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Issue 23, 09-15 February, 2014


Issue 23, 09-15 February, 2014


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08 New Kid on the Block Syeda Amera’s launches 12 Exquisitely Crafted Ayesha Hashwani’s launches 22 Johnny Rockin’ It Hamdan International (pvt) Ltd launched Johnny Rockets 24 Charmed Kiran Fine Jewellery 44 Uptown Girl Cover Shoot 40 In the Spotlight Saira Rizwan 43 What We Fancy Find out what tickles our fancy 54 Mirrored Sunglasses Fun Colours


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Adnan, Fozia, Huma & Sadaf

One of the finest fashion designers of Pakistan, Syeda Amera launched her tantalizing collection in Park Towers, Karachi. The collection comprised of Formal, Diffusion and Luxury prĂŞt designs. The event was managed by Catwalk Production & PR was handled Catalyst PR & Marketing.

Madiha Iftekhar & Syeda Amera

Natasia Khalid

Frieha Altaf & Areeba

Nabila & Hamna 08




Fizza Bilal Perveen Gehri & Arooj Bilal

Frieha, Khurshed Haider & Omer Mushtaq


Tina Ahmed

Nadia Husain

Saman Abid

Azeem Sani

Aamir Mazhar

Abdul rehman & Raza Talish Konain 10



Misbah & Alina

Mahnoor, Mahnaz, Aamna, Ayesha, Mona & Rabeya

Raana Khan


Ayesha Farooq Hashwani opened the doors to her first retail store in Karachi. Friends, family and fans were all present to congratulate Ayesha on her big day.

Ayesha Hashwani & Salima Feerasta

Alyzeh Rahim

Shazah Ayub & Natasia

Sadaf Malaterre with a guest Mehreen & Nadia Hussain 12



Mehreen Akbar

Maliha Aziz

Zahir Rahimtoola

Maira Pagganwala, Ayesha Hashwani & Mariam Pagganwala

Uzma Abbasi and Faiza Lakhani

Faisal Khan & Samira Khan


Ayaz Anis

Aamna Isani & Maheen Karim Anum Ayub, Umair Tabbani & Maha Burney 14



Zurain Imam


Fahad Hussayn showed his Fall/winter bridal showcase at Ensemble to rave reviews. We loved the colourful geometric shirts paired with plain cotton ghararas.

Fahad Hussayn

Saba Rana

Rima Farid & Fawad Jalal 18



Imtisal Zafar

Maram & Aabroo




Madiha & Sonia Javaria Asad

s uper s haw ls

Rizi & Omer

Ubaid of Khazir brought toosh, kalamkar, gulabganj and doshalas to Lahore. The exhibition was held at Fashion Central. Here is a sneak peak into the opening night.

Amir Mazhar & Rima

Samina Arif & Mahnum Asad

Rana Noman Obaid & Aqsa 20



Saira Omer


Umer Akmal


Mahvish, Madiha, Maham Habib & Zara

Hamdan International(pvt)Ltd launched Johnny Rockets in Lahore with great fanfare. The launch was organized by Reactivate while media and PR was handle by Take ll.

Amin Khan & Mehreen


Rabia & Mehroo 22



Mian Waqar

Babloo & Fariah

Dr. Nusrum Iqbal & Rania Asif


Bunty with Vaneeza Ahmed & Tehmina khaled

Honey Waqar

Mussarat Misbah

Salman Zafar, Rima Farid & Omer Bhatti

Ayesha & Qasim Anna

Abuzar & Naureen 2014




Sundar Waqar

Sadaf Malaterre, Rasikh Ismail & Kiran Aman

Coveted jewellery designer and entrepreneur Kiran Aman launched a standalone flagship boutique for her eponymous jewellery brand Kiran Fine Jewellery at Ocean Mall in Karachi. The event was managed by CKO with public relations by Lotus PR.

Faiza Lakhani

Shama & Jasmine

Tasneem, Aqueel & Natalia Premjee 24



Khaula Jamil

Khalid & Sumeha

Adnan Pardesy

Sabeen Jatoi, Amelia, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy & Maheen Karim

Komal & Umair Tabbani

Feeha Jamshed

Izdeyar Setna

Saima Essa & Tooba Siddiqui

Sanam Chaudhri

Shamaeel Ansari Tania Mirza & Shazim Ashraf

Raasti & Ambreen




Amina Shah & Abbas Ali

th irty s o

Umair Fazli & Noman Hussain

Zara Shahjahan

Sheharyar & Mehwish Ali threw another fabulous party to celebrate With a live band and great company everyone had a super time!

Farhan Bokhari Zoe Khan

Mehwish & Sheharyar Ali

Sameer Khokhar Sania Ali, Sehr Latif & Mariam Khan 28



Sardar Taimur

meth in g HSY & Jania Bhatti

Kamiar Rokni

Erum Alam & Areeba Asif

Sheharyar’s thirty something birthday.

Asmaa Mumtaz, Sarah Waqar & Sobia Rasheed

Adnan Azam, Nadira Omer Khalid & Omer Khalid

Qubilai Alam

Sehr Latif

Rumessa Javed & Yawar Ali

Sahar Habib Ghazi & Tabish Habib 2014



Sehrish Shahban on trend in a stiped top & loafers.

Kiran Aman is a cool cat. With this look she lets her signature gold earrings do the talking!

Natalia Premjee looks gorgeous in a simple black top & blue jeans

s ' o wh e w s i th

Feeha Jamshed

Umair Tabani

Trendy as ever in pointed pvc pumps.

is one of the nicest guys around & always looks cool. We love his brick red suede shoes!

t o h

! k ee

Izdeyar Setna is super cute. We love his laid back style!


PERSHE KAUSER HUMAYUN Kauser Humayun's couture collection offers effortless elegance. The collection comprises of regal bridals and formal evening wear, fusing the classic with the contemporary. The use of fabrics developed in-house adds the wow factor to the collection, ranging from embroidered nets, velvets, jacquard silk and organzas. The embellishments used are classic gold pittaa, zardozi, gota and Swarovski crystals.

Photography by Nadir Firoz Khan Styling & Art Direction by Maha Burney Makeup & Hair Natasha Khalid | Model Amna Babar Props from Amina & Anisa at RAK Associates 34


















the In Spotlight Fashion designer Saira Rizwan talks to Paperazzi! Tell us about your new collection and what influenced it? Recently I have launched my collection called Tilkari which is a combination of heavy and light Tilla work with screen prints.

When did you start designing? I started off a few years ago from a home based business and soon found the business flourishing that made me decide to expand. Who or what inspired you to start designing? Was it always something you knew you wanted to do? I always had interest in the field of fashion and I truly believe that it comes from within. There had been many designers that I personally admire, but the basic inspiration that made me start my own fashion house was from my personal interest in the field. There are many upcoming designers these days. What makes your brand different from the rest? One thing that I think differentiates my work is that we keep on bringing something new to our clients so that they find something unique whenever they visit us. As this year we have introduced Tilkari; a mixture of tilla works along with screen prints that had not been done as yet. Classic fashion or modern fashion? Which one do you prefer and why? I do not confine my work with it being classic or modern. It could be seen from our previous profile, that we bring variations by amalgamating modern cuts with traditional work which makes it stand out. What is your personal style statement? How would you define your personal style? I personally, am a person who would love to try out new things and experiment things that suit me. I seek for different colors and cuts to add a variety in my lifestyle. 40



Any advice you would like to give to the upcoming or aspiring designers? The only advice that I would like to give is to be original and add variety in your work. That is what makes you different! What are your future plans regarding Saira Rizwan Designs? We have been focusing on bridals and formals in the past, but this year, we plan on launching our pret wear which has been high in demand within our clients. Rapid Fire: Favourite holiday destination Europe for sure. Favourite cuisine Italian. Your perfect Sunday Spending time with my kids, eating out followed by a good movie. Guilty pleasure Pizza. Hobbies Reading & watching serials. Favourite perfume Chanel and Cinema by Yves Saint Laurent. Favourite model Rabia Butt. Most daring thing you've ever done Bunked college and went to Faisalabad with friends, the daring part was that we had to come back in time to be picked up which we successfully accomplished! Three words to describe yourself Fun, loving, and polite.

that’s been ‘done to them’? No other nation cultivates and harvests the entire history of the planet as a single minded and comprehensive effort to oppress us like we do. That’s a vital keystone of Pakistaniness… but no, that’s not it. It’s so many, many things.

Hunting Desis SANAM TASEER Thank you for reading this article. Or more precisely, if my analytics are correct, thank you desi hipster burgers for reading this article. You could be scrolling through any amount of Buzzfeed Lists right now but instead you chose to indulge me in my self-appointed vocation … being a desi truth hitler. I don’t want you to think that I don’t actually like Pakistanis. Individually I’m quite fond of them. I live here among them and have been rubbing up against them for almost 36 years now. I myself am one, I look like one, I sound like one, can imitate the social/ mating behavior of one. Most of my best friends were born within five miles of each other. I have loved many of them. It’s when they start roaming in packs that their collective persona becomes a little difficult to warm up to. The truth is I don’t even know what makes the lumpen, coarse, sheep-like mass of them quite so toe-curlingly embarrassing. Is it because they approach history as something 42



Take for instance a Desi on holiday. Ask an average person why they go on holiday and they will say to discover something. To meet new people and have new experiences. Desis, however, travel to find themselves. I don’t mean find yourself in a self-help Paulo Coelho ‘took the long way round to find everything you need is within’ kind of way. I literally mean they travel halfway around the world, to London, To New York to a host of familiar yet unfamiliar places to gape at each other. London is both the dirtiest city in Europe and the most expensive. Why for us as a nation are the streets still paved with gold, not littered with filth? What does it have that the rest of Europe does not? The answer is other Desis. Most Desis would far rather look at each other than some old statue without arms. They tend to flock to the larger metropolises so they can avoid the tedium of self improvement. No churches, no ruins, no guides saying ‘this way please – we have half an hour to do six centuries of frescoes’. No, that’s not for us. It was the forefathers of the city of London who had the blue sky idea of taking all the hard work out of travel. Perhaps they heard a mysterious disembodied voice saying ‘build it and they will come’. And oh they came. They came in droves, checking in at the Business Class Lounge, fighting over which hackneyed, touristtrap, chain restaurant was ‘our place’. Peeing in little circles to mark our territory round boring nooks of Knightsbridge and Kensington where no self respecting local has lived, eaten or shopped at since 1963. And to those who pointed out that if looking at each other is so exciting and edifying why not stay home and look at each other the answer is plain: certainly not here and certainly not wearing such spectacular, attention seeking, upload worthy outfits.

what we fancy! From the makers of Paperazzi! Find out what tickles our fancy!


hot couple!

Xander’s is the place to be. Other than the scrumptious all day breakfast, our personal favourite is their open-faced honey mustard sandwich, pizzas and double chocolate brownie! This eatery is the perfect place to catch up with old friends over a cup of delicious coffee at their outdoor seating.

Caught by the Paperazzi cameras: Faris Rahman & Ainy Jaffri are on our hot couple list this week!

on the playlist Girls is back and we are hooked to Completely Not Me by Jenny Lewis from the new soundtrack!

fun stuff GOLD by Reama Malik has some exquisite & extremely original pieces of jewellery. We LOVE this South Sea pearl and polki necklace & diamond and pearl earrings!

hot stuff Lina Ahmed is super hot & makes everything she wears look good. Here she rocks an angrakha by Umbereen & Sharmeen.

super sisters! Shehzeen and Zarmine Ali are not only gorgeous but they are also super fun. Here they look divine in Nida Azwer couture.

hollywood! Bruno Mars & the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ performance at the Super Bowl Halftime show attracted the largest audience in the history of the Super Bowl (115.3 million viewers). Woah! 2014



UPTOWN GIRL Saima Azhar simmers in Sadaf Amir's couture collection. She offers colourful outfits and luxurious fabrics like jamawar and velvet, embellished with beautiful embroidery.

Coordination Umer Mushtaq | Hair & makeup Saba Ansari@ Sabs Designer Sadaf Amir | Photography & styling Munna Mushtaq | Model Saima Azhar



















PEERZADA ALENA WI T H CLOSE UP & PERSONAL Weddings by Alena Peerzada at Peer Events is a wedding management company that provides bespoke concepts and services for all wedding related events. Paperazzi speaks to the talented Alena Peerzada who is shaking things up in the industry. How and why did you begin your event management career? I began my event management career in 2001 under the umbrella of Rafi Peer and from then on I have been involved in more than 700 events and 32 festivals catering to some of the biggest events in this country’s history. I began this career as a family legacy and have been in love with it since. How does it feel to be part of the celebrated Peerzada family? Quite wonderful actually, I’m definitely very proud of who we are and what we stand for in Pakistan. The fact that we have grown up with so much exposure and have been given complete freedom to be who we are and exercise our creativity. My family is a large group of pas50



sionate creative souls who flock together. I had a fairytale childhood where my memories go back to travelling with Rafi Peer Circus in a caravan and watching puppet shows and various events across Pakistan. I started working for my family business at 19 and now it’s all I know. What are the different services that you provide? We provide all wedding related services such as concepts, themes, décor, photography, videography, choreography, catering, entertainment and personalised wedding gifts and favors for the family of the bride and groom and more. How do you stand distinguished from other wedding planners?

We bring over 30 years of experience to your wedding and provide bespoke services tailored accordingly to your taste and style. Moreover, we specialize in themed weddings. What inspired you to start a weddings division for Rafi Peer? My best friends wedding. Initially I didn't believe in expanding into weddings as I felt it was very personal. However, I ended up arranging my friends wedding and it came so naturally to me and I got such an overwhelming response that I decided why not. What projects are you currently working on these days? Currently, I am working on a few weddings and some upcoming mega cultural events for Rafi Peer. What is the most delightful part of planning a wedding? Connecting with the families, understanding their needs and being able to translate them in execution. Every wedding is of an individual and every family is unique so no wedding can be replicated. The best part is to create wedding experiences to each family’s individual dynamics and to speak their language. There is no better feeling than a happy client!

How do you feel Pakistani weddings are different from western weddings? Pakistani weddings revolve around fun, colour and culture and our weddings are panned out on a longer period of time. As a working professional woman in Pakistan, what are some of the challenges that you face on a day to day basis while dealing with event management and wedding planning? As a working professional in Pakistan, there are numerous challenges that we face on a daily basis, mainly security concerns for large scale events for Rafi Peer and also balancing such a demanding professional life with my personal life. What is a typical day like for you? Early Mornings, late nights, endless cups of tea and shuffling between emails and phone calls. Any special message that you would like to share with the readers of Paperazzi? Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, just make sure you that above anything else you are happy!

What are some of the dos and don’ts of planning a wedding? Among the dos make sure that your time is well managed! Among the don’ts- just don’t panic!

Rapid Fire: Favourite Colour? Oxidized green Favourite quote? Be who you are and not who the world wants you to be. Favourite TV series? Grey’s Anatomy There was a time when people planned weddings themselves. Do you Favourite actor/actress? Meryl Streep, Sandra Oh and Madhuri Dixit. feel that the current trends of Favourite song? Old Indian Songs wedding planning is changing in Favourite movie? Many movies, recently I liked “The Pakistan? Yes, the trends are changing rapidly as people want more Butler” Favourite writer? Last book I read and liked a lot was from weddings- they want themes, concepts and seamless execution. Moreover, today, many brides are working “40 Rules of Love” by Elif Shafaq Favourite photographer? In Pakistan especially for wedwomen, who don’t have as much time as they previously used to have. Therefore, they turn to wedding planners to ding my favourite photographers and stylists are Maram Aabroo. translate their needs on-ground, for creative input and aesthetic sense. 2014



My parents when they were young Shooting in New York


LIFE on paperazzi

Shooting for Mehreen Jabbar’s serial


With Feeha & Azlan A still from my new project TUC the lighter side of life

Me and Rizo, nothing like chai with childhood friends. 52



Me, my couisn and my brother Hassan on the hammock that now Azlan uses.

The Bol Premiere

mirror mirror they’re the coolest of t Nothing makes a grand statement like an on-trend pair of sunglasses. Mirrored sunglasses have come back with a vengeance on both runway and street for men and women! Be brave this season and try them in fun colours like green, yellow, metallic gold & silver like these fashion forward people!


Babar Bhatti

Alizah Raza

Nadia Hussain Fauzia Aman

Mehrunisa Zafar Ayesha Hashwani 54



Fizza Hameed

on the wall them all!


Elena Perminova

Shazay Salahuddin

Chiara Ferragni Rabia Khan

Shehrbano Taseer

Giovanna Battaglia

Anna Dello Russo

Soraya Bakhtiar 2014



what’s happening! Your weekly entertainment guide plus all the upcoming events and much much more! Paperazzi gives you the latest scoop!

live performance Express yourself through Art. Showcase your creative side, and share your talent at the Open Mic Night. If you want to sing, play an instrument, read a poem or a passage of do comedy, or either watch all of this, go to it! When: Friday 14th February, at 7:30 pm. Where: The Knowledge Factory, 91 T, Phase II, DHA, Lahore

fashion trade event This season, Pakistan Fashion Market is going to launch the fashion trade event called High Society and Fashion in Islamabad with the new designers and their exclusive collections consisting of ready to wear pieces and lots of more fun stuff! When: Friday 14th February at 5 pm. Where: Islamabad Ramada Hotel For more details, call on 0321 5044090


Creative Octopus presents the live performance ‘Colors Of Life’ by Amanat Ali, Bilal Saeed and Abdullah Qureshi When: Sunday 9th February at 5pm Where: Open Air Theater Islamabad 56



short plays

Olomopolo Media presents Mark Ravenhill’s ‘Shoot/Get Treasure/ Repeat’, starring Sarmad Khoosat & Nimra Bucha. When: 14-16 February, 2014, 8pm-10pm Where: The OLO Junction




09 - 15 February


Our fab astrologer Zahid Haider, styles up your stars.Find out what’s in store for you this week!

For your in-depth weekly forecast call 0322-757-5219 E-mail:





On Monday and Tuesday your mind seems apportioned. Mostly you have contrary thoughts about your time and the pace at which you’re moving. Should you slow your goal route a bit? Should you quicken it? On Wednesday and Thursday, you’re not really bothered by such questions, mostly because you’re so intensely happy. Nothing seems to bother you at all. But on Friday and Saturday, a few minor financial frustrations highlight a certain level of nonconformity. On Sunday, have dinner with a friend.

A special dining experience at the beginning of the week with a friend, lover or a potential loved one is an excellent idea. From Wednesday through the end of the workweek, you may have some issues with authority. Remember to show proper respect — even if you’re not feeling it — or be prepared to deal with the consequences. Good times are coming your way if the stars have their say from Friday afternoon through the weekend; you may especially enjoy nature now, and romance is in the air.

You’ll put up a fight for what you want at the beginning of the week. Make your case logically, and don’t dishonor it with extra little nitpickings. From Wednesday through the end of the workweek, it’s more about brainstorming with others than it is about ideas that are in conflict. Collaborating’s fun now, and the concepts you come up with can become very sweet in reality. The weekend’s perfect for crossing things off your to-do list. Indeed sometimes you’re all talk, but not right now.

What’s your gut feeling? Your instincts can make short work of any uncertainty at the beginning of the week, if you just tune into that inner voice. From Wednesday through the end of the workweek, though, you may be inclined to act on impulse when it’s a better idea to think the implications through. What you do now could have long-lasting effects. You’re productive this weekend, but you’re also clever at communicating and connecting, so make sure you get out and about!





Neutrality isn’t your strong suit as the week begins, but your emotional comebacks tell otherwise. Exploring your feelings takes you important places now. Then from Wednesday through the end of the workweek, the stars are sending excitement and pure radiance your way. The spotlight’s on you — be ready to shine, at work and at play (particularly with matters of the heart!). This weekend, you may be ready for some downtime, perhaps because you’ve got something to mull over.

You’re a people-person as the week begins. Working in groups is fun (and for once it’s actually more productive), and socializing’s favored now too. From Wednesday through the end of the workweek, you may feel like you’re at a disadvantage of some sort, but you’ve got what it takes. Expect everything to get much easier Friday afternoon onwards and lasting through the weekend. These are some of the best days you’ve seen in a long time- make most of it.

Adapting to changing circumstances is key as the week begins. Have your contingency plan ready, and actively seek out others’ input, both professionally and personally. From Wednesday through the end of the workweek, others are likely looking to you for your wise perspective. Help them see the bigger picture rather than just issuing your opinion. When it comes to the weekend, you’ll want to mix it up — meeting new people and getting stuff done, balanced with some time well spent doing nothing at all.

You’ve got the brains and the brawn at the beginning of the week — the big ideas and the drive to see them through. Expect some stiffness between you and a certain someone between Wednesday and the end of the workweek. Make a real effort to see it from their point of view; start by asking them more about why they feel the way they do. From Friday afternoon through the weekend, fostering friendships and making future plans are favored.



Feeling out of sorts at the start of the week? Don’t overlook the physical part of the equation; a little extra exercise can get your mind and body much more in balance. Suddenly a problem doesn’t seem so colossal. And you’ve got the vision to find multiple solutions to all sorts of issues from Wednesday through the end of the workweek. This weekend, you’re extra observant. A realization about someone you know may change your point of view.

You’re a real inspiration at the beginning of the week — and you may be inspiring someone in a romantic fashion. Then from Wednesday through the end of the workweek, watch out for getting entangled in issues that aren’t actually any of your business. Be neutral, especially in the work environment — it’s safest now. This weekend, offering a helping hand makes you look like a million bucks, particularly if others are only offering criticism.





sagittarius capricorn 23November/21December


You and a certain someone may not see things the same way at the beginning of the week, but sorting out why doesn’t have to involve a big conflict. Gain understanding, and consider agreeing to disagree. From Wednesday through the end of the workweek, an infusion of confidence and high spirits is your gift from the stars. By the weekend, though, your challenge is to look at what’s already close to you, and look at it closely.

Are you feeling social or are you zeroed in on one person at the beginning of the week? Follow your mood and keep your options open. Changing how others are is highly unlikely; understanding them, much easier. Ask questions of the open-ended variety. You’re a master planner from Friday afternoon through the weekend, with a stunning command of the details and facts at your disposal. Accomplishments of all sorts are a cinch.







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Issue 23