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“What’s it all about, Alfi?”


Paintography by Michael Critchley By using various computer software, filters and

My aim with this work is to highlight digitism,

custom defined brushes that vary in size and texture,

(the quality and recognition of ‘paintography’) and its

percentage of coverage and pressure,

place in the art world.

I transform my photographs into ‘paintographs’.

My interest in this art form began in the early 90’s

‘Paintography’ for me is the linking of a lifetime

with ‘Painter’ and if I had to classify my style of work

interest in photography and painting and my profession

with an ‘ism’ – naturalism, idealism and romanticism

as a graphic designer. This modern descriptive word for

would all come to mind.

my art is so new it’s not in the dictionary yet. So how to describe my art? I would say it is

The purists of photography will have difficulty in accepting the transformations of my art, as will

the passion for creative freedom and daring to be

the artists who believe that only physical, manual

different. The computer is a great blending tool for

brushstrokes can truly be called painting. I hope to bring

colour, form and texture. From one photograph I like

to your attention that paintography has its rightful place

to see the technical permutations developing into an

in the art world.

exciting compilation that generates a new series of paintographs. ‘AWHINA’ is an example of this.

I leave that to you, the viewer, to look at and formulate your own individual interpretations.

“What’s it all about, Alfi?”


Paintography by Michael Critchley