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Metal 2000 designs and produces display solutions, internal décor and accessories to create special and exclusive settings for Wine Cellars, Wine Tasting Rooms, Wine Bar, Restaurants, Wine shops, Shops, Show room, Companies, Exhibition Stands, Hotel and private homes. Design, creativity and the excellent standard of a product ‘made in Italy, when combined with versatility, can really make a difference. Our experienced craftsmanship with steel and methacrylate (plexiglas) allows us to offer you the highest standard of quality with each step of the manufacturing process, from design to production. By using the latest laser cutting technology, we are able to create a high quality product of innovative design. We design emotive spaces that are also unique, elegant, innovative. We are leaders in wine display solutions with our ‘emme 2 design’ products. Our patented display system perfectly accommodates bottles horizontally, in any shape and size. We constantly update our range to offer ideas that are both elegant, practical and contemporary. metal 2000

2 Temperature controlled rooms

3 Temperature controlled rooms

Thanks to our wide range of bottle display and internal decor solutions we offer a variety of options for storing wine without compromising its quality. We design and manufacture custom size temperature controlled rooms for any kind of location, introducing wine management solutions that are beautiful, practical and innovative. Perfect for Wine shops, Cellars, Restaurant and Wine bars, temperature controlled rooms offer maximum visibility, capture attention and allow every label on display stand out, storing wine at the right humidity and temperature. The right choice of lighting will add the final personal touch making it a unique experience.

4 Temperature controlled rooms

5 Temperature controlled rooms

Shapes, lights and colours designed to convey emotion.

6 Temperature controlled rooms

7 Temperature controlled rooms

8 Temperature controlled rooms

9 Temperature controlled rooms

10 Company history

11 Company history

Celebrating the historical heritage of a company is a ‘must’. We understand that value and prestige are acquired with the passing of time and generations. Though very few wineries still posses a complete collection of their own production, most have a wide collection, together with some ‘antique’ bottles. Displaying and increasing the value of these treasures sets you apart with style. Your style! … evident not just through the bottles you collect, but also through presentation.

12 Company history

13 Company history

14 Company history

15 Company history

With clever concepts we add value to all


16 Company history

17 Company history

Give ‘new life’ to any environment, with


through internal décor.

18 Company history

19 Company history

20 Company history

21 Company history

22 Company history

23 Company history

24 Wine Shop fittings

25 Wine Shop fittings

Thanks to clever concepts and the utilisation of the latest technology, we optimize quality and use of your space, keeping the right balance between image and organization, communication and harmony. The layout of your premise will gradually transform into a project designed to fit your needs, to make the most of every space, planned and transformed by your own taste. Created to be practical and offer maximum exposure of your product - fundamental to attracting attention and trade.

Practical and spacious almost invisible butwith maximum effect.

shapes, 26 Wine Shop fittings

27 Wine Shop fittings

28 Restaurant Storage

29 Restaurant Storage


chosen to value and reveal the treasures within your

wine collection. 30 Restaurant Storage

31 Restaurant Storage

Classic or Modern, the elegance of our display solutions

style of your space. celebrates the

32 Restaurant Storage

33 Restaurant Storage

34 Restaurant Storage

35 Restaurant Storage

Each setting has his own classic or modern style. In order to create the most distinct customization, we carefully study every detail to meet your needs. Wise use of transparency adds beauty and elegance. Giving impact and embellishment to your welcome through careful choice in interior décor, we give close attention to preserving wine, we then focus on shape, design and lighting: all together they light up, celebrate and unveil the treasure of Your wine collection. “Wine is earth’s poetry”

Mario Soldati

36 Restaurant Storage

37 Restaurant Storage

38 Arched ceiling

39 Arched ceiling

40 Arched ceiling

41 Arched ceiling

Combination of styles and

materials in modern and timeless settings

which pay special attention to


42 Wine bookshop

43 Wine bookshop

44 Tasting Rooms

45 Tasting Rooms

Style is not only in

the bottles you collect, but also in the way you

show them.

46 Tasting Rooms

47 Tasting Rooms

Tasting groups all the activities through which the connoisseur analyses, by means of all his senses, the wine that is been tested. We therefore try to find and describe its characteristics… marked particularity, intense perfume and persistent signs of a great personality. That’s what surround, capture and enrich a real wine connoisseur. Hence the need to set up comfortable rooms that create the right conditions not only for meditation, but also for a relaxed atmosphere were guests can be guided through a sensory experience. Perfect settings for sharing passions, meeting new people whilst enjoying prestigious wines.

“Real connesseurs do not drink wine: they taste secretsi

Salvador Dalí

48 Tasting Rooms

49 Tasting Rooms

50 Tasting Rooms

51 Tasting Rooms

To meet your requirements, we are pleased to customize several products we create and manufacture, harmonious in shape and design, elegant in their transparency. Our experienced craftsmanship with plexiglas and steel, originality, fitting precision and top quality materials, all come together to create special alternative options that are truly unique.

52 Customization

53 Customization

54 Glass Holders

55 Glass Holders

Clever use of transparency bestows and elegance.

Transparent Plexiglas Glass holders specifically designed for Wine shops, Bars, Restaurants or private wineries. Not just a useful item but at the same time practical and beautiful. Sophisticated design both solid and versatile, playfully reflecting light through transparent Plexiglas and crystal.

56 Glass Holders

57 Glass Holders


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