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J OE DANDY By David Alexander

IT’S COAT SEASON OK guys, here’s the thing


f you’re reading this, you probably spend a fair bit of time and energy on your personal style. Or the style of someone near and dear to you (that’s a call out to the female readers out there; Joe Dandy loves you). Your coat is no place to chintz out on that style. Yes, a coat is meant to keep you warm and dry but it can also be a strong reflection of your own personality. And if you take nothing else away from this column, remember a suit and Gore-tex do not mix. Gore-Tex certainly has its place — this is Victoria after all — just not matched with your finest duds. Even we Victorians have our limits. Here is a primer on what should be in your wardrobe this winter. 1 THE OVERCOAT If you’re an office-and-suit kind of guy, a double-breasted overcoat is essential. You spend a lot of time picking out the right suit and crisp shirt; you’ve gone the distance, so don’t ruin it with bad choice in outerwear. An overcoat is a perfect accompaniment for the office outfit — in fact, it was created to show you off



and give you nice clean lines. When choosing an overcoat, stick to classic colours. While your tie choice gives a glimpse into your individuality via colour or pattern, your overcoat should be neutral. Grey is huge this year, and navy or black are both good options. Mid-length is the style right now, though shorter or longer are also popular. Not too long though: you aren’t on Game of Thrones. Double breasted has been hot for the past few years, but it may not work for stockier guys, so choose to suit your build. 2 THE QUILTED JACKET Quilted jackets, which are popular this season, are generally lighter and well suited to Victoria’s winter climate. They are the perfect in-between jackets: warm enough on their own for early fall and easily layered with a sweater and scarf for the colder months. These are good weekend jackets that can be dressed up for an outing but are casual enough for a dog walk. Colour and print, including camouflage, are trendy this year so feel free to play around a bit.


3 THE DUFFEL COAT A duffel coat works well in Victoria and it’s a huge style trend for fall/winter 2015. This coat is easily identifiable by its hood, toggle buttons and prominent square pockets. This coat is fashionable, great for those rare cold days, and the hood comes in handy during an Island winter when rain is not uncommon from November to April. A duffel coat is a little less formal than a full overcoat and might be good for a casual Friday or the weekend. You can blame big beards and ‘lumbersexuals’ for the resurgence of this jacket. It pairs very well with a flannel shirt and axe, but also with a scarf, sweater and chinos. Neutral darks are popular for this coat, as is old-school camel. 4 BOMBER JACKET The bomber jacket is huge again this year, reflecting the military style that has graced the runway the past few seasons. The beauty of this jacket is that it offers up an athletic shape and a style that, except in the most extreme versions, is quite timeless. Leather, wool and suede are popular for bomber




about outerwear: it should do more than just keep you warm. YAM helps you choose coats that keep you toasty while defining you as a man of style.

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