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photo by speedo



10 | VOICE

20 | BODY

35 | TASTE

42 | MUSIC

Soaking It Up


Go Fish

May Day

San Diegans say where they like to get wet.

How a swimwear brand’s new racing suit is accelerating athletes’ underwater performance.

The Food Dude offers this totally doable recipe for delicious fish tacos.

A day (or so) in the life of singer/songwriter Veronica May.

Totally Tubular

22 | STYLE

35 | TASTE

44 | LOVE

KGB-FM’s Chainsaw provides a phony’s guide to surf cred.

Splashin’ Fashion

Tapped In

Fire and Water

Summer style at the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay.

Los Angeles pours the world’s best tap water.


28 | STYLE


A bail bondsman and an art aficionado surf the tides of romance at Wave House before dining at the Firefly.

Cinco de Mayo


Stars of India


Join 200,000 revelers in Old Town for a fiesta brought to you by PacificSD.

18 | BODY sweatin’ to the yogis How and where to renew your mind, body and spirit.



MAY 2008



The Underwater Photography of Ming S. Wu.

A guide to Little Italy nightlife.

30 | TASTE


on the waterfront

Crossing the Line

54 | THINK

Dine on the water’s edge at these San Diego restaurants.

DJhere hosts the hottest parties in town. Here’s how to get on their A-list.

7 deadly sips

May Days What to do this month.

A kooky collection of concoctions.

It's the kind of unique dining experience that could make a morning person out of anyone. Come as you are and enjoy traditional favorites in our casual, al fresco environment complete with astounding panoramic views of San Diego. Our breakfast menu specifically complements the fresh rooftop air. Join us this weekend for a sunny, relaxing scene overlooking the San Diego skyline. Casual. Simple. Fresh. Sunny outlook guaranteed.

EXPERT LASER HAIR REMOVAL for women and men. Permanent, painless results.


$25 Off Service of $100 or more with this ad



Editor’s Note “ Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink.�

WHERE YOU LIVE 832 Ensenada Ct., $1,09


- Excerpt from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834) Coleridge must have been related to Nostradamus. How else could he have predicted the beach alcohol ban? Despite the lack of rain, there really is water everywhere around these parts. We have an ocean, some harbors and at least a couple of bays. And that doesn’t even count Sea World, Birch Aquarium and whatever it is that flows through the San Diego River. This WATER issue of PacificSD celebrates the life-giving liquid that covers 70 percent of our planet. Inside, you’ll whet your appetite with a guide to the region’s waterfront dining, brush up on surf-speak in Chainsaw’s sports column and learn how Speedo’s new suit is helping swimmers shatter world records. Summer fashions sparkle in STYLE, showcasing a casually glamorous day at the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay. Watch a couple ride freshwater curls in this month’s blind date at Wave House, and then try one of Seven Deadly Sips, San Diego beverages that will leave you dying for a drink. Get wet. Have fun. Make a splash. And don’t forget to thank Mom for making it all possible.

3 BR/2.5 BA, 1278 esf. Pee k views of bay, ocean, night lights. Ideal for rentals and/or college family. Seller motivated, bring offe rs!


730 Brighton Ct., $1,295,00

PUBLISHERS David Perloff / Editor in Chief Simone Perloff / Fashion Director CREATIVE DIRECTOR Kim Cuffe OPERATIONS DIRECTOR Michael Benninger CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Josh Board Cara Chace Nicole D’Alesandro Leslie Gaylor Bart Mendoza Cookie “Chainsaw� Randolph Kyle Van Buskirk Bonnie Vandewater

town home steps to sand! Brand new South Mission rades + lush courtyard. upg ny 2 BR/ 2.5 BA with ma ruction! The best of Armstrong Const

ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES Dave Lebhar Craig Magnusson

PHOTOGRAPHERS Andrew Jorgensen, Flavio Scorsato, Jennifer Grant Fashion Editorial Team Photographer: Ming S. Wu, Stylist: Jennifer Herman, Hair/Makeup: Maryl Velbeck, Stylist’s Assistant: Laura Herman Fashion Consultant: Andrea Nicolau, Models: Brielle at Wilhelmina LA,; Anthony Nelson at Jet Set Models,

undercover Brielle, from Wilhelmina Models, was photographed by Ming S. Wu at the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa and Marina, Styled by Jennifer Herman. Hair and makeup by Maryl Velbeck. Brielle is wearing a floral one-piece swim suit by Betsey Johnson, available at Gone Bananas, gonebananasbeachwear. com, $128; black enamel cuff, available at Pink Lagoon,, $196; chunky gold bangle, available at Mimi & Red,, $3; gold skinny hoop earrings, available at Mimi & Red, $5; other bangles, stylist’s own. To make Brielle’s hair sparkle, Velbeck used Esuchen Lifestyle Eco Pure Olive Line.

Call today for a private showing! 3865 Mission Blvd. San Diego, CA 92109

#HRIS,OVECOMs,/6% Love & Clapperton Coastal Properties 858.274.1111




San Diegans say where they like to get wet

As the temperature rises and summer draws near, the desire to spend time immersed in the world’s most abundant resource takes top priority for many Finest City folks. PacificSD hits the streets to find out where San Diegans make a splash.

Brien Metcalf, from Chris Love Coastal Properties (3865 Mission Blvd., Mission Beach), says, “I just love that Devil’s Cove, in La Jolla. It produces some of the best surf around.”

Emily, from Pasquale on Prospect (1250 Prospect St., La Jolla), says, “I love it when the spray of the ocean gets me wet while I’m relaxing with my roommates at my beachfront home.“


MAY 2008


Robin, from Gone Bananas (3785 Mission Blvd., Mission Beach), says, “My favorite place to get wet is at SeaWorld with my homeboy Shamu. When I’m next to him, I just get totally drenched.”

Hector, from Sunglass & Optical Warehouse (3450 Kurtz St., Sports Arena), says, “Cabo and La Paz, in Baja. They are beautiful places to go fishing or get in the water while enjoying the local culture.”

Clay, Executive Chef at Clay’s La Jolla (7955 La Jolla Shores Dr., La Jolla), says, “My favorite place to get wet is in my backyard. As far as I know, it’s still legal to drink there!”

Dr. Kasiri, from Family Dentistry & Orthodontics (2138 Garnet Ave., PB), says, “When I was younger, the beach was my favorite place to get wet. But at my age, a pool or hot tub is better.”

Erin, from the Bikini Shoppe (740 Ventura Place, Mission Beach), says, “I like the pool more than the ocean, because I can enjoy my margaritas poolside, brought to me by a cute cabana boy.”

Julie, from Re:Vive Salon & Day Spa (1425 Frazee Rd., Mission Valley), says, “I love to get my hair wet here at Re:Vive Salon, where customers get a relaxing head massage with every shampoo.”

Penny, agent at STA Travel (957 Garnet Ave., PB), says, “I don’t have one place in particular that I prefer to take a dip. I just like to get wet all around the world. There are a lot of great places out there.”

Anthony, bouncer at The Shout! House (655 4th Ave., Gaslamp), says, “A hot tub with the ladies is where I like to get wet. Things always seem to get a bit frisky in those situations.”

available at:

Gone Bananas 3785 Mission Blvd. s Pacific Beach



Tubular Totally

dive in!

A PHONY’S GUIDE TO SURF CRED by cookie “chainsaw” randolph

nt New Manageme OV .F /FX$IFGt/FX Do you know the difference between snapping and carving? Pumping and duck-diving? Unless you surf, forget about it. Surfers speak their own language and keep it to themselves. It’s code-speak, used to keep the rest of us out of the loop. Like the kind manicurists use, except surfers aren’t talking about you. It’s all a big stereotype about San Diego anyway, this surfing image. Despite all the cliché panoramas America sees coming out of commercials during Padres games, not everybody in San Diego surfs. Just like not all Frenchmen stink, not all Irish drink, and not all Brits have bad orthodontia (okay, that one’s true). If you can’t surf the curl or talk the talk, at least you can dress like a surfer without embarrassing yourself. It’s a good look — a tremendous upgrade from the denim shorts and Birkenstocks we still see strolling down the Del Mar midway.

Check in for Daily Food & Drink Specials W E D N E S D AY S :

$2 U-Call-Its

from 9:30pm to 12:30am

$3 Lobster Tacos College students, plan your graduation party of 10 or more & receive 10% off your entire bill!

Fellas, may I suggest a few fashion tips? Ladies, tell me if I’m wrong here: Quiksilver is a good start. Shirts and shorts. Get some good flip-flops, too, but you better have a good foot tan to make them work. Avoid Crocs at all costs, unless you’re a little girl with matching outfits from the Olsen Twins Collection. Crocs have never been socially acceptable on an adult male under any circumstance. They are as ugly as they are comfortable, which means they are unbelievably comfortable. They are one-way tickets to Dorktown. I have two pair.

Avoid Tommy Bahama. WHAT?! BLASPHEMY! Tommy cranks out some great-looking shirts, but they’re for dads who don’t surf. The Buick of men’s fashion. You buy a Tommy Bahama shirt and you get 10% off your next hip replacement. I own seven.

Shave your moustache, stat. Only firemen can pull off the moustache, and they’re usually the ones over 45. And please, if you still wear Photogrey prescription sunglasses, or seriously believe they’re making a comeback, you’ve been watching way too many Magnum P.I. reruns. They were wrong then, and they’re wrong now. What about a scent? Kramer tried to pitch “The Beach” cologne on Seinfeld, but it was rejected. The guy said seaweed and fish are the reasons why people shower when they get back from the beach. Turns out Kramer was a visionary after all. Bobbi Brown now has “The Beach” for women. The time has come for “Kelp,” by Calvin Klein. So, fellas, keep wearing your Quiksilver and Rip Curl, even if you don’t actually surf. It’s a cool look, and those companies need your business. Plus, it’s perfectly acceptable, even if you never touch the water. If that seems weird, just think of all the Tomlinson and Hoffman jerseys you see worn by people who aren’t actually Tomlinson or Hoffman. Even a guy like Al Gore wears topsiders and cargo shorts when he’s on vacation. Let’s just hope he doesn’t think The Endless Summer is about global warming.

3714 Mission Blvd. U Mission Beach 858.488.6688 U Free Parking at Bayside Santa Clara Lot

Chainsaw provides sports commentary for the “Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw” morning show on 101.5 KGB-FM. Fashion tips welcome:

G ET STU N G Stingaree

| 454 Sixth Avenue | San Diego, CA 92101 | 619.544.9500 | | For bottle service, call 619.544.1VIP | To become an EnDev card member, visit today.



brou ght to y ou by

CINCO de MAYO 200,000 revelers celebrate mexican heritage and california history On May 5, 1862, Mexico beat France at the Battle of Puebla. Thank goodness for that. If it had gone the other way, latenight drive-thrus would serve escargots with cream sauce instead of chips and salsa, and TV commercials would tell us to “Think Outside the Crepe.” What’s the best way to commemorate our neighbor’s victory? By drinking giant margaritas, of course. PacificSD, in conjunction with Plaza Del Pasado, is proud to present the 25th Annual Fiesta

Old Town Cinco de Mayo, May 3 and 4, in historic Old Town. This free, two-day event intends to stir the inner Latin fever in locals and tourists of all ages. With multiple live music and dance stages, the festive weekend will echo with the vibrant sounds of live Latin jazz, high-energy dance, rock ‘n’ roll, hot salsa, flamenco and traditional mariachi. This year, revelers will enjoy food and drink specials at 30 participating restaurants. The biggest bar party typically explodes at Old Town Mexican

Café, but there’s good fun to be had all over the historic neighborhood. Breathe fire in the jalapeño eating contest, ride the antique Wells Fargo Stagecoach and step back in time at the birthplace of California. Brought to you by the Historic Old Town Community Foundation, which supports educational and community driven programs in Old Town. 619.291.4903,

cinco info Who: 200,000 Fiesta-goers What: 25th Annual Fiesta Old Town Cinco de Mayo Where: Historic Old Town When: Saturday, May 3 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Sunday, May 4 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EVENTS: Old Town Mercado: San Diego Avenue is transformed into a colorful mercado featuring traditional music, regional cuisine, and cultural and historical exhibits. A major attraction within the mercado is the Corona Stage (off Conde Street and San Diego Avenue), showcasing mariachi, norteño, cumbia, salsa and contemporary and old-school performances. Seeley Stables Arena: The arena is transformed back into an 1862 battlefield, on which actors in full period dress reenact the Battle of Puebla. Dressed in colorful costumes according to Mexican cowboy tradition, a female equestrian team performs in perfect formation. State Park Plaza: The State Park Plaza celebrates the Hispanic culture through traditional entertainment including ballet folklorico and mariachi. Families can stroll and picnic in the park all day. Low-Rider Lane Car Show: 15-20 classic low-rider cars are showcased between Congress Street and San Diego Avenue.


MAY 2008




Pacific Beach Promenade [Located under PowerHouse Gym] 4150 Mission Blvd. Suite 145 858.581.9100



$ 3

Women’s Apparel



s r u h t ys da djs w e powerful n e grooves crushing danc rela xed dress cod e $10 .95 filet mign on

945 Garnet Ave. » PB 858.274.4833 VIPs:


The “ART” in PARTY Party for a cause at Hillcrest’s Limbo Fine Art Gallery. San Diego’s International Humanity Foundation and The Love Movement, a Los Angeles-based artists’ collective, invite you to the May 17 opening reception for the World at Large // Love Without Borders exhibition, showcasing the works of artists who surf and skate. The event will feature a live DJ, giveaways and a hosted bar; proceeds go toward the education and empowerment of kids abroad.

OPENING: May 17, 7 p.m. to midnight (Also showing weekends, May 10 to June 1)

RECEPTION Admission: $10 Where: 1432 University Ave., Hillcrest Info: 619.295.5393 »

Bizarre Bazaar This Mother’s Day weekend, take Mom to see a bizarre collection of street performers at the 2nd Annual Seaport Village Busker Festival. A smorgasbord of magicians, stilt-walkers, jugglers and other entertainers will crowd the cobblestone paths between the Seaport Village’s shops. All in attendance may vote for their preferred performers; winners will be awarded contracts to charm the marketplace’s passersby all summer long. Seaport’s shops, restaurants and boutiques will offer discounts and interactive exhibits. So, if jugglers aren’t Mom’s cup of tea, you can buy her something nice from the waterfront bazaar’s unique assortment of stores.

Dive-In Theater The Pearl, Point Loma’s new vintage-modern boutique hotel, invites film fanatics and pool junkies to Dive-In Movies, free cinema/social events held weekly at the hotel’s poolside lounge and theatre. Recline in a chaise lounge or chill in a cabana with fellow movie buffs while viewing full-length foreign films, blockbusters and independent features on a 10’ x 13’ projection screen. All are invited to enjoy fine food and drinks; overnight guests are welcome to take a plunge in the Pearl’s oyster-shaped swimming pool. COMING ATTRACTIONS (All show times are 8:00 p.m., food till 10:00 p.m., drinks till midnight) May 5: El Mariachi (1992; 81 minutes) May 7: Big Fish (2003; 125 minutes) May 14: Enter the Dragon (1973; 98 minutes) May 21: Garden State (2004; 102 minutes) May 28: Viewer’s Choice

Where: The Pearl Hotel, 1410 Rosecrans St., Point Loma Info: 877.PEARL.SD »


MAY 2008


When: Saturday and Sunday, May 10 and 11 Admission: Free (and free parking with validated purchase) Where: Seaport Village, West Harbor Dr. and Pacific Hwy., Downtown. Info: 619.235.4014 »

See the Sea Encounter sharks, seahorses, living coral reefs and countless other underwater creatures at Birch Aquarium, an educational attraction dedicated to promoting ocean conservation and education. Part of the world-renowned Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the aquarium draws more than 400,000 visitors annually. Current exhibits include Feeling the Heat: The Climate Challenge, Art of Deception, Wonders of Water, Hall of Fishes and Tide Pool Plaza. When: Shark tank feedings, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 10:30 a.m. Where: 2300 Expedition Way, La Jolla Info: 858.534.FISH »


SWEATIN’ TO THE YOGIS Renew your mind, body and spirit

Elka Haeckel of Namaste Yoga 2216 Cable St., Ocean Beach 619.523.1203 Styles: Jivamutki and most others

by Leslie Gaylor photo by israel castillo

The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word yuj which means to yoke, or connect. Yoga is all about relationships and connections. When you practice, you are supposed to be able to connect with your true, transcendent self—and with the world around you—ultimately to create a harmonious and balanced life. Good for the body and soul, yoga is one of the six orthodox systems (darshans) of Indian philosophy designed to give practitioners with an escape from an otherwise chaotic world. There is a type of yoga offered for every age, shape and fitness level; the types outlined here help students achieve limber bodies, stronger muscles, higher stamina, better posture, increased energy and improved breathing. Whether you’re seeking a higher power or simply want to supplement an exercise regimen, leave your stress on the mat and take the practice and principles beyond the studio.

Iyengar [ with props ] B.K.S. Iyengar, who began teaching in 1936, created one of the most widely recognized styles of yoga, which focuses on balancing the body and mind. Props, including blankets, blocks, straps, pillows and chairs, are commonly found in Iyengar studios. This style does not incorporate vinyasa, or the flow of one pose into another, but rather focuses on the duration of holding each pose to build strength and flexibility. Iyengar is great for beginners. Hot (BIKRAM) Yoga [ toxin release ] Hot Yoga, typically performed in a room heated to between 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit, involves 26 poses and two breathing exercises that are repeated twice in a 90-minute session. Due to the heat and sweat, instructors recommend that students wear minimal clothing and bring their own mat, towel and water. Some refer to this form of yoga as “Bikram Yoga,” named after Bikram Choudhury, but a heated room is not the only criterion for “Bikram.”

Ashtanga Yoga [ Purification ] This fluid style of yoga incorporates vinyasa, meaning one pose flows into the next. It’s great for realigning the spine, cleansing the body of toxins, and building strength, stamina and flexibility. In a typical 90-120-minute session, participants perform 75 poses, followed by relaxation. Vigorous and athletic, Ashtanga is great for people who want to learn poses and then take the knowledge home to practice and advance at their own pace.

Power Yoga [ get fit ] Created in the 1990s, Power Yoga, the newest and most strenuous form of yoga, incorporates vinyasa and aspects of Bikram (execution of basic poses) and Iyengar (holding poses for a greater period of time). Found in many gyms, Power Yoga does not necessarily follow a set of predetermined series or poses, but rather changes according to the instructor’s style. The workout is intense; beginners should expect to feel soreness.

Jivamutki Yoga [ Free Your Mind ] American-born Jivamutki (liberation while living) involves a vinyasa style of practicing yoga. Jivamutki incorporates ahimsa (non-harming), which involves a profound care and respect for animals and the environment. Sessions include a series of poses and explore chanting, meditation and visualization. This style, which enjoys popularity among Hollywood celebs, was born in New York in the 1980s. It is common for sessions to be themed and to include live music.

Kundalini Yoga [ Spiritual ] Performing Kundalini awakens the seven chakras from the base of the spine, which traditionalists believe to hold a coiled serpent and untapped energy. Kundalini sessions include a warm-up stretch of the spine and a sequence of poses that focus on breathing, chanting and meditating. This extremely spiritual style of yoga is often practiced wearing white robes and head wraps. Despite the spiritual focus, Kundalini poses are very demanding.


MAY 2008


Bird Rock Yoga 910 Grand Ave., Ste. 206, Pacific Beach 858.539.5742 » Styles: Ashtanga, Surfer Flow, Prenatal Ginseng Yoga and Bodywork 2985 Beech St., Downtown 619.338.9642 » Styles: Ashtanga, different levels of flow, spiritual visualization, meditation Yoga One 1150 7th Ave., Downtown 619.294.7461 » Styles: Ashtanga and more San Diego 3HO 1238 Upas St., North Park » 619.692.3521 » Styles: Kundalini Core Power Yoga 1080 University Ave., Hillcrest 1554 Garnet Ave., PB [Opening May 5] 619.225.9642 » Bikram Yoga College of India 2110 Hancock St. #301, Old Town 619.220.6811 » Astanga Yoga Center 1450 University Ave. #201, Hillcrest 619.291.0677 » BKS Iyengar Yoga Centers 4869 Santa Monica Ave., Ocean Beach 619.226.2202 »



o d e e ! p O G S RACER, , O G

2008 Beach Bash for Autism

How a swimwear brand is accelerating athletes’ underwater performance

Saturday, May 31 at Wave House, in Mission Beach

by michael benninger Photo of michael phelps courtesy of speedo

Live bands, island food, drinks, games, silent auctions, raffles, wave riding, surf demos Live performances by: The Chi Club, High Tide, Major Healy CCC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. For more info or to sponsor the event, email

or 858-603-7344

Speedos aren’t just for European men anymore. Working in conjunction with NASA, the global sport apparel manufacturer recently released a new breed of competitive swimwear that dramatically reduces drag. Since its introduction in February, Speedo’s LZR Racer has helped swimming superstars, including Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps, shatter an astonishing 22 world records.

Canada, Italy and a few other countries regard wearing the LZR Racer as “technological

Swimming superstars shatter 22 world records doping,” and have therefore banned its use from their Olympic trials. However, the

Fédération International de Natation (FINA), competitive swimming’s governing body, recently ruled that the waterrepellant fabric is acceptable attire that gives its wearers no unfair advantage. Look for swimmers sporting Speedo’s space-age swimsuit at this summer’s Olympic Games, in Beijing. Or, for just $550, buy your own LZR Racer and dominate at Marco Polo.

n a h t r e t t e b g n i th

. . . S I W E I V E TH the only

e s e e h c ’ n ‘ c a y r m e r w e e t r s b b o the l on-site mihc, trheoservice, the vibe... the , the ahi sandwic


izzas p t e m r u o the g

721 Grand Ave., Pacific Beach



ming s. wu


MAY 2008




photography by

Stylist: Jennifer Herman assistant: Laura Herman Hair/Makeup: Maryl Velbeck Fashion consultant: andrea nicolau Models: Brielle, Anthony Nelson Location: Hyatt Regency Mission Bay

Hyatt Regency Mission Bay »

On Brielle: “Ruffle Bandeau” bikini by Juicy Couture, available at Gone Bananas,, $85 for top, $94 for bottom; floral cardigan, stylist’s own; green scarf by mdc, available at Haute Culture,, $49; gold skinny hoop earrings, available at Mimi & Red,, $5; skinny gold bangles, available at Mimi & Red, $3 each; green bangles, available at Mimi & Red, $8 each; orange peep toe heels by Martinez Valero, available at Stephanie’s Shoes,, $163; woven leather trim bag by Francesco Biasia, available at Stephanie’s Shoes, $290. On Anthony: white pants by Caju Brasil, available at Acai Boutique, 1570 Garnet Ave., 858.270.1822, $33; horn necklace, stylist’s own; leather bracelet, available at The River, $7-$12.


On Brielle: pink metal link bikini by Vitamin A, available at Gone Bananas,, $62 for top, $70 for bottom; grey kimono wrap by Lily McNeal, available at Pink Lagoon,, $178; gold chain and ring necklace, available at Mimi & Red,, $14; gold braided necklace, available at Mimi & Red, $20; gold aviators by Dior, available at Sunglass Optical Warehouse,, $338; white embellished Glamour Flops, by Lenice Serpa, available at Haute Culture Boutique, hautecultureboutique. com, and at Acai Boutique, 1570 Garnet Ave., 858.270.1822. On Anthony: brown boardshorts by Truth, available at The River,, $48; leather bracelet available at The River, $7-$12; straw fedora by O’Neill, available at Sun Diego Boardshops,, $30.


MAY 2008


On Brielle: white one-piece swim suit by Sauvage, available at Gone Bananas,, $178; black round sunglasses by Oliver People’s, available at Sunglass Optical Warehouse, sunglassoptical. com, $340; Jahtasha black hat by Billabong, available at Gone Bananas, $34; black cork platform shoes by Lulu Guinness, available at Jade Shoes, 858.792.2201, $236; white and black bangles, stylist’s own; double hoop earrings, available at Pink Lagoon,, $94; blue fish scale bag by Francesco Biasia, available at Stephanie’s Shoes,, $650. On Anthony: black boardshorts by Hurley, available at Sun Diego,, $36; white hooded shirt by Ambiguous, available at The River, theriverclothing. com, $62; black braided leather bracelet, available at The River, $7-$12; black aviator sunglasses, by ic! Berlin, available at Sunglass Optical Warehouse,, $385; necklace, model’s own.



MAY 2008


On Brielle: floral dress by Milly, available at Pink Lagoon,, $356; blue gladiator sandals, by Faryl Robin, available at Jade Shoes, 858.792.2201, $119; yellow bag with purple trim by Francesco Biasia, available at Stephanie’s Shoes,, $518; gold earrings, available at Mimi & Red,, $5; brown and yellow bangles, stylist’s own. On Anthony: white shorts by Volcom, available at Buffalo Exchange,, $17; white button-up shirt by 191, available at The River,, $69.50; gold aviator sunglasses by Dita, stylist’s own; brown flip- flops by Ocean Minded, available at Sun Diego,, $41.99. large selection in beachfront boutique and online

all the hottest bikini brands excellent selection and even better service

the Bikini Shoppe 740 Ventura Place, Mission Beach






The underwater photography of Ming S. Wu By Maryl Velbeck

Fashion and commercial photographer Ming S. Wu gets that sinking feeling–for a living. When he isn’t shooting on land, Wu can be found floating in his pool with a camera and a fashion model, creating an unusual and beautiful view of fashion.

being submerged in front of a flashing camera. Next comes hair and makeup. Wu’s team of experts apply water-resistant cosmetics; nonabsorbent, synthetic hair pieces are used so glamorous coifs don’t collapse when models enter the water.

Drawing on many years of experience, Wu has developed and mastered his own specialized technique. His Los Angeles studio features a large pool in which some of the initial model casting is done. First, Wu determines if models are comfortable underwater, making sure they can hold their breath, smile and pose, all while

Even though the pool is heated, Wu must wear a wetsuit to stay warm, as he is often in the water for hours at a time. The models can remain submerged for only short periods of time, because water makes their eyes red and their skin puffy. For this reason, the average shoot involves a rotation of two or three models.

Wu’s underwater shoots don’t always involve swimsuits. Depending upon the nature of his clients’ needs, Wu’s models frequently wear shoes, jewelry and accessories to complete their looks. Whether for an advertising piece or for editorial, Wu’s visually stunning work reflects his passion for this striking art form. Wu shot this issue’s cover and the fashion editorial on pages 22-26.

Photographed by Ming S. Wu Hair / Makeup by Maryl Velbeck for Esuchen Lifestyle Model: Courtney James Swimwear Design: Victoria Jefferson / Karmel Graham /


MAY 2008



Fashion Careers College is the “fashion-only” exclusive boutique college in San Diego. Established 1979. Degree & Certificate Programs in Fashion Design and Fashion Business.

The Hottest Urban Sports Bar in SD!


t Financial aid and scholarships for those who qualify t Study trips including Los Angeles, New York & Europe t Internships and career services for all students t Involvement in fashion shows / projects in the Community

ENROLL TODAY! 619.275.4700 fashioncareerscollege


12 BOWLING LANES! FULL MENU Designed by the infamous Kevin “The Food Dude” Roberts

Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts Personalized Gift Bags, Gift Certificates, Unique Jewelry, Underglam PJ’s and Hanky Panky’s

100 Foot Long Patio

3 Pool Tables GO GREEN: Buy Local Designers: Denim of Virtue, DIMR's, Chip and Pepper, Hanky Panky, Billy Blues, Twisted Heart, Red Engine, Lockheart, & PurseHook

3460 Ingraham St., Ste. B * Pacific Beach * 858.273.4677 * Located on the corner of La Cima and Ingraham in PB

HOURS: 11 am – 2 am, Mon. - Fri. 9:30 am – 2 am, Sat. - Sun. 930 Market Street, Downtown 619.677.BOWL (2695)



On the

Waterfront enjoy THE VIEW AND a wave of great taste at these san diego restaurants By Kyle Van Buskirk

From low tide to high tide and Imperial Beach to Oceanside, this water world we inhabit offers scores of waterfront dining options. Whether located on the harbor, the bay or the ocean, all of the restaurants on this list have wet surroundings to whet your appetite.

1500 Ocean / coronado HOTEL DEL CORONADO » 1500 Orange Ave. 619.522.8490 »

Since it was built in 1888, the Hotel Del Coronado has entertained ten U.S. Presidents, and Hollywood stars from Charlie Chaplin to Marilyn Monroe to Brad Pitt. Dine like a celeb at the Del’s 1500 Ocean, which has earned raves reviews from Wine Spectator and Bon Apétit. The restaurant’s fine culinary delights include veal loin in truffle squash puree, seared foie gras and steamed black cod.

Atoll Restaurant / Mission Beach Catamaran Resort » 3999 Mission Blvd. 858.539.8635 »

Two-time winner of the San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau’s Finest Service Award, Atoll is located in the luxurious bayside oasis of the Catamaran Resort and Spa. The restaurant’s delicious South Pacific and Asian-influenced cuisine tempts discerning palates with a lobsterleek spring roll appetizer and a peppercorn pan seared bone-in ribeye. For a perfect day on the bay, treat yourself to a massage in the Catamaran Spa before enjoying Atoll’s famous Sunday brunch.

Brockton Villa / La Jolla 1235 Coast Blvd. » 858.454.7393

San Diego physician Dr. Joseph Rodes built this beach cottage at the tail end of the 19th century. He paid $165 for the land. Thanks to owners David and Megan Heine (the couple also owns and operates Beaumont’s Neighborhood Eatery, in Birdrock), Brockton Villa is now a priceless setting for a delicious meal. The eclectic menu ranges from blue crab crusted sea bass to cabernet marinated coq au vin.

‘Canes Bar & Grill / MISSION BEACH 3105 Mission Blvd. » 858.488.1780

island prime, c-level lounge / Harbor Island 880 Harbor Island Dr. » 619.298.6802 »

Supported by submerged pylons, the stylish structure that houses these adjoining Cohn Restaurants boasts skyline and Coronado “views to dine for.” For Australian lobster tail, Alaskan king crab legs or a filet migon trio, take a seat at Island Prime. Seafood lovers enjoy C-Level’s lobster and artichoke fondue, seared Hawaiian ahi, and tasty crab plates from the Chesapeake Bay and Ocracoke Island.


MAY 2008


Known for their high-energy concert events, ‘Canes Bar & Grill offers tasty beachside dining on multiple levels. The menu ranges from Southwestern to seafood, with festive salads, steaks, tapas and desserts. In case the alcohol ban makes the beach seem watered down, get the party started with an oyster shooter: a northwest Pacific oyster in a shot glass with cocktail sauce, horseradish and pepper vodka.

[ continued on page 32 ]


MAY 2008



More Coastal Cuisine firefly / mission beach Dana on Mission Bay » 1710 West Mission Bay Dr. 619.222.6440 »

Located at the breezy Dana Inn, Firefly offers waterfront dining—squared. Look out over the marina as you enjoy a meal inside the dining room, or relish in poolside service at the adjacent bay view pool. Firefly is a great spot to enjoy a tropical drink with a friend after work. For a more filling affair, try the five-cheese macaroni with smoked gouda, gruyere, asiago, fontina and manchego cheeses. (See DATE, page 44.)

humphrey’s by the bay / shelter island 2241 Shelter Island Dr. » 619.224.3577

Award-winning chef, Paul Murphy, tempts diners with seared blue crab cakes, pan roasted Georges Bank scallops and seared Sacramento sturgeon. Landlubbers will enjoy hearty meat options, including an all-natural filet mignon. From May through September, the atmosphere at Humphrey’s is electrified by bayfront concerts at Humphrey’s Backstage Music Club. Good times and champagne flow freely at the delicious Sunday brunch.

Lahaina beach house / PACIFIC BEACH 710 Oliver Ave. » 858.270.3888

There are tons of bars at the beach, but only Lahaina is actually on the beach in PB. This iconic one-story cottage is at the epicenter of beach action. Stroll the boardwalk, ride your beach cruiser or walk straight out of the surf onto Lahaina’s sandy, sun-drenched patio. The kitchen cranks out fish tacos, hamburgers and an awesome breakfast. Sunset happy hour features half-off appetizers, 5 to 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

PB Shore Club / pacific beach 4343 Ocean Blvd. » 858.272.7873

With appetizers including gigantic nachos, seared ahi, So Cal fries, and popcorn shrimp, PB Shore Club, located “where Grand meets the sand,” has a casual beach party atmosphere. Chill with friends and a frosty schooner of beer as you take in panoramic beachfront views of the boardwalk, sand and surf. Monday night is beer pong night. Watch the goldfish racing action on Wednesday nights.


MAY 2008


firehouse american eatery + lounge / pacific beach 722 Grand Ave. » 858.274.3100 »

Adjacent to the Pacific Beach fire station, Firehouse has a downstairs dining room with modern décor and flatscreens. The stylish rooftop patio is perfect for sun-worshipping during the day and staying warm by the firepit at night. Enjoy a Country Scramble and other hearty egg breakfasts till 3 p.m., or select three-cheese fondue, ahi burgers and grilled salmon from the all-day menu. Open till 2 a.m., Thursday through Saturday.

Kona Kai Resort / shelter island 1551 Shelter Island Dr. » 619.221.8000

Overlooking the resort’s marina, the Kona Kai Dining Room is elegant, yet casual and informal. The dinner menu’s appetizers include a lobster and mango tempura roll, steamed mussels and other seafood favorites. And because everything tastes better with crabmeat on top of it, try the Swordfish Oscar as a main course.

The Marine Room / LA JOLLA 2000 Spindrift Dr. » 858.459.7222

Located on the beach at La Jolla Shores, the Marine Room is so close to the water that high tides can actually bring breaking waves right up to the windows. Highlights of the Frenchinspired global cuisine include horseradishcured Kobe beef carpaccio and macadamiacrusted Loch Duart Scottish Salmon. [ continued on page 34 ]


Even More Coastal Cuisine Poseidon / Del Mar 1670 Coast Blvd. » 858.755.9345 »

Squawking seagulls and crashing waves contribute to the casual atmosphere at Poseidon, located on the beach in Del Mar. The duck confit tacos make for a great start. While seafood is certainly the primary fare, Poseidon also offers a grilled filet mignon with gorgonzola butter. Enjoy the view and your meal by the fireplace inside, or breathe in the salt air from the huge beachfront patio.

The Tin Fish / imperial beach 910 Seacoast Dr. » 619.628.8414 »

Once a bait and tackle shop, this “great little neighborhood fish joint,” as the restaurant chain’s slogan goes, is perched above the Pacific at the end of the Imperial Beach Pier. Enjoy fresh seafood and exquisite views from Las Playas of Tijuana to the Coronado Peninsula. Specialties include fresh fish, burritos, chowder and sandwiches.

WORLD FAMOUS / PACIFIC beach 711 Pacific Beach Dr. » 858.272.3100

Specializing in contemporary California cuisine, World Famous offers prime people- and wave-watching vistas from their surfside patio. The creative menu changes daily and features an exotic array of fresh seafood platters, superior hand-cut steaks and authentic Mexican dishes that rival Baja’s finest offerings. For a refreshing zing, try a Bloody Caliente, World Famous’ signature bloody Mary.

Red Marlin, HYATT regency / mission bay 1441 Quivira Rd. » 619.224.1234 »

jRdn, tower 23 hotel / pacific beach 723 Felspar St. » 858.270.5736 »

Hip, warm, and contemporary, Tower 23 Hotel’s JRDN (Jordan) restaurant is the area’s culinary jewel of waterfront dining. Atop the bluff just north of Crystal Pier, JRDN offers ocean views by day; a mesmerizing, illuminated wave wall lights up the night. Chef David Warner creates his delicious specialties with all-natural meats from Meyer Ranch, high-grade sustainable seafood and locally grown organic produce. The adjacent sushi bar is one of the county’s best.

Charlie’s by the Sea / cardiff 2526 South Coast Hwy. 101 » 760. 942.1300

Soak in the sound of the waves and the view of some of the world’s best longboard surfing at Charlie’s by the Sea, the closest restaurant to Cardiff Reef. Charlie’s extensive seafood menu includes lobster tail with drawn butter, pomegranategrilled steelhead, and sea bass with truffled parmesan pearl pasta. Meat lovers will enjoy the filet mignon with bleu cheese and walnuts and the grilled Colorado lamb chops.

Pacific Beach Alehouse / PACIFIC Beach 721 Grand Ave. » 858.581.BEER »

The main dining room, the terrace and the indoor/outdoor bar at Hyatt Regency’s brand new Red Marlin afford hypnotic marina views, but it’s the spectacle of the over-sized chef’s table and firepit in the middle of the restaurant that catches diners’ attention. Red Marlin’s Asian-influenced, California Modern cuisine is prepared with fresh ingredients gathered from local, sustainable sources. The atmosphere is casually elegant and inviting.


MAY 2008


One of San Diego’s newest oceanfront restaurants, Pacific Beach Alehouse is a 5,500 square-foot brewpub, featuring handcrafted signature microbrews and a cozy, lodge-like feel. Alehouse is a casual eatery with multiple bars, a sea-level patio and a huge rooftop deck. Enjoy ocean views from both levels as you satisfy your appetite with menu options including mouth-watering lobster mac ’n’ cheese, barbecued ribs, gourmet pizzas and savory tapas.


Go Fish!

a totally doable recipe for delicious fish tacos By kevin “the food dude” roberts

On a recent visit to George’s at the Cove, in La Jolla, I sat staring at the beautiful blue Pacific, gripping an ice cold beer and gazing at a round of George’s very tasty fish tacos. Can you say, “Holy mango salsa heaven!”? The flaky fresh fish, crunchy cabbage, tangy fresh-squeezed lime and jalapeno-lime crème-fraiche –all wrapped up in a warm tortilla blanket of love–were creamy, tart and delicious. Of course, emulating George’s cuisine is a lofty aspiration for beginner cooks, but this simple recipe will help you make lip-smacking fish tacos at home in no time.

how-to Fish Tacos Instead of crème-fraiche, my recipe uses mayonnaise to give the tacos that creamy texture. The trick is to mix the hot sauce and mayo with the cabbage to create a creamy and crunchy bite. INGREDIENTS: * 2 tablespoons olive oil * 1 pound white fish filets * Salt and pepper to taste * 1 lemon, squeezed * 1 head of cabbage, finely chopped * 1/2 cup mayonnaise * 4 tablespoons sriracha chili sauce * 1 12-ounce can of refried beans * 8 corn or flour tortillas, taco size

the moves: 1] Rub oil on both sides of filets. 2] Add salt and pepper to taste. 3] Grill filets for about 5 minutes on each side or until crispy and flaky. 4] Squeeze lemon on filets while they grill. 5] Put cooked filets on a plate and cut into 1/2-inch strips. 6] Chop cabbage and put in a bowl. Add mayonnaise and chili sauce. Blend together. 7] Take beans out of can and heat in separate bowl in microwave. Follow instructions on can. 8] Warm tortillas on stove. 9] Spread beans on tortilla. Add fish and top with cabbage blend. 10] Plate, serve and enjoy your food and company!

Kevin Roberts grew up in the restaurant business—his mom is co-creator of The Old Spaghetti Factory. He is a cookbook author, TV chef, radio host and a founding partner of Downtown’s East Village Tavern & Bowl.

Tapped In

Los Angeles pours the world’s best tap water. By nicole d’AlEsandro

Los Angeles, part of the Southern California Metropolitan Water District, snagged the gold for Best Municipal Water at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Awards, held in Virginia this past February. In 2003, The National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) published water report cards for 19 U.S. cities including Los Angeles and San Diego. LA received fair marks, but the study found elevated levels of carcinogens, including radon, arsenic and nitrates, in some of the city’s drinking water. San Diego received similar scores. Since then, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has adopted a five-year, $2 billion capital improvement budget for water services. Although the NRDC hasn’t performed the same study since 2003, LA residents can taste the difference. Some restaurateurs are so impressed with the improved quality that they’re even serving tap water in upscale Hollywood eateries. [Sources:; Los Angeles Department of Water & Power,]


airport lounge » 2400 India St. 619.685.3881 »


of india

A rotating neon arrow marks the spot, but from the exterior, you wouldn’t even think you were standing outside of a high-energy dance club and lounge. Inside, the airport feels like an enormous plane, undulating in flashing lights and DJ-spun grooves. Female employees dress like flight attendants; the guys are pilots. Enjoy a mile-high experience inside, or head out to the patio and watch, seemingly just a few feet overhead, jets roar past in their final approach to Lindbergh Field.

A Guide to Little Italy Nightlife By bart mendoza PHOTOs BY andrew jorgensen

In most U.S. cities, it might be surprising to find the heart of China town located on Japan Street. Here in the nation’s Finest City, however, the pulse of Little Italy beats on India Street. We’re so worldly. A tasty night out in and around Little Italy does not have to be limited to pasta dinners and red wine. Here’s proof.



aero club

Anthology 1337 India St. » 619.595.0300

2044 Kettner Blvd. » 619.232.9656

3365 India St. » 619.297.7211

Superior acoustics and delicious food blend in perfect harmony at Anthology, an intimate 300-seat live music venue and gourmet restaurant. Less than a year old, Anthology has already hosted jazz superstars, including Arturo Sandoval and Chick Corea, plus masterful classic rock, blues, Latin and world music musicians. Kevin Eubanks, Jay Leno’s bandleader, performs May 10-11. The venue’s new Wednesday Night Live events feature performances by Indie rockers and other local artists.

A local institution since fishing ruled the town in the 1930s, The Waterfront actually used to be on the water. Today, the water is a quarter-mile away (even though the building never moved), but the Waterfront’s casual ambience remains. The basic menu is comprised of burgers, baby back ribs and locally-brewed beers. Live music can be heard on weekend nights, but it’s the mix of people that keeps things interesting. Reasonable prices; regulars often crowd the place from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m.

Model planes hang from the ceiling and vintage photos of fighter pilots and their jets adorn the walls at Aero Club, which launched in 1948 as a watering hole for workers from the neighboring aerospace industry. Aero Club pours 35 vodkas, 35 whiskeys and scotches, and 20 different draft beers. The typically festive mood is amplified by whatever is playing on the juke box. WiFi is free; games of pool cost just 50 cents.

MAY 2008


S T Y L E Sogno Di Vino 1607 India St. » 619.531.8887 » Sogno Di Vino, Italian for “dream of wine,” is an inviting wine bar and the perfect place to unwind with a glass of red before painting the town red. The interior is rustic Mediterranean; the menu, ranging from sea scallop ceviche and other tapas to panini selections, is designed to complement the more than fifty wines on hand. Beer aficionados will enjoy Sogno Di Vino’s rare brews. Watch the India Street action from the front patio. Open until 11 p.m. nightly.

Princess Pub & Grille 1665 India St. » 619.702.3021 » British-owned and operated, Princess Pub, a boisterous meeting place for ex-pat Brits and those who want to drink like them, is an excellent spot for fish-and-chips and a beer. Live music energizes the patio on Wednesday and Saturday nights, but TVs showing soccer and rugby are the real entertainment here. The menu features traditional English pub fare, like bangers and mash, and cottage pie with peas and carrots. The full bar available features seventeen British beers on tap.

starlite lounge » 3175 India St. 619.358.9766 » Starlite Lounge’s wood-framed, hexagonal entrance draws visitors into a modern restaurant and lounge with stone-covered walls and a giant, U-shaped bar beneath a dramatic chandelier. Hard-to-find liquors and specialty cocktails made with 100% fresh fruit abound; the cucumber martini, with Aubrowka Buffalo Grass Vodka, fresh cucumber and black pepper syrup, is a Starlite favorite. The back patio has a relaxed vibe and heat lamps. Reservations are not accepted, and the place gets crowded, so plan to arrive before you’re starving.

kava lounge 2812 Kettner Blvd. » 619.543.0933 »

Little Italy Spaghetteria 1953 India St. » 619.398.2974 » What was once Crudo is now the Little Italy Spaghetteria. Though the venue has changed names a few times in recent years, it seems that the Busalacchi family has reincarnated a winner with this Italian eatery. Wine is the specialty here, and the menu centers around pastas and pizzas named after celebrities of Italian descent. The action picks up on Friday and Saturday nights with a mix of cover bands, DJs and Latin jazz groups on the club’s small stage.

Some of the biggest names on the international DJ circuit groove hard at Kava, the lounge that invites you to participate in a “warm and beautifully diverse nightlife experience.” A rhythmic, friendly place, Kava celebrates the music, art and dance of cultures from across the globe, showcasing, for example, a DJ from India performing alongside a sitar player. The full bar serves organic beer, exotic cocktails and non-alcoholic restorative elixirs, a couple of which may get you addicted to what Kava calls “future planetary nightlife.”

The Casbah 2501 Kettner Blvd. » 619.232.4355 »

National Comedy Theatre 3717 India St. » 619.295.4999 » In a style similar to that of TV’s Whose Line is it Anyway?, the National Comedy Theater pits teams of professional comedians against each other in improvisational battles. Audience participation generates the subject matter and ultimately determines the night’s winner. Laugh out loud during 90-minute shows, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. and 9:45 p.m. Beer, soda, concessions; tickets are $15 or less.

A prime hipster destination since 1989, the Casbah has an eclectic booking policy that brings an array of artists, from Alanis Morissette to Social Distortion to The Cult. The action is usually in the front room, but the 200-person capacity venue does have a smoking patio and a back bar with a pair of pool tables and a few vintage video games. Known for their support of local musicians, the Casbah hosts free monthly showcases and occasional DJ shows to spice up the mix.


MAY 2008



Crossing The


DJhere hosts the hottest parties in town. Here’s how you can get on the list. by bonnie vandewater photo by andrew jorgensen

Waiting in a long line at one of San Diego’s nighttime hotspots only to pay an exorbitant cover is no fun. Worse is being told that you might not be able to get in at all. And the absolute worst must be, as you’re shivering outside, a small group of people walks right up to the door, says some magical password, and poof—they’re in. Saying, “I’m with the DJ,” doesn’t work. Being on the DJhere guest list does. Founded eight years ago, DJhere is an entertainment and event production company that creates and hosts some of the hottest parties in San Diego, including Halloween at the Prado, and New Year’s Eve at the Prado and the W Hotel. The sophisticated group plans and designs their own events, then generates an A-list crowd through direct and social network marketing.


MAY 2008


Founded by Matthew Spencer (owner of Firehouse, in Pacific Beach, and Aubergine, in the Gaslamp), DJhere is comprised of Patrick Eckstein, fraternal twins Patrick and Christopher English, Jae Espinoza and a production team that helps make everything happen. The group has an impressive client base of 20,000+, but through marketing for any given event, they reach up to 80,000 people. Now that’s a party. Their imagination and ingenuity make DJhere promotional masterminds. They find the hottest venues, mix in the best music, art and culture, and finally mottle the mix with a diverse group of people to create memorable events. Eckstein says, “We bring on DJs that have an eclectic library. We like people who aren’t afraid to take chances. We embrace creativity, we embrace change, and I think that’s why

other promoters fall behind. We never say ‘this is good enough.’ The second you do that, you’re done.” Unlike other production companies around town, DJhere offers a more personal touch. “We’re not the guys standing outside handing out flyers,” Eckstein says. “We’re inside talking to everybody and having contact with our clients.” As for their clientele, Eckstein says, “We take a more liberal approach to making sure our clientele is the A-list, meaning kind, good-looking, nice people. And we try to keep the pretentiousness out of it.” This inclusive approach means that DJhere’s list is made up of people

from all walks of life. “We don’t look strictly for young professionals or for a certain age bracket,” Eckstein says. “You have your local surfers, your downtown mortgage brokers, Del Mar real estate developers and rock stars—we like to keep it mixed up.” Because clubs have maximum legal capacities, even partiers on DJhere’s list aren’t immune to waiting in lines, but they are treated with respect and can gain access to events that are often inaccessible to the average Joe standing in line. Get on the list.

Weekly events: DJhere promotes and hosts Wednesdays at Confidential, Fridays at Ivy and Saturdays at Jade Theatre.

G R O O V E bartender of the month

the Best of the west

Congratulations to Bartender of the Month, Nella, from Bar West Name? Nella Lao.

Favorite hangout? My couch.

Age? You can’t ask a lady that. Are you gonna ask me my weight next?

Biggest weakness? Root beer. Relationship status? Ummm... Trying to make my “Fantasy Man” a reality.

Dream job? Wizard or Ninja... but I’ll settle for owning my own club. Favorite drink to make? Whatever you’re drinking.

I have a confession to make… I imagine what sex would be like with everyone I come in contact with.

Favorite drink to drink? Whatever you’re buying.

I wish I had never… Paid for New Kids on the Block concert tickets.

Bar West, located two blocks from the ocean in Pacific Beach, is a chill lounge with a VIP vibe and talented DJs. Stop in for a delicious meal and a great night out. 959 Hornblend St., PB, drink of the month

Sweet Music When you’re in the mood for a melody, try a Sex on the Piano at the Shout! House This month’s featured beverage, The Shout! House’s Sex on the Piano, is a potent, juice-infused cocktail. A huge hit with the dueling piano bar’s energetic patrons, the drink is made with a smooth blend of Stoli Peach vodka, Midori Melon Liqueur and Chambord, shaken with splashes of pineapple and cranberry juices to form a foamy flourish. Unlike it’s “on the beach” cousin, Sex on the Piano is served in a martini glass, rather than in a highball.

THE shout! house 655 4th Ave., Gaslamp 619.231.6700






619.258.8888 s




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MAYDAY A day (or so) in the life of singer/songwriter Veronica May by bonnie vandewater

sounD BiTES

Singer/songwriter Justin James battles back from a shark attack Sometimes, a good oldfashioned shark attack can help launch a new career. Just ask one-time windsurfing instructor, Justin James, who survived a near-death experience off the coast of Venezuela, only to become a singer/songwriter. James had been surfing with friends in a remote area when he fell off his board and felt something bump into his head. In a terrifying instant, a seven-foot shark chomped on his ankle and began pulling him down. As the shark thrashed, James clung to his board to keep from going under; then the shark simply let go. Unaware of the extent of his injuries until he pulled his foot out of the water, James recounts, “My toes were hanging straight down.”

Veronica May is a busy woman. “So, this is what goes on in my life,” the musician says. “Yesterday, I got up at 8 a.m., and then I had my clients with autism. One bit me. I got off work at 7 p.m., and then went to band practice from 7:30 until 10:30.” Instead of only picking and strumming its strings, musician Veronica May raps, taps and scratches her guitar to add percussion to her unique, melodic sound. Released just a couple months ago, May’s latest CD, Remnants of Marley, is named after the cat she owned with her ex fiancé. “I loved Marley,” she says, “and every time I left the house, Marley’s fur would be on me, and I’d be like, ‘Aaarrggghhh!’ Even when I wasn’t there anymore, I could never really get the fur off of me.”

“We find that music is a communication tool for the students. It’s a bridge to socialization, to sensory migration, to all sorts of wonderful things.” May attended Colorado State University, where she studied neurological music therapy—a combination of science, psychology and music—followed by a sixmonth internship, and then a board exam. Although she worked hard to get to this place in her career, May now finds herself at a crossroads, trying to find balance between being a music therapist and being a musician. “My molehill has become a mountain,” she says. “I want to do my music, but then I think of leaving my students, and it breaks my heart. And so I know I have to make a choice and quit one if I want to go full force. I have the unfortunate blessing of having two passions and following both of them at the same time.”

“My molehill has become a mountain.”

When she’s not entertaining audiences with her guitar, May works full-time as a therapist at the Music Therapy Center of California, in Mission Valley, using music to help autistic students achieve non-musical goals. “Rhythm and melody are huge in the sensory system of autism,” she explains.

May’s band, Veronica May and the To Do List, is comprised of Jeff Johnson (bass) and Molly Williams (drums and spoken word).

Upcoming Performance: May 30 | Dream Street 2228 Bacon Street » Ocean Beach »


MAY 2008


A three-hour drive back to “civilization” led James to temporary medical help from a real-life MacGyver, who fashioned a cast out of cardboard and duct tape. The rudimentary triage helped James avoid amputation by buying him the time to find proper medical attention, which ultimately called for the reattachment of severed

tendons and arteries, and 250 stitches to keep everything intact. James’ mother and sisters cared for him during his grueling 12-month recuperation. During his recovery, James’ grandmother brought him a guitar. Because he had grown up playing cello and singing in a choir, music wasn’t completely foreign to him. “I just sat in this bed in my mom’s living room for nine months,” he says. “I started playing little two-chord wonders, baby-baby-I-love-you songs.” That eventually led to James’ playing in a cover band when he moved to the Dominican Republic to again try his hand—and foot—and windsurfing. Today, James is a full-time musician, focusing on his own music. His laid-back beachy tunes can be heard on hit TV shows, including Laguna Beach, The Hills, and Las Vegas. “I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel,” James says. “I just like writing simple, groovy tunes that make people smile.” His growing fan base is taking the bait.

Justin James’ upcoming performances: May 1: 710 Beach Club, 710 Garnet Ave., PB, May 4: Healing Arts Festival, in Balboa Park,


Fire & Water A bail bondsman and an art aficionado surf the tides of romance at Wave House before enjoying dinner and a sunset at Firefly photos by andrew jorgensen

Agile surfers carve deft turns through breaking waves. Tonight, you’ll see none of that. Amanda doesn’t surf. Neither does Jake. They’re both great sports, though, and they each put their best foot forward in this evening’s blind date at Wave House, in Mission Beach. After riding freshwater curls, the would-be love birds will head to the Dana on Mission Bay for a romantic waterfront dinner at Firefly restaurant.

Let’s meet the players.

Jake e-mailed Here’s what he wrote: I’m a bail bondsman that lives and works in downtown SD. I just bought my first condo this past spring with my brother. I grew up in Vegas and have been living in SD for almost two years. I’m a college graduate from University of Redlands and played football my whole life, all the way through college. I love snowboarding, sports, a good meal and hitting the town with friends. Turns out Jake has relied on media to find him dates in the past. One morning, about a year ago, he called into Rock 105.3’s Mikey Show, one of San Diego’s top-rated morning radio broadcasts, to participate in an on-air dating game —and won. A young woman picked Jake to join her for a sushi dinner. The two got along just fine, but the woman was from Orange County, and the long-distance relationship didn’t pan out. Not that it would have worked even if she had

been local—the longest relationship of Jake’s life lasted just five months.

Jake’s pre-date Q&A. Describe yourself in three words: Outgoing, athletic, carefree. Describe the woman of your dreams in three words: Gorgeous, good sense of humor, up for anything. Biggest turn-on: Not to sound shallow, but my biggest turn-on is a hot girl. Biggest turn-off: Being stuck up. Best thing that could happen: Walking into Wave House and meeting the girl of my dreams. Worst thing that could happen: She’s 250 lbs. Renee emailed PacificSD on behalf of her friend, Amanda. I love the Blind Date section of your magazine and, though I personally am blissfully in love, I have an amazing and gorgeous friend who desperately

needs a fresh outlook on the dating scene and on boys in general. She’s just not having any luck finding a nice, normal, down-to-earth, available guy. I keep telling her they are out there somewhere, but she is beginning to tell me to shut up more often and louder than usual. So, I am hoping you can help. She’s really fun.

PacificSD to the rescue. We contacted Amanda right away. Here’s what she said: I work as an assistant project manager for an art advisory company in downtown La Jolla, where we put together art collections for international hotels. I’m 5”1’ and about 100 pounds, outgoing, very active and always up for a good time. By the way, I’m in Renee’s wedding in October, so if we could find Mr. Right by then, I know she’d appreciate not hearing me whine about not having a date all summer. ;-)

Though she isn’t in the market for any certain type of men, Amanda says, “I usually look for tall guys. That’s what I go for. I’m five-one-and-a-quarter and never want to be part of a short couple.” All of her previous blind dates were “really, really, really bad!”

Amanda’s pre-date Q&A. Describe yourself in three words: Intuitive, athletic, fun. Biggest turn-on: Being funny and smart and clever. Biggest turn-off: When somebody acts aloof, like they’re too cool. Expectations: Open to meeting the man of my dreams, but not expecting to. Best thing that could happen: I have a fun time, meet somebody great, and we end up going out again. Worst thing that could happen: He’s kind of a jerk and I get drunk. [ Continued on page 46 ]


MAY 2008


s s a kick o ke a r Ka

Ka r ao Koke R




THEY MEET Jake and Amanda meet for the first time at Wave House. They get acquainted for a few minutes before suiting up to ride the eternally perfect wave. Despite being an avid snowboarder and wakeboarder, Jake admits that he’s not much of a surfer. Amanda laughs when Julie, a friendly Wave House manager, points out that her wetsuit is on backwards. Wipe Out! Jake manages to stand on his own two feet during his first attempt at riding the wave, and then mixes in some head-over-heels wipeouts just for good measure. Amanda is more unsteady, but she has a blast and never stops smiling. After about an hour of almost surfing, the two dry off and change back into their civilian clothes for a romantic bayside evening at the Dana on Mission Bay’s relaxing Firefly restaurant.

As the sun fades, seagulls squawk in concert with the delicate sounds of the rippling bay. Sitting on Firefly’s heated patio, Amanda and Jake talk, smile and laugh over drinks. Things seem to be going well. Before dinner is served, PacificSD splits the couple for mid-date debriefings.

He says... I’m having a good time. Riding the wave was harder than I thought it was going to be. I admire Amanda for trying; she’s a cool, good-looking girl. She seems adventurous, like she’s down for anything. I dig that about her. I don’t like girls who just stand back and watch. Most of the conversation so far has been about how awkward this is. I haven’t really figured her out yet – still wondering if there’s a connection there. One weird thing is that she keeps looking at my chest or at my neck or something, instead of my eyes. She’s absolutely playing her cards close to the vest. I think she feels more awkward than I do, and I feel the pressure to make this work. She seems to be waiting to be pushed, and I’ll absolutely take that role. We’ll get some drinks, you know, and that’ll help us loosen up a bit. Plus, she’s only got one way out of here, and I got the keys to it. My friends have been texting me all night, asking what she’s like. I’m looking forward to the rest of the night.

She says... I was scared sh#!less when I first stepped into the water, but I had fun on the wave. By the way, I’m glad that I wore a wetsuit over my bikini, because there could have been articles of clothing everywhere. It would have been pretty awkward to be naked in front of Jake and everyone else at Wave House. Waves are definitely scarier than guys. Jake’s a really, really, really nice guy, which is both a draw and a repellent. He’s been such a gentleman; he pulls out the chair and he leads me places. I’m totally not used to that. Normally, I’ve dated not very nice, conceited guys. When I look for guys, I look for them to take the lead, to be really powerful. On a scale from 1 to 10, level of attraction is a 6 or 7. There wasn’t that instant when I was like, “Wow, he’s hot!” but he’s definitely good-looking. Once we start talking more at dinner, if he blows me away with conversation, and if he’s really funny, that would totally do it for me. I like clever, witty, intelligent guys. I want to see him show some feeling and emotion. [ Continued on page 48 ]


MAY 2008


WAREHOUSE Face a Face, Kaenon, Cavalli, Maui Jim, Prada, Spy, Sean John, Oliver Peoples, etc.

$20 OFF

On Purchase Of Any Pair Of Glasses Over $100 ONE COUPON PER PURCHASE QÊ7/Ê/-Ê ÊUÊ 8*, -ÊÊxÉΣÉänÊR

SPORTS ARENA | 619.291.4810 3450 Kurtz Street, Suite D KEARNY MESA | 858.492.0959 4488 Convoy Street LA JOLLA | 858.622.9190 La Jolla Village Square


The night’s on Fire

The daters are finally left alone to enjoy a fabulous waterfront meal at Firefly. PacificSD calls the next morning to see if a love connection had been created.

Enormous thank yous to the friendly folks at Wave House and Firefly. Wave House 3125 Ocean Front Walk Mission Beach » 858.228.WAVE Firefly at the Dana 1710 West Mission Bay Dr. Mission Beach » 619.222.6440

He says… The food and service at Firefly were great. I had the filet and the potatoes and asparagus. Everything was delicious. After dinner, we stayed at the restaurant for a while and had some more drinks and a shot of Patron. There were times when Amanda was laughing, and I felt like she was into me. When she was talking about her job, it kind of put me to sleep for a minute, but other than that the conversation was fine. I don’t know, I guess she opened up a little bit. I can usually find something appealing in a girl, and I kept digging for it, but I was pretty surprised to find nothing there. I did have a great time, though. Amanda is a little girl, and I guess the drinks hit her kind of hard. She got the hiccups, then she started getting the giggles, then she got real quiet. I offered to just drop her off, but she wanted to hang out, so we went back to her place to meet some of her friends and head out to a bar. Once we got inside her house, though, she just laid down on a chair, and I realized that she wasn’t functioning very well. I think she was at that point when she was like, “If I continue this, I might be acting like a complete idiot.” Within five minutes, she had completely hit the wall. I wasn’t into going to a bar with her and her friends just to end up babysitting her, so I was like, “I’m gonna head home.” I thanked her, gave her a hug goodbye and I was out of there—totally my call. I didn’t ask for her number, because it wasn’t going anywhere. I was hoping that something would spark, but nothing really did. I mean, she’s a good-looking girl, and I was a little attracted to her physically, but it didn’t go further than that. There just wasn’t a connection. She’s a very nice girl, and I’m not trying to rip on her… it’s just that she was kind of an awkward chick, you know? Absolutely no future for me and Amanda.

She says... The restaurant was awesome—very attentive staff, and the filet was delicious. After eating, we stayed at Firefly for awhile and had a couple more drinks and shots. We were there maybe and hour. Hour and a half? Maybe two? We were going to meet my friends out at a bar, and I stopped at my house real quick, but I ended up just falling asleep. I told Jake I was kind of tired, and he took off. It was my decision. There may have been a hug. Jake’s a nice guy, and it was an awesome date as far as what we did, but there was nothing there between us. I just didn’t feel it. The date didn’t lead to true love, but it did lead to a little self-realization. I was thinking about how I had said that I typically date conceited men, but I think a more appropriate descriptor would have been “emotionally unavailable.” I tend to date those guys; I guess it’s sort of a sadistic thing. I just put myself in those situations and I end up getting hurt. And here I was, at dinner with Jake, and when I was looking at him and talking to him, I realized that he’s everything I’m looking for in a guy—but there was nothing there. I was thinking about why that was, and suddenly I realized that I’ve become the emotionally unavailable person. A bit of a role reversal. I was like, “Oh my god! Wow!” I’m just not willing to give my all to a relationship. As much as I say that I’m willing to find love, there’s a part of me that’s closed off, I guess. I mean, this great guy was right in front of me, and I was like, “Why do I just think he’s a nice guy? Why am I not attracted him?” It’s something I’m going to try to think about differently from now on. I stand by what I said about waves being scarier than boys, but it turns out that relationships are scarier than waves. That was my big lesson.

Conclusion Amanda weighs only 100 lbs., so Jake’s fear of his date being 250 lbs. was less than half realized. Meeting a jerk and getting drunk was the worst thing that could happen for Amanda. Oops. Jake wasn’t a jerk, but Amanda learned the hard way that it costs $372 to get your car back from the towing company when you leave it parked overnight at Belmont Park.


MAY 2008


You can’t drink at the beach... but you can drink at the Boardwalk. Just off the beach at Tower 19 t"--4103541"$,"(&4 t  ' - "5  4 $ 3 & & / 4 t'3&&8*'* t%*/*/(*/5)&46/ t  % 0 (  ' 3 * & / % -: 3704






MAY 08 C A L E N D A R



[ MORE CONCERTS ] 5/16: FLO-RIDA The rap sensation performs Low and other hits from his chart-topping debut album. 4th & B, 5/18: SHWAYZE AT WAVE HOUSE The Malibu hip-hopper performs his hit song, Buzzin’, presented by Channel 933. 3125 Ocean Front Walk, Mission Beach,, 5/18: THE KOOKS The English indie rock band proves they’ve got what it takes. House of Blues,

5/2: MICHAEL BUBLE The Grammy Award-winning Canadian croons at SDSU. Cox Arena, 5/7: ALICIA KEYS & JORDIN SPARKS The supremely talented Ms. Keys brings her As I Am tour and last year’s American Idol winner to San Diego. Sports Arena, 5/3: UNWRITTEN LAW The proud sons of Poway rock out. Viejas Casino Concerts in the Park, 5/4: BLIND MELON The surviving members of this ‘90s one-hit wonder reunite with a new front man. ‘Canes, 5/4: STAGE 4 A dynamic Jazz/Rhythm/Blues band jams at an intimate Italian restaurant. Pasquale on Prospect, 5/5: K.T. TUNSTALL The Scottish singer/songwriter performs her coffeehouse hits. Spreckels Theatre,

5/26: THE POLICE AND ELVIS COSTELLO Sting and Co. join the iconic British musician. Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre,

[ ART ] 5/17: WORLD AT LARGE // LOVE WITHOUT BORDERS Fundraising opening reception for a unique art exhibition, showcasing the works of artists who surf and skate. Limbo Fine Arts Gallery, 1432 University Ave., Hillcrest,

5/4: CARLSBAD SPRING VILLAGE FAIRE Nearly 1,000 artists and merchants showcase their works. Carlsbad Village,

5/10: KARL STRAUSS BEACH TO BREWERY BEER & MUSIC FEST Louis XIV, The Shys, Hotel St. George and Stranger perform at the brewery’s annual festival. The Karl Strauss Brewery,

5/17: MEET THE ARTIST - PAUL DOLLINS Get to know the renowned California Surf and artist and his works. Aztec Graphics, 1439 Garnet Ave., PB,

5/16: X-FEST 2008 91X’s annual bash features The Offspring, Pennywise, Jimmy Eat World and many more. Concerts on the Green @ Qualcomm,

5/22: SIMPLE PLEASURES An intriguing photo exhibit by Donna Cosentino. Ordover Gallery, Solana Beach,

[ Theatre ]

[ more outdoor ]


5/3-4: 35th ANNUAL ADAMS AVENUE ROOTS & FOLK FESTIVAL The free, family-friendly event returns. Fifty bands, cool vendors, lots to do. Normal Heights, 5/10-11: Seaport village BUSKER FESTIVAL The second annual event features street performers of all shapes, sizes and talents. Seaport Village, (Story page 16)

5/1-18: THE GLASS MENAGERIE Tennessee Williams’ classic drama comes to life. The Old Globe Theatre,

MAY 10

5/11: SUNDAZE AT WAVE HOUSE San Diego’s wettest and wildest oceanfront parties explode every Sunday, all summer long. Wave House, Mission Beach,

5/1-4: 33 VARIATIONS A dramatic play based upon the true story of Beethoven’s bizarre obsession with a bland waltz. La Jolla Playhouse,

[ Sports / Fitness ] 5/3: WALK FOR HOPE TO CURE BREAST CANCER San Diego marks the starting point of this nationwide nine-city tour of 3K and 5K walks. USD campus, 5/17-18: ENCINITAS SPORTS FESTIVAL 3,000 people pack the coastal town for a sports expo and to compete in running, biking, walking, paddling and swimming. Benefits the Challenged Athletes Foundation. On the streets of Encinitas,, 5/31: CALIFORNIA SURF SERIES Amateur surfers from around the country compete for cash. Oceanside City Beach,

[ OUTDOOR ] 5/1-4: DEL MAR NATIONAL HORSE SHOW Southern California’s signature equestrian competition returns for its 60th year. Giddy up! Del Mar Fairgrounds,

5/17: OMBAC’S 54th ANNUAL COMING OUT PARTY The yearly beach bash features five bands, the Miss Mission Beach Contest and the freedom to drink on the sand again. Mariner’s Point, Mission Beach,

MAY 16


5/18: 12TH ANNUAL NORTH PARK SPRING FESTIVAL Live music, arts and crafts, a beer pub and good ol’ family fun. University Ave.,

[ FUNDRAISERS ] 5/8: 8TH ANNUAL SURFRIDER FOUNDATION ART GALA An upscale evening of beautiful art, fine dining and coastal conservation. Powerhouse Community Center, 1658 Coast Blvd., Del Mar,


MAY 20


MAY 22


5/17: USO SAN DIEGO’S STARS & STRIPES BALL Celebrating 67 years of service to Armed Forces personnel. Dinner, dancing and silent and live auctions. Hyatt Regency La Jolla, 5/31: 2008 Beach Bash for Autism Party for a cause with live bands, island food, drinks, games, silent auctions, raffles and wave riding. Wave House,

[ GRAND OPENINGS ] 5/4: THE NEW CHILDREN’S MUSEUM Take the kids for playful hands-on exhibits and activities. 200 West Island Ave., Downtown,

[ MISC. ]

5/3: FLEET WEEK BEGINS The seven-day celebration features a parade, the Red Bull Air Races and more Navy-inspired activities than you can shake an oar at. In and around Downtown, 5/3-4: 25th ANNUAL FIESTA OLD TOWN CINCO DE MAYO PacificSD invites you to join 200,000 revelers. All over Old Town, (Story page 14.)

5/1: MAY DAY 5/5: CINCO DE MAYO 5/11: MOTHER’S DAY 5/17: ARMED FORCES DAY 5/23: PREGNANT BIKINI CONTEST Rock 105.3 presents their annual spectacle at Pacific Beach Bar & Grill. 860 Garnet Ave.,, 5/26: MEMORIAL DAY

[ PLANNING AHEAD ] 6/1: 2008 ROCK ‘N’ ROLL MARATHON Runners race around San Diego; live bands provide a citywide soundtrack.

MAY 30



All dates, acts and ticket prices subject to change without prior notice. A service charge is added to each ticket.

CF B7 7IB7  ;=7I CF J>;= ?DJ> DE EF;D?D MEF DEM

LEJ;:8;IJ8KH=;H_dI7D:?;=E(&&,(&&LEJ;:8;IJH;IJ7KH7DJ?DF79?<?98;79> Ă&#x2021;7M>EB;D;M8KH=;H87BB=7C;Ă&#x2C6;

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,(*;IJH;;J"I7D:?;=E/('&' 8;JM;;D,J>7D:-J>ED;IJH;;J ,'/$()-$///&

*,*&C?II?ED8BL:"F79?<?98;79>/('&/ (8BAIDe\=7HD;J'8BA\hec8;79> .+.$(-*$-''-

Ideas * Inspiration * Confidence CARA CHACE


    Ă&#x160; " - 1 / /

Ă&#x160;* ,-" Ă&#x160;-"** ,

/  6 Ă&#x160; - 


H, Ă&#x160; "

Ă&#x160;  -   " - 1 /  /  "

Ă&#x160; 8* ,/H H

 ,  Ă&#x160;   Ă&#x160; Ă&#x160; U Ă&#x160; Ă&#x160; Ă&#x2C6; ÂŁ Â&#x2122; ° Ă&#x2C6; ä Ă&#x201C; ° ÂŁ ä Â&#x2122; ÂŁ Ă&#x160; Ă&#x160; U Ă&#x160; Ă&#x160;  ,  J  * *  , /  ,  * 9°


M A R K E T P L A C E â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Pinnacle of Pancakesâ&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x201D;San Diego Magazine

$1 OFF

boutique and brazilian market

858.270.1822 1570 Garnet Ave., Pacific Beach

Dine-in only. One coupon per table. Expires 5/31/08.

Open Every Day ~ 6:30am - 2:30pm 520 Front Street (just south of Market) Downtown â&#x20AC;˘ 619.231.7777

Meet The Artist: Paul Dollins California Surf Artist

Groups and Private Classes Bachelorette Parties s Birthday Parties Girls Night Out Parties

Reception: Saturday, May 17 7-10pm

1439 Garnet Ave., PB 858.272.7760

BPG Bodies:

1435 University Ave. s Hillcrest 858.220.9414 s

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PLAY Billards

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Across From USD College 7 Tournament Pool Tables â&#x20AC;˘ 42â&#x20AC;? LCD TVs â&#x20AC;˘ 36 Gaming PCs 6 Internet PCs â&#x20AC;˘ 19 XBOX 360s with Gaming Chairs 5269 Linda Vista Rd., San Diego, 92110 â&#x20AC;˘ 619.543.0800 â&#x20AC;˘ Weekly Tournaments â&#x20AC;˘ Cash Prizes!!! â&#x20AC;˘





REZA KASIRI, D.D.S. Walk-ins Welcome s 858.552.0052



Seven Deadly Sips

a collection of concoctions that will LEAVE you dying for a drink In one of his many comedic routines, funnyman George Carlin observes that Americans always seem to be carrying around bottles of water. “When did we become so thirsty?” he asks. If the rest of the country is parched, here in America’s Finest Desert, where it’s always kind of summery, and Santa Ana winds blow without warning, staying hydrated is crucial. So, the next time you need refreshment, support the local economy by quenching your thirst with any of these new beverages, bottled at the source, right here in San Diego.

Agua de TJ In San Diego, we drink Fiji water. In the South Pacific, maybe folks will acquire a taste for San Diego River water.

Slogan: This Mud’s for You.

Mission Bay Mocha With so many jet skis zipping around, you can get that high-octane kick without driving to the gas station.

Slogan: The best part of waking up is rocket fuel in your cup.

Red Tide Tea Seaweed tastes great in sushi, so it just makes sense to capture the pungent flavor of toxic algae in full bloom.

Slogan: Got a little plankton in you?

Mt. Soledad Cider From the foot of the controversial cross comes this sparkling treat, made with reclaimed lawn sprinkler water, mixed by nature with the alcohol left over from young couples’ visits to La Jolla’s own inspiration point.

Slogan: Refreshment from a Higher Source.

San Andreas Shaker One part desert cactus water, two parts tequila, three parts adrenaline, all shaken for 45 unforgettable seconds.

SLOGAN: It’s a tsunami of great taste.

Vino Escondido Wine grapes grown adjacent to the Wild Animal Park produce a remarkable vintage. The winery’s new Zebra Zinfandel will be available this summer.

Slogan: Take a taste bud safari.

Dog Beach BEER Ocean Beach’s popular spot for pets brings you this canine-infused libation with effervescence of patchouli.

Slogan: Fetch yourself a bottle of Man’s NEW best friend.


MAY 2008



s r u h s t $3 day %3*/,4<.045#3"/%4>t"11&5*;&34

js d w

e n l u f r e w po ooves r g e crushing danc rela xed dress cod e $10 .95 filet mign on

945 Garnet Ave. » PB » 858.274.4833 » » VIPs:

booze ban left you dry? quench your thirst with us.

dinner reservations 858.273.WEST bottle service 619.544.1VIP / location 959 Hornblend Street, San Diego, CA 92109 dress stylish, sandals welcome / for the latest event information

Pacific San Diego Magazine, May Issue 2008  

Pacific San Diego Magazine, May Issue 2008

Pacific San Diego Magazine, May Issue 2008  

Pacific San Diego Magazine, May Issue 2008