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June 2013 - Issue # 21

EDITOR Nigel Gorman EXECUTIVE EDITOR Caroline Miall CONTRIBUTORS • Belinda Ross • Caroline Miall • Colin Thompson • Jennie Gorman • Jim Baker • Leanne Staff • Michael Farrugia • Nigel Gorman • Scott Collins

From the Editor We hope you’re all doing well as we near the end of this financial year. This month Aussie Painters Network announces the release of our own Request a Quote area! Another way of assisting painters find work in these tough times. Look inside for information on how you can join for free. Once again the political arena is affecting many of us, with people postponing works until the election to see what the future holds for the construction industry. Experience tells us that once things settle consumers will feel more confident in knowing where things will be going with the economy and are generally happier to start spending. On-site work may be up and down; however, work to be done in the office is on the increase. Make sure if you have contractors working for you that you read this month’s article about contractor payments. This may affect you, so give it some thought now to make sure you’ll be compliant. Don’t forget about our latest Member Give Away; we have two tickets the State Of Origin, round 2, up for grabs! Get your Membership now to go in the draw. Good luck!


Nigel Gorman

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The Alarming facts about Asbestos


Is your Business Your Passion?


Chemicals and Hazardous Substances in the Workplace


How to create your own blog



Building and Construction Industry

Why Training is Important


General Property Insurances, or the Tools of the Trade Insurance


On Trend with Wallpaper


News from Master Painters & Decorators Australia


Art of Grass Signage


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Will Winter De-Rail Your Weight Loss Goals

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Green Painters Colours of Spring

The Alarming facts about Asbestos In the Industry

Bans of the products started becoming widespread from the late 80’s due to links to ill health being made.


was surprised to realise that until recently I was really quite ignorant to the extent off the deadly legacy asbestos has left us with. Apart from news of compensation claims of asbestosis victims, and being aware of it in homes if you’re renovating, I thought that it was an issue mostly relegated to the past. However the ongoing impact is quite startling. Asbestos was mined in Australia until late 1984, being one of the highest users per capita in the world up until the mid 1980s. Australia also has the highest reported per capita incidence of asbestos-related disease in the world; first to suffer was the mining industry, then the manufacturers of the products, next the building and construction industry and now the ‘DIY generation’. With the mineral occurring naturally in many places in Australia, it can also pose significant risks in road building, on construction sites and in excavation works. Asbestos has characteristic long, thin fibrous crystals that are deadly if inhaled over long and short periods of time. In production it was often combined with other materials to make fibrous concrete products; the main use here, which made it even worse with those particles then more likely to become airborne. A national ban on uses of all kinds of asbestos not already in situ, only came into effect in 2003. Incidence of asbestos related diseases continue to rise, and are not expected to reach the peak numbers until as late as 2020! A bolstering of the efforts to combat the scourge of asbestos was announced at the start of May by the Gillard Government, with consultations commencing on the National Strategic Plan for Asbestos Awareness and Management. Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, Bill Shorten, met with Members of the Select Council on Workplace Relations for consultations after input from stakeholders and concerned groups. The Strategic Plan, due to be in place by 30 June 2013, is being developed with

goals of greater asbestos awareness, management and eradication. Mr Shorten said at this point the devastating fact was that there are children not yet born who will die of asbestos-related diseases. The problem of existing asbestos will be exacerbated over coming years by deterioration, weathering and decay; material damaged during building or maintenance work, demolition and/or removal of ‘asbestos containing material’ (ACM). The plan is hoped to increase public awareness of the dangers, with implementation of a nationally consistent practice in handling and management. Given that developing countries still use asbestos liberally in millions of homes, factories and schools, part of the strategy will see Australia continue to play a leadership role in a global campaign for a worldwide asbestos ban.

For more information on the Government plan, see the draft at: other/national_strategic_plan_discussion_draft_0.pdf

Caroline Miall

Sources: National Strategic Plan for Asbestos Awareness and Management 2013-2018, Background paper

8 | Aussie Painters Network

Chemicals and Hazardous Substances

in the Workplace.

In the Industry

Below is a summary of the present legislative requirements when handling hazardous substances.


uring the course of your works, Members are regularly exposed to, carry, store, supply and purchase chemicals and hazardous substances. NOTE: The requirements are for ‘hazardous substances’ and not all chemicals however, industry best practice and Safety Solutions WA highly recommend that the management methods listed below be undertaken for all chemicals that you may use or handle within your workplaces. What are you required to do with ‘hazardous substances’ that are going to be used at work? You must: • Undertake a risk assessment for all substances • Ensure no person at the workplace is exposed to a hazardous substance above its specified exposure standard • Keep a current hazardous substances register of all hazardous substances used at the workplace and ensure it is maintained and readily available • Ensure the MSDS for each hazardous substance is readily available to anybody at the workplace who might be exposed to it • Consult with all people who might be exposed to the hazardous substance at the workplace about the intention to use the hazardous substance and the safest method of use. • Reduce the risks to people at

10 | Aussie Painters Network

the workplace that could arise from exposure to a hazardous substance • Provide induction and training to people likely to be exposed to a hazardous substance at the workplace before they start work that includes relevant and adequate information and training on: o The potential health risks and any toxic effects o The control measures o The correct use of methods to reduce the harmful effects of exposure o Correct care and use of PPE, and o The need for, and details of, health surveillance (if required) • Keep records of all induction and training undertaken • If the risk assessment indicates it is needed, undertake appropriate monitoring and in certain situations, ensure there is health surveillance (if/when required). How do you know if the chemical is a Hazardous Substance? The supplier/manufacturer must be able to provide you with a material safety data sheet (MSDS) for the substance (If they can’t – don’t use/purchase it). If it is a hazardous substance, MSDS will contain an upfront statement along the lines of: • This product is hazardous according to the criteria of National Occupational Health and Safety Commission (NOHSC)/Australian Safety and Compensation Council

Safe Work Australia or WorkSafe Australia/the GHS • If the MSDS contains a signal words, such as ‘WARNING’, ‘POISON’ or ‘HAZARDOUS’, on the label would indicate that you have a hazardous substance • Similarly, information in the Health Hazards section of the MSDS that the substance is ‘toxic’, ‘corrosive’, ‘a sensitizer’, ‘a carcinogen’, ‘a teratogen’ or ‘a mutagen’ would mean that it is likely to be a hazardous substance. What is a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)? A MSDS is a document that provides information about a chemical or hazardous substance and how it should be used, stored and how to avoid harm or what first aid is required when using it at the workplace. MSDS’ are required to contain the following information: • Identification of the material and supplier • Hazards identification • Composition or information on ingredients • First aid measures • Fire fighting measures • Accidental release measures • Handling and storage • Exposure controls or personal protection • Physical and chemical properties • Stability and reactivity • Toxicological information • Ecological information • Disposal considerations • Transport information

MSDS’ must be updated or reviewed: • At least every five years • Whenever there is new information on changes to hazardous properties of the product • Whenever there is a formulation change. What is a ‘hazardous substances register’? Under the current OSH regulations, the employer, main contractor or self-employed person must keep a current register and MSDS of each hazardous substance used at the workplace. A hazardous substance register must have as a minimum: • A list of all the hazardous substances you use (including store) in your workplace • The MSDS for all those hazardous substances. A hazardous substance register should also contain: • A notation against each hazardous substance as to whether a risk assessment has been completed • Be readily available to all workers potentially exposed to the hazardous substances, including emergency services.

WorkSafe are responsible for policing these regulations and it has become apparent that Inspectors are putting chemical and hazardous substance management high on their site inspection agendas. Safety Solutions WA can assist Members with obtaining the required MSDS’, preparing chemical and hazardous substance registers and conducting risk assessments of substances. For more information on this topic or any other OHS inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact Safety Solutions WA.

‘My Costing Guide’ is a fully automated program where all you have to do is add or change the variables and the total price will appear in an instant. It is simple to use and can be personalised to your own business.

12 | Aussie Painters Network

2013 June Issue | 13

Why Training is Important In the Industry

In many Australian states you must be qualified to be licensed or registered as a painting contractor.


s the painting industry moves to national standards and legislation, it is important that you and your employees keep up to date. In fact, the law says that employers must ensure their staff is trained in safe lead paint and asbestos work practices, how to erect scaffolding safely, and many other safety requirements. The good news is that government funding makes it very affordable. The benefits of training yourself and your staff include: • Safer Work Practices; unqualified painters often take risks and injure themselves • Higher quality work; trained painters can identify problems and avoid them • A more professional image to consumers; be proud of being a tradesman! • Better efficiency; skilled staff are multi-skilled and save you time • A more flexible work force - painters with qualifications can work as supervisors in any state • Better pay; being qualified can get you a higher paying job as a supervisor or in the mining industry • Improved EPA and WHS legislation compliance

Certificate III Painting and Decorating is the nationally recognised qualification for painters. It includes units on: • Applying Wallpaper • Using Elevated Work Platforms • Applying OHS policies, requirements • Calculating and Costing Construction Work • Applying Texture Coatings • Applying Decorative Finishes • Matching Colours to Specification Having nationally recognised qualifications can help you find employment. A qualification could help you get where you want to be. You may be most of the way to a qualification and not realise it! Even if you have never formally studied or been trained as a painter in Australia, you may be able to have the skills you have gained through work, or life experience recognised through a process called Recognition of Prior Learning. You may be eligible for government assistance to complete your training. Funding is now available in QLD, South Australia, Victoria, WA and the Northern Territory, and for any painter over 50 years of age. Check the web-site for more information.

The National Institute of Painting and Decorating promotes nationally recognised training. Nationally recognised training can only be carried out by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), and result in qualifications that are recognised anywhere in Australia, and count to towards further study in other courses. 14 | Aussie Painters Network

2013 June Issue | 15

In the Industry

General Property Insurance, or the Tools of the Trade Insurance


here’s an old saying “give us the tools and we’ll the finish the job.” As far as sayings go, it’s a pretty accurate picture of how life works. Without our tools, doing our job would be so much slower, sloppier or painful. Even in our home life, the right tool makes chores so much quicker. When you first moved into your home, you might have tried to save a few dollars by not buying all the mops, brooms and brushes to keep the floors clean. After your first attempt trying to sweep the house using a dustpan & brush, you probably realised just how useful those things are. Given that these tools help us do our painting quicker and easier, they are an important asset of business. That’s why they’re worth insuring. You might think paying insurance isn’t worth it for the chance of having to replace a step ladder that fell off a verandah, but when half a dozen tools are stolen, someone drives over the spray-gun, or a tree falls onto your trailer full of tools, the cost of replacing your damaged tools can become a real strain on the wallet. Insuring your tools of trade is fairly simple. Most business insurance policies offer a ‘General Property’ section that usually covers your tools of trade at home, on the job-site, or anywhere else in Australia.

16 | Aussie Painters Network

You usually do not need to insure all of your tools, so you choose yourself how much you would like the insurance to pay you in the worst case scenario. The insurance cost is usually only 5-10% of the amount you are insuring, so it can be a worthwhile investment given that the General Property section normally covers fire, impact, storm, flood, theft and misplacing it. Depending on the quality of your insurance wording, things like your phone or your laptop can even be insurable.

Click here to visit us on Facebook Email:

I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for referring me to Consolidated Insurance Pty Ltd. I spoke to Scott about our Business Insurance and with little time, Scott emailed me back a comprehensive package for our Business and we saved over $1,000.00. Thanks again Aussie Painters Network for the great referral and all your ongoing help. Sonya Baker

18 | Aussie Painters Network

Some wallpapers, despite being expensive, can be rather tricky to apply to the substrate.


allpaper is making a big comeback lately, especially as feature walls. Whether in a commercial environment like an office or for the home, it can do amazing things to boost the style of a room or just brighten up a wall or two. There’s been a lot of advances in style and application over the years and wallpaper now comes in standard 52cm wide paper backed vinyl that you paste and hang, to 1200cm wide fabric backed vinyl’s and grass weaves which really require two people to apply to the surface. Some wallpapers are self adhesive and a lot of paper also now requires the adhesive to be applied to the wall and not the back of the paper.

at a slower rate than the surface, and the covering can shrink away, leaving a line. Try painting the wall a similar colour to the paper prior to hanging to help in disguising the joint. I have recently found that some papers will shed the ink or colour from the surface if rubbed too hard, so be careful when hanging and use a soft brush or sponge block. Despite all instructions & demonstrations, I still come across people who try to fold a full length of wallpaper around an internal or external corner. DON’T! Corners, both internal and external are not “true” and you will end up with puckering and damage to the paper. Always apply it in two pieces.

Wallpaper design has undergone a revolution with the now limitless possibilities, from the beautifully screen-printed to enlarged city skylines or even rolls comprising customized photographic murals. Some wallpapers, despite being expensive, can be rather tricky to apply to the substrate. You will need heaps of patience to avoid damaging the paper with excessive adhesive which will disfigure the surface. Some wall coverings will show the joints no matter how careful you might be, so you can try painting the ends of the roll with coloured chalk or pastels before unrolling. Sometimes the problem is caused by the white backing paper drying

Tips for internal corners

First, measure the distance from the edge of the last piece you hung to the corner. Do this at several points between the ceiling and skirting to find the maximum distance. Cut a length of wall covering so that it is about 10mm wider than this measurement. Paste it and hang with the extra 10mm overlapping round the corner on to the next wall and will keep the loss of the pattern to a minimum.

Where corners are not accurately plastered, you must be generous with the overlap. Take the remainder of the length and paste it. Measure it and mark a vertical guide line on the next wall, a little more than its width out from the corner. Now take this second length and hang it alongside the vertical line and perfectly parallel to it brushing back into the corner, overlapping the 10mm which has already been carried round. Match the pattern as well as you can, although a slight mismatch in the corner is normally not too obvious.

In the Industry

On Trend With Wallpaper

External Corners

Follow the same technique, though you should allow a wrap-round of at least 25mm Overlapping thicker wall coverings Blown vinyl wallpapers can be very difficult to stick down. In this case, slice through the two thicknesses after overlapping and remove the surplus pieces from underneath, so giving you a perfect butt joint. When slicing through, use a good straightedge and a very sharp knife, cutting at a low angle - and take great care. Have a look around the net for some incredible inspiration in modern wallpapers. If you’re looking for a quick tutorial or tips on producing a good wallpaper finish, there are some excellent videos on Youtube. Colin Thompson

2013 June Issue | 19

Quotes Direct to You!!

rough Aussie Painters Network, consumers can now...

Request-a-Quote 20 | Aussie Painters Network

07 30401234 or 0430 399 800

In the Industry

News from Master Painters & Decorators Australia


hat an exciting quarter we have had with 25 new members joining us! I like to think that it demonstrates that what we offer as an association has true value and that our members are part of a vibrant and active community. One of our longest serving companies is celebrating their 80th Birthday this year we went along to the party. There were wonderful stories and memorabilia that showed how three generations have made this possible. Happy Birthday AJ Cochranes & Sons! The WA Building Commission and Master Painters and Decorators Australia are working together to complete a first ever State of the Industry Report. We encourage all painters regardless of your qualification to complete this survey, so a true snapshot of our industry can be taken and necessary changes and updates can be made to improve the laws for painters and the industry. Please go to our website at and click on the link.

22 | Aussie Painters Network

We are pleased to say that our training organisation MPA Skills is seeing an increase in enrolments for the pre-apprenticeship courses both through schools and the courses being offered out of our Maylands campus. Good news for those living south of the city our new Jandakot campus is nearing completion and enrolments to courses their will commence soon. Master Painters & Decorators Australia, along with the Commonwealth Bank invite you to join us for a unique opportunity to hear Craig James, Chief Economist of CommSec and receive the latest insights in the economic future of WA and the painting industry. Date: 20 June 2013 Venue: The Old Brewery Perth Time: 6.00pm Cost: $66 incl of GST

As you can see Ashlee continues to work hard for our membership to deliver top quality events for very reasonable prices. Hope to see as many painters there, you don’t have to be a member! For all of the APN readers in other states if this event interests you, let Ashlee know and we can look to working with our banking partner to make it happen. or 08 9471 6667.

Happy painting until next time.

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2013 May Issue | 23

In the Industry

The Art of Grass Signage Have you ever thought about the ‘ins and outs’ of painting those sponsors’ logos on footy fields? They’re often a massive, meticulous reproduction of a company’s branding, and sometimes distorted for the audience’s optimum viewing! Not the simplest of tasks by any means. You may be aware that Aussie Painters Network is a proud supporter of the Ipswich Jets Rugby League, and as part of our sponsorship our logo is being painted on the field for home games, telecast on Channel Nine in Queensland and pay TV throughout Australia. So we recently had the chance to see how this very specialised application within the Sign Writing trade is done. Using a system operated much like surveying equipment; firstly the logo is mapped out on computer on a tripod. The computer remotely controls a small robot, creating a feint dotted outline of the logo. Using paint specifically designed for use on grassed surfaces, which is water-based and quick drying, the operator marks the outline with a spray gun, then it was just a matter of mixing the right colours and filling in the areas. It was great to see the old skills of mixing the colours

24 | Aussie Painters Network

and not just turning up with the colours pre mixed. It was a fascinating process to watch, and the results speak for themselves. What a great way to reach a big audience! Those interested, the Ipswich Jets are equal 1st on points and 2nd on the ladder, trailing the leader on for and against! Also, we are in discussion with other clubs around Australia about sporting sponsorships. We’re seeking to raise the profile of Aussie Painters Network with the public, to better represent you and the Industry by bring clientele your way.

With thanks to Best Signs, Brisbane

2013 June Issue | 25

New Apprentice Scheme Offers Support CAMS supporting construction apprentices throughout their apprenticeships.

In the Industry


onstruction Apprenticeship Mentoring Scheme (CAMS) is a comprehensive, nationally coordinated approach to supporting construction apprentices throughout their apprenticeships. Funded by the Commonwealth Government through Apprenticeship Mentoring Program funded by the Australia Government Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education CAMS aims to support building and construction apprentices by providing them with access to Master Builders services and one-on-one mentoring. Under the CAMS model, construction apprentices who are signed on to participate under the program are matched with suitable trained volunteer mentors for one year. CAMS’ mentoring assists apprentice to ensure any obstacles and issues arising during an apprenticeship can be resolved without unnecessary anxiety or distress while also opening up pathways and opportunities for apprentices once their training contract is complete. Apprentices can access mentoring for free and may renew their mentorship after a year.


• Online resources and information for current & prospective apprentices, including a CAMS Facebook page and CAMS twitter account • Apprentice Engagement Officers who visit schools, community events, career expos and trade shows to promote careers in the construction

26 | Aussie Painters Network

industry. The officers are also available to answer phone, email and face-to-face enquiries from prospective apprentices, employers and other interested parties. • A volunteer apprentice mentoring scheme that connects apprentices with carefully selected and trained volunteer industry mentors for more intensive one-on-one support • The Pathways into Building and Construction program that works with schools and communities to provide information about pathways from school into an apprenticeship • A range of discounts and promotional offers for apprentices.


Volunteer mentors play a vital role in CAMS’ goal to improve apprenticeship competition rates and enhance career opportunities in the building and construction industry. The role of volunteer mentor includes: • Provide one-on-one support to apprentices on issues relating to on-the-job and off-the-job training, motivation, workplace communication and work-life balance. • Help apprentices to articulate and develop their career goals in the building and construction industry;

• Offer practical guidance with networking in the building and construction industry by facilitating connections between the apprentice and helpful contacts; and • refer apprentices to relevant support services (e.g. our program partner Mates in Construction and other pastoral care services) where professional advice in relation to relationship issues, drug and alcohol use, or mental health may be needed. Master Builders Queensland is now taking applications for both volunteer mentors and apprentices under the new CAMS program.

For more information or to participate please call 07 3225 6407 or email

In the Industry


hat do you think of when you hear the words ‘green’ or ‘sustainability’? Some painters associate them with ‘hippies’ or imagine that being ‘green’ is just a fad. While it is true that not everyone reacts positively to the ‘green’ message, the fact is that the sustainability issue is here to stay, and is now as important to your business as Occupational Health and Safety. Not only are consumers demanding it, but government policy and business is now driving the industry to improve environmental performance. By 2015 16% of all government projects will be ‘Green Star’ rated, and according to recent surveys, 85% of consumers would choose green products if they were given a choice. What does sustainability mean for the painting industry? • The phase out of solvent-based paints and coatings, to be replaced with low-VOC alternatives • Recycling of solvents, waste-water and packaging • Increased use of paints and paint accessories manufactured from renewable or recycled content

Becoming a sustainable painting contractor or paint retailer should not be viewed as a liability, but as an opportunity. Businesses that adapt to change will benefit by becoming preferred suppliers for government and consumers, and will also cut costs by reducing waste. Zero-VOC Paints are being specified and used on major projects like Melbourne Airport, University of Wollongong; and by large builders such as Grocon and Lend Lease. Heat-reflective coatings are being used to cut energy consumption on public buildings across Australia, and by top-tier companies like BHP, and Rio Tinto. To help businesses in the painting industry go green the National Institute of Painting and Decorating established the GreenPainters program in 2009. Over 450 painters and retailers have participated in the program, which has been supported by government and industry in most states. A one day course can help your staff update their knowledge of sustainable painting practices and products.

• Increased use of heat-reflective coatings which improve building energy efficiency Check the web-site for details and tips to help you go green.

28 | Aussie Painters Network

Through the program, painters gain the knowledge, the skills, and the confidence to become a sustainable painting expert. The accredited business can use the GreenPainters brand to add strength and credibility to their team, their service and their business. In future issues of Aussie Painting Contractor we will focus on specific ways you can improve sustainability, and on the latest paint technology.

2013 June Issue | 29

Aussie Painters Network has consulted with some of our Members and discovered a need for a forum for both employers seeking staff and those painters looking for work. So, we have developed an area where both parties can find each other at no cost. Some employers recently told us after running ads in weekend papers, they were inundated with over a hundred applications in 72 hours. They simply didn’t have the time to sort through them all, and after so many had gone to the effort of applying. We aim to make it simpler for the employer, who’ll be able to access a list of those currently available, and easier for the painter to be seen. This is a service that we hope will save you money and a lot of time.

Visit our Employment Page for more details!

This is a FREE service.

30 | Aussie Painters Network

In the Industry



am really passionate about the benefits of employing an apprentice. I get so annoyed when painters say to me, ‘I can’t find any decent tradespeople’. When I mention they should take on an apprentice, the story is always the same, ‘I can’t commit to it’, I don’t know if I’ll have enough work for them’, ‘They cost too much’, ‘I need someone that can paint now’ or ‘I haven’t got the time to train them’. Employers! Look at the future benefits of having someone working for you that you have trained. I have made sure my apprentices were proficient on the brush after a few months. You don’t keep them sanding or sweeping the floor for 12 months or longer; it’s a waste of resources and is not beneficial for you or fair to them. 99% of apprentices are keen to learn and if taught well, will pick it up quickly and be financially viable to you. The cost? There are so many Government Incentives available that it really doesn’t have to cost you anything. Training: There are other options from just block training these days so you don’t end up without your apprentice for great length of time. Some Registered Training

32 | Aussie Painters Network

The commitment and time in training is negligible.

Organisations (RTO’s) are running flexible training solutions that can assist the employer in keeping the apprentice on the job for part of the training that is required. If you are looking for that option here is a link to a List of RTO’s. CAMS: The Construction Apprenticeship Mentoring Scheme, can also assist with qualified mentors (like myself) to help you with your apprentice. Check out the CAMS article for more info.

The hourly wage for an apprentice: (As different states have varying awards, the rates below are an approximate only).

1st Year- $ 8.30 2nd Year- $11.30 3rd Year- $15.10 4th Year- $18.00

The average travelling time for an apprentice: 1st-4th Year $14.20 (per day average). The cost to you: There are 260 working days in a year. Of those 260 days, there are 20 annual leave days, 10 sick days, 10 public holidays and 13 rostered days off. There are also 15 weeks

of college training over the 4 years which relates to 18.75 days per year. Therefore an apprentice is actually only at work for 188.25 days of the year. When you take all this into consideration and also the inclusion of superannuation, holiday loading and workers compensation, the cost to you for employing an apprentice per hour on 260 days is; 1st Year- $10.36 2nd Year- $13.68 3rd Year- $17.96 4th Year- $21.19 If you have trained your apprentice correctly, then in their 3rd and 4th year, they should be producing between 70-95% of a tradespersons output. So, why do I employ apprentices? My first apprentice started with me 17 years ago and he is now a supervisor for the Ipswich City Council in the Painting & Decorating division. The other seven still work either full time or part time for me; one of them as Supervisor. He has helped me train all my staff and looks after the running of my business when I am away. To me, that is a ‘Win-Win’ situation.

Jim Baker

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High quality custom solar systems appropriate for your site, your power requirements and your budget. We offer three options of solar power systems based on your budget. We source panels and inverters from tried and tested manufacturers.


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2013 May Issue | 33

Business Ideas

Is YOUR Business YOUR Passion? Are you energised knowing that you are doing something you love and just want to get to?


aking up in the morning, knowing that you have a long day ahead, are you energised knowing that you are doing something you love and just want to get to, or do you dread having to drag yourself from your bed? Passion for what you do will show through when you talk about your business. More than likely, you chose to start your business because you were passionate about the subject or product. Your chance of success and personal satisfaction shines through when you speak your message if you are doing what you love! If you have lost your passion, that will shine through too! To start and keep a business these days you need an entrepreneurial spirit and an overwhelming wish to make a difference. If your business is a means to an end, you will find that it may be short lived as any passion you had moves to a personal state of dislike or lack of interest.

34 | Aussie Painters Network

If you started your business to create wealth and you do not have the skills, contacts, business acumen or experience, more than likely, you will be one of those who find themselves in a situation of closing the doors and looking for another way to bring in an income. According to the Small Business Administration in the USA (Australia I believe is similar), only 44% of new businesses make it to their fourth year. If you are new in business, these numbers shouldn’t discourage you if your business is also your passion, as you will be prepared to do whatever it takes to bring your dream to fruition. Was your business created around a dream or vision to be something? Is it something you thought about for a long time, an inner knowing telling you to create ‘the dream’ for the betterment of others, in some way? Does your business make you want to cry or bring up an emotion when

you talk about it? If so, I believe that you are creating your souls purpose that only someone who has experienced that feeling can understand. Small business statistics from the Australian Government show that 95% of businesses are small businesses, with nearly 1 million people running a business from home at this time. This figure is growing rapidly according to the Australian Home Based Business Statistics. As employment becomes harder, especially for people over 50, starting a small home-based business becomes the one thing that people can create without the large overheads that are created by having a shop front.

Copyright © 2013 Jennie Gorman

Finding your true passion is something that some people just know, and for many others, it is something that just clicks in when the time is right. Do you ever wonder and ask how can you find your true passion? This is something within you that only you can know and find. Bill Strickland, author of Make the Impossible Possible offers some clues, writing: “Passions are irresistible.… If you’re paying attention to your life at all, the things you are passionate about won’t leave you alone. They’re the ideas, hopes, and possibilities your mind naturally gravitates to, the things you would focus your time and attention on for no other reason than that doing them feel right.” Strickland believes that only by following your passion will you unlock your deepest potential. “I never saw a meaningful life that wasn’t based on passion. And I never saw a life full of passion that wasn’t, in some important way, extraordinary.” Look around your community and city and see who the real entrepreneurs are … seeing how they follow their passion. So many aspiring entrepreneurs follow the crowd and end up disappointed because they feared following their heart. So, as a business owner, be passionate about your product, service, company or cause. Make a difference and shine your light. Business Enterprises Centres around Australia can help you with your business if you need them.

Jennie has become known as ‘the people connector’ as a result of many years of promoting and connecting people both nationally and internationally. She has been working and developing her connections consciously for over 20 years and believes that building strong ‘win-win’ relationships is Call Jennie the only way for future business (07) 3262 5343 success. Jennie started with 0414 278 344 Connexions Unlimited in 1995. Jennie is available for one-on-one mentoring, on-going MasterMind Groups, networking events and workshops. 2013 2013 June May Issue | 35

3UP Paint Division Members Profile

Our experience is your peace of mind.


efore 3UP Paint Division left its distinctive mark in retail, commercial and residential spaces, Director Rod Bunter always knew how to achieve a picture perfect finish. Bunter has worked a life committed to paint, following on from a successful 20-year career as an award winning studio artist and designer; he sought to realize his vision of excellence and perfection on a far grander scale. It was only a matter of time before he would swap his studio brush for the real deal and pursue his passion for creating beautiful and inspiring spaces for people to live and work in. 3UP is committed to excellence and that’s a philosophy we’ve bottled. We are focused on transforming each project we undertake, elevating the average to the outstanding.

3UP Paint Division service includes: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Free estimates BSA qualified supervisors Experienced and qualified trades people Colour consultancy Painting to major construction projects Spray painting New Work Repainting Texture and decorative coatings 2 Pack floor coatings & concrete sealers Wall papering High pressure water blasting Artwork Preservation Graffiti removal Protective coatings Murals

36 | Aussie Painters Network

3UP Paint Division has painted and decorated a wide variety of commercial and residential spaces including special heritage projects to each client’s unique specifications, achieving dynamic results that have forged our growing reputation in the industry. With a comprehensive depth of industry knowledge and a team that includes award-winning tradesmen, we deliver and exceed client targets and expectations.

Client satisfaction is our biggest reward. Visit our website

Commercial Work

Understanding our clients project management needs, along with a proven ability to meet exacting paint specifications and budget requirements are the fundamental elements of our approach to commercial projects. 3UP prides itself on the highest standards of workplace health & safety and environmental protection. We aim to develop close working relationships with our clients in order to achieve a common goal: first class results delivered safely and professionally.

Residential Work

We believe in working closely with our residential clients to achieve the best possible result, on time and on budget. Our team of dedicated professionals has over 15 years of experience in new and repainted homes. Our philosophy is simple; we don’t just paint houses we create beautiful environments for people to come home to.

Mural Work Retail Work

Helping our retail clients achieve a distinctive market edge is one of our most rewarding experiences. We have a vast array of experience in this field, providing high quality finishes for a range of retailers including art galleries, hotels, nightclubs, salons, restaurants and fashion outlets. We take great pride in delivering a spectacular result for each retail project we undertake.

3UP has designed and executed murals for various private and public clients, including Queensland Rail, MCA and the Institute of Modern Art. We love a challenge and aim to deliver a unique, quality product produced by professional artisans for all of our mural clients.

Contact us via Email

2013 June Issue | 37 38 | Aussie Painters Network

How to create your own blog It doesn’t necessarily have to be hard … starting and maintaining your own blog. It can be quite easy. You don’t necessarily need any development or design skills. Here is an easy way to create your own blog site. Firstly there are a few popular FREE blogging tools out there. One of them is Wordpress. This is probably the most popular and easy to use, so it’s a good place to start. Secondly you need to find a host that supports your chosen Blog software to allow you to host your blog site online. There are a few important questions to ask your potential host.

Third task is to choose a theme for your blog site. Most basic blog software installations come with a default theme design. If you are not happy with the default option then you can generally choose a different theme either for free or at a cost to you. The fourth step is to start writing your blog! This is the fun part. Occasionally you may need help so make sure you have a look online to find some great Wordpress tutorials out. They give you great tips and ideas on what, how and when! Good luck and have fun blogging!

Do you install Wordpress? And do you support Wordpress if there is a problem with the blog that is not hosting related? It’s probably worth going that extra bit to find a host that will do this for you, it may cost you a bit more but will certainly give you piece of mind if something does go wrong.

• • • • • • • for more details, visit our website!

2013 May Issue | 39

40 | Aussie Painters Network

2013 May Issue | 41

Even low levels of lead are harmful... Paint Contractors, Parents, Renovators, Child-care Centre Operators,Teachers, Landlords, Agents, Pet-owners: Find out if paint, dust, Soil, drinking water, toy paint, Plastics, ceramics, jewellery, and other items are safe for humans and pets.

Buy a DIY-sampling / lab analysis lead kit Order online • print form • fax/call : 1800 626 086

The LEAD Group’s lead test kits are the only ones available in Australia for testing a wide variety of samples at a lab (which charges us a charity rate so you pay less). *The water test kit requires less lab work and a lot less interpretation that is why it costs less Prices include postage within Australia, handling, lab charge, results, interpretation & GST.

You take the samples, and send them to Sydney Analytical Labs. The lab analyses the samples, and we explain the results. Click here for videos on

how to use the sampling kits

The LEAD Group is a charity (ABN 25819463114 )

donate NOW

2013 June Issue | 43

Will Winter De-Rail

Health & Wellness

Your Weight Loss Goals? Many of you already know my philosophy that “I don’t like diets”.


he chilly weather is on the way, bringing with it our desire to hibernate and possibly for some those unwanted kilos. It’s only natural to want to stay warm and cosy with the desire to go to exercise giving way for a hot shower, some warm socks and a hearty meal. Winter is a crucial turning point for many, because it’s comes straight after two very bountiful times of year; Christmas/Summer feasting and Easter’s chocolate overload. Many people have already packed on weight during this time of year and were already struggling to get their weight under control. Just to make things more challenging winter then turns up and quite politely offers to help you pack on more weight. Let’s be honest who wants to exercise and eat salads during the colder months. My message is one of consistency, not beating yourself up for making some poor choices but encouraging a healthy attitude for life. Winter is an obstacle that isn’t going to go away anytime soon; it just means being more conscious this time of year about your choices. Unlike in the summer when we want to adventure, entertain with friends and enjoy all that our outdoor lifestyle brings, winter brings a dramatic change to our style of living. It’s like the hand break being ripped on at 100 km/per hour, bringing a sudden change in temperature and much less daylight.

It’s important to have a plan or be aware of the obstacles that will work against you. • Choose foods that will support your health goals and warm the belly, • Plan 3 or 4 meals to have ready each week, • Attend health talks to learn more about nutrition and food, • Choose the right time of day to exercise where you’re most comfortable, • Join a walking club, • Put your gym gear or equipment in the car with you so you can pop into the gym on the way home before you get comfortable, • Drink lots of water or herbal tea (avoid caffeine), • You can always choose to work with a health coach too, if you need an extra hand. A strategy that I found that works best for me has been to take small regular steps that form good habits even during the tough times. Our wellness coaching program has been designed to help stay well and find out what could be working against your health goals. Kindest Regards Scott Collins 07 554 92 554

It’s colder, darker and you’re more likely to want comfort foods this time of year. It’s important to keep choosing healthy options and continue with your weight loss strategy throughout the winter. You may not be as motivated, but winter is going to hang around for 3 months and you can’t afford not to be proactive. 44 | Aussie Painters Network

A weekend to re-discover your health, and to learn how you could eliminate the primary reason that could be preventing you from losing weight and becoming healthier.

It is easy to be proactive in your own health care if you know how to eliminate the factors working against you that are contributing to poor health. Using state of the art Hair Screening technology with our unique Wellness System, we create a personal bio-proďŹ le for each participant.

Have you ever wondered if you have hidden toxins, a microbiological imbalance, eat foods that don't suit you, or concerned if you’re getting enough nutrients?

2013 June Issue | 45

In the Industry

Colours of Spring


f someone should say to you, after shivering through the cold of winter, “think of spring?” What do you see? What image immediately comes to mind? Most people see sprouting bulbs, flowers budding, they may even notice a brighter blue in the sky, the grass seems greener, we smell the flowers and people really start to smile again, and some people even get a spring in their step. Let me paint you a picture, you walk into a clients home and see bright clear clean colours, so bright you can see the sun shining through them, tainting them with that lovely warm yellow hue. Lime green, lemon, salmon, everything new, clean smooth lines (not sharp) very fashionable furnishings. You are walking into the home of someone who belongs that profile. They will have a spring in their step, often with blonde sometimes curly hair.

46 | Aussie Painters Network

These people don’t usually care about the price, chances you have come with a recommendation, do good/ excellent quality work, and they don’t want to miss out on anything that’s new. You see, in profiling their home, we can also profile the person, we can know what they like, dislike, what motivates them, how they live in harmony with others, how they work and what inspires them. These people will love the colour palette with a warm undertone (add a drop of yellow), in the Dulux colour palette for example the shades of white these people will love are: Chalk USA, Lamarque, White Opal and Berkshire White team it with Natural White or Whisper White and you will have a friend for life.

Belinda Ross

Colour Transformations

0413 464 289 • 07 3886 4488

Spring is one of the four conventional temperate seasons, following winter then summer.

How much does your business need to earn to cover its expenses?

2013 June Issue | 47

48 | Aussie Painters Network

P: (07) 3283 8848 F: (07) 3283 8847 E:

Insurance Premium Funding A lending facility for business clients who wish to spread the cost on annual insurance premiums over monthly instalments so that they can smooth out their cash flow.

80% of your debtors in your hands

Within 24 hours

Worth thinking about! Unsecured or secured by policies financed: Finance is generally available without tying up the business and personal assets. In most instances no additional security is required. Directors’ guarantees are usually required when financing is $250k. Flexible financing term: Terms of 6 – 12 months, smooths out cash flow by breaking one lump sum into a series of payments over the year. Finance a variety of insurance types: Bundle all insurance costs together, such as PI, Workers Compensation, general business insurance, motor vehicle fleet registrations etc.

49 | Aussie Painters Network

Budget with certainty: Rate & repayment are fixed for the term. No ongoing fees: Upfront documentation fee, the only fee applicable, competitive interest rates and fixed monthly instalments.

Rod and Ian Scanes Phone: (07) 3278 0825 Fax: (07) 3278 0894 Mobile: 0421 383 314 (Rod) 0421 383 315 (Ian) 2013 May Issue | 49

Training Schedule for 2013

National Institute of Painting and Decorating


June 4

Stenciling, Mottling, Fresco

Gold Coast

June 5

Woodgraining, Marbling (basic)

Gold Coast

June 6

Stucco Columns, Frescos

Gold Coast

June 7

Spraypainting - Airless and HVLP

Gold Coast

June 8-9

Advanced imitation marbling

Gold Coast

June 11

Stenclling, mottling, frescos

Gold Coast

June 11

Estimating and Quoting ($350)


June 12

Gilding, piecework and antique finishing

Gold Coast

June 13

Rag-rolling, mottling, suede, metallic

Gold Coast

June 14

Woodgraining, marbling (basic)

Gold Coast

June 15-16

Molten metal, antique gold/silver

Gold Coast

June 18

Woodgraining (advanced)

Gold Coast

June 19

Gilding, antique piecework

Gold Coast

June 20

Rag-rolling, suede, metallics

Gold Coast

June 21

Spraypainting, airless and HVLPs

Gold Coast

June 22- 23

Imitation marbling, (advanced)

Gold Coast

July 2

Safe Lead Paint and Asbestos Practices ($380)


July 5

Safe Lead Paint and Asbestos Practices ($380)


Boom Lift Ticket, Sydney, on demand ($750) EWP Yellow Card, Sydney, on demand ($250) Painters Business Management Course (distance learning) on demand. Suitable for BSA Queensland license ($290)

National Institute of Painting and Decorating 7 Glenbrae Crt | Buderim QLD 4556 T 1300 319790 | E : |

Certificate III Painting and Decorating now subsidised in VIC, SA and QLD. Free for painters over 50.* Conditions apply +

50 | Aussie Painters Network

This course is licensed by Sustainability Victoria




Establish Legal and

17,18,19 June

5.00pm to 8.30pm

Risk Management

24,25,26 June

5.00pm to 8.30pm

Requirements of

2,3,4,5,6 Sept.

8.00am to 4.00pm

Small Business

25,26,27 Nov.

5.00pm to 8.30pm

2,3,4 Dec.

5.00pm to 8.30pm

Prepare Surfaces for

15,16,17,18,19 July

8.00am to 4.00pm

Painting PRB Colour

22 July - Rev*

8.00am to 12.00pm

& Wall Papering

23 July- Exam

8.00am to 12.00pm

24 July – Resit

8.00am to 12.00pm

16,17,18 Sept.

5.00pm to 8.30pm

23,24,25 Sept.

5.00pm to 8.30pm

1,2 October

5.00pm to 8.30pm

7 Oct. – Rev*

8.00am to 12.00pm

8 Oct. - Exam

8.00am to 12.00pm

9 Oct. - Resit

8.00am to 12.00pm

Identify and Produce

4,5 June

5.00pm to 8.30pm

Estimated costs for

11,12 June

8.00am to 4pm

building & construction

6,7 Aug.

8.00am to 4pm


12,13,14,15,16 Aug.

8.00am to 4.00pm

10,11 Sept.

8.00am to 4pm

15,16 Oct.

8.00am to 4pm

22,23 Oct.

8.00am to 4pm

28,29,30 Oct.

5.00pm to 8.30pm

4,5,6 Nov.

5.00pm to 8.30pm

11,12,13 Nov.

5.00pm to 8.30pm

26,27 Nov.

8.00am to 4pm

10,11 Dec.

8.00am to 4pm

Course in Sustainable


8.00am to 4.00pm

Painting Practices


8.00am to 4.00pm

Remove Graffiti & Apply

16,17 April

8.00am to 4.00pm

Protective Coatings

6,7 Aug.

8.00am to 4pm

26,27 Nov.

8.00am to 4pm

Course in Restricted


8.00am to 4.00pm

Asbestos Removal


8.00am to 4.00pm

2013 May Issue | 51

The Industry

Idiots Generally we laugh at what some people do to save time and money. Is your life worth a few dollars? This death trap set-up was on a semi main road in Brisbane in the last month.

52 | Aussie Painters Network

Important Contacts Aussie Painters Network

Ph. 0430 399 800

Master Painters & Decorators Australia Ph. 08 9471 6662 Australian Tax Office

Award Rates

Ph. 13 72 26 / Ph. 13 28 65 Ph. 13 13 94

Fair Work Building & Construction Ph. 1800 003 338 Mates In Construction

Ph. 1300 642 111

Workplace Health and Safety Contacts STATE ACT NSW NT QLD SA VIC WA


Phone (02)62073000 13 10 50 1800 019 115 1300 369 915 1300 365 255 1800 136 089 1300 307 877

Cancer Council Australia STATE ACT NSW NT QLD SA VIC WA


Phone (02) 6257 9999 (02) 9334 1900 (08) 8927 4888 (07) 3634 5100 (08) 8291 4111 (03) 9635 5000 (08) 9212 4333 2013 May Issue | 53

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