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This is a fun event for charity. The winner is decided by the referee, judges and spectators based on the entertainment factor with fancy dress and showmanship in abundance. Before you join in with us at this fun event, let’s first give you a practical demonstration of the rules‌

T h e d e m o n s t r at i o n

T h e e n t e r ta i n m e n t

The competition

The celebrities

The clean up

Without a doubt this is one of the World’s craziest culinary competitions. A wild and whacky wrestling competition in a pool full of Lancashire Gravy! Contestants must wrestle in the Gravy for 2 minutes whilst being scored for audience applause and various different moves. Gravy Wrestling is based on having fun‌ although there is a serious competitive streak among most competitors. To see more of my photography and books, please visit my website.

World Gravy Wrestling Championship 2012