Lee Kernaghan Beautiful Music Tour Fundraiser Casino Night Mackay Toy Library Weekend Family Flicks - Epic 2D 2013 Mackay Wedding Showcase Barefoot Bowls - Kids under 12s FREE Pioneer River Kids Fishing Competition Free Zumba Class thanks to Battery World Weekend Family Flicks - Epic 2D Baby Bounce - 0 to 18 months Baby Bounce - 0 to 18 months Baby Bounce - 0 to 18 months Leading Lady - An intimate performance with Marina Prior BMA Kidspace - art program for toddlers and their carers Babies In Arms - Coffee & Cake Storytime - 2 to 5 years Baby Bounce - 0 to 18 months Storytime - 2 to 5 years Bob Irwin Speaking about the Great Barrier Reef Storytime - 2 to 5 years Storytime - 2 to 5 years Mackay Toy Library Capsules' of Life Storytime - 2 to 5 years Bring Your Baby Sessions - Wolverine 2 - 2D Morning Melodies - Gina Hogan The Women of the 60's Storytime - 2 to 5 years Film and Arts Monthly Film Night - French film "Rust & Bone" Breast Cancer Fundraiser Cent Sale/Auction

TIME 10.30am 10.30am 7.30pm 9.30am 8.00pm 6.00pm 9.30am 10.00am 10.00am 10.30am 7.00pm 9.00am 10.00am 9.30am 9.30am 11.00am 8.00pm 10.00am 11.00am 9.30am 9.30am 10.30am 6.30pm 10.00am 10.30am 9.30am 5.00pm 10.30am 10.30am 11.00am 9.30am 7.30pm 2.00pm

The Good Guys maCkay

supporting your local community OPEN monday to Friday 9am-5.30pm saturday 9am-4pm & sunday 9am-3pm



4961 9387 4961 9300 4961 9777 4959 2480 0427 489 382 4961 9777 4954 8677 4957 2145 1300 MACKAY 4961 9300 4961 9231 4961 9387 4961 9777

4959 2480 4961 9231 4961 9297 4959 2545 4961 9297 4961 9300 0427 489 382 4951 9777 4961 9387 4961 9777 4961 9300 4940 7800 4954 8677

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$8 Free $6 Free Free Free $65 Free $5 Free Free Free Cost Free Free $3 $32 Free $8.50 $14 Free $12 $25

Kids Market

A great day out with horse races along

lots more. For more information go to


Artspace Mackay This ever-popular toddler’s program gives


blue = adults

6 August

The only two-day weekend show in the region! There will


green = kids




pink = family

JohN donnelly Pay less Pay cash

PHONE 4963 1500 North PoiNt retail WiNdmill CrossiNg


pink = family

green = kids



10/08/13 10/08/13 10/08/13 10/08/13 11/08/13 11/08/13 11/08/13 11//8/13 12/08/13 12/08/13 12/08/13 13/08/13 13/08/13 13/08/13 13/08/13 13/08/13 14/08/13 14/08/13 15/08/13 15/08/13 16/08/13 16/08/13 16/08/13 16/08/13 17/08/13 17/08/13 17/08/13 17/08/13 17/08/13 17/08/13 17/08/13 18/08/13 18/08/13 18/08/13 18/08/13 18/08/13 18/08/13

Virgin Australia Stadium MECC Auditorium George St Neighbourhood Centre Birch Carroll & Coyle MECC Plenary Halls Northern Beaches Bowls Club Bluewater Quay Birch Carroll & Coyle Gordon White Library Mirani Library Mackay City Library MECC Lynette Denny Space Wests Tigers Leagues Club Mirani Library Sarina Library Walkerston Library Sarina Library Gordon White Library Mackay City Library Birch Carroll & Coyle MECC Auditorium Gordon White Library Airlie Beach Airlie Beach Mackay Chrisitian College JNR MECC North Foyer Caneland Central Centre Court George St Neighbourhood Centre Birch Carroll & Coyle Airlie Beach Airlie Beach Mackay Harbour Artspace Mackay Northern Beaches Bowls Club CQ University Campus Boundary Rd Botanic Gardens Bluewater Quay

blue = adults

ENTERTAINMENT/EVENT NAME Mackay Cutters v South Logan Magpies Student Festival of Fashion Mackay Toy Library Weekend Family Flicks - Monsters University 2D You Am I Hi Fi Daily Double Barefoot Bowls - Kids under 12s FREE Free Zumba Class thanks to Battery World Weekend Family Flicks - Monsters University 2D Baby Bounce - 0 to 18 months Baby Bounce - 0 to 18 months Baby Bounce - 0 to 18 months DANCENORTH Workshops Babies In Arms - Coffee & Cake Storytime - 2 to 5 years Baby Bounce - 0 to 18 months Storytime - 2 to 5 years Storytime - 2 to 5 years Storytime - 2 to 5 years Storytime - 2 to 5 years Bring Your Baby Sessions - Now You See Me Cry Me A River - Rhonda Burchmore Storytime - 2 to 5 years Whitsunday Reef Festival - Porters Fireworks on the Foreshore Main Street Party North Queensland Babies & Kids Market Chet Baker - Like Someone in Love Meet the Mackay Meteors Mackay Toy Library Weekend Family Flicks - Monsters University 2D Whitsunday Reef Festival - Sand Sculpting Whitsunday Reef Festival - Rotary Street Parade Mackay Harbour Beach Race Day Artspace Skills Workshop: Case Binding Workshop Barefoot Bowls - Kids under 12s FREE CQUniversity Mackay Open Day Sunday in the Park Free Zumba Class thanks to Battery World

TIME 6.00pm 7.00pm 9.30am 10.00am 7.30pm 10.30am 9.00am 10.00am 9.30am 9.30am 11.00am 4.00pm 11.00am 9.30am 9.30am 10.30am 10.00am 10.30am 10.30am 10.30am 7.30pm 9.30am 5.00pm 10.00am 8:30am 7.30pm 10.00am 9.30am 10.00am 9.00am 4.00pm 9.00am 9.00am 10.30am 10.00am 4.00pm 9.00am

FOR MORE INFO 4961 9777 4961 9777 0427 489 382 4961 9777 4954 8677 1300 MACKAY 4961 9300 4961 9231 4961 9387 4961 9777 4959 2480 4961 9231 4961 9297 4959 2545 4961 9297 4961 9300 4961 9387 4961 9777 4961 9300 4961 9777

0427 489 382

4961 9777

4954 8677 4930 9000 4952 7300 1300 MACKAY

COST $15 $30 $3 $6 $60 $8 Free $6 Free Free Free $25 $5 Free Free Free Free Free Free $8.50 $60 Free Free Free $2 $42 Free $3 $6 Free Free $24 $110 $8 Free Free Free





in cinemas S

ep 12

August 2013 fun activities


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[4] inbyar

_ _ _ _ _ _

[5] yxve

_ _ _ _

[6] tynavi

_ _ _ _ _ _

[7] ttseerumf

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

[8] scukha

_ _ _ _ _ _

[9] ysmlcu

_ _ _ _ _ _

[10] ggmelara

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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Simply email us the character name and you could win a prize! Send to:

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PAKMAG, Colour-it-in August 2013


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New York Stargazer Wizard Elixir

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Blue Moon Smurfberries Mushroom Village

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All Competitions close: 18 August 2013









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DATE 18/08/13 18/08/13 18/08/13 19/08/13 19/08/13 19/08/13 20/08/13 20/08/13 20/08/13 20/08/13 21/08/13 21/08/13 21/08/13 21/08/13 22/08/13 22/08/13 22/08/13 23/08/13 23/08/13 23/08/13 24/08/13 24/08/13 24/08/13 24/08/13 24/08/13 25/08/13 25/08/13 25/08/13 25/08/13 25/08/13 25/08/13 25/08/13 26/08/13 26/08/13 26/08/13 27/08/13 27/08/13

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green = kids


Mini Mag Fun

pink = family

VENUE Blacks Beach Tavern Birch Carroll & Coyle Airlie Beach Gordon White Library Mirani Library Mackay City Library Mirani Library Sarina Library Walkerston Library Wests Tigers Leagues Club MECC Plenary Halls Gordon White Library Sarina Library George St Neighbourhood Centre Northern Beaches Bowls Club Mackay City Library Birch Carroll & Coyle Northern Beaches Bowls Club MECC Auditorium Gordon White Library Northern Beaches Bowls Club Virgin Australia Stadium MECC Lynette Denny Space George St Neighbourhood Centre Birch Carroll & Coyle Artspace Mackay Northern Beaches Bowls Club Northern Beaches Bowls Club CQ Conservatorium of Music Bluewater Quay Wests Leagues Club Walkerston Birch Carroll & Coyle Gordon White Library Mirani Library Mackay City Library MECC Lynette Denny Space Wests Tigers Leagues Club

ENTERTAINMENT/EVENT NAME PakClub Weekend Family Flicks - Monsters University 2D Whitsunday Reef Festival - Telstra Whitsunday Family Fun Day Baby Bounce - 0 to 18 months Baby Bounce - 0 to 18 months Baby Bounce - 0 to 18 months Storytime - 2 to 5 years Baby Bounce - 0 to 18 months Storytime - 2 to 5 years Babies In Arms - Coffee & Cake Bernard Fanning with Big Scary and Vance Joy Storytime - 2 to 5 years Storytime - 2 to 5 years Mackay Toy Library Poker Tournament Storytime - 2 to 5 years Bring Your Baby Sessions - We're The Millers ACCA DACCA tribute band Michael Jackson History ll Show Storytime - 2 to 5 years Queen of Rock- 2 course dinner and show Mackay Cutters V Tweed Heads Burlesque in the Tropics - A cabaret & Burlesque review Mackay Toy Library Weekend Family Flicks - Despicable Me 2 2D Sunday Cinema film program - 'Casablanca' Barefoot Bowls - Kids under 12s FREE Family Fun Day The Sunday Series Free Zumba Class thanks to Battery World Cent Sale - Gargett School P & C - Centenary celebrations in 2014 Weekend Family Flicks - Despicable Me 2 2D Baby Bounce - 0 to 18 months Baby Bounce - 0 to 18 months Baby Bounce - 0 to 18 months Aurelian Babies In Arms - Coffee & Cake

TIME 10.00am 10.00am 10.00am 9.30am 9.30am 11.00am 9.30am 9.30am 10.30am 11.00am 7.30pm 10.30am 10.30am 9.30am 6.00pm 10.30am 10.30am 7.30pm 7.30pm 9.30am 6.00pm 6.00pm 7.30pm 9.30am 10.00am 10.30am 10.30am 10.30am 3.00pm 9.00am 1.00pm 10.00am 9.30am 9.30am 11.00am 1.00pm 11.00am

FOR MORE INFO 4053 3331 4961 9300 4961 9231 4961 9387 1961 9231 4961 9297 4959 2545 4959 2480 4961 9777 4961 9300 4961 9297 0427 489 382 4954 8677 4961 9387 4954 8677 4961 9777 4961 9300 4954 8677 4961 9777 4961 9777 0427 489 382

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To enter this great competition just solve the maze and mail to:


PakMag, Jungle Book Maze August 2013


PO Box 1922, Mackay QLD 4740 and


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passes (Comp closes: 18/08/13)




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DATE 27/08/13 27/08/13 27/08/13 28/08/13 28/08/13 29/08/13 29/08/13 30/08/13 30/08/13 30/08/13 30/08/13 31/08/13 31/08/13 31/08/13

VENUE Mirani Library Sarina Library Walkerston Library Sarina Library Gordon White Library Mackay City Library Birch Carroll & Coyle MECC Auditorium Women's Centre Shakespeare St Gordon White Library CQ Conservatorium of Music Virgin Australia Stadium George St Neighbourhood Centre Birch Carroll & Coyle

ENTERTAINMENT/EVENT NAME Storytime - 2 to 5 years Baby Bounce - 0 to 18 months Storytime - 2 to 5 years Storytime - 2 to 5 years Storytime - 2 to 5 years Storytime - 2 to 5 years Bring Your Baby Sessions - Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Rhythm of the Dance Friends of the Mackay Birth Centre Coffee Mornings Storytime - 2 to 5 years Con Fusion Mackay Cutters V Sunshine Coast Mackay Toy Library Weekend Family Flicks - Despicable Me 2 2D

TIME 9.30am 9.30am 10.30am 10.00am 10.30am 10.30am 10.30am 7.30pm 9.30am 9.30am 7.30pm 6.00pm 9.30am 10.00am

FOR MORE INFO 4961 9231 4961 9297 4959 2545 4961 9297 4961 9300 4961 9387 4961 9777

COST Free Free Free Free Free Free $8.50 $70

Gold Coin

4961 9300 4940 7800 4961 9777 0427 489 382

Free $30 $13 $3 $6

Regular Markets River Street - City Centre For more information call 0401 834 829.

Marian Markets From 8am every month on the 3rd Sunday of the month, until further notice.

Finch Hatton Markets From 9am every month on the 1st Sunday of the month, until further notice.

Anzac Avenue - Holy Rosary Church For more info or bookings call 4954 3424.

Criterion Hotel Grounds - Finch Hatton For more information call 4958 3504.

Showground Markets 7.30am Saturday every week, until further notice.

Eungella Markets Eungella Memorial Hall, North Street, Eungella

From 7.30am every month on the 2nd Sunday of the month, until further notice. For more info call 0447 876 778.

Seaforth Markets 8.30am Sunday every week, until further notice.

Held on the first Sunday of every month from April to December from 9am-1pm. For info call 4958 4522.

Sarina Showground markets Bruce Highway - Sarina

Palm Avenue, Seaforth For more information call 4959 0332.

Paxton’s Night Markets Every 2 months on the 2nd Friday of the month, until further notice. For info visit our Facebook page.

From 8am every month on the last Sunday of the month, until further notice. For more info call 4956 1066.

blue card & Public Liability Insurance

Ink Kidz

Troppo Treasure Market Mount Pleasant Shopping Centre, Mount Pleasant

Go to for more events and market info

Get Inked

Face Painting, Gruesome Ink & Funtime with Sparkles Available for hire for birthday parties, hens nights, markets, fairs and business promotions or any other reason for fun! Enquire about our

Enquire about our

Enquire about our

Entertainment Plus Package

funtime with

Loot Bags

Sparkles creative Parties

10 For $60

For more info contact Sheryl on 0412 516 656 Like uS on Facebook:




$29.50 per person (Minimum of 2 people)


august 2013

How to Plan the perfect baby shower Party Tips By Amanda Cranston

heavenly high teas & homewares

Having a baby is an exciting time and definitely an event

Experience the indulgence of a Deja Vu High Tea with vintage china and a three-tiered cake stand filled with finger sandwiches,

worthy of celebrating so

scones with jam and chantilly cream, tartlets and cupcakes.

what better way to toast the impending birth than with a

Devonshire Tea and light lunches also served daily.

baby shower shared with your


nearest and dearest.

29 SydnEy StrEEt, Mackay

Today there are no rules when it comes to baby showers. Many people like the traditional element of having a baby shower but with a modern twist. Traditional baby showers are often similar to a high tea with dainty cakes and finger sandwiches, pretty cupcakes, scones, little platters of chocolates, non-alcoholic punch, tea and coffee. Modern baby showers can be themed or just a unique afternoon such as a girl’s pamper party at a day spa, lunch at a favourite restaurant or a garden party with games and plenty of laughter.

Venues Think garden party at home or a friend’s house, a restaurant, day spa, hotel room or maybe even an afternoon out on a boat.

Decorations You can decorate in pastel pink and blue, but if you know the sex of the baby then go all out in that colour. There are also lots of ideas online if you’re looking for inspiration for a different kind of theme eg. an animal print colour scheme, gold and red for ‘a superstar is born’ theme or black and white for a classic and contemporary feel. There are many free templates online too for invitations and thank you cards. Many party supply shops also have gorgeous baby themed goodies from little cupcake holders and cake toppers to baby shower games, mini dummies, giant safety


pins and other fun stuff.

Gifts This depends on the mum-to-be as many mums have already accumulated baby stuff so it is best to ask what gifts the mum-to-be would like or need. Or you can ask everyone to bring a children’s book to contribute to the new baby’s library and ask each guest to

• Charades – act out nursery rhymes or children’s book characters • Guess the Baby Picture – each guest brings their baby picture for the game • Nursery Rhyme Karaoke – how well do guests know their nursery rhymes?

bring their favourite children’s book that they loved as a child.

• Nappy Changing Races – side-by-side guests race to put nappies on dolls


• Paper Bag Surprise – guests put their hand in to guess the baby items in bag

There are so many fantastic baby shower games that can turn an average party into a memorable one for all the right reasons. Here are some ideas: • Guess the Baby Food – blindfolded players smell or taste baby food • Baby Pictionary – guests take turns drawing baby items for others to guess

• Guess the name of celebrity babies & kids names from popular TV shows (trivia game) • Don’t Say Baby – guests lose pegs/points if they say the word ‘baby’ at party So why not throw a baby shower with a difference and make the mum-to-be feel special before baby comes along.



BABY Sniffles

Baby Books


by Healthpoint Chemists

august 2013

NEW Baby Books


The Day-By-Day Baby Book By Dr Ilona Bendefy & Dr Lionel Lubitz This comprehensive baby book is a great reference for new parents. Published by Penguin Books. RRP $49.99

The Chiropractors Association of Australia has recently endorsed the award-winning Hippychick Hipseat.

Colds are very common in young children, with most suffering around 10 colds in their first two years of life.

(3-4 years) on the hip without strain on the hip, back, neck or

They are spread through the air, or by

irritability. Fever is NOT usually associated

shoulder, the Hipseat is the only baby/child carrier to receive

coming into contact with the nose, mouth

with the common cold. This is more likely

their official endorsement.

or throat secretions of an infected person.

to be related to a bacterial infection so seek

RRP $12.99

Most colds occur in babies when they are

advice from your GP.

Chiropractor Dr Natessa Henville said “I’ve been recommending the Hippychick Hipseat to my patients that

In case you didn’t know it, newborn babies’ mouths are essentially sterile. No bacteria, no viruses, nothing.

By Martha Mumford This gorgeous book is a celebration of the birth of the newest royal baby. Published by Bloomsbury.

Designed for carrying babies from 6 months up to 20kgs

BABY Dental Tips

Shhh! Don't Wake the Royal Baby!

carry children for years. It is extremely beneficial in alleviating

touched by someone who hasn’t washed their hands.

In 2012 the Therapeutic Goods

The common cold is annoying to a baby

cough and cold medicines to treat young

is something that most parents find themselves doing.”

but usually clears up without any serious

children so they should not be given

complications. Breastfeeding offers

to children under 6 years of age unless

protection against the cold in the first

recommended by a Doctor or Pharmacist.

couple of months.

If your baby is suffering with a cold a

The Hipseat consists of a back-supporting belt with a padded They get their germs mostly from their families. Parents with active dental decay and

foam ‘seat’ (positioned over one hip) which enables the child

gum disease can easily spread their germs to their offspring by the transfer of saliva. It’s

to sit and be carried in a natural and comfortable position.

as simple as a kiss on the mouth or the sharing of food, cups, spoons or toothbrushes.

The child’s weight is supported from underneath, unlike

Typical symptoms include a mild, persistent

So if you care about your baby’s teeth, it pays to keep your own mouth healthy so you

slings and carriers, which suspend the child from above. They

cough, loss of appetite, refusing breast or

don’t share any nasty surprises.

can be bought online for $79.95 at

bottle feeds, runny nose and sneezing and

Time for Bed, Fred!

Administration (TGA) restricted the use of

the strain associated with carrying a child on one hip - which

By Yasmeen Ismail

Pharmacist will be able to advise you on infant cough mixtures, saline nose drops or paracetamol to help relieve the symptoms.

A lovely story about a little dog called Fred who doesn’t want to go to bed. Published by Bloomsbury. RRP $14.99

Mackay’s faMily MaGazine for parents of “beans to teens” 3 reasons to use pakmag: [1] pakmag prints 10,000 copies every month [2] pakmag distributes to every McDonalds, Coles and Healthpoint Chemist in the Mackay region. [3] pakmag targets parents of ‘beans to teens’ 39,989 families consisting of: 3382 babies, 16347 one-five yr olds & 18176 five-fourteen yr olds

check out what we can do for your business Call Sonia on 0427 725 624 or email to see how we can help your biz in the family market - FREE opportunities exist




Issues Story thanks to Elaine Seager

These days though, handing them back

Of course, not all grandparents are the

is not so easy with many grandparents

same. Some grandparents gladly jump

taking a more active role in the raising of

at the chance to be involved and love

grandchildren. While there are no official

feeling needed again; for others burping

figures it has been estimated that modern

and changing nappies doesn’t quite fit

grandparents provide as much as 50% of

with their dreams for retirement and can

childcare in Australia. The increase in single

limit their social life (it’s not quite so easy

parent families, mums going back to work

for grandparents to meet their friends

and the cost of formal childcare causes many

for a coffee with a 3 year old pulling at

to rely, at least in part, on family members to

their ankles). Parents may also need to

share the responsibility.

be especially considerate of younger

Whilst there are obvious benefits to this arrangement, including the fact that the children are being looked after by people

grandparents who are still working themselves, since they can end up juggling responsibilities just as much as the parents.

who genuinely care about them, there are

Whatever role the grandparents in your

both positive and negative aspects for the

family play there’s no denying that children

grandparents. On the one hand it provides

who are lucky enough to have a bond with

them with an opportunity to build a close

their grandparents benefit greatly from the

bond with their grandchildren but on the

extra love and encouragement they receive

other, caring for young children again after

through this special relationship.

all these years can be both physically and mentally challenging.

n o i t a r e n e G Gap The

Most grandparents love their role in the family – they’ve done all the hard yakka of raising their own kids and now they can sit back and enjoy quality time with their grandchildren. How often do we hear the quip about them getting to have all the fun and then being able to hand them back when they’ve had enough? 34

Research has shown that grandparents’

In celebration of Seniors Week the Mackay

degree of satisfaction with this caring role

Seniors Lifestyle Expo will take place on

is related to the amount of communication

23 August at the Senior Citizens Centre,

and negotiation that occurs within the family.

McAllister Street. This event will showcase

Clear agreements and boundaries obviously

products and services that enhance the

need to be set up beforehand to prevent

lives of seniors and there will be food and

any tensions occurring. Grandparents are at

entertainment plus guest speaker Jean-Paul

the time of life where they value their free

Bell who has spent a long career entertaining

time too so whilst they’re happy to help their

the sick and disadvantaged. For more

children out they are also sensitive to being

information go the the Council website at

‘put upon’ and used as unpaid babysitters.

TOP 10 Things Top 10 things Grandparents can do with their Grandkids: • Introduce them to different music – play your old ‘records’, sing them ‘My Generation’ and ‘When I’m 64’! • Teach them about your favourite hobbies eg. knitting, crocheting, woodwork, gardening etc • Show them your old photo albums, tell them about their family and share your life stories • Show them old mementoes and things you’ve collected

• Play ‘what do you know?’ games • Make and play with homemade toys eg. paper aeroplanes •

Write letters – today’s Gen Z’s know how to play on iphones but there’s still nothing to beat the excitement of receiving snail mail

• Keep a scrapbook of all the things you do together • Teach them how to play chess or card games


Sport for life

As TV’s and computer games lure children away from physical activities, Australia’s kids are becoming increasingly inactive, writes Elaine Seager Being a child today is very different to when we

Renae Currie, owner of recently launched Ready

were kids. Whereas children used to be addicted

Steady Go Kids Mackay, has always been involved

to being outside, riding bikes and playing

in sport both as a player and teacher. She says

‘chasey’, Australia’s children are now leading

that, “As a teacher it is very evident that some

increasingly sedentary lives and one of the

children are not being exposed to sports at an

hardest challenges facing parents is getting kids

early age and I’ve found that these children can

to lead an active, healthy lifestyle. According to

have some difficulty with their gross motor and

the Kaiser Family Foundation, the average child

fine motor skills in lower primary school.”

is watching about three hours of television a day and spending over five hours a day looking at screens.

Ready Steady Go Kids is physio-designed and currently held at over 50 locations nationally. The program teaches children aged from two-and-a-

The National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) offers these activity guidelines: Infant = No specific requirements (Physical activity should encourage motor development)

Regular exercise is important for everyone.

half to six years the fundamentals of 10 different

Toddler = 1½ hours (30 mins

Children who are physically active are shown to

sports in a social, non-competitive environment.

planned physical activity AND 60 mins

have stronger muscles and bones, a leaner body

Local mum Karla Steen has been taking her

unstructured physical activity or free play)

and less risk of developing type 2 diabetes, lower

three-year old daughter along and says “It’s

blood pressure and cholesterol. Fit kids also sleep

the perfect way to get kids engaged in a range

better and are much better able to cope with

of sports and the diversity keeps smaller kids

life’s challenges.

interested for the whole lesson.” While focused

The National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) recommends that all kids over two years of age should get at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise on most, preferably all, days of the week. Children’s brains

on developing age-appropriate motor skills, the program also introduces the concept of sportsmanship by encouraging children to

Preschooler = 2 hours (60 mins planned physical activity AND 60 mins unstructured physical activity or free play) School age = 1 hour or more (Break up into bouts of 15 mins or more)

take turns, play by the rules and cooperate with

Infants and young children should not

their peers.

be inactive for prolonged periods of time

are hardwired to enjoy being physical so exercise

Ready Steady Go Kids Mackay run indoor

for them can be as simple as playing in the

classes on Tuesday and Thursday at 9.15am, 10am

sandpit, catching bugs in the garden, dancing to

and 10.45am at Mackay Basketball – Candlestick

music or kicking a ball around.

Park. For more info call 1300 766 892 go to

— no more than 1 hour unless they’re sleeping. And school-age children should not be inactive for periods longer than 2 hours.



Home edition


Aug 2013

TREND Red & Grey: Grey carpeting is easy to work with and looks spectacular if teamed with red. If you love the soft feel beneath your feet, consider a

e n o t m o o r e h t Set

soft and warm shag-pile twist.

Design Tips Flooring Tips

NEWProduct from floorzone A big growth area in flooring is the ‘green market’ with more and more manufacturers looking for ways to use recycled content and sustainable raw materials. Godfrey Hirst eco+® Soft to Touch™ can boast green

Fantastic F loor s

Flooring TRENDS


• Is it a high traffic area? • What do you love/want to change about your current flooring?

Flooring is a vital element in interior

• Do you have young children where nasty accidents are prevalent?

when you walk in and it sets the tone for the room. However, with so many different flooring options now on the market it can be difficult deciding which is the best for you.

Checklist: Your answers to these questions will help you make an informed choice about which flooring is best for you

Thanks to the team at Floorzone

design. It’s the first thing you see

Luxurious COLOURS

Floorzone Design Tips:

• When you close your eyes, what feel underfoot do you want to achieve? • How important is ease of maintenance to you? Cleaning: When it comes to maintenance your choice of colour, texture and product can make a huge

difference. Carpet in particular has changed vastly over the last ten years with new products coming out daily that are specifically focused on families.

credentials whilst not compromising on quality. It is the next generation in carpet with new levels of stain, soil, wear and colourfast performance plus luxurious softness that your toes will adore.

Tips: • Very dark colours show fluff and dust • Light colours show marks and stains • Mid tone colours with texture are the best low maintenance option. Trend: The last few years have been dominated by lighter neutral colours, but the beautiful charcoals, stones and chocolates now available give your home a luxurious feel.


Home edition

Aug 2013 T h aT w o r k s f o r m e

All of your lighting needs covered 118 Wood Street, Mackay • PHoNe: 4951 3266

1920s Style

L amp s h a d e Story thanks to Sofie Buchholz Inspired by The Great Gatsby, 1920s styling is starting to come through in hair, fashion and interiors. You can add a splash of designer Art Deco in your home at a fraction of the cost by dressing up existing materials. Here’s an example of how you can glam up an old or cheap lampshade. Materials You will need: • Glue • Scissors • Fabric (lampshade featured required 1.2m) • Fabric marker or tailor’s chalk • Clothes pegs • Ruler • Lampshade Step 1: Like most lampshades this one had a slight upward slope so you need to create a pattern by rolling the lampshade. This can be done directly onto your fabric or onto a large piece of newspaper first to create a pattern before cutting into your fabric. Step2 : Lay out your ironed fabric or newspaper. Using the seam on the lampshade as a start and finish point, carefully roll your lampshade along your fabric, marking the top and bottom edge of your lampshade as you roll it along the fabric or newspaper. The end result will be a rectangular curve. Step 3: Add an additional 2cm around all four sides of your shape and cut out. Step 4: Place your material over your lampshade. Use clothes pegs to position your fabric around the lampshade before gluing to ensure that it fits correctly. Fold the fabric edge to the inside of the lampshade and glue into place. Step 5: Admire your ‘Art Deco’ inspired centrepiece.



Home edition

Aug 2013


Creating a

s t u dy nook Story thanks to Amanda Cranston

Car Batteries Free Peace of Mind The way men and women think about cars

in the car and are looking for reassurance that

As Gabe says “We have several testing machines

Creating a space for study and homework means your

is never more evident than when it comes to

they won’t get stuck with a car that won’t start.”

so we can expertly tell you how your battery is

kids can focus on their schoolwork without constant

batteries, according to Franchisees of Mackay

distractions, as well as having a place to keep their

Battery World’s Gabe and Sue Giannangelo.

school supplies.

So, if you’re looking for peace of mind Battery World (149 Victoria Street) offer free car battery

“Men are concerned with the things like the CCA’s

‘Health check’ every six months as well as a 24/7

Location – A study space can be set up in the lounge

(cold cranking amps) and how much a new one

Emergency Car Battery Replacement Service.

room, family room or bedroom, as long as there is room to

will cost where as most of the women we see are

Given that car batteries don’t like cold weather

set up a desk and chair. A central location is a good choice

more worried about reliability and safety,” says

snaps, now is a good time to stay one step ahead

if kids are going to be using the internet but make sure the

Gabe. “More often than not women have children

and get your battery tested.

holding charge whatever the battery and we can also provide maintenance tips to keep your batteries performing well. And, while you’re here we can also check the performance of your mobile phone or laptop batteries by and running a diagnostic on those too.” For more info call Battery World on 13 17 60.

study space isn’t in full view of the television. A bamboo room divider, curtain, bookshelves or a large pot plant can be used to separate the study space from living areas and reduce noise and other distractions. Lighting – Make sure your desk is well lit so if your study nook is not under a ceiling light or next to a window you may need to invest in a good desk or reading lamp. Furniture – Obviously you will need a desk and a chair,

Want to sell your home for the highest price?

but a bookshelf is also a good investment to store books, folders, homework, pen holders and other smaller supplies. You can also use storage baskets on the bookshelves to keep homework supplies. A pin board, white board or

Make the right move.

blackboard is also useful for recording important dates and deadlines. Homework Supplies – There are lots of stationery

Testimonial: “I would recommend Emma to anyone, because you could not meet

goodies that make homework fun and efficient so make

a more hard working, honest, reliable,

sure you have a good supply of essentials like pencils, a

friendly person to assist you in achieving

rubber, sharpener, ruler, stapler, hole-punch, paper clips, glue sticks, sticky tape, calculator, blank notepads and folders. Other essentials include a dictionary, thesaurus, atlas and computer. Personalise Your Space – Create a space that reflects your child’s personality and colour co-ordinate it with matching storage tubs, magazine racks and stationery. Add

your goal of selling your home and achieving the highest price.” Dianne Murdoch, Blacks Beach

Emma Elliott 0413 925 122

a large world map or world globe, create a photo board or motivational wall with inspiring images, hang a row of string and pegs to display artwork, hang school or sporting certificates and awards, keep a pot plant or regularly fill a vase with fresh flowers. There are so many ways you can personalise the space to make it a place where kids will want to work.


CT-02 Northern Beaches Central, 10 Eimeo Road, Rural View QLD 4740 tel 4954 8700 fax 4954 8733 | |



BIZDirectory ads from ONLY $80/MONTH!




Kent Carpentery& MaintenanCe

Call Anthony 0429 269 549 • Kitchen Installation • Door Fitting • Floor Laying • Wardrobes & Cabinets • Handmade Bookcases • General Carpentery



Like humans, pets need to take extra care with

Advertise here for as little as $80/month

their health as they age.


ats and dogs are generally considered

and appropriate dental chews will keep your old

“senior” around seven, but larger dogs

pet healthy and comfortable.

sooner (five or six) and smaller dogs

later (eight or nine). Changes seen in aging pets are similar to

arthritic symptoms, Flax Seed Oil which helps

humans. They include changes in weight

maintain healthy skin and coat and ‘Health

(gain or loss), dental problems, arthritic joints

Booster’ which provides multi vitamins, minerals,

and heart troubles. Thus many wellness

trace elements and anti-oxidant supplements. All

strategies implemented for humans should be

these products are available at Mackay Pet Super

implemented in pets to increase their longevity.


Diet: It is vital to introduce an appropriate,

Exercise: Continuing with regular exercise

senior diet for your aging pet. Senior dog and

helps keep the heart and lungs in good working

cat foods are low calorie and high in fiber to

order, prevents obesity, forestalls some of the

improve gastrointestinal health. They also

creakiness that old age bestows upon bones,

contain supplements which promote joint

muscles and ligaments, helps prevent boredom

health, cognitive care, oral health as well as help

and gives an aging dog a sense of purpose.

strengthen the immune system.

your pet is of utmost importance, healthy treats,

one that actually ages animals faster, so it is

which are low in fat and sodium, add variety and

important to feed your pets according to the

fun to your pet’s diet. We recommend dried fish,

recommended guideline on the bag of food.

dried roo and veal tendons, “greenies” as well as

problem among senior dogs and cats and left untreated can create or worsen a number of


Treats: While maintaining a healthy weight in

Remember, obesity is a major concern and

Oral Care: Oral disease is the leading medical

Call 4053 3331 for more information

Supplements: There are some great products like Pernaease Powder which assists in relieving

raw bones. We have a large range of delicious treats available at our store to tempt your aging dog.

systemic diseases involving the kidneys, liver,

If you have any questions about caring for

heart and lungs. An appropriate diet, regular at-

your aging pet please come in to our store

home mouth inspections, veterinary check-ups

and have a chat with one of our staff.


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fun for parents & kids FREE monthly Club

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scientist party

Life as a parent is often challenging and stressful while all out kids have to do is think about having fun. So we asked our listeners what they missed most about being a kid?

our fav Kim Hatfield “Games like brandy and British bulldog where if kids got hurt by other kids no one got into trouble because it was just a game. My daughter came home the other day to tell me tiggy had been banned as it meant you had to touch another child! OMG, the world’s gone mad!”

Matthew McCarthy

Shan Collins

“Marbles and yoyo’s, building forts, footy in the neighbours and your own backyard.”

“Having NO responsibilities”

Cheree Pigott

“Not having to pay bills LOL”

Julianne Bostock

Natalie Spindler

“Jumping on a trampoline without fear it will break!”

“Not having to put up with disrespectful and entitled teenagers!!”

Leanne Griffiths

Belinda Sneyd

“Being able to jump on the trampoline without needing to go to the toilet first!”

“Catch and kiss!”

Craig Sommerville

“Playing on the playground equipment... there should be a playground for grownups”

Tina Hayley “Playing cricket and footy on the road”

Lani Shaw “I don’t miss building forts because I still do it. What? Was I supposed to give that up?”


Kym Neven

“Swinging on the hills hoist from the trampoline!”

Brown Bee

• Prize for best dressed Mad Scientist Theme

• interactive disPlay thanks to Battery World • Spin our Good Guys Wheel of fortune to Win biG!!! • lucky door prize raffle • Fantastic prizes to be won • face painting thanks to Ink Kidz

“No mobile phones! Mum could just yell from the door for us to come in for the arvo”

Peter Scriven “The best summer holiday’s ever! Always playing outside with our friends, jumping on our bikes and heading off for the day. Kids today just want to sit in front of a screen rather than go exploring with their mates.” Peter Scriven

Sun 18 AuguSt 10Am-12pm Blacks Beach Tavern For more info visit our facebook page:



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