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Issue 25 July 2009

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Hello and welcome to the 25th edition of PakMag, our holiday and local discounts special.


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This month is loaded with things to do for the whole family. We would love to see photos of your family having a good time for our Out and About section, so please send them in and we will pick one lucky family for a special prize. Speaking of prizes we have loads to give away this month including tickets to the Cairns Show, so enjoy entering all our competitions. This month has been filled with a whole lot of firsts with Jordan. First big bath, first time on a jolly jumper, first try of Farex, first cold, first time rolling over and first time mummy was sick (being a sick mum is seriously the worst punishment on earth!). It’s amazing how the smallest thing they do for the first time is a show stopper; you drop what you’re doing and make it a Kodak moment. I have never taken so much footage of someone in a bath. We have hundreds of blurry photos trying to get the perfect shot. His 21st will be one very long event. I get a mixed feeling of excitement and sadness when he makes his milestones as it’s all happening so fast. It’s funny, I am with him every day, but still feel like I am missing him grow. I take my eyes off him for one minute next thing he is doing something new again! But isn’t it wonderful. Enjoy this edition of PakMag, and make sure you tell everyone you read it in PakMag. Happy holidays, Bree



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what’s new! Flutter-By’s

The Australian Butterfly Sanctuary in Kuranda has recently opened the doors to it’s laboratory. Previously it has only been available by appointment for groups of 6 but it is now accessible to all visitors and there are platforms to help the kids get a good look.

Baby Hands

If you’re interested in teaching your baby or toddler sign language so you can communicate better, Emma Hume will soon be bringing classes to Cairns. See page 36 for more information.

Hartley’s 75th B’day

Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures are celebrating 75 years in business during June and July and will be holding several events to mark the occasion. If you go during the school holidays the kids will get some free gifts including a souvenir bookmark and they’ll also get the chance to meet some of the animals. The big celebrations are occurring over the weekend of 25/26 July.

Connecting Community Voices

FNQ Volunteers are inviting people to free training workshops to include facilitation skills, interviewing & writing skills and various other topics. They will be held in at Gordonvale, Atherton and Innisfail. For more information call 4041 7400 and speak to Tracey Dickinson or Avril Duck.

Art Shows

Feel like you need a bit of art and culture? Why not check out the current exhibitions at the Cairns Regional Gallery’s next free Saturday on 4 July. Entry to the gallery is free on the first Saturday of each month (open 10am-5pm).

what’s new in entertainment! Song Space

Cairns Show 15-17 July

Check out the new music event called ‘Song Space’ at the recently opened Salt House down at the Marina. Each week 4 original acts will perform short sets of live music on Wednesday nights 7-10pm. For more information on performers and live music around Cairns go to Check out Bananas in Pyjamas and the circus at this year’s show plus all the usual favourites. Tickets can be pre-purchased at Raintrees Shopping Centre to save some dollars, see page 22 for more info. Plus we have 10 family passes to be won for our colouring in competition this month.

Blue Sky Brewery

Check out their Family Sundays from 12th of July with FREE lunch and face painting for the kids. There will also be special guests from the Rainforest Dome including crocs, snakes and birds. Bookings encouraged 4057 0500.

Jungle Book at the Civic Theatre

One of Disney’s classic tales, ‘The Jungle Book – A Musical Tale’ sees Mowgli now in his 20’s returning to the jungle to see Baloo and Bagheera. A bright, colourful and entertaining show aimed at kids aged 4-12 but enjoyable for the whole family. Playing during the school holidays on 9 & 10 July with lots of different times. Tickets available at Ticketlink on 1300 885 835 or

JUly 2009


thanks to Civic Video Knowing M An action movie starring Nicolas Cage In store 29 July Duplicity PG A thriller starring Julia Roberts and Clive Owen In store 22 July Ghost Town   M A comedy starring Ricky Gervais and Tea Leoni In store 2 July Bolt G A family movie starring John Travolta and Miley Cyrus released In store 1 July Appaloosa   M A western movie starring Renee Zellwegger In store 16 July Lakeview Terrace  MA15+ A thriller starring Samuel L. Jackson In store 8 July Last Chance Harvey PG A Drama starring Dustin Hoffman In store 15 July The Unborn MA15+ A horror movie starring Gary Oldman In store 1 July  Space Buddies G A kids movie starring F.T Anderson In store 1 July  Flash Of Genius   PG A drama movie starring Greg Kinnear In store 2 July

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daddy diary #3 Hello out there in PakMag-land. My name is Potts, one half of the SEAFM Morning Crew and for those who don’t know me, I’m an FTFE (First Time Father Expecting). ATTENTION GUYS: Bad news for us blokes in the birthing suite. I checked it out last week and there’s no Austar, the bean bags are for the partners and there’s no lounge. Next thing they’ll tell us the bed is for the misses. There was some good news though; we can have a go at the “happy gas” which is a mixture of Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen. I tested it for “research purposes” and it takes about 20 seconds to kick in and has the opposite effect of helium. So after 5 deep inhales, the room was spinning and I was sounding like Barry White. If only I knew what I was doing I could have done a rendition of “Can’t get enough of your love baby”. We’ve only got a couple more ante natal classes to go now. And, I must say, they’ve been great for those of us who thought the woman just goes into hospital, lays down and has a baby and then we go off with the fellas and wet the babies head. Apparently there’s much more to it. The birthing video was quite an

eye opener, we’re just lucky that the community centre didn’t have a high definition TV. Now we understand when the right time to go to the hospital is, what options there are for pain relief and how much trouble I’m going to be in when Kylie is yelling during the height of labour. The great thing about ante natal classes is learning how I can help Kylie during her labour. Obviously asking her to cook is out of the question. I’ve decided that my support will include massaging, verbal encouragement, helping her in and out of hot showers, helping with pelvic and breathing exercising, wiping her face and giving her occasional hugs and kisses. I don’t think I will go off and play footy during Kylie’s labour if it seems like nothing is happening as I’ve heard some guys do. I value my life more than they do. If only we can fit the delivery inbetween songs so we can broadcast it live on SEAFM…

n u F y a d i l o H School

a...... z la P n a id r e h S t M at

Bring the kids along to Mt Sheridan Plaza these school holidays for some great craft fun. Polly’s Crafts are back with the ever popular Sand Art and Shrink Art to keep the kids entertained. They will also be bringing a wide selection of their take home kits to keep the fun going. So come and join in the fun at Mt Sheridan Plaza these school holidays. 29th June - 3rd July 2009 Monday - Friday: 10am - 2pm

6th July - 9th July 2009 Monday - Thursday: 10am - 2pm

I can’t wait to hold Kylie’s hand and encourage that last push so we can meet our little bundle of joy that will change our life forever.

Potts & Pacey t he SeaF M Morn i ng C r e w

weekday MorningS FroM 5.30aM on the loCal you know, 99.5 SeaFM CairnS. 4


or deal assertively with difficult situations involving drugs. However, there are several social skills that all kids should have mastered by the time they are teenagers. These are: (1) The ability to relax when in a social situation When children are nervous, their brains function in ways that make it difficult for them to maintain conversations. In addition, their body gives off nervous signals which make it hard to establish rapport with another person. Teaching your child correct etiquette and how to make conversation will help to alleviate nervousness. (2) Good listening skills Knowing that someone is truly hearing what you are saying makes the listener instantly more likeable. You can teach your child to master the following things: • Making ‘I’m listening’ noises ‘Uh-huh’, ‘really?’, ‘oh yes?’ etc

Social Skills: Sue Dillicar explains how good social skills can improve your child’s self confidence and how parents can teach good manners and etiquette Research shows that children with good social skills make friends easier, do better at school and are more resilient to life’s blows. Social skills are behaviours which help others feel comfortable with us and help us make friends. They are arguably the most important set of life skills and abilities you can teach your children. People are social animals and need to be able to connect with other people. Having inadequate social skills can lead to feelings of loneliness, anxiety and depression. By teaching your children social skills such as manners


and good eye contact, you are helping your child develop vital strategies for being successful in their relationships. Karen McIlveen, principal of The Grace Academy (school for developing social confidence), says that teaching your children these skills gives them confidence and boosts their self-esteem. “When a child knows what to say and how to act in any situation, it eases their anxiety and allows them to act confidently.”

What are the key social skills that your child needs? Social skills are built upon as children grow up. Your 5 year old will obviously need a different set of social skills from your 13 year old. A 5 year old child needs to learn how to share, take turns, and deal with frustration. Your teen, however, may need to know how to present herself confidently at interviews

• Feeding back what they’ve heard “So he went to the footy game? What happened then?” • Referring back to others’ comments later on - “You know how you were saying earlier…” • Physical stillness, eye contact and attentiveness while the other person is talking. (3) Showing an interest in other people Self consciousness is a major problem in many children which can be reduced by teaching them how to focus on what other people are saying and doing. In addition to reducing self-consciousness, it also makes the other person feel more interesting! (5) Being able to build rapport with another person This just means sending a message to the other person that says: “I am like you, we understand each other”. While this is largely unconscious, it can be encouraged by learning how to mirror the other person’s posture, speech and feeding back what was said. (5) Learning the art of small talk Surprisingly, this is not a skill that comes

naturally to every person. Children benefit from learning how to make small talk. If you notice that your child is awkward when conversing, give him a few topics to talk about. This will depend on their age but good topics to start with are school, mutual friends, sports and hobbies. Make a game out of practising small talk with your child. Get grandma or a sibling involved. (6) Maintaining appropriate eye contact This means maintaining some eye contact during conversations without staring at people. Insecure or self conscious children often avoid eye contact which, in turn, makes other people feel uncomfortable. The more children practise this skill, the more comfortable they will become.

The Importance of Manners and Social Etiquette Manners and an understanding of modern etiquette are vital social skills for all children. Competition for spots in colleges and good jobs is becoming tougher and those young people whose manners are well developed and natural will stand out and have a leg up on their peers. Knowing the proper social graces allows children to feel confident and poised. This allows them to shine in social situations, even stressful ones like interviews. During the teen years, it can be particularly hard for kids to feel sure of themselves, as they are making the transition between childhood and adulthood. As a result, many teens tend to act out because they are unsure of how to behave. They need manners as social tools to navigate their way through the social situations they will encounter as they grow up.

What Can Parents Do? Social skills like manners and etiquette must be taught and practised regularly, in order for children to become confident and self assured. You can help them learn these important life skills by doing the following: (1) Model good manners and courteousness. Your children are always watching you to see how you behave so be conscious of being a good role model. If you are a bit

unsure of what is still relevant today, look it up on the net or go to the library. (2) Talk to your children about why manners are important. Use examples to illustrate your point: “When your friend came over yesterday and didn’t say hello to me, it hurt my feelings because I felt like he didn’t notice I was even there. That’s why it is important for you to always say hello when you go into someone’s house.” (3) Practise good manners with your children daily. Practise morning greetings, table manners, introducing friends and offering to help, etc. Some manners will need to be taught through role-playing, as children may not have regular opportunities to practise them, such as how to introduce mum to a teacher. Set aside 5 to 10 minutes every day to practise. If your children were learning a new skill like piano playing, you would expect them to practise every day. Social behaviours also need to be practised daily. (4) Make use of the television. Ask your children to evaluate the behaviour of people in shows. When you see a display of charm and effective communication, point it out. Get your children to evaluate what made the person so likeable. When you see children on TV behaving disrespectfully or awkwardly, ask what could have been done differently. Are they being polite? Is that the way a kid should talk to their parent? Get your children to think about what they see instead of blindly accepting that behaviour as normal. (5) Get into the habit of sitting at the table to eat at least 3 times a week. This allows many opportunities to practise courtesy and conversation. Even if you eat in front of the TV, make sure your children use good manners. Consider holding regular dinner parties or other social gatherings so your children can practise their social skills and etiquette. (6) Every social situation provides a teaching opportunity. Take a few minutes to prompt your child: “There is a new kid over there. How would


Social Skills - continued...

“Social skills are arguably the most important set of life skills & abilities you can teach your children.” you start a conversation with him?” Be sure to acknowledge and encourage his attempts, no matter how awkward. The more practice your child has, the more confident they will become in social interactions. (7) Get your teens used to shaking hands firmly, making eye contact and smiling when they meet people. This makes a positive impression on people which will help a lot when they are applying for part time jobs. By giving children the skills they need to feel comfortable, at ease and unselfconscious in social situations, parents are providing their children with an advantage that will last a lifetime.

They will be able to face many high pressure situations such as school, job interviews, dates and college effortlessly with seamless manners and confidence. If you don’t feel confident about teaching your children these social skills, contact Karen at the Grace Academy on 0428 162 281 or email her at They offer a range of classes and programs which cover modern etiquette, image and style, deportment and communication skills with an emphasis on character development and positive self-esteem. You can also find out more in The Secret Social Skills Ingredient by Dan Coulter.

E E R F t s e b T he s n r i a C n i t n e m n i a t enter s y a d i l o h l o these scho Buzz Quiz TV Competition Test your general knowledge live on stage for your chance to win a PS3 & Buzz Quiz prize package. There are three age categories to compete in:


Drama Build your confidence and discover yourself through Drama!

Film &TV

Acting Workshops

Division 1 – 8 to 12 years Division 2 – 13 to 17 years Division 3 – Parents Play Off (Open Age Group) Register on the day of your choice between 9am to 11am for your chance to compete!

Heats: Commencing 11am, Monday 29 June – Saturday 4 July Finals: Commencing 11am, Sunday 5 July

Roving Reptile Zoo Get up close and personal with some of Australia’s most exotic reptiles, including lizards, snakes, turtles and even a baby crocodile!

For Juniors (7-11) Teenagers (12-16) and Adults (17+)

Monday 6 July to Saturday 11 July 10am to 3pm, Centre Court


Stockland Cairns SCAI0360

CALL 4059 1141

8 537 Mulgrave Road, Earlville Tel: 4054 3066 Fax: 4054 7340


According to American psychotherapist William Glasser, we all have basic needs for power, love and belonging, freedom, fun and survival. We all need to get these needs met one way or another – our role as parents involves making sure our children get them met in a positive way that doesn’t cause harm to others.

a common goal – to attack weaker, younger or more vulnerable children to make themselves look better. In these groups, there is usually a main leader, two children who want to be like the leader and two or more others who go along with the group because they don’t want to be the next victim.

notes, whispering, back stabbing, pasting gossip on You Tube, giving others the silent treatment or bullying their victim in a wide range of other overt and discreet ways. Again, as parents we can help children meet this need by making sure they have lots of fun and enjoyment in their lives.


To help your children get this need met, aim to spend regular quality time alone with each child. It’s also important to promote a home and school culture that does not condone bullying under any circumstances and to encourage children not to be afraid to report bullying and to not put up with bullies in their group of friends. Encourage children to become members of out of school groups such as scouts, sports and leisure clubs. Schools may facilitate and help implement peer support programs.


We live in a society where TV, movies and computer games teach our children that abusing power and winning at any cost is acceptable. Bully’s attempt to get their need for power met by a show of superiority against another child. Since it’s vital they don’t look foolish in front of their peers they choose victims who are not likely to fight back. Ultimately this is about bully’s finding a way to feel good about themselves so providing them with lots of other ways to experience success and recognition will help get this need met more positively. Parents also obviously need to role model appropriate behaviours towards others and show how to be assertive rather than aggressive and how to handle problems and conflicts with others.

Love and Belonging It may seem contradictory to link bullying behaviours to our need for love and belonging. However, the need to belong to a group can make children cruel to each other in ways they would never consider doing as individuals. An easy way to be popular, to be accepted by peers and to gain social status, is to make fun of others in front of an audience. The bullying group has

Denise Bewert, local author of two books on teens, explains the reasons why some children choose to bully Bullying occurs when someone uses their power to hurt or scare others. But what causes a child to push, name call, spread rumours, damage another child’s property or take part in other forms of bullying?

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL! 4050 9444 JUTE Theatre 96 Abbott Street Cairns, QLD


Freedom These days, bullies have the freedom to be anonymous. Cyberbullying has enabled them to easily spread rumours, write offensive notes, exclude others from the group, make suggestive comments, and ridicule others without fear of reprisal or repercussions. As parents we must help our children understand the impact of their behaviour on others and develop empathy. We must also encourage children to be responsible for their own behaviour.

Fun Unfortunately some children think it’s ok to meet their need for ‘fun’ by starting a club and leaving someone out, passing

The last of Glasser’s basic needs is survival. The phrase ‘survival of the fittest’ reflects the fact that in societies where basic needs such as food and shelter are not being met, it is the strong and powerful who will use whatever means at their disposal for self-preservation. Some children resort to stealing, hiding, hitting, spying, forcing others to act against their will and take part in other forms of bullying behaviours to satisfy their perceived material ‘needs’. Denise Bewert is the Parenting Orders Program Coordinator at the Family Relationships Centre in Cairns. Her 2 books, Tackling Teens and Troubled Teens, are available at Angus and Robertson, Earlville, or from Denise at The Cairns Family Relationship Centre provides information about family relationships at all stages - forming new relationships, overcoming relationship difficulties or dealing with separation. Staff can also refer you to other services that help. Call (07) 4041 6063, email or drop in to 125 Grafton Street, Cairns.

4 day Professional Ac ting Workshops

Tue 30 June – Fri 3 July Group 1 > 7 to 10 years Group 2 > 11 to 14 years $220/4-day workshop


Kids money: Teaching kids dollars and sense

In This New Series, Financial Planner and Kids Money Expert Leanda Kayess Discusses How to Teach Your Children Money Skills As a financial planner I’ve come across many clients who admit to never having been taught financial skills as a child and consequently we are a nation with a lot of debt. This is a situation which is compounded when you consider that many parents don’t consciously teach their children ways to responsibly handle money because they don’t have these skills themselves to pass on. And yet learning about how to handle money is a critical life skill. Teaching your children about money should not be something you try to do just as they receive their first pay. Like many life skills you will be far more effective if you begin to teach them concepts about money from an early age so that by the time they do get paid, the knowledge is both ingrained and feels quite natural to them. Of course, one way or another you will be teaching your children about money. Even if you don’t consciously talk about money with them, your children are always watching you so they will be picking up on your beliefs, values and behaviours around money. But rather than letting them absorb information by osmosis, it is far better to think about how to educate your child about money so that a more positive outcome is ensured.

Party Plan 1

Party Plan 2 Entry, Skate Hire, Invitations Chips & Lollies, Hot Dogs, Hot Chips, Bottomless Drink, Slushy, Birthday Song, Tea & Coffee for Mum & Dad

$16/person $1 extra during night sessions

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$13/person $1 extra during night sessions

Party Plan 3 Entry, Skate Hire, Invitations Chips & Lollies, Mini Meat Pies Chicken Nuggets, Bottomless Drink, Slushy, Birthday Song, Party Bag, Tea & Coffee for Mum & Dad

• All parties must be booked in $19/person and numbers confirmed 24 hours $1 extra during night sessions prior to your event. • A non-refundable deposit of $50 must be paid on booking. • Minimum number of party guests is 10. • Parents or siblings of party guests wishing to skate must pay session prices.

44 Behan Street, Manunda PHONE 4053 5353 12

Delayed Gratification So, if you were going to consciously teach good financial behaviour to your child where would you start? One of the first basic lessons is to teach them about delayed gratification and the difference between wants and needs. Of course all children are impulsive and as soon as they have some cash in their hands they are immediately off spending it. There is little point trying to convince them not to buy that hot new toy because you know they’ll lose interest in a matter of days. If you do this they’ll just see you as a spoilsport. So, sometimes it’s best to let them fritter their money on whatever takes their fancy. The important lesson here is this: if they then realise there was something else they needed to buy that week, do not bail them out by giving them an advance on next week’s pocket money. Use it as an opportunity to talk to them about planning how to spend their money more wisely. As the parent you need to be consistent with this. Bailing them out teaches them to expect that you’ll always bail them out and that is a hard habit to break once you’ve created it.

Needs & Wants This situation provides an ideal opportunity to teach them about wants versus needs. When they receive their pocket

money sit down with them to create a wish list. Find out what they really would like and talk about relative prices. This then enables you to discuss the concept of saving for something special as opposed to giving in to the immediate gratification of that new toy which becomes useless plastic cluttering up the house by the weekend!

How to Teach Your Kids The Kids Money FNQ website – has some great resources to help with teaching your kids about money, including a series of books – Money Makes the World Go Around, written by Kids Money Founder Greg Smith. These books cover needs vs wants in an entertaining way through a story about kids just like them.


Get fit the fun way AMERICAN STYLE Cheerleading Classes For males and females of all ages Sign up before the end of July and receive a FREE copy of the new Australian Cheerleader Magazine

Classes starting from only $10 For more information contact Tamara 0402 225 630 or email or visit


pak health

Skin conditions on the rise amongst children Skin conditions are some of the most frustrating and irritating conditions to suffer from and according to a recent Newspoll study they are on the increase amongst children. By Matthew Calanna It’s estimated that 52% of children (0-17 years) suffer from eczema, dermatitis or sensitive skin. Given that our skin is a major body organ that’s very exposed and visible, it’s no surprise that skin problems can cause much grief and frustration.

So what should you do to keep your children’s skin healthy? Firstly, avoid using regular soap since it can be a great irritant on the skin, particularly if a child is prone to having sensitive skin or other chronic skin conditions. Regular soap strips away the skin’s vital natural layer of protection, leaving the skin dry and potentially open to infection. The skin naturally has a pH level of around 5.5 – 6 which is slightly acidic whereas soaps can be very alkaline. This causes irritation to the skin particularly if there’s already some sensitivity.

Avoiding normal soap will help ensure that the skin’s natural protection is not compromised and it also works to ensure that the skin remains more hydrated and less likely to become irritated or infected. There are some good soap alternatives available such as the Ego QV Kids range which are pH balanced so they don’t cause unnecessary inflammation to the skin. They also keep the skins natural moisturising oils intact and, since they’re also fragrance free, they minimise irritation and allergies to additives. Using a moisturiser after bathing is also important as this replaces the moisture in the skin and helps to support the skins immune system which helps to prevent infection and allergies. One of the most important ways to look after our children’s skin is to encourage Slip, Slop, Slap. Nowadays we are aware of the huge impact that UV radiation from sunlight has on the skin so get them in the habit when they’re young to prevent sunburn and the effects that occur in later life. There are a variety

of sunscreens that are fragrance free and formulated especially for young and sensitive skin. Skin balms and moisturiser should also be used to hydrate the skin after being out in the sun to help prevent the effects of sun exposure and sun burn. Children who are prone to chronic skin conditions are also more likely to suffer from other chronic allergy related conditions such as asthma. The antiinflammatory affects of omega-3 fish oil supplements for children helps reduce the immune response in children predisposed to such conditions. Fish oil supplements not only help reduce the severity of skin conditions like dermatitis, eczema and asthma, they also support the development of healthy skin and they are good for the eyes, brain and heart. Other supplements such as Vitamin A and Vitamin E are also useful for maintain healthy skin. Matthew Calanna is a qualified pharmacist and General Manager of Calanna Pharmacy.


VEday SAver y

There’s a store near you Woree - 600 Bruce Hwy PHONE: 4054 2440 Nth Cairns - 355 Sheridan St PHONE: 4031 4222

E: W:






pak health

active kids

Good sleep is nothing to sneeze at

Fitness for toddlers

Did you know that only about 25% of people who are exposed to a cold virus actually come down with a cold? Yes, it’s true. Just because someone near to you is slobbering and sneezing their germs all over you does not necessarily make it inevitable that you will catch their cold. By Elaine Seager It has been well proven that your susceptibility to colds and flu are much greater if you are suffering from chronic stress but recently a research team in the US also showed how the quantity and quality of your sleep also affects your susceptibility to illness. People who sleep fewer than 7 hours sleep a night experience common colds 3 times more often than those who have 8 hours or

more a night. Healthy people who get 8 hours of undisturbed sleep a night do still become infected with cold viruses but their immune system works much more efficiently to control the virus without producing symptoms. But it’s the quality of your sleep in terms of ‘sleep efficiency’ that’s most important. Sleep efficiency is the amount of time you’re asleep divided by the amount of time you’re actually in bed.

So, someone who goes to bed at midnight, falls asleep immediately and sleeps straight through until 8am has a better sleep efficiency than someone who goes to bed from 8pm until 7am but wakes several times during the night. A solid night’s sleep, even if it’s only short, is much better for you than if you keep waking up. Sleep disturbances put you at much greater risk of getting colds. So what’s the lesson in that? Wear ear-plugs!

Fusion Recipe Alternative Kick This is a quick and easy recipe that children love to make. It is highly nutritious and a better snack than anything in a packet with the added bonus satisfaction of the creative process. 5 cup toasted gluten free muesli (Alternatively 3 cups puffed Rice, Millet, Corn with 2 cup of chopped dried fruit) 1 cup shredded coconut ¼ cup toasted sesame seeds ½ cup sunflower seed kernel ½ cup pepitas

100g dairy free butter 1 cup honey ½ cup roasted sunflower butter (or peanut butter) Grease a 20cm x 30cm lamington pan and line with baking paper. Toast sesame seeds and coconut on an oven tray in moderate oven for about 5 minutes, leave aside to cool. Combine the muesli, coconut, pepitas, sunflower and sesame seeds in a large bowl.

Combine butter, honey and sunflower butter in a pan stirring as it melts and continue to stir when it comes to the boil to avoid it catching on the bottom of the pan. Boil for 4 minutes and remove from heat. Alternatively, place the ingredients in a plastic bowl and place in the microwave for 50 secs. Stir well, cover with blotting paper and cook on high for a further 4 minutes. Pour heated mixture into dry ingredients, stir thoroughly and quickly press into the prepared pan, refrigerate until set before cutting into slices. Serves 12

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Toddlers are by nature active, curious, energetic little people. They love to run, dance and climb but like the rest of us they live in a world of fast food, TV and video games so we need to make sure they keep fit and healthy. It’s never too early to start exercising with your children, but if you start exercises for babies and toddlers, it is absolutely crucial that you make sure the exercises are age-appropriate. For babies it is enough to think of any movement they make towards crawling and walking as exercise. Allow them to be placed in safe settings so they can move around and engage them in activities that help them explore their environment (avoid restricting their movement for prolonged periods – physical activity is important for their development). By age 2, toddlers should be able to walk, run, and jump in place with both feet. By age 3, most kids can run and jump well. In addition, they’ll learn to balance briefly on one foot, climb well, kick the ball forward, throw the ball overhand, and pedal a tricycle. Keep these skills in mind when encouraging your child to be active.

• Allow them plenty of time every day for active free play. Experts say toddlers need more than 60 minutes of unstructured physical play every day. Let them walk, run, climb, roll, slide, push, jump, throw until they’re tired.

What can you do to help your toddler be physically fit?

• Set a good example and let them see you walking, running, playing ball etc

• Give them toys that encourage the use of their muscles like building toys, riding toys, balls, beanbags and climbers.

• Read books with them about people with active lives eg. Athletes, dancers, or farmers.

• Toddlers should not sit or lie down for more than an hour except when sleeping. • Find ways to make exercise fun by leading them in creative movement eg. Pretending to be animals, workers or machines or teach them games like ‘Follow The Leader’ and ‘Ring o Ring of Roses’. • Create an obstacle course out of furniture, boxes and play equipment. • Put some music on and dance. • Exercise together and make it part of your routine eg. a walk before sunset.

At Cairns Recreation Centre we encourage parents to set a good example and join in all aspects of our Tiny Tots Development program. Kids thoroughly enjoy mum and dad interacting with them and it helps to forge an early understanding that exercise is not only fun but it is good for you. For session times call 4053 5353 or visit




Up to school age. Bring towel, water bottle and a hat.

44 Behan St, Manunda

Phone: 4053 5353


kids in the kitchen

parents in the pantry

Apple hearts

Tuna pasta

with Teah

Ingredients 4 Sheets of puff pastry 1 Can of pie apples 1 Tbspn caster sugar Large Granual Sugar Milk



A dish the kids will love Ingredients (serves 4)

Win a double Movie Pass

(1) Make a template of a love heart and cut out 4 love hearts per sheet of puff pastry.

400g shell or spiral pasta

(2) Lay down half the love hearts on a tray lined with grease-proof paper.

300ml cream

(3) Place the apple mixture on top and shape to fit the love hearts (don’t overfill).

2 x 190g can tuna in oil

(4) Put the other half of the cut out puff pastry on top and seal the edges with a fork.

Preheat oven to 190°C.

(5) Lightly coat the pastry with milk and sprinkle well with the large grains of sugar.

Meanwhile, heat a little oil in a deep non-stick frying pan over medium heat. Add the onion and cook for 4 minutes or until softened. Add the tomato paste and cream and stir until combined. Stir through the pasta, chopped herbs and tuna and season with salt and cracked black pepper.

(6) Cook in a pre-heated oven on 180 for about 15 minutes or until brown and crispy looking. TIP: If you don’t like apple you can use any other sort of cooked fruit like peaches or apricots.

with Reidun Berg

Serve with cream, custard or icecream when the pastry is either warm or cold.

Olive oil 1 onion, sliced 2 tablespoons tomato paste 1/3 cup fresh herbs (eg. parsley, basil) 1 cup grated tasty cheese

Send in your reader recipe for the chance to win a double pass to the movies. Email your recipe to:

Entries close: 20/07/09

Method Cook the pasta in a large saucepan of salted boiling water following packet instructions or until done. Drain and return to pan.

Transfer the mixture to a large ovenproof dish or 4 individual ovenproof dishes and sprinkle with cheese. Bake for 15 mins or until golden on top. Set aside for 5 mins.

Tips Make sure you have the cheese spread out in all the corners so the pasta so it doesn’t dry out!


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out & about

Port Douglas Carni

vale Beach Day

Port Douglas Carnivale

Beach Day

Port Douglas Carni

vale Beach Day

Port Douglas Carnivale

Beach Day

Port Douglas Carni

vale Beach Day


Port Douglas Carnivale Beach Day

• Did you know? • Loads of Comps • Heaps of Prizes • PAK review

To enter this fantastic competition just colour-it-in and mail to: PAKMAG, Colour-it-in July, PO Box 7433 Cairns Q 4870 and you go into the draw to WIN a Family Pass to the Cairns Show including a free show bag! Closing Date: 10 July 2009. Winners will be contacted by phone 14 July 2009. Late entries will go into the draw to win other prizes - Closing 20 July 2009.

dot to dot Hopefully the weather isn't like this anymore!

For more copies of the colour-it-in and win download from our website


Š Australian Broadcasting Corporation 2009. Original song by Carey Blyton.

Name:_________________________________________________________________Age:________________________________________ Parent/Guardian:____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone:_________________________________________________________________Email:_______________________________________ Post entry form to PAKMAG, Colour-it-in July, PO Box 7433 Cairns Q 4870 or you can drop it off at reception - Level 2, 68 Abbott Street.



See us at the Circus Tent for 2 shows daily at this years Cairns Show




(Q) What goes zzub zzub? (A) A bee flying backwards.




3 4 2 6 3 6 3

did you know? Did you know that:


Wed 1st

(Q) Did you hear about Big Chief Running Water? (A) He had two sons, so he called them Hot and Cold.

Thur 2nd

(Q) What has four eyes and a mouth? (A) The Mississippi. (Q) Who makes suits and eats spinach? (A) Popeye the Tailorman.

word scramble Fruits (1) lepap


(2) egnora


• A finger or toe nail takes about 6 months to grow from base to tip .

(4) aerp


(5) rapges


(6) lpepnieap


(7) nanaba


(8) emaeirnnd


(9) ikwitifru


(10) astaunl


• By the age of sixty, most people have lost half of their taste buds .

Fri 3rd

Sat 4th

Sun 5th

• On average a woman utters around 7,000 words in a day while a man uses just over 2,000 .

• That sharks are apparently the only animals that will never fall ill, as far as known they are the only animal immune to every known disease including cancer.



(Q) What key went to college? (A) A Yale.

1 2

pak’s what’s on guide july

Mon 6th

(3) etrmeolwlan _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

WIN A PERSONALISED ICE CREAM CAKE THANKS TO COLD ROCK ON APLIN STREET Simply un-scramble the words and send the answers + your name & contact info to email or post to PO BOX 7433 Cairns Entries close: 20th July 2009

Tues 7th


Mossman Library Tanks Art Centre - Tank 3, 4 & 5 Cairns Cinemas JUTE Theatre Cairns Recreation Centre Cairns Regional Gallery RIPARTS Brothers Leagues Club Blue Sky Brewery Salt House Stratford Library Cairns Regional Gallery Cairns Recreation Centre JUTE Theatre RIPARTS Manunda Library Reef Hotel Casino Brothers Leagues Club Blue Sky Brewery Stratford Library Cairns Regional Gallery JUTE Theatre RIPARTS Cairns Recreation Centre City Library Brothers Leagues Club Fuller Sports Club Edmonton Mondos Shangri-La Hotel Blue Sky Brewery Kuranda Amphitheatre Kuranda Amphitheatre Cairns Recreation Centre Cairns Regional Gallery Trinity Beach Tavern Brothers Leagues Club Fuller Sports Club Edmonton Blue Sky Brewery Cairns Recreation Centre Cazalys Brothers Leagues Club Mondos City Library RIPARTS Brothers Leagues Club Cairns Recreation Centre Cairns Regional Gallery Tanks Art Centre - Tank 3, 4 & 5 Stratford Library Cairns Regional Gallery Cairns Recreation Centre Tjapukai RIPARTS

Green = kids

blue = adults


Craft / Song / Games and Heaps More! Band Camp - Workshops, Networking, Information Babies In Arms - "Land of the Lost" Professional Acting Workshop - Ages 11yrs to 14yrs Vacation Care Kids Workshops - Booking Essential Ballet / Jazz / Contemporary & Pointework "Carrizma" - Live Music Wednesday Night Trivia with a Twist "Song Space" - Local Original Music Showcase Cheerleading Workshop - Ages 8yrs to 15yrs Kids Workshops - Booking Essential Vacation Care Professional Acting Workshop - Ages 11yrs to 14yrs Ballet / Jazz / Contemporary & Pointework Scrapbooking Workshop - Ages 8yrs to 12yrs "3's A Crowd" - Live Music "Sweet K" - Live Music 50 cent Wing Night Jazz / Funk / Hip-hop Classes - Ages 8yrs to 14yrs Kids Workshops - Booking Essential Professional Acting Workshop - Ages 11yrs to 14yrs Ballet / Jazz / Contemporary & Pointework State Inline Hockey Competition Poetry Workshop - Ages 10yrs to 15yrs "Prodigal Sista" - Live Music "Big Jim Sanders" - Live Music "Azonic" - Live Music MYER - Walk on the Water - Fashion Show Thank Funk It's Friday Kuranda Roots Festival Kuranda Roots Festival State Inline Hockey Competition First Saturday of the Month FREE ENTRY "Tunes With Trent" - Live Music "4 in a Groove" - Live Music Kaz & Gaz Karaoke Independence Day at Blue Sky State Inline Hockey Competition "Tunes With Trent" - Live Music "Carrizma" - Live Music Mondos Brunch with Bean Bags & Games Japanese Folk Tale and Origami Workshop - 7yrs to 12yrs Ballet / Jazz / Contemporary & Pointework Brothers Bingo State Inline Hockey Competition Kids Workshops - Booking Essential Theatre Book Camp - Youth Arts Program - 10yrs to 18yrs Jazz / Funk / Hip-hop Classes - Ages 8yrs to 14yrs Kids Workshops - Booking Essential State Inline Hockey Competition NAIDOC Celebration Day Ballet / Jazz / Contemporary & Pointework


10:00 AM 8:30 AM 10:00 AM 9:00 AM 8:00 AM 10:00 AM All Day 7:00 PM 7:00 PM 7:00 PM 3:30 AM 10:00 AM 8:00 AM 9:00 AM All Day 10:30 AM 7:00 PM 7:00 PM 5:30 PM 10:30 AM 10:00 AM 9:00 AM All Day 7:00 AM 2:00 PM 7:00 PM 7:00 PM 6:00 PM 7:00 PM 5:00 PM 6:00 PM 12:00 PM 7:00 AM All Day 7:30 PM 7:00 PM 7:00 PM 7:00 PM 7:00 AM 2:00 PM 7:00 PM 9:30 AM 10:30 AM All Day 9:00 AM 7:00 AM 10:00 AM 10:00 AM 4:00 PM 10:00 AM 7:00 AM 9:00 AM All Day



(07) 4044 3727 (07) 4032 6600 (07) 4050 9444 (07) 4053 5353 (07) 4046 4810 (07) 4056 1089

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(07) 4057 0500 (07) 4044 3727 (07) 4046 4810 (07) 4053 5353 (07) 4050 9444 (07) 4056 1089 (07) 4044 3727 (07) 4031 9915

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(07) 4052 6780 (07) 4052 7755 (07) 4057 0500 (07) 4053 5353 (07) 4046 4810 (07) 4031 9915



(07) 4057 0500 (07) 4053 5353 (07) 4031 9915

(07) 4052 6780 (07) 4044 3727 (07) 4056 1089

(07) 4053 5353 (07) 4046 4810 (07) 4041 4066 (07) 4044 3727 (07) 4046 4810 (07) 4053 5353 (07) 4042 9900 (07) 4056 1089



Mix it up with us! 1. Choose your ice cream flavour 2. Choose your Mix Ins 3. Watch it being smashed Shop 7, Trilogy Towers Aplin Street, Cairns between the Towers and Aplin St P: (07) 4041 0611




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Brothers Leagues Club Tanks Art Centre - Tank 3, 4 & 5 Mossman Library Cairns Regional Gallery Cairns Recreation Centre RIPARTS Healthy Inspirations - Redlynch Tanks Art Centre - Tank 3, 4 & 5 Brothers Leagues Club Blue Sky Brewery Salt House Stratford Library Cairns Regional Gallery Cairns Recreation Centre RIPARTS Cairns Civic Theatre Reef Hotel Casino Brothers Leagues Club Blue Sky Brewery Stratford Library Brothers Leagues Club Brothers Leagues Club Brothers Leagues Club Fuller Sports Club Edmonton RIPARTS Cairns Recreation Centre Cairns Regional Gallery Cairns Civic Theatre Mondos Blue Sky Brewery Blue Sky Brewery Brothers Leagues Club Trinity Beach Tavern Brothers Leagues Club Fuller Sports Club Edmonton Band Hall, 18 Charles St, Cairns Mondos Brothers Leagues Club Blue Sky Brewery Gordonvale Ambulance Brothers Leagues Club Cairns Recreation Centre Gordonvale Ambulance Brothers Leagues Club Cairns Showgrounds Cairns Cinemas Brothers Leagues Club Salt House Blue Sky Brewery Cairns Showgrounds Cairns Recreation Centre Reef Hotel Casino Brothers Leagues Club

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pak’s what’s on guide july

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"Carrizma" - Live Music Theatre Book Camp - Youth Arts Program - 10yrs to 18yrs Craft / Song / Games and Heaps More! Kids Workshops - Booking Essential State Inline Hockey Competition Ballet / Jazz / Contemporary & Pointework Girl Talk Seminar - FREE CHAT Theatre Book Camp - Youth Arts Program - 10yrs to 18yrs "Carrizma" - Live Music Wednesday Night Trivia with a Twist "Song Space" - Local Original Music Showcase Comedy and Theatre Workshop - Ages 11yrs to 14yrs Kids Workshops - Booking Essential Vacation Care Ballet / Jazz / Contemporary & Pointework Jungle Book - the show "3's A Crowd" - Live Music "Big Jim Sanders" - Live Music 50 cent Wing Night Puppet Making and Performing Workshop - 5yrs to 10yrs Brothers Bingo "Hip 2 Soul" - Live Music "WENDY MATTHEWS" - Live "Almost Brother" - Live Music Ballet / Jazz / Contemporary & Pointework Vacation Care Kids Workshops - Booking Essential Jungle Book - the show "Prodigal Sista" - Live Music Blue Sky Cider Launch Thank Funk It's Friday "Rhythm & Groove" - Live Music "Tunes With Trent" - Live Music Brothers Bingo Kaz & Gaz Karaoke Gymbaroo Open Day Mondos Brunch with Bean Bags & Games "Carrizma" - Live Music Family Day - FREE NATIVE ANIMAL ZOO Facilitation Skills Workshop - "Connecting Community Voices" Brothers Bingo Vacation Care Facilitation Skills Workshop - “Connecting Community Voices” "Big Jim Sanders" - Live Music THE ANNUAL - CAIRNS SHOW Babies In Arms - "Year One" "Carrizma" - Live Music "Song Space" - Local Original Music Showcase Origin Game 3 - Cairns #1 Origin Venue THE ANNUAL - CAIRNS SHOW Kids Boot Camp "3's A Crowd" - Live Music "Out of the Blue" - Live Music


7:00 PM 10:00 AM 10:00 AM 10:00 AM 7:00 AM All Day 7:00 PM 10:00 AM 7:00 PM 7:00 PM 7:00 PM 3:30 PM 10:00 AM 8:00 AM All Day All Day 7:00 PM 7:00 PM 5:30 PM 10:30 AM 9:00 AM 7:00 PM 8:00 PM 7:00 PM All Day 8:00 AM 10:00 AM All Day 6:00 PM 5:00 PM 5:00 PM 7:00 PM 7:30 PM 9:00 AM 7:00 PM 9:30 AM 9:30 AM 7:00 PM 11:00 AM 8:30 AM 9:00 AM 8:00 AM 8:30 AM 7:00 PM All Day 10:00 AM 7:00 PM 7:00 PM 7:30 PM All Day 4:00 PM 7:00 PM 7:00 PM



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(07) 4056 1089 (07) 4053 5353 (07) 4046 4810 1300 855 835 (07) 4052 6780 (07) 4057 0500 (07) 4057 0500

(07) 4031 9915

(07) 4041 4140 (07) 4052 6780

(07) 4057 0500 (07) 4041 7400

(07) 4053 5353 (07) 4041 7400

(07) 4042 6666 (07) 4057 0500 (07) 4042 6666 (07) 4053 5353 (07) 4031 9915




Blue Sky Brewery Fri 17th Cairns Civic Theatre Cairns Recreation Centre Brothers Leagues Club Cairns Showgrounds Brothers Leagues Club Fuller Sports Club Edmonton Mondos Blue Sky Brewery Sat 18th Cairns Civic Theatre Brothers Leagues Club Brothers Leagues Club Fuller Sports Club Edmonton Blue Sky Brewery Sun 19th Mondos Brothers Leagues Club Mon 20th Atherton Library Brothers Leagues Club Cairns Recreation Centre Tues 21st Atherton Library Brothers Leagues Club Cairns Recreation Centre Wed 22nd Cairns Cinemas Blue Sky Brewery Brothers Leagues Club Salt House Thur 23rd Cairns Recreation Centre Blue Sky Brewery Reef Hotel Casino Brothers Leagues Club Mondos Fri 24th Cairns Recreation Centre Brothers Leagues Club Brothers Leagues Club Fuller Sports Club Edmonton Blue Sky Brewery Blue Sky Brewery Sat 25th Brothers Leagues Club Brothers Leagues Club Fuller Sports Club Edmonton Sun 26th Mondos Trinity Beach Tavern Brothers Leagues Club Mon 27th Innisfail Community Support Centre Brothers Leagues Club Brothers Leagues Club Cairns Recreation Centre Tues 28th Innisfail Community Support Centre Brothers Leagues Club Cairns Recreation Centre Wed 29th Cairns Civic Theatre Cairns Cinemas Brothers Leagues Club

Green = kids

blue = adults


50 cent Wing Night Bell Shakespeare - Taming of the Shrew Kids Boot Camp Brothers Bingo THE ANNUAL - CAIRNS SHOW "Usual Suspects" - Live Music "Big Jim Sanders" - Live Music "3's A Crowd" - Live Music Thank Funk It's Friday Bell Shakespeare - Taming of the Shrew Brothers Bingo "Prodigal Sista" - Live Music Kaz & Gaz Karaoke Bledisloe Cup on the BIG Screen Mondos Brunch with Bean Bags & Games "Carrizma" - Live Music Facilitation Skills Workshop - "Connecting Community Voices" Brothers Bingo Kids Boot Camp Facilitation Skills Workshop - “Connecting Community Voices” "Junior & The Geriatrics" - Live Music Kids Boot Camp Babies In Arms - "My Life in Ruins" Wednesday Night Trivia with a Twist "Carrizma" - Live Music "Song Space" - Local Original Music Showcase Kids Boot Camp 50 cent Wing Night "3's A Crowd" - Live Music "Big Noise" - Live Music "Prodigal Sista" - Live Music Kids Boot Camp Brothers Bingo "Rhythm & Groove" - Live Music "Justin Wellington" - Live Music Last Laugh Luncheon - see Thank Funk It's Friday "Muthafunk" - Live Music Brothers Bingo Kaz & Gaz Karaoke Mondos Brunch with Bean Bags & Games "Tunes With Trent" - Live Music "Carrizma" - Live Music Facilitation Skills Workshop - “Connecting Community Voices” Brothers Bingo Monday Night Bingo Jackpot Kids Boot Camp Facilitation Skills Workshop - “Connecting Community Voices” "Carrizma" - Live Music Kids Boot Camp Madame Butterfly - Live Show Babies In Arms - "Harry Potter 6" "Carrizma" - Live Music


5:30 PM All Day 4:00 PM 9:00 AM All Day 7:00 PM 7:00 PM 6:00 PM 5:00 PM All Day 9:00 AM 7:00 PM 7:00 PM 7:30 PM 9:30 AM 7:00 PM 8:30 AM 9:00 AM 4:00 PM 8:30 AM 7:00 PM 4:00 PM 10:00 AM 7:00 PM 7:00 PM 7:00 PM 4:00 PM 5:30 PM 7:00 PM 7:00 PM 6:00 PM 4:00 PM 9:00 AM 7:00 PM 7:00 PM 12:30 PM 5:00 PM 7:00 PM 9:00 AM 7:00 PM 9:30 AM 7:30 PM 7:00 PM 8:30 AM 9:00 AM 7:00 PM 4:00 PM 8:30 AM 7:00 PM 4:00 PM All Day 10:00 AM 7:00 PM


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(07) 4053 5353 (07) 4041 7400

(07) 4053 5353 (07) 4057 0500 (07) 4053 5353 (07) 4057 0500 (07) 4031 9915

(07) 4052 6780 (07) 4053 5353

(07) 4057 0500 (07) 4057 0500

(07) 4052 6780 (07) 4031 9915

(07) 4041 7400

(07) 4053 5353 (07) 4041 7400

(07) 4053 5353 1300 855 835

Time to relax?

$1 day Tuesday EdgE Hill SmitHfiEld WEStCOURt BRiNSmEAd

Cnr Woodward & Pease Streets Ph 4053 2317 Cnr Faculty Close & McGregor Road Ph 4057 8755 Showground Centre, 171 Mulgrave Road Ph 4051 8379 Shop 4, 101 Brinsmead Road Ph 4034 2024



$2 games ThuRsday

OPEN 9am-10pm Sun-Thurs, 9am-12midnight Fri-Sat OPEN 9am-Midnight 7 days OPEN 9am-Midnight 7 days OPEN 9am-Midnight 7 days

pak’s what’s on guide july RED = FAMILY DATE

Thur 30th

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Green = kids

blue = adults


Blue Sky Brewery Salt House Cairns Civic Theatre Cairns Recreation Centre Brothers Leagues Club Reef Hotel Casino Blue Sky Brewery Cairns Recreation Centre Brothers Leagues Club Mondos Brothers Leagues Club Fuller Sports Club Edmonton Blue Sky Brewery

Wednesday Night Trivia with a Twist "Song Space" - Local Original Music Showcase Madame Butterfly - Live Show Kids Boot Camp "Big Jim Sanders" - Live Music "3's A Crowd" - Live Music 50 cent Wing Night Kids Boot Camp Brothers Bingo "Azonic" - Live Music "Swingin Alleycatz" - Live Music "Juicy Fruits" - Live Music Thank Funk It's Friday


7:00 PM 7:00 PM All Day 4:00 PM 7:00 PM 7:00 PM 5:30 PM 4:00 PM 9:00 AM 6:00 PM 7:00 PM 7:00 PM 5:00 PM


(07) 4057 0500 1300 855 835 (07) 4053 5353

(07) 4031 9915 (07) 4057 0500 (07) 4053 5353

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regular weekly events

XTREME ILLUSIONS starring Sam Powers at Velvet underground - Every Mon through to Sat @ 7.30pm GO Bowling Cairns Specials on all month for adults, kids, birthdays and groups!!!! Cairns Recreation Centre Mon - Public Skate - bookings essential (6 or more people) Mon - Indoor Sports Tue - Fund Raiser Session @ 6.30pm (cost on application) Tue - Indoor Sports Wed - General Skate @ 10am & 1pm Thu - General Skate @ 10am & 1pm

Fri - General Skate @ 10am Sat - Beginners Skate Session @ 10am - 12pm ($7 entry $2 skate hire) Sat - General Skate @ 1pm - 3.30pm ($8 entry $1 skate hire) Sat - Retro Skate @ 7pm Sun - Learn to Skate Sessions @ 10am - 12pm ($7 entry $2 skate hire) Sun - General Skate Session @ 1pm - 3.30pm ($8 entry $3 skate hire) Esplanade Lagoon Mon - Aqua Aerobics @ 6.30am & Walk / Run Circuit @ 5.15pm Tues - YOGA @ 6.30am Wed - Sarge’s Army Boot Camp @ 5.30pm



Wed - Beach Volleyball Clinic @ 5.30pm Thurs - Pilates @ 6am & Petanque @ 10am Thurs - Aqua Aerobics Class @ 6.15pm Fri - Aqua Aerobics @ 6.30am Fri - Boot Camp @ 6.30am Sat - Sahaja YOGA @ 7.30am, Aqua Aerobics @ 8.30am & Boxercise @ 8am CAZALY’s Wed throught to Sat - Live Music @ 7pm Brothers Leagues Club Tues - Seniors Morning “Club Gold” @ 9.30am Brothers Leagues KIDS Club Every Sun - Kids Disco 3.30pm-6pm (ages 3-12yrs)

regular markets

Atherton Markets

- the first Saturday of each month from 7am at Platypus Park, Herberton Rd

Babinda Markets

- the first Saturday of each month, except January, from 8am, Munro Street

Rusty's Markets

- All day Friday, until 2pm Saturday and Sunday, Grafton Street, Cairns

Cooktown Markets

Nov at Marcs Park

Gordonvale Cottage Markets

- every Saturday from 7am - noon under the raintrees in Mossman

- every Saturday from 8am - noon at Lions Park - on the first Saturday of each month from 8am - noon at Norman Park

Innisfail Red Cross Markets

- held the 3rd Sunday of each month at Anzac Memorial Park

Port Douglas Markets

- every Sunday from 8.30am - 2pm at Anzac Park

SPeewah Markets

- Every Saturday from 8am - 4am at Fogerty Park, Cairns

- every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday at 9am - 3pm in Therwine St

- Every Sunday 8am-2pm Carpark of the Speewah Tavern, Speewah Road. 6ks past Kuranda

Mt Sheridan Markets

Malanda Markets

- the first Sunday of each month at Morrow Park Race Course

Mareeba Markets

- every 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month at the Tully Showgrounds.

- 2nd Saturday of every month

- the 3rd Saturday of each month from 6am - noon at Jack May Park

Night Markets

- Everyday from 4.30pm-11pm, Entry from Espanade or Abbott Street, Cairns

Northern Beaches Markets

Mission Beach Markets

- the 3rd Sunday of each month from 9am - 3pm, Smithfield Shopping Centre

Tanks Art Centre Markets

- the 2nd Saturday of each month at Centenary Park, Byrnes Street - 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month from 6.30am - noon, Opposite Hideaway

- the last Sunday of each month from 9am-1pm, Cairns

Monster Markets

- the last Sunday of each month from 8am - 2pm, April til

Tolga Markets

BY: Tamara Cameron

(1) Sit on the ground with your legs in straddle to check the correct position. Your chest should be up and your feet come up to your hands (not your hands down to your feet). Practice this action on the ground. (2) Now for the jump….Standing with your hands in a high V (arms above your head) swing them across your body to the front allowing them to continue back up to a T motion (see picture). At the lowest part of the arm swing you need to bend your knees. As the arms start coming up you jump up and swing your legs out towards your hands. (3) The landing…always land with your feet together and knees bent to prevent injuring your ankles, knees and back. TIP: While learning how to do the arm swing, practice with a star jump (jetstar jump) and then progress to the toe touch.

- Held the 4th Saturday of each month from 7.30am - 12.30pm in the Main Street

Swap Meet @ Rodeo Drive-in Mareeba

- open every Sunday from april til september, Highway 3 (Near Bremerton Airport)

Cairns Esplanade Markets by thE lagoon

Pottery, Handcrafted Wall Hangings, Jewellery, Candles, Soap, Artworks, Children’s Clothing, Dresses, Shoes, Airbrush Hats, Aboriginal Art, Glassworks, Cards, Tea, Mango Products, Woodwork, Leadlight, Wild Nature Skin Care, Opals, Bone Carvings, Frog on a Log, Landscape and Underwater Photography, Gemstones, Dog Collars, Ceramics, Craftwork, Cairns on CD, Hair Braiding and Tarot... and much more...

every saturday 8am - 5pm by the lagoon


(Photos become property of Awesome Cheerleading & may appear on website or other print material).


Yummy ice cream making experiment You will need: - 1/2 cup of milk - 1/2 cup of cream, it’s meant to taste good! - Chocolate or strawberry topping - 2 medium strong plastic freezer bags or zip-loc bags - 1 large plastic freezer bag or zip-loc - 1/2 cup of salt, crushed ice and a hand towel

Instructions: (1) Mix the milk, cream and topping in the mixing bowl, or you can mix it inside one of the bags. (2) Seal the freezer bag with ice cream mixture by tying a knot or using the zip-loc. Try to get most of the air out of the bag before you seal it. (3) Place the ice cream bag inside another bag, i.e. double bagging to avoid breakage.

Remember to send in your photos to This month the best toe touch picture will win a copy of the NEW Australian Cheerleader Magazine courtesy of Awesome Cheerleading.

See if you can spot the 5 differences. Don’t stop until you find them all!

Tully Markets

Yungaburra Markets

How to do a toe touch

Mossman Markets

Kuranda Markets

Esplanade Markets


(4) Mix the salt through the crushed ice in the mixing bowl.

(5) Place the tied bag inside the large freezer bag (check for holes – you dont want salty ice cream!). (6) Fill the large bag with the crushed ice and salt mixture. Push out the air and seal the bag. (7)

Holding the bag using a hand towel, gently massage or shake the bag to cool the ice cream mixture. Make sure the crushed ice surrounds the inner ice cream bag, it will help with cooling.

(8) After 15 minutes your ice cream should be ready!. The salt causes the ice to melt. Why? Water normally freezes at 0oC, however adding the salt causes the freezing point of the ice to be lowered. A 10% solution of salt in water lowers the freezing point of water to - 6oC, where as a 20% salt solution lowers the freezing point to - 16oC. Salt water therefore needs a lower temperature to become a solid. This means that you end up having ‘super cooled water’ touching the inner bag, which helps to freeze the ice cream inside.


pak review Space Buddies DVD

Bulletin #20 The totally amazing, incredible, fantastic adventures of Bopstar, Bree and the Boppers! Bulletin: Part XX

Last Edition: “You must take this and use it to save the people of the Far North when they are in need and keep them safe from the evils of the world! I won’t accept no for an answer.” explained Bob. With much gratitude, the three Boppers agreed to take Bob’s masterpiece and use it to fight crime, beat villains and help the residents of North Queensland. “What should we call it?” asked Trent excitely. Bree quickly replied, “I know! We will call it the Bobopstar Mobile!” And with that the Boppers all jumped in the Bobopstar Mobile and embarked on their journey to defeat the selfproclaimed evil, diabolical & most ruthless villain in the world! As the boppers headed out of the inlet of Port Douglas and reached the ocean, Trent decided to shift the Bobopstar Mobile into ‘Submarine mode’. With the quick push of the button and gentle turn of the lever, the Bopstars were swiftly gliding through the ocean in

their new specially built craft. “WOW! Look at all the fish, dolphins and the big manta-rays!” announced Eleese, as her face was pressed against the cabin glass. The boppers began to get closer and closer to the Coconut Cruiser when Trent whispered, “We must be quiet so that they can’t hear us from above.” With only the woosh of the Bobopstar mobile being able to be heard as it scooted along the sea floor, the Boppers slowly and quietly snuck up to the anchor side of the cruise ship. “We must quietly climb up the anchor rope to get aboard and I will prepare the automatedcontrol-assisted-amplitudinal-alternating-crossdivingcapacitor.” stated Trent, confusing both Eleese and Bree. “What did you say?” asked Bree, with a very perplexed facial expression. “I need to get the autopilot ready so that the Bobopstar mobile will be ready in Helicopter mode if we need to escape.” replied Trent, remembering to talk in laymen’s terms. The Boppers approached the anchor rope, quietly climbed out of their sub and slowly up the chain. Slowly… quietly… creepily… all three boppers ventured up the swaying anchor rope to reach the deck and scope out the onboard status. Finally, Bree and Eleese reached the main deck and silently boarded the Coconut Cruiser. Following close behind, Trent jumped aboard and huddled with the girls to devise a plan to regain control of the ship from the mad man. All of a sudden, a large flash light shone on all three boppers. “Don’t move!” said the figure, carrying the flashlight. With no escape option, the boppers were trapped. What were they going to do? Was it over before they had even begun? To Be Continued…

Where there’s a SHOW that needs a GLOW, a SMARTY that needs a PARTY, Bree and the boppers are ready to entertain the people of Cairns! But when Trouble arises and there’s no one else to call, The Bopstars use their Super Special Powers and embark on Exciting Expeditions to protect and preserve.


> Rating: G > Category: Family > Released on DVD: 1/7/09 Disney’s irresistible talking puppies are back in an all new movie that takes them where no other Buddy has been before-the moon! With some help from some stellar new friends, this out of this world adventure is one small step for dog, one giant leap for dogkind. Overflowing with intergalactic action and heart, Space Buddies is an amazing tale of team work and loyalty that celebrates the journey of life and the friendships made along the way. For your chance to win a civic prize pack, simply tell us the first human to make it to the moon.

Civic & PakMag Competition Send your answer to: Civic Comp, PO Box 7433, Cairns, Qld 4870 or email us at: Don’t forget to add your details (Name, Age, Email, Address and Phone Number). Entries close 20th July 2009.

Question 1: What day is the Hartley’s Creek Anniversary on? Question 2: Who sponsored the Fashion Parade at the Teddy Bears Picnic? Question 3:

Answer all the questions and you could win a fantastic prize pak!!!

What is “Pinks” real name? Question 4: What is happening for the school holidays at Mount Sheridan Plaza this month? Question 5: Which installment of Ice Age is now on at Birch Carroll and Coyle?

Entries close: 20th July 2009 Email your answers to: Or post your answers to: Battle of the Brains, PAK MAG, PO Box 7433 Cairns Qld 4870


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Frog Facts

Proudly brought to you by Zoo to You Port Douglas Carni

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PAK Facts

ch Day

Port Douglas Carnivale Bea

Did you know?

In Australia we have over 200 different types of frogs which have been inhabitating a wide range of habitats from deserts to tropical rainforest for over 180 million years. Frogs are called amphibians and like us have a back bone or spine which are other wise known as vertebrates.  Frogs are like reptiles and are ectothermic or otherwise known as “cold blooded”. This means they reley on external souces for their body heat.  Some frogs bury themselves in sand or mud, some hide in gardens or under plant pots and some become dormant during the colder months whilst waiting for the summer rains. Most frogs rely on water to lay their eggs, which is done by the female then fertilised straight after by the male.  The eggs then hatch into tadpoles which then spend all of their time in the water. These tadpoles have gills and can’t live out of the water until they develop legs and emerge as a breathing frog.  This process is called metamorphosis, which is the process from egg to tadpole to frog. Frogs are primarily insect eaters and will be happy to eat anything from cicadas to moths, beetles to grasshoppers, house flies to crickets and earthworms to cockroaches.  It is not unusual for a large adult green tree frog to even eat small mammals like mice.  Their food is caught by their unusual sticky tongue and is sometimes helped to be pushed into its mouth by its two front feet.  Frogs can’t chew their food and so it must be swallowed whole.


Did you know that it is only the male frog who croaks? Male frogs are responsible for all that noise. They use their vocal sac under their chin and try to call the loudest to either claim their territory or call for a mate (girlfriend). Did you know that when a frog eats it must blink its eyes? Frogs can not chew like we can, they must swallow their food whole, but this process alone can be difficult. Blinking their eyes when swallowing helps push the food further down their throat. ch Day

Did you know frogs shed their skin as it grows? It pulls the old skin over its head towards its mouth and eats it.  This then will reveal its new skin.

Port Douglas Carnivale Bea

Flower Power Baby

Did you know the largest green tree frog in the world is found right here in north queensland? The white lipped green tree frog or otherwise know as the giant treefrog is found in the tropical rainforest and can grow up to 140mm long.


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Yoga for mum & baby: Dagmar Hirsch, a midwife and yoga teacher, tells us how yoga can alleviate typical conditions experienced by new mums Yoga is very beneficial for anybody but particularly for new and expecting Mum’s. As a new Mum it is important to remember that our bodies are always in transition so don’t think that you have to be exactly the same as your were before being pregnant. However you can expect to be healthy, vital and strong again. There are some typical concerns that are often experienced by new Mum’s so try these yoga poses to help alleviate them:

Weakened Pelvic Floor All of that pushing during labor understandably makes for a compromised pelvic floor. After birth, it’s common to experience lessened sexual sensation or an annoying leakage of urine after a sneeze or a hearty chuckle. But it’s no laughing matter: A serious weakness could lead to an organ prolapse; an organ that shifts outside of its normal position. Kegel Exercises will correct incontinence and strengthen the pelvic floor. Sit cross-legged or lie on your back and then quickly squeeze the muscles that stop the flow of urine. Make the contractions progressively longer: squeeze for five, hold for five, and release for five. Repeat 10 times.

Aching neck and shoulders Many new Mums experience neck and shoulder aches as a result of being hunched over feeding for hours. It can also cause headaches and back pain. While feeding, focus on keeping the shoulders away from the ears and the shoulder blades down the back. For a more active approach between feeds, try bringing the right arm overhead, bend at the elbow and turn the palm inward. Bring the left arm out to the side and parallel to the floor and turn the palm outward. Bring palms together behind the back, using a strap if they don’t touch. Hold for five breaths, release, and repeat to the other side.

Loss of Endurance After your baby is born, you might notice that running up the stairs isn’t as easy as it was a year ago. This is natural and results from pregnancy affecting your exercise routine and then the fatigue from labor and looking after a newborn. To help rebuild your stamina try some yoga standing poses such as the Warrior II pose: stand with legs four feet apart, turn the right foot in and the left foot out 90 degrees. Bring your arms out to the sides, parallel to the floor, as you bend the left knee over the left ankle. Reach out with your arms and hold for five breaths. Repeat on the other side.


Weakened Abs The standard recommendation for abdominal exercises is to wait 4-6 weeks after a vaginal birth, and 8 weeks after a caesarean birth. It is important to strengthen your pelvic floor before starting abdominal work and also start gently and slowly. Start by doing some Pelvic Rocking. Lie on your back and tuck your belly button in toward your spine; exhale and tilt your pelvis up, inhale and tilt your pelvis back. Continue to rock your pelvis back and forth for gentle strengthening of the abdomen. Repeat 20 times.

Fatigue Unfortunately there isn’t a yoga pose to cure sleepless nights but there are ways to help you deal with the inevitable fatigue. ‘Legs up the Wall’ pose aids relaxation and rejuvenation. Lay with your right hip against a wall and a pillow under both hips. Then slowly swing your legs up onto the wall, bring your arms out to the sides, and breathe deeply. Hold for two minutes. Dagmar teaches the following yoga classes at the Cairns Yoga Academy (142 Grafton St): • Mum and Me - Friday 11am • Pregnancy Yoga - Tuesday 4:15 pm • Labour Workshops for Couples – next one 7 Aug 5:30 pm


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Sign language for babies Communicating with little ones before they’ve mastered the art of conversation can be a pretty frustrating exercise for all involved, but research suggests that toddlers have the ability to communicate with their hands at least 6-12 months before they start talking. Mum, Emma Hume will soon be bringing Australian Baby Hands classes to Cairns where your baby can be taught to ‘talk’ to you and open up conversation. The classes are suitable for children from six months to three years of age and in just one hour a week; you will learn a number of basic signs to help enrich your daily communications. According to Emma the classes are very interactive in a relaxed and social setting and they are designed to be lots of fun for both Mum and baby. Perhaps not surprisingly, Baby Sign Language has been shown to help reduce the frustration and tantrums of the terrible twos. It can also help lay the ground work for later literacy and social development. So, the deliberate teaching of basic gestures to form a sign language can really help child effectively communicate want they want well before they are able to speak. Sign language is really just a natural progression of how children start communicating anyway – the reason why songs like Twinkle Twinkle are so popular with young children is because the signs help them understand what the song is about. In Australia a baby sign language called Australian Baby Hands was developed using Auslan (Australian Sign Language). Local

intelligent designs for your baby's bum

pop in..& indulge in a practical + whimsical collection of organic products designed to leave only the gentlest touch upon our children + our earth. tribe hosts regular nappy classes workshops + unique baby shower parties + has an entertaining area for kids tribe is the hq for nurture nappies + bumgenius in australia

“Teaching your baby to sign is not only enjoyable, it has real benefits for you, your child and the rest of the family as well. My four year old son has a great time signing to my one year old daughter and is forever asking me to teach him new signs”, said Emma. If you would like to find out more about Australian Baby Hands classes, or baby sign language in general, contact Emma Hume 4036 1770 or email or visit the website

Mareeba’s marvelous midwives! By Amanda Mathiot Choosing where to deliver your baby is an important and significant decision in any parent’s life. Usually it’s taken for granted that labour and birth will take place at the local public or private hospital. Four years ago, that choice was nearly taken away from families in Mareeba, with the local Maternity Unit close to shutting their doors for good, due to lack of medical staff in the area. In true community spirit the Tablelands rallied behind the hospital and supported the opening of a Midwife-led model of care. Thanks to this support the unit is going stronger than ever, delivering more


then 150 babies per year. As a pregnant Mum on the Tablelands at the time, I was relieved that the unit stayed open. Having already had two of my children at the hospital, I was devastated at the thought of giving birth in another town. If this unit closed it would’ve added extra traveling time and financial costs to my family for antenatal appointments. Not to mention that I was secretly in love with their single family rooms in the unit. They are a new Mum’s dream come true. Especially if you have toddlers or older children, who would like to visit the new addition. Another quality that was important to me about the Unit is the fact that I only saw one or two

Midwives during my antenatal care and ‘my’ Midwife was called in to deliver my baby. The one on one care is essential in building a trust and special relationship that continues on during the labour, birth and the post natal care. At the Mareeba Maternity Unit, they offer immunisations for baby and mother, Pap smears, lactation consultants and a newborn and family drop in service. For a family with a new baby these services are invaluable and help free up the local GP’s. So, congratulations to the Mareeba Maternity Unit for your 4 years in operation and I hope there are many more to come.


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Doing it tough Motherhood presents many challenges and for local young Mum Bridey Zell it led to a breakdown. Here she tells us her story of how her struggle led to a journey of self-discovery. situation that I didn’t feel ready for and from this perspective failed to see motherhood for the beautiful journey that it is. I felt completely lost, and not even those closest to me could really help me, as much as they wanted to. Crying out for change, I began to deeply question everything around me. It was at this point that I noticed a book that had been sitting in my bookshelf, untouched, for years, a self-help book. Always the avid reader, I felt that it may give me something to start with, so I read it even though it didn’t necessarily give me any new information. However it reminded me that I have the power to create my own reality and it gave me a thirst to read even more books. Eventually I began to change the way I was thinking and to find some balance.

Ask me six months ago what being a young a mum is like, and I probably wouldn’t have been very positive. I am a 25 year old stay-at-home mother to two small boys and have found the last two years challenging to say the least. I was 22 when my first son was born, and his younger brother followed 15 months later, turning my world upside-down. I was engaged to my fiancé when I first discovered I was pregnant, and we got married when our youngest was four months old. My days became endless cycles of dirty bottoms, sleepless nights, and ABC kids. I felt as though I lost my identity as anything other than a mother and wife. I felt very negative and eventually had a breakdown. Looking back I can see this was a gift as it became the catalyst for a journey in self-discovery. At this point I need to acknowledge that many of the negative things I felt about being a mother were created in my own mind. I felt alone, but I had people around me all the time. I felt like I never had time to myself, but I could have asked for it at any point. I felt like I was being judged for being a young mother, but in the end it does not matter what other people think about you. I saw other friends going out and enjoying themselves, and wanted to be with them. I felt trapped in a


I am now able to see the positives about being a young mum. My body has bounced back after having two babies very close together and I have plenty of energy to chase around after them. We certainly have lots of fun together. I also have peace of mind that I will be young enough to see grand children and possibly great grand children (touch wood). I have begun taking up hobbies and even socialising with friends. I know that when my children start school, I will have more time to pursue my own desires, a career, or further studies. Of course, it’s easy to find both the positives and negatives in any given situation in life, it just depends what you choose to focus on. For me, becoming a mother has forced me to take a good look at myself. I’ve gone through the process of questioning who I am, what my values and beliefs are and how I present myself in the world. It’s been challenging at times, but it’s all been a part of the process of growing up, and I certainly wouldn’t have it any other way.

WIN a mystery Prize!!! Send in your experiences of parenthood and you could win a prize to the value of $30. Email your story to: Entries close: 20 July 2009.


locals discount guide for adults and $12.80 for children. They also have an annual pass available which is $140 for families, $56 for adults and $28 for children (4-15 yrs).

Cairns Wildlife Safari Reserve There’s nothing quite like the thrill of a pride of lions charging towards you! And there’s new animals arriving all the time. A great time of year to visit the Safari Reserve and locals receive a 10% discount which brings the prices to $25.20 for adults and $12.60 for kids.

Cairns Fishing & Boat Hire Fancy taking the kids fishing, but don’t have a boat? Here is your answer! From only $7.50pp your family can go up the Trinity Inlet fishing at their special spots. They even offer a 10% discount for locals, plus if you book before 9am you get free rod hire. Call 40514139 for info. Photo courtesy of Reef Magic Cruises

PakMag’s guide to Tourism for locals:

There’s never been a better time for FNQ residents to visit our local tourist attractions. The global financial crisis and swine flu have dealt a swift kick in the crutch to our local tourism operators but what’s bad news for them is absolutely great news for us. Minimal crowds, empty car parks, locals discounts and special deals – what’s stopping you? So, take the kids along now to visit some of our world class attractions before the hordes start returning! Many of our local tourism operators offer discounts for locals if you take along some ID. Here’s our rundown:


Capta Group


The Capta Group, which includes the Cairns Wildlife Dome, Rainforestation (Kuranda), The Butterfly Sanctuary (Kuranda) and the Rainforest Habitat in Port Douglas have a locals discount on their 4-Park Passes. So, you can visit all 4 attractions in 6 months for $70 for adults, $35 for kids or $175 for a Family Pass. If you’re keen you can also buy an annual pass which allows you unlimited entry to all attractions for a year ($249).

The Aboriginal cultural centre offers a 30% discount to locals and this also applies to any visiting friends or family you take along with you. Prices are $23.10 for adults and $11.55 kids for kids.

Cairns Tropical Zoo A 20% discount is available for locals with photo ID which brings the prices down to $64.00 for a family pass, $25.60

Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures Celebrating 75 years of operation this winter, Hartley’s is the place for croc fans. Lots of birthday celebrations are scheduled for the weekend of 25/26 July. On Saturday 25th there is a free sausage sizzle (from 11.30am) and birthday cake plus wildlife presentation. All local children (0-15 yrs) will be free of charge and locals rates are available for adults (20% discount which brings it down to $25.60)

Skyrail If you haven’t done it yet, the Skyrail is a great way to travel to Kuranda with fabulous views and stop offs to look at the rainforest along the way. Locals can receive a 20% with photo ID and your visiting guests are also eligible for a 10% discount.

Kuranda Scenic Railway A 20% discount is available to locals upon presentation of photo ID. Prices including the discount are as follows: > Adult $32.80 one way, $48.80 return > Child $16.80 one way, $24.80 return > Family pass $82.40 one way, $122.40 return

Koala Gardens (Kuranda) For those who love cuddly koalas, Koala Gardens offer a 20% discount to local residents. So ticket prices are $12.80 for adults and $6.40 for kids. The name is slightly misleading because they also have kangaroos and other furry Aussie friends.

Reef Magic You might be thinking it’s a bit chilly for the Reef at this time of year but don’t forget it’s also whale watching time with both Minke and Humpbacks enjoying our warm tropical waters to rear their young. What kids don’t like the idea of spotting a whale! Reef Magic are locally owned and operated and they have always been fully supportive of the community in terms of offering good locals discounts of 40%. They also have a huge pontoon which is great for the kids. Local’s prices are $105 for adults, $54 for kids (4-14 inclusive, 0-3 FOC). Visiting family or friends can also get a 10% discount. For bookings and enquiries call 4031 1588 or email

Sunlover Sunlover also has a pontoon which is good for the kids and for those who prefer a lie-in their boat departs at 10am. There are offering a bargain 50% off to locals with a minimum of 2 people travelling which makes it $310 for a family pass of 2 adults and 2 kids. For bookings call 1800 810 512 or visit their website

Big Cat Big Cat offer 30% discounts on their trips to Green Island (local ID required) which brings the prices down to $51.10 for adults and $28.00 for kids. You can go for a half or full day and the tour includes your trip over to Green Island plus a choice of snorkeling equipment or a glass bottom boat tour. For no additional charge, families can participate in the Family Fun Pak that includes a tour of the wheelhouse to meet the skipper, a Big Cat colouring-in sheet, guided island walk and a glass bottom boat tour which is specifically designed for families. Esky’s are very welcome for beach picnics on the island. For more

information or to book call 4051 0444 or email

Great Adventures A 30% locals discount applies to any of Quicksilver’s Great Barrier Reef cruises from Cairns and Port Douglas. Standard prices for adult fares range from $51.10 for a trip to Green Island with Great Adventures and up to $141.40 for a trip to Agincourt Reef with Quicksilver. Also ask about family fares. For bookings, call Port Douglas 4087 2100 or Cairns 4044 9944. Local ID required.

Cairns Habitat Cruises Why not head up the Inlet for a ‘calm water cruise’ (ie. no seasickness!) and get a different view of our local landscape and finish off with a visit to a Crocodile Farm. It takes 3 hours and there’s a 30% discount for locals with your local ID. That makes the prices $41.30 for adults and $20.65 for kids.

Paronella Park No discounts available but buying a full priced ticket gives you an annual pass and if you bring visitors back with you the pass gets automatically renewed. Admission entitles you to join all the tours including the night time tours and one nights camping. Family passes are $86, adults $32 and kids $15.

MaMu Rainforest Canopy Walk Whilst you’re down south near Innisfail why not go and check out this relatively new tourist attraction. Locals are entitled to a 20% discount on presentation of ID which brings the prices down to: $16 for adults, $8 for kids 4-14 and $40 for a family pass.

Daintree Discovery Centre The number one tourist attraction in the Daintree and winner of several awards, locals are entitled to a 20% discount which makes the prices $22.40 for adults, $11.20 for kids and Family Passes are $54.40. They also stamp the guide book you’re given so that you can go back free of charge for unlimited visits in a year if you take along fee paying guests.


pak vouchers

a trip to...

95c HIRE of any GAME or DVD

Rainforestation I don’t know for sure but I’m willing to bet that not many local residents have ever bothered going to the Rainforestation Nature Park just outside Kuranda and, whilst there’s no doubt it’s perfectly set up for international tourists, it’s also a great daytrip for the kids. To sum it up, Rainforestation is like one of those tasting plates you get in restaurants in that it gives you a little taste of everything Australian in bite-sized chunks. Set on 100 acres of gorgeous rainforest, you get to experience a bit of indigenous culture, some native wildlife and a ride in a WW2 Army Duck through the forest all in one place. Consequently it’s great for the kids because it has so many varied things to do and see. Rainforestation is basically comprised of 3 separate attractions which you can visit separately or as one big package. We decided to do the ‘Big Nature Package’ which includes all 3 attractions and started off by going to the Aboriginal cultural centre where our very amusing guide showed us how to hunt with spears before letting us dribble down didgeridoos and chuck boomerangs around the paddock. After trimming the grass and lopping down a few tree


branches with random boomerang throws much to the entertainment of the kids in the group, we headed off to the amphitheatre to watch some Aboriginal dancing. We then hopped aboard an old amphibious Army Duck. The owners of Rainforestation bought about 11 of these old World War II vehicles for driving visitors through trees and water and whilst they’re noisy fuel-guzzlers they are also a novelty factor (and a collector’s item). Our guide gave us a really good tour of the rainforest and pointed out some interesting things that even us locals didn’t know. After the 45 minute Duck Tour we had a quick walk around the tropical fruit orchard before heading off for our huge and delicious BBQ lunch (an extra $25 for adults and $12.50 for kids). Yummy lunch and a glass of wine on the deck overlooking a lake – you can’t ask for much more than that. One last thing to

do before the littlies had their nap in the car on the way home; a stroll through the nature park to pat wallabies and kangaroos and gawp at the big crocs. I can honestly say the whole family had a great time so Rainforestation is well checking out. Rainforestation is located on the Kennedy Highway (on the right hand side about 5 minutes before Kuranda). The Big Nature Package is $39 for adults, $19.50 for kids and a family pass is $97.50. As part of the Capta Group, there is also an annual pass available for locals which allows you to visit all Capta Group attractions as many times as you like for a year (inc. Cairns Wildlife Dome, Rainforestation, Butterfly Sanctuary and Rainforest Habitat in Port Douglas). This annual pass costs $99 for adults, $49 for kids and $249 for families. A payment plan is available is you pay on credit card - $49 the first month and then $50 per month for 4 months.


95c HIRE of any GAME or DVD


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Conditions: 1 adult meal over $12 = 1 Free Kids Meal. Not available with any other promotional offers. Valid until 31/07/09.


Valid Aplin St Cold Rock, Shop 7 Trilogy Tower until May 30.

Valid Aplin St Cold Rock, Shop 7 Trilogy Tower until May 30.

Valid Aplin St Cold Rock, Shop 7 Trilogy Tower until May 30.

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Only one voucher per person per day

Only one voucher per person per day

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Tawny loved by Jessica

SERVICES es fashion

Juliet loved by Errol

Tia Maria Pierce lov

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Pak Review:

• Jacinta Frizelle, Julatten • Gus James Howard, Edge Hill

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• Leo Wales, Bentley Park

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holiday guide

School holidays: Check out our highlights of what’s going on around Cairns during the winter holidays.

Entertainment [1] Civic Theatre Jungle Book – A Musical Tale’ is showing at various times on 9 & 10 July. Call Ticketlink on-1300 885 835 for bookings. [2] Movies The new kids/family movies being released through Birch Carroll & Coyle during the holidays are: Ice Age 3 (Wednesday 1st July) and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (July 16th). Baby in arms session for parents with younger children are on every Wednesday too. Ring 4057 0000 for movie session times or visit www.birch. for more info. [3] Libraries Have something on for kids of all ages and talents these holidays including; comedy workshops, kindy dance, puppet making, cheerleading, scrap booking, jazz and funk classes, origami and poetry workshops to name a few! There is also free internet, DVD’s, games, board games, and a Nintendo Wii to play. For more info download it off our website or call 4044 3727 for times and program details [4] Shopping Centres a. Cairns Central The Face of Cairns Central Model Search will run heats from 6-10 July (11am1pm). Sign on days are Sat 27 June 112pm and Thursday 2 July (4-7pm). Age groups are junior (6-9), pre teens (10-13), teens (14-17) and adults (18+). The final will be on Saturday 11 July 11am. b. Stockland 29 June - 5 July there will be the Buzz

Game Show with a chance to win a PS3 and Buzz Quiz TV package. During the second week (6-11 July) check out the roving reptiles and display (10am-3pm). c. Mount Sheridan Polly’s Crafts will be conducting sand play and shrink art weekdays 10am-2pm during the holidays.

Activities [1] Go Bowling A fun family outing and during the holidays the following package is available for $19.50: 2 games of tenpin bowling, shoe hire, 4 game zone tokens, a lolly bag, fantastic coffee shop discount vouchers, plus the chance to WIN a ASUS Netbook (valued at over $600). Pease St, Manoora Ph: 4053 3497. Website: [2] AJ Hackett Great for older kids, both bungy’s and minjin swings have an age-weight minimum of 10 years or 45 kgs. Check out their annual local’s passes for your thrill seeking teens. Sunday Sessions feature live music, a BBQ and jumping castle from 1-6pm. Located: McGregor Rd, Smithfield. Tel: 4057 7188 [3] Cairns Indoor Sports Their ‘multi-sport madness’ program is open everyday 1pm-3pm and allows the kids to try lots of different sports. Cost $7. Located: 164 Mayers St, Manunda Ph: 4032 2844

Classes & Programmes [1] JUTE Professional acting workshops are being run across 4 days (30 June – 3 July). The

‘Jungle Book Workshop’ is suitable for 7-10 year olds and the ‘Theatre & Play Building Workshop’ is suitable for 11-14 year olds. Both cost $220 for the 4 days. Bookings essential – phone 4050 9444 or go to for more info. [2] Academy of TV Got a budding film or TV actor in your house? The Academy of TV has workshops with top industry professionals for different age ranges from 7yrs to adult. Call 4059 1141 or email for more info. [3] Cairns Regional Gallery The Gallery’s school holiday workshops start on Monday 29 June (10am-12 noon each day) and are repeated during the second week from 6 July. The kids are taken on a tour of the current exhibitions followed by a practical workshop tutored by a different artist each day. [4] Tanks Tanks are running a new Theatre Boot Camp from 6-8 July aimed at developing skills in comedy, scriptwriting and physical theatre. Suitable for 10-18 year olds. Cost $90. Sessions cost $18 or $80 for the week. Bookings essential – call Kellie Robson on 4046 4888. [5] Barron Valley Gymnastics Club Lots of fun and games with crafts, cooking activities and lots more. No gymnastics experience or leotards needed – it’s all playtime. Suitable for kids 5+. Cost $25 per day. Times: 9.00am-3.00pm. Venue: Barron Valley Gymnastics Club, 46 Magazine St, Stratford. Phone: 4055 1711.

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DIY pak projects

Looking for a UNIQUE PERSONALISED Gift for a special child?

Hand print crafts Music, Books, Poems, Posters, Toys, Back to school supplies and much more....

Arts and crafts that involve a child’s hand prints are extra special for a parent. It’s a lovely keepsake and reminder of how small their hands were and how fast they grow.

By Amanda Mathiot

[3] Cut out the tracing’s.

Here are a couple of fun Hand Print Crafts to share with your children.

[4] Get your child to glue or staple the handprint tracings to the paper plate - the fingers are the suns rays.

Sun Paper Plate Craft Bring a bit of sunshine to your winter days with this simple craft. Made from a paper plate and a child’s handprint cut outs. Equipment needed • A paper plate • Yellow construction paper or cardboard • Scissors • Glue (or a stapler) • Crayons, paint or markers • Googly eyes (optional) • String (we used fishing line) What you need to do: [1] Paint the back side of a paper plate yellow. If you like you can paint both sides or just colour in the front. [2] While the paint is drying trace your child’s hand on yellow construction paper about 7 times.


• Glue • Green paint • A brush (or just use your finger) • Pen or pencil

[5] Give your sun some personality. Drawing a mouth and a nose. Either draw the eyes or glue on googly eyes.

What you need to do:

[6] Pierce a hole through the top and thread string though.

[2] Cut a flower shape out of colourful construction paper. Make sure that the flower is a bit bigger than the round picture of the child, but small enough so that it will fit on the paper.

[7] Then find a nice hanging spot.

Photo Blossom Craft This is a simple keepsake craft made from a child’s photo, a child’s handprint, and construction paper.

[3] Glue the paper flower towards the top of a piece of paper. [4] Using green paint, draw a stem for your flower.

• A piece of light-coloured construction paper (white, pale blue, pale yellow, etc) - for the background

[5] Have your child make two green handprints near the base of the stem - these will be the flower’s leaves.

• One piece of brightly coloured construction paper - for the flower petals

[6] Glue the picture of the child to the centre of the flower

• Scissors

To You

[1] Cut a circle around the head of a picture of your child (this will be the centre of the flower)

Equipment needed:

• A photo of your child

[7] Write the child’s name (and the date, if you wish) on the paper.

Available for parties, school visits and events Phone: 0415 696 439 Website: Covering the Greater Cairns area

Fishing, boating and croc spotting Looking for a UNIQUE PERSONALISED Gift for a special child?

From $7.50pp

• Party Room on request *

* Subject to availability

Music, Books, Poems, Posters,$30/hour) Toys, Back to (minimum school supplies and much more.... > Present this ad or local

Phone 4051 4139

Berth A1, Marlin Wharf Cairns

ID for 10% discount > Free rod hire for

booking before 9am


It’s Showtime! Margaret Oxley gives us the rundown on what to expect from this years’ Cairns Show The Cairns Show is one of FNQ’s biggest events of the year and this year will no exception with an exciting line-up of entertainment planned including all your usual favourites plus some new attractions. In the Main Arena the acts this year include the Toyota Hilux Heroes, the Flying Lotahs who will be attempting to ride a motorbike on a high tightrope and also the Tjapukai Dancers who will be performing at the Show for the very first time. For the kids one of the biggest highlights will be the Circus Tent where the Robinson Circus will be performing 3 shows a day. In between their shows there will be entertainment from special

guests Bananas in Pyjamas and the Tjapukai Dancers. Also, for the kids there’s the ever popular animal nursery. This year in addition to all the usual cute and cuddly baby animals there will be two baby water buffaloes. Then there’s all the other animals, fairy floss, toffee apples, showbags and fireworks and lots more. To find out more go to

This year at the Cairns Show

15th-17th July 2009

Discounted tickets are available at Raintrees Shopping Centre and Cairns Show Association Office two weeks prior to the Show. Also Bonus Dollars can be pre-purchased. Buy $30 worth of rides, drinks and food in Side Show Alley for just $25. For further info please contact Cairns Show Society on (07) 4042 6666 or email or check out


comps for kids Heaps of comps to enter! Heaps of categories to choose from! For more information & entry forms: Call Kelly 4042 6630 or email:

Proudly sponsored by



What I just saw!

She quickly turns and asks, “What’s so funny, Billy?”

A new teacher was giving an assignment to her class one day. It was a large assignment so she started writing high up on the chalkboard. Suddenly there was a giggle from one of the male students. She quickly turned and asked, “What’s so funny Pat?”

“Well teacher, I just saw both of your garters.”

“Well teacher, I just saw one of your garters.”

Embarrassed, she drops the eraser when she turns around, so she bends over to pick it up.

“Get out of my classroom!” she yells, “I don’t want to see you for three days.” The teacher turns back to the chalkboard. Realizing she had forgotten to title the assignment; she reaches to the very top of the chalkboard. Suddenly there is an even louder giggle from another male student.

1 4




5 4







8 2

4 6





4 4

2 3


4 7



1 5

2 3


Again she yells, “Get out of my classroom!” This time the punishment is more severe, “I don’t want to see you for three weeks.” She says.

This time there is an all out belly laugh from another male student. She quickly turns to see Little Johnny leaving the classroom. “Where do you think you are going?” she asks. “Well teacher, from what I just saw, my school days are over.”

Down 1. Offer 2. Poem 3. Brew 4. Replay 5. Garment 6. Impulse 7. Look searchingly 13. Latin-American dance 14. Transcript 15. Long-eared mammal 16. Golf club 19. Tree 20. Litigate 21. Decimal base



Across 1. Male hog 5. Small drinking container 8. Not working 9. Metal-bearing mineral 10. Cervid 11. Historic period 12. Speak 14. High quality porcelain 17. Paddle 18. Cosy or secluded retreat 22. Argument for 23. Adhesive 24. Japanese currency 25. Portent

Who sings this song? 1. Layla 2. Sister Golden Hair 3. Big Girls Don’t Cry

4. Follow Me 5. So Beautiful 6. Gypsy

Email or post your answers to us: competitions@pakmag, or PO BOX 7433 Cairns 4870. Don't forget to include details. Entries close: 20th July 2009.





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At Cairns Central we’re looking for the ‘Face of Cairns Central’ with over $15,000 in prizes to be won including a trip to Brisbane to complete the Dally’s Model Management 5 day Professional Modelling Program. Sign On Days - Saturday 27 June (11am-2pm) & Thursday 2 July (4-7pm) at Centre Court Heats - Monday 6 - Friday 10 July (11am & 1pm) Grand Final - Saturday 11 July (11am) For further information contact: 2XS Model Management 4031 6116 or visit Terms & Conditions apply see entry forms for details.



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