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By Petra George “Kulcha” or “Culture” was the start of a wonderful night of fun, Laughter and entertainment as the

Master of Ceremonies Gregory Ferguson welcomed us. It was truly a night of culture, not culture as in entertainment but culture as coming from the different regions of the Caribbean extending as far East as Nigeria. A representative from each of the islands sang their National Anthem inclusive; Antigua, Barbados, Belize, Grenada, St. Lucia not forgetting the homeland Trinidad and Tobago. We all stood in awe at each of the anthems and applauded everyone’s effort. It was only the beginning of an exciting night. We continued on by singing our National Anthem to God which Fr. Rodney Olive from Dominica gracefully led. We moved into a song from our Childhood experiences however it

was done in sign language by Arrianne and her roommates. It is so amazing when we can move away from our normal way of communicating and move into the spaces of other individuals who communicate differently. It is truly remarkable how bridging the Generation Gap through music can truly create a culture a peace as Mervin Marshall representing Generation Y, persons born before the 60’s, and Jhamille Asson repre-

senting generation X, Persons born after the 60’s showcased. Their presentation was stunning. We heard tunes from entertainers like, Bobby Valentino, Sizzla, Beres Hammond with bridging the Gap with the song “Ordinary People” by Jah Legend which was and still is a hit. We heard Fr. Benedict sing an African Song as well a song by Sr. Alphonsa. Matthew Ragbir gave us an inspirational piece, truly heart

awakening, “You raised me up”. Surfing Culture, presented by Monique Simpson invited us into the life of a surfer. She showed us many skills and techniques which can be done using the Indo Board. I myself gave the elders something to think about with the Monologue “Big People”. We saw a skit being played out using scenes from the Gospels; Scenes like “Fishers of men, as well as the Story of Zaccheaus.” Fr Benedict attempted to give the audience jokes but the audience seemed to have missed the jokes. Matthew and Monique also gave us an interesting joke, truly something to laugh about. The cultural presentation ended with an African song by the Jour-

nalism workshop and friends. We all then sang “One Love” by Bob Marley before being sent off to bed after Fr. Jason Gordon closed the night with a prayer.

A movie that breaks down the barrier to even the hardest heart, these are the best words that I can use to describe the movie that was shown on Tuesday night. A movie beyond comparison, there is none other like it. The “Phantom Of The Opera” has to be the best movie that I have ever taken the time to look at, and indeed it was time well spent. I must be honest, usually a movie like that would be passed over by myself in the video club without giving it a second glance. I always heard about it and what a good movie it was but still, in my mind, it was just another “sappy” musical that women gather to watch and sob over like “Waiting To Exhale”. On Tuesday night however, I was proven very wrong. This

CSCC Madness by Sr. Elma Everybody busy, busy working Creating, writing, fidgeting, supporting If you see them scratching their hair As they think of what is the best time to cut and clear.

movie was comedy, thriller, suspense and drama all put into one explosive package, what variety, something for everyone. Until Tuesday I could never be caught dead in front of a television showing a movie like that. My kind of movies are actions and comedies like “Bad Boys II” or “Guess Who?”, so if I can sit and enjoy this timeless classic, then anyone can. This movie is definitely one that you want to have up on the shelf DVD or VHS, although I would recommend DVD because it has a better quality and extra info on the making of the movie which can be good watching. The “Phantom Of The Opera” is definitely one for t the history books. By Jhamille Asson


THE BUSH MONKEY A certain female specimen with constant late arrivals and absence to all meals contains a dark side. Though it is rumored that she has an eating problem she also frightens the rest of the participants with her spontaneous radical beThey must give of their best they’ve havior. ‘Bush Monkey’ as she is known by heard a few (for she is a schizophrenic) exOr else you are not fit or you’re a nerd periences this extreme persona change One o’clock, two o’clock, some of them and chases certain male students around the compound barefooted and cry unleashes her physical attack. If you Is the time that we can go and lie. have not yet experienced the dark side of the ‘Bush Monkey’ consider yourself What is it they are talking about? lucky. It is CSCC freaking them out.

tain washing up group you know that there is friction between two certain members. ‘No one is your slave or servant in here!’ it was shouted in the corridor. This fashionable shape shifter’s dark side explodes on the sight of her counter part. She uses her cold stares to freak out her opponent and it is suspected that she secretly wishes that she is there at the gate to heaven when this person arrives so she can let God know exactly how she feels about this ‘Hyper’active individual. If you fail to do your duties then you will feel the wrath of the dark side of “The Group Master.”

THE GROUP MASTER If you are in a cer- By Raycy Rosseau

We heartily congratulate the following people on the celebration of their Anniversaries and Birthdays. ∞ Sr. Alphonsa Morris : 40th Anniversary as a religious ∞ Msgr. Patrick A. B. Anthony : 62nd birthday & 33rd anniversary as a priest. ∞ Fr. Benedict Iheagwara : 2nd Anniversary as priest ∞ Juan Pena Lugo: 22nd Birthday. ∞ Deanne Badall: who refuses to disclose her age ☺

A special thank you to the Living Water Community for their continued commitment to the Caribbean School of Catholic Communication. <<<< Three Cheers Sr. Rosemary, Sr. Rosa, Sr. Maria, Sr. Odette & Sr. Angela for making our stay at Emmaus so enjoyable. <<<< Communication and religious imagina- other people ’ s talents via Internet, Heartfelt thanks also to the kitchen staff and groundsmen who worked tirelessly to ensure the tion can be described as a way to ex- television and radio. Imagination can be smooth running of the school.


press oneself using your own imagina- defined as the picturing power of mind tion. It gives everyone an opportunity to or mental construction of fantasy. In the

Journalism Workshop Facilitator: Fr. Patrick Anthony Journalism Workshop Members: Jhamille Asson , Nikita Braxton, Petra George, Sr. Elma Gustave, Fr. Benedict Iheagwara, Nakea Juri, Annabella Morenzie, Rosetta Ransome, Raycy Rousseau, Monique Simpson

express themselves and also gives the today ’ s world can we describe it as a listening audience a chance to view culture of peace or is it just a fantasy.

In our view as Wendell men-

On the other hand, creating a

way to start of one ’ s day be-

culture of peace through mu-

sides praying. Music increases tioned about keeping the mu-

sic can be described as be-

one ’ s imagination and

sic alive. After all we all have

coming one with your inner

pounces on its demands. God

self. After all after having a

cannot have the best if we do

our God given talents and it is By Rosetta Ransome. our job to keep it alive all the

very frustrating day, the best

not put our best forward. After

time. And as Pat Bishop said

Caribbean School Of Catholic Communications (AKA “ a ll the best for God. ” Al- CSCC) was founded in 1994 all “ only the best for God.” thing to do is to come home ways put our best foot forward by the late Archbishop An( P at Bishop) . And as and listen to some inspirathony Pantin, who contacted and “ practice makes tional music. Also listening to Wendell Manwarren said “ w e Sister Angela Ann Zukowski need to keep the music music ( i.e. inspirational muto consult with the Parish Teams for the Archdiocesan alive. ” sic preferably) is the best Video workshop Pastoral Communication By Nikita Braxton and Monique Simpson Journalism Workshop Plan. Sister Angela Ann is a Gitlin Aleong was the facilitator of this year’s member of the Mission HelpBy Sr. Elma Gustave Video Workshop at CSCC. This group saw the return of ers of the Sacred Heart. And at The journalism workshop was eight persons, joined by five new students in Video 1. In this the time (1992), she was workquite enlightening. It was facilitated group the newcomers learnt the technical aspects of the ing on a document for the now by Msgr. Patrick Anthony. The group was separated camera including focusing, creating different types of deceased Pope John Paul II. into two comprising of bulletin/newsletter and shots, holding the camera properly and framing a person newspaper. The newspaper group worked feverishly during an interview. Video 2 on the other hand learnt log- The document in Latin is to complete a report for the Catholic News which ging had a Wednesday midday deadline. Kwynn Johnson, a Video 1 student, described her interview with Sr. Rosemary, a resident of Emmaus Centre, The bulletin/newsletter group learnt about as her most memorable moment. After Sr. Rosemary delayout, fonts and the kinds of information that may be useful to parishioners. The whole workshop’s scribed the flood which occurred at this centre following final project was to prepare a newsletter on CSCC the passage of hurricane Emily, Kwynn has decided to return and use her new-found skill to creatively document 2005. how the sisters dealt with this situation. Big Up to the Room 20 and the Club Suzuki Crews for making the CSCC an unforgettable experience. Ploi! Bless!

“AETATIC NOVAE,” which means, “the dawning of a new era.” At that time, she was also the world president for the Catholic Association and she is currently a lecturer at the University of Dayton in Ohio. In 1993 Sister Ann came to Trinidad on two occasions to discuss the establishment of a Caribbean School Of Catholic Communications. Rhonda Maingot was a member of that committee. The facilitators of the school in Trinidad & Tobago are Fr. Jason Gordon, Gitlin Aleong, Monsignor Patrick Anthony,

Sister Angela Ann Zukowski, Javier Mouline and Lisa Bhajan. The school is a three-year course. The theme for this three year cycle is “Communication and the Religious Imagination.” The sub themes are : building a Culture of Peace through Art, Music and Literature. In my opinion the school is very interesting and I would recommend that all communicators and aspiring communicators attend this school so that they can broaden their perspective.

By Nakea Juri The week has come and has ended and I am sure that we have all learnt a lot of new things that we can take back to our communities. There were many new ideas, expressions and experiences that were shared with us, that mainly focused on our theme ‘religious imagination’. Two of our local artistes were happy and willing to come and share their expertise on what they thought was meant by our theme Religious Imagination. We were able to grasp from them a whole new perspective of what it meant. On Monday 8th of August Pat Bishop the head of the Lydian singers joined us and shared her point of view. Her words made quite an impact on the audience. Her mes-

sage was “Only the best for God.” To get her message out effectively she used visual examples of the Lydian singers as well as we listened to the music of Br. Pascal Jordan to illustrate what she meant: Only work of the highest quality should be good enough for God On Tuesday Wendell Manwarren was able to grasp and steal the audience’s attention. Through his speech his spiritual background came out. He was able to give us a definition of religion. He quoted that “Religion is that which binds people together.” Wendell left us with a few chosen words that struck me and made me think. He said that from his own experience the spoken word is extremely powerful and that it needs to be used with caution. Therefore we should choose our words wisely because they can affect future generations. The following day we had reflec-

tions on the visits and speeches that were given to us by the artistes. On Thursday the session was based on David Rudder’s music another one of our local artistes. We listened and looked at one of his popular music videos ‘High Mas I’. We were basically trying to identify the ways in which his music contributed to our understanding of the use of ‘Religious Imagination’. And indeed David Rudder has a lot of imagination. We walked through the meanings and backgrounds of his music. Through attending these plenary sessions I have been able to open my mind and I am sure everyone else was able to do so as well. We were able to see how music can be an instrument in Creating a Culture of Peace.

By Nikita Braxton & Monique Simpson Interview with Karen Samaroo (Creating Media Teams)

Interview with Amina Blugh (Audio Workshop)

How many people are there in the Creating Media Teams workshop? Two second years, five first years and one person who has returned after completing three years in Audio workshop.

How many people are there in the Audio Workshop? There are 9 students – 6 joining us for the first time and 3 have been students for two years.

What does CMT entail? Its about the formation of teams to promote the church through media – television, radio, websites, internet and other technology. It has a lot to do with working together to effectively achieve a mission. In addition, it involves important components such as leadership, collaboration and conflict resolution. What do you intend to do with what you’ve learnt at CSCC when you return to your parish? We do not have a media team in my parish so I will attempt to form one to inspire the youths through creative imagination as it would get them more involved in the church and the community. What has been your most memorable moment at CSCC? Finding out that Matthew Ragbir, who is in my Creating Media Team, is twenty-one years old since he takes himself so seriously.

What does the Audio Workshop entail? Audio is about using different instruments (voice, sound effects, music) to relay information or give a message. Audio deals only with sound therefore those instruments mentioned have to be effective enough to capture the listeners’ attention without visual. How do you plan to use what you’ve learnt at CSCC in your parish? Since audio plays an important role in sharing the Gospel to the congregation, training lectors in the techniques that the audio workshop has taught me for the past 3 years seems like a good start. What has been your most memorable moment at CSCC? Most memorable experience at CSCC was this year’s visit to TCN. Our team was required to do “live” takes for our project. The programme lasted 30 minutes and, throughout the programme, I was so thrilled yet so terrified! I felt as if I was the actual director for that programme, a powerful feeling.

CCSS Vibes, 2007  

THE GROUP MASTER If you are in a cer- senting generation X, Persons born after the 60’s showcased. Their presentation was stunning. We heard...