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JOURNALISM ‘I thank God for these three learning years. The striking message that will always remain with me is my call to be different as a Catholic Journalist. The skills and discipline learned will last a lifetime. Sr Elma Gustave St Lucia


CSCC is the acronym for the Caribbean School for Catholic Communication. The school operates on a three year cycle. At the end of years one and two participants receive a certificate of participation and at the end of the third year, they are awarded a diploma from the University of Dayton, Ohio. The theme for the 2007-2009 three year cycle is “Communications-New Pathways to God”

Correctly encoding and decoding what is being said by considering historical backgrounds, is the most important learning for me this year.

David Yeomans Barbados

MEDIA EDUCATION “I have been empowered to use my creative skills to present the Good News of the Kingdom to all who will listen.

Creating a culture of dialogue through Audio and Interpersonal communications (2007) Film and related media (2008) Print and new technologies (2009) The school was founded in 1994, by the late Archbishop Anthony Pantin. The Living Water Community is responsible for the administration of the school.

Sr Alphonse Morris O.Carm Trinidad and Tobago

Fr. Jason Gordon is the Principal of CSCC.

VIDEO I’ve learned both practical and theory of video production. The awareness of Catholic Media Education, which will help me to become a more effective communicator, is what I appreciate the most from this experience.

The coordinating team members are: Fr. Jason Gordon, Msgr. Patrick A. B. Anthony, Sr. Angela Ann Zukowski

Trinddad and Tobago

Faculty Members

Sr. Angela Ann Zukowski - Professor at University of Dayton, Ohio. Msgr. Patrick A. B. Anthony PhD. Caribbean Literature, Director at St. Lucia Pastoral Centre

THEME ‘Communications-New

Pathways to God’ Creating a culture of dialogue Through Film and related Media

Rationale Train communicators in the art of dialogue for the promotion of Justice and Peace Form professional communicators able to engage the new communications technologies as pathways to God

Avinesh Sankar

Fr. Jason Gordon - PhD, Episcopal Vicar for Administration (Archdiocese of P.O.S.)

CSCC 2008

CSCC is housed at Emmaus Centre Torecilla Estate, Arima. Contact Jennifer Jennings or Suzanne Dowdy Website: Tel No: 623-4677/625-5168 in care of Living Water Community at 109 Frederick Street, Port-of-Spain

Empower the participants to be agents of transformation; revisiting the Caribbean church for the emerging technological culture

Workshops offered at CSCC Video


Forming Catholics to enter into a profound dialogue with the media culture


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offered skills

Mission statement:




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stories (and those of others) using practi-

practical conversation and new ap-

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church. They are equipped to tell their


Year 1—Introduction to a Theology of Communication by Fr. Jason Gordon

workshop promotes the understanding of the impact of film on faith formation, human dignity, justice and peace

First Session: God the Communicator


Second Session: Introduction to Church documents on communication.

The Audio workshop gives participants a great knowledge and un-

Year 11—Spirituality of Communication by Msgr. Patrick Anthony

derstanding and the ability to create their cho-

First Session: The Ministry of the Word.

sen media tool—Radio.

Second Session: The Catholic Communicator

JOURNALISM The Journalism workshop introduces students to two disciplines:

The Grounding sessions are to provide all participants of CSCC with an introduction to the theology of communication and a basic understanding of church teachings on the means of social communication. The sessions follow the three-year cycle:.

Year 111—Communication as Pastoral Practice by Sr. Angela Ann Zukowski

WEB PAGE DESIGN This workshop intro-

The art of writing


The design and layout of Newspapers, newsletters, bulletins and flyers.

web designs, famil-




computer such


to with

programs Photoshop

and Dream Weaver. Graduating participants should be able to create simple websites with texts and photos.

First Session: Communication and Evangelization.

PROGRAMME SCHEDULE Feature speakers on main themes Group work and integration sessions Grounding sessions


Cultural Night


Compiled by The Journalism Workshop of 2007

CSCC brochure, 2007  

Train communicators in the art of dialogue for the promotion of Justice and Peace Form professional com- municators able to en- gage the new...