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T h e W h o l e W o r l d O f A K U S T I K G I TA R R E

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SONG CLASSIC ise‘ - ‚Sunr Jones G EITUN SONG-BEGLe Guitar‘ ‚Percussiv BLUES von im Stil r Walke Blues-Soli Lerne und T-Bone B.B. King YLE FINGERST s in shop -Work raden rstyle eitsg Finge Drei Schwierigk hiedenen Norah


versc , Eagles, Mraz, Nirvana Gilberto CCR, Jason im Stil von McKee und João hniken Andy Lerne Spieltec Merle Travis, Ralph McTell, ops Worksh zu vielen yalongs

Jam-Pla s en, TAB s mit Not rkshop en auf DVD 13 Wo tion eo-Lek und Vid p l a y e Latin sticPo p | ead | .acou ng | L

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The Magazine The best place for your advertising – AKUSTIK GITARRE – the biggest European special interest magazine for acoustic guitar players. Around 150 pages of news and test reports, workshops, interviews, features, expert reports, reviews of instruction books, DVDs and CDs, manufacturer’s portraits, exhibition reports and much, much more. AKUSTIK GITARRE – the magazine for finger-style, singer / songwriter, folk, blues, pop, jazz, Latin, rock and classical guitar. And even more important: for your promotional activities!

The CD Attractive in every respect. For each edition of AKUSTIK GUITAR magazine, a high-quality CD is available separately. On this you will find recordings of all workshops mentioned in the magazine plus bonus tracks by the featured artists. And a unique feature: Outstanding sound samples of all instruments and technical equipment tested in the magazine will direct particular focus to your products.

The Website Ever-present and up to date. The direct way into the world of AKUSTIK GITARRE and to your online advertising. Video tests and video workshops as well as movies with stories and interviews provide the perfect complement to our magazine and make the website particularly effective for your advertising. Take advantage of our high page ranking and large number of visitors and present your products on!

The Workshop Magazine With A DVD Acoustic PLAYER – the DVD workshop magazine for guitarists. Up to 14 exciting workshops per edition, all important guitar styles and techniques, in music and tablature. In addition, the DVDs offer video lessons with over 180 minutes worth of premium guitar instruction from some of the best guitar players and teachers on the scene. Acoustic PLAYER – the ultimate play-along magazine that will guarantee a great time with your guitar.


Our readers – your customers!


KUSTIK GITARRE is the biggest European special interest magazine for acoustic guitar players and the best place for your advertising. Around 150 pages of news and reports, tests and workshops, CD and DVD reviews, book reviews, manufacturer’s profiles, trade fair and event reports. AKUSTIK GITARRE – the magazine for finger-style, singer / songwriter, folk, blues, pop, jazz, Latin, rock and classical style. Every two months we introduce our over 20,000 readers to internationally known artists, discover talented newcomers and also show where the scene is heading with the latest trends. In addition to exclusive interviews and features with and about well-known artists and young up-and-coming talents, in every issue we present the work and service of distributors, producers and working ateliers. We publish detailed test reports in which our experts inform the readers objectively and competently about instruments, technical 3

AK U S T I K G I TARRE Mediadaten 2012

equipment and useful accessories, in order to give decisive help in making important purchases. Extensive reviews provide an overview of interesting instructional publications and worthwhile new CDs and DVDs. Our extensive Workshop Section provides our readers with new inspiration and ideas for their playing. Due to the fact that our publisher Peter Finger, himself an internationally renowned guitarist, enjoys close personal contacts to today‘s leading acoustic guitar players, AKUSTIK GITARRE is able to offer a wide range of outstanding workshops for all levels of ability.

Guest articles by well-known artists consistently attract new readers in addition to our regular readers. The editorial content is rounded off by our extensive service section. In the News category we offer manufacturers and distributors the opportunity to present new products, further developments or special events. Use AKUSTIK GITARRE to boost your success! Place an advertisement with us to inform our readers about your products, events and services.

Established on the market for 15 years: The AKUSTIK GITARRE and the supplement CD

Das Team

Here you‘ll find your contact person for all questions regarding AKUSTIK GITARRE. We can support you in cooperations and ad campaigns just as much as in clearing up technical details or fine tuning editorial contributions. And by the way, since we‘re all enthusiastic acoustic guitarists ourselves, you can be sure that your interests are in good hands with us.

Editorial Staff


Foto: manfred Pollert

The Team

Stefan Woldach Im Hornisgrund 23 14055 Berlin Tel.: +49 (0) 30 - 31 50 51 82

Andreas Schulz Karlstraße 17 64546 Mörfelden Tel.: +49 (0) 61 05 - 27 27 93

Peter Finger


Call us - we‘ll be glad to help you!

Graphic Designer

Advertising Manager


Publishing house PO Box 1945 D-49009 Osnabrück - Germany Jahnstraße 1a D-49080 Osnabrück- Germany

Foto: Robert Schäfer

Foto: manfred Pollert

Acoustic Music GmbH & Co. KG

Tel.: +49 (0) 541 71 00 20 Fax: +49 (0) 541 70 86 67

Hermann Otte Tel.: +49 (0) 54 51 - 73 77 8 Fax: +49 (0) 54 51 - 17 25 5

Gerald Oppermann Tel.: +49 (0)5 41 - 7 60 79 82-3 Mobil: +49 (0)170 - 2278239

Mechthild Moreno Tel.: +49 (0)5 41 - 6 36 13 Fax: +49 (0)5 41 - 6 36 53






AK U S T I K G I TARRE Mediadaten 2012

Readership PROFIL

The Readership of AKUSTIK GITARRE In order to enable you to assess the readership of AKUSTIK GITARRE as accurately as possible and to adjust your product information accordingly, here are the most important results of our latest readers’ survey: 98% of our readers are active guitarists, more than half of them also play another instrument. A total of 80% pay close attention to the advertisements and over 70% find them interesting and helpful.


Because of ads in AKUSTIK GITARRE, 76% of our readers have recently contacted manu­ facturers or retailers at least once, 60% more than once and 12% more than five times. 65% of our readers are aged between 30 and 50, the majority are educated and have an above average income. Almost 20% of our readers are music and guitar teachers, making them significant multipliers with considerable influence over the purchasing decisions of their students. This also shows the high degree of acceptance our authors enjoy among critical experts.

Occupation White collar employee: 46%

University/College degree: 46%

Self-employed 21%

Highschool diploma/A-levels: 22%

Managerial employee: 16%

O-level/GCSE: 18% other: 14%

Blue collar worker: 7% Student/trainee:: 5% other: 5%


AK U S T I K G I TARRE Mediadaten 2012

Contact information to get in touch with the guitar playing team at AKUSTIK GITARRE can be found on page 6/7 Here you’ll find your contact person for all questions regarding AKUSTIK GITARRE. We offer support in cooperations or ad campaigns as well as in clearing up technical details or arranging coordination with editorial contributions. By the way, since we’re all enthusiastic acoustic guitarists ourselves, you can be sure that your interests are in good hands with us. Call us  -  we’re there for you!

Monthly net income Over 2.500 Euro: 30% 2000 to 2500 Euro: 14% 1500 to 2000 Euro: 18% 1000 to 1500 Euro: 14% 750 to 1000 Euro: 4% under 750 Euro: 9% no answer 11%

Release Schedule

Deadlines 2012



Editorial Deadline

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Artwork Deadline

Date Of Sale


Fri 11.11.11

Wed 23.11.11

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Tue 27.11.12

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Fri 28.12.12

AK U S T I K G I TARRE Mediadaten 2012



Double page spread























*In the case of bleed formats at least 3mm edge trim is necessary on all sides! Please stick to the safety margin. Edge Trim: Area which is cut away (avoids white cutting edges)


upright 7

AK U S T I K G I TARRE Mediadaten 2012


horizontal upright


horizontal upright

Safety Margin: Distance between text/information and edge of data format (avoids unwanted bleed).

be an

3mm bleed 4mm safety margin


Price list No. 15 · effective Jan 1st, 2012

Sizes/Rates For all deadlines please consult p. 9!


Non-bleed width x height mm

Full-bleed* width x height mm


400 x 254

430 x 280



185 x 254

215 x 280

on purchases within a one year period

1/2 horizontal

185 x 127

215 x 142

1/2 upright

90 x 254

105 x 280

1/2 square

122 x 169

137 x 184

1/3 horizontal

185 x 84

215 x 99

1/3 upright

59 x 254

74 x 280

1/3 square

122 x 127

137 x 142

1/4 horizontal

185 x 63

215 x 78

1/4 upright

43 x 254

58 x 280

1/4 square

90 x 127

105 x 142

1/6 upright

59 x 127

1/8 horizontal

90 x 63

1/8 upright

43 x 127

1/16 horizontal

90 x 30

1/16 upright

43 x 63


AK U S T I K G I TARRE Mediadaten 2012

black/white Price in v

4-color Price in v

Frequency 2 insertions 4 insertions 6 insertions 12 insertions

5% 10% 15% 20%

Quantity 3 pages 6 pages 12 pages 18 pages

5% 10% 15% 20%

Payment Due: Within 14 days net cash; automatic debit transfer or payment in advance: 2% cash discount Right of cancellation: Written notice within a week after reservation, for inserts and cover pages 3 weeks before submission deadline

Please note: All ad rates are NET prices and are subject to VAT • Guaranteed positions: + 15 % • Agency commission: 15 %

Special Inserts

Price list No. 15 · effective Jan 1st, 2012

Top Shop


Black-and-white insertions at low prices These special prices apply per issue and must be booked for one year (6 issues). They are not subject to any discounts.


horizontal or upright



horizontal or upright

Cover Inserts Inside cover (front or back) (4-color only) .......v 3.090 Back cover (4-color only) ........v 3.200


1/8 horizontal

90 x 63

1/8 upright

43 x 127


59 x 63

1/16 horizontal

90 x 30

1/16 upright

43 x 63


59 x 30


AK U S T I K G I TARRE Mediadaten 2012

black/white Price in v 220,160,140,100,-

Please note: All ad rates are NET prices and are subject to VAT Guaranteed positions: + 15 % • Agency commission: 15 %

Loose inserts

Size: max. 210 x 280 mm CPM – amount rounded up to nearest 1000 units: up to 20 g ...............v 120 up to 40 g ...............v 170 over 40 g/every 20 g plus .v 40 All prices plus postage fee

Special inserts on request

Non-bleed width x height mm

CD Booklet

The two inside pages of the CD booklet are also avai­ lable for your advertising.

Printing Information

Printing Information

For all deadlines please consult p. 9!

Digital file formats:

Data transmission

• PDF • TIFF • JPEG • PSD • EPS/Postscript All fonts must be embedded Picture files 300 dpi min/ vector graphics 600 dpi min Scale: CMYK – Euroscale

Per e-mail: Artwork (50 MB max.) may be forwarded to our graphic department:


Per internet: Please make sure before upload to put all files to one folder (e.g. ZIP file) and ask for access code to our ftp server by e-mail at:

In case of 4-color ads please send a final digital proof to our graphic department: GRAFIKBÜRO OTTE Siegfriedstr. 6 D-49477 Ibbenbüren Tel.: +49-54 51 / 73 77 8

If files are damaged, we will inform you in due time.

Warranty/Liability We would like to explicitly point out that any data sent by email, ISDN or data media will be checked for completeness and functionality to the best of our knowledge. However, we cannot provide any guarantee in the event of faulty print owing to wrong, late or incomplete data or technology-based layout errors! 10

A K U S T I K G ITARRE Mediadaten 2012


The Website is the perfect supplement to our magazine. Videos and sound samples are directly connected with the detailed instrument tests, interviews and workshops featured in the print magazine and give a real-life dimension to these articles.

possibilities. Here users find all relevant addresses relating to guitar business, guitar brands and producers, manufacturers, music shops, schools and workshop providers as well as music publishers or event and concert promoters.

Other services our visitors can use are the very popular cost-free classified ads section, interesting latest news, features and up to date concert announcements, in addition to the complete online archive with the topic overview on all issues of the AKUSTIK GITARRE from the first issue in April 1994 until today.

Promote yourself and your products here – join in and become part of the scene!

Our new AKUSTIKnetz column provides the guitar scene with interesting networking 11

AK U S T IK G ITARRE Mediadaten 2012


Price list No. 15 路 effective Jan 1st, 2012

WEBSITE We offer a variety of banner formats to present your products on our website. As the number of visitors varies from page to page, you can choose between different formats and positions, from a place on the start page with the most hits to our interactive audiovisual pages with the greatest length of stay.

Banner Formats on our Website Sizes (in Pixel)



720 x 60

Max. 3 customers

At the top in the page header


Price per banner and month (in v)

Welcome page Superbanner

Welcome page including all sub-pages Welcome page including all sub-pages


120 x 600

Max. 3 customers

In the left or right outside column

Small ads section Editorial pages 1) Video/audio pages 2)

Content-Ads Fullbanner

460 x 80



230 x 80



A K U S T IK G ITARRE Mediadaten 2012

Between the individual text sections or above/below the video/audio content

Editorial content Video/audio pages

1) Editorial pages are tests, stories, workshops, News Scene, AKUSTIK GITARRE presents 2) Video-audio pages with unusually high dwelling time (video workshops, video tests, video stories, sound examples)


Discount Rates for Banner Advertising Months: 4 8 12 Discount: 10% 15% 20% Customers who book both an ad in AKUSTIK GITARRE and a banner ad on the website are granted an additonal combination discount of 10%. Further special discounts on request.

Banner Design If desired we will create a static banner according to your specifications for a one-off fee of v 40 (rates for animated banners on demand). You send us your text, company logo and product photos in digital Version if required, and our webmaster will take care of the rest.

Banner Delivery Please note that your data will be delivered as gif-, swf- or jpg files!

You’re interested in advertising on We will be happy to advise you on your individual requirements.

Further information and booking Mechthild Moreno Tel.: +49 (0)5 41 - 6 36 13 Fax: +49 (0)5 41 - 6 36 53 E-Mail:

Technical details and support Gerald Oppermann Tel.: +49 (0)5 41 - 7 60 79 82-3 Mobil: +49 (0)170 - 2278239 E-Mail:


A K U S T IK G ITARRE Mediadaten 2012


AKUSTIKnetz The platform for the guitar scene The new AKUSTIKnetz offers our customers the opportunity for detailed product presentations. Music retailers, guitar builders, concert promoters, music publishers and other specialists present their services in different sections.


Your advantages • Your products are presented in a guitar-friendly setting

Guitar Builders

• Your company appears in rotation in the margin area of the start page next to a listing of the different categories with a link to your presentation in AKUSTIKnetz.


• The AKUSTIKnetz with all current customers is continually advertised in all our media. • Use the high PageRank of our website to improve your own search engine placement and thus improve the ranking and number of hits on your own website!

Music Retailers Brands

AK U S T I K G ITARRE Mediadaten 2012

Service Concert Promoters


• You gain a lasting presence for a low price.


Music Publishers


You can choose between the more extensive XXL version with interactive elements and the pure text version XL!

Format XL XXL


Price per month

Price per annum

One-off set-up fee

XL Profile, logo, contact information XXL Profile, logo, contact information, videoclip, audio samples, photos (max. 4)

Minimum booking: 12 months · All prices are subject to VAT

Support You want to network with the guitar scene on and need help creating your profile? Then contact our webmaster Gerald Oppermann:

Here are two examples for your information. Your internet presence in AKUSTIKnetz could look like this: XXL: XL:


A K U S T IK G ITARRE Mediadaten 2012

Phone: +49 (0)5 41 – 76 07 98 – 23 Mobile: +49 (0)170 – 227 82 39 e-mail: Join us now and help extend the AKUSTIKnetz!

Publishing House

Editorial Department

Acoustic Music GmbH & Co. KG

Stefan Woldach

PO Box 1945 D-49009 Osnabrück - Germany

Im Hornisgrund 23 D-14055 Berlin - Germany Tel.: +49 (0) 30 - 31 50 51 82

Jahnstraße 1a D-49080 Osnabrück - Germany Tel.: +49 (0) 541 - 71 00 20 Fax: +49 (0) 541 - 70 86 67 E-Mail:

Andreas Schulz Karlstraße 17 D-64546 Mörfelden - Germany Tel.: +49 (0) 61 05 - 27 27 93 E-Mail: Internet:

Advertising Department Mechthild Moreno Tel.: +49 (0) 541 - 6 36 13 E-Mail:

Accounts Department



Petra Kaisen Tel.: +49 (0) 541 - 71 00 2-10 Fax: +49 (0) 541 - 70 86 67

Gerald Oppermann

Hermann Otte

Tel.: +49 (0) 541 - 7 60 79 82-3 Mobil: +49 (0) 170 - 2278239

Tel.: +49 (0) 54 51 - 73 77 8 Fax: +49 (0) 54 51 - 17 25 5




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