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Painting Under the Influence

What to look for MAY


Holidays MAY 5 + Cinco de Mayo MAY 12 + Mother’s Day MAY 18 + Armed Forces Day MAY 19-20 + Pentecost MAY 27 + Memorial Day JUNE 14 + Flag Day JUNE 16 + Father’s Day JULY 4 + Independence Day JULY 28 + Parents’ Day

Music Concerts MAY 5 + The Millionaires at the Korova

MAY 22 + Taylor Swift at the AT&T Center

MAY 26 + Guns N’ Roses at the AT&T Center

Movie Releases Iron Man 3 (3D) + MAY 3 The Great Gatsby + MAY 10 Star Trek Into Darkness + MAY 17 Fast and Furious 6 + MAY 24 The Hangover: Part III + MAY 24 Now You See Me + MAY 31 This is the End + JUNE 12 Monsters University + JUNE 21 White House Down + JUNE 28 Lone Ranger + JULY 3 Despicable Me 2 + JULY 3 Grown Ups 2 + JULY 12 The Wolverine + JULY 26 The Smurfs 2 + JULY 31

Comedy Shows

JUNE 1 + George Strait, Martina McBride and Miranda Lambert

Amy Schumer + MAY 16

JUNE 3 + For the Fallen Dreams

Tracy Morgan + MAY 31

at the Alamodome

at the Charlie McCombs Empire Theater

at the White Rabbit

at the Charlie McCombs Empire Theater

at the AT&T Center

at the Majestic Theater

JUNE 24 + Pitbull & Kesha

Jerry Seinfeld + JUNE 7





hen you get dressed in the morning, remember that the sky is the limit to your wardrobe choices, but the key to a great outfit is fit. Make sure that whatever you choose to wear, for whatever occasion, fits you well and is tailored to your body—not to a trend.

Black Blazer A black

blazer is a timeless piece that lends an air of sophistication to any outfit.

White Tee

Casual or dressed-up, a tee is a comfortable option for a quick outfit.

Camisoles A camisole, or Things To Remember: Don’t be afraid to mix and match.

“cami,” is one of the most basic items of clothing. They come in a multitude of colors and look great under sheer blouses. Camis are sure to give an outfit an extra pop of color.

Rotate through your closet to get the most out of it. Be bold.

Flats A nice pair of flats gives

you comfort and style rolled into one package. Flats are not only comfortable, but also come in many different styles and colors.

Black Pencil Skirt The

black pencil skirt is a classic wardrobe icon that can be mixed and matched with button-ups, cardigans, patterned blouses and jackets to create several different looks.

“LBD” The “LBD”

Words: Emma O’Connell Photos: Erin Boren, Will Tallent

(little black dress) comes in many forms, shapes and sizes. An “LBD” is something that can be thrown on to look instantly effortless and chic.

Cardigan A car-

digan over almost anything can create a whole new look.



Pashmina or Scarf A scarf is a great accent to any outfit. It can add that extra touch that pulls the whole thing together.

Day Dress or Sundress Wearing

a day dress is a simple way to look sophisticated without the fuss of a complicated outfit.

Black Pumps They

come in an endless array of materials, patterns and heel heights. The key is to find a pair that is comfortable and brings out your inner diva.

Trench Coat Au-

Evening Dress

Having a simple evening or cocktail dress may prevent you from experiencing the sheer panic of “not having a thing to wear in a closet full of clothes” syndrome. When picking out an evening dress, look for classic elegance that can be worn on a variety of occasions.

Dark Wash Denim

Dark wash denim is slimming on everyone and pairs well with almost anything in your closet.

White Button-Up Shirt Boots

Black Dress Pants

Black slacks are a go-to style when you want to look effortlessly refined.

drey Hepburn made the khaki trench coat famous when she kissed George Peppard in the last scene of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” and fashionistas around the world have never looked back.

A good pair of boots can make or break an outfit and should fit not only your shoe size, but also around your calf. A fabulous solution for women with above or below average size calves is to wear booties.

White works well with so many other colors, so it stands to reason that a white button-up will be among the champions of mixing and matching in a wardrobe. Pair it with a black blazer, some jeans and a pearl necklace for an outfit of casual sophistication. 7




e can’t all look like movie stars, but it’s not that hard to dress like one. Finding clothes that fit well and finding a style that suits you well are the first steps towards feeling like a million bucks, even when your bank account says otherwise.

Things To Remember: Buying clothes that fit well is the easiest way to improve your appearance and confidence. A shirt from Target can look just as good as one from Ralph Lauren. Be picky when you go shopping. There is no reason to buy something you might never wear.

Words: Matthew Duarte Photos: Will Tallent

Shorts The

Brown Dress Shoes

These go best with khaki or light wash jeans to make a stylish business casual look.

Jacket or Blazer A

nice jacket or blazer immediately makes any outfit more formal. More than any other piece of clothing, however, it must fit perfectly. Wear it with a pair of dark wash jeans and a clean T-shirt before a big date.

T-Shirt As long as it isn’t too loud, a

t-shirt can look classy without sacrificing comfort. They can be bought for a dime a dozen and are the quinessential piece of casual wear.

right pair of shorts can be stylish without sacrificing comfort. Partner them with a solid color oxford shirt for a casual afternoon look.

Casual Shoes Partner

these with a pair of jeans for a laid back look that’s perfect for a long day of classes.

Khaki Pants A pair of khaki pants are the swiss army knife of men’s fashion. Throw a tshirt over them before going to catch the game, or pair them up with an oxford and jacket for a night out on the town.


Men Black Slacks As with any pair of pants, make

Dark Wash Jeans A dark

sure the bottom of your pants touch the top of your shoes when you stand.

wash pair of jeans looks great for a more formal look.


Tie Every man should

Black Dress Shoes

Wear these with a pair of black slacks or dark wash jeans to help complete a formal outfit.

Light Wash Jeans A light

wash pair of jeans gives off casual vibes. Like dark wash jeans, light wash jeans can be paired with an oxford, or a t-shirt.

know how to tie a tie. Black looks good on just about anything, but mixing and matching different ties and shirts can keep a formal wardrobe diverse.

Oxford Shirt Oxfords

can easily transform from office wear to date night attire. They come in a variety of colors and designs. Whether you prefer stripes or a solid color, there is guaranteed to be one for you.

White Button Down This is your most

basic formal attire and looks good on anyone regardless of body shape or skin tone. Pair it with black slacks and a black tie for a job interview.

Socks Too often overlooked by too many

men, a diverse collection of socks means you never have to worry about finding something to match your outfit. And, unlike ties, building a unique sock collection won’t take a toll on your bank account. A subtle pattern can complement a formal dinner date, while a colorful pair adds personality to your party outfit. Very few men put much effort into their footwear, and a well-chosen pair of socks can help a fashionsavvy guy stand out.




San Antonio with over 400 square miles is a huge city filled with many things to do and many places to explore. Whether you’re looking for free fun or have a little money to spare, you’re bound to find something intriguing. While the Alamo is always the go-to for tourists, there are many other interesting things to do that are out of the ordinary. Take a walk downtown and discover new places, or get some ideas from these cool spots! Words: Jenelle Duff Photos: Will Tallent

Brackenridge Park

King William Historic District

Named after its donor, George Brackenridge, a philanthropist and the longest serving regent for the University of Texas System, Brackenridge Park’s 343.7 acres of land are home to the Japanese Tea Garden, San Antonio Zoo, Sunken Garden Theatre and Witte Museum. Free daily admission is offered for the Japanese Tea Garden and the Witte Museum on Tuesdays from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. The Japanese Tea Garden boasts breathtaking scenery of fragrant flowers. There is a beautiful waterfall, with alcoves for picnics, a playground, several trails and a dog park. Walk along the stone paths and gaze at the reflections in the glassy ponds, while enjoying the botanical retreat. Prefer to see animals? Then visit the zoo! Spend hours strolling through the area as you “ooh” and “aah” over the gibbons, pythons and alligators—all for $12 admission and free parking.

Positioned along the San Antonio River, the King William Historic District was designated as the first Historic Neighborhood District in Texas in 1967. During the 1800s, prominent German merchants settled in this district. Today, the 25-block area consists primarily of homes built during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Several of these homes, namely the Sartor House, Ike West House and Wolfe House, have a unique architectural style. This historic district also offers a few mansions in its neighborhood such as Steves Homestead, Groos House and Polk Mansion. Although the majority of the homes are privately owned, the Guenther House and Steves Homestead are available for public tours. With free admission, a restaurant, a roof garden and a river mill store, the Guenther House is a great choice to tour. Visitors of Steves Homestead can tour the home for a fee of $5 and admire its ornate furnishings, carriage house, servant’s quarters and the pool deemed the city’s first indoor swimming pool.


Photo: Matthew Magruder/Ranger Creek

Brewstillery Tour Always wondered how beer is made? Then check out the Brewstillery Tour offered by Ranger Creek Brewing & Distillery. For $10, get a detailed tour of Ranger Creek, a pint glass souvenir and 3 samples of your choosing: beer, whiskey or both. However, you must be 21 years or older to partake.

San Antonio Foodie Tour This tour is a foodie’s dream, offering tasting tours and cooking class vacations. Visit up to six locally owned restaurants sampling their scrumptious cuisine, including delicacies such as prickly pear margaritas, King Ranch chicken and enchiladas. Site stops include Augie’s Barbed-wire Smokehouse, The Cove and Joseph’s Storehouse Bakery and Cafe. For $49, indulge like a millionaire on this foodie tour, and devour your money’s worth of some of the finest cuisine San Antonio has to offer.

The Alamo Ghost Hunt

Are you afraid of the dark? Love to get goosebumps and scream at the top of your lungs? Then the Alamo Ghost Hunt is definitely a must. For $16, walk through some of San Antonio’s oldest graveyards or ride in a private limo as you listen to ghastly tales of the departed. Each tour starts at 9:00 p.m., and there’s even ghost hunting equipment, so go ahead and be a Ghost Buster!

Tower of the Americas Enjoying a breathtaking view of the city at the top of the Tower of the Americas. Tickets cost $10.95 for adults and include unlimited access to the Observation Deck, Skies over Texas 4D Theater Ride and Flags Over Texas at the tower. With a mesmerizing view of the city, the Observation Deck contains numerous pictures that tell thousands of words; learn about the history of the six flags that once flew over Texas or how Spain dominated Texas for more than 300 years. Dining at the Tower’s Chart House Restaurant is a bit costly, but visit during Happy Hour (Mon - Fri from 4:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.) for drink and appetizer specials starting at $3. Every Friday from May 31 to August 30, stop by the Tower for its free concert series and enjoy music, food and fun! Parking at the Tower of the Americas is $8 regularly and $11 on special event days. 11


“I will keep doing this as long as I can with the hopes of providing a nice, feminine alternative, so you can feel pretty in your Star Wars dress.� Crissy Baker

Nerd Alert Designer 12

Wil Wheaton, and then getting to call it work.” Baker says. Baker got the idea for the clothing line last year when she was sitting on her couch one afternoon watching reality television and absorbing the chronicles of contemporary nerd culture. The show, Geek Love, featured Sci-fi speed dating at Comic-Con and Baker noticed a girl in what she described as a “really poorly fitted” homemade costume. The girl had managed to score the elusive date, but was at a complete loss when trying to decide what she should wear. Baker pondered on a solution and says she “thought it would be cool if you could make a costume that was convertible into a dress.” A light bulb went off in Baker’s head that would eventually lead to the creation of the quirky clothing design studio appropriately dubbed, Nerd Alert. Nerd Alert Designs launched on June 1 of last year. Chief designer and primary seamstress, Baker, started sewing around 10 years ago with the influences of both her mother and her grandmother at her side. Since then, she has worked at shops ranging from an Etsy store named Oh Sheet! to a tailor outside of a military base. The precision required of tailor-

Photo: Rob Patterson Photography

Photo: Rob Patterson Photography

Photo: Rob Patterson Photography


an Antonio native Crissy Baker, 27 definitely treasures her status as a self-proclaimed nerd, sitting across the dining room table in a Pac Man dress she created from a bit of old bed sheet fabric. Baker found a way to carve out her own unique contribution to her beloved nerd compatriots with the creation of Nerd Alert Design, a fashion label devoted to giving the feminine members of nerdom a fashionable alternative to screen printed Star Wars t-shirts and one-size-fits-all Wonder Woman costumes. A member of her own target demographic, Baker says Nerd Alert works “to provide a nice way to say ‘I like video games’ in something other than a t-shirt.” Walking into Baker’s home, which sits in a suburban neighborhood on the southeast side of San Antonio, it is easy to assume that clothing the nerd culture is an aim decidedly close to Baker’s heart. Posters adorn the walls featuring various animated creations, a signed poster from sci-fi legend Harlan Ellison and even a picture of Baker with the Evil Dead icon, Bruce Campbell. “One of the perks of the job is getting the opportunity to go to comiccons and meet amazing people like

ing military uniforms “really allowed me to sharpen my skills,” says Baker. Nerd Alert headquarters is run out of Baker’s home. Apart from the sewing room, which boasts a wide array of fabric prints, featuring everything from Power Rangers to Star Wars, there is also a sewing machine strategically placed in front of the television in the living room. Thus Baker is able to keep up with the latest Dr. Who while still sharpening her craft. Baker is still in awe at the broad success Nerd Alert has enjoyed among the nerd community across the nation. “It completely blows my mind… I didn’t think it was going to be a big deal.” Contrary to her expectations, within a month of launching, Nerd Alert found itself being featured on popular nerdy and digital culture blogs such as Gizmodo and Boing Boing. The demand for Nerd Alert’s geeky creations exploded and quickly proved a valid niche in the fashion community. Run with the help of her sister Kathy Baker and friends Amanda GuerraDeibel and Sofi Leggett, Baker has managed to create a clothing line, that beyond its peculiar exterior, has established itself as a bastion for the those seeking to express their inner- 13

nerdom—with style. Baker noted that Nerd Alert thrives as a product of combined effort. “All having the same interests and motivations—getting to work with my best friends on this project has been an amazing aspect of this journey.” In only its first year of existence, Nerd Alert has appeared in a feature for the San Antonio Express-News and actor Bruce Campbell tweeted “Get yours today!” in regards to a dress inspired by the Evil Dead film franchise in which he starred. Nerdist Channel Hostess of Just Cos, Chloe Dykstra, wore a Nerd Alert WookieeEwok creation when she appeared as a guest on Epic Meal Time with her boyfriend, Talking Dead host, Chris Hardwick. Looking into the future Baker says, “I will keep doing this as long as I can with the hopes of providing a nice, feminine alternative so you can feel pretty in your Star Wars dress.” In lieu of the release of the remade Evil Dead movie,


Nerd Alert sold an Army of Darkness script signed by Campbell in order to raise money for Child Advocates of San Antonio (CASA) which is a local group that campaigns for the welfare of abused and neglected children and youth. “[Nerd Alert] wanted to take the opportunity to use the script that we had the good fortune to acquire and make something even more positive out of it. CASA is a non-profit that advocates for children that have no other voice,” Baker explains. Baker has also been hired to make super hero costumes for a film entitled Now Hiring, which is currently in production. Due to the overwhelming demand for their geek chic creations, Nerd Alert temporarily closed at

the end of last year, but Baker plans on opening their website and Facebook store in late April. Their custom handcrafted dresses have, in the past, ranged from $100-$160. You can find Nerd Alert Designs on either their Facebook page or their website at Words: J. Corey Franco Photos: Will Tallent

Painting Under the Influence Words & Photos: Jenelle Duff


vintage bicycle parked in front of a red colored structure— an old building or a barn perhaps? The ground beneath it, littered with brown-yellow grass, hints the fall season was in full effect. Positioned directly to the right of the bicycle is a glass window, whose age is made evident by its frame, covered in a yellowish-green substance. The location of this scenery is on the art canvas mounted at the front of Saturday night’s painting class at Pinot’s Palette. Pinot’s Palette, located at 7959 Broadway in the Alamo Heights area,

is a studio that hosts unusual painting classes for the San Antonio community. Here, painting with a glass of wine, beer or other beverage is encouraged. A franchise of the original Pinot’s Palette (formerly Pinot & Picasso), which opened in 2009, the Broadway location fully replicates Pinot’s Palette’s unique studio design of art stools and tables in a brightly lit room, fully equipped with a snack area, restrooms and large sinks. The company’s logo (its name) is artistically splattered on the wall in blue and yellow paint. Tonight’s class, called “Vintage Ride,” features a bicycle resembling a shire velocipede from the mid-19th century at the forefront of an old structure.

Pinot’s Palette hosts painting classes three times a week on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, which people can attend for $35 per person for a twohour class and $45 per person for a three-hour class. The cost includes all necessary materials such as canvases, easels, paint brushes, paints and aprons. Incorporating the BYOB (bring your own beer) concept adds to the fun the studio offers as participants are encouraged to bring any drink (either alcoholic or non-alcoholic) and snack of their choice. At the beginning of class, each attendee receives an apron and is seated in front of his or her own blank canvas, with paintContinued on page 21

“It’s definitely about being the difference and standing up for what’s right.”

Selfless Smiles

Alexis Harris: CoverGirl with a Cause


lexis Harris sat in the studio audience fidgeting with joy and excitement, completely unaware of her rigged visit to The Ellen Show. She had no idea that Ellen DeGeneres’ staff had worked in secret to get her there. Under the impression that she, her mother and her younger brother had received tickets to the show, Harris had no suspicions for the last-minute trip to Los Angeles. In fact, the Ellen CoverGirl contest, which she had applied to months earlier, never crossed her mind the entire trip. Upon their arrival to the studio, Harris and her family were unfortunately informed that there was only one ticket, instead of three. Her mother smiled to her saying, “Go ahead, you’re a big fan.” While Harris sat in the audience, her mother and younger brother were ushered backstage in much confusion—they were as much out of the loop as Harris, and in surprise, joined her grandmother and sister-in-law backstage. DeGeneres and her staff left the whole Harris lot out of the planning. As the show segments changed, the

camera pulled in close toward Harris. She laughed at the possibility of being on television and turned to the girl next to her; they became fast friends. Harris whispered, “Oh my gosh, the camera’s on us right now. We have to laugh really cute!” Soon enough, a mock CoverGirl press conference erupted on stage. Harris burst into tears and grins when her family members, who finally realized why they were gathered, ambled onto the set. DeGeneres announced them as the family of the new face of CoverGirl. DeGeneres pulled Harris on stage, telling her, “To be your age and more concerned about helping other people, that’s exactly what we were looking for—beauty inside and out.” As the eighteen-year-old junior anthropology major at UTSA now reminisces, her curls bounce onto her brightly colored top. “It was crazy,” Harris says. “It was absolutely insane.” Harris was a long way from home that day, and now she’s back in San Antonio, $20,000 richer from her contest win, and back to her busy schedule.

Although she’s only 18, she expects to graduate with her Bachelor’s degree next May, two years ahead thanks to the Associate’s degree she acquired before graduating high school last year. Apart from her beauty and brains, she has heart. Harris started the SMIILE movement, Students Making Impacts in Lives Everywhere, last summer. The movement promotes student participation in their communities and stresses the importance of giving back and helping the less fortunate. At the same time, SMIILE hopes to create positive examples of students going against the stereotypical college lifestyle. SMIILE promotes donating, raising awareness and positive change in surrounding communities instead of what movies and culture view college life as—partying, smoking and drinking. This is Harris’ favorite thing to talk about; her expression showcases a beautiful smile. “It’s definitely about being the difference as a young person and standing up for what’s right,” Harris explains. In the coming years Harris 17

hopes to work forward from the CoverGirl platform and carry out the goals of the SMIILE movement and other issues associated with poverty. Career-wise, she aims to go into legislation “to implement laws for those

her and her three brothers. The most rewarding thing for Harris about being named CoverGirl is her mother’s reaction. “I’m just proud that she can say, ‘Hey, my daughter is successful,’ and she can enjoy that,” says Harris. “From then on, I felt like I had With her upbeat personality, explains that good “meto do my part to inspire young Harris time” and staying “prayed-up” people.” helps get her through her crazy schedule. Alexis Harris She explains that her family that are less fortunate, so those in reminds her, “In all your hard work, need don’t get looked over.” definitely take time to enjoy yourself Harris aspires to speak to millions and spend time with those you love.” in the next ten years carrying the Harris continues, “My mom taught promise: “If you decide to stick out us that prayer is definitely important. there and stick to your morals and I depend on my relationship with God values, you’re not alone and I’ll stick a lot. I think that’s what allows me to with you.” stay focused and to not feel stressed Driven by the generous need to as- out or overwhelmed.” sist those around her, Harris will doWhile most people call her “Lex,” nate most of the $20,000 to Haven for her personality is very fitting to a Hope, her church and a soup kitchen nickname given by her mother when from her hometown in Killeen, Texas. she was younger. Booga Lew, or Bee She will also donate to other philan- for short, captures the fun flair of thropic organizations. Harris’ giddy aura. She hides her face Harris also plans to give some of the in amusing embarrassment, telling money to her mother, who retired this the story. “She doesn’t know why she past December after 21 years of ser- calls me that, but I answer like it’s my vice in the military. Raised by a single name.” mom, Harris acknowledges the presWith all the positivity reflected in sure her mother went through raising her life, it’s hard to believe tragedy is

her driving force, which she recalls as her defining moment. Shortly after she graduated from high school, a young man from her town passed away while in Florida on vacation. “He went to this club and ended up getting into a fight and getting shot,” Harris explains. “Everyone knew it was out of his character to go out to a club scene… and that moment, when I found out that he died and how he died, that’s really when it hit me.” Harris continues, “From then on, I felt like I had to do my part to inspire other young people to not feel obligated to conform.” Stereotypical behavior that is out of character for someone may cost that person his or her life, Harris urges, which is why she founded SMIILE. With such a caring heart and a selfless smile, Harris already knows what she wants from life and has started achieving it. “A lot of times, young people can be really selfish; people in general can be selfish and not want to help other people,” says Harris. “But that’s something I really want to do with my life as a whole. I want to help.” Words: Erin Boren Photos: Katy Schmader

Spending a Day in Art San Antonio is a city rich with art museums, galleries and exhibits all displaying the art of the city’s most talented artists. Many San Antonians walk and drive past public installations that are completely free to the public. Patrons looking to spend the day viewing San Antonio’s best public art can use this guide for a cultural and artistic tour of the Alamo city.

10 a.m. UTSA Art Gallery UTSA’s main campus offers a gallery space showing a variety of work from different mediums. It’s a great place to start before heading downtown. The gallery is free and open to the public. Gallery hours are TuesdayFriday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. and Saturday 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. Appointments are also available.

11 a.m. Unamita An intriguing art piece done by artist Sebastián, brings bright blue to the green grass of Hemisfair Park near the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center and the Tower of the Americas. The metal sculpture, unveiled in 2004, accompanies many other abstract art pieces in the park, including an interpretation of mosaic stairs upon the hillside and other modern art sculptures. Spend some time roaming through Hemisfair Park.

Words: Janae Rice Photos: Erin Boren, Will Tallent

1 p.m. Grottos at Convention Center Multiple artists came together to create visually dynamic grottos, or niches, in the building’s exterior. Each grotto illustrates San Antonio and the cultural significance of the city using color and dimension. Artists Say Si, David Zamora Casas, Cakky Brawley, Carlos Alvez, Alex De Leon and Benito Huerta each capture a theme individually, while also creating cohesion.

4 p.m. Sebastián’s Torch of Friendship The “Torch of Friendship” scupture was a gift to San Antonio by the Association de Empresarios Mexicanos. The 65-foot sculpture represents the United States and Mexico coming together through culture and language. With his sculpture, Mexican artist Sebastián brings life and color to Losoya and Commerce St. amidst the tall buildings downtown. It’s a short walk from Hemisfair Park.

9 p.m. Bill FitzGibbons’ Light Channels Created in 2006, Light Channels features a collection of colorful LED lights beneath Commerce and Houston street on IH-37. Take some time to appreciate color in the concrete jungle before your trip home.


constantly changes with different varieties of coffee. According to Olivio, Local Coffee works with small coffee farms that have been passed from generation to generation within families.

cate and bring in the community, according to Olivo. “We take a lot of pride in our community and keeping it grounded, and making sure that we are producing quality coffee and being able to have a conversation with our customers,” states Olivo. The prices at Local Coffee are cheaper than most chain coffee stores, which is surprising considering the

In Love with Local Coffee


ocal Coffee is a relatively new small business in San Antonio. With two locations, one in Stone Oak, which opened about three and a half years ago, and the other in Alamo Heights that has been open for roughly 11 years, the small business is continuously growing. Monica Olivo, a barista at Local Coffee and coffee enthusiast, explains what makes Local Coffee different from other coffee shops. “There are so many coffee shops everywhere, but we really stand apart from many coffee shops in San Antonio. We’re in an industry called ‘specialty coffee,’ so our primary focus is the quality of the coffee and the quality of the products that we produce. “We go through a lot of training. We’re not too concerned with making super crazy drinks; all of the drinks we offer are more traditional,” explains Olivo. Local Coffee focuses on getting the best quality products for their coffee. Olivo states, “We only offer one house coffee that we brew on demand and have ready to go at any time.” The house coffee is the result of a collaboration with a roaster in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Olivio explains. 20 They also offer a special menu that

These “single origin” coffees provide a very particular taste. The menu frequently changes due to variety of coffee beans that are available to the shop. “There are about 20,000 different varieties of coffee,” says Olivo. “So, there are so many different outcomes you could get from the way you brew it, the way you grow it, the way you process it, and then the way you roast it.” The quality of the beans and the attention that the roasters give to them makes the coffee noticeably special and unique. In order to draw in more customers, Local Coffee has tastings every Wednesday. “It’s just fun to drink something and talk about it or not talk about it and just meet other people,” says Olivo. They also have events to raise awareness about the store. This past February, Local Coffee hosted two events. One event, taking place at the Emplorium, consisted of a boutique style set up, while the other involved serving coffee at a donut cook-off. Olivo also says they participated in the San Antonio cocktail conference. Local Coffee also hosts classes, aiming to edu-

quality of the ingredients used. Another great thing about Local Coffee is the atmosphere, which is very relaxing and friendly. The same can be said of the staff—“All of us love this job; it’s a really great job. We have an owner who’s very passionate and cares about us like we are a family,” gushes Olivo. The seating arrangements inside and outside are very modern, yet comfortable. With bar-style seating, cushioned chairs and an outdoor patio, there are many different locations within the store to choose from. Free wi-fi and soft background music attract a wide variety of customers. “We get new people in all the time—especially on the weekends. We also have a ton of regulars.

“It feels like every customer is a regular because we just see them so often—new people that come in end up being regulars after awhile. We’re so close to downtown that we’re drawing students in. We’re drawing in people that work in the area, people that are coming from downtown or going to the Pearl. We’re gaining a lot of traction in the community, just from students and people that like food and coffee.” Call the Stone Oak location at 210530-8740, the Alamo Heights location at 210-267-5494 or visit for more information. Words & Photos: Amanda Dansby

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painting materials within reach. There are typically two artists leading a class: a lead artist and an artist assistant. Lead artist, Lisa Mack, enthusiastically shows the class how to replicate the painting step-by-step. Her assistant, Luis Rodriguez, walks around the class assisting attendees who are having difficulty with a particular step. Breaks are taken intermittently to allow the paint to dry and to give attendees a chance to mingle and socialize. One of the owners, as well as a studio manager, Cristina Canales, is also present, flashing warm smiles at attendees throughout the session. The studio is filled with laughter, singing and chatter, as some attendees amuse over tiny mistakes, while others sing in unison with the music emitted from the studio’s sound system. Time passes quickly and soon the three-hour class is over. Eyes roam over one another’s paintings with kind compliments, which only add to the positive aura of Pinot’s Palette. At the end of class, attendees leave the studio

with a sense of pride as they stare in amazement at their own masterpieces. The Alamo Heights location of Pinot’s Palette has two owners, who head a staff of five artists; Sonia Garcia, Karen Arredondo, Matthew Ritchie, along with Mack and Rodriguez. When asked about the most popular night, Canales responds, “It all depends on which painting we’re doing. We have some family painting days on Sundays, and we are hoping to add an additional class on Wednesdays starting in May.” The studio easily holds forty-four attendees, enough space available for nights when it is booked beyond the usual amount. As the studio’s website states, “Pinot’s Palette is the upscale ‘Paint. Drink. Have Fun.’ destination in San Antonio where anyone can be a Picasso. No art experience required!” Classes are either two or three hour sessions depending on the difficulty of the painting selected for that evening. Additionally, the studio does offer private parties for events, ranging from

birthdays to corporate get togethers. A calendar highlighting the dates and times of public classes is accessible on the studio’s website and displays each scheduled painting. If you love art and painting or if you would love to learn how to paint, then sign up for a few of the classes at this studio. Pinot’s Palette will definitely help you turn that blank canvas into a masterpiece, all in a fun environment.


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Brazilian Chicken Wings with Rice Colorful flavor, Serves 4-5 people, 30-40 minutes

Chicken: 2 1/2 pounds of chicken wings 2 red bell peppers 1 green bell pepper 1 yellow bell pepper

1-2 tomatoes 1-2 jalapeños 1/2 large onion 2 cups water

Rice: 2 cups of white rice 1 tsp salt 2 1/2 cups water

Editor-in-Chief: Katy Schmader

Assitant to Editor: Erin Boren

Managing Editor: Stephen Whitaker

Photo Editor: Will Tallent

Web Editor: Natalie Frels

Ads Manager: Kevyn Kirven

Prep: + Rinse all chicken, peppers, tomato(es) and jalapeño(s). + Slice peppers and onion. + Dice tomato(es) and jalapeño(s). + Remember, test the jalapeño(s) for spiciness. If too spicy, remove the seeds. + Add rice, salt and 2 1/2 cups of water to a pot. + Combine peppers, onion, tomatoes, jalapeños and 2 cups of water in a secondary large pot. Cook: + Place both pots on stove top, covered. + Bring both pots to a boil. + Once the rice is boiling, lower the heat and simmer for 15 minutes. + Remember, unconvering the rice allows steam to escape. Avoid lifting the lid. + When the vegetables are boiling, add chicken wings. + Check and stir wings and vegetables periodically. Enjoy: + After 15 minutes of simmering, take rice off heated stove top. + Check largest chicken wing for a completely white, non-pink center. If not completely white, continue cooking until done. + Serve wings and vegetables over rice.

Words & Photos: Carina Lukasch

Business Manager: Jenelle Duff

Senior Copy Editor: Alyssa Torres

{Writers} Erin Boren, Amanda Dansby, Matthew Duarte, Jenelle Duff, J. Corey Franco, Carina Lukasch, Emma O’Connell, Janae Rice

{Cover Photo} Katy Schmader


Diane Abdo

{Advisory Board}

Steven Kellman, Mansour El Kikhia, Jack Himelblau, Sandy Norman

{Special Thanks} Editing 2433

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