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amun s ikander khan & has nain bo khari’ s meh ndi Issue 20, 19-25 January, 2014

Issue 20, 19-25 January, 2014




10 The Dynamic Duo Sana Safinaz launched their flagship store at Centaurus Mall, Islamabad. 20 Cambridge Takes Over Cambridge flagship store launch. 30 Walking on Air Amun Sikander Khan & Hasnain Bokhari’s Fabulous Mehndi. 34 Gold Dust By Sana Salman 40 In the Spotlight Mehrbano Sethi 43 What We Fancy Find out what tickles our fancy 46 Faux Real How to stay stylishly warm this winter



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highway to happiness

Mikail Khan & Izza Sami celebrated their wedding reception at the fabulous Enterprise. Neveen Syed of Narcissus was responsible for the stunning decor & Faisal Farooqui was there to capture all the fun moments.

Mikail Khan & Izza Sami

Alizeh Ashraf, Natasha Qizilbash & Ali Syed

Zahida Ahsanuddin &Sundus Nabila& Sami Mustapha 08


Yasmine Khan 2014

Zahra Khan, Mohsin Hamid & Dina

Ali Tariq, Usman Naeem, Shahid Akbar, Raza Ali & Saad Ahsanuddin

Abeera Sami Ahsanuddin & Seher Tareen

Salmaan Asghar & Sarah Ghauri

Abdus Sami

Nadeem Khan

Ayesha Noon & Ammar Khan

Taimur & Shireen Abdul Basit & Hasna Sami

Hajra Sami




Amna Salman, Sara Raza, Rezz Aly Shah & Sania Meer


Sana Hashwani & Safinaz Muneer

Recently Sana Safinaz launched their flagship store at The Centaurus Mall, Islamabad & featured their new brand ambassador, Zoe Viccaji. Event coordination was handled by Rezz PR and Events.

Maneezay Khan, Sana Hashwani & Nadia Amin

Zoe Viccaji

Amber Haris & Amber Javed

Sara Raza & Sania Sameer Nudrat Gillani 10



Sobia Zuha & Nasia Qureshi

Hina & Sama Fazia

Zahra Saifullah

Saara, Baleena & Zareen

Tamkeen Khan & Nada Bangash

Sharmeen Ali & Sadia Hayat 12



Natasha Adil



Damon Wake & Gillian Cowan




Tahir, Maria B & Salma Turab



Nabeel & Aqeel introduced their signature line of perfumes for him & her at their Flagship Store Wardrobe in Lahore. The event was managed by Bilal Mukhtar Events & PR.


Mr & Mrs Usman Peerzada

Muhammad Khar & Lareeb 16



Aniqa Umar

Onaza Butt & Ali Moeen

Bilal Mukhtar & Sophia Khan

Maham & Khawar Riaz

Momina Sibtain

Uzma & Yousaf Salahuddin

Amina Saeed

Alizeh Gabol

Arooj Gulzar & Hina Salman

Aliha Chaudhary

Faiza, Waqas & Naila 18




Asra Ellahi & Uzma Rao

Hina Salman, Farah Asrar, Saira with a friend

Babloo & Kanwal


Cambridge flagship store was launched in Z block DHA, Lahore. The crowd was excited with Bilal Khan’s live performance and Ather Shahzad’s fashion presentation. The event was organised by Take 2 PR & Savvy PR.

Sarah Jamil with a guest

Bilal Khan

Aamir, Ambreen, Nishat, Shakira & Najma 20



Bilal Mukhtar

Honey Waqar & Tehmina Khaled

Arun Zafar &Fizza SoniaBilal & Arooj Bilal

Hifsa & Anny

Yasmin Azeem Sani

Maheen Kardar

Jehan & Ather Amin

Ahmed Bilal, Anum & Ahsan Hussain

Shahbaz Aslam

Aamir Mazhar

Seher & Fatima Rana Noman 22



Rachael Gill & Shahzad

Anum, Nashra, Ramsha, Ambreen & Sidra

fashion parade Sadia Nawabi

Giordano Pakistan was launched in Karachi. The fashion show was choreographed by Nabeel Shaukat and the hair & makeup were done by Angie Marshall and Sabs Salon. The event was organised by Production O21 and the media and PR were handled by Take ll.

Anum Nadeem & Sonya Battla

Urooj Mumtaz

Rose & Yildrim 28



Sofia Lari

Tehmina Khaled & Nazneen Tariq

Komail Khaled & Ammar Khaled

Mansoor Bajwa, Dur-i-Shehwar, Kay Zee & Ken Marshall

Marvi & Ehtasham Ansari

Khaled Anam

Saniya & Naveen

Maha, Munna Mushtaq & Nooralian

Anniya Jabbar

Angie Marshall

Abbas Jafri

Asad Tareen & Pareshe 2014



walking on air HSY, Maleeha Naipaul, Kamiar Rokni & Kiran Bokhari

Muneeze Khalid & Ali Asad

Amun Sikander Khan & Hasnain Bokhari celebrated their festive mehndi amongst close family & friends. The stunning decor was done by Shazreh Khalid events.

Amun Sikander Khan & Hasnain Bokhari

Asif Habibullah

Zahra Khokhar, Rabia Khan & Jania Bhatti 30


Mrs Zafar & Shahida Habibullah 2014

Ayesha Butt & Sammy Asad

Zara Chaudhry & Mariam Qureshi

Farooq Amin Sufi, Elsa Ali Raja, Mashal Raja & Tehreem Raja

Nasreen Bilour

Nida Bano Qureshi & Jarrar Shah

Uzma Syed Abbasi, Maliha Shaikh, Zahra Abbas Tahira 14


Sofia Kamal & Mahin Choudry with a friend


Alizeh Khalid

Maheen Ansar

MariaFouzia Aman Khan

Elsa Ali Raja & Aysha Zafar 2014



Hasna Sami Full sleeve velvet blouses are all the rage right now & Hasna is pulling off the look beautifully!

Zahra Khan looks great in this traditional outfit by Rano’s Heirlooms.

Zainab Rahman & Bano Raazee know how to carry off a sari!

h s ' o h w

e e w s i th

Nazia Husain sexy as ever in a black sari & statement earrings.

t o h


Fatima Hasan looks hot in a a Sublime by Sara jacket & nude sandals.

Nishay Shafi is spot on in an asymmetric lace outfit & metallic pointed pumps.




GOLD DUST BY SANA SALMAN Sana Salman’s latest collection Gold Dust is a fusion of the east and west, inspired by vintage embellishment and delicate gold work which was prevalent in Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries. This collection features the label’s signature embroidered jackets among other stylish separates. As it’s name suggests, the collection’s primary colours include golds and blues which add to the sophistication of the ensembles and enhance the collection’s overall grandeur.

Collection: Gold Dust | Designer: Sana Salman Photography: Nadir Firoz Khan Set & Art Direction: Maha Burney | Styling: Maha & Raana Hair & Makeup: Raana Khan | Model: Amna Ilyas 2014















the In Spotlight Mehrbano Sethi talks to Paperazzi!

How would you define your personal style? My personal style is very understated. I like to keep things minimal and elegant. I have a handbag fetish that underscores all of that. What’s the best thing anyone has ever said about your work? Since Luscious Cosmetics is a consumer goods company, I get an incredible amount of feedback from customers, retailers and the market overall. There is a lot of appreciation for the quality of the products I develop. Each time I hear it, it is the best thing I’ve ever heard! What is your biggest strength as an entrepreneur? I would say it is my focus, persistence and relentless motivation to continue growing my company. How would you define the fashion industry in Pakistan? Overall, it has evolved a lot over the past few years. Whether it is on the ramp or in real life, one sees a lot of great fashion and style. Everyone is savvy about fashion with the onslaught of media, fashion weeks, and local/ international retail brands. I do think that Pakistanis are overdosing on designer labels. How would you describe your childhood? It was lovely. I am an only child so I was a bit spoiled with a lot of attention from adults. Having no siblings forced me to read books voraciously and listen to music in order to entertain myself, something that children today miss out on. What do you value most in your friends? I value their loyalty and lack of competitiveness. I’m lucky to have a collection of warm, funny and quirky friends. 40



Who are your fashion influences and inspirations? I’ve realized that one of my main fashion influences is my mother. She liked the best quality, yet simple and understated things. I have a collection of her cashmeres, shawls and clutches which are gorgeous, yet timeless. They will still be au courant when my daughter grows up. Other influences and inspirations include Alexander McQueen (I love rocker chic) and Valentino Garavani. I also love the sophisticated aesthetic of Sana Safinaz, the femininity of Elan, and Faraz Manan for Crescent for my personal eastern wear wardrobe. What is your greatest fear? Losing a loved one. What is something very few people know about you? I write computer code as a hobby. What do you like to do for fun? I love spending time with my toddler daughter. Going to the park and reading to her from my old Enid Blyton books is great fun. I also like to watch movies (my husband and I are movie buffs) travel and read. What do you wish you had more time for? So many things. In today’s lighting paced lifestyle one doesn’t get to do enough of anything. I wish I had more time to start several new business ventures. I also wish I had more time to go to the spa. What’s your favorite holiday spot? For my husband and I, the only real holiday is a beach with limited wifi access. It has to be La Digue in the Seychelles. Who do you look up to? I’m the quintessential Daddy’s girl. My Dad is my best friend and mentor. He is the only person who is able to influence and sometimes change my strongest opinions. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I would really love to be a morning person. If you asked my friends and family, they would heartily agree. Who is your go to person for uncontrollable laughter fits? My friends Kamiar Rokni, Mashal Peerzada and Sanam Taseer are absolutely hilarious when we’re all together. Where would you like to be in 5 years? I love what I do, and in five years I would like to have created a skincare and haircare division within Luscious Cosmetics.

our-perception-of-beauty debate has been written and talked about again and again, I honestly think our generation finds itself in an even bigger quandary now, today, an idiotic, dismal suffering not known to those before us. And how we continue to suffer.


love lust & attraction

Marriage. Suitable partners. Love. Attraction. Chemistry. Good enough. Workable? Potential! Good God. What is it? And how can we claw our way back out of this delusional, keepup-with-the-social-media-Joneseslook-all-perfect quagmire to understand what love and companionship should entail? I think it all boils down to our understanding of the word: intimacy. Intimacy: the state of being in a very personal or private relationship. Synonyms: belonging, chumminess, closeness, inseparability, intimacy, nearness. [Reference: the Merriam-Webster dictionary]

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s directorial debut, ‘Don Jon’ is a pretty good movie. In a nutshell, the movie depicts the modern dilemma of love, lust, and attraction; skewed emotions thanks to the smut dished out by way of the pornographic industry, and the media at large.

But what really is intimacy, how do we understand it, and how do we get there? Does intimacy spring forth from kindness? Gentility? Chivalry? Raw honesty? Heart-on-sleeve innocence? Mental compatibility followed by the promise of physical affection? Selflessness? Inner happiness that exudes from a wholesome human being? Charisma (brought about by some wretched life experience)? Sexy worldliness? Intellect? Softness?

But the movie got me thinking. Isn’t it incredible how some of us jump into bad relationships, putting up with partners who revert back to their old, (initially) concealed ways, once the romance has filtered out the window? While the whole the-media-has-warped-

Intimacy cannot grow from what is immediately seen. That I know. That’s attraction, and it’s fleeting. But does attraction, lust, dupe us? Does it constantly dupe us, for the rest of our lives, where we don’t care to see that the person before us is completely in-




compatible with us? Why are we so terrified of being alone? And why does the fear of being alone, prod us to desire this perfect, all-wonderful idea of what companionship should and could be? But we really don’t desire companionship. We desire a meal ticket. We desire good looks. We desire physical perfection. The unattainable package. Superman (whose mother loves you “to bits and pieces”) with his square jaw and piercing eyes as he whisks you off (whee!) into the marital delight of beauty, silks and credit cards. Oh the plastic-consumerism, the sunshine of it all. You desire the woman, the goddess, with her endless legs, and flowing locks, who can charm the pants off your parents and your friends, and whisk you off into a sea of pleasure and, well, pleasure. But then. Intimacy. It remains a gaping hole, widening by the day, and you think, how can I ‘find’ myself in this person? Who is this person? Who am I? But the want you started out with isn’t the want you desire so deeply now. You are ravenous for intimacy, but you can’t find it. You’re limp. And that winds up into an emotional indifference, a detachment, a rejection of things, people. How emotionally stunted are we – how painful an existence. The ego, the glorious ego, retained within, protected, lest our defenses fall too low, lest we are too vulnerable. Intimacy: vulnerability. That’s where it stems from. Vulnerability is attractive, beautiful. Fearless in the face of consequence.

what we fancy! From the makers of Paperazzi! Find out what tickles our fancy!


The Polo Lounge is one of Lahore’s most sought after dining destinations, offering the only setting of it’s kind where you can enjoy a superb meal while watching a game of Polo. The grilled Thai tiger prawns and Mongolian Chicken are irresistible dishes. Sunday brunch is a real treat. Try the eggs benedict & french toast!

on the playlist Pompeii by Bastille should definitely be on everyone’s playlist!

hot couple! Caught by the Paperazzi cameras: Shahid Akbar & Sara Shahid are on our hot couple list this week!

fun stuff Abbas Carpets encapsulates the opulent heritage of handmade rugs through an innovative infusion of vintage & nouveau concepts. We especially love their bright Moroccon rugs!


hot stuff! Shahraiz Khan definitely makes it to our hot list in a dark suit & skinny tie. This is how it’s done boys!

classic chic Yasmine Khan is the epitome of elegance. She always looks gorgeous & graceful. We love her style!

Miley Cyrus was chosen as the new face of Marc Jacobs, but photographer Juergen Teller refused to shoot her so he was replaced by David Sims, since Marc Jacobs refused to take anyone but Miley! 2014



Making new friends! Buddah Bar Dubai


LIFE on paperazzi

ADR madness with Shazah Ayub

Fashion Designer

Shopping date with my sister Shazah

TDAP September 2013

Skydiving 2011 44


Toronto-thrift shopping 2012 2013

Bangkok 2013 with Godchild Zozo

Beaching in Karachi

Olivia Palermo

Zoe Khan

Zara Chaudhry

Nishay Shafi

faux real!

Sinfully soft and deliciously warm, fur is a must have in every wardrobe this season! Take inspiration from these fashion forward girls and make a statement in fur!

Khadijah Shah

Faiza Butt 46



Neha Puri Zainab Shaukat

Anum Javed Akram

Areeba Magsi Ayesha Noon

Sania Ali

Attiya Noon


Nadira Omer Khalid

Fendi Fall 2013/14

Mahin Habib




what’s happening!

Your weekly entertainment guide plus all the upcoming events and much much more! Paperazzi gives you the latest scoop!

rahet fateh ali

Faraz Manan’s faraz launch of his new “Nawabi Collection” consists of womenswear and mensware, ideal for weddings , dinners and the festive season. This event will be managed by Catalyst PR. When: January 16 & 17th 2014, 6pm onwards. Where: Ensemble, Karachi


Ustad Rahet Fateh Ali Khan, the Sufi Music Maestro, is coming to you live in Lahore When: 25th January 2014. Where: Expo Centre. To book your tickets, call on 0321-4586358

l’atalier & nail bar

birthdays Sikandar Mufti & Sheharyar Ali celebrate their birthdays this week!

Celebrate your feminine side at the launch of Triumph at L’atelier. Their collection of imported lingerie, will be available at a special price and the Nail Bar will also be contributing to this event! Where: L’atelier Lahore 37 Ghalib Road, Lahore. When: 23rd Jan, from 4pm to 7pm.

guitar classes

Master musician & composer Aamir Zaki is conducting beginners & advanced guitar classes at MAD School in Karachi. Due to limited spaces, sign up today! 48




47 Ronin 3D in theatres now!




19 - 25 January


Our fab astrologer Zahid Haider, styles up your stars.Find out what’s in store for you this week!

For your in-depth weekly forecast call 0322-757-5219 E-mail:





The start and end of this week will be exceptionally great Aries. You are going to be in a very mixed feelings type of a mood all week but be careful not to get too serious or emotional at any point. It is not a good week to make any important decisions whether it is personal or professional. It would be ideal if you tried to take some quiet time out for yourself this week or else you will end up in a nasty quarrel with your partners or relatives. for good luck: wear red coral

This week Taurus, you are feeling very unhealthy and weak but you have got to keep your diet strong as you have lots to do. There is travel coming up for you so don’t compromise on your sleep. Your finances are coming in quite smoothly thus you are advised to do some saving at this time. An elderly member of your family is also upset with you as they feel like you don’t realize their importance in your life. Overall, this is going to be a dry mediocre week so try to make it fun by being as joyful as you can. for good luck: wear opal

This week you must avoid or at least postpone any type of documentation and paper work as much as possible. Hold your breath, as a new relationship is about to blossom this week. It may grow gradually but if you play your cards right this may be a long lasting and fruitful one. The good news is that this week you are being braver and more daring than usual. Keep up the good spirit Gemini and try to keep this attitude throughout the year. for good luck: wear aquamarine

This week is one you can consider to be your wealth week. Your matters relating to money are all going to work out by themselves this week. Some of your family members are in a feisty mood and you may be the victim of their next mood swing. Work load at your office is going to increase but you won’t see this as a challenge as you are full of energy this week and have finally shaken off the laziness the cold weather had brought upon you. Try not to argue with women this week as you are prone to have a fall out with one this week. for good luck: wear pearl





It really is still cold outside and you are sick and tired of the throat and flu problems you have been facing all month. Unfortunately this week will be no different and you will continue to be under the weather until the week is over. To feel better you must book yourself a massage treatment and pamper yourself this week. You haven’t stopped being romantic no matter how ill you are. Don’t worry Leo your depression time is ending and your friends are trying to help you get out of it. for good luck: wear ruby

The start of this week you should spend carefully and be alert of your surroundings as you may be in for an unpleasant surprise. This week you are very agitated and unhappy which is very unlike you Virgo. You are constantly worried about your finances as you feel like your expenditures are too much. Don’t make a big deal out of this, have faith and trust that this is a small hurdle that you will pass very soon. for good luck: wear turmaline

What a week you have ahead of you full of romance and love. The depression that you have been in is ending this week libra. You are about to make a very important decision about your life this week so make sure you are confident in yourself and don’t second guess this decision. You are also on a slightly more spiritual path and are reviewing your life in a different way. Something you had been planning since a while, you will suddenly call it off but you will end up feeling much more relaxed as despite all your efforts it was getting you no where. for good luck: wear american diamonds

Your business is flourishing exceptionally well this week. You are about to mend all your broken relationships with upset family members without even trying too hard and just being yourself. You are on a spiritual journey as you feel like enough has really been enough and you’re done with the worldly pleasures. You need to get to packing your bags as you are about to travel around the world. for good luck: wear mother of pearl









sagittarius capricorn 23November/21December




This is going to be an extremely romantic week Sagittarius and you are giving out extremely positive vibrations out to everyone around you. You are going to be very sociable this week and are going to be invited to countless parties and dinners. Your mood is one where you are excited to embrace every moment of your life and are enjoying each day as it comes. This week you will spend lots of money on you and won’t be afraid to adopt the new fashion trends. Be prepared as someone is about to very openly express their love to you. for good luck: wear yellow sapphire

You need to keep an eye out for haters this week Capricorn as someone you know really well is plotting against you. This could be a business partner or a family member. In general, your family life does involve lots of negativity and politics. You need to keep an open mind while dealing with such situations. Don’t stoop to the levels of others and you will be appreciated for it sooner or later. Be patient and be careful! for Good Luck: wear amethyst

It is a relationship week for you this week. Some one of the opposite sex is falling madly in love with you and can’t help but admire you for all your little qualities. This week you will be very busy with meets and greets with family and loves ones. The positivity around you this week will help you get your mind off petty politics and little tensions. You will end up spending lots on grooming yourself and pampering yourself. Overall it will be an amazing week full of good laughs. for good luck: wear blue sapphire

You need to stand firmly where you are at the moment and avoid starting any new projects. Continue the current projects you are involved with and work your best at it. You may face some troubles with your partner at work or at home therefore be at your best behavior. Betrayal is also in the stars for you this week but you need to be as strong as you can because soon you will realize that it was nothing but good riddance. Change is inevitable this week. Introduce yellow to your clothing this week to get rid of any ill feelings. for good luck: wear yellow sapphire



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